3D Printer reaches the hand of the blind 

Feb.29, 2012 -  Assistant Professor Amy Hurst leads a research project - bring a Makerbot Thing-O-Matic to The Maryland School for the Blind.  More 

Artful 3D-printed prosthetics help amputees return to normal lives (video)

Feb.28, 2012 -   San Francisco-based Bespoke Innovations wants to bring humanity and self-esteem back to people who have suffered traumatic limb loss. More

makielab doll Customize your own 3D printed robot doll

Feb.28, 2012 -   One year ago when Makielab was founded, its first product was kept secret. Until June 2011 we could start getting more pictures of this start-up from UK. Founded by Alice Taylor and 3 partners, Makielab is a toy company that will produce customised 3D printed dolls and action figures. More

Enter Absurd iPhone Accessory Design Contest to win a Makerbot Replicator 

Feb.27, 2012 -  Engineer vs Designer announced an "Absurd iPhone Accessory Design Contest" - to design the most absurd 3D-printable iPhone accessory and the grand prize is $1,749 2012 Makerbot Replicator.  More 

Slic3r new version 0.7.0 is released

Feb.27, 2012 -   Alessandro Ranellucci, developer of Slic3r has just released the new version of Slic3r, version 0.7.0. He develops Slic3r very quickly and this time there are some important updates. More

Using 3D printing to produce replacement parts for a bike

Feb.26, 2012 -   Thorsten Wilms wanted to attach a headlight to his new bike. He bought a Busch & Müller Ixon Pure bike headlight with two clamp delivered but both were not fit for his bike, one was too small, another was oversize, and when he put it on he found the lamp was in the wrong direction. More

Free 3DBuzz Blender tutorials for download 

Feb.26, 2012 -  3DBuzz.com is a site offering great tips and tutorials on modeling and texturing. The folks at 3DBuzz has posted a set of basic video tutorials which focuses mainly on the Blender (2.58) interface. There are totally 63 videos for Blender available for download.  More 

The world's largest museum goes digital with 3D scanning and 3D printing

Feb.25, 2012 -   It's hard to tell that this Thomas Jefferson statue is created using 3D printing technology and not the traditional methods - with rubber molding and casting. More

3D Systems CEO discusses 3D printing technology on CNBC

Feb.25, 2012 -   Last month, 3D Systems completed the acquisition of Z Corp. and Vidar Systems for $135.5 million from Contex Group, a private equity company located in Stockholm, Sweden. 3D Systems Corp. Thursday reported a drop in fourth-quarter earnings as costs rose. More

Join the first 3DTin Challenge to win a Makerbot 3D printer 

Feb.25, 2012 -  If you haven't heard of 3DTin, here is a brief explanation what it is. 3DTin is a a clever and useful 3D modeling tool that runs in a browser. It is the simplest way of designing 3D Models.  More 

Big chance to win prizes in ceramic 3D printing design competition

Feb.24, 2012 -   Grabcad and Figulo are awarding a large number of designers with cash prizes of $50 and $100 for a contest of designing home decor ceramic pieces using ceramic 3D printing technology. More

adrian bowyer's multi-color 3d printing Adrian Bowyer's new progress in multi-color 3D printing

Feb.24, 2012 -   Above is a mixer extruder for handling multiple materials that Adrian Bowyer built to take four 1.75mm coloured filaments and combine them out of a single nozzle. More

Launch party for KamerMaker - First large-scale movable pavilion 3D-print rooms 

Feb.24, 2012 -  This Saturday there will be a launch and fundraising party at the Open Coop in Amsterdam for the Kamermaker, a movable pavilion that can 3D print entire rooms of plastics. At the party a film about the Kamermaker will be played and a workshop with Ultimaker and €PERMINUTEDESIGN will take place. More 

Testing ReconstructMe - how to use Kinect to capture 3D models in real-time

Feb.24, 2012 -   techknight (Derek Quenneville) is one of the testers joining in the beta program for ReconstructMe, a real-time 3D scanning using the Microsoft Kinect. More

