3D printing news ICYMI: HandyScan 3D certified by Airbus, 1st 3D printed swimming prosthetic, SLM partners with SAP, more

Mar.31, 2017 - Some more news that you might have missed, including ProtoLabs adding PolyJet to its range, an Airbus certification for HandyScan, worlds first swimming prosthetic, and more. More

G3D launches T-1000, a bigger and faster DLP/SLA 3D printer $1,900, on Indiegogo

Mar.31, 2017 - Global 3D Systems (G3D) has launched an Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign for its T-1000 DLP/SLA 3D printer. The new 3D printer, which boasts a larger build volume and faster printing speed than its leading competitors, is exclusively available to backers via Indiegogo for as little as $1,900 per unit. More

3D printing metal powder maker Metalysis invests £10m in Materials Discovery Centre

Mar.31, 2017 - UK-based metal powders company Metalysis has recently launched a new research centre, as part of a huge investment of '20m. '10m of this will go on the centre and creating hundreds of new jobs and traineeships in the area. The company's work with metal powders is popular throughout the industry, and it is hoping to make inroads into the aerospace and automotive sectors More

Xi'an ZhiRong launches ZcompleX 3, China's first electron beam metal 3D printer

Mar.31, 2017 - Chinese metal 3D printing company Xi'an ZhiRong has launched the ZcompleX 3, China's first electron beam metal 3D printing system. The company has applied for more than 20 patents relating to the machine. More

Engineers at SIT Poland develop SKRIBI, world's first 3D plaster printer for building façades

Mar.31, 2017 - Engineers at the Association of Innovative Technologies (Stowarzyszenie Innowacyjnych Technologii - SIT) in Poland have prototyped a 3D printer for applying plaster to building façades. The first device of its kind in the world, the 3D printer SKRIBI will be able to create precise images in monochrome or multicolour, including exact copies of photographs or other digital graphics. More

IACMI, Local Motors, ORNL to partner on composites development and large-scale additive manufacturing

Mar.31, 2017 - The Institute for Advanced Composites Manufacturing Innovation'IACMI-The Composites Institute, a national institute led by The University of Tennessee, Knoxville and U.S. Department of Energy (DOE), announces a new project to develop materials including reinforcements with advanced composites using large-scale additive manufacturing. More

UAE's Strata to build new 'Factory of the Future' for 3D printed aircraft parts

Mar.31, 2017 - Strata Manufacturing has announced plans to establish a second manufacturing facility at the Nibras Al Ain Aerospace Park in Abu Dhabi. The new facility, called Strata 2.0, will be built as a 'Factory of the Future' and will feature many advanced manufacturing technologies and solutions, including 3D printing. More

'Ring Stacking Method' fights heart disease: 3D printed guides used to make customized blood vessels

Mar.31, 2017 - Researchers at Wayne State University in Detroit have developed a 3D printing method for creating customizable blood vessels. The Ring Stacking Method could lead to new and improved ways of treating coronary artery disease. More

Fraunhofer launches new simulation software with diverse applications in 3D printing

Mar.31, 2017 - This week, German research group The Fraunhofer Society announced the launch of a new simulation software that will help test computer-assisted designs, catch flaws, and guide the user toward potential solutions. Fraunhofer researchers will be displaying a prototype of their simulation solution at the upcoming Hannover Messe 2017. More

Stanley Black and Decker releases new Stanley Model 1 3D printer

Mar.30, 2017 - Stanley has announced its first foray into the world of 3D printer manufacturing. Its new machine, the Model 1, is an FDM 3D printer that will retail at just over $1000. It is a desktop machine aimed at a casual consumer market, with various features and benefits including automatic filament spooling. More

MAKERbuino is a $35 3D printed game console you can build yourself

Mar.30, 2017 - A Kickstarter has been launched for MAKERbuino, a DIY 3D printed game console that teaches makers about 3D printing, electronics, and programming. The $35 gadget can be built in just five hours, and its Kickstarter has already doubled its $10,000 goal. More

LLNL researchers developing game-changing Direct Metal Writing 3D printing tech

Mar.30, 2017 - A team of researchers from the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory is developing a metal 3D printing method called Direct Metal Writing which could help overcome existing limitations that exist with powder-based metal 3D printing techniques. More

3D printing news ICYMI: Stratasys partners with MTC, AM Ventures invests in Exmet, FATHOM's on-site 3D printing

Mar.30, 2017 - Here are a few of the shorter stories from the last week or so that we didn't cover in full: AM partners with Exmet AB, Massivit demonstrates its work at FESPA 2017, Stratasys partners with MTC, FATHOM launches specialized on-site 3D printing management services, more. More

3D scanning allows Dundee's D'Arcy Thompson Museum to share virtual zoological collection online

Mar.30, 2017 - The D'Arcy Thompson Museum at Scotland's University of Dundee has created a library of 3D models documenting its zoological collection. CT scanners and handheld structured light scanners were used to turn the originals into digital files, and the collection been accessed from more than 25 countries. More

5 lucky backers become first owners of ONO smartphone 3D printer

Mar.30, 2017 - Backers of the ONO smartphone 3D printer will soon be receiving their rewards. The company behind the $99 portable 3D printer kicked off its deliveries at the Luxury Technology Show in New York City, where five randomly selected backers were invited to receive their 3D printers in person. More

Xaar's new 3D printing lab in Nottingham turns out custom-fit shoes, airplane parts, and more

Mar.30, 2017 - Xaar, a UK manufacturer of industrial inkjet printheads based in Cambridge, recently opened a new laboratory in Nottingham, where it will explore 3D printing technologies and the potential to scale them up for industrial volume. More

Inside GE's Advanced Manufacturing & Engineering Center: 3D printing and AR help GE develop the Brilliant Factory

Mar.30, 2017 - GE's Advanced Manufacturing & Engineering Center, which opened two years ago in Waukesha, Wisconsin, is helping 70 GE factories from around the world get to grips with 3D printing, augmented reality, and robotics, all under the company's 'Brilliant Manufacturing' initiative. More

Australian woman smiles again thanks to 3D printed jawbone implant

Mar.30, 2017 - A team of Australian surgeons has successfully implanted a 3D printed maxilla jaw bone into a patient. The patient in question, Susie Robinson, suffered severe injuries to her face after a car accident, and only now, after many years of operations and treatments, can she smile again as she once did. More

Six 3D printing projects now on Kickstarter: Little Arm Big, Zimpure Filtering, Titan pen, 3D printed castle, HexBay, Lula mobile tripod

Mar.30, 2017 - A quick round-up of recent Kickstarter campaigns for 3D printing projects: HexBay storage solution for tabletop gamers, 3D printed Dracula castle replica, Titan Ballpoint pen, Lula mobile tripod system, Zimpure Filtering system for 3D printers, Little Arm Big robotic arm. More

Resin 3D printers you can back on Kickstarter right now: D2K Plus, Mono1, Moai

Mar.29, 2017 - Stereolithography (SLA) and digital light processing (DLP) resin 3D printers are no longer just for the super rich. Here are three resin 3D printers you can secure on Kickstarter right now, all of which cost less than $2,000. More

3D printing helps blind Brazilian couple to feel their unborn child

Mar.29, 2017 - A visually impaired couple from Sao Paulo in Brazil have been given the opportunity to see their unborn child thanks to 3D printing technologies and a high-tech ultrasound imaging system. More

Ability1 desktop metal 3D printer hits Kickstarter starting at $2.9K

Mar.29, 2017 - Ability3D has just launched a Kickstarter campaign for its innovative Ability1 metal 3D printer. The 3D printer, which allows for the creation of strong, solid metal parts in your home or office, is available to backers for as low as $2,899 (up to $3,299). More

3D printed Italian Volt 'Lacama' motorcycle goes from 0 to 62 mph in 4.2 seconds

Mar.29, 2017 - Milan-based motorcycle company Italian Volt has developed a customizable electric motorcycle with 3D printed bodywork, frame, and swing arm. The Lacama goes from zero to 62 mph in 4.2 seconds, uses Brembo brakes and Ohlins suspension, and can be charged in just 40 minutes. More

BMW combines 3D printing & virtual reality to streamline vehicle design

Mar.29, 2017 - German auto manufacturer BMW, no stranger to 3D printing technologies, has announced its intention to combine additive manufacturing and virtual reality to help streamline and reduce the costs of its design processes. More

Nikita Replyanski's musical 3D printed prosthetic arms turn heads at Moscow fashion week

Mar.29, 2017 - Earlier this month, Moscow's Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week showcased some spectacular 3D printed prosthetic arms made by designer Nikita Replyanski and Russian prosthesis manufacturer Motorica. The 3D printed prostheses, inspired by robots and butterflies, were made using Autodesk Fusion 360. More

