Additive manufacturing comes to the Israel Air Force (IAF) with new 3D printer

Jul.31, 2015 - Now, the Israeli Air Force (IAF) has announced that they will be joining the 3D printing revolution and have purchased an industrial-scale 3D printer from an undisclosed US 3D printer manufacturer to begin producing a number of aircraft and unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) components using additive manufacturing. More

Auburn University signs agreement with NASA to develop 3D printing options for deep space missions

Jul.31, 2015 - NASA is now taking things to the next level with an eye on missions into deep space and to Mars. To do so, NASA has just signed a Space Act Agreement with Auburn University to explore to possibilities of 3D printing in space. More

Lund University team led by Olaf Diegel builds mobile concrete 3D printer to 3D print furniture

Jul.31, 2015 - Together with a team of colleagues and students, Olaf Diegel, the professor at the University of Lund in Sweden, has just built the portable concrete 3D printer and used it to 3D print a chair as a proof of concept. More

Choc Edge unveils new Choc Creator 2.0 Plus chocolate 3D printer

Jul.31, 2015 - Choc Edge first appeared on the scene in 2011, and only last year they revealed the successful Choc Creator 2.0. Now they are already back for more, as Choc Edge has just announced their new tabletop Choc Creator 2.0 Plus chocolate 3D printer. More

Fashion designer adds a third dimension to apparel design with '3D weaving'

Jul.31, 2015 - Using a custom-made loom, Hu created a line of red dresses that feature 3D structures woven from linen threads using a 3D weaving technique that he developed. More

Chinese researchers make breakthrough in SLA 3D printing, soon be able to 3D print porcelain teeth in minutes

Jul.31, 2015 - The research team in China is developing a new SLA 3D printer. The 3D printing speed is several times faster than comparable machines, while it is also capable of working with a very large variety of materials, including ceramics, metal filler materials and more. More

Nike creates 3D printed head to develop 'ice hat' to help athletes cool down

Jul.31, 2015 - A group of designers from Nike turned to 3D printing to develop a next-generation cooling system for U.S. Olympic champion and decathlon world record holder Ashton Eaton. More

Nonprofit Magic Arms launches Indiegogo campaign for 3D printed exoskeleton

Jul.30, 2015 - Inspired by Emma, a 3-year-old girl who had difficulty lifting her arms without the aide of supports, Eric Jenson founded Magic Arms, a Minnesota-based nonprofit that has been focused on making 3D printed exoskeletons a reality for tens of thousands of children. More

Branch Technology unveils next-generation 'cellular fabrication' for 3D printing houses

Jul.30, 2015 - Branch Technology, was born out of the Chattanooga, Tennessee-based GIGTANK seed-stage accelerator and is focused on 3D printing open matrices that can provide the internal structures necessary for creating 3D printed homes, commercial buildings and other structures. More

Engineering student develops low-cost 3D printed crop monitoring drone for family farm

Jul.30, 2015 - The 22-year-old Nevarez, who grew up on her family's farm, has been spending the summer in Ottawa, Canada developing a 3D printable drone design that will utilize existing drone-aided technologies to take aerial readings of farmers' crops. More

eSUN releases new ePC fireproof and environmentally-friendly 3D printing filament

Jul.30, 2015 - Chinese 3D printing filament manufacturer eSUN has officially launched their new ePC filament, which has already attracted widespread attention thanks to its user-friendly qualities including high-strength properties, transparency, fire-resistance and environmentally-friendly formula. More

Selective laser melting used to create 3D printed medical implants

Jul.30, 2015 - The scientists, who are part of the Surface Technology Group at Germany's Laser Zentrum Hannover e.V. (LZH), have successfully created a highly automated selective laser melting process to produce or coat implants made of platinum, nickel-titanium (NiTi), or stainless steel. More

Ford reduces assembly line injury rate by 70% using 3D printed simulations and virtual manufacturing

Jul.30, 2015 - Ford has revealed that since 2003, it has reduced its assembly line worker injury rate by 70 percent by using ergonomics research, 3D printed simulations, virtual manufacturing, and other data-driven process changes. More

Tiamet3D plans to bring aerospace-grade 3D printing filament to desktop 3D printers

Jul.30, 2015 - Dutch startup Tiamet3D wants to allow people to create similar high-strength parts on their existing FDM 3D printers without the need to purchase one of MarkForged's pricey Mark One 3D printers. More

US Navy now 3D printing custom drones aboard ships

Jul.30, 2015 - A test with the 3D printing and assembly of a military-purpose drone already took place aboard the USS Essex in December 2014. The Americans are considering incorporating 3D printed drones into the warship arsenal for flying missions in emergency situations. More

WEISTEK unveils ultra-fast desktop 3D printer 'IdeaWerk-Speed', reaching print speed of 450 mm/s

Jul.30, 2015 - Chinese company WEISTEK has unveiled an ultra-fast desktop 3D printer 'IdeaWerk-Speed'. This printer is capable of increasing desktop 3D printing speeds by five up to ten times, reaching print speed of 450 mm/s. More

Fallout Fan uses 3D printer to build an incredible Fallout 4 Pip-Boy 3000 Mark IV

Jul.30, 2015 - For 23-year-old Yvo de Haas, one of the first things that came to his mind after learning about the new Fallout 4 release was to 3D print his own version of the game's updated Pip-Boy 3000 Mark IV. More

This amazing platform jack 3D prints fully assembled and without supports

Jul.30, 2015 - A recent design from a Seattle team is an assured hit: the 3D printed platform jack, that 3D prints in a single, support-free, fully assembled and fully functional platform. More

PHAbulous Filaments: natural and biodegradable 3D printing filament now on Kickstarter

Jul.29, 2015 - Austria-based Saphium Biotechnology has released what they are calling "PHAbulous Philaments", a line of plant-based PHA 3D printing filaments that include none of the toxic additives that are commonly found in other 3D printing filament materials. More

Prosthetics and Assistive Technology Challenge helps bring 3D printed assistive devices to veterans

Jul.29, 2015 - The VA Innovation Creation Series Prosthetics and Assistive Technology Challenge was established for the public to contribute towards designing devices and solutions using 3D printing for improving the quality of life and care of military veterans within the community. More

Surgeons turn to 3D printing to help perform world's first pediatric bilateral hand transplant in USA

Jul.29, 2015 - Thanks to a team of surgeons in Philadelphia, an 8-year-old boy can now throw the football thanks to a recent hand transplant that was made possible thanks to the aide of 3D printing. More

Chinese doctors turn to 3D printing for 'mock surgery' ahead of double knee replacment process

Jul.29, 2015 - More recently, 3D printing was used to repair the legs of a young male patient at in Handan, China. After suffering for a number of years from a condition known as genu varum deformity - also known as "bow legs" - the young patient was admitted to the hospital after experiencing pain and discomfort. More

3D scanner maker Occipital raises $13M to develop spacial computing experience

Jul.29, 2015 - Occipital has announced that they're moving even further into the 3D scanning and computer vision space after having raised a $13 million Series B round from investors. More

Kickstarter success story Coolest Cooler is realized through 3D printed iteration

Jul.29, 2015 - The Coolest Cooler is a portable party machine disguised as a cooler. The company has teamed up with high quality 3D printing experts FATHOM to use 3D printer in the development process. More

Cosine Additive unveils AdditiveMachine1 large-format composite material 3D printer

Jul.29, 2015 - Called the Cosine Additive Machine1 3D printer, this 3D printer realizes the unusual combination of high quality printing (layers as small as 0.100mm) with composite materials and a very large build space of 1100x850x900 mm. A perfect option. More

Stefan Kneip designs fantastic 3D printed Anti-Gravitator device, capable of stable levitation

Jul.29, 2015 - Anti-Gravitator, a 3D printed device developed by German chemist Stefan Kneip, uses a magnetic field to create a stable magnetic levitation situation capable of holding small metal objects. More

