Hacking into other's living room - 3D-printers in the cloud

Nov.30, 2013 -   But has anyone thought about network security? How easy would it be for someone to find a hole in those cloud-based solutions and connect to those boxes and control your printers? More

Is waste peel the future material for green 3D printing? 

Nov.30, 2013 -  British designer Alkesh Parmar created a series of objects under the Cradle to Cradle philosophy, the idea to create waste-free systems. More 

Lady Gaga's 3D printed dress 

Nov.30, 2013 -  At stage Lady Gaga wore a 3D printed Parametric Sculpture Dress designed by Chinese designer Xie Wei Long and printed by Belgian company Materialise. More 

Prodways, new gen 3D printers ready to compete against market leaders

Nov.29, 2013 -   Prodways claims to have achieving unparalleled perfection of the parts produced using its proprietary MOVINGLight technology that combines UVA LED and moving DLP. More

Manipulate pliable 3D printed structures 

Nov.29, 2013 -  ID4A has recently created a method to generate tractable systems for a range of architectural and industrial applications.  More 

Experimental 3D scanner produces high-res 3D images virtually in the dark 

Nov.29, 2013 -  MIT researchers have figured out how to obtained ultrasharp images of weakly illuminated objects using single photons.  More 

Produce your own filament for 3D printer with FilaFab

Nov.29, 2013 -   FilaFab (Filament Fabricator) is capable of converting pellets into fresh filament for your 3D printer with ease. More

First 3D printing store in Mexico opens doors 

Nov.29, 2013 -  The first 3D printing shop in Mexico recently opened its door in Hermosillo, Sonora. More 

3D-printed jewelry made out of 18 carat gold 

Nov.29, 2013 -  Designer Ross Lovegrove has recently designed a collection of 3D Printed rings called Foliates. The series has six rings made out of 18 carat gold. More 

Printscape3D offers large scale 3D printed model of UK's landscape

Nov.28, 2013 -   3Distributed launches today Printscape 3D, a special 3D printing service that uses contemporary 3D printing technology to fabricate perfect physical replicas of 3D scanned landscape data. More

Cirri turns digital images into professional quality 3D models 

Nov.28, 2013 -  Unlike any other scanning devices in the market today that require additional hardware, Cirri turns multiple digital images into three dimensional models. More 

MakerBot, Saks & MasterCard to bring 3D printed snowflakes to holiday shoppers 

Nov.28, 2013 -  For this holiday season, Saks Fifth Avenue teams up with MasterCard and MakerBot to create the gift of 3D printed snowflakes for MasterCard cardholders. More 

3D on D3: GE's first '3D Printing Day'

Nov.28, 2013 -   3D printing is changing the way GE works, and now GE is trying to give 3D printing its own holiday: 3D Printing Day. More

Robocular: High quality color 3D scanner on Kickstarter, starting at 499$ 

Nov.27, 2013 -  Kenmore, WA based Robocular LLC outed an affordable, consumer-friendly scanner called the Robocular, a high-resolution, full color and texture 3D Scanner. More 

Makerbot launches 3D printed holiday ornaments challenge 

Nov.27, 2013 -  MakerBot is bringing together 3D printing and interior decorating and has launched a contest for designs of 3D-printed holiday ornaments. More 

UK Researchers developing natural-looking, 3D-printed skin

Nov.27, 2013 -   Researchers at the University of Liverpool are developing synthetic skin that can be produced on a 3D printer and matched to a person based on their age, gender and ethnic group. More

3D printer could make 150 prosthetic eyes in an hour 

Nov.27, 2013 -  In collaboration with Manchester Metropolitan University, Fripp Design has also developed 3D-printed prosthetic eyes that could be produced much cheaper and faster than existing handmade versions. More 

French La Poste to offer 3D printing service, starting with three offices 

Nov.27, 2013 -  La Poste, the mail service of France, announces today it 3D printing service at three offices: "Hôtel de Ville" in Boulogne-Billancourt, "Bonne Nouvelle" and "La Boétie" in Paris. More 

HP to enter 3D printing market organically, not via acquisition

Nov.27, 2013 -   On Tuesday chief executive Meg Whitman gave 3D printing market a big endorsement and said HP will enter the market organically, not via acquisition. More

