XYZPrinting announces $3,000 da Vinci full-Color 3D Printer with 3DColorJet technology

Aug.31, 2017 - 3D printer manufacturer XYZprinting has announced the $3,000 Da Vinci Color: a fused filament fabrication 3D printer that offers full CMYK printing by incorporating inkjet printing into the build process. More

Sony's new Xperia XZ1 and XZ1 Compact phones come with 3D scanning technology

Aug.31, 2017 - Sony has demonstrated its latest smartphones at a trade fair in Berlin, and 3D scanning is one of the new features they are bundled with. The 3D Creator app allows users to capture 3D images with the device's camera, and they are processed entirely on-board, ready to be shared or sent for 3D printing. More

Layer One teases new FDM-SLA combo 3D printer: the Atom 3

Aug.31, 2017 - Taiwan 3D printer manufacturer Layer One seems to have something new up its sleeve. Known for its delta-style Atom FDM 3D printers, the company claims to be developing a new 3D printer which would combine both FDM and stereolithography (SLA) in a single machine. More

Stem cell growth factor research from Swinburne brings us closer to 3D bioprinting implantable tissue

Aug.31, 2017 - A scientist from the Swinburne University of Technology in Australia is conducting research that could take us one step closer to 3D bioprinted human tissue for implantation. The project consists of developing a method to control how quickly growth factors are released. More

Materialise teams with Tailored Fits to launch digital supply chain for custom-fit 3D printed ski boots

Aug.31, 2017 - Materialise has partnered with winter sports gear and tailored footwear specialist Tailored Fits to launch an end-to-end digital supply chain for custom-fit 3d printed ski boots. More

Fraunhofer ILT to develop game-changing green laser SLM 3D printer for printing pure copper

Aug.31, 2017 - Researchers at the Fraunhofer Institute for Laser Technology (Fraunhofer ILT) are developing a green laser SLM 3D printing system for printing pure copper and copper alloys. The project has been dubbed 'SLM in Green.' More

Instagif NextStep: a 3D printed Polaroid camera that prints out GIFs

Aug.31, 2017 - Tech lover Abhishek Singh has 3D printed a Polaroid camera that 'prints out' GIFs. The amazing Raspberry Pi-powered 'Instagif NextStep' ejects a small cartridge, equipped with a screen and another Pi, that can play a recorded GIF on loop for around 20 minutes. More

PEAK unveils first ever pair of 3D printed basketball shoes in collab with NBA star Dwight Howard

Aug.31, 2017 - Chinese sportswear brand PEAK has unveiled what could be the first ever pair of 3D printed basketball sneakers. The 3D printed sports shoes were presented just days ago at the 2017 PEAK China Tour and Dwight Howard III Press Conference. More

Mini uses 3D printing in production of its all-electric Mini concept

Aug.31, 2017 - British car icon Mini has unveiled its latest concept car, the Mini Electric Concept. It's a preview of the company's first all-electric production model, to be released in 2019. 3D printing technology was used extensively in the production of the car's wheels, whose design varies from the classic Mini Cooper's in a number of interesting ways. More

3D Printing News Roundup: OrthoPediatrics, Chromatic 3D Materials, Stratasys, Type A Machines, 3D printed fashion

Aug.30, 2017 - Here's a round-up of recent events, to keep you up to speed with what's happening in the 3D printing world. Recently we've seen a partnership established'between OrthoPediatrics and Mighty Oak Medical, 3D printed fashion being displayed at a Seoul textile exhibition, and much more besides. More

Siemens to assist Dubai's Roads and Transport Authority in 3D printing parts for metro system

Aug.30, 2017 - Industrial manufacturing company Siemens has signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with Dubai's Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) to develop 3D printed parts for the latter's transport subsystems. More

Plantoids: the smart 3D printed robots that will help keep your plants alive

Aug.30, 2017 - Citizen Scientific Workshop (CSW) has launched a Kickstarter campaign for Plantoids, 3D printable robots that put your plants on wheels. Each 3D printed device seeks out sunlight and fresh air to give its green passenger the best chance of good health. More

Expandable bone screw 3D printed in titanium could improve spinal surgery recovery

Aug.30, 2017 - Researchers from Curtin University in Australia have teamed up with surgeons from the Royal Perth Hospital and the St John of God Subiaco Hospital to develop a 3D printed bone screw. The device can help patients suffering from severe bone fractures or osteoporosis recover from spinal surgery. More

Has RCLifeOn mastered the art of 3D printed t-shirt design?

Aug.30, 2017 - Simon Sorensen, creator of the YouTube channel RCLifeOn, has uploaded a video tutorial for making 3D printed t-shirt designs. The maker uses NinjaFlex flexible filament to 3D print patterns directly onto cotton t-shirts. More

Formwerk3D helps 3D scan rare bust of Ancient Egyptian pharaoh Akhenaten

Aug.30, 2017 - In collaboration with local 3D printing service Formwerk3D, Hannover's Museum August Kestner recently undertook a project to digitally 3D scan and capture the ancient bust of pharaoh Akhenaten. The 3D model can now be viewed from anywhere in the world. More

Local Motors' self-driving 'Olli' shuttle helped along by Makerbot 3D printers

Aug.30, 2017 - Local Motors offered a glimpse into its manufacturing facility to see how it has been using the Makerbot Replicator+, a $2,500 high-performance desktop 3D printer, to quickly and efficiently produce parts for the IBM Watson-powered 'Olli' vehicle. More

Incredible 3D printed Fractal Skulls from WhiteClouds will have you contemplating life and death

Aug.30, 2017 - WhiteClouds, the Utah-based cloud 3D printing specialist, has launched a Kickstarter campaign for an amazing set of 3D printed 'Fractal Skulls.' The colorful skulls are designed with mind-bending, computer-generated fractal patterns, and finished with a glossy protective coating. More

Printable Scenery launches Kickstarter for new Rampage Gothic 3D printable scenery-building systems

Aug.30, 2017 - After the success of various other crowdfunding campaigns in the past, New Zealand-based Printable Scenery has launched a Kickstarter for its new Rampage Gothic line. These 3D printable scenery models are inspired by gothic architecture and will be a great addition to any fantasy role-player's collection. More

BiliScreen: a 3D printed smartphone device that detects pancreatic cancer by looking at your eyes

Aug.29, 2017 - Researchers at the University of Washington have developed BiliScreen, a new smartphone app and 3D printed attachment that can detect jaundice in an adult's eye. This could in turn allow users to detect early signs of pancreatic cancer and other diseases. More

18-year-old Italian student builds €10 3D printer from old inkjet printers

Aug.29, 2017 - An 18-year-old student at the Liceo Scientifico Copernico in Udine, Italy, has deconstructed three old inkjet printers and a flatbed scanner to make his own 3D printer from scratch. Costing only '10 from start to finish, Michele Lizzit's innovative project shows just how much is possible with some basic recycling, a bit of tinkering, and a lot of creativity. More

Danfoss opens first 3D printing center in Denmark; Asian and North American centers to follow

Aug.29, 2017 - Danfoss, a Danish manufacturer of cooling, heating, and motor systems, has announced the opening of its first global 3D printing technology center. Based in Nordborg, Denmark, the new 3D printing facility is the first of three that Danfoss plans to open. More

UW-Madison engineers get $2.1M to develop 3D printed heat exchangers for refrigerators

Aug.29, 2017 - Engineers from the University of Wisconsin-Madison have received $2.1 million in funding to continue their development of 3D printed heat exchangers. The project is being supported by the U.S. Department of Energy Advanced Research Projects Agency-Energy (ARPA-e). More

3i-PRINT brings together additive giants for amazing 3D printed Volkswagen Caddy project

Aug.29, 2017 - Altair, APWORKS, csi entwicklungstechnik, EOS GmbH, GERG, and Heraeus have joined forces for 3i-PRINT, an engineering platform for research and development of innovative prototype concepts. The group has 3D printed the front end structure of a Volkswagen Caddy. More

Swinburne University recognized for innovative geopolymer-based concrete 3D printing method

Aug.29, 2017 - The Centre for Sustainable Infrastructure at the Swinburne University of Technology in Australia has received the Excellence in Technology and Innovation award from the Concrete Institute of Australia (CIA). The prize was given for the center's cutting-edge concrete 3D printing process. More

