Facebook now allows you to embed interactive 3D files via Sketchfab

Feb.27, 2015 - Facebook has added Sketchfab media integration. 3D model sharing service Sketchfab announced today that Facebook now supports Sketchfab 3D embeds. More

Ultra-lab 3D prints 7000 words as a tribute to Colombian author Gabriel García Márquez

Feb.27, 2015 - Through a collaboration of the Colombian Embassy in Spain, the Spanish phone company Telefónica, 3D printing provider Ultra-lab, and design studio Think Big Factory, 7000 words from Gabriel García Márquez's books have been 3D printed... More

SOLS raises $11.1 million to bring 3D printed shoe insoles to consumers

Feb.27, 2015 - SOLS, the pioneer of custom mass manufacturing of orthotics, today announced the completion of an $11.1 million Series B funding to bring 3D-printed shoe insoles to consumer market. More

Students develop cheap 3D printed Security drone that connects to WiFi and radio networks

Feb.27, 2015 - That 3D printing technology is perfect for making fun but very functional quadcopters and other aircraft, is hardly a secret. Web forums are slowly filling up with available free designs... More

WASP to unveil insanely quick DeltaWASP 20-40 Turbo in Milan

Feb.27, 2015 - WASP are now ready to unveil the DeltaWASP 20 40 Turbo version, an advanced edition of their successful DeltaWASP 3D printer. While that previous version was quick, WASP now argues that their latest model will reach ... More

Fun and clever wind-up toy 3D printed in one piece, no assembly required

Feb.27, 2015 - Designed by Australian student and Shapeways producer Luke Ditria, the wind-up toy car is not only a very fun toy, its beautiful designs – with visible innards – is absolutely fascinating. More

GE Oil & Gas uses metal 3D printing to produce control valve parts in Japan

Feb.27, 2015 - GE Oil & Gas uses the latest in metal laser sintering hybrid milling machines (metal 3D printers) at its Kariwa plant in Niigata Prefecture, Japan, to manufacture GE's Masoneilan control valve parts with special configurations... More

Student develops 3D printed Inteligloves and goggles, taking virtual reality gaming to new level

Feb.27, 2015 - The same conclusion can be drawn from a pair of 3D printed gloves and goggles that can be used to influence virtual reality experiences – perfect for gaming or even messing with data in a Minority Report-esque fashion. More

FedEx and UPS refuse to ship a digital mill that makes untraceable 'ghost guns'

Feb.26, 2015 - For this reason, Defense Distributed, a gun-making advocacy group led by Cody Wilson, has developed and released the Ghost Gunner, a compact CNC mill that enables the machining of metal parts for untraceable firearm manufacturing. More

LUXeXceL launches online transparent 3D printing service

Feb.26, 2015 - Dutch company LUXeXceL Group, the inventor of the revolutionary Printoptical 3D printing technology, announces today the launch of a brand new ordering platform that allows users and designers to upload CAD files for transparent 3D printing. More

Yale scientists use 3D printing and urethane casting to create human-like robotic Openhand

Feb.26, 2015 - Under the leadership of professor of Mechanical Engineering Aaron Dollar, the Openhand Project has come up with a great 3D printed solution. Their hand design is not only remarkably easy and cheap to recreate... More

3D printed Ozo Bear: a free and fun kid-friendly Rubik's-style Cube

Feb.26, 2015 - While you could 3D print an entire robot, industrial designer Emmanuel Carrillo has just shared his designs for a toy that is fun, educational and remarkably easy to 3D print: the Ozo Bear. More

Canon Europe to market and sell 3D Systems 3D printers in UK & Ireland

Feb.26, 2015 - Canon Europe, a subsidiary of Canon Inc. of Japan, world-leader in imaging solutions, today announces a distribution agreement with 3D Systems. Under the arrangement, Canon will market, sell and support 3D Systems' 3D printers... More

Bond robot combines 3D printers & Montblanc pens to create handwritten notes for you

Feb.26, 2015 - This Bond robot is capable of producing gorgeous handwritten notes through an unusual combination of 3D printing technology and Montblanc pens and therefore is a true combination of technology, convenience and old-fashioned style. More

Maker 3D prints a Dagu Rover 5 autonomous driving robot

Feb.26, 2015 - What he has essentially done is rebuild the ever-popular Dagu Rover 5 to function as an autonomous robot with awesome offroad wheels. While still a work-in-progress, it can already navigate its way around a room... More

XLR-ONE, the 3D printed robot that can DJ your party, tutor your kid and protect home

Feb.25, 2015 - The XLR-ONE, dubbed "the droid you've been looking for," is the project of 47-year-old robotic and 3D-printing enthusiast Antonios Ameralis. The XLR-ONE is a boxy white robot that has only one eye. More

3D printed fish scales inspires new types of body armor

Feb.25, 2015 - That's exactly approach Ranajay Ghosh, associate research scientist at the College of Engineering at Northeastern University has been doing. His forte is skin, and he has been combining 3D printing with mother nature's... More

Australia's Monash University 3D prints an entire aircraft engine

Feb.25, 2015 - Monash University researchers in Australia, along with CSIRO and Deakin University, have produced a jet engine using 3D printing. According to the reseachers, this is the first time an entire aircraft engine has been printed. More

Visualize and 3D print DNA of your website through Majestic Landscapes

Feb.25, 2015 - But dry data can also be beautiful and to capture that beauty Majestic, a British company specialising in analysing internet data, have developed a free program that creates 3D printable shapes of that DNA. More

Pebble Time smartwatch with 3D print customization launches on Kickstarter, reaches $8m in 1 day

Feb.25, 2015 - The smartwatch developing company founded by Eric Migicovksy launched their second record-breaking Kickstarter campaign yesterday, reaching their $500,000 goal within 20 minutes, and over $8 million in funding in one day. More

Create an army of miniature snowmen with 3D printed snowman molds

Feb.25, 2015 - But if you have access to a 3D printer you can create your own army of miniature snowmen by downloading the design files on Thingiverse. After printing, fill both sides of molds with snow and compress by hand. More

