NASA successfully tested the most complex fuel injectors built with 3D printing

Aug.31, 2014 - NASA said this week that it has successfully tested the most complex rocket engine parts ever designed by the agency and printed with 3D printing, on a test stand at NASA's Marshall Space Flight Center in Huntsville. More

Miss Georgia, Maggie Bridges, will wear 3D printed shoes in Miss America "Show Us Your Shoes Parade"

Aug.31, 2014 - Apparently, 3D printed footwear will also dazzle hundreds of thousands of visitors who flock to New Jersey's Atlantic City boardwalk to participate in the events of the Miss America Parade. More

First 3D printed Lord Ganesha displayed at Bangalore Metro Station in India

Aug.30, 2014 - For the first time in India, a 3D printed AshtaVinayaka idols are being displayed at M.G Road Metro Station's "Rangoli – Metro Art Centre". The display will be available for public viewing from 28th Aug to 7th Sept 2014. More

Anouk Wipprecht invites you to design a part of open source 3D printed dress

Aug.30, 2014 - Instead of keeping the design process to herself, 3D printed fashion designer Anouk Wipprecht wants to invent a dress with over 150 different elements, all created by makers around the world. More

Vortex VR launches first 3D printed consumer mobile VR headset for LG G3 Quad HD

Aug.30, 2014 - Vortex VR announced that it is joined by industry icons 3D Systems, LG Electronics MobileComm USA, & VR pioneers GameFace Labs, to bring to market the world's first consumer Mobile VR solution. More

MonkeyFab commemorates the Warsaw Uprising with 3D printed Little Insurgent statue

Aug.29, 2014 - The Warsaw-based MonkeyFab are commemorating the Warsaw Uprising of 1944 with their own special creation. They have recently scanned and 3D printed a copy of the Maly Powstaniec statue. More

The F3D 3D printer doesn't just print pizza, but also cooks it in less than 20 minutes

Aug.29, 2014 - These four mechanical engineering students have utilized and modified existing 3D printing technology to construct the F3D printer, a 3D printer that is capable of printing pizza. More

Sharebot unveils project SnowWhite plan, a sub-$20000 SLS 3D printer

Aug.29, 2014 - Milan based Italian 3D printer manufacturer Sharebot Srl today announced that it has completed preliminary development of Project SnowWhite, a sub-$20,000 selective laser sintering (SLS) system. More

Airbutlr, a 3D printed personal housekeeping drone

Aug.29, 2014 - For a young team of Belgian entrepreneurial engineers is currently working on the AirButlr, a drone helicopter that will capable of finding dirt anywhere in your home. More

3D printing could be a game changer for future medicine (video)

Aug.29, 2014 - Imagine printing a kidney or human liver. This will be possible one day. From science fiction to science fact, 3D printing are making their way into the world of medicine. More

New 'Love Project' uses 3D printing to transform emotions into household objects

Aug.28, 2014 - Most people will agree that objects can reflect or contain emotions. All of us will have objects lying around that have little actual value, but are actually personal treasures that remind us of important events and loves ones. More

With help of 3D printing, blind photographer shows us a different world he 'sees'

Aug.28, 2014 - Australian-based photographer Brendon Borellini sees and feels the world different than most of us. Borellini was born with congenital deafness and partial blindness, which later developed into complete blindness. More

3D printable shark model now available for free for limited time

Aug.28, 2014 - Mister shark started out on a simple premiss. Don was taking his usual morning swim in the ocean while thinking of the next model to build for fun (not for a client) he wanted to get away from the mechanical things. More

Chinese man who lost half of his skull after fall will have it rebuilt with 3D printed mesh

Aug.28, 2014 - Today is a very special day for the 46-year-old Hu from Beijing, China. For, some ten months after a horrible accident that left him several disabled and unable to speak or write, he will undergo surgery to repair... More

Looking for a unique project? Why not 3D print your own mini-computer?

