New Destiny 3D print: 5-foot-long Black Spindle sniper rifle

Apr.30, 2016 - Amateur maker and game-lover Lael Lee has built a 3D printed Black Spindle sniper rifle, as found in The Taken King, the latest expansion pack for Bungie's popular Destiny video game. The maker has entered the 5-foot-long 3D print into MyMiniFactory's Playstation design contest. More

'Alessi Goes Digital': an exploration of digital design through the creation of 3D printed pens

Apr.30, 2016 - Italian housewares company Alessi has collaborated with industrial designer Giulio Iacchetti to create a series of 3D printed pens, which explore the possibilities of creating analog objects with digital technologies. The pens each represent a design only capable using digital design and 3D printing. More

3D printed rotary engine restores vintage WWI fighter plane for Topeka museum

Apr.30, 2016 - Huw Thomas, a volunteer at the Topeka Air Combat Museum has recently 3D printed an entire replica of a WWI fighter plane engine on LulzBot Taz 3D printers to help in the vintage aircraft's restoration. The plane replica will be unveiled this week to visitors. More

3D Printed Fire Fly Racing Drones showcase slick and speedy DIY flyer

Apr.30, 2016 - Drones and 3D printing have long since been friends. The new Firefly series of 3D printable drones adds further credence to this with their light-weight, camera ready open drone. More

Optimizing structural integrity of load-bearing 3D printed parts with ribs and gussets

Apr.30, 2016 - In a very informative blog post, Fictiv's Sean Thomas shares some tips for optimizing the structural integrity of load-bearing 3D printed components through the clever placement of ribs and gussets. More

XRobots returns with most advanced 3D printed BB-8 Droid yet

Apr.29, 2016 - James Bruton of XRobots has nearly finished the 3D printed Star Wars BB-8, Version 3, his most technically advanced and movie-accurate replica to date. More

3D printed Terahertz lens could revolutionise security imaging, useful for detection of concealed plastics and chemicals

Apr.29, 2016 - Researchers from Northwestern University have used 3D printing to develop a novel lens that picks up terahertz frequencies - those occupying a middle ground between microwaves and infrared light waves. It is hoped that the lens could help scientists to better understand the mysterious terahertz waves. More

3D printed dagger appears in Games of Thrones season 6 premiere

Apr.29, 2016 - Shapeways has revealed its prop-building role in the Game of Thrones season six opener, which aired Sunday night on HBO. The 3D printing service used its Frosted Ultra Detail printing material to produce Ellaria Sand's 'Dorne Dagger', which was then hand-painted by GoT Weapons Master Tommy Dunne. More

3D printed drugs could be the 'Uber for chemistry' says UK expert Lee Cronin

Apr.29, 2016 - Chemistry professor at the University of Glasgow Lee Cronin spoke at a 3D printing-themed INTERPHEX conference this week, urging the pharmaceutical industry to adopt 3D printed drugs as a way to dramatically cut costs, improve efficiency, and bring personalized medicine to those in need. More

Dresden names itself the 3D printing capital of Europe

Apr.29, 2016 - The German city of Dresden has claimed the title of "3D Printing Capital of Europe" due to its ongoing commitment to research and development in the field of additive manufacturing materials, processes and industrial production. More

New ORNL study: A full overview of metal 3D printing technologies and their bright future

Apr.29, 2016 - In a new comprehensive study of the state of metal 3D printing, researchers from the ORNL provide a full overview of the different metal 3D printing technologies and discuss their very bright future. More

DARPA TRADES program developing advanced materials with 3D printing and man-machine teaming

Apr.29, 2016 - The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), has been a proponent for the potentials of 3D printing technologies, and now with its TRADES program it has placed its focus on using 3D design and printing technologies to develop new ways to make advanced materials. More

ESA: 3D printed 'moon village' is just the start, 'Mars isn't the ultimate goal. Humans will go further'

Apr.29, 2016 - At a new Space Symposium, ESA director general Johann-Dietrich Wörner elaborated on the ESA plans to establish a 3D printed Moon Village which could act as a stepping stone for subsequent space exploration missions. More

Materialise introduces Luxura, a quality finish for 3D printed wearables

Apr.29, 2016 - Belgian 3D printing company Materialise has just launched its latest product Luxura, a premium consumer-grade finishing degree specially designed for 3D printed wearables. The product was designed to ensure the durability, resistance, and safety of your 3D printed wearable product. More

Give your cat a human voice with 3D printed Temptations Catterbox talking cat collar

Apr.29, 2016 - The cat-oriented startup Temptations Lab have just revealed amazing 3D printed Catterbox talking collars, that analyze your cat's meows and plays a fitting human voice recording in response, finally enabling us to completely understand our pets. More

Watch 3D printed objects get crushed by a hydraulic press

Apr.29, 2016 - There comes a time in everyones life when you really want to know what a hydraulic press would do to a 3D print. Thankfully, the Hydraulic Press Channel has your back with their latest episode. More

Honda's Great Journey takes us the road trip of the future with 3D printed driverless cars

Apr.28, 2016 - Inviting us to think outside of the parking lot, Honda has commissioned a series of 3D printed concept car models, created by Ogle Models, that showcase the whimsical and wild future of driverless cars. More

MakerGear CEO talks 3D printing with President Obama and German Chancellor Angela Merkel

Apr.28, 2016 - Rick Pollack, founder and CEO of 3D printer manufacturer MakerGear, has met with US President Barack Obama and German Chancellor Angela Merkel to discuss additive manufacturing. Ohio Lt. Gov. Mary Taylor organized the meeting at Hannover Messe, a trade fair for industrial technology. More

Zweikampf's high performance 3D printed shin guards now live on Kickstarter

Apr.28, 2016 - Austrian startup Zweikampf has launched a Kickstarter campaign for their innovative 3D printed football shin guards. The crowdfunding campaign, which expires on May 17th, 2016 is hoping to raise its goal of '50,000 in order to put their 3D printed shin guards into production. More

UK prosecutor uses 3D printed replica skulls in Ellie Butler murder trial, makes legal history

Apr.28, 2016 - A British prosecutor has used 3D printed replica skulls for the first time in legal history, in order to demonstrate the severe head injuries sustained by six-year-old Ellie Butler, allegedly murdered in 2013 by her father, Ben Butler. The two skulls were presented to the jury today. More

3D printed Star Wars skulls by 3DKitbash coming soon to Kickstarter

Apr.28, 2016 - On May the 4th, 3DKitbash plans to launch a creative Kickstarter campaign for a series of high-quality, 3D printed skulls based on famous aliens from the Star Wars franchise. More

Researchers build first 3D printed superconducting cavity, post promising results

Apr.28, 2016 - A team of researchers at the University of Melbourne has created two 3D printed superconducting aluminum microwave cavities in order to test their electrical properties. Results showed comparable superconductivity between 3D printed and non-printed cavities. More

Stratasys Japan launches full-color 3D printing service 'Stratasys Parts Service Portal Site'

Apr.28, 2016 - Stratasys Japan has just revealed that they will be setting up a new full-color Stratasys Parts Service Portal Site, which will harness the full power of Stratasys' new flagship J750 multi-material 3D printer. More

Palmiga unveils latest 3D printed OpenRC F1 tire design, inspired by Caresto's Hot Rod Jakob

Apr.28, 2016 - Thomas Palm, of Palmiga Innovation, has collaborated with Leif Tufvesson of Caresto to release a set of new 3D printed OpenRC F1 tires, which were inspired by Caresto's Hot Rod Jakob. The files are available through Thingiverse. More

Donald Trump calls for integration of 3D printing, AI and cyberwarfare into US military

Apr.28, 2016 - In a long-awaited foreign policy speech, Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump argued that the US military needs to adopt 3D printing, AI and cyberwarfare as part of an effort to make the country's military power unparalleled. More

Kai Parthy is back with LAY-AWAY series of soluble support filaments for FDM 3D printing

Apr.28, 2016 - German filament guru Kai Parthy has surprised us again with the LAY-AWAY filament series, four different support structure filaments of which three are soluble in water, and one in alcohol. More

Canon's full 3D printer catalogue now available in EMEA

Apr.28, 2016 - Global imaging solutions provider Canon has just revealed that they will expand their reach as 3D Systems' 3D printer resellers and service providers to the complete Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) market. More

LLNL 3D printed foam outperforms standard materials in thermal insulation and shock-absorption

Apr.28, 2016 - It's always a good sign when modern advancements in 3D printing prove not only to be able to match what's already out there today, but surpass it. A study by the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory suggests 3D printed foam is superior than the traditional material. More

BMW using 3D scanning and printing to give Team USA a shot at Paralympic Gold

Apr.27, 2016 - BMW has used 3D scanning and 3D printing technology to create high-tech, lightweight, and customized carbon fiber wheelchairs for Team USA athletes competing at the 2016 Paralympic Games in Rio de Janeiro. More

BigRep unveils DUSTER, a 2-meter-wide 3D printed drone

Apr.27, 2016 - German 3D printer manufacturer BigRep has unveiled DUSTER, a 2-meter-wide 3D printed drone that is as impressively functional as it is large. Made with the BigRep One 3D printer and a combination of carbon thread materials, the DUSTER has applications in industry and agriculture. More

Redditor optimizes Amazon Echo listening comfort with 3D printed ceiling mount

Apr.27, 2016 - One enterprising Redditor has just set up an Etsy shop for a clever 3D printed ceiling mount for the voice-activated Amazon Echo, so you will never have to move it around or repeat your commands ever again. More

Additive Elements develops 100% eco-friendly material system for binder jetting 3D printing

Apr.27, 2016 - German 3D printing startup Additive Elements has developed a sustainable and recyclable material system for industrial binder jetting 3D printers that can be used to 3D print large-scale furniture, architecture, and interior design. More

FilaOne GRAY: a Carbon Nanotube filled filament for high-performance desktop 3D printing

Apr.27, 2016 - 3D printing filament and technology developer Avante Technology has launched FilaOne GRAY, a proprietary composite filament that is stronger than ABS, chemical and water resistant, and designed for high-performance desktop FDM 3D printing. More

25% of Dubai's buildings to be 3D printed by 2030, Dubai ruler Sheikh Mohammed announces

Apr.27, 2016 - Dubai has launched the "Dubai 3D Printing Strategy", a unique global initiative that will exploit 3D printing technology across three key sectors: 3D printed construction, 3D printed medical applications, and 3D printed medical goods. A key goal of the project is to have 25% or more of all buildings 3D printed by the year 2030. More

