Chaos Group VRscans technology creates accurate 3D fabrics, leathers, woods etc.

Feb.29, 2016 - VRscans, a newly unveiled scanning technology from Chaos Group, can be used to create digital replicas of physical material with sub-mm precision. Material samples can be sent to Chaos Group, which will scan the material and transform it into a digital format for 3D rendering. More

Make your own 3D printed Centriphone rig to capture stunning 360-degree ski videos

Feb.29, 2016 - After his amazing 360-degree ski footage video went viral, professional freeksier Nicolas Vuignier has released open source, 3D printable files for his Centriphone camera rig, along with a market-ready version, and a highly entertaining Making Of video. More

EDAG 'Soulmate' could be 3D printed car of future

Feb.29, 2016 - The 'Soulmate' concept car, developed by EDAG and Bosch last year, features a 3D printed body and brings Internet of Things connectivity to the fore. The 3D printed car was first unveiled at CES 2016, and has since been showcased at the Geneva Motor Show in Switzerland. More

The strongest players in carbon fiber 3D printing today

Feb.29, 2016 - Carbon fiber-reinforced 3D printed parts offer unmatched strength-to-weight ratios and a range of unique benefits for aerospace, military, automobile, medical and other high-demand sectors. Here are some of the most promising 3D printing companies developing carbon fiber 3D printers and related technologies today. More

Impossible Objects' unique CBAM 3D printing tech seeks to make carbon fiber parts more affordable

Feb.29, 2016 - The fast growing Chicago-based startup Impossible Objects has so much confidence in their unique carbon fiber CBAM 3D printing technology, that they feel it could become a rival to injection molding within a few years from now. More

3DPrintClean 3D printer lightweight enclosure and filtration system prevents fumes and particles from escaping

Feb.29, 2016 - 3DPrintClean has recently launched a Kickstarter campaign for its 3D Printer Lightweight Enclosure and Filtration System. The 3D printer enclosures are designed to filter the contaminated air effectively reducing the concentration of ultra fine particles in the air. More

mUVe 3D's latest fully assembled DLP Pro and Pro+ 3D printers now available for pre-order

Feb.29, 2016 - Low cost resin 3D printer provider mUVe 3D has just opened pre-orders for the DLP Pro and Pro+ 3D printers, two new fully assembled and low cost DLP 3D printing solutions. More

Cyrcle, the 3D printed circular smartphone, is anything but square

Feb.29, 2016 - Developers Christina Cyr and Linda Inagawa, founders of Dtoor, are reimagining the dominant rectangular smartphone design and have created the Cyrcle, a partially 3D printed circular smartphone. More

Kai Parthy reveals new REFLECT-o-LAY 3D printable filament that reflects light in the dark

Feb.29, 2016 - Filament wizard Kai Parthy has announced the latest of his innovative filaments. Called REFLECT-o-LAY, it mimics the retro-reflection principle of reflective clothing and looks a normal gray in daylight, becoming very bright when light is shone on it. More

Gorgeous 3D printed custom city dioramas now offered by Japanese 3D printing company iJet

Feb.29, 2016 - Through a collaboration with city mapping experts Zenrin, Japanese 3D printing specialists iJet are now offering custom-made 3D printed city dioramas that can allow you to return to that one special place again and again. More

TNO working on personalized 3D printed oral dosage drugs, Steven Erpelinck reveals

Feb.29, 2016 - Dutch TNO researcher Steven Erpelinck is working on 3D printed personalized oral pharmaceuticals that could be specifically produced to meet the conditions of a patient and optimize treatment potential. More

Industrial gas supplier BOC launches new gas for cleaning 3D printed metal parts

Feb.29, 2016 - British industrial and medical gas supplier BOC, an important supplier to the metal 3D printing industry, has just launched Cryoclean Snow+, a new gas that is perfect for cleaning the surfaces of 3D printed metal parts. More

3D printed candy is here! Dubai store introduces 'Magic Candy Factory'

Feb.28, 2016 - Candylicious, a store in Dubai Mall, is selling what could be the world's first on-demand 3D printed candy. The store's new 'Magic Candy Factory', developed by Katjes, consists of two 3D printers which can create customized candies in under 5 minutes. More

Awesome 3D printed AK47 presented as gift to 'Rust' gaming community

Feb.28, 2016 - Designer Sergey Kolesnik has presented a 3D printed AK47 as a gift to players of Rust, a massive multiplayer survival game being developed by Facepunch Studios in Walsall, UK. More

Revolutionary 5D data storage can save 360TB of data for billions of years

Feb.28, 2016 - Scientists from the University of Southampton have developed a groundbreaking technique for storing digital files in five dimensions. This 5D Optical Memory technique can store up to 360 terabytes of data for 13.8 billion years when kept at room temperature, and could be used to preserve mankind's most important documents. More

Making of Chemical Brothers' 3D printed dancer revealed in new Behind the Scenes video

Feb.28, 2016 - VFX studio The Mill has released a behind the scenes clip of the Chemical Brothers' Wide Open music video to show how 3D scanning, motion tracking, and 3D animation was used to bring their 3D printed dancer to life. More

Hacker mods Nerf gun into an awesome 3D printed Halo 5 MA5D assault rifle

Feb.28, 2016 - Reddit user Jeremy Chang has built a Halo 5 MA5D assault rifle using a modified Nerf Rayven blaster and 3D printed parts. The DIY weapon will be used in games of Humans vs. Zombies. More

'Made by hand & machine': Kasia Wisniewski designs stunning 3D printed bridal accessories

Feb.27, 2016 - Designer Kasia Wisniewski has combined 3D printing with traditional crafting techniques to create a stunning collection of nature inspired bridal accessories, all available through her Etsy store, Collected Edition. More

10 awesome 3D printed Pokémon creations to celebrate Pokémon's 20th anniversary

Feb.27, 2016 - Today, February 27, marks a special day in the Pokémon calendar: 20 years ago today, Nintendo released its first Pok'mon games on the handheld Gameboy console. To celebrate the game's enduring legacy, we've compiled 10 awesome 3D printed Pokémon creations to put together at home. More

Simone Fontana releases 22-piece 3D printed Tracer Gun from Overwatch

Feb.27, 2016 - 3D designer Simone Fontana has released the files for a 3D printed replica of Tracer's gun from the upcoming Blizzard game Overwatch. More

Weekend project: 3D printable Trammel of Archimedes

Feb.27, 2016 - Instructables user [mtairymd] has designed a 3D printable Trammel of Archimedes, an ancient mechanism used for tracing out an ellipse. According to its creator, the 3D printed trammel can be built for around $22. More

Handcrafted desk featuring intricate 3D printed map captures beauty and light of NYC

Feb.27, 2016 - New York City-based designer Troy Huang has crafted a one-of-a-kind desk featuring an intricately detailed map of Manhattan made from precise laser-cut and 3D printed buildings, all illuminated by colorful LED lights. More

Canadian researchers pioneering 3D printed bio-absorbable bone-like medical implants

Feb.26, 2016 - Mihaela Vlasea, part of a research team at the University of Waterloo, is working to develop bio-absorbable 3D printed medical implants made from the bone-like calcium polyphosphate powder. More

Eastman partners with Korean University to 3D print prosthetic hands for children in need

Feb.26, 2016 - Eastman Chemical Company and Chung-Ang University in Seoul are collaborating to 3D print prosthetic hands for children in need. The 3D printed hands will be made at the University's new 3D printing facility using Eastman Amphora, a high-quality, styrene-free and food-safe 3D printing polymer. More

German Fraunhofer IFAM institute reveals new high quality metal 3D screen printing technology

Feb.26, 2016 - An exciting new metal 3D printing technique called 3D screen printing is coming out of the lab of German Fraunhofer IFAM, and could be the solution to commercial metal manufacturing. More

3D printing tactile maps for the blind and visually impaired

Feb.26, 2016 - Rutgers University School of Engineering and Touch Mapper have launched two separate yet equally inspiring projects to 3D print high-quality tactile or Braille maps for the blind and visually impaired. More

10 of the cheapest 3D printers in 2016

Feb.26, 2016 - As 3D printer price tags continue to drop, we've put together a list of the absolute cheapest 3D printers, all available for under $500. Ranging from DIY kits to plug-and-play to the next-generation of budget buys, these affordable 3D printers are entry-level options that won't break the bank. More

Zortrax celebrates 350% increase in filament sales, offers free 3D printer with 56x filament order

Feb.26, 2016 - Polish 3D printing specialist Zortrax is, for a limited period, offering customers a free M200 3D printer when they buy 56 rolls of filament at the standard price of €1878 ($2030). The deal comes two days after Zortrax announced a 350% increase in 3D printer filament sales. More

Student 3D designers create 3D printed everyday tools for people with disabilities

Feb.26, 2016 - Two young makers, Matt and Brian, from Makerbot's Thingiverse community have been recognized for designing two 3D printed tools to help people with disabilities such as MS and Parkinson's Disease with everyday tasks. More

3D printed house replica crucial for acquittal of home invasion shooting defendant in Montana

Feb.26, 2016 - A 3D printed replica of a home played a crucial role in acquitting defendant James George Stiffler in a deliberate homicide case in Montana. The defendant shot and killed a home invader in 2013, and the model proved that he was threatened at the time. More

Boston Dynamics' next-gen 3D printed Atlas humanoid robot endures 'torture' test

Feb.26, 2016 - Google-owned Boston Dynamics has just revealed a very impressive update of their partially 3D printed humanoid Atlas robot, that is far lighter than its processor, can walk through snow, stack boxes and even stand up after falling. More

Bentley considers 3D printing as way to appeal to younger customers

Feb.26, 2016 - British luxury motorcar company Bentley is bringing their timeless car designs up to speed, possibly by integrating 3D printing into the vehicle's manufacturing, in order to have greater appeal amongst younger clients. More

3D printed at-home medical device detects anemia within seconds

Feb.26, 2016 - Researchers at Kansas Sate University have developed a low-cost, point-of-care 3D printed device that, when paired with a smartphone app, can detect anemia in as little as 60 seconds. More

NVbots working on high-speed metal 3D printer 'capable of printing 21 different metals'

Feb.26, 2016 - While metal 3D printing has existed for some time, 3D Printer startup NVbots has been developing a low-cost, high speed metal 3D printer and is now opening its doors with an alpha testing program. More

New Leica Absolute handheld 3D scanner LAS-20-8 features laser intensity auto-adjusts and haptic feedback

Feb.25, 2016 - Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence, parent company of Leica Geosystems, today announced the release of the new Leica Absolute Scanner LAS-20-8, a portable 3D laser scanner designed for large volume inspection applications. The scanner will work in tandem with the Leica Absolute Tracker AT960. More

K-State scientists develop new technique for 3D printing graphene aerogels

Feb.25, 2016 - Researchers from Kansas State University have developed a new technique for 3D printing graphene aerogels with complex microstructures. The technique combines drop-on-demand 3D printing with freeze casting. More

3Ders' top 15 list of our favorite 3D printed dresses

Feb.25, 2016 - In the aftermath of New York Fashion Week F/W 2016, where we were stunned by all the 3D printed pieces that hit the runway, we thought what better way to celebrate than to put together a list of our favorite 3D printed dresses over the past few years. More

