Italian brand XYZbag allows you to customize stylish 3D printed handbags

Jan.1, 2016 - Want your fashion choices to stand out? Italian design brand XYZbag allows you to do so by customizing their 3D printed handbag, the 'Dada for You'. XYZbag was founded by Italian design duo Annalisa and Matteo who were both inspired by their love of handbags and their interest in the potentials of additive manufacturing technologies. More

MASSIVit 3D prints 2 meter shark for global campaign against hunting

Dec.31, 2015 - Israeli 3D printing startup MASSIVit has teamed up with anti-shark hunting campaign Silence of the Sharks to 3D print a two-meter long shark replica to be used in a series of high-profile underwater protests taking place across the globe. More

Star Wars super-fan builds two-foot 3D printed Star Destroyer

Dec.31, 2015 - The force is strong with this maker: An ambitious Star Wars fan has built a two-foot long, 3D printed Star Destroyer ship, made from thousands of individual 3D printed parts. More

Beat the post-Christmas blues with this 3D printed Daft Punk helmet

Dec.31, 2015 - Adafruit's Ruiz Brothers have released a tutorial for making a smartphone-controlled, LED-lit, 3D printed Daft Punk helmet. The project aims to replicate the headgear worn by Thomas Bangalter'one half of the French duo. More

Watch 8 year-old-boy ride his BMX thanks to 3D printed prosthetic

Dec.31, 2015 - e-NABLE member Peter Binkley teamed up with Intel and pro BMX athlete Jeremiah Smith to design and create a 3D printed prosthetic hand for eight-year-old Jimmy Wilson, born without a left hand, in order to let him pursue his dreams of becoming a BMX biker. More

Shapeways' $30M funding makes top three Dutch startup deals of 2015

Dec.31, 2015 - StartupJuncture's annual ranking of Dutch startup/scaleup deals has revealed that 3D print group Shapeways has come in third place amongst 150 other young innovative companies in 2015, having raised US$30.5 million (€27.2m) in Series D funding during the second quarter. More

3D imaging and 3D printing help Washington surgeon build new knees for patients

Dec.31, 2015 - Kirkland, Washington based surgeon Dr. Vincent Santoro is one of a new generation of medical professionals to successfully utilize the unique Image-to-Implant' 3D printing process developed by ConforMIS. The medical 3D printing company raised $135M in July after going public on NASDAQ. More

This DIY 3D printed sundial displays time like a digital clock

Dec.31, 2015 - Combining the ancient time-telling technology of sundials with algorithmic design, a creative and extremely patient maker from Mojoptix has created an open source, 3D printed sundial that allows users to digitally read the time. More

Field Ready uses 3D printing to provide relief in quake-stricken Nepal and beyond

Dec.30, 2015 - NGO Relief organization Field Ready uses 3D Printing to demonstrate on-site solutions in earthquake ravaged Nepal. Their continued work in Haiti and beyond are bringing 3D Printing the the world of International Development. More

Hide an entire PC in this huge 3D printed Star Destroyer case mod

Dec.30, 2015 - Dutch modder Sander van der Velden has created a 3D printed case mod for his MSI gaming PC that perfectly replicates a Venator-Class Star Destroyer from the Star Wars franchise. The project is an entry for the MSI Pro Mod Season 3 competition. More

Belgian GoAhead Digital Agency is 3D printing customized chocolate to market their services

Dec.30, 2015 - A kickstarter campaign is underway for GoAhead SmartFood 3D Printing which plans to 3D print customized chocolate for marketing purposes. The company's early goal is to break into the world of 3D printed chocolate as part of their "Food for Marketing" campaign, and they need to raise their kickstarter goal of €15.000 to get a head start. More

Nano Dimension files patent for 3D printing multimaterial electrical conductors

Dec.30, 2015 - Nano Dimension today announced a patent application with the US Patent and Trademark Office for a new method of 3D printing multimaterial objects, including electronic conductors and other 3D objects with conductive traces. More

3D Printing Year in Review: The Biggest 3D Printing News Stories of 2015

Dec.30, 2015 - With the New Year fast approaching, it's time to look back on the biggest 3D printing news stories of 2015, and reflect on what they might mean for the year to come. More

3D printing gives researchers control over highly reactive materials

Dec.30, 2015 - While reactive materials such as thermite are currently hard to predict and control when they release energy, a team of scientists from the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory have successfully harnessed the materials by precisely 3D printing them onto micro architectures. More

3D printed haptic sonar glove lets you feel what's far below the water

Dec.30, 2015 - Harnessing the echolocation techniques used by dolphins, two Japanese PhD candidates have developed a 3D printed sonar glove called the IrukaTact, which enables divers to accurately feel sunken objects at up to two feet away. More

Derby the dog walks and sits more like other dogs now with updated 3D printed prosthetics

Dec.30, 2015 - About a year ago, Derby the dog was lucky enough to receive two prosthetics that allowed him to walk despite the congenital deformity affecting his front legs. Having gotten used to those, it was time for a 3D printed upgrade that allowed him to walk and sit like other dogs. More

3D printed Star Wars urns store your loved one's ashes in a Death Star or Darth Vader mask

Dec.30, 2015 - UK based Urns for Ashes has been finding it difficult to keep up with demand as interest for their 3D Printed Star Wars urns is up over 300 percent since November. Fortunately, they are 3D printed and this allows for the usual assortment of customization that the technology excels at. More

UK hospital seeks to use 3D bioprinted noses and ears on humans within 3-4 years

Dec.29, 2015 - Plastic surgeons at Morriston Hospital in Wales are developing a method for 3D bioprinting cartilage-based body parts, including noses and ears, using the patients' own cells, and they hope to be among the first to use them in human clinical trials within the next three to four years. More

Disney develops 3D printed VertiGo robot that can drive straight up walls

Dec.29, 2015 - Disney Research Zurich and ETH Zurich have created a multimodal wheeled robot that can seamlessly transition from driving over rugged terrain to climbing vertical walls thanks to steerable propellers and lightweight 3D printed components. More

3D printed GoPro cannonball lets you safely experience being shot from a cannon

Dec.29, 2015 - To celebrate the launch of their website, the guys from Eclectical Engineering have built a fun partially 3D printed aircannon and GoPro cannonball setup that captures some amazing footage as the camera is crashing down to earth. More

Samsung scores U.S. patent for 3D holographic smartphone

Dec.29, 2015 - Korean tech giant Samsung Electronics has just been awarded a key patent for 3D hologram technology, which the company has been working on for around three years. More

Top ten 3D printing projects of 2015

Dec.29, 2015 - As 2015 wraps up, we at 3Ders have looked back to some of the most exciting projects of the year, which can be found below, and are looking forward to what 2016 will bring for us 3D printing enthusiasts! More

Scott Hanselman: 3D printing is far more than just making "brightly colored pieces of crap"

Dec.29, 2015 - Scott Hanselman recently shared an insightful essay complete with solid tips for taking 3D printing beyond the repetitive, single-part busts, pot planters and smartphone cases. More

New Zealand scientists optimize honey production with 3D printed honeycombs

Dec.29, 2015 - As building those impressive honeycombs actually requires a lot of energy and honey, a team of New Zealand researchers are seeking to make the lives of bees and beekeepers a lot easier with perfect 3D printed honeycomb replicas that can be taken into use immediately. More

Savvy Society gives girls head start in STEM through customized 3D printed shoes

Dec.29, 2015 - Though STEM is still largely a boys' club, fashion startup Savvy Society is seeking to change that by getting girls interested in STEM sciences with the help of a fun platform for fashionable and cute CAD designs and 3D printed accessories for shoes. More

Israel's first full-scale 3D printing center launched by The Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Dec.29, 2015 - The Hebrew University of Jerusalem has pioneered many 3D printing technologies in recent years and they don't plan to let up. Under the guidance of Professor Shlomo Magdassi, they are set to open Israel's first dedicated 3D and Functional Prinitng Center. More

3D printed replicas of ISIS-Destroyed Arch of Palmyra to be erected in London and NYC

Dec.28, 2015 - A 3D printed replica of the 2,000 arch of Palmyra is to be erected in Trafalgar Square, London. The model arch will emulate the last standing section of the Temple of Bel in Syra, which was razed to the ground by Isis earlier this year. More

Architect Vincent Callebaut envisions future oceanic city 3D printed from algae and plastic waste

Dec.28, 2015 - Belgian architect Vincent Callebaut has designed a fictional oceanic city, made using sustainable 3D printed materials, that is meant to emphasize the importance of the earth's oceans and their cleanliness. More

3D Systems closing Cubify 3D printing marketplace, discontinues $999 Cube 3D printer

Dec.28, 2015 - 3D Systems today announced that it will be discontinuing production of its low-cost Cube 3D printer and closing its consumer 3D printing platform and marketplace. More

Aircraft carrier USS Harry S. Truman and Kearsarge print spare parts at sea with 3D printers

Dec.28, 2015 - Miniature fabrication labs have recently been placed on two Navy ships: the aircraft carrier Truman and the amphibious assault ship Kearsarge. Both ships and their respective 3D printers have been deployed in the fight against the Islamic State. More

'Eye-on-a-chip' 3D printed eyelids displayed at Collegiate Inventors Competition, gold for 3D printed human tissue

Dec.28, 2015 - 3D printed biomedical innovations were rightly prominently present at this year's Collegiate Inventors Competition, where the 'eye-on-a-chip' 3D printed eyelids received a lot of attention, and Harvard PhD student David Kolesky won the gold medal for his 3D printed human tissue breakthrough. More

Team FAST using 3D printing to develop world's first formic acid powered car

Dec.28, 2015 - Students from the Technical University (TU) of Eindhoven are developing a sustainable 3D printed car. The vehicle, set to be unveiled next summer, will be fueled by formic acid, a natural substance produced by ants. More

Experiments in 3D food printing using the Structur3D Discov3ry universal paste extruder

Dec.27, 2015 - Johannes Schumacher of Structur3D used the Discov3ry universal paste extruder to conduct a series of experiments for 3D printing everyday food items, including honey, syrup, and cream cheese. More

Chinese professor turns agricultural and forestry waste into 3D printing material

Dec.27, 2015 - With millions of tons of agricultural and forestry waste being produced in China every year, professor Guo Yanling of the Northeast Forestry University has given that waste a new purpose as low cost 3D printable materials for laser 3D printers featuring excellent material properties. More

New Media Performance Tiffany Trenda's interactive 3D printed dress leaves her audience in awe

Dec.27, 2015 - The merger of technology and technology has increased with recent trends in wearable tech. New Media Performance artist Tiffany Trenda takes things to the next level with her new and interactive work entitled Ubiquitous States; complete with a 3D Printed dress. More

Belgian startup Turbulent designs 3D printed turbines that harness natural energy of small rivers

