Design and 3D print OP-1 synthesizer stand 

Dec.31, 2012 -  Shapeways user Pretty Graffiti designed a 3D printed stand for the OP-1 Synthesizer, a handy accessory that you can raise it up for a more comfortable position. More 

Why 3D printing isn't expected to take over mass-production any time soon 

Dec.31, 2012 -  Why 'additive manufacturing' isn't expected to take over large scale industrial production any time soon.  More 

3D printing predictions for 2013 

Dec.30, 2012 -  3D printing predictions for 2013: This year, a few key tech trends based on consumer market research have been examined... More 

3D printing experiment: 3D printed UAV identification kit 

Dec.29, 2012 -  James Bridle recently made a drone recognition kit, the UAV (unmanned aerial vehicles) Identification Kit 001 with 3D modeling and 3D printing.More 

Build a HEX air robot on a 3D printer

Dec.29, 2012 -   Startup AngelEyes from China is working on a HEX Air Robot project: an open source robotic aircraft with 3D printed components. More

Enhance your design process with a 3D mouse 

Dec.28, 2012 -  At this year's Euromold, 3Dconnexion, provider of 3D mice for design professionals, presented their innovative 3D input devices.  More 

Infographic: How 3D printing will change manufacturing 

Dec.28, 2012 -  Sculpteo shared a new infographic "3D Printing is the Future of Manufacturing". It helps beginners to get the basic idea about 3D printing and the future of manufacturing. More 

Formatec's DLP 3D ceramic printer

Dec.27, 2012 -   During the "Ceramic Injection Moulding" (CIM) Seminar in December 2012 Dutch company Formatec Ceramics presented a 3D ceramic printer bases on the DLP technology. More

FabGate: 3D printing service marketplace 

Dec.27, 2012 -  When 3D printing might not be available in all homes yet, Berlin-based Fab-Gate launched its beta-version marketplace for 3D printing services.  More 

Update: Ford investing in 3D printing with sand, goes digital to increase global efficiency 

Dec.27, 2012 -  Ford is a leader in a new variation on 3D printing technology: 3D printing with sand allows for the creation of casting patterns and cores with multiple printers in-house. More 

ZDNet's tech predictions: 2013 will see a dramatic rise in 3D printing

Dec.26, 2012 -   10 tech predictions for 2013 on ZDNet: 3D printing will go mainstream, printing at home? More

3D printed, hand-painted gaming miniatures 

Dec.26, 2012 -  These hand-painted gaming miniatures are 3D printed with white Nylon (WSF) on Shapeways. More 

How 3D printing speed and temperature effect on material strength (video) 

Dec.25, 2012 -  microcubology explained in the video below how he addressed the problem of lack of strength in 3D printed parts by adjusting the printing speed and temperature. More 

MakiBox shipping beta boxes; new store is ready

Dec.25, 2012 -   MakiBox announced its new store and new model for holidays. All existing backers will be asked to select their final order details and will be able to choose a combination of material and printer. More

Netherlands participates in 3D printing revolution 

Dec.24, 2012 -  Many countries in the world involve deeply in the 3D printing revolution, the Netherlands is one of them. More 

BrainWave board: 3D printing bot board 

Dec.23, 2012 -  Open3DP spotted at MetricCreateSpace workshop the orange "BrainWave board", an all-in-one 3D printing bot board. More 

Build your own mobile Raspberry Pi computer with a 3D printer

Dec.23, 2012 -   The awesome $35 Raspberry Pi provides so many possibilities for hackers and makers. Nathan Morgan, an enthusiastic maker decided to build a mobile Raspberry Pi that he can take wherever he goes. More

Lulzbot released next generation AO-101 3D printer 

Dec.22, 2012 -  The fully assembled AO-101 3D printer is the next generation printer from the AO-100. It has the same design and frame as AO-100, but it is claimed to be faster and quieter than ever.More 

Ford to give every engineer a makerbot 3D printer 

Dec.22, 2012 -  Ford is using personal 3D printers for next generation reserach and development. In the video below Zac Nelson of Ford introduced how 3D printer helped with prototype designs of a gearshift. More 

Wilson launched new site for hosting 3D-printed gun files

Dec.22, 2012 -   Following Makerbot took down 3D-printed gun parts blueplans on Thingiverse, Defense Distributed founder Cody Wilson said that they planed to start their own site for hosting 3D printable gun files. More