HTC launches MakeVR to turn Vive into 3D printing VR design tool

Mar.29, 2017 - HTC's Vive virtual reality system can now be used as a unique 3D design tool. The MakeVR app provides a virtual reality design workshop with a number of tools for 3D objects to be designed. The finished virtual project can then be sent to a 3D printer to make a real-life object. More

Kudo3D prepares to launch low-cost 'Bean' SLA 3D printer on Kickstarter next month

Mar.29, 2017 - California-based 3D printer developer Kudo3D, maker of the Titan 1 and Titan 2 DLP 3D printers, has announced it will soon be releasing its second-generation SLA 3D printer. Dubbed 'the Bean,' the new consumer desktop 3D printer is expected to launch via a Kickstarter campaign next month. More

Siemens, UAE's Strata and Etihad Airways unveil first ever 3D printed aircraft interior part

Mar.28, 2017 - Siemens, Strata, and Etihad Airways Engineering are moving briskly along with their plans for the first ever 3D printed aircraft interior. The three-way partnership has unveiled its first major accomplishment in the project: a 3D printed plastic frame surrounding the media screens on Etihad Airways aircrafts. More

Arcus-3D-M2 evolves from junkstrap into full color 3D printer

Mar.28, 2017 - A new 3D printer has been demonstrated that is capable of printing in any color imaginable. The Arcus-3D-M1, a fully formed version of a junkstrap 3D printer first seen last year, is a filament-based printer that boasts the full CMYKW spectrum More

Lightform combines 3D scanning & augmented reality in new projection mapping technology

Mar.28, 2017 - Until now, augmented reality startup Lightform was keeping quiet about their innovation: a computer and 3D scanning device that, when connected to any video projector, can quickly scan complex scenes and transform any object into a projection screen. Now, the company has emerged from stealth mode with news of $2.6 million in seed funding. More

CRP Technology releases rubber-like Windform RL 3D printing material

Mar.28, 2017 - Italian additive manufacturing specialists CRP Technology has released the newest addition to its family of Windform materials: Windform RL. The 3D printing material marks the first thermoplastic elastomer in the Windform line. More

Mecuris NexStep: the world's first CE-certified 3D printed foot prosthetic

Mar.28, 2017 - Mecuris, a Munich-based manufacturer of bespoke 3D printed prosthetics, announced that it has shipped and delivered the world's first CE-certified 3D printed prosthetic feet. The prosthetic in question, called 'NexStep,' has been in development for some time, and with the CE mark it is now ready for market. More

Planar chromatography experts hack Prusa i3 3D printer to separate & examine mixtures

Mar.28, 2017 - Researchers at Justus Liebig University in Giessen, Germany, have used a modified Prusa i3 3D printer to create thin layers of silica gel which can be used for thin layer chromatography, a lab technique for separating mixtures into their individual ingredients. More

Top-down 'Milkshake3D' 3D printer blows through Kickstarter goal, raises over $70K

Mar.28, 2017 - Hong Kong startup Orbi Lab is seeing some early success with the launch of a Kickstarter campaign for its Milkshake3D 3D printer. The 'top-down' SLA 3D printer is being marketed as the ideal tool for artists as it offers high-resolution printing and a large build volume. More

Mubadala, Dubai Future Foundation, GE Additive to build UAE's first 3D printing microfactories

Mar.28, 2017 - Mubadala Development Company (Mubadala), the Dubai Future Foundation, and GE Additive have joined forces to establish the first 3D printing microfactories in the UAE. The trio plan to start with microfactories in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. More

Kickstarter for Niryo One, open source 6-axis 3D printed robotic arm, doubles campaign goal

Mar.28, 2017 - A Kickstarter campaign for the Niryo One, an open source 3D printed 6-axis robotic arm, has more than doubled its €20,000 target after just a couple of days. The 3D printed robot is powered by Arduino, Raspberry Pi, and Robot Operating System. More

Frustum offers optimized generative design for 3D printed parts through Siemens NX software

Mar.28, 2017 - Colorado-based Frustum, a developer of functional generative design and topology optimization software, has announced that, as part of the Siemens' PLM Solution Partner Program, it will be offering its innovative design generator tools through Siemens' NX software. More

UK researchers trial new Diode Area Melting technique for high speed 3D printing

Mar.27, 2017 - A new 3D printing technique has been discovered by a team at the University of Sheffield, UK. Known as Diode Area Melting, it presents a faster, more energy efficient, and cheaper alternative to existing laser-based methods. It makes use of multiple, high wavelength lasers that function simultaneously to print a plastic or metal object More

3D printing service i.materialise launches new rhodium-plated brass material

Mar.27, 2017 - Popular 3D printing service i.materialise has just unveiled its newest 3D printed metallic: rhodium-plated brass will now be available as a 3D printing material for those using the online-based service. The smooth, glossy surface of rhodium is perfectly suited to jewelry designers working in precise detail, however, the new material launch is also expected to open the door for metal workers of all persuasions, as a new alternative to more commonly used metals such as gold, silver, bronze, and brass. More

Dubai DEWA teams with GE Additive to give 3D printing bigger role in future energy strategy

Mar.27, 2017 - Dubai's Electricity and Water Authority has signed an agreement with GE Additive that will see more investment in 3D printing technology, as part of their strategy for the future of energy in the UAE. The two will collaborate on research and development into ways that energy can be made more efficient, with the use of 3D technology. More

US-based Emerson opens new 3D printing plant in Singapore

Mar.27, 2017 - US-based additive manufacturing heavyweight Emerson has launched a new 3D printing plant in Clementi, Singapore. The state-of-the-art facility is Emerson's second worldwide development hub, and comes as part of Emerson's ongoing investment in the Asia-Pacific region, which has totalled over $80 million in the past five years. More

Solidscape highlights best of 3D printed jewelry design at Baselworld 2017

Mar.27, 2017 - Wax 3D printer manufacturer Solidscape, Inc. has announced the winners of the Baselworld Solidscape Design Competition, which highlights the best and most innovative 3D printed designs in the fields of jewelry and fine arts. The event marked the seventh annual Baselworld Design Competition. More

3D printing used to restore world's only 1914 Delage Type-S grand prix car

Mar.27, 2017 - Grant Cowie, an engineer and pre-war motorcar specialist from Australia, has used 3D printing to restore a 103-year-old grand prix car. The vehicle, whose engine was recreated using a 3D printed sand mold, is the only surviving 1914 Delage Type-S in the world. More

BAE Systems speeding up aircraft with falcon-inspired 3D printed feathers

Mar.27, 2017 - Inspired by the physiology of the peregrine falcon, researchers at British defense company BAE Systems and City, University of London have developed 3D printed 'sensory feathers' and other new aircraft technologies that could be applied to real aircraft within the next 20 years. More

NASA's tiny 3D printed PUFFER robot could be the ultimate Mars rover sidekick

Mar.27, 2017 - NASA is developing a tiny 3D printed robot inspired by origami that is destined to accompany rovers in space. PUFFER (Pop-Up Flat Folding Explorer Robot) is capable of climbing and crawling over many types of terrain, as it can flatten itself, tuck its wheels in, and even lift itself up with its tail. More

Rave like Iron Man with the 3D printed Arc Reactor Orbit

Mar.27, 2017 - A group of enterprising young ravers from San Francisco have 3D printed a Tony Stark-inspired Arc Reactor Orbit. Perfect for creating your own light show on the dance floor, this one-of-a-kind orbit houses up to 8 LED lights, and can also be worn around your neck so you can 'walk the floor as Iron Man.' More

Adam Savage investigates the 3D printed robot skeleton of Ghost in the Shell in new web episode

Mar.26, 2017 - Ex-Mythbusters TV personality Adam Savage has gone behind the scenes of the highly anticipated blockbuster Ghost in the Shell, adapted from the original Japanese manga and the 1995 anime film. In the newest installment of Savage's web series Tested, the designer paid a visit to New Zealand's Weta Workshop, the practical effects studio behind Ghost in the Shell, where he got an exclusive sneak peak of the film's acclaimed props, models, and effects. More

Fisher Price uses 3D printing to help design newly released Batman BatBot Xtreme toy

Mar.26, 2017 - Fisher Price's toy design process uses 3D printed prototypes to explore various physical features of the toy before manufacturing. Its latest Batman-themed product, the Batbot Xtreme, was perfected using virtual reality- uploading the 3D design into a virtual environment for designers to test out More

3D printing news ICYMI: 2017 Hackaday Prize, Formlabs Form 1+ discontinued, Formide cloud solution, more

Mar.25, 2017 - In a week that saw a large number of dental 3D printing innovations showcased at IDS 2017, there was also additive manufacturing news from the U.S. Navy, SLA pioneer Formlabs, beloved tech website Hackaday, and others. Here's a quick roundup. More

LPW case study: The effects of gaseous corruption on 3D printed metal objects

Mar.25, 2017 - LPW Technology has released the results of an investigation it conducted into gaseous corruption of 3D printed metal objects. It suggests that, regardless of the method used, oxygen impurities in the final product can build up with repeated uses of a 3D printer, leading to imperfections in the material qualities. More