Amazon files patent for on-demand 3D printing aboard Amazon trucks

Feb.25, 2015 - Amazon has just filed a patent for something completely unexpected: 3D printing aboard Amazon trucks that are making deliveries. The entry at the US Patent Filing office essentially describes a typical process of a 3D printing service... More

Maker designs and 3D prints Kindle page turner for people with hand disabilities

Feb.24, 2015 - Fortunately, one very helpful London-based designer going by the username of XenonJohn has come up with a very clever solution. He has shared his designs for a 3D printed mechanical page turner on Instructables... More

Food Rising Mini-Farm Grow Box, a sustainable, 3D printed food production system

Feb.24, 2015 - Created by Texas-based inventor Mike Adams, a consumer health advocate and activist also known as the 'Health Ranger,' the Mini-Farm Grow Box can grow highly nutritious yet low-cost food in a self-watering system... More

Golf equipment manufacturer Ping produces 3D printed putter

Feb.24, 2015 - Golf equipment manufacturer Ping has recently 3D printed a metal golf club that, perhaps a bit surprisingly, is more than capable of being used to play golf. In fact, 'The 3D printer does such a good job in welding the metals... More

The Krak3n is coming: a modular monster 3D printer complete with 3D scanning and laser engraving

Feb.24, 2015 - The Krak3n 3D printer developed by a group of four Hungarian developers based in Budapest. By their own admission, they were all 3D printing fanatics who were unsatisfied with the current models on offer. More

Hermle unveils giant hybrid 5-axis metal 3D printer/CNC mill 'MPA 40'

Feb.24, 2015 - And in that respect, the giant MPA 40 machine that has just been unveiled by German machine tool manufacturers Hermle could be a real game changer. For not only is it a giant and highly efficient metal manufacturing machine... More

3D printed guides can repair damaged nerves

Feb.24, 2015 - Researchers at the University of Sheffield have succeeded in helping nerves damaged in traumatic incidents repair themselves using a 3D printed guide. More

Houston surgeons separate 10-month-old conjoined twin girls with aid of 3D printed model

Feb.24, 2015 - It took a team of about 30 surgical specialists at Texas Children's Hospital to successfully complete a 26-hour surgery that separated a pair of 10-month old conjoined twins. More

Diyouware releases TwinTeeth, open source PCB mini-factory / 3D printer

Feb.23, 2015 - And now, it looks like Diyouware has expanded on that, creating a PCB mini-factory that is part RepRap 3D printer, part laser engraver, part CNC miller and much more. More

This 3D printed drone flies, swoops and dives like a real bird

Feb.23, 2015 - Lead by professor of mechanical engineering Satyandra K. Gupta, they have made a 3D printed bird-like drone (or Unmanned Aerial Vehicle, UAV) called the Robo Raven that can almost fly, swoop and dive like an actual bird. More

Maker creates a Lego 3D printer using Lego EV3 Mindstorms and glue gun

Feb.23, 2015 - One Instructables user named William has created a Lego 3D printer using the Lego EV3 Mindstorms system and a glue gun. Instead of plastic, William's Mindstorms EV3 Lego 3D Printer 2.0 prints with hot glue. More

Fun 3D printed modular toy set Gear Time launches on Kickstarter

Feb.23, 2015 - While you could of course construct one of the many 3D printable robots that populate the web nowadays, Go Time from Tennessee has been relying on 3D printing technology to develop a fun game called Gear Time. More

Flexible Hybrid Slicing will optimize & speed up your 3D printing projects, coming soon to Kickstarter

Feb.23, 2015 - That's exactly why we are very interested in a new 3D printing principle, developed by two Dutch entrepreneurs, called Flexible Hybrid Slicing. Not only will it allow you to 3D print shapes and forms hitherto impossible to make... More

Teenager receives Star Wars inspired, 3D printed prosthetic hand

Feb.23, 2015 - That is, until the advent of 3D printing. Joe Oxenbury, a 15-year-old from Stourbridge, England, has just received a 3D printed prosthetic hand that is not only functional, but was inspired by the one-and-only Darth Vader. More

Introducing the first ever functional 3D printed dishwasher

Feb.23, 2015 - 22-year old engineering student Filip Sjöö in Sweden, has 3D printed a functional dishwashing device that is propelled by water from the tap, making one of the most mundane and dreaded house chores considerably more fun. More

Make your own custom 3D printed wireless gamepad

Feb.22, 2015 - This very cool 3D printing project is a do-it-yourself gamepad that can wirelessly connect to any Bluetooth gaming system (like your smartphone) and can be used to play games without any additional programming. More

Canadian engineer 3D prints the OpenSwift: a very cool RC flying wing

Feb.22, 2015 - Canadian André Roy has gone into an entirely different direction by designing the OpenSwift: a very cool 3D printed RC flying wing. André is a mechanical engineer from Vancouver Island on the west coast of Canada. More

Create a 3D printed whiteboard clock that automatically writes the current time

Feb.22, 2015 - Thanks to the low cost of entry and accessible methods of creating 3D printed parts, never before have we seen as many oddball "inventions" as we have today. More

SpecialEffect uses 3D printing to help support gamers with physical disabilities

Feb.21, 2015 - When it comes to day-to-day activities, it's easy to naturally take seemingly small tasks for granted - such as picking up a fork or tying one's shoes. But for a large part of the world's population... More

3D printed "Step off the Elephant" petition inspires short documentary

Feb.21, 2015 - The goal was to 3D print a life-size elephant at Amsterdam Schipol Airport using five specially developed 3D printers, however the catch was that the printers would only work as long as people were actively signing the petition. More

New Kickstarter campaign offers 85% metal filament for artists and makers

Feb.20, 2015 - Bradley Wood, a 3D printing enthusiast with a penchant for metals, has recently launched a new Kickstarter campaign that he hopes artists and makers will help support in order to bring his metal filament to market. More

3D scanning and printing helps recreate Michelangelo sculptures from across the globe

Feb.20, 2015 - Although many might associate 3D scanning and 3D printing technologies with "crafting the future", perhaps one of the best applications for new 3D technology has actually been in preserving the past. More