Greenville inventor holds patents for first 3D printers 

Nov.26, 2013 -  If you ask who invented 3D printing? Most of people would say, the first 3D printer was created by Charles W. Hull in the mid-1980s. More 

Harvard shows important progress toward 3D printing lithium-ion batteries 

Nov.26, 2013 -  Harvard scientists first introduced 3D printing batteries back in June. The team created lithium-ion microbatteries the size of a grain of sand using 3D printing technology. More 

Kinematics turns any 3D shape into a foldable form for 3D printing

Nov.26, 2013 -   Kinematics is a system for 4D printing that creates complex, foldable forms composed of articulated modules. More

Cadillac Elmiraj concept created in less than a week using 3D scanning 

Nov.26, 2013 -  How did this gorgeous Elmiraj concept go from clay to a digital model, and back to the hands of a craftsman again? Turns out, the Elmiraj was formed by using structured-light 3D scanning. More 

3D printed band coming soon to the stage at Euromold

Nov.26, 2013 -  Olaf Diegel, a long-standing design engineer, with a passion for 3D printing will bring his latest creation, Ladybug keys and Atom Drums to Frankfurt and play live at the EuroMold design fair. More 

Camtek hinted to launch 3D printer for PCBs, share nearly doubles

Nov.25, 2013 -   Camtek said it was close to a commercial launch for its 3D printer - a first-of-its-kind device producing printed circuit boards. More

Top 10 tech trends for 2014: the revolution will be 3D 

Nov.25, 2013 -  IEEE Computer Society unveils today top 10 tech trends for 2014. In the coming year, innovative business models will emerge for 3D printing. More 

Stratasys brings patent infringement suit against Afinia 

Nov.25, 2013 -  3D Printer company Stratasys announced today that it has brought suit for patent infringement against Afinia, a division of Microboards Technology LLC. More 

FabZat reveals in-game customization & 3D printing services

Nov.25, 2013 -   French startup FabZat reveals its video games monetization service based on 3D printing. More

Apple confirms $360 Million acquisition of 3D sensing firm PrimeSense 

Nov.25, 2013 -  Apple has confirmed that it has completed its acquisition of Israeli firm PrimeSense, the maker of motion-tracking chip technology that was used in Microsoft's Kinect game console. More 

3D printing helps build new nose for 6-year-old boy 

Nov.24, 2013 -  Korean doctors and researchers have successfully rebuilt an artificial nose made with a 3D printer for a six year old boy. More 

Philadelphia becomes first city to ban 3D gun printing

Nov.24, 2013 -   The Philadelphia City Council approved a ban on the manufacturing of guns with a 3D printer. More

Easily make complex 3D printable objects with Autodesk Project Shapeshifter and Miller 

Nov.23, 2013 -  Project Shapeshifter a web-based topological modeling tool for anyone that wants to create 3D printable objects in a simple way. More 

3Dagogo, new 3D-printing marketplace features proven-to-print 3D designs 

Nov.23, 2013 -  3Dagogo is a Californian-based startup aiming to create a marketplace of 3D designs that are not only unique and creative, but more importantly tested and proven to be printable. More 

Lab to develop 'Super-material' graphene for 3D printing

Nov.22, 2013 -   Lomiko Metals, announced today the formation of Graphene 3D Labs Inc. to focus on the development of high-performance graphene-enhanced materials for 3D Printing. More

Solidoodle launches Solidoodle 4 3D printer, priced at $999 

Nov.22, 2013 -  Brooklyn-based company Solidoodle today launches their new Solidoodle 4, a nice looking, fully assembled 3D printer.  More 

3D Systems and Motorola partner on 3D printed modules & custom smartphone 

Nov.22, 2013 -  3D printer company 3D Systems has entered into a multi-year development agreement with Motorola to create a continuous high-speed 3D printing production platform for Motorola's Project Ara.  More 

MakerBot opens new store in Boston

Nov.22, 2013 -   Just before the holiday season begins, Makerbot opens a retail store at Newbury Street in Boston, giving consumers a close look at 3D printers More

A*STAR Singapore launches $15m program to develop 3D printing 

Nov.22, 2013 -  The Agency for Science, Technology and Research (A*STAR) in Singapore has launched a new $15 million programme to develop additive manufacturing - or 3D printing technology. More 

