QUAN seeks to develope 3D printing robots to build houses 

Aug.31, 2012 -  With the global industrial robot-system market expected to double to $41 billion by 2020, Quantum International Corp., a robotics innovation company is exploring the development of robots capable of building a complete house in a single day. More 

Solidscape launches fully automated 3ZSTUDIO 3D printer for custom retail jewelers

Aug.31, 2012 -   The plug-and-print 3ZSTUDIO 3D printer is designed specifically for the needs of custom retail jewelers. More

Help the robots with your Kinect at home 

Aug.30, 2012 -  Kinect@Home, a new project launched by robotics researchers at the CAS Royal Institute of Technology in Sweden, asks people in the world to scan things around them and upload the scan to the Kinect@Home database. More 

The implications of 3D prinitng on global logistics industry 

Aug.30, 2012 -  John Manners-Bell, CEO of Transport Intelligence and technology innovator Ken Lyon has written a white paper 'The Implications of 3D Printing on Global Supply Chains' explaining how much 3D printing could influence the global logistics industry. More 

Handy Potter: create 3D objects with your hands and Kinect

Aug.29, 2012 -   Using a Kinect camera and advanced software algorithms, Purdue University has developed an interactive system "Handy Potter" that allows users to create virtual three-dimensional objects through natural hand and arm motions. More

Table Lamp from a 3D printer that blooms like a flower 

Aug.29, 2012 -  Blossoming flower and 3D printing can be a wonderful combination in artists' eyes. French designer Patrick Jouin created his striking Bloom Table Lamp using 3D printing technology. More 

3D printed WMF giant spoon 

Aug.28, 2012 -  It is 2.30 metres high, 50 centimetres wide, weighs almost 20 kilograms and is the largest spoon that WMF has ever produced. Both its purpose and its manufacture, in which 3D printing plays a central role, are anything but normal.More 

Giant 3D laser printer to reshape local manufacturing industry

Aug.28, 2012 -   Researchers at Swinburne University of Technology, Australia have developed a Direct Metal Deposition machine which is the size of a bedroom and can dramatically speed up the process for manufacturing components out of aluminium and other metals. More

Using laser beam to 3D print biological tissue on a micrometer scale 

Aug.28, 2012 -  Researchers at the Vienna University of Technology have developed a new method to grow biological tissue or to create micro sensors by using a laser beam. More 

3D printing and stop motion used for Dutch science show "Het Klokhuis" opening titles 

Aug.27, 2012 -  "Het Klokhuis" is the oldest youth television show in the Netherlands, covering everything from the history of dinosaurs to how an iPhone is made.More 

The world's first 3D printed race car reaches 140 km/h

Aug.27, 2012 -   Formula Group T, a group of 16 engineering masters students from Group T International University College Leuven, Belgium, have unveiled their racing car "Areion" at this year's Formula Student challenge. More

8 functional 3D printable Mason Jar lids 

Aug.26, 2012 -  Alex English of Proto Paradigm, maker and 3D printing enthusiast released some free designs of 3D printable lids for Mason jars to demonstrate what you can do with a 3D printer. More 

3D print yourself a dungeon crawl game 

Aug.25, 2012 -  Spending the weekend to 3D print a set of dungeony variety is not a bad idea - if you have a 3D printer at home. Thingiverse user dutchmogul uploaded his Pocket-Dungeons set. More 

New 3-way Extruder and color blending nozzle developed for multi-colour/material 3D printing

Aug.25, 2012 -   RichRap has been played around with multi-colour/material 3D printing with his RepRap machine. Dual extrusion as in Makerbot Replicator can print two colors well but it has alignment and oozing of the inactive hot-end. More

File2Part introducing unique Gutenberg 3D full color 3D printer 

Aug.24, 2012 -  File2Part has developed a FDM 3D printer that can produce full color plastic 3D models at a cost 50% less than industry standard prices. The new Gutenberg 3D desktop 3D printer allows you to use different materials in the same part. More 

File2Part 3D Software fixes your 3D model with one click 

Aug.24, 2012 -  File2Part is a powerful software that allows you to load, fix, orient and scale 3D model files. This easy-to-use program works with any 3D printer that uses g-codes (Printrbot, Makerbot, Mendel etc).More 

Grand opening of first 3D print & printer store in Switzerland

Aug.24, 2012 -   3D-Model.ch starts the first walk-in-store for 3d printer sales and digital production services in the center of Zurich's creative district, right next to Langstrasse. More

MakerPlane working on open source aircraft build plans for 3D printing 

Aug.23, 2012 -  MakerPlane, the first open source aviation organization will allow people to download its plans for free to enable people to "build and fly their own safe, high quality, reasonable cost plane using advanced personal manufacturing equipment such as CNC mills and 3D printers." More 

