Memoirs - 3D printed USB jewellery

Jun.30, 2012 -   'Memoirs', a collection of rings, earrings and necklaces designed by ashleigh woodmass using 3D printing technology. More

Lightest sprint shoe "Designed to Win" created with 3D printer 

Jun.30, 2012 -  While Athletes constantly seek technological help to improve their performances, a 3D-printed and customized running shoe that promises to shave valuable fractions of a second off sprinters' race times is one of the highlights at this year's RCA Gradiation Show in London.  More 

Stratasys and US Department of Energy form joint initiative for energy efficient production 

Jun.30, 2012 -  3D printer manufacturer Stratasys announced a joint initiative with the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) at Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) to jointly develop fused deposition modeling (FDM) additive manufacturing to foster energy efficient production. More 

3D printing helps sales rise at Landré

Jun.29, 2012 -   Dutch machinery supplier Landré delivers production systems for a wide range of applications, such as sheet-metal working, machining, plastics processing and rapid manufacturing. Three years ago they started with providing 3D printers from 3D Systems. More

Future of Medicine: 3D-printing new organs 

Jun.29, 2012 -  Anthony Atala, director of the Wake Forest Institute for Regenerative Medicine, has been working on growing and regenerating tissues and organs for years. He demonstrated an experiment of printing organs on 3D printers using cells at TED conference.More 

Build customized portable speaker with a 3D printer 

Jun.28, 2012 -  In her newest design - Sway, a portable speaker, Designer Greer Garner uses 3D printing to create customise parts that allows people can change according to their own style. More 

Researchers to develop 3D printer to enable printing of 3D silicon micro- and nanostructures

Jun.28, 2012 -   Researchers at KTH Microsystem Technology have demonstrated a new technology for printing 3D silicon micro- and nanostructures. Silicon is the material used to manufacture integrated circuits and other micro-sized electronic devices. More

3D printing leads the design world into a new age 

Jun.27, 2012 -  At Milan's annual April design fair this year, machines and digital production take over the stage. Dirk Vander Kooij's industrial robot was printing out chairs, Markus Keyser's Solar Sinter machine were converting sand into 3D objects. More 

Create personalized medicine using a 3D molecule printer 

Jun.27, 2012 -  Lee Cronin, chemistry professor at the University of Glasgow asked the audience at TEDGlobal this year, Could we make a really cool universal chemistry set? Could we 'app' chemistry? By using a 3D printer and open source design software, Cronin presented his idea - print molecules. More 

Personalized production for the mass market with Shapeways

Jun.26, 2012 -   GigaOM recently interviewed Peter Weijmarshausen, CEO of Shapeways, after their announcement of $6.2 million new round funding and more than one million objects being 3D printed. More

Short lead time puts Makerbot in a more competitive position 

Jun.26, 2012 -  MakerBot Industries began in 2009 when three friends founded this 3D-printing startup in Brooklyn. Now the company employs 115 people after receiving $10 million funding and has been delivering three generations of its hobbyist 3D printer. More 

Canon's Mixed Reality System fuses real and virtual worlds 

Jun.25, 2012 -  Canon announced last week the MR (Mixed Reality) System, a new product design tool that allows users to evaluate a product's design and operability by replacing physical prototypes with virtual ones. MR System is an image data processing technology that seamlessly integrates the real and virtual worlds in real time.  More 

Making Boxes for Gadgets with a 3D printer

Jun.25, 2012 -   There's nothing more satisfying and fun than building something yourself, especially making gadgets. With Microsoft .NET Gadgeteer you can create a bunch of small electronic devices. More

Customize and 3D print your own MWOO 

Jun.24, 2012 -  These cute creatures are MWOOS. On a selection of MWOO can be ordered, thanks to the collaboration between At-Once, Adele R. Design, Octarina, 3DVIA and Sculpteo. More 

Low cost open source 3D DLP printer on Kickstarter 

Jun.24, 2012 -  Ron Light from Kansas City has developed a cheap DLP 3D printer and is right now crowd funing on Kickstarter. His design uses a top down approach which requires more resin but the mechanics of the printer are simpler.More 

Work in progress - DLP resin 3D printer

Jun.24, 2012 -   Unlike the Makerbots and repraps we usually see, DLP projector-based resin printer can make very fine 3D prints. It is one of the reason why more and more makers are focusing on building a DLP resin printer. More

Microsoft Surface tablet designed in a bunker using 3D printers 

Jun.23, 2012 -  Microsoft worked in a secret on its Surface tablet, though there were rumours about it but nobody has got any details. Up to this moment, it is still not fully revealed.  More 

