3D print your frame adapter for Google Glass, saving $224

Feb.28, 2014 - Now you can upgrade your google glass with your own frames using a 3d printed adapter. Google has introduced four different varieties of frames for its Google Glass so you can make it your own. More

Swedish automaker Koenigsegg uses 3D printing to make the world's fastest car

Feb.28, 2014 - Swedish automaker Koenigsegg is celebrating its 20th birthday this year. For the occasion, the company has unveiled the One:1, the hypercar it says will be "world's first megacar". More

Doctors in China use 3D printing to assist in complicated bone fixation surgery

Feb.28, 2014 - A hospital in Guangzhou, China has successfully performed surgery on a patient who suffered from acetabular fractures using 3D printing technology. More

Virginia Tech hosting student contest to design 3D printed aircraft, ground vehicles

Feb.28, 2014 - Virginia Tech College of Engineering will host a first-time university-wide competition for students to design on-demand, remote-controlled aircraft and ground vehicles that is able to be made almost entirely by 3D printing. More

The beginning of 3D printing as a direct marketing tool

Feb.28, 2014 - The rather obvious benefits of 3D printing in marketing are often overlooked; 3D software company Loft has taken the natural step of using 3D printing as a marketing tool. More

Open-source 3D printed parts often stronger than proprietary versions

Feb.28, 2014 - Pearce and his team conducted a study on mechanical properties of components fabricated with open-source 3D printers. The study used standard test methods, except for changing the environmental conditions. More

3D sculpting & 3D printing with Meta augmented reality 3D glasses

Feb.27, 2014 - For the last several months wearables start-up Meta has been developing augmented reality 3D glasses that combine the power of a laptop and smartphone in a pair of aviator-style 3D glass and a small pocket computer. More

Zecotek developing 3D Printer, shares rise after announcement

Feb.27, 2014 - Zecotek Photonics announced today that its wholly owned subsidiary, Zecotek Display Systems is designing a unique 3D printer which will offer technical and commercial competitive advantages to existing 3D printers. More

ALPrint's app gets skiers bespoke 3D-printed ski boot insoles

Feb.27, 2014 - British start-up ALPrint's app will let you create cheap, bespoke 3D printed ski boot insoles by taking cellphone photos of your feet. More

Scientists 3D print a whale graveyard to solve 'Sudden Death at Sea' mystery

Feb.27, 2014 - It is one of the largest fossil site discovered in recent years - a mysterious whale graveyard was found in the Atacama Desert of Northern Chile. More

Google & 3D Systems developing high-speed 3D printer for modular smartphones

Feb.27, 2014 - Google is working with 3D Systems to develop new high-speed continuous 3D printer capable of mass-producing modules for their future modular smart devices. More

Nike debuts third football cleat built using 3D printing

Feb.27, 2014 - Nike continues to push the limits of innovation and design by debuting its third football cleat built using 3D printing technology. More

See the BotObjects ProDesk3D color 3D printer in action (video)

Feb.26, 2014 - German 3D printer shop igo3d uploaded a video today showing BotObject's ProDesk3D 3D Printer in action. The ProDesk3D 3D Printer promises a speed of 175mm/s. More

Architect, voxeljet create ultra-high performance concrete using 3D printing

Feb.26, 2014 - Now architect Philippe Morel from Studio EZCT Architecture & Design Research in Paris is using 3D printed sand molds to create ultra high-strength concrete. More

MakerBot takes orders for Replicator Mini 3D printer, lands this spring

Feb.26, 2014 - 3D printer manufacturer MakerBot announced a new 3D desktop printer the MakerBot Replicator Mini during CES 2014. The company announced today it is now taking orders for Replicator Mini. More

Airwolf AW3D HD 3D printer enables larger prototypes (video)

Feb.26, 2014 - Erick Wolf, President of Airwolf 3D, demonstrates in the video all the details on their largest 3D printer - the AW3D HD. The HD features a print volume of 1,150 cubic inches (12"x8"x12"). More

4 AXYZ 3D printing 'smart wood' furniture with embedded electronics

Feb.26, 2014 - This week 4 AXYZ reveals its 3D printed furniture at the Launch festival Monday. For example the stool in the image below is printed in three pieces while it might need 8 or 9 pieces using traditional method. More

3D printed implantable device that can predict an impending heart attack

Feb.26, 2014 - Using an inexpensive 3D printer, biomedical engineers have developed a custom-fitted, implantable device with embedded sensors that could transform treatment and prediction of cardiac disorders. More

Obama announces two new manufacturing hubs

Feb.26, 2014 - U.S. President Barack Obama on Tuesday announced the creation of two new Pentagon-led institutes to boost advanced high-tech manufacturing, with the eventual goal of creating jobs that have been lost to global competition. More

Personalize your 3D printed objects with water transfer printing

Feb.26, 2014 - Inspired by a Youtube video demonstrating a man dip coating his hand with a carbon pattern using Hydrographics, Bertier Luyt decided to test this technology with 3D printed plastic object. More

