Neri Oxman's final 3D printed Vesper death masks explore concept of rebirth

Apr.26, 2018 - Neri Oxman's Mediated Matter Group has unveiled the final five "death masks" in the Vesper trilogy. This new collection is intended to explore themes of rebirth, and the masks were 3D printed using bioactive materials in order to release chemical substances, suggesting the future of bio-engineering and smart objects. More

$500k awarded to Arkansas' Michelle Bernhardt-Barry to develop 3D printed soil for construction

Apr.26, 2018 - A researcher at the University of Arkansas has been awarded a major grant for her research on soil. She is exploring natural hierarchical structures and how they can be integrated in soil to optimize its strength, in order to eventually use it as an effective 3D printing material for construction projects. More

Minnesota researchers 3D print electronics and biological cells directly on skin

Apr.26, 2018 - A team of engineers at the University of Minnesota have succeeded in 3D printing electronics directly on to human skin for the first time. They made use of a desktop 3D printer, motion-sensing software, and a specialized ink, to print electronics on a subject's hand, and they were also able to print biological cells on a mouse's skin. More

Researchers develop 3D printed dentures filled with anti-fungal medication to treat infections

Apr.26, 2018 - A team of researchers from NY's University at Buffalo have made use of 3D printing to create an innovative set of dentures. They are implanted with an anti-fungal medication, which is gradually released over time to fight infections in the user's mouth. More

German BAM institute 3D prints a metal tool for the first time in zero-gravity

Apr.25, 2018 - German researchers have succeeded in using metal 3D printing to produce a tool in zero-gravity. Following up on previous efforts with ceramics, the BAM institute was able to stabilize the powder bed in order to 3D print a metal wrench for the first time. More

News Roundup: Robo 3D supports MOD-t users, LulzBot Mini 2, 3YOURMIND, Identify3D, CollPlant, Ultimaker

Apr.25, 2018 - In case you missed out any of the most recent 3D printing developments in what has been another busy week or so, here's the latest roundup to get you back up to speed. Stories this time around include Robo 3D providing support for users of New Matter's MOD-t 3D printer, Aleph Objects demonstrating the latest LulzBot machine at the Rapid + TCT conference, and many more besides. More

CMU scientists create self-folding materials using cheap desktop 3D printer

Apr.25, 2018 - A team of researchers at CMU have developed a technique known as Thermorph, which 3D prints self-folding objects. Taking advantage of post-printing warpage in thermoplastics, the team used cheap desktop 3D printers to speed up the printing process by programming folds into flat objects, which then assumed their final shape upon heating. More

3D Currax's high-speed LCD 3D printing with REACT1 technology creates buzz at Rapid + TCT

Apr.25, 2018 - A keynote speech at this year's Rapid + TCT conference has identified 3D Currax Solutions as one of the companies to look out for over the next few years. The pioneering Canada-based firm has developed LCD 3D printing technology that enables improved speeds and more efficient scaling, and it is targeting the plastics manufacturing market. More

South Korean researchers working on 3D printed food for personalized nutrition

Apr.25, 2018 - A team of researchers in South Korea have developed a 3D printing platform for creating customized food items. The technology can be precisely control the structure of food at a microscopic level, which could be used to optimize and personalize its nutritional properties. More

GE Additive unveils new Arcam EBM Spectra H metal AM system for faster, larger parts

Apr.25, 2018 - GE Additive today unveiled a brand new additive manufacturing system, the Arcam EBM Spectra H designed to handle high heat and crack prone materials. With an extended build volume, Spectra H will be capable of producing larger parts at temperatures exceeding 1000'C. More

Vietnamese pilot receives 3D printed bionic hand after aircraft crash

Apr.24, 2018 - A Vietnamese military pilot who suffered serious injuries in an air crash has recently received a 3D printed bionic hand. The hand was printed by 3D Master Company using a Zortrax M200 3D printer, and it is capable of being controlled by the pilot's own thoughts. More

Platelet-rich bio-ink could boost healing of 3D printed tissue implants and skin grafts

Apr.24, 2018 - A team of researchers has carried out tests on a new bio-ink that is made with platelet-rich plasma. The bio-ink shows potential for hugely improved healing of wounds and other tissue damage, and was capable of being 3D printed into a number of different structures. More

Researchers combine 3D printing and microfluidics in cost-effective method for preparing bio-chips

Apr.24, 2018 - A team of researchers at CUNY have succeeded in developing an advanced new technique for creating bio-chips. Using beam-pen lithography and microfluidics, they were capable of using nano-printing to print multiple molecules on to the surface of the same bio-chip, making the process much more efficient and versatile. More

Formalloy and Xact Metal to introduce new metal 3D printers at RAPID + TCT 2018

Apr.24, 2018 - The Rapid + TCT show being held in Fort Worth, TX, from April 24-26, is an occasion for all kinds of innovative 3D printing developments to be demonstrated, and Formalloy and Xact Metal will both be debuting their new metal 3D printers at this year's event. Formalloy's new X-Series machine will be on display, as will two new metal 3D printers from Xact Metal - the XM200C and XM200S. More