E3D announces new 2-in-1 Titan Aero 3D printing extruder & hotend combo

Mar.24, 2017 - British start-up E3D-Online has today announced their new 2-in-1 Titan Aero 3D printing extruder and hotend combo.' More

Bondtech releases lightweight, cost & time-saving BMG extruder for optimum 3D printing

Mar.24, 2017 - Swedish startup Bondtech has today launched their newest product, a lightweight, cost and time-saving extruder for 3D printers. Leveraging the company's Dual-Drive technology, the BMG extruder combines low weight with high feeding capacity, and ensures maximum performance without grinding and slipping.' More

3D printed robo-fruit packed with sensors can test for freshness

Mar.24, 2017 - A new project by researchers in Switzerland will enable the freshness of large amounts of fruit to be determined more easily. Their 3D printed robo-fruits mimic the average physical characteristics of a particular fruit and are fitted with a temperature sensor, to give a more accurate reading than would otherwise be available More

3Ders interview with John Robertson, 3D printed jewelry extraordinaire & creative director of VerticesEdge

Mar.24, 2017 - With over 20 years of experience in digital 3D design, John Robertson is one of the most qualified individuals in the business. The multidisciplinary designer recently spoke with 3Ders about the state of 3D printing, 3D design, and his exciting new jewelry brand, VerticesEdge. More

Supreme Court ruling on cheerleader uniform copyright case could pose challenges for 3D printing community

Mar.24, 2017 - A new U.S. Supreme Court decision surrounding copyright laws that could impact the 3D printing industry has come from a seemingly unlikely case. The case, which started gaining attention a couple years ago, had to do with whether cheerleader uniform designs should be copyright protected. More

Color-changing 3D printed robot skin developed at MIT

Mar.24, 2017 - MIT researchers are developing 3D printed 'skin' for robots that changes color upon receiving physical stimuli. The technology was inspired by the golden tortoise beetle, or 'goldbug,' an insect whose golden exterior turns red when prodded. More

Promising start for Wiivv's 3D printed sandal Kickstarter

Mar.24, 2017 - 3D printed shoe brand Wiivv is gearing up for warmer weather with the launch of a Kickstarter campaign for its innovative custom-fit sandals, made using 3D scanning and 3D printing technologies. Backers can get their hands on a pair of bespoke flip flops starting at $70. More

UK cancer patient receives new jaw thanks to 3D printing

Mar.23, 2017 - A British man's jaw has been completely reconstructed with the help of 3D printing. The radiotherapy that was used to treat his throat cancer caused his jawbone to disintegrate. A 3D printed mold was made, and the missing jawbone was successfully replaced with bone from his leg. More

3D printed MAT(T)ISSE bio-prosthesis could revolutionize breast reconstruction surgery

Mar.23, 2017 - An innovative method for using 3D printed tissue-like lattice structures to reconstruct breast tissue for breast cancer survivors has been awarded the Theophile-Legrand first prize in France. The project, called MAT(T)ISSE, was pioneered by Julien Payen and Pierre-Marie Danze. More

Jamiroquai's Jay Kay dons light-up 3D printed headpiece in Automaton music video

Mar.23, 2017 - Jamiroquai fans will already be familiar with the British band's latest track, Automaton, which dropped in January. What fans might not know is that the light-up headpiece worn by frontman Jay Kay in the song's impressive music video was actually 3D printed. More

NASA's new in situ 3D printing inspection tech uses IR & visual cameras to spot flaws

Mar.23, 2017 - Researchers at NASA Marshall Space Flight Center have developed a new method for interim, in situ dimensional inspection of 3D printed parts. The technique uses infrared and visual cameras to allow users to monitor the 3D printing process in real time and correct it as needed. More

Researchers in Sweden induce 3D bioprinted human cartilage cells to live and grow inside mice

Mar.23, 2017 - Researchers at Chalmers University of Technology and Sahlgrenska Academy, both located in Gothenburg, Sweden, have used 3D bioprinting to induce living human cartilage cells to develop and grow in an animal. The breakthrough could be a step towards 3D printed body parts. More

Dubai-based Renca develops 'green' 3D printing cement made from industrial waste

Mar.23, 2017 - Renca, a Dubai-based startup, has created a 'green' cement compound that is made from industrial waste and which only uses a fraction of the amount of energy needed to produce traditional Portland cement. The new material is primed for use in construction 3D printing. More

Dartmouth scientists create 3D printed rotaxane smart material that can lift 15x its own weight

Mar.23, 2017 - The lab of Chenfeng Ke, Assistant Professor of Chemistry at Dartmouth College, has used 3D printing to create create a smart material capable of lifting 15 times its own weight. The material works by turning mechanically interlocked molecules called rotaxanes into nanoscale machines. More

ESA successfully 3D prints test structures made from simulated Mars dust

Mar.23, 2017 - An Austrian research team has successfully 3D printed structural samples out of simulated Mars dust. Though the prints are small in scale, the research project marks a step towards realizing the goal of 3D printing structures on Mars using the planet's local materials. More

3D printed orthoses could help out children with cerebral palsy

Mar.22, 2017 - A new method has been developed to make body braces for children suffering from cerebral palsy, thanks to the work of parents whose son succumbed to the disease. Making use of 3D printing and 3D scanning, their method provides braces that are a much better fit, and will drastically cut wait times. More

Canada Makes, FusiA, MDA partner to 3D print metal satellite parts

Mar.22, 2017 - Canada Makes has teamed up with FusiA Impression 3D Metal Inc., and MacDonald, Dettwiler and Associates Ltd. (MDA) to 3D print a part that will be launched into space this year. Canada Makes provided much of the funding for the project through its Metal Additive Demonstration program, while MDA designed the part and FusiA took charge of 3D printing it. More

DWS releases new SLA 3D printer that makes dental restorations in 20 minutes

Mar.22, 2017 - DFAB, the latest 3D printer unveiled by DWS, is specifically designed for dental care. It has a number of advanced features that will allow patients to get replacement bridges or other dental prostheses fabricated in a single visit. More

3D printed robot hands could gain sense of touch with biomimetic forebrains

Mar.22, 2017 - A team of researchers from the University of Bristol in the UK are working on the development of a biomimetic forebrain that can be installed in 3D printed robot hands to increase their manipulation skills and applications. More

WASP launches 3 new 3D printers and 2 new extruders at MECSPE 2017

Mar.22, 2017 - Italian 3D printing company WASP will debut three new 3D printers and two new extruders at this week's MECSPE manufacturing exhibition in Parma, Italy. The new 3D printers include the DeltaWASP 2040 Turbo2, DeltaWASP 4070 Industrial, and DeltaWASP 3MT Industrial. More

3D printed rocket launch startup Rocket Lab raises $75M in Series D round

Mar.22, 2017 - Rocket Lab, a Los Angeles- and New Zealand-based startup whose rocket boosters use 3D printed engines, has raised $75 million in a Series D financing round. The money will be used to expand manufacturing facilities for the Electron launch vehicle. More

Under Armour's $300 3D printed Futurist sneakers available March 30

Mar.22, 2017 - Under Armour has previewed its newest 3D printed shoes, dubbed the 'Under Armour Futurist.' The shoes, which will retail for $300 a pair, are expected to hit the market on March 30, 2017 in a very limited release. More

Better than 3D bioprinting? Wisconsin researchers turn vanilla husks into biomedical implants

Mar.22, 2017 - A team of researchers from the University of Wisconsin-Madison has turned the decellularized husks of plants, such as parsley, vanilla, and orchids, into 3D scaffolds seeded with human stem cells. According to the researchers, the technique offers an alternative to 3D bioprinting biomedical implants. More

3D printing inspires UC Davis prof to tackle tricky 'moving sofa problem'

Mar.22, 2017 - Dan Romik, a UC Davis mathematics professor, has turned to 3D printing to help advance the problem of the moving sofa, which has stumped researchers for over half a century. More

Prodways unveils new ProMaker LD 3D printer series for dental industry at IDS 2017

Mar.21, 2017 - Prodways, a subsidiary of French tech company Group Gorge, has announced the launch of its new ProMaker LD 3D printers at the International Dental Show (IDS) 2017 this week in Cologne, Germany. This year's IDS takes place from March 21st to 25th, continuing its tradition of showcasing the latest technologies disrupting the dental industry. More

Hong Kong 3D printing startup Peopoly launches $1,250 Moai SLA 3D printer

Mar.21, 2017 - Hong Kong-based 3D printing startup Peopoly has launched the Moai stereolithography (SLA) 3D printer. The printer will be available as a build-it-youself kit for $1,250, but its Kickstarter campaign (target: $30,000) allows customers to get it for much less. More

3D Systems launches new 3D printing materials, ProJet CJP 260Plus full color 3D printer and software updates

