Raytheon to use 3D printing to scale up weapon systems and realize hypersonic missiles

Apr.1, 2016 - US defense contractor Raytheon has revealed that they have adopted a large scale metal 3D printer that will be used to scale up weapon systems production and even realize hypersonic missiles, that travel at five times the speed of sound. More

Growth of 3D printing industry opens doors for superior material development, says Frost & Sullivan

Mar.31, 2016 - Consulting company Frost & Sullivan has found that material suppliers must move from a product-based approach to an end-industry based approach. In other words, rather than adopt a 'one-material-fits all' strategy, 3D printing material suppliers should focus on developing application-based products. More

Injection molding meets 3D printing in this 300 piece 3D printed injection molding machine

Mar.31, 2016 - Symbolically combining two of the biggest manufacturing technologies today, 3D designer Luca Toson has created a 3D printed injection molding machine, consisting of 300 individual 3D printed parts. More

Dremel unveils 2nd generation Idea Builder 3D40 3D printer to boost STEM education

Mar.31, 2016 - Dremel has today unveiled the second generation of its Idea Builder 3D40 plug-and-play 3D printer. Designed specifically for use in the classroom, the Dremel Idea Builder 3D40 includes several key upgrades to help expand STEM and 3D printing education. More

WinSun 3D prints two gorgeous concrete Chinese courtyards inspired by the ancient Suzhou gardens

Mar.31, 2016 - Chinese construction 3D printing pioneers WinSun have just unveiled two gorgeous 3D printed Chinese courtyards, made from concrete and inspired by the renowned and ancient Suzhou gardens. More

3D printed surgical guide helps treat man with severely deformed spine

Mar.31, 2016 - A man in China suffering from severe ankylosing spondylitis, a form of spinal arthritis that had caused his spine to curve nearly 110 degrees, has undergone a successful osteotomy surgery thanks to a custom 3D printed surgical guide. The surgery is the first of its kind in China. More

Australian periodontist receives $500K grant for development of 3D bioprinted teeth and gum tissue

Mar.31, 2016 - Australian periodontist Professor Saso Ivanovski, from Griffith University's Menzies Institute, has been given a government grant to develop 3D bioprinted teeth and gum tissue and believes this will be a far less expensive and invasive dental disease solution. More

Shanghai funeral home 3D prints missing body parts to repair corpses

Mar.31, 2016 - The Longhua funeral home in Shanghai is reportedly the first funeral service in China to integrate state of the art 3D printing technologies into their practices, using the technology to either partially of fully repair dead bodies. More

FreeBird Flight launches Kickstarter for 3D printed weatherproof commercial FreeBird One UAV

Mar.31, 2016 - Maker Roger Freeman has launched a $50,000 Kickstarter campaign for his robust, fast, and weatherproofed FreeBird One UAV. With the campaign, he is hoping to introduce his drone commercially. More

Versarien PLC and E3D Online start graphene 3D printing trials

Mar.31, 2016 - British materials specialist Versarien PLC and hotend developer E3D Online have just announced a collaboration to explore practical applications of 3D printed graphene, and have just started 3D printing trials. More

MatterControl Touch T10 device enables 3D printing without a computer

Mar.31, 2016 - MatterHackers has unveiled the MatterControl Touch T10, a 10.6' touchscreen 3D printing 'brain' which enables user to control their 3D printer without a computer. The device comes bundled with free access to MatterControl Cloud Sync's wireless capabilities. More

Renovis' 3D printed Tesera titanium stand-alone cervical cage receives FDA clearance

Mar.31, 2016 - American implant manufacturer Renovis Surgical Technologies, Inc. announced that its 3D printed titanium stand-alone cervical cage has been approved by the FDA.The implant, called Tesera SC, is a Porous Titanium Cervical Interbody Fusion System. More

NASA researchers pioneer plasma 3D nanoprinting technique for use on flexible surfaces

Mar.31, 2016 - A team of researchers from NASA and the SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory have just revealed a new plasma-based 3D nanoprinting technique that could open the way for a wide range of flexible 3D print applications, such as wearable sensors. More

DYZE DESIGN releases DyzEND-X all-metal hotend for high-performance 3D printing

Mar.31, 2016 - Canadian 3D printing startup DYZE DESIGN has released the second generation DyzEND-X all metal 3D printer hotend, which can reach temperatures of 500'C and enable high performance 3D printing with nearly any plastic material. More

MarkAny develops DRM and piracy protection for 3D print files

Mar.31, 2016 - Korean DRM firm MarkAny has set its sights on the protection of intellectual property within the world of 3D printing with 3D SAFER. The new system uses a number of different technologies to keep valuable 3D model files protected from piracy. More

Mcor brings full color 3D printing to 3MF Consortium

Mar.30, 2016 - 3D printer manufacturer Mcor has announced its entry to the 3MF Consortium. Mcor Orange software will now support the 3MF 3D printing file format and allow full color digital data to be exported to the Mcor ARKe for full-color 3D printing. More

3D printed Caravaggio painting allows visually impaired to 'touch' light and shadow

Mar.30, 2016 - Italian 3D printing project MakersForArt has created a 3D printed version of Caravaggio's 'Flagellation of Christ' for the visually impaired that represents the artist's use of light and dark in a truly tactile way. More

Zhuhai CTC Electronic launches 'Walnut' SLM 3D printer range

Mar.30, 2016 - Zhuhai CTC Electronic Co., Ltd (CTC), a Chinese 3D printer manufacturer, has announced the release of its new 'Walnut' range of selective laser melting (SLM) industry-grade metal 3D printers. The company is the first in China to build a dot-scan 3D operating system without imported components. More

HyVision unveils two new 3D printers: FFF 'Cubicon Single Plus', DLP 'Cubicon Lux'

Mar.30, 2016 - Korean 3D printer manufacturer HyVision has unveiled two new 3D printer models: the Cubicon Single Plus, a Fused Filament Fabrication (FFF) industrial grade machine; and the Cubicon Lux, the company's first Digital Light Processing (DLP) 3D printer. Overseas shipping on both will begin in Q3 2016. More

Threeding and Artec 3D to scan and digitize more than 55 endangered birds for 3D printing

Mar.30, 2016 - 3D printing marketplace Threeding.com and 3D scanner manufacturer Artec 3D are collaborating to 3D scan and digitize more than 55 species of endangered birds, which will be made available for 3D printing to promote education, scientific knowledge, and the preservation of these rare creatures. More

Open source recycling initiative Precious Plastic launches to help users 3D print every type of plastic

Mar.30, 2016 - The Dutch open source recycling initiative Precious Plastic of Dave Hakkens has just launched, enabling everyone to set up a little factory with DIY grinding units, 3D printable filament extruders and injection molding machines. More

Researchers develop clog-resistant filtration system inspired by 3D printed fish mouths

Mar.30, 2016 - A team of researchers from the College of William and Mary, led by professor Laurie Sanderson, has developed a new clog-resistant filtration system that has been inspired by 3D printed models of fish mouths and can control particles without stopping flow. More

Concept Laser sees highest sales growth in 2015 with 161 3D printers sold

Mar.30, 2016 - German manufacturer of industrial laser 3D printers, Concept Laser, recently announced that in 2015, it achieved its highest level of sales and highest number of new orders ever in its history. More

e-NABLE and Simplify3D create 3D printed hand for inspiring fourth grader

Mar.30, 2016 - Inspiring fourth grader Peyton Andry, born with a condition called symbrachydactyly, has received a 3D printed hand made by volunteers at e-NABLE and the team at Simplify3D. More

IDC report shows China's 3D printer market still dominated by foreign companies

Mar.30, 2016 - The IDC has published a report that analyzes the Chinese 3D printer industry and its key players. The report shows that while China's 3D printing market continues to be dominated by foreign brands, its own local vendors and 3D printing companies beginning to catching up. More

Futuristic 3D printed Youbionic prosthetic now available for pre-order

Mar.30, 2016 - The very impressive Italian-made Youbionic bionic prosthetic hand, 3D printed using selective laser sintering technology, is edging towards completion and is now available for pre-order. More

See how a 3D printed car is really made with Local Motors' 3D Printing 101

Mar.30, 2016 - To show how exactly a 3D printed car is made, Local Motors has put together a brief '3D Printing 101' video that explains how engineers move from a digital 3D file to a functional 3D printed car part you can hold in your hands. More

Slash LED SLA 3D printer launched on Kickstarter, offers 50x faster print speeds

Mar.30, 2016 - When it comes to 3D printers, speed, volume and cost have always been major obstacles to mass-adoption. The SLASH LED based SLA 3D printer that just launched on Kickstarter addresses it all with new-in-class design innovations. More

3D printing marketplace Pinshape to shut down on Thursday Mar. 31

Mar.29, 2016 - 3D printing marketplace Pinshape has announced that it will close on March 31, 2016. The website reportedly suffered from the slowing 3D printing market and failed to find suitable investors over a 4-month period. The company is still looking to transfer its platform to a new location. More

NatureWorks' new formulation for PLA 3D printing filament promises ABS-level strength & heat resistance

Mar.29, 2016 - Ingeo 3D860, NatureWorks' new sustainable formulation for PLA filament, promises high impact strength and heat resistance typically associated with ABS, combined with the ease of 3D printing for which PLA is known. The filament formulation was unveiled today at the 'Innovation Takes Root' forum. More

3D printed 'SelfieBot' goes open source to encourage student robotics

Mar.29, 2016 - The team behind the 3D printed 'SelfieBot' has open coded its smartphone telepresence robot for schools and universities, to encourage students and young makers to build their own versions. SelfieBot remains available to buy either as a DIY kit or pre-assembled device. More

3D printed prosthetic leg covering takes e-NABLE to 'Next Step', scoops $10K prize

Mar.29, 2016 - A group of e-NABLE student volunteers from the University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee is running a 3D printed prosthetic leg covering project called 'Next Step'. The project, led by e-NABLE stalwart Frankie Flood, recently received a $10,000 prize from the Infymakers Challenge. More

3D Hubs offering 25% discount on all 3D prints for students

Mar.29, 2016 - To help students continue to design and innovate using 3D printing technologies, without breaking the bank, worldwide 3D printing network, 3D Hubs, has launched their new 'Student Program' which will give students 25% off on all 3D prints. More

Solidoodle closes its doors for good

Mar.29, 2016 - Once the leading manufacturer of American-made, affordable and reliable desktop 3D printers, Solidoodle has announced that has run out of cash and is suspending operations for good. More

10-year-old 3D prints prosthetic arm that shoots out glitter with help of Autodesk and KIDmob

Mar.29, 2016 - 10-year-old Jordan Reeves has designed and 3D printed prosthetic arm that shoots out glitter to cheer up the people around her. The glittery project was a part of Autodesk and KIDmob's San Francisco based workshop "Superhero Cyborgs 2.0". More

Whisky's evaporation qualities can inspire new 3D printing inks and industrial coating

Mar.29, 2016 - In a new paper just published in Physical Review Letters, a team of Princeton researchers argued that the unique evaporation properties of whisky could inspire a whole new range of industrial fluids, including coating applications and next-gen 3D printing inks. More

MIT patent for 3D printed part qualification and removal issued by US patent office

Mar.29, 2016 - The US patent office has just issued an MIT patent for automated part qualification and several automated 3D printed part removal systems, including one featuring a pneumatic blade that pushes successful prints off the print bed. More

Flirtey completes first urban FAA test with autonomous 3D printed delivery drone

Mar.29, 2016 - Australian startup Flirtey has just successfully completed the first ever urban FAA test involving an autonomous 3D printed delivery drone, and could pave the way for commercial use of delivery drones. More

DMU researcher Timothy Whitehead uses 3D printing to prepare against landslides in Peru