Emma and her 3D printed 'magic arms' in Google Zeitgeist 2012 Video 

Dec,21, 2012 -  Google, the giant search engine released its annual Zeitgeist video showing "how the world searched" in 2012.  More 

3D printed Christmas cookies and cookie cutters 

Dec.21, 2012 -  You don't need to be a master in baking, all you need to have is a 3D printer! In the video below Ralf Holleis printed out Christmas cookies on a 3D printer. More 

Create an elves workshop on a 3D printer (video)

Dec.21, 2012 -   Obviously T3 got too busy with holiday sales, so they figured out how to get some help for their overloaded work. More

Nice try: First 3D printed LP records  

Dec.20, 2012 -  Amanda Ghassaei, assistant tech editor at Instructables went a step further: she has been trying to print LP records on a professional 3D printer. More 

3D Printing in 2012: Year In Review 

Dec.20, 2012 -  It's that time of year again - time to reflect on the year gone by. The year 2012 has been a memorable one in the world of 3D printing. More 

HUST plans first 3D printing industry park in China

Dec.20, 2012 -   Prof. Yusheng Shi, vice dean of the School of Materials Science and Engineering and director of the Rapid Prototyping Center announced that HUST will set up the first 3D printing industry park in China. More

Dutch startup LeapFrog sold 1000th 3D Printer 

Dec.20, 2012 -  The Dutch 3D printer manufacturer LeapFrog announced it has sold 1000 3D printer worldwide in about 9 months. The 1000th 3D printer was sold to a Dutch customer. More 

Thingiverse takes down 3D printable gun parts 

Dec.20, 2012 -  Thingiverse, Makerbot's site has taken down a number of blueprints for gun parts, including the "Reinforced AR-15 Lower Receiver" from gunsmith Michael Guslick aka HaveBlue. More 

3D print your own blossoming lamp for Xmas

Dec.19, 2012 -   Here's a 3D printed blossoming lamp thingiverse user Emmett Lalish designed and printed for this season. The lamp consists two parts, lampshades and stand. More

Open source and low cost RoBo 3D Printer 

Dec.19, 2012 -  Another open source 3D printer is now on Kickstarter: the RoBo 3D Printer developed by Coby Kabili, Mike Pilkington and Braydon Moreno from San Diego, CA has a cute Robot looking. More 

3D Kit F printer made in Spain 

Dec.19, 2012 -  Jose from Spain announced his latest product: 3D Kit F printer. 3D Kit F features rigid frame made of 15x15mm aluminum profile and a flexible bridge structure.More 

Smooth test flight with 3D printed flying crawler

Dec.19, 2012 -   The 3D printed flying crawler designed and built by Flappingwing in Japan is a multi-winged RC ornithopter. The 3D model was created in Autodesk 123D and main parts were 3d printed on Shapeways. More

King Richard III's last "resting place" recreated with a 3D printer 

Dec.18, 2012 -  A team from the University of Leicester has reconstructed models of the Blue Boar Inn – where England's King Richard III spent the night before going off to die in the battle of Bosworth through 3D printing technology. More 

"Home for Xmas" thanks you with a 3D printed snow globe featuring your home 

Dec.18, 2012 -  Every year around 75,000 young people in the UK risk spending the festival period on the street. Today, BBH London teamed up with children's charity Barnardo's and launched More 

A revolving Ferris Wheel created on Objet multi-material 3D printer

Dec.18, 2012 -   Objet shared a nice video today, a revolving 3d printed Ferris Wheel made on an Objet Connex500 multi-material 3D printer. It uses rigid white, rigid black and grey digital material combination which is created by mixing black and white. More

3D print your own Advent calendar and Christmas ornaments at home 

Dec.18, 2012 -  Richrap has created his own 3D printed Advent calendar. Inspired by Pleppik, each day Richrap and his kids selected their favorite Christmas things from Thingiverse.. More 

Organovo partners with Autodesk to develop 3D bioprinting software 

Dec.18, 2012 -  Organovo, a creator and manufacturer of 3D human tissues for medical research and therapeutic applications, is working together with researchers at Autodesk, Inc. to create the first 3D design software for bioprinting. More 