Dec.26, 2015 - As existing sustainable energy farms are still very expensive, not cost-effective and have a negative impact on the environment around them, Belgian startup Turbulent is working on small scale 3D printed turbines that harness natural energy of small rivers without affecting the river itself. More

Createc 3D reboots 'Printing Smiles' campaign to donate 3D printed toys to children in need

Dec.26, 2015 - Createc 3D, a 3D printing makerspace and fab lab in Granada, Spain, has managed to collect over 100 3D printed toys as part of the Printing Smiles/Imprimiendo Sonrisas campaign. The 3D printed toys will be donated to disadvantaged children over the holiday season. More

South African PLENZA recreates 3D printed robot PLEN2 at a fraction of the price

Dec.26, 2015 - A hackerspace in South Africa has developed their own 3D printed humanoid robot, based off the of the popular Japanese PLEN2, that uses significantly cheaper and locally available 9g servos. Costing less than half of the original price, PLENZA is South Africa's take on the 3D printable bot, and it is completely available on Github to be recreated at home. More

Lame duck given clean bill of health thanks to 3D printed leg

Dec.25, 2015 - A pair of Indian 3D printing experts have come to the aid of a lame duck, providing it with a new 3D printed leg. The tiny prosthesis took two hours to print and will be attached by a veterinary doctor in the near future. More

Canadian design trio Daniel Christian Tang break into luxury 3D printed jewelry design market

Dec.25, 2015 - Jewelry brand Daniel Christian Tang has taken the Canadian luxury jewelry market by storm with their unique and complex 3D printed designs. Daniel Christian Tang (DCT), which was founded by two architects, Heng Tang and Mario Christian, and one structural engineer, Luca Daniel, is now one of Canada's leading design brands in 3D printed luxury jewelry. More

Explore the British Museum and 3D print its artifacts all from the comfort of home

Dec.24, 2015 - Not only can you 3D print artifacts of the British Museum, you can now virtually explore it with Google Cultural Institute from anywhere in the world. GCI recently partnered with the British Museum and have just launched the virtual version of it, which covers nine floors of the museum and 85 of its permanent galleries, making it the most expansive interior Google street view space. More

Axial 3D receives $450K to bring 3D printed orthopedic medical models to global market

Dec.24, 2015 - Biomedical 3D printing startup Axial 3D has secured a £300,000 investment, roughly equivalent to $450,000 USD, in order to expand into the European and US medical industries. The company creates custom 3D printed orthopedic medical models to assist surgeons with pre-op planning. More

RMIT University unveils beautifully intricate titanium 3D printed ceremonial mace

Dec.24, 2015 - A new 3D printed, titanium ceremonial mace was recently unveiled at the RMIT University of technology and design in Australia. The intricate and lightweight 3D printed mace was digitally constructed via a multi-agent swarm algorithm and 3D printed using SLM technology and fused titanium powders. More

Norsk Titanium named in Lux Research's Top 10 innovative companies of 2015

Dec.24, 2015 - While 2015 has been an excellent year for the 3D printing industry, titanium 3D printing innovators Norsk Titanium were so successful with their efficient, structurally sound and cost-effective titanium prints that data analysists Lux Research included them in their top ten list of innovators. More

Gartner places 3D printing among the top 10 strategic technology trends for 2016

Dec.24, 2015 - With the end of the year rapidly approaching, experts are already looking at what the next year could bring. And according to Gartner, we can expect a lot from the 3D printing industry over the coming years, as they have listed the technology among the top ten strategic technology trends for 2016. More

Rick Winscot shares fantastic design for 3D printed sensor-packed RC sand buggy

Dec.24, 2015 - If you're looking for a fun 3D printing project for over the holidays, be sure to check out Rick Winscot's cool design for a 3D printed, sensor-packed RC sand buggy called the Sandblaster. Featuring obstacle detection and autonomous driving options, it is a perfect project to waste a day or two on. More

3D printed tribute to SpaceX's successful Falcon 9 rocket landing now available

Dec.24, 2015 - As a tribute to the fantastic aerospace achievement of SpaceX earlier this week, who made a successful landing with their Falcon 9 rocket as it returned from space, a former intern has just shared a fantastic 3D printed replica of that rocket. More

Burn victim Safyre receives a 3D printed hand after inspiring the world with Christmas cards

Dec.24, 2015 - After losing her closest family in a fire in 2013, 8-year old Safyre has inspired warm hearts around the world to send send her Christmas cards. Through this, a team at Albany University has produced and tested a 3D Printed eNABLE hand for her. More

LIGHT consortium develops ultra-lightweight 3D printed metal structures

Dec.23, 2015 - On December 15th 2015, the latest meeting of the LIGHT project consortium took place at the Magna Parva headquarters in Leicester, UK. The purpose of the meeting was to allow partners to review the progress of three 3D printed demonstrator parts, which are in various stages of development. More

Tamicare to mass produce Cosyflex 3D printed textiles for booming wearables market

Dec.23, 2015 - UK based Tamicare, the company responsible for Cosyflex, their patented 3D printed textile and production system, have just begun operations on their first production line. Tamicare's founders, Tamar and Ehud Giloh, worked for over ten years to develop their 3D printed textile and printing system. More

Nano Dimension secures $1.3M from Israel's Chief Scientist to develop PCB 3D printer

Dec.23, 2015 - Nano Dimension has received a grant approval from Israel's Chief Scientist that supports the company's ongoing development of its advanced PCB 3D printer, the DragonFly 2020. More

TNO advances virtual material design in 3D printing with COMSOL Multiphysics

Dec.23, 2015 - The Netherlands Organization for Applied Scientific Research has been investigating the potentials of 3D material design properties using multiscale modeling and multiphysics software. More

India's National Aerospace Laboratories 3D prints prototypes of aerospace parts

Dec.23, 2015 - National Aerospace Laboratories (NAL), India's second largest aerospace firm, has recently demonstrated 3D printed prototypes used for the design and validation of various aerospace components at an exhibition in Bangalore. The 3D printed parts were manufactured using local MSME J Robotics' 3D printer system. More

Musical Instrument Museum 3D prints entire symphony orchestra in miniature

Dec.23, 2015 - The Musical Instrument Museum in Phoenix, Arizona, has created the world's first complete miniature symphony orchestra thanks to 3D printing technology. It is now setup as an audio-visual display in the MIM's Europe Gallery. More

Stratasys could face some challenges when implementing long term plans, says Gartner

Dec.23, 2015 - As 2015 wasn't exactly an unparalleled success story for the established names of the 3D printing industry, Stratasys will be adjusting its focus and curb their spending, though Gartner argues that they will still have to face some challenges on the road ahead. More

German engineering team pioneers LaserStacker machine to '3D print' acrylic objects

Dec.23, 2015 - In an excellent attempt to combine the best of CAD design, the speed of laser cutting and the material properties of acrylic, a team of German engineers from the Hasso Plattner Institute have built the LaserStacker: an efficient tool that '3D prints' 3D objects made from acrylic. More

New algorithm could turn your smartphone camera into a 3D scanner

Dec.23, 2015 - While existing 3D scanning technology is highly accurate, it relies on hardware so expensive that it is still years away from being interesting for private users. A new algorithm by researchers from Brown University could change that, as captures scans using off-the-shelf cameras and even smartphones. More

Innovative Gaming company brings the virtual world with the physical with Gamaya

Dec.23, 2015 - The virtual world and the physical world have existed independently for years now. An innovative new game called Gamaya is hoping to change that with NFC driven collectable statuettes that communicate directly with the game. More

3D print objects from the Fallout 4 universe with Maker's Muse tutorial

Dec.22, 2015 - Gamers can now 3D print almost any object from the Fallout 4 universe, as Angus from Maker's Muse has released a tutorial which shows how to turn game data into 3D printable files. More

Stunning 3D printed 7 meter tall sculpture provides backdrop for Richard Strauss' tragedy Elektra

Dec.22, 2015 - L'Opera de Montreal showcases impressive 7 meter tall 3D printed statue as backdrop for recent production of Richard Strauss' Elektra. The process of 3D printing the giant set piece was led by a team at AsorCAD, a 3D printing service that specializes in 3D design, reverse engineering, and capture point cloud. More

Scansite3D reveals 3D scanning role in 12 year restoration of Tullio Lombardo's Adam

Dec.22, 2015 - Scansite3D today revealed its 3D scanning role in the lengthy restoration of Tullio Lombardo's Adam, a year after the sculpture was put back on display at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. More

Zortrax M200 3D printer sales triple in 2015

Dec.22, 2015 - Polish 3D printer and 3D printing accessory manufacturer Zortrax has announced that total sales for its M200 3D printer have tripled in the past year, according to sales figures for mid-December. The company also predicts visible results by early 2016 for sales on its newest Inventure 3D printer model. More

Fairphone teams with designer Alan Nguyen to offer 3D printed wooden accessories for Fairphone 2

Dec.22, 2015 - Fairphone, the Netherlands based social enterprise and technology company, recently released its latest smartphone, the Fairphone 2. The company has now teamed up with 3DHubs and designer Alan Nguyen to produce a range of 3D printed wood accessories for the device. More

Pandorum Technologies becomes first in India to develop 3D bioprinted liver tissue

Dec.22, 2015 - Bangalore-based bio-tech startup Pandorum Technologies has successfully developed artificial 3d bioprinted liver tissues that mimic human liver functions, enabling affordable medical research for developing new life-saving medicines and vaccines, and eventually leading to full-scale, transplantable 3D printed organs. More

FDA hits pause on US marketing of Materialise X-Ray Knee Guide 3D surgical planning technology

Dec.22, 2015 - Materialise has received a Not Substantially Equivalent letter from the FDA regarding its 510k submission for the proprietary X-Ray Knee Guide technology, which allows for 3D preplanning of total knee replacements based solely on 2D x-ray images. More

GE's Avio Aero orders 10 new Arcam EBM metal 3D printers to produce aerospace parts

Dec.22, 2015 - Avio Aero, an aerospace parts manufacturer and subsidiary of GE Aviation, has today placed an order for ten new Arcam EBM metal 3D printing systems in order to move into series production of state of the art turbine blades. More

Chinese desktop 3D printer market to surpass US market in 2016, experts predict

Dec.22, 2015 - A new report by IDC China is arguing that the domestic 3D printing market in China will growth significantly over the coming year. In part thanks to a positive climate create by the government, experts predict that the Chinese market will even overtake the US market in terms of absolute sales. More

Filmmaker Raymond McCarthy Bergeron turns own childhood drama into vivid 3D printed zoetrope movie

Dec.22, 2015 - After a lengthy six month 3D printing process, filmmaker Raymond McCarthy Bergeron has completed an amazing movie called re+belief, filled with 3D printed zoetropes that tells the story of his own childhood experiences and coming-of-age process. More

