3D-print your own transformer (video)

Nov.30, 2012 -   Although for many people 3D printing is still an elusive concept, the technology is continuously evolving and we are moving closer towards a world where more and more complicated parts are printed on a 3D printer. More

Robot plays bass guitar? Check out this partially 3d-printed MechBass! (video) 

Nov.30, 2012 -  Engineering student James McVay created a project for his fourth year at Victoria University of Wellington: MechBass, a robotic bass guitar. More 

Replace a broken IKEA lamp with a 5$ 3D printed one 

Nov.30, 2012 -  Back in Jun. 2012, industrial designer Samuel Nelson Bernier from Quebec created some beautiful lampshade using a small UP! 3D printer from PP3DP aiming to explore 3D printing as a DIY tool for upcycling.  More 

Impressive 3D printed work from Objet at EuroMold 2012

Nov.30, 2012 -   At Eurmold 2012 Objet is showing off some of its latest innovations and impresive 3D printed work. More

Support your local school with the Printrbot jr. 3D printer 

Nov.29, 2012 -  Printrbot launched a new Kickstarter project to help schools and students. The ideas is, you pay $700 for two Printrbot jr. kits, you keep one for yourself and give another one to a local school.  More 

3D Systems launches FreshFiber Sculpture Case App 

Nov.29, 2012 -  3D Systems announced today a new smartphone case app from FreshFiber – the FreshFiber Sculpture Case. The app allows users to upload a photo and turn it into a sculptured smartphone case for iPhone 4/4S and iPhone 5. More 

3D-nanoprinting micropyramids for capturing living cells

Nov.29, 2012 -   Scientists from the University of Twente, the Netherlands have developed a field full of microscopic pyramids for cell research, thanks to 3D micro- and nano scale fabrication. More

3D-printed satellite successfully tested in near-space conditions 

Nov.29, 2012 -  Scientists from the University of Rome and University of Bologna recently have designed and launched a space-ready, 3D printed CubeSat. More 

Mcor Technologies launches 3D printing service "Staples Easy 3D" 

Nov.29, 2012 -  In a giant step toward the reality of 3D printing for all, Mcor Technologies Ltd has struck a deal with Staples Printing Systems Division to launch a new 3D printing service called "Staples Easy 3D," online via the Staples Office Centre.  More 

WSU researchers 3D-prints parts from moon rocks (video)

Nov.29, 2012 -   Researchers at Washington State University recently demonstrated how to fabricate parts using 3D printer and moon-like material in Rapid Prototyping Journal. More

3ders.org at EuroMold (4) - The 3D Bioplotter from envisionTEC 

Nov.28, 2012 -  Today at Euromold we had a chance to speak with Mr. Carlos Carvalho who specializes in process and material development for envisionTEC's 3D. He showed us the 3D-Bioplotter in action. More 

3ders.org at EuroMold (3) - Cube shop and cafe 

Nov.28, 2012 -  When you walk into the Hall 11 at EuroMold, the first thing you would notice is the Cube shop and cafe. More 

3ders.org at EuroMold (2) - Mcor's IRIS & Matrix 300+ 3D printer

Nov.27, 2012 -   Mcor Technologies Ltd today announced at Euromold the availability of the IRIS, the world's first true colour 3D printer. More

3ders.org at Euromold (1) - Objet's largest 3D printer announced

Nov.27, 2012 -   The Objet1000 is Objet's largest ever 3D printer. Launched today at Euromold, the Objet1000 features a 1000 x 800 x 500 mm (39.3 x 31.4 x 19.6 inch) wide-format build envelope. More

3D Systems' new ProJet 3D Printers offer larger high definition prints 

Nov.26, 2012 -  3D Systems launched its next generation ProJet® 3500 HDMax and CPXMax professional series 3D printers today. The printers bring greater productivity, larger high definition prints and remote tablet controls for the production. More 

Get real-time analysis of your 3D model: Willit 3D Print

Nov.26, 2012 -   When you create a 3D model you certainly want to know: Is it printable? What kind of support does it need? Willit 3D Print, a 3d printing build analysis website allows users to test if a 3D model has features that can be 3D printed or not. More

The world's first 3D printed weapons to begin testing by end of year 

Nov.26, 2012 -  According to Guardian's report, Defense Distributed, the company behind the project of creating the world's first printable gun, claimed 3D 'Wiki Weapon' guns could go into testing in the coming months. More 

DIY a Ultimaker control unit with an old tablet 

Nov.25, 2012 -  Do you sometimes get tired of bringing laptop and your 3D printer in every event? Jarkko Moilanen did. The UltiController from Ultimaker is a nice option but has limitations for example unable to slice and such. More 

