Video interview: Will 3D printing change the world?

Feb.28, 2013 -   Folks at the PBS Digital Studios have posted a video, interviewing four industrial experts on the rising of 3D printing, what do they think of the future of 3D printing. More

Sharing 3D printers throughout DIY groups 

Feb.28, 2013 -  Startup thinkklip comes up with a new idea: "3D printing + Co-ownership." So instead of buying your own 3D printer, you join 3D printing groups. More 

Cool sites let you share and sell your 3D design for 3D printing 

Feb.28, 2013 -  Charlotte, NC based SpiveyWorks Corporation launched today MakerShop, an online 3D printer design shop community. More 

3D printed AR lowers holds up 600+ rounds, file ready for download

Feb.28, 2013 -   Defense Distributed announced that they have figured out how to 3D print the 3rd generation of AR lowers and the file is ready for distribution. More

3D printing parts with overhangs using new soluble support material 

Feb.28, 2013 -  3DPPVD discovered the HIPS filament can be printed together with ABS as dissolvable support material.More 

3D Systems acquired Geomagic for $55 million in cash 

Feb.28, 2013 -  3D Systems announced today that it has completed its previously announced acquisition of Geomagic, Inc. ("Geomagic"), for $55 million in cash. More 

Massive Dynamics launches 3D printing division; seeking acquisition candidates

Feb.28, 2013 -   Massive Dynamics, Inc. announces that it has launched a new division that will acquire existing companies in the rapidly expanding 3D printing market. More

Only for men: Create a gummy replica of yourself for White Day 

Feb.27, 2013 -  Tokyo-based FabCafe is offering service that will let men to create a tiny, edible gummy replicas of themselves for March 14th White Day.  More 

4D Printing: transform shapes with multi-Material 3D printing 

Feb.27, 2013 -  Skylar Tibbits calls it 4D printing, where materials can be reprogrammed to self-assemble into new structures, directly off the print-bed.  More 

CEO of Modern Meadow explains 3D bioprinted meat

Feb.27, 2013 -   Andras Forgacs, CEO of Modern Meadow, popped up on Reddit today for answering questions. More

Self cleaning fish tank: 3D printing steps into life sciences!

Feb.27, 2013 -   Saying that 3D printing can make any ideas come alive has just proved to be literally true with the launch of a domesticated self-cleaning fish tank! More

How far 3D printing has come since Good Morning America - January 1989 (video) 

Feb.26, 2013 -  How far we have come - 3D Printing is just as exciting today as it was in 1989.More 

Make a custom flash diffuser using 3D printing

Feb.26, 2013 -   After seeing his photo intern repeatedly tape a piece of paper to his flash for a light bounce, Eric Chu decided to make him a durable 3D printed diffuser. More

Smooth surfaces of ABS 3D printed parts with acetone vapor 

Feb.26, 2013 -  Smooth surfaces of ABS 3D printed parts with acetone vapor with little or no money out of pocket. More 

3D printing meets five million-year-old whale from Chile 

Feb.26, 2013 -  A life-sized five million-year-old whale fossils printed with 3D technology will go on show at the Smithsonian Institution, in Washington, DC. More 

What's Next: 3D printing to revolutionise the solar energy industry

Feb.25, 2013 -   I believe this new printing medium could be a game-changer as 3D solar cells, despite advances in energy storage, can capture more sunlight than conventional PV models. More

Entrepreneur's 3D printed 360Heros camera rig used in New Beck Video 

Feb.25, 2013 -  Michael Kintner demonstrated how he used 3D printer to create a 360 Heroes rig that allows him to attach video cameras all around the 3D printed rig.  More 

Moedls app turns your smartphone into a 3D Scanner 

Feb.25, 2013 -   Mobile 3d Laser Scanner, is an app which runs on a smartphone and can do high level 3D scanning.  More 