StuffHub teams with candymaker to create custom lollipops with help of 3D printing

Feb.20, 2015 - Founded in August of 2014 by four close friends who share a passion for technology, Stuffhub provides a platform for connecting 3D model designers with consumers who want to purchase customized 3D prints. More

3D print pancakes with your own face using facial recognition software

Feb.20, 2015 - Would you like to have your own face on pancakes? UK design firm Kinneir Dufort has created a machine that utilizes facial recognition and 3D printing to create customized pancakes with your name and image of your face. More

Toy designer lets you remix his 3D printable ball-joint Linklings into any design

Feb.20, 2015 - German 3D modeler David Hagemann has leveraged his previous experience of designing 3D art and developing games to create a small line of toys on Thingiverse called Linklings. More

Piranha Fx, an all-in-one 3D printer / CNC / laser engraver launches on Kickstarter

Feb.20, 2015 - For a very interesting multi-purpose machine has just launched on Kickstarter that keeps all the size advantages of a desktop FDM 3D printer, while also functioning as a handy CNC mill and a laser engraver. More

Artis develops giant KUKA robot, a 100 cubic meter CNC machine & 3D printer in one

Feb.20, 2015 - KUKA Quantec Ultra machine is developed by the Berlin-based construction and engineering company Artis Engineering. It's a CNC milling machine and 3D printer in one. More

Cool 3D printed RC spike tires are too dangerous to release

Feb.20, 2015 - Among them is the Swedish mechanical engineer Thomas Palm, who has recently developed a set of different 3D printed wheels and tires for Norée's cool OpenRC Truggy. More

Museum scientists use 3D scanning to discover secrets of rare Stegosaurus

Feb.20, 2015 - In 2013, London's Natural History Museum managed to purchase a rare Stegosaurus skeleton. Nicknamed Sophie, the Stegosaurus is one of the most well-preserved skeleton known. More

Print-A-Part announces Retail Renderables 3D printable files on Amazon

Feb.19, 2015 - Al announced this week that Print-A-Part is the first company in history to successfully be listed as a "Retail Renderables" provider on the online e-commerce giant Amazon. More

UK Designer creates 3D printed creatures out of algorithms from real-time Tweets

Feb.19, 2015 - Brendan Dawes, a UK-based designer who likes to "cut things up then splice them together in different ways to make new things" in multiple mediums including those in digital, analog or any combination of the two... More

Create a 3D printed VR headset that uses large OnePlus One smartphone

Feb.19, 2015 - Aiming to create a better and more rigid VR headset experience that leverages the same functionalities as Google Cardboard, 3D printing enthusiast Rene Meeh has created a 3D printable virtual reality headset... More

Build an air-powered prosthetic hand on a regular FDM 3D printer

Feb.19, 2015 - Mikey77 has developed a way to 3D print cheap and easy air-powered prosthetics that could, potentially, become a cheap alternative for bionic prothetics. Fortunately, he has shared a tutorial for making these... More

Rolls Royce to flight-test Trent XWB-97 engine with largest-ever 3D-printed component

Feb.19, 2015 - Luxury car giant Rolls Royce says they will flight-test later this year a Trent XWB-97 engine fitted with "the largest component ever built using 3D printing". More

Zero UI to commercialize Handy Potter that lets users 3d model without using a mouse

Feb.19, 2015 - The technology, called Handy Potter, was developed at Purdue by Karthik Ramani, Purdue University's Donald W. Feddersen Professor of Mechanical Engineering and co-founder and chief scientist of Zero UI. More

3D printed CogniToys smart dinosaur powered by IBM Watson can talk to your kids

Feb.19, 2015 - The product in question is the CogniToys, developed by a very innovative start-up called Elemental Path. They have created a wonderful 3D printed dinosaur that is cute, cuddly and fun, but also playful, smart and educational. More

Filipino students develop 3D printed trachea using stem cells from patients

Feb.19, 2015 - For a team of students from the Technological Institute of the Philippines have successfully constructed a 'bioreactor' capable of 3D printing an artificial trachea (or windpipe). More

Celebrate the 2015 Cricket World Cup with these custom 3D printed cricket figurines

Feb.18, 2015 - To help celebrate the 2015 Cricket World Cup - which is currently in-progress - a Singapore-based 3D printing startup has launched a Kickstarter campaign that they're hoping will raise enough funds to create their own Cricket Miniatures. More

3D printed solar energy-harvesting tree can charge smartphones

Feb.18, 2015 - More recently, scientists at the VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland have developed a prototype for a 3D printed tree that uses its surroundings to harvest solar energy. More

3D printed colored hummus mixes additive manufacturing with gastronomy

Feb.18, 2015 - Aiming to liven up an otherwise 'boring' material, 3D printing enthusiast Luis Rodriguez Alcalde from Barcelona, Spain has spent the past few years developing new ways of customizing the eating experience... More

Gambody launches a 3D printing marketplace for gamers

Feb.18, 2015 - While 3D printers can theoretically be used to make just about anything, the reality is that most of us are using to 3D print fun toys and tributes to awesome movies, series and games. More

3D printed SmartTraps developed to combat citrus greening in Florida

Feb.18, 2015 - Scientists from the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services have developed 3D printed traps that can catch the Asian citrus psyllid insect responsible. More

Italian design studio MHOX releases intricate 3D printed exoskeleton facemasks

Feb.18, 2015 - While that has resulted in some gorgeous creations already, the Italian design studio MHOX are using high-def 3D printers to take us to an absolutely fascinating dystopian future. More

3D printed 'meditation cocoons' provide relief for stress and chronic pain sufferers

Feb.18, 2015 - Our day-to-day lives are saturated with intense sensory experiences: from the piercing ring of your alarm clock to the constant buzz of your smartphone to the smell of your co-worker's lunch. More

Soon you'll be able to 3D print chewing gum with GumJet 3D printer

Feb.18, 2015 - While most of those projects focus on materials such as chocolate, two London-based students have instead developed a product that is so far completely original: 3D printed chewing gum. More

From literary description to 3D object: Yale students 3D print train from classic French novel

