3D printed face masks defy surveillance technology

Nov.30, 2014 - In response to this aggressive pervasiveness of surveillance technology, artist Sterling Crispin has reverse-engineered facial detection algorithms to create DATA MASKS, a 3D art project-cum-act of political protest. More

$100k Additive Manufacturing Award recognizes the world's best innovations in 3D printing

Nov.30, 2014 - The Association For Manufacturing Technology (AMT) and VDW,German Machine Tool Builders' Association announced a partnership to present the International Additive Manufacturing Award annually, beginning in 2015. More

German RepRap's new, large scale 3D printer X1000 at EuroMold 2014

Nov.30, 2014 - Desktop 3D printer manufacturer German RepRap showcased its new 3D printer developed specially for its commercial customers at Euromold last week. More

3D printed stereographic lampshades create dazzling light projections

Nov.29, 2014 - Jenny, the software developer and blogger behind Caret Dash Caret, has created and released her script for creating personalized stereographic lampshades using the Blender API. More

BigRep successfully closed seed financing round for large-scale 3D printer

Nov.29, 2014 - BigRep, a Berlin based startup for full scale 3D printing, has announced this week that it has successfully received its first round of seed financing. More

Attaching a 3D printer to a microscope? Spanish scientist 3D prints a microscopic image of Hydrogel

Nov.29, 2014 - Spanish scientist Andrés Gómez has taken a absolutely minute microscopic image of some hydrogel, and gave it a tangible shape using 3D printing technology. More

Protect your quality beers with this 3D printed bottle lock

Nov.28, 2014 - To solve this age-old problem Jonathan Odom, one of the full-time designers at the Instructables Design Studio, has developed a 3D printable beer bottle lock that will protect your prizes any bottle opener you're not holding. More

Kids Creation Station start-up transforms your kids' artwork into 3D printed sculptures

Nov.28, 2014 - Kids Creation Station 3D printing service now offers the opportunity to immortalize 2D draws as beautiful, detailed and meaningful 3D printed objects. More

DIY 3D printable Raman spectrometer could provide cheap & early detection of hazardous chemicals

Nov.28, 2014 - For most of us, 3D printing is simply a fun tool and creative outlet for any little fun project that we come across. But it goes without saying that 3D printing is also a potent innovative manufacturing technology... More

ZMorph 2.0 S all-in-one 3D printer/personal fabricator launches at Euromold

Nov.28, 2014 - Polish 3D printer manufacturer ZMorph launches today at EuroMold 2014 their new generation of 3D printer: ZMorph 2.0 S personal fabricator. More

Asiga launches next generation Pico 2 precision 3D printer

Nov.28, 2014 - At Euromold 2014, Californian 3D printer maker Asiga has launched the Pico 2, an advanced precision 3D printer for direct manufacturing applications. More

Protect your iPhone 6 with a Kornez customizable 3D printed cover for each corner

Nov.28, 2014 - Demnard Design, a young product design company based in Boca Raton, Florida, announced that it is launching a Kickstarter campaign for Kornez, a sleek and customizable cover for iPhone 5, iPhone 5s and iPhone 6. More

3D printing multi-color design with Artesea's 3D Filament Splicer

Nov.28, 2014 - Swiss startup Artesea, founded by Marina Zyx and Kirill Ponazdyr, has come up a small tool for splicing 3D filament to bring colors to the open source 3D printing scene. More

South Korean 7-Eleven convenience store starts offering 3D printing services

Nov.28, 2014 - And yet, that is exactly what is being introduced in South Korea, where the famous chain of 7-Eleven convenience stores have opened their first 3D printing service inside a store. More

Formlabs shares designs to add screw threading to 3D printed objects

Nov.27, 2014 - Formlabs have now released a series of designs and stl files that can be used to add screw threads to your own multi-component designs. For our convenience, these have been ranked in order of effectivity. More

Korean researchers develop 3D printed nanostructures composed entirely of graphene

Nov.27, 2014 - For the first time in history, a team from the Korea Electrotechnology Research Institute (KERI), has managed to demonstrate 3D printed nanostructures made entirely of graphene, the unique and promising 'material of the future.' More

London designer 3D prints a gorgeous replica of 'An Athlete Wrestling with a Python' sculpture

Nov.27, 2014 - For the London-based designer David Rencsenyi has just successfully 3D printed a highly-detailed and gorgeous replica of Frederic Leighton's stunning 'An Athlete Wrestling with a Python' sculpture. More

Aortica raises $7M to treat Aneurysms with 3D printing

Nov.27, 2014 - Aortica Corporation, a privately held startup based in Kirkland, WA, is using 3D technology to give new hope to patients who suffer from a common yet deadly form of aneurysm. More

Mixee Labs introduces two new 3D printable jewelry design, offering a special discount for Thanksgiving day

Nov.27, 2014 - For celebrating US Thanksgiving day, 3D printing shop Mixee Labs launches today two new products: 3D printed Ambigram Jewelry and 3D Printer Charm. More

Electric vehicles, 3D printers, low-priced smartphones among Dentsu's 2015 'Expected Hit Products' in Japan

Nov.27, 2014 - Dentsu, the world's largest advertising agency brand, announced today the release of its '2014 Hit Products in Japan' report. Dentsu shares ten key trends that drive consumer mind-set and behavior for 2014. More

Crowdfunding campaign launched for the 3D printed virtual reality headset Pinc

Nov.27, 2014 - The Canadian interactive media company Cordon Media have started an Indiegogo campaign for their own and very intriguing 3D printed VR headset: the Pinc. More

French designer showcases 3D printing's artistic potential with her ceramic '3D Crafts'

Nov.26, 2014 - While visitors of 3ders.org might not need to be convinced themselves, many people would scoff at the idea that 3D printed creations can match the warmth or artistry of hand-crafted objects. More

Special 3D printed cups are allowing astronauts aboard ISS to enjoy espressos

Nov.26, 2014 - Imagine being sent up there into the cold darkness of space, where the lack of gravity makes even the simplest activity a giant task. Don't you think you'd have the right to enjoy a nice cup of coffee every now and then? More

Proto-pasta announces stainless steel PLA & magnetic iron PLA for home 3D printers

Nov.26, 2014 - ProtoPlant, makers of Proto-pasta, has announced today two new materials for their line of exotic 3D printer filament: Stainless Steel PLA and Magnetic Iron PLA. ? More

