Hadrian the automated 3D brick printing machine can lay 1000 bricks an hour

Jun.30, 2015 - An Australian engineer has reportedly developed the Hadrian 3D printer, which 3D prints bricks instead of filament. Due to its tremendous speed and ability to work 24 hours a day, this machine has the potential to make building houses cheaper and quicker than ever before. More

Norwegian maker transforms his 3D printer into a PCB making machine

Jun.30, 2015 - Norwegian maker Arvid Mortensen has developed a clever solution to turn a 3D printer into an etching machine. Essentially, Arvid has simply relies on a magic marker and a steel rod. More

A new ink formulation allows you to 3D print objects out of stretchy graphene

Jun.30, 2015 - And while some graphene successes have been previously achieved, this specific ink contains more graphene than any previously developed 3D printable materials (the previous record was around the 20 percent). This means that the electrical and mechanical properties of graphene can soon be taken into use. More

Canadian engineer 3D prints a functioning water pump that fits on large water containers

Jun.30, 2015 - Canadian engineer has 3D printed a functioning water pump that works perfectly and can even function as a tap for those large water containers. More

Designer duo 3D prints physical version of Angry Birds

Jun.30, 2015 - One designer duo has used their 3D printer to recreate the infamous Angry Birds app as a playable tabletop game, and has graciously shared all of his excellent designs for home use. More

MIT develops 3D printed 360-degree tactical camera ball to assist police in raiding close areas

Jun.30, 2015 - Bounce Imaging, is gearing up to release their first line of tactical spheres - which are equipped with cameras and sensors that can instantly transmit panoramic images back to a smartphone. More

The Cultivator conceptual machine designed for 3D printing meat on-demand

Jun.30, 2015 - A pair of German students has created a conceptual prototype 3D printer designed for kitchen countertops that people could use to create meat on-demand within the confines of their own kitchen. More

Poland's Tytan 3D unveils the GAIA Multitool MAXX 3D printer with 10 interchangeable heads

Jun.30, 2015 - Poland's Tytan 3D's GAIA Multitool Delta-style 3D printer is a modern multi-purpose platform designed with continuous operation in mind and features two types of extruders with ten interchangeable heads that can change the device's functionality in a matter of seconds. More

Microsoft 'improves' Oculus Rift with 3D printed lenses, shares 3D printable CAD files

Jun.29, 2015 - Despite recently settling on a partnership with Oculus Rift and while working on their own HoloLens, Microsoft developers have just released some free CAD files for users to improve their Oculus Rift headsets. More

XSENSE unveils 3D printed prosthetic at DMS Tokyo, starts collaboration with paralympians

Jun.29, 2015 - The Japanese artist collective XSENSE is taking things to the next level with a new, functional prosthetic and a collaboration with Paralympic athletes in need of prostheses. More

Paper-thin 3D printed solar cells to provide affordable electricity for unlit rural areas

Jun.29, 2015 - Now, a new printed solar cell technology that only requires the use of existing industrial-size 3D printers and some perovskite material may soon promise clean renewable for 1.3 billion people in developing countries, too. More

Byxee, first smart safety device for bike is brought to life thanks to Kentstrapper's Volta 3D printer

Jun.29, 2015 - Similar to the driver assistance systems found within modern cars, the Byxee, which was created by Italian AI specialist Riccardo Ricci, aims to warn riders when moving objects or hazardous objects enter its field of view to ultimately help prevent an accident from occurring. More

Naturebytes launches 3D printable Raspberry Pi Wildlife Camera trap Kit to teach kids tech

Jun.29, 2015 - Naturebytes has just launched a new Kickstarter campaign for their Wildlife Cam Kit, which aims to help young makers capture wildlife photos using a Raspberry Pi-powered camera with the option to 3D print their own camera housing. More

California woman uses customized 3D printed tools to overcome mobility disabilities

Jun.29, 2015 - Brandy Leigh Scott overcame the challenges of her Dupuytrens Contracture symptoms by developing her own solutions with the help of the support from online 3D printing supplier MatterHackers and their 3D printers. More

GMC introduces new ads featuring 3D printed humanoid robot 'Plastic Man' that can talk & see

Jun.29, 2015 - Justin Mattarocchia describes his design process as a series of building up shapes starting with some loose reference points. Among his more well-known examples include his life-size humanoid skeleton 'Plastic Man', which he unveiled last year. More

Italian makers unveil the Felfil, an open source 3d printing filament extruder

Jun.28, 2015 - Designed for home use, the Felfil extruder was built as an open source way to easily and reliably produce 3D printing filaments from recycled materials, plastic waste, 3D print 'fails' and of course, industrial plastic pellets that are used to make most filaments in the first place. More

'Should You Buy a 3D Printer or Use a 3D Printing Service?' - Sculpteo releases 2015 Edition

Jun.28, 2015 - Last year, 3D printing service Sculpteo took a long, hard look at the two options and released a report on their findings. Because the additive manufacturing industry moves so fast, they decided to conduct yet another report for 2015, which they have just now released. More

Spectrum Health prints first 3D heart model using multiple medical imaging techniques

Jun.27, 2015 - A team of heart specialists from Spectrum Health Helen DeVos Children's Hospital in Grand Rapids, Michigan have announced that they have successfully 3D printing the first model of a heart that utilizes multiple imaging techniques in a single, detailed print. More

Sharebot announces two new 3D printing filaments, Nylforce 550 & Nylon-Carbon

Jun.27, 2015 - Italy's Sharebot has just announced two new 3D printing filaments, Nylforce 550 & Nylon-Carbon. The first material to be released, Nylforce 550, was developed as a high quality printing material designed for creating flexible objects. More

Sweden's +Project begins process of creating 3D printed houses from cellulose material

Jun.27, 2015 - In a new collaborative project that currently has over SEK 35 million invested in it, a team of researchers and partners are developing a new technology that's capable of producing full-scale 3D printed houses using cellulose material. More

Italian designer 3D prints a gorgeous guitar inspired by HP Lovecraft groundbreaking art

Jun.26, 2015 - Italian designer Francesco Orrù has created a gorgeous 3D printed guitar. While 3D printing a functioning guitar itself is already impressive, Francesco has added a second layer of difficulty by modelling the body after HP Lovecraft's groundbreaking artwork. More

Matterport raises additional $30 million for virtual reality tours of anywhere you want

Jun.26, 2015 - Matterport, a leader in computer vision technology and immersive media, announced that it has raised a $30M Series C financing led by Qualcomm Incorporated, through its venture investment group, Qualcomm Ventures. More

MASSIVit 3D shows off GDP Gel Dispensing 3D Printing technology by printing a Strati car

Jun.26, 2015 - One Israeli startup called MASSIVit is working hard on a 3D printer that could bring large scale 3D printing to the massive. With a build space of .5m x 1.2m x 1.8m (or 4ft x 5ft x 6ft), they can actually 3D print life-sized human statues. More

NextGen, first chef's knife with custom 3D printed handles built to perfectly fit your hand

Jun.26, 2015 - Massachusetts-based knife specialists NextGen has launched a crowdfunding campaign for custom made knives that rely on 3D printing to create perfect ergonomic grips for chefs of every level. More

INDMATEC unveils FDM 3D printer designed for PEEK high-temperature polymers

Jun.26, 2015 - The latest (and first) 3D printer from German brand INDMATEC is sure to excite those who are users of the company's PEEK (polyether-ether-ketone) 3D printing filaments. More

Possible terrorist group apprehended in Hong Kong with bomb material and a 3D printer

Jun.26, 2015 - An entirely new violent avenue has been found in Hong Kong, where a group of potential terrorists were apprehended earlier this week with a 3D printer and materials used in bomb making. More

This incredible 3D printed Batman Arkham Origins suit is fabricated using 3D printing

Jun.26, 2015 - While there are plenty of excellent examples of 3D printed cosplay props and even entire suits out there, few are as cool or as impressive as a Batman suit designed and 3D printed by the Irish design studio Order 66 Workshop and Effects, who are based in Galway, Ireland. More

