ESA works with Forster + Partners to build moon base using 3D printer 

Jan.31, 2013 -  The European Space Agency (ESA) reports today its industrial partner renowned architects Foster + Partners have joined with ESA to test the feasibility of 3D printing using lunar soil. More 

First step of 3D printed hexapod robot Bleuette

Jan.31, 2013 -   Bleuette is a 3D printed hexapod robot with 6 legs and designed to run without any help. Each leg has two degrees of freedom and is driven by two independent servo-motor model. More

Time to save up your plastic junk for recyling: mini shredder and FilaMaker 

Jan.31, 2013 -  FilaMaker is a personal filament producing machine that grinds old plastic and make new filament for your 3D printer. More 

Organovo partners with OHSU to develop accurate 3D cancer models 

Jan.31, 2013 -  Organovo Holdings, Inc. (ONVO), a six-year-old startup, announced a partnership with the Knight Cancer Institute at the Oregon Health & Science University (OHSU) in Portland, OR, to develop more accurate 3D cancer models that could lead to new cancer therapeutics. More 

New White Paper: So, What is the Deal with Copyright and 3D Printing?

Jan.30, 2013 -   Public Knowledge announces today a new whitepaper: What's the Deal with Copyright and 3D Printing? This paper is a follow up to their previous 3D printing whitepaper. More

Backstage interview: How 3D printed dress were created 

Jan.30, 2013 -  Objet released a video today their very own catwalk backstage interview with the creators: Dutch fashion designer Iris van Herpen and professor Neri Oxman from the MIT's Media Lab. More 

Geomagic Releases Freeform 2013, CEO Ping Fu on BBC: 3D printing is 'as big as the internet' 

Jan.30, 2013 -  Geomagic released yesterday its newest version of Geomagic Freeform 3D modeling software. Geomagic Freeform is a unique, touch-enabled solution that facilitates fast 3D modeling of highly detailed, organic shapes.More 

Experiencing 3D printing with creativity and fun at FabCafe Tokyo

Jan.30, 2013 -   FabCafe is a space where people can enjoy making things, have a cup of coffee in an exciting environment furnished with a variety of digital fabrication tools, including 3D printers and laser cutters. More

Reproduce your 3D acient figure with ANOMALIZMO and 3D printer

Jan.30, 2013 -   Japanese company Interculture created Anomalizmo, a WEB application which creates instant 3D model of an individual in the ancient times. More

NSWC Carderock created first ship model using a 3D printer 

Jan.30, 2013 -  U.S. Naval Surface Warfare Center (NSWC) Carderock Division completed a 3D printed model of the hospital ship USNS Comfort (T-AH 20) on Jan. 10, 2013. More 

Create 3D portrait sculptures using DNA samples and 3D printer

Jan.29, 2013 -   One of her recent projects is Stranger Visions. In Stranger Visions, Dewey-Hagborg creates portrait sculptures from unknown random people. More

i.Materialise shares file for 3D printing a functional Nokia Lumia 820 case 

Jan.29, 2013 -  After Nokia released its 3D printing file for the Lumia 820 covers, engineers at i.Materialise printed a few of the shells and found out the plans provided are too brittle to be used. More 

Make a Nexus 4 dock on a Makerbot Replicator 

Jan.29, 2013 -  Thingiverse user Micah Ganske didn't want to wait any longer to get an official Nexus 4 dock, so he made his own in Blender.  More 

3D printing market in Japan: 7.7 billion yen by 2015

Jan.29, 2013 -   Yano Economic Research Institute Japan releases survey results on the domestic 3D printing market. The survey forecasts that Japanese 3D printing market will increase to 7.7 billion yen. More

Are 3D printing stocks overvalued? 3D Systems, Stratasys plunge 

Jan.29, 2013 -  Yesterday a post by a Seeking Alpha contributor says 3D Systems (DDD) maybe overvalued. Sratasys (SSYS) has emerged as the chief competitor of 3D Systems (DDD) in the industry.  More 

Falling cost of 3D printers leads to rise in personalised sex toys 

Jan.28, 2013 -  The falling cost of 3D printers has seen a rise in demand for personalised sex toys that can be printed at home. But The mainstream 3D printing industry seems reluctant to talk about this nascent trend. More 

3D printing company ExOne announces terms for its $75 million IPO

Jan.28, 2013 -   ExOne Company (Nasdaq: XONE), a global provider of three-dimensional printers and printed products to industrial customers, today announced terms for its IPO. More