New graphene-based Terahertz 3D scanner reveals hidden details in ancient works of art

Nov.26, 2014 - A consortium of researchers from five European countries is developing a state-of-the-art 3D scanning system that is bridging the worlds of science and art history like never before. More

Italian maker creates the largest ever 3D printed Marvin mascot

Nov.26, 2014 - Mario's giant Marvin measures to a maddening 800 x 600 x 800mm (or 31.4 x 23.6 x 31.4 inches), took a mind-blowing 180 hours of continuous printing to complete (printing at approximately 50 mm per second). More

Create a new 3D object every 10 minutes by combining 3D printer with revo casting machine

Nov.26, 2014 - The revo is being developed by the Canadian company Magic Maker, based in Calgary, Alberta. A revocaster is a rotational casting device that allows you to cast objects based on molds. More

Tenvas launches the first 3D printed, interchangeable fashion watches

Nov.26, 2014 - Singapore-based Tenvas company entered production just two weeks ago, on November 8th, and offer customised, expressive and stylish watches to the public using digital design and 3D technology. More

Neri Oxman & team create 3D printed "Wearable Skins" for planetary voyages

Nov.26, 2014 - Neri Oxman's team at MIT Media Lab has created four 3D printed artworks called "wearable skins", showcasing the spectacular opportunities that 3D printing brings to the creative design industry. More

The first 3D printer in Space creates its first functioning part on ISS

Nov.26, 2014 - The International Space Station's 3D printer has manufactured the first 3-D printed object in space, paving the way to new age of off-Earth manufacturing. More

voxeljet announces new Phenolic-Direct-Binding 3D printing method at Euromold

Nov.25, 2014 - voxeljet, a leading provider of high-speed, large-format 3D printers and on-demand parts services to industrial and commercial customers, announced today a new method of 3D printing: Phenolic-Direct-Binding method. More

Graphene 3D Lab and taulman 3D to develop graphene-enhanced nylon material for 3D printing

Nov.25, 2014 - Graphene 3D Lab Inc. and Taulman 3D LLC have announced today the signing of a memorandum of understanding (MOU), laying the foundation for the joint research and development of 3D printing materials. More

Strong growth for EOS, showcases 3D printers and new PA 1102 black Polymer at Euromold

Nov.25, 2014 - Additive manufacturing system producer EOS is announcing new milestones in laser sintering and breakthroughs in plastics at EuroMold 2014 this week. More

MakerBot 3D printers and filament now available at Fry's Electronics' 32 stores

Nov.25, 2014 - MakerBot and Fry's Electronics announced that its 3D printers and filaments will be available in select Fry's Electronics stores in the U.S. and online. More

Renishaw unveils new metal 3D printer EVO Project

Nov.25, 2014 - UK-based Engineering company Renishaw unveiled its first metal additive manufacturing system designed and engineered in-house at the Euromold fair which started today in Frankfurt and runs to 28 November. More

Brazilian start-up TriDom seeks to solve the world's housing problem using 3D printing

Nov.25, 2014 - That is exactly what TriDom seeks to fix using 3D printing technology. The name of their social enterprise refers to 3D printed houses (Tri = 3 and Dom, the Russian word for home), and that is their product. More

Staples to exclusively sell MakerBot Replicator 3D printers and 3D scanners

Nov.25, 2014 - MakerBot and Staples announced that MakerBot Replicator 3D Printers and Digitizer 3D Scanners are now available in 50 Staples retail stores across 18 states and online. More

ProtoFlux magnetic 3D printing filament launches on Kickstarter

Nov.25, 2014 - Ever needed to 3D print something in a magnetic material? The guys at 3D printing filament shop ProtoParadigm has designed ProtoFlux Magnetic Filament, a new ProtoTek 3D Printing Material that attracts magnets and stores data. More

The flashy, 3D printable and functionally designed DyRos Humanoid Robot

Nov.25, 2014 - Unlike its many competitors, the DyRos Robot features both an impressive engineering interior, as well as a flashy exterior. Unsurprisingly, it heavily relied on 3D printing to achieve success in that latter category. More

Prodways to announce 9 new 3D printers and new resins at EuroMold 2014

Nov.24, 2014 - French company Prodways announced today nine new 3D printers and material to be presented to the public for the first time during the Euromold, which will be held in Frankfurt from 25 to 28 November 2014. More

Open source 3D printed water quality tester

Nov.24, 2014 - To help to solve these issues, Joshua M. Pearce and his research group from the Department of Materials Science and Engineering at the Michigan Technological Institute designed a new open source 3D printed water testing platform. More

Taiwanese engineer working on the world's biggest CMYKW 3D printer

Nov.24, 2014 - James Chang's Super 3D Printer features a truly remarkable printing size of 1 x 1 x 0.8 m. And its not just the printing size that is monstrous, its also the filament it uses. James's printer is capable of printing in CMYKW. More

Printrbot to release their all-metal Plus 3D printer on Black Friday

Nov.24, 2014 - Brook Drumm's new all-metal Printrbot Plus 3D printer is a complete improvement of that model; it's sturdy, solid, efficiently designed and compact. You could call it the industrial version of the Printrbot. More

3D Systems signs definitive agreement to acquire Cimatron CAD firm

Nov.24, 2014 - 3D Systems and Cimatron (Nasdaq:CIMT) today announced a definitive agreement under which 3DS will acquire all of the outstanding shares of Cimatron for $8.97 per share in cash, for a total of approximately $97 million. More

Purdue 3D printing innovation capable of making stronger, lighter metal parts

Nov.24, 2014 - A startup based on a Purdue University innovation could produce stronger, lighter metal parts that work for the automotive and aerospace industries through a new, 3D printing technology. More

The 'Turtle' project - using 3D printing to make the world a better place

Nov.23, 2014 - One inspiring example is Italian designer Stefano Giovacchini (from Di Segno Studio) and his 'Turtle' project which seeks to make transportation easier. For Turtle is a simple anchoring solution. More

Open source 3D printable accessories turns vegetables and fruits into fun toys

Nov.23, 2014 - The Open Toy project was born in the summer of 2013 during a workshop at Domaine de Boisbuchet in France. Using material waste from the band saw, such as cork and wood, designer Samuel N. Bernier has created a serie of toys... More

Ingocraft, 3D printable construction set for kid makers

Nov.23, 2014 - Sarasota, Florida-based Ingocraft is offering a 3D printed construction set that combines hands on making with a fun 3D modeling app and 3D printable parts ready for customizing your own kit. More