LulzBot giving away TAZ 3D printers to hackerspaces

Feb.25, 2014 - LulzBot announced today it is giving away eight free TAZ 3D printers to hackerspaces to celebrate Hardware Freedom Day on Saturday March 15, 2014. More

HEMA becomes first major Dutch retailer to sell 3D-printed jewelry

Feb.25, 2014 - HEMA announced on Monday that it will start selling 3D printed jewelry online. Consumers can order 3D printed necklaces and bracelets made of stainless steel, nylon and 24 carat gold. More

What happens when you mash up 3D printing and traditional weaving

Feb.25, 2014 - In collaboration with textile artist Ozana Gherman, designers at Hot Pop Factory, Bi-Ying Miao and Matt Compeau, launched Hybridized Cloth project to experiment with various forms and techniques, from traditional weaving to digital fabrication. More

E-NABLE connects makers to create 3D printed prosthetics for those in need

Feb.25, 2014 - 19-year-old Peregrine Hawthorn from Seattle was born without fingers on his left hand. But in 2013 he learned how to 3D print and build an affordable mechanical set of his own. More

This 3D-printed gadget plays the classic Windows startup sound

Feb.25, 2014 - Today Microsoft released a new video that showcased employees at the Microsoft Garage create a 3D-printed doodad that plays the Windows XP startup chime on a xylophone. More

Dual-nozzle Lathon 3D printer with large build area now on Kickstarter

Feb.25, 2014 - After purchasing his first printer kit in 2012 Nohtal Alex Partansky quickly noticed he wanted a one with more capabilities. Since all of the high performance models were so expensive he decided to make his own. More

This 3D printed clock writes the time minute to minute

Feb.24, 2014 - Plotclock is a simple robot that uses a marker to write the time on a small whiteboard. While you could always just check your own watch, Plot Clock is much more compelling. More

T-Black DLP 3D printer from Trimaker

Feb.24, 2014 - Buenos Aires, Argentina based Trimaker is a company specialized in 3D printing. Their latest 3D printer T-Black is based on DLP projector solidification of near UV photopolymers. More

Jefferies: metal 3D printing will grow faster over next few years

Feb.24, 2014 - Peter Misek follows the shares of 3D printer makers and in this report, he offered some thought on both the consumer market and the professional/industrial market. More

World's first 3D-printed titanium earphones, limited edition of 150 sets

Feb.24, 2014 - In collaboration with NTT Data Engineering Systems and Probox Japan, Japanese Hifi company Final Audio Design (FAD) designed and created the world's first mass-produced 3D-printed titanium earphones called 'Final audio design LAB 01'. More

DIY 3D chocolate printer at home

Feb.23, 2014 - Keep has been experimenting with chocolate 3D printing and he managed to create a low-cost method to 3d print chocolate at home. More

China's military uses 3D printing to better visualize landscapes

Feb.23, 2014 - Through 3D printing process, China's military has created 3D printed tactical terrain maps of Lanzhou City, capital of northwest China's Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region. More

Nikon Df - from 3D printed prototype to production (video)

Feb.22, 2014 - In a rare, unique video, here is a closer look at the various mock up models from the very first 3D printed concept to actual production model of the Nikon Df. More

Local Motors to deliver first 3D-printed electric vehicle this September

Feb.22, 2014 - Local Motors announced this week that it has signed contract with The Association For Manufacturing Technology (AMT) to build its previously announced 3D-printed electric version of the vehicle. More

Using 3D printing to treat 14 months old boy's heart defect

Feb.22, 2014 - At Kosair Children's Hospital in Louisville, heart surgeon Erle Austin used a 3D printed model to plan and practice a complex operation for a pediatric heart patient in Kentucky. More

Cut/Copy releases 3D-printed video and invites fans to 3D print their own 'We Are Explorers'

Feb.21, 2014 - Directed by avant-garde creators Masa Kawamura, Aramique & Qanta Shimizu, the video 'We Are Explorers' features 3D-printed miniature characters exploring the streets of Los Angeles at night. More

3D printing making debut on the runway (video)

Feb.21, 2014 - It's a real possibility with 3D printing moving in on the fashion world. Everything from shoes to underwear could be coming to a 3D printer near you. More

Stratasys introduces copier-size Eden260V 3D Printer and VeroGlaze material for dental labs

Feb.21, 2014 - 3D printer manufacturer Stratasys today introduced the Objet Eden260V Dental Advantage 3D Printer and VeroGlaze (MED620) dental material for use with its Objet EdenV and OrthoDesk 3D Printers. More

Maplin's first airport store at Glasgow will feature 3D printers

Feb.21, 2014 - UK's electronics retailer Maplin has invested £100,000 in a new 1,000sq ft store at Glasgow Airport. The store will open on 1 March 2014 and feature tablet accessories, phone accessories and 3D printers. More

New extruder could lower costs of 3D printing cellular structures for drug testing