BotFactory announces Squink upgrade that lets you 3D print multi-layer PCBs

Apr.27, 2016 - PCB 3D printing experts BotFactory have just announced an upgrade kit for their Squink PCB minifactory, that lets you 3D print multi-layered PCBs for more complex electronics. More

Thai cement maker SCG develops an elegant 3m-tall 3D printed "pavilion" home, 21st C. Cave

Apr.27, 2016 - A group of pioneering building developers led by Thai architect Pitupong Chaowakul has just completed a gorgeous 21st century cave structure, which questions construction conventions about what a home actually looks like. More

Low-cost 3D printer market to generate more than $4B in revenue by 2021, SmarTech predicts

Apr.27, 2016 - According to 3D printing market analysists SmarTech Markets Publishing, the low-cost 3D printer market could generate more than $4 billion in revenue by 2021, with $2.3 billion coming from hardware alone. More

Carbon appoints Former DuPont Chair and CEO, Ellen J. Kullman to Board of Directors

Apr.27, 2016 - 3D printing company Carbon recently announced that it has appointed a new board member to its Board of Directors. The newest member, Ellen J. Kullman, former Chair and CEO of American conglomerate DuPont, is expected to bring new innovation to the company, especially in the areas of market and supply chain development. More

South Korea to set up $20M research project for 3D printed ship development in Ulsan

Apr.27, 2016 - The South Korean Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy has chosen the industrial hub of Ulsan to house the immensely ambitious five-year plan to develop complete 3D printed ships and offshore navy equipment. More

Stratasys, Jacobs Institute to create Center of Excellence for medical 3D printing

Apr.27, 2016 - 3D printing giant Stratasys has announced a partnership with the New York-based Jacobs Institute that will see the two organizations create a new Center of Excellence in Buffalo, New York. The facility will be used to develop 3D printing techniques for medical applications. More

Newly released patent attempts to clarify Orange Maker's Heliolithography 3D printing process

Apr.27, 2016 - With every generation of 3D printing technology comes improvements in speed, volume, materials or all of the above. 3D printing startup Orange Maker just released patents describing how exactly they feel their Heliolithography 3D printing technology will make a permanent mark on the industry. More

3D scan library SnapTank 3D scans a xenomorph in 3 different methods to celebrate 'Alien Day'

Apr.26, 2016 - To celebrate 'Alien Day', 3D scan library SnapTank has 3D scanned a 'xenomorph' model in three different ways: 'beginner' smartphone photogrammetry, 'amateur' Olympus E-M10 photogrammetry, and 'professional' home studio photogrammetry. The resulting 3D scans have been posted online for comparison. More

voxeljet launches operation of the largest industrial 3D printing system, the VX4000 3D printer in U.S.

Apr.26, 2016 - German 3D printer company voxeljet, which specializes in the development of industrial additive manufacturing systems, has recently expanded its presence in North America by launching operations of the largest 3D printing system, the VX4000 3D printer. More

3D printing startup Desktop Metal raises fresh $33.76M in equity funding

Apr.26, 2016 - Desktop Metal, a 3D printing startup based in Lexington, Massachusetts, has raised $33.76 million in equity funding, taking its total investment to more than $47 million in the space of a year. The company plans to create a desktop 3D printer capable of printing with metals. More

Disney files patent for super-fast and support-free resin 3D printing

Apr.26, 2016 - Disney Research has filed a patent application for a near-instantaneous 3D printing process that circumvents the layer-by-layer approach and eliminates the need for support structures. More

Nano Dimension survey reveals potentials for 3D printing PCB prototypes

Apr.26, 2016 - 3D printed electronics company, Nano Dimension Ltd. has recently released the findings of their 'Printer Readiness Survey', which shows the benefits 3D printing could offer companies for the prototyping of PCBs. Currently, about 93% of companies use external PCB prototyping services, which makes for high costs, and long turnaround times. More

Lenovo moves into Chinese 3D printer market with XiaoXin L20 smart 3D printer

Apr.26, 2016 - Chinese electronics developer Lenovo has just revealed their very own XiaoXin L20 smart 3D printer, signaling their first move into the very competitive Chinese 3D printing market. More

German railway company Deutsche Bahn to set up supply chain for 3D printed spare parts

Apr.26, 2016 - German national railway company Deutsche Bahn has set up the Mobility goes Additive collaboration to explore the possibilities of a 3D printing supply chain for spare parts for trains that have been in operation for decades. More

PolySmooth & Polysher raise over $190K in 24 hours, Polymaker shows off amazing 3D printed Qin Dynasty vase

Apr.26, 2016 - To illustrate the immense layer-removal powers of the desktop Polysher, Polymaker produced a perfectly smooth Qin Dynasty vase replica on which Chinese artist Tian Tian could practice the ancient craft of vase painting. More

Siemens, Local Motors partner for large scale 3D printed car development

Apr.26, 2016 - 3D printed car pioneers Local Motors have just announced a partnership with Siemens for the use of their product lifecycle management software technology, which will be made available to LM Labs throughout the world. More

Bring 3D printed robots to life with 'Ziro' hand-controlled robotics kit

Apr.26, 2016 - Tech startup ZeroUI, based in San Jose, California, has launched an Indiegogo campaign for Ziro, the 'world's first hand-controlled robotics kit'. The modular kit has been designed to bring 3D printed creations to life, and has already surpassed its $30,000 campaign goal. More

Makerbot stops making its own 3D printers, will outsource manufacturing to Jabil

Apr.26, 2016 - After years of promoting a Made in America philosophy from R&D to manufacturing, Makerbot has announced that it will be shifting production of their 3D printers to factories in China with the help of production partner Jabil. More

Paw in order: 3D printing aids recovery of 3-year-old Patch the cat

Apr.25, 2016 - 3D printing has once again proved the purr-fect solution for cats in need, with veterinary specialists from the Polish city of Lódz using the technology to create prototype prosthetic paws for a handicapped cat named Latka—'Patch', in English. The operation was the first of its kind in Poland. More

How to make your custom 3D printed jewelry business a success

Apr.25, 2016 - If you are an aspiring 3D printed jewelry designer or have recently started your own 3D printed custom jewelry startup, 3D printer company Formlabs has some tips for you on how to make your business a success through exceptional customer experience and attention to detail. More

GE fires up world's largest jet engine, 3D printed fuel nozzles put through paces

Apr.25, 2016 - General Electric has started testing its GE9X jet engine, currently the world's largest, at a test site near Peebles, Ohio. The engine, whose front fan spans 11 feet (3.35 meters) in diameter, contains 19 3D printed fuel nozzles. More

Stratasys presents Wolfkiam and Polyomino, the first artworks created on the new J750 3D Printer

Apr.25, 2016 - 3D printing company Stratasys has demonstrated the amazing capabilities of their new J750 multi-color, multi-material 3D printer by unveiling two stunning artworks made with the machine: 'Wolfkiam" by designer Nick Ervinck, and 'Polyomino' by Jose Sanchez. More

3D bioprinted mini-brains reveal how Zika virus attacks fetal brains

Apr.25, 2016 - Researchers from the Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore have just made an important step towards curing the Zika virus, by using 3D bioprinted minibrains to see exactly how the infection process in fetuses takes place. More

71% of US manufacturers optimistic about competitive advantage brought about by 3D printing

Apr.25, 2016 - A recent study released by PricewaterhouseCooper lays out, in percentages, how the expectations of 3D printing applications for manufacturers have shifted in the past two years. More

3D printing helps Shine the miniature horse trot happily again

Apr.25, 2016 - The story of Shine, a sweet miniature horse, would have been a tragic one if it weren't for the help and dedication of a team of veterinarians from Colorado State University's James L. Voss Veterinary Teaching Hospital and the capabilities of 3D printing technologies. More

New 3D Systems CEO Vyomesh Joshi could make $23.3 million in three years

Apr.25, 2016 - 3D Systems' new CEO Vyomesh Joshi has been given a compensation package that could be worth as much as $23.3 million over three years, though it is partly dependent on how stable the company performs on the stock market. More

colorFabb launches industrial-grade Stacker S4 3D printer at Hannover Messe

Apr.25, 2016 - Dutch filament specialists colorFabb will unveil their industrial-grade Stacker S4 3D printer at the Hannover Messe this week, a 3D printer capable of printing temperatures of 300 degrees Celsius that can work with every filament on the market, including colorFabb's copolyester materials. More

3D printed tumor-cloning device could lead to more effective cancer treatments

Apr.25, 2016 - Two NDSU pharmacy students have developed a 3D printed device that can clone cancer tumors. The cloned tumors could be used to test anti-cancer drugs and provide more personalized cancer treatment options. More

Bra Theory is developing 3D modeled bras to give you the perfect fit

Apr.24, 2016 - To help give women more options for bra sizing and to improve the comfort and support of each bra, Mona Zhang, a Princeton graduate, has decided to take matters into her own hands by creating custom sized bras based off of 3D models of women's boobs with her new company Bra Theory. More

Silvia Fado's 3D printed shoes are as stunning as they are innovative

Apr.24, 2016 - Within the realm of 3D printed fashion, some of the coolest, most innovative designs have come about through the design of 3D printed shoes, as a number of innovative designers have used the technology to create unique wearables that could easily be considered works of art. More

Man 3D prints beautiful and functional violin on his hobbyist ROBO 3D printer

Apr.24, 2016 - 3D print enthusiasts have been printing instruments for years now. For the most part, the best results have come from professional printers. DIYer Andrew Murrell has changed that by creating a masterpiece on nothing but his hobbyist ROBO 3D printer. More

3D scanning brings nightmare universe to life in SXSW short film Night Stalker

Apr.23, 2016 - SXSW Official Selection 'Night Stalker' is a short horror/love film created by New Media Ltd. that uses 3D scanning technology to bring a bizarre, nightmarish universe to life. More

3DTie launches 3D printed necktie collection for the 21st century man

Apr.23, 2016 - 3DTie is a collection of ingenious 3D printed neckties made on a desktop 3D printer from PLA filament. Due to their unique, interlocking design, the 3D printed ties bend and move just like fabric, and come in a wide variety of designs to allow wearer's to express their style. More

3D printing could be Pendleton Marines' next recruit

Apr.23, 2016 - The Marines of 1st Maintenance Battalion, Combat Logistics Regiment 15, 1st Marine Logistics Group, have been using 3D printers to produce replacement parts for broken equipment. Tests have shown that 3D printing could be an asset for the Marine Corps in both garrison and battlefield environments. More