150 puppets & 1,261 faces 3D printed for stop-motion Oscar contender Anomalisa

Dec.22, 2015 - While Star Wars is dominating cinemas everywhere, a lot of Hollywood buzz is instead focusing on upcoming movie Anomalisa. A gripping stop-motion film, it has extensively relied on 3D printing technology to make more than 150 puppets and 1,261 faces to let them express their emotions. More

North Carolina man raising money to 3D print prosthetic leg covers for wounded soldiers

Dec.22, 2015 - After losing his left leg from the knee down after a motorcycle accident, Adam White hopes to raise money through Kickstarter to create 3D Printed Prosthetic covers for wounded soldiers. More

Real burning lightsaber created with 3D printing and a touch of butane

Dec.21, 2015 - Engineer Allen Pan has created a 'real-life' Star Wars lightsaber that shoots out a butane-propelled blade thanks to a nichrome ignition, a syringe valve housed inside a 3D printed enclosure, and a methanol-acetone fuel mixture. More

3D printing helps marine robotics company Blue Robotics to reinvent underwater drones

Dec.21, 2015 - Southern California based start up Blue Robotics has created affordable and high quality under water thrusters for submarine drones with the help of 3D printing technologies. More

Dutch 3D printing startup Printr introduces Katana, a free 3D slicing app

Dec.21, 2015 - Amsterdam based 3D printing software company Printr has recently announced the launch of their new application Katana, a free slicing engine that allows makers to easily turn their 3D models into coded instructions for their 3D printer. More

Norsk Titanium 3D printed parts score high on Aerospace Technology Readiness tests

Dec.21, 2015 - Norsk Titanium has just achieved Technology Readiness Level Eight after concluding a test plan coordinated by the Federal Aviation Administration. The high-scoring results prove that Norsk's proprietary RPD 3D printed titanium parts meet the most demanding aerospace requirements, and can begin to be delivered to aerospace and defense companies as early as 2016. More

Turn your Dragon Quest avatar into a 3D print with Rinkak 3D Avatar Printing Solution

Dec.21, 2015 - Japanese 3D printing firm Kabuku, which runs the trio of Rinkak 3D printing service platforms, has launched a game avatar 3D printing service. The service has already been incorporated into Dragon Quest, a bestselling RPG for smartphones and other platforms. More

3D printed Star Wars toys made from compostable WillowFlex re-paintable with biodegradable watercolors

Dec.21, 2015 - Berlin-based BioInspiration used their compostable WillowFlex 3D printing filament to 3D print two iconic Star Wars toys. They then discovered that they could use biodegradable watercolors to paint and re-paint their 3D prints, making them as completely eco-friendly as possible. More

Manchester University team helps dinosaur fans 3D print their own mini T-Rex

Dec.21, 2015 - Researchers at the University of Manchester have developed software in which users can control a realistic 3D dinosaur via physical movements captured on webcam. The 3D models can also be 3D printed for an easy Christmas present. More

'The Little Designer' book lets kids learn 3D printing in an intuitive and fun way

Dec.21, 2015 - With the purpose of giving kids a head start in 3D design and imaging tools, Dream Factory has just taken a very interesting book to Kickstarter. Called 'The Little Designer', it teaches kids the basics of 3D design and 3D printing by taking them on a colorful and imaginative adventure in Buddyland. More

MIT researchers hack 3D printer to create single-print hydraulic-powered robots

Dec.21, 2015 - Researchers at MIT have developed a novel method for the 3D printing of hydraulic devices. Their research paper shows how a regular 3D printer can be modified to achieve such ends. More

Add a unique touch to your 3D prints with Essemplex shape memory polymer filament

Dec.21, 2015 - Plastic development specialists CRG are ready to add some much needed flexibility to 3D printing everywhere with Essemplex, a memory polymer filament that 3D prints as easy as ABS, but can be manipulated after 3D printing by slightly heating it. The versatile filament is currently on Kickstarter. More

Cappasity gathers $650K for development of affordable 3D scanners

Dec.21, 2015 - A lot is happening over at 3D tool developer Cappasity, who have just completed a $650K seed round. Aside from top level 3D scanning solutions and a full body 3D scanner, they are also releasing Easy 3D Scan software, which will already work on existing machines featuring Intel RealSense 3D cameras. More

Free 3D Printable of the Week: Don Foley's Freedom 7 Capsule and Christmas ornament

Dec.21, 2015 - In 2015 the 43rd Space Congress asked Don to 3D print the speakers award. The logo for the 43rd space congress was the Freedom 7 Capsule. Don Foley has shared its design free through the holidays. More

This efficient DIY dual extrusion build requires no additional electrical components

Dec.21, 2015 - While most DIY dual extrusion projects require lots of experience and components without functioning flawlessly, Tim Edwards has just shared an exciting alternative that required no additional electrical components and doesn't suffer from the dreaded oozing. More

3D printers on wheels? Addibots autonomous mobile robots to take 3D printing down a new road

Dec.20, 2015 - Harvard graduate Robert Flitsch has launched Addibots (additive manufacturing robots), a startup which will specialize in the development and production of mobile 3D printing robots. More

TU Delft students develop method for 3D printing flexible materials

Dec.20, 2015 - Ben Kromhout and Lukas Lambrichts, two students on the Technologies for Concept Design (TfCD) course at the Delft University of Technology, Netherlands, have come up with a novel method for 3D printing flexible materials, using a simple geometric pattern. More

Dagoma and Twitter France use #COP21 to power 3D printer and climate change action

Dec.20, 2015 - French 3D printer manufacturer Dagoma and Twitter France, via Hobbynote, harnessed the power of social media and 3D printing technology to raise awareness about the historic conference and the issue of climate change in general. More

Fabrisonic using sound waves to 3D print metal objects

Dec.19, 2015 - Since 2011, Ohio based 3D printing specialist Fabrisonic has pioneered the unique 3D printing process of Ultrasonic Additive Manufacturing (UAM), which involves the merging of layers of metal foil using sound waves. More

Colorado School of Mines awarded $2.5M grant to refine metal 3D printing process for aerospace

Dec.19, 2015 - The Colorado School of Mines has recently received a $2.5 million grant from the Colorado Office of Economic Development to further develop and refine the process of heavy metal additive manufacturing. More

Light up your X'Mas tree with Functionalize's 3D printable flashy ornaments made with conductive filament

Dec.19, 2015 - With Christmas around the corner, conductive filament manufacturers Functionalize have just shared two fun and free designs for 3D printable tree ornaments that can light up your home with the help of lasers, LEDs and their F-Electric filament. More

3D printed lithophanes bring new dimension to digital photographs

Dec.18, 2015 - BYU student Justin Jensen reveals how he created 3D printed lithophanes, three-dimensional representations of digital photographs that, when lit from behind, reproduce the original image with a high level of fidelity. More

Arcam expands aerospace and medical 3D printing solutions to US market

Dec.18, 2015 - Metal additive manufacturing provider Arcam has set its sights on the booming US market, where demand for metal 3D printing in the aerospace and medical industries in particular has created the perfect opening for the Stockholm, Sweden-based company to set up shop. More

Monsterfil introduces MonsterFeed, a motorized spool holder for large-spool 3D printing filament

Dec.18, 2015 - Monsterfil, the UK based company responsible for large-spool 3D printing filaments, has just released MonsterFeed, a motorized spool holder to facilitate the filament feed into the 3D printer. More

Made in Space & EIS to send first 3D printed airframe to space with 100+ student projects on board

Dec.18, 2015 - Enterprise in Space has teamed up with Made in Space, the world's first space manufacturing company, to implement 3D printed components in a spacecraft to be launched into Earth orbit. The spacecraft will also carry 100+ student experiments. More

First MetalFAB1 3D printing system sold to Airbus APWorks

Dec.18, 2015 - Airbus APWorks, a subsidiary of Airbus Group, has placed an order for the first MetalFAB1 system and embarked on an Additive Industries Beta program to bring their proven metal 3D printing industries to this promising 3D printing manufacturer. More

FATHOM gains next-level 3D printing insight with new data analytics software

Dec.18, 2015 - Advanced 3D printing service FATHOM has acquired proprietary data analytics software from Addimation that retrieves, analyzes and reports real-time additive manufacturing metrics. More

MIT researchers use 3D printing to produce MEMS at one-hundredth usual cost

Dec.18, 2015 - Researchers at MIT's Microsystems Technologies Laboratories have developed a method for producing high quality microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) using a 3D printed desktop device. These MEMS can be produced at one-hundredth the cost of a market alternative with no loss of quality. More

3D Printing used to develop locust inspired jumping robots for search and rescue

Dec.18, 2015 - Robotics have been used to assist humans in all sorts of ways throughout recent years. A team from Tel Aviv University are hoping their 3D printed, locust inspired robots will one day assist in search and rescue and rough terrain reconnaissance operations. More

Futurist Ray Kurzweil predicts that 3D printing will become common in daily life in 2020s

Dec.18, 2015 - While the future of 3D printing seems optimistic, futurist Ray Kurzweil takes things even further and argues that the rapid growth of information technology will make 3D printed food, homes and objects common in daily life by the 2020s. More

Innventia consortium develops advanced wood-based 3D printing materials and structures

Dec.18, 2015 - Swedish research institute Innventia has launched an interdisciplinary consortium known as 'Would wood' to develop wood-based 3D printing materials and processes for the large-scale additive manufacturing of wood furniture and other structures. More

NASA successfully tests completely 3D printed rocket engine producing 20,000 pounds of thrust

Dec.18, 2015 - While NASA has been testing a number of 3D printed engine parts for a while, their biggest success has just been achieved by successfully testing a completely 3D printed breadboard engine seven times. This engine was exposed to a realistic environment and produced 20,000 pounds of thrust. More

Renishaw lends 3D printing expertise to bring America's Cup to Britain

Dec.17, 2015 - Additive manufacturing experts Renishaw have joined the Land Rover BAR Technical Innovation Group, providing expertise in metal 3D printing to help give the British sailing team a competitive edge in the prestigious America's Cup challenge. More

Minifig Battlefields recreates epic WWI battles with LEGO and 3D printed dioramas

Dec.17, 2015 - UK-based company Minifig Battlefields uses 3D printing to bring richly detailed and historically accurate WWI trenches and battlefields to life. Their dioramas and minifig soldiers are compatible with popular brick brands such as LEGO, and their 3D printed Stiknklik tool helps enable creative visual storytelling. More

3D printed 'Mouth Operated Mouse' wins Thingiverse Assistive Technology Challenge

Dec.17, 2015 - Tobias Wirtl has won the Thingiverse Assistive Technology Challenge for his 3D printed, mouth operated computer mouse. Runner up prizes went to a 3D printable wheelchair and a kit for assisting disabled dogs. More

3Doodler Awards: 3D printing pen remains the tool of choice for unrestrained 3D creativity

