Thingiverse takes down 3D printable gun parts 

Dec.20, 2012 -  Thingiverse, Makerbot's site has taken down a number of blueprints for gun parts, including the "Reinforced AR-15 Lower Receiver" from gunsmith Michael Guslick aka HaveBlue. More 

3D print your own blossoming lamp for Xmas

Dec.19, 2012 -   Here's a 3D printed blossoming lamp thingiverse user Emmett Lalish designed and printed for this season. The lamp consists two parts, lampshades and stand. More

Open source and low cost RoBo 3D Printer 

Dec.19, 2012 -  Another open source 3D printer is now on Kickstarter: the RoBo 3D Printer developed by Coby Kabili, Mike Pilkington and Braydon Moreno from San Diego, CA has a cute Robot looking. More 

3D Kit F printer made in Spain 

Dec.19, 2012 -  Jose from Spain announced his latest product: 3D Kit F printer. 3D Kit F features rigid frame made of 15x15mm aluminum profile and a flexible bridge structure.More 

Smooth test flight with 3D printed flying crawler

Dec.19, 2012 -   The 3D printed flying crawler designed and built by Flappingwing in Japan is a multi-winged RC ornithopter. The 3D model was created in Autodesk 123D and main parts were 3d printed on Shapeways. More

King Richard III's last "resting place" recreated with a 3D printer 

Dec.18, 2012 -  A team from the University of Leicester has reconstructed models of the Blue Boar Inn – where England's King Richard III spent the night before going off to die in the battle of Bosworth through 3D printing technology. More 

"Home for Xmas" thanks you with a 3D printed snow globe featuring your home 

Dec.18, 2012 -  Every year around 75,000 young people in the UK risk spending the festival period on the street. Today, BBH London teamed up with children's charity Barnardo's and launched More 

A revolving Ferris Wheel created on Objet multi-material 3D printer

Dec.18, 2012 -   Objet shared a nice video today, a revolving 3d printed Ferris Wheel made on an Objet Connex500 multi-material 3D printer. It uses rigid white, rigid black and grey digital material combination which is created by mixing black and white. More

3D print your own Advent calendar and Christmas ornaments at home 

Dec.18, 2012 -  Richrap has created his own 3D printed Advent calendar. Inspired by Pleppik, each day Richrap and his kids selected their favorite Christmas things from Thingiverse.. More 

Organovo partners with Autodesk to develop 3D bioprinting software 

Dec.18, 2012 -  Organovo, a creator and manufacturer of 3D human tissues for medical research and therapeutic applications, is working together with researchers at Autodesk, Inc. to create the first 3D design software for bioprinting. More 

Wall Street takes a closer look at 3D printing biz

Dec.18, 2012 -   Is it time to buy into the 3D printing hype? Last week, at CNBC's Mad Money show investment guru Jim Cramer put two industry leaders: 3D Systems (DDD) and Stratasys (SSYS) to the test to find which one would be a better investment. More

Bend, Not Break: Life story of Ping Fu, Geomagic CEO 

Dec.18, 2012 -  Bend, Not Break tells the incredible personal story of Ping Fu, Geomagic CEO, and her journey from imprisonment to freedom, and from the dogmatic anti-capitalism of Mao's China to the high-stakes, take-no-prisoners world of technology startups in the USA. More 

The delicious 3D printed chocolate: last chance to order 

Dec.17, 2012 -  for this seaon, Choc Edge is promoting its new holiday designs: chocolate creations crafted using the latest 3D chocolate printing technology and made with the finest Belgian Callebaut chocolate.  More 

BatBot 3D printer from Korea

Dec.17, 2012 -   A brand new 3D printer BatBot is launched by ironvault in Korea. More

China will promote 3D printing to boost its manufacturing power 

Dec.17, 2012 -  Bo Su, Vice Minister of Industry and Information Technology, said 3D printing will profoundly affect the future of the manufacturing industry, and China will strengthen the top-level design and overall planning. More 

Business model innovation: Alphacam offers online 3D printing service 

Dec.17, 2012 -  3D printing brings many opportunities and promises in so many fields that the whole world is about to change in the next few years. Many companies will have to rethink their business models. More 

Gravity of Light: an interactive 3D printed LED pixel hat

Dec.16, 2012 -   For hat lovers this is definitely something special: Inspired by gravity and flowing water, Korean designers Younghui Kim and Yejin Cho created an interactive 3D printed hat. More

Create your own 3D printed Emily the Strange with MAQET

Dec.16, 2012 -  MAQET is a site where you can create your own customised toys - MAQETs. Using MAQET's web-based creation software you can choose from a wide variety of shapes and then add your favourite color.More 

Buildabot 3D printer test print

Dec.16, 2012 -  Lucastar, a 3D designer in UK, ordered a Buildabot 3D printer kit and documented his building and testing experiences on his blog. UK based company York3Dprinters offers the Buildabot 3D printers in two versions. More 

3D printed nylon polymer lamp generates power through rotation

Dec.15, 2012 -   The 3D printed shell of the Momentum light designed by architect Dr. Margot Krasojević produces an electrical current from kinetic energy. More

EFF needs help in finding documents to stop dangerous 3D printer patents 

Dec.15, 2012 -  The group have found a number of patents that seem both overly-broad and dangerous to the continued innovation in open source community. More 

Torus: The first iPhone video game to offer 3D printed achievements 

Dec.14, 2012 -  Torus becomes the first iPhone video game to offer 3D printed achievements. Torus 1.1.0 is a free apps for puzzle on iPhone & iPad Games, developed by Mark S. Morris. More 

Bring Second Life jewellery into real world with 3D printing

Dec.14, 2012 -   Maxi Gossamer, an SL artisan who recently discovered 3D printing brought her second life (virtual) jewelry to real life, via Shapeways. More

Can 3D printers make plastic weapons? (+ CNN video) 

Dec.14, 2012 -  To understand this development, you need to understand US gun laws. While there is no conceivable technology know to make parts strong enough to handle the chamber pressures of a firearm (basically the barrel and the breech closing mechanism.  More 

POWERWASP: your personal fab from Italy 

Dec.14, 2012 -  The first 3D printer WASP developed is POWERWASP, a unique open source 3D printer that can extrude not only plastics but also clay, and it is also a milling machine. More 

Woman's survival kit: Botox Mask, Purse, Gun, Chatelaine, spyglass...made on a 3D printer

Dec.14, 2012 -   Atelier Ted Noten is presenting the new collection ''7 Necessities'' for the first time in its entirety at Design Miami. More

3D print a CheerLights display for Christmas 

Dec.13, 2012 -  raster designed and made his small CheerLight device which he called the CheerLCD to work with the CheerLights project to display the same color of all the CheerLights. More 

3D Systems introduces FotoTec hearing aid material to ProJet 6000 

Dec.13, 2012 -  3D Systems announced the immediate availability of Dreve FotoTec hearing aid material for use in its ProJet® 6000 professional 3D printer. More 

Zbot 3D printer wins 2012 Chinese Design Award

Dec.13, 2012 -   At this year's CDA China Design competition Zbot 3D printer from Guangzhou has won the CDA Chinese Design Reward. More

France gets its first 3D print shop: Protoshop 

Dec.13, 2012 -  Opened by MULTISTATION, a france-based industrial equipments distributor, this 3D print shop PROTOSHOP is located near Montparnasse station in downtown Paris.  More 

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