HP to lay off 3,000 workers in 2016, counting more than ever on 3D printing success

Feb.25, 2016 - In light of dismal first-quarter results, HP Inc. has accelerated its layoff plan, and will be letting go of 3,000 employees by the end of 2016. The newly independent PC/printer company has now set its sights on new and innovative technologies, including 3D printing, to help turn the numbers around. More

3D printed repair parts help keep Nintendo 64 controller alive

Feb.25, 2016 - ENKKO has launched a Kickstarter campaign to manufacture high quality repair parts for the classic N64 controller, made with the help of 3D scanning and 3D printing technology. More

TNO's EU-backed Hyproline mass production 3D printing project successfully completed

Feb.25, 2016 - TNO's EU-backed research project for developing the Hyproline 3D printing mass production line has successfully been completed, and its developers say it could add a new boost to Europe's small and medium-sized businesses. More

Man regains hand function thanks to 3D printed orthosis made from 70+ parts

Feb.25, 2016 - A biomedical engineering student in Poland used a desktop Zmorph 3D printer to create a custom, functional device consisting of more than 70 precision 3D printed parts, for a man suffering from limb paralysis in one of his hands. More

Monika Vaverová's 3D printed Eagle Borg superhero outfit is a sci-fi dream

Feb.25, 2016 - Czech fashion and costume designer Monika Vaverová, founder of MIMO, who earlier this fall unveiled her stunning and partially 3D printed Eagleborg costume, is one of the first Czech artists to bring 3D printing technology to the runway. More

Ultimaker, University of Illinois and Coursera push 3D printing education for all

Feb.25, 2016 - Ultimaker, the University of Illinois, and Coursera, and online education platform, have partnered to launch an series of online courses about 3D printing that will be open and accessible to learners from around the world. More

3D printed stick head opens lacrosse up to disabled children in Long Island, NY

Feb.25, 2016 - With the help of an enlarged stick head designed through 3D printing, disabled children in Long Island, NY, can now also enjoy the region's most popular sport: lacrosse. More

Nominees for RapidPro 2016 award announced: SuGu – 3D Robot Printing, Metal Technics 3D and 3Devo

Feb.25, 2016 - The three nominees for the RapidPro 2016 startup award have just been announced: Robot 3D printing pioneers SuGu Advanced Manufacturing - 3D Robot Printing, metal 3D printing developers Metal Technics 3D and 3D printable material specialists 3Devo. More

Map your surroundings with the 3D printed Sweep LiDAR scanner for drones and small vehicles

Feb.25, 2016 - Bay Area startup Scance is about to take their Sweep LiDAR scanner to Kickstarter, a very potent drone sensor attachment that will allow you to accurately map your surroundings and even develop obstacle avoidance systems. More

USC researchers use 3D printing to help produce nanomaterials on a larger scale

Feb.25, 2016 - Nanoparticles, considered as a 21st century breakthrough material by some, have always been slow to manufacture. USC researchers are speeding things up with the help of 3D printing. More

Australian researchers develop 3D printed arteries to personalize heart disease treatment

Feb.24, 2016 - A team of doctors and engineers from the University of Melbourne have collaborated in an effort to better understand and gain insight into human arteries by using 3D imaging and printing technologies to recreate models of patients' heart arteries. More

Monolith, Autodesk-acquired voxel modeling 3D design suite, gets major update

Feb.24, 2016 - Monolith, an Autodesk-acquired voxel modeling software for 3D printable designs, has released a major update. New features include a volumetric ray casting algorithm, UVW texture mapping, and plugin for Grasshopper. More

Blokko launches two 3D printed comic book campaigns via 3D storytelling platform

Feb.24, 2016 - Blokko is a Singaporean startup that brings original stories and characters to life through 3D printing. Now, after several months of operation, the web platform is promoting two of their most promising stories and products: Evacomics, and Lost NightMare. More

MakerBot releases statement on eBay vs. Thingiverse''Sad Face' 3D model controversy

Feb.24, 2016 - MakerBot has written a strongly worded response to an eBay store that has been selling 3D prints of Thingiverse designs in direct violation of their Terms of Use and the Creative Commons license. More

Boeing patents incredible 'levitating' 3D printing process for aircraft part production

Feb.24, 2016 - Aerospace giant Boeing has patented an additive manufacturing process for 3D printing objects while floating in space. Using multiple 3D printers and diamagnetic printing materials, the system would be able to rotate a levitating print about every axis and deposit layers from all directions. More

Ed Zarick releases guide to 3D printing a fully functional life-size Star Wars BB-8 droid

Feb.24, 2016 - Fire fighter and self-taught 3D printing engineer Ed Zarick has created a wonderfully realistic Star Wars BB-8 replica with a single-axis rotation system and 3D printed head. More

3D printed handheld zero gravity coffee brewer successfully tested in space

Feb.24, 2016 - Researchers from Portland State University have expanding their successful zero gravity coffee cup design with a 3D printed brewing attachment, allowing astronauts to enjoy the comforts of a freshly brewed cup of coffee too. More

South Korea's largest tire mold maker Saehwa IMC acquires 3D printing company Cube Tech, sees rise in shares

Feb.24, 2016 - South Korean tire mold manufacturing company Saehwa IMC Co. has recently announced it's acquisition of a 3D printing company as it plans to begin integrating the technology into its tire mold manufacturing process to more quickly and efficiently deal with client orders. More

Spending in Middle Eastern and African 3D printing market to reach $1.3 billion by 2019, IDC predicts

Feb.24, 2016 - According to a new report by IDC, the African and Middle Eastern 3D printing market will be the biggest grower in the world over the coming years, with the amount of spending on 3D printing set to almost triple over the coming three to four years. More

Nascent Objects teams with EnvisionTEC to create first three modular 3D printed electronics

Feb.24, 2016 - Sustainable consumer electronics startup Nascent Objects has revealed that they have teamed up with EnvisionTEC to create their first three modular and reusable 3D printed electronics, and are offering them through an Indiegogo campaign. More

Air New Zealand is 3D printing aircraft cocktail trays

Feb.24, 2016 - Air New Zealand is hoping to use 3D printing to get ahead in today's fiercely competitive commercial airline space by reducing inventory by 3D printing on-demand replacement parts. More

6 ways 3D printing is redefining home decor

Feb.23, 2016 - If you're still wondering how 3D printing could be used in our everyday lives, here are six extraordinary examples of 3D printed home decor. More

NASA, Made in Space working on Archinaut, an in-orbit robotic 3D printing demo

Feb.23, 2016 - Just two years ago, NASA successfully launched a 3D printer to the International Space Station (ISS) in collaboration with Silicon Valley startup Made in Space, and now, as they gear up to send a second one into space, they have announced a new project they are working on to build a 3D printer equipped with a robotic arm into space. More

Players of IBM-sponsored 'Sword Art Online' VRMMO can 3D scan faces into game

Feb.23, 2016 - IBM Japan has announced that it will be making a virtual reality MMO game of Sword Art Online, a popular light novel and anime television series. Sword Art Online: The Beginning will utilize 3D scanning technology to turn players' faces into in-game avatars. More

Nano Dimension teams with Tel Aviv University to 3D print sensors using nickel nanoparticles

Feb.23, 2016 - Nano Dimension Technologies today announced a collaborative agreement with RAMOT at Tel Aviv University. The agreement will see the two parties develop a 3D printing technique for a nanoparticle nickel material. More

Amazing 3D printed Blades of Chaos from God of War shared by Kirby Downey

Feb.23, 2016 - South African prop designer Kirby Downey is back with another amazing video game tribute: extremely cool 3D printed Blades of Chaos from the God of War franchise. More

Rough and Tumble: 3D print your very own fantasy board game

Feb.23, 2016 - Cross Lances Studio, a team of Italian game creators and digital designers have created a checkers inspired 3D printable fantasy board game that is being funded through a Kickstarter Campaign. More

Mosaic's Palette primed to bring multi-color 3D printing to the masses

Feb.23, 2016 - With the Kickstarter units about to ship, new patents secured, and a brand new system set to be announced, Mosaic Manufacturing is rolling forward unchallenged with their single-extruder multi-filament Palette technology, which can turn any desktop 3D printer into a multicolour machine. visited their Toronto factory to find out more. More

Matt Adereth's open source 3D printed ergonomic Dactyl Keyboard is truly amazing

Feb.23, 2016 - Matt Adereth has shared his designs for one of the most impressive keyboards we've ever seen, the 3D printed ergonomic and mechanical Dactyl Keyboard. More

Tokyo students develop 3D printing pen that can make large, complex architectural structures

Feb.23, 2016 - A group of students from the University of Tokyo have developed a 3D printing pen that can create large and complex architectural structures, and achieves a high level of accuracy thanks to a digital guiding system. More

Rice scientists turn a laser cutter into a SLS 3D printer, 40x cheaper than commercial counterparts

Feb.23, 2016 - Bioengineering researchers from Rice University, Texas, have hacked a commercial-grade CO2 laser cutter, turning the machine into an open-source Selective Laser Sintering (SLS) 3D printer. 'OpenSLS' costs at least 40 times less than its commercial counterparts. More

Czech pilot releases new 3D printable RC model airplanes for under $20

Feb.23, 2016 - Czech-based 3DLabPrint has released a series of four fully 3D printable RC model airplanes designed specifically to be made using standard, desktop 3D printers. More

Artists secretly 3D scan bust of Egyptian Queen Nefertiti and release 3D Print files online

Feb.23, 2016 - Ownership of a great amount of art found around the world has been disputed time and time again. An artistic duo has secretly 3D scanned the always controversial bust of Egyptian Queen Nefertiti and shared it with the world. More

British 3D printing specialist FDM Digital Solutions receives £300K funding

Feb.22, 2016 - FDM Digital Solutions, a 3D printing specialist from Burnley, UK, has received £300K ($425K) in funding from Rosebud Finance and the North-West Fund for Venture Capital, both managed by Enterprise Ventures. FDM had previously received £860K ($1.2M) from the two investors in January 2014. More

Singapore launches program to train employees in 3D printing and robotics

Feb.22, 2016 - Singapore's Workforce Development Agency has developed and will be funding a series of masterclasses aimed at helping professionals from various industries deepen their practical knowledge of advanced manufacturing technologies such as 3D printing. More

Nano Dimension approved to trade on NASDAQ Capital Market

Feb.22, 2016 - Israel-based 3D printing company Nano Dimension, makers of the world's first multi-layer PCB 3D printer, has been approved to trade its Depositary Shares on the NASDAQ Capital Market under the symbol "NNDM." More

Newly patented Microsoft stylus could improve 3D printed surface textures

Feb.22, 2016 - A patent filed by Microsoft concerning its planned 'Color Control' technology details the company's potential plans to develop a color- and texture-sensing stylus. The device could be used with CAD software to produce texturally detailed models for 3D printing. More

RMIT study shows 3D printed plastics can potentially pose health and environmental risks