3D printed Batman, Superman, Transformer bottle opener rings 

Jan.28, 2013 -  Every guy has a beer bottle opener of some kind, but not everyone has a 3D printed stainless bottle opener rings with Bat signal.  More 

China may become a major 3D printing market for Stratasys  

Jan.28, 2013 -  Two leading professional 3D printer manufacturers, Stratasys and Objet completed its merger in December. After the merger the new company has more than 50% market share of the professional 3D printers. More 

Award-winning project: Low-cost, 3D printable prosthetic hand (video) 

Jan.28, 2013 -   The low-cost, 3D printable prosthetic hand is similar to the human hand and is purely mechanical and has no electronic parts. More

Homemade 3D printed Mario 

Jan.28, 2013 -  This Mario below is very different from those official action figures, it is made and printed by Seigey on a 3D printer and then painted afterwards.  More 

Thinking like Archimedes with a 3D printer 

Jan.27, 2013 -  This approach allowed us to create physical proofs of results known to Archimedes and illustrate ideas of a mathematician who is known both for his for his mechanical inventions. More 

Building a 3D printer that can print two objects at once

Jan.27, 2013 -   For his no.4 3D printer he wants something not only portable, but can print two identical objects simultaneously. More

First 3d Printing Store in Colorado 

Jan.26, 2013 -  Colorado's first 3D printing store was opened in December 2013 in Denver. More 

Egyptian Mummy's Elaborate Hairstyle Revealed with CT scanning and 3D printing 

Jan.26, 2013 -  Thanks to skeletal data from recent CT scans and 3D printing technology, a forensic artist were able to reconstruct the faces of this woman, along with two other mummies. More 

Pez Hacking: customised Pez sweet dispensers with 3D-printed heads

Jan.25, 2013 -   Since we have been totally obsessed with 3D scanning since the Eamesunk Chair Remix. For this project, we decided to remix the human body to create personalized Pez dispenser heads. More

Printrbot launches new iPhone App for finding and downloading 3D Models 

Jan.25, 2013 -  Printrbot launches a new iPhone App "Marrz", a community of "Makers" sharing open source files for 3D printing, laser cutting and machining (CNC). More 

US Department of Homeland Security planning to adopt rapid prototyping in R&D 

Jan.25, 2013 -  DHS issues a Request for Information (RFI) for gathering all the information about rapid prototyping, aiming to introduce rapid prototyping technology into R&D and mission for S&T. More 

CARTIS to Showcase Benefits of Digital Design and Additive Fabrication in Maxillofacial Surgery

Jan.25, 2013 -   CARTIS will present its best practices for the production of custom medical devices using digital technologies and additive manufacturing fabrication methods. More

3D printed Game of Thrones inspired iPhone/Android Dock 

Jan.25, 2013 -  Inspired by the Iron Throne, Maker mstyle183 designed an iPhone 5 dock and printed on a 3D printer. More 

Make a DIY 3D bioprinter out of an old inkjet to print biomaterials 

Jan.25, 2013 -  BioCurious is a hackerspace, working laboratory and technical library located in Sunnyvale, CA. Not like many other hackspaces, BioCurious is a hackerspace for biotech. More 

Clean and elegant DeltaMaker personal 3D printer

Jan.24, 2013 -   DeltaMaker is a clean looking personal 3D printer built on a delta robot platform. It has a rigid aluminum extrusion construction. More

Open-source 3D printed RoboHand changes one little boy's life 

Jan.24, 2013 -  Liam is nearly 5 years old and was born with Ambiotic Band Syndrome. He has no fingers on his right hand. More 

Olaf Diegel launched a new 3D printed electric guitar Americana 

Jan.24, 2013 -  3D Systems announced today a brand new, one-of-a-kind 3D printed guitar, the Americana, embedding the rich details of New York City's most memorable landmarks. More 

Build your own fantastical characters with 3D printed modular action figures ModiBot

Jan.24, 2013 -   Build and customize your own action bot, a figure that you could move around, pose and show up its personality. More

Give your own 3D chocolate face to your sweetheart on Valentine's Day 

Jan.24, 2013 -  "FabCafe" in Shibuya, Tokyo is organizing a workshop to offer women a chance to make 3D chocolates modeled from their own face using 3D scanner and 3D printer. More 