This $15 3D scanner consists of a tub of milk and a smartphone

Apr.23, 2016 - Instructables user yenfre has developed a low-cost (~$15) 3D scanner that can be assembled with a smartphone, two containers, and milk. The unusual contraption received the runner-up prize at Penn State's 2016 HackPSU hackathon. More

3D printing news roundup: April 22, 2016

Apr.22, 2016 - Airbus APWorks begins testing its MetalFAB1 metal 3D printing system from Additive Industries, GE Power opens a new Advanced Manufacturing Works in South Carolina, and Canadian 3D printing service Agile Manufacturing acquires a massive SLA 3D printer. More

Hackers 3D print 'restricted' keys using publicly-available patents

Apr.22, 2016 - A group of lock-picking hackers based in Melbourne, Australia, has used images from publicly available patent sites to 3D print working replicas of so-called 'restricted' keys. More

Earth Day 2016: 10 3D printing projects contributing to a greener planet

Apr.22, 2016 - To celebrate Earth Day 2016, we've listed some of the top 3D printed projects and initiatives that are contributing to a more sustainable, green, and healthy environment for all. More

3D printing helps Polish cybernetics researchers create fully functional artificial heart

Apr.22, 2016 - Researchers from the Cybernetics Department of the Military University of Technology in Warsaw and the Optoelectronics Department of the Silesian University of Technology have been using 3D printed heart models for research purposes. Each heart model was made with a Zortrax M200 3D printer. More

Shell unveils 3D printed, ultra-efficient 'Project M' concept city car based on Gordon Murray's T25

Apr.22, 2016 - Shell has unveiled a new ultra-compact, energy efficient concept car as part of 'Project M', a collaboration with Gordon Murray Design and Geo Technology. The new vehicle, based on Gordon Murray's T.25 city car, contains a number of 3D printed components. More

NASA tests 3D printed methane-powered turbopump that could pave the way to Mars

Apr.22, 2016 - NASA has successfully tested a 3D printed turbopump, one of the most complex 3D printed rocket engine parts ever made, using liquid methane. The results could pave the way for future methane-fueled Mars landers. More

Life-saving 4D printed tracheal stent used during surgery on 46-year-old Chinese woman

Apr.22, 2016 - Surgeons in the Tang Du Hospital in Xi'an have just used a 4D printed tracheal stent to save the life of a 46-year-old Chinese woman with severe a respiratory obstruction, and have become the first in China to use 4D printing in a clinical situation. More

How 3D printing could potentially advance Alzheimer's research

Apr.22, 2016 - In seeing the impact 3D printing has made in the medical field, we at 3Ders asked ourselves what the potentials of 3D printing could be in regards to a poorly understood, but quite common disease: Alzheimer's. More

Cobbler Technologies closes an equity financing round to help bring 3D printing of functional multi-material to shoemaking

Apr.22, 2016 - Maine-based footwear 3D printing specialist Cobbler Technologies has unveiled its new Atomized Particle Deposition (3DAPD) 3D printing process. 3DAPD is able to functionally grade multiple materials in real time, enabling 'on-the-fly material mixing'. More

Highly accurate, laser guided industrial robot developed by Spanish researchers

Apr.22, 2016 - A team of scientists from the AITIIP research lab in Zaragoza, Spain have developed a large-scale laser guided industrial robot capable of extreme accuracy. They hope to one day turn the large robotic arm into a large-scale industrial 3D printer. More

The Texel Portal 3D scanning booth could scan up to 40 people per hour

Apr.22, 2016 - With the popularity of 3D printed selfies made by scanning booths growing, Russian startup Texel Portal recently pioneered a new very efficient 3D scanning booth that can start 3D printing within just two minutes. More

OctoPrint loses funding, starts a Patreon to help fund OctoPrint web interface for 3D printing

Apr.21, 2016 - Gina Häußge, the creator and main developer of popular open-source 3D printing software OctoPrint, has launched a call for funding through crowdfunding platform Patreon. More

Russia could use 3D printing to build a base on the Moon

Apr.21, 2016 - According to the head of its national Center for the Study of Natural Substances, Russia could use 3D printing and a patented 'gyroscopic mill' to build a habitable base on the polar region of the Moon. Settlers would create a powdered 3D printing material from processed lunar regolith. More

Funplay DIY: a make-it-yourself SLA 3D printer for just $1,200, coming soon on indiegogo

Apr.21, 2016 - Taiwanese 3D printer manufacturer 3D Dream Workshop will soon be releasing the Funplay DIY-Crystal, a $1,200 SLA 3D printer kit that lets users adjust the laser strength and exposure time, and works with multiple resin brands. More

Siemens unveils cluster of 3D printing spider robots

Apr.21, 2016 - A team of researchers from the Princeton campus of Siemens Corporate Technology has created a cluster of spider-like 3D printing robots. The spider-bots, dubbed SiSpis, have been designed to work autonomously and collaboratively, and can even recharge themselves. More

French startup Iconem uses photogrammetry, drones, and 3D modeling to help to restore Palmyra monuments

Apr.21, 2016 - The ancient Syrian city of Palmyra, whose monuments and archaeological ruins were destroyed in large part by ISIS, is now being reconstructed thanks to efforts involving 3D scanning and 3D modeling technologies. More

Daniel Warnecke brings classical paintings to life with 3D printed sculptures

Apr.21, 2016 - UK artist Daniel Warnecke will be showcasing his remarkable reimagined and 3D printed versions of classic paintings and photographs in three London galleries. More

PayPal blocks Gizmo 3D Printer's Indiegogo funding, delays production indefinitely

Apr.21, 2016 - Gizmo 3D Printers, which recently completed a successful crowdfunding campaign for its innovative top-down DLP 3D printer, has issued a statement announcing that its timeline would be delayed because of an unexpected blocking of funds by PayPal. More

SD3D spends over 3000 printing hours on record-breaking 'The Largest 3D Printed City' model

Apr.21, 2016 - San Diego 3D printing service SD3D has just completed work on a record breaking 3D printed city model depicting the vast client portfolio of Aon, which took more than 3,000 printing hours to make. More

Fab City, sustainable & self-sufficient cities project opened its doors in Amsterdam

Apr.21, 2016 - The Fab City sustainable cities project has opened its doors in Amsterdam to showcase a wide variety of urban technological innovations, including the metal 3D printer by MX3D and a concrete 3D printer operated by BAM. More

GCODE.Clay explores digital design and art through 3D printed ceramics

Apr.21, 2016 - A number of artists have begun to work with 3D printing, using the technological medium as a way to explore notions of art, the maker, and digital automated culture. In a recent artistic endeavour, American studio Emerging Objects has continued this exploration with their 3D printed pottery project entitled GCODE.Clay. More

3D printed replicas of 5000-year-old Ötzi the Iceman set to tour the US

Apr.21, 2016 - The three 3D printed medical-grade replicas made of the famous Ötzi the Iceman by Materialise and US paleo artist Gary Staab are set to travel to the US, with one becoming part of a travelling exhibition that starts in North Caroline in October 2017. More

NASA researching aerosol jet tech for 3D printed densely populated electronic assemblies

Apr.20, 2016 - A group of NASA researchers at the Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt, Maryland, is assessing the potential of aerosol jet printing (direct-write manufacturing) for creating 3D printed detector assemblies. The technology could also be used to print antennas and other hardware directly onto spacecraft. More

Israel Defense Forces using 3D printing to restore 30-year-old Air Force planes

Apr.20, 2016 - The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) are using 3D printers to restore or recycle decades-old equipment, with the Israeli Air Force (IAF) benefitting most fully from the initiative. The IAF's Aerial Maintenance Unit (AMU) is presently 3D printing replacement parts for aircraft up to 30 years old. More

Materialise introduces Smooth Detail Resin DLP 3D printing material for scale modelers

Apr.20, 2016 - Belgian 3D printing company Materialise has added a new DLP printing material to its i.materialise printing service. Smooth Detail Resin provides a smooth surface texture in an easily paintable gray color, and can be printed at a resolution of 50 microns. More

Fictiv develops tolerance calculator along with tips to ensure your 3D prints find a snug fit

Apr.20, 2016 - As any product developer can attest to, finding the correct tolerances for 3D printing is often a mix between research with a dash of luck. Fictiv has released an easy to follow guide and tolerance calculator to help you along your way. More

Researchers develop 3D laser writing technique for high quality micro-optics

Apr.20, 2016 - A team of researchers based at the University of Stuttgart in Germany have recently published a study that demonstrates their capability to 3D print micron-scale optics with more precision and reproducibility than ever before. The recent breakthrough could have a big impact on the manufacturing of micro-scale integrated optical elements More

Uni Technology targets young kids with accessible MagiTools 3D printer kit

Apr.20, 2016 - Chinese 3D printer manufacturers Uni Technology have just unveiled the MagiTools DIY 3D printer assembly kit, a safe and educational tool specifically developed for children. More

Airbus receives first two highly efficient LEAP-1A engines featuring 3D printed fuel nozzles

Apr.20, 2016 - European aircraft manufacturers Airbus have just received the first two LEAP-1A engines for their next-gen Airbus A320neo passenger jets, which feature 3D printed superalloy fuel nozzles and are far more fuel efficient than currently used engines. More

The 'Guided Hand' robot arm can turn your 3D printed pen messes into art

Apr.20, 2016 - For those who are looking to invest in a 3D printing pen, or for those who have struggled to master the precise art of the handheld additive manufacturing device, there is a new technology in development that could be the answer to your 3D printing artistic challenges: the Guided Hand project, created by Yeliz Karadayi. More

China reveals more details of its first zero-gravity 3D printer

Apr.20, 2016 - CIGIT deputy director Duan Xuanming has just revealed a lot more about their successful tests with China's first zero-gravity 3D printer, and argued that it has already laid the foundations for a new space station that is to be built in 2020. More

Northwell Health plans spinoff of body-part 3D bioprinting venture

Apr.20, 2016 - A promising 3D bioprinting solution by Northwell Health researchers has just won The Northwell Innovation Contest and $100,000 in funding, and will be turned into a separate company to further commercialize the technology. More

Loughborough project aims to produce personalized, 3D printed fashion in 24 hours or less