Feb.22, 2016 - As 3D printing becomes an increasingly present form of manufacturing, researchers have begun to consider the potential risks of the emerging technology. Very recently, a pilot study published by an investigative team of researchers at RMIT showed findings that a number of photopolymers used in 3D printing were actually toxic and could cause health and environmental risks. More

Brazilian parrot receives world's first titanium 3D printed beak

Feb.22, 2016 - Gigi, a blue and yellow macaw rescued from captivity with a deformed beak that prevented her from eating, has received the first ever metal 3D printed prosthetic beak. More

3D printing gases market worth 45.12 million USD by 2020

Feb.22, 2016 - MarketsandMarkets, a global market research and consulting company, has recently published a report forecasting the growth of the 3D printing/additive manufacturing gases market over the course of the next five years. More

This fantastic 3D printed Arduino-powered robotic lawn mower takes the stress out of mowing

Feb.22, 2016 - German engineering and RepRap veteran Andreas Haeuser has just shared his latest DIY 3D printing project: a robotic, Arduino-powered automatic lawn mower robot: a low cost solution that will take care of the most annoying chore in the world. More

Amputee James Young gets cool 3D printed bionic prosthetic inspired by Metal Gear Solid game

Feb.22, 2016 - Amputee James Young has just revealed an amazing 3D printed bionic prosthetic, which has been designed by Sophie de Oliveira Barata and Open Bionics as a tribute to the latest Metal Gear Solid video game. More

Turkish implant producer TST Tibbi Aletler has great success with Blueprinter SHS 3D printer

Feb.22, 2016 - For the production of unique medical implant prototypes, Turkish implant manufacturer TST Tibbi Aletler has adopted a Danish-made Blueprinter SHS 3D printer, which uses the unique Selective Heat Sintering 3D printing technique. More

Disney patent for 3D scanning and high resolution 3D printing approved by US patent office

Feb.22, 2016 - A patent filed by Disney detailing a technique for creating high resolution 3D prints from low resolution 3D scans has just been approved by the US patent office. More

Australian cancer patient receives 3D printed vertebrae in life changing surgery

Feb.22, 2016 - At the Prince of Wales Hospital in Sydney, Australia, another medical miracle has taken place thanks to 3D printing as a team of doctors have successfully implanted a 3D printed titanium vertebrae into a patient suffering from a life-threatening case of chordoma cancer. More

3D printing community rallies against eBay store selling 3D prints of Thingiverse designs

Feb.21, 2016 - Thingiverse users have been protesting against just3Dprint, an eBay store selling 3D printed models of Thingiverse designs without the permission of their designers. A maker named 'loubie' brought the matter to public attention when the store refused to take down her design from their catalogue. More

New OESH women's shoes feature 3D printed soles that mimic the human foot

Feb.21, 2016 - Footwear specialists OESH have reinvented women's shoes with the help of scientific research, and have come up with a series of 3D printed shoes that actually mimic the energy releasing function of our feet, instead of cushioning our feet and straining our limbs. More

Watch this 'Epic Science' video compilation of 3D bioprinting in action

Feb.21, 2016 - Video producer Hashem Al-Ghaili, known for creating entertaining and educational science films, has compiled five minutes of footage revealing some of the most groundbreaking medical and scientific advancements, including several examples of 3D bioprinting and 3D bioprinted organs, tissue and more. More

3D printed gas detector uses space tech to sniff out bed bugs

Feb.21, 2016 - British pest control company Insect Research Systems Ltd. has developed a 3D printed detection monitor able to detect bodily gas emissions from bed bugs. The 3D printed device, developed at the Campus Technology Hub (CTH) in Cheshire, UK, utilizes technology developed for ESA's Rosetta spacecraft. More

LEGO-like model building system Arckit integrates 3D printing through new bespoke add-ons

Feb.21, 2016 - Arckit, the popular building block system created by and for architects, has recently announced the launch of Arckit Infiniti 3D, a series of bespoke 3D printed add-on components that will be available through 3D printing service Shapeways' website later this month. More

Cast your own silicone gaskets with 3D printed molds

Feb.20, 2016 - Industrial designer Eric Strebel has posted an instructional video showing viewers how to make professional quality silicone gaskets. The method uses 3D printed plastic molds, GI-1040 silicone rubber, and a vacuum chamber. More

Exo-biote project breathes life into 3D printed soft robotics

Feb.20, 2016 - Exo-biote is an installation of 3D printed soft robotic sculptures that mimic natural breathing patterns, created as a collaboration between Le Fresnoy, the French National Studio for Contemporary Arts, and the National Institute for Computer Science and Applied Mathematics. More

Host your own mini robot battle with 3D printed Bashbots series

Feb.20, 2016 - 3D print enthusiast Alex Czech has designed a series of 3D printed robots that are powered by simple, low-cost DC motors and can even be outfitted with spinning claws to battle against one another. The latest instalment of the BashBot Series is the 3D printed BugBot, whose STL files are now available to download for free. More

Dentists using Form 2 SLA 3D printer for digital dentistry to create bleaching trays, bite guards, and surgical guides

Feb.20, 2016 - Dentists are using Form 2 SLA 3D printer for digital dentistry to produce bleaching trays, bite guards, and surgical guides in their own offices. They believe Digital dentistry is the future of the dental industry. More

Morphosource adds 400 monkey skulls to its bank of 9,000 3D printable fossils

Feb.20, 2016 - Morphosource, the online fossil database which became famous for its publication of 'homo naledi' 3D images, now contains over 9,000 3D images of more than 500 extinct species. Its latest additions include 400 monkey skulls, added by Harvard scholars. More

These 'EGO3D' 3D printed busts are head and shoulders above the rest

Feb.19, 2016 - With German sculptor EGO3D, customers can order 3D printed busts of themselves, family members, or beloved German historical figures. The company can create an accurate 3D model with just three 2D photographs. More

History Channel rewards Vikings fans with 3D printed props

Feb.19, 2016 - 3D printing studio 3D Brooklyn has designed and created a series of authentic props based on actual objects from the History Channel's hit drama, Vikings. Each week, viewers will have the chance to cast their vote and win their own 3D printed Vikings treasure. More

Flying 3D printer drones perfect for building shelters in disaster areas

Feb.19, 2016 - Imperial College London's Dr. Mirko Kovac has recently been awarded millions to develop flying 3D printer drones capable of building shelters in disaster areas, and says the concept could revolutionize construction and relief industries. More

Ring it up: 3D print your own ATtiny 85 ring watch

Feb.19, 2016 - Instructables user Chen Liang has designed an Arduino-powered, 3D printable ATtiny85 Ring Watch'a tiny wearable that can be worn on the finger. More

Researchers using 3D printing to develop first-of-its-kind implantable artificial kidney based on microchips

Feb.19, 2016 - The Vanderbilt University research behind The Kidney Project is using 3D printing to develop artificial kidney implants that can radically change the lives of kidney disease patients hooked onto dialysis machines. More

Swiss startup Mimedis to deliver custom 3D printed bone implants on demand

Feb.19, 2016 - Swiss startup Mimedis AG has been making a name for itself by providing services to quickly and efficiently 3D print custom bone implants for CMF surgeries, preoperative models, and cutting guides. More

3D printing to save Sir Joey: Dialexa 3D printing open source wheelchair for disabled dog

Feb.19, 2016 - Dallas, Texas-based tech company Dialexa is developing a 3D printed wheelchair for Sir Joey McGee, an adorable 3-year-old puppy born with deformations in his front legs. More

15 truly useful things you can 3D print for your home

Feb.19, 2016 - Beyond 3D printed keychains and coasters, there are tons of truly useful, practical and cool household goods you can make on a 3D printer. Here are 15 useful 3D prints that you can download for free. More

Deltabots' Pulse Driver lets you merge ceramic 3D printing patterns with your favorite music

Feb.19, 2016 - Florida-based ceramic 3D printing specialists Deltabots have just revealed the new Pulse Driver tool, that lets you embed your favorite music and rhythms into 3D printing projects involving thick pastes, such as clay. More

BRICK 3D prints Fit Nesting Dolls filled with custom fitness plan to encourage new members

Feb.19, 2016 - With the help of 3D printed Fit Nesting Dolls that resemble your personal fitness goals and are filled with a customized workout schedule, BRICK fitness is encouraging its new members to keep going and overcome the five-month hurdle that sees many people give up. More

Jay Leno turns to 3D scanning and printing to create replacement parts for his EcoJet concept car

Feb.19, 2016 - With the help of 3D Systems' excellent 3D scanning and 3D printing services, car lover Jay Leno has been able to create replacement parts for his unique EcoJet concept car. More

Mechanical Engineer wins Europeana contest by reimagining classic painting into a 3D printed lamp

Feb.19, 2016 - Inspiration can come from any number of places. Gabriele Crivelli combined his love for food & drink, creativity and 3D printing to win Europeana's third annual Open Innovation Challenge. More

Mathys Medical adopts Materialise's 3D shoulder surgery planning software

Feb.18, 2016 - Swiss orthopaedic producer Mathys has signed an agreement with 3D medical imaging software specialist Materialise, for the use of its Shoulder Guide System. This user-friendly 3D imaging software system assists surgeons in the planning, preparation, and practice phases of a shoulder surgery by providing patient-specific 3D models and 3D printed guides. More

Materialise creates 3D printed anechoic sound chamber for Peugeot Fractal concept car

Feb.18, 2016 - Materialise has explained the 3D printing processes behind the music-enhancing sound chamber of Peugeot's Fractal concept car, unveiled at the Frankfurt Auto Show in September. 82% of the car's interior surfaces were 3D printed. More

This amazing biomimetic anthropomorphic robotic hand contains 3D printed bones

Feb.18, 2016 - Zhe Xu and Emanuel Todorov, engineers from the University of Washington, Seattle, have built a highly complex 3D printed robotic hand. The pair obtained a 3D scan of a cadaver skeleton in order to design 3D printed bones for the biomimetic device. More

World's first solid gold 3Doodle inspires 14-piece 3Doodler jewelry collection

Feb.18, 2016 - New York-based DGC Jewelers recently created a first-of-its-kind solid gold heart, cast from an original 3Doodler design. This launched an entire collection of unique jewelry pieces designed with the 3Doodler 3D printing pen and finished with 14K gold, diamonds and other precious gems. More

From 2D to 3D: ZVerse and Konica Minolta partner to make 2D images 3D printable

Feb.18, 2016 - ZVerse and Konica Minolta have entered a partnership whereby 3D Systems reseller Konica Minolta will sell access to ZVerse LAYR, an end-to-end 3D content creation platform that easily transforms 2D images into fully 3D printable files. More

Cambits 3D printed blocks let you build completely modular camera

Feb.18, 2016 - Cambits, developed at Columbia University, is a reconfigurable camera system composed of colourful, 3D printed blocks that lets users quickly and easily build a range of cameras'with a variety of impressive computational capabilities. More

3D printed ear successfully attached to elderly man thanks to team of Croatian doctors

Feb.18, 2016 - A team of doctors at the Rijeka Hospital in Rijeka, Croatia have recently and successfully attached a 3D printed ear to an elderly patient whose biological ear had to be removed because of skin cancer. More

