Type A Machines partners with BriteLab to accelerate Series 1 3D printer production

Feb.28, 2017 - Hoping to keep up with growing global demand for its award-winning Series 1 3D printer line, Type A Machines is entering a manufacturing contract with BriteLab. The facility offers all the benefits of being locally based, as well as a holistic product development experience that offers faster manufacturing than any offshore company. More

Poland's first major satellite plant announced, 3D printed prototypes underway

Feb.28, 2017 - The Polish company SatRevolution S.A. has just announced plans for the country's first satellite production facility that will collaborate with foreign industry players in the production of small spacecrafts. SatRevolution's Swiatowid will be the first commercial satellite produced in Poland, with two Rusalka PhoneSat nanosatellites soon to follow. More

UCLA researchers combine 3D printing with machine learning to develop medical sensors

Feb.28, 2017 - A team of researchers at UCLA have designed a new prototype for a plasmonic detector, used to pick up signs of diseases and infections. The device makes use of 3D printing and machine learning, giving it a wide scope for modification as well as allowing to be made more cheaply and efficiently. More

Porous 3D printed scaffolds could help athletes with ACL injuries recover faster

Feb.28, 2017 - Researchers at the Mayo Clinic's tissue engineering and biomaterials laboratory in Rochester, MN have created a porous 3D printed scaffold implant for patients undergoing ACL (anterior cruciate ligament) reconstruction. The 3D printed scaffold can facilitate bone regeneration. More

Celiacs rejoice: WASP is developing a gluten-free food 3D printer!

Feb.28, 2017 - Italian 3D printing company WASP, perhaps best known for its large-scale BigDelta 3D printer, has announced it will be expanding its 3D printing technology into a new field: food 3D printing. More specifically, gluten-free food 3D printing. More

Thai startup Etran wants to put 3D printed electric scooter taxis on the streets of Bangkok

Feb.27, 2017 - Etran Group, a Thailand-based startup, is planning to launch a taxi service that uses 3D printed electric motorcycles. The company is hoping to raise 300 million Thai Baht ($8.6 million) to fund the venture, which could commence operations as early as September. More

Introducing Vida cDLM, EnvisionTEC's latest resin 3D printer for the dental market

Feb.27, 2017 - 3D printer manufacturer EnvisionTEC is preparing to launch a new product, adding to its line of Vida dental 3D printers. The new 3D printer, Vida cDLM, will be showcased by EnvisionTEC this Friday at LMT Lab Day in Chicago, IL. More

3D printing company Materialise reports total revenue increases of over 12% in 2016

Feb.27, 2017 - Materialise, one of the global leaders in 3D printing software and services, has released its fourth quarter 2016 and full year financial results. Overall, the numbers indicate positive growth for the Belgium-based 3D printing giant. More

Sound-shaping 3D printed metamaterials could be used to fight cancer and improve personal audio

Feb.27, 2017 - Researchers from the University of Sussex in the UK have used special 3D printed bricks to build sound-shaping metamaterials that can direct sound waves. The materials could be used to create audio hotspots or to destroy tumors using high-intensity ultrasound. More

French doctors successfully implant custom airway stent made with 3D printing

Feb.27, 2017 - A team of doctors from the CHU hospital in Toulouse have successfully implanted a 3D printed custom tracheobronchial prosthesis, marking a world first for the medical community. The implant was designed and manufactured in partnership with Anatomik Modeling, a Toulouse-based startup that specializes in custom-made 3D implants. More

FABtotum launches FABUI COLIBRI 3D printing OS for Personal Fabricator 3D printer

Feb.27, 2017 - Milan-based 3D printing company FABtotum has launched FABUI COLIBRI, an operating system for FABtotum 3D printers. The OS will be in beta for around 40 days, after which it will automatically update with improvements and fixes. More

CSIRO and Anatomics 3D print titanium and polymer sternum implant in medical world first

Feb.27, 2017 - CSIRO recently partnered with Melbourne-based medical implant company Anatomics and a team of UK doctors to implant a 3D printed titanium & polymer sternum into a 61-year-old patient. The operation marked the first time that a 3D printed sternum made from titanium and a synthetic polymer had been implanted. More

This year's Oscar statuettes 3D printed in upstate New York

Feb.26, 2017 - This year the iconic Oscar statuettes were 3D printed by Polich Tallix Fine Art Foundry in upper New York state. More

Kamp Studio's 3D printed espresso set combines elegance and sustainability

Feb.26, 2017 - The renowned design brand Kamp Studio has just released a new collection of sleek homeware and wearables including a stunning espresso set. While New Zealand-based designer Daniel Kamp has always been drawn to experimental ways of creating, his new Kemp Collection is particularly notable for combining 3D printing with traditional handcrafting. More

Malaysia's 3D printed mini-wonderland a whopping 17,000 square feet

Feb.25, 2017 - A team of ambitious young makers in Malaysia has completed a 17,000 square foot miniature wonderland, after 8 years of 3D printing. MinNature Malaysia can now officially count itself as Malaysia's largest miniature exhibition. More

