Crayons from 3D printed molds surpass crowdfunding goal, all proceeds go to children's charity

Dec.1, 2016 - Christian McKechnie and Ben Lees, the two ad executives behind Monster Crayons, have announced their charitable crayons will hit stores in early 2017. More

Made In Space, Braskem create 3D printable 'green plastic' for 3D printing in space

Nov.30, 2016 - Thanks to a partnership between Made In Space and Braskem, astronauts on the International Space Station can now 3D print with "green plastic," a material made from sugarcane. The first 3D printed part made using the material was a pipe connector for a vegetable irrigation system. More

Oerlikon acquires German metal 3D printing company citim

Nov.30, 2016 - Global tech company Oerlikon has announced the acquisition of citim, a German additive manufacturing specialist, as it aims to expand its 3D printing capabilities in Europe and the USA. A specialist in small-series production of metal 3D printed products, citim also makes functional prototypes. More

Melissa Ng's 3D printed mana potion pendant raises funds for a friend's cancer treatment

Nov.30, 2016 - Melissa Ng of Lumecluster has unveiled her latest design: a 3D printed mana potion pendant. The pendant, which is being sold through 3D printing service Shapeways is raising funds for one of the designer's friends who is undergoing intense cancer treatments. More

Engineers 3D print first fully functional drone with embedded electronics & aerospace-grade material

Nov.30, 2016 - Researchers at Nanyang Technological University (NTU) in Singapore have teamed up with additive manufacturing giant Stratasys to 3D print a fly-ready drone capable of withstanding extremely high temperatures using aerospace-grade material. More

Shares in metal 3D printer manufacturer Aurora Labs soar amid talk of major business deal

Nov.30, 2016 - Shares in Aurora Labs, an Australian manufacturer of metal 3D printers, rose dramatically earlier today after the company announced negotiations with a major engineering company. After rising to an intraday peak of 5.39 AUD, shares closed at 3.52, marking a 0.54 (18.12%) increase. More

Interview with futurist Christopher Barnatt on his book '3D Printing: Third Edition'

Nov.30, 2016 - In May 2013, futurist Christopher Barnatt published a book called '3D Printing: The Next Industrial Revolution.' Now, in November 2016, a third edition of the book has been published, so we thought we'd catch up with the author for his latest take on where things are headed. More

$39 3D printer filament detector and cleaner module aims to drastically reduce failed prints

Nov.30, 2016 - There are so many reasons a 3D print can fail, and running out of filament mid-print is one of the most frustrating. The Sentinel filament detector, recently launched on Kickstarter, uses optical sensors to put those headaches behind us. More

3D Printhuset, world's largest 3D print retail store, doubles in size with new Copenhagen location

Nov.30, 2016 - 3D Printhuset, the world's largest 3D printing retail store, located in Copenhagen, Denmark, has just opened an new and even bigger store. The new 3D Printhuset spans 6,000 square feet and is located in downtown Copenhagen. More

A 3D printed 'cradle' for laboratory house sparrows could help cure chronic stress

Nov.29, 2016 - Yale University researcher Christine Lattin has used 3D printing and scanning to study stress in house sparrows. The researcher believes her work could be used to develop more effective treatments for humans suffering from chronic stress. More

Philips updates medical 3D printing, 3D rendering solutions with IntelliSpace Portal 9.0

Nov.29, 2016 - Philips has launched IntelliSpace Portal 9.0, a new visual analysis and quantification platform for physicians that provides 3D rendering and 3D printing features. The STL export feature allows clinicians to 3D print medical models with high levels of detail and resolution. More

New 3D printed Bicicletto e-bike sees Materialise and Nuova SPA go full throttle

Nov.29, 2016 - Materialise recently partnered with Italian automotive brand Nuova SPA to develop a 3D printed upgrade for the latter's Bicicletto e-bike. The new and improved Bicicletto features a number of 3D printed parts that make it lighter, faster, and more cost-efficient to manufacture. More

We can 3D print a house in 24 hours, says teenage CEO of Cazza Construction

Nov.29, 2016 - Led by 19-year-old millionaire entrepreneur Chris Kelsey, San Francisco-based Cazza Construction claims it can use large-scale 3D printing to build entire 100 sq m houses in as little as 24 hours. Cazza will, however, be keeping the secrets of its 3D printer under wraps until December. More