Mar.29, 2016 - As part of a collaboration with NGO Practical Action, British 3D printing expert Timothy Whitehead has travelled to mountainous Peru and has 3D printed several educational mountain range models, that are used to educate locals and lawmakers and help prepare against landslides and flash floods. More

3D printed 'Pixelstones' are laying the foundations for future construction techniques

Mar.29, 2016 - Dutch startup Pixelstone has developed a 3D printer prototype capable of printing intricately designed facades made of small cubic ceramic bricks called 'Pixelstones'. The startup is aiming to bring a new form of craftsmanship to the interconnected worlds of architecture and construction. More

DO3D introduces multidirectional 3D printing with MAP technology and SquareWave 3D printer

Mar.29, 2016 - DO3D has announced a patent-pending multidirectional additive manufacturing technology (MAP) that promises to improve 3D printing speeds by 200% or more by 3D printing objects from two directions at the same time. More

Aviation expert to 3D print the cockpit of a rare Ju 388 WorldWarII aircraft

Mar.28, 2016 - German physicist, doctor of engineering, and aviation expert Christoph Vernaleken wants to 3D print an accurate, museum-quality replica of the Ju 388 L, a rare and historic German WWII aircraft. More

Wave of disruptive technology including 3D printing to hit MRO industry, says Oliver Wyman study

Mar.28, 2016 - According to a new study by Oliver Wyman, the MRO industry will be hit by a wave of disruptive technology including 3D printing over the coming years, even though existing providers are currently almost entirely ignoring 3D printing. More

Sylvia Heisel & Scott Taylor on carbon fiber clothing, wearable technology, and the future of 3D printed fashion

Mar.28, 2016 - Design duo Sylvia Heisel and Scott Taylor are exploring the future of sustainable 3D printed fashion using desktop machines and exotic materials. Their pieces include a 3D printed carbon fiber mesh dress and a unique 3D printed coat made form Ninjaflex flexible filament. More

Robust 3D printer Premium Tungsten Nozzle launches on Kickstarter

Mar.28, 2016 - Frankfurt-based 3D printing startup DDDMaterial has recently launched a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign for their most recent product: a 3D printer nozzle made of a premium tungsten material. More

Nano Dimension files patent for 3D printed shielded conductors in PCBs

Mar.28, 2016 - Nano Dimension Ltd. announced today that its Nano Dimension Technologies subsidiary has filed a patent for 3D printing shielded conductors within a printed circuit board (PCB). The 3D printing technology could help prevent electric power loss in PCBs. More

Duper Nintendo: Fake 3D printed Nintendo NX controllers fool gaming community

Mar.28, 2016 - Two Reddit users have used 3D printing and Photoshop to create a pair of fake controllers, purportedly for the forthcoming Nintendo 'NX' console. The pranksters, David Im and Frank Sandqvist, posted their hoaxes independently, and have since admitted to the inauthenticity of the controllers. More

New metal 3D printing firm Sinterex opens in UAE

Mar.28, 2016 - Metal additive manufacturing company Sinterex recently announced its opening in Ras al-Khaimah, UAE, making it the first specialist provider of metal 3D printing services in the region. More

Japanese makers 3D print the first ever CPU opener

Mar.28, 2016 - A team of Japanese makers from an Akihabara tech store have built a clever 3D printed CPU opener that will make opening an Intel CPU easier than ever before. More

WinSun Global 3D prints world's first office for Dubai's Museum of the Future

Mar.28, 2016 - WinSun Global, the Chinese company that just last year made headlines for building the world's first 3D printed villa and the tallest 3D printed apartment block, has now partnered with the city of Dubai to construct what is being hailed as the world's first 3D printed office. More

Lick your way to victory with Planet Licker's 3D printed popsicle game controller

Mar.27, 2016 - Listen up gamers, are you tired of having tired thumbs? Have you been longing for a more appetizing way to play your games? Well, you just may be in luck thanks to a new lickable 3D printed game controller that is being showcased at the alt.ctrl.GDC exhibition at this year's Game Developer's Conference.' More

Expecto proposal: 3D printed 'Golden Snitch' gives Potter-loving couple unforgettable engagement

Mar.27, 2016 - A Harry Potter fan has proposed to his similarly Potter-mad boyfriend with an engagement ring housed in a 3D printed "Golden Snitch". The magical moment took place at the Wizarding World of Harry Potter in Florida, where the couple and family members wore matching 'Platform 9 3/4' t-shirts. More

Japanese company now offers 3D printed urns based on photographs

Mar.27, 2016 - Japanese 3D printed photography experts Roice Entertainment are now offering 3D printed plaster urns based on photographs of the deceased. More

Exeter University researchers to explore anti-piracy licensing platform for 3D printable objects

Mar.27, 2016 - As part of a new international academic study, a team of researchers from the University of Exeter will explore the development of an anti-piracy licensing platform for 3D printable content to combat what they believe is a growing copyright problem caused by 3D printing. More

BTW: 3D printed typeface undergoes physical phenomena in stunning design project

Mar.26, 2016 - By The Way, German student Thomas Wirtz's MA thesis project, showcases the diverse uses of 3D printing technology. The project consists of an interesting and engaging experiment using 3D printed typeface characters and a variety of physical phenomena which have been applied to them and documented. More

AbilityMate is 3D printing affordable and customized assistive devices for people in need

Mar.26, 2016 - Sydney based startup AbilityMate is hoping to make a positive difference in the world by 3D printing affordable and customized assistive devices for people with disabilities. More

Driving into the future: Concept vehicle design book features exclusive 3D printable cars

Mar.26, 2016 - Shawn Moghadam, a California-based vehicle and product designer, has designed a book of futuristic concept vehicles, some of which that can even be 3D printed. The project is being crowdfunded through Kickstarter until April 8, 2016. More

Design Museum Portland's 'Rapid Jewelry' exhibition showcases stunning 3D printed jewelry

Mar.26, 2016 - The Design Museum Portland has launched its most recent exhibition, Rapid Jewelry, at the Hotel Lucia in Portland, Oregon. The exhibition is showcasing 21 stunning 3D printed jewelry designs and is running until June 20th, 2016. More

Author Patrick Berkhof uses 3D printed props to bring debut novel to life, secure crowdfunding

Mar.25, 2016 - Dutch author Patrick Berkhof is using 3D printed props as an incentive for backers to preorder his debut fantasy novel, Djizary'Het Levende Systeem. Early backers of the book can receive a 20cm 3D printed model of a mechanical staircase used by characters in the story. More

Ontario invests $40M in advanced manufacturing to boost economy and create new jobs

Mar.25, 2016 - Ontario, Canada today announced a critical investment plan to strengthen its manufacturing economy and create new high-value jobs in the areas of advanced manufacturing, including additive manufacturing and 3D printing technology. More

Paso Pacifico's 3D printed sea turtle eggs to help track and deter poachers

Mar.25, 2016 - In an effort to combat poachers from further damaging the world's dwindling sea turtle population, nonprofit organization Paso Pacifico is developing 3D printed, GSM equipped fake turtle eggs to find out much needed information about smuggling networks. More

Xmodule racing game rewards players with 3D printable car parts and trophies

Mar.25, 2016 - Xmodule, a fast-paced racing game being developed by Dublin-based G21 Studio, will offer 3D printable models as rewards for players. As gamers unlock more parts for their vehicle, those parts will become available to download as snap-together 3D printable files. More

Ahead of 2016 launch, Rocket Lab qualifies its 3D printed Rutherford engine for flight

Mar.25, 2016 - Qualification testing has just been completed for Rocket Lab's Rutherford rocket engine, for which all primary components of the combustor and propellant supply system have been 3D printed. More

Valve releases Steam Controller CAD files so you can mod or 3D print it

Mar.25, 2016 - Valve has just released the CAD files for their Steam Controller, which allows you to play games from your Steam Library on your TV, and encourages makers to customize and 3D print their ideal controller at home. More

Alexander Gabriel Watch releases its new line of custom 3D printed watches

Mar.25, 2016 - Florida-based watchmaker Alexander Gabriel Watch Company, Inc. is hoping to be one of the first affordable, quality bespoke watch makers with the help of 3D printing technologies. More

Andrew 'Bunnie" Huang tears down Form 2 3D printer, reveals stunning internal craftsmanship

Mar.25, 2016 - Hardware guru Andrew 'Bunnie" Huang has performed a complete teardown of Formlabs' Form 2 SLA 3D printer, detailing his findings in a blog post. Huang carried out a similarly thorough inspection of the Form 1 back in 2013. More

Open source 3D printer & tech platform Wevolver scoops 3-DIY prize at SXSW Interactive

Mar.25, 2016 - Wevolver, a webplatform for sharing and collaborating on open hardware projects, has won the "3-DIY" Interactive Innovation Award at the SXSW Interactive Festival in Austin, Texas. Since its inception, Wevolver has helped to bring a number of 3D printing and 3D scanning projects to life. More

3D Digital sculpting suite Geomagic Freeform gets a big upgrade with newly announced 2016 edition

Mar.25, 2016 - The 2016 version of Geomagic Freeform by 3D Systems hopes to further merge 3D organic sculpting techniques with the import of more traditional CAD and 3D scan data. More

Colony's alien cliffhanger finale realized through MakerBot 3D printing, Legacy Effects reveals

Mar.24, 2016 - The intense alien-filled cliffhanger season finale of sci-fi drama Colony was realized by Legacy Effects and a MakerBot Z18 3D printer, a new Behind-the-Scenes look reveals. More

Quickly transform 3D doodles into 3D prints with GravitySketch iPad 3D modelling app

Mar.24, 2016 - Gravity Sketch, a new 3D design and 3D printing app developed by a British startup of the same name, was launched today on the App Store. The app allows users to sketch simple 3D designs which can be sent immediately to Shapeways for 3D printing. More

3D printed aortic valves could reduce complications from transcatheter aortic valve replacement

Mar.24, 2016 - Researchers from the Department of Radiology at the University of Washington, Seattle, have developed a technique for 3D printing aortic valve models which could help reduce the risk of complications from transcatheter aortic valve replacement (TAVR). More

Filapack 3D printable filament sample subscription service hits Indiegogo

Mar.24, 2016 - A crowdfunding campaign has just been launched on Indiegogo by Filapack, a startup aiming to make expensive filament waste a thing of the past by setting up a filament sample subscription service. More

Cloud based SLA Slicing app SLAcer lets you make 3D print files right from your browser

Mar.24, 2016 - With more and more people relying on cloud based devices for their computing needs, there was a vacuum when it came to preparing SLA 3D print files without installing external software. open-source advocate S'bastien Mischler hopes to change that with SLAcer, a browser based SLA slicer. More

Revolutionary 3D printed magnets by Polymagnet can change engineering as we know it

Mar.24, 2016 - Magnet pioneer Correlated Magnetics Research has been working on a unique 3D printing method for embedding custom magnetic fields on a single surface, enabling them to build extremely strong and flexible customizable Polymagnets with countless applications. More

BBC brings coding to UK schools with 1 million micro:bit and 3D printable accessories

Mar.24, 2016 - In an attempt to encourage students to take an interest in STEM education and making in general, a vast collaboration headed by the BBC has just released the micro:bit fully programmable mini-computer and will be shipping one to a million schoolchildren all over the United Kingdom. More

Now you can explore the grave of King Richard III with this interactive 3D model

Mar.24, 2016 - The burial site of King Richard III, discovered by a team of archaeologists from the University of Leicester, can now be explored by the public through the recently unveiled interactive 3D model. The 3D model was made using photogrammetry techniques. More