Apr.20, 2016 - Loughborough University and global garment manufacturer Yeh Group have teamed up for the 3D Fashion project, which seeks to design and create personalized 3D printed clothing and shoes ethically, sustainably, and on-demand within 24 hours. More

3D printed Lego-inspired modules could help democratize microfluidic technology

Apr.19, 2016 - Researchers from Cardiff University have proven that it is possible to create complex microfluidic devices using a cheap and commercially-available FDM 3D printer. More

Mixed Dimensions, creator of 3D model fixing software MakePrintable, secures $4.3M funding

Apr.19, 2016 - Silicon Valley 3D printing startup Mixed Dimensions, creator of cloud-based 3D model fixing software MakePrintable, has raised $4.3 million in a Series A round led by Alsop Louie Partners and Dolby Family Ventures. The company is in the process of refocusing its services toward the gaming market. More

Sturdy and high volume Polygon Delta 3D Printer to hit Kickstarter for just $500

Apr.19, 2016 - Veteran Pittsburgh maker Billy Zelsnack is set to launch a Kickstarter campaign for his Polygon Delta 3D Printer kit, an excellent sturdy and high volume 3D printer that costs just $500. More

Shell uses 3D printing in Stones deep-water oil and gas project in Gulf of Mexico

Apr.19, 2016 - Oil and gas multinational Shell has just revealed that they have relied on 3D printed prototypes to develop the Stones oil and gas station in the US Gulf of Mexico, the world's deepest deep-water station. More

Caterpillar opens '3D Printing & Innovation Accelerator' at Illinois HQ

Apr.19, 2016 - Global construction firm Caterpillar Inc. has opened a suite of three new innovation spaces at its Global Research & Development Center in Mossville, Illinois. The suite will help to 'fuel the future, driving even greater collaboration, innovation and acceleration' within the company. More

Philip the 'lucky duck' is walking again thanks to 3D printed feet

Apr.19, 2016 - Philip the duck, like a number of animals before him, has been given a new lease on life thanks to the kindness of a few people and the capabilities of 3D printing technologies. More

Formlabs launches Dental SG, the first biocompatible 3D printing resin for desktop digital dentistry

Apr.19, 2016 - Formlabs has released Dental SG, a certified biocompatible 3D printing resin designed for creating high-quality surgical guides using the Form 2 desktop 3D printer. More

3D printed prototype of Aurora and DARPA's VTOL X-Plane takes flight

Apr.19, 2016 - Aurora Flight Sciences, commissioned by the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), has announced that it has successfully flown a subscale vehicle demonstrator (SVD) or prototype of its VTOL X-Plane, which was made with the help of 3D printing technologies. More

Sinopec and Farsoon High-Tech partner to develop new 3D printing materials and devices

Apr.19, 2016 - Sinopec Baling Petrochemical Company, one of China's leading oil and gas companies, has recently signed a Cooperation Framework Agreement with Farsoon High-Technology Co., Ltd., to develop and create a number of new innovative 3D printing materials, including powder elastomer materials and SLA epoxy resin, as well as new 3D printing devices. More

Affordable and fast AVOC 3D printer launches on Indiegogo for as little as $139

Apr.19, 2016 - A Budapest, Hungary-based startup has just announced the AVOC 3D printer: a new, affordable, and fast printing desktop 3D printer. The 3D printer is being crowdfunded through an Indiegogo campaign. More

Polymaker makes layer-free 3D printing a reality with PolySmooth and Polysher cleaning unit

Apr.19, 2016 - Chinese filament specialists Polymaker is set to enter the 3D printing hardware business with their exciting Polysher cleaning unit, which ensures high quality, layer-free results that can compete with injection molding. More

3D Printed Band-Aids could reduce the spread of drug resistant bacteria

Apr.19, 2016 - If the decreasing effectiveness of 20th century wonder drug penicillin is any indication, our fight against dangerous bacteria is not over yet. Researchers at the Nanchang University have developed a 3D printable bandaid that allows release control of their anti-bacterial strategies. More

April 18th: 3D printing news roundup

Apr.18, 2016 - Today was a busy day in the 3D printing world, with new 3D printers unveiled, design contests opened, and updates provided about one of the most exciting 3D printing gadgets of the year. That 3D printing gadget is, of course, the $99 OLO box: the world's first smartphone 3D printing kit. Earlier today, OLO 3D gave a quick update on its incredibly successful Kickstarter campaign. More

KU Leuven researcher developing 3D printed candy made with pectin gel

Apr.18, 2016 - KU Leuven PhD student Val'rie Vancauwenberghe recently presented the prototype for a food 3D printer that uses pectin gel to additively manufacture candy. The innovative project was introduced at this year's 3D Food Printing Conference held in Venlo, The Netherlands. More

Experience the sci-fi future of 3D bioprinting with artist Floris Kaayk's The Modular Project

Apr.18, 2016 - In The Modular Body project, Dutch visual artist Floris Kaayk shares a multi-layered media platform packed with videos detailing the birth and life of the fictional and blood-sucking Oscar organism, the world's first 3D bioprinted lifeform. More

Stereolithography (SLA) viable for making 3D printed pills, recent study shows

Apr.18, 2016 - A recent study conducted by researchers from the University College London has shown the possibility and even viability of using stereolithography 3D printing technology to manufacture drug-loaded tablets using a Form 1+ 3D printer. More

Roboze launches low-cost PEEK, PEI Roboze One+400 FDM 3D printer

Apr.18, 2016 - Italian 3D printer manufacturer Roboze today announced the immediate commercial availability of its Roboze One+400 FDM 3D printer. The low-cost, belt-free machine is compatible with 12 3D printing materials, including PEEK and PEI, and boasts a maximum extrusion temperature of 400'C. More

British Royal Navy uses 3D printed drone to navigate through ice in the Antarctic

Apr.18, 2016 - The British Royal Navy has just revealed that they have successfully tested a 3D printed drone in the frozen seas of the Antarctic, where it was used as a long-range reconnaissance tool that can help ships find their way through the thick ice. More

Nano Dimension files patent for simultaneous sintering and curing of two types of ink for 3D printed electronics

Apr.18, 2016 - Nano Dimension, Ltd., a leader in inkjet and nanoparticle printing, has announced that it has a filed a patent application for the simultaneous curing and sintering of two types of ink, conductive metal ink and insulator ink, which could be used in the additive manufacturing of electronic circuits. More

Boeing files patent for artificial 3D printed ice blocks used for next-gen flight testing

Apr.18, 2016 - In a new patent application, Boeing details their plans for artificial 3D printed ice shapes made from plastic or composite materials which simulate a variety of icy conditions and be used for much more detailed aircraft certification processes. More

NASA asks students to design 3D printed expandable objects with 'Think Outside the Box' challenge

Apr.18, 2016 - NASA is reaching out to young makes across the US to take part in its Future Engineers 'Think Outside the Box' challenge. The challenge is an effort to get students to innovative and design a 3D printable expandable object, which could potentially be used by astronauts in space. More

2-year-old Maia to become world's first patient to receive functional 3D printed ear

Apr.18, 2016 - Project Maia is about to kick off at the Queensland University of Technology in Australia, in which researchers will develop a functional 3D printed ear for a two-year-old girl born with just one ear. More

WASP to release DeltaWASP Pellet 3D Printer capable of making objects up to 1m large

Apr.18, 2016 - For the most part, 3D printers only affordably print objects that can fit in your hand. Italian based 3D printer developer WASP uses a pellet feeding system for their DeltaWASP Pellet 3D Printer to allow for huge prints without breaking the bank. More

McDonald's 'Always Working' ad brought to life with 3D printing and stop-motion animation

Apr.17, 2016 - McDonald's, known for their creative and original advertising, has recently launched a set of ad spots about their new and improved Happy Meal which features stop motion and 3D printed characters. More

3D printed dragon door knocker is artist Sonia Verdu's latest fiery creation

Apr.17, 2016 - Spanish artist Sonia Verdu has created a 3D printed 'dragon knocker', an imitation iron door knocker shaped like the head of a dragon. The designer has shared her process and 3D printing files on Instructables. More

Student shares beautiful trading cards of four 3D printable viruses

Apr.17, 2016 - Biology PhD student Eleanor Lutz from the University of Washington has just shared four very cool trading cards of viruses, which can also be 3D printed as fantastic educational models. More

Open-source 3D printed WireBeings robot allows for voice controlled wifi functionality at a bargain

Apr.17, 2016 - The emergence of open-source componential technology and 3D printing has brought the price of robotics down without sacrificing ability in recent years. A new 3D printed Arduino powered chasis by WireBeings illustrates this point point yet again. More

Gray Kid the parrot eats again after receiving a 3D printed beak at Chinese zoo

Apr.17, 2016 - Gray Kid the parrot, one of the residents of the Nanjing Hongshan Forest Zoo in China, has been given a chance at a normal life after receiving a 3D printed beak that lets him eat normally again. More

Yale 3D prints 3,800 year old Babylonian geometry tablet, to be used in classrooms

Apr.16, 2016 - Yale University's Babylonian Collection has partnered with the IPCH to 3D scan and print a 3,800 year old geometric tablet that shows Old Babylonian society understood the Pythagorean theorem and other mathematical principles. More

Portuguese maker 3D prints working replica of Hidden Blade from Assassin's Creed

Apr.16, 2016 - Portuguese engineer Jo'o Duarte has 3D printed an amazing tribute to the Assassin's Creed video game franchise, an actually functioning hidden sliding blade from Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag with OTF mechanism. More

Google engineers create WebUSB API to connect USB devices securely to the web

Apr.16, 2016 - Google engineers Reilly Grant and Ken Rockot have just submitted a proposal for WebUSB API, which would make it a lot easier for developers of 3D printers and other hardware to safely configure and update USB-based devices through a web application. More

3D scan of 26-million-year-old fossil reveals ancient origins of dolphin communication

Apr.16, 2016 - Using 3D scanning technology on a 26-million-year-old ear fossil, scientists from Monash University and Museum Victoria have proven that even the earliest known ancestors to the modern-day dolphin were capable of echolocation using high-frequency sounds. More

Guido Salimbeni's 3D artworks bring traditional painting to life with 3D printing

Apr.16, 2016 - Guido Salimbeni is an Italian artist based in Florence who has worked with both traditional oil painting and modern 3D modeling and printing techniques. His artworks represent a merging of old and new and showcase the aesthetic possibilities of introducing a new technical method, 3D printing, to an age-old form of art, painting. More