Rotterdam's huge 'Wire Arc Additive Manufacturing' 3D printer almost ready

Nov.29, 2016 - The new RAMLAB additive manufacturing hub is almost ready to open its doors at the port of Rotterdam, Netherlands. The lab will contain a Wire Arc Additive Manufacturing (WAAM) 3D printer that uses steel wire as feedstock and which is capable of welding metal parts up to 2 x 2 x 2 meters in size. More

DHL: 3D printing a 'complementary' manufacturing process, will not replace existing manufacturing methods

Nov.29, 2016 - DHL has just released its newest DHL Trend Report, entitled '3D Printing and the Future of Supply Chains.' The report suggests that additive manufacturing will not fully replace existing manufacturing methods, but will be used more as a complementary process. More

Photographer uses 3D printing to turn monocle from 1890 into camera lens

Nov.29, 2016 - French experimental photographer Mathieu Stern has proven that there are some ways around spending hundreds of dollars on a new camera lens. Our favorite involves turning a vintage monocle lens into a camera lens with a 3D printed casing. More

$1,095 'SafFire' combines SLA 3D printing and laser engraving

Nov.29, 2016 - A Kickstarter has been launches for SafFire, a hybrid SLA 3D printer and laser engraver. Backers can choose from several accessory combinations, depending on whether they need engraving only ($1,095) or engraving plus small ($1,390), large ($2,990), or both ($3,285) sizes of SLA 3D printing. More

UCL researchers explore how to preserve & restore 3D printed contemporary art

Nov.28, 2016 - A team of researchers from the UCL Institute for Sustainable Heritage are experimenting with new and effective ways of maintaining and restoring contemporary art made from materials like ABS and PLA. The project is a preemptive effort to maintain and preserve contemporary 3D printed art pieces. More

3D printable 'meat inks' could be used to feed the elderly

Nov.28, 2016 - New research from Meat & Livestock Australia (MLA) suggests that the 3D printing of red meat products could add significant value to the Australian red meat industry, especially when targeted at the aged care sector. MLA believes that secondary cuts could be turned into a 3D printable 'meat ink.' More

Australian surfer to get back in the water after 3D printed titanium implant saves leg

Nov.28, 2016 - Thanks to a 3D printed titanium leg implant made by Texas company 4WEB, Queensland resident Callum Harewood will be able to continue his active surfer lifestyle following a horrific motorway accident. Without the 3D printed implant, Harewood may have lost his leg. More

Walmart CA launches custom 3D printed ornaments for Christmas season

Nov.28, 2016 - Walmart Canada has launched a limited pilot project to explore the potential of customized 3D printed products. Just in time for the holidays, the pilot project will be offering clients the chance to make customized 3D printed Christmas ornaments. More

3D printing, robotics, ARVR to transform Australia's manufacturing industry

Nov.28, 2016 - CSIRO recently released 'The Advanced Manufacturing Roadmap,' a plan which will help the Australian manufacturing industry to better adapt to changing markets. The plan, written in partnership with industry, government, and researchers, places an emphasis on 3D printing technologies. More

MatterHackers releases MatterControl 1.6, latest version of 3D printer controller software with Print Recovery feature

Nov.28, 2016 - MatterHackers has released MatterControl 1.6, the most advanced version of the free, open-source 3D printer controller to date. Version 1.6 utilizes an innovative Print Recovery system, expanded cloud control, and multiple UI enhancements. More

DIY Instructables tutorial turns your 3D printer into a 500mW laser cutter for $40

Nov.27, 2016 - Like 3D printers were just a few years ago, laser cutters are traditionally rather expensive digital fabrication tools. A recent instructables demonstrates how for $40, you can convert your 3D printer into a working 500mW laser cutter with little effort. More

3D printable OpenRC Formula 1 car hits the track with NinjaFlex tires

Nov.26, 2016 - Daniel Norée, creator of the OpenR/C Project, has unveiled his third-generation 3D printed OpenR/C car, which can be 3D printed in PLA (body) and NinjaFlex (tires). Nor'e has published a guide explaining how to assemble the new R/C car. More