Mar.21, 2017 - 3D Systems has today announced a range of new 3D printing materials, software updates and a new full color 3D printer to accelerate additive manufacturing in the growing investment casting, jewelry and dental markets. More

DuPont Performance Materials breaks into 3D printing with 3 new high-performance filaments

Mar.21, 2017 - Polymer science company DuPont Performance Materials has introduced a new range of 3D printing filaments based on some of its existing polymers. The new filaments, which were presented at the Additive Manufacturing Users Group Conference, include Dupont Hytrel thermoplastic elastomers, DuPont Zytel nylons, and DuPont Surlyn ionomers. More

TU Delft researchers using 3D printed bacteria to make graphene-like materials

Mar.21, 2017 - Researchers at the Delft University of Technology in the Netherlands are using 3D printed bacteria to create bespoke, graphene-like materials. They say that bacteria 3D printed in precise lines can 'pull' oxygen atoms off graphene oxide, turning it into a material that is more like graphene. More

3D Printlife launches new BioPETG 3D printing filament via Kickstarter

Mar.21, 2017 - Los Angeles-based 3D printing filament manufacturer 3D Printlife has launched a Kickstarter campaign for its new eco-friendly PETG filament. The company is hoping to bring its innovative bio-degradable BioPETG filament to market in 12 to 18 different colors. More

Chinese 3D printing construction company WinSun & Saudi Arabia's Al Mobty Contracting Co agree 10 billion RMB deal

Mar.21, 2017 - The king of Saudi Arabia, Salman bin Abdulaziz al Saud, has overseen a 10 billion RMB (1.5 billion USD) contract between Chinese 3D printed housing company WinSun and Saudi's Al Mobty Contracting Co. More

Meet Firefly: the world's first 3D printed, tablet-powered smart mirror

Mar.21, 2017 - A group of University of California San Diego (UC San Diego) students and alumni have created the world's first tablet-powered smart mirror. The Firefly Smart Mirror, chiefly comprised of a 3D printed backing which fits an Android or iOS tablet, comes equipped with voice and gesture control, facial recognition, push notifications, and tons of apps. More

Divergent 3D and SLM Solutions partner to scale up Divergent Manufacturing Platform for 3D printed cars

Mar.21, 2017 - Divergent 3D, the company behind the amazing Blade 3D printed supercar, has signed a Strategic Development Partnership with German metal 3D printer manufacturer SLM Solutions Group. More

MakerBot's new 'Minfill' 3D printing mode dynamically adjusts infill, makes printing 30% faster

Mar.21, 2017 - MakerBot has introduced Minfill, a new Print Mode for its 3D printers that determines the absolute minimum amount of support needed for the inside of a 3D print. MakerBot says Minfill typically prints 30% faster using 30% less filament. More

New Stratasys J700 Dental 3D printer for aligner molds debuts at IDS 2017

Mar.21, 2017 - 3D printing company Stratasys has unveiled its new J700 Dental 3D Printing solution at the International Dental Show in Cologne, Germany. The dental 3D printer is being marketed as the 'fastest PolyJet-based 3D printer for production of clear aligner molds' and will be made available later this year. More

HP unveils details on 3D printing Material Development Kit, 3D Open Materials and Applications Lab

Mar.20, 2017 - In breaking news from the Additive Manufacturing User Group (AMUG) conference today, HP officially unveiled their Materials Development Kit, showcased the 3D Open Materials and Applications Lab, and revealed several key material developments with BASF and Evonik. More

3D Systems launches its first scalable, super-fast 'Figure 4' 3D printing production platform

Mar.20, 2017 - 3D Systems today unveiled its Figure 4 additive manufacturing platform, based on the company's Figure 4 technology and NextDent materials. The Figure 4 production platform is scalable and modular, ranging from single-print engine machines to fully automated, high-volume production systems with 16 or more print engines. More

'Envision the Future' challenge invites makers to design 3D printed tools for the visually impaired

Mar.20, 2017 - MatterHackers and Enablingthefuture.org have teamed up again to launch their latest design competition, this time for 3D printed assistive devices and learning tools for the visually impaired. 'Envision the Future' is inviting makers of all ages to put their design and 3D printing chops towards a good cause. More

Open source LittleRP2 DLP 3D printer offers new vat, height, projector options

Mar.20, 2017 - The LittleRP 3D printer, an 'affordable, open 3D resin printer' released in 2014, has received a full upgrade. The LittleRP2 introduces a configurable vat, an extended height option, additional controller shield options, added projector compatibility, and more new features and refinements. More

Natural Dental Implants presents cost-cutting 3D printed REPLICATE Tooth at IDS 2017

Mar.20, 2017 - Natural Dental Implants AG has unveiled a 3D printed version of its REPLICATE Tooth system at the International Dental Show in Cologne, Germany. The company currently has a prototype of the 3D printed tooth implant and plans to begin extensive testing on it this year. More

3D printed liquid battery could power (and cool) future computers

Mar.20, 2017 - Scientists at IBM Research Zurich and ETH Zurich in Switzerland have used 3D printing to build a tiny redox flow battery that can power computer chips while cooling them at the same time. The 3D printed liquid battery is just 1.5 millimeters thick. More

DuBox to showcase UAE's first 3D printed concrete structure at GMIS 2017

Mar.20, 2017 - The United Arab Emirates, which is aiming to become a world leader in the field of 3D printed construction, has announced an exciting step in realizing that goal: UAE-based construction company DuBox has unveiled the country's first locally 3D printed concrete element. More

Mkango, Metalysis to explore and develop 3D printed rare earth magnets for electric vehicles

Mar.20, 2017 - Canadian mineral exploration and development company Mkango Resources Ltd. has announced a new partnership with British metals company Metalysis Limited. The companies will seek to develop and commercialize rare earth metal alloys, which will be used for manufacturing 3D printed permanent magnets. More

EnvisionTEC showcases new E-IDB dental 3D printing material at IDS dental expo

Mar.20, 2017 - 3D printer company EnvisionTEC has previewed E-IDB, a new dental material for 3D printing indirect bonding trays. The 3D printing material is being exhibited this week at IDS, the world's largest dental show, in the German city of Cologne. More

E3D makes 3D printed molds for composite parts using its new soluble filament

Mar.19, 2017 - E3D has developed a filament, Scaffold, that can be completely dissolved in water. It has been experimenting with Scaffold, 3D printed molds, and composite materials, to produce all sorts of impressive parts. More

3D printed single cylinder engine runs on balloon power

Mar.19, 2017 - A hobbyist has 3D produced an engine that can be powered by an inflated balloon, or even by directly blowing into a valve. He used an Ultimaker 3 to print the device, and his designs, which were created on AutoDesk Fusion 360, are available for free download. More

3D printing news ICYMI: Sciaky takes EBAM to Japan, Sigma Labs partners with Jaguar, more

Mar.18, 2017 - We're overflowing with 3D printing news this week'and it's only Thursday. In addition to Sciaky taking its EBAM 3D printing technology to Japan, several partnerships have been struck up, with Sigma Labs, Concept Laser, and Oxford Performance Materials all getting down to business. More

Watch Michael Fassbender get 3D printed in new Alien: Covenant teaser

Mar.18, 2017 - AI corporation Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) has taken a leading role in the next installment of the Alien franchise. In a stroke of brilliant marketing, the new Meet Walter teaser for the upcoming Alien: Covenant film highlights both Michael Fassbender's leading role and AMD's growing stakes in the 3D printing industry. More

UK startup Fishy Filaments turns old fishing nets into 3D printer filament

Mar.17, 2017 - Fishy Filaments, a UK-based startup, has developed a unique way to produce new filament material for 3D printing. It takes used fishing nets, as well as materials dredged up by the local fishing industry, and processes this into filament. It has just launched a crowdfunding campaign in order to move the project from the research phase into full commercial viability More

TU Dresden investigating new materials for 3D printed concrete technology ConPrint3D

Mar.17, 2017 - ConPrint 3D, a technology that allows for the planning of 3D printed concrete structures, has made waves across the construction industry in the last year. Now a research team at TU Dresden is looking to determine such important factors as the perfect material composition of concrete to be used in 3D printing projects, hoping to revolutionize how new buildings are produced worldwide. More

Coobx releases new Exigo 3D printer with unique patent-pending LIFT 3D printing technology

Mar.17, 2017 - Coobx has announced the release of its newest 3D printer, the Exigo. This device comes with Coobx's new patented LIFT technology, which is a smarter way to UV cure 3D printed materials. More

3D printed modifications for Oculus Rift Touch controller are now possible

Mar.17, 2017 - Oculus has published the 3D designs for its Touch controllers online. This will allow users with the expertise to 3D print their own modifications for the controllers, as well as potentially create their own devices and accessories, with a wide range of different uses More

Materialise 3D prints detailed scale model of New Albert Heijn distribution center