Gartner: 65% of supply chain professionals to invest in 3D printing

Apr.15, 2016 - A recent Gartner report on 3D printing and supply chains has revealed that 65% of supply chain professionals are using or will invest in 3D printing within the next two years, and that 29% said the 'primary value' of 3D printing is in transforming the customer experience. More

Winner of Make the Unmakeable 3D printing challenge donates grand prize 3D printer to UC Berkeley

Apr.15, 2016 - UC Berkeley graduate Casey Rogers has been named champion of FATHOM and GrabCAD's 'Make the Unmakeable' 3D printing challenge, and has decided to donate his Stratasys uPrint SE 3D printer to fellow students at the Berkeley 3D Modeling Club. More

Reduce 3D print failures with this clever 3D printer error detection & correction system

Apr.15, 2016 - Chris Barr, an engineering and 3D printing blogger from Adelaide, Australia, has used magnetic encoders to create a 3D printer error detection system. According to Barr, the modification could be used to minimize errors caused by overheating stepper drivers, belt slips, and accidental filament buildup. More

What risk professionals need to know about 3D printing

Apr.15, 2016 - Technology consultant Scott Klososky weighs in on three key risk factors associated with 3D printing that those in the insurance and risk management industries must be aware of. More

Dutch Minister for Economic Affairs Henk Kamp tests 3D printed steel bicycle

Apr.15, 2016 - At the sixth edition of the Innovation Expo in Amsterdam, the Dutch Minister for Economic Affairs Henk Kamp took the 3D printed steel Arc Bicycle for a test ride. More

Utrecht University's 'Tissue Factory' perform test with 3D bioprinted rabbit shoulder implant

Apr.15, 2016 - The 3D bioprinting specialists from the University of Utrecht's Tissue Factory have developed a hydrogel that is perfect for creating bone and cartilage implants, and have already tested the material with a rabbit shoulder implant. More

3D printed Tracer gun from Overwatch gets electronic redesign

Apr.15, 2016 - 3D designer Simone Fontana has teamed up with Adafruit experts to create a 3D printed Tracer Gun 2.0 with smartphone-controlled electronics that allow it to light up just like in the game. More

Ministry of Supply's 3D knitted Seamless Jacket brings additive manufacturing to menswear

Apr.15, 2016 - Boston based menswear brand, Ministry of Supply, unveiled its most recent garment, a entirely additively manufactured Seamless Jacket. The smart looking piece of apparel was manufactured using a 3D Robotic Knitting process, which allows the garment to be made as one single piece. More

Cellulose could act as a building block for 3D printed food

Apr.15, 2016 - British researchers from the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council revealed what could be a breakthrough material at the 3D Food Printing Conference in Venlo: cellulose, a natural binding polymer that could make a lot more foods 3D printable. More

Scandy raises $1M, announces complete 3D scan, edit and 3D print app

Apr.15, 2016 - The New Orleans-based 3D scan-to-3D print innovators Scandy have just announced that they have successfully raised $1 million in a seed round led by Callais Capital, and that they are using the funds to develop a 3D scanning app that completely relies on Google's Project Tango imaging platform. More

University of Miami researchers optimize 4D polymer printing with photochemical microreactor

Apr.15, 2016 - A team of researchers at the University of Miami has developed a 4D printing system using a massively parallel flow-through photochemical microreactor. The extra 'dimension' comes from the 3D printer's ability to precisely control the monomer composition of each feature in a brush polymer array. More

3D scanning full-length mirror from Naked Labs takes fitness tracking to next level

Apr.15, 2016 - Naked Labs, a Silicon Valley health and wellness startup, today launched the world's first consumer-level 3D scanning fitness tracker, the Naked 3D Fitness Tracker. The high-tech body monitoring system consists of a full-length 3D scanning mirror, a scale/turntable hybrid, and the Naked mobile app. More

BoxBotix 3-in-1 3D printed modular core lets you hover, soar or drive around with ease

Apr.15, 2016 - The emergence of modular technology allows hackers and makers to develop powerful new technology thanks to adaptable sensors and 3D printed components. BoxBotix wants to take the modular philosophy to the RC world by introducing their 3-in-1 module. More

Rice University students develop force-testing device for 3D printed prosthetic hands

Apr.14, 2016 - A team of students from Rice University calling themselves Carpal Diem has developed a force testing device to ensure that 3D printed prosthetic hands made for children are as efficient as possible. They are hoping to introduce their project to the e-NABLE community. More

Researchers develop 3D bioprinting system that uses a light projector you can buy from Walmart

Apr.14, 2016 - Researchers from the University of British Columbia have developed a new kind of biological ink which can be used to 3D print human tissue. The newly-developed compound reacts with normal light, as opposed to UV light, making it safer and cheaper than current alternatives. More

ZMorph unveils ZMorph 2.0 SX Multitool 3D Printer, capable of 3D printing, CNC milling and laser cutting

Apr.14, 2016 - Polish 3D printer manufacturer ZMorph has announced the release of their brand new model, the ZMorph 2.0 SX Multitool 3D Printer, which combines 3D printing, CNC milling, and laser engraving technologies, along with a number of other new features. More

First 3D printed jewelry insurance claim service can replace the irreplaceable

Apr.14, 2016 - SBS Insurance Services in collaboration with Cooksongold and Birmingham City University have launched the world's first 3D printed jewelry insurance claim service, which uses metal 3D printing technology to create identical replicas of high value lost or stolen jewelry. More

byFlow serves delicious five course 3D printed meal at pop-up restaurant

Apr.14, 2016 - During the 3D Food Printing Conference held in Venlo earlier this week, Dutch food 3D printing startup byFlow teamed up with Spanish chef Mateo Blanch to serve an exclusive 3D printed five course meal in a pop-up restaurant. More

CONPrint3D, conceptual system for 3D printing concrete structures, recognized at Bauma 2016

Apr.14, 2016 - A research team from the Dresden University of Technology has conceived of CONPrint3D, a technology that could allow for effectively 3D printing concrete on a large scale. The project was recently awarded the Innovation Award at Bauma 2016. More

LA Dodgers make MLB history with 3D printed helmet logos

Apr.14, 2016 - Florida-based 3D printing firm Dimension Works and sportswear specialist Pro Helmet Decals have together made Major League Baseball history by producing 3D printed embossed logos for the LA Dodgers' new matte-finish helmets. The logos were printed on an EnvisionTEC Ultra 3SP 3D Printer. More

China's first zero-gravity 3D printing experiment successfully completed

Apr.14, 2016 - Though NASA has been experimenting with zero-gravity 3D printing for some time, China is not far behind and has just successfully completed an extensive testing program for their own zero-gravity 3D printer at a test site in France. More

3D printed flying 'Robirds': an incredible new breed of scarecrow

Apr.14, 2016 - Dutch company Clear Flight Solutions is a provider of remote control 3D printed birds, which can be used on farms, airports, and other locations to scare off real birds. The Materialise-produced 'Robirds' are laser sintered in glass-filled polyamide and hand-painted for realism. More

Blowing bubbles! 9-year-old's 3D printed wand tested by Obama at White House Science Fair

Apr.14, 2016 - At the annual White House Science Fair, the nine-year-old and ambitious Jacob Leggette from Baltimore impressed President Obama with a variety of 3D printed creations, including a functional bubble blowing wand. More

3D printed medical models can change our understanding of animal anatomy

Apr.14, 2016 - A team of Danish researchers from the University of Aarhus have completed a study that shows that biologists and archeologists can vastly increase their understanding of animal and fossil anatomy with the help of 3D scanning and 3D printed models. More

3D printed infographics add a touch of playfulness to company's annual report

Apr.14, 2016 - Belgian biopharmaceutical company Ablynx has again enlisted the help of creative design studio Coming Soon to create a series of inspired and amusing 3D printed infographics for their annual report. More

Beautifully detailed 3D printed moon brings lunar light into your home

Apr.13, 2016 - MOON is the first topographically accurate lunar globe that displays actual lunar-phases in real-time. The 1/20 scale Moon replica includes every known crater, ridge, and mountain in stunning detail, and was created using 3D CAD and 3D printing technology. More

Brooklyn 3D printer company gCreate updates gMax 1.5+ and 1.5 XT+ 3D printers

Apr.13, 2016 - Brooklyn-based 3D printer manufacturer gCreate has released advanced upgrades for its gMax 1.5+ and gMax 1.5 XT+ Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM) / Fused Filament Fabrication (FFF) 3D printers. Upgrades include a 16' x 16' dual zone heated print bed and 'BLTouch' auto-bed leveling sensor. More

64-year-old Israeli cancer patient receives 3D printed jaw implant

Apr.13, 2016 - A 64-year-old man from Tiberias, Israel, has become one of the first people in the country to receive a titanium 3D printed jaw prosthetic thanks to maxillofacial surgeons at the Baruch Padeh Medical Center and 3D printing specialists from A.B. Dental. More

Toyota uBox, the car designed for Generation Z, features 3D printed dashboard

Apr.13, 2016 - Toyota has just revealed their uBox car concept, featuring a bold design and an interior that can be fully customized with 3D printing, all aimed at catching the eye of the busy and big spending Generation Z. More

Missouri S&T and Honeywell embark on five-year metal 3D printing research project

Apr.13, 2016 - A team of researchers from the Missouri University of Science and Technology are collaborating with Kansas-based Honeywell Federal Manufacturing & Technologies. Together, the institutions will work on a five-year project aimed at performing material analysis for selective laser melting (SLM) processes. More

Fully customizable 3D Printed Deadpool Knife Block impresses on Instructables

Apr.13, 2016 - Sometimes you just need a better place for your knives. Instructables user BrittLiv thought that one day and was inspired to learn the ins and outs of free 3D modelling software to 3D print a Deadpool Knife Block. More

Ultimaker 2+ now available in Apple webstores in 19 European countries

Apr.13, 2016 - Dutch 3D printer manufacturers have signed a reselling deal with Apple, which is currently selling the flagship Ultimaker 2+ 3D printer in their webstores for 19 different European already. More

Local Motors and Airbus Group launch global co-creation Cargo Drone Challenge

Apr.13, 2016 - Local Motors, the Arizona-based car manufacturing company that brought us the world's first 3D printed car, recently announced that it has partnered with Airbus Group, one of the world's leaders in aeronautics and space services to launch a worldwide co-creation challenge aimed at advancing the development of commercial drones. More

GE uses 3D printing to prototype desk-size carbon dioxide turbine that can power a small town

Apr.13, 2016 - Engineers from GE Global Research have used 3D printing to prototype a very compact, clean and efficient turbine that can use heat waste and carbon dioxide to provide power to around 10,000 homes. More

German company shapeWerk 3D prints amazing custom terrain maps

Apr.13, 2016 - In recent years, 3D printing technologies have opened the doors for some innovative landscape model projects. German company shapeWerk is one of those as it is using 3D scanning and printing technologies to create amazing custom terrain maps based off of elevation data and aerial 3D scans. More

Google awards $20 million to 3D printing and tech solutions for people with disabilities

Apr.13, 2016 - has announced the official winners of the Google Impact Challenge: Disabilities. Amongst the 29 global nonprofits are several organizations using the power of 3D printing to create meaningful change in people's lives. More

FrieslandCampina and Wageningen University 3D print protein-rich, dairy-based foods

Apr.12, 2016 - Researchers from the Laboratory of Food Process Engineering at Wageningen University and FrieslandCampina are researching methods for 3D printing protein-rich foods using sodium caseinate, a high-quality protein found in'milk. More

Does the 3D printed 'NextGen spaceframe' represent the future of automobile design?