Dutch designer wins New Material Fellow award with her 3D printable 'balloon' project

Nov.23, 2014 - Her Aera Fabrica project has just won the New Material Fellow award at the Dutch New Material Award design competition. This competition is an initiative of the Dutch innovation funds DOEN Foundation. More

Designer Jenny Wu launches LACE, a new 3D printed jewelry collection

Nov.22, 2014 - Internationally celebrated architect, Jenny Wu, announced this week the official public launch of her first 3D printed wearable designs, LACE. The collection will make its debut at Aqua Art Miami this December. More

Maker builds a 3D printed compound bow that can shoot at 10 meters

Nov.22, 2014 - The compound bow is more energy-efficient than other bows, which is why a maker by the name of Dick Cho set about creating a 3D printed version of compound bow. More

Loughborough University teams up with Skanska to build commerical 3D concrete printing robot

Nov.21, 2014 - Skanska, a multinational construction and development company based in Sweden, has signed an agreement with the UK's Loughborough University to develop, build, and commercialize a 3D concrete printing robot. More

Publisher to release 90-week 'Build your own 3D printer' partwork magazine in Britain and Ireland

Nov.21, 2014 - UK publisher Eaglemoss Collections have announced a partwork for building your own, actually workable 3D printer. Could this be the definitive proof that 3D printing has reached mainstream society. More

Go bananas with 3D printed food

Nov.21, 2014 - Food printing can be considered as the holy grail of 3D printing, and it's hardly surprising that so many companies and start-ups are looking at different possibilities and 'food filaments'. More

3Discovered secures financing for its online exchange platform for 3D printable designs

Nov.21, 2014 - Chicago based start-up 3Discovered announced today that they have secured the company's first external financing round from AITV and private investors. More

Gigantic BigRep One.2 3D Printer can create an entire table, debuts at EuroMold next week

Nov.21, 2014 - Berlin-based BigRep has announced that it will introduce their latest 3D printer BigRep One.2 at EuroMold 2014 in Frankfurt next week. More

Change the look of your Ollie racing robot with Ollie Customizer app

Nov.21, 2014 - This week, Sphero have teamed up with Australian 3D design company Makers Empire to launch the Ollie Customizer app. The Ollie Customizer lets you change the look of your Ollie. More

RedEye 3D prints 30 antenna arrays for NASA to function on the exterior of a satellite

Nov.21, 2014 - RedEye, a Stratasys Company and leading provider of 3D printing services, has partnered with NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) to 3D print 30 antenna array supports for the FORMOSAT-COSMIC-2 satellite mission. More

A 3D printed, interactive and touch-responsive talking map for the blind

Nov.21, 2014 - Now Researchers from the University of Buffalo have come up with an ingenious application – a 3D printed interactive wayfinding - for the visually impaired. More

3D printed compass draws and duplicates various shapes from digital files

Nov.21, 2014 - 3D printed COMP*PASS, developed by Japanese Design student Ken Nakagaki, is a multi-functional, automatic drawing tool that can be programmed to replicate various detailed shapes and sizes. More

MakerBot Ghostly Vinyl Challenge

Nov.20, 2014 - This month, Ghostly has teamed with 3D printing company MakerBot for a special contest centered around turntables, vinyl collections, and 3D printers. Ghostly International and Makerbot invite designers to create unique objects. More

Waterford Institute of Technology launches €1.1m metal 3D printing programme

Nov.20, 2014 - Waterford Institute of Technology (WIT) has launched a €1.1m metal 3D printing programme that could revolutionise manufacturing industries in Ireland. More

Awesome and creepy 3D printed robotic spider featured on 'Inside Adam Savage's Cave'

Nov.20, 2014 - Made by Hong Kong technology manufacturers Robugtix, the spider is called the Robugtix T8, and was only available for a limited time last year. Adam picked it up for a hefty sum of $2950, but it looks to be worth its value. More

3D Hubs releases 3D Printing Trend Report for November 2014

Nov.20, 2014 - 3D Hubs, the Netherlands-based resource center for 3D printer owners and users, has released its monthly in-depth trend report for November 2014. More

Czech photographer immortalizes wake skater Zuzana Vráblová as a 3D printed action figure

Nov.20, 2014 - Zuzana Vráblová won the first prize at the Byerly Toe Jam wake skating championship in Orlando, Florida in 2013, but was now honoured in a very unique way: to be scanned, 3D printed and photographed as 3D action figure. More

9-year-old boy designs his own multifunctional, 3D printed prosthetic hand

Nov.20, 2014 - Nine-year-old Aidan Robinson's lower left arm has been missing since birth. Recently Aidan took the 3D printing route himself, designing a custom prosthetic that allows him to perform crucial tasks, like controlling the Wii. More

A $9 million 3D printing research and development hub opens in Melbourne, Australia

Nov.20, 2014 - A state-of-the art 3D printing research hub has just opened its doors in Melbourne, Australia. It's full name is the ARC Research Hub for Transforming Australia's Manufacturing Industry through High Value Additive Manufacturing. More

i.materialise add five sparkly colors to their alumide 3D printing material

Nov.20, 2014 - 3D printing service company i.materialise announced the availablity of a new line of 5 colors to their Alumide material. Until now, the only color available for alumide is in its natural color, mat aluminum. More

3D printed heart replicas used to save lives of babies with congenital heart defects

Nov.20, 2014 - 3D printed replicas of the human heart may help surgeons treat patients born with complicated heart disorders, according to research presented at the American Heart Association's Scientific Sessions 2014. More

3D printed self-learning, self-repairing robots can adapt to extreme environments

Nov.19, 2014 - A team of researchers at Oslo University's Department of Informatics has developed a category of robots that, through simulation programs and 3D printing, adapt to unforeseen obstacles. More

Overlord multicolor 3D printer to launch on Kickstarter next week, starting at £99

Nov.19, 2014 - This Overlord 3D printer has been developed by the Shanghai, China-based team called DreamMaker, who have developed the first generation of DreamMaker 3D printer. More

Daniel Norée launches OpenRailway project for 3D printed miniature trains

Nov.19, 2014 - Aside from working on very cool 3D printable trains and railways, Daniel Norée has also launched an open-source community to accompany this new and exciting project: OpenRailway. More

OPM receives $150K to improve treatment of infections related to implanted devices