LITE-ON using Optomec 3D printing to mass-produce consumer electronics

Mar.24, 2016 - Using Optomec's Aerosol Jet 3D printing technology, LITE-ON Mobile is integrating 3D printed antenna patterns and other functional electronics into millions of handheld devices and consumer electronics. More

HP Inc. embraces open platform model with Multi Jet Fusion 3D printer

Mar.23, 2016 - By emphasizing the open platform of its upcoming Multi Jet Fusion 3D printer, HP is moving definitively away from its highly criticized 'cheap printer/pricey ink' business model, while also opening up the possibility for new and innovative 3D printing materials to enter the market. More

3D-Fuel, 3Dom USA, & 3Dom Europe join forces to form new 3D printing filament company 3DomFuel

Mar.23, 2016 - 3D printing filament companies 3D-Fuel LLC, 3Dom USA, and 3Dom Europe LLC are joining up to become one large company under the name 3DomFuel. The recently formed conglomerate is hoping to pool the research and development of the separate companies to form a more productive, and internationally present 3D printing filament manufacturer. More

Orthin and Oceanz let children walk again with 3D printed medical grade leg prosthesis

Mar.23, 2016 - Dutch orthopedics developer Orthin has revealed that they are exploring the full integration of 3D printing into their services, and have already 3D printed their first medical grade leg prosthesis with the help of Oceanz. More

Amedica develops world's first 3D printed silicon nitride medical implants

Mar.23, 2016 - Amedica Corporation has become the first company to create medical silicon nitride ceramics using a 3D printing process called robotic deposition, or robocasting. The 3D printed products have been shown to possess similar properties to traditionally manufactured alternatives. More

Brazilian startup Urban3D sees 3D printed housing as solution for growing slum problems

Mar.23, 2016 - The ambitious Brazilian startup Urban3D founded by Anielle Guedes has turned to 3D printing to build sustainable and affordable alternatives for the world's growing slums, and believes she can use the technology to cut construction costs by up to 80 percent. More

Top 10 3D prints to liven up your Easter celebrations

Mar.23, 2016 - With springtime in the air and Easter just around the corner, what better way to get yourself and your kids excited for the chocolatey holiday than with some fun 3D printed toys, decoration, and accessories. Check out out top 10 favorite Easter prints this year. More

New developments in 3D bio-printing may hold the key to curing Alzheimer's disease

Mar.23, 2016 - Finding a cure to the extensive range of degenerative disorders out there has plagued researchers for years. A team of scientists have developed a way to 3D print brain-like structures using gellan gum in hopes of one day finding a cure. More

Spherical Creations: artist Dario Santacroce's journey to 3D printing a perfect form

Mar.23, 2016 - Italian sculptor Dario Santacroce has set out to challenge Plato's established "Theory of Forms" through an investigation into shape and sculpture using 3D modeling and 3D printing technologies. More

Additive Industries' large MetalFAB1 Beta 3D printers sold out within three months

Mar.23, 2016 - The Dutch metal 3D printing pioneers Additive Industries have just revealed that the Beta program for their room-filling MetalFAB1 industrial 3D printers has been filled up, with the last two machines being sold to the Dutch Kaak Group and United Grinding Group. More

Falcon Minerals says ROBO 3D to launch into 45 Staples locations throughout US in May 2016

Mar.23, 2016 - 3D printer manufacturer ROBO 3D will launch its R1+ 3D printer at Staples, Inc. The launch, which will take place in May 2016, comes just months after the 3D printing company was bought by Australian company Falcon Minerals. More

Majestic teams with Made In Space to 3D print the internet on the International Space Station

Mar.23, 2016 - SEO data search engine Majestic has just announced a collaboration with zero gravity 3D printing pioneers to 3D print a visualization of the entire internet aboard the International Space Station. More

'Airbus seeks to 3D print half of its future airplane fleet'

Mar.23, 2016 - Additive Industries has just delivered their first MetalFAB1 3D printer to Airbus APWorks, and has revealed that Airbus is planning to 3D print up to half of their future airplanes. More

World first as Cambridge University Library 3D prints a 3000-year-old Chinese oracle bone

Mar.22, 2016 - In celebration of their 600th anniversary, the Cambridge University Library has 3D scanned and printed one of the oldest pieces in its collection, a 3,000 year old Chinese oracle bone. More

3D printed wind turbine blades could provide cheaper, more effective clean energy

Mar.22, 2016 - The U.S. Department of Defense is overseeing a project to manufacture wind turbines with 3D printed molds. The rotor blades will be used to help researchers better understand wind energy generation and to prove the cost-effectiveness of 3D printing as a blade manufacturing method. More

3D printed heart helps UCF doctors save little baby Ronan

Mar.22, 2016 - Doctors at the University of Central Florida have used a 3D printed model heart to help surgeons perform a life-saving operation on a baby. Staff and students and the UCF College of Medicine used medical imaging data to create a 3D printable replica of the infant's heart. More

YSoft be3D launches eDee networked 3D printer for education

Mar.22, 2016 - YSoft has unveiled the YSoft be3D eDee 3D printer, a fully automated desktop 3D printer integrated with YSoft SafeQ's print management software that will allow educational institutes to track and manage both 2D and 3D printers across campus networks. More

WASP and municipality of Massa Lombarda to begin building 3D printed sustainable village

Mar.22, 2016 - Earlier today, on March 22nd, the mayor of Italian town Massa Lombarda, Daniele Bassi, signed an agreement with Italian 3D printer company WASP's business owner Massimo Moretti to begin the construction of an experimental, eco-friendly, 3D printed town. More

US Army and HotEnd Works explore 3D printed sintered ceramics for soldier body armor

Mar.22, 2016 - In a collaborative study of HotEnd Works and the US Army Research Laboratory, 3D printed ceramic body armor plates are compared to conventional plates, finding that though 3D printing offers numerous production advantages, they perform slightly worse than the existing option. More

First FDA-approved, 3D printed Spritam drug for epilepsy now available

Mar.22, 2016 - Aprecia Pharmaceuticals today announced the immediate availability of SPRITAM (levetiracetam), an easily swallowable seizure treatment manufactured using 3D printing technology. In August 2015, the drug became the first 3D printed medicine to receive FDA approval. More

New 3D printed hydrogel could be cancer treatment of the future

Mar.22, 2016 - Researchers at Queensland University of Technology, Australia, are developing an individualized, 3D printed cancer treatment which targets the tumor rather than the whole body. The 3D printed hydrogel could be used to create microenvironments or tumor models for testing anti-cancer drugs. More

3D printed candy lands at Dublin Airport via latest 'Magic Candy Factory'

Mar.22, 2016 - Katjes Fassin, the German candy company behind the Magic Candy Factory, a candy-extruding 3D printer, has set up its latest 3D printer at Dublin Airport, Ireland. Travellers were given a sneak peek of the new Magic Candy Factory on St. Patrick's Day, March 17, prior to its official opening in April. More

Fred the tortoise's 3D printed shell gets beautiful and realistic hand-painted treatment

Mar.22, 2016 - Last summer, Fred the tortoise became the first tortoise ever to receive an entirely 3D printed replacement shell. Now, her white plastic prosthetic has been beautifully hand-painted to mimic nature's own colors and patterns. More

Nano Dimension and FATHOM to bring 3D printed electronics to Silicon Valley

Mar.22, 2016 - Israeli electronics 3D printer company Nano Dimension has announced an agreement with 3D printing service experts FATHOM to introduce the world's first multi-layer PCB 3D printer, the DragonFly 2020, to the heart of the country's electronics industry. More

$350 ColorPod add-on converts your desktop 3D printer into a full color inkjet cartridge based printer

Mar.22, 2016 - Full-color 3D printing has remained out of reach to mot of the hobbyist market to costs typically associated with the technology. Dutch based ColorPod is gearing up to change this with their inkjet based 3D Printer add-on and is currently accepting beta-tester applications. More

The 3D printed Loopa, the world's first looping microphone, hits Kickstarter today

Mar.22, 2016 - British music pioneers Sonuus Limited are about to launch a Kickstarter campaign for the world's first looping microphone that was designed through 3D printing and enables easy and unlimited looping of sounds to fundamentally change music. More

Crowd4Africa raising €23K to bring 3D printers and 3D printed prostheses to African hospitals

Mar.21, 2016 - Crowd4Africa, a charitable organization based in Rome, Italy, is looking to raise €22,900 ($25,800) to provide 3D printing 'mini factories' for two hospitals in Africa, one in Uganda and one in Congo. The mini factories will include equipment for turning plastic waste into 3D printing filament. More

Print & Pley: 'Netflix for Toys' 3D printer rental lets families 3D print creative toys at home

Mar.21, 2016 - Toy rental company Pley, known as the "Netflix for Toys" is expanding to rent 3D printers and stream toy designs that kids and their families can 3D print at home. More

Allforge seeks to create first true desktop factory with plastic and metal 3D molding machines

Mar.21, 2016 - Allforge has launched a campaign for its upcoming super-fast, super versatile 3D molding machines, which allow for the automated production of metal, plastic, and candy 3D printed parts within seconds, right from your desktop. More

Body Labs increases 3D body modeling power with acquisition of U.S. patents and licenses

Mar.21, 2016 - Body Labs, provider of 3D human models for clothing, technology, gaming, and other applications, has today secured the exclusive rights to two 3D scanning patents issued to Brown University, as well as licenses to new technologies from Max-Planck-Innovation GmbH. More

New Aether 1 3D multi-extruder bioprinter boldly announces its arrival

Mar.21, 2016 - The upcoming Aether 1 3D bioprinter is an low-cost, 8-syringe 3D bioprinter, laser engraver, CNC milling machine, food printer, electronics printer, and more that promises to re-define what users can do with a 3D printer. More

Bentley previews autonomous limo for the year 2036 complete with 3D printed interior

Mar.21, 2016 - British car manufacturer Bentley has just shared a preview of what they believe their luxury autonomous limousines will look like in the year 2036, with the classy design heavily relying on 3D printed interior accessories. More

Supervet uses 3D printing technologies to save pets, says choice to save is a moral decision

Mar.21, 2016 - UK based veterinarian surgeon, Noel Fitzpatrick, star of the Channel 4 reality television series The Supervet known for using 3D printing technologies in his operations, has made a significant statement regarding the well beings of people's pets. More

Syfy and MakerBot expand 3D printing partnership to bring 12 Monkeys, The Magicians to life

Mar.21, 2016 - Syfy and MakerBot have released new and exclusive 3D printable models from Syfy's hit TV series 12 Monkeys, Hunters, The Expanse and more. The 3D models, now available to download for free on Thingiverse, were brought to life with help from Voodoo Manufacturing. More

3D printing significant growth sector for CAD software businesses, Business Advantage survey reveals

Mar.21, 2016 - A new survey report by the Business Advantage Group has revealed that the 3D printing sector has significant growth potential for CAD software developers, and should play an important role in their business models. More

Face2Face: Amazing 3D modeling captures and reenacts facial movements in real time

Mar.21, 2016 - A team of university researchers have developed a new video technology that is capable of transferring one person's facial expressions and movements onto another person's face in real time, using only a commodity webcam as a sort of 3D facial scanner. More

Meteor Power uses 3D printing to demonstrate ultra-compact hybrid motorcycle engine

Mar.21, 2016 - Meteor Power, a British powertrain manufacturer, has enlisted the help of 3D printing specialist KWSP to 3D print a scale model of its new hybrid motorcycle engine. The company will display the 3D printed model at exhibitions and investor meetings in order to attract potential funders. More

3D scan yourself into your favorite game with Dacuda's new smartphone SDK release

Mar.21, 2016 - Swiss 3D imaging specialists Dacuda has just released a new SDK for smartphones that transforms your phone into a high resolution 3D scanning tool that generates avatars for use in games and on social media. More