Feb.18, 2015 - In a project that combined the themes of 3D printing, literary analysis, and the progressive symbolism of the European railway, Yale assistant professor of French Morgane Cadieu and three of her students... More

Pi-Top unveils Raspberry Pi 3d printed laptop V3, 30% thinner, will ship in May

Feb.17, 2015 - In a Reddit post yesterday, the Pi-Top team announced that they have just updated their 3D printable prototypes and the new designs feature modifications including a larger trackpad with integrated cantilever mouse buttons. More

3DShare aims to be similar to the App Store with 99-cent 3D files

Feb.17, 2015 - London-based startup 3DShare wants to change all that and has just launched a new 3D file sharing platform that enables content creators to charge a small amount of money ($.99) for users to be able to download their 3D printable files. More

Professor creates the first 3D printed bridal bouquet for her wedding

Feb.17, 2015 - For most people, the idea of a plastic flower bouquet for their special day probably sounds less than ideal - however if the pair in question are both 3D printing and manufacturing experts... More

Dutch CyBe robot 3D prints ConCrete chairs & s-shaped wall, FreeForm Pavilion to be ready by summer

Feb.17, 2015 - The ProTo R 3DP from CyBe Additive Industries is definitely one of the most promising. In a nutshell, because its faster and far more environmentally friendly than the rest. More

Turn a 3D printer into an injection molding machine to replicate small and detailed parts

Feb.17, 2015 - While 3D printing technology is great for producing plastic toys and accessories, the typical desktop FDM 3D printer isn't great for creating very small and detailed objects. More

i.materialise now offers 18K White, Red, & Yellow Gold 3D printing and faster production times

Feb.17, 2015 - Now you can 3D print in 18K Gold with i.materialise. In addition to their existing 14K option, the 3D printing service company is now offering to print in three colors (yellow gold, red gold, and white gold) in both 14K and 18K. More

Adafruit 3D prints awesome GunBlade from the Final Fantasy franchise

Feb.17, 2015 - Adafruit, known for their inventive 3D printed creations full of electronic wizardry, are also going down that road by 3D printing a full-sized GunBlade. More

From 3D to 4D: Artist uses 3D printing to cast 'shadows' of 4D objects

Feb.17, 2015 - Artist and mathematician Henry Segerman of the Oklahoma State University in Stillwater has devised a creative way to show us what the shadows of a 4D cube—also known as a hypercube or Tesseract—would look like. More

3Dealise, ExOne and Bruil introduce new technology for freeform 3D-printed architectural concrete

Feb.17, 2015 - 3Dealise, an industrial 3D printing and 3D engineering company and Bruil, a Netherlands-based construction company, have partnered to develop a way for fabricating large-scale concrete structures... More

Ukrainians are making 3D printed drones to fight pro-Russian separatists

Feb.17, 2015 - We don't need to remind anyone that drones and 3D printing technology are an excellent combination. Just look at all the interesting 3D print-it-yourself quadcopter drones we've seen in recent months. More

3D printing gamer creates custom gear shifters for racing simulators

Feb.16, 2015 - Among other gamers who have modified their racing simulators is Aritz Aramburu, who after using other gear shifters decided that there had to be a way to create his own low-cost solution... More

Mechanical engineer creates 3D printed Fantasy Football trophies using SolidWorks

Feb.16, 2015 - On his personal website, Andrew Cross has outlined in-detail a step-by-step process for creating a 3D printed trophy that he created for the players in his own Fantasy Football league. More

3D MedScan develops 3D printed golf training aid for new USGA golf rule

Feb.16, 2015 - 3D MedScan has recently announced a new 3D printed exoskeleton concept that aids golfers in learning how to putt a golf ball based off of a new rule that was implemented by the United States Golf Association in 2012... More

Israeli doctors use 3D printing to rebuild injured Syrian man's face

Feb.16, 2015 - War-torn regions are generally home to the absolute worst humanity has to offer, but sometimes bring forth heartwarming acts of human kindness as well. That's exactly what's going on at the Israeli-Syrian border... More

Blacksmith Genesis, all-in-one 3D printer/scanner/copier now available for pre-order

Feb.16, 2015 - Nanyang Technological University's (NTU Singapore) start-up Blacksmith Group launched its all-in-one 3D printer last weekend at the American Association Advancement of Science (AAAS) Annual Meeting in San Jose, California. More

US soldiers could have their bones scanned and 3D printed in case of injury

Feb.16, 2015 - While 3D printing technology has a lot of potential for the medical sector, most of its groundbreaking applications – specifically bio-printing of skin and organ tissue – will take years to produce working medical alternatives. More

ORIGIBOT: A hackable, 3D printed robotic platform to help with daily activities

Feb.16, 2015 - The ORIGIBOT is a sleek and minimalist robot with a stable base attached to motorized wheels, an arm extension, a smartphone or tablet holder, and an articulated gripper. More

Australian start-up Disrupt relies on 3D printing to create fully customized surfboards

Feb.16, 2015 - That's basically what the remarkably successful Australian start-up Disrupt Industries is dreaming of. This young start-up is located in Bondi, right near the famous Sydney beaches. More

SOLS unveils ADAPTIV, robotic, 3D-printed shoes that dynamically adjust pressure and shape to fit you

Feb.15, 2015 - ADAPTIV is a 3D printed shoe that utilizes a system of gyroscopes and pressure sensors. It is able to move air pressure or fluids throughout the shoe to support your body's shifts and motions. More

Game of Thrones fan 3D prints replica of Oberyn Martell's Blade

Feb.15, 2015 - Those of you who are familiar with the epic HBO fantasy drama, Game of Thrones, know that when it comes to the details, the program's costumers and set directors leave nothing behind. More

Infographic: Remarkable Advances in Electrical & Computer Engineering

Feb.15, 2015 - Founded by National Society of Professional Engineers (NSPE) in 1951, National Engineers Week, February 22–28 is held annually during the week of George Washington's birthday. More

YouMagine announces winners of 'Develop a New 3D Printing Technology Challenge'

