Russian company 3D prints Game of Thrones-style tower and it's 6 meters tall!

Aug.31, 2016 - A Russian cement company is 3D printing a Game of Thrones Winterfell watchtower at its factory to showcase its skills and change Russian construction forever. More

Tailors Mark will soon be making ultra customized suits with 3D printed torsos

Aug.31, 2016 - Melbourne-based suit manufacturer Tailors Mark is hoping to add a new level of custom tailoring to their suit making process with the help of 3D scanning and bespoke 3D printed torsos. More

Got 3D printed milk? Perfect Day prints DNA sequences to create animal-free cow's milk

Aug.31, 2016 - Perfect Day, a startup formed by two biomedical scientists, is using 3D printing to create cow's milk'without cows! By 3D printing bovine DNA sequences and adding them to yeast, the startup is able to produce the same proteins found in cow's milk, potentially revolutionizing the dairy industry. More

Conserving the Caribbean's oceans with 3D printed coral reefs

Aug.31, 2016 - A partnership between the Dutch Caribbean island of Bonaire's Harbour Village Beach Club and oceanographer Fabien Cousteau is hoping to help save local coral reefs with the help of 3D printed coral. More

219 Design creates a 3D printed robot arm that can be controlled using virtual reality

Aug.31, 2016 - Product designers from 219 Design have brought 3D printing and virtual reality together in a totally new way, by build a 3D printed robotic arm that can be remotely manipulated through VR hardware. More

Industrial 3D printer manufacturer Concept Laser said to be exploring sale options

Aug.31, 2016 - German 3D printer manufacturer Concept Laser GmbH is rumoured to be exploring sale options with a number of buyers. If a deal for Concept Laser's sale is made, it could reportedly fetch more than 600 million euros. More

Laika uses 3D printing to create a 16-foot tall skeleton puppet for 'Kubo and the Two Strings'

Aug.31, 2016 - Oregon-based Laika Studios created a hugely terrifying 16-foot tall skeleton prop for its latest film 'Kubo and the Two Strings'. Check out how they managed such an incredible feat. More

Hack Rod brings Mad Max cars to life with 3D printed dune buggies generated by AI

Aug.31, 2016 - The LA-based hackers from Hack Rod have brought generative 3D design and 3D printed chassis to car development, and are relying on data-fed AI and 3D printing to continuously upgrade and customize their vehicle designs. More

CAS researchers build 3D printed self-driving mini vehicle with deforming liquid metal wheels

Aug.31, 2016 - A team of researchers from the Chinese Academy of Sciences and Tsinghua University have realized a major liquid metal breakthrough that causes metal blobs to start moving autonomously, and have harnessed that effect in a self-driven miniature 3D printed vehicle. More

Recycling in space Tethers Unlimited to test plastic grinding / 3D printing system aboard the ISS

Aug.31, 2016 - Washington-based Tethers Unlimited is working to bring recycling to astronauts in space, and will test a plastic recycling and 3D printing system aboard the ISS in early 2017. More

MERKE IV Titanium 3D printer farm to produce parts up to 75% cheaper than currently available

Aug.31, 2016 - With a growing demand for production ready metal 3D printed parts it's no wonder internationally established institutes are backing the technology. The MERKE IV Titanium based 3D printer is set to arrive for production purposes within the next month. More

DUS Architects 3D prints an 8 sqm Urban Cabin and accompanying bathtub in Amsterdam

Aug.30, 2016 - DUS Architects has 3D printed an 8 sqm Urban Cabin and accompanying bathtub on an industrial site in Amsterdam to show just how they can help disaster victims and urban planners. More

Nissan reveals world's biggest 3D printing pen sculpture: a stunning full-sized Qashqai crossover

Aug.30, 2016 - Nissan commissioned Grace Du Prez to produce a full-size Qashqai Black Edition sculpture with a 3Doodler 3D printing pen. More

AI can design prosthetics in minutes and slash the cost of artificial limbs

Aug.30, 2016 - Using Artificial Intelligence, we could give prosthetics to the poor with automatic modeling that slashes the production time. Watch the TED Talk here. More

UTA engineer granted $100K for development of 3D printable bioinks for tissue and organ implants

Aug.30, 2016 - University of Texas Arlington's Kyungsuk Yum has received a $100,000 National Science Foundation grant for the development of 3D printable bioinks that have been reinforced with carbon nanotubes to ensure structure rigidity. More

Have a strum on Lightning Uke, the first open-source 3D printed electric ukulele

Aug.30, 2016 - A team of designers from Taiwan has created the world's first open-source 3D printed electric ukulele. Designed for consumer 3D printers, the unusually shaped Lightning Uke comes with a full-size fretboard, regular strings and tuners, and a custom-made amplifier, pick-up, and speaker. More

Multi-filament extruder system The Prometheus set to launch on Kickstarter

Aug.30, 2016 - Multi-colour and material 3D printing is something innovators have been tweaking and refining for years. The Prometheus System, just about ready to launch on Kickstarter, is giving it their best shot with a single extruder solution. More

EOS quadruples productivity with their biggest and fastest M 400-4 DMLS metal 3D printer

Aug.30, 2016 - Direct metal laser sintering 3D printing pioneer EOS will debut their EOS M 400-4 at the IMTS show in Chicago in September, their biggest and fastest metal 3D printer to date that even quadruples productivity thanks to four independent lasers. More

ORNL's SUV-sized Boeing 777X tool wins Guinness World Record for biggest 3D printed object

Aug.30, 2016 - Researchers from Oak Ridge National Laboratory have just been awarded a Guinness World Record for the biggest 3D printing object in the world, an honor received for their 17.5 feet long, 5.5 feet wide and 1.5 feet tall Boeing aircraft assembly tool. More

3D printing may help solve the mysterious death of the world's most famous human ancestor, Lucy

Aug.30, 2016 - 3D scans of Lucy, the 3.18 million-year-old hominid fossil of one of the ancestors of modern man, have enabled Texas researchers to conclude that she died by falling from a tree and they have just shared their 3D printable files with world. More

Lead the Autobots to victory with Bob Clagett's 3D printed Matrix Of Leadership

Aug.30, 2016 - Bob Clagett of I Like To Make Stuff has just taken us on a trip down memory lane by 3D printing an amazing Matrix Of Leadership, the object that made Optimus Prime the leader of the Autobots in Transformers: The Movie. More

Teenagers secure $50,000 Shark Tank Funds to stop your ice cream dripping with the Drip Drop

Aug.29, 2016 - The Drip Drop is a simple, edible saucer that stops your ice cream melting on your hands. After 3D printing the prototype, two teenagers have won $50,000 of Shark Tank backing to make it a smash hit. More

Chinese doctors successfully implant a 15cm long 3D printed titanium vertebrae prosthetic

Aug.29, 2016 - A team of doctors from China's Shanghai Changzheng Hospital have successfully implanted a 15 centimeter long 3D printed titanium vertebrae prosthetic into a patient suffering from a serious case of cervical chordoma. The patient, 40-year-old Ms. Zhou, had been suffering from the debilitating disease for nearly 7 years. More

South African government launches new 3D printing strategy to compete in global market

Aug.29, 2016 - Recently, South Africa joined in on the 3D printing bandwagon with the launch of its Additive Manufacturing (AM) strategy. The strategy, which was introduced by South Africa's Department of Science and Technology (DST), is part of the country's effort to introduce and capitalize on new manufacturing technologies. More

Sculpteo intern Alexis Massol makes 3D printed drone building look easy

Aug.29, 2016 - French Sculpteo intern and student Alexis Massol is making drone construction look easy, having 3D printed a complete and fully functional drone through Sculpteo services and his high school's fablab. More

RML's stunning 3D printed BJP fantasy dolls can now be customized

Aug.29, 2016 - Japanese dollmaker RML has introduced a new system through which customers can design their own fantasy BJP doll's face with extreme precision and have it 3D printed for an amazing customized 3D printed doll. Clothes and accessories can also be 3D printed. More

Flam?D (Flam3D) teams with 17 companies to develop a fully 3D printed bike

Aug.29, 2016 - Flemish 3D printing promotor Flam?D has just unveiled a completely 3D printed bike, down to the saddle, wheels and bicycle chain, which aims to illustrate the practical potential of different 3D printing technologies for Belgian companies. More

Japan's ANA, JSR & SHC Design team up to create travel-friendly plastic 3D printed leg prosthesis

Aug.29, 2016 - JSR, the Japanese manufacturer of ABS plastics and other polymer materials, has just announced a partnership with All Nippon Airways (ANA) and 3D printed prosthesis manufacturer SHC Design to create and put a new travel-friendly plastic 3D printed prosthetic leg model onto the market. More

See how artist Heather Kegel creates stunning 3D printed porcelain ceramics

Aug.29, 2016 - Colorado-based ceramic artist Heather Kegel is creating stunning porcelain ceramics using a novel 3D printing method. Her pieces are available through her Etsy store. More

3D printing gives magic touch to 'The Wizard Set,' new 7-pack of Kickstarter-backed RPG dice

Aug.28, 2016 - A Kickstarter campaign for The Wizard Set, a set of 'magical' RPG-friendly dice prototyped on a 3D printer, has raised ten times its original target. After setting a $27,000 goal, Wizard Set creator PolyHero Dice has now received over $280,000 in backing. More

