Jan 4, 2019 | By Thomas

America's top skincare brand Neutrogena will unveil a new personalized skincare product, the Neutrogena MaskiD at the Consumer Electronics Showcase (CES) in Las Vegas next week. The Neutrogena MaskiD is a patent-pending, micro 3D-printed sheet mask that's customized in both shape and ingredients. It will align exactly with your individual face shape and structure, and will be formulated with specific ingredients on different areas of your face.

"Women who embraced our Neutrogena Skin 360 personal skin analysis tool told us how excited they were to finally understand the unique aspects of their own skin—and they told us they want more," said Sebastien Guillon, Global President of Beauty, Johnson & Johnson Consumer Inc. "They wish they could find personalized skincare solutions that address their skin's unique needs, and we believe that sheet masks are the perfect opportunity to deliver on this unmet need."

Sheet masks are a particularly effective vehicle for potent skincare ingredients because they create a physical barrier that locks them in and maximizes efficacy. The process involves first taking a selfie through the MaskiD app. Using a smartphone 3D camera, the user simply snaps a selfie to create a precise, multi-dimensional map of her face and the exact measurements and shape of her nose, space between the eyes, lips, and other unique physical characteristics.

MaskiD is paired with Neutrogena’s Skin360, one of the company’s other tools that uses artificial intelligence, to help with skin care. Next, personalized data from the Neutrogena Skin 360 system creates the virtual equivalent of a knowledgeable dermatologist and analyzes the skin's needs, making a recommendation for what ingredients will be most beneficial and where. MaskiD users can select from a variety of ingredients used to improve their skin including stabilized vitamin C, purified hyaluronic acid and N-Acetylglucosamine.

Finally, using a proprietary 3D printing process, high-efficacy ingredients are printed onto the custom-fit hydrogel mask on the exact zones of the mask. Once users are pleased with the mask that’s created for them in the MaskiD app, they can place the order and their personalized 3D printed mask will be shipped to them.

"Neutrogena MaskiD marks one step towards a new model of product development where we find innovative uses for the latest technology, such as digital imaging, skin analysis, and 3D printing, to give consumers new ways to achieve their best skin ever," said Dr. Michael Southall, Global R&D Lead at Johnson & Johnson Consumer Inc.

Neutrogena hasn’t announced the masks’ price yet, but says Neutrogena MaskiD will be sold to consumers in the United States beginning in Q3 of this year.



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yzorg wrote at 1/10/2019 6:21:06 PM:

i just learned: nose cream is different than cheek cream is different than forehead cream... WTF is wrong with this world?!?

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