Feb.15, 2015 - YouMagine has announced Laird Popkin with his "High Speed Large Format 3D Printing with Detail Finish" Idea and XYZAidan's Silicone 3D Printing Process as the winners of their "Develop a New 3D Printing Technology Challenge." More

German RepRap unveils third-gen PRotos 3D printer

Feb.14, 2015 - Desktop 3D printer manufacturer German RepRap announces today the release of the third generation of its PRotos 3D printer kit. The new PRotos 3D printer offers several improvements. More

Paris jeweller uses 3D printing to create custom Luxury rings

Feb.14, 2015 - If anyone is looking to spend way too much on a ring, the Place Vendôme in Paris is the place to be. One of them, Jaubalet, has now developed a 3D printing process to make custom rings that is proving a big hit. More

24-year-old maker 3D prints a RC trike with improved steering and control

Feb.14, 2015 - Phillip Houghton, inspired by the Invader TC-3 performance sports trike, wanted an RC trike of his own, but was determined to design one with improved features for steering and control. Naturally, he turned to 3D printing to get the job done. More

Researchers create 100x rooftop solar concentration from 3D printed lenslets and solar cells used in Space

Feb.13, 2015 - Ultra-high efficiency solar cells similar to those used in space may now be possible on your rooftop. A team of researchers have worked on a new microscale solar concentration technology... More

Formfutura launches transparent and almost odorless ClearScent 3D printing ABS filaments

Feb.13, 2015 - 3D printer filament maker Formfutura annouces today its new ClearScent ABS filament range. As its name suggests ClearScent ABS is a transparent and almost odorless 3D printing ABS filament. More

Stacker 3D & ColorFabb team up to launch modular and expandable 3D printer STACKER

Feb.13, 2015 - Stacker 3D has teamed up with 3D printer filament manufacturer ColorFabb to launch an 'affordable commercial grade' 3D printer 'STACKER'. The 3D printer will be made available via a Kickstarter Campaign in just a few days. More

'SHeLvEd', a 3D printed love film for your Valentine's Day

Feb.13, 2015 - This love story, named "SHeLvEd", is a short film featuring a lonely 3D printed robot named Gary, who is desperately seeking love during the late hours of an FDM/FFF 3D print shop. More

Norwegian teacher 3D prints a perfect replica of a 6th century sword

Feb.13, 2015 - A Norwegian teacher and game developer has teamed up with a museum to make accurate reproductions of Viking artifacts. The man in question is Nils Anderssen, who has been very interested in 3D printing... More

Severely injured Costa Rican toucan to get a 3D printed prosthetic beak

Feb.13, 2015 - After Grecia made an appearance on social media, an Indiegogo campaign was quickly started by worried animal lovers. With that money, a 3D printed prosthetic replacement will be developed... More

My Mini Factory announces the launch of their 3D Printing Academy in New York

Feb.13, 2015 - After successful inauguration in London earlier this year, My Mini Factory announces today the launch of The My Mini Factory Academy in New York City in April 2015. More

UK engineers successfully 3D print graphene structures

Feb.12, 2015 - But of all those different types of 'filament', graphene should perhaps be seen as the holy grail of manufacturing. It's therefore very exciting to hear that a team of London-based engineers have successfully experimented with graphene 3D printing. More

UNM Valencia to offer one-semester, 12-credit hour mini-certificate in 3D printing

Feb.12, 2015 - University of New Mexico-Valencia County Campus will offer a mini certificate in 3D printing to meet industry needs, according to a Board Of Regents proposal. More

Occipital releases Skanect 1.8 3D scanning software with enhanced coloring

Feb.12, 2015 - In addition to the Structure Sensor, San Francisco based Occipital makes Skanect, a popular 3D scanning software. Occipital has just announced the release of new version of the software: Skanect 1.8. More

Norrom Aquarium, a gorgeous 3D printable fish tank launches on Kickstarter

Feb.12, 2015 - Norrom has designed a 40 litre freshwater aquarium that is a perfect addition to any home interior, thanks to its set of interchangeable wooden lids and panels, that ensures it fits in with your present interior. More

Doggie-Focused BarkBox launches special fundraising deal to 3d print wheelchairs for disabled pups

Feb.12, 2015 - BarkBox is now actively supporting TurboRoo Designs's 'pawesome goal' to ensure that carts can be made even for dogs whose owners can't afford one. More

Aleph Objects announces LulzBot TAZ 5 3D printer and partnership with filament suppliers

Feb.12, 2015 - Desktop 3D printer manufacturer Aleph Objects has announced on Wednesday the release of the LulzBot TAZ 5, as well as a variety of new 3D printing filament. More

SpaceX's Dragon returns to earth carrying 3D printed parts made on the ISS

Feb.12, 2015 - On February 10, SpaceX's Dragon cargo spacecraft splashed down in the Pacific Ocean with nearly 3,700 pounds of NASA cargo, science and 3D printed samples from the International Space Station. More

CAD House 3D prints 1.7 meter / 5.6 feet fully articulated Robotica

Feb.11, 2015 - One company, South Africa based CAD House has come up with a 1.7 meter (5.58 feet) full articulated 3D Printed Robotica. It took them approximately 240 hours of print time to finish the ?Robotica doll. More

Thomas Palm develops 36 3D printable custom wheel and tire combinations for RC vehicles

Feb.11, 2015 - Swedish mechanical engineer Thomas Palm, member of Norée's OpenRC Project, has recently developed a set of different 3D printed wheels and tires for Norée's cool OpenRC Truggy. More

Materialise reveals how it 3D prints replicas of human hearts

Feb.11, 2015 - And while we already knew that these hearts were effectively 3D printed replicas of CT scans, the Belgian 3D printing service provider Materialise, who mastermind a large number of medical 3D printing, have revealed how they do it. More

Samsung launches new innovation team to focus on 3D printing, VR and robotics

Feb.11, 2015 - South Korean behemoth of consumption electronics Samsung has established a team of independent researchers to specifically focus their efforts on the development of virtual reality, robotics and 3D printing technology. More