This DIY 3D Printer Part Recycler is as physically challenging to make as it is impressive to operate

Aug.28, 2016 - Some instructables require a few hours of 3D printing, an LED light, an Arduino and a few leisurely hours to complete. This plastic grinder for purposes of recycling 3D printed parts practically takes a herculean effort to complete. More

Oventus closer to cure for snoring and sleep apnoea with its 3D printed mouthguards

Aug.27, 2016 - Oventus has revealed solid first year revenues, another step closer to ending the scourges of snoring and sleep apnoea with its 3D printed mouthguards. More

3D printing news you might have missed this week - August 27, 2016

Aug.27, 2016 - As summer draws to a close, here are nine 3D printing stories you might have missed this week, including updates from Mouser Electronics' ISS Design Challenge, ZVerse's partnership with Konica Minolta Dealers, and more Pok'mon Go creations. More

German architect 3D prints F1 motor racing circuit models at top speed

Aug.27, 2016 - Tilke GmbH, a German architecture firm and leading designer of Formula 1 circuits and facilities, has used 3D printing equipment from 3D Systems to build accurate models of proposed F1 circuits. The 3D printed models have served to provide clients with a fuller idea of a given design. More

ORNL and Boeing to receive Guinness World Records title for largest solid 3D printed item

Aug.26, 2016 - Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) and Boeing are expected to receive the Guinness World Records title for largest solid 3D printed item, according to a media advisory. Their 3D printed tool, used to manufacture the Boeing 777X jet, will be officially measured on Monday, August 29. More

3D design and 3D printing have become viable tools for nuclear sector, specialists say

Aug.26, 2016 - 3D design and 3D printing technologies have finally become viable tools for the nuclear sector, and various research projects have shown that they have the potential to greatly increase maintenance efficiency and reduce production costs. More

Celebrate Kobe Bryant's 38th birthday with these basketball themed 3D prints

Aug.26, 2016 - Basketball superstar Kobe Bryant recently celebrated his 38th birthday. To honor the great athlete's birthday as well as his recent retirement from the LA Lakers, we thought we'd compile a list of basketball themed 3D prints and projects. Check them out! More

MIT engineers pioneer 3D printed heat-responsive materials that remember original shapes

Aug.26, 2016 - Engineers from MIT and SUTD have just unveiled 3D printable heat-responsive materials that 'remember' the original forms they were 3D printed in, even after being bent into extreme shapes, and can spring back to their original form at the right temperature. More

PADT secures America Makes grant to develop 3D printed lattice test model for aerospace partners

Aug.26, 2016 - Phoenix Analysis and Design Technologies, together with several aerospace partners, has been awarded an America Makes grant for the development of a simulation model that can accurately predict the behavior of 3D printed lattice structures. More

Pizza delivered by 3D printed drone for first time by Flirtey and Domino's

Aug.26, 2016 - Australian drone pioneers Flirtey just signed a delivery deal with pizza giants Domino's, and underlined that partnership by using their 3D printed drone to deliver a hot pizza on location in New Zealand. More

3D printing materials company Haydale Graphene expands into Asia with acquisition of Innophene

Aug.26, 2016 - Haydale Graphene Industries PLC has recently announced that it has acquired Innophene Co., Ltd, a Thailand-based graphene enhanced conductive ink and composites manufacturer. The acquisition marks a significant step in UK-based Haydale Graphene Industries' expansion into the Asian market. More

3D printed Batman suit with 23 functioning Bat-gadgets wins Guinness World Record

Aug.26, 2016 - Julian Checkley's 3D printed Batman suit, which features 23 amazing gadgets and is without a doubt the most impressive 3D printed cosplay we've ever seen, has just been awarded a Guinness World Record for most functional cosplay gadgets. More

Shapeways launches interlocking metals in silver, brass and bronze for 3D printing

Aug.26, 2016 - When it comes to the world we live in, you'll quickly notice that not everything is made of a 3D printable plastic. So its no wonder Shapeways has been offering more and more material choices and a new technique in metal printing gives its customers the ability to 3D print with interlocking metal parts. More

This amazing 3D printed full-scale Stargate took over 1000 hours to build

Aug.25, 2016 - VIGO Universal in association with the Mus'e Royal de Mariemont in Belgium have unveiled an amazing, full-scale 3D printed Stargate. The installation is part of the museum's current exhibition: From Stargate to Comics. The Egyptian Gods in the geek culture. More

Lowe's Home Improvement 3D service expands 3D metal printing options with ExOne collaboration

Aug.25, 2016 - Bespoke Designs, the 3D printing service in Lowe's Chelsea store in New York City, has just expanded their range of 3D services through a collaboration with metal 3D printing giant ExOne. More

Nano Dimension supplies first DragonFly 2020 PCB 3D printer to Israeli defense company, posts Q2 financial results

Aug.25, 2016 - Nano Dimension, a developer of 3D printed electronics systems and advanced additive manufacturing tech, has shipped the first ever DragonFly 2020 PCB 3D printer to a leading Israeli defense company. The 3D printing company has also posted its financial results for the second quarter of 2016. More

NextGen spaceframe by EDAG - trends in the technology of laser melting of metals in automotive manufacturing

Aug.25, 2016 - NextGen spaceframe: EDAG, BLM, LZN and Concept Laser in an interview with experts on the topic of lightweight design and greater flexibility in automotive manufacturing. More

UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon: 'digital technologies like 3D printing have the potential for massive destruction'

Aug.25, 2016 - During a speech on the global proliferation of weapons, UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon listed 3D printing alongside a number of technologies that can be used by terrorists and that facilitate the production of weapons of mass destruction. More

IN UTERO 3D is 3D printing fetuses so blind moms can feel their unborn babies

Aug.25, 2016 - Polish startup IN UTERO 3D is 3D printing realistic fetus bas-reliefs based off of ultrasounds so that blind mothers can feel and see their unborn babies. The initiative is called 'Waiting without Barriers'. More

Learn how to make your very own 3D printed circular smartphone with Dtoor

Aug.25, 2016 - Cyrcle, the 3D printed circular smartphone developed by Dtoor, has just been launched through a Kickstarter campaign. The crowdfunding campaign is hoping to raise $10,000 to launch a series of makerspace tutorials on how to build your very own 3D printed circular phone. More

Pneumatic Octobot: world's first autonomous, entirely soft robot 3D printed by Harvard scientists

Aug.25, 2016 - A team of Harvard researchers just completed a very important step in the development of soft robotics with the octobot, the world's first 3D printed entirely soft and autonomous robot that uses flexible pneumatic systems to move around. More

Yamaha's My Garage App lets you customize your dream bike in 3D all the way to the dealership

Aug.25, 2016 - Hyper customization is something that 3D printing excels at. Digital forms of technology like Yamaha's new My Garage App lets you make your dream car right from your tablet then send it off to the dealership to be built. More

PLUX uses 3D printing to create perfect custom housing for BITalino, a DIY toolkit for physiological computing

Aug.24, 2016 - PLUX, a Portuguese bio-signal technology company, has recruited 3D printing company BEEVERYCREATIVE to 3D print plastic casings for BITalino, a multi-functional DIY toolkit containing sensors and bio-signal technology. BITalino can be used to quickly prototype bio-applications for wearables. More

Shining 3D to form Chinese 3D printing ecosystem, aims to become 3D bioprinting leader

Aug.24, 2016 - Shining 3D, a Chinese 3D printing company, is aiming to become a leader in the field of 3D bioprinting while simultaneously building China's 3D printing ecosystem. The company owns a 50% stake in Regenovo Biotech, the company behind the Regenovo 3D bioprinter. More

LLNL researchers demo 3D printed, shape-shifting structures fabricated from conductive smart materials

Aug.24, 2016 - A team of researchers from the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL) have made a significant advancement in the field of 4D printing recently, having demonstrated their ability to create additively manufactured structures that can change shape, fold and unfold when they are heated or exposed to electricity. More

Professor Taekyeom Lee 3D prints stunning typography with self build ceramic delta 3D printer

Aug.24, 2016 - With his DIY ceramic delta 3D printer that is producing gorgeous typographic art, artist and professor Taekyeom Lee is proving that ceramic can be brought to RepRap-based open source 3D printing as well. More

Edible batteries in 3D printed casing could open doors for ingestible medical treatments

Aug.24, 2016 - A team from Carnegie Mellon University are developing biocompatible batteries, which could open up the doors for future ingestible medical devices and help to revolutionize treatments for diseases such as cancer. The biocompatible, non-toxic, and edible batteries are being made from naturally occurring melanin pigments. More

Stratasys debuts Infinite-Build and Robotic Composite 3D printers, partnerships with Boeing and Ford

Aug.24, 2016 - Stratasys is clearly preparing for the next phase in industrial 3D printing, illustrated by two new demonstrator 3D printing systems that enable infinite manufacturing and the 3D printing of unprecedented geometries. More

3D printing used for the first time to plan tongue cancer surgery on Bangalore patient

Aug.24, 2016 - A team of Indian surgeons from the HealthCare Global Cancer Centre in Bangalore, India, have just become the first in the world to use 3D printed models to prepare for tongue cancer surgery. More

MIT researchers develop self assembling mobile phones based on 4D printing concepts

Aug.24, 2016 - The assembly of electronic devices is and always has been a very labour intensive endeavour. A research team at MIT is developing a way to self-assemble devices based on 4D printing concepts that may one day change how we manufacturer our consumer goods. More