Feb.21, 2014 - A University of Alabama in Huntsville (UAH) sophomore and his collaborator has used a specialized 3-D printing extruder to printing sugar grids that mimics blood vessels. More

Create pixelated, 3D printable miniatures with new app Leblox

Feb.21, 2014 - Created by Paris-based Mathieu Lecoupeur and Soy Phompraseuth, LEBLOX is a new app that allows you to digitally build a pixelized version of almost anything that are then 3D-printed and delivered to your door. More

Dutch company unveils the extra-tall Big Builder 3D printer

Feb.20, 2014 - Dutch company Builder 3D Printers launches today a new 3D printer the "Big Builder". Like the previous versions, the Big Builder has a sleek powdercoated steel frame. More

Large scale 'anti-gravity' 3D printer goes full metal

Feb.20, 2014 - Using an industrial robot, together with an advanced welding machine, the MX3D-Metal printer is able to print with metals, such as steel, stainless steel, aluminium, bronze or copper without the need for support-structures. More

OpenKnit printer lets you print your own clothes from digital files

Feb.20, 2014 - Gerard Rubio has created a new open source knitting machine called OpenKnit that is able to knit anything from a sweater to a dress using open source hardware and software. More

Exhibit on refugees uses 3D printing to shed light on 'invisible people' in Korea

Feb.20, 2014 - Ad agency Cheil Worldwide has teamed up with the UNHCR and Seoul Museum of Art to create an exhibition featuring 3D printed figurines that highlight the plight of Korea's 'invisible people'. More

Designer creates 'Christie directing traffic BridgeGate' figurine with 3D printer

Feb.20, 2014 - Orlando, Fla. designer Fernando Sosa (aka Mstyle183) created a 3D printed, full color sandstone figurine of Chris Christie directing traffic during the September lane closures on the George Washington Bridge. More

CGTrader community supports Ukraine with free 3D printable badges

Feb.20, 2014 - CGTrader, a 3D model marketplace for computer graphics and 3D printing, decided to create 3D printable badges in order to raise awareness and show support to Ukraine. More

Harvard scientists 3D bioprint layered tissue with blood vessels

Feb.20, 2014 - Scientists at the Harvard Wyss Institute for Biologically Inspired Engineering announced Wednesday that they have printed intricately patterned 3D tissue constructs with multiple types of cells and tiny blood vessels. More

Start your own 3D scanning business with Artec's Shapify.Pro and Kinect

Feb.19, 2014 - 3D scanner company Artec Group has launched Shapify.Pro – a new iteration of its 3D-selfie technology designed for Microsoft Kinect owners and those who want to make money with it. More

3D Systems buys Digital PlaySpace to bring 3D printing to girls and moms

Feb.19, 2014 - 3D Systems announced today that it has acquired Digital PlaySpace for an undisclosed amount. This is the 3D printer maker's fifth acquisition since December. More

Worldwide shipments of 3D printers to reach 100k units in 2014

Feb.19, 2014 - Worldwide shipments of 3D printers will reach a total of 100,000 units in 2014. World demand for 3D printing is projected to rise every year and total 3D printer shipments are forecast to reach 6 million units in 2018. More

Airbus expands use of 3D printing and envisions a "bionic" fuselage in the future

Feb.19, 2014 - Airbus reported this week that it expanding use of 3D printing technology to manufacture individual parts or even larger airframe structures for the company's line of aircraft. More

Autodesk Meshmixer releases all-in-one 3D printing updates

Feb.19, 2014 - Autodesk Meshmixer updated on Tuesday with a nice all-in-one suite for 3D printing with new features. More

French starup aims to bring ECV-One 3D printer to the desk of professionals

Feb.19, 2014 - Rennes, France based e-crew vis wants to create a desktop 3D printer to offer professional rapid prototyping and functionality while still keeping the price low. More

3D printing is revolutionizing special effects (video)

Feb.18, 2014 - Legacy Effects has been at the forefront of 3D printing and additive manufacturing technology for years. Take a look at how 3D Printing has changed the world of Special Effects. More

Mark One, the world's first carbon fiber 3D printer now available for pre-order

Feb.18, 2014 - Be one of the first to 3D Print carbon fiber with the new Mark One. The Mark One 3D printer is now available for pre-order. More

First 3D printing shop in Bremen aims to scan and print the whole city

Feb.18, 2014 - On November 15, 2013, Ruiken & Horn GbR opened first 3D printing shop in Bremen, Germany. The company offers affordable 3D printers, accessories and 3D printing services to the public, aiming to bring 3D printing to the community. More

MatterHackers to launch first Android tablet-based 3D Printer control

Feb.18, 2014 - The upcoming "MatterControl for Android" Desktop 3D Printer control tablet version will now make 3D printers stand-alone as well as networkable. More

Watch Amanda Boxtel walk again with first 3D printed hybrid exoskeleton

Feb.18, 2014 - 3D Systems recently unveiled the first ever 3D printed hybrid Exoskeleton robotic suit in collaboration with EksoBionics at a Singularity University-hosted event in Budapest. More