3Dom USA unveils engineering-grade Glass Filled PLA 3D printer filament

Jul.29, 2015 - US-based filament manufacturer 3Dom USA announced that they are releasing their new engineering-grade Glass Filled PLA 3D printer filament - a first of its kind. More

New research into gas metal arc weld 3D printing unveils easier part removal techniques

Jul.29, 2015 - Researchers at Michigan Technological University are claiming that they've solved this problem once and for all with the use of substrate release mechanisms for gas metal arc weld metal 3D printing - and they're ready to share their results with the 3D printing community. More

RangeVision announces new Smart line of 3D scanners starting at $2,600

Jul.29, 2015 - RangeVision focuses on developing and producing both 3d scanners and 3D scanning software for a variety of clients ranging from jewelry design to automotive tuning. Its 'Smart' line of 3D scanners omits the traditional laser for structured light technology to scan 3D objects. More

Electronics Giant Hama creates computer mice and innovative accessories using 3D printing

Jul.28, 2015 - In order to help bring products of all kinds to market faster than most other hardware design and manufacturing companies, Electronics Giant Hama uses an X400 3D printer from Germany's own German RepRap. More

3D printed smartphone device reads ELISA diagnostic tests accurately and within one minute

Jul.28, 2015 - A team of researchers from the California NanoSystems Institute at UCLA have created a low-cost, smartphone-based device and app that is made with a 3D printer and can read ELISA plates on-the-spot, with up to 99.6% accuracy for certain viruses. More

Swedish student Filip Sjöö 3D prints a cool automated boat & won third prize in Make It Float Challenge

Jul.28, 2015 - Filip Sjöö has 3D printed a very cool automated boat complete with desperate passenger. Filip's boat won the third prize in the Thingiverse's Make It Float Challenge. More

Ryan Zellars shares designs for impressive mostly 3D printed RepRap CNC machine

Jul.28, 2015 - Ryan Zellars has created an amazing mostly 3D printed RepRap-style CNC machine called Mostly Printed CNC. Since posting his designs on Thingiverse in March, he has already garnered over 100,000 views (if related builds are included. More

3D printed payload-sensing GO-GO AirBoat wins Thingiverse's Make It Float Challenge

Jul.28, 2015 - David Choi took home the first prize for designing and 3D printing a complex and fun GO-GO AirBoat that is not only a motorized, propeller-powered payload-sensing boat, but also comes with the most comprehensive guide you'll have ever seen on Thingiverse. More

Innofil3D prepares to launch new PET 3D printing filament next month

Jul.28, 2015 - Next month, Innofil3D will be launching a campaign to help generate more awareness for PET plastic amongst 3D printing users of all types. The company is so confident about the material that they think that it will not only surge in popularity, but also become the new standard in 3D printing material. More

Designer converts an old vintage toolbox into a portable 3D printer

Jul.28, 2015 - Boca Bearings, a Florida-based bearing company, has converted an old vintage toolbox into a very own portable and collapsible 3D printer. Starting with 'mockups' using existing 3D printed parts, designer Chad Bridgewater built a series of rough prototypes. More

Create your own 'Infill Percent' and 'Number of Shells' displays for your 3D printer

Jul.28, 2015 - Thingiverse user 'duncan916' uploaded the 'Infill Percent Display' and 'Number of Shells Display' reference tools for anybody that is serious about their infills and/or shells. More

3D printing used to help convert Pontiac Firebird into a Knight Rider KITT car replica

Jul.28, 2015 - The 3D Modular Systems team has recently built the KITT (Knight Industries Two Thousand) replica car from the popular 1980s Knight Rider TV series with the help of 3D printing. More

Engineer creates a 3D printed exoskeleton 'Spiderhand' for stroke victims

Jul.28, 2015 - Daniel Levy, a design engineer, created a 3D printed open-source exoskeleton that is designed to help stroke victims or patients with lack of finger movement regain mobility in their hands. More

London's Grant Museum of Zoology uses 3D printing to recreate the rare extinct quagga

Jul.28, 2015 - Jack Ashby, the manager at the Grant Museum of Zoology in London has recently turned to 3D printing to help recreate a leg for one of the rarest zoological museum specimens in the world, a quagga. More

Bence Agoston designs 3D printed MOOD sunglasses to add visual effects to music

Jul.27, 2015 - Hungarian student Bence Agoston has come up with a much safer and more affordable alternative for seeing trippy effects while listing to music: the 3D printed MOOD sunglasses. More

New $10 3D printed foot prosthetics improve stability and gait as children grow

Jul.27, 2015 - Researchers from the Swinburne University of Technology in Australia have developed an ingenious foot prosthetic design that can be optimized according to the wearer's individual gait and size, all for roughly $10 USD. More

Mutoh Industries unveils Value Arc MA5000-S1 metal arc welding 3D printer

Jul.27, 2015 - Japanese printer manufacturer Mutoh is about to unveil the Value Arc MA5000-S1 3D printer, which is much more affordable than other metal 3D printers for its ability to use arc welding, rather than laser-based, technology. More

Fred the tortoise in Brazil receives a 3D printed replacement shell after original is destroyed in fire

Jul.27, 2015 - A dedicated team of animal-lovers in Santos, São Paulo recently used 3D printing technology to save a tortoise's life. The team, consisting of a veterinary surgeon, a dentist, and a graphic designer, spent three months designing and printing an entirely 3D printed prosthetic as a complete replacement for the original. More

Maker creates smallest 3D printed plunger from Ninjaflex and wood filament

Jul.27, 2015 - Instructables user wrote a simple and accessible tutorial for 3D printing multiple materials with a single extruder 3D printer, and has illustrated it by making the miniature plunger visible above using a combination of Ninjaflex and wood filament. More

Sunny Su develops 3D printed device for easily carrying multiple soft drink bottles

Jul.27, 2015 - North Carolina-based student Sunny Su, who just unveiled 'O!' as a 3D printed solution to the age-old problem of how to conveniently carry multiple bottles at once. More

New IKEA hack lets you create a 3D printer enclosure for cheap

Jul.26, 2015 - Instructables user 'phatima' recently made a 3D printer enclosure using cheap and widely-available IKEA furniture and generously shared his build instructions. More

Australian 3D printed surfboard startup Disrupt considers expanding to California

Jul.26, 2015 - Among others who have been actively exploring the potential for 3D printing for surfboard designs include Australian entrepreneur and surfer Gary Elphick, whose company Disrupt Surfboards allows surfers to shape their own boards using online tools. More

KU e-Racing team uses 3D printing to produce race-ready car parts

Jul.25, 2015 - Among others who have turned to additive manufacturing to develop ready-to-use car parts includes Kingston University's electric car racing team (KU e-Racing). More

Game design veterans launch NecroVirus, 3D printable zombie board game on Kickstarter

Jul.25, 2015 - BoardCraft team, who have over 45 combined years of AAA title development, has just launched their first 3D printed board game Kickstarter campaign. More

Concept artist Jun Huang uses 3D printing to create impressive anatomical reference models

Jul.24, 2015 - Aiming to help others learn to approach sketching images or sculpting models with anatomical features based on actual animals similar to his own techniques, Jun Huang has spent the past few years developing his own line of reference models - or figurines - based on his years of experience. More

Houston nonprofit OpHeart provides 3D printed heart models for local pediatric surgeons

Jul.24, 2015 - Texas resident Anne Garcia founded OpHeart, a Houston-based nonprofit whose mission is to ensure that children receive the best cardiac care possible by helping provide a 3D printed model to the child's doctor for reference. More

Voxel8 raises $12M to launch their electronics 3D printer by end of 2015

Jul.24, 2015 - Today, the Massachusetts company Voxel8 announced that they have raised an impressive $12 million through a round of Series A funding to further develop their additive manufacturing technology in an effort to bring their electronics 3D printer to market. More

Destiny fan Kirby Downey creates awesome 3D printed airsoft Thorn pistol that actually fires

Jul.24, 2015 - South African designer Kirby Downey has 3D printed a functional airsoft version of the Thorn rifle from the Destiny video game. And the gun actually fires really well. More