Gibbages custom 3D printed cases for your HTC Windows Phone 8X 

Jan.23, 2013 -  If you have an HTC Windows Phone 8X, you can buy your custom 3D printed case now. More 

What makers think of Nokia's 3D printing kits

Jan.23, 2013 -   But not everyone is impressed by the quality of released 3D printing files. Engineers at Materialise printed a few of the shells. More

New 3D Builder 3D printer from Netherlands 

Jan.23, 2013 -  Code P-West BV has 10 years experience in mechatronics and they have recently developed a compact desktop 3D printer "3D Builder". More 

3D print sugar filaments on RepRap for research in regenerative medicine (video) 

Jan.23, 2013 -  Miller involved with the 3D printing community since its infancy and he uses a RepRap 3D printer to print sugar filaments for research in regenerative medicine. More 

iRobot filed a patent for autonomous all-in-one 3D printing, milling, drilling and finishing robot

Jan.23, 2013 -   While some 3D printing manufacturing processes are currently automated, most still need human intervention and labor... More

'To mine asteroids' using MicroGravity Foundry 3D printer 

Jan.22, 2013 -  The MicroGravity Foundry is the first 3D printer that creates high-density, high-strength metal components even in zero gravity. More 

3D printed Open Design Bearina IUD (Concept) 

Jan.22, 2013 -  The Bearina IUD is a political product. It demonstrates the disruptive potential of 3D printed Open Designs to give free and global access to essential products. More 

Stratasys and Materialise 3D printed dress hit Paris Fashion Week at Iris van Herpen show 

Jan.22, 2013 -  Stratasys and Materialise today announced the unveiling of 3D printing collaborations on the catwalks of Paris Fashion Week as part of Iris van Herpen's Haute Couture show, 'VOLTAGE'. More 

Stratasys appoints Medicodi and PD Dental as channel partners for dental market in Korea 

Jan.21, 2013 -  Stratasys AP Ltd., a subsidiary of Stratasys, Ltd. a 3D printers and production systems manufacturer, today announced the appointment of Medicodi and PD Dental as new channel partners in Korea. More 

Nokia 3D Printing Challenge – Share Your Design Idea For Lumia 820 Phone Case!

Jan.21, 2013 -   IdeasProject started a new challenge: 3D Printing - Share a cool design for a Nokia Lumia 820 mobile phone case. More

First lab-grown hamburger to cost €250,000 

Jan.21, 2013 -  Back in August 2012, Paypal co-founder Peter Thiel and his philanthropic foundation announced a $350,000 donation for bioprinted meat and leather production. More 

China looks to 3D printing, related stocks surge 

Jan.21, 2013 -  China is likely to draw a long-term route map for 3D printing technology and to use tax incentives to speed up its development. More 

From idea to a company: Prototyping and manufacturing on a Makerbot 3D printer

Jan.21, 2013 -   Square, owned by Twitter inventor Jack Dorsey, is a handful mobile wallet app that offers sales data to small businesses. More

3D printing a low polygon mask 

Jan.20, 2013 -  BusyBotz's low polygon mask was printed in blue ABS on a MendelMax 1.5 3D printer. More 

Makerbot prints out first Lumia 820 cover with Nokia's 3D printing files 

Jan.20, 2013 -  One day after Nokia released its 3D printing file for the Lumia 820 covers, the forks at Makerbot have created their first Nokia Lumia 820 shell using a 3D printer. More 

InMoov: 3D printed robot that grabs, holds, drops, points finger (videos)

Jan.19, 2013 -   InMoov is designed to be a robot you can 3D print and animate. If you have 3D printer and some building skills, you can follow hairygael's steps to build up your own. More

NAMII named among top 'Innovations to Watch' by Brookings and Rockefeller Foundation 

Jan.19, 2013 -  NAMII was named as one of the top 10 "Innovations to Watch" by The Brookings Metropolitan Policy Program and The Rockefeller Foundation.  More 

Concept Laser releases New Mlab Cusing R metal 3D printer 

Jan.18, 2013 -  Concept Laser has just announced the new Mlab cusing R 3D printer which expands the previous range of materials to include titanium and titanium alloys. More 

3-meter long titanium airplane part 3D printed in one piece

Jan.18, 2013 -   The lab has made two Laser Additive Manufacturing machines with CO2 and YAG laser of several kilowatts beam power as heat source. More

Nokia releases 3D printing files for Lumia 820 cases 

Jan.18, 2013 -  Nokia has just released the 3D printing files for its Lumia 820. This Windows Phone 8 smartphone has an interchangeable shell... More 