Wall Street takes a closer look at 3D printing biz

Dec.18, 2012 -   Is it time to buy into the 3D printing hype? Last week, at CNBC's Mad Money show investment guru Jim Cramer put two industry leaders: 3D Systems (DDD) and Stratasys (SSYS) to the test to find which one would be a better investment. More

Bend, Not Break: Life story of Ping Fu, Geomagic CEO 

Dec.18, 2012 -  Bend, Not Break tells the incredible personal story of Ping Fu, Geomagic CEO, and her journey from imprisonment to freedom, and from the dogmatic anti-capitalism of Mao's China to the high-stakes, take-no-prisoners world of technology startups in the USA. More 

The delicious 3D printed chocolate: last chance to order 

Dec.17, 2012 -  for this seaon, Choc Edge is promoting its new holiday designs: chocolate creations crafted using the latest 3D chocolate printing technology and made with the finest Belgian Callebaut chocolate.  More 

BatBot 3D printer from Korea

Dec.17, 2012 -   A brand new 3D printer BatBot is launched by ironvault in Korea. More

China will promote 3D printing to boost its manufacturing power 

Dec.17, 2012 -  Bo Su, Vice Minister of Industry and Information Technology, said 3D printing will profoundly affect the future of the manufacturing industry, and China will strengthen the top-level design and overall planning. More 

Business model innovation: Alphacam offers online 3D printing service 

Dec.17, 2012 -  3D printing brings many opportunities and promises in so many fields that the whole world is about to change in the next few years. Many companies will have to rethink their business models. More 

Gravity of Light: an interactive 3D printed LED pixel hat

Dec.16, 2012 -   For hat lovers this is definitely something special: Inspired by gravity and flowing water, Korean designers Younghui Kim and Yejin Cho created an interactive 3D printed hat. More

Create your own 3D printed Emily the Strange with MAQET

Dec.16, 2012 -  MAQET is a site where you can create your own customised toys - MAQETs. Using MAQET's web-based creation software you can choose from a wide variety of shapes and then add your favourite color.More 

Buildabot 3D printer test print

Dec.16, 2012 -  Lucastar, a 3D designer in UK, ordered a Buildabot 3D printer kit and documented his building and testing experiences on his blog. UK based company York3Dprinters offers the Buildabot 3D printers in two versions. More 

3D printed nylon polymer lamp generates power through rotation

Dec.15, 2012 -   The 3D printed shell of the Momentum light designed by architect Dr. Margot Krasojevic produces an electrical current from kinetic energy. More

EFF needs help in finding documents to stop dangerous 3D printer patents 

Dec.15, 2012 -  The group have found a number of patents that seem both overly-broad and dangerous to the continued innovation in open source community. More 

Torus: The first iPhone video game to offer 3D printed achievements 

Dec.14, 2012 -  Torus becomes the first iPhone video game to offer 3D printed achievements. Torus 1.1.0 is a free apps for puzzle on iPhone & iPad Games, developed by Mark S. Morris. More 

Bring Second Life jewellery into real world with 3D printing

Dec.14, 2012 -   Maxi Gossamer, an SL artisan who recently discovered 3D printing brought her second life (virtual) jewelry to real life, via Shapeways. More

Can 3D printers make plastic weapons? (+ CNN video) 

Dec.14, 2012 -  To understand this development, you need to understand US gun laws. While there is no conceivable technology know to make parts strong enough to handle the chamber pressures of a firearm (basically the barrel and the breech closing mechanism.  More 

POWERWASP: your personal fab from Italy 

Dec.14, 2012 -  The first 3D printer WASP developed is POWERWASP, a unique open source 3D printer that can extrude not only plastics but also clay, and it is also a milling machine. More 

Woman's survival kit: Botox Mask, Purse, Gun, Chatelaine, spyglass...made on a 3D printer

Dec.14, 2012 -   Atelier Ted Noten is presenting the new collection ''7 Necessities'' for the first time in its entirety at Design Miami. More

3D print a CheerLights display for Christmas 

Dec.13, 2012 -  raster designed and made his small CheerLight device which he called the CheerLCD to work with the CheerLights project to display the same color of all the CheerLights. More 

3D Systems introduces FotoTec hearing aid material to ProJet 6000 

Dec.13, 2012 -  3D Systems announced the immediate availability of Dreve FotoTec hearing aid material for use in its ProJet® 6000 professional 3D printer. More 