Mcor Technologies signed a distribution agreement with Plantin and Tetterode 

Jun.22, 2012 -  Irish start-up Mcor Technologies Ltd, the manufacturer of the only paper 3D printer in the world has signed a contract with Plantin and Tetterode on 18 June for the sale and service of their 3D printing systems in the Benelux market. More 

Ultimaker 3D printer experiences and tips after one month of use

Jun.22, 2012 -   The first month using my Ultimaker caused excitement as well as some frustrations. In this article I'd like to share some of my experiences and some insights I gained from this first phase. More

3D printing in bronze now available at i.materialise 

Jun.22, 2012 -  At i.materialise this June is Metal Month. Last week they announced the possibility to gold plate your stainless steel designs and 10% discount for the whole month, again this week they have added bronze as a new 3D metal printing material. More 

How to build your own DIWire Bender 

Jun.21, 2012 -  New-York based consultancy Pensa created DIWire Bender which prints customized 3D shapes. The DiWire Bender got so many attention from media and a lot of people have been asking how to put it together.  More 

3D printed Soundscape brings the warmth and tactility back into music

Jun.21, 2012 -   Soundscape is a midi controlled musical interactive surface that enables the user to slow, fasten or change the sound of music by moving their fingers on the surface. Designer Kale Joines decribes that Soundscape brings the tactility and interactive into music. More

Rebuild a Scara Robot Arm into a 3D ABS printer 

Jun.20, 2012 -  Dane Kouttron documented his process of re-purposing an ancient, monstrous 1980's IBM 7575 SCARA Robot Arm into a functional 3D ABS printer. He named it 3D Print-ARM (aka: My Bots Bigger Than Yours) - it is able to print large objects roughly ~25"x12"x6.5" maximum.  More 

Objet break the 100 material range barrier 

Jun.20, 2012 -  Objet Ltd has announced 39 new 'Digital Materials' available with its Objet Connex range of multi-material 3D printing systems. Customers can now select from 107 materials ranging from rigid to rubber-like substances. More 

Tool-less production of moulds using 3D printing technology

Jun.20, 2012 -   Cast parts in small batch sizes are very popular. 3D printing is used to be a superior technology for producing sand cores and moulds in the automotive industry and now this method is being widely used in ... More

Shapeways raises $6.2M round led by New York's Lux Capital 

Jun.19, 2012 -  Shapeways annouced today it has raised a $6.2 million financing round led by Lux Capital, a New York venture capital firm. Lux is joining previous investors Union Square Ventures and Index Ventures, which contributed $11.1 million to Shapeways in 2010 and 2011.  More 

TCT Live 2012 AM & 3D Printing Conference Programme 

Jun.19, 2012 -  Rapid News Communications Group announced the conference programme of TCT Live 2012 AM & 3D Printing Conference. More 

What is your experience with 3D printer - feedback 2

Jun.19, 2012 -   3D printing brings with it the promise of making your own physical stuff at home. But is constructing a 3D printer from a kit always so complex and time consuming? Recently Jens Chr Brynildsen wrote to us his 3D printer build experience. More

Peg lamp and chair created using traditional crafts and 3D printing 

Jun.18, 2012 -  Toronto based designer/builder Tomas Rojcik created the Peg Lamp and Chair (photo above) using traditional craft techniques and advanced 3D printing technology. With a mass production background and an education in craft, Rojcik manufactured his design with resin, parchment and maple.More 

3D Printing plus Sugru 

Jun.18, 2012 -  Sugru uploaded this nice short film about maker dads. If you don't know about Sugru, a moldable air curable rubber yet, you've got to check it out. Jane ní Dhulchaointigh from UK invented Sugru and this super rubber compound for simple repair has generated a lot of Sugru lovers. More 

3D printer extruding icing for decorating cakes

Jun.17, 2012 -   The phrase "3D food printer" probably makes you think of printing cholocate, cake dough or burritos, but British inventor Sean (Clanzer) uses a 3D printer to ice a cake. Icing is a sugar-rich coating used to decorate cakes, buns, biscuits and pastries. More

New Atom 3D printed electric guitar has a more metallic sound 

Jun.16, 2012 -  Recently Olaf Diegel is working with 3D Systems to make Gibson Les Paul-style guitar with an internal atom with spinning electrons - named as atom 3D printed guitar. More 