Nike debuts world's first football cleat built using 3D printing

Feb.25, 2013 -   Nike introduces new Nike Vapor Laser Talon, the first football cleat to use 3D printing technology. More

MakerBot partners with Nokia to create 3D printable file for smartphone covers 

Feb.25, 2013 -  MakerBot and Nokia announces today that they have partnered to create a free downloadable 3D printing file to allow those interested in 3D printing to custom.. More 

3D printing moving parts in one hit (video) 

Feb.25, 2013 -  3D Printing Systems published an awesome job they have done recently by printing out a quadruple bearing that rotates on each other. More 

3D printing featured in Jackie Chan's latest action movie CZ12

Feb.24, 2013 -   Jackie Chan uses specially made gloves with sensors to scan a bronze animal head in 3D and transmit the data to a magic machine - a 3D printer. More

Researchers build a 3D printed robotic bat wing for future aircraft design

Feb.24, 2013 -  Researchers at Brown University have developed a 3D printed robotic bat wing for better understanding dynamics of flapping flight in real bats. More 

EnvisionTEC unveils 3Dent 3D printer for high-quality dental models 

Feb.23, 2013 -  EnvisionTEC, a leading 3D printer manufacturer, unveiled the newest addition to its dental lineup, 3Dent(TM), specifically for the manufacture of dental models.  More 

NASA uses 3D printing to build the next generation of rockets for Mars

Feb.23, 2013 -   At the NASA's Marshall Space Flight Center additive manufacturing is used to create parts for a next-generation rocket that will launch astronauts to the most distant destinations ever. More

Japanese office supplies company developed its first 3D printer 

Feb.22, 2013 -  Osaka-based Japanese office supplies company CREW's Co.,Ltd has developed another useful office equipment: a 3D printer.  More 

.MGX introducing new 3D printed hats 

Feb.22, 2013 -  Thanks to 3D Printing, the H.MGX is much lighter and more intricate than traditional versions of this type of hat. More 

3D printed octopus-inspired suckers help robots to the rescue

Feb.22, 2013 -   Now, inspired by the way octopus grasp objects, the Army is developing soft-bodied, octopus-esque robots for search and rescue. More

Inforgraphic: How 3D Printing Will Revolutionize the Classroom 

Feb.21, 2013 -  How could 3D printers revolutionize the classroom? Why should schools use 3D printers? Find the answer in the infographic. More 

40,000 3D printed faces? ParaNorman aims for the Best Animated Feature Oscar 

Feb.21, 2013 -  This year's race for the Best Animated Feature Oscar was as competitive as it's ever been. ParaNorman, a nominee from Focus Features and Laika seems to be the one making the most noise. More 

3D printing musical instrument: ukulele

Feb.21, 2013 -   It takes usually many months to craft a koa wood ukulele, but three engineering students from Rochester Institute of Technology printed out an ukulele in just one night. More

Creating bio-actuator as artificial heartbeat with 3D printing 

Feb.21, 2013 -  Peter Walters from the University of the West of England in Bristol, UK, and colleagues, have created a novel, biologically-driven actuator: an "artificial heartbeat". More 

3D printing bedroom, bathroom and walk-in closet 

Feb.21, 2013 -  Designer François Brument aims for integrated digital production processes when it comes to the creation of living spaces.  More 

Scientists create lifelike ears with 3D printing

Feb.21, 2013 -   Cornell University researchers have engineered artificial human ears that look and act like the real thing using a 3D printer More

FABULONIA: 3D printing marketplaces with copyright solution 

Feb.20, 2013 -  FABULONIA is a 3D marketplaces and services where original design rights holder can open and run online stores, offering customization and sales of 3D originals.  More 

Introducing Kühling&Kühling RepRap industrial 3D printer 

Feb.20, 2013 -  There is a new RepRap in town! Kühling&Kühling published first details on their new RepRap design after a full year of development.  More 