Autodesk 123D gallery created and designed for 3D models sharing

Feb.23, 2012 -   If you are a 123D user you are probably already familiar with the Gallery. Autodesk recently created the 123D Gallery, an online community where you can share your design or download an existing model. More

Designers are invited to submit entries for 3D Printing Fashion Show at RAPID 2012 

Feb.23, 2012 -  The Society of Manufacturing Engineers (SME) is seeking entries to the inaugural 3D Printing Fashion Show to be held during the RAPID 2012 Conference and Exposition, May 22-25 in Atlanta. More 

Two-day Synthetic Landscapes Workshop on designing and 3D printing at Objet Headquarters in Billerica

Feb.23, 2012 -   Objet Ltd., the 3D printers manufacturer announced that it will be hosting a 48 hour workshop for Architecture professors and students at this year's ACSA (Association of Collegiate Schools of America) 100th Annual Meeting, which will take place March 1-3, in Boston, MA. More

3D printer creates human tissues for drug testing

Feb.22, 2012 -   San Diego-based "bio-printing" company Organovo uses 3D bio-printing to create a variety of functional human tissue from human cells. Organovo was founded in 2007 with a long term goal of printing human organs and blood vessels from a patient's own cells. More

Collen Jordan created adorable wearable planters using a 3D printer 

Feb.22, 2012 -  These adorable Wearable Planters are designed and created by Collen Jordan, an Atlanta-based artist and designer.  More 

Scientists create robotic dinosaurs using 3D printers

Feb.22, 2012 -   Yesterday a news release from Drexel University got worldwide attention and it may help to unlock the secrets about Dinsaurs. Paleontologist Dr. Kenneth Lacovara and mechanical engineer Dr. James Tangorra are working on using 3D printing to recreate Dinosaurs. More

3D printed implant not reimbursed by insurance

Feb.21, 2012 -   Since then, Maikel Beerens (27), founder of Xilloc, run from one interview to another. Beerens described: "Monday morning I had two interviews, a photo shoot and a speech for young entrepreneurs. At nine o'clock in the evening I came home and had to answer dozens of e-mails." More

Founder of Reprap & GroAction discusses the future of 3D printing 

Feb.20, 2012 -  Adrian Bowyer is founder of Reprap and a senior lecturer in the Department of Mechanical Engineering at the University of Bath, UK. In the video below Adrian and Luke Miller Callahan, founder of GroAction discusses the evolution of RepRap and where 3D printing is heading. More 

Fabbster "launch customer program" launches today

Feb.20, 2012 -   Germany based Sintermask GmbH, The company behind the fabbster, today announced the launch of "launch customer program" to involve enthusiastic customers in future developments of their personal 3D-printer "fabbster". More

3D printed armband with cord organizer for 6th gen Ipod nano

Feb.20, 2012 -   If you have an ipod nano then you won't want to miss this design. Maybe you have seen enough nicely designed watchband but a combination of wrist strap and earphone organisers is awesome. More

A trend of using 3D printers to make complex gear systems 

Feb.20, 2012 -  This pink big love heart gears was created by faberdasher and uploaded on Feb 13, 2012 right before the valentine's day. It is a derived from Screwless Heart Gears created by emmett. Faberdasher tweaked the layout and pushed some polygons for slightly better slicing. At Thingiverse there's a bit of a trend for using 3D printers to make complex gear systems.  More 

3D view Cardinal de Richelieu using Sculpteo 3D Viewer

Feb.19, 2012 -   Sculpteo user Paul Marx is a big fan of Sculpteo interface. Sculpteo is a young French company providing a service by producing made-to-order models for designers and researchers. More

3D print and build your own Vampire quadcopter

Feb.18, 2012 -   If you like building things of your own I am sure you will like this - a 3D printed drone, yes you can build your own drone with your 3D printer, for sure it is more fun than buying it ready-made. More

objet 3d printerObjet 3D Printer to appear in Channel 4's new series "Home of the Future" 