3D artist creates awesome 3D printed 30" Batmobile from the original 1989 Batman movie

Jun.25, 2015 - Now, another Batman fan has produced a 3D printable model of what is perhaps one of the most iconic Batman vehicles of all-time: the Batmobile from the original 1989 Batman movie. More

Ziggy the dog receives life-changing surgery thanks to Australian 3D printing startup

Jun.25, 2015 - Recently, Ziggy, a border collie from Queensland, Australia who belongs to a group of veterinary students at the University of Queensland, underwent a surgical procedure that was made possible thanks to the aid of a 3D printed replica of his deformed front leg. More

New Australian experiment rewards joggers with 3D printed chocolate treats based on exercise data

Jun.25, 2015 - For a new behavioral experiment that's taking place in Australia, ten Melbourne families will install a 3D printer in their home that will produce various 3D printed chocolate objects based on the frequency and intensity of their exercise. More

Australian 3D design engineer creates a 3D printed electric guitar using an UP Box

Jun.25, 2015 - Michael Tyson, a 3D design engineer and distributor of 3D printers in Australia, recently took it upon himself to design and 3d print an FDM electric guitar using Polymaker's PolyMax PLA filament on the UP Box 3D printer. More

Create your own 3D printed racing bike with colorFabb's XT-CF20 carbon fiber filament

Jun.25, 2015 - A regular desktop 3D printer was used to create a track bike at filament manufacturer colorFabb's 3D print lab. The concept bike, which was created by Stephan Schürmann, was designed to demonstrate the capabilities that regular desktop 3D printers can offer in creating ready-to-use products. More

Materialise & Fuwai Hospital collaborate on China's first Cardiovascular 3D Printing Center

Jun.25, 2015 - Fuwai cardiovascular hospital in Beijing has just announced a collaboration with Materialise to open a medical 3D printing center at the hospital. More

Startup Ripples combines inkjet and 3D printing to print any imagine in coffee foam

Jun.25, 2015 - Startup Ripples unveiled their Ripple Maker coffee 3D printer at CE Week in New York City. Combining inkjet printing with 3D printer technology, this machine can 3D print any previously uploaded image into your coffee foam each morning. More

Zhuhai CTC Electronic announces affordable $1,480 SLA 3D printer 'Riverside' with durable resin plate

Jun.25, 2015 - Chinese company Zhuhai CTC Electronic Co. Ltd is about to unveil their Riverside Photocuring SLA 3D Printer at an upcoming expo in early July. More

Formlabs pop-up microfactory to create 3D printed IoT wristbands in real-time

Jun.24, 2015 - This week (June 23-25) at the Solid Conference at Fort Mason in San Francisco - a hardware and software conference - a 3D printing production line microfactory has been assembled to help highlight just how powerful these microfactories can be. More

MakerBot & ThinkFun release free 3D printable Construction Sets and launch 'Kids make it' Challenge

Jun.24, 2015 - As part of this sensible turn-around, Makerbot has just released an interesting series of sets together with ThinkFun, all aimed to encourage children to become more interested in scientific possibilities. More

Formlabs announces new Tough Resin with first 3D printed Rube Goldberg machine

Jun.24, 2015 - Formlabs has just announced a brand new 3D printing material, which makes objects as detailed as you expect from a Form 1+, but are definitely strong enough for prototyping and even production. More

Ford adopts Carbon3D's ultra-fast CLIP 3D printing technology for prototyping

Jun.24, 2015 - Ford and Carbon3D have just announced that this giant of the automobile industry will begin using CLIP as a prototyping tool. To explain, Carbon3D is a very young startup from Redwood City, California. More

Simplify3D announces Version 3.0, the biggest update yet for their universal 3D printing software

Jun.24, 2015 - Ohio, USA-based company released version 3.0 of their popular 3D printing software which features more than 40 new features and is the company's biggest release since the software's launch in 2013. More

Autodesk announces new updates, and Spark & Ember integration with Fusion 360 CAD platform

Jun.24, 2015 - Finally - and perhaps what's most exciting to users of 3D printers - is the introduction of Autodesk Print Studio. The new 3D printing prep tool from Autodesk is embedded directly within Fusion 360 and dramatically accelerates print prep time. More

World's first 3D printed modular supercar is unveiled, built using revolutionary 'Node' technology platform

Jun.24, 2015 - San Francisco-based Divergent Microfactories introduced the company's plan to dematerialize and democratize car manufacturing in the form of the company's very first 3D printed supercar prototype, Blade. More

Finnish startup Fimatec unveils concept for ready-built 3D printed walls for modular apartments

Jun.24, 2015 - A Finland-based company is currently researching ways of leveraging additive manufacturing technology to create 3D printed apartment buildings that can be used in the very near future. More

3D printed Lawnfixer attaches to broomstick for effortless lawn repair

Jun.24, 2015 - Belgian designer Tom De Vrieze has just released a deceptively simple multi-use garden tool that, using nothing more than a 3D printed head, an old broomstick, and a bit of elbow grease, will turn your law from brown and patchy, to golf-course-worthy green. More

Sketchfab & 3DPrinterOS partner to bring thousands of 3D models to users, adds Facebook Sharing feature

Jun.24, 2015 - Along with other new features, the partnership between 3DPrinterOS and Sketchfab will bring the Sketchfab to Facebook application in 3DPrinterOS and users will now be able to share their 3D models from directly within 3DPrinterOS to Facebook. More

Commentary: Smart Hotends and the Need to Truly Innovate in 3D Printing

Jun.24, 2015 - This commentary is based on a couple of observations made during recent years in 3D printing. Let me start with a quick summary of my own path into our shared passion: In early 2011, I assembled my first 3D printer kit. More

Washington scientists 3D print with custom molecules to create low-cost mechanical sensor

Jun.24, 2015 - A team of researchers from the University of Washington has succeeded in printing out molecules that can respond to their surroundings and act as sensors. More

South Korean researchers develop a new high-res 3D printer that can print objects thinner than blood cells

Jun.24, 2015 - A team of South Korean scientists have developed a brand new high resolution 3D printing technique that somewhat resembles FDM 3D printing, but then with nanoscale layers invisible to the naked eye. More

3D printed parts will be onboard the first FAA-approved drone delivery on July 17th

Jun.24, 2015 - Now, one drone design in particular that features 3D printed components has been approved by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to begin making deliveries in the United States. More

Fandango is giving away MakerBot 3D Printers for Terminator Genisys Premier

Jun.24, 2015 - Leading up to the release of the film on July 1st in the United States, Fandango, the US's leading advanced ticket purchasing platform is teaming up with MakerBot for a slew of 3D printing-related giveaways that are geared at immersing fans in the film experience before the film is even released. More

Build your own large-scale 'Project Locus' 3D printer using a smaller 3D printer for just $600

Jun.24, 2015 - After agreeing on the value of the 3D printer, Instructables user Pat L. accepted half of that in cash which was used to build an entirely new - albeit larger - 3D printer based off of his smaller 3D printer, which was also used to print the parts for the larger build. More

Fourteen-year-old maker builds fantastic modular 3D printed marble machine

Jun.23, 2015 - Fourteen-year-old girl Jazzmyn 3D printed a complex, modular, endlessly variable and very impressive marble machine. Remember those marble machines you used to play with as a kid? They're nothing compared to this incredible creation. More

Britain invests £10M into funding research for 3D printing in aerospace technologies

Jun.23, 2015 - Recently, the UK's Business Minister Anna Soubry announced a £10m competition to find "game-changing" aerospace technologies that can help "keep Britain at the forefront of the global aerospace market". More

Ensure you have a clean workspace with this 3D printed mini USB vacuum cleaner

Jun.23, 2015 - This mini 3D printed USB vacuum cleaner has been designed by the young French Instructables user loboat with a single, very recognizable purpose in mind: to clean the endless mess desk after tinkering with plastic, wood and electronics for hours. More

Spain's Moyupi lets kids create their own full-color 3D printed monster toy designs