Francesco Orrù pays tribute to DOOM 4 with amazing 3D printed sculpture of cover monster

Jul.24, 2015 - The monstrous and awesome sculpture 3D printed by Myminifactory's Italian designer Francesco Orrù is a tribute to the upcoming DOOM 4 release. Amazingly detailed, the sculpture of this monster was based on the preview art for the upcoming game. More

Danit Peleg 3D prints entire ready-to-wear fashion collection at home

Jul.24, 2015 - Israeli fashion student Danit Peleg has designed a completely 3D printed fashion collection for her graduate collection at the Shenkar College of Design. What's more, all pieces were simply designed at home on regular 3D printers. More

Francesco Orrù shares amazing design for an intricate 3D printed guitar inspired by lion, shark and eagle

Jul.24, 2015 - Designer Francesco Orrù has just shared the designs for his 3D printed 4theswarm guitar, featuring a gorgeous intricate pattern that has been inspired by nature. More

NPUST first in Taiwan to 3D print animal prosthetics

Jul.24, 2015 - The National Pingtung University of Science and Technology (NPUST) in Taipei has become the first veterinary clinic in Taiwan to offer animal-specific rehabilitation centers and to produce animal prosthetics using computed tomography and 3D printed technology. More

1500-year-old ancient Hebrew scroll deciphered 45 years after discovery thanks to 3D scanning

Jul.24, 2015 - A fragile scroll that had been burnt beyond recognition has finally been deciphered thanks to modern 3D scanning technology, and revealed to be not only a part of a Torah scroll, but the first Torah ever to be found inside a synagogue. More

FMW Fasteners rejects 3D printing as manufacturing technology after survey

Jul.24, 2015 - Last week, FMW Fasteners rejected 3D printed manufacturing after customers responded negatively in a survey. FMW Fasteners is a Houston, Texas-based web shop for (contractor grade) metal nuts, bolts, anchor components and more, that began looking into the advantages of 3D printing. More

Brazilian soccer star Kaká and Limbitless Solutions give bionic hand to six-year-old boy

Jul.24, 2015 - Limbitless Solutions, a 3D printing initiative that seeks to provide kids with free bionic limbs, teamed up with Brazilian soccer star Kaká to give a custom bionic hand to the six year old Paulo Costa Boa Nova. More

UCAR technologists develop low cost 3D printed weather stations for rural communities

Jul.24, 2015 - Thanks to the work from technologists Kelly Sponberg and Martin Steinson however, small rural communities in developing countries may be able to have their own sustaining weather stations thanks to 3D printing. More

Swedish researchers create a nanoscale 3D printed bunny using folded DNA

Jul.23, 2015 - Swedish scientists have developed a new automated method to fold DNA strands into custom complex 3D structures including a bunny profile. The new results will help pave the way for DNA nanotechnology in medicine over the next 10 years. More

ZVerse announces new partnership with 3D Systems and $3.5M Series A funding

Jul.23, 2015 - ZVerse has announced that they are entering a strategic partnership and commercial agreement with 3D Systems in an effort to help advance their applications and market opportunities for full color 3D printing. More

4WEB Medical completes first Australian 3D printed patient-specific implant

Jul.23, 2015 - 4WEB Medical, a leading global provider of 3D printed orthopedic implants which was founded in Texas in 2008, announced that they had completed their first Australian patient-specific 3D printed implant surgery in Brisbane. More

South Korean doctors successfully implant 3D printed pelvis in teenage patient

Jul.23, 2015 - South Korean medical team used 3D printing to manufacture a patient-specific custom pelvis implant for a teenage girl who needed a replacement after suffering from bone cancer. More

Oxford Performance Materials receives FDA clearance for 3D printed spinal implant system

Jul.23, 2015 - Oxford Performance Materials, Inc (OPM), a leading advanced materials and 3D printing company with a focus on personalized medicine, has announced that they have received 510(k) clearance from the FDA for its first-in-kind SpineFab® VBR implant system. More

British Royal Navy warship HMS Mersey tests 3D printed drone at sea

Jul.23, 2015 - Last Tuesday, British warship HMS Mersey set out off the south coast of England with the express purpose of testing a 3D printed drone. The British navy are seriously considering incorporating 3D printed drones into the warship arsenal for autonomous flying missions in emergency situations. More

Scriba - the stylus reinvented for comfort and control is brought to life thanks to 3D printing

Jul.23, 2015 - The Scriba stylus's design was optimized to feel as natural as possible for a human hand using 3D printing and an iterative design process that started with a simple hand sketch. It is able to respond to even the most subtle of touches to make digital creative projects more natural. More

3D printed model aids in precision spinal canal stenosis surgery on 81-year-old Chinese man

Jul.23, 2015 - Doctors from the Affiliated Union Hospital of Fujian Medical University relied on 3D printed surgical models to ensure that an eighty-year-old man successfully underwent a precision spinal canal stenosis surgery in that hospital in Fuzhou. More

German engineers develop 3D printed bionic hand with muscles made from 'smart' wires

Jul.23, 2015 - A team of German engineers from Saarland University have come up a bionic hand that relies on a bundle of smart wires and an electric charge instead of bulky motors and electronics. More

Ed Zarick uses 3D printing to create a Star Wars Themed PlayStation 4, R2-D2 Playbook 4

Jul.23, 2015 - Florida-based electrical engineer Ed Zarick has transformed a PlayStation 4 into a R2D2-themed PLAYBOOK 4, complete with a laptop screen and all the R2D2-esque features and sounds you can think of. More

New startup Refugee Open Ware establishes fab labs in areas of crisis

Jul.23, 2015 - Refugee Open Ware, which was founded by Dave Levin and Loay Malahmeh, aims to establish Refugee Open Ware fab labs with a number of traditional and digital fabrication technologies including traditional wood and metal working tools, laser cutters, vinyl cutters, milling machines, 3D printers, and scanners. More

Matter and Form to launch Bevel Clip, a mobile 3D scanning attachment on Kickstarter for $49

Jul.23, 2015 - Matter and Form's Bevel Clip, which will be priced at just $49, is an external headphone jack attachment for Android and iOS devices that is capable of capturing 3D scans directly from a mobile device's own camera. More

Mapal turns to additive manufacturing to create QTD-series insert drills

Jul.22, 2015 - In an effort to stay ahead of the game with an innovative approach, Mapal, a German-based precision tool specialist has announced that they have turned to the geometric freedom that additive manufacturing provides for their QTD-Series Insert Drills. More

Rokit receives $3M from South Korea's government to develop 3D bioprinting system

Jul.22, 2015 - South Korean 3D printing market leader Rokit announced that they have received $3 million from the South Korean government to develop a 3D bioprinting system for skin regeneration. More

UIST 2015 Student Innovation Contest call for participation, focus on 3D printable Animatronics

Jul.22, 2015 - The registration for the seventh annual UIST student innovation contest is now open. All students are invited to participate and develop their own Animatronic solution, which can be fully 3D printed. More

Custom 3D printed footwear FOOTPRINT to debut at GDS Fair in Germany next week

Jul.22, 2015 - Project FOOTPRINT by Matt Flail and Tim Ganter, which has developed a very impressive system involving 3D scanning, algorithmic shoe development and high quality 3D printing, is ready to make its debut at the GDS Fair in Dusseldorf, Germany. More

3D model artist Francesco Orrù 3D prints a wearable, full-size Lich King helm

Jul.22, 2015 - 3D model artist Francesco Orrù has 3D printed a wearable, full-size Lich King helm. Orrù is a self-proclaimed fan of Blizzard games, and has played almost every version of Diablo, Warcraft and Starcraft since he was a child. More

Airwolf 3D debuts Wolfbite MEGA adhesive for optimal polycarbonate, PC-ABS and PLA 3D printing

Jul.22, 2015 - Californian 3D printer developer Airwolf 3D has just unveiled the Wolfbite MEGA, a chemical solution that can be applied to your glass or ceramic printbed to ensure easy and warp-free PC and PC-ABS prints. More