Foster + Partners, Branch Technology capture top prize in Phase 2 of NASA's 3D printing competition

Aug.29, 2017 - NASA has announced the winner of Phase 2: Level 3 of its 3D Printed Habitat Challenge, a multi-phase competition which is seeking to find new and innovative methods for building 3D printed habitats and livable structures in space. More

Robo and colorFabb partner for new 3D printing materials, international expansion

Aug.29, 2017 - San Diego 3D printer company Robo has partnered with Netherlands-based filament specialist colorFabb for a distribution and reseller agreement. colorFabb will also develop special filaments for Robo. More

3D printing accident leads to discovery of bio-active 'tissue paper' for organ regeneration

Aug.29, 2017 - A new bio-active material has been discovered after an accidental spillage of ink used for 3D bio-printing. The material, which resembles tissue paper and has specific properties from the organ it is made from, can be used to stimulate the growth of tissues and hormone production More

Ionic3DP to launch Kickstarter for Kappa - $220 3D printer based on Scott Russell Mechanism

Aug.29, 2017 - Ionic3DP, a Singapore-based 3D printer startup, is preparing to launch its very first additive manufacturing system. Called Kappa, the new FDM/FFF desktop 3D printer is set to launch via Kickstarter this September. More

New method for 'bone-like' shell & infill optimization results in stronger 3D printed parts

Aug.28, 2017 - Researchers from the Technical University of Delft and the Technical University of Denmark have developed a new way to create bone-like porous infill in 3D printed parts. The technique can be achieved on several kinds of 3D printer. More

UK's Royal Navy could develop mysterious 3D printed submarines that look like stingrays

Aug.28, 2017 - Engineers have proposed a number of futuristic concepts for new Royal Navy vehicles and weapons. Their designs include a 3D printed stingray-like submarine and swarms of fish-shaped torpedoes. More

How to cast metal parts directly using a 3D printed 'High Temp' resin mold

Aug.28, 2017 - 3D printing company Formlabs has introduced a new method for casting metal parts using 3D printed molds. Using its High Temp Resin material, makers can easily 3D print molds for direct pewter casting. More

Brazil's Embrapa lab adopts 3D bioprinting tech to advance agricultural research

Aug.28, 2017 - Embrapa Genetic Resources and Biotechnology's Laboratory of Nanobiotechnology (LNANO) in Brasilia, Brazil has announced the recent adoption of 3D bioprinting technologies. 3D bioprinting will enable them to create complex and realistic biological structures for agricultural research. More

Lobster shells inspire 'electrified' 3D printed body armor that could prevent sports injuries

Aug.28, 2017 - Engineers from the University of Southern California Viterbi School of Engineering are using 3D printed armor inspired by lobsters to prevent sports injuries. The lobster-like printed armor could be particularly useful for preventing chronic traumatic encephalopathy. More

This giant LEGO Go-Kart was made entirely with 3D printed building blocks

Aug.28, 2017 - YouTuber Matt Denton, known for his Mantis Hacks maker videos, has built a large-scale replica of the classic 1972 LEGO Go-Kart kit. Made from 3D printed building blocks, the LEGO Go-Kart is five times larger than the original and was made for under $130. More

Virginia Tech team 3D prints with Kapton, most heat-resistant polymer that could be used in space

Aug.28, 2017 - After a year's work, a group of researchers at Virginia Tech has finished developing the molecules required to successfully 3D print with Kapton. Kapton is a high-performance, heat-resistant polymer often used to insulate satellites and other spacecraft, as it can withstand temperatures up to 1000 degrees Fahrenheit. More

Humble Velocipede, a 3D printed version of Theo Janssen's famous Strandbeest sculptures

Aug.27, 2017 - A guide published on Adafruit shows how to build the Humble Velocipede- a neat 3D printed walking toy. The design is based on the Strandbeest creations of Theo Janssen- machines designed to walk along beaches powered by the wind. More

3D Printing News Roundup: GE Garages, SMS Group, Merck, DiManEx, byFlow

Aug.26, 2017 - Don't worry if you've been too busy to keep up with recent 3D printing developments, we've got another quick round-up to fill you in on what you might have missed. Stories include Merck setting up a technology innovation lab in Israel, Saudi students getting 3D printing training from GE Garages, and more besides. More

Next generation of 3D printed medical & dental implants could be made from PEEK

Aug.25, 2017 - This year's International PEEK Meeting, which took place in Washington D.C. in April, revealed that a number of important medical research projects are being conducted into the 3D printable polymer. The material is proving especially useful for implants. More

Universities set out to 3D scan 20,000 vertebrates for MorphoSource digital database

Aug.25, 2017 - A collaborative initiative called openVertebrate is bringing together experts from various universities to 3D scan and digitally capture all vertebrates. The ambitious project, which will officially launch on September 1, is supported by a $2.5 million grant from the National Science Foundation. More

Kinematics study uses 3D printed wand markers to improve foot motion tracking

Aug.25, 2017 - Researchers from Belgium have developed an in-shoe foot analysis tool that uses 3D printed markers, consisting of a baseplate and a wand marker, to track foot motion. The kinematics system could improve future footwear designs. More

Meet 'Scout,' the US Marines' new 3D printed drone that costs just $613 to build

Aug.25, 2017 - Rhet McNeal, a 26 year-old Corporal from Griffin, Georgia, has designed a 3D printed drone called 'Scout' that can be built for just $613, around 200 times cheaper than current drones used by the Marines. More

Unitika's thermo-sensitive 3D printing material can be reworked after printing

Aug.25, 2017 - Unitika, a Japanese advanced materials company, is developing a thermo-sensitive 3D printing filament. Objects 3D printed with the filament can be deformed by hand, since body temperature causes the polymer to soften. More

Argentinian researchers add rotating 4th axis to bioprinter for tubular scaffold meshes

Aug.25, 2017 - Researchers from CONICET and the National University of La Plata in Argentina are developing a 3D bioprinting system that incorporates a 4th axis. This new 3D printer, they say, will enable the additive manufacturing of more complex cylindrical, tubular, or helical mesh structures. More

Shining 3D launches Einstart-C 3D printer, collaborates for STEAM education starter package

Aug.25, 2017 - Shining 3D, one of China's leading 3D printing and scanning companies, has announced the release of its latest product: the Einstart-C desktop 3D printer. In addition to launching the new 3D printer, the company will be introducing a 3D printing educational starter package in collaboration with PrintLab International to help bolster STEAM learning in schools. More

HP and Deloitte form alliance to implement Jet Fusion 3D printers in 'large-scale manufacturing environments'

Aug.24, 2017 - Printing behemoth HP and professional services firm Deloitte are joining forces to implement HP's 3D printing systems in large-scale manufacturing environments. Deloitte plans to flex its 'global client reach' and other strengths as part of the alliance. More

Berkeley AI team generates high-res 3D models from 2D images by focusing on surfaces

Aug.24, 2017 - Researchers from the Berkeley Artificial Intelligence Research lab have developed a way to create 3D objects from a single 2D color image. The technique uses something called 'hierarchical surface prediction' to identify free space, occupied space, and boundaries. More

German researchers reveal the 8 ways to 'remix' 3D printable models on Thingiverse

Aug.24, 2017 - A group of German researchers has conducted a study into the phenomenon of 'remixing' on Thingiverse. The study finds remixing to account for half of Thingiverse's models, and divides the practice of remixing into eight basic patterns. More

US army 3D prints 512-sq-ft barracks using concrete AM tech developed in collaboration with NASA

Aug.24, 2017 - The U.S. Army Construction Engineering Research Laboratory (CERL) has constructed a 3D printed concrete barracks spanning an impressive 512 square-feet. The concrete structure was made possible by 3D printing technology developed by CERL in partnership with NASA. More

Siemens backs Identify3D's digital manufacturing security solutions to boost use of 3D printing

Aug.24, 2017 - A major partnership has been established between Siemens and digital security solutions provider Identify3D. Identify3D's software protects and secures the digital production and supply chain for manufacturers, and this new investment will mean that more companies will be comfortable adopting 3D printing technology. More