UK Intellectual Property Office looking at patenting in 3D printing 

Nov.21, 2013 -  The Intellectual Property Office (IPO) of UK releases a report which looks at patenting in 3D printing, giving a unique insight into what innovation is actually taking place. More 

Fan creates a 3D-printable version of classic computer game Archon

Nov.21, 2013 -   Interested in retro gaming and 3D printing, Jimmy Wilhelmsson (aka spelpappan) set out on a journey to print a physical version of Archon: the Light and the Dark - with a 3D printer. More

3D Systems and NOOKA launch 3D printed Zub 40 watch collection 

Nov.21, 2013 -  3D Systems has partnered with fashion brand NOOKA to deliver a special edition 3D printed Zub 40 watch collection, an ideal holiday gift for tech enthusiast alike. More 

Apple filed five Liquidmetal patents, two are 3D printing related 

Nov.21, 2013 -  The US Patent & Trademark Office published today a new series of five Liquidmetal patent applications from Apple which were originally filed in Q2 2012. More 

CEL introduces Robox 3D printer, a Robot in a box

Nov.21, 2013 -   British product development company CEL today introduces Robox, an affordable 'plug and print' 3D printer. More

Short-seller Citron takes aim at 3D printer maker voxeljet, shares fall 

Nov.20, 2013 -  Short-seller Citron Research questioned voxeljet AG's quarterly results, saying the Germany-based 3D printer maker provided loans to customers to generate sales. More 

New resin 3D printer prints multiple-material objects in minutes 

Nov.20, 2013 -  Researchers at the University of Southern California (USC) Viterbi School of Engineering said they have developed a faster 3D printing process and are now using it to model and print objects in multiple materials. More 

Bloc Party's Kele Okereke to release 3D-printed record

Nov.20, 2013 -   Bloc Party frontman Kele Okereke has teamed up with upcoming artist Bobbie Gordon to release a new song 'Down Boy' in 3D printed format and will be sold at world's first pop-up 3D printing record shop. More

Fripp Design announces imminent release of full color silicone 3D printer 

Nov.20, 2013 -  Sheffield, UK based Fripp Design and Research, a Product Design and Research Consultancy is about to release the next generation 3D printer. More 

Researchers use CT scans, 3D printing to re-create hidden dinosaur fossil 

Nov.20, 2013 -  German researchers used a CT scanner and a 3D printer to make accurate copies of a dinosaur fossil that's been stored in protective plaster for decades. More 

New project aims to 3D print heart within a decade

Nov.19, 2013 -   A new project believes the technology would be able to make a natural organ replacement from a patient's own fat stem cells. More

3D printing for final part production up to 28.3% 

Nov.19, 2013 -  The use of 3D printing for the production of parts for final products is getting close to 30% of all 3D printing, says a leading analyst firm Wohlers Associates.  More 

Cubik full colour desktop 3D scanner 

Nov.19, 2013 -  The low-cost full colour desktop 3D scanner launched on Kickstarter in February 2013 now has a name: it is called Cubik.  More 

First-ever 3D printed electronics set to launch into Space today

Nov.19, 2013 -   On Tuesday, the first-ever 3D printed electronics developed by the University of Texas at El Paso (UTEP) will be sent into space. More

Artec unveiled Shapify.me - online 3D scanning service with Kinect 

Nov.19, 2013 -  3D scanner company Artec Group announces the launch of a new 3D-scanning and printing service that lets you easily scan yourself at home and get a 3D print of your figurine. More 

Concerns raised as ban on 'undetectable' 3D-printed guns ends in 3 weeks 

Nov.18, 2013 -  As the technology to print 3D printed guns advances, a federal law that banned the undetectable guns is about to expire. U.S. Sen. Chuck Schumer says he's seeking an extension of the law before it expires Dec. 9. More 

MTU Prof writes 3D printing guide to making your own low-cost lab equipment

Nov.18, 2013 -   In his new book, "Open-Source Lab", Pearce provides a step-by-step DIY guide for making lab equipment. The essential tools are a 3D printer, open-source software and free digital designs. More

MIC report: Entry-level 3D printers grew sixfold in two years 

Nov.18, 2013 -  The global market value of 3D printers is forecast to grow at a 20.4 percent compound annual growth rate to US$4.45 billion in 2016 from US$2.15 billion in 2012, says Taiwan's MIC. More 