Japan's '3D Model Print Generator' freezes video frames to capture 3D models

Jul.22, 2015 - 3D Print Model Generator, a new 3D printing platform from Japan's 3DWave, a 3D modeling company, wants to not only help users prepare a model for 3D printing, but also help users generate the 3D model itself. More

Create a 3D printed bicycle induction safety light that uses pedals for power

Jul.22, 2015 - Instructables user Tom4zs has uploaded a tutorial for creating a 3D Printed Bike Safety Light that is powered by the rider and never needs batteries. More

Marine Biosystems turns to 3D printing to develop new biopellet reactors

Jul.22, 2015 - Marine Biosystems has been exploring the possibilities of 3D printing to create a more optimized biopellet reactor design with their F5 Biopellet Reactor, which is used for controlling nitrate and phosphate levels in marine aquariums. More

Sintercore unveils new 3D printed Glock 43 magazine extension

Jul.22, 2015 - Among other companies who have been actively exploring the intersection of firearms and additive manufacturing include Michigan-based Sintercore. The company has recently unveiled their latest project, the 3Dplus2, an extended magazine for the popular Glock 43 pistol. More

Upcoming livestream teaches you how to build a 3D printed electric longboard

Jul.22, 2015 - On Saturday, August 1st, a team from Faraday Motion will be livestreaming an event where they will demonstrate to viewers how to 3D print and build one of their open source electric skateboards from scratch in just 2 hours. More

Design engineer creates a 3D printed portable Nintendo 64

Jul.22, 2015 - For his most recent project, Chris Downing took on the challenge of creating a console mod for a portable Nintendo 64 - a project that relied heavily on a combination of CNC machining and 3D printing. More

WASP unveils new ceramic LDM extruder for high precision ceramics 3D printing

Jul.21, 2015 - WASP, known for their innovative approach to 3D printing, has just announed the release of the professional grade ceramic LDM extruder, that is compatible with the majority of desktop FDM printers and opens the way for a wide variety of new 3D printable materials. More

3D printed houses a reality in the next five to ten years

Jul.21, 2015 - The technology to 3D print entire homes is on its way, and Australian researchers believe it will bring unique advantages to the housing market, such as affordable housing, on-the-spot emergency shelters, and architectural flexibility—all in the very near future. More

Skraep - Transforming crumpled scrap paper into 3D printed gold

Jul.21, 2015 - LuxMea, a multidisciplinary design studio in Cambridge, MA, has launched a new Kickstarter campaign for an award-winning design concept that transforms crumpled scrap paper by 3D printing called Skraep. More

Australian cardiologists turn to 3D printing to fine-tune heart surgery procedure

Jul.21, 2015 - A team of Australian physicians have used 3D printing to create an exact replica of a patient's heart leading up to a left atrial appendage (LAA) closure procedure with a Watchman device. More

MEDPRIN 3D prints world's first biological meningioma ReDura for use in brain surgery

Jul.21, 2015 - Chinese company MEDPRIN has developed the world's first 3D printed biological meningioma called ReDura – a replica of tissue covering the brain – and are already applying it in surgical rooms across the world. More

Design engineers 3D printing world's first public domain medical grade myoelectric prosthesis

Jul.21, 2015 - A new generation of designers, makers and engineers are committed to raising the bar and have been actively developing and 3D printing highly-advanced robotic prosthetics that are capable of intelligently assisting a wearer with common limb movements. More

Binghamton University develops 3D printing process to cure diabetes and other preventable diseases

Jul.21, 2015 - A team of researchers from the Binghamton University in New York State are being very ambitious by developing a 3D printing process that could be used to cure a number of preventable diseases such as diabetes. More

German RepRap announces new Carbon20 carbon fiber reinforced filament

Jul.20, 2015 - German RepRap GmbH is today announcing their new Carbon20 3D printer filament. Designed for those in need of rigid and functional prototypes such as those for the automotive industry or mold construction, Carbon20 filament consists of 20 percent carbon fiber for those in need of a more durable 3D printed part. More

Smithsonian to digitize Neil Armstrong's moon landing space suit in new Kickstarter project

Jul.20, 2015 - In an effort to help share the story of the first Moon landing, the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum has teamed up with Kickstarter to launch a special campaign in an effort to help raise funds to conserve, digitize, and display the suit using 3D technologies. More

UC Berkeley's 3D printed 'smart' milk cap can detect spoiled food

Jul.20, 2015 - A team of UC Berkeley engineers, in collaboration with colleagues at Taiwan's National Chiao Tung University, have been actively developing include a wireless "smart cap" for milk cartons which are capable of detecting spoiled milk with the aide of embedded sensors. More

New dual- & multi-part color version of #3DBenchy test print released

Jul.20, 2015 - Swedish 3D printing enthusiast Daniel Norée and team have now taken the #3DBenchy to the next level with a version specifically intended for multi-part, multi-material 3D printing. More

Design teacher Cam Watt shares 3D printed kit for screen printing on fabrics, furniture or paper

Jul.20, 2015 - Design teacher Cam Watt has developed a 3D printable kit that can be used to make screen prints on t-shirts and just about any fabric, furniture or surface you can think of. More

Automata's low cost 3D printed Eva arm hopes to bring robotics to the masses

Jul.20, 2015 - London startup Automata is currently very near to completing the development of the 3D printed arm robot, a very cheap, lightweight and very accessible machine that is perfect for educational purposes and even for workplace applications. More

Candy Mechanics uses 3D printing to turn selfies into edible candy

Jul.20, 2015 - British startup Candy Mechanics uses 3D scanners and 3D printed molds to turn selfies into edible lollypops made in an impressive six different flavors. The project in question is called Heads on Sticks, that has just completed a very successful six week trial at Selfridges London. More

Former IBM employee creates China's first 3D printed pancake robot

Jul.20, 2015 - An enterprising company in Beijing has introduced a 3D printed pancake robot to take the humble street-food snack to next-level greatness. The 3D printed pancakes are available at Good Luck Eating, a pancake shop in the SOHO district co-founded by former IBM employee Wu Yili. More

Studio FATHOM unveils Project Pyra, first 3D printed smart oven

Jul.20, 2015 - Studio Fathom has created an innovative new take on the modern convection oven that they're calling the Pyra. The oven, which is built entirely out of engineering-grade plastics, was designed to combine the versatility of 3D printing with advanced cloud-based intelligence. More

World's largest shipbuilder Hyundai Heavy opens up 3D Printing Shipbuilding Innovatinon Center

Jul.20, 2015 - Hyundai Heavy Industries will open the nation's 15th creative 'economy innovation center' in Ulsan. The Ulsan Center will help foster South Korean start-ups with a focus on 3D printing and automated medical services industries. More

Create your own DIY 3D printed 7" portable HDMI monitor

Jul.19, 2015 - The Ruiz brothers' latest project, a DIY secondary pc monitor, essentially revolves around an 7" HDMI display backpack and a 3D printed enclosure to form a DIY montor that has a hundred and one applications. More

Create your own 3D printed Gyroman Walking Gyroscope

Jul.19, 2015 - The Walking Gyro Jeffrey Kerr has created his own Gyroman Walking Gyroscope using 3D printing. Kerr has generously supplied all of the necessary build steps and STL files on his Instructables page for the project. More

The Warp/Weft filament colorizer adds custom color designs to 3d printed surfaces

Jul.19, 2015 - Chicago-based artist Tom Burtonwood chose to further explore the application of color on 3D prints - such as the ability to draw shapes, patterns or even images on surfaces following a warp and weft pattern similar to those created by textile designers. More

Create your own 3D printed lamp with the Self Made Furniture (SMF) 3D Printing Collection

Jul.19, 2015 - The SMF.01 lamp, which was created by Polish designers Milosz Dabrowski and Justyna Faldzinska of UAU Project, is a part of the designers' SMF (Self Made Furnitures) project that aims to include a series of designs over time that can be 3D printed and combined with other elements including wood. More