3D print basic lab supplies at 1/243rd the cost

Nov.25, 2012 -   Recently for one of their research the lab have to pay more than $300 for six gel combs from a supplier. They cost $51 each. More

Make your own 3D-printed quadcopter  

Nov.24, 2012 -  Adam Polak, founder of Polakium Engineering, documented his recent project: a super cool Micro Quadcopter R2. More 

Rapcraft team introducing new PrusAL 3D printer 

Nov.24, 2012 -  Rapcraft team from Poland launched their new PrusAL (MK I ReV.3) 3D printer on Kickstarter, a slightly different version of MK I. More 

Using 3D scanning and 3D printing to restore a historic steam locomotive

Nov.23, 2012 -   One of the strengths of 3D printing is its ability to make the conservation and restoration of the ancient artifacts. Folks at jaggeree have been using emerging technology to help... More

Meet Metalbot: new all-metal RepRap compatible 3D printer 

Nov.23, 2012 -  A group of professional mechanical engineers at Intelligent Machine Inc. in Taiwan launched Metalbot, a metal 3D printer and a RepRap transformer. More 

Innovative Doodle3D empowers anyone to create personal 3D prints 

Nov.23, 2012 -  Doodle3D, created by Rick Companje at FabLab Amersfoort, The Netherlands, is a very innovative, but simple and intuitive sketching tool enabling everyone to sketch out a 2D doodle. More 

Tutorial: How to design and print your own electronics enclosures

Nov.22, 2012 -   How to design and print your own electronics enclosures? Landon Cox from Inhald 3D made a series of articles showing how to create a clam-shell style enclosure using ViaCAD 3D CAD tool and 3D printing. More

German RepRap launches largest 3D printer PRotos X400 

Nov.22, 2012 -  In time for the Euromold 2012, German RepRap launches the 3D printer PRotos X400. More 

3D printing cartilage using novel hybrid printer 

Nov.22, 2012 -  Researchers have developed a new method of printing 3D cartilage that could eventually be implanted into injured patients to help re-grow cartilage in specific areas, such as the joints. More 

Printing electronic sensors using low-cost 3D printers

Nov.22, 2012 -   The University of Warwick researchers have created a simple and inexpensive conductive plastic composite that can be used to produce electronic devices using the latest generation of low-cost 3D printers. More

How to get a ship in a bottle? 3D print it! (video) 

Nov.22, 2012 -  In BBC's recent Newsnight program, Paul Webber of Tri-Technology, distributor of Objet 3D printers in the UK, tried to explain to presenter Jeremy Paxman how a 3D printer worked. More 

Objet expands material range to 123 

Nov.21, 2012 -  Objet Ltd. today announced the release of a new and improved Objet Rigid Black Material - VeroBlackPlus. The new material features enhanced dimensional stability and surface smoothness. More 

Control 20 3D printers with a smartphone (video)

Nov.21, 2012 -   For joining a monthlong holiday 3D printing pop up in New York, Ultimaker prepared an automated wall. More

GE Aviation invests in 3D printing with acquisition 

Nov.21, 2012 -  GE subsidiary GE Aviation announced it has acquired locally based Morris Technologies and its sister company, Rapid Quality Manufacturing. More 

3D Systems Files Patent Infringement Suit Against Formlabs and Kickstarter 

Nov.21, 2012 -  3D Systems Corporation (NYSE:DDD) announced Tuesday that it has brought suit in the Federal District Court of South Carolina, Rock Hill division, against Formlabs, Inc. of Cambridge, Massachusetts and Kickstarter, Inc. of New York, New York. More 

3D printing food at home in 15 years

Nov.20, 2012 -   In a Twitter interview "#AskFuturist" today, followedby1d asked:"When will we be able to download food from the internet?" More

French researchers combines 3D printing with machining

Nov.20, 2012 -   Additive manufacturing and machining are usually regarded as competing processes. However, the two technologies are being combined in a project at the French research center PEP. More

MakerBot unveils 3D photo booth at its retail store in NYC 

Nov.20, 2012 -   MakerBot is celebrating the grand opening of its first retail outlet in US on November 20th with the unveiling of a fully automated MakerBot 3D Photo Booth. More 

New 3D Repo Android app for viewing, annotating 3D models

Nov.20, 2012 -   London based 3DRepo.org announced the release of its 3D Repo Android app, a light-weight open source client that enables you to view, share and annotate 3D models. More

MIT's 3D printed metamaterial lens could improve satellite and molecular imaging 

Nov.20, 2012 -  Isaac Ehrenberg, an MIT graduate student in mechanical engineering, has now fabricated a three-dimensional, lightweight metamaterial lens that focuses radio waves with extreme precision.  More 