Aug.28, 2014 - Over at electronics shop Adafruit, Noe Ruiz has posted a very accessible and easy to follow guide to a 3D printed computer project, that will allow you to construct a basic but customizable computer. More

Toyze partners with Pou to 3D print your favorite personalised pets

Aug.28, 2014 - Toyze, the first "app store" for 3D printed customizable game characters, announced that it has signed a licensing agreement with developers of the internationally popular mobile game app pet character, Pou. More

Gardiner New York to feature first ever 3D printed estate, complete with pool, pool house & enclosure

Aug.27, 2014 - The well-known architect, contractor and New York City native Adam Kushner has started construction on one of the largest and most ambitious projects to ever feature 3D printing. More

Dutch team VormVrij 3D create large 3D clay printer that can print functional ceramics

Aug.27, 2014 - The Dutch Design duo behind Vormvrij 3D are pioneering an innovative ceramic printer that is easy to use and capable of producing large ceramics. Despite the difficulties that accompany ceramic materials like clay... More

ShareBot releases XXL 3D printer, featuring large 800mm build length

Aug.27, 2014 - Milan based Italian 3D printer manufacturer Sharebot Srl today announced that it will launch its new XXL desktop 3D printer, with the largest horizontal build size in its class. More

3D printed body parts help doctors better prepare for real surgeries

Aug.27, 2014 - A 3D model is worth a thousand pictures. At Boston Children's Hospital, doctors perform practice surgeries using high-resolution, plastic 3D models printed from the patient's CT scans. More

Student designer builds stylish prosthetic arm for fellow student using 3D printing

Aug.27, 2014 - The 23 year old student Evan Kuester designed and constructed an intricate prosthetic arm made specifically for another student, the 21-year-old Ivania Castillo. More

3D printed microscope for your smartphone is making science more accessible

Aug.26, 2014 - The potential that 3D printing technology holds for ambitious inventors and small, innovative companies is once again emphasized by Jing Luo, an American entrepreneur and graduate from UC Berkeley. More

2018 Mercedes S-Class could feature 3D printed components

Aug.26, 2014 - Car manufacturers are always trying to include as many of the latest technologies in the design of their latest models as possible, and it looks like 3D printing is not going to be an exception. More

Fan uses 3D printer to create a Camera Tripod modelled after Neo Zeong Mobile Suit

Aug.26, 2014 - The creative possibilities held by 3D printing technology are again demonstrated by a very cool camera tripod designed and printed by a fan in his very own home. More

Sintratec: Affordable desktop SLS printer launching this autumn for $5300

Aug.26, 2014 - Sintratec is founded by electrical engineers Joscha Zeltner, Christian Von Burg, and Dominik Solenicki who have been working on this project since 2012. Sintratec plans to launch a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo in October. More

Minnesotan man builds the world's first 3D printed concrete castle in his own backyard, designing a kit that can print two-story houses

Aug.26, 2014 - In Minnesota, contractor Andrey Rudenko has printed a concrete castle in his own backyard. And at 3 by 5 meters, this concrete structure is the world's first 3D printed concrete castle. More

3D printed bump keys can open high-security locks in seconds

Aug.26, 2014 - Recently lockpickers Jos Weyers and Christian Holler unveiled their technique to take 3D printed key to the next level: they can 3D print a "bump" key in plastic that opens any pin tumbler locks in seconds. More

3D printed MORI folding bike concept by Janus Yuan

Aug.26, 2014 - The MORI Folding Bike is a concept bike designed by designer Janus Yuan who wants to create a super cool bike of the future. Based on statistic in America, only 25% of bicycle riders in the city are women. More

Taking 3D Printers to the Streets: A Print-While-You-Wait Café opens in London

Aug.25, 2014 - Here at MakersCafe, customers can not only meet fellow 3D printing enthusiasts to discuss designs or innovations, but they can also design and print their own creations. More

Student's 3D printed facial prosthesis chosen as NZ's James Dyson Award finalist

Aug.25, 2014 - A Wellington student's 3D printed facial prosthesis design is in the running for an $80,000 international design award. The 24-year-old's design has been named one of the three finalists... More

3D jewelry printing and marketplace Stilnest secures $1 million investment

Aug.25, 2014 - German based Stilnest, a 3D Printing and Curated Web Platform for designer jewelry, received a seed investment of roughly $ 1 million from IBB via VC Fonds Technologie Berlin, K-Invest from Pforzheim. More

'Print 3D for me' turns your favorite photo into 3D printed lithophane key chain

Aug.25, 2014 - Engineers and 3D printing enthusiasts Zach Kauble and Tyler Watson have started Print 3D For Me to make that a reality. Their web service will allow you to upload the photo of your choice. More

David, not just a pellet 3D printer, it could even extrude a plastic bag

Aug.25, 2014 - Back in May, Columbus, Ohio based Sculptify announces the development of an innovative personal 3D printer, which allows users to "print with limitless material options." More

