Fred Kahl | Guest Writer

  • Creative Director Of Interactivity at Funny Garbage
  • Coney Island USA Board of Directors
  • Founder and Co-Producer of Coney Island USA's Burlesque at the Beach Program
  • Creator and Host of America's Favorite Burlesque Gameshow- This or That!
  • Artist
  • Blog: The Great Fredini's Cabinet of Curiosities


Articles by Fred Kahl:

A Few Ways to Improve 3D Printing Interfaces

By Fred Kahl | Mar.30, 2013 -   There's two aspects to reprap style FDM(filament deposition modeling) 3D Printing slicing software that need greater levels of control; support for overhangs, and infill settings. More

Will 2013 Mark Consumer 3D Printing's Tipping Point?

By Fred Kahl | Jan.11, 2013 -   2012 was a momentous year for 3D printing, bringing us all a lot closer to the day we'll see one of these machines in every home. More