Toothbrush startup uses in-house 3D printers to prototype and manufacture

Feb.20, 2013 -   Beam Technologies, unveiled that they have been using 3D printer to make prototypes of the Beam Brush. More

Rolling a 3D printed 20-sided die as ancient Egyptians 

Feb.20, 2013 -  Everyone could have a chance to hold and roll it: CornerstoneGamer 3D-model the d20 die in Autodesk and print a replica out on a 3D printer.  More 

New test: Printing a gun on a Cube 3D home printer 

Feb.20, 2013 -  30-year-old software engineer Travis Lerol uses a 3D printer to a lower receiver for an AR-15 at his home. The process takes about 10 hours. More 

Developing Nissan DeltaWing racecar parts using 3D printing

Feb.19, 2013 -   Using additive manufacturing (3D printing) and the Windform SLS materials, CRP Technology involves in the field of motorsport, aerospace and aviation industry. More

Stay ahead of competitors: send 3D-printed heads as resume 

Feb.19, 2013 -  He had his head scanned in the new Makerbot shop in Manhattan and get them 3D printed. He then ordered some 3D printed replicas of his head... More 

Bring historical items to life with 3D printing and augmented reality 

Feb.19, 2013 -  Using medical CT scanners that comply with the Museum Boijmans van Beuningen's strict handling standards Roozenburg has created 3D scans of some of the most fragile objects. More 

3D printing pen launches on Kickstarter, 100% funded in just some hours

Feb.19, 2013 -   Peter Dilworth and Max Bogue of WobbleWorks LLC are introducing world's first 3D drawing pen 3Doodler on Kickstarter. More

Launch of first 3D printed fountain pen: When technology and art merge… 

Feb.18, 2013 -  The launch of the first 3D sculpted and printed fountain pen by Pjotr, alias Rein van der Mast, in the Netherlands, brings the answer "yes".  More 

3D Printing Bone replacements, Cartilage replacements, Medical devices and more with 618 Nylon 

Feb.18, 2013 -  30 minutes after the accident, the patient is already on the operating table having been processed through xray. While nurses and doctors attend to cuts and bruises, two surgeons look over xrays of the right femur. More 

Ultimaker has a "3D Joy" version in China

Feb.18, 2013 -   Besides DreamMaker 3D printer, open source 3D printer Ultimaker has got another "Chinese version" - Ultimaker 3D Joy. More

Create classic Zayger watches using 3D printing 

Feb.18, 2013 -  Shlomo Mockin is a watchmaker and designer in Brooklyn New York. Using modern manufacturing techniques such as 3D printing, Mockin created his first watch line Zayger.  More 

University of Virginia expert discusses the future of 3D printing 

Feb.18, 2013 -  Fariss Samarrai, Senior News Officer at U.Va. Media Relations, interviewed Sheffler and discussed about the future of 3D printing in industry and society. More 

Order custom 3D-printed jewelry straight off the runway

Feb.17, 2013 -   In collaboration with Shapeways Fashion designer Kimberly Ovitz took the idea of natural defense — an exoskeleton — and brought her first jewelry line to life. More

Fun and interesting DIY 3D chocolate face adventure at FabCafe 

Feb.17, 2013 -  The concept behind the FabCafe 3D printed chocolates is not only for amusement, but also offer a unique experience for participants.  More 

3D printers & scanners overview and 10 predictions in 2013

Feb.16, 2013 -  Tuan Tranpham, North American Channel Manager, Stratasys Ltd., shared with us four graphics he created about the 3D printing world. More 

What personal transportation will look like in 2040

Feb.16, 2013 -   MakerBot Industries partnered with GrabCAD to run a 3D Printer Challenge asking auto enthusiasts to design vehicles for the future. More

Pick up books and a 3D copy of your design at Dalhousie Libraries 

Feb.16, 2013 -  3D printing is now available at Dalhousie Libraries. This project, providing 3D printing service to patrons at a low cost, is the fist of its kind at Dalhousie University. More 