Kibaran's Graphtech signs agreement with CSIRO to study 3D Graphene printing

Aug.25, 2014 - Kibaran Resources' joint venture 3D Graphtech Industries has entered into an agreement with CSIRO to investigate research opportunities in the application of graphite and graphene inks in 3D printing. More

Grafoid opens 21000 sqm MesoGraf production facilities to support graphene-based 3D printing

Aug.24, 2014 - Following Grafoid's ALCERECO acquisition a couple of months ago, the company has officially opened its Kingston, Ontario production facilities where high purity, high energy density graphene will be mass produced. More

3D printed noPhone is a no-tech alternative for your smartphone-holding addicts

Aug.24, 2014 - Do we spend too much time with new technology? More and more people are addicted to using smartphone. They check their phone before going to sleep, and check again right after getting up. More

34-year-old French man 3D printed fake fronts for cashpoints to steal thousands

Aug.23, 2014 - The thief, named Hamid P, used the 3D printer to make fake fronts for ATM machines which could clone the card details of other people. He was recently arrested at his home in Marseille. More

Taulman3D launches 'ToolBox' of 6 new high strength 3D Printing materials on Kickstarter

Aug.22, 2014 - 3D Printing materials company taulman3D is today releasing via Kickstarter six materials. These six materials, which are bundled in a materials 'ToolBox' are some of the most requested polymers by industry. More

Lux Research says Chinese shipments of 3D printers to grow at CAGR of 34% over the next five years

Aug.22, 2014 - Lux Research noted that the CAGR rate for 3D printer shipments, which measures the year-over-year growth rate of investments, should grow with 34% during this time frame. More

3D print your very own fully functional walking robot

Aug.22, 2014 - Ever wanted to 3d print your very own fully functional walking robot? If your answer is 'yes, obviously', then check out this cool robot made entirely of 3D printed parts made by Instructables user schu51. More

Artist uses 3D printing to bring age-old Japanese tea ceremony to the 21st century

Aug.22, 2014 - While the famous and ritualistic Japanese tea ceremony has been practiced for hundreds of years throughout the land of the rising sun, it was always a concept open for interpretation. More

HP's Whitman: Planning to enter the 3D printing market this fall

Aug.22, 2014 - Hewlett-Packard's Chief Executive Officer, Meg Whitman,talked on CNBC with Jim Cramer and his team on Thursday about shares of HP after its quarterly earnings, and HP's interest in 3D printing. More

The mascot of the 2014 Nanjing Youth Olympics to be 3D printed

Aug.21, 2014 - As the 2014 Nanjing Youth Olympics is drawing near, the organizing committee has announced that the Hangzhou-based company Shining 3D Tech will be given the exclusive rights to produce its mascot 'Lele' for commercial purposes. More

3D printed skeletons are making the lives of animators easier

Aug.21, 2014 - Professor Olga Sorkine-Hornung and her team have developed an ingenious solution that does just that. Using 3D printing techniques, they have developed a 3D printed armature known as an 'input puppet'. More

New generation ACS earphones made with 3D printers are presented at COMPUTEX TAIPEI 2014

Aug.21, 2014 - UK company ACS, which has been known for years as a producer of high-quality earphones and earplugs, has presented their latest model at COMPUTEX TAIPEI 2014, the International Computer Festival. More

Breakthrough: Louisiana Tech researchers use Makerbot 3D printers to create custom antibiotic implants

Aug.21, 2014 - A team of researchers at Louisiana Tech University has developed an innovative method for using affordable desktop 3D printers and materials to fabricate custom medical implants. More

Accucraft i 250+ 3D printer used to aid skull surgery of a 4-year-old girl

Aug.21, 2014 - Mumbai-based technology company Divide By Zero is one of the first company to bring 3D printing to the Indian technology market. Their Accucraft i 250 3D printer is a user-friendly plug-and-play product. More

Plan B is an open source, DIY powder-based 3D printer

Aug.21, 2014 - Dutch engineer Yvo de Haas has recently come up with Plan B, an open source, inkjet-based 3D printer using standard 3D printer parts and electronics, off the shelf inkjet components, 3D printed parts. More

Fully-automated open source Farmbot 3D printer aims to revolutionize the farming industry

Aug.20, 2014 - California-based engineer Rory Landon Aronson is working on solution to do just that. His solution: Farmbot, a farming machine made from a 3D printer. More