Jun.23, 2015 - For design engineer Juan Ángel Medina of Jaen, Spain, leveraging modern additive manufacturing technologies to make it easy for parents to create custom 3D prints of their child's artwork has since become a full-time job and he is now launching a new platform to make this process easier called Moyupi. More

3DSimo Mini is pocket-sized Mini 3D printing pen that can 3D draw, solder, burn and cut

Jun.23, 2015 - Today, the Czech Republic-based company 3DSimo announced that they are re-packaging its 3DSimo 3D printing pen into a much smaller offering that 'packs a punch' in an even more pocket-friendly design. More

Nervous System's Floraform software will allow you to create gorgeous nature-inspired 3D printed jewelry

Jun.23, 2015 - Nervous System is working on an online platform of their Floraform software, where users can cultivate their own naturally inspired 3D printed jewelry creations. More

Legacy Effects uses Carbon3D's CLIP 3D printers for Terminator Genisys & Hollywood special effects

Jun.23, 2015 - Carbon3D recently announced that top special-effects company Legacy Effects relied on its CLIP 3D printing technology during the production of both the commercial and for the upcoming Arnold Schwarzenegger blockbuster Terminator Genisys. More

German Giant Ottobock teams with UNYQ to develop stylish 3D printed prosthetics

Jun.23, 2015 - One of the world leaders in prosthetic manufacturing, Ottobock, has just announced a partnership with innovative designers UNYQ to look into 3D printing options. More

Micron 3DP announces breakthrough in 3D printing glass materials

Jun.22, 2015 - Thanks to recent developments by Micron3DP, we'll soon be able to 3D print structures out of glass using fused deposition modeling methods. More

Russian company Rostec unveils 3D printed multipurpose amphibious drone

Jun.22, 2015 - Russian business Rostec has developed a 3D printed truly multi-purpose drone that can take on just about any terrain challenge, whether its soft soil, marchland, water, snow and more. More

Boeing's new eco-focused 757 utilizes all-new aviation technologies including 3D printing

Jun.22, 2015 - Boeing has been developing their ecoDemonstrator 757 aircraft that, among other things, is focused on more than 15 eco-friendly technologies that improve aviation's environmental performance. More

3D Hubs teams with Autodesk Tinkerplay for customized 3D printed robot toys

Jun.22, 2015 - App-based design tool Autodesk Tinkerplay makes toy and robotic design easier and more fun than ever before. Most significantly, is a 3D Hubs options embedded in the app, to ensure that even 3D printerless users can enjoy Tinkerplay. More

Taiwanese man creates 'Panda', a 3D printed house-cleaning robot

Jun.22, 2015 - Created by industrial designer Jake Lee, the Panda is an improved version of Lee's previous cleaning robot, with enhanced features such as air suction, a sweeper, and a roller brush. More

British PhD student 3D prints on inflatable substrate to create artificial muscles

Jun.22, 2015 - Fergal Coulter, a lecturer and PhD candidate at the College of Art & Design and Build Environment at the Nottingham Trent University, is using 3D printing and scanning techniques to create artificial muscles. More

Interview: Adafruit puts CEO of MakerBot in the hot seat

Jun.22, 2015 - Ladyada got the heart of the most pressing issues, and confronted Makerbot CEO Jonathan Jaglom about the purpose of his cross-country tour, his stance on patents, the value of DRM'ing filament, and the company's troubled relations with its resellers. More

Bold Machines teams up with Milestone-Studio to 3D print an oral cancer diagnosis kit

Jun.22, 2015 - Milestone-Studio and Bold Machines have created the Vista Dental's OncoLight Oral Lesion Screening Kit, that could be used to catch oral lesions that can become cancerous early and thus greatly increase the survival rate of people everywhere. More

Cosplay designers create incredible 3D printed 'Batman: Arkham Knight' suit

Jun.22, 2015 - Working alongside several partners including Graphix Monster and Armory Props, Crimson Coscrafts created a fully-3D printed 'Batman: Arkham Knight' suit which is worn by Batman in the upcoming Arkham Knight video game. More

Stunningly realistic, full color 3D prints made possible by Fraunhofer Researchers

Jun.21, 2015 - A team of researchers at the Fraunhofer Institute for Computer Graphics Research in Germany has created a new technique for producing accurate colors in 3D printing for the first time. More

Evonik invests in 3D printed, biomechanically optimized insoles from Wiivv Wearables

Jun.21, 2015 - Wiivv Wearables, one of the first companies to use 3D printing to produce affordable and customizable insoles, has received a venture capital investment from Evonik, made jointly with Formation 8 and Real Ventures, Canada's largest and most active seed investor. More

FunToDo announces coloring kits for creating custom-colored 3D print resins

Jun.20, 2015 - Dutch company FunToDo is now launching two new 3D UV Resin blends within their affordable quality resin range. The two blends - 'Snow White' and 'Deep Black' - are perfect for creating a variety of monotone objects. More

Australian man now able to eat again thanks to 3D printed titanium prosthetic jaw

Jun.20, 2015 - 3D printing technology was used to create a 3D printed jaw prosthesis for a 32-year-old Australian man; a first for the country. The man, Richard Stratton, was born with a rare deformity that has made chewing food incredibly painful. More

Exovite is developing custom 3D printed splints that will heal your broken bone faster

Jun.20, 2015 - Exovite is developing a system of immobilization and rehabilitation that will create a revolution in the field of orthopedics and musculoskeletal treatments. More

Argillasys combines 3D printing with traditional porcelain-based material to make beautiful ceramics products

Jun.20, 2015 - Among others who are dedicated to making the bridge between 3D printing and ceramics easier to navigate is Argillasys, a new 3D printed ceramic service platform from the UK's Centre for Fine Print Research (CFPR), which is based out of Bristol. More

e-NABLE outlines plan to give out 6,000 3D printed prosthetic hands by 2017

Jun.20, 2015 - Last month, e-NABLE announced that they had received a $600,000 grant from Google to help aid the organization's efforts and continue to connect engineers with children and families in need. Now, the organization has announced what they are planning to do with the generous funds. More

Dutch startup ElevatedMaps lets users create 3D printed maps of any world location

Jun.20, 2015 - ElevatedMaps, a new 3D printing service that's being offered by Netherlands-based Elevate Graphics, has just launched as an online custom 3D printing service for creating one-of-a-kind 3D printed maps. More

Blind & deaf mother receives a 3D printed bust of daughter before she heads off to college

Jun.20, 2015 - Aiming to help make this transition easier for blind and deaf mother Faith Altheide, Maconaquah teachers Ron Shaffer and Cory Howard have created a 3D printed replica of her daughter before she heads off to college. More

Prop artist Michael Ruddy 3D prints an amazing cosplay replica of the bow from Thief video game

Jun.19, 2015 - Prop artist Michael Ruddy, who regularly shares 3D printed cosplay props through his Facebook page Hero Complex Props, has just revealed the results of a very interesting game-inspired project: the bow from the Thief video game. More

Custom 3D print head converts 3D printers into electric discharge machining modules

Jun.19, 2015 - YouTube user ArduinoVsEvil (AKA Piet Hein) has created an EDM 3D printer head that enables makers and hardware developers to have all of the conveniences of traditional EDM processes directly on their 3D printer. More

'You Design, We Print' - Drawn seeking funding to offer customized furniture built with its giant 3D printing robot arm

Jun.19, 2015 - French startup Drawn has turned to Kickstarter to raise €15K in funds for the launch of its very first range of 3D printed decorative objects. More

Dassault Systèmes and Safran join efforts to advance the future of 3D printed aerospace parts

Jun.19, 2015 - Dassault Systèmes has announced that they have established a partnership with Safran Group to further develop "expertise in the virtual validation of the additive manufacturing process" using Dassault Systèmes' 3DEXPERIENCE platform. More

3D printing company Proto Labs expands operations to NC, adds 170 jobs

Jun.19, 2015 - Maple Plain, Minnesota-based company Proto Labs says it will invest more than $25 million and add 170 new jobs at its facility in the Town of Cary in Wake County over the next five years. More

Designer Nanu Al-Hamad teams with Bold Machines to produce innovative HANKY pocket square design

