Jan 24, 2019 | By Cameron

The Swiss Guard has provided security to the papacy since 1506 when they traveled to Rome to protect Pope Julius II. And for those five centuries, they’ve worn the same metal helmets. But on Tuesday, the 513th anniversary of the Guard’s foundation, the Vatican showed off 98 of its modern 3D printed helmets.

The new helmets that bear the coat of arms of Pope Julius II were 3D printed in PVC and then painted black at 3d-prototyp GmbH in Switzerland. They’re significantly lighter than the original, which was 3D scanned to create the plastic version, at only 570g (1.25lb), compared with 2kg (4.4lb) for the metal helmet. They’re also much cooler than the metal helmets, which would get so hot in Roman summers that they’d blister the ears of the guards. And to top it all off, the 3D printed helmets cost half as much as their heavy, blistering predecessors at around $1,000.

"We have to move with the times," stated Guard commander Christoph Graf. The Vatican has ordered 22 more of the helmets to accommodate the 110 member Swiss Guard. Though these are for show and to be worn only during ceremonial events, it is likely the Guard will wear functional 3D printed armor in the future.



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Therese Warmus wrote at 2/16/2019 4:59:55 PM:

Those "plonkers" wear flowing uniforms that conceal an impressive array of weaponry, including Glock pistols and submachine guns.

The truth will out wrote at 1/26/2019 3:25:42 PM:

"We have to move with the times" and yet you dress like absolute plonkers.

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