MakerBot teams up with Fraemes to launch new app for 3D printed iPhone cases

Aug.20, 2014 - MakerBot announced Wednesday that it has added a new MakerBot-Ready App, Fraemes to its developer program. Fraemes is an interchangeable and personalizable iPhone case that is ready to print on your MakerBot Replicator 3D printer. More

Customuse offering affordable custom made 3d printed electric guitars for £1500

Aug.20, 2014 - Need an awesome customized e-guitar? London-based company Customuse plans to launch a platform for everyday electric guitar players to build custom 3D printed guitars to their exact specifications. More

Opel uses 40 assembly tools from 3D printer in production of ADAM ROCKS

Aug.20, 2014 - At Opel, assembly tools produced by a 3D printer are an increasingly important part of the production process. Automakers and suppliers like high quality tools because they make many assembly operations errorless. More

Aerojet Rocketdyne awarded defense contract for large scale 3D printing

Aug.20, 2014 - Aerojet Rocketdyne announced on August 18, 2014 that the company was recently awarded a contract by Wright-Patterson Air Force Base through the Defense Production Act Title III Office. More

New DOE program prepares veterans to get top jobs by training for career in 3D printing

Aug.20, 2014 - While 26-year-old wounded veteran Joseph Grabianowski has inspired Americans with his harrowing war story, someday he may be nationally known for building highly efficient exhaust systems using 3D printing. More

Portland student develops his own 3D printed prosthetic hand, hopes to help amputees around the world

Aug.19, 2014 - The revolutionary potential of 3D printing is again emphasized by Jordan Nickerson, a computer science student at Portland Community College, Oregon. Nickerson himself was born without a left hand. More

XYZ Workshop & Ultimaker launch 3D printable Fashion Suite, available for free download

Aug.19, 2014 - When leading 3D Printer manufacturer Ultimaker teams up with design studio XYZ Workshop, the result is a revolutionary 3D printable Fashion Suite. More

FDA awards first approval for customized 3D printed facial device by OPM

Aug.19, 2014 - 3D printing company Oxford Performance Materials (OPM) today announced that it has received 510(k) clearance from the FDA for its 3D printed OsteoFab Patient-Specific Facial Device (OPSFD). More

A five-foot-tall, Delta 3D printer makes stunning and functional 3D printed ceramics

Aug.19, 2014 - Dutch artist Olivier van Herpt has spent the last two years working on 3D printer and 3D printing process that could make large and medium scale functional 3D printed ceramics. More

YouMagine announces Share3D, invites 3D community to contribute to Open Source License and their ToS

Aug.19, 2014 - Youmagine, a 3D printing communities where people can find, share and contribute to 3D designs, has announced the launch of Share3D: an open source license aimed at supporting its current community. More

Gartner: mainstream consumer adoption of 3D printing is more than five years away

Aug.19, 2014 - However, although consumer 3D printing is at the peak of its hype, Gartner believes that consumer adoption will be outpaced by business and medical applications that have more compelling use cases in the short term. More

A Fan's 3D-printed Pokémon Planter faces Nintendo Copyright Claim

Aug.19, 2014 - Over the past weekend, Pokémon enthusiast and artist Claudia Ng suddenly faced Japanese giants Nintendo over the copyright of her first 3D creations. Having recently started working with a 3D printer... More

Organovo's 3D printed liver could detect the toxicity of a drug

Aug.19, 2014 - Pioneering 3D printing biology company Organovo announced that it has passed a major drug test with the company's 3D bioprinting technology. In collaboration with a major pharmaceutical company. More

Nissan Motorsports uses 3D printing to manufacture V8 supercar parts

Aug.19, 2014 - Nissan Nismo Insider revealed that Nissan Motorsports Australia has also partnered with Melbourne-based evok3d to use 3D printing to build prototypes and manufacture parts for their V8 supercars. More

GE reveals breakthrough in 3D printing super light-weight metal blades for jet engine

Aug.18, 2014 - Today GE unveiled a breakthrough process for 3D printing light-weight metal blades for jet engine turbines. Developed by engineers at the Italian aerospace company Avio and Sweden's Arcam. More

Ultrasonic 3D printing uses sound to merge layers & embed electronics in metal

Aug.18, 2014 - A new technology, called ultrasonic additive manufacturing (UAM), can help embed sensors in protective metal housings, without any damage. More

MakerBot CEO says driverless cars will propel 3D printed organs

Aug.18, 2014 - MakerBot founder Bre Pettis said that the take off of self-driving cars could lead us to more organ shortages than ever, since a major source of organ donations come from car accident victims. More