3D printing could reduce global oil consumption, says top Nordea analyst

Nov.25, 2016 - Thina Margrethe Saltvedt, a Norwegian analyst for Swedish financial services group Nordea, believes that 3D printers and electric vehicles can help to reduce oil consumption'to a greater degree than has been predicted by the International Energy Agency (IEA). More

3D printing holds promise for musicians using prosthetics

Nov.25, 2016 - A Northern Illinois University engineering student has joined forces with a young violinist to innovate a 3D printed prosthetic hand made of lightweight nylon and plastic, which grants the wearer an increased range of motion while playing. More

3D printing and smart technology could save US manufacturers $100 billion

Nov.25, 2016 - Adopting additive manufacturing, robotics, and other smart manufacturing practices could save the US manufacturing industry more than $100 billion a year, according to a new report from NIST. More

3D print your PC mods anywhere with Thermaltake and 3D Hubs

Nov.25, 2016 - Thermaltake, a manufacturer of PC cases, power supplies and cooling device, has partnered with 3D Hubs to expand the reach of 3DMakers, its 3D file sharing platform for 3D printable PC mods and customizations. More

UK furniture maker combines 3D printing with traditional craftsmanship for custom modern designs

Nov.25, 2016 - Pairing dark walnut wood and 3D printed Polyamide joints, UK furniture maker Jon Christie's pieces smartly combine time-honoured craftsmanship and design with innovative 3D printing tech. More

We're over the moon about this 3D printed lunar phase clock

Nov.25, 2016 - Remember the out-of-this-world supermoon we experienced last week? Experience it again, every night, with this 3D printed lunar phase clock. Thingiverse user G4lile0 made the device with an Arduino, OLED display, and 3D printed moon face. More

Introducing the DM250, Carima's new DLP 3D printer

Nov.25, 2016 - South Korean 3D printer manufacturer Carima showcased its new DM250 DLP 3D printer at formnext 2016. The new 3D printer, which is being heralded as the next generation of Carima's Master EV, is part of the company's DM series of 3D printers. More

Tiertime releases new and improved UP BOX+ desktop 3D printer

Nov.25, 2016 - Beijing Tiertime Technology Co. Ltd. recently announced a number of exciting upgrades to their flagship product, the UP BOX desktop 3D printer, in one of their newest 3D printer models, the UP BOX+. More

Researchers use nanoscale 3D printing to recreate 'structural colors' of blue tarantula and peacock

Nov.25, 2016 - The stunning blue tarantula holds the key to consistent structural color that could change the textile, packaging, and cosmetic industries, according to a research team from the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology. The German researchers have found a way to replicate the natural phenomenon using nanoscale 3D printing. More

Filabot CEO awarded 'Rising Star' and 'Best Small Business Award' for 3D printing innovations

Nov.24, 2016 - Filabot CEO Tyler McNaney has just collected the Best Small Business Award from the Central Vermont Economic Development Corporation, as well as the Rising Star award from Vermont Business Magazine. Filabot has been at the fore of eco-friendly and DIY recycled filaments since 2012. More

Dutch designer launches Holthinrichs Watches, new 3D printed watch brand

Nov.24, 2016 - Dutch designer Michel Holthinrich recently launched his very own 3D printed watch brand: Holthinrichs Watches. The new brand, which so far consists of one stunning 3D printed watch design called the Ornament 1, has expertly combined traditional watchmaking techniques with 3D printing. More

3D printed steering wheel & bracket propels Team Delft to Formula Student glory

Nov.24, 2016 - Team Delft, the Formula Student racing team from the Netherlands' Delft University of Technology, has explained how 3D printing is helping guide its cars to victory on a yearly basis. The latest version of the student-made racing car utilizes a 3D printed steering wheel and bracket. More

New BigRep Studio and Tech 3D printers available for pre-order

Nov.24, 2016 - Berlin-based company BigRep made two big announcements at formnext 2016: it unveiled its BigRep Studio 3D printer, designed for corporate and educational environments, and introduced the BigRep Tech, the product of a partnership with Kuhling&Kuhling. More

The pen mightier than the sword: Dutch designer releases titanium 3D printed fountain pen