Jun.18, 2015 - Al-Hamad, who collaborated with Bold Machines to investigate the range of material possibilities, just launched his latest piece, the "HANKY: Structured Pocket Square". More

Italy's WASP is called upon to lead 3D printing effort for preserving ancient Italian ruins

Jun.18, 2015 - Italian 3D printing company WASP seeks to preserve the artistic and cultural heritage of the area through the use of their 3D printing technologies. More

Poland's Zmorph receives $1 million investment to ramp up production and expand worldwide

Jun.18, 2015 - Poland's Zmorph have even been given a $1 million boost to ramp up their production capacity and move forward with a global expansion. The investment, which comes for Poland's Warsaw Equity Group, will be used to increase the production of 3D printers to 1000 units per year. More

Print-Rite showcases a very cool and flexible dancing robot built on its Colido 3D printer

Jun.18, 2015 - The Colido 3D printer – developed by Hong Kong-based 3D printer manufacturers Print-Rite – is looking pretty good, as they have used it to create a very flexible and very cool dancing robot. More

South African scientists develop 3D printed mechanical prosthetic hand with individually moving fingers

Jun.18, 2015 - A team of scientists from the South African University of Cape Town have unveiled a prosthetic with individually moving fingers. The hand is 3D printed with SLS 3D printing technology and capable of working with sensors and motors. More

Researchers create 3D printed custom shapes for liquid medicine tablets, including dinosaur pills for kids

Jun.18, 2015 - It may even be possible for doctors to one day email patients a dosage that can be 3d printed into a specific shape at home - such as dinosaurs or elephants for young patients. More

Mark Leonard of Aztec Scenic Design gives new insight into creating 3D printed ceilings

Jun.18, 2015 - Aztec Scenic Design has been using 3D printing to create custom interior work for high-end homes including the design, development and installation of intricate custom ceiling designs. More

V-Moda begins offering 3D printed headphone 'Shields' that can cost you up to $40000

Jun.18, 2015 - V-Moda has been using the technology for a few years now to create a number of 3D printed plastic "Shields", which act as customizable side panels where DJs and other users can show off their 'brand and image'. More

Swedish researchers successfully 3D print cellulose-based circuits

Jun.17, 2015 - A group of researchers from Chalmers University of Technology in Sweden were able to successfully print and dry three-dimensional objects that were made from cellulose for the first time with the help of a 3D bioprinter. More

China's Winbo creates a full-scale 3D printed engine using 18 3D printers

Jun.17, 2015 - China's Winbo Smart Tech Co.,Ltd, a 3D printer manufacturer that has multiple product lines of all multiple sizes and prices, took it upon themselves to create a full-scale working Toyota 4-cylinder engine using their own 3D printers. More

Siemens launches new Frontier Partner Program for 3D printing startups

Jun.17, 2015 - Called the Frontier Partner Program, the initiative is also Siemens' own entry into the 3D printing industry. While they haven't released the second part of the program yet, it will also add robotics into the mix in addition to 3D printing. More

3D Systems expands iSense 3D Scanner to iPhone 6 & 6 Plus

Jun.17, 2015 - 3D Systems announced that the iSense 3D scanner is now available for the iPhone. Designed with a specially 3D printed iPhone case from Cubify, users can simply snap the iSense case onto their iPhone. More

Create your own 3D printed features with the open source SULI portable solar light

Jun.17, 2015 - A group of light designers from Santiago, Chile have been actively developing a solution and have recently launched their answer on Indiegogo. Their product, SULI, is designed to be a portable solar module that also aims to democratize access to light for everybody. More

Taiwanese dance performance Storynest uses motion capture and 3D printing to help tell the story

Jun.17, 2015 - Storynest, a Taiwanese performance and dance project, has resorted to using 3D scanning and 3D printing technologies to help add a new dimension to their storytelling experience. More

Swissto12 signs contract with European Space Agency to create 3D printed antennas for space exploration

Jun.17, 2015 - Private Swiss company Swissto12 SA just signed a major contract with the European Space Agency to develop a metal-plated polymer antenna design. More

University of Nottingham unveils jaw-dropping £2.7 million 3D printing lab

Jun.17, 2015 - University of Nottingham's Additive Manufacturing and 3D Printing Research Group (3DPRG) opened a new laboratory for testing materials for 3D Printing and finding new ways where 3D printing can be applied to our everyday lives. More

Quake fan creates a fully-functional 3D printed RC tank PC computer mod

Jun.17, 2015 - Adam Owen recently used 3D printing to create a fully-functional 3D printed RC tank PC computer mod. To create the tank, Owen first designed the individual parts in Sketchup using reference photos along the way to ensure that his results were accurate to the original tank. More

New $150 Micro Drone 3.0 flies onto Indiegogo, thanks to 3D printing

Jun.16, 2015 - For his Micro Drone 3.0 project - which is seeking to raise $75,000 on the crowdfunding platform - Vernon Kerswell aimed at creating a small and sophisticated personal drone that captures high-quality HD video. More

3D print your own iStein drink caddy featuring a limited edition Game of Thrones sigil

Jun.16, 2015 - Chris Czech from Mutant Design is back with an all-new design that is sure to add another element of fun to your summer thanks to 3D printing: the iStein 3D Printed Drink Caddy (AKA The Smartest Stein You Know). More

Surgeons use 3D printing to help fix serious skull defects for young South African girls

Jun.16, 2015 - The World Craniofacial Foundation (WCF), which seeks to give normal lives to those who suffer craniofacial defects, recently teamed up with professor Frank Graewe, MD to help reconstruct the faces of two African girls with serious skull deformities using 3D printing. More

UC San Diego students prepare to break world record with 3D printed rocket engine

Jun.16, 2015 - A group of UC San Diego students from the UC San Diego chapter of Students for the Exploration and Development of Space have been spending their time developing a 3D printed rocket engine, which they have been actively testing in the nearby Mojave Desert. More

South Korea calls upon Germany's InssTek DMT Grand Teton 3D printer to repair fighter jets

Jun.16, 2015 - South Korea has turned to the 3D printing technology for repairing the country's F-15K fighter jets, which are made by American manufacturer Boeing McDonnell Douglas. More

Pennsylvania high school student saves district more than $10,000 with 3D printed repair parts

Jun.16, 2015 - An enterprising sophomore student in Uniontown, Pennsylvania, recently turned a few dollars worth of 3D printing filament into over $10,000 in savings for his district school board. More

Carnegie Mellon College of Engineering projects top 10 list for 3D printed metal applications

Jun.16, 2015 - A group of experts from Carnegie Mellon University have projected what they believe are the top ten applications for metal-based 3D printing. Jack Beuth, has been actively researching how metal-based additive manufacturing process can be made faster and cheaper. More

Doctors in India use 3D printing to help in surgical planning to correct orbital hypertelorism

Jun.16, 2015 - Dr. Sathish Vasishta, a craniomaxillofacial surgeon, and Dr. Derick Mendonca, a plastic surgeon, of the Sakra Hospital in Bangalore, India used a 3D printed model for a surgical procedure to correct orbital hypertelorism. More

Microsoft granted patent for technology that scans objects and makes 3D printable models

Jun.15, 2015 - Microsoft has just been awarded a patent for the step preceding 3D printing: making 3D printable digital models of objects, specifically after scanning. This patent revolves around a static depth camera that can be used to scan everyday objects from various angles and generating 3D models on your PC. More

ElecFreaks preview their 2.95kg portable Freaks3D 3D printer

Jun.15, 2015 - Chinese open design house ElecFreaks is about to launch a crowdfunding campaign for their extremely lightweight upcoming 3D printer, the Freaks3D. In anticipation of that Indiegogo campaign, they have already shared a preview of a very cool looking machine. More

Australian office supplies giant Officeworks launches 3D Experience Centre

Jun.15, 2015 - Officeworks, an office supplies giant that could be compared to staples, has just opened a 3D Experience Centre in Melbourne, Australia. This 3D Experience Centre can be found in the Officeworks store on Russel Street in Melbourne, and aims to introduce both business and private clients to 3D printing technology. More

