DIMBODY 3D desktop scanner

Sep.1, 2013 -   Alessandro Grossi, a creative mechanical engineer based in Italy, designed and developed DIMBODY 3d scanner, a digitalizer tha allows you to make a digital copy of physical objects on your computer. More

3D printed Monster Cat 'Creature' collectible figurine 

Aug.31, 2013 -  In a special collaboration between TINKR, a 3D printing creative studio based in Singapore, and a Singaporean alternative rock band, MONSTER CAT, a highly collectible 3D printed figurine was born. More 

Japan's MacPeople 3D printing an Apple Mac Pro 

Aug.31, 2013 -  Recently editors of Japanese magazine MacPeople have created a replica of Mac Pro using a commercial 3D printer.  More 

Inventor raising funds for developing high-resolution resins for 3D printers

Aug.30, 2013 -   Jemmel Belkacem, main inventor of a patented resin formulation for the stereolitography in 2010, is developing an affordable high-resolution photo-polymer for 3D printers. More

3D printed Tip Tap Top: A fun way to teach kids to wash hands 

Aug.30, 2013 -  Tip Tap Top team has come up with a great idea to increase children's awareness about hygiene. They created a 3D printed tap that teaches children washing hands in a fun way. More 

Reddit co-founder's tour: 3D-printing with Shapeways and möbius bacon (video) 

Aug.30, 2013 -  In "Small Empires" fifth Episode hosted by Alexis Ohanian, co-founder of Reddit, the crew took a tour of the Shapeways' HQ and factory in Long Island City, NY.  More 

NASA & TUI to develop "self-fabricating" spacecraft with robots and 3D printers

Aug.30, 2013 -   NASA announced that it has invested in a company to continue developing "SpiderFab" technologies for in-space fabrication of large spacecraft components. More

MyMiniFactory launches design competition to win a UP! 3D printer 

Aug.29, 2013 -  iMakr, the UK's first 3D printer store, and the largest 3D printer store in the world, is challenging designers to create either a 3D Printable Chess set or a 3D Printable Pen.  More 

ARL, Purdue explore 3D printing to fix damaged on-the-spot in combat zones 

Aug.29, 2013 -  Engineers at the U.S. Army Research Laboratory and Purdue University collaborate on 3D printing research to develop new technology which will soon help any deployed soldier to create, fix damaged parts immediately on site. More 

3D printed portable amplifier stand for iPad, iPhone & iPod

Aug.29, 2013 -   Created by Chicago based Sanjeet Das, the two halves of Opus hold devices firmly in place at an ideal viewing angle, turning the meager sound from an iPad, iPhone, or iPod into a room filling resonance. More

TheStreetSweeper & Citron Research negative on ExOne 

Aug.29, 2013 -  An article titled "The ExOne Company: Irrational exuberance obscures black clouds building around 3-D printing" was published yesterday on the Street Sweeper. More 

YouChain: customizable, 3D-printed key chain on indiegogo 

Aug.29, 2013 -  A team of three young entrepreneurs, Max, Dorian and Quentin from Berlin launches their first 3D printing project: customizable, 3D-printed key chain on indiegogo. More 

MIT students develop 3D-printed 'Sesame Ring' to replace public transit cards

Aug.28, 2013 -   Two undergraduate students at MIT has created the 3D-printed "Sesame Ring" to replace Boston's transit card, the Charlie Card. More

Kraftwurx receives patent for 'Made-to-order direct digital manufacturing enterprise'

Aug.28, 2013 -  Kraftwurx received a patent award for "Made-to-order direct digital manufacturing enterprise" on Aug.20, 2013. According to the abstract released by the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office... More 

New database of 3D fossils lets you explore and 3D print 

Aug.28, 2013 -  A new database of fossils launched by British Geological Service could help you find the necessary 3D models of a particular fossil. You can then download and print the images for your own research. More 

"Made In Korea" Desktop 3D printer 3DISON Plus

Aug.28, 2013 -   ROKIT, a start-up in South Korea founded in 2012, launched in June an upgraded version "3DISON PLUS" 3D printer which features smooth printing and 50 micron resolution. More

3D printing platform 3D Hubs received seed funding and will go global 

Aug.28, 2013 -  3D Hubs also announced that it received an undisclosed amount of seed funding in a round led by Balderton Capital and will now go global. More 

