The Jigless Kit helps you fabricate a bicycle at home using 3D printed parts

Mar.31, 2015 - Most recently, a group of designers from Tel Aviv, Israel have created the Jigless Kit, which consists of an easy-to-assemble set of parts for users to fabricate their own bicycles at home out of old jeans... More

Artist Dominic Goldman creates impressive Air Max 1 concrete sculptures using 3D printing

Mar.31, 2015 - As an homage to his favourite sneaker, and in celebration of Air Max 1 Day back on March 26th, Goldman created a limited series of solid concrete AM1 sculptures "for the sneakerhead's home." More

Mechanical engineer creates ingenious Easy Cheese 3D Printer

Mar.31, 2015 - Using an existing 3D printer and some self-made, 3D printed modification parts, Maxwell-Parish created the world's first (known) Easy Cheese 3D Printer. More

FilaDry filament drying process keeps filaments free from moisture

Mar.31, 2015 - After testing their own theories through long experimental processes and extensive calculations, 3D printing enthusiasts Ohad and Hanan have invented their own solution for preventing humidity problems in the 3D printing... More

Chinese company Prismlab unveils super-fast SLA 3D printer, can print 2,712 cm3 in just 1 hour

Mar.31, 2015 - Now, a Chinese company named Prism3D has come forward with yet another similar technology that they are claiming can rapidly speed up 3D print times thanks to their own unique approach... More

World's first 3D print finishing tool featuring heated interchangeable tips launches on Kickstarter

Mar.31, 2015 - Today, a company called 3D 2.0 Inc has announced that they are releasing a tool that aims to make this process easier called the Retouch3D. The hand-held tool (which looks similar to a more-familiar Dremel rotary tool) features ... More

Tiko Unibody delta-style desktop 3d printer raises over $188K first day on Kickstarter

Mar.31, 2015 - Less than two weeks ago, we caught a sneak-peek of the new Tiko unibody 3D printer at the Austin, Texas SXSW festival where it was met with a positive response. More

Horde Invasion, set of Hi-Res 3D printed fantasy miniatures successfully funded

Mar.30, 2015 - And a challenger has certainly appeared in the form of professional digital modeller Taras Skorobruh, who has recently debuted his Horde Invasion set on Indiegogo. More

Avoid germs in public places with this extremely useful 3D printed Germavoid Clean Touch

Mar.30, 2015 - Invented by a Utah-based landscaper and fellow germaphobe Zach Friedli, this clever device could be just what germaphobes and other sensible people need. It is, in a nutshell, a 3D printed device that will allow you to touch... More

MODA 3D printer promises to apply your makeup in 30 seconds

Mar.30, 2015 - Foreo, the Swedish lifestyle company that brought us the LUNA skin exfoliator and ISSA electronic toothbrush, is once again trying its hand at combining the worlds of beauty and technology with MODA. More

Jason Preuss shows off his amazing and gigantic 3D printed dome clock

Mar.30, 2015 - Instead of settling on function alone, Michigan-based designer and woodworker Jason Preuss has 3D printed a gorgeous clock with a n intricate designs that not only works, but is also insanely tall (48 inches, or about 1.20 meters). More

Taulman3D unveils that Nylon 680 3D printer filament is FDA approved for food contact

Mar.30, 2015 - Today taulman3D announces the Nylon 680 is FDA approved for food and beverage contact. Unlike other polymer materials, the Nylon 680 is designed to handle the high temperatures of boiling water, steam and dishwater usage. More

Learn about aerodynamics and have fun in the water with Tinkerine's 3D printed RC airboat

Mar.29, 2015 - Tinkerine, Canada's leading 3D printing company and manufacturers of the Ditto and Litto open-source 3D printer kits, has designed a fun and functional servo-controlled airboat with 120 degrees of rotation... More

Designer Maria Eife's bold and playful 3D printed jewelry now available online

Mar.29, 2015 - Philadelphia-based designer Maria Eife is a baking-mad designer who can always be found tinkering with her Makerbot and is a veteran of 3D printing technology. She has launched successful and beautiful pieces... More

New Me Ducer 3D printer offers plug n' play 3D printing for less than $500

Mar.28, 2015 - One of the more promising 3D printers to hit the market in recent memory comes from China-based Geeetech. Since being established in 2011, the company has been devoted to developing open source hardware... More

Rescued pet tortoise gets new lease on life with 3D printed shell

Mar.28, 2015 - A leopard tortoise suffering from malnutrition and a deformed shell has just received a brand new, 3D printed prosthetic shell that could extend the teenage pet's life well into her 80s. More

USAID relies on 3D printed weather stations to save lives in third world countries

Mar.28, 2015 - For the United States Agency for International Development (or USAID) is, together with the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration and a number of international partners, using 3D printing technology... More

Iris van Herpen's Crystal-esque 3D printed dress & shoes for Paris Fashion Week turns heads on the runway

Mar.28, 2015 - Dutch designer Iris van Herpen's most recent collection for Fall/Winter 2015-16, titled "Hacking Infinity", debuted at Paris Fashion Week earlier this month. More

Printed Firearm's 3D printed AR-10 lower receiver can fire larger, deadlier rounds

Mar.27, 2015 - Recently, a group of gun enthusiasts with 3D printing know-how from Printed Firearm have successfully designed, 3D printed and test fired the receiver for a Colt CM109 modular battle rifle, which is a larger gun than the AR-15. More

Russia's 3D Bioprinting Solutions makes breakthrough in creating first ever 3D printed thyroid gland

Mar.27, 2015 - Among other developments, in November of 2014, a Russian company claimed that they would be able to 3D print a transplantable organ (a thyroid gland) in March of 2015. More

Tim Giles' 3D printed Robotic Third Hand could be worker's helper

Mar.27, 2015 - This Robotic Third Hand has little to do with the 3D printed prosthetics you often see. Instead, it's essentially a device worn on your wrist that holds tools for you – in this case a screwdriver. More

Create an NFC Door Lock with the Qduino Mini and a 3D printer for under $100

Mar.27, 2015 - One example of how microcontrollers are liberating makers and allowing them to create their own functional product designs is with the recent NFC Door Lock with the Qduino Mini. More

Festo's 3D printed giant bionic ants communicate wirelessly to get things done

Mar.27, 2015 - Those of you interested in next-generation robots will have doubtlessly heard of German automation company Festo, that seems to have a patent on imaginative robotics that have been inspired by animal behaviour. More

Go back to the 1950s with this 3D printed replica of the iconic Predica TV set

Mar.27, 2015 - If you happen to be a historian of consumer technology, or even remotely interested in life in the 1950s (or in the Back to the Future franchise), there is one piece of equipment that should immediately spring to mind... More