Zbot 3D printer wins 2012 Chinese Design Award

Dec.13, 2012 -   At this year's CDA China Design competition Zbot 3D printer from Guangzhou has won the CDA Chinese Design Reward. More

France gets its first 3D print shop: Protoshop 

Dec.13, 2012 -  Opened by MULTISTATION, a france-based industrial equipments distributor, this 3D print shop PROTOSHOP is located near Montparnasse station in downtown Paris.  More 

Introducing open source "Blade-1" 3D printer from Japan 

Dec.12, 2012 -  This "Blade-1" 3D printer is derived from the RepRap open-source project. Designed and manufactured by Hot PROCEED, Inc., the whole system is made of metal including the printing head. More 

Solve a self-designed, 3D-printed Rubik's Cube puzzle (video)

Dec.12, 2012 -   Dane Christianson created a Rubik's Cube inspired puzzle: x-shaped Rubik's cube using CAD and 3D printing. More

taulman's 618-1.75mm available for Pre-Order 

Dec.12, 2012 -  taulman's 618 1.75mm Nylon Co-Polymer will go on sale starting this Wednesday 12/12/2012 for Pre-Order. First shipments are timed to begin shipping on or before 12/20/2012. More 

Breaking the Mold – Ceramic 3D Printing Overview (Part I) 

by Benjamin Becker | Dec.12, 2012 -  Traditional manufacture of ceramics is a process that has long lead times, typically in excess of 8 to 12 weeks. When using traditional manufacturing methods in fabrication of ceramics, complex geometries such as a hollow sphere are impossible... More 

French 3D printing start-up Sculpteo raises $2.5M funds

Dec.12, 2012 -   French 3D printing service company Sculpteo announces that it has raised $2.5M funds from XAnge Private Equity and business angels. More

Fabbster's electric skateboard tour at Euromold 2012

Dec.11, 2012 -   Here is an interesting video uploaded by Fabbster, "Skateboardfabbing at Euromold 2012". More

Add one-of-a-kind decor with these 3D printed snowflakes 

Dec.11, 2012 -  In 2010 Matters of Grey shared a fun project: hand cut paper snowflake designs with a Star Wars twist. Inspired by these 19 designs, Thingiverse user IHeartRobotics optimized the design and printed one of them in ABS plastics. More 

Inside the world largest 3D printing factory (video)

Dec.11, 2012 -   Steven Blair Strati, a broker at Cushman & Wakefield who represented Shapeways in both leases, said Shapeways signed a 10-years contract and successfully negotiated rents of about $15 per square foot. More

1,000 different parts, 700 hours of print time on a Makerbot 

Dec.11, 2012 -  This "Mining Habitat Ring World" created by artist Micah Ganske was displayed at the Miami art fairs. Using his Makerbot Replicators, Ganske printed out 1,000 different parts in over 700 hours of print time. More 

A Closer look at high accuracy ceramic 3D printer: CeraFab 7500 

Dec.11, 2012 -  For the first time it is possible to 3D print ceramics with high accuracy, fine detail and high density and strength. Austria-based Lithoz, a spin-off of the Technical University of Vienna launched their CeraFab 7500 ceramic 3D printer. More 

First 3D print shop opens in Netherlands

Dec.10, 2012 -   Netherlands gets its first 3D print shop. Opened by Hanneke van Pampus and Norman van Beek, this 3D print shop is located in Koningstreet in Haarlem. More

Meet Slic3r developer Alessandro Ranellucci (video)

Dec.10, 2012 -  Slic3r, the G-code generator for 3D printers, is developed by Alessandro Ranellucci (aka. Sound) in Italy. The software converts a digital 3D model into printing instructions for your 3D printer.  More 

HP should consider two waves to turn itself around: personal robot and 3D printing 

Dec.9, 2012 -  Which market should HP enter to turn it around? Rob Enderle, president and principal analyst of the Enderle Group, posted his proposal: one is personal robotics wave, another is 3D printing wave. More 

Top 100 websites 2012 in 3D Printing Industry  

Top 100 websites in 3D printing industry according to world rankings(Dec.9, 2012):  Read more >>

3DEA offering personalized 3D sex toy: Last day Dec.10

Dec.8, 2012 -   Companies are not only printing out prototypes sent by sex toy designers with desktop 3D printer, but also offering services to help you generate customized 3D sex toy. More