Nov.19, 2014 - Oxford Performance Materials has received a three-year, $150,000 grant from the National Institutes of Health to explore new approaches to improve the treatment of infections related to implanted devices. More

Japanese artist collaboration XSENSE develop gorgeous and artistic 3D printed artificial limbs

Nov.19, 2014 - The XSENSE project is where (digital) art meets shapes. Artist Yoshinori Sakamaki paints and draws beautiful scenes where the traditional meets the industrial, and these are subsequently given shapes and purposes in 3D. More

Hardcotton's Elemental pressure controlled SLA 3D printer launches on Kickstarter, starting at $950 AUD

Nov.19, 2014 - Canberra based Australian startup Hardcotton has launched their pressure controlled stereolithography (SLA) 3D printer on Kickstarter for AUD$950 to early backers. More

Photographers design a cheap 3D printed filter holder for a Nikon 14-24 mm f/2.8 lens

Nov.19, 2014 - And that's where 3D printing comes in. That's at least the option photographers Patrick Ludolph and Christian Steinkrüger chose. Ludolph was unable to find a reasonably priced filter holder for his Nikon 14-24 mm f/2.8 lens. More

Fan 3D prints very cool table top terrain for Warhammer 40k battles

Nov.18, 2014 - Now the father and son team have created something you won't quickly find in your local gaming store: futuristic, multipurpose and stackable 3D printed 'crystals' that could be used in both a 40k and in a fantasy setting. More

Go back to the basics with the 3D printable Sundial Watch Collection

Nov.18, 2014 - Instructable user gkapriel has created a gorgeous collection of 3D printable watches. And unlike smartwatches or smartphones, you won't have to provide these with power every 24 hours. More

Organovo announces commercial release of exVive3D 3D printed human liver tissue

Nov.18, 2014 - 3D bioprinting company Organovo today announced the full commercial release of the exVive3DTM Human Liver Tissue for preclinical drug discovery testing. More

3D Systems previews ProX 400 two-laser direct metal 3D printer

Nov.18, 2014 - 3D Systems today unveiled the details of its ProX 400 metal 3D printer, which will be showcased at EuroMold 2014 in Frankfurt, Germany. The ProX 400 is capable of printing in more than a dozen alloys. More

Aachen University uses 3D printer to build a fully functional electric car in just 12 months

Nov.18, 2014 - 3D printer manufacturer Stratasys today announced it will feature the paradigm-breaking StreetScooter C16, an electric production vehicle available for under €10,000, on its stand at EuroMold, 25-28 November, Frankfurt, Germany. More

3D printed LYF Shoes: sustainable, recyclable and customizable footwear that also looks great

Nov.18, 2014 - However, a very interesting company called Lyf Shoes seeks to turn that industry upside down. What if shoes could be fashionable, 3D printed, recyclable and customizable, and even contribute to a sustainable environment? More

Kabuku launches 3D Printing Design Contest with total prize up to US$10,000

Nov.18, 2014 - Japanese 3D printing service Kabuku announces today the launch of a design contest with a total prize of $10,000. Kabuku launched "Rinkak" in Jan 2013, an online 3D printing marketplace. More

Polish start-up SinterIt developing a $5,000 SLS 3D printer, aiming for an early 2015 release

Nov.18, 2014 - The trio behind Polish start-up SinterIt is aiming to release the first professional and affordable SLS 3D printer. And hey've already completed an extensive prototyping phase. More

NASA installs first zero-gravity 3D printer on Space Station

Nov.18, 2014 - On November 17, NASA announced that it has successfully installed the world's first zero-gravity 3D printer on the International Space Station (ISS) to help astronauts to experiment with additive manufacturing in microgravity. More

Ester SLS 3D Printer to launch soon on Indiegogo, price starting at $2,500

Nov.17, 2014 - Fosdick's SLS 3D printer, named Ester, will be an affordable desktop Selective Laser Sintering 3D printer. It features 1,000cc build volume and sub-millimeter resolution. More

Zortrax & Piloci create 'Mappingwall', a 332-piece 3D printed multimedia display wall

Nov.17, 2014 - Polish 3D printer manufacturer Zortrax has partnered with design company Piloci Studio Co. to create an amazing multimedia installation 'Mappingwall' using video mapping and 3D printing technology. More

3D Systems unveils new 3D printers and materials to showcase at EuroMold 2014

Nov.17, 2014 - Last week 3D Systems announced its plans to unveil several new design and manufacturing products and services at EuroMold 2014. Today the company reveals some details of several new 3D printers and materials to date. More

CGTrader partners with 3D Systems to launch 3D printed art challenge

Nov.17, 2014 - The community-based 3D model marketplace CGTrader and 3D printer manufacturer 3D Systems have teamed up to launch 3D Systems Art Challenge. The challenge focuses on bring art closer to home. More

MakerBot and Martha Stewart to collaborate on new filament and 3D printable designs

Nov.17, 2014 - 3D printer manufacturer MakerBot and Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia Inc. (MSLO), today announced an exclusive agreement to distribute 3D printing materials and jointly develop 3D printable designs. More

Dutch students build DIY metal 3D printer using Prusa i3 printer and a MIG welder

Nov.17, 2014 - A few students at TU Delft University in the Netherlands are currently working on a MIG welder based 3D metal printer, hoping that more makers can further improve their project on an open source basis. More

PrintAlive 3D bioprinter moves to preclinical trials, could revolutionize burn treatment

Nov.17, 2014 - This PrintAlive Bioprinter has now moved to the 'preclinical trials' phase of the medical adoption process. If all goes well, the first trials on patients can begin within the next two years. More

3D printer entrepreneurs shine at Richard Brandson's Pitch to Rich Competition

Nov.17, 2014 - Chris Thorpe's interesting I Can Make venture featured in the 'start-up' category, which consists of offering educational models that can teach the young and old all about desktop 3D printing principles. More

XTC-3D Brush-On Coating gives 3D printed parts a shiny smooth finish

Nov.17, 2014 - Reynolds Advanced Materials now offers XTC-3D brush-on coating, a special liquid coating that fills striations and smooths the surface of any 3D print, eliminating 90% of post finishing work. More

3D printing turns Miguel Chevalier's virtual art into 3d physical sculpture

Nov.17, 2014 - But now 3D printing is allowing Miguel Chevalier to give material form to his virtual universes, which is a genuine revolution in the world of sculpture. More