Chinese inventor develops the first ever 3D printed washing machine for shoes

Jun.15, 2015 - Chinese inventor Liu Feng has developed a very interesting and very functional 3D printed washing machine specifically designed for cleaning your shoes safely, properly and without damaging them. More

Project Deep-Z: 3D printed low cost devices can be used for deep water exploration

Jun.15, 2015 - Over the last few months, Martin Baumers and his team have been working on project Deep-Z: a non-academic and hands-on research project funded by private individuals, aiming to find out whether 3D printing can be used to build low cost devices for deep water exploration. More

Artist Matt Pearson uses 3D printing to transform a gourd into an interactive instrument

Jun.15, 2015 - California-based artist Matt Pearson has taken a more natural approach to 3D printed instruments, transforming a gourd into a very intuitive instrument. While it contains no strings, buttons or keys, music is played by holding the gourd and moving around. More

Dutch artist plans giant 3D printed Madonna statue to fight against ocean plastic

Jun.15, 2015 - Among others who are drawing awareness to this environmental issue include Dutch artist Peter Smith, who is planning to turn 100,000 littered plastic bottles into a giant sculpture of Madonna and child to help draw attention to this pressing issue. More

Learn how to use 3D printing for mold making with this Crystal Glow Knuckles project

Jun.14, 2015 - Matthew Borgatti over at Adafruit has prepared the perfect project that combines both 3D printing and casting as well as some basic electronics to create the ultimate LED glow ring. More

German hardware hacker creates low-cost mobile 3D scanning with Kinect and Raspberry Pi2

Jun.14, 2015 - Mario Lukas is developing a standalone 3D scanner based on Kinect and Raspberry Pi2. While still in development, the device could eventually become a low-cost, open-source solution for those in fields from archaeology to medicine who need accurate, on-the-spot 3D scans. More

3D printed model of fused jaw helps surgeons correct 3-year-old's rare facial deformity, she is now able to speak and eat

Jun.14, 2015 - More recently, 3D printing was used to aid in the surgical repair of a severe facial deformity in China. Ami Namuhan, a little girl who was born in 2013 in China's Xinjiang province, was born with both her upper and lower jaws fused together. More

State Department and Congress bring 3D printed guns under fire

Jun.14, 2015 - In separate yet related news this week, Congressional Democrats have proposed a ban on plastic guns, such as those created by 3D printers, while the US State Department has issued two new statements that aim to give it more control over the publishing of 3D printable gun files. More

Bristol creatives create an open source, portable, WiFi-enabled Kinect

Jun.13, 2015 - Bristol Interaction and Graphics (BIG) has developed a mobile, battery-powered, wireless depth camera that is both based on (and compatible with) the Microsoft Kinect. More

Prop maker uses 3D printing to create Immortan Joe's mask from Mad Max: Fury Road

Jun.13, 2015 - Replica Prop Forum user Logan (AKA Logan74k) recently took it upon himself to create an accurate replica of Immortan Joe's oxygen mask using 3D printing. He is planning on selling on Etsy to cosplayers and those who want to display the mask at home or in their office. More

HP announces full 3D scanning with the $299 3D Capture Stage turntable for Sprout PC

Jun.13, 2015 - HP announced that they will be releasing a new peripheral device for use with the Sprout that will allow users to add a turntable 3D scanner functionality to the Sprout's Intel RealSense camera. More

Create a 'soft' 3D printer with the open source Circular Knitic

Jun.13, 2015 - Visual artists Varvara Guljajeva and Mar Canet have been actively developing an open source project that allows users to create their very own digital fabrication knitting machines - both the Knitic and the Circular Knitic. More

3D print your favorite Ford vehicle - Ford opens 3D printable file webstore Ford 3D Store

Jun.13, 2015 - While many car manufacturers sell car toys, Ford has just launched the Ford 3D Store, becoming the first of the automobile giants to embrace 3D printable miniature cars. More

HiveHaven, beekeepers in Australia invents innovative beeboxes thanks to 3D printing

Jun.12, 2015 - Thanks to 3D printing, Australian company HiveHaven has been able to further refine the design direction of their bee-kind solution. Among other features of their design include the ability to provide improved heating and cooling properties. More

Build a 3D printed Raspberry Pi-powered pocket computer for monitoring your 3D prints

Jun.12, 2015 - Adafruit has recently put together one of the most simple and straight-forward guides for building a DIY computer that we've seen that's even capable of wirelessly monitoring your 3D printer. More

MX3D teams with Heijmans to build world's first 3D printed steel bridge in central Amsterdam

Jun.12, 2015 - Dutch R&D startup MX3D is about to start work on a fantastic new 3D printing project that should be able to withstand time, the Dutch weather and even the weight of all those tourists: a steel bridge over one of the many canals of Amsterdam. More

Prop artist Michael Ruddy 3D prints the hook worn by Dustin Hoffman in the movie 'Hook'

Jun.12, 2015 - More recently, Michael Ruddy from Hero Complex Props fired up his gMax 1.5 XT 3D printer to create a replica of the hook inspired by the 1991 classic film Hook - which starred Robin Williams and Dustin Hoffman. More

Try Before You Buy - MirrorMe3D offers 3D printed faces for cosmetic surgery patients

Jun.12, 2015 - Founded by New York plastic surgeon Carrie Stern, MirrorMe3D is a new 3D printing service that helps clients better understand what they would like in a three-dimensional form before undergoing the knife for procedures ranging from nose-jobs to facelifts. More

Create your own Cherry desktop 3D printer for just 60 Euros

Jun.12, 2015 - The Cherry 3D Printer from 16-year-old Instructables user Vulcaman - which prints using the fused deposition modeling (FDM) technique of additive manufacturing - has also been claimed as possibly the cheapest 3D printer. More

MIT researchers develop new 3D printed soft materials that change surface texture on command

Jun.11, 2015 - A team at MIT has developed a way of 3D printing soft materials with surface textures that can then be modified on demand to be smooth, ridged or bumpy, which could be useful for changing the aerodynamic resistance or reflectivity of an object on demand. More

3D Systems partners with e-NABLE, to debut new open-sourced K-1 3D printed hand

Jun.11, 2015 - 3D Systems announced today that it has partnered with e-NABLE Community Foundation (ECF) to support e-NABLE community and provides them access to advanced 3D printing tools and know-how. More

Interactive Holographic platform Holus, with 3D printing design options, successfully funded within hours

Jun.11, 2015 - Holus is a pyramid-shaped holographic platform that is as simple and intuitive to use as a tablet, while enabling interaction from four different angles. It can be a family entertainment system, an educational tool for interactive learning, a business tool for giving presentations and much more. More

think3D starts 3D printing educational tools to help visually impaired students

Jun.11, 2015 - Indian 3D printing platform think3D is already making significant steps in the right direction, launching an initiative to digitize and 3D print all diagrams and educational images from school textbooks to help educate visually impaired students. More

Student uses 3D printing to create super cool and low cost custom racing wheelchair gloves

Jun.11, 2015 - Arielle Rausin, a junior at the University of Illinois and member of the varsity wheelchair racing team, 3D printed a unique racing glove perfect for her hand and the rigors of wheelchair racing. More

German artists uses 3D printing to turn Micro Drones into fun buzzing and friendly wasps

Jun.11, 2015 - German Artist Kai Bracher has developed a very easy to use 3D printed shell that turns this tiny RC Micro Drone into a fun buzzing wasp. More

MTU Aero Engines uses additive manufacturing for mass 3D printing of Airbus engine parts

Jun.11, 2015 - MTU Aero Engines has started using 3D printing technology for producing nickel alloy borescope bosses, which form part of the turbine housing for the A320neo's GTF engine. More

Student builds an astoundingly great $60 Chimera DLP SLA 3D printer using LEGOs and K'nex

Jun.11, 2015 - For just $60 for parts and a good pile of LEGO and K'nex parts, a young student from Fort Wayne, Indiana has built a very cool looking SLA 3D printer that is also capable of excellent results. More