ASUS will now let you 3D print parts for ASUS motherboards, GPUs and peripherals

Aug.24, 2016 - Taiwanese computer hardware company Asus has added special mounting points to its new Z170 Pro Gaming/Aura motherboard, enabling modders to attach personalized, 3D printed logo panels and cable covers. The company made the move after receiving praise for 3D printed panels at Computex 2016. More

South Park celebrates 20th season with 3D printed South Park characters

Aug.23, 2016 - South Park, the legendary animated sitcom created by Trey Parker and Matt stone, has partnered with Source3 to launch the first ever set of 3D printed South Park characters. The figurines, available through Amazon and Shapeways, were made to celebrate the show's 20th season. More

Five-year-old Texas girl gets 3D printed prosthetic hand from public library

Aug.23, 2016 - The prayers of one Katelyn Vincik, a five-year old from Victoria, Texas, have been answered. The young girl, who was born with an underdeveloped left hand has been gifted with a 3D printed prosthetic thanks to the hard work and dedication from the Harris County Public Library. More

Rinkak launches 3D design and 3D printing competition for PC air vent with ¥1,000,000 in prizes

Aug.23, 2016 - Japanese 3D printing marketplace Rinkak and LEVEL infinity have launched an international 3D design and 3D printing competition that challenges makers to design a custom 3D printable air vent for LEVEL infinity's customizable gaming PC. More

VormVrij's LUTUM clay 3D printers upgraded for superior resolution and food 3D printing options

Aug.23, 2016 - Dutch ceramic 3D printing pioneers VormVrij 3D have just unveiled the second generation of their LUTUM clay 3D printer range, featuring upgraded hardware for superior resolution and even food 3D printing options. More

Scandy & pmdtechnologies to launch affordable 3D scanning app for Android phones

Aug.23, 2016 - Scandy, a leader in mobile 3D-scan-to-3D-print technology, has joined forces with pmdtechnologies (pmd), a leader in 3D time-of-flight (ToF) sensors, to unveil Scandy Pro for Android. The app enables smartphone users to achieve professional-quality scans with just their phone and a sensor. More

Report says Northeast Ohio could become Silicon Valley of 3D printing

Aug.23, 2016 - Researchers from Northeast Ohio are arguing that this region has all the necessary elements to become the Silicon Valley of 3D printing in the near future, and compiled a roadmap that will help realize this ambitious goal. More

Australian 3D printing company 333D to debut on ASX this Thursday

Aug.23, 2016 - Australian 3D printing company 333D is scheduled to be listed on the Australian Stock Exchange (ASX) as of this Thursday, August 25th and expectations are high. The 3D printing company has signed an exclusive deal with the AFL to manufacture 3D printed merchandise. More

3D Systems reveals details behind 3D printed prosthetic beak project for Grecia the Toucan

Aug.23, 2016 - At the beginning of the year Grecia the Toucan from Costa Rica was outfitted with a custom 3D printed beak after local teenagers destroyed his own, and 3D Systems has just revealed more details about how they completed this challenging 3D printing project. More

AdvaMed, Johnson & Johnson, Materialise comment on FDA guidance for 3D printed medical devices

Aug.23, 2016 - The Advanced Medical Technology Association (AdvaMed), Johnson & Johnson, and 3D printing specialist Materialise have all offered suggestions to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regarding its draft guidance for 3D printed medical devices. The deadline for comments was August 8. More

Russian researchers are building a drone powered by a 3D printed engine

Aug.22, 2016 - VIAM, in collaboration with the Russian defense industry Foundation for Advanced Research (FPI), has announced it will be developing a drone that can be powered by a 3D printed engine that has also been developed by VIAM and which was unveiled last month. More

Japan seeks to make custom manufacturing as cheap as mass production with new industrial 3D printer

Aug.22, 2016 - A team of engineerings from the Tokyo, Japan-based Technology Research Association for Future Additive Manufacturing are developing a 3D printer to be used specifically for making industrial molds. The new machine is reported to print at a rate of 100,000cc per hour and is expected to make custom industrial manufacturing more viable than ever. More

Meet Xpider, the smallest, cutest programmable 3D printed robot spider you've ever seen

Aug.22, 2016 - Roboeve, a Beijing-based team of young engineers and industrial designers, has created what might just be one of the cutest little robots we've seen lately. The robot, called Xpider, is made using 3D printing technologies and offers a number of fun features, such as an integrated camera and facial recognition. More

Facial security systems can be cracked with 3D models and 3D printed masks based on Facebook photos

Aug.22, 2016 - The amazing quality of today's 3D design software has its downsides as well, as researchers from the University of North Carolina have found that 3D models and even 3D printed masks based on Facebook photos can be used to crack most facial recognition security systems. More

Taiwanese government brings voxeljet 3D printing tech to its own foundry industry

Aug.22, 2016 - The Taiwanese Metal Industries Research and Development Center has just revealed that they are bringing a German-made voxeljet VX2000 3D Printing System to Taiwan to support their domestic foundry industry. More

Chinese students launch crowdfunding campaign for $165 VAY ceramic 3D printing kit

Aug.22, 2016 - A team of Chinese students from Vision 3D Studio is challenging ceramic 3D printer manufacturers with the VAY ceramic 3D printing kit, which costs as little as 1099 RMB ($165 USD) and has just been launched on Chinese crowdfunding platform Dreamore. More

Face of 2000-year-old ancient Egyptian mummy recreated through 3D printing

Aug.22, 2016 - Australian researchers have used 3D scanning, 3D printing and forensic reconstruction techniques to breathe new life into the mummified skull of a young Egyptian woman who may have lived anywhere from 2000 to 3500 years ago. More

Mexican scientists are developing a 3D printed microvalve to help treat microcephaly in fetuses

Aug.22, 2016 - A team of scientists from UAEM in Mexico has developed a device that could help lessen the effects of microcephaly in unborn fetuses. The device, a micro valve which allows excess cerebrospinal fluid to be released from the brain, was prototyped and developed with the help of 3D printing technologies. More

Uga the turtle is back on his feet with the help of a 3D printed prosthesis

Aug.21, 2016 - Uga, a turtle who lost one of its back legs, can now walk (or roll) again thanks to a 3D printed prosthetic. The innovative device was designed and made through a collaborative effort between veterinarian Nicola Di Girolamo, and local 3D printing hub Roma Stampa. More

Indian Institute of Technology Hyderabad seeks $15M in 3D printing, IoT, 5G research funding

Aug.21, 2016 - According to director UB Desai, the Indian Institute of Technology Hyderabad (IITH) is looking to secure up to $15 million in research funding over the next two years as'it seeks to contribute to the fields of 3D printing, 5G broadband, internet of thing (IoT), and clean energy storage. More

DIY Instructables shines with sleek looking wireless chargeable 3D printed lantern

Aug.20, 2016 - The library of DIY projects that can be 3D printed is growing every single day. A recent instructables that showcases a 3D printable, portable wireless charging lamp is another example of how the technology can really shine. More

3D printed custom metal earphones from 'helloear' promise unrivaled clarity for $2,500

Aug.20, 2016 - Chinese sound technology company helloear has unveiled the world's first mass-producible, customized, 3D printed, full-metal earphones, which are suitable for live stage monitoring. A platinum helloear 'Monet' headset costs '16,999 ($2,500). More

Trailblazing metal 3D printing firm Sinterex aims to become leader in the Middle East market

Aug.19, 2016 - Sinterex, a recently established metal 3D printing firm based in the UAE, has spoken out about its rapidly expanding business operations in the Middle East. Amongst other ventures, the company is aiming to become a leader in the biomedical 3D printing sector, with a focus on dental applications. More

igus expands range of 3D printable Tribo-Filaments with highly chemical resistant C210 filament

Aug.19, 2016 - German plastics manufacturer igus has just added another filament to the list of 3D printable industrial plastics with C210, a Tribo-Filament that is highly resistant to chemicals, high temperatures and abrasion. More

New Russian patent-pending glass 3D printing solution makes glass walls and buildings a reality

Aug.19, 2016 - Russian PhD candidates Anuar Kulmagambetov and Vladimir Bodyakin have filed a remarkable patent application for glass 3D printing in the construction industry, in which a glass furnace would act as 3D printhead and everything from walls to floors and ceilings is made from glass. More

Flying Colors 3D's free 3D modeling tool makes 3D design as easy as drawing with pencils

Aug.19, 2016 - A team of Swedish developers is giving kids a running start on the path towards STEM careers with Flying Colors 3D, a new and highly accessible free 3D modeling tool that makes 3D design as easy as drawing with pencils. More

Airbus and Renishaw partner to develop innovative 3D printed aircraft wing structures

Aug.19, 2016 - British engineering and additive manufacturing company Renishaw has partnered with aerospace giant Airbus on a new '17.7 million project geared towards developing new ways of designing and manufacturing aircraft wings with 3D printing technologies. More

SOLS and Rykä are now offering custom fitted women's footwear with 3D printed orthotics

Aug.19, 2016 - Footwear tech company SOLS has partnered with athletic footwear brand Rykä to develop a line of shoes for women that can be custom fitted to their feet with SOLS' innovative 3D printed orthotics. More

Conquer the galaxy with this incredibly detailed 3D printed lightsaber by Sean Charlesworth