Dec.17, 2015 - 3Doodler has announced the finalists for the inaugural 3Doodler Awards, with the winning 3D printed designs divided into eight categories. Always spontaneous and never dull, the 3D printing pen remains the tool of choice for unrestrained 3D creativity. More

Voxeljet expands industrial 3D printer empire into India

Dec.17, 2015 - German industrial 3D printer manufacturer voxeljet will be opening a new subsdiary in India. Ms. Nidhi Shah will be stepping into the role of voxeljet India's Managing Director. More

Ourobotics Revolution: a modular, affordable, 10 material 3D bioprinter

Dec.17, 2015 - Jemma Redmond and Stephen Gray of Ourobotics have developed a low-cost 3D bioprinter that is capable of 3D printing with up to 10 materials in a single structure, with the potential to add even more. More

Glass Robotics Lab pioneers robot-based glass 3D printing

Dec.17, 2015 - While glass is notoriously difficult to 3D print, scientists from the Glass Robotics Laboratory have developed a 6-axis glass 3D printing technique using a build plate moved around by a robotic arm, which is already creating new insights into the intrinsic properties of molten glass. More

XRobots rolls out new concept for functional 3D printed Star Wars BB-8 droid

Dec.17, 2015 - XRobots' James Bruton has revealed his V2 3D printed Star Wars BB-8 droid that, unlike many previous versions, features a single axis hubless wheel and a magnetic head coupling. The result is a life-size, functional BB-8 that looks and moves just like its on-screen counterpart. More

Get a unique 3D nanoprinted selfie only visible under a microscope through µPeek

Dec.17, 2015 - A team of Swiss 3D nanoprinting experts now offer a unique opportunity through their Kickstarter campaign for the 'Peek mini microscope: a 3D printed nano selfie the size of a grain of salt that is only visible under a microscope. More

Lumi Industries announces LumiFold Z-axis mechanism that makes 3D printers extremely compact

Dec.17, 2015 - While most 3D printing innovations focus on printed quality, Lumi Industries has just announced a revolutionary new Z-axis 3D printing mechanism that makes FDM, SLA, and DLP 3D printers compacter and more efficient than ever before. More

Volumetric displays re-imagined with 3D printed double helix

Dec.17, 2015 - Berlin-based company Volumetrics has developed an open-source volumetric display design that uses a large 3D printed helix to project full-resolution and color 3D objects. Their goal is to contribute to the development and widespread use of volumetric displays for everyday use. More

China Eastern Airlines adopts 3D printing to significantly reduce costs of cabin components

Dec.17, 2015 - While a number of airlines are already using 3D printing for prototyping, China Eastern Airlines is already using it to produce a wide range of plastic cabin components in their own maintenance facility and are greatly improving their cost efficiency. More

Introducing Adorn: a 3D printing pen that prints makeup to perfectly match your skin

Dec.17, 2015 - A new foundation pen that utilizes elements of 3D scanning and 3D printing to create the perfect tone of foundation has just been released on the market. More

3D printed Infant Resuscitator to save newborns who can't breathe

Dec.16, 2015 - The Augmented Infant Resuscitator (AIR) is a 3D printed device designed to improve the effectiveness of newborn resuscitation. The device is an add-on piece for existing bag valve masks (BVMs) and several types of ventilation equipment. More

3D printed helmet material to reduce brain injuries wins $250K in NFL-backed competition

Dec.16, 2015 - A multi-layered elastic 3D printed material'developed by researchers at Cardiff University has the ability to reduce brain injuries and protect football players by absorbing and dissipating impact. This 'C3' material has won $250,000 in an NFL-backed competition, and is being further developed using 3D printing technology. More

3YOURMIND 3D printing platform receives significant investment from EOS founder

Dec.16, 2015 - Berlin based 3YOURMIND, an online platform that allows its users to compare 3D printing services' prices and materials, has received a large investment from the founder of EOS GmbH. More

Onshape CAD software launches commercial release and app store, adds Materialise and Pinshape apps

Dec.16, 2015 - Cloud-based 3D design platform Onshape has concluded its beta testing period and is ready for a full commercial release. The release will coincide will the beta launch of the Onshape App Store. More

Create custom 3D printed stamps using free software and this easy tutorial

Dec.16, 2015 - Maker Chris Slyka has released an easy-to-follow tutorial for designing and 3D printing custom stamps using two cost-free programs: Inkscape and OpenScad. The stamps can be used to make personalized holiday cards, beer coasters, or whatever you want to create. More

French La Poste and Cults launch online 3D printing 'Innovate and Create' platform

Dec.16, 2015 - French mail service La Poste and 3D marketplace Cults have launched an online 3D space called 'Innovate and Create in 3D' and aims to introduce more people to 3D printing technology. The site offers free 3D models, 3D Slash's 3D modeling software, and direct access to 3D experts and advisors to help users get their project started. More

Ultra Clean Holdings and Kulicke & Soffa to 3D print semiconductor equipment parts

Dec.16, 2015 - Ultra Clean Holdings, Inc. (UCT) has announced a partnership with Kulicke & Soffa for the use of their commercial scale 3D printing services, making K&S the first known company in the semiconductor equipment market to adopt the mass customization capabilities of 3D printing technology. More

Samsung deems 3D printing unprofitable on the short term, shifts focus to IoT and drones

Dec.16, 2015 - While the 3D printing revolution is picking up speed, unverified reports on Samsung policy suggest that it hasn't quite matured as a consumer technology yet. The electronics giant was considering it as one of its new priorities, but deemed the technology unprofitable on the short term. More

Indmatec unveils 2nd gen PEEK 3D printer, reveals performance stats of excellent PEEK filament

Dec.16, 2015 - Though Indmatec only brought unveiled their HPP 155 3D printer last summer, their second gen version is already available, featuring superior mechanical properties and the option to manipulate all 3D printing parameters ' making it perfect for other high performance materials aside from PEEK. More

Dutch craftsman takes bookbinding into the 21rst century with the help of 3D printing

Dec.16, 2015 - While the artisanal craftsmanship is what makes bookbinding so remarkable, Dutch craftsman Luc Volders has developed an easy and interesting 3D printing method to make embossed covers without losing that traditional nature of the craft. More

Aciturri Aeronautics and Prodintec to 3D print airplane parts in Spain

Dec.16, 2015 - Spanish aviation leader Aciturri Aeronautics and technology center Prodintec are joining forces to 3D print airplane components at a new 3D printing factory in Asturias, with the aim of developing 3D printing knowledge and applications for the Spanish aviation industry. More

14-year-old becomes first teen saved by 3D printed tracheal splint

Dec.16, 2015 - 14-year-old, autistic Hannah Coulter, who suffered from a life threatening respiratory problem is the first grown person to successfully receive a 3D printed tracheal implant, which has previously only been used in babies and infants. More

Virginia archeologist 3D scans century-old peanut and world's oldest ham

Dec.15, 2015 - Arechologist Bernard Means has used 3D scanning technology to scan and preserve two of Virginia's oldest historical artifacts: a peanut dating back to 1890, and the world's oldest cured ham, both of which are proudly on display at the Isle of Wight County Museum. More

Maker shares fantastic tutorial for DIY 3D printer that costs $50 to build

Dec.15, 2015 - Though most DIY 3D printers require lots of expensive parts to build, a very interesting budget alternative has just appeared on Instructables. Designed by user gigafide, this super cheap 3D printer consists of a bunch of scavenged PC parts and a 3D pen, and can be made for just $50. More

FLUX 3D printed glowing zoetrope will mesmerize and mystify

Dec.15, 2015 - Design students Dieter Pilger, Janno Str'cker and Frederik Scheve have created a dizzying yet beautiful 3D printed zoetrope illuminated sculpture inspired by the mathematics of the Fibonacci sequence and John Edmark's 3D printing work. More

RoBo 3D secures US$3.6 million funding to cap off year of exceptional growth

Dec.15, 2015 - After announcing Falcon Minerals as majority shareholder earlier this month, consumer 3D printer manufacturer RoBo 3D has managed to secure demand of $3.6 million USD ($5 million Australian) for its proposed capital raising in 2016. More

Floatility E-Floater electric scooter glides into production thanks to 3D printing

Dec.15, 2015 - German start-up Floatility has designed a light-weight, solar-powered, electric scooter to redefine modern commuting, and has said that Stratasys FDM and PolyJet 3D Printing solutions were absolutely integral to creating the functional prototype that brought their product from development to launch. More

Inventor Kai Parthy unveils rubber-like SOLAY 3D printing filament for your future shoes

Dec.15, 2015 - Kai Parthy is steadily becoming famous as a filament wizard, with his wide range of unconventional but very practical filament options. He is now back with SOLAY, the latest addition that features rubber-like properties and is perfect for making shoes, belts and other wearables. More

Douglas Coupland works on 3DCanada, huge 3D printed sculpture of Canadian citizens

Dec.15, 2015 - Celebrated Canadian novelist and artist Douglas Coupland has teamed up with 3D printing expert John Biehler to create 3DCanada, a huge artwork consisting of around 1,500 3D printed busts of Canadian citizens. More

Liverpool student Jade Crompton reinvents ceramics with the help of 3D printing

Dec.15, 2015 - While ceramics still have a very old-fashioned reputation, Liverpool student Jade Crompton is quickly reinventing that through a 3D printing production method that involves CAD design and i.materialise but still achieves that top quality, traditional style. More

UC Riverside physicist using 3D printing to understand the evolution of the universe

Dec.15, 2015 - Studying galaxy formation is a complex field that is forced to rely on unclear digital models that are hard to comprehend, but physicist Miguel Arag'n-Calvo from the University of California, Riverside, has made a series of complex 3D printed plastic models that are far easier to understand. More

Monash University creates 3D printed cadavers in an attempt to modernize anatomical models

Dec.15, 2015 - The use of cadavers have been used for centuries as a tool for medical training. The accuracy of the real-thing has always had its drawbacks however. A team at the Monash University in Australia has developed a 3D printed full-color option that offers great advantages over the traditional corpses. More

28 schools in South Australia to be equipped with 3D printers, minister announces

Dec.15, 2015 - In an effort to ensure that young children will gain an intuitive understanding of up and coming technologies, the state government of South Australia has just announced that they will be equipping 28 schools with 3D printers, with the educational program kicking off in the first semester of 2016. More

BB-8 Builders Club and J.R. Bédard reveal two 3D printable Star Wars BB-8 Droid designs

Dec.14, 2015 - The BB-8 Builders Club and software engineer Jean-René Bédard have revealed two functional, 3D printable, and movie-realistic designs that awaken the force of 3D printing and bring Star Wars: The Force Awaken's BB-8 Droid to life. More

Reel in the big fish with Zombait 3D printed bait 're-animator'

Dec.14, 2015 - An intriguing Kickstarter campaign by New England-based Magurobotics is about to revolutionize the fishing industry. With the help of 3D printing, they have developed a ever fishing tool called Zombait, a small robotic device that can reanimate dead bait used for catching big predatory fish. More

