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New technologies always fascinated me since my childhood. As a result I started working with computers at a very early stage. Later, I funded my business administration degree with the development of database applications for SMEs. In 1996 I founded an Internet company with a colleague which provided a huge event database and a social community for young people. There I was responsible for the IT and marketing / PR. Today, I advise and support large companies as a senior consultant in the areas of project and process management.

I am absolutely convinced that 3D printing will reach to home user in 10-15 years. In early 2012 I started my 3D Printing blog focusing on developments outside the professional segment. I am the founder and organizer of the first regular "roundtables" / meetups for people interested in 3D printing in Switzerland, the Swiss Facebook page "3D Printing in Switzerland", and of the XING business network group "3D Printing". In March 2012 I bought my first own 3D printer, an Ultimaker.


Articles by Jochen Hanselmann:

Ultimaker 3D Printer experiences and tips after one month of use

by Jochen Hanselmann | Jun.22, 2012 -   The first month using my Ultimaker caused excitement as well as some frustrations. In this article I'd like to share some of my experiences and some insights I gained from this first phase. More

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