Threeding adds 3D Preview & 3D Printability Check to their 3D printing marketplace

Aug.18, 2014 - 3D printing marketplace Threeding continues to improve the platform's functionality with new features. Today the company introduces two new features: 3D preview and an online 3D printability check. More

Chinese surgeon performs first 3D printed vertebra surgery for 12-year-old boy

Aug.18, 2014 - Surgeons in China have performed the world's first vertebra replacement surgery using customized vertebra created with a 3D printer. 12-year-old Minghao cracked one vertebra in his neck following his fall from football play. More

Hasbro begins selling fan-made 3D printed Transformers, Dragonvale, Monopoly, Scrabble next week

Aug.17, 2014 - Hasbro's partnership with Shapeways was a huge success, and now both companies were ready to add more 3D printed products to be featured on the site, including Habro brands Transformers, Monopoly etc. More

Candy confectionery-focused food 3D printer set to launch on Kickstarter on August 20

Aug.17, 2014 - London-based startup 3D Ventures wants to revolutionize the food 3D printing industry by developing an affordable premium product. The result is a confectionery-focused food 3D printer, Candy. More

Verbatim enters 3D printing filament market

Aug.17, 2014 - Data storage giant Verbatim revealed its foray into 3D printing filament materials, a market with explosive potential that's estimated to reach a value of $669 million by 2014, according to Gartner. More

MakerBot and NASA announce Thingiverse Mars Base Challenge winners

Aug.16, 2014 - MakerBot and JPL teamed up to challenge the 3D printing and design community to come up with designs for a Thingiverse Mars Base that could theoretically support human life on the Red Planet. More

Rock band Linkin Park lets fans become 'mini 3D figures' on 'Carnivores' tour

Aug.16, 2014 - Linkin Park has partnered Staramba to bring fans closer to their idols than ever before: the band has announced that they will offer fans a line of 3D printed figures of each band member. More

Burloak to open Canada's first full production 3D printing centre

Aug.15, 2014 - In five years Canada will have its first full production additive manufacturing and advanced manufacturing centre. Dundas based Burloak Engineered Solutions Inc. announced that it is in the process... More

TeVido BioDevices develops 3D bioprinted skin grafts for breast reconstruction

Aug.15, 2014 - Austin-based TeVido BioDevices is working to develop patent-pending technology, Cellatier to use 3D printers to reconstruct and print breast tissue specifically for breast cancer survivors. More

After an emergency landing without landing gear, U.S. Navy repairs Harrier using 3D printing

Aug.15, 2014 - Officers at Fleet Readiness Center East (FRCE) announced on August 13th that technicians aboard the Bataan and artisans are using 3D printing to repair aircraft and quickly return them to the fleet. More

Create free energy with AirEnergy3D, a 3D printed, upgradable wind turbine

Aug.15, 2014 - Polish company Omni3D has recently launched AirEnergy3D project, a mobile, 3D printed foldable wind turbine that can generate and store 300W of power. More

Meet designer James Novak and his stunning 3D printed bike frame

Aug.14, 2014 - This week an Australia-based industrial designer has brought an awesome project to the world: a redesigned, custom-fit, 3D printed bike frame that you have never seen before: beautiful mesh texture, light weight.. More

First 3D printed petition is a life-size elephant to be created using 5 Ultimaker 3D printers

Aug.14, 2014 - August 12 was the World Elephant Day. In order to raise the awareness to the people the suffering of the elephants, WAP is calling all Dutch not to ride an elephant again. More

3D Systems announces filament manufacturing facility in Ohio & 200000 sq ft expansion in South Carolina

Aug.14, 2014 - US-based 3D printing company 3D Systems announced today that it has opened a new 30,500 square-foot facility in Barberton, Ohio to expand its manufacturing capacity for 3D printer filament. More

Shapeways rolling out full color plastic material for 3D printing

Aug.14, 2014 - 3D printing services company Shapeways announced that it will begin to offer 3D printing in full color plastic material. In the past, when a designer wanted to print their design in multiple colors... More

Lewihe, fastest 3D printer printing FilaFlex, hits Indiegogo starting at $499

Aug.14, 2014 - On Friday Spanish company Lewihe has launched an indiegogo campaign for their new 3D printer that allows you to print with Filaflex and other materials in high speed and accuracy. More

Order Infinity Blade custom 3D printed figurines directly from the game

Aug.14, 2014 - You'll now be able to create and customize 3D printed statues of your in-game characters from the popular Infinity Blade RPG series. Debuting in 2010, Infinity Blade is one of the most popular apps. More