Harvard 3D printed robots camouflage themselves 

Aug.23, 2012 -  Scientists are working on a squishy robot that can disguise itself or change its color to stand out from its background.More 

3D printing: The coolest way to visualize sound

Aug.23, 2012 -   Realitat is a research and experimental studio founded by Juan Manuel de J. Escalante in Mexico City. Their recent creation "Microsonic Landscapes" visualises music with physical form as a representation of an algorithmic exploration of the music. More

New system auto-detects & corrects structure problem of your model for 3D Printing 

Aug.22, 2012 -  Ondrej Stava and his team have developed a system that addresses the printability issues by providing automatic detection and correction of the problematic cases. More 

The Wiki Weapon Project crowdfunding to develop open source 3D printable plastic firearm 

Aug.22, 2012 -  Now, a group called Defense Distributed, a group of young volunteer engineers and designers from Arkansas and Texas are utilizing 3D printing for something they say is unprecedented. More 

U.S. Army deploying mobile labs packed with 3D printers to Afghanistan

Aug.21, 2012 -   U.S. Army recently reported that the Army is deploying mobile laboratories for soldiers operating in remote outposts in Afghanistan. The mobile laboratories are standard 20-foot shipping container and packed with prototyping machines and manufacturing tools. More

Introducing four new personal 3D printers 

Aug.21, 2012 -  Eventorbot! is a good-looking open source 3D printer, it looks little similar as Up! 3D printer but it is stronger and more rigid. Eventorbot! is designed with less materials, less plastic parts and hidden wires. More 

Ben Heck's wheelchair foot-controlled system allows hands-free mobility for expectant father 

Aug.21, 2012 -  In the latest episode of the Ben Heck Show, Modding guru Ben Heck, creator of briefcase 3D printer, helps a wheelchair-bound expectant father Josh Benhart prepare for the arrival of his child by designing a motor assembly mod that easily attaches to a wheelchair.More 

Continuum Fashion launches $900 custom 3D-printed shoes

Aug.21, 2012 -   American design studio Continuum Fashion have launched their first range of wearable 3D-printed shoe collection, "strvct" (as in structure). More

Theo Jansen's 3D printed Strandbeests, here are the Lego and bamboo version 

Aug.20, 2012 -  Dutch artist Theo Jansen began in 1990 with the creation of huge beasts made of PVC conduit and plastic tubing that could run independently on the beach with enough wind. More 

Making jewelry out of waste materials with a 3D printer 

Aug.20 2012 -  Last weekend at Lowlands 2012 (One of largest and most famous Dutch pop festivals organized by Mojo Concerts) a nice project was presented that allowed visitors to turn their disposable cups into something beautiful with a 3D printer.More 

The 2nd Gen of the multi-material Imagine 3D printer

Aug.19, 2012 -   Essential Dynamics, the company behind the Imagine 3D printer, announced the 2nd Gen of the multi-material Imagine 3D printer. More

Escher For Real: 3D printing real-life version of Escher's drawings 

Aug.18, 2012 -  Escher's work uses polyhedra and geometric distortions and that makes his drawing so fascinating. Now one research group decided to make it possible to bring some of these "impossible" shapes to real life. More 

Will Amazon embrace 3D printing? 

Aug.18, 2012 -  Known for being an e-commerce giant, Amazon not only sell almost everything online, but Amazon has also become a major player in cloud computing. Amazon Web Services (AWS) powers hundreds of thousands of companies, even NASA uses Amazon's cloud computing in Mars landing mission. More 

Drone delivers 3D-printed portraits at Burning Man

Aug.17, 2012 -   Non-profit startup Reallocate announced the launch of a pilot project at this year's Burning Man Festival - Project: Blue Sky. More

Free Sketchfab service allows you to upload and showcase 3D models online 

Aug.17, 2012 -  Show your 3d models directly on Sketchfab. Formerly known as ShowWebGL, Sketchfab is an online platform for publishing and sharing 3D models and it allows you to view 3d models directly in your browser. More 

3D printing identified in Gartner's 2012 Hype Cycle for emerging technology  

Aug.17, 2012 -  Big Data, 3D printing, activity streams, Internet TV, Near Field Communication (NFC) payment, cloud computing and media tablets are some of the fastest-moving technologies identified in Gartner Inc.'s 2012 Hype Cycle for Emerging Technologies.  More 

White House announced new manufacturing hub in Ohio to promote 3D printing

Aug.16, 2012 -   White House officials announced today a $30 million investment to create a National Additive Manufacturing Innovation Institute in Youngstown, Ohio aiming at boosting 3D printing technology. More

Charge Bikes & EADS 3D printing titanium bicycle parts 

Aug.16, 2012 -  UK bike brand Charge Bikes has revealed that they are working with the European Aeronautic Defence and Space centre (EADS) in Bristol, UK developing a very limited run of 50 bikes with unique 3D printed titanium dropouts. More 