SpotiBear - a 3D printed toy bear that plays Spotify music using a Raspberry Pi

Mar.27, 2015 - The SpotiBear is a Spotify-powered bear that plays children's music, lullabies and stories and leverages the low-cost power of a Raspberry Pi to operate it. More

Creating 3D printed functional bronze scissors using the $1500 Mini Metal Maker

Mar.27, 2015 - While 3D printing metal trinkets and static objects is one thing, the ability to 3D print functional metal objects that are generally made through more traditional manufacturing methods such as die casting is pretty impressive... More

Korean plastics manufacturer BnK unveils new anti-microbial PLA filament 'Purement'

Mar.26, 2015 - For plastics manufacturer BnK (Books and Kimchi) have just announced a new line of PLA filament that has anti-microbial properties. They believe this filament, called Purement, is the first of its kind and is perfect for use in homes... More

New Balance uses 3D printing to make custom spiked running shoes

Mar.26, 2015 - Specializing in athletic shoes, New Balance has developed 3D printed components for shoes that actually make athletes faster during races. What specifically makes or breaks an athlete on the track is the traction provided... More

Over 70 makers collaborate to create the 3D printed Maker Chair

Mar.26, 2015 - To help celebrate their first anniversary, France's Makershop - a sort of all-in-one stop for everything 3D scanning and 3D printing - organized over 70 makers to contribute towards making a single chair... More

ELF releases tips for 3D Printing open source drones

Mar.26, 2015 - In one of many efforts to make their platform easier to use for existing ELF drone owners, the ELF team has just released a list of 3D printing tips that are aimed at those who want to further modify their drones... More

Italian student 3D prints Quasi: a heart in a jar that can get seriously angry with you

Mar.26, 2015 - But Italian student and designer Enrica Becalli, who currently studies design at Parsons in New York, has made something truly remarkable: a 3D printed heart in a jar that can get seriously angry with you. More

Maker creates SLA 3D printer using an old projector and $10 in parts

Mar.26, 2015 - For one motivated 3D printing enthusiast, he took matters into his own hands and crafted his own SLA 3D printer using little more than some borrowed parts, an Arduino Uno and less than $10 in supplies. More

Vormvrij announces new lineup of clay-based LUTUM 3D printers

Mar.26, 2015 - Dutch company VormVrij is focused on the intersection of clay and additive manufacturing. Today, VormVrij has announced that they have just released their new line of dual claystruder LUTUM 3D printers which start at €4655. More

Ingenious 3D printed drill can drill holes in wood and metal

Mar.26, 2015 - Performance 3-d LLC has designed a plastic 3D printed drill that is a perfect addition to your toolkit. If anything, it shows us just what you can accomplish with a bit of innovative design ideas. More

VFX artist uses Luxology MODO and a Form 1+ to create amazing 3D printed zoetropes

Mar.25, 2015 - Having run the successful VFX company EyelandArts, visual effects (VFX) artist Alexandrovich Friderici has expanded his skill set and is currently bringing the creative freedom given to him while working on films... More

Chinese scientists successfully tested biodegradable 3D printed artificial bone on rabbits

Mar.25, 2015 - But now the Xi'an Particle Cloud Advanced Materials Technology company from China has successfully combined 3D bioprinting with implant applications. In collaboration with doctors from the military Xijing hospital in Xi'an... More

Stepcraft 2, a universal desktop CNC/3D printer launches on Kickstarter

Mar.25, 2015 - For a very interesting multi-purpose machine has just launched on Kickstarter that not only functions as a perfectly decent FDM desktop 3D printer, but can easily be transformed into a CNC mill or an all-purpose cutter and engraver. More

New Gizmo 3D's super-fast DLP 3D printer creates objects in 6 minutes

Mar.25, 2015 - The Gizmo 3D printer, which is currently being developed by Australian resin manufacturers Gizmo 3D, has hit the web with full force through a video illustrating its 'Continuous 3D Printing' technique. More

Qingdao Unique to 3D print skin and corneas within one year

Mar.25, 2015 - But now Wang Hong, Qingdao Unique's chairman, has explained that their research has been progressing with such speed that it could take just one year before the first animal test take place. More

First Chinese 3D printed car hits the road in Sanya, Hainan

Mar.25, 2015 - While almost countless applications can be named for FDM 3D printing technology, cars usually don't top the list. But that is exactly what Chinese manufacturers from the Sanya SiHai 3D Technology company have made. More

TwinPilots creates custom scale pilots for model airplanes using 3D printing

Mar.25, 2015 - Thanks to various digital fabrication tools, Paehl has expanded his RC model airplane building skill set and among other parts that he has began creating using the tools are custom RC model airplane pilots... More

New startup Trove offers in-browser customized jewelry design for 3D printing

Mar.24, 2015 - A new company based out of New York City has recognized this and wants to make creating 3D content as easy as possible for a wide audience, and they're starting with a custom jewelry design platform that they're calling Trove. More

Researchers embed sensors into 3D printed casts to measure the efficacy of the treatment

Mar.24, 2015 - While designing and fabricating low-cost and custom medical devices is one thing, a group of researchers are now using 3D printing to create 'smart' devices that can be embedded within existing rehabilitation equipment. More

Michael Weinberg's 3 Steps for Licensing Your 3D Printed Stuff

Mar.24, 2015 - Michael Weinberg from over at Public Knowledge has just released an excellent whitepaper that will help you come to grips with the complex crossroads of copyright and 3D printed objects. More

Dutch hobbyist 3D prints a slide scanner to digitize dozens of old family photos

Mar.24, 2015 - Dutch 3D printing hobbyist Luc Volders recently completed a very remarkable project to salvage family history for another generation: a 3D printed slide scanner that links up to your smartphone. More

Manulith launches MakerOS: a free operating system for maker business management

Mar.24, 2015 - Mike Moceri of Detroit-based 3D printing provider Manulith has just released an operating system that could make your start-up life a bit easier. It's called MakerOS, and its sole intention is to take a lot of work out of your hands... More

Additively launches the Additively Application to connect with hundreds of 3D printing suppliers

Mar.24, 2015 - In order to help make this process easier, Zurich-based Additively has just launched the Additively Application, which gives companies a single point of access to hundreds of 3D printing suppliers with a wide range of capabilities. More

Adafruit 3D prints trophy for upcoming Dronie Awards using BronzeFill filament

Mar.24, 2015 - But to take things a step further into that aforementioned "future", the Adafruit team - particularly Adafruit designer Neo Ruiz - have taken the concept of a physical award a step further by offering a 3D printed Drone award.. More

3D printing makes a splash at the 2015 White House Science Fair

Mar.23, 2015 - Today, President Obama is hosting his 5th annual White House Science Fair and along with seeing first-hand some of the best projects over the past year, will also be announcing that over $240 million in new private sector funding... More

3D printing helps to accelerate construction of Gaudi's Segrada Familia

Mar.23, 2015 - Unfortunately, the Segrada Familia is also known for being one of the longest active construction projects in the world—in the 133 years since building began, the Catalan community has yet to see it completed. More

