Artist Nick Ervinck sculpts with bits, bytes, and 3D printing

Feb.1, 2014 -   Nick Ervinck is a sculptor of zeros and ones. In his work, new media and digital design are used to produce sculptures – often using 3D printing to realize his digital designs in the analog world. More

More 3D printer stores open in Netherlands 

Jan.31, 2014 -  3D printing is in the air in the Netherlands. Today the new 3D printer store Ridix opened in Rotterdam which is one of the first 3D printer stores in The Netherlands. More 

Aussie large retailer Officeworks selling 3D printers 

Jan.31, 2014 -  Stationary and office equipment supply chain Officeworks announced today that it is now offering the 3D Systems Cube 3D printers both online and in 21 store locations. More 

belVita encourages consumers with 3D printed '#MorningWin' trophies

Jan.31, 2014 -   belVita Breakfast Biscuits announces the launch of its new "#MorningWin -- Steady Energy, All Morning Long" campaign utilizing both social listening and 3D printing technology. More

Zecotek plans HD 3D display for 3D printers 

Jan.31, 2014 -  Zecotek Photonics announces plans to enter 3D printing market with a HD 3D display system for commercial 3D printers. More 

3D printers gain popularity in Japanese SMEs as prices fall 

Jan.31, 2014 -  As the 3D printing market grows in Japan the technology is being adopted by more and more small and medium enterprises around the country allowing businesses to provide customized products and services.  More 

Ultimaker 2 - unboxing, review by Barnacules (video)

Jan.31, 2014 -   Barnacules recently got his new Ultimaker 2 3D printer, which not only has a heated bed, but also larger build envelope and a beautiful build platform. More

ORNL, Local Motors to produce world's first production 3D printed vehicle 

Jan.30, 2014 -  Local Motors and Oak Ridge National Laboratory have signed a new partnership to develop and deliver technology to produce the world's first production 3-D printed vehicle. More 

Addicted to monsters? Free app lets you 3D print monsters on your iPhone 

Jan.30, 2014 -  Monstermatic is a free iPhone and iPad app and it provides a quick, fun and easy way to design monsters and unleash them into the world through 3D printing technology.  More 

Objectifiers to offer custom 3D designs that everyone can use

Jan.30, 2014 -   Two entrepreneurs based in a Tel Aviv University accelerator called TheHive have just launched a new 3D printing marketplace "Objectifier" that aims to let average consumers have objects that match their needs. More

CAD burglary: 30 stolen Ultimaker 2 3D printers

Jan.30, 2014 -  Yesterday Ultimaker announced some unfortunate news, on Sunday around 30 units of their popular Ultimaker 2 printers were stolen from the company's warehouse in the Netherlands. More 

Adidas pops up in London with giant shoebox & 3D printing 

Jan.30, 2014 -  The pop-up was a scale replica of an Adidas Stan Smith shoebox. Aside from selling limited edition shoes, the store features "an interactive floor, a digital 'Stan Yourself' station, and a 3D printing post". More 

Empire MX-6 all-mountain bike gets complete 3D printed frame

Jan.30, 2014 -   3D printing pedals confidently into the world of customized bicycle manufacturing this week as UK metal-based additive manufacturer Renishaw and British design firm Empire Cycles announce their 3D printed mountain bike frame. More

3D print your daughter as a fairy 

Jan.29, 2014 -  How many children (or adults for that matter) would love to have a doll or action figure featuring themselves in their favorite fantastical role? The technology behind the 3D printed selfie (or 'threlfie') makes this idea a reality.  More 

Help put together a 110-piece 3D printed George Washington puzzle 

Jan.29, 2014 -  Puzzling and 3D printing are united in a project by the 3D maker team "George Crowdsourcington" – the group hopes to complete a 3D printed bust of George Washington by the end of this week through a 3D printing collaboration. More 

3D printing takes a walk with bionic leg

Jan.29, 2014 -   Dr. Kee Moon and Jeremiah Cox at Mechanical Engineering San Diego State University are currently developing 3D printed physical therapy devices that are designed to help the body conform to the way it moved before an accident. More

Organovo delivers first 3D printed liver tissue ahead of schedule 

Jan.29, 2014 -  3D bioprinting company Organovo announced today that it has delivered its first 3D Liver tissue to a laboratory outside of the company to a key opinion leader for experimentation.  More 

Pedal into the future with titanium 3D printed bike 

Jan.29, 2014 -  Following months of design, research and testing, the company Flying Machines Studio based in Perth, Australia has revealed its new Flying Machine 3DP-F1 which features titanium tubing joined with cutting edge 3D printed titanium lugs. More 

Obama to spur job growth and innovation with six more high-tech hubs

Jan.29, 2014 -   In last night's State of the Union address, U.S. president Barak Obama announced plans to launch six more high-tech hubs this year which he hopes will generate domestic job growth and keep the country competitive in manufacturing. More

3D printed drones swarm into military and mainstream 

Jan.29, 2014 -  At first, the idea of swarms of 3D printed drones may seem terrifying, but experts of many stripes see the advantages offered by customized drones. Let's start with 3D printed drones in the military.  More 

3D printing human organs may be regulated or banned by 2016 

Jan.29, 2014 -  The technology of 3D "bioprinting" - the medical application of 3D printing to produce living tissue and organs - is advancing so quickly that it will spark a major ethical debate on its use by 2016, according to Analyst Group Gartner Inc.  More 

3D printing some cup holders for your Tesla Model S

Jan.28, 2014 -   Thingiverse user OleEichhorn has come up with another alternative - a 3D-printable Tesla Model S center console. More