Introducing miniFactory 3D printer from Finland 

Nov.19, 2012 -   This life size 3D recreation of the Lumia 920 was created by miniFactory using their 3D printer. The challenge is to print a 3D model where the height is close to the maximum capacity of the Z-axis.  More 

Comparison of LulzBot AO-100, MakerBot Replicator, Uprint SE Plus (video)

Nov.19, 2012 -   andrewupandabout made a comparisons of the MakerBot Replicator, LulzBot AO-100 3D printer and the Uprint SE Plus in the video below. More

Authors@Google: Chris Anderson speaks about his new book Makers 

Nov.19, 2012 -  At the recent Authors@Google, a series of presentations by invited innovative authors to speak at Google, Chris Anderson speaks about his new book Makers.  More 

Solidoodle introduces new 3D printer - Solidoodle 3 

Nov.19, 2012 -  Brooklyn, N.Y. based Solidoodle just announced the Solidoodle 3 – 3D printer. More 

Sculpteo adds background option to 3DPCase app

Nov.18, 2012 -   3DPCase mobile application developed by French 3D-printing company Sculpteo lets users design or customize their unique iPhone case. More

Introduction to Mineways (video) 

Nov.18, 2012 -  Eric Haines, the creator of Mineways, made an introductory video of the program. The free Mineways program allows you to select a model from your Minecraft world and trim it up, then render/send it to a 3D printer. More 

Huddle: Stylish 3D printed lamp features a miniature cityscape 

Nov.17, 2012 -  Dutch designer David Graas showed his 3D printed lamp Huddle featuring a miniature cityscape at this year's Dutch Design Week in Eindhoven. More 

LulzBot 3D printer will go to Mars

Nov.17, 2012 -   Mars One, a private, non-political organization whose intent is to establish a permanent human settlement on Mars through the integration of existing technologies, announced its plan to establish a human settlement on Mars in 2023. More

Flexible models printed on an Objet 3D printer 

Nov.16, 2012 -  3D printer manufacturer Objet offers a very wide range of 3D printing materials. Objet's 107 proprietary inkjet-based photopolymer materials range in properties from rigid to rubber-like, glass-like transparency to opaque color shades.. More 

Glen Southern: Getting models prepared for Makerbot Replicator 2 3D printer 

Nov.16, 2012 -  3D artist Glen Southern has recently purchased a Makerbot Replicator 2 3D printer to output some of his digital creations. In the video below Glen walks us through how he use Cinema 4D... More 

Walking bio-bots created on a 3D printer

Nov.15, 2012 -   They're soft, biocompatible, about 7 millimeters long – and, incredibly, able to walk by themselves. Miniature "bio-bots" developed at the University of Illinois are making tracks in synthetic biology. More

3D Systems launches Cubify Pics

Nov.15, 2012 -  3D Systems announced today its first customizable photo app, Cubify(R) Pics, that turns any 2D picture directly into Cube 3D printable art.  More 

Using ScanBooth to prepare your raw 3D scan for 3D printing 

Nov.15, 2012 -  To solve the problem Jeremy wrote a program ScanBooth. ScanBooth is a collection of software for running a 3D photo booth. More 

Dutch artist uses 3D printer to produce his own skeleton

Nov.15, 2012 -   Dutch sculptor Caspar Berger (1965), best known for his self-portraits, is using CT scanners and a 3D printer to create a new series of sculptures: Skeleton. More

Solidscape launches 3Z LAB 3D wax printer for dental labs

Nov.15, 2012 -  Solidscape, Inc. announces the launch of the 3Z™ LAB 3D wax printer. More 

Figulo seeks funding to expand and develop ceramics 3D printing  

Nov.14, 2012 -  Figulo, a manufacturer of custom designed ceramics made using advanced materials and 3D printing technology is selected as one of 92 finalists in VoltCrowd $50K crowd funding campaign. More 

3D printing photo booth has long existed in Spain

Nov.14, 2012 -   ThreeDee-You, a Madrid-Spain based photo studio has beeen producing 3d sculptures of people since June 2010. More

Infographic: 3D Printing – How Long till the revolution 

Nov.14, 2012 -  The team at Newark.com made an interesting infographic: 3D Printing – How Long till the revolution More 

Mixee Me: Model your own 3D character in minutes 

Nov.13, 2012 -  Startup Mixee Me wants to make 3D printing accessible to everybody. Founded in 2012, Mixee Me enables you to design your own Mixee figurines with their online Mixee editor. More 