3D printed cork eyewear 'Oak and Dust' are customized to fit your face

Nov.16, 2014 - Using Rhino to create CAD models and a plug-in known as Grasshopper, Adrian Goegl designed unique, custom eyeglass frames. These were then printed in polyamide provided by i.materialise's online 3D printing service. More

3D printing creates custom urns that look just like your loved one

Nov.16, 2014 - 3D printing technology has been entering the cremation urn industry as well. At times, this manufacturing technology is used to construct beautiful tributes that capture the essence of the deceased. More

English fan 3D prints gorgeous and scary Alien Xenomorph cosplay suit

Nov.16, 2014 - England-based James Bruton is a bigger 3D printing expert and enthusiast than most of us, producing dozens of self-designed parts and constructing whole 3D printed cosplay suits. More

Biodegradable drone made out of fungus and bacteria melts away when it crashes

Nov.16, 2014 - A team of students from Stanford, Brown and Spelman College and NASA Ames Research Center have developed a biodegradable drone made from a combination of fungi, bacteria and wasp saliva which recently completed its first flight. More

JuicyPrint 3D printer uses bacteria & orange juice to print out 3D structures for tissue engineering

Nov.15, 2014 - Ilya Levantis from the London Biohackspace showed off JuicyPrint, a 3d printer that is fed with fruit juice to print on demand 3D structures of bacterial cellulose, a strong and exceptionally versatile biopolymer. More

Jonty Hurwitz 3D printed nano sculptures at the same scale as a human sperm

Nov.15, 2014 - Artist Jonty Hurwitz has created so far the most detailed nano-sculptures with 3D printing and a technique called "Multi-Photon Lithography". Similar to standard photolithography techniques... More

UNYQ released new 3D printed military-inspired camouflage prosthetic leg covers

Nov.15, 2014 - This week, In celebration of Veterans Day for the service of all U.S. military veterans, UNYQ released a new line of military-inspired fairings: Conceal & Wow - the CAM Collection. More

Sculpteo introduces a new tool that thickens thin 3D printable models

Nov.15, 2014 - 3D printing service company Sculpteo has been working on creating a new tool that offers a solution. Their new Thickening Tool recreates a new mesh that envelopes your design and automatically thickens the model. More

Enter Materialise's Slot Car Races at EuroMold 2014 with your own 3D printed design

Nov.15, 2014 - Materialise is inviting everyone to enter the Slot Car Race at EuroMold 2014 with your own 3D Printed Slot Car, and join them in watching the race during the Materialise Evening Reception on Tuesday, November 25th. More

Taiwan's XYZprinting launches its first 3D food printer

Nov.14, 2014 - Start-up XYZPrinting launched its first 3D food printer, which creates food with capsules and edible ingredients. XYZprinting Inc chairman Simon Shen demonstrates the new printers at a press conference in Taipei yesterday. More

Connecticut scientists replicate antique musical instruments using 3D printing

Nov.14, 2014 - Researchers at the University of Connecticut have been doing exactly that, by 3D printing the necessary parts to give hundred-year-old instruments a new opportunity to play beautiful music. More

Solus high resolution 3D DLP printer launches on Indiegogo

Nov.14, 2014 - Taiwanese company Reify 3D launched its Solus yesterday on Indiegogo. As we previously reported, Solus is a high-resolution DLP stereolithography 3D printer with an advanced peeling technology. More

Mosaic lets you 3D print multi-colored objects on a single color 3D printer

Nov.14, 2014 - What if it were possible to 3D print multiple-colored objects with a single extruder system that doesn't sacrifice any build space and, most importantly, will deliver high-quality, non-oozing results every time? More

Mixee Labs' new 3D printed Fantasy Football trophy

Nov.14, 2014 - Mixee Labs partnered with Andrew Thomas to create a Fantasy Football Trophy maker (American football) to bring 3D Printing to the world of Fantasy Football. More

4WEB makes milestone: Over 3,000 4WEB 3D-printed spinal implants in use

Nov.13, 2014 - 4WEB Medical announced yesterday at the North American Spine Society Annual Meeting in San Francisco that its surgeon customers have now implanted over 3,000 of the company's 3D-printed orthopedic truss implants. More

MakerBot acquires Layer By Layer to add streaming & digital rights technology to its 3D Ecosystem

Nov.13, 2014 - MakerBot announces today the acquisition of the start-up software company Layer By Layer. Layer By Layer joined MakerBot to help create user-friendly platforms and systems that help make 3D printing technology easier and more accessible. More

ESA's first 3D printer POP3D set for Space Station

Nov.13, 2014 - Europe's very first 3D printer in space is scheduled for installation aboard the ISS next year, announced European Space Agency today. Designed and built in Italy, it will be put to the test... More

Slovakian man recovers after surgeons successfully apply a 3D printed titanium skull implant

Nov.13, 2014 - The 30-year-old Slovakian Juraj Shank recently experienced this for himself, when doctors of the University Hospital of L. Pasteur in Slovakia's second city of Košice placed a large, 3D printed skull implant over his brain. More

Swiss postal services Die Post explores 3D printing as a new source of revenue

Nov.13, 2014 - Now, the national postal services Die Post in Switzerland has also announced a partnership with the Swiss 3D printing company my3Dworld. Die Post has opened its own 3D printing supplies web store... More

SUMISAYA Japanese sword combines traditional katana craftsmanship with 3D printing

Nov.13, 2014 - For by reaching down 400 years of history of the Kansai region, Japanese company Studio Shikumi and startup Kabuku have teamed up to create a breath-taking katana and case that are both ancient and modern at the same time. More

South African teens build self-repairing 3D printer to support human mission to Mars

Nov.13, 2014 - Ambitious 15-year-old Rueben Pretorius, Mathew Whyte and Jared Rheeders have designed and created a working prototype of a space ready 3D printer which will be showcased at the World Robotics Olympiad (WRO) in Russia this month. More

3DPrinterOS and 3Dponics team up to offer 3D printable DIY hydroponics system

Nov.13, 2014 - Cloud-based 3D printing operating system 3DPrinterOS and 3Dponics Inc. will be collaborating to include 3Dponics' open-source DIY 3D printable hydroponics system as part of the upcoming launch of 3DPrinterOS. More