RepRapPro launches open-source Tricolour Mendel 3D printer  

Feb.15, 2013 -  RepRapPro announces today the release of Tricolour Mendel - an open-source RepRap Mendel Printer designed to work with three colours or three different plastics at the same time.  More 

Rodney Brook on American manufacturing: localized production with robotics and 3D printing (video)

Feb.15, 2013 -   Robotics and 3D printing can help America make a more permanent play for manufacturing jobs and compete with off shore low cost labor. More

TCT Bright Minds UK programme to introduce 3D printing to 300 school students 

Feb.15, 2013 -  Up to 300 schoolchildren will have a their chance to get their hands on CAD and 3D Printing technologies at this year's TCT Show. More 

Awesome SCARA arm 3D printer makes it's first moves (video) 

Feb.15, 2013 -  South African hacker Quentin Harley has been working on his own SCARA arm 3D printer for years. Last week he uploaded a pic of the build. More 

3D Systems called a 'bubble stock' by influential Citron Research

Feb.15, 2013 -   Shares of 3D Systems, Stratasys and ExOne, 3D printer manufacturers, fell on Thursday after Citron Research said they were vastly overvalued. More

Infographic: step-by-step guide for 3D printing with a RepRap 

Feb.15, 2013 -  ArvidJense has been trying to 3D print functional musical instruments out of a RepRap 3D printer. After a lot of searching, testing and tweaking he figured out how to do it. More 

3D printed Makie dolls approved for use by kids aged 3 and up

Feb.14, 2013 -  MakieLab announces today that its first product, Makies, has successfully met European toy safety standards to become the world's first 3D printed toy to display the CE mark. More 

6 lovely things to 3D print for Valentine's Day

Feb.14, 2013 -   Valentine's Day is here again. Have you got a gift for your sweetheart? Candy, card or flowers? Using your 3D printer to prepare something special, here are some ideas. More

12 free apps to easily make unique 3D printable creations 

Feb.14, 2013 -  If you want to make something unique, the best way is to make it yourself. Here are some free apps you can start with for making your first creations. More 

Build a 3D printed humanoid robot for $500 with MAKI 

Feb.14, 2013 -  Hello Robo launched MAKI, a cute humanoid robot designed specifically to be fabricated using a desktop 3D printer. More 

123D Creature: Design and 3D print your own 3D monsters from your iPad

Feb.13, 2013 -   Right before Vanlentine's day, Autodesk's 123D releases 123D Creature, a tool that you can create fantastic 3D monsters like a pro. More

Protohouse 2.0: First 3D printed home can be assembled within a day 

Feb.13, 2013 -  Softkill Design, a London based design collective, announces it is working on a second version of the 3D printed Protohouse. More 

Low-cost full colour desktop 3D scanner on Kickstarter 

Feb.13, 2013 -  The CADScan 3D team has developed an easy-to-use, low-cost desktop scanner for professionals and hobbyists using a combination of low-resolution and high-resolution scanning methods. More 

President Obama called 3D Printing: "the potential to revolutionize" in State of the Union Address (video)

Feb.13, 2013 -   In yesterday's State of the Union Address, President Barack Obama called 3D Printing a technology that has "the potential to revolutionize the way we make almost everything". More

3D printing startup received takedown notice from HBO for IP infringement 

Feb.13, 2013 -  Days ago received a takedown notice from HBO, saying the Iron Throne Dock replicates the Iron Throne featured on the series More 

DeltaMaker 3D printer successfully funded, heading into production 

Feb.12, 2013 -  DeltaMaker announced today that they are able to move the project to the production phase.  More 

Tutorial: Creating multi-color prints using a one-colour 3D printer

by Andre Tiemann | Feb.12, 2013 -   I have spent much of my free time in the last few months playing around with a method of printing that enables multi-colour results using a single extruder machine. More