Apr.12, 2016 - EDAG Engineering, Laser Zentrum Nord, Concept Laser, and the BLM Group have created the 3D printed, bionically optimized NextGen spaceframe, a lightweight and flexible car body produced using a combination of additive manufacturing, laser welding, and laser bending techniques. More

3D printed knee model to evaluate patellar disorders and surgical approaches

Apr.12, 2016 - A group of researchers has developed a new, low-cost method for studying knee pain and immobility caused by abnormal movement of the patella. The method used a realistic 3D printed model knee and 3D printed navigation system. More

3D printing company Polar 3D acquires STEAMtrax online curriculum from 3D Systems

Apr.12, 2016 - Polar 3D, an Ohio-based 3D printing company which focuses exclusively on delivering 3D printing technology to educational institutions, has acquired Steam-based online curriculum STEAMtrax from 3D Systems. Financial details of the acquisition have not been disclosed. More

Osiris BioMed 3D developing a 'Mobile 3D Print Container' to be deployed in natural disaster zones

Apr.12, 2016 - Osiris BioMed 3D has recently announced, at the opening of New York's Inside 3D Printing event, that it will be developing a sort of mobile 3D printing container, to be used in case of emergencies and natural disasters. More

Chinese student 3D prints three gorgeous bone structure dresses inspired by Greek mythology

Apr.12, 2016 - At the Wuhan Textile University Fashion Week, Chinese fashion design student Tang Xiao showcased three gorgeous 3D printed dresses, all featuring white bone-like structures inspired by the Sirens of Greek mythology. More

Höganäs unveils high strength 17-4 PH stainless steel powder for 3D printing

Apr.12, 2016 - Swedish metal powder developer Höganäs has just announced that they will be producing a high strength, corrosion resistant 17-4 PH stainless steel powder, specifically developed for digital metal 3D printing applications. More

MakerBot announces expansion of 3D printing community Thingiverse through new Developer Program

Apr.12, 2016 - MakerBot has recently announced the expansion of Thingiverse's APIs with its new Developer Program, which is inviting makers and developers to further shape the future of the 3D printing community by adding new services and functions to Thing pages. More

Konica Minolta Australia expands 3D printing business to meet exploding demand

Apr.12, 2016 - In response to an explosive demand for 3D printing services and technology, the Australian branch of global imaging and 3D printer technology reseller Konica Minolta has announced an extensive expansion of all services relevant for their 3D printing business. More

Bamboo Bicycle Club 3D prints a bamboo-framed bike in just 8 hours

Apr.12, 2016 - At an open event at the Design Museum in London, the biking enthusiasts from the Bamboo Bicycle Club have successfully 3D printed and ridden a bamboo-framed bike that offers us a glimpse of the future of bicycles. More

Pockulus is a $49 smartphone-free, portable DIY VR headset with 3D printed facemask

Apr.12, 2016 - Oakland hardware specialists Next Thing have transformed their CHIP circuit board into the low cost, smartphone-free VR headset called Pockulus, which is perfect for playing retro games and is completed with a 3D printed headset. More

E3D announces durable high-performance Titan 3D printer extruder

Apr.12, 2016 - The Extruder is the driving force to what makes FDM based 3D printing possible. E3D has researched and tweaked what's out there today to produce the Titan 3D printer extruder with hopes to address shortfalls in current extruder technology for just '49. More

Austrian startup Zweikampf unveils super thin 3D printed shin-guards

Apr.11, 2016 - In an innovative step towards the optimization of soccer sports equipment, Austrian startup Zweikampf is introducing a new type of highly protective but physically inconspicuous 3D printed shin guards, which could potentially change the game. More

Shapeways announces durable Black High Definition Acrylate for 3D printing

Apr.11, 2016 - Shapeways today announced its latest 3D printing material: Black High Definition Acrylate. The new 3D printing material has been formulated for Direct Light Projection (DLP) 3D printing, and has been described as more durable and flexible than other materials of its kind. More

New Balance to sell 44 pairs of $400 3D printed 'Zante Generate' shoes ahead of Boston Marathon

Apr.11, 2016 - Footwear giant New Balance today announced the launch of its 3D printed Zante Generate running shoe. 44 pairs will be made available on Friday, April 15, both online and at the New Balance store in Boston, to commemorate the 44th anniversary of chairman Jim Davis' acquisition of the company. More

First 3D printing restaurant begins world tour in Venlo, Netherlands

Apr.11, 2016 - Dutch 3D printer manufacturer byFlow is exhibiting its pop-up 3D printing restaurant in Venlo, Netherlands, as it prepares to take the culinary project on a world tour. The restaurant, called 'Food Ink.', was first set up in London. More

'Smart' 3D printed spray can allows inexperienced users to paint giant murals

Apr.11, 2016 - While robots have been designed to take over many of our menial tasks in life, there is one sphere of production that has for the most part remained dependant on the human element: the production of art. Now, however, thanks to researchers from Dartmouth University, large-scale spray painted murals, can be done by a robot. More

RetroFab system retrofits and connects appliances using 3D printed proxy interfaces and sensors

Apr.11, 2016 - A team of researchers collaborating with Autodesk Research have developed RetroFab, a system which provides users with a design and fabrication environment through which they can easily retrofit and repurpose their existing physical appliances and interfaces using 3D scanning and 3D printing technologies. More

Report:? 3D printing creates unprecedented range of military threats

Apr.11, 2016 - Though 3D printing can significantly boost military innovation, a new report by retired US Marine Corps officer T.X. Hammes argues that it also creates wide range of new military threats from smaller nations, insurgents and terrorists. More

Flexible 3D printed Bend splint to facilitate common finger fracture treatment

Apr.11, 2016 - A team of researchers from Singapore reveals that we don't need to immobilize our finger after a dislocation or fracture, as their innovative 3D printed Bend splint allows for limited movement of the finger while healing. More

3D printed bioceramic implants for bone repair to enter market soon

Apr.11, 2016 - European research project RESTORATION has developed a 3D printed, fully resorbable bioceramic plug that could be used in minimally invasive surgeries to treat arthritis. The product is being further developed by JRI Orthopaedics and could enter the market within a few years. More

3D printed heart model helps save 5-day-old baby

Apr.11, 2016 - A 5-day-old baby boy was rushed to the St. Petersburg State Paediatric University Hospital in Russia with a life-threatening congenital heart defect known as Taussig-Bing malformation. A 3D printed heart model helped the doctors and baby's parents confidently move forward through two successful surgeries. More

LoRaWAN network offers low-cost solution for connecting 3D printed devices to the Internet of Things

Apr.9, 2016 - Dutch specialists have just installed the first LoRaWAN antenna in Zwolle, and believe that this alternative, low cost and efficient internet source could be key in realizing commercial 3D printed wearables, sensors and the adoption of the Internet of Things. More

Baby's first 3D printed sword proves it's never too early to cosplay

Apr.9, 2016 - Matthew Harrell, a.k.a Targ, has 3D printed an epically-adorable miniature sword rattle for his 8-month-old son. Made from non-toxic and kid-safe materials, the 3D printed baby sword rattler will deck out your kids before they can even say the word "cosplay." More

3D printed 'Encode Ring' turns your voice into jewelry

Apr.9, 2016 - The team of designers behind Japanese 3D printing service 3Dwave has unveiled its latest product. The Encode Ring is a personalized 3D printed ring shaped like the sound wave of the customer's voice, created using audio data from a user-uploaded three-second video. More

Charlene Thuring & 3D Concept Studio create Sri Lanka's first 3D printed wedding dress

Apr.9, 2016 - Sri Lankan fashion designer Charlene Thuring, founder of c.h.a.r.l.e.n.e partnered with local additive manufacturing firm 3D Concept Studio to create Sri Lanka's very first (and exceptionally stunning) 3D printed wedding dress. More

3D Cocooner spins nature-inspired fiberglass structures in mid air

Apr.8, 2016 - The 3D Cocooner by Festo is a innovative 3D printing system inspired directly by caterpillars and web-weaving insects. Using a robotic spinneret and vertical tripod, the 3D Cocooner 'spins' fiberglass resin into free-standing lattice structures. More

Doorways: a 3D printed homage to H.P. Lovecraft and classic horror fiction

Apr.8, 2016 - 3D artist Shane Bevin is working on a 3D printed tribute to classic horror fiction writer H.P. Lovecraft. Titled 'Doorways', the work comments on the hidden horrors that lurk just below the surface of everyday life. More

'Plastigrapher' Paul Mahoney redefines 3D art with 3Doodler 3D printing pen

Apr.8, 2016 - Paul Mahoney, the recipient of 3Doodler's 2015 Mixed Media Award, has made some truly impressive and inspiring pieces of art using the popular 3D printing pen. He has even coined a new term for his artistic medium: Plastigraphy. More

Norsk Titanium to expand aerospace metal 3D printing in U.S. and beyond

Apr.8, 2016 - Norsk Titanium has entered into a strategic partnership with Connecticut-based Precision Holdings to support the worldwide production of Norsk's Rapid Plasma Deposition, a proprietary metal 3D printing process for aerospace-ready parts. More