First iPhone 5S 18K gold edition made with 3D printing 

Jan.28, 2014 -  Passionate about modern technology and fine jewellery, Hadoro created a unique iPhone produced with 125 gr of 18K gold. Designed and made with 3D printing technology, the final product was entirely finished by hand. More 

Fittle puzzles help kids visualize the shapes of their world 

Jan.28, 2014 -  Get ready for an awesome application of 3D printing and haptic technology: Fittle ("fit the puzzle") is a learning toy which aims to help children with visual impairments match abstract words to concrete shapes and forms. More 

Let the revolution begin: key 3D printing patent expires today

Jan.28, 2014 -   Today may be a milestone in the 3D printing revolution: one of the key 3D printing patents related to Selective Laser Sintering (SLS) technology expires today. More

3D printed flexible textiles - a stitch toward personalized clothing 

Jan.28, 2014 -  If you like Spirograph and the idea of 3D printed textiles, then you'll love Flexible Textile Structures by the [trans]LAB team – Negar Kalantar and Alireza Borhani.  More 

Stylish 'Afillia' polyamide lighting pendants 3D printed 

Jan.28, 2014 -   Italian designer Alessandro Zambelli designed a new collection of lamps for exnovo. He calls the collection "Afillia," a name borrowed from botany.  More 

DSM wins patent opposition appeal impacting SLA resins development

Jan.28, 2014 -   Royal DSM, the global Life Sciences and Materials Sciences Company, has won an appeal regarding the opposition of patent EP1232198, titled, UV Curable Compositions. More

MarkForged Mark One, world's first carbon fiber 3D printer 

Jan.28, 2014 -  The MarkForged Mark One 3D printer is the world's first 3D printer designed to print composite materials. Now you can print parts, tooling, and fixtures with a higher strength-to-weight ratio than 6061-T6 Aluminum. More 

Honda releases 3D data of its concept models for 3D printing 

Jan.28, 2014 -  To share the fun with everyone, Honda Motor Co., Ltd. released 3D data for exterior designs of concept models Honda has introduced in the past, so you can download the designs. More 

3D printed Forbidden City finished today

Jan.27, 2014 -   Since October 5th 2013, two Leapfrog 3D printers have been working day and night to print a replica of the Forbidden City. More

Dell to resell MakerBot 3D printers and scanners, starting on February 20 

Jan.27, 2014 -  Dell today announced a partnership with Makerbot to offer Replicator 3D printers and scanners to small and medium-sized businesses in the US with fast and affordable prototyping. More 

Fuel3D unveils final design of its handheld 3D scanner 

Jan.27, 2014 -  Fuel3D today unveiled the first images of the final design of its handheld colour 3D scanner which they raised over $325,000 in 2013 through a successful crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter.  More 

For Valentine's Day, give 3D-printed love to someone special

Jan.27, 2014 -   With just 19 days left until Valentine's Day, you've still got time to get a 3D printed gift for that special person in your life. For this season, Choc Creator Version 1, the world's first 3D chocolate printer, is printing mask of your face made out of chocolate. More

Sols to bring 3D printed orthotics to masses with $1.75M funding 

Jan.27, 2014 -  Last week, the startup SOLS took a significant step toward their goal of providing customized shoe inserts using 3D printing technology by closing a $1.75 million seed financing round led by Lux Capital. More 

World's first 3D printed soil reveals secrets underground 

Jan.27, 2014 -  Soil scientists at Abertay University are using 3D printing technology to find out, for the very first time, exactly what is going on in the world beneath our feet. They have used 3D scanning and 3D printing technology to recreate intricate intricate structure of soil.More 

Stratasys launches multi-material full color 3D printer Objet500 Connex3

Jan.27, 2014 -   3D printer manufacturer Stratasys unveiled its latest revolutionary Objet500 Connex3 Color Multi-material 3D Printer at SolidWorks World 2014 in San Diego. More

Low cost Uncia DLP 3D printer under $1000, offering discount coupons 

Jan.26, 2014 -  Chinese company QSQM Corporation has launched a new DLP 3D printer crowd-funding campaign on Indiegogo. DLP Projector based printers have been gaining in popularity in the last few years.  More 

Microslice: a mini Arduino laser cutter & engraver 

Jan.26, 2014 -  Gregory L Holloway decided to make his own mini laser engraver. He has called the project the MicroSlice, an adorable mini laser cutter & engraver.  More 

Ivan Owen: Life enhancing 3D printed prosthetics (video)

Jan.25, 2014 -   3D printing and open-sourced design process is enabling motivated individuals to collaborate in new and exciting ways. More

DIY trike made from recycled waste and 3D printed components 

Jan.25, 2014 -  The FAB Velo, created by Mark Richardson is a DIY Velomobile (trike with a faring) that can be made with common household tools, scrap materials and off-the-shelf components, coupled together with digital 3D printed parts. More 

This 3D printed Oblivion Defender Drone is awesome. I want one. 