NASA: 3D printed rocket engine component generated a record thrust 

Aug.28, 2013 -  On Tuesday NASA revealed the largest 3D printed rocket engine component NASA has tested generated a record 20,000 pounds of thrust last week. More 

3D printed swords helped Japanese fencing team win Silver in 2012 Olympics

Aug.27, 2013 -   The University of Tsukuba, Japan used 3D printer to develop personalized swords and helped the Japanese fencing team take the Silver in 2012 Olympics. More

Authentise to offer one-time print software for copy protection 

Aug.27, 2013 -  Some startups have already been developing software to protect designs distributed on 3-D printing sites. More 

Hex, a customizable smartphone-controlled nanocopter fully funded in a few hours 

Aug.27, 2013 -  Hex has four to six propellers and can be controlled using mobile devices and is very easy to fly. The control methods have made the physical control stick remote control redundant. More 

On Kickstarter: The gMax 3D Printer with an extremely large build volume

Aug.27, 2013 -   Brooklyn, NY based Gordon T. LaPlante is raising funds for his gMax 3D Printer on Kickstarter. gMax is a new personal desktop 3D printer with an extremely large build volume. More

3D printing stocks jump on 'Buy' rating by Citigroup analysts 

Aug.26, 2013 -  Shares of two 3D-printer makers 3D Systems (DDD) and Stratasys (SSYS) jumped Monday morning as investment bank Citigroup started coverage of two companies with a pair of buys. More 

Taiwan: Kinpo to launch $499 3D printers, sees 3-year sales topping 1 million units 

Aug.26, 2013 -  Taiwan-based Kinpo Group announced today its own-brand 3D printers: XYZprinting. The new 3D printers will target the entry-level and mid-range segment initially. More 

The world's first 3d printed twin tip skateboard

Aug.26, 2013 -   Sam Abbot from the Netherlands, a talented artist who works at a pioneering company of 3D printed designs won the competition hosted by CGTrader and 3D Print UK last month. More

Hoptroff No.10: the world's most accurate watch embraces 3D printing 

Aug.26, 2013 -  British Luxury watch maker Hoptroff introduced the world's first personal chronometer with an on board atomic clock back in May 2013. It will also be the first watch to have a gold case produced by 3D printing. More 

3D printed brackets make panoramic shooting simple 

Aug.25, 2013 -  It is not difficult to make a panorama without using expensive equipment. Here is a low-cost motorised modified Manfrotto tripod using custom 3d printed parts and electronics which is designed for panoramic photography. More 

Japanese maker develops 3D printed tail-less ornithopter

Aug.25, 2013 -   A recent work from Flapping Wing Production Studio (translated) is equally impressive - it is a 3D printed ornithopter that was assembled using 3D printed parts. More

3D Printing Adventure in Albania (video) 

Aug.24, 2013 -  Andrew started his journey to bring 3D printing technology to undeveloped nations. His first destination is Berat, Albania. More 

Building a portable NES using 3D printer 

Aug.24, 2013 -  We loved those awesome do-it-yourself portable game systems, but this time modder Dave Nunez has made something more impressive: a 3D printed NES portable. More 

Apple granted patent for 3D gesture control for touchscreens

Aug.23, 2013 -   An very interesting news in this week is about Apple, which received a new patent for an advanced version of its operating software which can allow users to design 3D objects. More

Artists completes Echoviren, 'world's first 3D printed architectural structure' 

Aug.23, 2013 -  The large 3D printed sculpture the Echoviren built by Smith|Allen Studio on Series 1 3D printers from Type a Machines was completed last weekend. More 

Mixee Labs launches 3D printed Dogbone Tag for your furry friends 

Aug.23, 2013 -  Mixee Labs has a new customizable product - a Dogbone Tag 3d printed in stainless steel or silver for your furry friends. More 

Microsoft explained 3D Printing Support in Windows 8.1

Aug.23, 2013 -   Today Microsoft gives a lot more information about how 3D printing support in Windows 8.1 works. More

MakerBot launches the MakerBot Digitizer 3D Scanner 

Aug.22, 2013 -  MakerBot, desktop 3D printer manufacturer, announced today the availability of the MakerBot Digitizer desktop 3D scanner on its website. More 

On Indiegogo: First Dual Pinch Wheel Extruder for 3D Printers 

Aug.22, 2013 -  Australian based startup BrainyDeep has just launched the first true dual pinch wheel extruder for 3D Printers on crowdfunding platform IndieGoGo.  More 

Analysis reveals fastest growing online jobs are in design and 3D printing

Aug.22, 2013 -   According to Freelancer.com, The fastest growing jobs online in the second quarter were in the design and 3D-printing industries. More

SwissPen 3D printing pen is launched to compete with 3Doodler 

Aug.22, 2013 -  The SwissPen announced the availability of their 3D printing pen made in Switzerland. Using the same material as 3D printers.More 

FABtotum All-in-One Personal Fabricator on Indiegogo. Scan, 3D Print, Cut/Mill.  