A full tutorial on how to build Glove One - a 3D-printed, wearable cell phone 

Jun.15, 2012 -  As we covered earlier Artist Bryan Cera designed and manufactured the Glove One, a nicely crafted device using a 3D printer and parts from an old cellphone.Cera documented the entire project in detail to take you through the process of creating Glove One.  More 

Review of the UP! 3D printer by Forrest Higgs

Jun.15, 2012 -   "It appears that Delta Micro's UP! and UP! Mini are aiming to be a serious threat to Reprap and other personal 3D printer offerings in very short order." wrote Forrest Higgs in his blog. More

3D printed carbon fiber bike frame

Jun.14, 2012 -   Toronto based industrial designer Andrew Leinonen wanted to make his own bike frame. One big advantage of making your own bicycle frame is you will be able to choose geometry and extras as you want. More

A DIY 3D printed Dodecahedron speaker for summer parties 

Jun.14, 2012 -  A dodecahedron speaker can project sound wave in all direction and can be a great tool used for parties. It is very expensive if you buy one, but Maker Sean Ragan created a Dodecahedron Speaker in very low cost using a 3D printer.  More 

What is your experience with 3D printer - feedback 1

Jun.13, 2012 -   Since our recent post "What is your experience with 3D printer", a few readers sent to us their insights and experiences with 3D printers. Stefaan from Belgium notes, "When buying a 3D printer kit, there is a high learning curve." And Steve from US says "this is the bleeding edge". More

Unfold uses ceramic 3D printing to create unusual works

Jun.13, 2012 -  Belgian Design Studio Unfold started extruding ceramic materials with a RepRap one year ago. In their recently post they gave an overview of some of the stuff they have been printing in porcelain. More

Build a seahorse feeding station with Makerbot 3D printer 

Jun.12, 2012 -  Research scientist Shane Graber has been doing quite a few experiment with his Makerbot 3D printer, trying to make some useful items for fish breeding. More 

Cost analysis of 3D printed TriK Tripod Adapter

Jun.12, 2012 -   Guys from made an interesting analysis of the use of 3D printing technology for manufacturing. More

H1.1 SeeMeCNC 3D Printer

Jun.11, 2012 -   If you are a H-1 owner, the H-1 SeeMeCNC 3D Printer, you might want to upgrade to H1.1. At SeeMeCNC's current Indiegogo campaign for $60 you will have a H-1 Upgrade Full Kit. You will get 4 CNC machined bushing carriers and bushings, 8 new R2ZZ ball bearings for the follower blocks.  More

Talented designer Dizingof and his 3D printed math art 

Jun.11, 2012 -  Dizingof, also known as Asher Nahmias, is an Israeli designer passionate about 3D printing. He began tinkering with 3D design & 3D printing in 2009. Since then he has created numerous exciting Math Art models. More 

Open Rail - an open source universal linear rail system

Jun.10, 2012 -   This system is designed to be used in conjunction with various sizes of readily available T-Slot aluminum extrusions, it is a derivative of Maker slide, a successful project of open source linear bearing system for home built CNC equipment. More

Pingbot - 3D printed rechargable musical robot

Jun.10, 2012 -   Instructables user Tomdf posted his recent project, a tiny remote-controlled robot as well as a detailed step-by-step tutorial online. More

Open source universal 3D printer extruder on Kickstarter 

Jun.9, 2012 -  The QU-BD team launched the first product - open source universal 3D printer extruder on Kickstarter. This universal extruder is dual extrusion capable - you would just need to get two of them. All the parts of the extruder are CNC machined and there is no wood or plastic components.  More 

MSU uses Windform to build amateur radio satellite PrintSat on a 3D printer

Jun.9, 2012 -   CRP Technology, the Italian based group, is specialised in Laser Sintering (LS) technology and well-known for their Additive Manufacturing materials called Windform. Windform is carbon fiber reinforced composite material and made for applications such as motorsport sector, aerospace and UAV's. More

Samuel Bernier creates designer lampshade using UP! 3D printer

Jun.9, 2012 -   Samuel Nelson Bernier is an industrial designer from the countryside of Quebec. A few months ago He created Project RE_ as a research for his graduation project at UdeM. He uses a small UP! 3D printer from PP3DP aiming to explore 3D printing as a DIY tool for upcycling. More

MIT Professor Neri Oxman pushes 3D printing in art and manufacturing 

Jun.8, 2012 -  Architect and designer Neri Oxman is assistant professor of media arts and sciences at the MIT Media Lab. She is best known for her work in environmental design and digital morphogenesis. Currently she directs the Mediated Matter research group to explore ... More 