3D printing helps bring the HidrateMe Smart Water Bottle Kickstarter success

Jun.11, 2015 - An included sensor stick inside the HidrateMe water bottle automatically tracks how much a user drinks throughout the day by sending the information to the Hidrate app on a smartphone while simultaneously glowing when it's time to drink more water. More

Make IoBot, a smartphone controlled 3D printable Arduino based robot

Jun.11, 2015 - The IoBot is a simple Arduino-based robot that can be controlled by both mobile and computer applications via LAN or USB cable. The IoBot application is capable of running on Android, Windows and Mac OS while the Arduino 'brain' is written in Python/Kivy. More

Researchers successfully 3D print tiny metal and copper structures using a laser melting technique

Jun.11, 2015 - A team of researchers from the University of Twente have found a way to 3D print structures of copper and gold through an additive process of stacking small metal droplets that are created by melting a thin metal film with a laser. More

Polish acoustics engineer creates awesome 3D printed electric drumkit

Jun.11, 2015 - A Polish acoustics engineer recently created his own electric percussion kit through the use of 3D printing technology. The engineer, Michal Szydlowski, is a Research and Development Engineer for Toolheads at ZMorph Personal Fabricators. More

Dutch researchers develop 3D printing metamaterials that buckles on demand

Jun.10, 2015 - Researchers from Leiden University in the Netherlands recently developed a metamaterial that is capable of buckling - or, bending under strain - on command. More

Taiwan's National Science & Tech Museum 3D prints a 197-piece Woolly Mammoth statue

Jun.10, 2015 - he Taiwanese National Science & Technology Museum commissioned the 3D printing of a gigantic statue of this majestic beast as a center piece for the exhibition 'Journey of Printing Collections', which was made with a desktop UP Plus 2 3D printer. More

Portuguese engineer 3D prints gorgeous rotating DNA Helix Lamp using glow-in-the-dark filament

Jun.10, 2015 - Portuguese engineer João Duarte has used glow-in-the-dark PLA filament to make a very inspiring lava lamp-esque creation consisting of an absolutely inspiring rotating and glow-in-the-dark DNA Helix Lamp. More

Tony Su shows off inspiring 3D printed candy vending machine, pinball machine, R/C LEGO car & bike light

Jun.10, 2015 - Taiwanese maker Tony Su has, among others, 3D printed objects as diverse for his children as a candy vending machine, a remote control car and even a pinball machine. More

Chinese retail lab creates its own custom foosball table with 3D scanning and 3D printing

Jun.10, 2015 - A team of Makers from Shanghai, Eddie Tsai and his colleagues at the Fung Academy, have used 3D printing technology to create their own foosball table that features their own heads for the actual players. More

Wevolver begins 3D printing robot avatars For Good project, helping hospitalized children experience London Zoo

Jun.10, 2015 - To help rapidly move the open source InMoove Robots for Good project along, Wevolver has just opened up a public workshop in Somerset House in London to help manufacture the robots using 3D printing. More

Build Upons amazing tiny light-up blocks for LEGO created using custom 3D printing Gcode

Jun.10, 2015 - The Build Upons use small LEGO-compatible bricks which allow builders to light up their brick creations using a three-part brick setup that includes a power brick, a bridge brick and an LED brick. More

Samsung's multi-color 3D printing process patent reveals its interest in 3D printing market

Jun.10, 2015 - It appears that Samsung may have had an interest after all thanks to both a fairly-recent announcement that they have established a team to further explore 3D printing, as well as a recently unveiled patent that was filed by the company in September of 2014. More

Israel-based Utilight develops revolutionary new technique for 3D printing solar cells

Jun.10, 2015 - The engineers at Utilight have been actively developing a new type of additive manufacturing technology called Pattern Transfer Printing (PTP) that allows for the immediate implementation in the photovoltaic metallization process of c-Si solar cells. More

NIH 3D Print Exchange partners with AstroPrint and NetFabb to improve user experience

Jun.9, 2015 - To make slicing, storing and managing 3D print files easier than ever on the cloud (and subsequently, available on all devices), the NIH 3D Print Exchange has teamed up with AstroPrint, the CloudOS for 3D printers. More

Free 3D Printable of the Week: Don Foley's 3D printed SR-72 Aircraft

Jun.9, 2015 - Don Foley has created a 3D printable version of the SR-72 aircraft. He modeled the plane in Lightwave 3D. The angle of the wings and the shape of the body made it easy to design a print that could be divided into 3 sections for easy assembly. More

Rethinking shoes: Two students develop 'FOOTPRINT' 3D printed custom algorithmic footwear

Jun.9, 2015 - For their thesis project, industrial design students Matt Flail and Tim Ganter have started the FOOTPRINT project, which aims to produce cutting edge footwear through 3D scanning, algorithmic models and 3D printing. More

FormFutura unveils EasyWood Olive and Ebony, two new wood-like 3D printer filaments

Jun.9, 2015 - Amsterdam-based FormFutura has just unveiled EasyWood Olive and Ebony, two new wood-like 3D printer filaments. These two filaments – like the already available Coconut filament – are perfect for 3D printing wood-like structures. More

RC modelers create a remote controlled 'Bed Mobile' and publish 3D files

Jun.9, 2015 - LANE Boys recently chose to build what is perhaps a first in the RC community with their recently-acquired 3D printer: a remote controlled bed. The bed was chosen both for its whimsical concept as well as its ability to fit a standard RC chassis. More

German teenagers create eye-movement controlled wheelchair with help of 3D printing

Jun.9, 2015 - 14-year-old Myrijam Stoetzer and 15-year-old Paul Foltin have been actively developing a solution for helping those bound to wheelchairs with limited mobility be able to control their wheelchair through the use of eye movement alone. More

Automatic Print Ejector is a fun boxing solution for 3D print removal problems

Jun.8, 2015 - The guys from Matterhackers have developed a 3D printable design that provides all of us with a fun and easy solution for 3D print removal problems: the Automatic Print Ejector. More

Get started with animatronics with this 3D printed tail project

Jun.8, 2015 - For those who want to try their hand at animatronics for a cosplay or other simple costume project, the recently-published 'Really Simple Animatronic Tail' project from Adafruit just might be the perfect place to start. More

New lightweight & customizable bionic prosthetic Nu Hand launches on Kickstarter

Jun.8, 2015 - Timothy Chung and his startup Biomechanical Robotics Group, has just launched a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter for the Nu Hand, a 3D printed bionic prosthetic that can be modified to suit every individual wearer. More

Micron 3DP unveils all-metal COBRA line of plastic extruders, perfect for flexible filaments

Jun.8, 2015 - Micron 3DP has just unveiled a brand new line of all-metal extruders: the COBRA line. Filament extruders that are completely made of metal have one major advantage over those extruders that include plastic components: heat. More

Vormvrij 3D unveil amazing LUTUM mini ceramic 3D printer, 24K gold extruder for corrosive materials

Jun.8, 2015 - To encourage ceramic 3D printing at home, Dutch design duo Yao and Marlieke of Vormvrij 3D have just unveiled a mini version of the LUTUM. Yao and Marlieke are both graduates from the prestigious Dutch Design Academy in Eindhoven. More

'Tactum' By MadLabs & Autodesk lets you design 3D printed wearables directly on your body

Jun.8, 2015 - Developed through the collaborative effort of Madlab and Autodesk, this Tactum modeling tool lets you design 3D printed wearable accessories directly on your body where you want them. More

Chinese doctors use 3D printed replicas to practice separating conjoined twins

Jun.8, 2015 - The Children's Hospital of Fudan University, which is located in Shanghai, will be performing the surgery on a pair of conjoined twins that were born on March 17th in the JiangXi province with the help of 3D printing. More

Sir Bradley Wiggins breaks cycling's hour record with 3D printed handlebars

Jun.8, 2015 - On Sunday night, UK cyclist Sir Bradley Wiggins annihilated the UCI Hour record at the Lee Valley Velodrome in London. Just a few weeks ago, fellow UK cyclist Alex Dowsett set a record of 52.937 kilometers and Wiggins broke it with an all-new handlebar design that was created thanks to 3D printing. More