SHINING 3D names Afinia 3D as U.S. distributor of EinScan-Pro 3D scanner

Apr.8, 2016 - Chinese 3D scanner manufacturer SHINING 3D has named Minnesota-based Afinia 3D as the official U.S. distributor of its newly released EinScan-Pro Handheld 3D scanner. Through the distribution deal, SHINING 3D hopes to make its advanced 3D scanning technology more accessible to the growing 3D education market. More

Nia Technologies and Vorum join forces to bring 3D printed prosthetics to children in Uganda

Apr.8, 2016 - Canadian non-profit social enterprise Nia Technologies and prosthetic design software specialists Vorum have joined forces to bring a production system for 3D printed prosthetics to children in Uganda, where more than 90,000 disabled children are in need. More

ORNL and TU collaborate with high schoolers to create 3D printed self-locking nail

Apr.8, 2016 - Researchers from ORNL and the Tennessee University have taken time off from their busy schedules to help two local high school students prototype and 3D print a very clever design for a self-locking nail. More

University of Pennsylvania engineers 3D printed transistors made from nanocrystal inks

Apr.8, 2016 - A team of researchers from the University of Pennsylvania, led by Cherie Kagan, recently published a study detailing a new technique for 3D printing transistors made from nanocrystal inks. The breakthrough could have important implications for 3D printed wearables. More

USC Selective Separation Sintering technology could help NASA 3D print on Mars

Apr.8, 2016 - Researchers from the University of Southern California have won first prize in NASA In-Situ Materials Challenge with their Selective Separation Sintering 3D printing, which can make in-space and planetary 3D printing viable. More

Germany's Fraunhofer Institute 3D prints potentially life saving miniature drug dispensaries

Apr.8, 2016 - Germany based Fraunhofer institute has been developing a 3D printing method which allows for microreactors and other medical tools to be created in any design. The technology could provide a new and innovative approach to dispensing life-saving drugs. More

Airbus Group to establish 3D printing Aerospace Factory in Germany

Apr.7, 2016 - Airbus will be establishing a new 3D printing center in Munich, Germany, dubbed the 'Aerospace Factory.' Bringing together leading industrial partners, the facility will research and develop materials and processes for 3D printed propulsion systems. More

Skafaldo: Unfold and Materialise reimagine support structures as 3D printed art

Apr.7, 2016 - For Milan Design Week 2016, Belgian design studio Unfold and Materialise partnered to create Skafoldo, an art project that asks if 3D printed support structures can be as beautiful as they are utilitarian. More

Alcoa to supply Airbus with metal 3D printed airplane parts

Apr.7, 2016 - Alcoa has today announced an agreement with Airbus Group to supply 3D printed titanium fuselage and engine pylon components for Airbus' commercial aircrafts as early as mid-2016. More

Michael Ruddy reveals secrets behind his 3D printed 'Captain Hook' hook

Apr.7, 2016 - Veteran prop artist Michael Ruddy of Hero Complex Props has just revealed some of the key techniques he uses to achieve high quality results on his amazing 3D printed 'Captain Hook' hook. More

New 3D Printed Pip-boy 3000 Mark II hits Instructables with more bells and whistles than ever

Apr.7, 2016 - The Fallout video game series has attracted 3D printing enthusiasts for years now. The newest DIY 3D printed Pip-boy 3000, the game's infamous arm command console, has just been released with almost as many features as the real thing. More

Materialise and HOYA Vision Care develop 3D printed eye care technology

Apr.7, 2016 - Belgian 3D printing company Materialise has recently announced an exciting new partnership with HOYA Vision Care to develop innovative visualization and eye testing technologies that could change the nature of eye care and your next visit to the optometrist. More

GE's $200M 'Brilliant' 3D printing factory in Pune, India to develop critical end-use parts

Apr.7, 2016 - GE's $200 million, Multi-Modal advanced manufacturing facility in Pune, India, could revolutionize 3D printing and cause a ripple effect in the country's manufacturing industry. The giant facility, located in Pune, near Mumbai, covers 67 acres. More

Roger Bacon Eyewear: An eyewear 3D printed to perfectly fit your face, now coming to US market

Apr.7, 2016 - Dutch startup Roger Bacon Eyewear is changing the very nature of eyewear, with a 3D scanning and 3D printing process that enables clients to order a perfectly-fitting pair of glasses that meets all their wishes and facial features perfectly. They are now coming for the US market. More

Grab a coffee with Stephen Fry thanks to 3D printed coffee art

Apr.7, 2016 - Stephen Fry has been named the UK's #1 dream coffee date. To celebrate, CEL, makers of the Robox 3D printer, have 3D printed a coffee stencil of the actor's face so that anyone can have their coffee with a side of Fry. More

Noordung's e-bike features a novel 3D printed powerbox that lets you listen to music while you ride

Apr.7, 2016 - Slovenian startup Noordung is designing a new type of e-bike system using 3D printing technologies. The system not only powers your bike, but works as a sound system, making biking and listening to music safer than ever. More

Sculpteo unveils four 3D printing materials used in super-fast CLIP process

Apr.7, 2016 - Sculpteo has given details of 4 3D printing materials being used for its new CLIP (Continuous Liquid Interface Production) printing service. One month ago, Sculpteo became one of 4 3D printing services to join forces with Carbon (3D), creator of the incredibly in-demand CLIP 3D printing technology. More

PyroGenesis to set up independent company for its 3D printable metal powder production department

Apr.7, 2016 - Canadian plasma systems developer PyroGenesis, who have only just moved into 3D printable powders last year, have just announced that they will be moving that department into a new, unnamed company that will begin production in Q3 2016. More

RZR: redesigning the classic men's razor with 3D printing

Apr.7, 2016 - The RZR is a high quality, all metal, wet shaving system that comes with a lifetime warranty and was created using rapid prototyping and 3D printing technology. More

Havenlabs to help US war veterans with flexible & customizable 3D printed prosthetics

Apr.6, 2016 - The very young and inspiring startup Havenlabs is one step closer towards providing US war veterans with very flexible and customizable 3D printed prosthetics, after receiving GoFundMe backing and a with Google office scholarship. More

3D printer company MakerBot downsizes Brooklyn production space by more than 25%

Apr.6, 2016 - MakerBot Industries, the trailblazing New York City-based 3D printer company, has vacated over 65,000 square feet of its Industry City production premises. The company now occupies about 135,000 square feet at the property, 40% less than it had at its peak. More

3D printed Weebo from Flubber can talk, take pictures, and let you relive a childhood classic

Apr.6, 2016 - 3D printing engineer Ed Zarick is designing and building a functional Weebo from the Disney classic Flubber. The 3D printed replica will be able to talk, take and print photos, project films, and even simulate flight, just like in the film. More

MIT creates first ever 3D printed hydraulic robots that can walk out of the printer

Apr.6, 2016 - Researchers from MIT's CSAIL have developed the first ever 3D printed robots made from both solid and liquid materials. The hydraulic-powered 3D printed robots can virtually 'walk right out' of the machine with no assembly required. More

NASA needs your help to design their In-Space Manufacturing logo

Apr.6, 2016 - NASA, in partnership with, has reached out to graphic designers from across the globe to design an official logo for their In-Space Manufacturing (ISM) project. The winner of the logo design contest will be awarded $300. More

3D Systems shows off Figure 4 robotic SLA 3D printing production line SLAbot-2 at AMUG

Apr.6, 2016 - At the ongoing AMUG 3D printing convention in St. Louis, 3D printing pioneers 3D Systems showed off what could be the future of 3D printing production: the SLAbot-2 robotic production line, based on Chuck Hull's Figure 4 3D printing technology. More

GE opens additive manufacturing facility in Pittsburgh, creates 50 new jobs

Apr.6, 2016 - GE has opened a new additive manufacturing facility near Pittsburgh, PA. The Center for Additive Technology Advancement (CATA) will create 50 new jobs, and will offer both training and development in 3D design and applications. GE will invest $39M in the facility over a 3 year period. More

Additive Industries gives boost to MetalFAB1 3D printer by adopting 3DSIM's 3D printing workflow tools

Apr.6, 2016 - Additive Industries has just announced a partnership with 3DSIM to integrate their exaSIM and FLEX tools into the Additive World Platform that supports their MetalFAB1 3D printer, to optimize workflow. More

ROKIT sheds more light on upcoming Edison Invivo 3D bioprinter, announces multi-material Stealth 300 3D printer

Apr.6, 2016 - South Korean 3D printer manufacturers have just shed more light on their very flexible and low-cost Edison Invivo 3D bioprinter, while also announcing the new multi-material Stealth 300 3D printer which can 3D print up to three different materials using a single nozzle. More

BonaDrone's 3D printed Mosquito drone officially launches on Indiegogo

Apr.6, 2016 - For our readers who have been anxiously awaiting the launch of BonaDrone's 3D printed, modular Mosquito Drone since we last wrote about it, now is the chance to get involved, as their crowdfunding campaign has just launched on Indiegogo. More

New 3D printer filaments Arnitel & Novamid ID come packed with flexibility & temperature resistance in mind

Apr.6, 2016 - The diversification of 3D printer materials on the FDM side is essential to pushing the industry forward. Two new filaments, the flexible Arnitel ID and rigid temperature resistent Novamid ID are getting ready to launch in May thanks to a newly formed partnership. More

Desktop 3D printer sales up 22%, continue to lead global market as industrial 3D printer shipments drop

Apr.6, 2016 - A recent market report has indicated that worldwide shipments of desktop and industrial 3D printers rose 19% in Q4 2015, with desktop 3D printers accounting for a full 96% of all units shipped. More

Wohlers Report 2016 reveals $1 billion growth in 3D printing industry

Apr.5, 2016 - The Wohlers Report 2016 has revealed that for the second year in a row, the global 3D printing industry has grown by $1 billion to a total of $5,165 billion. In particular, metal additive manufacturing and desktop 3D printers continue to show strong growth. More

Ilios unveils €1989 foldable Ilios Beam SLA 3D printer

Apr.5, 2016 - Cypriot 3D printer manufacturer Ilios has unveiled its new SLA 3D printer: the Ilios Beam. The company is withholding images of the foldable 3D printer, which is available to preorder for €1989, until nearer the shipping date. More

The Next Rembrandt: 17th century artist brought back to life with 3D printed painting

Apr.5, 2016 - Using deep learning algorithms, facial recognition software, and 3D scanning and 3D printing technology, experts from Microsoft, TU Delft and the art community have 3D printed a brand new Rembrandt painting titled The Next Rembrandt. More