Drone used to capture 3D scan of giant Jesus statue in Peru

Mar.20, 2016 - Photographer Jeff Cremer has used a DJI Phantom 3 Pro camera drone to take around 110 photos of a giant statue of Jesus near his home in Lima, Peru, which he then used to create a digital 3D rendering and 3D printed model of the statue. More

This tiny 3D printed 'Gameboy' Raspberry Pi Zero will take you back to the 90s

Mar.20, 2016 - Danish 3D printing wunderkind Rasmus Hauschild has built an incredibly cool Raspberry Pi Zero with 3D printed Gameboy-style casing. The tiny 3D printed device runs RetroPie Emulationstation, on which users can return to obsolete gaming platforms with ease. More

3D scanning is made easy with this DIY 3D printed 3D scanner

Mar.20, 2016 - Alex of SuperMakeSomething has just shared his designs for a DIY 3D printed 3D scanner, that consists of nothing more than some 3D printed components, off-the-shelf electronics and free code. More

Drexel students use 3D printing to explore how the Dreadnoughtus dinosaur could have moved

Mar.20, 2016 - Roughly 77 million years ago, one of the largest dinosaurs currently known to man, the Dreadnoughtus, walked the earth. Now, a team of researchers at Drexel University have been using 3D printing, servomotors, and ingenuity to investigate how the dinosaur could have once moved. More

Australian company 3DLI has 3D printed an authentic sounding sitar

Mar.20, 2016 - Australian 3D printing company 3DLI, which last year created a 3D printed tabla drum, has just unveiled what is reportedly the world's first functional 3D printed sitar. More

Team FAST develops formic acid based fuel system that powers 3D printed RC car

Mar.19, 2016 - The race to develop the most practical alternative to petroleum based transportation is hitting high gear. Team FAST, a group of researches out of the Netherlands, is hoping formic acid is the solution and is using 3D printing to speed their way to the finish line. More

Indian startup Tymphones launches laser-scanned 3D printed custom headphones

Mar.19, 2016 - Bangalore-based startup Tymphones is the first Indian company to offer custom-made earbuds, that are to fit using a 3D scan of the user's ears and are subsequently 3D printed. More

US Navy's Trident II D5 Ballistic Missile flies with first 3D printed component

Mar.19, 2016 - The aerospace sector has been using 3D printing for prototyping of parts for years. Now, for the first time ever, aerospace giant Lockheed Martin is using 3D printed parts in their Trident II D5 Missile. More

Maison 203 and Odo Fioravanti unveil new, geometrically inspired 3D printed clutch

Mar.19, 2016 - One of our favorite 3D printed jewelry brands, Maison 203 has once again collaborated with Italian designer Odo Fioravanti to create a new 3D printed clutch that could be just the springtime accessory you were looking for. More

Luxury 3D printed jewelry brand DCT debuts stunning new collection at Toronto Fashion Week

Mar.19, 2016 - 3D printed dresses are not the only additively manufactured wearables turning heads at this year's international fashion weeks, as Canadian design trio Daniel Christian Tang have demonstrated with their most recent 3D printed jewelry collection, Icon. More

Star Wars steals the show in Parrot and MyMiniFactory 3D printable drone design challenge

Mar.19, 2016 - MyMiniFactory has announced the winners of the Parrot Official 3D Printed Drone Accessory Design Challenge, and out of the three grand prize designs, two are Star Wars themed. More

Release the CRACUNS! 3D printed flying drone can launch from underwater

Mar.18, 2016 - Researchers at Johns Hopkins University have created the CRACUNS, a low-cost 3D printed waterproof drone that can stay submerged in salt water for months and then launch into the air on command. More

NASA to send second 3D printer into space & set its Cygnus spacecraft on fire

Mar.18, 2016 - Orbital ATK, a NASA commercial provider, will launch its fifth mission to the International Space Station on March 22, bringing with it a second generation portable onboard 3D printer. The Orbital Cygnus spacecraft will then set itself on fire, allowing NASA to observe how fire behaves in space. More

3D printed heart model saved the life of a nine-month old baby in China

Mar.18, 2016 - Doctors have successfully performed surgery on a nine-month-old baby suffering from a severe congenital heart defect. A 3D printed surgical model was used to guide the surgery, the first instance of such a procedure within the Jilin Province of Northeast China. More

Markforged launches 2X stronger high-temperature 3D printing fiberglass

Mar.18, 2016 - Markforged, champion of industrial-strength desktop 3D printing, has just a high-strength high-temperature (HSHT) fiberglass 3D printing material that is twice as strong as its standard fiberglass, and uniquely designed for high-heat environments such aerospace and automotive manufacturing. More

Noura Imprinting Layers Industries launches Iran's first SLM metal 3D printer

Mar.18, 2016 - Noura Imprinting Layers Industries (NILI) has developed and launched the SLM-M100, Iran's first Selective Laser Melting metal 3D printer. More

South Korea's InssTek announces DMT metal 3D printer export deal for European market

Mar.18, 2016 - South Korean metal 3D printer manufacturer InssTek has just announced an export deal with the EU, which will enable them to bring their wide range of excellent DMT metal 3D printers to Europe. More

Two XYZPrinting 3D printing patents approved by U.S. patent office

Mar.18, 2016 - XYZPrinting has received two U.S. patent office approvals for 3D printing mechanisms. The first is for a multi-extruder print head module with wiper units to remove excess material between print head switches. The second patent covers a mechanism for automatically detecting material levels inside a 3D printer. More

Pentagon's DARPA will pay you $130K for your homemade bombs or weapons

Mar.18, 2016 - As part of the new Improv program, the DARPA agency is calling on makers, inventors, engineers and other specialists to think about how modern electronics, household chemicals and 3D printing can pose serious security risks. More

Voice sculptor Gilles Azzaro 3D prints 'What is a FabLab?' as ultimate tribute to Fablabs

Mar.18, 2016 - As an ultimate tribute to Fablabs everywhere, French voice sculptor Gilles Azzaro has created a 3D printed sculpture of the voice of Fablab founder Neil Gershenfeld, as he is giving his definition of Fablabs. More

Researchers use supercomputer and 3D printing to copy whole-body blood flow

Mar.18, 2016 - Researchers from Duke University, North Carolina, have used an advanced supercomputer to create an extremely realistic simulation of blood flow within the human body. A 3D printed replica of an aorta was used to test the accuracy of the virtual model. More

3D printing and virtual reality tech helps MSF build new hospitals

Mar.18, 2016 - Medicins Sans Frontieres (MSF), the humanitarian NGO, has been using 3D printing and virtual reality technology to design hospitals. The organization believes that 3D models will provide a more complete picture of planned developments for project partners such as local ministries of health. More

Fujifilm USA offers 3D printer maintenance and technical support

Mar.18, 2016 - Fujifilm USA, the American arm of the Japanese photography and imaging giant, is offering 3D printer maintenance and technical support across the country. The company cites its experience in x, y, and z axis controlled devices as an advantage in the field. More

Meeting Murilo, again: Huggies proves a 3D printed hug can be just as powerful as the real deal

Mar.17, 2016 - Huggies has released a sequel to last year's viral video hit, in which a blind mom came to know her unborn son for the very first time thanks to a life-like 3D printed model of his ultrasound. More

Limbitless surprises 10-year-old cheerleader with 3D printed bionic arm

Mar.17, 2016 - UCF non-profit organization, Limbitless Solutions, has surprised 10 year old Julianna Lindon with a 3D printed bionic arm. The young girl is the 15th child to receive a free 3D printed bionic arm from the student run organization. More

3D printed NoBowl Feeding System will trigger your cat's inner hunter

Mar.17, 2016 - The Feline Environmental Enrichment Design Company (F.E.E.D.) has used 3D printing to develop NoBowl, an innovative feeding system for cats. NoBowl replaces the traditional feeding bowl with five mouse-shaped, food-dispensing containers which owners can hide around the house or garden. More

3D scanner maker FARO launches BIM Scan Localizer and 'Early Adopter' Program

Mar.17, 2016 - FARO Technologies Inc., a 3D scanning and measurement specialist, has announced the launch of the FARO Early Adopter (EA) Program, through which customers can gain early access to new FARO products. The first product released within the program will be the FARO BIM Scan Localizer. More

Gambody reveals how they designed and built an epic 236-piece 3D printed Millennium Falcon

Mar.17, 2016 - Gambody's in-house 3D designers discuss how they designed, modeled, and built a massive, 236 piece 3D printed Star Wars Millennium Falcon replica. More

Verterra Energy's 3D printed turbine prototype shows promise for sustainable hydropower

Mar.17, 2016 - With global warming becoming an increasingly pressing concern for our world's populations, sustainable energy options with low environmental impacts have begun to gain importance. With innovators like Ted Christopher of Verterra Energy Inc., we can even harness the power of water on a small scale without having to build environmentally damaging dams. More

Optomec secures multiple orders for Aerosol Jet 5X 3D printed electronics system

Mar.17, 2016 - Optomec, supplier of 3D printed metal and 3D printed electronics systems, has secured numerous orders for its Aerosol Jet 5X system, which will be used to manufacture 3D printed electronics for smart devices and IoT applications. More

US Navy taps Metal Technology to develop 3D printed components for missile propulsion system

Mar.17, 2016 - The US Navy has just signed a contract with Oregon-based Metal Technology to develop and demonstrate 3D printing techniques for missile propulsion components used on the Trident D5 missile system. More

3D Robotics shares free files for 3D printable autonomous IRIS+ smart Drone

Mar.17, 2016 - 3D Robotics has just shared the free 3D printable files for the IRIS+ on MyMiniFactory: an autonomous 3D printed drone with a Follow Me function that lets it follow the user around. More

Take your frustrations out on this 3D printed Trump stress ball

Mar.17, 2016 - My Mini Factory user Ricardo Salomao has created something that we think could help relieve some of the stress caused by the current presidential primaries: a 3D printed Trump Stress ball. More

Nike and Olympian Allyson Felix collaborate on 3D printed Nike Zoom Superfly Flyknit spike for Rio 2016

Mar.17, 2016 - The 2016 Summer Olympics are just months away, and a collaboration with Nike has enabled US track and field sprinter Allyson Felix to optimize her equipment with custom spiked shoes made with 3D printing technology. More

ES-Cage technique lets you 3D print big and strong objects in no time at all

Mar.17, 2016 - 3D printing large objects that can withstand any sort of weight can be a lengthy process. 3D Print veteran and founder of Amsterdam's 3D Print Shop Erik Es has developed a technique that lets you produce large, structurally sound items in short time with the help of bridging. More

Top 10 3D prints for this Saint Patrick's Day

Mar.16, 2016 - To help get the maker community in the mood for the upcoming Irish festival, we have put together a list of our top ten 3D printed Saint Patrick's Day accessories, which can be worn, carried or used in your Saint Patrick's Day celebrations. More

Dolomite's Fluidic Factory 3D prints Microfluidic Chips for as little as $1 per piece

Mar.16, 2016 - Dolomite, one of the world's leading companies specializing in the design and manufacturing of microfluidic devices and systems, has just released its latest product: a fluidics 3D printer, capable of easily and affordably manufacturing microfluidic chips. More

European Space Agency tests first all-in-one 3D printed space antenna

Mar.16, 2016 - The European Space Agency and SWISSto12 have developed a prototype dual reflector antenna that was 3D printed in a single piece. The ESA's first 3D printed space antenna of this kind, it has shown excellent results in performance testing. More

Have a 3D printed frozen space pizza sent to your home through Kickstarter

Mar.16, 2016 - Houston-based engineer Anjan Contractor is seeking to complete his BeeHex pizza 3D printer with Kickstarter backing, and is offering 3D printed frozen space pizzas that will be sent right to your home. More