Solidscape announces winners of 2015 Baselworld 3D printed jewellery design competition

Mar.23, 2015 - Solidscape, leading manufacturer of high precision 3D wax printers for the jewellery industry has just announced the winners of the fourth annual Baselworld Design Competition. More

BetaBox: a mobile rapid prototyping lab in a shipping container

Mar.23, 2015 - One group of young ambitious entrepreneurs, who have banded together to found Betaversity, have come up with a temporary solution: the BetaBox, an on-demand mobile prototyping lab that is ingeniously housed... More

Genesis Duo, new $349 dual extruder 3D printer to launch on Kickstarter next week

Mar.23, 2015 - But X3D Machines is about to launch a new machine that brings some more options to the table: the Genesis Duo, a dual-extrusion, self-calibration and wireless 3D printer. More

taulman3D unveils new 3D printing filament Alloy 910 with 8,100 PSI Tensile Strength

Mar.23, 2015 - taulman3D, developer of desktop 3D printing materials, has unveiled today a new material called Alloy 910. Alloy 910 has a combined tensile strength higher than the strongest co-polyesters, the durability of Nylons... More

Jasper Menger unveils his Robot-Arm 3D Printer with an eight meter reach

Mar.23, 2015 - The 28-year-old entrepreneur Jasper Menger is the mastermind behind this interesting 3D printing setup and has recently founded new 3D printing startup 3D Robot Printing to further explore his robot's potential. More

INDMATEC's revolutionary PEEK filament now compatible with FDM 3D printers

Mar.22, 2015 - German company INDMATEC GmbH has developed a unique way to extrude raw PEEK into a quality filament form, which is compatible with FDM 3D printing technology. More

Australian students 3D print a gigantic working crane that can lift up to five kilos

Mar.22, 2015 - Well this crane, that has been built by Australian engineering student Samuel Ashfort and his fellow students Karl, Charlie, Amanda and Rob, falls in a similar category. More

Japanese start-up Exii unveils latest Handiii: a myoelectric 3D printed prosthetic hand

Mar.22, 2015 - Dedicated readers might remember the Handiii (previously known as Handie), as Exii has been working it on since 2013. This team of graduates from Sony's manufacturing industry... More

Help a young dog with no legs walk for the first time with 3D printed prosthetics

Mar.21, 2015 - Thanks to her caring owner, Nimble - a chihuahua Pom mix who was brought into the world with a rough start - may soon be able to walk again thanks to 3D printing. More

3D printed RC boats become a hit in Japan

Mar.21, 2015 - Recently, the trend of creating 3D printed remote controlled boats and boat accessories has been taking off in Japan and although many boats come in kits, many enthusiasts have turned to creating their own boat designs.,, More

Next Eurostar E3000 satellite to feature Airbus 3D printed aluminum parts

Mar.21, 2015 - Airbus Defence and Space has announced that a new generation of telecommunications satellites they are producing for Eurostar are to feature several space qualified aluminum components that have been made... More

South African 3D printer maker unveils new supersized Mega Morgan 3D printer

Mar.20, 2015 - Last time we heard from South Africa's Quinton Harley, he was busy finalizing the details on his RepRap Morgan 3D printer and also celebrating the win of the Gada Prize for Innovation. More

MHOX expects 3D printed and enhanced human eyes with WiFi connection to be available by 2027

Mar.20, 2015 - The vision that MHOX sees involves their synthetic printed eyeballs that they are simply calling EYE (Enhance Your Eye). If the they're able to overcome technological hurdles between now and their expected product launch in 2027.. More

3D printed Twitter Mood Lamp changes colors to match the mood of the city of Denver

Mar.20, 2015 - While these are mostly used to program LED strips or add some basic functions to your gripping robot, Denver student Chadwick Friedman has used it for a more complicated construction: a 3D printed mood lamp that changes it colors... More

5 dakika designs functional model 3D printed dairy truck that stores and distributes milk

Mar.20, 2015 - In Istanbul, Turkey, design team 5 dakika collaborated with Studioflow to work on a unique 3D printing project, which was coordinated by Serdar Okumus and Kagan Hanoglu. More

Create an autonomous and voice-controlled 3d scanning rig for 3D printing

Mar.20, 2015 - For Instructables user Aldric Negrier, this came in the form of a voice-controlled/autonomous 3D scanning rig that allows for a 3D scan capture to work as smooth as possible with the minimum amount of effort needed. More

Help send this 3D printed satellite to the moon

Mar.20, 2015 - The NASA Cube Quest competition - which is sponsored by NASA's Space Technology Mission Directorate Centennial Challenge Program - is currently offering a total of $5 million to teams that meet the challenge objectives of designing, building and delivering flight-qualified, small satellites capable of advanced operations near and beyond the moon. More

WASP inches closer towards 3D printing house, plans to mix clay with seeds to grow roots inside for support

Mar.19, 2015 - Although we've been seeing quite a few concepts for housing designs that rely completely on additive manufacturing technologies for their structure, few of these companies or designers have actually come out of the woodwork... More

Grow a custom palm tree with your 3D printer to hold your fruit

Mar.19, 2015 - This week, Hagemann released his latest toy design concept that - similar to the Linklings - is also modular and can be customized in a number of different ways by the user. More

Singapore student builds a 3D food printer that prints cookies, mashed potato & chocolate

Mar.19, 2015 - Student Daniel Peng Zhuo shows us that this technology is at least definitely not an impossibility, as he has just built a prototype food printer of his own as part of a course at the National University of Singapore (NUS). More

This fruit and vegetable cutter is entirely 3D printed

Mar.19, 2015 - Jerry's 3D printed Fruit and Vegetable Slicer has several advantages: you can make it at home, adjust it to your own preferences (and fruits) and it features various different splitters for optimal slicing potential. More

Synthesis Design & Stratasys create multi-material and multi-color 3D printed rocking chair

Mar.19, 2015 - Although there have been a wide variety of conceptual products that use 3D printing as a final method of manufacturing, the stakes have been pushed higher over the last couple of years to really push rapid prototyping... More

Create a 3D printed instrument using an old espresso portafilter

Mar.19, 2015 - Currently available on Instructables for anybody who wants to build their own, John Granzow's Javalele project uses 3D printing to create an electroacoustic mini-instrument that can be plugged into an amplifier for control... More

Xrobots releases CAD files for impressive 3D printed R2D2 robot from Star Wars

Mar.19, 2015 - British James Bruton recently made the CAD files for his huge and highly detailed R2-D2 robot for free – the ultimate 3D printed tribute to the Star Wars universe. More

New Zealand engineer Lance Abernethy 3D prints the world's tiniest working cordless drill