Nov.24, 2016 - Dutch designer Rein van der Mast has just announced his newest effort in the world of luxury fountain pens: the Spica Virginis, a titanium 3D printed fountain pen and nib. The pen was 3D printed on 3D Systems' ProX DMP 300 3D Printer. More

InssTek debuts MX-Mini, first 'DED' desktop metal 3D printer

Nov.24, 2016 - South Korean 3D printer manufacturer InssTek unveiled its new MX-Mini 3D printer at formnext 2016 last week. The new 3D printer is said to be the first Directed Energy Deposition (DED) desktop metal 3D printer. More

Autodesk is 3D printing stainless steel with giant robotic arms

Nov.24, 2016 - Autodesk's Pier 9 in San Fransisco is jam packed with future looking technologies. Popular vlogger Tom Scott paid them a visit to check out their up-and-coming 3D printing robotic arm that is being developed to 3D print using stainless steel. More

Estonian, British companies using 3D printed parts to refine aircraft interiors

Nov.24, 2016 - Magnetic MRO, an Estonian company specializing in aircraft maintenance, repair, and operations, has teamed up with British subsidiary company MAC Interiors to integrate 3D printing into the production of aviation-approved parts. MAC has expertise in retrofitting and refurbishing aircraft lavatories, interiors, and more. More

GE opens Lagos Garage, new home for Nigerian 3D printing innovation

Nov.23, 2016 - GE yesterday launched the 'Lagos Garage,' a new advanced manufacturing program in Lagos, Nigeria. The Garage will serve as a hub for manufacturing innovations such as 3D printing, laser cutting, and CNC machining, encouraging entrepreneurship and the development of a skilled Nigerian workforce. More

Sweet-toothed shoppers rejoice: world's first 3D printed candy launches in UK

Nov.23, 2016 - German confection company Katjes launches the Katjes Magic Candy Factory, the world's first 3D printer for gummy candy, this week across UK shopping centres and online. More

German materials company Henkel to develop 3D printable resins for SLA, DLP

Nov.23, 2016 - Henkel, a leading global supplier of light cure acrylic, silicone, epoxy, and polyurethane adhesives, is developing a new line of light cure resins for Stereolithography (SLA) and Digital Light Processing (DLP) 3D printers. The first of the materials will be commercialized in 2017. More

GE investing $10 million to subsidize 3D printers for educational institutions

Nov.23, 2016 - GE Additive recently announced it would be investing $10 million over the course of the next five years into two educational programs geared towards developing 3D printing technologies and towards training future talent within the field. More

3D printed submachine guns discovered in Australian drug bust

Nov.23, 2016 - A 3D printing facility for fabricating machine guns has been discovered during a series of drug-related raids across Australia's Gold Coast. Police found a secret lab where computers, a 3D printer, and drill presses were being used to make automatic submachine guns. More

Divergent 3D premieres its first 3D printed superbike at Los Angeles Auto Show

Nov.23, 2016 - Divergent 3D, the company which brought us the first 3D printed supercar, Blade, has just become a new contender in the world of custom motorcycles. Meet the Dagger: the bold new superbike with a 3D printed chassis, unveiled last week at the annual LA Auto Show. More

$250 YeeHaw 3D printer for kids hits IndieGogo just in time for the holidays

Nov.23, 2016 - Chinese company YeeHaw3D has launched its new $250, kid-friendly 3D printer through an IndieGogo crowdfunding campaign. The printer, which bears an unmistakeable likeness to Xiaomi's recently leaked 3D printer photos, is reportedly ready to be shipped to backers. More

Maker demonstrates that smartphone resin 3D printers, like the ONO, can actually work

Nov.23, 2016 - After a very successful Kickstarter campaign for the $99 ONO smartphone based 3D printer, many skeptics have wondered if the technology even works. A 3D print enthusiast recently demonstrated that it certainly can. More

3D printed cat tongue mimic could have applications for soft robotics industry

Nov.22, 2016 - Researcher Alexis Noel has been exploring the structure of cat tongues with the help of a 3D printed cat tongue mimic printed at a scale of 400%. The project could have potential applications within the field of soft robotics, cosmetics, and more. More

Krone Golf comes to the fore with 3D printed KD-1 driver

Nov.22, 2016 - Krone Golf and CRP Group have joined forces to develop a partially 3D printed golf driver. The club is made using both additive and subtractive manufacturing techniques, and features optimized surface thicknesses, a controlled head weight, and a tuned center of gravity. More