Jan.25, 2014 -  After seeing the movie Oblivion, a Chinese maker modeled Drone 166 and printed all the parts out on a Makerbot Replicator 2 and assembled them together. Check out below a set of photos showing the process.  More 

Racing to implant the first biologically 3D printed windpipe in human

Jan.24, 2014 -   Dr. Faiz Y. Bhora, director of thoracic surgical oncology at the St. Luke's-Roosevelt Hospital Center in New York, hopes to be the first to successfully implant 3D-printed tracheas in human patients. More

Plastic garbage becomes 'ink' for 3D printers 

Jan.24, 2014 -  It is a hopeful development when innovation, community, and environmental improvement dovetail; the project Perpetual Plastic which uses plastic garbage to make 'ink' for 3D printers may be considered one such development.More 

3D printing brings fantasy to fingertips 

Jan.24, 2014 -  The 3D nail jewelry produced by TheLaserGirls is bringing a new dimension to the traditional manicure – and perhaps pedicure as well.  More 

Add a smart LCD controller to your Robo3D printer

Jan.24, 2014 -   Barnacules Nerdgasm's Robo3D printer had a dependency on a computer to supply the GCODE to the Arduino board. So if there is anything wrong with the computer - it will crash, hang, reboot during a print job, then he will loose the print. More

3D printing drills into the oil industry 

Jan.24, 2014 -  General Electric's oil and gas division will begin pilot production of 3D printed metal fuel nozzles which feed combustion in gas turbines. The plan is to begin the pilot in the second half of this year with full production expected in 2015. More 

New solvent-cast 3D printing technique raise potential of printing antennas 

Jan.24, 2014 -  The solvent-cast 3D printing technology is a highly versatile microfabrication technique that can be used to fabricate 3D geometries at room temperature.  More 

US police deploy 3D scanner to capture accidents and crime scenes (video)

Jan.24, 2014 -   The Roswell Police Department has recently acquired a Faro 3D scanner which will be utilized in major accidents and crime scenes. More

Blooming in beauty: world's first multi-material inflatable 3D prints 

Jan.23, 2014 -  Spring feels just around the corner while watching the elegant movements of 3D printed flower blossoms of the Seemless Blossom Project – which are believed to be the world's first multi-material inflatable 3D prints. More 

Credit Suisse says 3D printing market to be 357% bigger than predicted

Jan.23, 2014 -  A research team lead by Jonathan Shaffer at Credit Suisse revised their 2016 projection for the 3D printing market to $800 million up from $175 million. This is an increase of 357%. More 

Disabled students design 3D printed gadgets to ease their lives

Jan.23, 2014 -   Students with disabilities from the Hereward College in Coventry are using 3D design and printing technology to create personalized adaptive equipment. More

Japan loves 3D printed sad Keanu 

Jan.23, 2014 -  3D printing and the sad Keanu Reeves meme have been hilarious bedfellows for quite some time. Now the Japanese toy company idk is bringing the 3D printed Keanu doll to a mass audience.  More 

Innovation Hub comes to Toronto 

Jan.23, 2014 -  This Saturday, the Toronto Public Library will offer an Intro to 3D Design course through their new Digital Innovation Hub which is set to open February 4th.  More 

Maker Kase: a handy cabinet for 3D printers

Jan.23, 2014 -   Temperature variance, problems caused by vibration, and people accidentally bumping into things: these are some common pitfalls of the 3D printing process addressed by a new Kickstarter project. More

Arcam receives new orders for EBM System from US and China 

Jan.23, 2014 -  Arcam (STO:ARCM), listed on NASDAQ OMX, has received an EBM system order from a major aerospace industry client in the US. The system will be used for aerospace components. More 

Dell orders 5,000 3D printers from Zortrax 

Jan.23, 2014 -  Polish 3D printer manufacturer Zortrax has sold 5,000 units of its flagship M200 3D printer to Dell – one of the world's largest computer manufacturers.  More 

Cody Wilson, designer of 3-D printed gun, signs book deal

Jan.23, 2014 -   Cody Wilson, designer of 3-D printed gun has a quarter-million dollar book deal. Gallery Books announced Wednesday that it is publishing Cody Wilson's "Negative Liberty: A Gun Printer's Guide to the Apocalypse." More

Fast 3d printing using Lego bricks and faBrickator 

Jan.22, 2014 -  Anyone who has seen a 3D printer in action may have experienced the following sensations – exhilaration and then... a significant amount of waiting. A recent article in The Atlantic features a unique solution to a common problem: the speed 3D printing. More 

Navy helps 3D printed buildings become 'concrete' 

Jan.22, 2014 -  The idea of a giant robot which is able to 'print' out buildings using 3D printing technology has been around for some time. Now, the Navy, along with the National Science Foundation, is funding research which will make this idea more 'concrete'.  More 

Another 3D printing intellectual property dispute

Jan.22, 2014 -   Yesterday, FABULONIA Inc. announced that it has obtained a preliminary injunction in the Harju County Court in Tallinn, Estonia against Secured 3D and ITBS in a contract and copyright infringement lawsuit. More

Make the mini selfie for your wedding cake - with 3D printing 

Jan.22, 2014 -  The 3D mini statues of Emily and Carl Ogasthorp were the talk of their Oxfordshire wedding. These 3D printed selfies – or 'threlfies' – were created by the couple's friend and technology expert Steven Dey and used as bride and groom cake toppers. More 

World's largest technology distributor to sell 3D printers 

Jan.22, 2014 -  Ingram Micro Inc. , the world's largest wholesale technology distributor, today announced its U.S. Document Imaging business unit (BU) is selling 3D printers. More 

Microsoft built 75 3D printed console designs for Xbox One

Jan.22, 2014 -   Microsoft's senior lead Industrial Designer for Xbox, Carl Ledbetter revealed that his team had to make 75 3D printed prototypes before Microsoft settled on the current console's design. More

Citron issues trade warning on Organovo 

Jan.22, 2014 -  On January 21, Citron Research issued a cautious report on Organovo Holdings. In its 4-page report, Citron Research points out only 7.98% of Organovo's shares are owned by institutions. More 