Lockheed Martin and Sciaky partner on electron beam manufacturing Of F-35 parts 

Jan.17, 2013 -  The cost-effective advantage comes from the power density of the electron beam. The electron beam welding systems typically come with 42 kilowatts of power through standard 60/60 electron beam gun. More 

Open source MendelMax 2.0 beta kit is now available

Jan.17, 2013 -   Maker's Tool Works announces today the RepRap MendelMax 2.0 beta kit is now publicly available. More

New Stratasys' first 3d printed Model Using FDM and Inkjet Technologies 

Jan.17, 2013 -  Objet features their first model as a combined company: a 3D printed card and pen holder.  More 

China's first 3D Printing Experience Pavilion opened in Beijing 

Jan.17, 2013 -  China's first 3D Printing Experience Pavilion is officially opened on Jan 15th in Beijing DRC Industrial Design and Cultural Industry Base. More 

US Congressman introducing ban on 3D-printable gun magazines

Jan.17, 2013 -   On Wednesday Congressman Steve Israel stated on his website calling for a renewal of a revamped Undetectable Firearms Act that includes the ban of 3-D printed, plastic high-capacity magazines. More

New apps transform your Facebook profile into 3D printable art 

Jan.16, 2013 -  The Creators Project is launching a series of three new apps that transform your Facebook persona into 3D printable art. More 

ZERO TO MAKER: Learn to make (almost) anything in two months 

Jan.16, 2013 -  Learn what you need to make just about anything – a product, an invention you've been dreaming about, or even a Maker business.More 

First "scan to print" 3D printing shop in France

Jan.16, 2013 -   Last week another 3D printing shop is opened in France near Toulouse. Digiteyezer teamed up with Nailloux Fashion Village and Open Studio and presented an amazing attraction. More

Add 3D printed adapters to Cubelets 

Jan.16, 2013 -  Modular Robotics, the makers of Cubelets, were at the CES 2013 showing off their modular robotic construction kit for kids.More 

Time managzine video: Make your own products with 3D printing 

Jan.16, 2013 -  Time managzine put up a video summerizing how 3D printing reaches mainstream consumers through personalization.  More 

3D printable 1:10 Radio controlled truggy car

Jan.15, 2013 -   Thingiverse user barspin shared a nice project with everyone: a 3D printable 1:10 Radio controlled truggy car. More

Dutch architect to build "endless" house with 3D printer 

Jan.15, 2013 -  Dutch architect Janjaap Ruijssenaars (39) from Universe Architecture in Amsterdam designed a one-piece building which will be built on a 3D printer.More 

Making an UX5 tube socket using a 3D printer (video) 

Jan.15, 2013 -  In the video below Peter shows you how he made an UX5 vacuum tube socket using the 3D printer at local hackerspace, Tkkrlab in Enschede, the Netherlands. More 

Joshua Demonte: create architectural jewelry with 3D printing

Jan.15, 2013 -   To Philadelphia-based jewelry designer Joshua Demonte, architecture has always surrounded the body. His jewelry objects mimc ancient architectural elements activating the viers' perception of the wearer. More

WikiWeapon project fired 50 rounds with a 3D printed AR magazine (video) 

Jan.15, 2013 -  The Defense Distributed updated their progress with the 3D printed gun. The team made another test fire with a 3D printed AR magazine over the weekend and it was a success. More 

Leaders of the 3D printing revolution - Shapeways (video) 

Jan.15, 2013 -  The Creators Project is a global celebration of art and technology. Founded by a partnership between Intel and VICE, The Creators Project supports visionary artists.. More 

3D printing celebrates personalities while hiding lost limbs (video)

Jan.14, 2013 -   A Total Disruption, a YouTube channel about innovative technology companies and entrepreneurs who are changing our lives, recently produced a video about Bespoken Innovations. More

US army sent 2nd mobile 3D printing lab to Afghanistan 

Jan.14, 2013 -  The U.S. Army's Rapid Equipping Force (REF) deployed the second mobile laboratory to the war zone in Afghanistan on January 7, 2013.  More 

2nd version of Pocket-Tactics: the open source 3D printed miniatures game 

Jan.14, 2013 -  Pocket Tactics is also the first open-source miniatures game designed to be manufactured on a 3D printer. More 