UK teenager to launch expandable NFire One modular 3D printer priced under $400

Jul.19, 2015 - Set to be launched in late July or early August, Alex Youden's 3D printer, the NFire One, is a truly modular 3D printer which has also been designed to be cost-effective and easy to use right out of the box. More

New proposal outlines plans to replace cement with 3D printed sustainable 'Hempcrete' house

Jul.19, 2015 - Chad Knutsen, along with a team he is leading, have recently proposed to MIT's Climate CoLab crowdsourced design platform an idea for replacing cement with 3D printed 'Hempcrete' for construction projects with the aim of reducing worldwide CO2 emissions by 7-8%. More

Chinese company ZhuoDa unveils two-story '3D Module Villas' being built in less than three hours

Jul.18, 2015 - ZhuoDa group showcased what is sure to be one of the most exciting developments in modular home building in recent memory: a two-story villa that was built in just three hours using a special material that the company is still keeping a secret. More

Launzer and DC Comics unveil the first officially licensed 3D printed Batman

Jul.17, 2015 - The small line of 3D printed Batman figures - which are being sold by 3D printing service Launzer - are the first and only designs to have secured official licensing from DC Comics. More

LUXeXceL secures €7.5 million investment to further develop 3D printed optical lens

Jul.17, 2015 - LUXeXceL, a Netherlands-based company that was the first company to be able to fully 3D print optical lenses, has just announced that they have received €7.5 million in series B funding to further extend their reach into the optics industry. More

E3D and LittleBox unveil affordable and fully hackable BigBox 3D printer

Jul.17, 2015 - The upcoming BigBox 3D printer, a fully hackable machine that is as large as its name suggests, is the result of a collaboration between high-quality hotend manufacturer E3D and laser cutter designer LittleBox. More

China showcases large 3D printed metal frames for new generation of military aircraft

Jul.17, 2015 - Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics has showcased large 3D printed metal frame components suitable for a variety of aircraft at the first Chinese National Defense Science and Technology Industry Exhibition. More

Skateboarder creates 3D printed long board hand brake

Jul.17, 2015 - A clever skateboarder by the name of Marius has turned to the 3D printing technology to create his own 3D printed brake system for his Onda long board. More

Colorado doctors begin using 3D printing for treating unborn babies with abnormalities

Jul.16, 2015 - 3D printing technology that has been used to help surgeons perform everything from hip surgery to custom face implants are also being leveraged to perform surgery on the smallest of humans - unborn babies. More

New EasyWelder Tool welds multiple types of 3D printing filaments

Jul.16, 2015 - I3D Innovation, a small start-up in France has announced that they've created a 3D printing welder that they're claiming can weld different types of plastic filament together. More

Materialise launches 3DPrintCloud, a free cloud-based 3D printing toolbox

Jul.16, 2015 - Materialise unveiled their latest 3D printing innovation in the form of a user-friendly online toolbox which is designed to help anyone quickly and efficiently improve their 3D model in preparation for printing; Materialise 3DPrintCloud. More

38-year-old Chinese man receives 3D printed titanium mandible implant after being shot in the face

Jul.16, 2015 - Yet for one Chinese man who was shot in the face while working in Ethiopia, 3D printing recently helped provide him with nearly an entirely new face. More

Raytheon now able to 3D print nearly every component of guided missile system

Jul.16, 2015 - Researchers at Raytheon Missile Systems have stated that they have already created next-generation guided missiles that uses additive manufacturing to produce nearly every component within its assembly. More

Charity pays tribute to honor killing Shafilea Ahmed with sculpture created with Tweets and 3D printing

Jul.16, 2015 - This 3D printed bust was made by British charity Karma Nirvana to commemorate her death – Shafilea Ahmed was suffocated with a plastic bag in an honor killing – and to raise awareness for honor killings across Britain. More

REIFY turns songs into 3D printed sculptures embedded with music, now on Kickstarter

Jul.16, 2015 - The REIFI team has just taken to Kickstarter with very interesting 3D printed totems that have been embedded with songs; to press play, all you need to do is scan the totem with an app. More

3-year-old whose head was four times normal size receives 3D printed skull and brain shrinkage surgery

Jul.16, 2015 - Three year old Chinese girl Han Han successfully underwent a brain shrinkage surgery while receiving a 3D printed titanium skull implant that accurately fits the new brain. More

INNOprint 3D printer can build emergency housing in just under 30 minutes

Jul.16, 2015 - A team of French scientists from the University of Nantes have developed the INNOprint 3D printer, which is capable of building emergency housing in just under 30 minutes. More

Make a perfect cup of iced coffee with this 3D printed Coffee Cold Brewer

Jul.16, 2015 - Using 3D printing, Jonathan Odom has developed a setup that will enable you to enjoy a fantastic and affordable cup of iced coffee in the comfort of your on home – and what's more, he's shared the designs. More

Eco-friendly 'Digestive Car' uses 3D printed cow stomachs to fuel cars

Jul.15, 2015 - Critical product designer Yi-Wen Tseng has come up with a speculative concept that, inspired by the cow's digestive system, would use 3D printed biotechnology to produce methane and fuel cars. More

Texan Toby Lankford designs 3D printed, solar powered RC drone as anti-poaching tool

Jul.15, 2015 - Toby Lankford has developed a 3D printed, solar powered RC plane filled with cameras that can detect poachers over large distances. It's name? Project Icarus. More

Kanèsis seeking to bring natural and decomposable 3D printable hemp filament to market

Jul.15, 2015 - Startup Kanèsis, founded by Giovanni Milazzo and Antonio Caruso, has already filed a patent for their remarkable, all natural and 100% biodegradable hemp filament and is planning to make it commercially available in the next few months. More

Experts predict 3D printed customised food items to rule the industry in next 20 years

Jul.15, 2015 - The use of 3D printers has the potential to revolutionize the way food is manufactured within the next 10 to 20 years, experts from the Institute of Food Technologists (IFT) are claiming. More

3D bone printing project in China to enter animal testing stage

Jul.15, 2015 - A team of scientists from the Southern Medical University, led university by president Huang Wenhua, has been very successful in 3D printing bones from bone powder and are now ready to enter an animal testing stage. More

3D Systems releases Infinity Rinse-Away water-soluble filament for comlex, moving 3D prints

Jul.15, 2015 - 3D Systems has just announced Infinity Rinse-Away water-soluble support material for Cube and CubePro desktop 3D printers. This new material dissolves in water, enabling complex 3D prints with articulation, suspension and movement. More

Museum uses 3D printing to take fragile maquette by Thomas Hart Benton on tour through the States

Jul.14, 2015 - For a national tour of an exhibition on Thomas Hart Benton, the Peabody Essex Museum created a 3D printed replica of a particularly fragile clay maquette. More

Omni3D launches large industrial level Factory 2.0 3D printer with a €10K price tag

Jul.14, 2015 - 3D printer manufacturer Omni3D has just unveiled the Factory 2.0industrial level 3D printer. With a price tag of just €10,000 (or approximately $11,000), it will definitely catch the attention of a lot of businesses. More

Did MakerBot knowingly sell faulty 3D printers? Class action lawsuit alleges yes.