Mar.19, 2015 - But as small or as big as you want really means that, and maintenance engineer Lance Abernethy from Auckland, New Zealand proves it. He has recently 3D printed what is probably the smallest working drill in the world. More

Dutch 3D printing market worth €45M already, still has plenty of room for improvement

Mar.19, 2015 - As Sector Banker David Kemp from Dutch bank ABN AMBRO revealed, the Dutch 3D printing market is still in its infancy, though is already worth 45 million euros over 2015 while there are plenty of growth opportunities on the horizon. More

Now you can 3D print your very own Paul McCartney

Mar.18, 2015 - Ever fancied having your own Paul McCartney to display on your desk? Well, good news is, if you've got a 3D printer you can now 3D print your own little, plastic Paul. More

Historical artifacts destroyed in Iraq by ISIS to be restored using 3D modeling and printing

Mar.18, 2015 - Now, a group of digital preservationists under the name Project Mosul is aiming to restore the damaged objects by reconstructing them using old photographs and 3D modeling. More

New delta-style TIKO desktop 3d printer revealed at SXSW for just $179

Mar.18, 2015 - The TIKO, which will be launching on Kickstarter in the coming weeks, is a $179 3D printer that is capable of producing printed objects that are similar in quality to other existing Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM) 3D printers... More

Virtual Foundry reveals that their 3D printer metal filament can now contain up to 99.9% metal

Mar.18, 2015 - Remember the promising Filamet metal filament by The Virtual Foundry? Founder Bradley Wood has just revealed a whole new interesting technique that could turn Filamet objects into 99.9% metal structures. More

Polish author Jacek Dukaj releases sci-fi eBook complete with 3D printable stl files

Mar.18, 2015 - Author Jacek Dukaj is already taking things to a new level. His new book The Old Axolotl (to be released on the 24th of March) aims to give his audience a whole new reading experience by including various interactive elements... More

XYZprinting releases new da Vinci 1.1 Plus 3D printer with W-Fi, free mobile app upgrade

Mar.18, 2015 - XYZprinting, Taiwan based manufacturer of affordable consumer-grade 3D printers, announced the release of the da Vinci 1.1 Plus, an enhanced version of its da Vinci 1.0 3D printer. More

Greek OpenBionics unveils affordable, light-weight 3D printed bionic hands with 144 grasp movements

Mar.18, 2015 - Greek OpenBionics' new designs can be made for less than $200 each, made from 3D printed components and off-the-shelf materials that won't weigh more than 300 grams – less than an actual hand would. More

Open Board Game is an open framework for creating 3D printable board games

Mar.17, 2015 - Open Board Game seeks to become a platform/community for designing and constructing original 3D printed board games. At its core is a multifunctional hexagonal pattern, but the rest is left to your own imagination. More

Polish company unveils Gaja 3D printer version 2: Gaja Multitool with interchangeable heads

Mar.17, 2015 - Polish company TYTAN 3D, run by Pawel Rokita and Janusz Wojcik, announces completely new look for their Gaja 3D printer – Gaja Multitool. The company released two new devices a year ago. More

Autodesk's free Tinkerplay app lets you design, customize & 3D print your own characters

Mar.17, 2015 - Autodesk announced today the launch of Tinkerplay, a free app designed for kids of all ages that introduces creative play through 3D design and 3D printing. More

The Love Project gives 3D printed shape to the love stories of 53 people

Mar.17, 2015 - But can you call those objects the embodiments of those emotions? Brazilian designer and architect Guto Requena has tried to answer that question through 3D printing in the Love Project, which he has been working on since August 2014. More

Michigan researchers call for a change in recycling codes to benefit 3D printing

Mar.17, 2015 - Why shouldn't we be able to recycle our own trash for 3D printing purposes? That is exactly what a research team from Michigan Technological University, led by Joshua Pearce, is calling for in a new article that has recently... More

French students develop Hikari no Sumi: a 3D printed mix of a video game and a board game

Mar.17, 2015 - Hikari no Sumi was developed by three French multimedia engineering students – Nicolas Bertrand, Gaétan Guerrero and Matthieu Lefebvre – during a student exchange program in Japan. More

3D printed, open-source humanoid robot PLEN2 launches on Kickstarter

Mar.17, 2015 - Yet one Japanese company wants to re-imagine and re-humanize robotic technology by introducing the irresistibly cute (and surprisingly functional) PLEN2, a customizable 3D printed humanoid robot. More

Graphene 3D Lab announces commercial sale of conductive graphene filaments for 3D printing

Mar.17, 2015 - Calverton, New York-based Graphene 3D Lab has officially announced the commercial availability of its Conductive Graphene Filament for 3D printing. More

Carbon3D Introduces breakthrough CLIP technology for layerless 3D printing, 25-100x faster

Mar.17, 2015 - Carbon3D today emerged from stealth on the main stage of the TED conference with an entirely new breakthrough 3D printing process, which is, according to the company, 25-100 times faster than than other 3D printing processes. More

Swiss scientists to test 3D printed nose implants on sheep

Mar.16, 2015 - Researchers from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, which is based in Zurich, has just announced that their 3D printed nose implant technology is already ready for testing. More

BioSpawn makes 3D printed fishing lures that fool fish into biting

Mar.16, 2015 - That's exactly what BioSpawn seeks to do. Using 3D printing technology, they produce soft lures that resemble life forms and stimulate predators to strike. More

Aerojet Rocketdyne successfully tests 3D printed components for AR1 Engine to maintain 2019 delivery

Mar.16, 2015 - Aerojet Rocketdyne, a GenCorp company, has recently completed a successful series of hot-fire tests of key components for its AR1 booster engine at its Sacramento test facility. More

Argos launches a new site for 3D printed customisable jewellery

Mar.16, 2015 - Argos has just launched a dedicated site for 3D printed jewellery, which includes rings, bracelets, pendants, cufflinks and earrings made either of silver or gold plated metal. More

Fan 3D prints an amazing wireless Tesla desk lamp as a tribute to inventor Nikola Tesla

Mar.16, 2015 - As a tribute to his hero, David has developed a 3D printed lamp that functions on one of the core principles of Tesla's inventions: wireless transmission of electricity. More

Formlabs opens office in Berlin, partners with iGo3D

Mar.16, 2015 - In response to growing demand in the EU market, Formlabs has opened its first office outside the United States in the heart of Berlin. and will offer greater service and support to Formlabs community in the EU. More

Create a 3D printed 18" tall Titanfall Atlas Mech action figure

Mar.16, 2015 - Among them, mechanical design engineer Daniel Lilygreen from Wales - a SolidWorks user who works in the steel industry - likes to combine his love for gaming with his 3D modeling skills to create some unbelievably... More

Flexible modular 3D prints bend and stretch without losing their shape

Mar.16, 2015 - Filiprimante3D, the largest French webstore dedicated to consumables for 3D printers, took note of the 'small revolution' made possible by flexible filaments, which so far have primarily been applied to create... More