Logro Farms launches Kickstarter for 3D Growers, custom 3D printed planters

Mar.16, 2016 - Just yesterday, Logro Farms, known for their sustainable farming and grow-at-home kits, launched a new Kickstarter campaign to help fund their most recent venture: a line of custom 3D printed planters called 3D Growers. More

3D bioprinted implants successfully tested in mice, may soon heal damaged noses, ears and knees

Mar.16, 2016 - A team of Swedish researchers has successfully tested and reproduced 3D bioprinted cartilage tissue in a living mouse and believe it could soon be used to heal human noses, ears and knees. More

Fripp Design granted UK Patent for revolutionary Picsima method for 3D printing silicone

Mar.16, 2016 - Fripp Design and Research has been granted a UK patent for its novel Picsima method of 3D printing silicone, which reduces the costs and expands the possibilities in soft 3D printed prosthetics, medical devices, consumer goods and more. More

Dutch postal services PostNL 3D prints a working trumpet during Ultimaker delivery

Mar.16, 2016 - For the latest project of Joris van Tubergen, an active Ultimaker 3D printer making a trumpet was shipped by Dutch postal services PostNL, and the results were good enough to play. More

The $99 OLO box turns your smartphone into a DLP 3D printer, coming to Kickstarter on March 21st

Mar.16, 2016 - The very eagerly awaited $99 OLO DLP resin 3D printer, which replaces expensive light sources with your smartphone, will finally hit Kickstarter on 21 March. More

Thai government approves crippling import regulations on 3D printers due to gun fears

Mar.16, 2016 - Controversial import regulations on 3D printing technology were recently approved in Thailand due to 3D printed gun fears, which will put significant limitations on 3D printer adoption, hike up prices and limit technological innovation, critics say. More

New York students try to crack unsolved cold cases with the help of 3D printing

Mar.16, 2016 - With over 1,200 active cold cases in New York City alone, a group of 15 New York artists are creating replicas using accurate 3D printed skulls derived from cold case victims to assist in solving the age old mysteries. More

UFC athletes to receive 3D printed mouthguards from GuardLab

Mar.16, 2016 - The Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) and GuardLab have announced a global licensing agreement that will see UFC athletes provided with custom 3D scanned and 3D printed mouthguards. GuardLab, a NY-based 3D printed custom mouthguard company, will also begin selling UFC branded mouthguards for fans. More

Create a sport-specific 3D printed prosthetic attachment for e-NABLE design challenge

Mar.15, 2016 - The Enable Community Foundation has recently announced their Sport-Specific Terminal Device Maker Design Challenge, which challenges makers to create 3D printed prosthetic devices that will allow disabled children to play the sports they love. More

3D printing transforms carbon dioxide into sustainable concrete material

Mar.15, 2016 - UCLA researchers have devised a method for creating a sustainable 3D printed building material called 'CO2NCRETE' in which CO2 emissions from power plants are harnessed and recycled into an environmentally friendly concrete substance. More

3D printed jewelry goes platinum with Cooksongold's first platinum 3D printing powder

Mar.15, 2016 - UK-based Cooksongold has developed the world's first platinum powder optimized for 3D printing fine jewelry and watches. In collaboration with PGI, they have also created and unveiled the first-ever 3D printed platinum jewelry pieces. More

3Digify Kickstarter turns your home camera into a high-resolution 3D Scanner

Mar.15, 2016 - German startup 3Digify is Kickstarting their 6-years in the making subscription based 3D scan algorithms to anyone with a digital camera and projector. More

iMcustom introduces first ever in-store 3D printing of custom foot insoles

Mar.15, 2016 - For the first time ever, iMcustom is bringing in-store 3D scanning and custom insole 3D printing to retailers nationwide. With its proprietary 3D foot scanner and in-store 3D printer labs, iMcustom offers customers 100% custom-made, quality and affordable 3D printed insoles within two hours or less. More

Lights will guide these 3D printed, muscle-powered bio-bots home

Mar.15, 2016 - Researchers from the University of Illinois & MIT have created a new class of biological robots (bio-bots), made from 3D printed scaffolds and living muscle cells, and which move in response to light stimulation. The bio-bots could be used in health, sensing, and environmental applications. More

Techsmart used 3D printing to reveal smart upgrades to upcoming 9.7 inch iPad Pro

Mar.15, 2016 - Using 3D printing to reverse engineer an iPad using just a leaked case, bloggers from TechSmart have revealed some of the featured that can be expected on the upcoming 9.7 inch iPad Pro. More

NJIT student 3D prints his own teeth aligners, a rare success for DIY dentistry

Mar.15, 2016 - Amos Dudley, an undergraduate student from NJIT, explains how he successfully 3D scanned and 3D printed his own teeth aligners for a brighter smile without breaking the bank. More

Newly discovered horse-sized dinosaur fossils shed light on how T. rex evolved, with help of 3D scanning & printing

Mar.15, 2016 - Newly discovered fossils from a dinosaur called the Timurlengia euotica, that lived about 90 million years ago, reveal some particularly important pieces of information about the T. Rex and its rise to the top of the food chain. More

Sharebot to unveil large A3 format Sharebot Q 3D printer at MECSPE Fair in Italy

Mar.15, 2016 - Italian 3D printer developers Sharebot have just revealed that they will unveil their newest large A3 format Sharebot Q 3D printer, with magnetically heated print bed, at the MECSPE Fair in Parma, Italy. More

BMW shifts into 22nd century with digital strategies and 3D printing production

Mar.15, 2016 - BMW has hired former Google manager Jens Monsees as VP of Digital Strategy to develop and lead a digital revolution at 100-year-old carmaker, implementing everything from new online sales tactics to 3D printing on the manufacturing line. More

Ranim Orouk's 3D printed jellyfish chandelier wins Middle East Emergent Prize

Mar.15, 2016 - Dubai based architect and designer Ranim Orouk was recently awarded the 2016 Middle East Emergent Designer Prize at this year's Design Days Dubai for her stunning lamp design, 'Glow', which was made with the help of 3D printing technologies. More

America Makes and ANSI join forces to set concrete standards for Additive Manufacturing industry

Mar.15, 2016 - America Makes and the American National Standards Institute today announced the launch of the America Makes & ANSI Additive Manufacturing Standardization Collaborative, an initiative that will serve to coordinate and advance the development of additive manufacturing standards across the industry. More

HPE unveils 3D scanning Avatar Platform for fashion, fitness and gaming industries

Mar.14, 2016 - Hewlett Packard Enterprise has unveiled a full-body 3D scanning booth that can create accurate 3D models of people within minutes. With the Avatar Platform, HPE is presenting unique business model prototype for fashion, gaming and even healthcare. More

Intentional imperfection: 3D printed ceramic art blurs lines between man and machine

Mar.14, 2016 - Using a self-designed ceramic 3D printer, custom extruder, and parametric design process, German design student Steffen Hartwig has created a series of beautifully organic and functional 3D printed ceramic pieces that reveal new possibilities in 3D printing as an artisanal tool. More

3D Systems trumps expectations in Q4 and 2015 financial results

Mar.14, 2016 - 3D printer manufacturer 3D Systems today released its Q4 and full year 2015 financial results, which revealed a higher-than-expected increase in total revenues and caused shares to surge by as much as 15% in pre-market trading sessions. More

3D printed smart inhaler could help doctors better understand asthma

Mar.14, 2016 - Connect'inh by Kappa Santé is a smart medtech device that tracks when and where asthmatics use their inhalers to help doctors establish correlations between asthma triggers, patients, and attacks. The 3D printed prototype integrates multimaterial 3D printing and embedded electronics, representing a new era of connected medical devices. More

Disney reveals anti-copying 3D printing tech involving embedded ID in authorized 3D prints

Mar.14, 2016 - In an attempt to stop unlimited and unauthorized copying, Disney has just revealed a new solution in which IDs are embedded in authorized 3D prints, turning your desktop 3D printer into a legitimate part of the Disney manufacturing system. More

Xometry opens second facility, aims to become the Amazon of on-demand 3D printing

Mar.14, 2016 - Ambitious Maryland-based startup Xometry has just opened a second office to house their ambitious plans to become a digital hub for the US manufacturing industry, the Amazon of on-demand 3D printing production. More

Lenovo using 3D printed stop-motion animation in new Goodweird promos

Mar.14, 2016 - Chinese multinational computer tech company Lenovo has just released a series of promotional videos featuring impressive 3D printed stop-motion animation as part of their #Goodweird marketing campaign. More

Indian man can work again with 3D printed mechanical prosthetic after industrial accident

Mar.14, 2016 - Indian man Rajesh Ojha has seen his livelihood restored with a custom-made 3D printed mechanical prosthetic by Anatomiz3D Healthcare, after losing four fingers in an unfortunate industrial accident. More

Design your own 3D printed jewelry with Elements Lab's Jewelry Maker App

Mar.14, 2016 - In an effort to help show clients the benefits of 3D printing jewelry and allowing them to get involved in the designing process without necessitating CAD knowledge, Taiwan based company Elements Lab has introduced their recent product called EL Jewelry Maker. More

Sugarcube Dessert & Coffee in NY uses 3D printing to create unique architectural desserts

Mar.14, 2016 - With the help of CAD design and 3D printed molds, Queens, NY-based bakery Sugarcube Dessert & Coffee has created a whole menu of unique and architecture-inspired desserts. More

Immersive, light-emitting pavilion made with 3D printing enthralls visitors at New York Museum

Mar.13, 2016 - Jenny Sabin Studio has created a 400-square-foot, 7-foot-tall immersive installation for the Cooper Hewitt, Smithsonian Design Museum in New York. The PolyThread Knitted Textile Pavilion was based on a parametrically designed 3D model, and is covered in light-absorbing and emitting photo-luminescent yarn. More

Artist uses 3D printing to create very literal 'nose ring'

Mar.13, 2016 - David Kent Watson, a grad student at the University of Wisconsin—Milwaukee, has used 3D printing to create aluminum and bronze casts of his nose. The metal noses have been made into finger-wearable 'nose rings'. More

Life-saving, 3D-printed custom splint steps closer to market

Mar.13, 2016 - An adolescent girl has been given 3D printed tracheal splints to treat a congenital breathing condition called tracheobronchomalacia (TBM). Staff at the University of Michigan used an EOS 3D printer with Polycaprolactone (PCL) filament to make the splints. More

3D food printing should be about sustainability, not mere convenience

Mar.13, 2016 - Chloé Rutzerveld, the founder of sustainable and healthy 3D printed food concept Edible Growth, has argued that prevailing food 3D printing initiatives need to drastically change their focus to realize their full potential. More

MODECLIX to unveil customizable, ready-to-wear 3D printed fashion collection

Mar.13, 2016 - A team of developers from the University of Herfordshire in the UK has recently announced that it has created a prototype collection of wearable 3D printed clothing with their potentially revolutionary MODECLIX technology. More

Delphine Diallo's 3D printed masks explore life, femininity and the future of art

Mar.12, 2016 - Visual artist Delphine Diallo has been gaining attention recently for her mixed media artworks that are challenging traditional roles of gender and race in the media. Her latest project incorporates a series of striking 3D printed masks, modeled and 3D printed with help from 3DBrooklyn. More

Make 3D prints functional with clever technique for embedding threads with a soldering iron

Mar.12, 2016 - As getting durable attachments between two 3D printed parts can be a bit challenging, one Florida-based maker has just shared a remarkably simple technique for embedding threads and nuts into plastic prints using just a soldering iron. More

Build this incredible 3D printed Ghostbusters ghost trap, complete with lights, sounds & smoke