Jul.14, 2015 - A class action lawsuit has been filed against the Stratasys-owned Makerbot claiming that they knowingly sold faulty, malfunctioning 3D printers to consumers. More

Werking launches customizable 3D printed bike mounts for cycling computers

Jul.14, 2015 - Italian bicycle startup Werking has just presented Mount 3D, 3D printed custimizable bike mounts for GPS and other devices that fits multiple brands and multiple bikes. More

Allied Dimensions unveils high speed, large scale multi material LSBP 3D printer

Jul.14, 2015 - Barcelona-based startup Allied Dimensions has unveiled the LSBP 3D printer, specifically designed to 3D print up to six large components at high speeds and with multiple materials. Perfect for efficiently prototyping on a large scale. More

3D print a USB stick: AMRC develops method for embedding electronics during SLA 3D printing

Jul.14, 2015 - AMRC has developed a method for embedding solid objects such as electronics into resin objects while 3D printing them with an SLA machine. To prove what it can do, they have 3D printed a USB memory stick by 3D printing the case around the circuitry, instead of making two halves and gluing them together. More

Spine device company Joimax gets FDA approval for 3D printed spinal implant

Jul.14, 2015 - German company Joimax, a developer of technology used in minimally invasive endoscopic spinal surgeries, said it received 510(k) clearance from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration to market its EndoLIF On-Cage 3D printed titanium implant. More

Redditor SexCyborg uses 3D printing to make Bluetooth-controlled underlit miniskirt

Jul.13, 2015 - SexyCyborg has used 3D printed parts and a set of LEDs to turn a denim miniskirt into a very cool, very flashy underlit miniskirt that can change colors. More

3D printed mechanical Victoria Hand for amputees in third world

Jul.13, 2015 - An ongoing project called the Victory Hand, by a team of researchers from the Canadian University of Victoria is specifically developing a mechanical prosthetic for amputees in Guatamala and Nepal, with other countries hopefully following soon. More

Sergey Kolesnik unveils 3D printed highly detailed 36 cm tall Titan-REC figurine

Jul.13, 2015 - For a promotional piece for Russian filament manufacturers REC, Sergey Kolesnik 3D printed the truly awesome Titan-REC, a 36 cm tall mecha robot that no kid will ever get bored with. More

Modeler Nimi Becza creates truly amazing Bad Juju rifle replica from Destiny MMO shooter

Jul.13, 2015 - Nimi Becza and Lael Lee have together realized a truly amazing addition to any Destiny cosplay: a highly detailed Bad Juju rifle replica using 3D printing technology. More

Student develops modular lighting system for interiors using 3D printed optics

Jul.12, 2015 - M. Grossl's STUTTGART 3D printed optical lighting system is an ingenious solution that aims to help with an abandoned building's transformation into a usable structure. More

LUXeXceL helps Dutch student to 3D print cool partly transparent shoes Acryx

Jul.12, 2015 - With the help of LUXeXceL, Dutch student F. Metin has just completed a gorgeous set of 100% 3D printed, partly transparent flexible shoes called Acryx. More

Bastion Cycles gears up to launch custom 3D printed road bikes later this year

Jul.12, 2015 - Australia's Bastion Bicycles is developing a system for producing custom, lightweight and performance-orientated road bicycle frames that use 3D printing to produce titanium lugs and spun carbon tubes. More

BASF and Poietis enter R&D agreement for 3D bioprinting and skin care

Jul.12, 2015 - BASF announced that they have signed an agreement with Poietis to apply Poietis' bioprinting technology to BASF's existing processes in an effort to improve the company's skin equivalent model Mimeskin™. More

Jewelry designers VANINA in Lebanon turn to MCor 3D printers for paper-based designs

Jul.12, 2015 - Thanks to Mcor's paper-based 3D printing technologies, a new generation of eco-friendly jewelry designers are turning to the Irish 3D printer manufacturer's machines to produce designs that neither need expensive molds or expensive resins to create. More

Man 3D prints & shares 'legal' poison dart gun to spite State Department's ban on online weapon sharing

Jul.12, 2015 - A recent announcement by the US State Department has triggered a fresh wave of controversy surrounding 3D printed guns, online file sharing and the right to free speech, inciting maker and gun activist Peter Alaric DeSimone to 3D print and share the files for a .40 caliber poison dart airgun. More

PRINTinZ introduces new flexible 'Zebra Plate' 3D printing adhesion system for FDM 3D printers

Jul.11, 2015 - 'Zebra Plate' solution features all of the great material properties as PRINTinZ's original 3D printing surfaces with the addition of contrasting color options on each side of the plate, which effectively allow for the user to easily recognize errors in a print or other technical difficulties. More

Print your own 3D printer vibration absorbers inspired by earthquake-proof building designs

Jul.11, 2015 - Among others who have used modified their 3D printers with new parts include IT Manager Simon Chan, who was inspired to create 3D printer shock absorbers after studying the shocks created by structural engineers to create earthquake-proof buildings. More

Area71 announces 3d printed version of Koenigsegg CCX performance supercar

Jul.11, 2015 - While recent models coming from Koenigsegg have been commanding over $4 million dollars apiece, scale model car maker Area71 has an alternative option for those who want to own their own garage of Koenigsegg's on the cheap. More

New Mars Trek web app from NASA lets users view and 3D print Mars in its entirety

Jul.11, 2015 - NASA is offering earth-bound humans the opportunity to virtually explore planets similar to Google Earth, starting with a new web app that they've recently launched called Mars Trek. More

University of Michigan testing 3D printed autonomous mini-car 'SmartCarts'

Jul.11, 2015 - Local Motors, an Arizona-based pioneer in the field of 3D printing cars, and the University of Michigan have just started development on a program called SmartCart to get autonomous 3D printed cars the size of golf carts on the roads. More

Harvard's 3D printed, bio-inspired SoftBot jumps 6 times its body height

Jul.10, 2015 - A team of Harvard engineers has developed a jumping robot with a rubbery 3D printed body that can jump up to six times its own height (or about 76 centimeters) and land without being damaged. More

Perfectly bespoke earbuds 3D scanned and printed by UK company Snugs

Jul.10, 2015 - UK-based company Snugs has found success offering tailor-made earbuds, measured to fit perfectly within the unique curves of users' ear canals, ensuring a more comfortable fit, better noise isolation, and the highest sound quality. More

Surgeons in China successfully implant world's first 3D printed full-sacral prosthesis

Jul.10, 2015 - A patient in the People's Hospital of Peking University in China received the world's first 3D printed full-sacral prosthesis after a dangerous tumor was removed. More

Industrial robot 3D prints artifacts out of injected resin and local sand

Jul.10, 2015 - Titled Artifacts, the project entails an industrial robot that injects resin directly into sand-filled buckets along pre-determined paths, forming solidified objects such as the unique, earthy bowls. More

The Filament Safe - KIT protects your 3D printing filaments from damage

Jul.10, 2015 - Aiming to offer the best 3d printing material storage solution to protect materials from unforeseen environmental conditions in an effort to extend the life and maintain the print quality of filaments, Perception Engineering, LLC has developed what they are calling The Filament Safe - KIT. More

Belgian researchers develop cheaper and greener process for creating PLA 3D Printer filament

Jul.10, 2015 - Thanks to recent developments from researchers at the KU Leuven Centre for Surface Chemistry and Catalysis, it may now be possible to produce PLA for 3D printer filament at the same cost or less than it has been to produce traditionally-manufactured plastics up until now. More

Rocket Lab to build world's first private satellite launch pad for 3D printed rockets in New Zealand

Jul.9, 2015 - Rocket Lab, a New Zealand company who is responsible for creating the world's first 3D printed rocket has announced that they've been chosen to build what is likely to be the world's first private satellite launch pad to use for launching 3D printed rockets. More

Jan Bürstner shares design for awesome 3D printed RC hovercraft

Jul.9, 2015 - After reading an article about hovercrafts and further studying the principles of their operation, design engineer Jan Bürstner has created his own hovercraft design using his 3D printing. More

Neff Capital launches Sintavia, maker of 3D printed aerospace parts with $10M investment

Jul.9, 2015 - Neff Capital Management LLC, a private equity firm based in Ft. Lauderdale, FL, has announced that they have established a new company whose primary focus is on developing production parts for aerospace and defense original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) around the world using additive manufacturing methods. More

Thingiverse user shares designs for amazing 3D printable Photon Printer laser engraver

Jul.9, 2015 - New Zealand-based Thingiverse user Isolt has shared an amazing design for a 3D printable laser engraver. This cool Photon Printer was designed as an entry for the Light It Up contest and will be a perfect addition to any maker's arsenal. More

leFabClub repairs bust of 11th century Cambodian king using MCor's paper-based 3D printer