Dutch TNO's 'racetrack' 3D printing factory line can build hundreds of products within minutes

Mar.15, 2015 - Dutch company TNO has revealed their own flexible production platform for additive manufacturing technologies that can produce complex products, each customized in some way. More

Wakati One: 3D printed solution to keep fruit and veg fresh for longer in developing countries

Mar.15, 2015 - WakatiOne is essentially a tent that –through a few 3D printed parts and a solar panel – can keep food fresh for a long time. If efficiently used, up to 200 kg of produce can be stored in it. More

3D printed ELF hexacopter drone with virtual reality options launches on Indiegogo

Mar.14, 2015 - ElecFreaks launched a crowdfunding campaign for their follow up model: the 3D printed ELF hexacopter drone, and it looks like its flying towards success at an alarming speed. More

Create aged metal objects by cold casting your 3D prints

Mar.14, 2015 - For those who are interested in creating their own toys using 3D printing but want to explore creating designs in materials other than the typical plastic, designer Paul Braddock has recently released a video tutorial... More

Inspiring 3D printed dolls of The Beatles to commemorate the famous Abbey Road 'procession'

Mar.14, 2015 - Taipei-based design studio Bito has released an inspiring and retro set of 3D printed toy figurines based on The Beatles, called Bitoy (as a combination of the studio's name and the word 'toy'). More

Actress Grace Mandeville dons 3D printed Swarovski-studded prosthetic arm

Mar.13, 2015 - Open Bionics, a Bristol, UK-based startup that focuses on designing and developing low-cost 3D printed bionic hands has unveiled today a Swarovski-studded hand, their latest 3Dprinted prosthetic... More

Xuberance unveils two stunning 3D printed wedding dresses at TCT Shanghai

Mar.13, 2015 - Xuberance, a design studio based in Shanghai, has presented two 3D pritned wedding dresses at TCT Asia, held during March 12-14, at the Shanghai Convention & Exhibition Center of International Sourcing in China. More

'Digital Cobbler' FeetZ raises $1.25M seed funding for customizable 3D printed shoes

Mar.13, 2015 - San Diego based startup FeetZ, the digital cobbler making customizable footwear using 3D printing, announced today the closing of a $1.25M seed round. Silicon Valley (Menlo Park) based Khosla Ventures led the investment. More

Project Ryptide drone flies life-rings to save the lives of swimmers

Mar.13, 2015 - And now a brand-new 3D printing project is called Project Ryptide is seeking to combine 3D printing technology and drones to tackle a very dangerous problem: saving drowning people from heavy currents and riptides. More

Engineer builds 3D printed working 5 speed transmission for Toyota 22RE engine

Mar.13, 2015 - Going for a larger and more complex model, Eric Harrell has now 3D printed the four-wheel-drive gear box for his previous model: the 5 speed transmission Toyota 22RE. More

Watch Tony Stark delivers real 3D printed 'Iron Man' prosthetic arm to seven-year-old fan

Mar.13, 2015 - Yesterday in Atlanta, Robert Downey Jr—a.k.a, the world famous actor who just happens to play bionic engineer and all-around superhero Iron Man—posted a video to his Facebook page which shows... More

Haier unveils world's first 3D printed air conditioner, sold immediately on-site for $6400

Mar.13, 2015 - The Haier Group unveiled their latest product: a fully functional air conditioner that has been created with 3D printing technology. It's the world's first 3D printed air conditioner, and as you can see, it also looks great. More

Ground-breaking 3D printer for small molecules could speed up custom drug development

Mar.13, 2015 - American scientists have announced the creation of a molecule-making machine, a 3D printer that can work at the molecular level to assemble complex small molecules on demand 'at the click of a mouse'. More

Artficial launches Art DNA online platform for streaming 3D printed artwork

Mar.12, 2015 - Through a series of collaborations with museums, art collectors and philanthropists, a team of 3D printing experts has established a database of 3D scan data - or "Art DNA" - that they hope will help open the door... More

Artist 3D prints cosplay suit of Gabriel from the Last Man Standing graphic novel series

Mar.12, 2015 - While Iron Man seems to be the go-to cosplay suit for male 3D printing enthusiasts, Hugh has thus gone for a more obscure character: a genetically-modified super soldier from an apocalyptic future. More

Ventriloquist Jeff Dunham uses 3D scanning and printing to create custom "talking" hot rod

Mar.12, 2015 - Among those who have used 3D scanning and 3D printing technologies to create one-of-a-kind features for their hot rod is the talented entertainer Jeff Dunham. More

New Zealand-based Printable Scenery 3D prints gorgeous Maori Pa wargaming scenery

Mar.12, 2015 - What Printable Scenery produced for Roly Hermans was a 3D printed Maori fortified settlement, complete with palisades and defensive terraces. More

Dim3printing's 3DFormer 3D printing pen is coming to Kickstarter, starting at only $40

Mar.12, 2015 - Today Dim3printing informs us its 3D printing pen, now called 3DFormer, is coming to Kickstarter. The main features of the 3DFormer are the ergonomic design for easy gripping and advanced cooling technologies to prevent clogging. More

Artist & Composer Daren Banarsë creates a 3D printed melodica that sounds perfect

Mar.12, 2015 - In recent months we've seen a number of interesting 3D printed musical applications, but falling in the category of serious, beautiful instruments producing enchanting tunes is Daren Banarsë´s 3D printed melodica. More

Unique 3D printing tech allows visually impaired to 'see' priceless paintings

Mar.11, 2015 - By using 3D printing technology, these paintings have been covered with relief shapes that allow even the blind to experience the brush strokes and composition of Correggio and others, and 'see' the paintings in their own way. More

Autodesk open sources Ember 3D Printer's Standard Clear resin

Mar.11, 2015 - Today, Autodesk shared the formulation of the PR48 under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike license, the same license Arduino uses to share their design files, and encourage makers to remix and remake their own resin at home. More

Hovership releases MHQ2, updated design for 3D printable quadcopter frame

Mar.11, 2015 - But of all the designs we've seen in recent months, the 3D printable MHQ Quadcopter is still one of ones that sticks out most thanks to its no-nonsense design and modular potential. More

Rhode Island artist recreates the classic zoetrope animation device with his 3D printer

Mar.11, 2015 - That's why its great to see that Providence, RI-based artist Kelly Egan has gone all the way back to the nineteenth century with his latest project: the Ponytrope, a 3D printed version of the classic zoetrope. More

Optimize the quality of your 3D prints through 3D Matter's study on the influence of infill %, layer height & infill pattern

Mar.11, 2015 - Fortunately, thanks to a study done by 3D printing start-up 3D Matter, you won't have to go through a whole trial-and-error process anymore. Save yourself time, money and frustration and find out what printing parameters are right.. More