PepsiCo is creating new deep-ridged potato chips on 3D printers

Jun.7, 2015 - The new chips, which PepsiCo is calling Deep Ridged, were first developed using a 3D model and a 3D printer to create a thick and super-crunchy potato chip experience. More

Daniel Fox 3D prints very impressive automaton that does pushups when you turn the crank

Jun.7, 2015 - Designer Daniel Fox has created an intricate automaton miniature of a man doing pushups. And what's more, it actually works. Just turn the crank to set the pushup movement in motion. More

Designers create fully 3D printed playset based on iconic Mexican painter Frida Kahlo

Jun.7, 2015 - In pursuit of creating an alternative to Barbies and GI-Joe action figures, 3D designers Eva Sbaraini and Marco Autilio have created a fully-articulated 3D printable playset that is based on the iconic Mexican painter Frida Kahlo. More

Two-legged Texas puppy Scooter mobile with a custom-fitted 3D printed prosthetic

Jun.7, 2015 - 3D printing has helped enable dogs from multiple breeds and different sizes have custom prosthetic solutions designed and tailored for their disabilities. The puppy, Scooter, was found eight months ago at the age of just two months. More

Researchers at UTEP seek to advance 3D printed UAVs with embedded circuitry

Jun.7, 2015 - A team of researchers at UTEP have been dedicating a significant amount of time towards better understanding and improving upon the process of adding electronic components to UAVs during an additive manufacturing process. More

American Standard announces innovative new metal 3D printed faucet designs

Jun.6, 2015 - DXV by American Standard is considered to have some of their most innovative and meticulously crafted fixtures and faucets. It should come with little surprise then that the brand is responsible for the company's first-ever lineup of 3D printed faucets. More

Student 3D prints temperature-sensitive prosthetic that can help the disabled to regain senses

Jun.6, 2015 - Chinese student Lu XiYi has designed a mechanical prosthetic hand with a temperature sense function that shoots electric currents up to the arm muscles whenever holding something too hot. More

Designers unveil a gigantic 3D printed interactive wall at the 3D printing expo in China

Jun.6, 2015 - A team of designers from EAZER have also developed something fantastic: The Puzzle of All Things, a gigantic wall of modular 3D printed components that interact with you and your surroundings. More

3D printed CoCoRo underwater mini-robots use collective cognition to perform tasks

Jun.6, 2015 - Department of Zoology at the Austrian University of Graz has created a swarm of 3D printed fish-like robots capable of not only learning individually, but also functioning through collective cognition. More

i.materialise announces new Selective Laser Sintered 3D Printed Wood and Wood Challenge 3D competition

Jun.6, 2015 - 3D printing service i.materialise has recently announced that they will be letting users print using their new wood material starting later this year- however they are currently letting all users participate in the trial period by submitting their designs. More

Northwestern University study confirms 3D printed metal parts help reduce aircraft weight by 7%

Jun.6, 2015 - A team of researchers at the Illinois school have confirmed that using 3D printing not only helps manufacturers save money, but it also contributes towards saving other resources such as fuel usage that could have a significant impact on the environment. More

Learn how to create 3D printed assemblies with this 3D printed rotary clock project

Jun.5, 2015 - 3D Printed Rotary Clock from Instructables user 'NespLab' (Matias Mamone) is one of the better starting points for those looking to learn more about creating functional objects with relatively simple assemblies. More

Ten-year-old Dolphin-loving girl gifted with special 3D printed prosthetic arm

Jun.5, 2015 - The latest 3D printed prosthetic feel-good story comes from the Clearwater Maritime Museum in Clearwater, Florida. For ten-year-old Annika Emmert, live has been met with some challenges due to having been born without a part of her right arm. More

Taiwan's ITRI debuts lightweight handheld and wireless mobile 3D scanner

Jun.5, 2015 - Taiwan's Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI) recently presented an entirely new 3D scanner. The 3D scanner + app combo, called mScan, is designed to work with existing smartphone functionalities and appeal to as many users as possible. More

Music composer creates custom 3D printed flute that makes beautiful sounds

Jun.5, 2015 - After being introduced to 3D printing, Terumi Narushima started a project that combines the flute with modern 3D printing to create custom wind instruments that are capable of producing these microtonal notes. More

Mass. researcher awarded $579K to 3D-print Lego-like materials for NASA

Jun.5, 2015 - Christopher Hansen of the University of Massachusetts was one of seven who were awarded a $579,000 NASA Early Career Faculty Space Technology Research Grant. His goal is to create a library of modular components - similar to LEGOs for NASA. More

Wired writer builds an untraceable AR-15 'Ghost Gun' in his office using a 3D printer and CNC mill

Jun.5, 2015 - To test out the difference between the 3D printing method and the Ghost Gunner method, Wired senior writer Andy Greenberg recently created the untraceable "ghost gun" firearm using both methods and documented both the final costs as well as his build process. More

3D printed My Driving Pal is a smart tracking device that monitors and tracks car/bike/child

Jun.5, 2015 - Created by Shahram Rezaei of San Ramon, California, My Driving Pal (MDP) is a combination hardware device and smartphone app that monitors a variety of different things in a person's life. More

Blueprinter announces more powerful, low-noise selective heat sintering M3 3D printer

Jun.5, 2015 - Danish company Blueprinter announced this week that they are launching the next generation of their flagship 3D printer - the Blueprinter M3 - which builds off of the success of their existng M-series lineup. More

Chinese Aerospace Institution teams with Tiertime to build 3D printer for space

Jun.4, 2015 - TierTime has teamed up with a Chinese aerospace institution to develop their own anti-gravity 3D printer similar to Made in Space's Zero-G Printer that is based off of their already-successful desktop 3D printer, the UP Plus 2. More

EasyJet to use drones to inspect jets, reveals 3D printing plan to speed up repairs

Jun.4, 2015 - easyJet, a British low-cost airline company based at the London Luton Airport, announced that they will incorporate 3D printing technologies at airports to create replacement parts for aircraft on-demand. More

Russian startup Zdravprint teams with NNIITO hospital to 3D print splints, implants and surgical models

Jun.4, 2015 - In collaboration with NNITTO, Zdravprint is not just 3D printing useful casts, but also finger splints, surgical models that increase the success rate of surgeries and even casting molds for implants. More

RepRapPro and eSUN unveil a low temp 3D printing kit for children

Jun.4, 2015 - Today a new and very promising 3D printing kit will be unveiled by RepRap's dr. Adrian Bowyer and Chinese filament manufacturing giant eSUN: the Low Temperature 3D Printing Kit for Children. More

3D printed fashions hit the runway at 3D printing World Conference in China

Jun.4, 2015 - A spectacular catwalk debut was staged at the third World Conference of the 3D printing industry in Chengdu, China. On the evening of 3 June, they hosted a fantastic fashion feast ... More

Designer uses 3D printing to optimize the sound absorption qualities of geometric structures

Jun.4, 2015 - Dutch designer Foteini Setaki very consciously and critically approached the specific acoustic function of geometric shapes as part of his graduation project. And as his results showed, 3D printing technology... More

Lightweight KAFO Splint, 3D printed leg brace cost-effectively customized for perfect fit

Jun.4, 2015 - Industrial designer Or Steiner has created a 3D printable design using a Stratasys Objet1000 Multi-material 3D Production System. Titled the KAFO Splint... More

85-year-old woman walks again thanks to a successful 3D printed knee joints replacement surgery

Jun.4, 2015 - Recently, an 85-year-old woman from Conwy, Wales is enjoying life again after she underwent surgery to have both of her knee joints replaced - and the surgery was deemed a success thanks to the use of 3D printing. More

For preventing theft Japan temple worships 3D printed Buddha

Jun.4, 2015 - Sadly, a recent survey in Japan that was organized by the Japanese Agency for Cultural Affairs revealed that from 2007 to 2009, there were at least 105 related thefts of historical sculptures. More

3D Hubs adds 1,000 new printers and releases their 3D Printing Trends Report for June 2015