Filament sculptures based on the behaviour of 3D printing

Feb.18, 2014 - Instead of creating 3D models in a 3D programme and then simply have them printed out, Lia wanted to know what can be achieved with the actual properties of filament and the movements of the printhead. More

Nokia creates world's first interactive Lumia skirt with help of 3D printing

Feb.18, 2014 - Nokia has partnered with the designer duo, who are popularly known as Fyodor Golan, for London Fashion Week, to create the world's first interactive skirt made up of 80 of Nokia Lumia 1520 and 1020 smartphones. More

ORNL, CINCINNATI partner to develop large-scale 3D polymer printer

Feb.18, 2014 - ORNL will partner with Cincinnati Incorporated over the next year to develop a large-scale 3D printer capable of producing large polymer parts much faster and a lot cheaper than today's technologies. More

3D printing kiosks coming soon to a toy store near you

Feb.17, 2014 - AlphaLab Gear startup PieceMaker Technologies, is working to develop a 3D printer kiosk system that allows retailers to provide low-cost customizable products for customers, creating a factory-in-a-store experience. More

D3D kickstarter slimmer extruder upgrade

Feb.17, 2014 - D3D continued working on the project and today they come back on Kickstarter with a completed, tested professional level extruder upgrades for your desktop 3D printers. More

iNventOne low cost printer wants everyone to 3D print their dreams

Feb.17, 2014 - Italian startup Maker Dreams has introduced its first 3D printer iNventOne, a safe, solid, fast and cheap 3D printer with a simple but appealing design. More

feetZ creates 3D printed shoes that will only fit your feet

Feb.17, 2014 - A start-up in San Diego is working to create custom fit footwear on demand. They combine digital foot model with a custom shoe design and make unique shoes using 3D printing technology. More

Australian police using 3D scanner to map crime scenes in minutes

Feb.17, 2014 - Police in the Australian state of Queensland has started using a handheld laser scanner to capture data and create a 3D map of a crime scene, including in areas where there is no GPS reception. More

BigRep ONE, a giant FDM 3D printer that prints a table in one piece

Feb.16, 2014 - The BigRep ONE is an oversized open source 3D printer created by Berlin-based artist Lukas Oehmigen and his friend Marcel Tasler. More

Cool 3d printed skull that stretches like a slinky

Feb.16, 2014 - Have a look at this cool 3D printed skull sculpture that can stretch like a slinky. At first glance, it looks like solid pieces made of white nylon plastic. More

The Micro 3D printer launching soon on Kickstarter for $199

Feb.16, 2014 - David Jones and Michael Armani of M3D released a small 3D printer 'The Micro 3D printer' (M3D) this weekend at the 3D Print Show at the Metropolitan Pavilion in New York City. More

3D printing coloring system for FDM printers wins innovation contest

Feb.16, 2014 - Spectrom, an automated, continuous, and variable coloring process for desktop FDM 3D printers won both the $10,000 Schoofs Prize for Creativity and the $2,500 Tong Prototype Priz. More

RoboHand inventor launches RoboBeast, an ultra robust 3D printer

Feb.16, 2014 - Now van As is back with another invention - RoboBeast - a rugged, ultra robust 3D printer specially designed for taking prosthetic hands into conflict zones and areas of extreme poverty. More

A 3D printed adapter that turns anything into a stool

Feb.15, 2014 - Inpired by a homemade modern DIY $5 bucket stool, Montreal based designer Arthur Schmitt created Anice Stool, an ice stool made with a 3D printed core. More

3D printing 'Around the Table' in Silicon Valley

Feb.15, 2014 - An exhibit in the de Saisset Museum at Santa Clara University uses 3D printed objects designed by people in the community to discuss changes in agriculture and food in the Silicon Valley region. More

Printing ideas into 3D reality, from ballet shoes to 3D printing dinner for two

Feb.15, 2014 - With the push of a button – plus a lot of design work and hours of waiting – the emerging technology of 3D printing can produce food, plastic phone accessories, even human tissue. More

Leapfrog goes big with Creatr XL 3D printer

Feb.14, 2014 - Leapfrog 3D Printers launches today a new product: the Creatr XL. The Creatr XL is based on the popular Creatr 3D printer, but it has nearly three times the build height. More

Hasbro and 3D Systems team up to explore '3D printing for children'

Feb.14, 2014 - 3D printer maker 3D Systems (DDD) and Hasbro (HAS) announced today their intent to co-develop, co-venture and deliver play experiences powered by 3D printing for children and their families later this year. More

$99 Drone company to let customers 3-D print its accessories

Feb.14, 2014 - Extreme Flyer, a company that manufactures and sells $99 toy drones, will sell plans that would let its customers print drone accessories on a 3D printer. The company unveiled this program on Thursday. More

CNN interviews Chuck Hull: 'The night I invented 3D printing'

Feb.14, 2014 - CNN sits down with Chuck Hull in Frankfurt, Germany talking about his incredible invention and 3D printing today. More