MIT startup offers customized 3D printed love for Valentine's Day 

jan.21, 2014 -  Valentine's Day is a perfect opportunity to woo a loved one with customized, 3D printed jewelry. A new platform called dyo – short for "design your own" – makes this easy. The service is offered by More 

Novel 3D graphene-like material promises super electronics

jan.21, 2014 -   Now scientists have discovered a material that has a similar electronic structure to graphene but can exist in three dimensions. More

3D printed ring for the modern couple

jan.21, 2014 -  Endswell Jewelry combines 3D printing technology and traditional handicraft in their solid gold cast jewelry. Rachel Gant and Andrew Deming are a team of designers behind the Endswell Collection. More 

Deskriptiv's eye-catching 3D printed geometric sculptures 

jan.21, 2014 -  German studio Deskriptiv, composed of Christoph Bader and Dominik Kolb, choose 3D printing to detail features of their design. The duo collaborate on a number of visual projects which combines design and computer science to produce complex shapes.  More 

CimatronE to Support AMF file format for 3D printing

jan.21, 2014 -   Cimatron announced today that its next software CimatronE version 12, will support the Additive Manufacturing File (AMF) format - the new standard for converting 3D models into digital files for 3D printing and additive manufacturing. More

Primary school develops 3D technology skills and enthusiasm 

jan.21, 2014 -  A great example comes from a primary school in Trinec in the Czech Republic where children are involved in a unique 3D modeling project: they are creating a 3D model of a steel factory in nearby Ostrava.  More 

Custom 3d printed Bobble Heads with Mixee Labs 

jan.21, 2014 -  3D printing shop Mixee Labs launches today a new 3D printing service "Mixee Bobbler" that will let you create your fully 3d printed custom Bobble Head.  More 

First 3D printed lower jaw implant in China

jan.21, 2014 -   The first use of 3D printing technology for a lower-jaw reconstruction surgery in China was announced by Shanghai Medical Association vice president Liu Guoqin. More

Concept Laser opens laser additive manufacturing R&D center 

Jan.21, 2014 -  Laser additive manufacturing machine maker Concept Laser has opened a new development centre, a "company think tank' at its headquarters in Lichtenfels, Germany.  More 

Stratasys 3D printing added to popular dental implant software 

Jan.20, 2014 -  Stratasys announced that optimized manufacturing pre-settings for its Objet30 OrthoDesk and Objet Eden 3D Printers have been added to the latest release of 3Shape Implant Studio Implant Planning and Surgical Guides Design software.  More 

Changemaker designs portable, 3D printed wheelchair ramp

Jan.20, 2014 -   Raul Krauthausen designed and developed 3D printable ramps which help wheelchair users overcome curbs and steps in places where there is no disability access. More

Electroloom to launch personal 3D printer for clothing by end of 2014 

Jan.20, 2014 -  Another trend toward comfort and wearability may be developing in 3D printed clothing applications. Electroloom is a company founded by entrepreneur Aaron Rowley which aims to create comfortable, customized, on-demand apparel. More 

Graphene 3D Lab files patent for graphene-infused filaments for multiple material 3D printer 

Jan.20, 2014 -  Canada-based Lomiko Metals annouced that Graphene 3D Lab has filed a provisional patent application for the use of graphene-enhanced material, along with other materials, in 3D Printing. More 

The Lux, a 3D-printed medium-format camera you can build yourself

Jan.20, 2014 -   Instead of buying a new camera, grad student and enthusiastic photographer Kevin Kadooka decided to make one of his own. More

Personalized popsicles with the Icepop Generator 

Jan.20, 2014 -  The Icepop Generator is a concept machine by MELT icepops – which is a small start-up in Amsterdam that designs and produces personalized ice pops. More 

Seaweed could be key ingredient for 3D printing BioPen 

Jan.20, 2014 -  Australian researchers are farming and processing seaweeds from the sea aimed at producing biomaterials such as ingredient for 3D printing BioPen. More 

3D-printed prosthetic leg helps Dudley the disabled duck walk again

Jan.19, 2014 -   Dudley the duck who has only one foot, following an unfortunate encounter with a chicken, is walking tall today after being fitted out with a movable plastic webbed leg, thanks to 3D printing technology. More

2 artists, 8 Bits and 3 Dimensions 

Jan.19, 2014 -  Artists Isaac Budmen and Adam Lister have created a collection of 2D and 3D "prints" — "8 Bits, 3 Dimensions". The original work starts in a variety of mediums (oil, marker, photo, etc). More 

Wanna back up rare fossils or 5-million-year-old salmon? Get a 3D printer! 