Etsy: 3D printed items are 'Handmade In Spirit' 

Nov.18, 2013 -  Etsy gives a wider definition of "handmade" - now, 3D-printed objects that you create yourself is considered to be as handmade as ceramic pots or sterling-silver jewelry. More 

Giant Bicycles begins 3D printing saddles

Nov.18, 2013 -   Giant Bicycles has started using 3D printing to both prototype and manufacture bicycle saddles. More

Matterport taking pre-orders for 3D interior mapping camera 

Nov.17, 2013 -  Silicon Valley startup MatterPort is releasing its 3D camera that allows you to scan, compile, and make cloud-ready a 3D model of your house easily and quickly. More 

3D printed chocolate sculptures make sweet display 

Nov.17, 2013 -  Nestle commissioned 10 of South Africa's hottest creative talent to design original sculptures made entirely out of chocolate - 3D printed chocolate.  More 

Join GE's #3DPrintMyGift Challenge & design a special Sleigh for Santa

Nov.17, 2013 -   GE teams up with GrabCAD to present a fun contest '3DPrintMyGift Challenge' asking designers and engineers to help design a new sleigh for Santa, equipped with new technologies to aid him in his global travels. More

Apple reportedly buys Kinect sensor firm PrimeSense for $345 mln 

Nov.17, 2013 -  Apple has bought PrimeSense, the Israeli fabless semiconductor company responsible for the technology in the original Xbox 360 Kinect, for $345 million. More 

Caskstrength Creative uses 3D printing to promote new 3D Scotch whisky 

Nov.16, 2013 -  London-based Caskstrength Creative, run by whisky writers Joel Harrison and Neil Ridley, has released a new Scotch whiskey, using 3D printing as part of their marketing effort. More 

3D Print Show in London highlights: desktop 3D printers (video)

Nov.16, 2013 -   Besides the Ultimaker, Ultimaker 2, 3D Systems Cube, CubeX Duo, Makerbot Replicator 2, Printrbot Plus, Formlabs Form 1 you have already known for long, there were also companies showing off their new printers. More

Le Fabshop announces world first 'green' seaweed 3D printing filament 

Nov.16, 2013 -  Le Fabshop in Paris, a 3D printing startup, announced a world first "green" seaweed 3D printing filament at the opening of 3D print show in Paris. More 

Awesome 3D printed Iron Man Helmet with hand-free motion control

Nov.15, 2013 -  Using a Stratasys Fortus M360 3D printer from a 3D print lab at the local university, Ryan printed all the parts of the Mark III Iron Man helmet in plastics. More 

Microsoft releases First 3D Printing App '3D Builder' for Windows 8.1

Nov.15, 2013 -   A new Windows 8.1 app released by Microsoft this morning aims to introduce 3D printing to mass market. More

ArcanEngine to let you build & 3D print one-of-a-kind tabletop miniatures 

Nov.15, 2013 -  Canadian company ArcanEngine is developing a platform that you can build a miniature exactly as you want and then get it 3D printed.  More 

Airwolf 3D releases new larger desktop 3D printer AW3D HD 

Nov.15, 2013 -  3D printer manufacturer Airwolf 3D is releasing the newest addition to its robust line of products: the AW3D HD. More 

Spectacular 3D printed hairdressing make it onto Catwalk

Nov.15, 2013 -   3D Printed intricate headpiece sculptures designed by Ray Civello and Stephen Ma and manufactured by Solid Concepts took to the catwalk at Aveda Congress 2013 in October. More

NASA tells how 3D printing may be used on the ISS (video) 

Nov.14, 2013 -  Werkheiser talks about how the new technology may be used on the International Space Station and gives a few examples of the spare parts that a 3D printer on the ISS can provide.  More 

$25 Google Glass hack lets you play Mario with your eyes & clothing 

Nov.14, 2013 -  Brandyn White, University of Maryland PhD student, has made a very cool custom eye tracker for Glass that can be built for $25 and using a Makey Makey with Glass. More 

Bulldog open source universal full metal direct drive extruder

Nov.14, 2013 -   Elvira Yang developed an open source (CC-BY-NC) universal full metal direct drive extruder and launched on indiegogo. The "Bulldog" is suitable for many of DIY 3d printers. More