First affordable SLS 3D printers, Ice1 & Ice9, to launch on Kickstarter next Monday

Aug.13, 2014 - "Selective Laser Sintering" is one of the oldest 3D printing technology around. It uses laser as the power source to sinter powdered material to create a solid structure. Unlike some other additive manufacturing processes. More

MIT's Fab By Example lets you quickly create, 3D print thousands of complicated designs

Aug.13, 2014 - 3D printing could one day help democratize manufacturing, but it is still a long way to go before consumers really understand how the technology works and what they can benefit from it. More

Build your own watermelon keg with 3D printed dispenser

Aug.13, 2014 - Are you looking for a fun project for this summer? Check out this cool 3D printed watermelon dispenser. Household Hacker asked people at Robo3D, a desktop 3D printer maker, to built a sweet tap. More

Quack-Quack the duck gets his 3D printed leg brace and the chance to walk again

Aug.13, 2014 - Quack-Quack is a duck attacked by dogs on campus at NTU, Taiwan. It went through surgery at the National Taiwan University Veterinary Hospital (NTUVH) and the vets have fixed his broken top front part of its left foot. More

Autodesk offers free 3D design software for ANZ schools

Aug.13, 2014 - Autodesk is offering schools and universities in Australia and New Zealand free access to its suite of design software and creativity apps, in an education program that it claims is valued at more than AU$25 million. More

Airwolf 3D launches AW3D HDL 3D Printer for $2,295

Aug.12, 2014 - Airwolf 3D today announced it has added an entry-level 3D printer, the AW3D HDL to its line of high-performance 3D desktop printers. The HDL features a build envelope of 1,100 cubic inches. More

Disney can turn almost any 3D-printed object into a spinning top

Aug.12, 2014 - Researchers at Disney Research Zurich and ETH Zurich have found a way to improve it: they have come up with an algorithm that turns a 3D model of almost any shape into a perfectly-balanced spinning top. More

Adorable 'TurboRoo' Chihuahua walks thanks to a 3D printed wheelchair

Aug.12, 2014 - TurboRoo, a tiny Chihuahua who was born without his front legs is getting help from people all over the world. TurboRoo was only 4 weeks old when he wa brought into a vet clinic in Indianapolis, Indiana. More

NASA engineer is builidng first 3D printed space cameras

Aug.12, 2014 - NASA is creating the first fully functional space telescope made entirely from 3D printed parts. Budinoff is building a fully functional, 50-millimeter (2-inch) camera. More

UP Mini Desktop 3D Printer for sale at half-price

Aug.12, 2014 - Chinese 3D printer manufacturer Tiertime (PP3DP) is currently running a special deal in which you can buy a UP Mini Desktop 3D Printer for US$599.99 & free shipping. More

Disney researchers found a way to 3D print figurines with the most realistic hair

Aug.11, 2014 - By scanning the individual's face with a depth camera or other sensor, we can create a 3D model of the facial features which can then be applied to a figure that is produced on a 3D printer. More

Blacksmith Genesis set to launch tomorrow, $1200 for early backers

Aug.11, 2014 - Singapore based 3D printer manufacturer Blacksmith Group is set to launch its all-in-one machine, Blacksmith Genesis, on August 12, 2014. More

3D Hubs' August trends features new 3D Printer Quality chart

Aug.11, 2014 - 3D Hubs' August report in August lists 15 printers that rate the highest print quality. Two professional printer, the Projet 660 and Zcorp printer from 3D Systems... More

Normal opens first 3D printed earbud shop in NY

Aug.11, 2014 - Last weekend, on Saturday, Normal has opened a retail store in Manhattan where consumers will be able to come in person to have their ears photographed, making the process more interactive. More

Tytan 3D unveiled details of its Delta Ceramic 3D printer

Aug.11, 2014 - This week, after 5 months of development, the team has for the first time unveiled the result of their work: the full specification of its Delta Ceramic 3D printer. More

Adafruit shows you how to make your own 3D-printed virtual reality goggles

Aug.9, 2014 - Virtual reality may be one of the most important technologies in our future. In virtual reality, one can navigate around, interact in the environment that mimics our everyday one. More

Yobi3D is Google for all 3D printable models

Aug.9, 2014 - Anyone who works with digital animation and 3D arts knows it is a time consuming process to find the right ready-made 3D models online. A large number of websites are offering many free 3D models. More