Mar.12, 2016 - Sean Charlesworth of Tested.com has spent several months designing an incredible 3D printed ghost trap, as seen in the iconic Ghostbusters movies. The replica prop boasts light, sound, and smoke effects, and consists of 50 3D printed parts. More

3D printing in the hospitality industry: a five star experience

Mar.12, 2016 - A team of researchers from Cornell and Columbia University published a study that details how 3D printing technologies could be used to potentially change the hospitality industry, and they 3D printed a whole table setting to prove it. More

3D modeled YOUMO modular power strip an early Kickstarter success thanks to 3D printing

Mar.12, 2016 - Thanks to 3D printing, Munich based startup Good Gadgets are gaining momentum for their 3D modeled and modular powerstrip YOUMO through their Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign. More

DMG Mori using 3D printer, CNC mill hybrid to produce Porsche parts

Mar.12, 2016 - DMG Mori, a German manufacturer of cutting machine tools, is using its LASERTEC hybrid 3D printer and CNC mill to produce components for Porsche racing cars. The company is predicting an imminent and dramatic rise in 3D printing technology within the automotive and aerospace industries. More

Erica Gray weaves wild, wearable art with 3Doodler 3D printing pen

Mar.11, 2016 - Australian artist Erica Gray, winner of the 2015 3Doodler Fashion Award, has picked up her 3D printing pen again to create 'Forms Organic', a wearable sculpture inspired by organic figures and animalistic imagery. More

Injured stork given second chance with 3D printed leg braces

Mar.11, 2016 - A stork who was unable to stand or walk due to severe leg injuries as received a pair of custom 3D printed leg braces, made by Lithuanian 3D printer manufacturer Mass Portal. More

Kodak partners with Carbon3D on ultrafast CLIP 3D printing technology

Mar.11, 2016 - Carbon3D and imaging company Kodak have announced a joint agreement to develop novel materials and new applications for the ultrafast, innovative CLIP 3D printing process. More

3D Systems advances medical 3D printing with state-of-the-art Healthcare Technology Center

Mar.11, 2016 - 3D Systems has just opened a 70,000 sq ft state-of-the-art facility in Littleton, Colorado, equipped with a full portfolio of precision healthcare and medical 3D printing solutions. More

Russian teens develop mind controlled robotic car with the help of 3D printing

Mar.11, 2016 - Low-cost 3D printing, microcontrollers and auxiliary sensor technology have provided the necessary tools for a duo of Russian students to develop a brain-wave controlled robotic car. More

IUSM researchers pioneer 3D printed tissue implants with Regenova 3D bioprinter

Mar.11, 2016 - The Indiana University School of Medicine has just leased the Regenova 3D bioprinter by Cyfuse Biomedical, and will use it for a wide variety of 3D printed tissue research projects, including for the development of bone fragments and skin, inner ear and nipple tissue. More

HP Inc. CEO Dion Weisler: HP is betting big on 3D printing

Mar.11, 2016 - In a recent interview, HP Inc.'s CEO Dion Weisler discussed the future of the company as well its plan to democratize commercial manufacturing via Multi Jet Fusion 3D printing technology. More

Pentagon releases secret footage of 3D printed drone swarm launched from fighter jets

Mar.11, 2016 - The Pentagon has just revealed the future of drone technology with footage of a 3D printed drone swarm being launched from F-17 fighter jets, moving at an incredible 430 miles per hour. More

Hasbro files patent application for iPhone 3D scanner that turns toys into 3D printable avatars

Mar.11, 2016 - Hasbro has just filed a patent application for a 3D scanning toy that uses iPhones to scan toys and turn them into gaming avatars and 3D printable files. More

Ouring unveils low-budget 3DTalk MINI and voice-controlled 3DTalk T-Real II 3D printers

Mar.11, 2016 - Chinese 3D printing startup Ouring has just unveiled two interesting machines at the TCT Asia convention, including the low-budget 3DTalk MINI with interchangeable printheads, and the impressive voice-controlled industrial 3DTalk T-Real II 3D printer. More

3D Robotics, Autodesk, Sony join forces on a 3D scanning drone that can map the world in 3D

Mar.11, 2016 - Drone manufacturer 3D Robotics is using Autodesk FORGE and Sony's UMC-R10C camera to develop a UAV-to-cloud system with which construction, telecom, survey, mapping, energy and infrastructure workers will be able to 3D scan terrain and create detailed 3D models. More

BonaDrone's 3D printed and customizable 'Mosquito' drone coming to Indiegogo

Mar.11, 2016 - Barcelona startup BonaDrone will be launching a crowdfunding campaign for their 3D printed quadcopter drone. With it, BonaDrone is hoping to usher in a new philosophy for droning that empowers its users to adapt, modify and repair the drone with their own skills. More

Autodesk shares tips on speeding up Ember resin 3D printer up to 440mm per hour, or 24x faster

Mar.10, 2016 - With a new tutorial, Autodesk reveals how you can speed up their Ember resin 3D printer up to 440 mm per hour, or 24 times faster than their original printing speed. More

Apple files patent application for 3D printing investment molds

Mar.10, 2016 - Apple has showed renewed interest in 3D printing technology by filing a patent application for a new method of forming electronic device components using liquid metals and 3D printed investment molds. More

New Matter donates $200K in MOD-t 3D printers & supplies to 100 US schools

Mar.10, 2016 - New Matter today announced the lucky recipients of its Educate and Inspire Grant program. The company, founded in 2014 as a division of Idealab, will donate more than $200,000 worth of MOD-t 3D printers and supplies to the 100 educational institutions, chosen from over 450 applications. More

Ultimaker releases 3D printer Extrusion Upgrade Kit for Ultimaker 2 and 2 Extended

Mar.10, 2016 - Ultimaker has today launched an Extrusion Upgrade Kit that allows users to easily upgrade their existing Ultimaker 2 and Ultimaker 2 Extended models with the latest Ultimaker 2+ features and technology. More

3D printed Smart Tags ensure 100% authenticity of collectible shoes

Mar.10, 2016 - Proving that 3D printing is ready to take on mass manufacturing, SF startup Origin and Autodesk Ember have created a series of 3D printed Smart Tags for Marshawn Lynch's Beast Mode shoes. The microchip-embedded tags provide an un-forgeable certificate of authenticity and help combat the issue of counterfeit goods. More

25 Free Dual Extruder Multicolor 3D prints you can make today

Mar.10, 2016 - 3D printing with multiple colors is made easy in large part to dual extruder technology. Here are some of the 30 best dual extruder multicolor 3D prints available online today. More

Autodesk's Project Escher connects multiple 3D printers for faster, scalable large-format 3D printing

Mar.10, 2016 - In an exciting ongoing project, Autodesk is exploring what could be the future of large scale 3D printing. Called Project Escher, it's a software configuration that can run multiple collaborating 3D printers and toolpaths on a huge build platform to make large and quick and production possible. More

Four tips for finding the right wall thickness to turn your 3D model into a 3D print

Mar.10, 2016 - If you've ever not been able to print your 3D model because its walls were too thin, you're certainly not alone. Fortunately, French 3D printing service Sculpteo has published a number of useful tips that can help make your model ready-to-print. More

Carima unveils im-j DLP 3D printer with 20,000 hour LED UV light source

Mar.10, 2016 - South Korean 3D printer manufacturer has just unveiled the im-j DLP 3D printer, featuring a LED UV light source that will last for more than 20,000 hours, at the Hong Kong Jewelry Show. More

IDC reports spending in Asia Pacific excluding Japan 3D printing market to reach $4.3B by 2019

Mar.10, 2016 - According to a new report by international data specialists IDC, the 3D printing market in the Asia Pacific excluding Japan (APeJ) market is set to grow strongly with spending almost tripling to $4.3 billion by 2019. More

Charge your smartphone with a nifty 3D printed Tesla Supercharger

Mar.10, 2016 - Martin Hansen, a 3D printing enthusiast and Tesla driver from Northern Germany, has designed a miniature 3D printed Tesla Supercharger with which users can charge their smartphone. The original Supercharger was designed to rapidly supply charge to Tesla's Model S car. More

Fusion Imaging sets speed record for 3D printed aluminum drone at almost 90 mph

Mar.10, 2016 - Fusion Imaging has broken the speed record for 3D printed drones, using Shapeways' new Raw Aluminum Material to make drone capable of top speeds of almost 90 mph. More

3D printing assists production of innovative open-cup VIE SHAIR headphones

Mar.9, 2016 - Vie Style Inc. has launched a Kickstarter for VIE SHAIR, the 'pain-free social headphones' which float their speakers just above your ear. Prototypes of the headphones were 3D printed on Stratasys and MakerBot 3D printers. More

Lockheed to build satellites 40 percent faster with metal 3D printing technology

Mar.9, 2016 - Lockheed Martin has announced the ambitious goal of shortening satellite build times by as much as 40 percent within the next few years. Ramping up its metal 3D printing applications will be a key strategy in ensuring the company's success. More

World's oldest chameleon found trapped in amber, 3D scanning & printing help reveal how lizards have evolved

Mar.9, 2016 - Scientists have used 3D scanning and micro-CT scanning technologies to make some truly amazing discoveries about the evolution of lizards from a number of ancient specimens fossilized in amber. Among them, the world's oldest chameleon ever found. More

3D printed prosthetic hand enables new mother to care for her baby

Mar.9, 2016 - Thanks to volunteer organization e-NABLE and a domino-effect of goodwill, a young mother in Indonesia has received a 3D printed prosthetic hand that allows her to hold, feed, and care for her newborn baby. More

3D printed prosthesis covers let British Paralympian Corie Mapp show his true colors

Mar.9, 2016 - Create Prosthetics, a Lake Placid, NY-based 3D printing specialist, has created a set of 3D printed prosthetic leg covers for Corie Mapp, a British Paralympic bobsledder. The protective devices have been emblazoned with the crest of Arsenal F.C., Mapp's favorite soccer team. More

Iris van Herpen's FW collection Lucid for fall 2016 features dreamlike 3D printed dresses

Mar.9, 2016 - Dutch designer Iris van Herpen is exploring dream states and lucidity in her recent collection. The collection, recently unveiled during Paris Fashion Week FW 2016 features two stunning 3D printed dresses and mark another achievement for the designer within the 3D printing world. More

Extrudr unveils new Green TEC 3D printer filament made from renewable and natural materials

Mar.9, 2016 - Austrian filament manufacturing startup Extrudr has just added a very interesting and completely naturally biodegradable filament called Green-TEC to their assortment. More

Top 10 best free 3D modeling software tools for 3D printing

Mar.9, 2016 - 3D modeling is the key to creating great 3D prints. Whether you are an absolute beginner or a 3D modeling pro, here are 10 of the most popular and reliable free 3D modeling software tools for successful 3D printing. More

Barclays opening 3D printer-equipped Eagle Labs across the UK to support local startups

Mar.9, 2016 - British banking service Barclays has announced plans to open 20 new Eagle Labs across the UK. By providing access to event space, mentors, 3D printers and laser cutters, the Eagle Labs give local startups and business the resources they need to survive. More

Stryker receives FDA clearance for 3D printed Tritanium PL posterior lumbar cage

Mar.9, 2016 - Orthopedic giant Stryker just revealed that the FDA has given clearance to a 3D printed Posterior Lumbar Cage implant made from Tritanium, that could greatly help patients suffering from degenerative disc diseases. More

Aerojet Rocketdyne successfully tests 3D printed injector for RL-10 upper-stage rocket engine

Mar.9, 2016 - Aerojet Rocketdyne, NASA's longtime metal 3D printing partner, just revealed that they have successfully tested a 3D printed injector for the RL-10 engine, the most reliable upper-stage rocket engine at the moment. More