Lumi Industries releases free 'Text to 3D Braille Converter' to support communication with blind

Mar.11, 2015 - Italian 3D printer manufacturer Lumi Industries has just launched a new free and useful tool to support communication with blind people and their interaction with the world around them: a text to braille converter. More

Airwolf 3D unveils Wolfbite Nano adhesive solution for optimal PLA 3D printing

Mar.11, 2015 - Costa Mesa, Calif. based 3D printer manufacturer Airwolf 3D today announced Wolfbite Nano, a new solution specifically engineered to bond polylactic acid (PLA) plastic parts to a glass 3D printer build plate... More

Scandy lets you to create, share, and print 3D scans for $20

Mar.11, 2015 - New Orleans-based Scandy has just launched a personalized scan-to-print service, aiming to make 3D scanning and printing readily available to the general public. More

Canadian engineer hacks his 3D printer to work with a NES remote

Mar.10, 2015 - However, avid Pronterface-user Canadian engineer Jeff Payeur has developed an interesting hack that makes Pronterface more intuitive to control and definitely a lot more fun to use: he has hacked his setup to be controlled... More

3D printing used to help those in need of low-cost prosthetics in Syria conflict

Mar.10, 2015 - With a mission centered around "employing disruptive technology to improve human rights fulfillment for both refugees and host communities in conflict zones," Refugee Open Ware - or ROW - essentially establishes and operates... More

Supercharge your 3D printer with the Fastbot BBP controller board

Mar.10, 2015 - Aiming to speed up the 3D printing process, a group of young (but experienced!) tech-savvy 3D printing enthusiasts who make up the Fastbot team have been busy creating a 3D printer controller board that they have recently launched... More

These ultra-realistic teeth were made by new triple-jetting Stratasys dental 3D printer

Mar.10, 2015 - Scheduled to be unveiled on Wednesday, March 11th at the International Dental Show in Cologne, Germany, the Objet260 Dental Selection 3D Printer was designed to take digital dentistry realism and precision to the next level... More

Formula One pit crews now using custom-made 3D printed noise Reducing earplugs

Mar.10, 2015 - The Cardiff-based company Minerva Hearing revealed today that they are using 3D printing to produce customized earplugs for a number of Formula One pit crews and engineers. More

Onshape raises $65 million for CAD software, public beta goes live

Mar.10, 2015 - A very exciting and promising new program has just launched: Onshape. Designed by the main team behind SolidWorks, it is shaping up to every bit as functional as that ever-popular piece of software. More

Robosavvy debuts 3D printed Segway-riding robot in Barcelona

Mar.10, 2015 - But perhaps one of the biggest hits was the 3D printed Humanoid Robot developed by Robosavvy. Not only can this cool robot drive a Segway, it can even be operated through Oculus Rift to make it a perfect telepresence robot. More

Ultra-realistic 3D printed organs let Japanese doctors practice real surgery now

Mar.10, 2015 - The 3D printed ultra-realistic lung -- wet, soft, and complete with tumours and blood vessels, will allow surgeons to hone their skills without hurting anyone. More

3D printed mouthpiece Hydra-Guard helps athletes stay hydrated during games

Mar.9, 2015 - The Hydra-Guard has been developed by Louisiana-based inventor Joseph Tucker, and it is reportedly the world's first refillable and hydrating mouth guard. More

CeramicSpeed debuts $1000 3D printed hollow titanium pulley wheels for high quality cycling

Mar.9, 2015 - CeramicSpeed's 3D printed titanium derailleur pulleys have been specifically designed to meet the most extreme applications in professional cycling. More

BoXZY, an all-in-one 3D printer, CNC mill and laser engraver launches on Kickstarter

Mar.9, 2015 - BoXZY's basic setup is a dual extruder FDM 3D printer (with a precision of four microns!) that can be quickly interchanged with a solid 1 ¼ horsepower Makita router, turning the machine into a powerful CNC mill or a laser engraver. More

Sardauscan is a DIY 3D scanner that you can 3D print and build for under $30

Mar.9, 2015 - Sardauscan, developed by Belgium designer Fabio Ferretti, is probably the cheapest 3d scanner you can find online. Ferretti has recently uploaded the schematics for this open source 3D scanner. More

Pirx 3D releases design files for PIRX 3D printer, enables you to build your own for free

Mar.9, 2015 - Pirx 3D, Poland-based 3D printer manufacturer, has announced this week that they are releasing all the design files for their first, wooden-framed model called PIRX. More

Boeing files patent for 3D printing of aircraft parts, printed 20,000 parts for its planes

Mar.9, 2015 - Aircraft manufacturers Boeing are the next in line to file a patent concerning 3D printing, but they are at least taking a different route. In a patent application published this week by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), More

Student creates handheld 3D printer using LEGO bricks and a hot glue gun

Mar.9, 2015 - For a recent university project, New Zealand-born industrial design student Vimal Patel was provided with a small spool of biodegradable 3D printing filament and then tasked "to make something with it". More

Test your 3D printer's limits with this hard-to-print test object

Mar.8, 2015 - While we really should tackle a complex and educational project every now and then, there's an easier option: a hard-to-print test file. While a few can be found on the web, this one by Thingiverse user ctrlV is quite good. More

Desktop 3D 'BioBot' printer builds functional human tissue

Mar.8, 2015 - The young University of Pennsylvania graduates have developed a desktop 3D bioprinter that fabricates the 3D structure of human tissue and could eventually be used to 3D print functional human organs... More

Create a 3D printed robot that dances like Michael Jackson with new robot kit

Mar.8, 2015 - Thanks to 3D printing, you are now about to watch a robot dance like the Thriller himself: Michael Jackson. How is that for getting your weekend started on the right foot? More

Create your own 3D printed icicle projects using the Icicle Atlas

Mar.8, 2015 - The Icicle Atlas is a collection of images, time-lapse movies and time-series data on 237 distinct laboratory-grown icicles made at the University of Toronto's Department of Physics over a four-year period between 2008 and 2012. More

WASP unveils new 3D printer extruder with a rotating nozzle, one step closer to 3D printing houses

Mar.7, 2015 - Yesterday WASP has informed us that they are unveiling a new 3D printer extruder at 3D Print Hub Milan, taking place during March 5-7 in Italy. More

Create your own 3D printed robot with the Pi Tank Open Source Robot

Mar.7, 2015 - Among other open source robot designers is Madis Kaasik, who, along with his development team, developed the Pi Tank open source robot using a Raspberry Pi and 3D printing. More

3D printing meets American football with the VS:0.02 [gridiron]

Mar.6, 2015 - For their most recent project, the artistic duo //benitez_vogl team decided to focus on interpreting game data of an American football game and visually telling a story using a sculptural form. More

NUVU students use Rhino and 3D printing to create exoskeleton cycling shoe for Triathlons