U.S. Army to 3D print synthetic skulls to create new 'brain' defenses against blast waves

Aug.8, 2014 - Army Research Laboratory scientists are using different approaches to study the impact of shock waves inside, on and outside of the skull, and one of them is 3D printing. More

GE Engineer 3D prints a DIY bionic hand to help a boy he met in hospital

Aug.8, 2014 - Recognizing a need for affordable bionics, GE Engineer & Technologist Lyman Connor was inspired to use his expertise and the tools at his disposal to reinvent the bionic hand. More

Aleph Objects releases KITTAZ, kit version of TAZ 4 3D printer for $1595

Aug.8, 2014 - Aleph Objects Inc., the makers of the Lulzbot 3D printers, released KITTAZ, a kit version of its TAZ 4 3D printer. Aleph Objects releases LulzBot TAZ 4 3D printer back in May. More

Free photo editing tool lets you manipulate 3D objects in 2D photos

Aug.7, 2014 - Researchers are adding an extra dimension to photo editing by enabling editors to turn or flip objects any way they want, even exposing surfaces not visible in the original photograph. More

JewelDistrict uses 3D printing and molding to make beautiful jewelry

Aug.7, 2014 - JewelDistrict, a Seoul, Korea based startup launched its 3D printing service specializing in printing precious metal jewelry. To work with JewelDistrict, you first upload your 3D model. More

Control and operate your 3D printer from all-in-one Active8 touch screen

Aug.7, 2014 - UK based Justin Carpenter, an engineer specialising in the design and production of 3D printers has come up with Activ8, a standalone touch screen device that is designed to operate any RepRap based 3D printer. More

Adobe adds new 3D printing features to Photoshop CC

Aug.7, 2014 - Adobe just added some more advanced 3D printing features to Photoshop CC to make it easier to create 3D printed designs and give you more printing options. More

Sciaky announces first sale of giant metal 3D printer

Aug.6, 2014 - Sciaky, Inc. announced Tuesday that it received a purchase order from a major aerospace parts maker to provide an electron beam additive manufacturing (EBAM) system. More

3D printing with Solanyl filament made from potato skin

Aug.6, 2014 - Recently, another news comes from Fab Lab Breda in the Netherlands, that a sculptor called Jos Hamann has used a filament made from Solanyl, a biopolymer based on potato skins to create sculptures. More

3D Systems & United Nude launch 3D-printed shoes designed for Cube 3 3D printer

Aug.6, 2014 - 3D Systems announced today a collaboration with fashion brand United Nude to deliver a new line of 3D-printed wearable shoes. The Float shoes are uniquely designed for immediate home printing on the new Cube 3 desktop 3D printer. More

SOLS Systems announces nationwide launch of custom 3D printed orthotics

Aug.6, 2014 - SOLS Systems announced today the launch of their flagship product: SOLS. The custom, corrective orthotics are one of the world's first mass applications of 3D printing. More

Solidoodle announces 3 new 3D printers, Solidoodle Press costs just $599

Aug.6, 2014 - On Tuesday, 3D printer manufacturer Solidoodle announced a completely new lineup of 3D printers which are now available for presale. More

Singapore start-up unveils 3D bio-printer that prints living tissues

Aug.5, 2014 - A Singapore starup Bio3D Technologies announced today the country's first 3D bio-printer - Bio3D Life-Printer - that is able to print human tissues and cells for diagnostics and drug testing. More

Engineers discover new 'less is more' approach to make 3D printed parts lighter and stronger

Aug.5, 2014 - A 'less is more' approach has enabled UK engineers to make 3D printed parts lighter and stronger, using methods that will also make 3D printing faster and more economical. More

Help put together a 198-piece 3D printed 'Distributed Ben Franklin' puzzle

Aug.5, 2014 - On Monday August 4th We The Builders team launched their second crowdsourced 3d printed sculpture: Distributed Benjamin Franklin. The bust they are making is a replica of is a contemporary piece of Benjamin Franklin. More

TeeBotMax foldable, portable 3D printer DIY files & instructions released

Aug.5, 2014 - Emmanuel Adetutu, designer and developer of open source TeeBot 3D printer, has just released an improved version of the printer, called 'TeeBotMax'. More

Meet Blacksmith Genesis, all-in-one 3D printer/scanner/copier set to launch in 7 days