Breaking the Mold Part II - Design Constraint Considerations

by Benjamin Becker | Jan.14, 2013 -   Today's current 3D printed ceramics have several factors which can limit the design of ceramic components. Some of the typical constraints of 3D printed ceramics are: More

NASA looks to 3D printing for Mars rover Curiosity 

Jan.14, 2013 -  You've heard NASA engineers use 3D printing to build a next-generation rover to support humans exploring other worlds, such as asteroids and, eventually, Mars. More 

3D scanning and 3D printing let the blind "see" their unborn child 

Jan.13, 2013 -  Called Human 3D Technology by its Brazilian inventors, the scanning technique was originally developed for educational purposes and as a tool for medical practitioners. More 

Inside Materialise's Headquarters

Jan.13, 2013 -   As one of leading additive manufacturing (also known as 3D Printing) service company, Materialise is helping bring great ideas to life with the newest technology. More

3D print your own Timesquare Watch body 

Jan.13, 2013 -  The stylish TIMESQUARE DIY Watch is an awesome good looking watch that has a 8x8 bit matrix display and a repurposed silicone watch band for a professional look. More 

CNN's The Next List: Neri Oxman's experiment with 3D printing buildings 

Jan.12, 2013 -  Is it possible to 3D print buildings? Neri Oxman believes we will soon be able to 3D print buildings. More 

CES interview: Sculpteo's CEO Clément Moreau

Jan.12, 2013 -   Sculpteo's co-founder and CEO of Clément Moreau discussed at CES 2013 about how he started the company, the difficulties he encountered in the beginning. More

Aol video: 3D Printing Is The Wave Of The Future 

Jan.12, 2013 -  There's a new kind of printer out there that could be changing technology as we know it. More 

CNC Simulator to introduce 3D printer simulator 

Jan.11, 2013 -  CNC Simulator announced recently it will introduce new machines, among them a 3D Printer. More 

Will 2013 Mark Consumer 3D Printing's Tipping Point?

By Fred Kahl | Jan.11, 2013 -   2012 was a momentous year for 3D printing, bringing us all a lot closer to the day we'll see one of these machines in every home. More

PuzzleCut lets you cut object into smaller pieces for 3d printing 

Jan.11, 2013 -  Nothing Labs (Rich Olson) put together an OpenSCAD Library - PuzzleCut which lets you easily cut objects into 2 or 4 interlocking pieces for 3d printing or laser cutting. More 

The world's thinnest watch with 3D printed charger 

Jan.11, 2013 -  Inspired by the possibilities of E Ink, Dave Vondle and Jerry O'Leary, founders of Central Standard Timing, created the world's thinnest watch: CST-01. More 

LulzBot AO-101 3D printer: Unboxing, assembly and first print (video)

Jan.11, 2013 -   In the video below Andrew showcases the AO-101 3D printer, from unboxing to a successful print. More

3D Systems buys COWEB 

Jan.10, 2013 -  3D Systems announced today that it has acquired COWEB, based in Paris, France, a start-up that creates consumer customized 3D printed products and collectibles. More 

Glenn Beck believes 3D printing is a game changer 

Jan.10, 2013 -  On Tuesday's radio show/online broadcast Glenn Beck featured a MakerBot 3D printer, the Replicator 2 and says it could change everything. During the program, the MakerBot replicator 2 was printing a mini plastic shark. More 

3D Systems launches Cubify development tools: AppCreate and Cubify API

Jan.10, 2013 -   3D Systems announced today two powerful tools for artists, modelers and app developers to easily bring their designs to life with 3D Printing: AppCreate and Cubify API. More

Assess 3D printers with the Rho Test 

Jan.10, 2013 -  When assessing 3D printers, build space provided by the manufacturers can be easily compared. However other data, such as print speed, quality, cost provided by the manufacturers are difficult to compare.  More 

Interviews at CES: Formlabs' Maxim Lobovsky & 3D Systems' Avi Reichental 

Jan.10, 2013 -  Techcrunch talked with Maxim Lobovsky, co-founder of Formlabs, about their Form 1 printer, a stereolithographic system that could achieve higher resolution and accuracy. More 

Discover and recreate 75-million-year-old fossil using CT scanning and 3D printing

Jan.9, 2013 -   Using CT scanning and 3D printing palaeontologists could study delicate bones and other ancient remains in great detail without destroying the precious specimens themselves. More

First Dutch 3D printing shop just opened in Haarlem (video) 