Mar.6, 2015 - Along with a group of classmates at the NUVU school in Cambridge, Massachusetts, Connelly developed an exoskeleton cycling shoe that was created specifically for beginner triathletes... More

LUXeXceL compares its transparent 3D printing to SLA, MJM and Polyjet technology

Mar.6, 2015 - But as labels about 'the best' and so on can only truly be based on comparative studies, LUXeXceL recently performed a series of tests to truly capture differences between technologies. More

Intricate, multi-color & multi-material Italian fashion pieces created with 3D printer in hours

Mar.6, 2015 - That is exactly what Gruppo Meccaniche Luciani set out to do when they created a six-piece fashion collection that could only have been built with Stratasys' triple-jetting Object500 Connex3 Color Multi-material 3D production system. More

German company TETRA to release world record nano 3D printer later this year

Mar.6, 2015 - TETRA, a Germany-based company recently announced that their TETRA GmbH nano 3D printer - which features Two-Photon-Polymerization - has earned the title as a world record holder for the smallest nano printing technology. More

Stacker 3D now offers highly efficient HYBRID hot end for 3D printers

Mar.6, 2015 - Stacker 3D and ColorFabb are working to shift focus to other options and expansions to get the most out of their product. Their new HYBRID hot end is as easy and quick to use for composite filaments as it is for regular ABS. More

3D Systems brings EKOCYCLE Cube 3D printer to Harrods

Mar.6, 2015 - 3D Systems announced today its EKOCYCLE branded Cube 3D printer is now available at an exclusive EKOCYCLE Shop in Shop at Harrods. More

Rotor DR1: a web series/film about a post-apocalyptic future filled with 3D printed drones

Mar.6, 2015 - Not only is Rotor DR1 one of the first series ever to rely on 3D printing technology, it's also the developed through a unique production process known as 'community collaborated entertainment'. More

Stratasys aids in developing FAA-approved 3d printed aerospace air duct

Mar.6, 2015 - A great and recent example of how additive manufacturing has aided in the airplane design and fabrication process is in the development of a custom airplane that was designed to be a "flying hospital". More

Emerging Objects to unveil 9-foot-tall, the largest 3D printed cement pavilion

Mar.5, 2015 - Bloom will be 'the first and largest 3D-printed cement structure demonstrating the architectural potential of 3D printing.' A you can see, it's essentially a concrete 3D printed pavilion consisting of beautiful individual blocks. More

3D printing to be used to construct Dubai's Museum of the Future

Mar.5, 2015 - The 'Museum of the Future', which is slated to cost an estimated $500 million is being billed as a tribute to mankind and in addition to housing futuristic inventions and concepts, will be built using 3D printing technology. More

Family creates winter-themed ice bar and ice beverage coasters using 3D printing

Mar.5, 2015 - Aiming to provide a winter distraction in their Minneapolis, Minnesota backyard, Ann Bednarz and her family constructed an ice bar to entertain friends and neighbors who were willing to brave the sub-zero temperatures... More

ExOne announces its largest 3D printing system Exerial for industrial series production

Mar.5, 2015 - Industrial 3D printer manufacturer ExOne today announced the upcoming availability of its largest 3D printing system, the Exerial. The Exerial system allows customers to engage with indirect printing technology... More

In-Q-Tel, CIA's venture-capital arm, invests in 3D electronics printing platform Voxel8

Mar.5, 2015 - Voxel8, creator of the world's first multi-material 3D electronics printer, announced today that it has closed a strategic investment and technology development agreement with In-Q-Tel (IQT). More

3D print an entire PCB test version to ensure it always fits

Mar.5, 2015 - Working with Printed Circuit Boards (or PCBs) and ensuring they always work can be a bit of a challenge. When completely stuffed with components little parts can quickly cause problems when being fitted with an enclosure. More

Voovo launches budget 3D printing service platform where you can auction off print jobs

Mar.5, 2015 - The new online 3D printing platform Voovo is exactly for that market. For the people who would like to 3D print objects and parts every now and then, but are put off by the serious prices involved. More

NanoSteel expands material portfolio for metal 3D printing

Mar.5, 2015 - 3D metal printing uses fine metal powders to produce highly complex metal components. The powder's purities and how well it is ground result in different quality of 3D printed metal objects. More

MIT project introduces modular machines for the rapid prototyping of rapid prototyping machines

Mar.5, 2015 - The Modular Machines that Make project ([m]MTM) has released a low-cost and entirely modular hardware, modular electronic and modular software framework that will make machine prototyping streamlined, cheap, and easy. More

Ford uses 3D printing to help develop revolutionary new smart bikes

Mar.5, 2015 - Among other new ways that we'll soon be able to get from A to B will be on two new smart bicycle concepts that were unveiled by Ford Motor Company at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona on Monday, March 2nd. More

Razer announces OSVR Hacker Dev Kit with 3D printable virtual reality headset

Mar.5, 2015 - Two months ago, gaming brand Razer introduced their OSVR initiative that aimed to put virtual reality technology into the hands of developer and customers through an open source platform. More

GriTT 3D affordable, custom made 3D printed mouthguards launches on Indiegogo

Mar.5, 2015 - And that's where GRiTT 3D comes in: a Montana-based company that produces custom made mouthguards that can be customized to fit your age, your teeth and even the sport you're playing. More

Hobbes the three-legged dog to get 3D printed prosthetic leg from California students

Mar.4, 2015 - And now it looks like Hobbes, a six-year old terrier mix from Sacremento, is about to benefit. While Hobbes only has three legs, he can play around and explore like many other dogs. More

Creators of 3Dponics indoor gardening system to launch Cloud-based 3D modeling app

Mar.4, 2015 - Created by 3Dponics Inc, is a next-generation 3D modeling tool that features a variety of functionalities for users to gain complete control over their digital 3D model files for 3D printing. More

FREEZE! is a CGI adventure film made up of 100 3D printed frames

Mar.4, 2015 - This is a recent film created by Job, Joris, and Marieke of WENT&NAVARRO studio in Utrecht, the Netherlands. "We made this short loop as part of a 3D printed installation." explained the designers. More

Avengers Assemble! Fan 3D prints complete Iron Man suit

Mar.4, 2015 - 20-year-old Ross Wilkes, from Birmingham, England, has 3D printed his very own Iron Man suit. Be prepared, ComicCon. During the day, Ross works in flower wholesaling, but in his free time he has been working on something special. More

Bentley EXP 10 Speed 6 conceptual coupe takes advantage of 3D metal printing

Mar.4, 2015 - Bentley Motors is showing the future direction of luxury and performance with the debut of the EXP 10 Speed 6 at the 2015 Geneva International Motor Show. More

Defense Distributed offers to pay $15K for a Mark One carbon fiber 3D printer

Mar.4, 2015 - In an e-mail sent yesterday, the company's founder Cody Wilson revealed to his supporters that he initially preordered one of these carbon fiber 3D printers, but that MarkForged refuses to do business with him. More