Reach 3D, an all-in-one 3D printer kit soon available through Kickstarter for just $249

Feb.18, 2016 - RepRap veteran Nate Rogers has just taken his Reach 3D printer kit to Kickstarter for just 249, which gives users an optimized DIY RepRap machine that can also be transformed into a laser cutter, engraver, plotter and CNC mill. More

Functionalize shares cool tutorial for 3D printed solder and wire free Arduino touchscreen

Feb.18, 2016 - Showing off just what their highly conductive F-Electric filament can do, Functionalize has just shared a very cool tutorial for a 3D printed Arduino color touchscreen tool that can be assembled without any soldering or wires required. More

Ötzi the 5300-year-old Ice Man mummy given new life through 3D printing

Feb.18, 2016 - With the help of the medical 3D printing expertise of Belgian specialists Materialise, paleo artist Gary Staab has given new life to one of the most fascinating mummies ever found: Ötzi the Ice Man, a 5,000 year old Bronze Age man completely preserved in ice. More

Sketchfab & TimeSlice unveil interactive 4D models using GoPro Array technology

Feb.18, 2016 - 3D model and content platform Sketchfab recently teamed up with TimeSlice Films to create and host an interactive 4D model, which was just yesterday released to the public via Sketchfab's blog and their Facebook page. More

ROKIT launches new Edison Invivo 3D bioprinter for tissue engineering research

Feb.18, 2016 - ROKIT, one of the biggest South Korean players in the 3D printing market, has just revealed that they will be releasing the Edison Invivo 3D bioprinter in April, which will be cheaper than competitors and can 3D print a wider range of material options. More

Iranian Artist recovers, shares and 3D Prints ISIS destroyed ancient artifacts with the world

Feb.18, 2016 - After recent cases of the destruction of historical relics by ISIS soldiers at a museum in Iraq, artist Moreshin Allhyari has taken it upon herself to digitize and restore the remains with 3D printing. More

Russian arms manufacturer Kalashnikov Concern targets 3D printed assault rifle

Feb.17, 2016 - Kalashnikov Concern, Russia's key manufacturer of Kalashnikov machine guns and producer of several other arms, technologies, and military vehicles, has employed metal manufacturer Stankoprom to produce 3D printed parts for Kalashnikov submachine guns and advanced pistols. More

3D printed flowers reveal how orchids trick flies by mimicking mushrooms

Feb.17, 2016 - Researchers used 3D printed casts of the Dracula fleurii orchid to investigate how the flower has evolved over time to attract pollinating flies by masquerading as a mushroom. More

Sciaky introduces patented IRISS Closed-Loop Control for its EBAM metal 3D printing process

Feb.17, 2016 - The new IRISS Closed-Loop Control system, exclusively available for Sciaky's EBAM metal 3D printing systems, provides extensive real-time monitoring and process data for large-scale metal 3D printed parts. More

New 3D printing technique for high entropy metal alloy pioneered by Hitachi, Tohoku University researchers

Feb.17, 2016 - Researchers from Hitachi and Tohoku University have pioneered a new 3D printing technique for HiPEACE, a new high entropy alloy, and have successfully created complex shapes with excellent tensile strength and corrosion resistance properties. More

Metalysis, UK-based producer of titanium 3D printing powder, secures £20M investment

Feb.17, 2016 - Metalysis, a UK-based manufacturer of metal powders for 3D printing, has secured a £20M ($28.5m) investment from British businessman Neil Woodford and Australian zircon producer Iluka Resources. More

Original 1929 Oscars statue revived with 3D printing for 2016 Academy Awards

Feb.17, 2016 - The Academy Awards, more commonly known as The Oscars, have announced that they have partnered with NY based foundry Polich Tallix to revive the original Oscar statuettes from 1929 using 3D scanning, 3D printing, and hand-casting processes. More

US Army's 2017 Expeditionary Warrior Experiments to include customizable 3D printed drones

Feb.17, 2016 - The U.S. Army will test new customizable On-Demand Small Unmanned Aircraft Systems, developed through a new 3D printing process, at the 2017 Army Expeditionary Warrior Experiments, where new military tools are tested in the field. More

Ohne Titel's 3D printed fashions turn heads at NY Fashion Week

Feb.17, 2016 - With New York Fashion Week in full swing 3D printing seems to be the word on everyone's mouth. Now, womenswear label Ohne Titel have showcased their latest collection, which features pieces made with the help of 3D printing technology. More

NASA and Star Trek launch Replicator Challenge to get kids thinking about 3D printing in space

Feb.17, 2016 - For the third Future Engineers project to get kids interested in space, design and STEM, NASA teamed up with Star Trek and calls on kids of all ages to design useful tools that can be 3D printed in space and will help astronauts eat nutritious meals. More

Stratasys backs Massivit's supersized 3D printer development with investment

Feb.17, 2016 - The very promising Israeli startup Massivit, a developer of supersized 3D printing solutions, has just received backing by Stratasys and will use the investment for further product development and for accelerating market penetration. More

Open Bionics' £500 3D printed robotic hand can be assembled in less than an hour

Feb.17, 2016 - The advent of low-cost 3D printing has been bringing the price for custom prosthetics down for years now. Open Bionics has just announced the kit sale of their Ada Hand, a £500 3D printed robotic hand that can be assembled in less than one hour. More

Build a 3D printer from scratch (& get shown how) with $1,600 Buildclass course

Feb.17, 2016 - Buildclass is offering courses showing students how to build a DIY 3D printer from 200+ parts. The two-day course and 3D printer kit costs $1,600 and includes all necessary components for an FFF or syringe FDM 3D printer. Johns Hopkins University recently took part in the program. More

GTSO enforces weed limit with 3D printed child-proof cannabis container

Feb.16, 2016 - Green Technology Solutions, Inc., together with its 3D printing partner, 6th Dimension Technologies, today announced it is seeking a suitable manufacturer for its 3D printed, child-proof cannabis containers. More

Robot Factory releases free guide to choosing an SLA 3D printer

Feb.16, 2016 - Italian 3D printer manufacturer Robot Factory has recently released a series of highly informative and free-to-download documents to inform readers about different aspects of the 3D printing industry. One of the first is a guide to evaluating the common characteristics of SLA 3D printers, and how they might affect the product's performance and price. More

440 model houses 3D printed for Zoetis' 3D printing and AR educational campaign across Canada

Feb.16, 2016 - Zoetis, the world's largest provider of medicine and vaccinations for pets, recently ran a Canada-wide educational campaign that used 440 3D printed model houses and augmented reality apps to teach veterinarians about the risks of flea infestation and preventative measures. More

Lady Gaga's Grammy's tribute to David Bowie features stunning visual effects made with help of 3D printing

Feb.16, 2016 - The 58th Annual Grammy awards featured a stunning homage to David Bowie by singer Lady Gaga. The performance included ground breaking visual effects which were made with the help of 3D printing technologies and Intel's Curie module. More

French researchers develop extremely thin 3D printable acoustic metasurface to perfect sound absorption

Feb.16, 2016 - A team of researchers working at the French National Centre for Scientific Research (CNRS) and the University of Lorraine in Nancy, France have designed an acoustic metasurface capable of perfect sound absorption which could be fabricated using 3D printing technologies. More

3D printed 'O Phone' goes back to basics to cure smartphone addiction

Feb.16, 2016 - Alter Ego Architects, a Serbian design studio, has designed a 3D printed concept phone with E Ink display and no apps. The minimalist 3D printed handset has been designed to curtail smartphone addiction. More

Belgian design agency treats clients to chocolate made with 3D printing

Feb.16, 2016 - Brussels, Belgium based design firm Absolute Agency is helping their clients to ring in the new year with custom designed chocolate bars made with the help of a 3D printed mold. More

3D printers find their way into the metal spring industry for prototyping

Feb.16, 2016 - Though almost never associated with plastic 3D printing, Tim Parkinson from Airedale Springs revealed that 3D printers are actually extensively used in the production of metal springs, for prototyping exact sizes and for maintaining quality standards. More

Metal 3D printing soaring in Singapore's blooming aviation industry

Feb.16, 2016 - This year's Singapore Airshow 2016 reflects the strong focus of the country's expanding aviation industry on metal 3D printing, which is especially advanced by key players such as GE Aviation and Rolls-Royce. More

threeASFOUR unveils two spectacular 3D printed dresses at New York Fashion Week

Feb.16, 2016 - New York based fashion collective threeASFOUR have unveiled their recent collection, Biomimicry, at NYFW. The designs feature two stunning 3D printed dresses made in partnership with Stratasys. More

ProtoParadigm unveils $5 PLA filament thanks to cost-effective 3D printed spool

Feb.16, 2016 - In an attempt to reduce costs and stay competitive, small filament manufacturer ProtoParadigm has developed $5 PLA filament spools with the help of weight efficient 3D printed spools. More

Renishaw and BioHorizons collaborate to produce tailor-made 3D printed dental abutments

Feb.16, 2016 - Global engineering and technology firm Renishaw has partnered with dental implant manufacturer BioHorizons to development LaserAbutments: custom-fit metal 3D printed abutments for false teeth. More

Incredible 3D bioprinter can create transplantable human ear, muscles and bone tissues

Feb.15, 2016 - A team of regenerative medicine scientists from Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center has developed a 3D printer capable of printing living tissue structures such as bones and organs. The scientists have so far printed ear, bone, and muscle structures. More

World's smallest 3D printed Matterhorn reveals practical uses of nanoscale 3D printing

Feb.15, 2016 - Researchers from the Paul Scherrer Institute have 3D printed the world's smallest Matterhorn Mountain, measuring less than a tenth of a millimeter in size. The research proves that such small 3D printed structures can realistically be produced on a mass scale, and potentially used to improve industrial machine manufacturing. More

4-meter-tall 3D printed lions to guard Lyon's Parc Olympique

Feb.15, 2016 - Four massive 3D printed lions, measuring 4.2 meters and weighing in a 1.5 tons each, will soon stand guard around Lyon's Parc Olympique, the official stadium for the city's football club. The lions are being 3D printed by local startup Drawn, makers of the large-format Galatea 3D printer. More

Fantastic FDL-1 3D printed foam dart launcher now on Kickstarter

Feb.15, 2016 - Maker and software programmer Jesse Kovarovics has just launched a Kickstarter campaign for the fully automatic and high-powered FDL-1, the most impressive 3D printed foam dart gun and turret we've ever seen. More

PieceMaker teams with Ford Motor; brings metal 3D printing into retail personalization kiosk

Feb.15, 2016 - Retail 3D printing company PieceMaker, which only months ago announced an exciting partnership with media network Nickelodeon, have just announced a new partnership with Ford Motor Company to make 3D printable and customizable toy cars, and the launch of PieceMaker Metals, their first break into the 3D printing metal industry. More

German toymaker Fischertechnik unveils €700 educational DIY 3D printer kit

Feb.15, 2016 - Known for their excellent and educational construction kits, German toy manufacturer Fischertechnik has just unveiled their very own 3D printer DIY assembly kit at the Toy Fair 2016 in Nuremberg. More