Aug.19, 2016 - 3D printing guru Sean Charlesworth has just unveiled what we believe is the most impressive 3D printed lightsaber ever made, a Sith weapon complete with a detailed cross-section of its interior. More

Low-cost DIY 3D printed tattoo machine inspired by inventor Thomas Edison

Aug.19, 2016 - If diamonds are forever then tattoos may very well be as well. A creative maker has modified a 140 year old idea into a working 3D printed tattoo machine called Scratchr. More

India's Madhya Pradesh region promotes tourism with adorable 3D printed advertisement

Aug.18, 2016 - India's central state, Madhya Pradesh has just released a fun and youthful tourism ad-spot realized with the help of 3D printing. The advert was made in collaboration with advertising agency Ogilvy & Mather. More

gCreate expands Brooklyn 3D printer manufacturing to more than triple previous space

Aug.18, 2016 - Brooklyn-based 3D printer manufacturer gCreate, maker of the gMax series of 3D printers, has relocated its headquarters to premises three times larger than its previous Industry City space. The company had been at Industry City since 2014. More

Dream Pops, the first 3D printed superfood popsicles have arrived. And they are tasty and beautiful

Aug.18, 2016 - LA-based company Dream Pops is revolutionizing popsicles and ice cream with superfoods and technologies like 3D printing. The amazing iced desserts are not only fun to eat, but are exceptional to look at! More

Go on a tour of secretive 3D printing labs at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

Aug.18, 2016 - While normally closed to the public eye, the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory just shared a behind-the-scenes look at three of their 3D printing labs. A perfect opportunity for taking a closer look at the latest tech innovations coming out of the LLNL labs. More

Boston-based 3D printing startup NVBOTS announces Series A financing, hires new CEO

Aug.18, 2016 - Boston-based 3D printing startup New Valence Robotics (NVBOTS) has announced Series A financing, led by Woodman Asset Management, that will serve to increase sales of its NVPro 3D printers. Duncan McCallum has become the company's new CEO, with founder AJ Perez becoming Chairman. More

Voxel8 is giving away free 3D printed electronics samples with embedded resistor and LED

Aug.18, 2016 - Voxel8, the hotly tipped 3D printer manufacturer founded by Harvard professor Jennifer A. Lewis, is giving away free 3D printed electronics samples made using its Developer's Kit 3D printer. Each sample contains an embedded resistor and LED printed in Voxel8's Standard Silver Ink. More

Iraqi government looking at WinSun's 3D printed homes for post-war rebuilding efforts

Aug.18, 2016 - The government of Iraq has sent a delegation to look at the 3D printed homes and buildings of Chinese concrete pioneers WinSun, envisioning a 3D printing solution to rebuild their war-torn country. More

SpeX: 3D printed modular eyewear launches on Kickstarter

Aug.18, 2016 - SpeX, a new line of affordable and standout 3D printed eyewear has just been launched on Kickstarter and is looking for backers. The new brand, which was founded by engineering graduate Chris Nieves, is hoping to offer consumers a fun, colorful, and even modular option for their prescription eyewear. More

Perth 3D printing firm Aurora Labs debuts on ASX after raising $2.8 million

Aug.18, 2016 - Australian metal 3D printing startup Aurora Labs isn't even ready for production, but were already hugely successful during their stock market debut, raising $2.8 million AUD with their initial offering on the ASX. More

U.S. Paralympic cyclist is aided by 3D printed device, courtesy of Titan Robotics

Aug.18, 2016 - Allison Jones, a Titan Robotics engineer and two-time gold medalist for the U.S. Paralympic team, has combined both her skills to create some truly innovative 3D printed athletic assistive devices, one of which actually helped her friend and teammate, Billy Lister, qualify for the Rio 2016 games. More

3D printed titanium Garmin mounts provide GPS-enabled cyclists with added flexibility

Aug.17, 2016 - Australian bicycle accessory company Fetha Custom Components has introduced a 3D printed titanium mount for Garmin GPS trackers. Each mount is made to order depending on a customer's Garmin unit and stem setup. More

$499 M3D Pro 3D printer smashes $100,000 goal just hours after Kickstarter launch

Aug.17, 2016 - Consumer 3D printer manufacturer M3D has launched a Kickstarter campaign for its M3D Pro FDM 3D printer, reaching the $100k target in just two days. The new printer boasts a heated print bed, a build volume of 7 x 7 x 7.5 inches, and a minimum layer height of 25 microns. More

Demand for laser 3D printing grows as Concept Laser reports 88 percent sales increase

Aug.17, 2016 - German metal 3D printing specialists Concept Laser have just revealed that the first half of 2016 was hugely successful, with an 88 percent increase in sales that reflects a growing demand for laser 3D printing. More

3D Printing Systems prepares to launch the Bunker smart filament cartridge on Kickstarter

Aug.17, 2016 - Australian 3D printing company 3D Printing Systems has developed the 'Bunker', a smart filament cartridge that monitors and stores filaments in optimal conditions. The product, which effectively works as a sort of smart protective bunker for filament roles, will be launched through a Kickstarter campaign as of September 1, 2016. More

A closer look at the 12 biggest 3D printing tech innovations of the first half of 2016

Aug.17, 2016 - When looking at the first six months of 2016, it is clear that the 3D printing revolution is only just getting started. looks at twelve of the biggest technological breakthroughs of 2016 that are about to transform manufacturing forever. More

PITT researchers receive $350K to develop fast computational modeling for metal 3D printing

Aug.17, 2016 - A team of researchers from the University of Pittsburgh's Swanson School of Engineering and from Pittsburgh-based motion-control manufacturer Aerotech has recently been awarded a grant of $350,000 to pursue their research and development of fast computational systems for metal 3D printing. More

3D printed Plastic Madonna statues unveiled in Rio & Amsterdam made completely from recycled plastic

Aug.17, 2016 - To draw attention to the huge amounts of plastic that is filling the seas, Dutch artist Peter Smith of KLEAN unveiled a 12m long Plastic Madonna statue in Rio and a 1.2m long 3D printed version in Amsterdam, with a 12m long 3D printed statue coming next year. More

Optomec's 'breakthrough' Aerosol Jet 3D printer can print complex electronics at micron resolution

Aug.17, 2016 - The ability to 3D print in the realm of the microscopic is just as important as printing big things. 3D printing firm Optomec has developed a way to 3D print down to the 100 nanometer level directly onto electronic components. More

Creature Comfort & Care: This innovative 16-year-old is 3D printing prosthetics to help injured animals

Aug.17, 2016 - 16-year-old Nikita Krishnan has founded her very own non-profit organization, Creature Comfort & Care, which seeks to help injured animals of every shape and size with custom 3D printed prosthetics. More

3D printed clitoris models might be introduced to the French sex ed curriculum

Aug.16, 2016 - To help advance sex ed and to help equalize it within France, a country which has been criticized for its often sexist approach to sexual education, sociomedical researcher Odile Fillod has developed an open-source 3D printed clitoris which she is hoping will stimulate a higher level of education for students. More

Ultimaker launches Pioneer Program to bring 3D printing into K-12 and higher education

Aug.16, 2016 - Ultimaker has announced the official launch of the Ultimaker Pioneer Program, an online resource-sharing initiative which encourages educators in North America to share useful 3D printing content in order to advance the widespread adoption of 3D printing technologies in K-12 and higher education. More

Fix your messy face with this 3D printed beard comb from Fully Bearded

Aug.16, 2016 - Hatch Innovations, a trio of talented designers and makers from Salina, Kansas, has used 3D printing to create a unique beard comb. The Knuckled Comb from Fully Bearded features four finger holes, is made entirely in the U.S., and is cast in urethane resin from a 3D printed mold. More

RepAIR consortium sees 3D printing as ideal cost-saving and real-time aircraft maintenance tool

Aug.16, 2016 - The RepAIR consortium, which combined the forces of twelve major aviation specialists including Boeing and Lufthansa, just completed a three-year study on the viability of 3D printing as a real-time aircraft maintenance tool and sees significant cost-saving opportunities. More

Rosatom plans to have multiple industrial metal 3D printing centers in operation by 2030

Aug.16, 2016 - After previously revealing their very own metal 3D printer, Russia's government-led nuclear energy corporation Rosatom is now doubling down with an ambitious development program that should result in numerous industrial metal 3D printing centers by 2030. More

See the inspiration behind Björk's custom 3D printed mask

Aug.16, 2016 - Recently, Icelandic superstar Björk debuted an amazing 3D printed mask at her performance in Tokyo. Now you can see how the mask was custom designed for the singer and how MIT's Mediated Matter and Stratasys Ltd. went about making it. More

Carbon announces two new service bureau partners - expanding access to super fast CLIP 3D printing technology

Aug.16, 2016 - Carbon today announced the addition of two 3D printing service bureaus and contract manufacturers to its customer portfolio. Dinsmore Inc. and Midwest Prototyping now offer their customers access to Carbon's M1 printer and Continuous Liquid Interface Production (CLIP) technology. More

Who is behind the explosive growth of the 3D printing market? A closer look at industry giants

Aug.16, 2016 - The 3D printing market is growing explosively, largely thanks to skyrocketing demand from professional clients. But who is benefitting from this expanding 3D printing revolution? A closer look at the biggest names in 3D printing. More

Student-designed 3D printed projector can project clear images of up to 70" in size