3D Printshow NY 2014: Objects you won't believe are 3D-printed (video)

Feb.14, 2014 - This week 58 vendors showcased their creations, ranging from art and human body part reproductions, to life-size Movie action costumes, helmets & figures, at the 3D Print Show at the Metropolitan Pavilion in New York City. More

Ford 3D printing 2015 Mustangs candy and chocolate for Valentine's Day

Feb.14, 2014 - Fall in love with chocolate and candy Mustangs this Valentine's Day. To celebrate, Ford Motor Company today revealed all-new miniature chocolate and peppermint candy Mustangs made with a 3D printer. More

New Ninja Printer Plate for consumer 3D printing

Feb.14, 2014 - Introducing the Ninja Printer Plate developed by Wayne Huthmaker. This plate replaces the need for painters tape, kapton tape or other surface preparation on FDM style 3D printers. More

Boat Building 2.0: Italian team 3D prints unusual fishing boat

Feb.14, 2014 - In the old time, they used mulberry wood for the keel and sea pine for the planking. Today, Italian companies are using 3D printing to build prototype of Livrea 26. More

Joshua Harker's Floral Filigree Series and 3D Portrait debut at 3D Printshow

Feb.13, 2014 - Chicago-based artist and longtime proponent of 3D-printed art and sculpture Joshua Harker made his runway debut at 3D Printshow. More

New block-cell printing ups brain cell survival rate

Feb.13, 2014 - Researchers in Houston have developed a way to print living cells in virtually any shape onto any surface. Unlike recent, similar work using 2D or 3D printing, almost all cells survive the process. More

Turn your photo into 3D printed jewelry with Autodesk Charmr

Feb.13, 2014 - To kick off this month of love, Autodesk is introducing Charmr, a new customizer and a latest addition to 123D. Charmr on 123Dapp.com lets you turn a photo into a one-of-a-kind customized, 3D-printable piece. More

RoboCop's suit was 3D printed

Feb.13, 2014 - Robocop is hitting theaters this week. Sony Pictures and MGM's RoboCop remake, starring Joel Kinnaman, Gary Oldman, Michael Keaton etc opened in North America at midnight on Feb.11, 2014. More

Six-figure investment backs firm for using 3D printing to help dogs walk

Feb.13, 2014 - Liverpool-based company Fusion Implants which makes 3D printed implants to help injured dogs to walk has received a six-figure investment from venture capital firm Enterprise Ventures. More

Fuel3D secures $2.6 million initial investment

Feb.13, 2014 - Fuel 3D Technologies Ltd., developer of 3D scanning solutions, today announced it has secured $2.6 million (€1.9m / £1.6m) in early stage financing to further the development of its Fuel3D scanner technology. More

3D printed lingerie: a Valentine's gift everyone can enjoy

Feb.12, 2014 - Designer Samuel Bernier has an idea for Valentine's Day, give your sweetheart a gift you both can enjoy: 3D printed lingerie. More

$2.2 Million research to design automated assembly line of 3D printers

Feb.12, 2014 - A team of university and corporate partners, led by The University of Texas at El Paso (UTEP), has started a project to create an automated assembly line of 3D printers. More

3D Printing: The Future is Now [infographic]

Feb.12, 2014 - Let's take a look at how 3D printing works and how far the technology has come since its recent inception. More

Home 3D printers revenues to grow to $70 billion by 2030

Feb.12, 2014 - The market for home 3D printers is in its early stages but there is strong interest from specialist players as well as global technology vendors in its long-term potential. More

Russian candidate confused election authority with 3D-printed 'mug leaflets'

Feb.12, 2014 - During a local election campaign in Russia, one of the candidates managed to circumvent a ban on gifts to voters by printing out 'mug leaflets' on a 3D printer. More

New all-metal Printrbot Simple 3D printer unveiled

Feb.12, 2014 - 3D printer company Printrbot will show off its first metal-framed 3D printer from Feb. 12 to 15 at the 2014 3D Print Show in New York. More

€995 Ultimaker and Doodle3D bundle, limited time offer

Feb.11, 2014 - Ultimaker announces today that it has partnered with Doodle3D to make their WiFi-Box widely available to young makers. More

Eyewear Kit turns 3d printed frames into functional fashion items

Feb.11, 2014 - Look out standard eyewear, 3D printed glasses have a new source for lenses. The Eyewear Kit, based in The Netherlands makes lenses for 3D printed glasses frames. More

Intel Capital invests in two 3D printing companies

Feb.11, 2014 - Intel Capital today announced two investments in the fast growing world of 3-D printing. More

Local Motors names MakerBot's CEO Bree Pettis to its board of directors

Feb.11, 2014 - Local Motors, Inc. today announced that Bre Pettis, CEO of MakerBot, has joined its Board of Directors, effective January 30, 2014. More