Dublin researcher awarded €2.5M to develop 3D printed long lasting battery

Feb.15, 2016 - A research team led by Prof Valeria Nicolosi at Trinity College Dublin's Amber Science Centre has recently been awarded a grant of €2.5 million to continue the development of their 3D2DPrint project, a new type of long lasting battery that can be housed and hidden within any type of material. More

3D printed houses / furniture / food, trips to Space and underwater cities 'just a century away', scientists say

Feb.15, 2016 - A new report by Samsung-owned SmartThings is truly optimistic about the scientific innovations that can be expected over the next century. From 3D printed megastructures and high quality meals to the colonization of space and the oceans, the world around us is set to change rapidly. More

Foodjet expands production capacity to 3D print whole meals for the elderly

Feb.15, 2016 - Food 3D printing pioneers Foodjet are working to bring completely 3D printed and nutritious meals to the tables of the elderly with eating disabilities, and have built a new 3D printer to increase their production capacity. More

Ben the one-legged Parrot can finally get some sleep after receiving custom 3D printed leg

Feb.14, 2016 - Disabilities come in all forms. Ben the parrot was missing a leg and couldn't balance and even lost sleep because of it. A team of 3D printing specialists in England designed a 3D printing replacement peg and fitted it onto Mr. Ben. More

3D printed WYNG flash diffuser helps capture the perfect photo

Feb.14, 2016 - American photographer Mat Sutor has designed an affordable, flexible and lightweight 3D printed flash diffuser to help photographers capture moments perfectly. More

Researchers can use 3D scanning to personalize in-game virtual avatars in just four minutes

Feb.14, 2016 - The team of researchers at the University of Southern California have developed the technology to 3D scan a person's face and body to turn them into a personalized digital avatar, and are making the technology accessible to anyone. More

Nick Knight creates 25-foot-tall 3D printed sculpture of Naomi Campbell & 'Fallen Angel' Kate Moss

Feb.14, 2016 - Celebrated fashion photographer Nick Knight uses 3D scanning and 3D printing technologies to create beautiful and provocative Photographic Sculptures of some of the world's top supermodels, including Naomi Campbell and Kate Moss. More

3D Printed Simple Steady GoPro stabilization add-on blows past Kickstarter target

Feb.14, 2016 - Stabilization software on GoPro and Smartphones only work so well. A group of Swiss friends have successfully Kickstarted the Simple Steady, a 3D printed adapter to keep your footage shake free. More

The Black Crook: The first music video featuring 3D printed costumes and jewelry

Feb.13, 2016 - Holy Faya, the brainchild of French designers C'lia Elmasu and Nelly Zagury, Just Premiered 'The Black Crook', billed as the 'first music video featuring 3D printed costumes and jewelry', in New York. More

Teenage Maker shares detailed how-to guide for $200 Edge 3D Printer

Feb.13, 2016 - 3D Printers range in cost from insanely cheap to the ridiculously expensive. A Canadian Maker has just released plans for his impressively featured Edge 3D Printer and it will run you only $200 to make. More

Singapore Technologies Aerospace adopts 3D printing to design VIP aircraft interiors

Feb.13, 2016 - Singapore Technologies Aerospace has today opened a new VIP Aircraft Interiors Centre equipped with digital design studios and 3D printing workshops, to respond to the growing demand for bespoke, luxury aircraft cabin interiors. More

Watly's modular device provides clean water, Internet connectivity to infrastructure-poor regions

Feb.13, 2016 - Watly is an integrated utility machine that harnesses solar power to provide free, off-grid electricity, water filtration, and internet connectivity to infrastructure-poor regions. Uniquly modular, Watly can also be fitted with a variety of tools depending on specific community needs, including everything from e-car chargers to 3D printers. More

Dutch consumers ready for technical revolutions and 3D printing, new study says

Feb.13, 2016 - While specialists are often skeptical about the adoption rates of new technologies, including 3D printing, a new study by Dutch IT specialists EMC Federatie has argued that Dutch consumers are ready for technical revolutions and new digital technologies. More

Port of Rotterdam's new 3D printing 'Fieldlab' could make it 'world's smartest port'

Feb.12, 2016 - The port of Rotterdam, Netherlands, will soon acquire an 'Additive Manufacturing Fieldlab', at which port-related companies will be able to work and collaborative on maritime 3D printing projects. More

Carnegie Mellon professor predicts 5 key advances in metal 3D printing

Feb.12, 2016 - Jack Beuth, Professor of Mechanical Engineering at Carnegie Mellon University's College of Engineering and Director of the Nextmanufacturing Center, has predicted what he thinks will be the five key advances in metal additive manufacturing over the next five years. More

3D printed chocolate from your Ultimaker: The perfect Valentine's Day treat?

Feb.12, 2016 - Instructables user Dainis_Dz has built a chocolate extruder for his Ultimaker 3D printer, using a 20ml syringe as a nozzle. Optimum results were attained when using the 3D printer in a cold outdoor environment. More

Faircap Project: Open source 3D printed water filter aims to solve global crisis for just $1

Feb.12, 2016 - The Faircap Project is a collaborative, clean water initiative, whose aim is to create an affordable, portable, open source 3D printed water filtration device that could provide clean, safe, drinkable water to those in need. More

Vincent Brinkmann turns flip-flops into ritualized concrete art with the help of 3D printing

Feb.12, 2016 - In an attempt to change the way we look at production, reproduction and manufacturing, German new media artist Vincent Brinkmann has created ritualized, concrete art in his 'Serial 3D printing' project. More

Top 10 ideas for 3D printed Valentine's Day gifts

Feb.12, 2016 - We've rounded up a list of our top picks of 3D printed or 3D printable Valentine's Day gifts that will have your loved one extruding affection. More

Autodesk and Mattel re-launch ThingMaker as $300 3D printer for kids

Feb.12, 2016 - Mattel has teamed up with Autodesk to revive a hit 'maker' toy from the 1960s as a legitimate, kid-safe 3D printer. The ThingMaker 3D printer and accompanying ThingMaker Design app will encourage kids to get hands-on 3D printing experience all while they play. More

Smithsonian's 3D scanning reveals astronaut graffiti inside Apollo 11 spacecraft

Feb.12, 2016 - During an ongoing 3D scanning and digitization project, the Smithsonian's National Air and Space Museum recently uncovered never-before-seen handwritten notes from inside the Apollo 11's command module, Columbia. More

3D printed terracotta heart replica by Yardena Kurulkar wins Blake Prize 2016

Feb.12, 2016 - A truly remarkable series of photographs by Yardena Kurulkar, showing a 3D printed terracotta heart replica slowly decaying, has won the prestigious Australian Blake Prize 2016 for spiritual art. More

Resurrect popular chocolate bar the Trio with help of 3D printing

Feb.12, 2016 - Feelings of nostalgia can bring back the fondest of memories in a flash. RepRap blogger Richrap uses 3D printing to revive the discontinued chocolate bar the Trio. More

Unimpossible Missions: GE gives a snowball a chance in hell through 3D printing and industrial engineering

Feb.12, 2016 - To celebrate Thomas Edison and National Inventors Day, GE has used a super alloy container and 3D printing to give a snowball a chance in hell, as part of their Unimpossible Missions project. More

Adaptable children's arm prosthetic made from 3D printing and LEGO wins award at Paris show

Feb.11, 2016 - Colombia designer Carlos Torres, who designed the IKO Creative Prosthetic System, a 3D printed LEGO children's arm prosthetic, has recently won the Grand Prix for his project at Netexplo digital technology summit in Paris. More

Mechanical engineer receives $500K NSF grant to develop 'electrospray' 3D printing technique

Feb.11, 2016 - Paul Chiarot, an assistant professor of mechanical engineering at the University of Binghamton, New York, has received a $500,000 grant from the National Science Foundation to develop his electrospray 3D printing method. More

Gamer revives NES-classic Duck Hunt with VR and 3D printing

Feb.11, 2016 - 21-year-old Joseph Delgado has created a Virtual Reality version of the classic, 8-bit Nintendo game Duck Hunt. The modified setup consists of an Oculus Rift DK2, a Razer Hydra and a 3D printed headmount. More

CowTech to launch Kickstarter for $99 'CowTech Ciclop' 3D laser scanner

Feb.11, 2016 - Montana tech startup CowTech is planning to launch a Kickstarter campaign for its 'CowTech Ciclop', an open source 3D laser scanner. The scanner, made from 3D printed parts, will retail for $99. More

Rubik's Cube solved by robot in 0.887 seconds, beating recent record set by 3D printed bot

Feb.11, 2016 - The Sub1, a new robot designed by industrial engineer Adam Beer, has solved a scrambled Rubik's Cube in 0.887 seconds, a new world record. The previous record was set just a few weeks ago, by a 3D printed robot built by Jay Flatland and Paul Rose. More

New smart lock on the market, IKILOCK, prototyped with 3D printing technologies

Feb.11, 2016 - French company GEMECOD has introduced their new product IKILOCK, a smart lock that unlocks not only your own front door, but also your building's front door if you live in an apartment complex. The product was designed with the help of 3D printing. More

ALDI Australia to sell budget Cocoon Create 3D printer and 3D printing pen

Feb.11, 2016 - In a very surprising move, Aldi's Australian supermarkets will begin to sell the budget Cocoon Create 3D printer, as well as filament and a 3D printing pen, starting next week. More

New York private hospital offers high quality 3D printed preview models for cosmetic procedures

Feb.11, 2016 - The Montefiore Medical Center, a New York-based private hospital, has adopted the Mirror Me 3D printer for the production of highly detailed 3D printed preview models to give cosmetic surgery patients a realistic expectation of what the procedure can achieve. More

'Shape Optimization' 3D printing method produces unlikely, but not impossible, 3D printed objects

Feb.11, 2016 - A team of researchers from the Technical University of Vienna, Austria, has developed a new method for 3D printing that, using mathematical optimization, produces objects with seemingly impossible geometric properties. More

Monster Crayons, made with 3D printed molds, to raise funds for abused kids through Act For Kids charity

Feb.11, 2016 - A crowdfunding campaign has recently been launched for Monster Crayons, a product made with the help of 3D printing that its founders hope will become a solid source of income for Australia-wide children's charity Act For Kids. More

Texas students taking on Zika virus-carrying mosquitoes with 3D printed test kit

Feb.11, 2016 - A team of students from the University of Texas is working on clever little tool for combating the Zika virus carried by mosquitoes, a 3D printed DIY test kit that can diagnose viruses carried by mosquitoes in your own backyard. More

Israeli artist Eyal Gever works with NASA on first ever 3D printed Laugh sculpture in outer space

Feb.11, 2016 - For what will be the first ever space art production, NASA will collaborate with Israeli artist Eyal Gever to 3D print a sculpture of laughter on their zero-gravity 3D printer, made by Made in Space. More

Source3 and U.S. Army to 3D print personalized keepsakes for soldiers

Feb.10, 2016 - As part of a licensing agreement between Source3 and the U.S. Army, soldiers, service members, family, and friends will be able to order customizable, full-color, 3D printed keepsakes featuring official U.S. Army logos and personal photographs of proud U.S. Army service members. More

Write memos from across the world with 3D printed 'iBoardbot' whiteboard robot

Feb.10, 2016 - JJRobots, a tech startup from Edinburgh, UK, has launched a Kickstarter campaign for its 3D printed, web-connected whiteboard robot. The iBoardbot allows users to remotely command the robot's pen-wielding arm to write messages and draw images. More

3D printed human transplant organs a reality within 15 years, say Russian researchers

Feb.10, 2016 - Kirill Kaem of Russia's Skolkovo Foundation has stated that he believes 3D printed human organs for transplants will be achievable in as little as 15 years thanks to the country's achievements in 3D bioprinting research and development. More

Could cotton candy machines help scientists to 3D print human organs?