More makers working on 3D printed gun magazine, engineering professor suggests stronger laws on gunpowder 

Feb.12, 2013 -  Defense Distributed isn't the only one working on 3D printed gun magazine. Threexten Rounder uploaded a video on Feb.11, 2013, a prototype of full-auto 3D-printed 30-round magazine dump. More 

Google uses 3D printer to build custom Google Glass prototypes 

Feb.12, 2013 -  Google glass has been very attractive to consumers. Already some Google employees were spotted in public wearing Google Glass prototype. More 

DreamMaker 3D printer

Feb.12, 2013 -   DreamMaker CC launched their first desktop 3D printer: DreamMaker. This 3D printer is built based on the open source RepRap 3D printer. More

Open source DIY electric kit car crowdfunding on Indiegogo 

Feb.11, 2013 -  Electrical Engineer Gary Krysztopik started ZWheelz project in 2007 and he wants to produce electric vehicle that can be customized to fit anyone's needs and will come in all sizes. More 

Turkish foundry invests in a VX500 3D printer, sees great potential in 3D printing

Feb.11, 2013 -  Ünimetal has recently invested in a VX500 3D printing system from voxeljet. Management at Ünimetal views the investment as an important step in further expanding the company's leading position. More 

Join "Made In 3D" contest to win an iPad and a 3D print of your model

Feb.11, 2013 -   Dassault Systèmes and Sculpteo are teaming up to offer you a chance to win an iPad and a 3D Print of your Model. More

Urbee 2: The world's first 3D printed car ready for production 

Feb.11, 2013 -  Kor and his company announced that they were starting Urbee 2. The first 3D printed car Urbee 1 was just the "skin". The Urbee 2 they are working on will contain interior, all internal parts. More 

3D printed durable, flexible, inexpensive soft robot  

Feb.11, 2013 -  With help of Viridis3D and a lot of tweaking, Matthew Borgatti has built a air-powered, 3D-printed robot tentacle. More 

Valentine's 3D printing kissing booth

Feb.11, 2013 -   This Valentine's season, Hot Pop Factory is teaming up with Untitled & Co and Draft Print 3D to host the 3D Printing Kissing Booth. More

Italian designers launched MYBF new collection of 3D printed jewelry 

Feb.10, 2013 -  MYBF (my best friend) is a 3D printed line of fashion jewelry designed by Orlando Fernandez Flores and his wife Lucia De Conti. More 

Glenn Beck talks with Hod Lipson, author of "Fabricated The New World of 3D printing" 

Feb.10, 2013 -  Glenn Beck discusses 3D Printing and Technology with Hod Lipson of Cornell University, author of "Fabricated: The New World of 3D Printing".More 

Give yourself a treat, totally 3D printed candy dispenser

Feb.10, 2013 -   Erik J. Durwood II's new design 'VEND' is a totally 3D printable candy dispenser that allows you to download, print and assemble a custom candy dispenser. More

How to make a DARwIn-OP robot clone on a DIY 3D printer 

Feb.9, 2013 -  How cool is it to make a robot of your own! Mike, a computer programmer by day and an amateur roboticist by night, created a DARwIn-OP clone using DIY 3d printers. More 

3D printed kits of world's oldest working narrow gauge engines on Kickstarter 

Feb.9, 2013 -  For those who want something special, Flexiscale team has started a new project to produce 3D printed kits of four steam locomotives.  More 

Microscale printing of a spaceship on world's fastest 3D printer

Feb.9, 2013 -   The video below shows a realtime recording of the 3D micro printing process by two-photon polymerization. Overall printing time was less than 50 seconds. More

15-year-old student building an open source LEGO-based 3D printer  

Feb.8, 2013 -  15-year-old high school student from Greece, Marios Papachristou, has started building a special 3D printer made of LEGO Mindstorms(R) pieces. More 