Mar.17, 2017 - Materialise has successfully 3D printed a highly detailed scale model of a warehouse run by Dutch logistics company Vanderlande. The building is the national distribution center for supermarket chain Albert Heijn in the Netherlands, and Vanderlande will be using the 3D model to demonstrate its new automated layout More

Shining 3D Digital Dentistry to set up US subsidiary, will show off 3D scanners & printers at IDS 2017

Mar.17, 2017 - Shining 3D is a leading Chinese 3D scanning and printing company, and their breakthroughs in the dental industry will soon be helping out patients in Europe and the USA. This year's International Dental Show in Cologne will be a chance for their work to be demonstrated, and for companies to get on board with 3D digitization and the potential it has to change dentistry and orthodontics. More

CeramicSpeed launches $1,700 3D printed hollow Titanium Oversized Pulley Wheels

Mar.17, 2017 - Danish bike company CeramicSpeed has just gone public with its newest luxury bike part. Created in collaboration with custom frame builder Mosaic Cycles and high-end wheel manufacturer ENVE, the new 3D printed hollow Titanium Oversized Pulley Wheels left cycling fans salivating at the North American Handmade Bicycle Show this weekend. More

Stratasys & US Department of Veteran Affairs to launch 3D printing hospital network

Mar.16, 2017 - Stratasys unveiled today that it is teaming with the U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs to launch one of the first collaborative 3D printing hospital networks in the nation. More

+LAB wins JEC Innovation Award for continuous-fiber composite 3D printing

Mar.16, 2017 - JEC Group, Europe's largest composites industry organization, has announced the recipients of its JEC Innovation Awards. In the category of 3D printing, +LAB won for its 'Smart manufacturing of continuous-fiber composites' project. More

Arizona State 3D prints Psyche asteroid model in preparation for NASA mission

Mar.16, 2017 - Researchers at Arizona State University's School of Earth and Space Exploration (SESE) have made a 3D printed model of Psyche, an asteroid roughly the size of Massachusetts. NASA will send a spacecraft to the asteroid in 2023, and SESE has received funding to carry out essential research. More

Formlabs introduces two new dental 3D printing resins and partnership With 3Shape

Mar.16, 2017 - Formlabs today announced two new dental 3D printing materials and upcoming biocompatible materials for 3D printed dentures. More

Carbon releases SpeedCell 3D printing system for industrial scale additive manufacturing

Mar.16, 2017 - Carbon, manufacturers of continuous liquid interface production (CLIP) 3D printers, today released SpeedCell, a system of connected manufacturing unit operations that enables repeatable production of end-use CLIP parts at any scale. More

Materialise gets FDA approval for 3D printed pediatric surgical guides

Mar.16, 2017 - FDA have given the go ahead for 3D printing to be used to produce surgical guides for children for the first time. The guides will be produced by Materialise, to help surgeons with pediatric osteotomy operations. This will allow for better planning and much more accurate surgery More

Centre Pompidou puts spotlight on 3D printed art in new 'Printing the World' exhibition

Mar.16, 2017 - In its 'Printing the World/Imprimer le Monde' exhibition, Paris' famous Centre Pompidou is showcasing some of the most seminal 3D printed artworks to date. The exhibition, which opened on March 15, will be running until June 19, 2017. More

Amazing 3D printed butterfly dress sure to wow Vancouver Fashion Week attendees

Mar.16, 2017 - Vancouver Fashion Week is coming up and attendees can expect to see at least one piece of 3D printed fashion there. Up-and-coming Australian designer Charne Esterhuizen will debut her stunning 3D printed butterfly dress, made up of nearly 150 rubber 3D printed butterflies. More

HP wants new Oregon 3D printing materials lab to be 'catalyst for innovation'

Mar.16, 2017 - Printing giant HP has unveiled a new 3D Open Materials and Applications Lab at its Corvallis, Oregon site. HP says the 3,500 sq ft space will increase cross-industry collaboration, allow partners to test new 3D printing materials for the HP Jet Fusion 3D printer, and decrease time-to-market. More

French optician now offering customized 3D printed frames by Glass'yourself

Mar.16, 2017 - French optician Optique du Ferrain has joined the ranks of several eyewear shops around the globe that are offering customized 3D printed frames. The Neuville-en-Ferrain-based shop is the first optician to collaborate with Glass'yourself, a Mouvaux-based 3D printed glasses startup. More

3D printed train seat prototype helps POLGAR KFT save on costs and lead time

Mar.15, 2017 - POLGAR KFT, a Hungarian manufacturer of automotive parts, has successfully used 3D printing technologies to prototype a new train seat design. The seat was made in collaboration with METRIS 3D, and was additive manufactured using OMNI3D Factory 2.0 3D printer. More

Deutsche Bahn calls on suppliers to get on board with 3D printing

Mar.15, 2017 - Deutsche Bahn (DB), a German railway company that generates yearly revenue of almost 40 billion euros, used the Additive Manufacturing Forum Berlin 2017 to encourage suppliers to adopt additive manufacturing technology, which can reduce delivery times and inventory costs for spare parts. More

Les 3Dandies makes mouth-watering customized 3D printed chocolates

Mar.15, 2017 - Over recent years, 3D printing chocolate has transformed from a gimmicky technology to a fully marketable manufacturing process for high quality chocolates. And while Godiva might not be gift wrapping 3D printed edibles anytime soon, startups have popped up around the globe which are using 3D printing to make unique and mouth-watering chocolates. More

Voodoo Manufacturing's new 'Project Skywalker' links NINE 3D printers and a robotic arm

Mar.15, 2017 - Brooklyn-based 3D printing company Voodoo Manufacturing has completed Project Skywalker, a fully functional robot-operated 3D printer cluster consisting of nine 3D printers and a robotic arm. The system can automatically remove and replace a 3D printer's build plate when a print is completed. More

Micron3DP installs first batch of in-house glass 3D printers

Mar.15, 2017 - Israel-based 3D printer company Micron3DP has completed the first internal installations of its unique glass 3D printer. The 3D printer reportedly uses an FDM-style process to deposit 1000'C molten glass at layer thicknesses as fine as 100 microns. More

Caterpillar Inc. and FIT AG partner to 3D print aluminum and titanium parts

Mar.15, 2017 - Illinois-based construction corporation Caterpillar Inc. has announced a three-year partnership with German additive manufacturing company FIT AG. Through the partnership, the companies will work together to design and 3D print aluminum and titanium parts. More

3D-Fuel teams with NatureWorks to launch new APLA+ 3D printing filament

Mar.15, 2017 - 3D printing filament maker 3D-Fuel has teamed up with NatureWorks LLC in the launch of their newest filament: Advanced PLA+ (or APLA+). A new and improved version of 3D-Fuel's original APLA filament, APLA+ is an advanced Ingeo PLA formulation that offers high heat and impact resistance. More

PERK: 3D printed pour over coffee machine launches on Kickstarter

Mar.15, 2017 - Maker Jakub Svec is launching PERK, a fully automated pour over coffee machine, via a Kickstarter campaign launching today. Made with the help of 3D printing, the coffee machine is said to rival some of the top 'third wave' coffee shops in the U.S. More

Toronto-based Revo Toys launches new 3D printed fidget spinner on Kickstarter

Mar.14, 2017 - A Toronto-based startup known as Revo Toys has launched a new line of 3D printed fidget spinners. The Revo Spinner is now backable on crowd-funding site Kickstarter, with early bird specials starting at $29 CAD. The hand-held toys are designed to help focus attention, increase creativity and keep fidgeting fingers busy. More

V-MODA launches new 'Remix' 3D printed Bluetooth Speaker and Headphone Amplifier

Mar.14, 2017 - V-MODA, an Italian audio device manufacturer has released its newest product 'Remix', a bluetooth connected speaker and headphone amplifier that can be customized with 3D printed casings and details. The audio device is retailing for $300, with added customization parts ranging from $40 to $370K. More

SXSW features Akinori Goto's stunning 3D printed light sculptures

Mar.14, 2017 - Japanese artist Akinori Goto, who is known for his stunning 3D printed and light-based art installations, has been given a platform at this year's SXSW to display his innovative work. There, Goto will be showcasing an installation called Toki. More

BQ unveils Witbox Go!, the first Android 3D printer

Mar.14, 2017 - Madrid-based technology company BQ has unveiled the Witbox Go!, the world's first Android-powered 3D printer. The printer is designed for consumer use, packs a Qualcomm Snapdragon chip under the hood, and will be released later this year. More

Prusa adds 'Smooth Variable Layer Height' to Slic3r, enabling mid-print layer height adjustment

Mar.14, 2017 - Open-source 3D printer company Prusa Research has added a Smooth Variable Layer Height (SVLH) feature to its Slic3r Prusa Edition G-code generator. The feature enables users to print certain areas of a print with specific layer heights, allowing for perfect, ridge-free sloping surfaces. More

Print the Future N.Y.C. pop-up shop showcases stunning 3D printed designer furniture