Aug.22, 2013 -  FABtotum, a young Italian startup, has launched an Indiegogo campaign for their FABtotum personal fabricator, an all-in-one hybrid additive/subtractive CNC device that can print, cut, mill and scan. More 

Coca-Cola launches mini bottles with 3D-printed mini-you

Aug.22, 2013 -   Recently Coca-Cola's consumers in Israel were invited to participate in a new campaign from Coca-Cola Israel to get a miniature figurine of themselves. More

An All-In-One 3D printer for scanning, printing, copying, faxing 

Aug.21, 2013 -  Startup AIO Robotics is developing a new and innovative All-In-One 3D copy machine. More 

Solidscape announces the MAX 3D wax Printer 

Aug.21, 2013 -  Solidscape, a Stratasys company and manufacturer of high-precision 3D wax printers, today announced the introduction of the 3Z MAX, the newest member of the 3Z Series. More 

Formlabs announcing PreForm for Mac OS X

Aug.21, 2013 -   On Tuesday Formlabs released a Macintosh-compatible version of PreForm software. The PreForm 0.8.4 on Mac OS X is released with complete feature parity with the Windows version. More

3D Systems buys CRDM to expand its presence in UK

Aug.21, 2013 -   3D Systems continues to make acquisitions in the 3D printing community, and this time it buys U.K.'s CRDM. More

3D printed bow tie flashes when someone gets too close 

Aug.20, 2013 -  Instructables user Aleksei Sebastiani has recently made a 3D-printed bowtie that flashes LEDs when people stand too close for comfort. More 

Germany's first 3D Printer Store to open in September

Aug.20, 2013 -   3D Printer Shop iGo3D in Germany announced that first specialised local store for 3D printing will have its grand opening in Oldenburg on 7th of September. More

China's 3D bio printer 'Re-human' to create scaffolds for cardiac repair 

Aug.20, 2013 -  Unique Technology in Qingdao, Shandong province recently unveiled their 3D bio printer "Re-human". More 

Next month "We Print Originals" to recreate classic moments in HK 

Aug.20, 2013 -  Adidas Originals Hong Kong is going to bring Hong Kong's first interactive 3D scan and print exhibition "We Print Originals" to the public. More 

Gartner's 2013 Hype Cycle for Emerging Technologies features Humans and Machines

Aug.19, 2013 -   The key theme of the 2013 edition of Gartner's long-running "Hype Cycle for Emerging Technologies" is "the evolving relationship between humans and machines". More

NRG3: A 3D printable roller wrench tool on Kickstarter 

Aug.19, 2013 -  California based Roller Clutch Tools have developed and patented a unique, reversible clutch mechanism which uses rollers rather than gears. More 

Japanese police use 3D printing to help find wanted criminals 

Aug.19, 2013 -  Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department revealed that during the investigation they created a 3D face model from Takahashi's photo with help of 3D printing. More 

Giant loudspeaker maker is investing in 3D printing

Aug.19, 2013 -   Bowers & Wilkins, one of the world's five largest speaker makers is investing in 3D printing technology. More

Japan starts to develop next-generation 3D metal printer

Aug.19, 2013 -   Japanese government and private companies plan to develop the next generation 3D metal printer which will dramatically change the current manufacturing patterns. More

Printrbot announces assembled Printrbot Jr. V2 and an anniversary Sale 

Aug.18, 2013 -  The Printrbot announced today the Printrbot Jr. is upgraded to Jr.V2 to replace the Printrbot LC as a medium sized and priced 3D printer. More 

3D printer upgrade: Microfactory, a Machine Shop In a Box

Aug.18, 2013 -   3D printers will soon get an upgrade. Microfactory, launched by Mebotics LLC in Somerville, MA, isn't just a 3D printer. It is "a Machine Shop in A Box". More