3D Printing News Roundup: 3D printed jawbone reconstruction in Korea, Sigma Labs, Emerging Implant Technologies, more

Aug.24, 2017 - The 3D printing industry still shows no signs of slowing down, but we've got another round-up of the latest developments to keep you up to speed. Recent events include Korean surgeons using 3D printing to reconstruct a patient's jawbone, EIT getting 22 new patents for its 3D printed spinal implant technology, and more besides. More

Researchers improve design of wine testing airlocks using Carbon 3D printing tech

Aug.23, 2017 - Winemakers are continually searching for new ways to improve the winemaking process in terms of cost and production time. Recently, a team from the University of Adelaide turned to 3D printing technologies for the creation of a redesigned airlock device for wine testing. More

McKinsey: 3D printing could 'transform' construction industry along with 5D modeling, IoT, robotic assembly

Aug.23, 2017 - Management consulting firm McKinsey & Company has published a report that identifies 3D printing as a key area of 'construction's digital future.' The report also looks at 5D building information modeling, IoT, and other technologies. More

MIT's Robogami lets you design custom 3D printed robots from standard, folding parts in minutes

Aug.23, 2017 - A group of researchers from MIT CSAIL has developed a new design system to make the building of simple robots more accessible to those without design expertise. Users put together a design using templates, which is 3D printed as flat two-dimensional faces connected by joints, before being folded to assemble the final 3D shape. More

17-year-old invents $35 3D printed device for diagnosing respiratory diseases

Aug.23, 2017 - 17-year-old Maya Varma, an engineering student and intern at Stanford University, has developed a low-cost 3D printed device that can analyze a patient's breath and help to diagnose pulmonary diseases. More

Is filament made from astronaut urine the next giant leap for 3D printing in space?

Aug.23, 2017 - Clemson University researchers are developing a technique for turning human waste into recycled 3D printing filament. With special microorganisms, both urine and exhaled carbon dioxide could be turned into usable materials for 3D printing spare parts, tools, and other useful items. More

Ultra-rare 1954 Jaguar XK120 SE undergoes amazing restoration with help of 3D printing

Aug.23, 2017 - British auto shop Classic Motor Cars (CMC) has painstakingly restored and refurbished what is believed to be one of the rarest Jaguar models in existence, the one-of-a-kind Pininfarina-bodied 1954 Jaguar XK120 SE, with the help of 3D scanning and 3D printing. More

Airbus reduces 'mass, cost & time' of satellites with metal 3D printed radio frequency filters

Aug.23, 2017 - Airbus Defence and Space, a division of Airbus responsible for'defense'and'aerospace operations, has developed prototype 3D printed radio-frequency (RF) filters using metal 3D printing. RF waveguide filters are an important technology for space communications. More

3D Printing News Roundup: RESA Wearables, iBUS platform, Aether, Skriware

Aug.22, 2017 - Here's a round-up of some recent 3D printing stories you might have missed, including Aether receiving funding from the Gates Foundation for a new 3D bio-printing project, RESA Wearables introducing retail kiosks in China for 3D printed custom orthotic insoles, and more besides. More

NASA award spurs HRL's 3D printed ceramic research for rocket engine parts

Aug.22, 2017 - HRL Laboratories, a California-based research lab, has received an award from NASA's Space Technology Research, Development, Demonstration, and Infusion program. The funding will enable it to develop 3D printed rocket engine components made from ceramics. More

Three 3D printer crowdfunding projects live right now: New Nine, D2K Insight, Toybox

Aug.22, 2017 - While crowdfunding will always be something of a lottery, platforms like Kickstarter remain the best place to get huge cost reductions on startup-made 3D printers and 3D printing equipment. Here are three 3D printer projects live right now: the New Nine, D2K Insight, and Toybox. More

Matterport: $5m investment for company whose AI 3D scanning tech helps realtors scan entire houses

Aug.22, 2017 - Matterport, a California-based immersive media tech company known for its real-world 3D model generation technology, has secured a $5 million investment from Ericsson Ventures. The recent funding will help it grow and advance its innovative artificial intelligence (AI) computer vision technology. More

TetraShell 3D printing used to create four-meter-tall tree sculpture for Norwegian retirement home

Aug.22, 2017 - L+S, an artist duo from Germany and Noway, have created a four-meter-tall tree sculpture to commemorate Noway's most eco-friendly nursing home, Ullerntunet. The large-scale sculpture, which is made from bronze, was made using 3D scanning and 3D printing technologies. More

This functional 3D printed Warthog took a Halo fan 7 years to build

Aug.22, 2017 - It's been 10 years since Halo 3 was first released, and if you're like me, your memory of it may be a little bit foggy. Fortunately, maker Bryanthavercamp is here to jog our memory with this ultra impressive (and functional!) Warthog vehicle, made with the help of 3D printing. More

Lunewave's inexpensive 3D printed lenses could put Tesla-style 'autopilot' systems in everyday cars

Aug.22, 2017 - Researchers at the University of Arizona have developed inexpensive 3D printed Luneberg lenses that could be used in radar systems for the automotive industry. The researchers have formed a startup, Lunewave, that will commercialize the technology. More

MindKits awarded new Mercedes-Benz van to expand reach of its portable 3D printing workshops in New Zealand

Aug.22, 2017 - Based in New Zealand, MindKits is an educational company that has been offering 3D printing workshops in schools since 2008. It recently won Mercedes-Benz 'Hack My Van' competition, securing a new Vito van that it can use to expand its operations into less privileged areas of the country. More

Prusa software update makes 3D printing water-soluble supports easier than ever

Aug.21, 2017 - Prusa Research has released the latest version (1.36.2) of its Slic3r Prusa Edition 3D printing software. Its main new feature? Improved settings for 3D printing with water-soluble supports on the Prusa i3 MK2 MultiMaterial 3D printer. More

New Congress-approved defense bill could mean more military contracts for 3D printing companies

Aug.21, 2017 - The U.S. Department of Defense Authorization Bill, which includes stipulations on 3D printing, has passed Congress. The bill requires that the Secretary of Defense brief the House Committee on Armed Services on its plans for additive manufacturing. More

Indian doctors implant 3D printed prosthetic ear made using CoEP's Osto3D modeling software

Aug.21, 2017 - A 32-year-old woman from India has received a prosthetic ear implant thanks in large part to 3D modeling software and 3D printing technologies. The procedure was enabled by the College of Engineering, Pune (CoEP) and the Armed Forces Medical College (AFMC). More

HUMM's 3D printed brain zapper gives video gamers competitive edge

Aug.21, 2017 - HUMM, a startup based in Perth, Australia, is developing a 3D printed headset that boosts brain performance by delivering electric shocks to wearers. The device uses four electrodes to measure brain waves, and stimulates the brain to improve short-term memory and mistake evasion. More

Australia's Anatomics partners with multiple Singapore institutions for custom 3D printed implants

Aug.21, 2017 - A number of agreements have been reached between Australian tech startups and Singapore-based institutions. Among the notable partnerships is a 3D printing-related agreement between Australian medical tech company Anatomics and the Nanyang Technological University (NTU). More

Coralise: 3D printed coral skeletons could save spectacular reefs from climate change

Aug.21, 2017 - Jessica Gregory, a 23-year-old nature lover from Newport, Wales, is attempting to save coral reefs by 3D printing replicas of coral skeletons. She hopes young corals will be encouraged to to grow around the 3D printed replicas. More

This beautiful 3D printed ceramic lamp is made from a single coil of clay

Aug.21, 2017 - Australian furniture designer Tom Fereday recently highlighted the interior design possibilities of 3D printing technologies with the unveiling of his classic yet eye-grabbing 3D printed Pelo light. The pendant light shade is made from a single coil of 3D printed clay. More

Chinese city of Nanjing gets first 3D printed bridge railings

Aug.21, 2017 - Dangerous bridge railings in Nanjing, China, were replaced by the country's first 3D printed railings. Nanjing Jia Yi Precision Instrument Manufacturing Company was in charge of the project, which was completed much more quickly and efficiently than with conventional techniques. More