Aug.16, 2016 - Student designer Raymond Ng has developed an innovative design for a compact home projection unit made with the help of 3D printing. Called .Lantern, the home projection unit is capable of projecting clear, large images no matter how close it is placed to the wall or screen. More

Best Fallout 3D print yet? Maker builds epic 3D printed Nuka-Cola PC case

Aug.15, 2016 - Imgur user Mitch [themitch22] has built a highly detailed, 3D printed 'Nuka-Cola' PC housing, inspired by the post-nuclear vending machines found in the Fallout series of games. The massive 3D print features a Raspberry Pi-powered functional display and UV-lit Nuka-Cola Quantum bottles. More

Autodesk offers grayscale trick for DLP 3D printing at sub-pixel resolution

Aug.15, 2016 - Autodesk has explained how users can achieve sub-pixel resolution for DLP 3D printing using the company's open-source Ember 3D printer. The technique uses grayscale anti-aliasing to effectively smooth out a print along its edges. More

South Korea easing regulations and taxes to encourage domestic additive manufacturing growth

Aug.15, 2016 - South Korea is looking to increase its share of the global 3D printing market. The country's domestic additive manufacturing industry was worth 82 billion won ($75 million) in 2015, and is expected to rise to more than 116 billion won ($100 million) this year. More

Artist Jorge Mañes Rubio is working with ESA to build a 3D printed regolith temple for the Moon

Aug.15, 2016 - ESA's artist-in-residence Jorge Ma'es Rubio has been tasked with thinking about the hard questions on life, identity and death in the lunar colony, and is working on a concept for a lunar temple 3D printed from regolith that could become a burial crypt and icon of this new civilization. More

MIT researchers redefine 3D scanning with $10 LiDAR sensors that are 1000 times faster than existing systems

Aug.15, 2016 - MIT researchers are bringing silicon photonics to 3D scanning technology by developing LiDAR chips that are just 300mm in size and 1,000 times faster than existing LiDAR scanners, while costing just $10 to produce. More

Iran to use 3D scanning and printing to restore and preserve ancient monuments

Aug.15, 2016 - Iran's advanced manufacturing and material technologies development headquarters has announced it will be using 3D scanning and 3D printing technologies to restore and create replicas of the country's famed and ancient monuments. More

Rise Pavilion in China is hoping to become the world's largest 3D printed structure

Aug.15, 2016 - A collaborative effort in Beijing, China is hoping to realize what could eventually be the world's largest 3D printed structure. The structure, called the Rise Pavilion, is still currently in progress and is up against Beijing's own Vulcan Pavilion, the current holder of the Guinness World Record for world's largest 3D printed structure. More

Boulanger challenges local French makers to deliver 50 3D printed pieces to 9 French cities in 24 hours

Aug.14, 2016 - A seemingly small scale 3D printing project recently launched in France has wonderfully demonstrated the dedication and efficiency of the maker community, showing how a collaborative 3D printing project can actually realize the impossible. More

3D scanning and 3D printing put rare Alfa Romeo Tipo 33 3 back on the grid

Aug.14, 2016 - UK engineering firm KW Special Projects (KWSP) has used 3D scanning and additive manufacturing to restore an Alfa Romeo Tipo 33/3, a racecar built in the late 1960s to compete in the World Sportscar Championships. The rare Alfa is owned by Martin Stretton Racing, a UK car restoration specialist. More

Xuberance, in collaboration with student designers, presents stunning 3D printed furniture collection

Aug.13, 2016 - Xuberance, the Shanghai-based design studio that last year unveiled two stunning 3D printed wedding dresses, has recently partnered with the Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts to design and unveil a line of 3D printed furniture. More

Tutorial on open-source Ciclop 3D scanner makes building your own easier than ever

Aug.13, 2016 - The open-source 3D scanner market has been developing affordable solutions for entry level devices for years now. A recent Instructables tutorial gives you the tools to make one in no time at all. More

3D printed 'PP3D' fighting robot to wreak havoc on British TV show Robot Wars this weekend

Aug.12, 2016 - A team of Scottish roboticists has used 3D printing to create PP3D, a 110-kilo 3D printed robot that is currently competing in the British robot-battling TV show Robot Wars. The team behind PP3D used 3D printing to create several prototype parts and a handful of small end-use parts. More

Top 5 vendors in global 3D printing materials market revealed in new report

Aug.12, 2016 - Technology research company Technavio has announced the top five vendors in the global 3D printing materials market in a report which covers market activity from 2016 until 2020. Much revenue has been generated from the aerospace industry, which has used AM for lightweight part production. More

SLM Solutions' fantastic 2016 sales figures reflect growing demand for metal 3D printing

Aug.12, 2016 - 2016 is looking to become a huge success year for German metal 3D printing specialists SLM solutions, as their figures for the first six months were excellent with sales increasing by 85 percent. More

Autodesk offers free 3D design software to 1000+ Fab Labs globally

Aug.12, 2016 - In an expansion of its support for the community and makers around the world, Autodesk announces that it is now granting access to its full Autodesk Product Design Collection to 1000+ registered Fab Labs globally. The news comes as the Fab 12 conference is underway in Shenzhen, China. More

Honeywell moves beyond metal 3D printing's exploratory phase thanks to time and cost saving advantages

Aug.12, 2016 - Aircraft pioneers Honeywell Aerospace, who were one of the first to explore metal 3D printing options for aircraft, are now finally moving beyond the tech's exploratory phase thanks to the time and cost saving advantages of electron beam melting 3D printing. More

Daniel de Bruin's analog 3D printer uses gravity and weights to 3D print beautiful objects

Aug.12, 2016 - Dutch product designer Daniel de Bruin has brought 3D printing back to the artisanal realm with the world's first zero-electricity 3D printer, which relies on the user's own kinetic energy to 3D print. More

Electroloom, maker of the 'first 3D fabric printer', closes its doors

Aug.12, 2016 - Electroloom, the startup that developed the world's first 3D fabric printer, has announced it will be closing its doors. After experiencing a promising start over 2014 and 2015 Electroloom faced a number of financial issues which ultimately proved insurmountable. More

Cool solar-powered portable 3D printed Pokémon Center can charge up to twelve phones at once

Aug.12, 2016 - Minecraft artist Spencer Kern has just completed a solar-powered portable 3D printed Pokémon Center that can charge up to twelve phones at once, the most environmentally-friendly Pok'mon Go accessory we've seen so far. More

Worldwide spending on 3D printing to surpass $35 billion by 2020, IDC predicts

Aug.12, 2016 - The International Data Corporation (IDC) has just updated their semiannual 3D printing guide, revealing that they are expecting that worldwide spending on 3D printing will surpass the $35 billion mark by 2020. More

Researchers develop new way of 3D printing electronics using cheap materials and a flash of light

Aug.12, 2016 - Trying to stay ahead of the competition in the hyper-competitive world of electronics isn't an easy task. Australian researchers have developed an inexpensive way using 3D printing to flash code directly using electronic ink. More

Adidas giving pairs of '3D Printed Winners Shoe' to Olympic medal-winning athletes

Aug.11, 2016 - Sportswear giant Adidas is giving pairs of its 3D printed 'Triple Black' Futurecraft running shoe to all Adidas athletes who win medals at the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio. The shoe comes in three varieties of shoelace: gold, silver, and bronze, corresponding to the recipient's podium standing. More

Diamond specialist De Beers adopts Stratasys 3D printers for diamond testing equipment

Aug.11, 2016 - British diamond expert De Beers has just adopted a second Stratasys 3D printer for their R&D facility, where 3D printing is proving to be invaluable for the development of diamond testing, grading and sorting equipment. More

Our hands on review of Nanodax's glass-wool filament proves flexible materials can be both reliable and strong

Aug.11, 2016 - Nonodax has given 3Ders a sample spool of their up and coming glass wool polypropylene like filament for testing. After putting it through the ringer, its true that this flexible, living hinge ready material is an excellent addition to any filament collection. More

Airwolf 3D launches beta version of new APEX 3D printing software, test it now

Aug.11, 2016 - Airwolf 3D has announced the launch of its new 3D printing software, APEX, through an open beta version. The new slicing software marks another step forwards for Airwolf 3D's growing ecosystem of integrated additive manufacturing products. More

Redditor SexyCyborg turns more heads with 3D printed Infinity Skirt packed with LED mirror tiles

Aug.11, 2016 - Chinese maker and Redditor SexyCyborg is back for more with the truly remarkable 3D printed Infinity Skirt, which is completely covered with LED-lit mirror tiles that form a flexible, reconfigurable matrix. More

Haydale Graphene Industries to launch new graphene enhanced PLA 3D printing filament

Aug.11, 2016 - Haydale Graphene Industries plc, a UK based graphene and nanomaterials manufacturer, has just announced it will be launching a new line of graphene enhanced PLA filaments this September. More

Materialise to build Europe's largest and most modern 3D printing factory near Wroclaw in Poland

Aug.11, 2016 - Belgian 3D printing specialists Materialise are about to start construction on Europe's largest and most modern 3D printing factory, which will be built in in the Polish village of Bielany Wroclawskie and will allow them to cope with projects of a much larger scale. More

J 3D & Nagoya City University develop 3D printed artificial hip joints to fight aging population challenges