Square Enix sent a takedown notice to 3D-printed Final Fantasy VII Figures 

Aug.18, 2013 -  Digital artist Joaquin Baldwin's 3D printed full set of Final Fantasy VII characters became popular until Square Enix found it and decided to take legal action to prevent further figure sales. More 

Criminals use 3D-printed skimmers on Sydney ATMs 

Aug.17, 2013 -  Sydney police have recently reported a gang of suspected Romanian criminals is using 3D printers and computer-aided design (CAD) to manufacture ATM skimming devices to steal Sydney residents' funds. More 

3D printed 'clip on vase' transforms IKEA drinking glass into a vase

Aug.17, 2013 -   Aleksandar Dimitrov of french-based AD-3D, a bulgarian artist and product designer has developed a 3D printed accessory, 'the clip on vase' that can be attached to an IKEA Pokal glass so that it can be also used as a vase. More

Isis3D creates low-cost, high-quality desktop 3D Printer for everyone 

Aug.16, 2013 -  Isis3D, a Chicago-based 3D printer startup, has just released its revolutionary first product, the Isis One desktop 3D printer. More 

MIT: Airplanes and bridges can be assembled out of 3D-printed Lego-like blocks 

Aug.16, 2013 -  MIT researchers have developed a lightweight structure whose tiny blocks can be 3D printed and snapped together much like the Lego bricks.  More 

Now you can buy a 3D printed titanium watch for $600

Aug.15, 2013 -   rvnDSGN, a boutique watch brand established in 2011, has designed and created timepieces that are the first of their kind. More

How do they 3D print kidney in China 

Aug.15, 2013 -  Huazhong University of Science and Technology in eastern Zhejiang Province has developed first 3D bio printer in China. More 

Fantastic 3D printed rolling ball "roller coasters" 

Aug.15, 2013 -  Erik Pettersson from Enköping, Sweden made an inspiring gear painting on his eMaker Huxley 3D printer back in 2011. This year Erik Pettersson comes up with another 3D printed art-project: the ball sculpture.  More 

MakerBot Digitizer 3D scanner will go on sale next week

Aug.15, 2013 -   Makerbot announced today that the Makerbot Digitizer is going on sale next week. "It is the easiest, fastest way for anyone to create 3D models," says Makerbot. More

Stratasys gets high scores in Customer Satisfaction Survey

Aug.14, 2013 -   Stratasys scores more than 4 out of 5 in annual Customer Satisfaction Survey responses in Asia-Pacific and Japan Region. More

3D Systems launches Cubify Sculpt for 3D creation 

Aug.14, 2013 -  3D Systems (NYSE:DDD) launched today Cubify Sculpt, a powerful virtual clay sculpting tool for 3D creation.  More 

The full set, 3D printed Final Fantasy VII is now complete. Awesome.

Aug.14, 2013 -   Artist Joaquin Baldwin (joabaldwin) re-created a set of Final Fantasy VII characters using 3D printing back in July, and now he is back again with a complete set of Final Fantasy VII low-poly figures. More

Fuel3D 3D Scanner adds unique 3D cover design from Joshua Harker for Kickstarter backers 

Aug.14, 2013 -  Fuel3D announced on Monday it has added Joshua Harker's design of the limited edition Fuel3D product cover for pledgers. More 

It is cool that Office Depot now selling 3D printers 

Aug.14, 2013 -  Office Depot, a leading global provider of office supplies and printing services, gets serious about 3D printing by adding 3D printers to its product and solutions portfolio. More 

NASA shows 3D printing in zero gravity (video)

Aug.13, 2013 -   NASA released a video today that shows off how its Zero Gravity 3D printer will "enable Star Trek replication right there on the spot." More

Bloodhound chases 1,000 mph world land speed record with help of 3D printing

Aug.13, 2013 -  Renishaw is contributing its knowledge in additive manufacturing to create key prototype parts for the BLOODHOUND Supersonic Car, which will attempt to break the 1,000 mph speed barrier during Summer 2015. More 

Japanese patients successfully received 3D printed bone transplants 

Aug.13, 2013 -  Kyoto University Graduate School of Medicine announced that it can now create artificial bones using 3D printing technology. More 

3D scanners found three species of dinosaur are just one

Aug.13, 2013 -   What were once believed to be three different types of the genus Psittacosaurus, or "parrot lizard", have now been confirmed to be all members of a single species. More