Amazing "Lady Mechanika" 3d print 

Aug.16, 2012 -  Lady Mechanika is the newest creator-owned comic book series by Joe Benitez. Guys at PD Models in UK have posted an 8 inch 3D print of lady machanika painted with bronze finish. More 

3D printed Symphony Shells iPhone amplifiers

Aug.16, 2012 -   3D Printing is no longer just for prototyping. Simply Amplified launched their first product line made on a 3D printer: Symphony Shells. More

Thiel Foundation announces new grant for 3D printed meat 

Aug.15, 2012 -  Investor Peter Thiel's philanthropic foundation announced today three new grants awarded through Breakout Labs, its revolutionary revolving fund to promote innovation in science and technology.  More 

Disney's physical face cloning method can create a robotic clone of a real person 

Aug.15, 2012 -  Researchers at Disney Research, Zürich, ETH Zürich, and Walt Disney Imagineering R&D have developed a new computational face cloning method they say could great simplify and speed up the process. More 

Measuring 3D objects using only a camera and video projector

Aug.15, 2012 -   Researchers at Advanced Industrial Science and Technology institute (AIST) in Hiroshima, Japan are using only a camera and projector to measuring objects in 3D. More

Injured bald eagle Beauty gets 3D printed bionic beak 

Aug.14, 2012 -  In 2007, an Alaskan bald eagle named Beauty was shot in the face, she lost her top beak. Beaks are essential for preening feathers and feeding, she was found nearly dead when she was rescued by Jane Fink Cantwell, a bird conservationist near Coeur d'Alene, Idaho. More 

Polypor C: new particle material for voxeljet 3D printers 

Aug.14, 2012 -  With voxeljet's new binder type Polypor C for voxeljet 3D printers, it is possible to print purely white models to meet the high requirements for architectural models with respect to the model's look and feel. More 

Finger-worn EyeRing helps blind navigate and "see"

Aug.14, 2012 -   Researchers at MIT's Media Lab are developing EyeRing, a wearable device that displays information about an object by simply using your finger to point at. More

Using a 3D printer to make an awesome portal gun 

Aug.14, 2012 -  When NECA announced they were only going to be producing 5000 units of NECA Portal gun, a 1:1 scale replica of the Aperture Science Handheld Portal Device. More 

3D printing builds humanoid robot mockup for NASA in two weeks 

Aug.13, 2012 -  Robonaut 2 (R2), designed and built at NASA Johnson Space Center in Houston, Texas, is a dexterous humanoid robot to work alongside astronauts in space, taking over repetitive and dangerous tasks. More 

New start-up offers 3D printed glasses fit to your face

Aug.13, 2012 -   Industrial designers John Mauriello and Marc Levinson, architect Doug Ponciano, and Richart Ruddie decided to take the step by launching Protos Protos Eyewear with the intention of developing a line of consumer-grade 3D printed sunglasses. More

2BEIGH3 3D printer call for 60 material testers 

Aug.12, 2012 -  Since May Instructables user taulman has been working on 2BEIGH3, a CNC machine and high temperature 3D printer all-in-one. For this project he uses NYLON 6/6 to make parts instead of the usual ABS or PLA.More 

SparkTruck brings 3D printers, creativity and problem solving confidence to school kids 

Aug.11, 2012 -  It is always a problem we are short of engineers and skilled workforce in the industry. This could be an effective way to fire up kids' imagination and get children interesting in engineering and innovation. More 

TangiBot 3D Printer - a Makerbot Replicator clone

Aug.11, 2012 -   Developed by Matt Strong, TangiBot is a Makerbot Replicator clone. It offers the same performance and features of the Makerbot Replicator. More

Polchemy Made-to-order 3D printed iPhone case 

Aug.10, 2012 -  Polychemy, a company set up by professional artists has launched a fresh line of made-to-order iPhone cases created with 3D printer. More 

Mak3D - First High Street 3D print shop 

Aug.10, 2012 -  World's first High Street 3D print shop will be opened in late August 2012, announced Mak3D, a british startup providing a 3D print workspace for designers, digital sculptors and makers.More 

Infographic: 3D Printing explained

Aug.10, 2012 -   The possibilities of 3D printing technology are endless, here are some nice infographics made by industrial experts explaining 3D printing and how it works. More

3D printing Mars globes and your Mars Curiosity rover 

Aug.9, 2012 -  Right before the landing of Curiosity on Mars, Thingiverse user ThePlanetMike made a 3D printed Mars Curiosity Rover replica.  More 

3D printed lightweight robotic hand wins 2012 R&D 100 

Aug.9, 2012 -  This robot hand combines fluid power with additive manufacturing technologies and costs approximately 10 times less than similar devices. It is composed of only 46 parts while other existing robotic hands have hundreds of parts. More 