Kabuku and Microsoft Japan launch Minecraft-based educational coding and 3D printing project

Apr.5, 2016 - A collaboration between Japanese 3D printing service provider Kabuku and Microsoft Japan has led to a pilot for a Minecraft-based educational coding and 3D printing project for young kids, in an attempt to get them interested in STEM. More

MakerBot reaches milestone with 100,000 3D printers sold worldwide

Apr.5, 2016 - Desktop 3D printer manufacturer MakerBot today announced that it has sold more than 100,000 3D printers worldwide. MakerBot is also the first company in the 3D printing industry to reach this milestone. More

3D printing guru Michael Curry harnesses wind power with 3D printed turbine and generator

Apr.5, 2016 - The Kansas City-based 3D printing guru Michael Curry has harnessed the power of the wind with the 3D printed Whirligig wind turbine, to which he attached a generator made from an old 17 NEMA stepper motor. More

MediPrint's 3D-printed NovaCast is breathable and lightweight, could replace itchy, smelly plaster casts in the future

Apr.5, 2016 - The Mexican medical 3D printing startup MediPrint is developing the 3D printed NovaCast, a lightweight alternative for unhygienic plaster casts that can be removed, washed, customized and is far less cumbersome. More

Open-source motorcycle Tinker to include 3D printed trick-parts in upcoming city edition

Apr.5, 2016 - Makerspaces and FabLabs around the world are providing the tools to custom manufacture things unthinkable only a few years ago. Jack Lennie's Tinker is following in this tradition by utilizing locally available fabrication tools to produce a motorcycle kit that can be completed with minimal know-how. More

Otterbox achieves 8-week product cycles with new Stratasys J750 3D printer

Apr.5, 2016 - The immense prototyping power of the high speed, multi-material, multi-color J750 3D printer by Stratasys already looked great on power, but is now further emphasized by the Beta testing program by smartphone case developer Otterbox. More

This 3D printed bell illuminates whenever God is mentioned on Twitter

Apr.5, 2016 - Diego Zaks, an artist from New York, has built an art installation consisting of a digital display and 3D printed bell. The bell illuminates whenever somebody tweets with the hashtag #God, an occurrence which takes place roughly every two seconds. More

This 3D printed PET safe designed for mining industry is both secure and undetectable

Apr.4, 2016 - 24 Hour Locksmith Brisbane, an Australian locksmithing and security specialist, has created a high-security 3D printed safe. The PET container has been designed for use with sensitive electronic equipment and in areas of high radiation, where traditional metal safes could prove hazardous. More

Japanese companies develop holographic 'Projection Mapping Table' for 3D printed models

Apr.4, 2016 - Japanese 3D VR company, FORUM8, has announced its newest innovation: a holographic projection mapping system for 3D printed objects. The 'Projection Mapping Table' could have a big impact on design simulation processes, especially in the automotive and home appliance industries. More

3D Systems appoints Vyomesh 'VJ' Joshi as new president and CEO

Apr.4, 2016 - 3D printing giant 3D Systems has appointed former Hewlett-Packard executive vice president Vyomesh 'VJ' Joshi as its new president and CEO. Joshi succeeds Andy Johnson, who took temporary charge of the company following the departure of long-term president and CEO Avi Reichental in October 2015. More

Scientists 3D print chemically active structures that could help fight pollution

Apr.4, 2016 - A team of researchers from the American University in Washington D.C. have successfully managed to 3D print chemically active structures using a commercial 3D printer, a development which could have a big impact on mitigating pollution. More

Canon Europe expands 3D Systems' 3D printer distribution and support services to Austria

Apr.4, 2016 - Over the last year or so, Canon Europe has started acting as a distributor and service provider for 3D Systems' 3D printers, and will now expand those services to Austria as well. More

3D printed drone-in-a-phone by Buzz Technology among finalists of British Inventors Project 2016

Apr.4, 2016 - Inventor Senake Atureliya of Buzz Technology was among the finalists of last weekend's British Inventors Project 2016, thanks to two intriguing 3D printed smartphone camera solutions: the Drone-in-a-Phone and Cam-on-a-Cable. More

Stratasys' new J750 3D Printer can make multi-material parts in full color & in a single print

Apr.4, 2016 - 3D printing giants Stratasys have just revealed the potentially market-disrupting J750 3D printer, a perfect design tool that is twice as quick as existing Stratasys polyjet 3D printers, can 3D print up to six materials simultaneously and features thousands of multi-color options. More

Netherlands to unveil full-size T. Rex skeleton that highlights 3D printed missing bones

Apr.4, 2016 - Researchers from the Naturalis Biodiversity Center in Leiden, The Netherlands have partnered with Ultimaker to 3D print the missing bones from a T. Rex skeleton. The partially 3D printed dinosaur skeleton will be unveiled in a new exhibition September 2016. More

Life-saving overdose teatment naloxone gets user-friendly 3D printed redesign

Apr.3, 2016 - San Francisco design firm Frog has redesigned a convoluted drug administering system for naloxone, commonly used to reverse deadly heroin overdoses. Using 3D printing and rapid prototyping technology, Frog has created a fool-proof nasal spray that has been likened to the "EpiPen for heroin". More

Researchers take to the skies with energy-efficient 3D printed bat surveillance robots

Apr.3, 2016 - A team of researchers from the University of Illinois are turning the concept of drones upside down with 3D printed wing-powered bat-like surveillance robots that are far more efficient energy users. More

Hy5 receives Eurostar funding for titanium 3D printed myoelectric prosthetic hands

Apr.2, 2016 - Norwegian startup Hy5 has received roughly '1 million in funding through Eureka's Eurostars program, plus an additional '400,000+ in investments, to bring their cost effective, high quality and functional titanium 3D printed myoelectric prosthetics to market. More

Relentless Designs add fourth augmented reality dimension to 3D printed models

Apr.2, 2016 - 3D modeling expert Vinny Savoy of Relentless Designs now offers augmented reality models, that combine 3D printed structures with a smartphone-based view of what the interior could look like or looked like in the past. More

Melissa Ng's 3D printed health potion pendant to raise money for friend's cancer treatment

Apr.2, 2016 - 3D designer Melissa Ng has used her stunning talents to create a 3D printed health potion pendant in an effort to raise money for her friend's father's cancer treatment. More

Scientists create 3D printed electronic egg that can spy on endangered vulture nests

Apr.2, 2016 - Using 3D printing and micro-controllers, the International Centre for Birds of Prey (ICBP) in the UK and Microduino are hoping to learn more about a critically endangered species of vulture in order to better understand the species and what it needs to survive. More

This next-gen 3D printed heat exchanger weighs 20% less, performs 20% more efficient

Apr.2, 2016 - A team of researchers from the University of Maryland have teamed up with 3D Systems and used their direct metal 3D printing technology to revolutionize heat exchangers, making them 20 percent more efficient and cheaper and easier to manufacture. More

3D printed ovary implants to treat female infertility successfully tested in mice

Apr.1, 2016 - Researchers from Northwestern University have created and successfully tested 3D printed ovary implants that could restore fertility and hormone function in women who have survived childhood cancer or were born with reduced ovarian function. More

Denmark invests US$400K to develop 3D printing construction as sustainable solution

Apr.1, 2016 - Through its Green Conversion Fund, Denmark's Business Authority has invested roughly $400,000 to increase research and development of 3D printing buildings as a more sustainable alternative to existing construction methods. More

Man builds $50,000 3D printed life-sized robot that looks just like Scarlett Johansson

Apr.1, 2016 - Self-trained robotics engineer Ricky Ma has 3D printed a humanoid robot that looks and moves exactly like Hollywood star Scarlett Johansson. Ma spent $50,000 and a year and a half developing the Mark 1 prototype, all to fulfill his childhood dream. More

Handheld 3D printing BioPen can 'draw' human stem cells for cartilage repair

Apr.1, 2016 - The BioPen, a breakthrough 3D printing medical device, allows surgeons to sculpt customized 3D cartilage implants made from live stem cells and a hydrogel bioink, allowing damaged tissue to regenerate directly inside the patient. More

Carbon releases the M1, first commercial CLIP based 3D printer

Apr.1, 2016 - Industrial 3D printing company Carbon (formerly Carbon3D) has just today unveiled its first commercial 3D printer, the M1, along with seven new proprietary resin materials. More

Futuristic Trayser e-bike lets you 3D print your own replacement parts

Apr.1, 2016 - The Trayser, created by New Zealand based company ETT Industries, is no regular e-bike, as it is the first of its kind to allow its riders to 3D print replacement parts. The partially 3D printed bike is retailing for £1,700 ($2,430). More

3D print and trim your very own plastic bonsai tree

Apr.1, 2016 - Innovative Japanese design firm Nendo has recently announced plans to launch a crowdfunding campaign for its lovely 3D printed bonsai trees, which can even be trimmed by hand. More

Mass Portal & Tactile Eyesight 3D print tactile books for visually impaired children

Apr.1, 2016 - With the help of 3D printer manufacturer Mass Portal, prizewinning Latvian startup Tactile Eyesight has used 3D printing to create tactile book illustrations for the blind and visually impaired. Its first project is the book Missing Monkey by Latvian author Luīzes Pastores. More

Russian 3D printed microsatellite Tomsk-TPU-120 successfully launched from Baikonur launch site

Apr.1, 2016 - The Tomsk-TPU-120, the first Russian-made 3D printed microsatellite, has just been successfully launched into space from the Baikonur launch site, and is on schedule to dock into the ISS tomorrow. More

Aalto University and VTT Finland launch 3D printed spare parts research project

Apr.1, 2016 - Aalto University and VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland Ltd have begun a research project focused on the development of 3D printed spare parts. Aalto and VTT will work with thirteen participating companies, studying operating and earnings models in order to establish a functional network. More

Raytheon to use 3D printing to scale up weapon systems and realize hypersonic missiles

Apr.1, 2016 - US defense contractor Raytheon has revealed that they have adopted a large scale metal 3D printer that will be used to scale up weapon systems production and even realize hypersonic missiles, that travel at five times the speed of sound. More

Growth of 3D printing industry opens doors for superior material development, says Frost & Sullivan

Mar.31, 2016 - Consulting company Frost & Sullivan has found that material suppliers must move from a product-based approach to an end-industry based approach. In other words, rather than adopt a 'one-material-fits all' strategy, 3D printing material suppliers should focus on developing application-based products. More

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