3D print and assemble Anouk Wipprecht's illuminated High Tech Edelweiss necklace

Aug.20, 2017 - Dutch designer Anouk Wipprecht is hands down one of our favorite innovators within the fashion-tech field. Now, makers of all skills and ages have the chance to recreate one of the talented designer's 3D printed pieces: a 3D printed Edelweiss necklace. More

TinyLev: a 3D printed home acoustic levitator that is capable of holding liquid and insects in mid-air

Aug.20, 2017 - Engineers from the UK's University of Bristol have developed 'TinyLev,' a 3D printed acoustic levitator that can be used to suspend matter in mid-air. The device could be used for blood tests, inspection of insects, and more. More

Imagined Artefacts: Artist Anousha Payne uses 3D scanning and printing to appropriate artefacts

Aug.19, 2017 - London-based artist Anousha Payne has used 3D printing to create her latest art series 'Imagined Artefacts.' The project, which consists of a number of 3D printed abstract structures, explores several themes including replication and the significance of an artefact outside of its context. More

This easy-to-follow 3D printed chess set tutorial will have rookies printing rooks in no time

Aug.19, 2017 - Adafruit has published a tutorial for a 3D printed chess set with a 'Circuit Playground' theme. The detailed pieces are made from ColorFabb PLA-metal mix filaments, while the chess board can be printed in regular PLA. More

BeAM Machines to host Open House for new 20,000 square foot facility in Cincinnati

Aug.18, 2017 - BeAM Machines, which specializes in Directed Energy Deposition (DED) technology, is to host Open House for new 20,000 square foot facility in Cincinnati. More

CSM Bakery teams with 3D Systems to bring 3D printing to food industry

Aug.18, 2017 - CSM Bakery Solutions, a provider of bakery ingredients, products and services, and 3D Systems Corp., the originator of 3D printing and solutions, today announced they reached an agreement to collaborate in the development, sale, and distribution of 3D printers, products and materials for the food industry. More

Belgian students create 3D printed robotic hand that interprets sign language for the deaf

Aug.18, 2017 - A group of engineers from the University of Antwerp in Belgium have put their skills towards good with the invention of a 3D printed humanoid robot that can translate speech into sign language. The inspirational bot is called 'Project Aslan.' More

Architecture firm Lorax Design Group uses 3D printed scale models for high-end landscape and pool design

Aug.18, 2017 - Kansas-based company Lorax Design Group has been making use of an Ultimaker 2 in order to create 3D models of its landscape designs. The team, led by Kurt Kraisinger, 3D prints models of swimming pools for clients so they can get a clearer picture of where their project is headed. More

3D printed pinhole projector shields bright eyes during total eclipse of the sun

Aug.18, 2017 - Many people across North America will be able to witness a solar eclipse on Monday, and 3D printed pinhole projectors are a cheap, safe way to view the phenomenon without damaging your eyes. More

UBC researcher's 3D printed bone grafts strike balance between porosity and strength

Aug.18, 2017 - A researcher from the University of British Columbia (UBC)'s Okanagan campus has been conducting tests to determine which 3D printable structure is best for creating artificial bone implants. Recently, he claimed to have found the most optimal design for both strength and bio integration. More

BASF acquires Dutch 3D printing filament producer Innofil3D

Aug.18, 2017 - German chemicals giant BASF has acquired a 100 percent stake in Innofil3D, a 3D printing filaments company based in the Netherlands. This continues BASF's expansion into the 3D printing market, and will enable Innofil3D to develop its already impressive product range further. More

3D Printing News Roundup: BigRep, Camber Spine Tech, Osseus, Shapeways, LPW, Sigma Labs

Aug.18, 2017 - The world of 3D printing technology continues to expand at a remarkable rate, but luckily we're here to keep you up to date on everything that's happening. Here's a round-up of recent events that might have passed you by, including some personnel changes at LPW and BigRep America, a 3D printed cervical implant getting FDA clearance, and more besides. More

Russian spacewalking cosmonauts release world's first 3D printed satellite from ISS

Aug.17, 2017 - The first satellite launch of the year by the Russian space program includes the country's first 3D printed device. A pair of cosmonauts will be manually launching the nano-satellites, all of which weigh less than 30kg, from the International Space Station More

3D printed Strandbeest robot impresses with ultra-smooth gait

Aug.17, 2017 - A maker named Nicolas Raynaud has made a 3D printed robot inspired by Theo Jansen's incredible wind-powered Strandbeest mechanisms. The robot has wowed the internet with its ultra-smooth leg movements. More

Build your own coilgun with 3D printed winding rig

Aug.17, 2017 - Miros, a maker from Slovakia, has built a 3D printed coilgun 'without massive capacitors.' The weapon uses battery-powered coils, and is powerful enough to (slightly) dent a piece of wood using metal ammunition. More

3D printing could help North Korea develop WMDs

Aug.17, 2017 - A report in the Asia Times, a Hong Kong-based publication, says North Korea could use 3D printing to make weapons of mass destruction. 3D printing could purportedly reduce development cycle times and reduce the number of workers required. More

Project Runway designer Seth Aaron to debut 3D printed shoe collection at Portland fashion week

Aug.17, 2017 - 3D printed shoes are set to take Portland's fashion week by storm this fall, with local designer Seth Aaron pairing runway fashion with 3D printed footwear from Feetz, a San Diego startup that specializes in custom 3D printed shoes. More

4D printing on the rise, says Gartner's 2017 'Hype Cycle for Emerging Technologies' report

Aug.17, 2017 - As part of its 2017 Hype Cycle for Emerging Technologies, technology research firm Gartner has identified three 'megatrends' to watch over the next five to 10 years. They are artificial intelligence everywhere, transparently immersive experiences (incl. 4D printing), and digital platforms. More

Made In Space wraps up testing on BEAM's 3D printed radiation shields

Aug.17, 2017 - Made In Space recently announced that it has completed the third and final stage of its 3D printed Radiation Enclosure Monitor (REM) shield testing for radiation aboard the Bigelow Expandable Activity Module (BEAM). More

Adaptive 3D printed facade system Spong3D could hugely improve thermal performance of offices and homes

Aug.17, 2017 - A team of researchers in the Netherlands have developed a new system that can both insulate a building and store heat. Spong3D incorporates a complex 3D printed structure, with both insulating pores and channels along which a heat-storing liquid can flow. More

3D printing mineral fillers can reduce shrinkage & warping in parts, says HPF The Mineral Engineers

Aug.16, 2017 - HPF The Mineral Engineers, a division of German minerals company Quarzwerke Group, is reportedly working on developing functional fillers for 3D printing. According to Compounding World, mineral fillers for additive manufacturing materials could lead to faster and higher-quality printing. More

Markforged introduces two new industrial 3D printers, the X3 and X5, for local manufacturing

Aug.16, 2017 - Leading 3D printer manufacturer Markforged has released 2 new machines, for use by companies wanting to 3D print end-use parts or prototypes locally. Parts made with the X2 and X5 will have vastly improved material strength and stiffness, due to the carbon fiber and thermoplastic materials they use. More

3D printed Nintendo Switch adapters help one-handed gamers play Zelda: Breath of the Wild

Aug.16, 2017 - Mexican engineer Julio Vazquez has designed a pair of 3D printed Nintendo Switch accessories that allow one-handed gamers to play with both controllers at once. One adaptor puts the controllers side by side; the other puts them at right angles. More

Rutgers and Georgia Tech researchers develop three-part approach for detecting 3D printer hacks

Aug.16, 2017 - As hacking becomes an increasingly significant threat, it is not just our passwords and financial information we have to protect. Researchers from the Rutgers University-New Brunswick and the Georgia Institute of Technology have devised three methods for fighting 3D printing hacks. More

Marine Corps says portable X-FAB additive manufacturing lab could produce 3D printed drones

Aug.16, 2017 - A Marine Corps battalion is conducting an evaluation of X-FAB (expeditionary fabrication), a self-contained, transportable additive manufacturing lab containing four 3D printers, a scanner, and CAD software for the fast fabrication of replacement parts. More

3D printed fossil helps ANU researchers make evolutionary link between humans and prehistoric fish

Aug.16, 2017 - 3D printing and 3D scanning have helped scientists from the Australian National University in Canberra uncover some new and interesting things about the human evolution process. The researchers have found links between a 400 million-year-old fish fossil and modern-day humans. More