Aug.11, 2016 - In an attempt to fight the enormous financial and medical challenges created by Japan's rapidly aging population, J 3D and Nagoya City University are developing cost-effective and custom-made 3D printed artificial hip joints that greatly reduce the amount of necessary medical care. More

Stanford scientists 3D printing rocks to examine how microstructures affect large-scale properties

Aug.11, 2016 - Stanford University researchers have developed a 3D printing technique which could enable scientists to study rocks from afar without requiring samples. The'method'can also be used to study the relationship between a rock's microscopic and large-scale properties. More

New Zealand's Canterbury University is 3D printing educational replicas of 3,000-year-old artefacts

Aug.10, 2016 - Researchers from the University of Canterbury in New Zealand have started 3D printing replicas of a 3,000-year-old artefacts, including a priceless Babylonian terracotta tablet, for educational purposes. More

NASA-commissioned 3D food printer will now create on-demand pizzas at concerts and sporting events

Aug.10, 2016 - A 3D printer that was originally funded by NASA for astronauts to use in space will instead be used to 3D print pizza at public events. After having its NASA grant axed, the Texas researchers behind the 3D printer formed BeeHex, a company that will use the machine in commercial environments. More

WASP advances work on 3D printed eco village with the massive BigDelta 3D printer

Aug.10, 2016 - Italian 3D printing company WASP has been working for the past couple months to construct the Shamballa Technological Park, an experimental eco-village. We recently caught up with WASP about their project and have some new updates about what is happening with the Italian 3D printed eco town. More

British eight-year-old receives 3D printed hand in colors of favorite soccer team

Aug.10, 2016 - William Joyner, a British eight-year-old who was born without a left hand, has received a 3D printed robotic prosthesis in the colors of his favorite soccer team. The 3D printed hand, colored in the blue and white of second-tier club Reading F.C., was funded by the University of Bedfordshire. More

North Korea unveils a new 3D printer that can make bones for surgery and dentistry

Aug.10, 2016 - According to recent footage from the Korean Central Television (KCTV) North Korea seems to have developed a 3D printer with applications in cosmetic surgery and dentistry. The footage marks the first time a functioning 3D printer has been shown on North Korean media. More

Brian Chan 3D prints gorgeous fully playable violin for musician Rhett Price

Aug.10, 2016 - Formlabs designer Brian Chan has just proven that resin is in fact a perfect material option for 3D printed instruments, by 3D printing a gorgeous and fully playable 3D printed violin. More

French cycling team debuts Jet One 3D printed handlebars at Rio Olympics

Aug.10, 2016 - The French Olympic cycling team has debuted its Jet One 3D printed handlebars which were made by 3D printing company Erpro &Sprint in association with the French Cycling Federation (FFC) and aeroacoustic wind tunnel facility GIE S2A. More

DARPA to bring 3D bioprinting's material growth to construction with ELM program

Aug.10, 2016 - Research agency DARPA has just launched the Engineered Living Material (ELM) program, which seeks to bring the living, growing material principles of 3D bioprinting to the construction industry to make buildings more efficient and self-sustainable. More

Kentucky family makes custom fitted and lightweight 3D printed gloves for wheelchair racing

Aug.10, 2016 - A family from Nicholasville, Kentucky is developing custom fitted 3D printed wheelchair racing gloves at their local library. 3D printed wheelchair racing gloves are gaining attention on a larger scale as well, as Paralympic athletes will be wearing them this September. More

Bring analog cameras to the digital age with 3D printed 'I'm Back' Raspberry Pi case

Aug.10, 2016 - Thanks to the amazing 3D printed 'I'm Back' Raspberry Pi case by Samuel Mello Medeiros, you can now bring your old-fashioned analog camera into the digital age and take photos that are digitally stored. More

Crowdfunding campaign for $65 3D printable EOMA68 computer gathers steam

Aug.10, 2016 - UK startup Rhombus Tech has launched a crowdfunding campaign for its Earth-friendly and easily upgradable EOMA68 computing devices. The innovative devices use a standardized PC board and 3D printable housing parts, with design files available under GPLv3+ license. More

Australian scientists use 3D printing to create thermosphere-bound 'CubeSat' satellite

Aug.9, 2016 - The Australian Centre for Space Engineering Research (ACSER) has used 3D printing to create the chassis of UNSW-Ec0, a small satellite, or 'CubeSat,' that will be launched from the International Space Station in late 2016 as part of the European-led QB50 mission. More

Olympic scale 3D printed TrackPacer helps runners visualize their progress on the track

Aug.9, 2016 - In the spirit of the Rio Summer Olympics, digital agency Viget has unveiled the TrackPacer, a visual marker made with the help of 3D printing technologies that allows runners to pace themselves and keep track of their speed. More

Adam Beane Industries' Cx5 sculptable 3D printing filament launches on Kickstarter

Aug.9, 2016 - Adam Beane Industries has officially launched the Cx5 sculptable 3D printing filament on Kickstarter. The new 3D printing material offers makers an easy and efficient way of carving, smoothing, and detailing their prints for truly amazing results. More

FilaOne Gray Carbon Nanotube 3D printer filament supports 1,000 times its own weight during amazing strength test

Aug.9, 2016 - US developer of engineering-grade filaments Avante Technology just exposed their recently released FilaOne Gray filament to a grueling torture test during which it supported 1,000 times its own weight and easily withstood 90 degree bends. More

Deltabots releases PotterBot V4.5 ceramic 3D printer with 5,500 ml extruder

Aug.9, 2016 - Ceramic 3D printing specialist Deltabots has released the latest 3D printer in its line of 3D PotterBot machines. The $7,800 3D PotterBot V4.5 uses DC servo motors and features a large build envelope and high-volume 5,500 ml extruder. More

This Mercedes-Benz DTW Le Mans 2030 concept car can 3D print its tires on the go

Aug.9, 2016 - Martin Chatelier, a transportation design student, has designed the Mercedes-Benz DTW concept car. The futuristic car was designed for the 24 Hours of Le Mans in 2030, and with its air powering system, graphene body, and independent 3D printing tire system it has been designed to win. More

voxeljet moves into Mexican automotive market through deal with OEM specialist ART

Aug.9, 2016 - German large-format 3D printing specialist voxeljet AG is already a world leader in its field, but is now expanding their empire into Mexico as well thanks to a deal with Latin American OEM specialist ART. More

KIT researchers develop method for 3D printing specialized nanoscale AFM probes

Aug.9, 2016 - A research team from the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) in Germany has developed a novel method for creating specialized Atomic force microscopy (AFM) probes using 3D direct laser writing and two-photon polymerization. More

3D Printed replica gun and live ammo seized by TSA at US Airport

Aug.9, 2016 - A world where a 3D printed functional gun was made possible with Cody Wilson's Liberator pistol in 2013. Since that time, 3D printed guns like the one recently seized at a US airport continue to pop up and make headlines around the world. More

Formfutura's new EasyCork PLA filament makes warp-free cork 3D printing possible on any 3D printer

Aug.9, 2016 - Dutch filament manufacturers Formfutura has just launched their new EasyCork PLA-based filament, which is absolutely packed with cork fibers to prevent warpage and can be 3D printed on just about every desktop 3D printer out there. More

BMW uses 3D printing to restore Elvis Presley's super rare BMW 507

Aug.8, 2016 - German car manufacturer BMW has used 3D printing to restore Elvis Presley's BMW 507 racecar, after it was discovered in a pumpkin factory. Additive manufacturing technology was used to recreate the window winders and door handles of the classic vehicle. More

Change in UK copyright law sparks debate over 3D printed replica market

Aug.8, 2016 - On July 28, the UK government changed the Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988 by extending the copyright for a deceased furniture designer's work from 25 years to 70 years. Rick Falkvinge, founder of the first Pirate Party, has condemned the move as an attack on the 3D printing industry. More

San Draw introduces 3D printed silicone insoles with varying hardness for optimal comfort

Aug.8, 2016 - San Draw, the company responsible for Full-color, Adjustable hardness, and Multi-material FAM silicone 3D printing, has found another practical application for its novel technology: the 3D printing of silicone insoles. More

Metal additive manufacturing software 'Amphyon' uses simulations to offset printing distortions

Aug.8, 2016 - German startup Additive Works is developing a simulation-based preprocessing software for metal additive manufacturing. The 'Amphyon' software package, currently in beta, uses a four-step approach which enables manufacturers to predict and avoid potential deformations in their printed parts. More

First Dutch 3D bioprinting lab opens in Utrecht with eye on 3D printed organs

Aug.8, 2016 - The UMC Utrecht, the Hogeschool Utrecht and the ProtoSpace Foundation have just joined forces in Utrecht3DMedical, the first lab in the Netherlands that has been completely dedicated to 3D bioprinting, and are aiming to develop transplantable 3D printed organs. More

You can now print full color 3D holograms with regular inkjet printers

Aug.8, 2016 - Startup Lumii is bring 3D printing to regular inkjet printers with a new algorithm that generates full color 3D hologram photos with full parallax movement that can be printed on most office and home color printers. More

Ion Core scales up smart 3D printing with huge industrial-grade Zinter Pro II 3D printer

Aug.8, 2016 - UK-based Ion Core Technology is working hard to scale up smart 3D printing for professional environments with the Zinter Pro II 3D printer, featuring a huge build platform and a fantastic resolution. More

Autodesk, Enable Community Foundation & Voodoo Manufacturing donate 750 3D printed prosthetic hands to children in need