Feb.18, 2012 -  Brand New Series, Home of the Future, is on UK's Channel 4 since Sunday 12 February. This five-part series is about tranforming a normal family to be a home of the future by filling their home from top-to-bottom with forefront technology and gadgets.  More 

3D printing a data sculpture of your digital identity

Feb.17, 2012 -   While we surf the internet, twitter what we are doing, google cheapest flight tickets, join friends in Facebook, or order music CDs from Amazon, do any of us realize we are defining an virtual identity in the digital world? More

Get 3D printer in the hands of kids

Feb.17, 2012 -   This year Lego World 2012 invited 3D printing specialist Objet Ltd to demonstrate how 3D technology is used in the design stage of LEGO products to create prototypes and how 3D printer prints prototype Lego Minifigures and Lego bricks.  More

Learning how to use software for Sumpod 3D printer with Mike's tutorials 

Feb.16, 2012 -   Mike is a model engineer and has recently discovered 3D printing. He owns a Sumpod 3D printer and has printed quite a amount of stuff guided by his principle - learning by printing. More 

The Man Who Prints Houses - Documentary about Enrico Dini and his heart and soul in 3D printing buildings

Feb.16, 2012 -   This is a upcoming film about a genius in the 3d printing world who intents on changing the world forever. More

3D printing goes the same way as digital image printing

Feb.15, 2012 -   Graham Klyne from Oxford University has been a software developer since the late 1970s. He was involved in various process control, CAD and scientific instrumentation software developments. More

Enter "make it real challenge" now to win an Objet30 Desktop 3D printer 

Feb.15, 2012 -  Instructables users newton.95.dan just uploaded his first instructable - how to make an iPhone 4s Case using SolidWorks for 3D printer. More 

3D printer manufacturer Objet sees big opportunities in Asia Pacific

Feb.14, 2012 -   On Feb.9, 2012, Objet Asia Pacific Ltd., a subsidiary of Objet Ltd., announced Objet has appointed Objective 3D Pty Ltd as the new distributor in Australia and New Zealand, aiming to double its market share in the next three years. More

3D printed prosthetic hand awarded top innovation prize

Feb.14, 2012 -   Eric Ronning, Mechanical engineering sophomore at University of Wisconsin-Madison won top prize at UW-Madison's annual Innovation Days. More

portable 3d printerPortable Tantillus 3D printer ready for beta testing 

Feb.13, 2012 -  If you like this portable Ultimaker on batteries from 3D Printing Event during the Dutch Design Week in Eindhoven, then you will definitely love this: a beautiful mini Ultimaker style 3D printer.  More 

3d printing robot Dutch designer 3D prints Endless Chairs from melted fridges

Feb.13, 2012 -   Dutch designer Dirk Vander Kooij(29) presented his industrial robot at the Graduation Show of the Design Academy Eindhoven in 2011. More

3D printing robot 3D printed bowl

Feb.12, 2012 -   Carl Bass, President & CEO of Autodesk, a leading 3D design, engineering and entertainment software with $2 billion in revenues, is not only a business man but also a craftman and a designer. More

How far fashion goes using 3D printing this week 

Feb.12, 2012 -  Dutch designing company Van der Veer Designers has just bought an Ultimaker 3D printer. According to Van der Veer Designers, using a 3D printer could allow them to make prototypes at an earlier stage of the design process. More 

3D printing in school - Young students print their own head

Feb.11, 2012 -   A group of young students between 12 and 18 years at the XIOS College in Limburg, the Netherlands have printed out their own head using 3D printers. More

ultimaker founders Investors favor Dutch 3D printer manufacturer Ultimaker

Feb.10, 2012 -   Ultimaker just started shipping its open source 3D printer in May 2011, but it has already gained worldwide attentions. According to fd.nl, only in January it got almost 30 investors knocking on its door. More

open3dpKnowledge sharing and not sharing - creative spaces open and 3D printing lab shuts down 

Feb.10, 2012 -  Open3DP, a lab at the University of Washington announced in their blog "Sorry we're not so Open lately" because of a change to UW's intellectual property policy.  More 