Full Spectrum Laser secures $10 Million investment for growth in 3D printing

Nov.12, 2014 - Las Vegas, Nevada based startup Full Spectrum Laser LLC (FSL), a 3D printer manufacturing company, has received a $10 million growth equity investment from Summer Street Capital III, L.P., a Buffalo, NY-based private equity fund. More

World's largest 3D sand printer gives 1912 Brush car a new lease of life

Nov.12, 2014 - London-based 3Dealise has announced today that they have created the world's first prototype from the largest and fastest 3D sand printer. The S-Max was introduced by ExOne in 2010. More

GE to build new Pennsylvania facility to develop & implement 3D printing technology

Nov.12, 2014 - GE announced Wednesday that it will build a new advanced manufacturing facility outside of Pittsburgh to develop and implement 3D printing technologies. More

Two men 3D printed a life-size replica of themselves to find love

Nov.12, 2014 - Match.com, an online dating service with websites serving 25 countries, has 3D printed 1:1 life-size replicas of two of its members, hoping that could boost their chances to find the right one. More

Swedish-Malaysian manufacturer VAGLER releases Vagler V-8E educational 3D printer

Nov.12, 2014 - Malaysia-based prosumer 3D printer manufacturer VAGLER International has today released a printer specifically designed for use within the education sector. More

Get a personalized, 3D printed signpost that perfectly matches your location

Nov.12, 2014 - A new Canadian start-up called Directive Designs that exemplifies all that creative and customizable potential with their latest printing service: MyWay Sign. These are a mini directional signs. More

GE 3D prints and test fires a fully functional miniature jet engine

Nov.12, 2014 - And recently American giants General Electric (GE) have just shown off their commitment to 3D printing by producing a 3D printed, fully functional miniature jet engine. More

3D Systems to unveil new SLA, SLS and metal 3D printers and materials at EuroMold

Nov.12, 2014 - 3D printer manufacturer 3D Systems announced it plans to unveil several new design and manufacturing products and services at EuroMold 2014 in Frankfurt, Germany from November 25-28, 2014, at the Messe Frankfurt. More

MakerBot launches Alipay ePass payment option for 3D printing customers in China

Nov.11, 2014 - MakerBot announces today that its online consumers in China will now be able to purchase MakerBot 3D Printers, filament and 3D scanner using Alipay ePass payment option. More

FLUX, the all-in-one modular 3D printer, scanner & laser engraver launches on Kickstarter

Nov.11, 2014 - Flux, the all-in-one modular 3D printer, scanner & laser engraver we reported last month, is a very promising and intriguing device. Today the Taiwanese team has just launched FLUX on Kickstarter, seeking $100,000 in crowdfunding. More

Modular 3D printed roof system could replace corrugated iron roofs in developing countries

Nov.11, 2014 - Their project is called Resilient Modular Systems, and in a nutshell, it seeks to provide 3D printed alternatives for the corrugated iron roofing that prevails throughout much of the third world. More

Metal 3d printing soon 'affordable' thanks to new Selective Inhibition Sintering (SIS) process

Nov.11, 2014 - Researchers have developed a very peculiar application of inkjet technology that is capable of 3D printing metal, called Selective Inhibition Sintering, or SIS. The SIS process is based upon the retardation of sintering. More

Autodesk biologist is hacking 3D printed virus to fight cancer

Nov.11, 2014 - At the recent WIRED 2014 technology conference in London, the cell biologist and genetic biologist Andrew Hessel discussed the possibilities of 3D printing personalized medicine. More

CGtrader Infographic: tips on maximizing your income from selling 3D models for 3D printing

Nov.11, 2014 - 3D model marketplace CGtrader has been analyzing data on what sells the most on their 3D model marketplace for 3D printing, and they shared the data here. More

Cool 3D printed puzzle box now available on Shapeways

Nov.11, 2014 - And if that particular person is crazy about puzzles, than this recent 3D printed addition to Shapeways might just be the perfect present: the Centrifugal Puzzle Box. More

SteelSeries offers 3D printable nameplate for its Rival optical gaming mouse

Nov.11, 2014 - SteelSeries has added a 3D printable nameplate to its offering. By default the Rival comes with 2 interchangeable nameplates. But if you have a 3D printer,you could just customize the part and 3D print your own nameplate. More

Giant 3D printed spaceship displayed at BFI IMAX in London for the premiere of Interstellar

Nov.10, 2014 - Interstellar is a movie that is making headlines in the film world for its gripping tale and gorgeous production, though it should do the same in the 3D printing community for its impressive use of 3D printing technology. More

3D printed Leash Mate gives dog owners the perfect grip to hold on to their best friend

Nov.10, 2014 - The Leash Mate is an additional handle shaped like an ergonomic ball that will help you keep your dog under control. It can be easily attached to any standard dog leash to allow you to keep your dog closer and safer. More

Pioneering 3D printing used to reconstruct cylinder heads for legendary Porsches

Nov.10, 2014 - Anyone who owns a legendary Porsche 550 Spider, 904 or 356 Carrera can count himself lucky. These cars have experienced an enormous increase in value over the last few years. More

Functionalize fund raising for ultra-conductive 3D printing filament for printing electronics

Nov.10, 2014 - Seattle, WA based Functionalize today launched a 30-day Kickstarter campaign to bring an electronically conductive 3D printing material to the market. Measuring under 1 ohm/cm, the new filament, Functionalize F-Electric... More

Russian scientists to unveil 3D bioprinted transplantable organ in March 2015

Nov.10, 2014 - Based at the Skolkovo Innovation Center just outside Moscow under the leadership of Professor Vladimir Mironov, Russian company 3D Bioprinting Solutions has been working on a Bio 3D printer for some time now. More

Spanish Government grants HP over €21m in funds for 3D printing R&D

Nov.10, 2014 - The Spanish government has approved a total of EUR 21.25 million fund to support Hewlett-Packard Spain for its research and development of new 3D printing technologies. More

3D printing takes streetart to a whole new level

Nov.10, 2014 - 3D printing takes streetart to a whole new level. Approached by some talented graffiti artists, 3D designer Normally Ben designed representations of these style writing art tags. More

3D printed Microsoft Band charging stand now available for $10

Nov.10, 2014 - If you are a lucky owner of a Microsoft Band, you can now purchase a 3D printed charging stand for the device for as low as 10 USD. Microsoft has released its own fitness tracker. More

Interview with futurist Christopher Barnatt on his book '3D Printing: Second Edition'