Polaris uses 3D printing to develop Indian prototype motorcycle (video) 

Nov.14, 2013 -  Polaris CEO Scott Wine talks about what it took to get Indian motorcycles to market in 27 months and how 3D printing helps the company with the prototype design. More 

Leapfrog launches Xeed 3D printer with on-board tablet interface 

Nov.14, 2013 -  Dutch 3D printer company Leapfrog launches the Xeed last week, and will take the 3D printer on a tour in the coming weeks. More 

Rolls-Royce eyes 3D printing for jet engine parts

Nov.14, 2013 -   Rolls-Royce is considering using 3D printing to manufacture lighter components for its aircraft engines, and it is only "a few years away" from using the technology to produce parts that go into service. More

GE's new Cold Spray 3D printing technology to build up and repair parts 

Nov.14, 2013 -  General Electric researchers have developed an additive technology called "Cold Spray" in which metal powders are sprayed at high velocities to build a part or add material to repair an existing part. More 

3D printing from Android devices with GCode Simulator & Printer Android App

Nov.13, 2013 -  Mathias Dietz has developed an Android App 'GCode Simulator & Printer' that allows you to control 3D printers and visualize the 3D print from Android devices. More 

Make your own hair dryer with Open E-Components, just like playing Lego bricks

Nov.13, 2013 -   Design student Weilung Tseng wants to create a new thinking to define how to produce electronic appliances. He expects that one day household appliances can be produced as easily as playing Lego. More

Make your own 3D printed, trainable robotic arm 

Nov.13, 2013 -  Inspired by the Baxter robot, this 3D printed arm can be trained to move with your own hands.  More 

Delcam to lead £471K 3D printing project for the UK jewellery industry 

Nov.13, 2013 -  The UK's jewellery sector is set to benefit from a major £471,000 research and development project called PRECIOUS that launched early this month.  More 

3D printing used to rebuild patient's face in UK

Nov.13, 2013 -   Surgeons in Swansea, south Wales, are using 3D printing technology to recreate the severely injured face of a road accident victim. More

Makism 3D takes pre-order for Wideboy dual extruder 3D printer 

Nov.13, 2013 -  Now Makism 3D is already introducing Umicron's 3D printer, named 'Wideboy' to the consumer, low-cost professional and education markets.  More 

Smithsonian launches 3D scanning and printing initiative to open up history 

Nov.13, 2013 -  The Smithsonian Institution is launching a new 3D scanning and printing initiative to make more of its massive collection accessible to schools, researchers and the public worldwide. More 

DIY multiple Raspberry Pi 3D scanner

Nov.12, 2013 -   Instructables user the_anykey has come up with a cool pi 3D scanner, consisting of 36 Raspberry Pies + Pi Cameras and one raspberry and NAS system for control. More

MakerBot Academy aims to put 3D printer in every U.S. school 

Nov.12, 2013 -  Brooklyn-based 3D-printer company Makerbot is leading a charge to crowd source 3D printers for every school in America. More 

DIWire: The first-ever desktop wire bender, a new kind of '3D printer' 

Nov.12, 2013 -  Developed by Brooklyn-based design consultancy Pensa Labs, the DIWire Bender is the world's first desktop CNC wire bender. More 

The Bud-E: 3D printed earbud wrapping cases

Nov.12, 2013 -   With Bud-E, 3D printed earbud\earpod wrapping cases, you can say goodbye to wasted time spent detangling your headphones. More

Mini Metal Maker to bring 3D metal printing to the masses 

Nov.12, 2013 -  Hartkop built the first-ever Mini Metal Maker, a 3D printer that prints 3D objects from digital files directly in precious metal clay, rather than in plastic. More 

CGTrader lets you 3D print models straight after buying them 

Nov.12, 2013 -  CGTrader, a 3D model sales marketplace, added a new feature which gives clients a possibility to 3D print models straight after buying them. More 

Futurist Christopher Barnatt video report: 3D Printshow London 2013

Nov.11, 2013 -   Here is a video report by futurist Christopher Barnatt from 3D Printshow held in November 2013 in London. More

Draw, color, capture & 3D print your own custom inkimals designer toys 

Nov.11, 2013 -  An innovative, interactive 3-D printing design tool and platform is just launched on Kickstarter.  More 