First customized 3D printed eyelash curlers launches on Kickstarter

Feb.11, 2015 - The Redwood, California-based start-up Voir Creations has just launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds to produce the world's first 3D printed, custom-made (and therefore perfectly fitting) eyelash curler. More

Giant and quick Cheetah 3D printer now available, can print a lawn mower in 9 hours

Feb.11, 2015 - The South African-made Cheetah 3D printer, one the largest and quickest commercial FDM 3D printers can now be ordered. This very interesting 3D printer has been built by South African engineer and chocolatier Hans Fouche. More

Dutch team Vormvrij3D to unveil ceramic 3D printer that can make high-quality busts of people

Feb.10, 2015 - We were very interested to learn of a forthcoming ceramic 3D printer developed by the Dutch design duo Yao and Marlieke of Vormvrij 3D. Their currently unnamed 3D printer is set to be revealed next month. More

Voltera V-One prints circuit board prototypes in minutes, launches on Kickstarter

Feb.10, 2015 - Thanks to Voltera, electronics developers will be able to greatly reduce the time it takes to build or order new circuit boards, and much like 3D print designers, go from concept to creation in minutes. More

Start-up Standard Cyborg develops 3D printed waterproof leg prostheses for just $500

Feb.10, 2015 - That is exactly why are very impressed with a new product developed by the California-based start-up Standard Cyborg: the 3D printed waterproof duplicate leg prosthetic. More

New Matter raises $6.5M to launch affordable MOD-t 3D printer in 2015

Feb.10, 2015 - Pasadena, CA based startup New Matter announced today the close of its Series A Funding round of $6.5M, led by Alsop Louie Partners, together with other investors including Arden Road Investments... More

EasyStand is the first 3D printed Windform SP ski boot

Feb.10, 2015 - One of this year's show highlights in the Ski product category is a 3D-printed skiboot, developed by Mr Franz Egger, using CRP Technology's Windform materials and 3D printing technology. More

Enhanced version of Strooder 3D printing filament extruder nearly ready for release

Feb.10, 2015 - Strooder, marketed and typically seen as the first truly consumer-oriented filament extruder, is now almost ready to be released. OmniDynamics team has said they are now parterned with a reliable, competent... More

Suspected 3D printed plastic gun parts and knuckle duster found in Gold Coast drug raid

Feb.10, 2015 - Police from Queensland, Australia arrest a 28-year-old man in possession of a sawn-off rifle, ammunition, cannabis and plastic gun components and a knuckle duster, both believed to have been created using 3D printing technology. More

ZYYX updates their 3D printer with Filament Monitor and Failed Print Detection

Feb.10, 2015 - Magicfirm Europe AB, a 3D printer manufacturer and owner of the brand ZYYX 3D Printers, released a new and upgraded ZYYX 3D Printer on Monday. More

Customizable 3D printed curved LEGO Technic beams create mesmerizing stop motion videos

Feb.9, 2015 - 3D print designer Steve Medwin, who previously created this curved LEGO construction kit, has now released a set of curved LEGO Technic beams that can be connected with small pins to create unique geographic designs. More

DeltaBots launches 3D PotterBot Clay 3D printer with constant flow RAM extruder

Feb.9, 2015 - A company called DeltaBots is looking to revolutionize the ceramic and pottery industry with the release of their 3D PotterBot Clay 3D Printer and constant flow RAM extruder. More

Shapeways is 3D printing 181,000 articles per month - 'We are an Amazon for 3D printing'

Feb.9, 2015 - While Shapeways has been a cornerstone of the 3D printing community for some time now Peter Weijmarshausen, CEO and co-founder of the New York-based enterprise, has recently revealed in an interview... More

Student develops portable 3D printed wind turbines to bring affordable electricity to remote areas

Feb.9, 2015 - Canadian entrepreneur and PhD student at the University of Windsor, Kyle Bassett, has come up with an ingenious project to 3D print small wind turbines that produce enough electricity for basic needs, such as powering up your phone. More

Moment is the first 3D printer brand to enter into Brunei market

Feb.9, 2015 - DotRoot Technology, a Brunei-based 3D printer distributor, introduced Moment 3D printer at the 15th Annual Brunei Consumer Fair, which reportedly attracted a considerable crowd of technology fans. More

Pro vs. Consumer 3D Printer Shootout: Can a $600 Printer Stand up to its $20,000 Counterpart?

Feb.9, 2015 - This week the 3D printing world brought us the true story of a David vs. Goliath-style battle, in which a $600, consumer-level model went up against a $20,000 professional-grade machine in a one-time 3D Printer Shootout. More

Atlanta Hobby 3D prints special edition Vortex multi-rotor UAV for Roswell Flight Test Crew

Feb.9, 2015 - Recently, Atlanta Hobby delivered a completely assembled version of their robust aerial camera platform to the Roswell Flight Test Crew, which builds, flies, crashes and repairs home-made drone aircrafts. More

Man 3D prints support-less curved lego blocks; builds Naaldwijk Water Tower

Feb.8, 2015 - The of classic cubed shape of a Lego construction is timeless and instantly recognizable, yet it does create some limitations, particularly if the object you are trying to build is known for its smooth curves. More

Russian startup Zdravprint develops 3D printed casts to heal broken bones faster

Feb.8, 2015 - A Russian startup company called Zdravprint, or Healthprint, has received $100,00 from venture fund Maxfield Capital to develop their unique line of 3D printed, customizable plastic cast alternatives. More

e-NABLE and Marvel team up for assembling 3D printed super hero hands for kids

Feb.7, 2015 - Just last week, six young Super Heroes in Dallas, Texas had the opportunity to sit down with members of the e-NABLE team and cast members of the Marvel Universe LIVE! show to create their own prosthetic devices on-the-spot. More

Israel-based something3D releases full-color desktop 3D printer

Feb.7, 2015 - More recently, Israel-based something3D has announced that they are offering a new full-color 3D printer option for those in need of a full-color Fused Filament Fabrication (FFF) 3D printing experience. More

New infographic details how to pick the right 3D printing filament for your next project

Feb.7, 2015 - Aiming to help users approach figuring out which material might work the best for them, CAPINC has created an infographic that they hope will help steer users in the best direction for their next 3D printing project. More