The PancakeBot is finally market ready and can 3D print a pancake of your face

Mar.9, 2016 - The popular PancakeBot, capable of making pancakes in almost any intricate design or shape (even your face!), is finally market ready and can be ordered online for $299. More

Texas couple says 'Yes' to $100 3D printed cubic zirconia engagement ring

Mar.9, 2016 - Rather than spending thousands of dollars on an impersonal engagement ring for the love of his life, Elisa, Christian Genco had a custom design 3D printed and set with a stunning cubic zirconia stone. The final result is a 3D printed custom engagement ring that could cost as little as $100. More

3D printing gets three-legged border collie Ziggy back on his paws

Mar.8, 2016 - Ziggy, a three-legged border collie, is up and walking again after University of Queensland lecturers used 3D printing to repair his damaged front leg. CT scans of Ziggy's leg were used to create 3D printed models, which UQ staff used to assess bone torsion. More

Industrial 3D printing systems drive 70% revenue growth for Optomec

Mar.8, 2016 - Optomec, a 3D printed metals and electronics supplier, has reported 70% revenue growth for its industrial 3D printing systems during 2015. The company is operating profitably and is maintaining a strong backlog as demand for its products increases. More

Covert 3D scanning operation of Nefertiti's Bust likely a hoax

Mar.8, 2016 - Many of our readers will remember a story we covered just weeks ago about two artists who covertly 3D scanned the famous Bust of Nefertiti at the Neues Museum in Berlin and released the 3D models online. Well, as it turns out, the whole secret 3D scanning mission may have been a hoax! More

Researchers use origami and 3D printing to make surgical tools smaller

Mar.8, 2016 - A team of researchers from Brigham Young University using 3D printing and origami principles to develop the smallest surgical tools yet, which are flat to enter incisions but then bend into specific shapes. More

International Women's Day Highlight: 20 women making a difference with 3D printing

Mar.8, 2016 - In honor of International Women's Day, we have compiled a list of some women who have truly inspired us within the 3D printing industry, from scientists, to company founders, to makers and engineers, to designers. More

Low cost Scribble 3D printing pen with LED display launches for $49

Mar.8, 2016 - A crowdfunding campaign has just been launched on Kickstarter for a new low cost 3D printing pen called the Scribble, which features an LED display and easily fits in your hand. More

3D printed 'person-on-a-chip' used to grow human heart and liver tissue for drug testing

Mar.8, 2016 - Researchers from the University of Toronto have used a 3D printer to develop a novel method of generating human tissue outside of the body. The AngioChip 'person-on-a-chip' technique involves 3D printing tiny scaffolds which individual cells can grow on. More

All aluminum Trium Delta 3D printer launches on Kickstarter for just €399

Mar.8, 2016 - In response to stripped down budget 3D printers, a trio of Luxembourgian engineers have launched a crowdfunding campaign for the impressive all aluminum Trium Delta 3D printer with a very competitive price tag. More

Harvard bioengineers scale up vascularized tissue engineering with 3D bioprinting

Mar.8, 2016 - In a new publication, a team of Harvard researchers has revealed a paradigm shifting 3D bioprinting technique that can greatly scale up vascularized tissue engineering and can produce thick constructs complete with stem cells, extracellular matrix and circulatory channels. More

BMW celebrates 100 years with 4D printed VISION NEXT 100 concept car

Mar.8, 2016 - Today in Munich, BMW unveiled the VISION NEXT 100 concept car, a self driving sports vehicle with an augmented reality windshield and 4D printed, shape-shifting interior. More

Under Armour breaks new ground with limited edition 3D printed training shoe

Mar.7, 2016 - Under Armour has just unveiled the UA Architech, the first-ever 3D printed training shoe to reach the consumer market. The UA Architec, which features a 3D printed midsole, will be available in a limited edition run of 96 pairs later this month. More

Electroloom Mini 3D clothing printer creates seamless, wearable fabric in under 20 minutes

Mar.7, 2016 - The Electroloom Mini 3D clothing printer has just been unveiled and is taking 'fast-fashion' to a whole new level. The unique 3D printer can produce flexible and colored fabric from a liquid solution right on your desktop, and in under 20 minutes' time. More

New nylon 3D printing filament from Graphene 3D Lab promises strength & 'bendability'

Mar.7, 2016 - Graphene 3D Lab Inc., a New York-based additive manufacturing materials specialist, today unveiled Scorpion Flexible Nylon, a new 3D printing filament. Available in both 1.75 and 3.00mm diameters, the filament is purportedly ideal for 3D printed furniture, containers, and clothing. More

This 3D printed Stressball physically transforms based on your stress levels

Mar.7, 2016 - To help those suffering from stress understand their metal state, German interface designer Simone Schramm has developed the 'Stressball', a 3D printed interactive ball that is capable of measuring stress levels and turning them into visual communications. More

Aerojet Rocketdyne contracts Sigma Labs for U.S. Air Force and America Makes metal 3D printing initiatives

Mar.7, 2016 - Aerojet Rocketdyne will be using Sigma Labs' metal 3D printing Quality Assurance software to help advance the use of metal 3D printed aerospace parts in ongoing projects with the U.S. Air Force and America Makes. More

Learn about the building blocks of life with this 3D printed modular DNA model

Mar.7, 2016 - As most of us learnt in school DNA, or Deoxyribonucleic acid molecules, are 'the building blocks of life' and are the fundamental part of our existence. To help understand the composition of our own living bodies Thingiverse maker mkuiper has created a 3D printed folding DNA model kit for any makers to 3D print at home. More

Shanghai researchers successfully 3D print a Dragonfly ornithopter that flies with flapping wings

Mar.7, 2016 - Researchers from Tongji University in Shanghai have actually managed to 3D print a Dragonfly ornithopter, that flies by harnessing the power of flapping wings, and tested it in a wind tunnel. More

3D printed (nearly) nude selfies: The ultimate personalized product, or oversharing gone too far?

Mar.7, 2016 - Nudee is a new UK-based 3D printing service that offers customized 3D printed nude figurines based on photographs of the customer's face and a variety of body type templates. More

Disney receives patent for replicating reflective properties on 3D printed surfaces

Mar.7, 2016 - Another of Disney's 3D printing patent filings has just been approved by the US patent office, this time for a technique to replicate reflective properties on 3D printed surfaces by optimizing geometry and 3D printing an additional layer of reflective ink. More

Rutgers University students bioprinting degradable scaffolds with BioBot 3D Printer

Mar.7, 2016 - At Rutgers University-Camden in New Jersery a team of students working under assistant professor of chemistry, David Salas-de la Cruz, has been developing 3D bioprinted cellular building blocks that could make up the foundation for other 3D printed organic tissues. More

China's first mini metal 3D printer unveiled, capable of 3D printing metal jewelry

Mar.7, 2016 - Beijing-based Yibo3D reached a Chinese milestone yesterday by unveiling the YBRP-140 SLM 3D printer, the first small-scale metal 3D printer from that country and the first in the sub-1 million RMB range. More

Stratasys & Michigan University join forces in CYBER to revolutionize orthotics with 3D printing

Mar.7, 2016 - 3D printing giant Stratasys has joined forces with the University of Michigan an Altair Engineering in CYBER, a research initiative that seeks to set up a digital orthotics platform that provides custom fitting, 3D printed orthotics in as little as a single day. More

Two-legged chihuahua Leo on a roll thanks to 3D printed prosthetic

Mar.6, 2016 - A two-legged chihuahua named Leo has been given a big mobility boost in the form of a 3D printed prosthesis. Staff at California State University Channel Islands 3D printed the tailor-made wheelchair device, which the enthusiastic dog soon got to grips with. More

Put a tasty twist on history with chocolate terracotta warriors made with 3D printing

Mar.6, 2016 - Using a 3D printed mold and regular chocolate, veteran 3D printer Michael Curry has created fantastic and tasty replicas of the iconic Chinese terracotta warriors. More

Kirby Downey 3D prints massive Destiny 'Gjallahorn' rocket launcher

Mar.6, 2016 - Serial video game prop-maker Kirby Downey has 3D printed an epic Gjallahorn rocket launcher, as featured in the Destiny video game. Downey's 3D printed weapon is a remake of a previous version designed by Matthew Clarke. More

How fast does moisture break down popular 3D printing material PLA?

Mar.6, 2016 - It is generally advised to store your PLA 3D printer filament in a moisture free environment to keep it reliable. But how much care do you really need to take to keep your plastic dry? More

U2's With or Without You cover performed with entirely 3D printed violin

Mar.6, 2016 - French musician and 3DVarius creator Laurent Bernadac has released a music video cover of U2's With or Without You, performed with his entirely 3D printed electric violin. More

Maker shows off amazing 3D printed Rey's Blaster from Star Wars the Force Awakens

Mar.5, 2016 - For his latest project, PunishedProps' Bill Doran has created an amazing replica of Rey's Blaster from Star Wars: The Force Awakens with the help of 3D printing. More

Real estate startup Jagonal uses 3D models and VR to sell commercial property

Mar.5, 2016 - Sydney, Australia based real estate startup Jagonal is hoping to herald in a new era of online commercial real estate with the help of 3D modeling and virtual reality tours, offering their clients a more immersive and dynamic property search experience. More

3D printed GoPro mount used for incredible 360-degree wheelchair sports videos

Mar.5, 2016 - A group of Russian filmmakers, working under the name VRability, have been shooting 360-degree videos of disabled people participating in sporting activities. To achieve the immersive virtual reality video effect, the group used a 3D printed GoPro mount attached to a helmet. More

3D Printed PMG generator has everything you need to power a 50W lightbulb

Mar.5, 2016 - Electrical generators are essential in keeping our society running. A 3D Printable generator, the 3D Generator-1 has been released and is capable of producing up to 50W of energy. More

Sci Chic, 3D printed science-inspired jewelry startup, to release new customizable APEX collection

Mar.5, 2016 - Sci Chic, founded by two female engineering students, has recently announced a new collection of 3D printed and laser cut science inspired jewelry which will be released on March 14, 2016. More

Simone Fontana 3D prints life-size League of Legends Zenith Blade on desktop 3D printer

Mar.4, 2016 - Proving that you don't need expensive equipment to 3D print awesome video game props, Simone Fontana has 3D printed a life-size Zenith Blade from the game League of Legends using only the affordable and desktop-friendly Dremel Idea Builder. More

Google.org awards 3 Indian disability nonprofits with Rs 54M grant to pursue 3D printing & scanning tech etc

Mar.4, 2016 - Google.org, the philanthropic arm of Google, has provided Rs 54 million ($800k) worth of grant funding to three Indian non-profit organizations for disabled people, two of which will use their grant money to develop 3D printing and scanning technology. More

15 Ideas to start your own 3D printing business

Mar.4, 2016 - From small business to individuals to giant corporations, 3D printing can be an extremely lucrative profession to take up. Here are some creative 3D printing business ideas for launching a successful new career. More

UofL dental specialists use 3D scanning & 3D printing to make implants easier and more comfortable for patients

Mar.4, 2016 - Dental specialists at the University of Louisville School of Dentistry have developed a protocol for digitally aided dental surgery. The protocol involves 3D scanning a patient's teeth, jaw, and gums, CNC milling a set of temporary restoration teeth, and 3D printing surgical models and templates. More

Oceanz becomes first 3D printing company to receive ISO 13485 certificate for 3D printed medical devices

Mar.4, 2016 - Dutch 3D printing service providers Oceanz have just realized a major step towards large scale medical 3D printing, as they have just been awarded EU's ISO 13485 certification which shows their ability to conform to all regulations and demands. More

The school photo of the future: 700 Amsterdam students get 3D printed selfie

Mar.4, 2016 - 700 Dutch kids from the Steigereiland primary school in Amsterdam are the first to get 3D printed selfies, made in 3D scanning booths with the help of startup Nieuwe Schoolfoto, instead of boring portrait-style school photos. More