Aug.5, 2014 - Their first product, Blacksmith Genesis packs a load-full of features. Designed to be a 3D printer + scanner + copier, the Blacksmith Genesis is a FDM (fused deposition modeling) based 3D printer made for everyone to use. More

Epic Box Pirates Adventure fused with mobile app, bluetooth electronics and 3D printing

Aug.4, 2014 - Today a Florida-based tech-toy startup called Epic Box Company reveals a new interactive playspace that they plan to launch on Kickstarter - a Pirate Ship Adventure. More

Printednest to bring birds back to the city with 3D printing

Aug.4, 2014 - A team of architects & designers who explore and develop possibilities of 3D printing technology wants to use the new technology to help birds. More

$299 upgraded Uncia hits Indiegogo, with plan to donate DLP 3D printers to Asian schools

Aug.4, 2014 - QSQM Technology, a Chinese startup who was recently acquired by Nanjing F.M. Laser Technology Co., Ltd for $1 million has launched an Indiegogo campaign on August 1st for its upgraded version of Uncia DLP 3D Printer. More

BioAssemblyBot, a step closer to 3D bio-printing tissues & organs

Aug.4, 2014 - Just last week, Kentucky-based Advanced Solutions announced the launch of the next generation in 3D printing: The BioAssemblyBot and TSIM Lab Quest tabletop workstation. More

Maker retrofits a 3D printer to an electronics pick-n-place

Aug.4, 2014 - Eric Boyd has come up with the Retro Populator, a retrofit kit for 3D printers which turns them into electronics pick and place machines suitable for hobbiest use. More

Met Museum intern creates '3D Printing Booklet for Beginners'

Aug.4, 2014 - Created by Met MediaLab intern Decho Pitukcharoen, the booklet was designed to "build on the MediaLab's practice of helping audiences use 3D models of objects in the Met's collection for their own creative purposes." More

Avante Technology announces FilaOne 'engineering grade' composite filament system

Aug.3, 2014 - Avante Technology announced the release of new, proprietary "engineering grade" composite filament and a companion print adhesion sheet designed for desktop 3D printer. More

3D printed Mini OONTZ Midi Controller

Aug.2, 2014 - Check out Adafruit's latest project: Mini OONTZ, a 16 button MIDI drum machine. OONTZ is the open source button grid controller based on the Adafruit Trellis button platform. More

3D printing a brushless DC motor

Aug.2, 2014 - Instructables user pitrack has designed and 3D printed a Brushless Direct Current (BLDC) motor, and used an Arduino to control the motor. All parts of the motor, were printed with a Makerbot Replicator 2. More

Voxeljet: Water soluble 3D printing for producing lightweight composite fiber material objects

Aug.2, 2014 - Fiber composite materials are well known for use in lightweight construction. Conventional shaping for the molds means working with milling machines to obtain the desired shape. The level of complexity is therefore limited. More

Singapore startup QwikFab announces large format 3D printer for businesses

Aug.2, 2014 - On 19 July 2014, QwikFab announced the Beast, a large format 3D printer designed for prosumers and small and medium businesses. Built in Singapore, the Beast has a massive build volume of 300mm x 300mm x 600cm. More

Affordable open source DLP 3D printer soon on Kickstarter, starting at $475

Aug.1, 2014 - Two months later, Brad Hill is preparing the final steps of launching a Kickstarter fund raising compaign for his device and he has now renamed the printer 'LittleDLPer' as 'LittleRP'. More

MakerBot expands European operations with the launch of MakerBot Europe

Aug.1, 2014 - Makerbot announced today it is opening a MakerBot Europe office based in Germany. As part of this expansion effort, MakerBot is acquiring certain assets of its Germany-based partner. More

Giant 3D printer maker 3D Group in deal with Oz Brewing to gain ASX presence

Aug.1, 2014 - 3D Group, an emerging marketer of 3D printing systems and services in Australia, is seeking a presence on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX) by early December. More

SpaceX revealed they launched Falcon 9 rocket with a 3D-printed main oxidizer valve

Aug.1, 2014 - SpaceX revealed on Thursday that they have launched its Falcon 9 rocket with a 3D-printed Main Oxidizer Valve (MOV) body in one of the nine Merlin 1D engines on Jan.6, 2014. More

Future U.S. soldiers may wear 3D printed clothing and wearable sensors

Aug.1, 2014 - According to the latest issue of Army Technology, one day, soldiers will wear field clothing and armor systems made with help of 3D printing. Researchers at the U.S. Army Natick Soldier Research... More

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