Hybrid 4D printed material can shape-shift and transform under heat and light

Dec.14, 2015 - Researchers from the University of Pittsburgh and Clemson University have developed a new hybrid material that, using 4D printing technology, can actually reconfigure itself multiple times and into different, programmable shapes when exposed to different light and/or heat stimuli. More

CONTEXT: Metal 3D printer sales up 45% worldwide in Q3 2015

Dec.14, 2015 - Worldwide sales of metal 3D printing machines are up 45% in Q3 2015, while shipments of metal 3D printers have grown 51% compared to the same period last year, according to a new report by market research company CONTEXT. More

Stylish Cubicon 3D printers put 3D prints in the literal and proverbial spotlight

Dec.14, 2015 - The Cubicon range of 3D printers, designed by Korean firm HyVision, is aimed at novices and experts alike, boasting impressive aesthetics and technical specs. HyVision recently unveiled its latest 3D printer in the series. More

China and Israel sign multi-million dollar research deal on 3D printing, nanotech, and more

Dec.14, 2015 - The science ministers of Israel and China have today signed a multi-million dollar joint research declaration to advance research in areas including 3D printing technology, bio-medicine, nano-technology, renewable energy, aging populations and more. More

CyBe to release 3D printable mortar in 2016, working to certificate on-site 3D concrete printing

Dec.14, 2015 - With the quality of their 3D printable mortar vastly improving, Dutch concrete pioneers CyBe are working to certificate on-site 3D printing of structural walls within the EU and are even looking to bring their widely compatible mortar to market in early 2016. More

Nonmanifold: 3D printed jewelry for the 'modern woman'

Dec.14, 2015 - New 3D printed jewelry company, Nonmanifold, has been recently launched and not only are its designs made using 3D printing technology, but the jewelry is 3D printing themed. More

Build your own walking, waving, 3D printed 'Social Quadruped' robot

Dec.14, 2015 - Instructables user [chombaw] has designed a 3D printed robot called 'The Social Quadruped', thus named because of its friendly robot wave. The saluting machine, which is controlled wirelessly via Bluetooth, is able to walk on four legs with two degrees of freedom, and moves with a distinctive crawling motion. More

Hans Fouche shows off cool 3D printed acoustic guitar made with Cheetah 2 3D printer

Dec.14, 2015 - With the help of his Cheetah 2, a gigantic, lightening quick plastic pellet 3D printer, South African engineer and chocolatier Hans Fouche has again 3D printed something you'd never think of making: a fully functional acoustic guitar, based on the iconic Yamaha. More

Fan successfully flies super cool 3D printed Star Wars: The Force Awakens Speed Racer

Dec.13, 2015 - Star Wars has inspired many fan creations over the years. A fan of the upcoming film takes things to the next level with a custom designed 3D Printed Quadcopter that'll tickle the fancy of any Star Wars fan. More

Exclusive Komorebi 3D printed jewelry collection inspired by sunlight in nature

Dec.13, 2015 - Combining the best of classic design with the latest technologies, Stockholm-based jewelry designers Lumitoro have again developed a fantastic exclusive 3D printed jewelry collection called Komorebi. This time, founder Roberto Chaves was inspired by sunlight filtered through the leaves of trees. More

Chinese entrepreneur debuts fantastic 3D printed educational building block set packed with lights

Dec.13, 2015 - Originally trying to make a fun toy for his sons with the help of 3D printing, Chinese entrepreneur Ye Xi Quan has since turned his 3D printed building block set into a fantastic educational toy packed with lights and the electronics necessary to safely build radio's, MP3 players and more. More

Student's 3D printed balancing device is a whole new ball game

Dec.13, 2015 - Ramy Mounir, a student maker at the University of South Florida, has designed a 3D printed balancing game. The design process for the game, in which one or two players must balance a ball atop a moving plate, has been shared on Instructables. More

Maker shares cool design clip for partially 3D printed metal Amulet of Talos

Dec.12, 2015 - If anyone is thinking about cosplaying a Dragonborn from the Skyrim video game, then the latest prop by PunishedProps is just what you need. Brittany Doran has just made a completely metal Amulet of Talos with the help of 3D printed mold. More

Ultra-light 3D printed titanium firefighting drone to aid in bushfires

Dec.12, 2015 - Engineering students from Melbourne University have developed a 3D printed firefighting drone, able to resist high temperates and fly for up to 45 minutes. The UAV has been designed to extinguish bushfires. More

3D printed Solar System spins our planets around at varying speeds by a slight turn of the hand

Dec.12, 2015 - From the team that helped downsize Theo Jansen's Strandbeest to life comes another dazzling display of design ingenuity with The Solar System. After only three prototypes, this fully assembled piece is available on Shapeways today. More

Scare your pets with this 3D printed, Transformers-style spider robot

Dec.12, 2015 - Budding engineer and maker [Smudger_WTH] has developed a 3D printed, Transformers-style spider robot, which can move on both legs and wheels. More

Ease into timelapse filmmaking with 3D printed GoLapse trolley

Dec.11, 2015 - Amateur timelapse filmmaker Joe Fabiani has designed an easy and affordable 'trolley' system for timelapse videography. To bring the GoLapse to market, he's turned to two proven product-launching resources: 3D printing technology, and the crowdfunding power of Kickstarter. More

Tethon 3D files 3D printer patent for stronger than ever 3D printed ceramics

Dec.11, 2015 - Tethon 3D has filed a patent for a 3D printer design that is technically optimized for ceramic 3D printing, incorporating physical compression into a powder/binder-jet 3D printer for unprecedented strength in 3D printed ceramics and other powder materials. More

Janne Kyttanen unveils 3D printed and 'explosion welded' Metsidian table

Dec.11, 2015 - Finnish designer and artist Janne Kyttanen has unveiled a unique 3D printed table at Design Miami 2015. The 'Metsidian' sculpture is partially 3D printed, and partially made via 'explosion welding'. More

Cobbler Technologies' 3D shoe printer is bringing shoe manufacturing back to Maine

Dec.11, 2015 - Vincent Lewis and Andrew Katon have developed a proprietary, multimaterial 3D printer to manufacture high-performance 3D printed running shoes. With the launch of their new company, Cobbler Technologies, they're putting themselves at the forefront of the high-tech 3D printed shoe industry, while bringing a historical trade back to Maine. More

Livermore researcher files patent for LAPµSL 3D printer

Dec.11, 2015 - Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory engineer Bryan Moran has developed a new method for 3D printing known as Large-Area Projection Micro Stereolithography, for which he has has now won yet another coveted award, filed a patent for the 3D printer, and announced further technological improvements for the upcoming second version. More

Bone Mother 3D printed film explores dark side of stop motion

Dec.11, 2015 - Montreal-based Sea Creature Animation and the NFB are producing a stop motion animated film titled Bone Mother that uses 3D printing technology to tell a dark and sinister story. spoke with animator Dale Howard to find out they they incorporated 3D printing into the creative process. More

Anthony Daniels reveals he wore C-3PO's new 3D printed suit for upcoming 'Star Wars: The Force Awakens'

Dec.11, 2015 - While much of the upcoming Star Wars: The Force Awakens is still shrouded in mystery, veteran Star Wars actor Anthony Daniels has just revealed that a 3D printer was used on site during filming to make and maintain a comfortable C-3PO costume. More

China XD Plastics and China Academy of Sciences to develop high-end polymers for 3D printing

Dec.11, 2015 - China XD Plastics and the Institute of Chemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences, have entered a strategic agreement to develop high-end polymers for additive manufacturing and other applications, and to advance the polymer materials industry in China. More

Dilli Dalli develops flexible and comfortable children's glasses using Formlabs 3D printers

Dec.11, 2015 - Children's eyewear brand Dilli Dalli enlisted the help of Formlabs' Form 1+ 3D printer to develop prototypes for their new line of pediatric eyewear. More

Titan Robotics brings out bigger and better Atlas 2.0 3D printer

Dec.11, 2015 - Colorado-based Titan Robotics has released the second generation of its large-format 3D printer, the Atlas 2.0, which offers an upgraded build space of 30 x 30 x 45" and a heated steel enclosure. More

Melbourne researchers successfully 3D print brain cell tissue that lives up to 30 days

Dec.11, 2015 - Using a special bio 3D printer capable of 3D printing different types of human cells, a team of scientists from the University of Melbourne have successfully 3D printed a small clump of brain tissue that could be revolutionary for the study of brain disorders such as autism and schizophrenia. More

Chinese Nobel Prize laureate Tu YouYou honored with tea display made with 3D printer in Nobel Museum

Dec.11, 2015 - Yesterday the Nobel Prizes were awarded in a ceremony in Stockholm. Among the winners was Chinese laureate Tu You You, selected for discovering a groundbreaking malaria cure using 1700-year-old knowledge. She was further honored with a partially 3D printed display in the Nobel Museum. More

Siemens reveals it's relying on desktop 3D printers for some metal parts manufacturing

Dec.11, 2015 - While German electrical engineering innovator Siemens has long been a supporter of 3D printing, their Australian railway R&D department has just revealed that desktop Ultimaker 3D printers are quickly becoming an integral part of their workflow, even for part manufacturing. More

3D Brooklyn turns recycled potato chip bags into 3D printing filament

Dec.11, 2015 - A relatively new 3D Printing startup 3D Brooklyn tried to find a way to reuse old material for 3D printing. With the help of TerraCycle, they were able to source discarded potato chip bags and extrude them into usable 3D printing filament. More

Thales brings metal 3D printing to Morocco with new Industrial Competence Center

Dec.11, 2015 - Thales announced this week that it will be establishing a new high-tech industrial competence center for 3D metal printing in Morocco, to be completed and ready to manufacture aerospace and other high-value parts by 2018. More

ImprimaLAB creates impressive 3D printed movie memorabilia from Chappie, Mad Max and more

Dec.10, 2015 - Brazilian industrial designer Pedro Augusto Coelho, founder of ImprimaLAB, creates highly detailed 3D prints that movie buffs are sure to love. More

Small business owner Anita Redd expands from skincare to 3D printed packaging

Dec.10, 2015 - Lawrenceville, GA based small business owner Anita Redd, who invented the skin moisturizer Anita's Balm, has recently and rather serendipitously entered into the world of 3D printed packaging. She is now expanding her skincare company to sell empty 3D printed containers to other individuals or small businesses. More

San Francisco Museum of Modern Art acquires 3D printed 'Gemini' chaise

Dec.10, 2015 - Gemini, an acoustic chaise designed by Professor Neri Oxman and featuring a 3D printed skin produced by Stratasys, has been acquired by the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art for its permanent collection. The piece was designed to replicate the tranquility of the womb. More

Kids can 3D print their own Nickelodeon characters thanks to in-store PieceMaker booths