Chinese hospital uses 3D printed orthopedic implants 

Aug.12, 2013 -  Dozens of 3D printed medical implant have been used in more than 50 patients at Peking University Third Hospital in Beijing. More 

3D printed biocompatible MEMS components could make cybernetic implants a reality 

Aug.11, 2013 -  A team of researchers at Tel Aviv University (TAU) has found a way to 3D print biocompatible components for tiny sensors, making them ideal for use in bionic arms and cybernetic implants. More 

Design Museum's 3D printing factory teaches how 3D printing works

Aug.11, 2013 -   London Design Museum's latest exhibition, "The Future Is Here: A New Industrial Revolution" looks at what drives innovation and new manufacturing techniques. More

Panasonic announces plan to develop digital home appliances using 3D printing 

Aug.10, 2013 -  Panasonic announced that the company plans to fully utilize 3D printing technology in the development of digital home appliances. More 

The Dual and Quad: Reinvented 3D Printer extrusion head on Kickstarter 

Aug.10, 2013 -  Dglass 3D (D3D), a start-up company from Willmar, Minnesota has launched their new printer extruder heads: The Dual and Quad on Kickstarter.  More 

3D Printers Give Mummies New Life 

Aug.9, 2013 -  3D printers can reveal the contents of ancient coffins to 21st century researchers by creating exact replicas of what's inside. More 

Goldman Sachs describes 3D printing as creative destroyer

Aug.9, 2013 -   Goldman Sachs' analysts believe the following eight secular disruptive themes have the potential to reshape their categories and command greater investor attention in the coming years. More

PrintToPeer building World's first crowdsourced 3D printed sculpture 

Aug.9, 2013 -  Partnered with artist Jeff de Boer, PrintToPeer, a Calgary-based software startup company is building "Linked", the world's first collaborative 3D-printed sculpture. More 

Artists building large 3D printed sculpture in redwood forest 

Aug.9, 2013 -  A large 3D printed sculpture is currently being built by Smith|Allen Studio on Series 1 3D printers. More 

Update: 3DYAYA, 3Doodler Chinese cloner claims they "enter" the market first

Aug.9, 2013 -   Since one of our readers asked how to order this 3D printing pen, so we tried to connect to 3DYAYA today. More

RepRap announcing AMRI: Advanced Manufacturing Research Institute 

Aug.8, 2013 -  Jordan Miller of RepRap announced today the launch of AMRI: Advanced Manufacturing Research Institute, which runs from August 1st-August 31st. More 

3D printed mini swimming-pool made by Laybrick filament 

Aug.8, 2013 -  You can print your own swimming pool - yes it´s possible, with 3D printing filament Laybrick, a sandstone-like filament suitable for models in architecture. More 

3DYAYA: 3Doodler Chinese clone started shipping

Aug.8, 2013 -   One 3Doodler clone is 3DYAYA, created by a Chinese group in Jinan. 3DYAYA launched a crowdfunding campaign on its website. More

MakerBot 3D printers headed to 18 Microsoft Stores 

Aug.8, 2013 -  Microsoft and Makerbot announced that MakerBot Replicator 2 Desktop 3D Printers would be on sale at select Microsoft retail stores on the West Coast. More 

Afinia 3D printer now available via five major online shops 

Aug.7, 2013 -  Afinia announces today that its H479 desktop 3D printer and supplies are now being sold online by five major online shops. More 

Filament extruder Filabot Wee Kit launched for pre-order

Aug.7, 2013 -   The Filabot team has today announced the launch of its Filabot Wee Kit, a filament extruder. More

China developed its first 3D bio-printer 

Aug.7, 2013 -  Chinese researchers, XU Ming-en and his team in Hangzhou University of Electronic Science and Technology have developed China's first 3D bio-printer. More 

Students develop 3D printed wrist splint for undeveloped areas 

Aug.7, 2013 -  Custom, 3D printable splints could one day provide people in underdeveloped regions an immediate medical relief for their injuries.  More 

ExOne to build $20M new facility in Germany

Aug.7, 2013 -   3D printer maker ExOne Company said on Tuesday that it has purchased land and will soon begin construction on a new facility in Gersthofen, Germany, in the district of Augsburg. More