New generation of fabric: World's first 3D-printed disposable panties 

Nov.11, 2013 -  3D printing technology could revolutionize the textile industry. The world's first 3D printed disposable panties, the brain-child of an Israeli couple, could soon come to market as early as next year. More 

The EX¹ rapid 3D circuit board printer launches on Kickstarter

Nov.11, 2013 -   Brisbane, Australia based Cartesian Co has designed and built the EX¹ printer which allows you to 3D print circuit boards, layering silver nano particles onto paper or any suitable surface to rapidly create a circuit board. More

3D Printing Market worth $8.41 Billion by 2020 

Nov.11, 2013 -  According to a new market research report, the 3D Printing Market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 23% from 2013 to 2020, and reach $8.41 billion in 2020. More 

Largest Germany telecom company launches online 3D printing store 

Nov.11, 2013 -  Deutsche Telekom launches an online platform 'Fabplace' that allows users to create customized mobile phone cases and order directly from the site.  More 

The 3D printed electric motorcycle

Nov.11, 2013 -   In Modena, the homeland of the Italian Motor Valley, the first Italian electric motorcycle Energica Ego has been created using 3D printing technology. It has been built with F1 technologies. More

Victoria's Secret adds 3D printing and Swarovski to runway show 

Nov.10, 2013 -  A special addition to this year's Victoria's Secret runway show will be Snow Angels wearing 3D-printed corset encrusted with millions of illuminating Swarovski crystals.More 

Create 3D printed phone cases with 'Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2' characters 

Nov.10, 2013 -  3D Systems announced today that it has entered a multi-year licensing deal with Sony Pictures Consumer Products to create customized mobile phone cases based on Sony's hit comedy 'Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2'. More 

Co-creating a pavilion with all the 3D-printers in the world

Nov.10, 2013 -   Project Egg is about 3D printing, the power of Sharing and Co Creating. Launched by Dutch designer Michiel van der Kley, Project Egg is a spacious building, consisting of 4,760 3D-printed 'stones'. More

Barack Obama's 3D voice print 'New industrial revolution' 

Nov.10, 2013 -  Barack Obama's 3D voice print 'New industrial revolution' by French digital artist Gilles Azzaro was unveiled for the first time on November 7, 2013 at 3D Printshow in London. More 

Tiny 3D-printed human liver can survive for up to 40 Days 

Nov.9, 2013 -  San Diego medical research company Organovo announced it has created slices of functioning, long-lasting human liver which can survive for 40 days - using a 3D printer. More 

What a 3D printed violin sounds like compared to a classic violin

Nov.9, 2013 -   At TED Amsterdam, Joanna Wronko was required to compare a pair of violins. One is a 3D printed violin made on a professional 3D printer, and the other is a classic instrument. More

Dynamic and fresh looking Rapide One 3D printer, soon on indiegogo 

Nov.9, 2013 -  A team of Australian and Chinese designers and engineers have designed a 3D printer that could redefine what 3D printing should look and feel like.  More 

R-360: a simple and modular 3D printer for £349 

Nov.8, 2013 -  R-360 is a simple and foldable 3D printer developed by Replicator Warehouse team in UK. The Modular design allows you to fold it up for traveling without compromise on printing volume. More 

Open-source 3D printed PetBot looks after your pet when you're away

Nov.8, 2013 -   A group of Canadian university students launched a Kickstarter campaign for its 3D printed, Raspberry Pi-powered pet-watching robot 'PetBot' that allows you monitor and interact with your pet from afar. More

The Future of Prosthetics: 3D printed nose, ear and eye 

Nov.8, 2013 -  Fripp Design has developed a system for fast and low-cost manufacture of facial prostheses such as nose and ear replacements for accident victims using 3D printing. More 

3D Systems launches $399 Sense consumer 3D Scanner 

Nov.8, 2013 -  3D Systems releases today the Sense 3D scanner, the company's first 3D scanner designed for the consumer and optimized for 3D printing. More 

Bloomberg videos: 3D Print Show London 2013

Nov.8, 2013 -   London is hosting an international 3d print show - attracting the latest technology and innovation for the industry. Bloomberg's Ryan Chilcote headed down to investigate how 3D printers intend to revolutionize your life. More

HTC launches 3D printed powerless acoustic speaker for your HTC One 

Nov.8, 2013 -  HTC has announced a 3D printed powerless acoustic speaker, the Gramohorn II, designed exclusively for the HTC One smartphone. More 