3D printing is worth my time and a lot of investment. says GE CEO Jeffrey Immelt 

Feb.8, 2013 -  GE, whose annual revenues were more than $142 billion in 2012 selling engines, turbines, and hospital equipment, has been using the additive manufacturing technology for 20 years. More 

New 3D printing template marketplace caught selling stolen jewelry, marketplace offline

Feb.8, 2013 -   Cincinnati start-up 3DLT is a new 3D printing template marketplace. Jessica Rosenkrantz, the co-founder of design studio Nervous System, found that some of her designs were listed at 3DLT for sale. More

Defense Distributed unveils new 3D printed gun magazine and named it "Cuomo" (video) 

Feb.7, 2013 -  Today Wilson unveiled a successful test firing of a newly designed 3D printed gun magazine. It is a high-capacity automatic rifle (AR) magazine which holds 30 rounds. More 

Form 1 3D Printer entered into full production, on schedule to deliver end of April 

Feb.7, 2013 -  FormLabs announces today that the Form 1 3D printer has entered full production.  More 

Scientists build 3D printed titanium fish tags to track big fish

Feb.7, 2013 -   CSIRO scientists are using 3D printing to build a new generation of hi-tech fish tags made of titanium. The aim is to use the tags to track big fish. More

Face of King Richard III unveiled using 3D scan & 3D printing 

Feb.7, 2013 -  A 3D scan of the skull was sent to the University of Dundee where the muscles and skin were modelled using a computer process known as stereolithography. More 

Flomio launches custom 3D printables with an NFC Tag embedded 

Feb.7, 2013 -  NFC specialist Flomio has launched a new service that makes 3D printed object with an NFC Tag embedded inside. More 

3D printer company ExOne increases range, price $16 to $18 for $90 million IPO

Feb.7, 2013 -   ExOne, a 3D printer manufacturer, raised the proposed deal size for its upcoming IPO on Wednesday. More

Enter Winter Fun with Kinect contest to win $1000 cash 

Feb.6, 2013 -  Artec, manufacturer of handheld professional 3D scanner, announces "Winter Fun with Kinect contest" inviting the Kinect owners around the world to create their own 3d models with their Artec Studio software. More 

3D printing: Make anything you want by pressing "print" (video) 

Feb.6, 2013 -  What would you build, if you could create anything? In North Carolina, Dr. Anthony Atala is printing an ear using a 3D bio-printer. More 

RepRapPro releases Mendel multi-material and multi-colour enhancement kit

Feb.6, 2013 -   RepRapPro announces the beta release of their multi-material and multi-colour enhancement kit. More

Trinckle 3D printing service and marketplace beta launch 

Feb.6, 2013 -  Berlin based Trinckle 3D launches their Trinckle beta online, a new 3D printing marketplace for sharing your 3D designs. More 

Tutorial: how to create models for 3D printing with Shapeways in Blender (video) 

Feb.6, 2013 -  Jonathan Williamson at Blender Cookie explains in the video below how to create your models for 3D printing at Shapeways in Blender.  More 

3D printed Cube business cards end up ON your desk

Feb.6, 2013 -   Ohio-based CallingCube reinvented the traditional business card and come up with CallingCube, a new patent-pending 3D printed business card and marketing tool. More

Creature of Creation Opening Day: total 3D printing experience 

Feb.5, 2013 -  Creature of Creation Opening Day was a one-day show opened to 3D printing fans to experience 3D printing and its "customized life" concept.  More 

3D printed miniature of Winterfell from Game Of Thrones 

Feb.5, 2013 -  We have seen many interesting mini 3D prints of a minecraft castle, but the 3D printed miniature of Winterfell from Daniel (damm301) is really cool! More 

China to invest $80M in 3D printing innovation center

Feb.5, 2013 -   3DP Industry Alliance unveiled plans to establish a 3D printing technology industry innovation center in Chengdu. More

Lenovo & DHL vision: 3D printing and customization to become the new norm in future 