Jan.19, 2014 -  Now reseachers at the University of Oregon are making use of a relatively inexpensive 3D printer to print a 3D model of a rare fossil - the remains of a 5-million-year old saber toothed salmon. More 

You can now order a life-size, 3d printed your unborn fetus for $600

Jan.18, 2014 -   With 3D printing, you can now 3D print your very own fetus sculptures. For $600 a company by the name of 3D Babies will turn your 3D ultrasound scans to true-to-life dolls. More

3D printing brings cool, low-cost energy solutions to the developing world 

Jan.17, 2014 -  In areas of the world that don't have reliable access to electricity, organizations such as Peppermint Energy and Designs For Hope have used 3D printing to bring energy solutions to help individuals. More 

Hospital used 3D printing to assist skull base tumor removal 

Jan.17, 2014 -  A Chinese hospital has successfully removed a skull base tumor for a 38 year old patient with the help of 3D modeling system and 3D printing. More 

3D Print Canal House project begins, to open to public in March

Jan.17, 2014 -   The canal house will be 3D-printed on a huge mobile 3D printer with dimensions of 2 x 2 x 3.5 meters. DUS architects announced from the first week of March 2014, the project will open to the public. More

LG Chem to supply 3D printing material to Stratasys

Jan.16, 2014 -  LG Chem (LG Chemical), South Korea's largest chemical company, plans to jump into the rapidly emerging 3D printing market earlier than others. LG Chem is in talks with 3D printer company Stratasys to supply ABS plastics. More 

Hershey and 3D Systems team up to develop 3D printable foods  

Jan.16, 2014 -  Hershey (HSY), the largest producer of quality chocolate in North America, announces a collaboration with 3D Systems (DDD) to explore ways to use 3D printing capabilities to create food products. More 

First French 3D model marketplace - Cults

Jan.16, 2014 -   Cults is the first French marketplace that connects 3D designers and people who look for 3D models for 3D printing. More

DC motor powered RAPY 3D printer made in Korea 

Jan.16, 2014 -  Instead of stepper motor based 3D printer, Paju-Si, South Korea based Stellamove has developed a DC motor powered 3D printer equipped with position feedback control system. More 

UK to invest £15 million to set up national 3D printing hub 

Jan.16, 2014 -  More than £15 million of public money will be used to set up a national centre for 3D printing technology to put Britain at the forefront of the developing industry, British Finance Minister George Osborne will announce today. More 

Adobe adds 3D printing to Photoshop, partners with MakerBot and Shapeways

Jan.16, 2014 -   Adobe is adding new functions to Photoshop Creative Cloud software that let users create and edit designs for 3D printing. More

3D printed open source stationery collection 

Jan.15, 2014 -  Barbara Busatta and Dario Buzzini, two Italian designers based in NYC have designed and 3D printed open source stationery collection 'Machine Series'.  More 

Monkey Madness! Kipling creates 3D printed flexible bags 

Jan.15, 2014 -  Belgian brand Kipling, known for its bags in crinkled nylon fabric and the monkey figure on the key hanger, has designed a 3D printed bag with a network of plastic monkeys. More 

Left Field Labs creates custom, 3D-printed music box that plays your tune

Jan.15, 2014 -   Left Field Labs lets you design and create your own music box through a simple web interface. You just have to create a song loop and Left Field Labs will print out a music box that plays your tune. More

NIH partners with Organovo to develop 3D printable living tissues 

Jan.14, 2014 -  Bio 3D printing company Organovo announced today that they are joining together with NIH to help scientists develop 3D printed functional living tissues for bringing safer, more effective treatments to patients on a faster timeline.  More 

Dutch Design Contest: design a new giveaway for Dutch government 

Jan.14, 2014 -  The Netherlands Embassy in Washington, D.C. and the Consulate General in New York are holding a Dutch Design Competition in partnership with Kikkerland Design Inc., Shapeways and MAD. More 

Print in 3D from your Windows Phone 8 with RepRap Phone Host

Jan.14, 2014 -   Gerhard de Clercq and Pieter Scholz from Bananna3D in South Africa has released RepRap Phone Host app this week. More

3D printing 'the Blacker than Black', supported by NASA 

Jan.14, 2014 -  Belgian artist Frederik De Wilde has worked with Melotte, a Belgian 3D printing company and NASA to 3D print a titanium sculpture, coated with graphene, of ancient Limburg mines named 'blacker than black'. More 

LUXeXceL raises €5 million fund to fuel optical 3D printing 

Jan.14, 2014 -  LUXeXceL, a Goes based Dutch company that makes lenses through 3D printing for the lighting industry, has raised 5 million funding from investors, including Munich Venture Partners, ChrysalixSET and Filsa Capital.  More 

Innovative 3D-printed foot support wins £860k investment

Jan.14, 2014 -   FDM Digital Solutions, a UK-based company which is developing a 3D printing system to produce made-to-measure insoles for the National Health Service (NHS), has secured a £860,000 investment. More

Build & 3D print your perfect gaming mini with Hero Forge 

Jan.13, 2014 -  Hero Forge is an upcoming service that will bring a new option to the tabletop: highly customizable, detailed, 3D printed miniatures.  More 

OpenBCI wants you to build products with brain waves and 3D printer 

Jan.13, 2014 -  Conor Russomanno and Joel Murphy launched a Kickstarter campaign called OpenBCI last month, a low-cost, Arduino-compatible, open-source brain-computer interface kit that gives anybody with an access to their brain wave data. More 

RBCC partner n3D develops new magnetic 3D Bioprinting

Jan.13, 2014 -   Rainbow Coral Corp (OTCBB: RBCC) announces today its joint venture partner, Nano3D Biosciences (n3D), has developed the first commercially available 3D bio printer designed for high throughput and high-content drug screening. More

International collaboration to 3D print prosthetic limbs for Ugandans 

Jan.13, 2014 -  A University of Toronto lab is partnering with an international NGO and a Ugandan hospital to use 3D scanning and printing to speed the process of creating and fitting sockets for artificial limbs.More 

World's first commercially available 3D printed custom orthotics launches

Jan.13, 2014 -  Over the past 12 months 3D Orthotics (3DO), a company based in Brisbane, Australia, has worked to develop 3D printed orthotics for full commercial use in Podiatry. More 