Open Bionics showcases most realistic 3D printed bionic hand, aims to sell for less than $1,000

Feb.6, 2015 - Open Bionics recently presented their current prototype at last month's Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas and were instantly a crowd favorite. More

OwnFone launches custom 3D printable mobile phone on Kickstarter

Feb.6, 2015 - OwnFone has therefore launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise the sum of £200,000 (or approximately $305,000) to bring custom 3D printable mobile phone all into production. More

Katy Perry's lawyers demand removal of 3D printable Left Shark from Shapeways

Feb.6, 2015 - This Tuesday, representatives from Katy Perry's Legal team issued a firm cease and desist letter to Shapeways, demanding that they remove a 3D model of the Internet-famous 'Left Shark'. More

Australian researchers develop revolutionary 3D printed bone replacements

Feb.6, 2015 - A new 3D innovation developed by scientists from the University of Sydney could make cranioplasty surgery easier and cheaper than ever before. More

Dutch supermarket Giant Albert Heijn debuts a chocolate 3D printer

Feb.6, 2015 - But the Dutch chain of supermarkets Albert Heijn seems to truly be the first to bring 3D printed food to the people, by including a non-commercial model on their confectionary department of a brand-new XL store in Eindhoven. More

Pirate3D raises a further $2 million and plans to release new pro 3D printer for designers

Feb.6, 2015 - Pirate 3D, a controversial in 3D printing crowdfunding history, is starting to unroll an ambitious new plan thanks to a $2 million round of investments. More

Clear your driveway with this super cool 3D printed RC snow blower

Feb.6, 2015 - The idea is that this cool looking 3D printed RC snow blower will make clearing your driveway easier and more fun than ever before, and to be honest this looks like a lot of fun to play with as well. More

Engineers use 3D printing to create parts for International Space Station freezer

Feb.6, 2015 - Although 3D printing has lent itself to a variety of non-traditional applications, aiding in the insulation of a space freezer is probably one of the most rare applications...at least when looking beyond gravity. More

Scientists develop superfast 3D printed octopus robot

Feb.6, 2015 - Scientists have developing an ultra-fast 3D printed octopus-like robot which they say could revolutionise man-made underwater vehicles. Cephalopods, such as the octopus, are capable of high-speed escapes... More

Take 3D printing to the Moon: Engineers' robocar Asimov won $750K Google Lunar XPrize

Feb.5, 2015 - Recently, a team of dozens of scientists, engineers, and entrepreneurs from several countries around the world won $750,000 after competing in Google's Lunar XPrize contest... More

Sharebot partners with Italian furniture maker to streamline furniture design

Feb.5, 2015 - Sharebot recently worked with Italian furniture designers Nespoli and Partners to help develop 3D printing solutions that could aid in the design and manufacturing process using the Sharebot XXL 3D printer. More

Materialise 3D prints a giant jaguar to mount to the bow of a luxury yacht

Feb.5, 2015 - Materialise has 3D printed a jaguar in their facility that stands at 4 meters (13.6 ft) long and 2 meters (6.5 ft) tall - quite a bit larger than a typical jaguar and much larger than what most would ever associate as "a 3D print". More

Matterlab's Robert Cicetti develops hemp and tagua-based FDM 3D printer filaments

Feb.5, 2015 - Brooklyn-based creative studio MatterLab has developed two new completely biodegradable and natural products: Hemp and Tagua filaments. They revealed that they have been very successful in printing with these materials. More

Polish students develop 3D printed inflatable home base for Mars colony

Feb.5, 2015 - The project was developed by students and PhD students from the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering Technical University of Wroclaw, who have an ongoing academic project called Space is More... More

Dutch artist develops gorgeous 3D printed replica of Yoshimitsu from Tekken franchise

Feb.5, 2015 - We've already seen a number of 3D printed fan tributes recently, but none of them even come close to matching the quality of Thijs de Bruijn's gorgeous tribute to the Tekken franchise: a 3D printed Yoshimitsu sculpture. More

Make your shoes winter proof with this simple 3D printed traction spikes

Feb.5, 2015 - With a surprisingly simple 3D printing project devised by Carmelito Andrade, you can easily make your shoes snow-proof and never have to worry about slippery snow or ice again. More

Xavier University opens first MakerBot 3D Printing Center in the Midwest

Feb.4, 2015 - Xavier University, a private university located in Cincinnati, Ohio, recently signed an agreement with MakerBot to bring a MakerBot Innovation Center to the university's campus. More

Proto Crate offers monthly filament subscription with different materials for $49.99

Feb.4, 2015 - For the $49.99 monthly cost of subscribing, users of Proto Crate will automatically receive a new type of filament each month in their mailbox with shipping included. More

Google's Project Tango will let you scan the world in 3D, coming to smartphones this year

Feb.4, 2015 - Today, it was announced that Google wants their Project Tango 3D mapping technology to trickle out of developers' hands and into those of consumers later this year... More

Deaf four-year old receives life-like ear prosthetic thanks to 3D printing

Feb.4, 2015 - Born without a complete right ear (including an ear canal) due to a rare condition called Microtia and Atresia, four-year old Tai Medina of Utah, USA has spent his entire life not only not being able to hear out of his right ear... More

Scientists create tri-layered artificial blood vessel using a 3D printer

Feb.4, 2015 - Researchers at Shanghai have developed a vascular graft that combines micro-imprinting and electro-spinning techniques to create sythetic blood vessels that can take the place of those that are repurposed... More

Zortrax 3D prints the Microsoft HoloLens quadcopter

Feb.4, 2015 - Designers at Polish 3D printer manufacturers Zortrax have decided to 3D print a copy of that Microsoft design on their recently released M200 3D printer. More

Katy Perry lights up Prismatic World Tour stage with 3D printed LED mohawk headsets

Feb.4, 2015 - For Stratasys has just revealed that its 3D printers have been used to develop a number of props for the stage show of Katy Perry's Prismatic World Tour. Could this be a whole new commercial venture for 3D printers? More