Dec.10, 2015 - PieceMaker Technologies, provider of in-store 3D printing booths, has announced a partnership with Nickelodeon. The partnership will allow children to 3D print their own Nickelodeon characters at a select number of Mid-Atlantic stores. More

Grismont unveils luxury custom-crafted 3D printed golf clubs

Dec.10, 2015 - Grismont Paris has released a line of three limited edition driving irons, designed by 3D digital artists Linlin and Pierre-Yves Jacques and manufactured using metal 3D printing technology. More

Rinkak develops beautifully finished, 3D printed accessories for Olympus Air Open Platform Camera

Dec.10, 2015 - 3D printing platform Rinkak Services has joined the Olympus OPC Hack & Make Project, teaming up with FEEL GOOD CREATION to develop a range of 3D printed Olympus OPC accessories. More

Zortrax opens its first 3D printer store in Poland

Dec.10, 2015 - Polish 3D printer manufacturer Zortrax has just opened its first 3D printer retail store in Warsaw, and the first 3D printing showroom of its kind in Poland, offering the complete range of Zortrax 3D printers, products, and software. More

Libraries harness power of 3D printing, ALA urges policymakers to take note

Dec.10, 2015 - The American Library Association has just issued a paper on libraries and 3D printing that urges policymakers to recognize the libraries' leading role in promoting education, entrepreneurship, and economic development through access to 3D printing technology. More

6-year-old boy gets his best Christmas gift ever - a 3D printed 'bionic' hand

Dec.10, 2015 - The six-year-old Lucas from Kentucky has gotten his Christmas present early, as the boy was given a custom-made 3D printed prosthetic hand. The prosthetic was made by a team of bioengineering students from the University of Louisville after Lucas's grandmother wrote them a letter. More

Ikea considers putting sustainable lab-grown 3D printed meatballs on menu

Dec.10, 2015 - With the meat industry being a major contributor to climate problems, Ikea's future-living lab Space10 has been thinking about alternatives for Ikea's classic Kottbullar meatballs. Among their solutions you can even find 3D printed laboratory grown meat. More

Loaded 3D printed gun found in meth lab during police raid in Gold Coast, Australia

Dec.10, 2015 - For the second time in a year, police from Gold Coast, Australia, have found a 3D printed gun during a raid on a drug lab. The gun was loaded and kept in the bedroom of the property and the owner, a biker from an outlawed gang, was arrested alongside three others. More

3D printing to shape future of fashion, says Syrian fashion designer Nabil El-Nayal

Dec.10, 2015 - Syrian fashion designer Nabil El-Nayal, a pioneer of 3D printing in the fashion world, speaks about the potential benefits and difficulties of 3D printing in fashion. More

3Discovered and 3D Scanning AS partner to improve 3D printed parts for cruise ships

Dec.9, 2015 - 3D Scanning AS, a subsidiary of The Maritime Group of Norway, has announced a partnership with 3Discovered of Chicago, in order to quicken the supply of 3D printed parts for its cruise ship repair and retrofit service business. More

Ultimaker joins 3MF Consortium as Founding Member to promote new 3D printing file format

Dec.9, 2015 - Ultimaker has just joined the 3FM Consortium at the Founding Member level in order to develop and promote their new, full-fidelity 3MF 3D printing file format. The next release of the Ultimaker's Cura 3D printing software will support the .3MF format. More

Teen makes 3D printed flamethrower drone, incinerates holiday turkey

Dec.9, 2015 - Connecticut teenager Austin Haughwout--who previously crafted a gun-wielding drone--has posted a video of a partially 3D printed, flamethrower-toting drone. The four-minute video shows the unmanned aircraft incinerating what is apparently a Christmas Turkey. More

Google calls upon makers to produce 3D printed shells for OnHub Wi-Fi router

Dec.9, 2015 - Google has called upon makers to produce their own 3D printed and hand-crafted shells for the OnHub Wi-Fi router, released by Google in collaboration with TP-LINK earlier this year. The search engine colossus has launched an online platform on which creators can share their designs. More

PartWorks helps movie industry cut costs with 3D printing prop service

Dec.9, 2015 - Digital manufacturing specialists PartWorks have created an 'Industrial Concierge' service that targets the movie industry, offering 3D scanning, 3D CAD and 3D printing services to create realistic movie props in record time and at lower costs. More

Stratasys and STEM Inc, Singapore bring 3D printing education to leaders of tomorrow

Dec.9, 2015 - Stratasys today announced a major partnership with STEM Inc, Science Centre Singapore to introduce applied 3D design and 3D printing learning programs for primary, secondary, and junior colleges, giving young students first-hand experience with 3D printing technology, and stimulating their passion for STEM. More

3D printing company Trinckle receives €700K investment from KfW and redpartners

Dec.9, 2015 - Berlin based 3D printing company Trinckle has announced it has received €700K in a recent investment financing round. The investment capital will allow Trinckle to further market its Product Customizer as well as expand its "Software as a Service" (SaaS) enterprise. More

The Best 3D Scanners of 2015

Dec.9, 2015 - This week, we've rounded up the best 3D scanners available in 2015 ranging from cheap and reliable handheld 3D scanners to industrial-grade 3D imaging devices. More

3D models of Tom Hanks reconstructed from online images thanks to new 3D facial imaging tool

Dec.9, 2015 - While 3D scans rely on countless photos taken in a controlled environment, a new facial imaging tool by researchers from the University of Washington is able to generate high quality faces with the help of diverse existing photos from celebrities and theoretically even from dead people. More

Praxair to market Ames Laboratory's titanium powder for metal 3D printing

Dec.9, 2015 - Titanium, the holy grail of metals for its excellent mechanical properties, was always difficult to make suitable for metal 3D printing, but the government-backed Ames Laboratory has now developed a new production method to make the powder commercially viable for many high quality industries. More

Chromat and Metalepsis introduce bold, futuristic 3D printed jewelry line

Dec.9, 2015 - Clothing and accessory brand Chromat has recently teamed up with jewelry design brand Metalepsis Projects to design and release a collection of trendy 3D printed jewelry. More

Smithsonian is 3D scanning iconic Apollo 11 to develop digital tour and 3D printable files

Dec.9, 2015 - Though the command module of the Apollo 11 that brought the first astronauts to the moon in 1969 has been in a Washington museum for decades, they are now bringing it to the next generation through a high quality digital tour and a 3D printable replica. More

24-year-old Sean Walker creates an award-winning leg prosthesis with a 3D printer

Dec.9, 2015 - Showing up late and seemingly unprepared, 24-year-old Hackathon participants didn't win over the judges with his appearance but instead with his intuitive and unique 3D printed approach to prosthetic limbs. More

3D printer emissions study to determine impact on air quality and health

Dec.8, 2015 - Safety organization Underwriters Laboratories has partnered with Georgia Tech and Emory University to conduct indoor air quality research on 3D printing technology, and assess the potential hazards to human health. More

Appliance maker Arçelik urges plastics industry to adopt 3D printing at faster pace

Dec.8, 2015 - Arçelik A.S., one of Europe's leading manufacturers of home appliances, recently urged the plastics industry at large to increasingly incorporate 3D printing technologies into their manufacturing processes in order to push the boundaries of manufacturing technologies. More

Jay Leno turns to 3D printing to restore custom-built EcoJet and other rare cars

Dec.8, 2015 - When critical components of his handmade EcoJet car broke, Jay Leno used 3D Systems' solutions 3D print better-than-ever parts. The celebrity TV host is becoming a strong advocate for 3D printing technology, calling it the "Future of manufacturing in America". More

Polimotor 2 implements 3D printed fuel intake runner in all-plastic race car engine

Dec.8, 2015 - Solvay Specialty Polymers has today announced today that the Polimotor 2 project, led by Matti Holtzberg, will feature a 3D printed fuel intake runner, produced by composite parts manufacturer Arevo Labs, and made from Solvay's KetaSpire polyetheretherketone (PEEK) material. More

Adidas & Parley for the Oceans reveal 3D printed shoe made from plastic ocean waste

Dec.8, 2015 - Adidas has just revealed the "Ocean Plastic" concept shoe with a 3D printed midsole made from reclaimed plastic ocean waste. The shoe was presented in collaboration with Parley for the Oceans in Paris today. More

Add dazzle and shine to 3D printed jewelry with new internal reflection technique

Dec.8, 2015 - London-based inventor and designer Otto Souta has developed a new 3D printing technique that utilizes Total Internal Reflection to emulate the dazzle and shine of diamonds in your own 3D printed accessories. More

Fuel3D makes SCANIFY 3D scanner portable and flexible with SCANIFY Mobile Package and Press-and-Scan

Dec.8, 2015 - Fuel3D, the company behind the SCANIFY range of 3D scanning equipment, has developed two new products which can each be used to improve the functionality of the SCANIFY 3D scanner. More

ic! berlin launches bold 3D printed, screwless 'I See Exoskeleton' eyewear collection

Dec.8, 2015 - German fashionable eyewear manufacturers ic! berlin has just launched their second line of 3D printed eyeglasses made with SLS 3D printing technology and the polyamide 3D printing material, plotic. The I See Exoskeleton line features a new 3D printed screwless hinge and a design inspired my molecular structures. More

Long Beach makers design gorgeous 3D printed keys of the city

Dec.8, 2015 - While keys of the city are usually big heavy mass-produced things, three residents of Long Beach, California, are about to be presented gorgeous keys that, through 3D printed design, are intricate and detailed tributes to everything to city stands for. More

Printable Scenery brings gorgeous 3D printable city for fantasy wargaming to Kickstarter

Dec.8, 2015 - As the amount of available 3D printable wargaming scenery remains disappointingly low, New Zealand-based Printable Scenery has taken to Kickstarter with an excellent and affordable 3D printable fantasy city that will give a huge boost to any tabletop game. More

Wearable Nature: Designer creates nature inspired interactive jewelry collection with 3D printing

Dec.8, 2015 - Florida based jewelry designer Cassidy Terry recently introduced a new collection of jewelry, which consists of a series of nature inspired rings as well as a necklace made from casted twigs and 3D printed elements. More

Sasquatch speculation given new boost with remarkable 3D printed full-scale Bigfoot skeleton

Dec.8, 2015 - While Sasquatch remains a very controversial creature, this hasn't stopped a team of Idaho State specialists led by Jeffrey Meldrum to 3D print a full-scale Bigfoot skeleton. Relying on archeological artifacts of similar primates and on data they do have, this is how they believe he looks like. More

3D printing assists Taiwanese surgeons in complex cheek reduction surgeries

Dec.8, 2015 - Senior surgeon Xie MingJi from Taipei, Taiwan, has used 3D printing technology to assist in orthognathic, corrective jaw, or cheek reduction surgeries, resulting in reduced operating and recovery time, and improved accuracy and patient saftey. More