Helping Hannah: 3D printer brings "Magic Arms" to a four-year-old

Jan.13, 2014 -   Now, with the help of 3D printing, Hannah can lift toys and doing basic things like eating and hugging their loved ones. More

Heated bed for ABS printing with the Printrbot Simple XL 

Jan.12, 2014 -  Brent Rubell has launched an indiegogo campaign this week for crowd funding for the development of heated beds for the Printrbot Simple XL/Extended Bed. Our reader Greg shared the story behind the project. More 

Zortrax M200 3D printer shipped to all 80 Kickstarter backers 

Jan.12, 2014 -  The Zortrax M200 3D printer is a $1,899 3D printer made in Poland. On December 31 Gadgets3D announced that the printers were shipped to all of their 80 Backers and they have received positive feedback from their first users.  More 

Get faster for football: Nike unveils new 3D printed Super Bowl cleat

Jan.12, 2014 -   This week Nike unveiled its new Nike Vapor Carbon 2014 Elite Cleat as part of the NFL Nike Silver Speed Collection for Super Bowl XLVIII hosted this year. More

Food-grade PP filament for 3D printers 

Jan.11, 2014 -  You can now 3D print plates, cups and other food containers as well as children toys using food-grade Polypropylene (PP) filament.  More 

Man uses 3D-printed gun to kill his wife in 'ELEMENTARY' 

Jan.11, 2014 -  In CBS's another tv serie, Elementary, 3D printing is put in the spotlight again and this time, it was used to print a plastic gun. More 

Build your own 3D printed, motion-activated LED wristband

Jan.11, 2014 -   The armband was printed on a desktop 3D printer using strong and flexible NinjaFlex filament. To make this project you will need these parts. More

Introducing $99 3D chocolate printer 

Jan.11, 2014 -  Quinn Karaitiana is passionate about the potential of 3D Printing and introduced the first $99 3D chocolate printer 'ChocaByte' at CES 2014. More 

Nikon put you in a video game at CES 2014 

Jan.10, 2014 -  Nikon teamed up with Alexx Henry Studios to create a xxArray camera system that lets you create a perfectly detailed 3D model of a person or yourself. More 

Epson to launch industrial 3D printers within five years

Jan.10, 2014 -   Epson is developing industrial, multi-material 3D printers, said president Minoru Usui recently when he attended Epson's 30th anniversary celebration in Sydney, Australia. More

XFab 3D laser printer can print soft materials 

Jan.10, 2014 -  Italian based DWS Lab introduces its XFab laser 3D printer at this year's CES International. Instead of the popular Fused deposition modeling (FDM), DWS Lab uses the Laser Stereolithography process. More 

This week at CES 2014: 3D printing awesomeness (video) 

Jan.10, 2014 -  Five years ago, MakerBot was the only 3-D printing company at CES. This year, 3D printing has its own tech zone. There are 28 3D printing exhibitors at the show, up from just eight in 2013.  More 

CSIRO scientists 3D-prints blue titanium dragon for 7-year-old Sophie

Jan.10, 2014 -   A seven-year-old girl wrote to the CSIRO, Australia's primary research agency asking for a dragon, and scientists created and sent it to Sophie's home in Brisbane. More

White Bear Resources announces proposed acquisition of 3D printer maker Tinkerine 

Jan.9, 2014 -  White Bear Resources Inc. ("White Bear") today announces that it has entered into a binding letter of intent with with Tinkerine Studio Ltd. to acquire all of the 200 issued and outstanding shares of Tinkerine. More 

Design 3D printable student room decorations and win a trip to New York 

Jan.9, 2014 -  Sculpteo has recently launched a contest targeted at students to create objects to redecorate their dorm room / studio. You and your team need to design a useful and/or decorative object for your student room. More 

Mcor closing in on €15m new funding from Silicon Valley investors

Jan.9, 2014 -   Having already raised €2m in funding, Irish company Mcor Technologies is now closing in on a new round of funding worth up to €15m from some of Silicon Valley's top venture capital firms. More

SoftKinetic powers the hottest 3D technologies at CES 2014 

Jan.9, 2014 -  This week, SoftKinetic, the gesture and object recognition company announced a few strategic partnerships with leading 3D technology companies, who are using SoftKinetic cameras and the company's iisu middleware to design innovative solutions. More 

Martha Stewart looking for a 3D printer for her office (video) 

Jan.9, 2014 -  Martha Stewart, an American business magnate, writer, television personality, and former fashion model, as well as founder of Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia, needs help deciding on a 3D printing solution for her office. More 

Magicfirm Europe launches open source mbot3D GRID II 3D printer

Jan.9, 2014 -   Magicfirm Europe AB announces today the launch of the mbot3D GRID II 3D Printer for the European market. Founded in September 2013 Magicfirm Europe AB focuses on the sales and support of Magicfirm's products in Europe. More

Dover Group announces strategic investment in TierTime, UP! 3D printer maker 

Jan.9, 2014 -  Dover (China) Investment Co., Ltd, a wholly owned subsidiary of Dover Group (NYSE: DOV), today announced the completion of their strategic investment in 3D printer manufacturer Beijing TierTime Technology (TierTime) in China. More to join 3D Systems as Chief Creative Officer 

Jan.9, 2014 -  At a press conference on Wednesday, 3D Systems announced that joined 3DS as its Chief Creative Officer.  More 

Craft digital forms across physical bodies

Jan.8, 2014 -   Madeline Gannon created a Reverberating Across the Divide project aiming to reconnect digital and physical contexts through a custom chronomorphologic modeling environment. More