Modern Meadow wants to 3D print meat in Brooklyn

Feb.11, 2014 - 3D printed meat may be coming to Brooklyn, New York. The tissue engineering lab Modern Meadow is in negotiations to lease up to 10,000 square feet at the BioBAT facility in the Brooklyn Army Terminal. More

mUVe3D releases improved Marlin firmware for all 3D printers

Feb.11, 2014 - To add more functionality to the Marlin firmware, Michigan-based startup mUVe 3D has been working with Tim Schmidt and the Lansing Makers Network on building laser control into the Marlin firmware. More

The world's most high-tech, $100K 3D-printed dress

Feb.11, 2014 - Designer Michael Schmidt took up the challenge with the creation of a 3D printed mesh gown for Dita Von Teese made of made of 17 individually 3D printed pieces with 3,000 articulated joints, and over 13,000 Swarovski crystals. More

Intel invests in 3D model marketplace CGTrader

Feb.11, 2014 - 3D model marketplace CGTrader announced today that it has closed a funding round with Intel Capital, Intel's global investment and M&A organization and existing investor Practica Capital. More

Cell-building robots bring 3D printed replacement organs closer

Feb.11, 2014 - Biomedical engineers in the United States have announced a unique micro-robotic technique to assemble the components of complex materials, bringing 3D-printed replacement organs even closer to reality. More

Students 3D print energy-efficient car for Eco-marathon

Feb.10, 2014 - In Heerlen, a city in the south of The Netherlands, students are using tabletop 3D printers and PLA plastics to make a car that will compete in the Shell Eco-marathon 2014. More

Doctor to 3D bioprint cartilage into knees

Feb.10, 2014 - Dr. Darryl D'Lima and colleagues at the Scripps Clinic in La Jolla, California are developing new 3D bioprinting technology that will print living cartilage into the body to provide better treatment for patients with knee injuries. More

ESO uses 3D printing to create new satellite components

Feb.10, 2014 - European Southern Observatory (ESO) has recently utilised 3D printing to manufacture moulds for the casting of two new telescope components used for the MUSE instrument on ESO's Very Large Telescope (VLT) in Chile. More

NASA to grow 3D printed space wood

Feb.10, 2014 - Researchers at NASA and Stanford University are trying to 3D print cell clusters that can produce non-living structural biomaterials like wood, bone minerals, and tooth enamel. More

Investment firm seeks 'disruptive start-ups' in 3D printing

Feb.10, 2014 - Harbor Capital Group Inc., based in Bloomington, Minnesota is looking to invest between $500k and $1.5 million in 'disruptive start-ups' – like 3D printing, big data, and robotics. More

British surgeon uses 3D printing to create pelvis for a cancer patient

Feb.10, 2014 - A British surgeon has used 3D scanning and 3D printing techniques to create a new pelvis for a patient who had lost the whole right side of his pelvis to cancer. More

3D-printed 'Lab on a phone' reads mercury level in drinking water

Feb.9, 2014 - Researchers from UCLA have designed a 3D-printed smartphone attachment and app that can detect the presence of mercury in water. More

SeeMeCNC develops first 3D printing curriculum for schools

Feb.9, 2014 - SeeMeCNC has recently launched SeeMeEducate, an initiative aiming to support innovative and stimulating ways of teaching STEM and design subjects with step-by-step guides and project ideas. More

'Made in Africa with e-waste' 3D printer campaign

Feb.9, 2014 - The WoeLab of Lomé, Togo in West Africa has launched a new campaign on the European crowd-funding site ululue.com to help them bring their W.Afate 3D printers to the 3D Print Show. More

Stunning 3D printed neck piece by Hannah Soukup

Feb.8, 2014 - In collaboration with architect Ludovico Lombardi, Hannah Soukup designed a stunning neck piece. 3D printed by Materialise, the neck piece was featured in the third annual Supima Design Competition fashion show in 2013. More

How Trek Bikes leverages full color multi-material 3D printing

Feb.8, 2014 - Engineers and designers at Trek Bicycle in Waterloo, Wisconsin are among the first to adopt Stratasys' Objet500 Connex3, a full color multi-material 3D printer. More

NAMC announces 2014 Singapore International 3D Printing Competitions

Feb.8, 2014 - The Nanyang Additive Manufacturing Centre (NAMC) in Nanyang Technological University (NTU) now launches the 2014 Singapore International 3D Printing Competitions. More

Spanish maker hacked a 3D printer into a smart air hockey robot

Feb.8, 2014 - Spanish Hacker Jose Julio has built an awesome air hockey playing robot out of 3D printer parts and a PS3 camera. More

3D designs for the Sochi Olympics

Feb.7, 2014 - To celebrate the 2014 Winter Olympics – and the possibilities of 3D printing – we made the rounds at two of the most popular CAD model websites to check out some freely available Sochi-Olympics-related 3D designs. More

Jolla releases SDK to let users 3D print their own 'The Other Half' covers

Feb.7, 2014 - Finnish smartphone manufacturer Jolla has released 3D files and technical specs of two replacement back covers for the Jolla smartphone so you can personalise your Jolla to match your mood and personality. More

China developing world's largest 3D printer, prints 6m metal parts in one piece

Feb.7, 2014 - Since 2001, China began to focus on the development 3D laser printing technology to make titanium alloy structural components. More

InnoCentive wants to weave cotton into 3D printing

Feb.7, 2014 - A new campaign may take us one stitch closer to 3D printed clothing. The open innovation and crowdsourcing organization InnoCentive is looking for ideas that would weave more cotton fibers into 3D printing technology. More

Stratasys to be acquired by HP or Epson?