ColorFabb 3D prints an OpenRC Truggy using its new carbon fiber composite XT-CF20

Feb.4, 2015 - Dutch 3D printing filament manufacturer ColorFabb has added a new material to its XT Filaments range. The company announces today ColorFabb XT-CF20. More

Michigan student 3D prints a playable three valve trumpet that sounds pretty good

Feb.4, 2015 - A recent project by engineering student Daniel Olson is a 100% 3D printed: the Three Valve Trumpet. His Three Valve Trumpet has the complete look and feel of an actual trumpet, and it is based on Olson's own Bach Stradivarius model 37. More

Three months old Dutch baby survives complex heart surgery thanks to 3D printing

Feb.3, 2015 - For in late October, surgeons at the academic hospital LUMC in Leiden, the Netherlands, successfully completed a complex heart operation on a baby girl who was just three months old. More

Pop artist Léon develops gorgeous 3D printed sculptures as part of his 'Secret Life of Heroes' series

Feb.3, 2015 - But few artists have welcomed 3D printing as enthusiastically as the French pop artist and pioneer of 'geek art' Grégoire Guillemin, also known by his artistic name Léon. More

SOLS teams up with WebPT to bring 3D printed custom insoles to 43,000 rehab therapy professionals

Feb.3, 2015 - 3D printed custom insole company SOLS and WebPT announced today a partnership to bring 3D printed foot orthotics to WebPT's member base of more than 43,000 rehab therapy professionals. More

Italian orthopedic studio is 3D printing two 'perfect' prostheses a day using DeltaWASP 2040 3D Printer

Feb.3, 2015 - Biomedic engineer Marco Avaro has developed a method of 3D printing high quality leg prosthetics at very high speeds, completing two a day. Marco recently purchases an Italian-made DeltaWASP 2040 3D printer. More

This low-temperature 3D printer is safer for kids to use

Feb.3, 2015 - Japan's Bonsai Labs, a 3D printing company based out of Tokyo, has unveiled a new 3D printer and filament that only heat up to around 80 degrees Celsius (176 Farenheit). More

Chinese students develop 6-axis KUKA+ABS 3D printing robot inspired by spiderwebs

Feb.3, 2015 - Students at the College of Architecture and Urban Planning at Tongji University in Shanghai, China have unveiled a 6-axis robotic 3D printer created during a recent 3-week "Digital Future" Shanghai Summer Workshop. More

BQ launches new Ciclop open source DIY 3D scanner and Horus 3D scanning software

Feb.2, 2015 - More recently, the Spanish company BQ has announced that they are expanding their 3D printing ecosystem with their first DIY 3D scanner, Ciclop as well as their own 3D scanning software, Horus. More

Future Engineers announces student winners of 3D printed space tool challenge

Feb.2, 2015 - To help spark some interest in tomorrow's designers and engineers, students were asked to design a new space tool as a part of the Space Tool Challenge, the first in the series of Future Engineers 3D Printing challenges. More

MedShape receives FDA clearance for new 3D printed titanium bone plate

Feb.2, 2015 - MedShape has announced today that they have received 510(k) clearance from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for their FastForward™ Bone Tether Plate. More

3Dponics 3d printable hydroponics system becomes MakerBot-Ready App

Feb.2, 2015 - 3Dponics, a startup focused on 3D printable hydroponics systems, has been doing something similarly in the realm of a customizable plant-growing ecosystem that uses 3D printed parts. More

Gorgeous 3D printed chess set inspired by fractal patterns and human nature

Feb.2, 2015 - However, all of those efforts instantly pale in comparison to the work of Swedish modern artist Johan Andersson, who has recently released his first gorgeous and thought-provoking 3D printed pieces on Shapeways. More

XYZprinting seeks partnership with Intel for its RealSense 3D scanning technology

Feb.2, 2015 - News surfaced from Taiwan that could lead to a combination of two of the most promising CES innovations over the coming year: XYZprinting's 3D printer technology and Intel's exciting RealSense 3D scanning innovations. More

3D printed 'Cool Brick' can cool an entire room using ancient air-cooling technique

Feb.2, 2015 - Yet Virgina San Fratello and Ronald Rael have potentially found a way to cool indoor air temperatures in desert environments using traditional materials, and far less energy and resources than regular air conditioning. More

Fun 3D printed racing game 3DRacers launches crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo

Feb.2, 2015 - 3DRacers game is a quite elaborate and fun racing game, featuring little 3D printed RC cars that can be controlled with a 3D printed controller or simply with your smartphone. More

17-year-old learns to play the guitar with a custom-made 3D printed prosthetic

Feb.2, 2015 - But the owner of the most impressive 3D printed prosthetic is undoubtedly the 17-year-old Diego Corredor, from Colombia. Why? Because he can play guitar with it. More

NTU unveils Singapore's first 3D printed urban solar electric car

Feb.2, 2015 - A team of students from the Nanyang Technological University (NTU) have built Singapore's first 3D-printed urban solar electric car, said the university on Monday (Feb 2). More

Farukh Bhabha, 23-year-old entrepreneur is working to bring 3D printing to Pakistan

Feb.1, 2015 - We were therefore very interested to learn of the endeavors of the young entrepreneur and student Farrukh Bhabha, who recently started his very own 3D printing company Print 3D Pakistan. More

Canadian man develops 3D printed exoskeleton to help regain use of his injured hand

Feb.1, 2015 - For Cornelis Quiring has used 3D printing to find a solution for his own unusual affliction, emphasizing that we can use a regular 3D printer for a lot more than planters and Star Wars statues. More

3D Printed Evidence creates accurate 3D models to help solve crimes

Feb.1, 2015 - Florida-based company 3D Printed Evidence is bringing 3D printing technology into the courtroom to help law practitioners solve complex cases, from car accidents to medical malpractice. More

3D printed modular thumbstick extentions help disabled play Xbox

Jan.31, 2015 - Caleb Kraft, one of the community editors at MAKE, is on a mission help gamers who are disabled regain control of their, well, controllers, by 3D printing modular, customizable bits that fit onto Xboxes and other game systems. More

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