Jun.3, 2015 - 3D printing service 3D Hubs has been actively keeping track of all of this over the past year and have been sharing their findings in the form of monthly "3D Printing Trends" reports. More

Australian researchers create microtimber by 3D printing with macadamia nut shells

Jun.3, 2015 - Among other projects, Australian researchers have been actively working on developing a new project that leverages additive manufacturing technology to create sustainable microtimber out of discarded macadamia nut shells. More

Two-year-old born without a nose gets UK's first 3D-printed nasal implant

Jun.3, 2015 - Tessa Evans, who was born with an extremely rare medical condition - only 47 cases have been reported in medical history - called complete congenital arhinia, meaning that the two-year-old was born without a nose. More

Build your very own Prusa l3 Rework 3D printer using (almost) nothing but LEGO bricks

Jun.3, 2015 - The LEGO 3D printer has been completely designed by anonymous user going by the username gadema, and essentially revolves around a staple of do-it-yourself RepRap printers: the Prusa l3 rework printer. More

3D printed waterproof AguaDrone with sonar fish finder launches on Kickstarter

Jun.3, 2015 - AguaDrone has certain qualities that the current ensemble of 3D printed drones and quadcopters are lacking. Not only is it waterproof, but due to a number of functions that include a WiFI signal-based Sonar Fish Finder... More

Janne Kyttanen's 3D printed sofa design weighs just 2.5 kg but can hold up to 100 kg

Jun.3, 2015 - Janne Kyttanen's latest 3D printed piece, Sofa So Good, was inspired by the structures of spiderwebs and silkworm cocoons to create a sofa design that could only be fabricated using additive manufacturing technologies. More

Medical first in Brazil: 3D printed titanium skull successfully implanted in 23-year-old woman

Jun.3, 2015 - Doctors from the Brazilian medical hospital UNICAMP (Universidade Estadual de Campinas) in Campinas show that 3D printed medical applications are also being developed elsewhere. In their academic hospital in the greater São Paolo... More

Sheffield University to build a £1m 3D printer that will 3D print parts as fast as a production line

Jun.3, 2015 - Sheffield University in the United Kingdom has recently announced that they are building a £1m 3D printer that they hope will produce plastic parts as fast as more traditional manufacturing methods - such as injection molding. More

MIT professor develops highly stretchable & tough hydrogels for 3D printing ears, noses & joints

Jun.3, 2015 - Xuanhe Zhao, an MIT associate professor of mechanical engineering, along with colleagues at MIT, Duke University, and Columbia University published a paper in the industry journal Advanced Materials describing the process of 3D... More

Intel's RealSense depth-sensing 3D camera is getting a lot more real

Jun.3, 2015 - Among other companies that have been actively looking at additional camera types include Intel; the company's RealSense depth-sensing 3D camera was designed to add an entirely new type of user experience... More

3D printed prosthetics get Ugandan schoolchildren back on their feet

Jun.3, 2015 - The University of Toronto and charity Christian Blind Mission took it upon themselves to produce prostheses for a Ugandan schoolboy who had been in need of a prosthetic device for years. More

Experts predict a future of high-rise urban farms, underground communities and 3D printed houses

Jun.2, 2015 - Among other predictions that the panel made include temporary stackable housing pods, underwater cities, underground cities, urban farms that reside on top of high-rise buildings, buildings that feature their own microclimates... More

The 3D printed Peek smartphone adapter helps diagnose eye disease in developing countries

Jun.2, 2015 - The 3D printed Peek – short for the Portable Eye Examination Kit – developed by a team of British ophthalmologists, is a fantastic innovation. Perfect for use in third world countries and remote locations far from medical help... More

CTC Electronic announces new 'Giant 3D Printer'

Jun.2, 2015 - Chinese 3D printer manufacturer Zhuhai CTC Electronic Co., Ltd has released a brand new FFF based 3D printed called 'CTC Giant 3D printer'. The company held a new press conference this past Thursday, May 28 in Zhuhai... More

Start-up JiaoDuKeJi launches first Chinese 3D foot scanner and 10 pairs of 3D printed shoes

Jun.2, 2015 - This Nanjing-based startup JiaoDuKeJi has unveiled this scanner and ten pairs of 3D printed shoes last week, and as they explained, their goals are not just to be fashionable. More

19-year-old genius develops 3D-printed robotic arm controlled by the mind

Jun.2, 2015 - Calling it Anthromod, 19-year-old Easton LaChappelle from Colorado has developed a sensor-based prosthetic that doesn't, like the MyoWare, rely on muscle contractions, but actually on your brainwaves. More

RC fan 3D prints stunning remote controlled 1/6th Scorpion tank

Jun.2, 2015 - A few months ago he entertained us with a remarkable 3D printed snowblower that can actually be used to clean your driveway without leaving the house, but he has gone on a warpath since then: he has 3D printed an 1/6th scale... More

Win a 3D printer for your school with the XYZprinting Facebook Video Contest

Jun.2, 2015 - Taiwanese 3D printer manufacturers XYZprinting has just launched a new Facebook video contest. Through this contest, fans have the opportunity to win one of their Da Vinci Jr. 3D printers for their school. More

Student uses 3D printing to build 'Echo of Motion' that reacts to his Tourette's Syndrome

Jun.2, 2015 - Using 3D printing, Andrew Frueh has made a gigantic installation full of plywood and plastic components that reacts to his Tourette's Syndrome. More

Lenovo enters 3D printing arena by announcing chocolate printer and ShenQi 3D printers

Jun.2, 2015 - Among other announcements, Lenovo's 3D printers were perhaps the more exciting - particularly because the company announced that they would enable chefs and makers the ability to 3D print with Chocolate. More

100k Additive Manufacturing Startup Competition hosted by Youngstown Business Incubator & America Makes

Jun.2, 2015 - The Youngstown Business Incubator and America Makes (National Additive Manufacturing Innovation Institute) have partnered to launch AMPED, a $100k technology startup competition with a focus in additive manufacturing. More

Heart-warming moment when six-year-old boy is given a 3D printed hand as Children's Day gift

Jun.1, 2015 - Among all of the 3D printing-related 'feel-good' stories we've been hearing about over the past few years, few are as heartwarming as those that involve the design and fabrication of 3D printed prosthetic hands for young children. More

Swedish start-up CELLINK develops the first universal 3D printable bioink for 3D bioprinters

Jun.1, 2015 - Swedish start-up CELLINK led by Erik Gatenholm and Ivan Tournier have developed what they are calling the world's first universal bioink, with optimal biocompatibility and printing fidelity. More

DARPA's Open Manufacturing program to propel 3D printing into mainstream defense manufacturing

Jun.1, 2015 - DARPA aims to improve understanding of processes and materials to propel 3D printing and other innovative concepts into mainstream defense manufacturing. More

GoPro made a crazy 16-camera VR film rig for Google Jump

Jun.1, 2015 - Google announced its partnership with GoPro, the action camera manufacturer, to produce a piece of hardware that arrays 16 of the company's small video cameras in an array for capturing 360-degrees of live video seamlessly. More

Make any photograph 3D with this 3D printed lithophane project

Jun.1, 2015 - While lithophanes have been in existence since the early 19th century (when they were made by hand), the ability to create them easily using free online software and a 3D printer has helped them see a resurgence in popularity. More

3D print your own 42-piece fully-articulating dragon

Jun.1, 2015 - bq has shared what is perhaps one of the more impressive articulating 3D printable figure designs that we've seen yet: Dragón Braq (or 'Braq'). Consisting of 42 separate 3D printed pieces, Braq is a fully-articulated... More

Bucktown Polymers' water soluble Rinse Out 3D printing Resin (ROR) could replace lost wax casting

Jun.1, 2015 - Researchers at Bucktown Polymers have developed a new type of 3D printing material that cures rapidly when exposed to light yet remains water soluble after curing: Rinse Out Resin (ROR). More

South Africa's Fouche3DPrinting announces new Waltruder 8 pellet extruder

May.31, 2015 - South Africa's Fouche3DPrinting has recently announced Waltruder 8 filament extruder promises to offer a direct savings of more than 75% compared to the average cost of existing filaments. More

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