IdiPAZ scientists hope to make 3D printed replacement corneas available within 5 years

Aug.16, 2017 - A team of researchers based in Madrid have been collaborating with experts at MIT and Harvard in order to develop the technology to 3D print corneas. Patients in need of transplants will no longer have to wait for a suitable donor, as these 3D bio-printed corneas will be tailored to be a biological match, using their own stem cells. More

'Droplet-based 3D printing' lets Oxford researchers create high-res living tissue structures

Aug.15, 2017 - Researchers at the University of Oxford have found a new way to 3D print living structures from lab-grown cells. The structures could be used as human tissue models, removing the need for animal testing. More

Stratasys Q2 financial results: over 1,000 units of F123 3D printer series sold

Aug.15, 2017 - With the recent release of its second quarter (Q2) financial results, 3D printing company Stratasys has seen a mixed but promising start to 2017. Notably, the company announced that it has already sold 1,000 units of its new F123 3D printer series, which launched in February of this year. More

3D printed 'C-Turtle' robot could shuffle its way to Mars

Aug.15, 2017 - Researchers at the University of Arizona have 3D printed a modular robot that mimics the movement of a sea turtle and uses reinforcement learning to figure out its best strategy for movement. The researchers say the 3D printed 'C-Turtle' robot could be deployed on Mars. More

3D Systems, Airbus present first flight-ready satellite RF filter made using metal 3D printing

Aug.15, 2017 - 3D Systems and Airbus Defense and Space have unveiled their latest joint achievement: a validated 3D printed radio frequency (RF) filter for satellites. The 3D printed RF filter is the first of its kind to pass testing and be qualified for use in commercial telecommunications satellites. More

Chris Korda's new 'PotterDraw' app lets you generate full-color 3D printable pottery

Aug.15, 2017 - Software developer Chris Korda has just released a new open-source software application for designing and visualizing 3D printable pottery. Called PotterDraw, the new software app is hosted on Sourceforge and can export models for 3D printing. More

Carnegie Mellon researchers identify suitable 3D printing alloys with new rapid screening method

Aug.15, 2017 - Researchers at Carnegie Mellon University have designed a rapid screening method for new 3D printing alloys. The method allows users to quickly understand and develop correlations between process variables and alloy composition. More

Taiwan plastics mogul Lawrence Lin donates $1M to UMass Lowell for 8,500 sq-ft 3D printing lab

Aug.15, 2017 - Lawrence Lin, who received his doctorate in polymer science and plastics engineering from the University of Massachusetts Lowell almost two decades ago, has donated $1 million to his alma mater for the establishment of a large 3D printing lab for students. More

More 3D printed bikinis: 'Coral' collection from aRks 3d confuses and delights in equal measure

Aug.15, 2017 - aRks 3d, a Sicily-based design studio run by architects Samuel and Rosanna, has unveiled a collection of 3D printed bikinis. Described as 'ergonomic, ecological, unique, and tailored,' the 'Coral' swimwear collection is printed in PLA with cotton inserts. More

3D Printing News Roundup: Oxford Performance Materials, Renovis Surgical, H.C. Starck, C&A Tool Engineering

Aug.14, 2017 - Here's another round-up of some recent stories from the busy world of 3D printing technology that you might have missed, including H.C Starck and Oxford Performance each releasing a new range of materials for high-end manufacturing clients. More

PyroGenesis targets inkjet 3D printing market with new ultra-fine powder production process

Aug.14, 2017 - PyroGenesis Canada, a Canadian plasma process specialist, says it is developing a new, plasma-based process for the production of metal 3D printing powders. PyroGenesis says the new process could have a greater market impact than its original Plasma Atomization technology. More

New Zealand researchers bioprinting 3D breast cancer tumors to explore different treatments

Aug.14, 2017 - A research project being undertaken at the University of Otago in Christchurch, New Zealand is investigating how 3D bioprinting can help to develop new and more precise treatments for breast cancer. More

UK chemicals specialist Johnson Matthey opens ceramic 3D printing lab in Hertfordshire

Aug.14, 2017 - Johnson Matthey, a British sustainable technology and chemicals company, has opened a new state-of-the-art ceramic 3D printing facility in Royston, UK. The lab contains a QiCPic image analysis sensor, a Freeman FT4 powder tester, and a PixDro inkjet printer. More

Real hermit crabs sport 3D printed 'house-shells' in Zoopla real estate ads

Aug.14, 2017 - If you haven't already come across a 'Crab World' advert for Zoopla, a British real estate website, we suggest you check it out. Even if you aren't looking to buy a UK property, the TV ad spot features some mighty cute hermit crabs living in some even more adorable 3D printed house-shells. More

KNTU researchers introduce new neural recording method with 3D printed μECoG device

Aug.14, 2017 - A team from the Khajeh Nasir Toosi University of Technology (KNTU) in Tehran, Iran has developed a new and minimally invasive neural recording device with the help of 3D printing. More

Doctors in China replace 5.5" of cancer patient's vertebrae with titanium 3D printed implants

Aug.14, 2017 - Doctors in China have completed a highly complex cervical vertebra replacement using 3D printed bones. The 28-year-old patient had been diagnosed with chondrosarcoma, a rare form of bone cancer. More

Most lifelike 3D printed bone implant ever passes for real thing in tests on mice

Aug.14, 2017 - A new form of bone implant has been created that was successfully accepted by the body of a mouse in laboratory tests. The implant was 3D printed from an artificial bone material, which was as strong as bone and also managed to 'trick' the host body into accepting it as real bone. More

See how a boxer engine works with this 3D printed replica of a Subaru WRX motor

Aug.13, 2017 - A Youtube channel called Engineering Explained recently posted a video explaining how the boxer engine for the Subaru WRX works. The video makes use of a 3D printed replica, which is color-coded and demonstrates the advantages a boxer setup has over other engines. More

Adafruit 3D prints incredible replica Guardian robots from Zelda: Breath of the Wild

Aug.12, 2017 - The team at Adafruit built an impressive 3D printed replica of the Guardian robots from the recent Zelda game, Breath of the Wild. They feature a moving head and an array of blue LEDs, including one that stands in for the robots's all-seeing eye. More

GE improving metal 3D printers with laser & fluidics expertise

Aug.11, 2017 - GE is harnessing its expertise in lasers and fluidics to unearth new 3D printing solutions. GE laser researcher Marshall Jones was recently inducted into the'2017 class of the National Inventors Hall of Fame for his work in the field, and is now focused on improving lasers for 3D printing. More

Chinese Space Lab uses 3D printing to successfully grow lettuce in micro-gravity environment

Aug.11, 2017 - Astronauts on the Tiangong-2 satellite's Space Lab successfully cultivated lettuce plants, using 3D printed equipment. The Chinese space program is testing out life support technologies in preparation for the eventual establishment of a permanently staffed Space Station in 2022. More

Hong Kong hospital makes 3D printed models of foetuses available to expectant parents

Aug.11, 2017 - A hospital in Hong Kong has become one of the first in the region to offer 3D printed replicas of unborn children. Parents can pay for a print of a 3D ultrasound scan, giving them the chance to touch their child before it is even born, which would be particularly advantageous for the partially sighted. More

Researchers produce smallest ever 3D printed microfluidic "lab on a chip" device

Aug.11, 2017 - A team of researchers have achieved a major milestone in 3D printed microfluidics. They designed a special high-resolution 3D printer and a custom resin for the task, succeeding for the first time in using 3D printing to produce devices that are effective at a scale below 100 micrometers. More

Made In Space successfully 3D prints first-ever extended structures in space-like environment

Aug.11, 2017 - NASA and its partner Made in Space recently achieved a major milestone in 3D printing. Its Archinaut project, which is fully autonomous robotic 3D printing technology designed for space exporation, was successfully tested in a vacuum environment for the first time. More

Shiro Studio's 3D printed ENEA walking stick is a wonder of form and function

Aug.11, 2017 - Shiro Studio, a London-based design practice, has created a 3D printed walking stick that overcomes various visual and practical problems with common mobility aids. The stylish 'ENEA' stick is porous, making it extremely lightweight, and has a three-pronged handle. More