8 Cool iPhone amplifiers created using 3D printer

Feb.10, 2012 -   Designed by Schreer Delights, this iShark is an analog amplifier that your iPhone 4 or 4s can be inserted into the slot in the iShark's back. More

How to make cookies with a 3D food printer

Feb.9, 2012 -   Jeffrey Lipton, head of Fab@Home is showing in the video how to make gear shaped cookies with a 3D food printer. More

metal parts for 3d printerAffordable metal parts for your reprap 3D printer 

Feb.9, 2012 -  John and Sam from Wolfsburg Casting Resources is offering metal parts for Prusa Mendel printer. More 

bioplastics 3d printer Developing sustainable bioplastics for 3D printers

Feb.8, 2012 -   Many companies are working on recycled and biodegradable materials for the injection molding and packaging industries, can these materials being printed by a 3D printer? More

Swedish startup gets 3D printing into wedding industry

Feb.7, 2012 -   Swedish startup Your 3D Print Sweden AB is providing personalized 3D printed cake decoration for wedding couples. More

Converting your existing CNC machine to a 3D printer 

Feb.7, 2012 -  If you have a desktop CNC machine and you wish to convert to a 3D printer, what items do you need to add to the CNC machine? More 

3D printed Cello Girl on Kickstarter

Feb.6, 2012 -   New York model maker and designer, Robert Steiner launched "Cello Girl" project on Kickstarter. "Cello Girl" is collaboratively designed and made by Robert Steiner, together with concept artist Billy Nunez and zBrush sculptor Jose Alves da Silva. More

First 3D printed Pirate Bay ship delivered with a hefty price tag

Feb.6, 2012 - Right after one of the oldest Bit Torrent site The Pirate Bay announced their new category Physibles, a user made a Pirate ship from the Pirate Bay logo celebrating the new section on thepiratebay.org for 3D files. More

Brendan Dawes' diary - Everything I make with my MakerBot 

Feb.5, 2012 -  In December 2010 Brendan Dawes bought and built a Makerbot 3D printer. Since then he documents all his projects and his adventure with Makerbot Thing-O-Matic on his site "Everything I Make with my MakerBot".  More 

3D printed "Empty Chair"

Feb.4, 2012 -   This "Empty Chair" was designed by Maarten Baas, a well-known dutch designer. More

rapidpro RapidPro expects to go international next year

Feb.3, 2012 -   RapidPro 2012, the second edition of this exhibition was held on 25 and 26 January and attracted 53 exhibitors, more than 2200 visitors to Koningshof in Veldhoven, the Netherlands. More

3d printed soap dispenser3D printed Moineau soap dispenser 

Feb.3, 2012 -  Thingiverse user emmett had to get creative because his girlfriend challenged him to make a cool hand soap dispenser. He designed, printed, and shared this Moineau soap dispenser.  More 

3d printed lower jaw 83 year-old woman got 3D printed mandible

Feb.3, 2012 -   The University of Hasselt (Belgium) announced today that Belgian and Dutch scientists have successfully replacing a lower jaw with a 3D printed model for a 83 year-old woman. More

3d printed voilin 15 year-old Laura played 3D printed violin on CNN

Feb.2, 2012 -   In this clip above, Laura Powell, 15, is playing a violin. Laura gave this premiere performance on news channel CNN because this is a special voilin - it is a printed violin made from 3D technology at the University of Exeter. More

sls wax 3d printerLow-cost and open source SLS wax 3D printer 

Feb.2, 2012 -  Andreas Bastian, Swarthmore College engineering student wanted to produce complext pieces in metal. The current selective laser sintering techniques rely on high-power lasers, plasma jets, or electric arcs and have high costs. More 

Micah Ganske offers his artwork free download for 3D printing

Feb.1, 2012 -   Artist Micah Ganske has released several new projects on Thingiverse and allows all Makerbot users to replicate his sculptures for themselves. More

3D print and make your own electro wire stripper

Feb.1, 2012 -   Thingiverse user Brian Beebe has designed an "Electro Wire Stripper", a wire stripper that can precisely give feedback telling when you have cut through the insulation deep enough. More

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