3D Systems acquires cloud-based, project management tool TeamPlatform 

Aug.6, 2013 -  3D Systems announced today that it has acquired cloud-based, project management tool TeamPlatform. More 

Melbourne researchers develop 'grow your own' cartilage using 3D printing 

Aug.6, 2013 -  Melbourne researchers have found a technique to develop "grow your own" cartilage to treat cancers and replace damaged cartilage.  More 

Cubify: These free-to-download shoes you can 3D print overnight

Aug.6, 2013 -   Designer Janne Kyttanen has created a range of CubeX Shoes that can be downloaded and 3D printed overnight at home. More

Expired patents turned into design files for 3D printers 

Aug.6, 2013 -  New York lawyer Martin Galese (31) has converted drawings from some of the expired patents into design files for 3D printers. More 

Upgraded world's first 3D-printed rifle fires 14 shots before breaking 

Aug.5, 2013 -  A Canadian 3D printing hobbyist who previously made the world's first 3D-printed rifle, has now created an updated version of the gun. More 

taulman3D releases "t-glase" A low temp industrial 3D printing material

Aug.5, 2013 -   Today taulman3d has released a completely new high strength material for those users that print mostly with PLA or lower temperature 3D Printers. More

MIT Students will release program for 3D printing high security keys 

Aug.5, 2013 -  At the Def Con hacker conference last weekend some MIT students said they plan to release a piece of code that will allow anyone to create a 3D-printable software model of any Primus key. More 

3D printed modified Apple charger could hack iPhone in minutes 

Aug.4, 2013 -  A team of researchers from Georgia Institute of Technology demonstrated how they were able to hack into an iPhone or an iPad within minutes with a 3D printed modified Apple charger. More 

Handheld 3D scanners engaged in making of Brad Pitt zombie blockbuster "World War Z"

Aug.4, 2013 -   Handheld Artec scanners were used in 'World War Z' to digitize weapons, multiple baggage items for the plane crash scene, as well as actors and their elaborate costumes. More

Slow down and look for hidden 3D printed tiny bunnies near you 

Aug.3, 2013 -  Designer Ji Lee has 3D printed 10,000 tiny sweet bunny statues, in the shape of a meditating rabbit, and placed them in public spaces. More 

Singapore International 3D Printing Competitions 

Aug.3, 2013 -  The Nanyang Additive Manfacturing Centre (NAMC) in Nanyang Technological University (NTU) is organising the first of its kind, Singapore International 3D Printing Competitions. More 

3D printed STAR bot sprawls down and goes under doorways

Aug.2, 2013 -   Drawing inspiration from insects, The STAR (Sprawl Tuned Autonomous Robot) is 3D printed and can control its sprawl angle which allows him to perform many maneuvers to overcome obstacles. More

Type A Machines at DEFCON: encrypted discount code 

Aug.2, 2013 -  At the DEFCON Hacking Conference, Type A Machines is offering $150 discount coupons on the Series 1 3D printer. More 

Mixee Labs launches customizable 3d printed Slim Wallet 

Aug.2, 2013 -  Mixee Labs have launched custom figurine, jewelry and cufflink creator, and now another one: a thin and customizable 3d printed wallet.  More 

Scientists create lifelike artificial ear using cells from sheep and a 3D printer

Aug.2, 2013 -   Scientists have created a lifelike artificial human ear using a 3D printer and animal tissue from cows and sheep. More

The 3D Scan-to-Print web app raising funds for developer 

Aug.1, 2013 -  Kinect@Home spinoff Volumental is creating a 3D Scan-to-Print web app that could create amazing 3D models for printing. More 

Turkey's First 3D Printer Store to open in Istanbul

Aug.1, 2013 -  Turkey's first 3D printer store, 3Dörtgen, is set to open on September 3. The store was founded by Furkan Bakir, who's family firm runs construction and automobile businesses in the area. More 

ExOne opens 6th production service center, new sales centers in Brazil and China

Aug.1, 2013 -   The ExOne Company, a 3-D printer manufacturer, announced that it has opened a new Production Service Center (PSC) in Auburn, Washingtonand two new sales centers in Sao Paulo, Brazil and Shanghai, China. More

UPS Store to offer 3D printing service, beginning in San Diego 

Aug.1, 2013 -  The UPS Store announced Wednesday it is the first nationwide retailer to test 3D printing services in-store. Select UPS Store locations will be offering the services to start-ups. More 

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