Nov.9, 2014 - Christopher Barnatt is a well-known 3D printing academic, videographer and pundit. On 7th November, an update of his book called "3D Printing: Second Edition" was published. More

English researchers use 3D printing to produce flexible and fine textile-like structures

Nov.9, 2014 - An intriguing English project entitled Technical Crafting is a collaborative effort of two researchers from the Manchester School of Art. Their aim has been to develop a range of flexible textile samples using 3D printing. More

Plastic surgeon 3D prints realistic before and after images for Rhinoplasty patients

Nov.8, 2014 - In a video released recently, an Iranian plastic surgeon from Turkey, dr. Yakub Avsar, explained how he employs 3D printing to improve the experience of his patients. More

Photoshop CC now supports direct 3D printing through i.materialise

Nov.8, 2014 - Good news for people who use Adobe Photoshop to create 3D models: you can now turn your Photoshop CC (Creative Cloud) creations into real objects through i.materialise's 3D Printing service. More

Italian start-up Youbionic has prototyped a promising 3D printed bionic hand

Nov.8, 2014 - The Italian start-up Youbionic is currently working on marketable and affordable bionics. All of its 3D printed parts have been made using selective laser sintering (SLS) technology. More

ESA outlines plan to use 3D printing to build a fully habitable base on the moon

Nov.7, 2014 - Could astronauts one day be printing rather than building a base on the Moon? In 2013 the European Space Agency (ESA proved that 3D printing using lunar soil was feasible in principle. More

Adafruit designs a 3D printed ray gun, complete with LED lights and cool sound effects

Nov.7, 2014 - Adafruit has come up another mind-blowing project, literally: a very cool prop ray gun blaster, complete with intricate electronics that provide cool lighting and sound effects each time you pull the trigger. More

Construct a mini 3D printer for less than $60 using recycled electronic components

Nov.7, 2014 - Instructables user Mikelllc has shared a handy tutorial to help you to construct your very own low-budget 3D printer out of recycled electronic components. More

3D Hubs offers $25,000 free print credit to get students into 3D printing

Nov.7, 2014 - In its ongoing efforts to make 3D printing accessible to the masses, 3D printing community 3D Hubs has announced today that it offers $25 of free 3D print credit to students. More

RichRap shares Sli3DR 3D printer design files

Nov.7, 2014 - And Richrap has recently shared another intriguing 3D printer that would make a very interesting construction project for anyone looking for a bit of challenge: the Sli3DR 3D printer. More

Y Soft acquires 51% share in Czech 3D printer maker be3D

Nov.7, 2014 - Czech 3D printer manufacturer be3D announced that it has received strategic investment from Czech-based company, Y Soft. Y Soft has acquired 51% of be3D for $2 million, with an additional $900K upon the expected growth. More

US aluminum giant Alcoa plans to use 3D printing to manufacture parts for jet engines

Nov.7, 2014 - Alcoa, the world's leading producer of primary and fabricated aluminum, announced on Tuesday, November 4, that the company is working rapidly to adopt 3-D printing to manufacture parts for jet engines and other products. More

Pennsylvanian man develops steel-reinforced bullets for 3D printed guns

Nov.6, 2014 - For Michael Crumling, a 25-year-old American from Pennsylvania, has just shared footage of a type of bullet called .314 Atlas, that has been specifically developed to be fired from 3-D printed plastic guns. More

Princeton creates first fully 3D printed quantum dot LEDs using a custom 3D printer

Nov.6, 2014 - But team at Princeton has now successfully 3D printed quantum dot-based LEDs, showing that diverse classes of materials can be 3D printed and fully integrated into device components with active properties. More

Is 3D printing a viable and affordable alternative to injection molding production?

Nov.6, 2014 - The California-based production company Type A Machines has been exploring the possibility of FDM 3D printing production volumes, and argued that their printers are theoretically capable of outcompeting injection molding. More

A 3D printed robot that can actually draw

Nov.6, 2014 - Randy from the Instructables Design Studio has recently created a 3D printed pencil robot. While many robots we find online, this surprisingly simple robot walks on four legs. More

Polychemy launches new platform offering personalized 3D printed jewellery

Nov.6, 2014 - Singapore-based 3D printing and design company Polychemy has just launched its new online platform allowing users to personalise Jewelry easily with the power of 3D printing. More

Gorgeous 3D printed T-Rex skeleton made with a Form 1+ 3D printer

Nov.5, 2014 - However, another recent project is perhaps just as ambitious and impressive: a 3D printed T-rex skeleton that is so detailed and authentic-looking, you'd think you just wandered into a natural history museum. More

3DP Unlimited 3D prints 27-inch tall giant Frankenstein head in one solid piece

Nov.5, 2014 - For last week, the Illinois-based 3D printer manufacturer 3DP Unlimited revealed one of the largest single-piece 3D printed creations we've ever come across: A 27-inch tall Frankenstein Monster head. More

Irish 3D printing start-up wins €25K ESB Spark of Genius Award and signs a deal with Amazon

Nov.5, 2014 - And one of this year's first prizes was awarded to the fun and promising 3D printing company Love & Robots from Dublin. Love & Robots have won this prize thanks to a mixture of cool, fun and original approach to 3D printing services. More

Researchers working on semi-solid metals that could revolutionize 3D metal printing

Nov.5, 2014 - Together, they are researching the use of so-called semi-solid metals that can be extruded, rather than lasered. These exciting new metal material could overcome all the problems associated with metal 3D printing. More

Praxis3D launches their all-metal dual X-Truder on Kickstarter

Nov.5, 2014 - Over the last year, a small team of FDM enthusiasts based in El Paso, Texas has been refining and testing a dual filament FDM print head they call the X-Truder. More

Local Motors ModMen Challenge to giving away 3D-printed cars to 12 gearheads

Nov.5, 2014 - Local Motors today announces the ModMen Challenge, a bold competition that asks the hot rod and motor vehicle aftermarket community to "hack up" and modify a 3D-printed vehicle. More

Paracosm turns our world into 3D models, securing $3.3M in seed funding

Nov.5, 2014 - University of Florida spin-out Paracosm, a cloud-based software company, has received 3.3M in seed funding from Atlas Venture, iRobot, Osage University Partners, BOLDstart Ventures, New World Angels and Deep Fork Capital. More