Feb.10, 2016 - Leon Bellan, an assistant professor of mechanical engineering at Vanderbilt University in Nashville, Tennessee, has used a $40 cotton candy machine to help create artificial capillaries. Bellan's research could contribute to the future 3D printing of human organs. More

The 20 Biggest 3D Printers in 2016

Feb.10, 2016 - Bigger doesn't always mean better, but when it comes to 3D printing, the ever-growing list of absolutely massive, large-format 3D printing ventures is hard to ignore. We've rounded up the top 20 largest 3D printers currently in development and on the market. More

Make life easier with clever 3D printed life hacks

Feb.10, 2016 - In an attempt to prove that 3D printing is about more than creating useless clutter, Nanjing University lecturer Ding Zhou has hosted a very successful workshop for the creation of tangible life hacks, including 3D printed cutlery a special cutting plate and an umbrella extension. More

Singapore takes levelheaded approach to 3D printed public housing

Feb.10, 2016 - The Singapore Centre for 3D Printing is planning to test the viability of 3D printed public houses as a way to address its growing and ageing population's needs. More

New ZMorph CNC machine combines ZMorph 2.0 S Hybrid 3D Printer with CNC PRO milling toolhead

Feb.10, 2016 - Polish 3D printer manufacturers ZMorph have just revealed the latest addition to their ZMorph line: the ZMorph CNC milling set, a variation on their 2.0 S Hybrid 3D printer, but then featuring a CNC milling toolhead that can be replaced with a extrusion head. More

PolyMaker's PC-Plus filament strong enough to lift 240 kg, now available without BuildTak

Feb.10, 2016 - Chinese filament manufacturers Polymaker has just released their excellent PC-Plus polycarbonate filament as a stand-alone product, and have revealed how strong it is: easily strong enough to lift 240 kg. More

Artistic duo 3D prints plays from all 50 Super Bowl games as sculptures

Feb.10, 2016 - As a tribute to the 50th edition of the Super Bowl, artistic duo benitez vogl have captured all the game data from all 50 finals in a series of impressive 3D printed frames. More

Under-construction Folsom Dam auxiliary spillway began life as 3D printed model

Feb.10, 2016 - A gargantuan auxiliary spillway is currently being built for the Folsom Dam in the Sacramento region by the US Army Corps of Engineers, who have just revealed that the most important mechanisms were all prototyped using 3D printing. More

Transitions Hair Solutions offering 3D printed realistic hairpieces for cancer survivors

Feb.10, 2016 - Transitions Hair Solutions, a New Jersey-based hair prosthesis provider, is providing 3D printed hairpieces for hair loss sufferers. The hairpieces, which can cost between $2,000 and $15,000, have already been made for several cancer survivors. More

Scientists use graphene-based inks to 3D print ultralight supercapacitors

Feb.10, 2016 - Researchers from the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory and UC Santa Cruz have created the first ever 3D printed supercapacitors using an ultra-lightweight graphene aerogel. The technology could greatly improve energy storage in smartphones, electric cars, and wireless sensors. More

Run Baby Run! Follow 3D printed baby across the world in amusing stop motion film

Feb.9, 2016 - Created by Eran Amir, Run Baby Run! is a 2:50 minute 3D printed stop motion animated film following a 3D printed baby as it 'runs' from location to location around the world. More

3D printed tactile picture books entertain and teach visually impaired children

Feb.9, 2016 - Tom Yeh and his team of students at the University of Colorado Boulder have been working hard to provide a variety of 3D printed tactile children's books meant for the visually impaired. More

Poietis successfully 3D prints living human tissue with laser-based 3D bioprinting

Feb.9, 2016 - French 3D bioprinting startup Poietis has used its proprietary laser-assisted 3D bioprinting technology to successfully 3D print living human tissue, proving that 3D printed skin is not only a possibility, but a reality. More

3Doodler Start: New 3D printing pen for kids puts comfort & safety first

Feb.9, 2016 - WobbleWorks, Inc., creator of the 3Doodler 3D printing pen, has unveiled a child-friendly version of its popular 3D drawing tool. The 3Doodler Start, marketed to 8-14-year-olds, will retail for $49.99. More

'Message in a Cake' paste extruder 3D prints hidden images right into your dessert

Feb.9, 2016 - Industrial design student Daniel Wilkens has developed a specialized paste extruder for his RepRap 3D printer that has the ability to 3D print custom images or hidden messages directly into a cake. The 3D printed cake designs can spell out personal messages and turn dessert into a storytelling event. More

Felicia Day models stunning 3D printed Dream Regalia Armor by Melissa Ng in fantasy photo shoot

Feb.9, 2016 - Actress, gamer and Internet Queen Felicia Day recently modeled the 3D printed Dreamer Regalia Armor, a custom-made, 3D printed fantasy costume designed by artist Melissa Ng. More

SolidWorks announces Apps for Kids to get young children interested in 3D design and STEM

Feb.9, 2016 - In an attempt to get children as young as 4 interested in 3D design and the STEM fields, SolidWorks announced the Apps for Kids software at the SolidWorks World convention, which will provide a fun and educational 3D design platform for kids. More

Dutch designers are using sound to create stunning 3D printed ceramics with custom 3D printer

Feb.9, 2016 - Dutch industrial artist Olivier van Herpt and sound designer Ricky van Broekhoven have collaborated to bring us Solid Vibrations, a project that uses sound to create uniquely textured 3D printed ceramic pieces. More

UC San Diego team 3D bioprints lifelike liver tissue with hopes of saving lives

Feb.9, 2016 - A team of engineers at UC San Diego has recently developed a lightning quick approach to 3D bioprinting liver cells, speeding up potential life-saving drug testing in the process. More

3D printed 'Linespace' display lets blind people explore images & maps by touch

Feb.9, 2016 - Members of the Hasso Plattner Institut (HPI), a computer science and mechanical engineering organization, have developed a tactile display system for the blind using a 3D printer print head. Linespace features a 140x100cm display area on which raised tactile lines are created by the 3D printer. More

Raspberry Pi users can now 3D print a replica of Tim Peake's £3,000 Astro Pi flight case

Feb.8, 2016 - The Raspberry Pi Foundation has released the 3D printing files for its Astro Pi enclosure, as used by British astronaut Tim Peake aboard the International Space Station. The cases sent to space cost '3,000 ($4,300) to produce, but makers can print their own replicas for a fraction of that price. More

EpiBone pioneers 3D printed animal bone scaffolding for human bone regrowth

Feb.8, 2016 - While regenerative bone surgery now still relies on a patient's own bone grafts or cadaver bones, NYC-based startup EpiBone is pioneering a method involving stem cell bone growth within a custom 3D printed scaffold made from animal bone material. More

U.S. Army to 3D scan 41-foot Coast Guard utility boat as part of ongoing quality control practices

Feb.8, 2016 - The Weapons Development and Integration (WDI) Directorate Metrology Team, one of six U.S. Army Research, Development, and Engineering Command (AMRDEC) centers, has been using 3D scanning systems to recreate high quality 3D models of aircraft and other objects. More

3D printed chameleon robot changes color to adapt to surroundings

Feb.8, 2016 - A mechanical chameleon, encased in a 3D printed shell and covered with plasmonic displays, automatically changes its color in order to blend into various backgrounds. The robot chameleon's technology could be used in military and biomimetic research applications. More

Lucian Popescu's amazing 3D printed Pandov Chess Set now completed

Feb.8, 2016 - Romanian designer Lucian Popescu has completed his amazing 3D printed Pandov Chess Set, featuring an elegant reimagined set of white and black armies that gets the most out of Shapeways' 3D printing services. More

3D printed 'Spermbots' boost sperm mobility and could help solve male infertility

Feb.8, 2016 - Researchers in Germany have used a Nanoscribe 3D printer to develop tiny 'micro-motors' that can actually help boost a sperm's ability to actively swim and latch onto an egg. These 3D printed 'Spermbots' have proven very successful in lab tests, and could eventually be used to help solve this aspect of male infertility. More

Warwick engineers develop micro-SLA 3D printing process for functional piezoceramic materials

Feb.8, 2016 - A team of engineers from the University of Warwick have just developed a new microstereolithography technique for 3D printing functional piezoceramic materials that can be used for the production of sensors and scanners. More

Turn your drone footage into a 3D printed model using the DroneDeploy app

Feb.8, 2016 - Cloud-based drone software DroneDeploy, used primarily for creating detailed and accurate 3D terrain and architectural models, has now made it possible to turn footage captured by a drone into a ready-to-print 3D model. More

Swedish metal 3D printing expert Arcam sees big growth in 2015

Feb.8, 2016 - The previous year has been a very successful one for Swedish metal 3D printing experts Arcam, who have just revealed that their sales and income have increased dramatically over 2015, while they already have numerous orders lined up for 2016. More

Dutch entrepreneurs 3D print a 20-feet submarine for military and oil platform applications

Feb.8, 2016 - Dutch entrepreneur Filip Jonker recently joined forces with large scale 3D printing expert Jasper Menger to develop small carbon fiber 3D printed submarines that can carry up to two people and can be used for underwater repairs and exploration. More

Student designs 'Curatio' 3D hand scanner equipped with 32x Raspberry Pi cameras

Feb.8, 2016 - A student from Netherlands' Delft University of Technology has designed a 3D scanner which uses 32 Raspberry Pi cameras to make accurate 3D scans of a human hand. Pieter Smakman, creator of the 'Curatio', believes his contraption to be the first dedicated 3D hand scanner of its kind. More

Russia uses 3D printing in production of colossal T-14 Armata tank

Feb.8, 2016 - Electromashina JSC, a manufacturer of armored vehicles for the Russian army, has revealed that it is using an industrial 3D printer to produce an Armata tank, the standard next-generation armored vehicle platform of the Russian military. More

Melissa Ng 3D prints stunning Dream Regalia Armor for actress Felicia Day

Feb.7, 2016 - Fantasy 3D mask designer Melissa Ng teamed up with Shapeways and CoKreeate to design a stunning, custom-fitted suit of armor for actress Felicia Day. After more than 228 hours of dedicated work, the 3D printed Dreamer Regalia Armor is finally complete. More

Framelapp's facial 3D scanning helps create perfectly fitted 3D printed eyewear

Feb.7, 2016 - Whether shopping for sunglasses or prescription eyewear, finding the perfect frames to fit your face can be a tricky task. German 3D printed eyewear company Framelapp has developed a new 3D scanning technology that is able to design the perfect customized frames to fit your face. More