Jan.9, 2013 -  The first 3D printing shop of the Netherlands has opened its doors in Haarlem."You can bring your own design, and you can also make a customized product." say owner Hanneke van Pampus. More 

Cubify Capture Beta turns your images into 3D models 

Jan.9, 2013 -  3D Systems announced today Cubify Capture, a new portal service that allows users to upload photos and automatically transform the images into 3D models. More 

Leonar3Do Virtual Reality Kit brings 3D modeling into the mainstream

Jan.9, 2013 -   One awesome product at CES 2013 is a virtual reality system created by Hungarian startup Leonar3Do. Leonar3Do's technology opens a new dimension in human – computer interaction. More

3D printer company ExOne files for a $75 million IPO 

Jan.9, 2013 -  ExOne, a provider of 3D printing machines and printed products to industrial customers, filed on Tuesday with the SEC to raise up to $75 million in an initial public offering.  More 

Panasonic unveiled half-inch thick, 3D printed 4K OLED TV at CES 

Jan.8, 2013 -  Panasonic unveiled a prototype of the world's joint largest OLED screen today at their keynote at CES 2013. More 

Join UP! Contest to win a 3D printer of your very own

Jan.8, 2013 -   Post an Instructable between January 7th and April 1st that shows off your skills as a maker for your chance win one of 10 UP! 3D Printers. More

Update: MakerBot releasing Replicator 2X 3D printer later today

Jan.8, 2013 -  MakerBot is unveiling its newest desktop 3D printer at CES, the full-featured MakerBot Replicator 2X experimental 3D printer.  More 

Signing your 3D prints with digital/physical signature 

Jan.8, 2013 -  It happens almost everyday that things you made are copied by others. Chris, a Chicago maker came up with a speical solution: signing your 3D prints with a digital/physical signature. More 

Introducing Kikai Labs 3D printer from Argentina

Jan.8, 2013 -   Marcelo ruiz camauer presented prototype Kikai Labs 3D printer at a local IT trade show and won the "Rio Info Innovation award, Argentina". More

Creating large-scale parts with Sciaky's direct manufacturing (video) 

Jan.8, 2013 -  Chicago-based Sciaky provides groundbreaking direct manufacturing (DM) solution to save manufacturers time and money on the production of large, high-value metal parts and prototypes. More 

3D printed portraiture: Past, Present, and Future at CES 

Jan.8, 2013 -  California based artist Cosmo Wenman will exhibit a collection of his 3D printed artwork: "3D Printed Portraiture: Past, Present, and Future" at the 2013 Consumer Electronics Show. More 

Makerbot releases MakerWare 1.1 and Firmware 7.0

Jan.7, 2013 -   Makerbot releases today MakerWare 1.1 and MakerBot Firmware 7.0. What's New In MakerBot Firmware 7.0? More

Sculpteo presenting 3DPCase iPhone/iPad app at CES2013 

Jan.7, 2013 -  3DPCase by Sculpteo is the first ever app for customizing, manufacturing and ordering 3D printed iPhone cases. More 

3D Systems introducing New Cube & CubeX 3D printers

Jan.7, 2013 -  3D Systems launched today the new Cube and CubeX 3D printers. The new Cube 3D printer is the second generation at-home printer that can make anything you can imagine up to 5.5 inches cubed. More 

The early life of Draft Print 3D

by Andre Tiemann | Jan.7, 2013 -   This is where Draft Print 3D come in. After building two RepRap Prusa Mendels with a friend, it became clear to me that the hobbyist market had matured into something valuable. More

Powerlolu board: Powerful open source stepper-motor driver

Jan.7, 2013 -  German RepRap announces the availability of a powerful stepper motor driver board for RepRap 3D printers. More 

David Kelley interview: How to design breakthrough inventions

Jan.7, 2013 -  CBS news Charlie Rose interviewed one of the most innovative thinkers of our time, David Kelley, the founder of the Silicon Valley global design firm IDEO. More 

Francis Bitonti's collections: Integrating 3D printing into architectural design

Jan.6, 2013 -   New York-based architect and designer Francis Bitonti uses advanced technologies like algorithmic form generation and 3D printing to create his work. More

Tutorial: Designing a ring for 3D printing with Blender (video) 

Jan.6, 2013 -  Mikee Rice created a video tutorial on how to Designing a ring for 3D printing with Blender. More 

'People Wood' 3D printed infosculpture 

Jan.5, 2013 -  Inition created a crowd-sourced data sculpture featuring a forest of over 400 3D-printed trees. More 