Mazak unveiled hybrid metal 3D printer with multiple heads

Nov.5, 2014 - Yamazaki Mazak Corporation (Mazak) is the latest company to step into the 3D printing market by adding a new INTEGREX i-400AM (additive manufacturing) HYBRID Multi-Tasking machine to its machine tool lineup. More

Stratasys unveils 11 new high-performance 3D printers and materials

Nov.5, 2014 - At EuroMold 2014 starting Nov. 25, 2014, in Frankfurt, Germany, Stratasys are launching 11 high-performance 3D printers and materials for high-end prototypes, production aids and manufactured parts. More

Prosthetic designers Open Bionics win second prize in Intel's 'Make it Wearable' Challenge

Nov.4, 2014 - Open Bionics have received an incredible and well-deserved boost by winning the second prize in Intel's design competition, along with the $100,000 prize that accompanies it. More

GE FirstBuild and Makerbot team up for a Icebox 'hacking' challenge

Nov.4, 2014 - GE FirstBuild has teamed up with Makerbot to launch a chilling challenge – a Icebox Challenge that encouraged engineers and homeowners to "hack" their refrigerators to create 3D printed custom accessories. More

3D printing arrives in Cambodia

Nov.4, 2014 - The two brothers Ki Chong and Ki How Tran have therefore launched ARC Hub PNH, Cambodia's first 3D printing start-up. As they explained, it's their vision to make Phnom Penh Asia's next start-up hub.. More

Check out this cool ghostly spinning top that is 3D printed in metal

Nov.4, 2014 - This is what makes the Ghost Spinning Top, that can be found on Shapeways, so incredible. As can be seen in the pictures, the Ghost is an impressive geometric shape that is 3D printed as a single, beautiful piece. More

Make a reusable print bed for your 3D printer for just $1

Nov.4, 2014 - A very easy and affordable solution appeared on Instructables last week: the $1 reusable print bed. Developed by Andy, this is an easily-made and cheap print bed that will make the lives of numerous 3D printing enthusiasts easier. More

Fuel3D handheld 3D scanner secures £4 million in expansion funding

Nov.4, 2014 - Fuel3D, a developer of 3D scanning solutions, today announced that it has closed a funding round totaling £4 million ($6.4 million). This funding builds on the company's initial £1.6 million (£2.6 million) funding.. More

Sneak peek of a 3D printed, compact and portable drone

Nov.4, 2014 - Backcountry Drones is currently working on a promising and cool-looking drone that is portable, compact, light-weight and autonomous: perfect for practical and harsh environments. More

ROKIT announces world's first desktop 3D printer capable of printing high strength engineering plastic

Nov.3, 2014 - ROKIT Inc., the leading desktop 3D printer manufacturer in Korea announced that it has developed the world's first desktop 3D printer capable of printing high strength and heat resistant engineering plastic. More

Learn to code, design & build 3D printed bots with Maker Club's app & learning system

Nov.3, 2014 - According to Brighton, UK based Maker Club, a platform & community for 3D Printed robots, the 'home robot revolution' is coming. Maker Club has just launched the first batch of it's robots on crowdfunding site, Indiegogo. More

PetPrints 3D offers custom 3D printed models of pets to animal lovers

Nov.3, 2014 - The graphic artists at PetPrints 3D has launched a 3D printing service to create custom, full-colour 3D-printed replicas of your dog, cat, iguana, or even horse, and will do it all in time for holiday giving. More

3D Bioprinting helps researchers create a better in vitro breast cancer model

Nov.3, 2014 - A Texas Medical Center research team has made a breakthrough in breast cancer research using revolutionary 3D bioprinting technology being developed by Nano3D Biosciences (n3D), a joint venture partner of Rainbow Coral Corp. More

Designer & former college professor turns his 3D printing hobby into a successful business

Nov.3, 2014 - Who hasn't felt that entrepreneurial sensation when successfully 3D printing a design of your own creation? "Maybe I should start a business and sell these online!" Whatever it is, from a pencil case... More

Pierro Astro designs, prototypes, tests star-gazing equipment using 3D printing

Nov.3, 2014 - In fact they're more than just an astronomy shop, they're more an astronomy experience. In order to provide these customized products, Pierro Astro quickly turned to 3D printing. More

You will be able to 3D print customised medicines on demand 'within a decade'

Nov.2, 2014 - But researchers from the University of Central Lancashire (UCLan) in Preston in the UK are working on a revolutionary new way to deliver customized medicines on demand using 3D printing. More

Collaboration and 3D printing came together to help Oreo the dog run again

Nov.2, 2014 - A cross-functional team of veterinary surgeons, orthopaedic surgeons, and biomedical engineers who work thousands of miles apart, has created a custom patella implant for a dog in need of a new knee cap in 4 days. More

How to 3D print a working speaker with a 3D resin printer

Nov.1, 2014 - Marin Davide from Lumi Industries, the creators of LumiPocket, the compact DLP 3d printer has just published a new instructable teaching how to 3D print a working speaker with a 3D printer. More

Adafruit's 3D printed Mario clouds electronic jewelry

Nov.1, 2014 - This week Noe and Pedro Ruiz of Adafruit Industries has come up another awesome 3D printing project: 8-bit retro Mario Clouds, a wearable Mari Clouds pendant featuring animated scrolling clouds. More

3D printed T-Rex shower head brings you back to the age of the dinosaur

Nov.1, 2014 - Thingiverse user Jonathan Schwartz, a product manager at 3D printer manufacturer MakerBot, has recently created an awesome piece of 3D printed T-Rex Shower Head which can fit on any standard 1/2" shower head pipe. More

iMakr & Le Bon Marché team to offer 3D printed 'Mini-You' candles

Nov.1, 2014 - This week, in partnership with Le Bon Marché Rive Gauche – The Paris Luxury Department Store, iMakr is launching "Scandles" – The Candle Mini-You. Using 3D Scanning and 3D Printing technology... More

3D Proto's plug & play flexFORM 3D printer comes with auto-grip system & 7" tablet

Nov.1, 2014 - Lublin, Poland based company 3D Proto has just launched flexFORM, a 3D printer that anyone can use with ease. The flexFORM is a simple, plug & play 3D printer that comes with a filament feeder. More

San Francisco company using 3D printing to develop adjustable prosthetic legs

Oct.31, 2014 - LIM Innovations has now developed a quick, easy and relatively affordable way to customize and produce these sockets. Not only do they achieve a very high-level of comfort and quality, these Infinite Sockets are also... More

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