Feb.7, 2014 - According to an analyst at Bloomberg, HP and Seiko Epson Corp will have a chance to move away from the declining market of paper-and-ink printing by making strategic acquisitions of a leader in the 3D printing technology. More

Yeggi's 3D printing online survey: the results! [infographic]

Feb.6, 2014 - German-based Yeggi, a search engine for 3D printable models, published today an interesting infographic of its users. More

Popeye, 3D printed on a Makerbot

Feb.6, 2014 - Rik Baker released photo of his famous Popeye Sculpture, printed on a Makerbot 3D printer and the result is quite impressive. More

The marriage of math and art in 3D printing

Feb.6, 2014 - Cool math concepts and 3D printing swirl together in new ways in the work of Paul Nylander's work – which ranges appearance from lovely light vortex to nautical Buckminster Fuller tribute. More

New MakerBot Innovation Centers to support 3D printers in education

Feb.6, 2014 - 3D printer company MakerBot announces today it is starting up its own MakerBot Innovation Centers for universities and businesses. More

Teen uses 3D printer to make a 'Robohand' for third grade boy

Feb.6, 2014 - Recently, a third-grade boy received a new, 3D printed prosthetic hand thanks to the help of 16-year-old maker, Matthew Wilde, and the 3D printer at their local public library. More

Go geeky this Valentine's Day with 3D printed roses

Feb.6, 2014 - Consider doing some gloriously geeky courting this Valentine's Day by expressing your love in a 3D-printed, mathematical-grounded manner. More

NASA rides the 3D printing train

Feb.6, 2014 - Given NASA's unique needs for highly custom­ized spacecraft and instrument components, 3D printing offers a compelling alternative to more traditional manufacturing approaches. More

3D printing stocks tumble after 3D Systems lowers profit forecast

Feb.6, 2014 - 3D printing giant 3D Systems released its preliminary 2013 full-year results and issued 2014 full-year guidance yesterday, reviving fears of a bubble in the 3D printing industry and sending its shares down as much as 28 percent. More

Utrecht's 'tissue factory' experiments further with 3D bioprinting

Feb.6, 2014 - Utrecht's experimental tissue factory aims to use research and 3D printing technology to break new ground in biofabrication and bring living, 3D-printed cartilage one step closer to becoming a reality. More

New surfboard fin riding wave of 3D printing

Feb.5, 2014 - In Putaruru, New Zealand, well-known surfboard maker Roy Stuart is among the first in the world to incorporate 3D printing technology into his surfboard designs. More

3D printing builds a nanowall

Feb.5, 2014 - 3D printing went nano again last week as researchers in Korea published a paper which shows that nanoscale 3D objects – like free-standing nanowalls – can be constructed using 3D printing technology. More

3D printing in techy, wearable baby monitor

Feb.5, 2014 - With just a glance at their smart phones, parents can now rest easier having detailed data on their baby's position and vital signs at their fingertips. More

Create 3D models with hand gestures: MakeVR launches on Kickstarter

Feb.5, 2014 - MakeVR includes the STEM System (with two controllers) as the input device, so non-designer civilians can just use natural hand gestures to build complex 3D models and manipulate objects. More

Materialise acquires leading Polish prototyping center, e-Prototypy

Feb.5, 2014 - Belgian 3D printing firm Materialise announces today the acquisition of e-Prototypy, Poland's leading provider of rapid prototypes and 3D Printing. More

EOS and Airbus team on aerospace sustainability study for industrial 3D printing

Feb.5, 2014 - 3D printer company EOS has collaborated with Airbus Group Innovations of Filton, Bristol, to complete an environmental lifecycle comparison of rapid investment casting and Direct Metal Laser Sintering (DMLS). More

MakerDays kicks off with global 3D printing assignment

Feb.5, 2014 - MakerDays, a new initiative from Eindhoven in The Netherlands, launched in 14 cities across the globe with a worldwide 3D printing assignment. More

3D printing marketplace 3DaGoGo releases Communites feature

Feb.5, 2014 - Californian-based 3D printing marketplace, 3DaGoGo, has added a new 'Communities' feature to its platform to help 3D printing designers network, engage, and create communal storefronts for their designs. More

5 disruptions caused by 3D printing according to McKinsey

Feb.4, 2014 - The speedy evolution of 3D printing technology will be accompanied by five trends disruptive to the world economy – that's according to recent predictions by global management-consulting firm McKinsey & Company. More