UP! 3D printer driver now available on Windows 8.1 

Jan.8, 2014 -  Printing in 3D is getting easier. Tiertime (PP3DP) announces today the immediate availability of the UP! 3D Printer Driver for Windows 8.1. More 

New OWL NANO desktop SL 3D printer achieves 100 Nanometer resolution 

Jan.8, 2014 -  Old World Laboratories launches today its newest 3D printer, the OWL Nano. Unlike most RepRap-style DIY 3D printers that use plastic extrusion to build 3D objects, the OWL Nano uses stereolithography (SL) technology. More 

3D printing turns Hubble images into tactile 3D experience for the blind

Jan.8, 2014 -   Astronomers Carol Christian and Antonella Nota are experimenting with 3D printing to turn images from the Hubble Space Telescope into tactile 3D printed pictures for visually impaired people. More

$99 handheld 3Doodler announces retail plans and upcoming accessories 

Jan.8, 2014 -  3Doodler, the $99 handheld 3D printer, is announcing their worldwide plans to retail in 2014 as well as launching a range of accessories at CES. More 

3D Systems unveils a $499 iSense 3D scanner for iPad 

Jan.8, 2014 -  3D Systems unveils its iSense 3D scanner, a new consumer scanner for iPad with 3D printing optimization on Tuesday. More 

Samsung partners with 3D Systems for customized special 3D printed coins

Jan.7, 2014 -   Samsung is also partnering with 3D Systems, a leading provider of 3D content-to-print solutions, to showcase the possibilities of 3D printing for consumers. More

3D-printer maker Formlabs accepts Bitcoin, releases PreForm 1.0 

Jan.7, 2014 -  3D printer maker Formlabs will begin accepting the digital currency Bitcoin on its online store, the company announced at the CES 2014 on Tuesday.  More 

Project Daniel - Not Impossible's 3D printing arms for children of war-torn Sudan

Jan.7, 2014 -  Not Impossible, LLC, a California media and technology company, is using 3D printers to provide hands and arms for amputees in South Sudan and the war-torn Nuba Mountains.More 

3D Systems reveals consumer haptic 3D mouse and 3DMe photobooth

Jan.7, 2014 -   3D Systems expands 3DPRINTING 2.0 at CES 2014 with a dozen new consumer product reveals. Two months after releasing company's first 3D scanner "Sense", 3D Systems is offering another tool for creating 3D models. More

3D Systems announced full-color CubeJet & CeraJet 3D ceramic printer

Jan.7, 2014 -  3D Systems announced today a preview of its new full-color CubeJet 3D printer, and new CeraJet 3D printer, extending its 3D printing portfolio to the ancient artisanal craft of pottery and ceramics. More 

3D printing gets sweeter with 3D Systems' ChefJet & full-color ChefJet Pro 3D printers

Jan.7, 2014 -  3D Systems introduced today the ChefJet series of 3D printers, an entirely new 3D printer category of kitchen-ready 3D printers for edibles. More 

Intel announces 3D cameras for laptops and partnership with 3D Systems

Jan.7, 2014 -   Intel announced that laptops featuring 3D-camera technology will go on sale before the end of 2014. More

MakerBot unveils three new 3D printers, new apps and an online store at CES 2014 

Jan.7, 2014 -  Makerbot Chief Executive Bre Pettis unveiled the MakerBot Replicator 3D Printing Platform including the new Mini, Z18, and prosumer Replicators at CES 2014 on Monday.  More 

Japanese researchers 3D print blood vessels using patient's skin cells 

Jan.6, 2014 -  Saga University in Japan and Cyfuse Biomedical, a biotech start-up in the field of regenerative medicine, have jointly developed arteries using patient's skin cells and 3D printing technology.  More 

Giant Euclid 3D printing Robot

Jan.6, 2014 -   The Euclid robot developed by Zachary Schoch is able to 3D print ABS plastic up to 44" x 44" x 48". It is a robot with real-time control and has the ability to scale up easily, be broken down and transported easily. More

3D Systems revealed the third generation sub $1,000 Cube 3 3D printer 

Jan.6, 2014 -  3D Systems revealed today the third generation of its home 3D printer, Cube 3 3D printer. The Cube 3 3D printer has a brand new look and priced under $1,000.  More 

3D Systems announces new sub $5,000 CubePro 3D Printer  

Jan.6, 2014 -  3D Systems today unveiled the new CubePro 3D printer, a simultaneous triple-color, multi-materials, large capacity, prosumer 3D printer.  More 

Sculpteo to take 3D printing into mass production with Batch Control option

Jan.6, 2014 -   3D printing is great for fabricating prototypes and manufacturing individual and small lots. But Sculpteo's new Batch Control feature will help taking 3D printing into the realm of mass production. More

Army to 3D print electronics, weapon components to help soldiers 

Jan.6, 2014 -  Researchers at Picatinny Arsenal in New Jersey are using additive manufacturing and 3D printing to print electronics, weapon components, and training models.  More 

Teachers learn to build 3D printer for the classroom 

Jan.5, 2014 -  Through a collaboration between the Orange County School Department of Education and Airwolf 3D, teachers from Orange County educational institutions are about learn everything about 3D printing.  More 

OpenBuilds is the new site to share your machine designs

Jan.5, 2014 -   OpenBuilds is a community driven machine/project sharing site that allows people who like to build things to get together and share ideas and the machine designs with everyone. More

MakerBot anticipates 3D printer launches at CES

Jan.5, 2014 -   Bre Pettis, chief executive of US company MakerBot, talks to the BBC's Rory Cellan-Jones about the rise of 3D printing. More