German designer 3D prints custom high heel shoes for his wife

Feb.7, 2016 - Just in time for Valentine's day, a German mechatronics engineer has designed a 3D printed a stylish, custom, and actually comfortable pair of high-heel shoes for his wife using ABS filament and a desktop 3D printer. More

Structo enters new territory with dentistry specific OrthoForm and high-speed OmniForm 3D Printers

Feb.7, 2016 - Singapore based Structo is expanding its 3D printer repertoire into the ever-growing dental and industrial design markets with two new high-speed MSLA 3D printers while at the same time solidifying a software partnership with Materialise. More

How to make stunning voronoi patterns with Autodesk Fusion 360 and Meshmixer

Feb.6, 2016 - Parametric designs based on the Voronoi pattern are popular in the 3D printing community and beyond. Adafruit has recently created a helpful video tutorial that lets you make your own using Autodesk Fusion 360 and Meshmixer. More

Get to grips with these funky 3D printed climbing holds

Feb.6, 2016 - Instructables user Whitney Potter has published a tutorial for making customized climbing holds with a 3D printer. Following Potter's method, makers can print their own molds in thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) before filling them with polyurethane resin to create the finished hold. More

Cosmetic surgeon Dr. Kotlus designs 3D printed surgical tools for eyelid surgeries

Feb.6, 2016 - Accomplished physician Dr. Brett Kotlus has designed two 3D printed surgical instruments for use during eyelid surgeries which did not previously exist on the market. The stainless steel 3D printed eyelid wand and 3D printed pinch forceps are available for purchase through Shapeways. More

Fool your friends with the Three Deck Illusion, a 3D printed card trick

Feb.6, 2016 - Mark Fuller has created a 3D printed version of a deceptively simple card trick, in which three identical decks of cards appear to weigh the same as a single deck alone. The free STL files for 3D printing are up on Thingiverse, so you can create this clever illusion at home. More

Make your own 3D printed Fallout 4 'Pip-Boy 3000 MKVI' powered by Raspberry Pi

Feb.6, 2016 - Adafruit's Ruiz Brothers have published an online tutorial for a 3D printed replica of the 'Pip-Boy 3000', a wrist-computer worn by the protagonist of the 'Fallout' series of video games. The 3D printed cosplay accessory uses a Raspberry Pi and packs several cool features. More

3YOURMIND launches free Vectorworks 2016 3D printing plugin for simplified 3D printing

Feb.5, 2016 - Berlin-based 3YOURMIND has launched a free plugin for 3D design software Vectorworks 2016 that allows professional architects and designers to directly check, analyze, repair and optimize their files for 3D printing. The plugin also connects to 3YOURMIND's online comparison tool, where users can compare the prices and materials of different 3D printing companies. More

Watch a skier capture stunning 360-degree footage with 3D printed camera rig and iPhone 6

Feb.5, 2016 - Professional skier and visual artist Nicolas Vuignier has designed a 3D printed camera rig that attaches to his iPhone 6, allowing him to capture mesmerizing, 360-degree footage of himself while skiing. The resulting film, titled Centriphone, is definitely worth a watch. More

Moon2STL lets you 3D print the moon

Feb.5, 2016 - For his latest project, Moon2STL, Thatcher Chamblerlin has converted a topographical model of the lunar surface into a navigable STL file, allowing users to explore and select a portion of the Moon's surface to 3D print at home. More

Kids design their own 3D printed prosthetics with Autodesk and KIDmob's Superhero Cyborgs

Feb.5, 2016 - Autodesk and KIDmob recently held the Superhero Cyborgs workshop, inviting six kids born with upper-limb disabilities to design custom 3D printed prosthetics imbued with 'super powers' that reflect their interests and individualities. More

Statasys ESD PEKK 3D printing thermoplastic prevents electrostatic discharge on satellites

Feb.5, 2016 - Stratasys Advanced Materials has developed ESD PEKK, an ESD-safe thermoplastic designed for spacecraft equipment. Parts made from the resistant material can be used straight from the 3D printer, eliminating the need for costly post-processing steps. More

BioArchitects announces FDA approval of 3D printed titanium cranial plate implants

Feb.5, 2016 - Custom medical solutions company BioArchitects recently announced the approval of their patient specific 3D printed titanium cranial/craniofacial plate implants by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). More

Bone Therapeutics and Kasios develop 3D bioprinted 'waffle' structures for improved spinal fusion and bone fracture repair

Feb.5, 2016 - European biotechs Bone Therapeutics and Kasios have extended a collaboration to develop a novel product for spinal fusion procedures that uses a spinal fusion cage, made from a 3D bioprinted synthetic matrix, or waffle, to improve natural bone regeneration. More

Thermaltake launches 3DMakers platform for 3D printable PC mods and accessories

Feb.5, 2016 - Thermaltake, a globally recognized manufacturer of computer cases and power supplies, has just launched 3DMakers, a professional platform for free, 3D printable PC mods, case components and accessories. More

Dutch architect, Janjaap Ruijssenaars, unveils 3D printed bench inspired by his plans for the Landscape House

Feb.5, 2016 - In 2013, Dutch architect Janjaap Ruijssenaars impressed us all with his plans to create a 3D printed concept house called the Landscape House. Though the construction has not yet started, Ruijssenaars has made a 3D printed bench reminiscent of his building's design, which will be unveiled in Amsterdam. More

Cloud based KIRI:MOTO slicer makes 3D printing easy straight from your web browser

Feb.5, 2016 - Slicing, the process of converting a 3D model file into a format a 3D printer can read is mandatory step before any 3D printing can take place. KIRI:MOTO is a web based slicing plaform that is feature rich, and easy to use. More

Team CurVoxels creates a new method of using robots to build stunning 3D printed voxelized chairs

Feb.5, 2016 - A group of students from the Bartlett School of Architecture at the University College London have created a set of stunning 3D printed chairs using a new additive manufacturing technique that allows them to create extremely detailed and complex structures. More

Mechanical 3D printed dove delivers message of peace, hope and joy

Feb.5, 2016 - 3D designer Mike Le Page as created an elegant 3D printed dove comprised of 29 moving parts that can be printed in a single run, with no assembly required. The 3D printed dove demonstrates the capabilities of SLS 3D printing, while also spreading a symbolic message of peace, joy, and hope. More

Researchers reveal a swarm of 3D printed self learning aquatic robots that can cooperate with each other

Feb.5, 2016 - Researchers from two Lisbon universities have developed a swarm of intelligent 3D printed aquatic surface robots. These 3D printed robots could be deployed in their hundreds or even thousands and could be used for environmental monitoring, search and rescue, and maritime surveillance. More

Low-cost 3D Printed OrigiGrip robotic hand launches on Indiegogo

Feb.4, 2016 - 3D printing has provided a means to innovate in the hobbyist community for years now. The low-cost, dexterous robot gripper ORIGIGRIP just launched on Indiegogo proves this yet again. More

BeAM repairs more than 800 aerospace parts with industrial metal 3D printers

Feb.4, 2016 - French 3D printing startup BeAM manufactures industrial metal 3D printers that utilize LMD 3D printing technology to repair worn down or defective critical parts for the aerospace and aircraft industries. Using BeAm's LMD 3D printers, more than 800 aerospace parts have already been repaired at the world's highest level of qualification. More

3D printed brace gives injured NFL star Thomas Davis shot at Super Bowl glory

Feb.4, 2016 - Thanks to a custom-made 3D printed brace by Whiteclouds, Carolina Panthers' all-pro linebacker Thomas Davis might soon become the first NFL player ever to wear a piece of 3D printed equipment during the Super Bowl. More

3D modeling software firm Autodesk to sack 10% of workforce as part of restructuring plan

Feb.4, 2016 - Software firm and 3D design specialist Autodesk today announced a restructuring plan that will prompt 925 staff layoffs'approximately 10% of the company's workforce. The restructuring is intended to help accelerate the company's transition to the cloud and a subscription-based business model. More

Z3DLab patents titanium-ceramic metal 3D printing powder for medical and aerospace applications

Feb.4, 2016 - French 3D printing company Z3DLab has developed and patented ZTi-powder, the first titanium-ceramic composite for metal 3D printing, and the hardest material for SLM 3D printing in the world. Combining the strength of ceramic zerconia with the malleability of titanium, ZTi-powder can be used in 3D printed medical implants and areospace parts. More

3D Zings creates custom 3D printed skull-protecting prosthetic for cancer patient

Feb.4, 2016 - Spanish 3D printing company 3D Zings created a custom-made, 3D printed skull-protecting prosthetic for a young man whose cranium and brain were left extremely vulnerable after a tumor removal surgery. More

Via Ludibunda launches a Kickstarter to build 3D printable terrain for RPGs and Wargaming

Feb.4, 2016 - Via Ludibunda, a French miniature wargames and RPG design company, has launched a Kickstarter campaign for its range of 3D printed gameplay scenery. Backers can download their own 3D printable building sets for €15+. More

Airwolf 3D introduces new 3D printing nylon adhesive, Wolfbite NITRO

Feb.4, 2016 - Additive manufacturing tech company Airwolf 3D recently announced the release of their new product, Wolfbite NITRO, a 3D printing adhesive to be used specifically with nylon and nylon alloy polymer blends. More

Ourobotics releases completely open source Renegade 3D bioprinter

Feb.4, 2016 - 3D bioprinting startup Ourobotics has just introduced their second 'revolution' to the bioprinting industry: an entirely open source 3D bioprinter called the Renegade. Designed to open up 3D bioprinting tech to the educational and biomaking communities, and the free, DIY instructions for this open source 3d bioprinter are now available to download via Ourobotics and More

High school student develops 3D printed ring to monitor Parkinson's disease symptoms

Feb.4, 2016 - High school student at Cupertino High School in California, Utkarsh Tandona, has developed a 3D printed ring that is capable of monitoring Parkinson's patients' tremors and translating them into data accessible through an iOS app. More

Tabulate's accident-proof, 3D printed smartphone & tablet case can be mounted anywhere

Feb.4, 2016 - An Indiegogo campaign has been launched for Tabulate, a 3D printed, ergonomic phone and tablet case. The simple tech accessory, designed for Apple and Android devices, promises to 'eliminate discomfort and slipping'. More

The first-ever industrial 3D printing center in the Baltics opens in Riga

Feb.4, 2016 - 3D printing company Baltic3D has opened the first-ever industrial 3D printing center within the Baltic States in the Latvian capital of Riga. The 3D printing center, equipped with several Stratasys machines, will be dedicated to the small-scale production of plastic products for both regional and international companies. More

West Virginia carpenter on target with (mostly) 3D printed semi-automatic gun

Feb.3, 2016 - A YouTuber going by the name of 'Derwood' has released a video demonstrating the Shuty-MP1, a 'mostly' 3D printed semi-automatic firearm capable of firing 9mm rounds. According to its creator, 95% of the weapon has been 3D printed in PLA. More

$582.7B Pentagon budget proposal includes plan for 3D printed microdrones

Feb.3, 2016 - US Defense Secretary Ash Carter has outlined plans for several new military projects during a preview of the Pentagon's fiscal year 2017 budget request. Included in the budget proposal is a plan to build 3D printed microdrones. More