Feb.5, 2013 -  Lenovo and DHL share their vision in the videos below how the World will look like in the next 20 years and 40 years. More 

Breakthrough: Scientists use 3D printer to produce stem cells 

Feb.5, 2013 -  A team of researchers from Scotland has used a novel 3D printing technique to arrange human embryonic stem cells (hESCs) for the very first time. More 

Wood filament LAYWOO-D3 suppliers and price compare

Feb.4, 2013 -   LAYWOO-D3 is a wood-based 3D printing filament invented by Kai Parthy and is designed for the RepRap and similar machines. More

Green giant Hulk 3D printed on a MakerBot Replicator 2 

Feb.4, 2013 -  A Chinese 3D printing enthusiast printed a 8cm green giant Hulk on a MakerBot Replicator 2 3D printer using translucent PLA plastics. More 

Ideas to Prototypes to Production (video) 

Feb.4, 2013 -  Stratasys' newest video introduces the portfolio lines of the new Stratasys 3D printers that fit every stage of the design process from initial idea to high powered prototypes to full production parts. More 

RapidPro 2013 Veldhoven Netherlands: 3D printing trade fair and conference

Feb.4, 2013 -   On Feb.26 and 27 the 3rd edition of Trade fair and conference RapidPro will take place at NH Conference Centre Koningshof, Veldhoven from 9.00am-5.00pm in the Netherlands. More

Update: Little Liam got 3D printed robotic hand, design files shared 

Feb.4, 2013 -  5 year old Liam got the best present in his life: a functional, comfortable new right hand. It is printed on the Makerbot using PLA plastic. More 

In new episode of CBS "The Big Bang Theory" Howard and Raj get a 3D printer 

Feb.3, 2013 -  The latest episode of "The Big Bang Theory" showed last week on January 31, 2013 features some very interesting machines, one of them is a 3D printer.  More 

Startup Matterport's low-cost 3D scanner raises nearly $4M

Feb.2, 2013 -   Y Combinator startup Matterport that has invented a new compact scanner has raised $3,908,189 USD, almost 4 million dollars from 39 investors. More

Charge your iPhone 5 with Apple's Universal Dock and 3D printed adapter 

Feb.2, 2013 -  Shapeways user nginear has come up with an "iPhone5 Lightning Adapter for Universal Dock" that allows for the continued use of the iPhone5 and Apple's universal dock. More 

Lynx A: world's first point-and-shoot 3D camera for high quality 3D models

Feb.2, 2013 -  Austin, TX based Lynx Laboratories has created an inexpensive and handheld 3D capture device, Lynx A Camera, which can digitize the shape and motion of what it sees.More 

Mini project 3D printed Forever Alone statues makes $2,000 in profit

Feb.1, 2013 -   During a summer break Matt Sconce and Phil Malen, undergraduates at Queens College in New York, had a idea: to create a beloved/hated internet meme, in statue form: Forever Alone statues. More

Floored raises $1 million to develop 3D modeling software for real estate 

Feb.1, 2013 -  New York-based Floored unveils an impressive 3D modeling software that generates 3D models of interior spaces for the commercial real estate market.  More 

3D print a super cool ultra futuristic Modular Snap-Fit Airship 

Feb.1, 2013 -  Thingiverse users RealAbsurdity designed 3D printable "Modular Snap-Fit Airship", a fully modular snap-fit (no glue required) model of an Airship. More 

US army engineers uses 3D printers to build dam models

Feb.1, 2013 -   Thanks to 3D printing technology, Sacramento District projects are being shrunk into handheld models in a matter of hours to help team members visualize and explain their work like never before. More

Affordable 3D printer startup Pirate3DP raises USD482K from Red Dot Ventures

Feb.1, 2013 -  Venture capital firm Red Dot Ventures has invested US$482K in Pirate3DP, a Singapore startup aiming to develop the most affordable 3D printer for the mass market.  More 

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