3D printed Mykita Mylon 2012 eyewear collection

Nov.13, 2012 -   At the eyewear fair this month in Paris, eyewear designer Mykita showcased Mylon eyewear, a collection of luxury sports sunglasses... More

At Organovo: Let's print a heart (video) 

Nov.13, 2012 -  Scientists are taking the idea of 3D printing and catapulting it into the realms of something more suited to science fiction. One company, Organovo from San Diego in California are working with one of the world's first bio-printers: the NovoGen MMX. More 

Anatomica di Revolutis: 3rd Industrial Revolution Kickstarter Project by Joshua Harker 

Nov.13, 2012 -  Joshua Harker, sculptor and artistic visionary, is today launching a new project on Kickstarter.com: Anatomica di Revolutis.  More 

New CartesioLD V0.6 3D printer

Nov.12, 2012 -   Jos Scheepers of MaukCC just launched his new CartesioLD 3D printer, which has a larger build volume than the previous Cartesio M(edium) V0.5. It has a build volume of 200x400x200mm(LxDxH). More

Eric van Straaten and his realistic 3D printed sculptures 

Nov.12, 2012 -  Dutch sculpturist Eric van Straaten makes 'realistic' 3D sculptures. His creative process involves a 3D printer that produces the objects of his complex computer creations.  More 

Creating unique lithophanes on a 3D printer 

Nov.12, 2012 -  Jamie at 3DPrinterGear made a few very nice cylindrical lithophanes using Photo to Mesh V3 and an UP! 3D printer. More 

World's first 3D liver printing from stem cells

Nov.12, 2012 -   Researchers at Edinburgh's Heriot-Watt University have developed valve-based cell-printing processes that are able to deliver cells in specific patterns. More

3D printing fashion accessories with nylon 

Nov.11, 2012 -  Kaadee404 purchased and built a 3D printer Kit but making gears, robots or toys didn't seem to interest her. She wanted to make fashion accessories with a high quality feel. More 

Creative use of 3D printing: A sandstone block built from lego 

Nov.11, 2012 -  The video below shows a very creative use of 3D printing: Greg Petchkovsky mixes digital sculpture with real objects using 3D photoscan software and 3D printing. More 

World's first 3D printing photo booth to open in Japan

Nov.10, 2012 -   This is probably the first 3D printing photo booth in the world: Omote 3D in Harajuku, Japan will open a 3D printing photo booth for a limited time at the exhibition space EYE OF GYRE. More

Hyrel expected to release low-cost full color 3D printer in 2013 

Nov.9, 2012 -  While Hyrel 3D is busy with their Kickstarter production run, it is said Hyrel 3D is also in the process of developing a full-color 3D printer.  More 

NASA using 3D printing to build the next generation of rockets 

Nov.9, 2012 -  NASA's Marshall Space Flight Center in Huntsville, Ala. is using a method called selective laser melting, or SLM, to create intricate metal parts for the largest rocket ever built. More 

Using 3D printing to re-imagine classic Eames chair

Nov.9, 2012 -   Eames chair is probably the most important chair in the history, designed in 1948 by designer Charles Eames, it was one of the first products in Charles and wife Ray's line of mass-produced molded plastic chairs. More

US army researchers use Printrbot 3D printer for rapid prototypes 

Nov.9, 2012 -  Since mid-September a smaller, low-cost 3D printer has been running at SMDC's Future Warfare Center Innovative Ventures Office. More 

Autodesk bringing 3D modeling to the masses with 123D Design 

Nov.8, 2012 -  Autodesk, Inc. introduced Autodesk 123D Design, a free 3D modeling tool that allows users to create a digital model and then 3D print or fabricate their idea whether on the iPad, Mac, PC or via their web browser.  More 

How to 3D print a Google Earth building using DIY 3D printer

Nov.8, 2012 -   techshopzack at Instructables has written an easy-to-follow tutorial summarizing how to 3D print a real life building from Google earth. What you will need is pretty simple. More

Another 3D food printer cart 

Nov.8, 2012 -  we all love food and design, while Unfold is redesigning its new Kiosk 2.0 with the support of Bits from Bytes and Polhemus, here is another perfect demonstration of what we can do nowadays. More 

Build your own 3D-printable silent_runner airship

Nov.8, 2012 -  Here is a nice project: silent_runner, a small high performance model airship. The silent_runner consists of several parts and materials, including RC electronics and an Arduino. More 

3D printed gold-plated Arc of the Covenant

Nov.7, 2012 -   Canadian artist Matthew C. of Geomatrix Studio made a mini version of the Ark using a 3D printer. It's made from 10k gold-plated stainless steel. More