Maker of 3D printed Blade supercar predicts flatpack future for auto industry

Nov.22, 2016 - Divergent Microfactories has embraced 3D printing and a modular structure to create a new kind of local manufacturing process that could slash the environmental impact of the automotive industry More

German 3D printed prosthetics manufacturer Mecuris secures major investment

Nov.22, 2016 - Munich-based 3D printed orthotics and prosthetics manufacturer Mecuris GmbH has just announced that it has secured a significant investment through a seed funding round. The new funds will be put towards expanding and further developing the company's cloud-based AI design technology and 3D printed prosthetics. More

Scientists have developed a zero-gravity metal 3D printer for space

Nov.22, 2016 - A team of scientists from the University of Birmingham have developed a metal 3D printer that can work in zero gravity. The innovative 3D printer was recently tested at the European Space Agency (ESA) facilities in the 'vomit comet' zero gravity simulation.' More

New 'Landfillament' lets you 3D print with trash

Nov.22, 2016 - North Dakota materials company 3D-Fuel has introduced 'Landfillament,' a new 3D printing material made from recycled waste. To create the material, municipal solid waste (MSW) is subjected to pyrolysis, which produces a char byproduct that can be used as filament. More

Paraguayan company Po aims to make 3D printed prosthetic hands accessible to all

Nov.22, 2016 - Po, a Paraguay-based company, is hoping to make prosthetics more accessible to those in need by offering customized 3D printed upper-limb prosthetics to locals with amputations and disabilities. Its newest prosthetic hand integrates Myo sensors, giving the device more versatile functions. More

3D printed QuadBot Kickstarter combines open source robotics and STEM education

Nov.22, 2016 - Quadbot, an open source robotics kit geared towards educating students and makers about 3D printing and STEM subjects, has just launched on Kickstarter. Developed by Engimake, the QuadBot is composed of a number of 3D printed parts, an Arduino based QuadBoard, servo motors, and more. More

New 3D scanning method allows parents to see their unborn children as 3D models in VR

Nov.22, 2016 - A clinic in Brazil is demonstrating how a new 3D scanning method that combines ultrasound imaging and MRI technology can create detailed 3D models of fetuses. The 3D models, which can be printed or viewed in VR, allow for parents and doctors alike to better visualize the unborn child. More

Dutch hotel's 3D printed, cutting-edge conference center nears development

Nov.21, 2016 - Dutch hotel De Slaapfabriek Teuge is closing in on the funding required to create a groundbreaking 3D printed conference center with a design inspired by plane trails. The building will utilize an internal projection system that can virtually transport guests to Central Park or Copacabana beach. More

New, transparent 3D printing filament from Filamentarno ideal for lights, vases, toys

Nov.21, 2016 - Filamentarno, a Russian 3D printing materials company, has released 'Prototyper Soft,' a range of flexible and transparent filaments marketed under the brand name 'PROTOTYPER.' The filaments are made from a hard rubber polymer called styrene-butadiene-styrene (SBS). More

New silicone 3D printing process has 'much lower costs' than casting

Nov.21, 2016 - ALT, a silicone 3D printing specialist based in Santa Barbara, CA, is developing a new additive manufacturing process for depositing rubber-like silicone materials. The process could be used to create anatomical tissues, medical devices, sensors, microfluidics, and seals/gaskets. More

Farsoon announces partnership with LSS, debuts new 403P SLS 3D printer

Nov.21, 2016 - As announced at formnext 2016, Chinese company Farsoon Technologies has partnered with German laser sintering company LSS. In addition to the new partnership, Farsoon has unveiled its new 403P series plastic laser sintering system. More

Dubai teen wins award for 'mind-controlled' 3D printed bionic arm

Nov.21, 2016 - Rishabh Java, a 14-year-old boy from the UAE, has scooped the 'Best Innovative Project' prize at the first Gulf 3D Printing Olympiad. Java designed a 3D printed bionic arm that can purportedly be controlled with the mind using an Electroencephalography (EEG) monitor. More