3D printed TRI Analyzer transforms smartphone into low-cost diagnostic device

Aug.11, 2017 - Researchers from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign have built a 3D printed device that helps turn a smartphone into a portable lab capable of medical diagnostic tests. The device, called a spectral transmission-reflectance-intensity (TRI) Analyzer, costs only $550 to make. More

3D bioprinted vascularized liver tissue to increase accuracy of drug toxicity testing

Aug.11, 2017 - An international team of researchers has developed a method for 3D bioprinting vasularized liver tissue. The bioprinting breakthrough could have important applications for drug toxicity testing and drug screening. More

Narbon's 3D Memories transforms ashes of the deceased into 3D printed ceramic objects - from vases to jewelry

Aug.11, 2017 - A Spanish company called Narbon has recently taken advantage of the flexibility of 3D printing to steer ceramics in quite a morbid direction, with its 3D Memories service. This allows customers to purchase ceramic objects that are 3D printed using the ashes of their deceased loved ones. More

3D Printing News Roundup: SLM Solutions, ExOne, Materialise release financial reports; EOS expands academic program

Aug.10, 2017 - With the second financial quarter of 2017 having wrapped up on June 30, now is the time when we start to see some numbers. From SLM Solutions, to ExOne, to Materialise, it's financial roundup time! EOS and Sciaky provide some non-financial respite. More

Low-temperature metal casting at home? All you need is a 3D printer, silicone & compressed air

Aug.10, 2017 - Maker Chris DePrisco has posted a YouTube guide to low-temperature metal casting using 3D printed parts, an air compressor, and a pressure vessel. The method uses silicone molds to cast metals with a low melting point, such as bismuth alloys. More

PrintMyRoute: show off your fitness levels with 3D printed models of your cycling & running routes

Aug.10, 2017 - 3D printing startup PrintMyRoute is encouraging cyclists, runners, and other athletes to turn their favorite routes into 3D printed models. The models can visualize elevation and other aspects of the route. More

Taiwan's GMTC partners with Thermal Technology LLC to develop metal 3D printing powders

Aug.10, 2017 - Gloria Material Technology Corp. (GMTC), a Taiwan-based specialty alloys manufacturer, and Thermal Technology LLC, a California-based sintering system manufacturer, will be collaborating to develop metal powders for 3D printing. More

Will Apple's ARKit fuel the next generation of Pokémon Go-inspired augmented reality apps?

Aug.10, 2017 - Tech giant Apple is preparing for the public release of its ARKit augmented reality SDK in the Fall, and staff at DottyAR have put a beta version of the tool to the test, lining it up against Vuforia, an established AR SDK. More

ARMI researchers 3D bioprinting 'tumeroids' to advance cancer cell treatment

Aug.10, 2017 - Researchers working for the Advanced Regenerative Manufacturing Institute (ARMI) at the University of Florida have been busy with a number of different bioprinting projects, including 3D printing human cancer cells into micro-tissues in order to advance cancer treatment research. More

Pre-historic Joint Mitnor cave in England reopens with 3D printed replica fossils

Aug.10, 2017 - After a serious theft just over two years ago, a pre-historic cave located in the south of England had to be closed to visitors. 3D scanning and printing technology has now been used to replace the missing fossils, some of which belonged to animals that are now extinct, and the cave is due to reopen again. More

Nanoscribe 3D printer overcomes design constraints in advanced micro-optics

Aug.9, 2017 - German 3D printing company Nanoscribe is using its Photonic Professional GT 3D printer to fabricate micro-optical shapes including standard refractive micro-optics, freeform optics, diffractive optical elements, and multiplet lens systems. More

Ortho Baltic adopts Nikon Metrology scanning tech to qualify 3D printed medical implants

Aug.9, 2017 - Ortho Baltic, a Lithuanian manufacturer of bespoke 3D printed medical implants, recently made the decision to adopt a CT inspection system to improve the quality of its products. To do so, Ortho Baltic reached out to Nikon Metrology, an expert in measurement, inspection, and quality assurance. More

From buzz to baritone: WASP 3D prints opera scenography for Rome production of 'Fra Diavolo'

Aug.9, 2017 - WASP, the Italian 3D printing specialist behind the DeltaWASP line of 3D printers, has collaborated with Rome's Opera Theater to make 3D printed set design pieces for Fra Diavolo, an opera by Daniel Auber. The production will open on October 8, 2017. More

Renishaw, Aeromet to establish 3D printing parameters for new A20X high-performance alloy

Aug.9, 2017 - Renishaw, a UK-based metal 3D printing company, has announced a partnership with British aerospace company Aeromet International Limited. Through their collaboration, the companies are seeking to establish AM process parameters for Aeromet's new aluminum alloy, A20X. More

Making fast and affordable 3D printed figurines with the ColorPod

Aug.9, 2017 - VDG Spitstechniek, the Netherlands-based company behind the ColorPod 3D printer accessory, has demonstrated how users can turn their 3D scans into full-color human busts using the ColorPod. More

Japanese design firm id.arts 3D prints ultra-realistic mini kitchen model using FDM, SLA, SLS, more

Aug.9, 2017 - Japanese design and product development company id.arts (formerly idarts, Inc.) has unveiled its latest 3D printing endeavour: an ultra detailed and realistic miniature kitchen model. More

Naomi 'SexyCyborg' Wu braves the sun and water in her 3D printed bikini, will it stay on??

Aug.9, 2017 - 23-year-old maker and internet sensation Naomi Wu a.k.a. 'SexyCyborg' is making waves with her newest DIY project: a 3D printed bikini top. But don't let the simply titled YouTube video fool you: there's a lot more going on with this young Shenzen-based maker than meets the eye. More

3D scanning & printing preserves infamous papier-mache heads from 1962 Alcatraz escape

Aug.8, 2017 - The FBI and the National Parks Service have used 3D scanning to digitally preserve the infamous dummy heads used by a trio of inmates to escape Alcatraz prison in 1962. The inmates, who left the heads in their beds as decoys, were never found. More

Shining 3D launches software update for EinScan 3D scanners

Aug.8, 2017 - Chinese 3D printing company Shining 3D has just released version 2.5 of its EinScan Software for 3D scanners, including the EinScan Pro and EinScan Pro+. More

Duke researchers detect diseases in 15 minutes with D4 assay & 3D printed smartphone device

Aug.8, 2017 - Biomedical engineers at North Carolina's Duke University have used 3D printing to create a diagnostic tool that can detect signs of disease from a single drop of blood. The 'D4 assay' consists of an inket-printed array of antibodies and a 3D printed smartphone attachment. More

New MakeVR Pro app integrates precision tools for 3D modeling in VR with HTC Vive

Aug.8, 2017 - HTC VIVE's virtual reality content developer Vive Studios has just released its latest app: MakeVR Pro. Developed in collaboration with motion tracking and VR company Sixense, MakeVR Pro enables users to create 3D content, including 3D printable models, within a virtual reality environment. More

MIT researchers develop software to optimize 3D printing by simulating physical properties of printed objects

Aug.8, 2017 - A team of researchers at MIT has recently published a paper outlined a clever way that the physical properties of an object can be determined before it is 3D printed. It makes use of clusters of tiny cubes, which can be used as building blocks for particular objects, and enables their material properties to be optimized. More

Cikoni launches hybrid AdditiveCARBON technology for 3D printed carbon composites

Aug.8, 2017 - Cikoni, a Stuttgart-based engineering company, has developed hybrid production technology that adds carbon fiber to the 3D printing process. Cikoni's AdditiveCARBON can be used to make 3D printed structures with carbon fiber reinforcement. More

What went wrong on the maiden launch of Rocket Lab's 3D printed rocket?