Jul.9, 2015 - Eric Lemaresquier of leFabShop's leFabClub in Paris, France used a combination of 3D scanning, 3D modeling and 3D printing to accurately replicate and repair a damaged ancient bust of Suryavarman, King of Cambodia, whose legacy dates back to the 11th Century. More

Lloyd Roberts shares designs for amazing 3D printable Zelda Master Sword and scabbard

Jul.9, 2015 - Experienced designer Lloyd Roberts has come up with an amazing 3D printed replica of the Master Sword and scabbard from the Zelda franchise. Perfect for confronting Ganondorf or for taking to ComicCon. More

Chinese woman receives the world's first 3D printed titanium sternal

Jul.9, 2015 - The 54-year-old woman from Luoyang City in China recently underwent surgery in the TangDu Hospital in Xi'an, becoming the first patient in the world to receive a 3D printed titanium sternal implant. More

Japanese scientists develop 3D printed liver model with visible blood vessel structures

Jul.9, 2015 - A team of researchers from the University of Tsukuba and Dai Nippon Printing Co.Ltd have just announced that they have successful 3D printed a liver model, with the internal blood vessels structures clearly visible in side. More

Project Seafood upcycles ocean plastics into 3D printed objects on-location

Jul.9, 2015 - Swiss designers and avid surfers Jennifer Gadient and Fabian Wyss have been traveling extensively over the past year across Europe in their van with the goal of settling down somewhere to surf and create 3D printed objects under their Project Seafood brand. More

US State Department fight against sharing 3D printed gun blueprints online

Jul.9, 2015 - US State Deparment has proposed revisions to International Traffic in Arms which will effectively outlaw 3D printed guns. The revisions essentially focus on the digital transmission of technical data. More

Oyma 3D creates 400 3D printed 'Rocinante' sculptures for the 400th Anniversary of Don Quixote

Jul.9, 2015 - In celebration of the 400th Anniversary of Don Quixote of La Mancha, Egyptian design engineer Mahmoud Al-Swedy of Oyma3D digitally sculpted a 3D model of the famous Spanish knight's beloved horse, 'Rocinante' over the past nine months. More

3DPrinterOS network surpasses 2,000 printers in 3 months, twice as fast as 3D Hubs

Jul.9, 2015 - 3DPrinterOS's network has now consists of more than 2000 connected online 3D printers (having grown twice as fast as 3D Hubs), involving 4700 users spread out over 920 cities and 83 countries. More

Cristiano Ronaldo meets his life-size near-nude clone created using 3D technologies

Jul.9, 2015 - 3D scanning and printing technologies were put to good use to create a life-size clone of Real Madrid's own Portuguese football superstar Cristiano Ronaldo. More

Amazon teams with 3D Systems, Sandboxr to 3D print custom video game characters for you

Jul.8, 2015 - Today, Amazon has announced that they are teaming up with Sandboxr and 3D Systems to offer fans an entirely new way of customizing 3D printable figurines from directly within Amazon. More

Local Motors unveils designs for the world's first road-ready line of 3D printed cars

Jul.8, 2015 - Local Motors unveils designs for the world's first road-ready line of 3D printed cars. They have picked Kevin Lo's 3D printed car designs for an actual commercial production line that is set to become available next year. More

Olloclip turns to 3D printing to develop new iPhone mobile photography rig

Jul.8, 2015 - Among others who have found success with creating clip-on lens systems for the iPhone include olloclip - and the company has just launched their most advanced mobile photography system to date in the form of olloclip Studio on Kickstarter. More

Fashion icon Karl Lagerfeld presents 3D printed Chanel suit at Paris Fashion Week

Jul.8, 2015 - On Tuesday at a Chanel event for Paris Fashion Week, Fashion icon Karl Lagerfeld presented a new line of 3D printed dresses in front of a celebrity-studded runway. More

NOWlab teams with BigRep to 3D print biodegradable, biology-inspired 'Glacier' stool

Jul.8, 2015 - Berlin-based interdisciplinary design studio NOWlab combined both the natural world with 3D Printing technology in their latest design, the 'Glacier'. More

Designer Charbel Feghaly and DF3D 3D print an intricate dress with inside facing hinges

Jul.8, 2015 - Arabian fashion designer Charbel Feghaly has teamed up with Indian 3D printing platform DF3D to 3D print a very intricate dress featuring countless inside facing hinges. More

Brazilian maker creates motorized 3D printed prosthetic hand Biohand using off-the-shelf parts

Jul.7, 2015 - Inspired by the need for a robust and low-cost 3D printed hand prosthesis using off-the-shelf components, Martin Vincent Bloedorn's 'Biohand' is among one of the more mechanically complex prosthetic hands that emulates a human hand and is currently available as an open source model online. More

Constellium, Stelia Aerospace & CT Ingenierie partner for 3D printing airplane fuselages

Jul.7, 2015 - Constellium announced that they have has formed a partnership with STELIA Aerospace and CT INGENIERIE to engage in a research and development project called FAST, focused on topological optimization of aero structures and additive manufacturing. More

Formfutura releases carbon fiber reinforced CarbonFil filament for FDM 3D printers

Jul.7, 2015 - Amsterdam-based Formfutura has announced that they are launching their own offering of a carbon fiber-reinforced filament for FDM 3D printing, CarbonFil. More

Dutch designer teams up with LeapFrog to 3D print gorgeous OctoMadness Zoetrope

Jul.7, 2015 - With the help of Leapfrog 3D printers, Dutch team led by animator and designer Klaas-Harm de Boer has created a gorgeous, multicolored and functional zoetrope called 'The OctoMadness'. More

Robot Factory launches Copperface kit for coating plastic or resin 3D printed parts in metal

Jul.7, 2015 - Italian 3D printer manufacturers Robot Factory has just launched the Copperface kit, a low-cost option which will easily enable home users to coat plastic or resin 3D printed parts in metal. More

Dutch maritime consortium teams up with NLR to research 3D printing of ship components

Jul.7, 2015 - As part of the project '3D Printing of Maritime Spare Parts', Dutch consortium of 27 shipyard-related businesses has teamed up with high end manufacturer NLR to study the quality and durability of 3D printed metal parts in maritime conditions. More

Polymaker launches PolySupport filament, aiming to revolutionize 3D printing support material

Jul.7, 2015 - In an effort to help make this process as seamless as possible, 3D print filament manufacturer Polymaker has been committed to developing a new type of filament that works differently from other support materials called PolySupport. More

3D print your own Japanese Kaiju-inspired pinhole camera

Jul.7, 2015 - Inspired by both his love for Kaiju (japanese monsters) as well as his love for photography, Thingiverse user schlem created a giant mutant-inspired pinhole camera using his 3D printer - the terraPin Kaiju 6x18 Pinhole Gamera. More

Dutch start-up Boulton launches DLP-SLA 3D printed eyewear on Kickstarter

Jul.7, 2015 - Boulton is a Dutch start-up seeking to launch their brand of eyewear, made with DLP and SLA 3D printing, on Kickstarter. Aiming to create custom-tailored solutions for heads, the Boulton Eyewear team uses a process that allows users to scan their faces using their own phones rather than a dedicated 3D scanner. More

Student creates custom carbon fiber printing robot using 3D printing

Jul.6, 2015 - Using Rhino to design and model her components, industrial design student Basia Dzaman focused on creating a new fully-working technology that allows users to create their own carbon fiber structure that's built around supporting structure with the aid of a KUKA robot. More

Designer Michael Sng creates a 435-part 3D printed walking tank

Jul.6, 2015 - Consisting of over 400 hand-painted 3D printed parts that create a 20-inch tall scale model of a multi-story walking tank, the HMC Boudicca is also fully functional and interactive with Arduino-controlled motors, servos, and LEDs. More

3D printed Prehensile prosthetic emulates 27 bones of human hand with aluminum tubing and coiled springs

Jul.6, 2015 - 3D Printed Prehensile emulates 27 bones within the biological human hand and the internal rigging consists of various thicknesses of aluminum tubing and coiled springs in order to provide highly-responsive functionality. More