Russia building the world's largest Fablabs network in two years

Aug.8, 2012 -   A largest network of digital fabrication laboratories, FabLabs, enabling the development of a variety of digital device prototypes using software and hi-tech equipment will be created in Russia in the next two years. More

New 3D modeling saves Chrysler engine and transmission production costs 

Aug.8, 2012 -  Chrysler Group LLC will employ a new manufacturing process developed using three-dimensional techniques to make transmissions at its Indiana plant. More 

Morris Technologies setting up an instrumentation lab 

Aug.8, 2012 -  Based in Cincinnati, Ohio, Morris Technologies (MTI) has become one of the leaders in US in additive-metal manufacturing since 1994. MIT now runs 20 direct metal laser sintering machines from EOS and a complete CNC machine shop at their facility.More 

New Kinect-based 3D scanning software released

Aug.7, 2012 -   3D3 Solutions announces the release of KScan3D at Siggraph 2012 today. KScan3D is a Kinect-based 3D scanning software running on Windows OS allowing users to capture 3D scans with a click of a button. More

NASA making parts with 3D printing for human-supporting rover 

Aug.7, 2012 -  NASA's ultimate goal is to send humans to Mars. In the Arizona desert, NASA astronauts and engineers are test-driving a rover over rocks and sand in an environment that simulates the brutal conditions of Mars. More 

Israeli student develops largest 3D porcelain printer (video)

Aug.6, 2012 -  Eran Gal-Or, an industrial design student from H.I.T institute in Holon Israel built a 3d printer that prints ceramic materials - Porcelain, clay & glass. This is a massive 80x80x80 cm darwin style 3D printer, and probably the largest in the world. More 

3D printer to make special memories come alive

Aug.6, 2012 -   Industrial designer Tanya Damm Bokobza came up with an idea. She is developing a web platform, morphe.us.com that will use 3D modeling and 3D printing to make that part of memory much more real. More

Toronto Hot Pop Factory uses 3D printer to create unique jewellery  

Aug.5, 2012 -  In an apartment in Toronto's Annex, Bi-Ying Miao and her boyfriend and design partner Matt Compeau are crafting their designs using rapid prototyping technologies like 3D printing. More 

Building next generation sprint spikes for Olympic using 3D printing 

Aug.4, 2012 -  Next generation sprint spikes, tailored to meet the exact needs of elite athletes and boost their performance, have been developed by Loughborough University. More 

Eco-friendly robotic 3D printer produces architecture from soil on-site

Aug.4, 2012 -   'Stone Spray' is an on-site robotic 3D printer that uses a jet spray system to deposit the mix of soil and liquid binder to construct architectural shapes. More

Musician uses Makerbot Replicator to replace parts for a 1970 Robert Goble harpsichord 

Aug.3, 2012 -  Musician Malcolm Messiter has been using his 1970 Robert Goble harpsichord for almost 43 years. But many of the parts have become brittle, and not long ago they started to break. What he needs are new jacks that holds the plectrum, which plucks the string when you press a key. More 

Create your own 3D printed Minecraft binary clock 

Aug.3, 2012 -  This binary clock created by bogenfreund was built into a 3d printed case created in Minecraft. More 

First open source powder-based 3D printer

Aug.3, 2012 -   The University of Twente, the Netherlands brought their Pwdr Model 0.1 to the open source community, an open source powder-based rapid prototyping machine. More

9 Olympics-themed 3D printed objects and the spirit of sport 

Aug.2, 2012 -  Will 3D printing make a difference in the world of sports? Read about how this amazing technology that are used by athletes and how companies, designers and artists have been working on Olympic-themed items demonstrating the speed and accuracy of 3D printing and the power of sport.  More 

3D printing gives 2-year-old Emma "Magic Arms" 

Aug.2, 2012 -  2-year-old Emma was born with arthrogryposis multiplex congenita (AMC). She was born with her legs folded up by her ears, her shoulders turned in. The parents were determined to provide the daughter the best care, so Emma spent much of her first two years in casts or undergoing surgery.More 

3D Systems launches Cubify lego-like 3D-printed robots

Aug.1, 2012 -   3D Systems announced the release of Cubify Robots. Again, these LEGO-like 3D printed robots would help 3D Systems to take over the consumer 3D printing market. More

Get a 3D printed model of your fetus 

Aug.1, 2012 -  Expecting couples often can get an ultrasound scan and a black-and-white printout showing what their future child is going to look like. But Japanese medical 3D printing firm Fasotec comes up with a service of "Shape of an Angel", providing a 3D printed miniature of a belly baby.More 

Software developed at Harvard turns video game characters into 3D printable models 

Aug.1, 2012 -  Ever imagine that you could turn any imaginary creature in video games to a physical model with a 3D printer? However often there can be a problem - "In animation you're not necessarily trying to model the physical world perfectly; the model only has to be good enough to convince your eye". More 

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