Introducing open source "Blade-1" 3D printer from Japan 

Dec.12, 2012 -  This "Blade-1" 3D printer is derived from the RepRap open-source project. Designed and manufactured by Hot PROCEED, Inc., the whole system is made of metal including the printing head. More 

Solve a self-designed, 3D-printed Rubik's Cube puzzle (video)

Dec.12, 2012 -   Dane Christianson created a Rubik's Cube inspired puzzle: x-shaped Rubik's cube using CAD and 3D printing. More

taulman's 618-1.75mm available for Pre-Order 

Dec.12, 2012 -  taulman's 618 1.75mm Nylon Co-Polymer will go on sale starting this Wednesday 12/12/2012 for Pre-Order. First shipments are timed to begin shipping on or before 12/20/2012. More 

Breaking the Mold – Ceramic 3D Printing Overview (Part I) 

by Benjamin Becker | Dec.12, 2012 -  Traditional manufacture of ceramics is a process that has long lead times, typically in excess of 8 to 12 weeks. When using traditional manufacturing methods in fabrication of ceramics, complex geometries such as a hollow sphere are impossible... More 

French 3D printing start-up Sculpteo raises $2.5M funds

Dec.12, 2012 -   French 3D printing service company Sculpteo announces that it has raised $2.5M funds from XAnge Private Equity and business angels. More

Fabbster's electric skateboard tour at Euromold 2012

Dec.11, 2012 -   Here is an interesting video uploaded by Fabbster, "Skateboardfabbing at Euromold 2012". More

Add one-of-a-kind decor with these 3D printed snowflakes 

Dec.11, 2012 -  In 2010 Matters of Grey shared a fun project: hand cut paper snowflake designs with a Star Wars twist. Inspired by these 19 designs, Thingiverse user IHeartRobotics optimized the design and printed one of them in ABS plastics. More 

Inside the world largest 3D printing factory (video)

Dec.11, 2012 -   Steven Blair Strati, a broker at Cushman & Wakefield who represented Shapeways in both leases, said Shapeways signed a 10-years contract and successfully negotiated rents of about $15 per square foot. More

1,000 different parts, 700 hours of print time on a Makerbot 

Dec.11, 2012 -  This "Mining Habitat Ring World" created by artist Micah Ganske was displayed at the Miami art fairs. Using his Makerbot Replicators, Ganske printed out 1,000 different parts in over 700 hours of print time. More 

A Closer look at high accuracy ceramic 3D printer: CeraFab 7500 

Dec.11, 2012 -  For the first time it is possible to 3D print ceramics with high accuracy, fine detail and high density and strength. Austria-based Lithoz, a spin-off of the Technical University of Vienna launched their CeraFab 7500 ceramic 3D printer. More 

First 3D print shop opens in Netherlands

Dec.10, 2012 -   Netherlands gets its first 3D print shop. Opened by Hanneke van Pampus and Norman van Beek, this 3D print shop is located in Koningstreet in Haarlem. More

Meet Slic3r developer Alessandro Ranellucci (video)

Dec.10, 2012 -  Slic3r, the G-code generator for 3D printers, is developed by Alessandro Ranellucci (aka. Sound) in Italy. The software converts a digital 3D model into printing instructions for your 3D printer.  More 

HP should consider two waves to turn itself around: personal robot and 3D printing 

Dec.9, 2012 -  Which market should HP enter to turn it around? Rob Enderle, president and principal analyst of the Enderle Group, posted his proposal: one is personal robotics wave, another is 3D printing wave. More 

3DEA offering personalized 3D sex toy: Last day Dec.10

Dec.8, 2012 -   Companies are not only printing out prototypes sent by sex toy designers with desktop 3D printer, but also offering services to help you generate customized 3D sex toy. More

3D printers holidays on sale 

Dec.8, 2012 -  Some 3D printer suppliers have sale discount prices for this Christmas Holiday season. More 

US Congressman urges lawmakers to renew a federal ban on 3D printed guns 

Dec.8, 2012 -  That firearm will be able to be brought through this security line, through the metal detector, and because there will be no metal to be detected, firearms will be brought on planes without anyone's knowledge. More 

Recreating a 3,300 years old ancient statue using 3D printers

Dec.7, 2012 -   Technicians at Harvard's Semitic Museum are attempting to re-create a 2-foot-long ceramic lion that likely flanked an image of the goddess Ishtar in Nuzi. More

How things are going at Formlabs 

Dec.7, 2012 -  Since 3D Systems filed a lawsuit against Formlabs for its Form 1 desktop 3D printer, everyone is wondering how things are going at Formlabs. More 

Holiday season in New York: Experiencing 3D printing 

Dec.7, 2012 -   It's going to be a merry holiday season: if you happen to be in New York, and looking for a good place to touch, test and tinker with the coolest tech products, you should stop by these places where you can experience the amazing 3D printing technology. More 

Tutorial: How to design and 3D print enclosures with front panels

Dec.7, 2012 -   Following his previous two "How to design and 3D print your own electronics enclosures" tutorial series Landon Cox from Inhald extended his CAD-focused theme and presented a third part of tutorial. More

Drag-and-Drop DNA: this 3D printer prints new cancer drugs 

Dec.6, 2012 -  Using a simple "drag-and-drop" computer interface and DNA self-assembly techniques, Parabon NanoLabs researchers have developed a new automated method of drug development that could reduce the time required to create and test medications. More 

Ideas wanted for 3D printed advent calendar 

Dec.6, 2012 -  Thingiverse user pleppik designed an advent calendar which has a box for each of the 25 days in December through Christmas. More 

Innovative PiMaker has a build area larger than MakerBot Replicator 2

Dec.6, 2012 -   William Steele launched his Ultra-Bot 3D Printer on Kickstarter back in September. In a recent update of the project William made a big announcement: a brand new 3D printer design: Pimaker. More

Is this the largest ever 3D printed wrench? (video) 

Dec.6, 2012 -  For showing off how powerful this printer is, Sam Green of Objet made a video of a short workflow of how Objet1000 builds the largest ever adjustable wrench.  More 

Win a 3D printed Ford Fiesta 

Dec.6, 2012 -  To celebrate this, along with the Ford photo competition which offers a chance to win a Ford Fiesta, Ford also teamed up with 3D Creations Lab to offer their photo competition weekly winners their very own piece of futuristic technology. More 

SLM 500 HL: 3D print highly accurate metal parts using multiple lasers

Dec.6, 2012 -   Lübeck-based SLM Solutions unveiled a new dimension, the SLM 500 HL selective laser melting machine which can be used in a even wider range of industries than Concept Laser. More

3D print a custom skull iPhone case 

Dec.5, 2012 -  Arcier has created two 3D printed skull iPhone cases inspired by one of his artistic project in 2007 titled "Degeneration", which was based on a face reduction algorithm. More 

Aluminatus TrinityOne 3D printer available for pre-order now  

Dec.5, 2012 -  TrinityLabs is a Cartesian Robotics R&D company located in Portland, OR. After more than a year of development TrinityLabs launches their first 3D printer: Aluminatus TrinityOne.  More 

3D printing metal in an XXL format for the car maker Daimler

Dec.5, 2012 -   Along with the unveiling of the Objet1000 3D printer, another 'big' announcement at Euromold is a new high-performance LaserCusing® machine, the X line 1000R, for fabricating series components. More

How Harman uses Arduino and 3D printing to build better speakers (video) 

Dec.5, 2012 -  Charles Sprinkle, systems engineer at Harman shows to Robert Scoble in the interview below, how open sources helps him to make his job effectively and also be able to share his ideas with others. More 

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