New McDonald's Christmas ad features a 3D printed doll named Juliette

Nov.21, 2016 - McDonald's UK has just unveiled its "biggest ever" Christmas ad campaign which features Juliette, a 3D printed doll, and an augmented reality prize contest. The 90 second ad featuring the 3D printed doll was created by Leo Burnett London. More

Australia to open state-of-the-art biofabrication institute for 3D printing implants

Nov.21, 2016 - Australia's Herston Health Precinct has announced that it will be opening a new biofabrication institute on its premises. The institute, which will occupy two floors at the Herston Health Precinct, will be dedicated to imaging, modeling, and manufacturing 3D printed patient-specific tissues. More

3D print an earthquake in 8 steps

Nov.20, 2016 - After creating a 3D printed shake intensity map of the 2014 South Napa earthquake two years ago, Oakland-based artist Doug McCune has published a guide to creating a 3D printed map of almost any earthquake from around the world. More

Bioniks wants to give Pakistani children 3D printed superhero prosthetic hands

Nov.19, 2016 - Pakistani company Bioniks is determined to give amputee children a new lease of life with a range of 3D printed prosthetic limbs inspired by comic book characters. More

Neri Oxman uses 3D printing to create spectral collection of 'death masks'

Nov.18, 2016 - Stratasys has launched The New Ancient, a new art and design collection that includes Vespers, a series of 15 3D printed death masks designed by Neri Oxman. The masks will be unveiled at the grand reopening of London's Design Museum next week. More

Fake 3D printed Nintendo Switch fools gamers...again

Nov.18, 2016 - For the second time in a year, a 3D printed fake Nintendo console has fooled a portion of the online gaming community. With the Nintendo Switch due to be released in March 2017, a YouTuber named Etika convinced some viewers that the video game giant had sent him an early version of the console. More

Zhuhai CTC plans to move 500 units a year of its Riverbase 500 3D printer

Nov.18, 2016 - Zhuhai CTC Electronic, China's leading 3D printer manufacturer, has announced that it plans to produce an annual output of 500 industrial 3D printers. The announcement was made at China's intelligent equipment exhibition, where CTC was exhibiting its industrial Riverbase 500 3D printer. More

3D printed shoes: has this designer found the perfect model for making, marketing, and selling them?

Nov.18, 2016 - Kevin Pagdon, a recent graduate from the Maryland Institute College of Art (MICA) and aspiring footwear designer, has developed '3D Printed Performance,' a concept solution for sustainably making, marketing, and selling 3D printed shoes. More

China successfully 3D printed its 1st pressure vessel cylinder prototype for a nuclear reactor

Nov.18, 2016 - The China Nuclear Power Research Institute and Nanfang Additive Manufacturing Technology Co. Ltd. (Nanfang-AM) have announced their first ever 3D printed pressure vessel cylinder prototype. The 3D printed part marks a step forwards for the "Made in China 2025" initiative. More

SAP, Stratasys opening 3D printing co-innovation labs for Distributed Manufacturing initiative

Nov.18, 2016 - 3D printing giant Stratasys and SAP, a German multinational software corporation, are together establishing a global network of 3D printing co-innovation labs for promoting the use of additive manufacturing on the production line. More

French oil major TOTAL is launching a 75,000 ton PLA factory with Corbion

Nov.18, 2016 - French oil major Total SA and Amsterdam-listed Corbion NV, the Dutch company that provides bio-based lactic acid, lactic acid derivatives and lactides, are joining forces to produce and market polylactic acid (PLA) - a bioplastic polymers. The two partners plan to build a PLA factory with an annual capacity of 75,000 tons at Corbion's existing site in Thailand, where Corbion already has a production site which will become part of the joint venture. More

Northeastern prof uses 3D bioprinting to advance vascular disease research

Nov.17, 2016 - Guohao Dai, a faculty member at Northeastern University's Department of Bioengineering, is one of many innovative individuals working on the advancement of 3D bioprinting. Dai has been working on 3D bioprinting live tissues for exploring blood vessel regeneration and potentially treating vascular diseases. More

Introducing Leica's new $16k BLK360 3D scanner, controlled via iPad

Nov.17, 2016 - German company Leica Geosystems has unveiled the BLK360, an extremely compact entry-level 3D scanner for spherical imaging. The handheld scanner, developed in collaboration with 3D software specialist Autodesk, will retail for $16,000. More