This 3D printed 'dough' could fix up your fractured bones

Jul.6, 2015 - A team of scientists from the University of Nottingham has developed a new 3D bioprinting technique that allows them to 3D print a thick paste filled with protein-releasing microspheres that can be used to greatly speed up bone regeneration after fractures. More

Steinway unveils piano with 3D printed ceramic components in Taiwan

Jul.6, 2015 - Steinway and high quality ceramic producers Franz unveiled the Steinway Sun and Moon Reflection piano, complete with 3D printed ceramic parts and screws on 25 June in Taiwan. More

3Dponics launches first 3D printable mini medical marijuana garden

Jul.6, 2015 - 3Dphonics Inc has just launched what is believed to be the world's first 3D printable and fully modular and customizable medical marijuana garden. More

18 year old converts film camera to digital with 3D printed parts

Jul.5, 2015 - Ollie Baker from Brighton, UK, has successfully converted a 1970s Konica Auto S3 into a digital camera using pieces from a Sony NEX-5 and 3D printed parts he designed himself. More

Microsoft shares 3D printable designs for custom docking station for Surface Pro 3

Jul.5, 2015 - Microsoft has just released 3D printable files for developing a custom docking station for the Windows Surface Pro 3 tablet, enabling you to conveniently add it to your doubtlessly impressive multi-screen workstation. More

Artist gains foothold in 3D printing world with Iron Man MK 42 boot prototype

Jul.4, 2015 - California-based artist and Avengers mega-fan James Christianson has nearly completed a semi-functional Iron Man armor prototype using 3D printing, CNC, mechatronics and onboard computing. More

3D print your own copy of Nick Friez's Window Hanging Garden

Jul.4, 2015 - The Window Hanging Garden is a 3D printable garden that was created by industrial designer Nick Friez for a class at Philadelphia University and was recently presented at the IMM Cologne, International Furnishings Show. More

An amazing open source 5-axis 3D printer built By University of Oslo Master's student

Jul.4, 2015 - Norwegian student Øyvind Kallevik Grutle has designed an almost-never-before-seen 5 axis 3D printer. Essentially, they can make objects far more smooth than on a 3-axis machine. More

Indian architect Ekaggrat Kalsi is 3D printing with light

Jul.4, 2015 - Indian architect Ekaggrat Singh Kalsi has transformed his Delta 3D printer into a light printing machine and used it to create a remarkable replica of his daughter's face. More

Colibri3D's new $300 3D printer seeks to establish a 3D printing market in Mexico

Jul.3, 2015 - Mexican company is about to launch another 3D printer with the goal of cementing the position of 3D printers in Mexico and beyond it: The Colibrí 3D Home. More

Researchers create revolutionary optical fiber 3D printing technique for telecom and datacom industries

Jul.3, 2015 - Researchers at the University of Southampton have been exploring ways of using additive manufacturing to produce optical fibers. Using their new technique they have been able to form complex fibre structures by layering ultra-pure glass powder and gradually building up a shape to create a preform. More

PLEN2 opens up pre-orders and community hub for their 3D printed humanoid robot

Jul.3, 2015 - PLEN company announced that for the first time since their Kickstarter campaign came to a close last year, users who might not have been able to purchase a PLEN2 during the campaign can now pre-order a robot directly from the PLEN online store. More

3D printed joint replacement manufacturer ConforMIS raises $135M after going public on NASDAQ

Jul.3, 2015 - ConforMIS's iFit Image-to-Implant technology platform allows for surgeons to use preoperative CT scan to create 3D printed joint replacement implants that are customized to fit the needs of each patient. More

QalamSila launches Kickstarter for 3D printed construction set app

Jul.3, 2015 - Created by a group of design engineers from Beirut, QalamSila 2.0 is a 3D construction app that will let users build models on their mobile devices before 3D printing the resulting joint connectors and combining them with wood pencils to create K'Nex-like models. More

Lab3D unveils 3D 'parallel printing' concept and lightweight & energy efficient façade for construction industry

Jul.2, 2015 - Dutch designers Hans Lankhaar and Bram van den Haspel of Lab3D in Rotterdam have developed and successfully 3D printed a lightweight and energy efficient façade. More

New Morpheus resin 3D Printing LIPS Technology unveiled at Inside 3D Printing Seoul

Jul.2, 2015 - Morpheus AM 3D printer uses LIPS 3D printing, which is short for Light Induced Planar Solidification. This employs a commercial grade LCD to create photo masks on resin surfaces, followed by UV light curing. More

Ultimaker releases the latest version of their free Cura software

Jul.2, 2015 - Ultimaker has just announced a completely reengineered (and free) version of their Cura software that aims to make preparing 3D files for 3D printing easier and more intuitive than ever before. More

German RepRap unveils highly-flexible TPU 93 soft plastic 3D printer filament

Jul.1, 2015 - German RepRap GmbH, which is located in Feldkirchen near Munich, has announced they they are releasing their new TPU 93 filament in an effort to further open up entirely new possibilities in 3D printing. More

Consumer 3D printers expected to get a speed boost from Create it REAL and WEISTEK

Jul.1, 2015 - Create it REAL, the Danish 3D printing technology provider, and WEISTEK, a leading Chinese 3D Printer manufacturer announced today that they are partnering to develop a super-fast desktop FFF 3D Printer that is aimed at home-based users. More

YouMagine unveils results of its largest ever desktop 3D printing survey

Jul.1, 2015 - In order to find out more about their audience and get to the heart of what they really want, Ultimaker's YouMagine conducted their own desktop 3D printing survey. More

AMD shares 3D printable files for customizing Radeon R9 Fury X graphics card

Jul.1, 2015 - Processor developer AMD has kept a close eye on customization over the years, and their new Radeon R9 Fury X graphics card comes with a customizable front plate that can be replaced or altered with 3D printed parts. More

Bold Machines and 3DKitbash collaborate to 3D print life-sized Quin doll

Jul.1, 2015 - While a small 3D printed model of Quin has been available for purchase for $24.95, Robinson and Mathis recently collaborated with Bold Machines to make a life-sized version of Quin using the 3D printing incubator's impressive 3D printer farm. More

3D Hubs introduces new "Who's 3D Printing?" category along with July 3D printing trend report

Jul.1, 2015 - 3D Hubs has done a remarkable job of providing a monthly trend report that offers a comprehensive and unmatched perspective on the current state of the 3D printing industry. More

Shapeways raises $30M with an eye on Asian expansion, investing in R&D for 3D printing materials

Jul.1, 2015 - Shapeways – which as you will know is the world's largest 3D printing service and marketplace – has just announced that it has managed to raise $30 million in new investments, which is expected to go into strengthening the community and in R&D. More

Dubai says plans world's first fully functional 3D printed office building

Jul.1, 2015 - Dubai – one of the two most important emirates – is entering the 3D printed building race. Their goal? To build a 2,000 square feet functional building using nothing but 3D printing technology. More

Prima Power starts collaboration to develop large-scale & high-speed 3D metal printer

Jul.1, 2015 - Italian machine manufacturer Prima Power is set to develop a powder deposition-based 3D printing method to manufacture large and complex parts on a very large scale. More

Transhumanist Martine Rothblatt working on 3D printed organs injected with stem cells

Jul.1, 2015 - Martine Rothblatt's method would involve 3D printing a scaffold of an organ out of materials that are compatible with the human body before isolating the cells from the sick patient and converting the desired tissue type into usable cells using the scaffolding. More

Australia's 3D Medical Limited receives order for 25 3D printed jaws after successful surgery

Jul.1, 2015 - Australia's 3D Medical Limited, which created a titanium jaw for a Melbourne man in an Australian-first surgery just less than a month ago, has signed a deal to create another 25 of the 3d printed life-changing devices over the next twelve months. More

Couple creating cheap NecropSynth 3D printed rats for more ethical dissections

Jul.1, 2015 - NecropSynth is working on 3D printing macroscopically accurate, anatomical models of a rat, eliminating the need for real animals to be sacrificed in the name of science and education. More

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