Turkish artist Esra Oguz is creating stunning 3D pieces with her 3Doodler 3D printing pen

Mar.4, 2016 - 3Doodler awarded Turkish handcrafts artist Esra Oguz their Interior Design Award 2015, and now we're taking a look at the artist's stunning works and her inspiring 3Doodling techniques. More

3D printer filament maker eSUN approved by China's NEEQ to list on Third Board

Mar.4, 2016 - Major Chinese filament manufacturer eSUN has just received a huge boost to their efforts to bring environmentally friendly filaments to users everywhere with the admittance to the OTC list of NEEQ's stock exchange, making investment much easier. More

London doctor uses 3D printed model to successfully remove prostate tumor

Mar.4, 2016 - In November 2015, Prokar Dasgupta, Professor of Urology at the London Clinic, successfully removed a cancerous tumor from a patient's prostate using a 3D printed replica prostate as a pre-surgical aid. Dr Clare Allen, a consultant radiologist at the clinic, facilitated the 3D printing process. More

Skull found after Battle of Culloden 3D scanned and recreated as a 3D digital model

Mar.4, 2016 - The National Trust for Scotland (NTS) and The Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh have 3D scanned a section of skull discovered centuries ago in Culloden, near Inverness, Scotland. Experts believe the skull to be that of a slain fighter participating in the 1746 Battle of Culloden. More

Stratasys rises despite further losses in Q4 and 2015 financial results

Mar.3, 2016 - Stratasys today released its fourth quarter and full year 2015 financial results, revealing higher-than-expected revenue of $173.36 million in Q4, a loss of 1 per cent per share. The results have lifted sent Stratsys's stock surging since pre-market hours. More

Students create 3D printed scorpion robot with autonomous 'stinging' tail

Mar.3, 2016 - Three Industrial Engineering students from Ghent University have designed and created a digitally manufactured Hexapod Scorpion robot that moves around like a real scorpion and 'stings' passersby with its 3D printed tail. More

3D printing gives Materialise's Vanessa Palsenbarg renewed hope for scoliosis treatment

Mar.3, 2016 - Materialise's Corporate Communications Manager Vanessa Palsenbarg has opened up about how 3D printing her scoliosis afflicted spine has given her a new hope that her curved back could one day be fixed. More

Israeli metal 3D printing startup XJet raises $25m from Autodesk and Catalyst CEL

Mar.3, 2016 - Isreali metal 3D printing company XJet has closed a $25 million funding round, led in part by 3D printing software developer Autodesk, to help develop and launch its proprietary liquid metal 3D printing technology, known as NanoParticle Jetting. More

The new LumiForge resin 3D printer is a professional upgrade to the LumiPocket LT

Mar.3, 2016 - Though their LumiPocket LT was successfully funded just six months ago, Italian resin 3D printing experts Lumi Industries are already back with a professional upgrade called the LumiForge 3D printer. More

Aleph Objects celebrates 3D printing their 1 millionth part with LulzBot 3D Printer

Mar.3, 2016 - Colorado based 3D printer company Aleph Objects, Inc. recently announced that it additively manufactured its one millionth part, 3D printed by one of their well-regarded LulzBot 3D printers. The part, a large herringbone gear will be kept on display at Aleph Objects headquarters. More

Nicetrails 3D prints hand-held replicas of your favorite mountain hikes

Mar.3, 2016 - Nicetrails is a 3D visualization and 3D printing service that will convert your favourite mountain hike, cycling path or even ski trail into a full-color 3D printed sandstone tactile map. More

Tio toy kit encourages children to 3D print and create their own remote controlled toys

Mar.3, 2016 - London based startup Tio has recently launched a Kickstarter campaign for its Tio toy Kits, which allow children to create and build motorized toys with the help of recycled materials, old toys, and 3D printing. More

Aleph1 3D printed speaker fixes age-old problem of back wave with innovative design

Mar.3, 2016 - Industrial designer Boaz Dekel has created a 3D printed circular speaker with the help of 3D printing company Stratasys that eliminates the problem of sound distortion caused by back wave. More

3D printing helps UVA PhD students to resurrect ancient civilizations

Mar.3, 2016 - Jennifer Grayburn and Benjamin Gorham, two PhD students from the University of Virginia, have been using their university Makerspace to 3D print replicas of fragile and immovable archaeological findings. More

Sounds emitted by 3D printers could put Intellectual Property at risk

Mar.2, 2016 - Researchers from the University of California, Irvine, have revealed that the sounds emitted by a 3D printer can be used to reverse-engineer and re-create 3D printed objects, presenting a new security threat to Intellectual Property and 3D printing designs. More

UK researchers develop 3D printed 'Sneezometer' to help diagnose asthma

Mar.2, 2016 - Take a deep breath: Researchers at the University of Surrey, UK, have 3D printed the world's first 'sneezometer', a spirometer that is sensitive enough to measure the speed of a sneeze. The 3D printed device could be used to diagnose respiratory conditions such as asthma. More

Type A Machines launches new ProMatte lightweight 3D printer filament, 30% lighter than standard PLA

Mar.2, 2016 - San Francisco based 3D printer company Type A Machines, known best for its reliable and high quality Series 1 Pro 3D Printer and its more recent Print Pod innovation, has just released a brand new lightweight 3D printing filament onto the market: ProMatte. More

3D Tech companies join forces to 3D scan and 3D print 150 Orion spacecraft replicas

Mar.2, 2016 - Several 3D tech companies including FARO, Met-L-Flo, Cincinnati Inc. and aerospace company Lockheed Martin have joined forces to 3D scan and 3D print 150 replicas of NASA's Orion crew module. The first-ever 3D scan of the Orion crew module spacecraft took place yesterday. More

Goodyear seeks to make autonomous cars safer with 3D printed spherical tire concept Eagle-360

Mar.2, 2016 - At the Geneva International Motor Show, International tire specialists Goodyear have unveiled a concept for 3D printed spherical tires that could provide autonomous cars with the power to safely drive anywhere and in any conditions. More

Wooden 3D printed boat prop? Makers put filaments to the test with surprising results

Mar.2, 2016 - Two makers have put several regularly used filaments to the test, 3D printing four boat propellers and actually testing them in the harbor with surprising results. More

Gigantic 2.3 meters tall 3D printed iron knot sculpture by Rinus Roelofs revealed at RapidPro 2016

Mar.2, 2016 - An amazing 2.3 meter tall piece of 3D printed art by Rinus Roelofs has just been unveiled at RapidPro 2016: A gigantic sculpture of an iron knot made by 3Dealise. More

Bond, build, and fix 3D prints is easier than ever with the Fixer3D pen

Mar.2, 2016 - Resin 3D printer manufacturers 3D Facture have just launched a very useful 3D print fixing tool on Kickstarter: the Fixer, a resin 3D printing pen that accurately fixes any scarred surfaces and glues parts together perfectly. More

Scientists 3D print black widow spiders to learn the secret behind its red hourglass

Mar.2, 2016 - Researchers recently conducted tests using 3D printed fake spiders to test what effects the black widow's red mark had on different animal species, namely birds and insects, with the goal of determining how the spider's marks have different effects on the two types of animal. More

MakerGirl introducing girls to the world of STEM through 3D printing and Kickstarter

Mar.2, 2016 - STEM based learning is essential to nourishing the minds of tomorrow today. MakerGirl is raising funds to spread 3D printing based learning to girls across the United States. More

Make your own 3D printable big red Windows 10 Insider Preview update button

Mar.1, 2016 - VP of Microsoft and head of the Windows Insider Program has released free, 3D printable files for the "Big Red Button" he uses to release new Windows 10 Insider Build Previews to the public. More

Nervous System's Kinematic Petal Dress, made up of 1,600 pieces, is 3D printed fully assembled

Mar.1, 2016 - Nervous System, the Massachusetts based generative design studio, has created a new Kinematics 3D printed dress inspired by petals, which will be debuted and exhibited at the Museum of Fine Arts (MFA) in Boston from March 6 to July 10th, 2016. More

colorFabb and BCN3D partner to push the limits of multimaterial 3D printing

Mar.1, 2016 - 3D printer manufacturer BCN3D Technologies and 3D printer filament developer colorFabb have formed a partnership to develop new materials and applications for multimaterial 3D printing. More

Gizmo 3D's super-fast top down DLP 3D printer launches on Indiegogo

Mar.1, 2016 - Gizmo 3D Printers has launched an Indiegogo campaign for its super fast, top down SLA DLP 3D printer. The Gizmo 3D printer is available in three main size categories, with further build height options available within each category. More

Smith & Nephew unveils 3D printed REDAPT titanium hip implant

Mar.1, 2016 - Global medical technology business Smith & Nephew has developed a 3D printed titanium hip implant. The REDAPT' Revision Acetabular Fully Porous Cup with CONCELOC' Technology is being showcased at this week's American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons (AAOS) Annual Meeting in Orlando, Florida. More

This epic 3D printable Millennium Falcon consists of 236 parts, will take you 4 months to build

Mar.1, 2016 - Gambody, a 3D printing marketplace for gamers, is selling a 3D printable model of the Millennium Falcon'the iconic spacecraft piloted by Han Solo and Chewbacca in the Star Wars franchise for $74.99. The 1:34 scale model consists of 236 3D printable parts and requires at least 3 spools of filament. More

CTC Electronic receives order for 30 new Riverbase500 industrial SLA 3D printers

Mar.1, 2016 - Just one month after the release of CTC Electronic's Riverbase500 industrial SLA 3D printer, UK-based Greenwich planet has placed an order for 30 brand new machines. More

Octave Light R1 aims to bring affordable, industrial-grade DLP 3D printing straight to your desktop

Mar.1, 2016 - The Octave Light R1 is a desktop, top-down DLP 3D printer that offers industrial-grade 25 micrometer resolution and superior manufacturing design. More

Carbon3D's CLIP tech expanded to four 3D printing services, including CIDEAS and Sculpteo

Mar.1, 2016 - Redwood City-based 3D printing startup Carbon3D is expanding the availability of its high speed CLIP 3D printing technology through four service providers: CIDEAS, Sculpteo, The Technology House and WestStar Precision. More

Russia's first 3D printed nanosatellite to be sent to ISS in late March

Mar.1, 2016 - Russia's first 3D printed satellite, made by students from the Tomsk Polytechnic University, will be sent to the ISS in late March to begin a six month test project for the development of small unmanned aerospace vehicles. More

colorFabb_HT filament revealed, perfect for durable and temperature resistant 3D prints

Mar.1, 2016 - Dutch filament experts colorFabb have just revealed the latest addition to their excellent material range: colorFabb_HT, a very high strength, durable and tough filament with heat resistance up to 100 degrees Celsius. More

Cooking revolution: are food 3D printers changing the face of high end cuisine?

Mar.1, 2016 - While not yet present in the average kitchen, 3D food printers, such as Natural Machine's Foodini 3D printer, have been having a big impact in the world of high end dining, as Michelin starred chefs are using the technology to take their dishes to the next level. More

Industrial 3D printing in oil and gas sectors on the rise, Gartner reveals

Mar.1, 2016 - In their latest report on industrial 3D printing development, Gartner predicts that the oil and gas industry can greatly benefit from 3D printing and that 10 percent of companies will use it for parts manufacturing by 2019. More

3D printing helps surgeon reconstruct teen's face after serious car accident

Mar.1, 2016 - Dr. Pablo Prichard from the John C. Lincoln Medical Center in Phoenix, Arizona has successfully used 3D printing technologies to reconstruct the face of Jake Reynolds, a young man severely injured in a car accident. More

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