Rapid + TCT 2018: MakerGear unveils M3-ID Rev.1, Titan Robotics demos faster Atlas 3D printer

Apr.24, 2018 - This year's Rapid + TCT show is a veritable smorgasbord of delights from around the 3D printing world, with some of the biggest names in attendance. Two smaller homegrown 3D printing success stories, Titan Robotics and MakerGear, are showcasing their latest developments in Fort Worth, TX until April 26. MakerGear has a new machine and software to demonstrate, while Titan Robotics has an upgraded custom version of its Titan 3D printer on show. More

Boeing's HorizonX fund invests in 3D printing startup Morf3D

Apr.24, 2018 - Boeing on Monday said its venture arm HorizonX has invested in Morf3D, an El Segundo, California-based additive engineering and manufacturing firm which makes lighter and stronger 3D-printed parts for aerospace applications. More

Rapid + TCT 2018: EOS introduces P 810 3D printer, Stratasys' updates, 3D Systems showcases Figure 4 system

Apr.23, 2018 - This year's Rapid + TCT conference in Fort Worth, Texas, which runs from April 23-26, is a showcase for a lot of the major players in the 3D printing world, as well as the smaller start-ups and organizations that are pointing the way forward for the industry. In case you're not able to make it there in person, here's a round-up of what three of the biggest names have to offer. More

EnvisionTEC unveils new bio-materials for 3D-Bioplotter, offers XY resolution of 25 microns for 3SP 3D printers

Apr.23, 2018 - EnvisionTEC has announced some new additions and upgrades to its 3D printing systems and materials portfolio. The company is launching two new medical grade materials for bio-printing, as well as a new high-resolution hardware upgrade for two of its large-frame 3SP 3D printers. More

Formlabs raises another $30 million in Series C funding

Apr.23, 2018 - Formlabs announced today that it has raised another $30 million in Series C funding led by Tyche Partners. This latest round includes participation from Shenzhen Capital Group and UpNorth Investment Limited, as well as existing investors DFJ, Pitango and Foundry Group. More

M3D launches Crane Quad full-color palette desktop 3D printer for $399

Apr.23, 2018 - M3D has announced the release of a new range of 3D printers, one of which is the first to offer full-color palette 3D printing for under $500. The Crane Quad will be released alongside the Crane Bowden and the Crane Dual, and it starts from just $399. More

BioNEEK knee brace exploits INTAMSYS 3D printing and ultra-light PEEK material for improved endurance and mobility

Apr.23, 2018 - An advanced new medical device has been developed using INTAMSYS' PEEK materials and 3D printing technology. The BioNEEK knee brace provides support and protection to people with knee problems, and INTAMSYS' products have made it extra-lightweight as well as strong and durable. More

Ultimaker launches Ultimaker S5 professional desktop 3D printer with larger build volume

Apr.23, 2018 - Ultimaker has unveiled its follow up to the Ultimaker 3: the Ultimaker S5. This desktop FDM 3D printer has a larger build volume than its predecessor, and offers improved reliability and a number of smart monitoring features, to give professional users a more advanced 3D printing experiance and a more streamlined workflow. More

Google and CyArk's Open Heritage project recreates archaelogical wonders using 3D technology

Apr.20, 2018 - Google is teaming up with heritage company CyArk to launch the Open Heritage project. This is intended to give people access to some of the world's most important archaeological wonders, through images and data captured using advanced laser scanning and 3D technology. More

Ballistix Tactical Tracer RAM kit lets modding gamers 3D print their own LED light bar

Apr.20, 2018 - Ballistix, the gaming-oriented division of Micron Technology, has just released a new modifiable RAM kit. The Ballistix Tactical Tracer gaming RAM offers gamers the ability to 3D print their own light bar cover, with the design files being available for free online. More

EnvisionTEC unveils world's longest 'mega-chain' 3D printed in its strongest material ever

Apr.20, 2018 - EnvisionTEC, a 3D printing solutions company, launches today a groundbreaking new material, E-RigidForm. The company showcased it in a 328-foot 3D printed chain Friday morning at Cobo Center in downtown Detroit and is claiming the record for the world's longest single-piece chain using 3D printing technology. More

Chinese surgeons create first-ever 3D printed facial implant for a child

Apr.20, 2018 - A team of surgeons in China made use of 3D printing to produce a titanium jaw implant for a 10 year-old boy. The operation has now been declared a success, and this is the first time a child's face has been successfully reconstructed using the technology. More

Xijing Hospital repairs long bone defect using Xi'an Particle Cloud's 3D printed artificial bone

Apr.20, 2018 - Surgeons at the Xijing Hospital in China have declared a bone operation that made use of FFP 3D printing technology to be a success. The technique was used by surgeons at the hospital to repair a long segment bone defect, using biodegradable artificial bone provided by Xi’an Particle Cloud Biotechnology Co., Ltd. More

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