Mar.14, 2017 - If you are a Manhattanite or a visitor to the Big Apple, you might make a point to pass through Midtown Manhattan to see what's printing at the new Print the Future pop-up shop. Open until March 31, the Print the Future shop is displaying all sorts of 3D printed designer furniture. More

New 3D-CMF 3D printing finishing technique uses solvent-filled 'pen' to smooth surfaces

Mar.14, 2017 - Researchers at Waseda University in Japan have developed a new surface finishing process for 3D printed objects. The process, called 3D Chemical Melting Finishing, or 3D-CMF, involves using a pen-like device to selectively apply solvent to certain areas of the object. More

China's funeral parlors are going high tech with 3D printing and robots

Mar.14, 2017 - China's funeral industry has started adopting some high-tech elements, such as 3D printing and robots. 3D printing is being used to manufacture accurate facial reconstructions for corpses, and the robots are being used to decontaminate funeral parlors. More

Rize One 3D printer lets Boston Engineering print prototypes in the office

Mar.13, 2017 - Using a Rize One 3D printer, Massachusetts-based company Boston Engineering has been able to speed up its prototyping process. The company used the Rize 3D printer in its office, rather than a dedicated lab, since the printer requires no post-processing equipment or chemicals. More

Oxford Performance Materials gains European patent for 3D printed bone implants

Mar.13, 2017 - Oxford Performance Materials Inc. (OPM), a leader in high-performance additive manufacturing or HPAM, has made headlines again with a new European patent for its osteo-implants. Privately held OPM announced today that it has officially received a Notice of Decision to Grant a Patent from the European Patent Office. More

Admatec Europe BV and ECN launch new ADMETALFLEX metal 3D printer

Mar.13, 2017 - Admatec Europe BV, the Dutch company best known for its 3D ceramic printers, has joined forces with the Energy Research Centre of the Netherlands (ECN) to launch a new state-of-the-art 3D metal printer: the ADMETALFLEX. The new printer is the latest addition to the ADMAFLEX series. More

Stylish 3D printed T3TRA speakers now on Kickstarter

Mar.13, 2017 - Los Angeles startup Alienology Audio is aiming to bridge the gap between good quality and stylish speakers with its new 3D printed T3TRA speakers. The colorful and compact speakers are being featured in a Kickstarter campaign, which launched last week. More

Leading Canadian metals specialist Samuel, Son & Co. invests in metal 3D printing

Mar.13, 2017 - Canadian metals and industrial parts manufacturer Samuel, Son & Co., Ltd. has announced it will be increasing its stake in 3D printing technologies through the acquisition of Burloak Technologies, a Dundas, Ontario-based additive manufacturing solutions company. More

Cazza plans to build world's first 3D printed skyscraper using 'crane printing' technique

Mar.13, 2017 - Cazza Construction Technologies, an architectural 3D printing startup that is currently working with the Dubai Government, says it is planning to build the world's first 3D printed skyscraper. The company will purportedly use a new 3D printing technique called 'crane printing.' More

Is Goodyear's 'Eagle 360 Urban' 3D printed concept tire the future of autonomous driving?

Mar.13, 2017 - The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company, which has been making tires for over a century, has unveiled its newest concept tire for self-driving cars of the future: the 3D printed Eagle 360 Urban. More

Researchers put 3D printed cheese under the microscope

Mar.13, 2017 - Researchers at University College Cork in Ireland have conducted a series of experiments to understand what happens to cheese when it is 3D printed. They found that the 3D printed cheese turned out softer, darker, and less sticky than untreated cheese. More

Modular 'Snapmaker' 3D printer combines laser engraving and CNC carving

Mar.13, 2017 - Keep a close eye on Kickstarter tomorrow, as a new modular hybrid 3D printer is set to launch. Called the 'Snapmaker,' the new machine combines a 3D printer, CNC carver, and a laser engraver. The Snapmaker 3D printer will be available for as low as $299. More

Six 3D printed accessories to fix common Nintendo Switch problems

Mar.12, 2017 - Since its worldwide release last week, the Nintendo Switch has enjoyed strong sales but mixed reviews, many of which point out irritating design flaws in the console. Makers are already popping up with 3D printed Nintendo Switch accessories designed to solve these problems. More

3D printed 'OpenScope' is your ticket to affordable digital night vision

Mar.11, 2017 - Instructables user MattGyver92, an architecture visualization specialist, has designed a 3D printed monocular night vision device. The device, dubbed OpenScope, features an adjustable camera, LED, and 3D printed enclosure. More

3D printing news ICYMI: Leapfrog Bolt prints Polypropylene, new 3D printed spinal implants, more

Mar.11, 2017 - The 3D printing stories you might have missed this week: Leapfrog Bolt used to 3D print with Polypropylene, GE partners with global manufacturing summit, UCL tests 3D printed tablets, new spinal implants 3D printed for surgery by Stryker, and more. More

Amazing miniature 3D printed solar systems, moons and planets that fit on your desk

Mar.10, 2017 - An online store run by a 3D printing hobbyist and astronomy enthusiast has a scale model of the solar system available to purchase. Everything has been faithfully replicated using 3D printing techniques, and the set is available in a range of different sizes. More

Boeing granted patent for virtual library of 3D printable aircraft parts

Mar.10, 2017 - Boeing has had a patent approved for a new system where designs for its aircraft parts will be stored in a virtual library. This will enable any replacement part to be 3D printed on demand, drastically reducing wait times for its clients. More

France fired up for 3D printed ceramics: 3Dceram teams with national research unit

Mar.10, 2017 - 3Dceram, a 3D printed ceramics specialist based in Limoges, France, has signed a three-year collaboration agreement with the Science of Ceramic Processes and Surface Treatments (SPCTS) research unit to develop ceramic 3D printing technologies. 3Dceram first worked with the SPCTS in 2010. More

Canadian 3D printed prosthetics non-profit is in the running to win $750K from Google

Mar.10, 2017 - The Victoria Hand Project, a Canadian non-profit that is helping to make 3D printed prosthetic hands more accessible in remote and developing parts of the world, is in the running for a $750,000 award through Google's Impact Challenge. More

India to expand virtual tourism with 3D reproductions of Buddhist Circuit monuments

Mar.10, 2017 - India's Science and Technology Ministry has announced a plan to reproduce monuments from the country's Buddhist Circuit using 3D technologies. Though the ministry has not released many details about the project so far, it says it is part of the effort to virtually promote India's architectural heritage. More

Stratasys releases Q4 and full year 2016 financial results, lowers 2017 outlook

Mar.10, 2017 - Stratasys has released its fourth quarter and full year 2016 financial results, reporting $175.3 million in revenue for Q4. The 3D printing company says its 2017 revenue will be between $645 million and $680 million with non-GAAP earnings of 19 cents a share to 37 cents a share. More

DIY: 3D print your own custom Apple Watch band using Ninjaflex

Mar.9, 2017 - The Ruiz Brothers have come out with a new DIY 3D printing project that Apple enthusiasts are sure to enjoy: 3D printed wristbands for the Apple Watch. The tutorial shows makers how they can create their very own DIY wristwatch bands using only a few simple tools, Ninjaflex flexible filament, and of course a 3D printer. More

Siemens produces first 3D printed part for Krško nuclear power plant in Slovenia

Mar.9, 2017 - A nuclear power facility in Slovenia was able to continue operation thanks to 3D printing reproducing one of its older parts. A team of engineers from Siemens reverse engineered the part, creating a 3D model which was then printed. It was the first time a 3D printed part has passed the incredibly high safety standards required by the nuclear sector More

Texas engineering students develop 3D printed Braille labels for consumer goods

Mar.9, 2017 - Undergraduate engineering students in Texas have been directly involved in a project that will allow braille labels to be 3D printed for consumer goods. They hope to develop a new portable 3D printer as well as the software required to use it, in order to make their project more widely available to the visually impaired community More

Taiwan's Tongtai to commercialize hybrid 3D printing technology this year

Mar.9, 2017 - Taiwan-based machine tool manufacturer Tongtai Machine and Tool Co., Ltd. has announced plans to commercialize its 3D printing technology sometime later this year. The company has also set its annual sales target at NT$200 million (~6.48 million USD). More

Madrid students propose 'UrbanBees,' flying drones that turn pollution into 3D printing filament

Mar.9, 2017 - Students at the Technical University of Madrid (UPM) in Spain have won a prize for UrbanBees, a 3D printing project which proposes using swarms of bee-like drones to capture contaminating particles in the atmosphere before converting them into filament for 3D printing. More

NVBots spinout Digital Alloys raises $5M to launch multimaterial metal 3D printers

Mar.9, 2017 - Digital Alloys, a spinout from the NVLabs division of New Valence Robotics (NVBOTS), based in Burlington, MA, has announced a $5 million Series A financing led by Khosla Ventures. Digital Alloys 3D printers will be able to mix multiple metals in a solid part. More