3D print multicolor objects with Stick Filament 

Nov.7, 2013 -  Stick Filament is a new filament system designed specifically for 3D printing and suitable for most FDM/FFF printers.  More 

3D printer-made guns could be banned in Philadelphia

Nov.7, 2013 -   City Council's Public Safety Committee today approved a bill that would ban the use of 3-D printing of working firearm in Philadelphia. More

3D-printed robotic Titan Arm wins 2013 James Dyson Award 

Nov.7, 2013 -  The Titan Arm, a battery-powered exoskeleton arm developed by four engineering students at the University of Pennsylvania has won the 2013 Dyson award. More 

3D printers to be introduced into Australian schools 

Nov.7, 2013 -  Australian high school students will soon be reaping the benefits of 3D printing technology. A new program is showing teachers how to build 3D printers and incorporate them into school curriculum. More 

Rethink: The agency with the most awards in the world (video)

Nov.7, 2013 -   800 Cannes Gold Lions, 194 Silver One Show Pencils, and even the first-ever Publicis-Omnicom Agency of the Year award were printed using their 3D printers. More

New initiative developing Ethical Filament standard, targeting 3D printing's plastic waste 

Nov.7, 2013 -  U.K. charity techfortrade today announces the launch of The Ethical Filament Foundation which will work in partnership with organisations around the world to encourage the manufacture of ethically produced 3D printing filament. More 

World's first 3D printed metal gun 

Nov.7, 2013 -  3D printing company Solid Concepts announced it has manufactured the world's first 3D Printed Metal Gun using a laser sintering process and powdered metals. More 

Android KitKat partners with Nestlé creating first ever 3D-printed chocolate show

Nov.7, 2013 -   Nestle commissioned 10 of South Africa's hottest creative talent to design original sculptures made entirely out of chocolate - 3D printed chocolate. More

Open source 3D printers challenge giants Stratasys and 3D Systems 

Nov.6, 2013 -  3D Hubs, a collaborative production platform for 3D printer owners and 3D makers, released today the November edition of their Industry Trend Report on 3D printing.  More 

McDonalds considers in-store 3D printing for Happy Meal toys 

Nov.6, 2013 -  McDonalds is considering having 3D printers installed in its stores to create pocket-sized plastics toys for its famous Happy Meals. More 

3D Printing Firm Materialise may be considering an IPO in the US

Nov.6, 2013 -   Belgian 3D printing firm, Materialise, is considering plans to IPO, Financial news reported. More

The Filament Safe keeps your filament in good shape 

Nov.6, 2013 -  Perception Engineering designed and built the Filament Safe, an airtight storage container that helps maintain the print quality of your 3D printing filament. More 

3D print your own fully customized tabletop miniatures 

Nov.6, 2013 -  Gaming is an expensive industry. It often costs thousands of dollars for companies to make their own minis using traditional method. More 

15-year old students 3D print a Lumia 820 case from a Lumia smartphone

Nov.6, 2013 -   Two 15 year old South Africans, Gerhard de Clercq and Pieter Sholtz, has written a Windows mobile phone app to print from a mobile phone to a home-built RepRap 3D printer. More

Stratasys releases new 3D printing material for ultra thin parts 

Nov.6, 2013 -  3D printer manufacturer Stratasys has debuted the second generation of its Digital ABS material, named Digital ABS2. More 

3D Systems to be marketed in Japan and South Korea 

Nov.5, 2013 -  3D Systems, a leader in 3D printing, announced this month two distribution agreement in Asia.  More 

Museofabber to provide all schools access to 3D printable museum collections

Nov.5, 2013 -   Museotechniki ltd, is a European start-up company based in Athens (Greece), with the vision to merge cultural asset management with emerging technologies like 3D printing. More

3D Printer Finger Paintings with Leap Motion 

Nov.5, 2013 -  Visitors at this year's Toronto Mini Maker Faire were able to wave their fingers paint in the air, and watch these air drawings being turned into 3D printed plastic sculptures.More 

Creator of the Eventorbot: it might be the biggest regret of my life 

Nov.5, 2013 -  Frankfort, IL based Duy Dang launched a Kickstarter campaign in September of 2012 for Eventorbot 3D printer and he raised $137,508 from 297 backers in about 1.5 month, over 550% of the original goal.  More 