3D Fashion Police: How 3D printed clothing could affect Fashion Law

Dec.8, 2015 - As 3D printed wearables being to enter the market, fashion industry lawyers will be faced with a new range of legal issues. Lawyer Randia Sedhom takes a look at some of the most pressing legal issues surrounding 3D printed fashion. More

3D print your own Microsoft Surface Pro 3 dock adapter for Pro 4 tablets

Dec.8, 2015 - Microsoft has released the free 3D printable files for a 'dock spacer' that allows the Surface Pro 3 docking station to accommodate the Surface Pro 4 tablet, all while saving customers from having to buy an entirely new dock. More

Feature-packed ARC-One 3D Printer hits the ground running on Kickstarter

Dec.8, 2015 - The ARC-One large-format 3D Printer offers all the bells and whistles at a very affordable price. Large build volume, heated platforms, dual-extrusion, multi-material potential all intrigue as this Kickstarter campaign gets underway. More

Curiosity Educational 3D printer up-cycles old hardware and costs just $120

Dec.7, 2015 - The Curiosity eWaste Educational 3D printer, brainchild of entrepreneurial engineer Marc Rogivue, is a 3D printer designed to educate young makers about eWaste, making, and other important matters. Parts for the DIY 3D printer can be sourced for around $120. More

ISS to receive first European space-ready 3D printer as early Christmas gift

Dec.7, 2015 - The first European 3D printer to be used in space, the Portable On-Board Printer 3D or POP3D, is now on its way to the International Space Station after the fifth Cygnus, an Orbital ATK resupply vessel, was successfully launched yesterday by Thales Alenia Space. The 3D printer was developed by Italian engineering firm Altran Italia. More

German RepRap releases 3rd gen X400 PRO industrial 3D printer

Dec.7, 2015 - Industrial 3D printer manufacturer German RepRap has today made available the third generation of its large format FFF 3D printing machine, the X400. The new X400 PRO V3 offers upgrades such as a DD3 dual printer head and low-wear aluminum parts. More

ReallyMake seeks to connect 3D printer buyers and sellers through 3D pottery app

Dec.7, 2015 - The team behind the ReallyMake 3D printable pottery app is looking to work with 3D printer manufacturers, distributors and resellers who can help promote the Android software. In exchange, ReallyMake will prioritize those cooperating 3D printing companies on its in-app directory. More

Materialise partners with Tissue Regeneration Systems to 3D print life-saving tracheal splints

Dec.7, 2015 - 3D printing service Materialise has partnered with Tissue Regeneration Systems to manufacture 3D printed tracheal splints which are used in life-saving surgeries on babies and infants affected by tracheobronchomalacia, a disease in which the airway can spontaneously collapse. More

Belgian Bruno Vereecke turns 3D printed lamps into hearing aids with Absorblight

Dec.7, 2015 - While you might not see any link between lamps and hearing, Belgian architect Bruno Vereecke has designed the Absorblight, which carefully lights up facial features to make you more understandable to the hard of hearing, while the top side absorbs noise from your surroundings. More

Explore swamps with this cool propeller-powered RC 3D printed swamp boat

Dec.7, 2015 - While virtually all 3D printed RC builds take to the skies or the dirt roads, German RC fan Sebastian Huber has just shared his designs for a fun, very cool and easy to build propeller-powered RC swamp boat that is definitely worth checking out. More

3D printing skin remains a complicated process, Arnold Bos at Lux Research calls for caution

Dec.7, 2015 - 3D printing skin is one of the fastest growing areas of research within bioprinting, but researchers need to take caution, explains Arnold Bos of Lux Research. More

Pollen gets super-sized: Seeing and feeling unseeable is becoming a reality thanks to 3D printing

Dec.7, 2015 - As microscopes don't always capture the complexity of miniscule 3D shapes, a New Zealand-based research team has developed a series of 3D printed, large scale models of tree pollen to help students fully understand them. More

Cheap, efficient 3D printed micro turbines could bring energy to remote locations

Dec.7, 2015 - With politicians and scientists currently discussing the best response for climate change in Paris, a very interesting solution has come out of the 3D printers of Omni3D: 3D printed mini wind turbines that are cheap, efficient and bring energy to urban areas and remote locations. More

Student develops 'Multistruder' 3D printing tool for homemade filament production

Dec.7, 2015 - The Green Engineers has developed a 'simple, rugged, expandable, mod-able filament extruder and multipurpose fabrication tool' called the 'Multistruder'. The 3D printing tool, which enables makers to produce their own filament, is currently the subject of a $6,000 Kickstarter campaign. More

TEPCO sends 3D printed RC robot to investigate damage in Fukushima Unit 3 Reactor

Dec.6, 2015 - The Tokyo Electric Power Company recently dispatched a smartphone-carrying robot encased by a 3D printed shell to capture images and data from the Unit 3 Reactor, which was destroyed during the Fukushima Nuclear Disaster in 2011. More

Robotic Sea Lion flipper 3D printed to uncover the mystery behind a very peculiar swimming style

Dec.6, 2015 - Sea Lions have a very unique swimming technique that gives them the ability to move quickly through the water without causing much disruption. A research team uses 3D printing and scanning methods to uncover how this is done. More

Nervous Systems working with New Balance to perfect 3D printed running shoe midsole

Dec.6, 2015 - Somerville, Massachusetts based design studio Nervous Systems has just announced a partnership with the footwear giant New Balance in which the studio will help to perfect a 3D printed midsole. More

Get your pooch back on its paws with this 3D printed dog wheelchair

Dec.6, 2015 - Dog owners everywhere can now make their own 3D printed dog wheelchair, thanks to a Thingiverse project published by Rickee, a Toronto based digital media artist. The 'FiGo' 3D printable dog wheelchair can be downloaded for free and adjusted to fit mutts of all sizes. More

Face-controlled, 3D printed device gives more independence to people in wheelchairs

Dec.5, 2015 - Limbitless Solutions, a non-profit organization founded by students at the University of Central Florida, has developed a 3D printed device which allows wheelchairs users to move their chairs with simple facial movements. More

Russian students 3D print human-controlled robotic hand for ISS repairs

Dec.5, 2015 - Russian students from the Tomsk Polytechnic University have developed a 3D printed 'manipulator' hand that is controlled by a sensor glove, worn by a human. The hand will allow astronauts to perform repairs or other technical operations on the ISS, without ever having to leave the station. More

Maker brings space exploration to your desktop with cool 3D printable Canadarm model

Dec.5, 2015 - Instructables' own Jon-a-Tron is quickly building on a reputation as a designer of high detailed replicas of actual spacecraft, and has just added another in the form of a gorgeous model of the multifunctional Canadarm robot arm actually used by NASA. More

Moog buys 70% stake in metal 3D printing firm Linear Mold and Engineering

Dec.4, 2015 - Motion control company Moog has acquired a 70 per cent stake in one of the largest metal additive manufacturers in North America, Linear Mold and Engineering. Through the acquisition, Moog hopes to provide metal 3D printing solutions for their core markets, the aerospace, defense and industrial sectors. More

Jay Leno takes Local Motors' 3D printed car for a spin on national TV

Dec.4, 2015 - Celebrated late night host and automotive enthusiast Jay Leno recently featured Local Motors on his primetime tv series, Jay Leno's Garage, and even took the 3D printed Strati car out for a test drive. More

Epson develops world's first in-office 'paperlab' that recycles and '3D prints' new paper

Dec.4, 2015 - Epson has developed what it believes to be the first compact office papermaking system in the world, the PaperLab, which essentially takes office wastepaper and transforms it into new, useable sheets using a dry process similar to 3D printing technology. More

78 year old Taiwanese oral cancer patient saved with help of 3D printing

Dec.4, 2015 - While oral cancer patients either die young or see a large portion of their jaw being replaced by an ill-fitting implant, a 78 year old patient for Taiwan has successfully undergone a procedure in which a perfect replica made with 3D printing technology was used. More

3D printing giant 3D Systems suffers losses, plans layoffs at its Andover location

Dec.4, 2015 - 3D printing company 3D Systems has just announced it will be laying off around 80 of its employees from its Andover office, which itself may be headed to a phased closure. More

ITRI develops new laser tech for regulating hardness of metal parts during 3D printing

Dec.4, 2015 - While metal 3D printing is limited by the fact that all parts feature the same hardness, strength and toughness throughout the part, a new laser engine by Taiwan research institute ITRI can regulate these characteristics during 3D printing, making it suitable for a far wider range of applications. More

Largescale adoption of metal 3D printing by US military could take >10 years, experts say

Dec.4, 2015 - While we've seen many promising reports of national military branches experimenting and even using 3D printed parts on ships and planes, a new report by the National Defense Magazine argues that largescale adoption by the US can take more than ten years before being realized. More

Cokreeate takes center stage with 3D printed celebrity figurines

Dec.3, 2015 - CoKreeate, a California-based 3D printing studio that offers a bespoke 3D scanning and printing service, has garnered a reputation for its miniature 3D printed celebrities, including Larry King, Christina Milian, and comic book legend Stan Lee. More

uMake receive $5.2 million in funding for mobile 3D design app

Dec.3, 2015 - uMake recently announced that it raised $5.2 million in funding for its mobile 3D sketching app, available on the App Store. The uMake app makes it easy for designers to create 3D designs and renderings on their mobile devices, such as the iPad. More

Livermore researchers 3D print 'living' blood vessels to recreate human systems on a chip

Dec.3, 2015 - Researchers from the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory have used 3D bioprinting to create self-assembling blood vessel systems that more effectively reproduce human physiology outside of the body. The researchers are today hosting a public forum on Reddit to field questions and shed some light on their research. More

How to build a cool 3D printed line follower robot

Dec.3, 2015 - An Instructables user named [newtonis] has published a guide for building a cool 3D printed line follower robot. The machine, which measures roughly 12x20cm, has already been put to the test in line following competitions. More

Graphene 3D files patent for new 3D printer and process for 3D printing working LED light

Dec.3, 2015 - Graphene 3D Lab has filed a provisional patent application for their first 3D printer, the highly advanced, multi-functional Romulus III, as well as a process for 3D printing an organic LED light source 'from scratch' that immediately functions when printed. More

Apple patent reveals work on its own full color 3D printer

Dec.3, 2015 - A recently published patent application submitted by Apple outlines the company's research into developing a 3D printer capable of full color additive manufacturing. More

Wiivv secures $3.5m to develop biomechanically enhanced 3D printed body gear

Dec.3, 2015 - Wiivv Wearables has raised $3.5m in seed round funding to bring their 3D printed insoles to market, and to further develop a proprietary customization engine that can digitally capture 3D information from any part of the body. More

Autodesk and GE FirstBuild challenge makers to create home coffee roasting systems

Dec.3, 2015 - GE's FirstBuild initiative, along with Autodesk and Sweet Maria's coffee company recently challenged the maker community to create a simple way to roast fresh coffee beans at home using a home oven. More