AIRbudz offer safer listening with 3D printed non-cancelling earbuds

Jun.8, 2012 -   While most of earbuds on the market have a feature of great sound isolation, the people at AIRbudz is promoting their earbuds that let ambient noise in by building the buds with air channels. What can it be used for? Well, how many of you are using earbuds while running or cycling on the road? More

Makielab raised $1.4 million to prove the toys of the future will be 3D printed and totally customized

Jun.7, 2012 -   London-based startup Makielab launched customizable 3D printed Avatar dolls creation site as an alpha on May.19, 2012. Yesterday they announced their seed round investment of $1.4 million, led by early-stage investors Nordic VC funds Lifeline Ventures. More

A visit to Ultimaker - this is an awesome box 

Jun.7, 2012 -  Ultimaker, the 3D printer manufacturer in Netherlands was set up by three Dutch makers two and half years ago. Erik De Bruijn and Martijn Elserman met Siert Wijnia in, the FabLab in Utrecht, Netherlands. Each of them had built open source RepRap 3D printers before their collaboration. More 

More experiments on 3D printed circuitry

Jun.6, 2012 -   We have been followed up Rhys Jones' progress on 3D printed circuit board for a while. Last time he started by printing the plastic substrate and then the tracks. This time he tested with depositing the metal track first and then inserted most of the components afterwards and soldered by hand. More

MiiCraft high resolution home DLP 3D printer on Indiegogo

Jun.6, 2012 -   Today MiiCraft team launches their Indiegogo Campaign offering a special Indiegogo pricing and packages for MiiCraft 3D Printer. With the help of their Partner Rays Optics who manufactures and assembles the MiiCraft 3D Printers are ready for the market. More

The first 3D printer assembled by children 

Jun.5, 2012 -  This primary school launches "De Alant", a gifted education program for children between 8~12 years old. The school gives children difficult projects to teach them how to work with challenges. One of the task is to build an Open Source 3D printer.  More 

UC Berkeley showcases CellScope with 3D printed iPhone stand

Jun.5, 2012 -   The Fletcher Lab at the University of California, Berkeley designed CellScope, which turns a normal mobile phone into a microscope. This project started in 2007 by Daniel Fletcher, associate professor of bioengineering at the University of California at Berkeley. More

World first 3D printed Swimming Humanoid robot

Jun.4, 2012 -   Swimming is a popular sport, for many years researchers have been using videos of swimmers to analyze how human body moves through water and how to reduce the resistance. But the problem is humans are not able to repeat exact the same movements. More

Unboxing Cube 3D printer and first test runs 

Jun.4, 2012 -  3D systems announced its Cube 3D printer back at CES in January. The cube 3D printer is priced up at $1,299, accompaning a spool of neon green plastic filament and "25 Free Creations" from cubify site, not the cheapest.  More 

Makerbot works with the Met capturing and sharing great artworks with the world

Jun.3, 2012 -   The MakerBot team and the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York are working together to digitize the Met. This weekend Makerbot team, a group of artists and curators, digital archivists from Met team are studying, scanning, and recreating pieces from the Met's collection of art and artifacts. More

Fosterbot, a Makerbot Thing-o-Matic derived 3D printer

Jun.3, 2012 -   John Foster, "By day I am a mechanical engineer at a fiber optics company. By night I make everything I can figure out how to make." created Fosterbot, a cute 3D printer derived from Makerbot's Thing-o-Matic.  More

Meshu turns your roadtrip into unique jewelry using 3D printing 

Jun.2, 2012 -  But have you thought of turning all these places you checked in into beautiful objects? Someone does. Designer Sha Hwang and Rachel Binx's an online service called Meshu is going to provide customized foursquare-related jewelry with 3D printing. More 

Open3DP to show off new Grawmet 3D printer tomorrow

Jun.1, 2012 -   Open3DP announced a new 3D Printer called Grawmet would be displayed tomorrow at Seattle Maker Faire. More

Results of 3D printing communities survey

Jun.1, 2012 -  The Statistical Studies of Peer Production run a survey in May with the goal of gathering data and providing insights about 3D printing communities. Today Peer Production published the results. More

What is your experience with 3D printer? 

Jun.1, 2012 -  We received a complaint from user ouch about the RapMan 3.2 3D printer Kit Ultimate: It costs him USD2100 (including software) - but now he is disgusted with his purchase after going through all the hassle, torment, and frustration in trying to building it up. More 

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