Make your own 3D printed light-up Lego bricks

Feb.25, 2017 - DIY project site Adafruit has just released a new tutorial for 3D printing your own light-up Lego bricks. Made with tiny battery-powered LED lights, the Adafruit project is functional with any Lego-compatible brick, and offers several different colour options. More

Twindom launches improved Twinstant Mobile Full Body 3D Scanner

Feb.24, 2017 - 3D scanner company Twindom has launched an updated version of its 3D body scanner, the Twinstant Mobile. Perks of the upgrade include increased portability and faster setup time: the new Twinstant Mobile takes one person 20 minutes to set up, an improvement on the previous 45-minute setup time. More

Researchers use 3D printing to make 'digital mechanical metamaterials' that function like machines

Feb.24, 2017 - A group of researchers from the Hasso Plattner Institute in Germany has devised a technique for 3D printing "digital mechanical metamaterials"'that can be used to create complex'devices such as combination locks. The metamaterials contain special spring-loaded cells that can trigger signals. More

3D bioprinted conduits can effectively promote nerve regeneration (now in rats, soon in humans)

Feb.24, 2017 - Researchers from Kyoto University in Japan have used 3D bioprinting to create tubular conduits that can regenerate damaged nerve cells. The group used a Regenova 3D bioprinter from Cyfuse Biomedical. More

ProtoCycler: the desktop filament maker aiming to make 3D printing more sustainable

Feb.24, 2017 - ReDeTec is looking to impact desktop 3D printing in a big way by making it more environmentally sustainable and cost efficient. With its all-new ProtoCycler machine, the Toronto-based startup is offering makers an efficient way to reuse and make their own 3D printing filament at home. More

Kickstarter backers of $179 Tiko 3D printer won't be getting refunds, says folding startup

Feb.24, 2017 - Tiko 3D, the company behind the Tiko Unibody 3D Printer, has wound down operations, despite raising almost $3 million from its debut Kickstarter campaign. Backers yet to receive a Tiko 3D printer, which users have described as faulty and inaccurate, will not receive a refund. More

Australian hospital adopts 3D printing to make patient-specific bone models for preoperative planning

Feb.24, 2017 - Surgeons from the Mackay Base Hospital in Queensland, Australia are using 3D printers to produce life-size, patient-specific bone models to help in the treatment of broken or fractured bones. It is the first hospital in the Queensland region to do so. More

Singapore-based Structo unveils high-resolution MSLA DentaForm 3D printer

Feb.24, 2017 - Singapore-based 3D printer company Structo has launched what it is hailing as the 'world's fastest dental mold 3D printer.' Dubbed the DentaForm, the new 3D printer was unveiled today at the Association of Orthodontists Singapore (AOSC) 2017 show at Marina Bay Sands. More

Russian programmer 3D prints real-life Terminator, complete with AI and moving parts

Feb.23, 2017 - A programmer in Russia has built a replica of the T-800 from The Terminator, equipped with a sophisticated AI 'brain.' The robot's head is fully functional, and works in sync with the AI software in order to respond to commands and answer questions. More

Take a look inside 3D printing filament company ColorFabb's new headquarters

Feb.23, 2017 - 3D printing filament company ColorFabb has just moved into a new state-of-the-art facility in Belfeld, The Netherlands. The move is a vast departure from ColorFabb's previous headquarters, which company representatives say is indicative of the company's ambitious future vision. More

LifEnabled makes 3D printed prosthetics more accessible with DigiScan 3D app

Feb.23, 2017 - The LifEnabled, Inc organisation is working to produce prosthetics for some of the most impoverished communities. It is implementing 3D printing and scanning into its work more and more, as it offers the potential to make the design process more widely accessible and to cut the production time in half More

3D printing helps Native Union design stylish 'Eclipse' charging hub

Feb.23, 2017 - Tech accessory design studio Native Union has developed a compact and sleek charging hub that keeps your USB cables and devices organized and accessible. The new product, called the Eclipse, was developed with the help of 3D printing. More

Reify 3D introduces new Contour software for Solus DLP 3D printer

Feb.23, 2017 - Reify 3D, the Taiwan-based company behind the Solus 3D printer, has released Contour, a new software platform designed exclusively for its 3D printer. If you are already the owner of a Solus 3D printer, you can upgrade your existing software to Contour for $99 per license. More

California prof says 3D printed Mars habitats should be made from Martian soil, not ice

Feb.23, 2017 - Behrokh Khoshnevis, an engineering professor at the University of Southern California, is working with NASA to develop a system for 3D printing habitats on Mars made of powder-like materials found on the planet. More

Fabrisonic granted 10th patent for ultrasonic additive manufacturing technology

Feb.23, 2017 - Ohio-based metal 3D printing company Fabrisonic LLC has been granted a U.S. patent (number 9,446,475) for a process to co-locate the additive and subtractive elements of its ultrasonic additive manufacturing equipment. More

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