Aug.8, 2016 - The world's first global hand-drive for 3D printed assistive devices has been realized through a collaborative effort between the Enable Community Foundation, Autodesk, and Voodoo Manufacturing. Together, the three parties were able to create an impressive 750 3D printed prosthetic hands to donate to children in need. More

ORNL researchers develop novel simulation process for more precise nanoscale 3D printing

Aug.8, 2016 - The Oak Ridge National Laboratory, also known as ORNL, has devised a process for combining both simulation and experiment to make Focused Electron Beam Induces Deposition technology for nanoscale 3D printing more precise and controllable than ever. More

Vector Space Systems tests 3D printed low-cost mini-rocket that can carry 50kg loads into space

Aug.8, 2016 - Aerospace startup Vector Space Systems just reached a major milestone in the micro-satellite market by successfully testing their P-20 mini-rocket, featuring a low-cost 3D printed engine, in the Mojave Desert. More

GO for longer with these 3D printed Pokémon charger cases

Aug.7, 2016 - Pokémon Go remains as popular as ever, but the notoriously battery-draining app is leaving some players frustrated. Now you can Go for longer with the help of these cool 3D printed battery charger covers featuring iconic Pokéball and Pokédex designs. More

Texas A&M student 3D prints tactile maps of campus for the visually impaired

Aug.7, 2016 - Texas A&M freshman Tyler Wooten has been designing a 3D printed tactile map of his university's campus to help visually impaired students get around more easily. The project is being realized with the help of senior economics student Kaitlyn Kellermeyer, who has been completely blind since 2014. More

Japanese researchers 3D printing blood vessels and other complex tissues

Aug.6, 2016 - A number of Japanese research institutions have adopted 3D bioprinting techniques to produce 3D printed blood vessels and other complex tissues. Saga University has used induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSCs) to print blood vessels, while Kyoto University has developed tissue for nerve regeneration. More

Designer repackages Béla Bartók's Mikrokosmos in stunning 3D printed music booklet casing

Aug.6, 2016 - Hungarian Nora Kaszanyi has created a beautiful special edition monograph for Hungarian composer Béla Bartók's Mikrokosmos, a six-volume collection of piano pieces. The six volumes, each presented with a cover printed with distinct geometric visualizations, are all neatly packaged in a both striking and minimalist 3D printed case. More

University of Washington students are 3D printing the missing bones of a 13-foot Columbian mammoth

Aug.6, 2016 - The University of Washington's College of Engineering and the Burke Museum of Natural History and Culture have joined forces to 3D print the missing bones of a wooly mammoth skeleton due to be displayed in the museum's new exhibition hall. The project should be completed by 2019. More

Sonoma Orthopedics uses 3D printed bone fracture models to teach doctors new intermedullary fixation technique

Aug.5, 2016 - Using 3D printing equipment from Stratasys, Sonoma Orthopedics Products, Inc. is pioneering techniques for implementing intramedullary devices for ankle, wrist, and clavicle fracture repair. These bones had previously been considered too small for such procedures. More

2x University of Buffalo projects receive SMART funds to explore new 3D printing techniques

Aug.5, 2016 - The University of Buffalo has included two 3D printing projects in its five-pronged, $100,000 SMART initiative, one of UB's three Communities of Excellence. One project will explore the viability of 3D printing electronic devices; another will involve 3D printing graphene-based supercapacitors. More

3D printed diamond jewelry could become reality as Lockheed Martin patents futuristic 3D printer

Aug.5, 2016 - US aerospace giant Lockheed Martin has filed a patent for a new kind of 3D printer that could purportedly print objects of virtually any shape out of synthetic diamonds. The machinery would be primarily used to develop items such as drill bits, but could also be used to make customized jewelry. More

Study 3D printing from the inside out with 3D printed educational ULIO 3D printer

Aug.5, 2016 - With the forthcoming ULIO 3D printed 3D printer, which is set to hit Indiegogo next week, students can learn everything about the 3D printing process by building and assembling their very own 3D printer in their classroom. More

Multiply Labs launches customizable 3D printed pills that release desired supplements throughout the day

Aug.5, 2016 - You can now pack all your supplements in a single 3D printed customized pill that releases them exactly when you need them, thanks to a new service by startup Multiply Labs. More

Ancient statue of Zeus from Olympia revived through 3D printing

Aug.5, 2016 - To celebrate the 20th anniversary of the 1996 Summer Olympics, the Millennium Gate Museum in Atlanta has 3D printed a stunning replica of the statue of Zeus from Olympia, one of the Seven Wonders of the ancient world. More

Metal 3D printing now fastest-growing segment of AM industry, report finds

Aug.5, 2016 - According to a market research report from IDTechX, metal 3D printing is the fastest-growing segment of the additive manufacturing industry, with printer sales growing at 48% and material sales growing at 32%. Data for the report was gathered over the course of several years. More

Team behind Tattoo 3D printer use industrial robot to Tattoo with even more precision

Aug.5, 2016 - When Charles Hull invented 3D printing in the early 1980s, the idea of tattooing someone with his invention probably hadn't crossed his mind. Fast forward to today, a team of French designers have done just that and more. More

Doctor adopts 3D scanning & printing to create hyper-accurate prosthetic ears for kids with microtia

Aug.5, 2016 - Scottish plastic surgeon Dr. Ken Stewart from the Royal Hospital for Sick Children in Edinburgh has started using 3D scanning and 3D printing to make microtia ear deformity treatment far more accurate, but also far less scary for children. More

Scottish 3D printing firm in pole position to supply parts to Formula 1 after purchase of £805K metal 3D printer

Aug.5, 2016 - A Scottish business set up by a former soccer player has invested £805,000 ($1.05 million) in an SLM 500HL 3D printer in order to increase its supply of 3D printed metal parts. CA Models, based in the city of Stirling in central Scotland, counts nine Formula 1 teams amongst its customers. More

KPMG: 27% of senior metals execs planning to invest in additive manufacturing, 25% already have

Aug.4, 2016 - A quarter of senior metals executives responding to KPMG International's 2016 Global Metals & Mining Outlook survey say they have invested in additive manufacturing; 27% say they will invest more in the future. Fewer than half voiced any confidence in the prospects for the global economy. More

Stratasys and 3D Systems shift attention to mass production 3D printing as growth stagnation continues over 2Q

Aug.4, 2016 - 3D printing giants Stratasys and 3D Systems have been struggling for more than a year now, and seem to be shifting their focus towards mass production 3D printing as their growth stagnation continues over the second quarter of 2016. More

Stratasys and 3D Systems shift attention to mass production 3D printing as growth stagnation continues over 2Q

Aug.4, 2016 - 3D printing giants Stratasys and 3D Systems have been struggling for more than a year now, and seem to be shifting their focus towards mass production 3D printing as their growth stagnation continues over the second quarter of 2016. More

3D printing giant Stratasys posts Q2 financial results, reports better-than-expected EPS of $0.12

Aug.4, 2016 - Stratasys, the 3D printing services and equipment company, today posted its financial results for the second quarter of 2016. The company reported Q2 EPS of $0.12, $.06 above the analyst estimate of $0.06. Revenue for Q2 came in at $172.1 million. More

Stratasys expands 3D printing solutions in Greater China through investments into TPM3D

Aug.4, 2016 - Stratasys Shanghai, a subsidiary of 3D printing solutions company Stratasys Ltd. recently announced that it will be expanding its 3D printing solutions and services within the Greater China region through investments into its local joint ventures company TPM3D. More

DJ Piotr Bejnar combines music and 3D printing to get his audience's hearts pumping

Aug.4, 2016 - Polish DJ Piotr Bejnar is pushing the boundaries of his performances with the help of 3D printing technologies. With them, he has found a way to truly connect to his audiences by using their heartbeats as his music's beats. More

Formlabs raises $35 million in series B funding, reveals collaboration with Autodesk

Aug.4, 2016 - Resin 3D printing pioneers Formlabs have just revealed that they have raised $35 million in a very successful series B funding round, while they will also be collaborating with Autodesk with an eye on joint marketing and software integration. More

Functional 3D prints with circuits now possible with Continuous Composites' multi-material CSM 3D printer, print speed up to 1200 ipm

Aug.4, 2016 - Continuous Composites is working on a paradigm-shifting 3D printing tech called Continuous Scaled Manufacturing, which rapidly 3D prints and cures various fibers, metals and plastics simultaneously to form complete, functional parts complete with conductive circuits. More

JumpStartCSR develops smart custom 3D printed footbeds for preventing and tracking MSDs

Aug.4, 2016 - Seattle-based startup JumpStartCSR is developing a system that combines 3D printing with a complex cognitive expert system to prevent and improve treatments for musculoskeletal disorders. The new system, called Holmz, is currently undergoing trials. More

$250k 3D printed anatomy kits are making medical teaching more accessible

Aug.4, 2016 - For the past two years, Paul McMenamin, the director of the Melbourne-based Monash University Centre for Human Anatomy Education, has been developing a kit of 3D printed anatomical replica models to help train medical students. Now, the kits, worth $250k are commercially available. More

$503K grant helps Pitt researchers study how 3D printing alloys solidify after melting

Aug.4, 2016 - A team of researchers from the University of Pittsburgh has received a $503,000 grant from the National Science Foundation to study the solidification processes of aluminum alloys, such as those used in additive manufacturing. The study will utilize a one-of-a-kind transmission electron microscope. More