Inition develops iPad-based augmented 3D-printing

Jan.5, 2013 -   Inition showcased the world first augmented reality/3D print combination proof-of-concept application that augmented computer graphic animations onto a real world 3D printed building. More

3D printed Atlas co-op bot got a fancy base 

Jan.5, 2013 -  PsychoBob has completed his 3D printed Atlas co-op bot project: as promised, he added a part 2, an awesome base to finish off the model.  More Technology may bring new industrial revolution 

Jan.4, 2013 -, one of the biggest newspaper in Germany, published an article "Technology May Bring New Industrial Revolution". More 

Sahara Force India teams up with 3D Systems for 2013 Formula One season

Jan.4, 2013 -   Sahara Force India Formula One Team announces the signing of a technical partnership with 3D Systems Corporation, a leading supplier of 3D content-to-print solutions. More

Turning children's drawings into 3D printed figurines 

Jan.4, 2013 -  Crayon Creatures is offering a 3D printing service that will bring kid's artwork to life with 3D printing technology. More 

First open source D3D scanner from 3D Creations

Jan.4, 2013 -  3D Creations, a Milwaukee-based reseller of affordable 3D printers and 3D scanners, is currently developing a low-cost open source 3D scanner. More 

All-in-one open-source electronics board RUMBA for 3D printer

Jan.4, 2013 -   Elvira Yang from Hong Kong developed a flexible all-in-one open-source electronics board RUMBA (Reprap Universal Mega Board with Allegro driver) for RepRap communities. More

GitHub releasing Make Me tools & an API for easy 3D printing

Jan.3, 2013 -  GitHub, the most popular open source code repository site, released today make-me for easy 3D printing. Make-me allows users to request a print on the MakerBot via HTTP. More 

3D printing helps develop the world's smallest hearing aid 

Jan.3, 2013 -  Using 3D printing Widex was the first company to produce some of the world's smallest, most comfortable hearing aids, that fits perfectly in each individual ear canal. More 

UC Irvine's RapidTech offers low-cost 3D printing service for businesses

Jan.3, 2013 -   The nonprofit RapidTech at UC Irvine offers low-cost, cutting-edge 3D printing service for businesses needing to quickly design and refine prototypes. More

3D Systems to acquire Geomagic 

Jan.3, 2013 -  3D Systems announced today that it has signed a definitive agreement to acquire Geomagic, Inc., provider of 3D authoring solutions including design, sculpt and scan software tools. More 

3D printing becoming popular in Tokyo 

Jan.3, 2013 -  The Maker Faire 2012 in Tokyo focused on the do-it-yourselfers and professionals who design and make their own products. The "maker" movement in Japan is growing. More 

Using 3D scanning and 3D printing to recreate 19th-century face jugs

Jan.3, 2013 -   One exhibit, a big silvery face jug has a modern story to tell: using 3D scanning and 3D printing technology researchers has recreated the 19th-Century face jugs for preserving culture for future generations. More

3D printers to watch at CES 2013 

Jan.2, 2013 -  At CES 2013, at least eight companies are expected to showcase their 3D printers or 3D printing related product and services. More 

Prowler: 3D printed remote controlled car (video) 

Jan.2, 2013 -  Prowler is a custom remote controlled car designed Utype-design. It features 3 wheels, rear wheel drive, front wheels and mid-body suspension. More 

China opens its first 3D printing photo booth

Jan.2, 2013 -   Elite Robotics in Xi'an set up the first 3D photo booth in China. The process starts with a 15-minute scan with a handheld scanner. More

Kickstarter ViKi LCD - control panel interface for your 3D printer 

Jan.1, 2013 -  Panucatt launched its new ViKi LCD, an elegant looking LCD control interface for your 3D printer on Kickstarter. More 

New MendelMax 2.0 3D printer announced 

Jan.1, 2013 -  MendelMax has announced the MendelMax 2.0 3D printer, a complete reinvention of the MendelMax. More 

Revolution and Revolution XL 3D printers

Jan.1, 2013 -   QU-BD released Revolution and Revolution XL 3D printers. The difference between the two is that the Revolution XL is 90mm bigger on X, Y and Z. More

Jeremie's roundup of home use 3D printing materials 

Jan.1, 2013 -  For helping you understand the range of materials available, Jeremie Francois made a survey of usable materials at home and put together a review of these materials and their properties. More 

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