Order 3D printed selfies with Bitcoins at new Dutch studio

Feb.4, 2014 - Today, 3D scan and print studio DoubleMe3d opens in Bleiswijk, The Netherlands; the studio offers 3D-selfie-related services that may be paid for using Bitcoins. More

World Cancer Day and 3D printing: 10 applications in cancer treatment

Feb.4, 2014 - Today on World Cancer Day, it is appropriate to take a look at some of the ways 3D printing is affecting the lives of people with these diseases. More

Swedish 3D printer maker leads 3D revolution

Feb.4, 2014 - Arcam AB, a Mölndal, Sweden-based AM equipment manufacturer founded in 1997, has developed an EBM system to build up fully dense metal components layer by layer, melted by a powerful electron beam. More

Stronger and lighter: new 3D printed material takes inspiration from bone

Feb.4, 2014 - Material scientist Jens Bauer and a team at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) in Germany have taken human bone as inspiration in developing a strong, lightweight material made using 3D laser lithography. More

RadioShack's SuperBowl ad has Jason Voorhees interested in 3D printer

Feb.4, 2014 - Apparently, RadioShack still exists. Last Sunday, RadioShack - once a go-to destination for household electronics - used a couple of the best Super Bowl ads of 2014 to usher in the company's new brand positioning. More

White House hosting its first-ever Maker Faire later this year

Feb.4, 2014 - The White House announced its first-ever official Maker Faire, aiming to highlight both the remarkable stories of Makers and commitments by leading organizations to help more students and entrepreneurs get involved in making things. More

3D printed hip puts teenager back on her feet

Feb.3, 2014 - A customized 3D-printed hip implant is expected to save a Swedish teenage girl from life in a wheelchair. More

3D printed filter makes radiation therapy more effective

Feb.3, 2014 - The radiotherapy department of the VU University in Amsterdam is using 3D printers to make customized filters for patients undergoing radiation for tumors. More

Taiwan develops heat-resistant, food-grade bioplastics

Feb.3, 2014 - The Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI) based in Taiwan has developed a food-grade quality polylactic acid (PLA) material which can resist temperatures up to 100°c without deforming. More

3D printed custom-made sit ski gives athletes an edge for Sochi

Feb.3, 2014 - At the 2014 Paralympic Games in Sochi, Russia, German biathlete Martin Fleig will compete wearing a sit ski that is designed to adapt to fit his requirements. More

Japanese government to fund 3D printing in education

Feb.3, 2014 - Japanese government announced plans to support the use of 3D printers in educational settings where students may receive hands-on experience in learning about 3D data and 3D printing technology. More

A vending machine with built-in Delta 3D printer hits Moscow

Feb.3, 2014 - Walker's 3D printing vending machine, called "SkyForge", is located in public places so that anybody can insert an SD card that contains 3D printer code into the machine. More

AT&T partners with 3D Systems to bring 3D printers closer to home

Feb.3, 2014 - AT&T and 3D Systems, a leading 3D printer company, have entered a partnership which will allow 3D Systems' Cube 3D printers to be sold through the AT&T store. More

Startup Bow & Drape sews up $1.2M, delves into 3D printing

Feb.3, 2014 - Bow & Drape, a fashion brand and platform which allows women to customize their own clothing, announced on Thursday last week that it has raised $1.2 million in funding led by VegasTechFund. More

3D printing brings revolution in knee surgeries

Feb.2, 2014 - In medicine, 3D printing has had most success with prosthetics, dental work and hearing aids. Nowadays 3D Printing technology has also revolutionized joint replacements. More

Lincoln 3D Scans lets you 3D print your own museum

Feb.2, 2014 - In the age of the Internet, museums and institutions make more and more collections available to the general public for free download, use and reproduction. More

Google and Lego develop 3D modeling app for your browser

Feb.2, 2014 - In collaboration with the well-known Danish toy manufacturer Lego search engine giant Google has built a web app that allows online users to build 3D models using Lego bricks. More

The 3D printing revolution explained in 20 minutes 

Feb.1, 2014 -  Biomimicry 3.8 Co-Founder Janine Benyus gives one of her always educational talks at The Circular Economy 100 Annual Summit in June?.  More 

Neri Oxman who plans to '3D print' buildings wins Vilcek Prize 

Feb.1, 2014 -  Neri Oxman, a designer, architect, artist and head of the MIT Media Lab's Mediated Matter research group as been named the 2014 recipient of the Vilcek Prize in Design. More 

Artist Nick Ervinck sculpts with bits, bytes, and 3D printing

Feb.1, 2014 -   Nick Ervinck is a sculptor of zeros and ones. In his work, new media and digital design are used to produce sculptures – often using 3D printing to realize his digital designs in the analog world. More

More 3D printer stores open in Netherlands 

Jan.31, 2014 -  3D printing is in the air in the Netherlands. Today the new 3D printer store Ridix opened in Rotterdam which is one of the first 3D printer stores in The Netherlands. More 

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