Aug.8, 2017 - On May 25, 2017, New Zealand aerospace company Rocket Lab launched its first 3D printed, battery-powered rocket into space, an event which gained much media attention across the globe. Now, however, details of the mission have come to light showing that something went wrong with the launch. More

Xian Chizi Digital Technology uses 3D printing to replicate Ancient Chinese art

Aug.8, 2017 - Xian Chizi Digital Technology is a 3D printing company in China that is taking the market by storm with its impressive artworks. The team has an artistic as well as a digital background, and it collaborates with sculptors to optimize traditional artistic practices, creating replicas and protoypes for original clay-molded objects. More

3D Printing News Roundup: Australian dental industry, Ancient Greek artifacts, photon funnels, beginner's guide to DLP & SLA 3D printing

Aug.7, 2017 - It's the start of the week in 3D printing (and everything else), and we've compiled some of today's smaller stories into a roundup of bite-size snippets. Find out how 3D printing is affecting the Australian dental industry, helping the construction of photon funnels in Florida, and more. More

3D printing company TRUMPF to begin series production of EHLA laser metal coating system

Aug.7, 2017 - German additive manufacturing company TRUMPF has announced that the new EHLA laser metal coating process is ready for series production. EHLA, which stands for extreme high-speed laser deposition welding, was developed and patented by researchers from the Fraunhofer Institute for Laser Technology. More

Disney's new Magic Bench AR/VR technology lets you interact with 3D characters without a headset

Aug.7, 2017 - Interactive rides at Disney's amusement parks could soon get a whole lot more interesting thanks to a recent AR project unveiled by Disney Research. Called the Magic Bench, the tech lets users become a part of a mixed reality experience without the need for a mobile device or headset. More

'PhotonControl' uses Optical Coherence Tomography, Raman spectroscopy to test quality of bioprinted tissue

Aug.7, 2017 - Scientists from Würzburg and Lübeck in Germany are attempting to improve the quality control of 3D bioprinted tissue implants. Their 'PhotonControl' system uses both Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) and Raman spectroscopy (Raman) to test fabricated tissue. More

FAMU gets $4.9M CREST grant to support 3D printing and materials research

Aug.7, 2017 - Florida A&M University has received a $4.9M grant from the National Science Foundation. The prestigious grant will go towards supporting research in the fields of additive manufacturing, materials development, and micrometer-scale manufacturing. More

Large-format 3D printer specialist BigRep receives investment from Korber during Series B round

Aug.7, 2017 - Korber, an international technology group, has invested in Berlin-based 3D printer company BigRep as part of a Series B financing round. BigRep specializes in large-format 3D printers like the BigRep ONE. More

Microsoft Remix 3D update makes remixing and attributing 3D models easier

Aug.7, 2017 - Microsoft has gradually been edging its way into the world of 3D with new programs such as Paint 3D and Remix 3D. It recently announced an upgrade to Remix 3D through the addition of 'Parts and Remixes,' two features that let users experience 3D models in new ways. More

1D printing: ITU, MIT and Columbia develop 1D robots that can be printed to fit in any crevice

Aug.7, 2017 - A team of researchers has developed a new, incredibly simple way to produce robotics. Their '1D printer' is able to grip and bend aluminium wire into shapes and, with an embedded motor, this wire can carry out particular tasks. Once used, the robot can even be recycled by simply straightening out the wire. More

6-year-old boy gets 3D printed sternum implant to treat rare congenital heart condition

Aug.7, 2017 - A team of doctors from the Shanghai Children's Medical Center in China have successfully implanted a 3D printed sternum shell into a six-year-old boy with a rare congenital problem. The medical center is affiliated with the School of Medicine at the Shanghai Jiao Tong University. More

This flexible, expandable 3D printed dress adapts to your body's movement

Aug.6, 2017 - Houston designer Maria Alejandra Mora-Sanchez is paving the way for 3D printed textiles with a new fashion garment in partnership with Cosine Additive. Her expandable 3D printed dress Loom is making waves across the textile and additive manufacturing industries, recently securing her the coveted James Dyson Award and Red Dot Award. More

Levi's experimenting with 3D printed denim

Aug.6, 2017 - Levi's denim company is sharply redefining its 'tried and true' branding, with a new turn towards 3D printing technology. So far, Levi's has been focused primarily on experimenting with digital renderings, and exploring what a 3D printed denim jacket would actually look like. It's only a 'shell' of the real thing for now, but one that holds promise. More

This 3D printed dancing spring robot can really groove

Aug.5, 2017 - Maker Vladimir Mariano of Desktop Makes has combined 3D printing, robots, lights, and dancing in his latest project called 'Dancings Springs.' The best part? You can recreate the dancing robot yourself. More

Naval Research Lab wants to make CICADA microdrones easier to assemble with 3D printed fuselage

Aug.5, 2017 - The latest prototype of the CICADA, a miniature drone used by the U.S navy, was demonstrated recently. More

Rural Tanzanians turning to 3D printed solar technology for energy solutions

Aug.4, 2017 - Created in 2014, Simusolar develops and implements localized, sustainable solutions for delivering solar energy to rural Tanzanians. Now, Simusolar is excited to announce that they've officially entered 3D printing territory, with the start of a new partnership with French additive manufacturing company Sculpteo. More

Researchers 3D print microfluidic blood-vessel model to investigate causes of arterial blood clots

Aug.4, 2017 - A team of researchers in the Netherlands and Belgium have shed some light on how blood clots form, with the help of 3D printing technology. Their 3D printed microfluidic devices model the geometry of arteries as well as the flow of blood through them. More

3D printed models of cardiac conduction system could help doctors tackle troublesome heart rhythms

Aug.4, 2017 - Scientists from a number of British and Danish universities have developed a new way to visualize the cardiac conduction system, the process that makes our hearts beat, in 3D. The study, which enables the 3D printing of heart models, could aid research into heart conditions. More

Artist Kristin Stransky has 3D printed dress, other works stolen from Colorado art exhibition

Aug.4, 2017 - Kristin Stransky, a Denver-based digital artist, has reported stolen a number of her 3D printed artworks, including an elaborate 3D printed dress. The pieces, which made up much of the artist's portfolio, were taken from an exhibition held at Colorado State University's Electronic Art Gallery. More

Eyeagnosis: 16-year-old uses 3D printing, AI to create diabetic retinopathy diagnosis device

Aug.4, 2017 - 16-year-old student Kavya Kopparapu has designed a 3D printed eye diagnosis device. 'Eyeagnosis' uses a camera to detect symptoms of diabetic retinopathy, a condition that affects one third of diabetes sufferers worldwide. More

UChicago physicists achieve breakthrough in vortex dynamics with 3D printing and red Sharpie

Aug.4, 2017 - Physicists from UChicago recently achieved a breakthrough in the field of experimental vortex dynamics. Using 3D printed hydrofoils to create thin-core vortices, and with the help of a red Sharpie marker, the team was able to capture measurements of total helicity for the first time. More

Introducing the fast and versatile DeltaWASP 20 40 Turbo2 3D printer

Aug.4, 2017 - Italian 3D printer manufacturer WASP has introduced its latest product: the DeltaWASP 20 40 Turbo2. The new 3D printer, notable for its fast printing speed, is available in two versions: the Spitfire Red Extruder and ZEN Dual Extruder. More

Gartner's 2017 3D printing Hype Cycle

Aug.4, 2017 - Gartner's annual Hype Cycle publication identifies the key trends in various technological fields, and how far advanced they are. 2017's 3D printing hype cycle classifies surgical implants and 3D printing in retail both as being at the peak level of potential, amongst others. More

Dr. Laurent Lantieri: 3D printing is revolutionizing facial plastic and reconstructive surgery

Aug.4, 2017 - A French plastic surgeon has been making use of 3D printing technology to completely transform the way his practice operates. He uses Materialise and Concept Laser's systems, which allows him to make specialized facial implants for patients who have undergone serious trauma. More

Winning projects of 3D Pioneers Challenge 2017 include 3D printed skateboard parts, 3D printed drinks, more

Aug.3, 2017 - The 3D Pioneers Challenge, an international competition for additive manufacturing technologies, has announced its winners. Winning projects include 3D printed skateboard trucks, a 3D printed stone replica of part of the Arch of Palmyra, and a 3D printed neck brace. More

Lockheed Martin to use 3D printing, VR at new $350M satellite production facility

Aug.3, 2017 - Aerospace giant Lockheed Martin has broken ground on a new $350 million facility at its Waterton Canyon campus outside of Denver. The new building, called the Gateway Center, will use state-of-the-art technologies such as 3D printing and virtual reality to design and develop next-gen satellites. More puts 3D printed bachelors on display at 'Model Males' London pop-up shop