3Dprinter4u introduces Builder dual extruder 3D printer

Nov.5, 2013 -   3Dprinter4u, webshop of Dutch company Code-p West BV is set to introduce a fully-assembled Builder dual extrusion 3D printer at the 3D Printshow in London Nov.7~9, 2013. More

Turn your 3D printer into an instant laser cutter 

Nov.4, 2013 -  J Tech Photonics Lab turned their old Makerbot thing-o-matic 3D printer into a low power laser cutter/engraver. More 

Win an Ultimaker 3D printer with Christmas Design Contest 

Nov.4, 2013 -  The MyMiniFactory launches today Christmas design competition: the winner will receive an assembled Ultimaker worth £1,690. More 

From Nature to Art: 3D printed animal skulls based on CT scans

Nov.4, 2013 -   Scott Camazine plans to create sculptures of animal skulls based upon CT scans taken from an actual specimen and print them using 3D printing technology. More

Free 3D-printing 'Encryption' tool for your STL mesh files 

Nov.4, 2013 -  Plummer-Fernandez released 'Disarming Corruptor' (DC), a tool for making reversible damage to your STL mesh file. More 

Piq Chocolates crowdfunding custom chocolates 3D printing service 

Nov.4, 2013 -  An Austin startup 'Piq Chocolates', founded by MIT engineer Levi Lalla and Donovan Crowley, want to let everyone to become a chocolate artist. More 

Introducing Makeraser / Makelastic - accessories for 3D printers

Nov.4, 2013 -   A new startup, founded by JF Brandon and Christopher LoBello, is working on developing two handy tools for your 3D printer: Makeraser and Makelastic. More

Handie prosthetic hands can be made for <$400, using 3D printing and smartphones 

Nov.3, 2013 -  At an early press event for this weekend's Maker Faire Tokyo, a team demonstrated Handie, a 3D printed artificial hand that offers a large degree of functionality for amputees. More 

Introducing Robox dual nozzle 3D printer  

Nov.3, 2013 -  CEL, a British based product development company, run by Chris Elsworthy and Kenneth Tam, has been developing Robox 3D printer since the beginning of 2012. More 

First 3D printed custom titanium eyewear

Nov.3, 2013 -   In collabration with Melotte, famous Belgian designer and optician Patrick Hoet and his team has developed the first 3D printed eyewear in titanium. More

3D printed D180 folding pen 

Nov.2, 2013 -  A patent pending D180 3D printed Folding Pen, created by Mississauga, Canada based 3D Printed Concepts, is now launched on Kickstarter.  More 

Pirate3D unveiled tech specs of buccaneer 3D printer, backers disappointed 

Nov.2, 2013 -  Pirate3D unveiled a detailed technical specification for the Buccaneer on Friday, announced preorders of the printer will start on Friday, November 1 on the company's website. More 

Helix 3D printer: Dual Material Printing

Nov.1, 2013 -   Currently Acuity Design has already raised more than $30,800 within 10 days, almost hits one-third of its $95,000 goals. Today Acuity Design shared their first dual-material print video. More

How to 3D print your own pick handles (video) 

Nov.1, 2013 -  BosnianBill shared a nice video showing how to "3D print your own pick handle" (with tips) using free 3D design program 123D Design and a Makerbot 3D printer. More 

3D printed ashes sculpture 

Nov.1, 2013 -  Besides practical application, 3D printing technology can also offer new opportunities for its end use. More 

Maker, a documentary on the Maker Movement doubles Kickstarter goal

Nov.1, 2013 -   The team who made Design & Thinking, a Kickstarter funded film that went on to inspire audiences worldwide, now present to you their second feature film—Maker: A documentary on Maker Movement. More

Introducing HYREL 3D's new powerful 3D printer System 30 

Nov.1, 2013 -  HYREL 3D is releasing a new 3D printer: powerful HYREL System 30. System 30 features large 225x200x200mm build area, emergency Off (EMO) button & illuminated control panel. More 

Researchers developing gelatin bio-ink to 3D print human tissues and organs 

Nov.1, 2013 -  German researchers have developed a new gelatin bio-ink that can be used by 3D printing technology to produce artificial tissues.  More 

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