BMW uses LEDs and 3D Printing to track Olympic swimmers movement to maximize performance

Aug.4, 2016 - While it's true that you might think of BMW when considering training athletes for the Olympics, but previously established motion tracking systems found in their cars lend themselves easily to a 3D printed LED based sensor technology. More

Sketchfab launches new VR features to make viewing 3D models better than ever

Aug.3, 2016 - 3D model sharing platform Sketchfab has just launched three new virtual reality features to improve user experiences. The features include VR browsing, VR Teleportation, and Intuitive Tools for Artists. More

New Zealand Defence Force uses 3D scanner to measure its troops

Aug.3, 2016 - The New Zealand Defence Force (NZDF)'is using a 300,000 NZD (214,000 USD) 3D scanner to measure troops. The Human Solutions Vitus XXL 3D scanner has been in operation for around 18 months, and can take a person's full measurements in just 10 seconds. More

Future Mars city prototypes to be 3D printed in Mojave Desert within three years

Aug.3, 2016 - Thanks to a successful Kickstarter campaign, Mars City Design will be hosting a workshop on city planning on the Red Planet and will 3D print the best concept prototypes in the Mojave Desert within three years from now. More

3D printed 'medical phantom models' are advancing training for Clubfoot treatments

Aug.3, 2016 - A team of researchers from Carnegie Mellon University's College of Engineering have developed patient-specific 3D printed medical phantom models. The models will help train surgeons to treat Clubfoot disorder by providing realistic feeling foot structures made from 3D printed bones and a soft gel material. More

Carnegie Mellon U aims to unlock industrial 3D printing potential with new consortium that includes GE, Alcoa and United States Steel

Aug.3, 2016 - Carnegie Mellon University's NextManufacturing Center has just announced a new consortium that brings together major companies, nonprofit institutes and the US government to work together to fully unlock the potential of industrial 3D printing. More

Gilmour Space Technologies successfully tests 3D printed fuel for space-bound rockets

Aug.3, 2016 - While many aerospace innovators are using 3D printing for engine parts, the Singapore-based Gilmour Space Technologies has developed a 3D printed fuel for space-bound rockets that could significantly decrease launch costs. More

Top sportswear brands embrace 3D printing to push their athletes into RIO Olympics

Aug.3, 2016 - Nike, Under Armour and Speedo have been investing heavily to push their athletes as far as possible. The line between unfair advantage and victory, always hanging in the balance. More

Stunning 3D printed cheongsam unveiled in Beijing

Aug.3, 2016 - The timeless cheongsam dress has been brought into the technological age through a collaborative effort between the Tsinghua University Arts and Science Center and Jiangsu based 3D printing solutions company Seegine 3D Printing. More

Under Armour gives Michael Phelps special 3D printed shoes with son's footprint inside

Aug.3, 2016 - US star swimmer Michael Phelps is bringing two pairs of customized 3D printed Under Armour shoes to the Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, both featuring black footprint markings of Phelps' three-month-old son Boomer. More

Jump receives $10 million grant to expand its 3D Heart Library

Aug.2, 2016 - Jump Trading Simulation & Education Center, a medical research and innovation facility in Peoria, Illinois, has just announced that it has received a generous $10 million grant from its founder William Shepard which it will put towards expanding its 3D Heart Library. More

Siemens acquires 85% stake in British 3D printing firm Materials Solutions

Aug.2, 2016 - Siemens has acquired a majority (85%) stake in Materials Solutions Ltd., a UK-based selective laser melting (SLM) specialist and leader in additive manufacturing processing and production. The remaining 15% will be held by company founder Carl Brancher. More

Saudi Arabia plans to 3D print 1.5 million houses with WinSun's construction 3D printing tech

Aug.2, 2016 - Last week a delegation of Chinese WinSun officials traveled to Riyadh, the capital of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, to discuss construction 3D printing. Among others, the Chinese construction 3D printing pioneers were invited to 3D print up to 1.5 million housing units over the next five years. More

3MF Consortium adds two specification extensions to industry-backed 3D printing format

Aug.2, 2016 - The 3MF Consortium, a group of industry professionals working to define the new '3MF' 3D printing format, has today released two specification extensions to its 3MF Core Specification 1.1. The 3MF Production Extension and 3MF Slice Extension are available to download immediately. More

3D Hubs, an online 3D printing marketplace, raises $7M Series B led by EQT Ventures

Aug.2, 2016 - 3D Hubs, the world's largest marketplace for 3D printing, has just closed a hugely successful Series B investment round, raising $7 million in funds that will be used to grow their service network for professional users. More

Russia's URSC aims to have zero-gravity 3D bioprinter aboard the ISS by 2018

Aug.2, 2016 - Russia's United Rocket and Space Corporation has just signed an agreement with 3D Bioprinting Solutions for the development of a magnetic zero-gravity 3D bioprinter, which should be in operation aboard the ISS by 2018. More

North Dakota researchers fight 3D print errors and cyberhacking with image analysis software

Aug.2, 2016 - Researchers from the University of North Dakota are working on an image analysis software solution that can be used to detect and identify errors in the 3D printing process, making 3D printing more reliable and less susceptible to hacking. More

Berok Khoshnevis wants to 3D print houses with Contour Crafting on earth and on the moon

Aug.2, 2016 - Behrokh Khoshnevis, a professor of engineering from the University of Southern California, is developing a method for 3D printing structures called Contour Crafting that could be the solution for both creating low-cost and liveable housing for low-income regions and for efficiently creating housing in space. More

UK's small firms are reluctant to adopt advanced tech like 3D printing & robotics

Aug.2, 2016 - A report published by French multinational insurance firm AXA shows that many small businesses and firms within the United Kingdom are still quite skeptical and reluctant about new technologies like 3D printing, robotics, smart homes, and driverless cars. More

Leapfrog's new Bolt 3D Printer doubles your print speeds with innovative dual-extruder system

Aug.2, 2016 - With so many 3D printers on the market today it's difficult to decide what's best for you. Leapfrog's new Bolt 3D printer is attempting to make that decision easier with a unit packed with all the bells and whistles you can hope for. More

Columbia scientists are developing a 3D food printer that can cook your food

Aug.1, 2016 - While we can try 3D printed foods at a limited number of restaurants, 3D printing has yet to take off within people's home kitchens and has remained relatively niche. A team of researchers and engineers from Columbia University are hoping to change all that by developing a functional home food 3D printer that can print and cook food. More

3DPrinterOS teams up PrintLab to create 3D printing labs in 19 countries

Aug.1, 2016 - 3DPrinterOS, the world's first operating system for 3D printers, is releasing its all-in-one University Infinity Program in collaboration with PrintLab, a global distributor of 3D printing products. The Program will be available to universities in 19 countries around the world. More

WhiteClouds acquires Sandboxr, provider of 3D printed video game collectibles

Aug.1, 2016 - WhiteClouds, a leading 3D printing cloud provider, has acquired Sandboxr, a company which works with video game developers to create 3D printed video game collectibles which can be delivered to a customer's door. WhiteClouds will now adopt Sandboxr's patented configurator software. More

LLNL & Giant Leap Technologies using 3D printing to develop solar technology with $2.2M DoE funding

Aug.1, 2016 - Giant Leap Technologies (GLT) and the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL) have received $2.2M from the US Department of Energy's SunShot Initiative. The two parties will develop new techniques for 3D printing opto-microfluidic structures, which will help to improve solar power efficiency. More

SHRED-Buddy3D Recycler turns bottles, leftover filament bits & fishing line into pellets for 3D printing

Aug.1, 2016 - German startup VentureBit is seeking funds for a desktop plastic shredder through a Kickstarter campaign. The product, called SHRED-Buddy3D, can help you to transform leftover filament, plastic bottles, fish line and a range of other plastic scraps into plastic granules, which in turn can be transformed into ready-to-use 3D printer filament. More

This 3D printed phone case on wheels will roll towards you when you get a call

Aug.1, 2016 - A new 3D printed smartphone case developed by Tokyo researchers features wheels that make kinetic interaction possible, allowing users to take measurements with their phones. More

Blue Eagle Labs returns with new affordable and large volume Metal Delta 3D printer kit

Aug.1, 2016 - Blue Eagle Labs is aiming to repeat their huge 2013 Kickstarter success with their new Metal Delta 3D printer kit, a powerful, all-metal and very affordable desktop 3D printer that can be customized with numerous intriguing upgrades. More

Design your own 3D printed snapback for Modla's latest hat collection

Aug.1, 2016 - London based 3D design studio Modla has just launched a line of three 3D printed snapbacks. As a special offer with the launch, Modla is inviting customers to submit their own designs for 3D printed hat graphics for the chance of having them included in the collection and a share of the profits. More

US Navy's MV-22B Osprey with 3D printed engine housing perfectly completes test flight

Aug.1, 2016 - NavAir has just completed a test flight with an MV-22B Osprey equipped with a 3D printed engine housing, the Navy's first ever test flight featuring critical 3D printed components. More

AMO cuts wind energy costs by 3D printing gigantic wind blade molds in 6 feet tall sections

Aug.1, 2016 - The Advanced Manufacturing Office (AMO) has turned to 3D printing to reduce production costs for the next generation of wind turbines and has 3D printed a 42 feet wind blade mold, cut up into separate six feet tall segments. More

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