Aug.3, 2017 -, the online dating service, has launched a new ad campaign in London that is seeking to show women the eligible guys on its platform seeking love. The campaign consists of a pop-up shop that will feature miniature 3D printed figurines of seven eligible Match bachelors. More

PowderFlow test kit from LPW Technology can identify which metal 3D printing powders are causing failed prints

Aug.3, 2017 - UK additive manufacturing powder company LPW Technology has published a laboratory service datasheet on'Carney Flow testing, a process used to confirm consistency between metal powder batches and to assist investigation of failed 3D prints. The company sells a flow testing kit. More

British Museum adds 3D scan of Rosetta Stone to Sketchfab digital collection

Aug.3, 2017 - One of the most important and iconic language artifacts in the world is now viewable in three dimensions. Thanks to the efforts of a team of digital technicians from the British Museum in London, the famous Rosetta Stone was recently 3D scanned and uploaded as a 3D model for all to see. More

ACEO's Open Print Lab offers first-hand training for WACKER's silicone 3D printing

Aug.3, 2017 - ACEO, a part of Munich-based chemicals company WACKER, is hoping to make its innovative silicone 3D printing technology more known by establishing an 'Open Print Lab' at its campus in Burghausen, Germany. More

San Diego researchers cut operation times by 25% with 3D printed hip models

Aug.3, 2017 - Bioengineers from the University of California San Diego and physicians from Rady Children's Hospital are using 3D printed models to improve surgeries for slipped capital femoral epiphysis, the most common hip disorder found in children ages 9 to 16. Use of models cut surgery time by about 25%. More

UK research team 3D prints open source microscope prototype for only £30

Aug.3, 2017 - Just days ago we wrote about an open source 3D printed microscope that could be made for as little as '100. Now, another project, undertaken by researchers from the University of Bath, has even higher aspirations than that as it has made a prototype of a 3D printed microscope for only £30. More

Autodesk Pier 9 teams with Convivial Studio to 3D print gravity-defying skateboard tricks

Aug.3, 2017 - Autodesk's Pier 9 workshop has teamed up with London-based experimental design studio Convivial Studio to create a series of 3D printed skateboard sculptures. The Pier 9-Convivial collaboration is an innovative exploration of movement and technology: the two teams worked together to gather movement generated by skateboard tricks in real time. More

Mercedes-Benz produces its first-ever fully 3D printed metal replacement part

Aug.2, 2017 - A major milestone has been achieved by Mercedes-Benz, with its first ever metal spare part being produced using 3D printing technology. The company's Customer Services and Parts division can now provide a 3D printed replacement thermostat cover for owners of its trucks. More

FlowRep software identifies 'curve networks' to sketch 3D shapes as 2D line drawings

Aug.2, 2017 - Alla Sheffer, a computer scientist at Canada's University of British Columbia, has developed software called 'FlowRep' that can extract the 'descriptive compact 3D curve networks' from manmade 3D shapes and use them to create visually informative 2D sketches. More

Designer Jenny Wu unveils fully 3D printed steel 'Catena' necklace

Aug.2, 2017 - 3D printed jewelry designer Jenny Wu has made a breakthrough in the field of 3D printed accessories with one of the first fully 3D printed interlocking steel necklaces. The necklace, called Catena, was 3D printed from steel in collaboration with ExOne. More

LLNL researchers: metal 3D printing 'spatter' caused by gas flow, not laser recoil pressure

Aug.2, 2017 - Researchers at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL) have used high-speed imaging and computer models to uncover the mechanisms behind material redistribution, a phenomenon that leads to defects in metal 3D printed parts. More

Real-life Iron Man: UK tech startup Gravity Industries to 3D print jet engine flying suit

Aug.2, 2017 - If you thought Tony Stark was badass, just wait till you get a load of this real-life Iron Man. Richard Browning, the founder of UK-based tech startup Gravity Industries, has developed a 3D printed jet-engine suit which he can actually fly. More

German RepRap, ebalta Kunststoff unveil PU material for liquid additive manufacturing

Aug.2, 2017 - FDM 3D printer specialist German RepRap has joined forces with plastics company ebalta Kunststoff to develop a new polyurethane (PU) formulation for German RepRap's liquid additive manufacturing (LAM) process. The 3D printing material purportedly has isotropic mechanical properties. More

Sharebot to open new HELP3D 3D printing store in Padova, Italy

Aug.2, 2017 - Northeast Italy will soon be getting a new 3D printing hub, as Sharebot and HELP3D have announced plans to open the HELP3D Sharebot 3D Store Padova. The new 3D printing store will mark Sharebot's third location within Italy, following Firenze and Napoli. More

Polish design studio UAU wants to solve everyday crisis with 3D printing

Aug.2, 2017 - A collective of makers from the Warsaw multidisciplinary design studio UAU has been making waves in the Polish design scene with a recent exhibition at the renowned Gdynia Design Days 2017. Titled RE:MAIN, UAU's newest initiative is a set of 3D printed objects for daily use and problem solving. More

Is 3D Printing Safe? Study published into potential health risks associated with FDM 3D printing

Aug.2, 2017 - A recent study published by industrial hygienists pointed out some potential health risks with 3D printing technology. Commonly used filaments emit volatile organic compounds, which can lead to throat problems, headaches, nausea and other problems. More

3D scanning and printing play critical role in development of Arrinera Hussarya supercar

Aug.1, 2017 - Poland's first supercar, Arrinera Hussarya, has been a symbol of a rejuvenated and reborn automotive industry within Poland. As we've already seen, the supercar's development has been a rigorous process, largely enabled by the adoption of new manufacturing technologies such as 3D scanning and 3D printing. More

New photoinitiator improves water-based DLP 3D printing, says Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Aug.1, 2017 - Researchers at the Center for Nanoscience and Nanotechnology at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem have developed a new kind of photoinitiator for 3D printing in water. The photoinitiators could be used to make bio-friendly 3D printed structures. More

Torc2's world-first 3D printable plastic allows doctors to reshape splints on a patient's body

Aug.1, 2017 - UK company Torc2 has developed a world-first form of 3D printable plastic that could change the way limb injuries and conditions are treated. The compound can be re-shaped at temperatures that are safe for patients. More

Sinterit teams up with Polish designer to 3D print exoskeleton arm for kids with SMA

Aug.1, 2017 - Polish 3D printing company Sinterit recently teamed up with 3D designer Bartlomiej Gaczorek to develop and 3D print an exoskeleton arm device for children suffering from Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA), a rare genetic neuromuscular condition. More

Three-storey 3D printed model of Dubai's 'The Tower' skyscraper erected in Dubai Mall

Aug.1, 2017 - A 3D printed replica of The Tower at Dubai Creek Harbour has been unveiled at Dubai Mall. The 3,000 kg model took more than 4,000 hours to make, and depicts Dubai's under-construction observation tower that is set to stand at a monstrous 928 m tall. More

Prodways Group expands 3D printing offering with acquisition of AvenAo Industrie

Aug.1, 2017 - French 3D printing company Prodways Group has announced the acquisition of AvenAo Industrie, a France-based supplier of industrial equipment with a broad specialization, including 3D design and 3D printing technologies. More

EU's innovative drilling robot BADGER can navigate the urban underground and 3D print tunnels

Aug.1, 2017 - A new EU project referred to as the BADGER will enable more efficient creation of tunnel networks for construction projects. It makes use of a 3D printer module, which builds walls to support the tunnels created as it burrows its way underground. More

Meet Surena Mini, Iran's new 3D printed humanoid robot that can dance and do karate

Aug.1, 2017 - A team of roboticists from the University of Tehran have released the Surena Mini, a smaller, more basic version of their impressive Surena III robot. The easy-to-control Surena Mini is only 50 centimeters tall but is capable of walking, dancing and all kinds of other impressive actions. More

3D printed safe-cracking robot steals show at DEF CON, taking just 30 mins to crack SentrySafe

Jul.31, 2017 - An open source 3D printed robot created by Nathan Seidle, founder of Colorado-based hardware company SparkFun, has wowed DEF CON attendees by cracking a SentrySafe safe in just half an hour. More

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