Multithread: 3D printed furniture illustrating the forces at work 

Nov.7, 2012 -  The design of each piece of Multithread furniture begins with a set of horizontal surfaces positioned in space: table top, shelf, desk, etc.More 

voxeljet builds Aston Martin models for James Bond film Skyfall 

Nov.7, 2012 -  Innovative 3D printing technology from Augsburg-based voxeljet is on display in the newest James Bond film Skyfall – more specifically in the scene when James Bond's car explodes in flames. More 

Creating a new nose using 3D colour printing

Nov.6, 2012 -   At the University of Sheffield, a team of researchers exploring biomaterials and implants believe digital 3D technologies could make the process easier and more comfortable for patients. More

3D printing a lightning adapter for Elevation iPhone dock 

Nov.6, 2012 -  Not long ago we reported that Swedish company Teenage Engineering posted the CAD files for the knobs and plastic parts in their library section so its customers could download and 3D print as free as they want. More 

FigurePrints recreates your favorite Minecraft world with 3D printing 

Nov.6, 2012 -  Recently FigurePrints added Minecraft models to its categery that recreates your favorite Minecraft world with fully detailed 3D replicas.  More 

Endless 3D printed Mobius bacon

Nov.5, 2012 -   A full color, delicious strip of bacon, twisted around itself, having only one side - this is a vegan and kosher friendly 3D printed Bacon Mobius Strip made recently in Shapeways. More

3D printing in Dilbert Comic Strip

Nov.5, 2012 -   3D printing is featured in today's Dilbert comic strip, by Scott Adams. More

Finding the proper temperature ranges for 3D printing wood 

Nov.5, 2012 -  In case you have the LAYWOO-D3 wooden filament at home, you would be interested to try this Cura & Skeinforge plugin created by Jeremie Francois for testing how varying temperatures impacts the color of the filament. More 

3D Repo: open source Revision Control Framework for large 3D models

Nov.5, 2012 -   Jozef Doboš at University College London has created an interesting project: 3D Repo. 3D Repo is an open source 3D Revision Control Framework which is targeted at CAD and general 3D modelling. More

Rostock MAX Delta 3D printer

Nov.5, 2012 -  The Rostock MAX 3D printer by SeeMeCNC features a new linear motion design which uses t-slot aluminum extrusion as not only the structural member, but also the linear bearing surface.  More 

Turning your thoughts into actual 3D objects 

Nov.4, 2012 -  Bryan Salt of Thinker Thing in Santiago Chile took one step further: he is creating a software that allows the user to evolve 3d models with the power of thought.  More 

3D printed Stirling engine

Nov.3, 2012 -   Doug Conner from Solar Heat Engines designed a low-temperature 3D printed Stirling engine using Stratasys's fused deposition modeling technology. More

3D printed Loophole lamp

Nov.3, 2012 -   Loophole lamp designed by Tim Durfee uses a common off-the-shelf fluorescent tube to create a simple source of diffuse light. Opaque paint on half of the U-shaped element blocks the direct glow. More

3D Printing will be part of open economy in the future 

Nov.3, 2012 -  Chris Yonge shared his overal view of how creativity might be redefined in the future. 3D printing will be part of an exciting open economy. More 

Printing a horse head model on an Inspire 3D printer

Nov.2, 2012 -   Beijing TierTime Technology Co. Ltd, maker of Inspire and UP! 3D Printer, the parent company of PP3DP and Delta Micro Factory, demonstrated its Inspire industrial 3D printer. More

Tutorial: Designing Jewelry ring for a 3D printer with Blender and Netfabb 

Nov.2, 2012 -  In this tutorial below Mikee Rice shows you how to build jewelry ring ready for 3D printing from scratch.More 

First 3D printer XLN lab opened in Israel 

Nov.2, 2012 -  open-source 3D XLN (Cross-Labs Network) workspace, Israel's first open-source 3D printer lab, is opened recently by Reut Institute in a nondescript basement in the center of Tel Aviv. More 

Iconic:am The waterproof mountable iPhone case with customizable, 3D-printed mounts

Nov.1, 2012 -   But iconic.am on Kickstarter is offering a Waterproof case that mounts your iPhone anywhere. More

3D-printed ceramic bricks developed for large-scale construction 

Nov.1, 2012 -  After a six-week residency program at the European Ceramic Work Centre in the south of the Netherlands, Brian Peters developed a 3D-printed ceramic bricks project - "Building Bytes".  More 

Get back to normal life with DIY prosthetic fingers 

Nov.1, 2012 -  Richard decided to build his own hand. He came across a video of making functional Mechanical hands created by Ivan Owen, a designer in Washington State. Richard sent him an email asking... More 

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