Singaporean students take to the skies with Snowstorm the personal flying machine

Dec.3, 2015 - Wanting to soar through the skies as free as a bird, a team of Singaporean students have built the snowstorm: an all-electric personal flying machine partially made with 3D printed parts, that is capable of flying for up to five minutes at a time. More

New promising AON industrial 3D printer with massive build area hits Kickstarter

Dec.3, 2015 - While most industrial-grade FDM 3D printers are far beyond the reach of regular people, the Canadian-made AON 3D printer complete with ooze-free dual extrusion head and a huge heated build area can now be found on Kickstarter for just $4100. More

Formlabs reveals how they built fantastic Rube Goldberg machine to introduce Tough Resin

Dec.3, 2015 - Six months ago, Formlabs introduced their top quality Tough Resin with a very original announcement: a completely ridiculous, fun and unnecessarily huge machine featuring marbles, pulleys, hammers and lots of 3D printed parts, and has just revealed how they built it. More

Falcon Minerals becomes majority shareholder of 3D printer manufacturer Robo3D

Dec.3, 2015 - The recent success of US-based 3D printer manufacturer Robo3D, in part through deals with Amazon and Best Buy, has not gone unnoticed, as the Australian-based Falcon Minerals has decided to become majority shareholder of the company through a deal with investor Anthony Grist. More

Project Seafood and how 3D printing can help produce a sustainable future

Dec.3, 2015 - Two tech-savvy Swiss surfers start Project Seafood in an effort to promote a sustainable lifestyle by recycling washed up beach plastic and repurposing the waste with a 3D Printer. More

Designer Laura Papp unveils 3D printed concept shoes which turn from heels to flats

Dec.2, 2015 - Fashion designer Laura Papp has designed a unique collection of 3D printed concept shoes. The four 'HEEL2' designs transform themselves from heels to flats with a short series of slides or a twists. More

Optomec backed by GE and Autodesk to advance 3D printed electronics

Dec.2, 2015 - Additive manufacturing firm Optomec today announced that GE Ventures and Autodesk have collectively invested $6 million in the company with the goal of furthering developing in areas such as 3D printed sensors, 3D printed electronics and 3D printed metal. More

3D scanning and printing could help Nairo Quintana win Tour de France

Dec.2, 2015 - Cycle clothing brand Endura have recently started using 3D scanning and printing technologies to enhance their designs for Movistar cycling team's outfits. More

Voodoo Manufacturing teams with e-NABLE to provide 150 3D printed hands to those in need

Dec.2, 2015 - 3D printing firm Voodoo Manufacturing has teamed up with prosthesis provider e-NABLE to provide 3D printed prosthetic hands to children in need. Voodoo's donation of 150 hands currently stands as the largest donation received by the nonprofit organization. More

ESA releases most detailed 3D shape model of Rosetta Comet + free 3D print files

Dec.2, 2015 - The European Space Agency has just released a brand new 3D shape model that reveals the Rosetta Comet in unprecedented detail, and has made the 3D shape model available in a variety of 3D printable file formats under a creative commons license. More

MeshPoint 3D printed WiFi hotspot brings Internet to refugees and crisis areas

Dec.2, 2015 - A Croatian startup has developed an open-source, 3D printable Internet hotspot called MeshPoint that is built to withstand even the most extreme weather conditions while providing rapid and reliable Internet connectivity to those who need it most'namely, refugees and emergency services staff in Croatia and other crisis areas across the world. More

Dolphin researchers create first 3D print of human figure as seen by dolphins

Dec.2, 2015 - As dolphin hearing is so good they can determine the shape of objects and people from echoes, a team of Miami-based researchers decided to capture those echoes and turn them into 3D printable images. The result is a human figure as seen by dolphins. More

Xtant Medical and Montana State University develop bone graft printing 3D printer

Dec.2, 2015 - A collaborative research project between Xtant Medical Holdings, Inc. and student engineers from Montana State University has yielded a custom 3D printer able to produce resorbable bone grafts for reconstructive procedures. More

Canadian college 3D prints replica of 6,000-year-old ancient Japanese vase

Dec.2, 2015 - Mohawk College's Additive Manufacturing Resource Center has recently unveiled a 3D printed replica of an ancient Japanese Jomon vase. The vase, which Koyanagi noticed was missing a piece, dates back to 4,000 BCE and is from the Japanese Neolithic period also known as the Jomon period. More

Aerojet Rocketdyne completes first 3D printed parts for Orion spacecraft

Dec.2, 2015 - Aerojet Rocketdyne has completed twelve 3D printed nozzle extensions for use aboard NASA's Orion spacecraft. The twelve 3D printed parts are the first parts for Orion made through additive manufacturing, and were completed in just three weeks' time. More

Gartner: 10% of people in the developed world will be living with 3D printed items by 2019

Dec.2, 2015 - While the exact course of the 3D printing revolution can be difficult to predict, market study specialists Gartner predict that 3D printing is heading towards a very bright future, expecting that up to 10% of people in the developed world will be in contact with 3D printed objects by 2019. More

Insight abounds in 3DHubs' December 2015 3D Printing Trend Report

Dec.2, 2015 - 3D printing resource 3DHubs has today released its December 2015 3D Printing Trend Report, revealing insight, analysis, stats and charts about the current state of the 3D printing industry. More

UNYQ launches collection of 3D printed prosthetic upper limb covers

Dec.2, 2015 - Prosthetic limb cover company UNYQ has recently launched a new collection of stylish 3D printed prosthetic covers, this time for upper arm prostheses. More

AIRBUS A320 saves weight with 3D printed bionic partition, made from high strength scalmalloy metal alloy

Dec.2, 2015 - Using a new super strong, yet lightweight metal alloy called scalmalloy, Airbus and Autodesk have 3D printed a biologically-inspired cabin partition for the A320 that features a very sturdy design and is up to 55 pounds lighter than currently used parts. More

3D print your own snowflakes using Snowflake Machine

Dec.2, 2015 - Thingiverse user Laura Taalman has created the Snowflake Machine through an algorithm and interface that allow for users to easily generate unique 3D snowflake designs. More

3D Printing Artist Joshua Harker Dazzles with his new Taurus Geodesica Sculpture

Dec.2, 2015 - After successfully Kickstarting three 3D Printed Art projects, artist Joshua Harker continues his efforts of turning 3D creativity into real-world art. This time in the form of a 16 foot geodesic sculpture using 2D image projection mapping. More

CT and 3D printing aid surgical separation of conjoined twins in Houston hospital

Dec.2, 2015 - As conjoined twin separation surgeries are particularly difficult because organs and blood vessels tend to be fused together, surgeons in the Texas Children's Hospital in Houston have used 3D printed surgical models to successfully separate 10 month old twins Knatalye Hope and Adeline Faith Mata. More

EOS and Additive Industries sign licensing deal on metal 3D printing patents

Dec.1, 2015 - Additive manufacturing giant EOS has signed a patent license agreement with metal 3D printing newcomer Additive Industries. Although the parties have agreed to withhold specific details, the deal will license a certain number of EOS patents to Additive Industries. More

3D scanned people star in music video for N. Lannon's 'Another Love'

Dec.1, 2015 - Californian songwriter and musical artist Nyles Lannon has released a music video for his song Another Love, which was made by Michael Langan and Najeeb Tarazi of BOND productions using 3D scanning technologies. More

Joint venture with Meimai sees industrial 3D printing firm voxeljet take on Chinese market

Dec.1, 2015 - Friedberg, Germany-based 3D printing company voxeljet AG has today signed a definitive agreement to form an equity joint venture with Suzhou Meimai Fast Manufacturing Technology Co., Ltd. in order to make inroads into China's rapidly developing industrial 3D printing market. More

MIT develops 3D scanners cheaper and 1,000x better than current technology

Dec.1, 2015 - MIT Media Lab has revealed a new technique, known as Polarized 3D, that can increase the resolution of standard, commercial 3D scanners by a factor of 1,000. The researchers used a Microsoft Kinect 3D scanner, polarization filters, and an algorithm that exploits the polarization of light. More

Cosine Additive unveils new website and pricing structure for large-scale AM1 3D printer

Dec.1, 2015 - 3D printing firm Cosine Additive has unveiled its new website, which features a straightforward pricing structure. The company is offering a range of temperature packages, multiple extruders, yearly service, and a special unlimited material program to suit a range of 3D printing needs. More

Star Wars TIE fighter toy hacked into actual flying drone with 3D printed parts

Dec.1, 2015 - A mysterious Star Wars superfan has converted a standard TIE Fighter toy from Hasbro into an actual flying drone by installing a quadcopter motor attached to 3D printed mounts. More

Fully 3D printable OpenRC F1 Race Car now available as free download

Dec.1, 2015 - Daniel Nor'e has released the free files for a fully 3D printable Formula One race car as part of his OpenRC Project. Having learned a few lessons from his previous models, the F1 race car was completely redesigned to focus on simplicity for 3D print enthusiasts of all skill levels. More

Impressive dual sculpting Orsus combines 3D printing and CNC milling in single desktop factory

Dec.1, 2015 - While most dual function making machines sacrifice on printing quality, the Orsus by Fused Machines successfully combines high quality FDM 3D printing and CNC milling into a single efficient and cool body through its Dual Sculpting Technology. More

ROKIT develops SkinFlex and Kitchen&Deco non-toxic 3D printing materials

Dec.1, 2015 - South Korean 3D printer manufacturer ROKIT has just developed two new non-toxic 3D printing materials, Skinflex and Kitchen&Deco, that meet the US FDA food contact requirements, making them completely food and skin safe. More

Canadian fan 3D prints a fantastic Fallout Mini Nuke

Dec.1, 2015 - As a tribute to the Fallout franchise whose latest release is exploding all over the web, Canadian makers from Redicubricks have just shared a fantastic and highly detailed 3D printed cross section of a nuclear bomb. More

Kinect now easy 3D printing tool with release of 3D Scan app for Windows 8.1 and 10

Dec.1, 2015 - While we've already seen a couple of interesting DIY builds to turn the Kinect into a 3D scanning tool, Microsoft has finally made it official with the 3D Scan app. Now available for free in the Microsoft store, it allows you to make impressive and 3D printable scans relatively easily. More

Babines reinvents lollipop with 3D printing and artisanal design for the modern age

Dec.1, 2015 - French startup Babines wants you to completely re-think your conception of lollipops. It offers personalized lollipop designs for brands created with 3D printed molds and hand-poured by a master confectioner. More

3D printing a big part in helping the Guitar Triller reach its campaign goal

Dec.1, 2015 - A recently funded Kickstarter is introducing the world to a product they call the Guitar Triller. The Triller is a guitar accessory designed to give the guitarist another way to play beyond doing so with their fingers, picks, slides and the like. More

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