Dacuda and Volumental release 3D printed selfie app for phones and tablets

Mar.4, 2015 - Swiss company Dacuda teamed up with Sweden's Volumental to create a new 3D mobile experience that allows selfies to be converted into a 3D print. More

Design firm opens service for 3D printed chocolate molds and chocolate art

Mar.4, 2015 - Lehrmitt Design Studios' approach (called Surface Skins) can be used to produce absolutely gorgeous pieces of chocolate art and they assure users that they can etch anything into chocolate. More

'Cupcakes and Critters' developers launch design competition for 3D printable cupcake characters

Mar.3, 2015 - Do you think you're a be fun and original 3D designer? Then prove it to everyone by entering the Cuppy 3D design competition, launched by indie game developer Initive Inc and Autodesk. More

YouMagine releases 3DLP open source license for 3D printed objects

Mar.3, 2015 - Today, Joris Peels announced that his work has finally paid off and along with YouMagine, has announced the launch of 3DPL, which is described as "a license for 3D Printed things that has been specially made... More

Body Labs releases BodyKit API for creating around 3D human models

Mar.3, 2015 - Aiming to solve this problem once and for all, Body Labs has announced today that are launching their BodyKit API for hardware and software developers who want to create wearables and other products that utilize data from... More

MONAD Studio mixes 3D printing and sci-fi to create 2-string violin and futuristic sonic experiences

Mar.3, 2015 - Monad Studio's two-string Piezoelectric Violin (one of five instruments designed by the pair along with musician Scott F. Hall) features a musician playing the form like a traditional violin. More

Z-Unlimited add-on enables your Ultimaker to print with an unlimited height

Mar.3, 2015 - If you would like to create truly massive objects with your Ultimaker 3D printer, you might be interested in a new 3D printing project that has been created by Joris van Tubergen called Z-Unlimited. More

Twindom launches Twinstant full-body 3D scanning system for 3D family portrait photography

Mar.3, 2015 - Just a few months ago, the Shapify Booth was launched in the US that offers exactly that, but now the Twinstant has been launched by the California-based Twindom. Not only is it an extremely quick scanner... More

Fun and modular 3D printed toy Spring Things

Mar.3, 2015 - Just check out the modular Spring Things that 3D artist David Hagemann just revealed. As you can see, these are multi-part squid-like figures with many movable and flexible parts. More

Indiegogo campaign launched to bring Mini Metal Maker 3D printer to the public

Mar.3, 2015 - Basically, David Hartkop's machine combines what is known as Precious Metal Clays (or PMC) with FDM 3D printing. His machine extrudes the metal clay just like a ceramic 3D printer extrudes regular clay. More

Japan-based Cyfuse raises $12 million for 3D human tissue printing

Mar.3, 2015 - Most recently, Japan-based Cyfuse Biomedical K.K, has developed a viable 3D printer for accurately producing synthetic 3D printed human tissue and have raised JP¥1.4 billion ($12 million) to further develop the technology. More

Kerbal Space Program now offering gamers 3D printed models of their spacecraft

Mar.2, 2015 - More recently, those who invest their time building spaceships and rockets using NASA-approved real-world physics in the game Kerbal Space Program will be able to 3D print their customized designs using the EUCL3D 3D printing service.. More

Maker creates g-code for playing the Jurassic Park theme song on a 3D printer

Mar.2, 2015 - Andrew Sink, a Maker based out of Richmond, Virginia on the eastern side of the United States, has recently 'hacked' his 3D printer to be able to play the 'Jurassic Park' theme song. More

New Anvil 3D Creation Center combines 3D printing hardware and software into single platform

Mar.2, 2015 - After determining that consumers need both the software and hardware combined into a single platform to make 3D printing as seamless of an experience as possible, the creators of Anvil 3D Content Creation Center have developed... More

Aprecia invests $25M in new production hub for 3D printed dosage manufacturing

Mar.2, 2015 - A Pennsylvania-based pharmaceutical company plans to open a manufacturing facility in Blue Ash, Ohio that will use its powder–liquid 3D printing technology. The new production hub expects to bring 150 new jobs to Blue Ash. More

Go back to the nineties with this cool 3D printable GameBoy

Mar.2, 2015 - Designer and gamer Mike Barretta has come up with the Handheld RaspBMO, an emulator console that runs on a Raspberry Pi Model A+ and a Teensy 2.0 that perfectly fits in a 3D printed case resembling classic brick-like GameBoy. More

South Korean father and son replicate Van Gogh's Bedroom in Arles using 3D printing

Mar.2, 2015 - But a remarkably artistic father and son duo from South Korea are proving to everyone that 3D printed art is by no means restricted to obscure attics and workshops. More

InnoCircle develops 3D printing filament from recycled materials

Mar.2, 2015 - InnoCircle, a joint project between Dutch filament manufacturer Innofil3D and CiorC, is the latest development in the sustainable 3D printing market. The companies have created a line of unique monofilaments made from recycled... More

3D print your own glasses with this handy Blender algorithm

Mar.2, 2015 - This very useful and easy project will enable you to 3D print a new frame in which you simply have to insert a pair of prescription lenses. As a pair of designer glasses can quickly cost hundreds of dollars, it's a fun... More

Threeding teams with Sculpteo to produce physical models from its 3D printing marketplace

Mar.2, 2015 - 3D printing marketplace and file-sharing website Threeding and Sculpteo, a 3D printing service company, announced their partnership for production of physical models from Threeding's online catalogue. More

Chinese government unveils 'National Plan' for development of 3D printing industry

Mar.2, 2015 - But now the Chinese government is taking things to an entirely different level. For the Chinese Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT), has just unveiled their 'National Plan' for 3D printing. More

JIMMY CHOO Award winner pushes the limits of shoemaking with 3D printing

Mar.2, 2015 - Traditional footwear manufacturing is a centuries-old practice that has relied on the same tried-and-true techniques for decades, however, fashion graduate and shoe designer Zoe Jia-Yu Dai is determined to shake things up... More

Engineer creates a 3D metal printer prototype for $2 using electroplating technology

Mar.1, 2015 - Metal 3D printing is highly coveted by designers and makers in many industries, from aerospace engineering to medical instrument manufacturing, however the incredibly high price of these machines... More

Nanoscribe brings maximum precision to 3D printing of microfabrication

Mar.1, 2015 - With a new extension set for its 3D printer, German company Nanoscribe GmbH is the first manufacturer to provide a complete solution for microfabrication. More

3D printing a blue Star Trek table lamp

Mar.1, 2015 - So when Michael Bowers was watching Star Trek: The Next Generation he came up with an idea: creating a table lamp and bringing the blue light of the Enterprise D into his living room. More

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