GE announces major expansion of metal 3D printing company Concept Laser

Mar.9, 2017 - After acquiring a 75% stake in German metal 3D printing company Concept Laser, GE has announced its plans for a massive expansion. The expansion will include a bigger HQ, increasing Concept Laser's employee base, and investing more. More

Polaroid's first 3D pen, 'Polaroid Play,' now available in Europe for €40

Mar.9, 2017 - Consumer electronics company Polaroid has launched its first 3D pen, the Polaroid Play, on the European market. The 3D pen is retailing for €39.99 (£29.99). More

Low-cost FDM 3D printing can help in fight against liver cancer, says medical expert

Mar.8, 2017 - A researcher in Poland has developed a new technique for 3D printing model organs to use as surgical guides, successfully demonstrating his process during a liver cancer operation. The process is significantly cheaper, giving it the potential to be implemented much more frequently in surgery. More

International Women's Day 2017: 43 most influential women in 3D printing

Mar.8, 2017 - From scientists, to company founders, to makers and engineers, to designers, women have played a crucial role in the proliferation of 3D printing in various industries. To recognize some of these inspiring women, we've compiled a (non exhaustive) list of influential women in the industry. More

3DHEART trial will study effects of 3D printed models in pre-surgical planning

Mar.8, 2017 - 3D printing company Stratasys has announced that enrolment for its new 3DHEART investigative trial is open. The 3DHEART initiative, which stands for 3D Hearts Enabling a Randomized Trial, is a clinical study to see the effects of 3D printed heart models for pre-operative planning for pediatric heart surgery. More

Frameless 'Hangprinter' RepRap turns an entire room into a 3D printer

Mar.8, 2017 - Torbjørn Ludvigsen, a Swedish maker and RepRap builder, is raising funds to develop the Hangprinter, a suspended 3D printer that uses the walls and ceiling of a room as its 'frame.' The unusual 3D printer can be used to print extremely large structures. More

Artec releases Artec Leo, first ever handheld 3D scanner with onboard rendering

Mar.8, 2017 - The Artec Leo has become the first 3D scanner on the market to boast onboard rendering of 3D images. This is possible due to its AI and an incredibly powerful onboard NVIDIA computer. Artec 3D hopes that it will make 3D scanning as easy as digital video recording. More

Hyrel's five-headed HYDRA 3D printer can complete Herculean tasks (like PCB printing)

Mar.8, 2017 - 3D printer manufacturer Hyrel International has announced the launch of its HYDRA 3D printer. The HYDRA will come in both floor and desktop models, and can be fitted with up to five print heads for multimaterial 3D printing. More

Dutch 3D printing market expected to grow by €20M in 2017

Mar.8, 2017 - A recent report has shown that the Dutch 3D printing industry is expected to reach about 120 million euros in 2017. The report, conducted jointly by Dutch bank ABN AMRO and consulting firm Berenschot, estimates that Dutch 3D printing market was worth about 100 million euros in 2016. More

Creator of Mini Metal Maker writes guidebook for DIY RepRap 3D printer

Mar.8, 2017 - David Hartkop, creator of the Mini Metal Maker 3D printer, has launched an Indiegogo campaign to help fund his book, titled "Create your own Ready RepRap." The book is a comprehensive guide to building your own DIY RepRap 3D printer. More

Project AME, the world's first 3D printed excavator is unveiled at ConExpo 2017

Mar.8, 2017 - Visitors to this week's CONEXPO-CON/AGG and IFPE 2017 construction expo have been able to witness Project AME (Additive Manufactured Excavator), the world's first 3D printed excavator, which was developed at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) in Knoxville, Tennessee. More

Feetz makes world's largest 3D printed shoes for teen with size 28 feet

Mar.8, 2017 - 19-year-old Broc Brown has been given a pair of customized 3D printed shoes—probably the world's largest—made by Feetz. Brown, who has Sotos syndrome, currently has size 28 feet, making it very difficult and expensive to find shoes that fit. More

Chinese government donates 3D printers, scanners, and filament to Mauritius

Mar.8, 2017 - China has further strengthened its friendship with Mauritius ' this time, via 3D printing. The Chinese national government recently announced a generous donation of 23 3D printers, 12 3D scanners, and 300 3D printing filaments to the government of Mauritius, in an outward gesture of building on the two countries' existing friendship. More

Florida Senator Bill Nelson pushes for 3D printed gun legislation

Mar.7, 2017 - A Florida Senator is pushing to ramp up legislation for 3D printed guns. Senator Bill Nelson announced this past Monday that he has filed legislation with Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, which would make it tougher to get 3D printed plastic firearms through security screenings. More

This lightweight 3D printed Trabeculae Pavilion is inspired by internal bone structure

Mar.7, 2017 - The Politecnico di Milano, Italy's largest technical school, has announced a special preview of its new 3D printed Trabeculae Pavilion at the upcoming Made Expo 2017. This stunning and highly experimental architecture is particularly notable for its extreme lightness, and innovative combination of biomimetic research and 3D printing. More

Embedded 'Hotflex' element makes 3D printed objects bendable and adjustable after printing

Mar.7, 2017 - Researchers at Saarland University in Germany have developed Hotflex, a computer-controlled, 3D printable composite structure that allows 3D printed objects to be precisely bent and deformed after printing. More

Stratasys introduces 2 new 3D printing materials: FDM Nylon 12CF and Agilus30

Mar.7, 2017 - 3D printing company Stratasys has introduced two new advanced materials for 3D printing: FDM Nylon 12CF, a strong, carbon-fiber reinforced thermoplastic, and Agilus30, a line of durable, flexible, and tear-resistant materials for PolyJet 3D printing. More

Hahn-Schickard obtains Prodways 3D printing tech to make injection molds

Mar.7, 2017 - German microsystems engineering company Hahn-Schickard has integrated Prodways' ProMaker L5000 3D printer and new PLASTCure Rigid 10500 resin for new applications in plastic injection molding. More

Stunning 3D printed Isoled lamp will light up your life

Mar.7, 2017 - Industrial designer Bert Simons has unveiled a new version of his paper Isoled lamp. Called the Isoled_V2, the new hanging lamp is made up of 3D printed parts, making it sturdier and more resilient than its earlier paper counterpart. More

3D printing helps design duo Drzach and Suchy realize incredible 'shadow clouds'

Mar.7, 2017 - Swiss design duo Drzach and Suchy have used 3D printing to create some spectacular 'shadow clouds,' 3D objects that cast different shadows depending on the direction of light. More

Microdroplet 3D printing technique mimics natural phenomenon of 'desert roses'

Mar.7, 2017 - Researchers at Washington State University have developed a new 3D printing method for creating complex, bio-like materials. The method allows for control over the material's architecture from the nanoscale to centimeters. More

Sigma Labs awarded new contract with Aerojet Rocketdyne for metal 3D printed part qualification

Mar.7, 2017 - Sigma Labs Inc. has received an additional contract from Aerojet Rocketdyne, a rocket and missile propulsion manufacturer. The new contract is a follow-on for a contract that was awarded to Sigma Labs last year to develop advanced quality control measures for 3D printing metal aerospace parts. More

3D printing an increasing source of medical aid in earthquake-devastated Nepal

Mar.6, 2017 - 3D printing has become an increasing source of medical aid in earthquake-stricken Nepal. In the wake of the 7.8-magnitude earthquake that devastated the country in April 2015, killing almost 9,000 people, Nepalese communities have been struggling to survive with under-resourced medical clinics. More

U.S. Army tests RAMBO, a 3D printed grenade launcher

Mar.6, 2017 - Researchers at the U.S. Army Armament Research, Development and Engineering Center have test fired a 3D printed grenade launcher called RAMBO (Rapid Additively Manufactured Ballistics Ordnance). More

Madrid Hospital successfully simulates catheterization procedure in 3D printed heart

Mar.6, 2017 - Gregario Maranon Hospital in Madrid has made headlines by simulating a catheterization in a 3D printed heart. The demonstration took place as part of Gregario Maranon's ongoing Pediatric Cardiology Course, which held its 23rd edition on Saturday, March 4. More

Study suggests 3D printers with enclosed chambers and filters can reduce particle emissions

Mar.6, 2017 - The Built Environment Research Group has been testing desktop 3D printers for VOC and other particle emissions. The research has involved testing various commercial desktop 3D printers, such as the UP BOX+ 3D printer, to see whether features like an enclosed chamber and HEPA filter reduce UFP and VOC emissions. More

3D printing aids reconstruction of Lorenz cipher machine used by Germans during WWII

Mar.6, 2017 - Engineers from the UK's Government Communications Centre (HMGCC) are using 3D printing to recreate the Lorenz SZ42, an 'unbreakable' cipher machine used by Hitler and the German Army during World War II. Only four of the machines still exist. More