3D printers holidays on sale 

Dec.8, 2012 -  Some 3D printer suppliers have sale discount prices for this Christmas Holiday season. More 

US Congressman urges lawmakers to renew a federal ban on 3D printed guns 

Dec.8, 2012 -  That firearm will be able to be brought through this security line, through the metal detector, and because there will be no metal to be detected, firearms will be brought on planes without anyone's knowledge. More 

Recreating a 3,300 years old ancient statue using 3D printers

Dec.7, 2012 -   Technicians at Harvard's Semitic Museum are attempting to re-create a 2-foot-long ceramic lion that likely flanked an image of the goddess Ishtar in Nuzi. More

How things are going at Formlabs 

Dec.7, 2012 -  Since 3D Systems filed a lawsuit against Formlabs for its Form 1 desktop 3D printer, everyone is wondering how things are going at Formlabs. More 

Holiday season in New York: Experiencing 3D printing 

Dec.7, 2012 -   It's going to be a merry holiday season: if you happen to be in New York, and looking for a good place to touch, test and tinker with the coolest tech products, you should stop by these places where you can experience the amazing 3D printing technology. More 

Tutorial: How to design and 3D print enclosures with front panels

Dec.7, 2012 -   Following his previous two "How to design and 3D print your own electronics enclosures" tutorial series Landon Cox from Inhald extended his CAD-focused theme and presented a third part of tutorial. More

Drag-and-Drop DNA: this 3D printer prints new cancer drugs 

Dec.6, 2012 -  Using a simple "drag-and-drop" computer interface and DNA self-assembly techniques, Parabon NanoLabs researchers have developed a new automated method of drug development that could reduce the time required to create and test medications. More 

Ideas wanted for 3D printed advent calendar 

Dec.6, 2012 -  Thingiverse user pleppik designed an advent calendar which has a box for each of the 25 days in December through Christmas. More 

Innovative PiMaker has a build area larger than MakerBot Replicator 2

Dec.6, 2012 -   William Steele launched his Ultra-Bot 3D Printer on Kickstarter back in September. In a recent update of the project William made a big announcement: a brand new 3D printer design: Pimaker. More

Is this the largest ever 3D printed wrench? (video) 

Dec.6, 2012 -  For showing off how powerful this printer is, Sam Green of Objet made a video of a short workflow of how Objet1000 builds the largest ever adjustable wrench.  More 

Win a 3D printed Ford Fiesta 

Dec.6, 2012 -  To celebrate this, along with the Ford photo competition which offers a chance to win a Ford Fiesta, Ford also teamed up with 3D Creations Lab to offer their photo competition weekly winners their very own piece of futuristic technology. More 

SLM 500 HL: 3D print highly accurate metal parts using multiple lasers

Dec.6, 2012 -   Lübeck-based SLM Solutions unveiled a new dimension, the SLM 500 HL selective laser melting machine which can be used in a even wider range of industries than Concept Laser. More

3D print a custom skull iPhone case 

Dec.5, 2012 -  Arcier has created two 3D printed skull iPhone cases inspired by one of his artistic project in 2007 titled "Degeneration", which was based on a face reduction algorithm. More 

Aluminatus TrinityOne 3D printer available for pre-order now  

Dec.5, 2012 -  TrinityLabs is a Cartesian Robotics R&D company located in Portland, OR. After more than a year of development TrinityLabs launches their first 3D printer: Aluminatus TrinityOne.  More 

3D printing metal in an XXL format for the car maker Daimler

Dec.5, 2012 -   Along with the unveiling of the Objet1000 3D printer, another 'big' announcement at Euromold is a new high-performance LaserCusing® machine, the X line 1000R, for fabricating series components. More

How Harman uses Arduino and 3D printing to build better speakers (video) 

Dec.5, 2012 -  Charles Sprinkle, systems engineer at Harman shows to Robert Scoble in the interview below, how open sources helps him to make his job effectively and also be able to share his ideas with others. More 

Making soil science equipment using 3D printing 

Dec.5, 2012 -  In a paper published online this week in the Soil Science Society of America Journal, a team of researchers headed by Philippe Baveye explored the potential of manufacturing soil science equipment using 3D printing. More 