3D-printed fashion hit Cirque Du Soleil's Las Vegas Nightclub "The Light" 

Jan.5, 2014 -  On New Year's Eve, "The Light", the first-ever nightclub in Las Vegas(Mandalay Bay Resort & Casino), launched new designs by renowned Fashion-Tech Designer Anouk Wipprecht as a celebratory crowd rang in 2014. More 

UK Tornado fighter jets fly with 3D printed parts for the first time

Jan.5, 2014 -   UK fighter jets have flown for the first time with parts made using 3D printing technology. More

Carl Bass hints at Autodesk's involvement in 3D printing in 2014 

Jan.4, 2014 -  Most of the 3D printing business these days is around a business that's built around the consumables, and it certainly is a good business. More 

Robo 3D Printer unboxing, first print, fixes & tips to get great prints 

Jan.4, 2014 -  Barnacules Nerdgasm, software developer at Microsoft, wanted to try a 3D printer that is more for people with budget in mind so he added a 2nd 3D printer to his Nerd Cave. More 

3D printing with wood filament on Robo 3D Printer (video)

Jan.4, 2014 -   Nerdgasm wants to try something he has never done before: 3D printing a with sliding top in wood using Robo 3D printer and wood filament. More

3D printing with beeswax 

Jan.3, 2014 -  Two Dutch designers, Olivier van Herpt and Joris van Tubergen, developed an open source extruder that can be used for printing with beeswax. More 

Afinia denies patent infringement allegations by Stratasys 

Jan.3, 2014 -  In November 2013 leading 3D printer company Stratasys announced that it was filing a patent infringement lawsuit against against Afinia, a division of Microboards Technology LLC.  More 

The simplest way to siphon liquid is with a 3D printed Wave

Jan.3, 2014 -   Wave is a 3D printable toy over at Shapeways that transfers liquid using the physics of a siphon. Printed in White Strong & Flexible, this $12 3D printed Wave toy siphon is pretty awesome. More

3D Systems acquires Gentle Giant Studios, expanding access to toy industry 

Jan.3, 2014 -  3D Systems (DDD) announced today the acquisition of Gentle Giant Studios, the leading provider of 3D modeling for the entertainment and toy industry. More 

Block-based Blokify, free and easy 3D modeling app for kids 

Jan.3, 2014 -  As a fresh start for 2014, Jenny Kortina and Brett Cupta launched Blokify on Apple Store. The app is now available for iPhone & iPad for free, and Android version is coming soon. More 

How to upgrade your Asus Xtion into a handheld 3D scanner

Jan.3, 2014 -   At le FabShop in Paris, makers have been using the Asus Xtion or Kinect and software package Skanect for capturing full colour 3D scans. However none of these objects is ergonomic. More

CES 2014: what to expect from the 3D Printing Tech Zone 

Jan.2, 2014 -  This year 3D printing gets its own exhibit area - the 3D printing tech zone plus a 'Don't Believe the Hype? - 3D Printing Uncovered' conference track that will run at CES 2014. More 

Weistek to demo two desktop 3D printers at CES 2014 

Jan.2, 2014 -  Chinese desktop 3D printer manufacturer Weistek announced today that it will bring two of its consumer 3D printers - X-Master and IdeaWerk - to International CES 2014 in Las Vegas. More 

3D printing competition could intensify in 2014, says Canaccord

Jan.2, 2014 -   Investing strategies in the 3D printer market will "get more complex in 2014", wrote Canaccord Genuity's Bobby Burleson in a research note Monday. More

South Africa's 3D printed chocolate factory 

Jan.2, 2014 -  Fouche Chocolates, a company in Centurion, South Africa is producing chocolates and cake decorations with 3D printing. Hans Fouche, owner of Fouche Chocolates, has built his own 3D printers to create intricate, three-dimensional chocolates sculptures. More 

America Makes' 2013 'By the Numbers' [Infographic] 

Jan.2, 2014 -  The National Additive Manufacturing Innovation Institute, rebranded as America Makes, formed in August 2012 with the goal of making the U.S. more competitive in the 3D printing (additive manufacturing) arena.  More 

Mitsubishi to sell 3D metal printers in North America

Jan.2, 2014 -   Mitsubishi Corp., Japan's largest trading company, will introduce a metal-forming 3D printer to North America starting in January 2014. More

Play your Nintendo games in style with 3D printed NESPoise 

Jan.1, 2014 -  Meet the NESPoise – a posable, desktop NES clone arcade machine created by Dave Nunez. Nunez gathered a bunch of leftover parts from other projects. More 

Take dessert to a new level with 3D printing (video) 

Jan.1, 2014 -  Entrepreneurs Liz and Kyle von Hasseln set up 'The Sugar Lab' that produces 3D-printed sugar sculptures for wedding cakes in 2011, and in September 2013 they sold their technology to the 3D printer manufacturer 3D Systems. More 

Low cost Pegasus Touch SLA 3D printer coming via Kickstarter

Jan.1, 2014 -   Las Vegas based Full Spectrum Laser (FSL), a company manufactures laser cutting/engraving products, has created a desktop 3D printer that uses stereolithography (SLA) technology to create high resolution prints. More

Global demand for 3D printing to rise over 20% annually through 2017 

Jan.1, 2014 -  According to the report "World 3D Printing to 2017" by Freedonia Group, world demand for 3D printing is projected to rise more than 20 percent per year to $5 billion in 2017. More 

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