Automaker Daimler adopts Ricoh SLS 3D printer for efficient prototyping

Mar.6, 2017 - German auto manufacturer Daimler has added a new 3D printing system to its arsenal of innovative manufacturing technologies. The automaker's latest addition is the RICOH AM S5500P, an industrial polymer sintering production printer. More

Ford tests Stratasys Infinite Build System for large-scale 3D printed auto parts

Mar.6, 2017 - Ford is testing whether 3D printing can be used for the production of large-scale, one-piece car parts, such as spoilers. It will be using the Stratasys Infinite Build 3D printer, making it the first automaker to pilot the large-scale additive manufacturing system. More

3D printing with cellulose: MIT researchers turn common organic polymer into 3D printing material

Mar.6, 2017 - Researchers at MIT have developed a technique for 3D printing with cellulose acetate, a cellulose material with a reduced number of hydrogen bonds. Unlike other forms of cellulose, cellulose acetate can be dissolved in acetone and extruded through the nozzle of a 3D printer. More

3D printed baby skeletons could provide vital feedback for training doctors

Mar.6, 2017 - A PhD student from Eindhoven's University of Technology has created an extremely lifelike baby mannequin using 3D printing. The mannequin, which includes a 3D printed skeleton, a heart with functioning valves, and lungs that can inflate and deflate, is built to be used by doctors in training. More

These 3D printed flower lamps give a glimpse of summer

Mar.5, 2017 - If you simply can't wait for summer to get here, check out interior designer Paula Szarejko's new 3D printed flower lamps. These bright, LED-powered modular lights are inspired by hollyhock flowers, effectively creating an already-blooming home garden. More

Williams Martini Racing Formula 1 team turns to 3D printing for prototype design

Mar.5, 2017 - Williams Martini Racing F1 has released the details of their 2016 racing car, which incorporated 3D printing into the exterior components of the front wing assembly. The decision may come as a surprise, since the racing championships have always featured cars relying on carbon fiber composites. More

3D Printing News ICYMI: Aetrex footwear acquires SOLS, Sintavia awarded $15M finance deal, 3D printed metals continue to soar

Mar.4, 2017 - This past news week was an exciting one for the 3D printing industry. In case you missed it, here are 6 news stories that have been generating considerable buzz in the world of additive manufacturing. More

3D printed Phonak Virto B-Titanium is the smallest Phonak in-the-ear hearing aid ever

Mar.4, 2017 - Phonak, a major hearing aid brand, has once again partnered with EnvironTEC, the leading 3D printing company in audiology, to launch a competitive series of customized, 3D printed inner ear devices using state of the art materials. More

Miniature Rolls-Royce for hospitalized children incorporates 3D printing into luxury design

Mar.3, 2017 - The world's smallest Rolls-Royce has just been unveiled at St. Richard's Hospital in Chichester, West Sussex. Children slated for surgery will now be able to drive themselves to the operating theatre, in the hopes that young patients' anxiety ahead of operations will be reduced. More

Could Washington state be getting a full-scale 3D printed replica of Dracula's castle?

Mar.3, 2017 - Mike Draghici, a software engineer of Romanian origin, is hoping to build a full-scale replica of Romania's famous Bran Castle (often associated with Dracula) on his Washington estate. Draghici has teamed up with Minnesota-based engineer Andrey Rudenko, the man behind the Rudenko 3D concrete house printer, to bring the castle to life. More

UCSD researchers make 3D printed blood vessel networks with ultra-fast UV bioprinting system

Mar.3, 2017 - Researchers at the University of California San Diego have used 3D bioprinting to develop a functional blood vessel network. The researchers say their work could advance the creation of artificial organs and regenerative therapies. More

South Africa's giant Aeroswift 3D printer could be used by Airbus & Boeing for titanium aircraft parts

Mar.3, 2017 - Aerosud and the CSIR National Laser Centre, makers of South Africa's giant Aeroswift titanium SLM 3D printer, are in talks with Airbus and Boeing about the possibility of 3D printing aircraft parts. The Aeroswift research project is backed by the South African government, and will create local jobs. More

With Me app lets you take selfies with realistic 3D avatars of just about anyone, even the dead

Mar.3, 2017 - A new app lets you take selfies with AI avatars based on people you know. The app, called 'With Me,' was developed by ELROIS, a South Korean firm that specializes in realistic 3D avatars. The app was developed to let people share moments with people who are absent or even deceased. More

PassivDom's 3D printed houses are smart, modular & eco-friendly

Mar.2, 2017 - Ukrainian startup PassivDom is hoping to revolutionize the housing market with its concept for a stand-alone, energy-efficient 3D printed house, ideal for off-the-grid living. The PassivDom house is based on a modular principle that could allow for many units to be assembled together. More

Ultimaker files first patents, remains 'committed' to open source 3D printer development

Mar.2, 2017 - Netherlands-based 3D printer manufacturer Ultimaker has filed its first ever patents. The company says the patents are 'defensive,' to protect against patent infringement lawsuits, and that it remains '100% committed to [its] open source ethos.' More

Deakin researchers to unveil world's first 3D printed BNNT-Titanium composite

Mar.2, 2017 - Researchers from Deakin University in Australia are set to unveil their innovative 3D printed Boron Nitride Nanotube-Titanium composite at the Australian International Airshow tomorrow, March 3. The BNNT, the first of its kind in the world, was made using a breakthrough technology developed by Deakin's Institute for Frontier Materials (IFM). More

Carpenter completes $35M acquisition of 3D printed metal powder company Puris LLC

Mar.2, 2017 - Carpenter Technology Corporation (NYSE: CRS) has announced that its acquisition of West Virginia-based additive manufacturing powder producer Puris LLC is complete. The acquisition saw Carpenter buy Puris' manufacturing assets, patents, and intellectual property for a total of $35 million. More

US Navy Fleet Readiness Center Southeast 3D prints its first aircraft component

Mar.2, 2017 - Fleet Readiness Center Southeast (FRCSE), the largest tenant command aboard Naval Air Station Jacksonville in Florida, has 3D printed its first aircraft component, a forearm-length piece of air duct tubing made from a composite material called Ultum 1085. More

Luxexcel's 3D printed ophthalmic lenses attain ISO standard

Mar.2, 2017 - Luxexcel's 3D printed ophthalmic quality lenses were found to be in accordance with the ISO 8980-1:2004 Focal Power standard. The 3D printed optics company will reportedly begin shipping its 3D printing platform to ophthalmic labs later this year. More

Custom self-lubricating linear axes 3D printed by igus within 48 hours

Mar.1, 2017 - Continuing its successes in the 3D printer manufacturing market, machine parts company Igus has released a new product, the SLTI3 linear axis and screw unit. Some of its components are themselves made using 3D printing, allowing for a high level of flexibility in design, as well as a highly durable material. More

Roland DG releases first dental 3D printer, the DWP-80S, under DGSHAPE brand

Mar.1, 2017 - Major dental device manufacturer Roland DG has just announced the release of its first ever dental 3D printer, the DWP-80S. The impressive new printer, which will assist in the production of dentures, suggests we are witnessing a new wave of 3D printing innovation in the dentistry industry. More

Father 3D prints prosthetic arm for his infant son, hopes to help others with new startup Ambionics

Mar.1, 2017 - A Welsh father has made a custom 3D printed prosthetic arm for his infant son whose left arm was amputated just after birth. The father, one Ben Ryan from Anglesey, is the founder of Ambionics, a startup that is specifically dedicated to developing prosthetics for young children. More

3D Systems releases Q4 and full-year financial results, shares fall 9.9%

Mar.1, 2017 - 3D Systems shares fell as much as 12.5% on Tuesday, February 28, after the 3D printing company released its fourth-quarter and full-year financial results. Shares were down 9.9% on the day at close. More

LLNL researchers 3D print high-performance carbon fiber parts using computational models

Mar.1, 2017 - Researchers from the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory have 3D printed aerospace-grade carbon fiber composites. Described as the 'ultimate material,' carbon fiber composites open up possibilities for the creation of lightweight, stronger-than-steel parts. More

Formlabs tests Computational Hydrographic Printing technique for coloring 3D printed objects

Mar.1, 2017 - A refinement of immersion printing was developed back in 2015 that allows for much more precise, non-repeating patterns and textures to be printed on the surface of 3D objects. Formlabs performed a simulation of the method that had very promising results for the future of 3D printing. More

Pizza 3D printing startup BeeHex brings in the dough: $1M, to be exact

Mar.1, 2017 - BeeHex, a food 3D printing startup once associated with NASA, has raised $1 million in funding to launch its new product, the Chef 3D pizza printer. The company is planning a soft launch, and will work with a handful of pilot customers throughout 2017. More

Australian 'fanboy' charged for 3D printing and trying to sell imitation firearms

Mar.1, 2017 - A 27-year-old Australian man was picked up by authorities for trying to sell a 3D printed imitation gun online for $1 million. The man, Sicen Sun, had reportedly been manufacturing a number of imitation firearms using his own 3D printer.' More

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