Join MendelMax photo contest to win store credit, grab-bag of parts

Dec.4, 2012 -   If you are a MendelMax 3D printer owner, you can now join the photo contest organized by Maker's Tool Works, Oklahoma City-based fabrication supply company. More

3D Systems got removed from "Join a Revolution" campaign on Kickstarter 

Dec.4, 2012 -  While we are all waiting to see how Formlabs and Kickstarter react to the lawsuit, one of the 3D printing movement's most recognized and successful artists, Joshua Harker took his step. More 

MIT lab testing building-scale 3D printing (video) 

Dec.4, 2012 -  Neri Oxman believes we will soon be able to 3D print buildings. She's experimenting at MIT's Media Lab a novel method of mobile swarm printing that allows small robotic agents to construct large structures.  More 

PhoneScope 3D: add a high-res 3D scanner to your iPhone

Dec.4, 2012 -   PhoneScope 3D designed by Spatial Vision and Design is a special macro lens add-on for your iPhone's camera. - "Think of it as a magnifying glass for your iPhone." More

Materialise launches 3D Print Barometer 

Dec.4, 2012 -  Materialise launches "3D Print Barometer" to help manufacturers to identify whether a plastic component is suitable for 3D printing. More 

Tested: 3D printed gun breaks within 6 shots 

Dec.4, 2012 -  Cody Wilson, Defense Distributed's spokesman and co-founder took the popular printable lower out for a test to see how many shots it can last. More 

3D print a chair, piece by piece

Dec.3, 2012 -   3D printing technology is becoming cheaper and simpler to use, and has been used in wide applications, but still, one of the remaining obstacles to wide-scale adoption is that the object to be printed must fit into the working volume of the 3D printer. More

Multec introducing Multirap 3D printer series 

Dec.3, 2012 -  The Multirap series from German company Multec have all-aluminum frame and are designed to be stable and durable. Using standard and common components Multec aims to keep the price affordable for all private users. More 

MIT Grads test print smart baby spoon on Makerbot 

Dec.3, 2012 -  Feeding baby is big challenge for parents, you get often messy baby faces, messy table and floor. Two MIT grads came up with a solution: They reinvent a new kind of baby spoon: Spuni. More 

Stratasys and Objet Complete Merger - total market valuation reach to $3.0 Billion

Dec.3, 2012 -   Stratasys, Inc. and Objet Ltd. today announced the completion of their merger, forming a leader in 3D printing and direct digital manufacturing. More at Euromold (6): EOS, Renishaw, voxeljet and ExOne 

Dec.2, 2012 -  EuroMold gives vendors a great chance showing off their latest technology and example prints. Today we focus on EOS, Renishaw, voxeljet and ExOne.More 

Makerbot featured in the new music video of and Brittney Spears 

Dec.2, 2012 -  Aficionados of Makerbot 3d printers may be interested to find one featured in the new music video by and Brittney Spears which was released on Wednesday. More 

UK's £7 million competition aims to clean up additive manufacturing's dirty secrets

Dec.2, 2012 -   This competition aims to overcome some of these barriers – including the so-called dirty secrets' of additive manufacturing. More at Euromold (5): DIY 3D printers 

Dec.1, 2012 -  EuroMold 2012 exhibits the latest lnnovations in 3D printing and has high participation counts from professional exhibitors. But personal 3D printing has also come to EuroMold.  More 

Getting a game on the table with 3D printed castle construction kit 

Dec.1, 2012 -  William and Jeremy have spent 12 years designing and developing Castle!, a set of stackable, textured castles and buildings for 25-28mm scale tabletop gaming, a lego-like modular construction system. More 

3D printing a new ear

Dec.1, 2012 -   Ernst Jan Bos, a Dutch medical researcher at VUMC, Amsterdam is using a Ultimaker 3D printer to print 'scaffold' upon which new human body parts may one day be grown. More

Fully assembled Ultimaker 3D printer launched 

Dec.1, 2012 -  Dutch 3D printer manufacturer Ultimaker annouced the launch of their fully assembled Ultimaker 3D printer in the shop.  More 

Ultralight 3D-printed beams could bear heavy loads 

Dec.1, 2012 -  The "spongy" bone found near joints is strong but light. Yong Mao of the University of Nottingham, UK and colleagues discovered that this fractal patterns that is self-similar on all length scales... More 

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