How to create your own 3D printed ocarina instrument using 3Doodler 3D printing pen

Feb.3, 2016 - Artist Carrie Michael goes into detail about how to create your very own 3D printed ocarina instrument using nothing but a few small tools and the 3Doodler pen. More

'Dremel Dreams' program integrates 3D printing and STEM education in the classroom

Feb.3, 2016 - American tool and technology company Dremel has officially launched its own 3D printing ecosystem, Dremel Dreams, to easily and comprehensively integrate additive manufacturing technologies into the classroom. More

Cell Applications & Cyfuse bring scaffold-free 'Kenzan Method' of 3D bioprinting to North America

Feb.3, 2016 - Cell Applications, Inc. and Cyfuse Biomedical K.K., both based in Japan, today announced the introduction of the 'Kenzan Method', a unique scaffold-free bioprinting technique which uses a needle array to precisely arrange cell aggregates into organic tissue, to the North American market. More

Chinese Academy of Sciences achieves breakthrough in high-speed continuous DLP 3D printing, building at 1cm/minute

Feb.3, 2016 - Researchers from the Chinese Academy of Sciences have developed a continuous growth 3D printing process using that builds on DLP and CLIP 3D printing techniques by adding a semi-permeable transparent window to the bottom of the resin vat, allowing for continuous 3D printing speeds up to 1 cm per minute. More

Siemens invests EUR 21.4M to open first metal 3D printing facility in Sweden

Feb.3, 2016 - German electrical engineering giant Siemens has made its first major investment into the industrial production of metal 3D printed components by opening a manufacturing facility for the mass production of metal 3D printed components, the first of its kind in Sweden. More

TU Delft creates a fully functional 3D-printed stainless steel bicycle using MX3D's multi axis robotic arm

Feb.3, 2016 - A student team from TU Delft in the Netherlands have designed and produced a fully functional 3D-printed stainless steel bicycle. The students achieved the goal of their three-month project by printing the frame of the bicycle with the help of MX3D in Amsterdam. More

Unique 3D printed PEKK part included on NASA's ICESat-2 Satellite

Feb.3, 2016 - NASA has another pioneering 3D printing innovation on its hands, as their under-construction ICESat-2 satellite will feature a 3D printed bracket made from an electrostatically dissipative thermoplastic called PEKK, that has never gone into space before. More

Sindoh reveals new focus on consumers with 3Dwox DP200 3D printer and SolidWorks integration

Feb.3, 2016 - South Korean 3D printer manufacturer Sindoh just revealed that they will be focusing on entry-level consumers with the help of their 3Dwox DP200 3D printer, which will be the first 3D printer to benefit from their integration into SolidWorks 3D design software. More

Introducing 3D Slash 2.0, powerful and easy-to-use 3D modeling software

Feb.3, 2016 - As the first edition proved to be very popular, the second version of fun entry-level 3D Slash 3D modeling software is now available with more options, but without sacrificing that playful and open nature. More

Turn your 3D printer into a full-fledged production line with 'Many-Maker' injection molding kit

Feb.3, 2016 - An Indiegogo campaign has been launched for the Many-Maker, a 3D printing accessory which allows makers to create low-cost injection-molded copies of their 3D creations. Prices for the accessory start at $399. More

South Korea's Sentrol showcases its sand-based SS600 SLS 3D printer at Tokyo's 3D Printing 2016

Feb.2, 2016 - With a growing world-wide diversity in both where 3D printers are made and for which application, South Korea's 3D Printing company Sentrol impressed with the release of their SS600 sand-baed SLS 3D Printer at the 3D Printing 2016 Conference in Tokyo. More

Prisma 3D printed throwing dart makes a game out of everyday office supplies

Feb.2, 2016 - Looking to inject fun into even the most drab of office cubicles, designer Elvin Chu has created Prisma, an clever and economical 3D printed dart that can be easily assembled with the most basic of office supplies, including a standard pushpin and a few sticky notes. More

Researchers achieve breakthrough in stronger 3D printed bone implants

Feb.2, 2016 - Researchers from Nottingham Trent have achieved a major step forward in improving the strength of 3D printed bone implants by combining crystals grown in sub-zero temperatures with 3D printing technology. The 3D printed synthetic bone research could benefit cancer patients or accident victims who have suffered significant bone loss recover much faster. More

Hyrel 3D injects versatility into 3D printing with Syringe Delivery System (SDS) extruders

Feb.2, 2016 - Hyrel 3D, a Georgia-based 3D printer manufacturer, has launched its Syringe Delivery System (SDS) line of extruders, starting at $400. The devices, compatible with existing Hyrel 3D printers, allow users to print in a wide range of materials using standard medical syringes. More

G2A and 3DGence launch G2A 3D+ all-in-one 3D printing platform for gamers

Feb.2, 2016 - G2A and 3DGence have partnered to offer an all-in-one 3D printing platform for video game publishers and developers that will allow users to create customized, 3D printed models of video game characters and content. More

3D bioprinting startup Ourobotics wins top prize at SVOD Europe

Feb.2, 2016 - Ourobotics, the Irish 3D bioprinting company behind the Revolution multi-material 3D bioprinter, has won first place in'the inaugural SVOD (Silicon Valley Open Doors) Europe startup competition, hosted by Google. More

Watch Taiwan researchers successfully launch eco-friendly, 3D printed APPL-9C rocket

Feb.2, 2016 - A locally-designed and developed rocket featuring a 3D printed PLA and fibreglass-based shell was successfully launched in Taiwan this week. The APPL-9C rocket's test launch, produced by the Advanced Rocket Research Center, was part of a test run for the larger, multistage HTTP-3 hybrid rocket, which is scheduled to launch later this year. More

This 3D printed Archelis wearable chair from Japan allows surgeons to sit down during long surgeries

Feb.2, 2016 - In an attempt to reduce fatigue for surgeons who have to stand for hours during complex operations, a team of Japanese researchers have created the 3D printed Archelis wearable chair that helps support muscles while standing. More

SolidWorks to integrate material selection and 3D printing into SolidWorks 3D CAD design software

Feb.2, 2016 - SolidWorks is known as an excellent and complex difficult 3D design option, but they are now trying to better integrate material selection and 3D printing into their software, in part through a partnership with Korean 3D printer manufacturers Sindoh. More

Tethon 3D releases Porcelite ceramic 3D printing resin for SLA, DLP 3D printers

Feb.2, 2016 - The Omaha, Nebraska-based 3D printing service provider Tethon 3D has just launched a Kickstarter campaign for Porcelite, a 3D printable resin that mimics the qualities of ceramic porcelain and is compatible with SLA and DLP resin 3D printers. More

3Dom USA releases new bio-based 3D printing filament made from hemp

Feb.2, 2016 - 3Dom USA, the company responsible for 3D printing filament made from coffee and beer, has now released a new bio-based 3D printing filament made from industrial hemp. More

CTC Electronics announces Riverbase 500 industrial SLA 3D printer

Feb.2, 2016 - After a very succesful year Zhuhai CTC Electronics is now ready to enter the industrial 3D printing market, and are going to do so with the just-announced formidable Riverbase 500 SLA 3D printer, featuring high-speed laser galvanometer scanning technology. More

Stratasys and Adobe team up to simplify workflow for full-colour Objet Connex3 3D Printer

Feb.2, 2016 - The steps necessary going from design to finished 3D print can be cumbersome at the best of times. A new partnership between Adobe Systems and 3D Printer manufacturer Stratasys brings the process from 7 steps to just 2. More

Open RC contest invites makers to 3D print the perfect RC car accessory

Feb.1, 2016 - Open RC has partnered with Canadian 3D printing firm Pinshape and the Swedish ZYYX+ 3D Printers to host the inaugural Open RC Accessory Design Contest. The contest encourages makers to produce 3D printed spoilers, tires, and other components which will fit into the Open RC design. More

Laurent Bernadac covers X-Files theme song with entirely 3D printed electric violin

Feb.1, 2016 - To celebrate the revival of The X-Files and to show off both the design and sound quality of his transparent 3D printed electric violin, musician Laurent Bernadac has released a spooky black and white music video in which he covers the original X-Files theme song using his entirely 3D printed 3DVarius. More

3D printing software, sensors, and carbon nanotubes among top Advanced Materials trends of 2016

Feb.1, 2016 - Lux Research has predicted three of the top 'undercover' advanced materials trends of 2016, including the scale production of carbon nanotube products, 3D printing companies shifting to software and sensors for differentiation, and the emergence of IoT creating opportunities in novel sensing materials. More

3D printed brain model reveals physics of how human brains fold

Feb.1, 2016 - An international team of researchers based in the US, Finland and France 3D printed a fetal brain model using various soft gels to mimic the growth of an actual human brain. The results revealed that the folded structure of our cortex is determined by a physical growth process, a finding that could have implications for diagnosing and treating brain-related diseases. More

MarkForged unveils 40% faster Mark Two carbon fiber 3D printer

Feb.1, 2016 - MarkForged, Inc. today unveiled its Mark Two industrial strength 3D printer, offering a 40% faster fiber printing process, the ability to reinforce features 15X smaller than before, and numerous other improvements. More

Take a Sneak Peek at Revolutionary Sculptable 3D printing filament by Adam Beane

Feb.1, 2016 - Adam Beane Industries has developed two soon-to-be-launched 3D printing filaments that can be continuously sculpted and modified after the 3D printing process. Combining digital and traditional sculpting techniques, the Cx5 and Cx5s sculptable 3D printing filaments promise open new doors in 3D printing design. More

New study shows health hazards of 3D printing, suggests PLA could be your safest bet

Feb.1, 2016 - While it's no secret that small particles are emitted into the air during 3D printing, a new study reveals that 3D printing in confined, unventilated spaces can be bad for your health, as especially ABS, PCTPE, and HIPS filaments release toxic emissions. More

Mayku to build desktop factories to help the world make locally again

Feb.1, 2016 - With the assistance of 3D printing, startup Mayku is hoping to produce the tools to manufacture complex products, and further the maker spirit, with a world-wide network of makers. More

UNICEF to invest in technology startups to help children through 3D printing, AI, renewable energy etc

Feb.1, 2016 - The United Nations Children's Fund has recently launched a new initiative through which they will begin to invest more money into technology start-ups that have the potential to better the lives of disadvantaged and vulnerable children all over the world. Technologies include 3D printing, blockchain, renewable energy, artificial intelligence. More

Japanese prosecutors seek $6600 fine for 3D printed vagina artist Megumi Igarashi

Feb.1, 2016 - In a controversial court case that revolves around Japan's obscenity laws, Japanese prosecutors have asked the judge to fine 3D printed vagina artist Megumi Igarashi $6600 for spreading 3D printable models of her vagina among crowdfunding backers. More

Ikea to explore on-site 3D printer repair/recycle stations in new pilot program

Feb.1, 2016 - In an attempt to reduce waste, Swedish flat pack giant Ikea has launched pilot programs in France and Belgium where customers can bring broken or old furniture to repair stations, where they will be recycled or fixed with the help of 3D printed parts. More

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