Autodesk releases major update for Netfabb 3D printing software

Nov.17, 2016 - 3D printing software company Autodesk has added a raft of major updates to its recently released Netfabb 2017. The new features and updates will boost the software's capabilities and provide a complete end-to-end solution that will help commercial customers test, prepare and 3D print new products. More

BigRep and TNO to develop 3D printing production process 10x faster than current solutions

Nov.17, 2016 - BigRep, a Berlin-based manufacturer of large-scale 3D printers, has signed a multi-million-euro cooperation agreement with TNO, the Netherlands Organization for Applied Scientific Research. The deal was signed at the formnext trade show in Frankfurt, Germany. More

Cincinnati Inc, NVBOTS introduce SAAM 3D printing system to complement BAAM

Nov.17, 2016 - Cincinnati Incorporated (CI) and New Valence Robotics (NVBOTS) have just launched their new SAAM industrial 3D printer at FabTech 2016. SAAM, which stands for "Small Area Additive Manufacturing," was created to complement CI's established and popular BAAM system. More

StringKing calls on lacrosse players to up their game with 3D printed heads

Nov.17, 2016 - In 2011, L.A.-based lacrosse equipment manufacturer StringKing set out to design new and improved lacrosse equipment using innovative new technologies. Now, thanks to 3D printing, the company is set to release a line of six new stick heads. More

Markforged releases $3,500 Onyx One 3D printer for carbon fiber parts

Nov.17, 2016 - Markforged, a manufacturer of 3D printers and printing materials, has today announced the North American release of the Onyx One, a 3D printer designed to print black carbon composite parts. The Onyx One, optimized for the production of end-use parts, will retail for $3,500. More

Illuminate DLP 3D printer hits Kickstarter running with affordable 2K resolution

Nov.17, 2016 - DLP 3D printing is fast becoming a popular contender in crowdfunding for 3D printers. A new low cost, high resolution unit called D2K Illuminate is hoping to make waves with its innovative LCD based DLP print process. More

Mars space suit could be patched up with 3D printed parts

Nov.16, 2016 - Mars One, an organization that has ambitions to land the first humans on Mars and establish the first human colony there by 2026, has just unveiled a new design concept for a Mars-ready space suit. The suit features a modular system that would allow for 3D printed replacement parts and add-ons. More

'Digital Life' project seeks to preserve endangered animals as 3D scanned models

Nov.16, 2016 - Staff at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst have started Digital Life, a new project aiming to catalog digital 3D models of every living species on Earth. The experts believe that 3D scanning offers a way to guarantee the preservation of endangered species threatened by extinction. More

3D printed skull gives young boy a second chance at life

Nov.16, 2016 - Having lost 50% of his skull following a heavy fall, Teddy Ward faced a bleak future. That was until doctors decided to use 3D printing to create a polymer skull implant that has given the youngster a new lease of life. More

New 3DyourSCAN service 3D prints patient-specific surgical models in less than 24 hrs

Nov.16, 2016 - 3D printing cloud provider WhiteClouds has launched 3DyourSCAN, a service that provides life-size 3D printed models of a patient's CT/MRI scan, and which is designed to improve collaboration and education between physicians and patients. The service uses a 'Hinge & Slice' modeling process. More

Alexander McQueen's stunning $595 umbrella features ergonomic 3D printed handle

Nov.16, 2016 - British luxury fashion label Alexander McQueen has just unveiled its "black mirror" umbrella, which features a stunning ergonomically designed 3D printed handle. The handle's design is actually based on 3D scans of a human hand. More

Domino's is now delivering pizza via 3D printed drone

Nov.16, 2016 - In what is said to be the world's first pizza-by-drone delivery service, drone company Flirtey and Domino's Pizza Enterprises are now offering autonomous delivery of Domino's pizzas to select customer homes. A recent poll found that 70% of Domino's customers would happily use the service. More

Luxembourg and Singapore to collaborate on 3D printing and materials science research

Nov.16, 2016 - Luxembourg and Singapore have signed an agreement which aims to strengthen research cooperation in the fields of materials science (with a focus on 3D printing and composite materials) and business analytics. More

Stratasys partners with Siemens to advance AM integration, unveils new Fortus 900mc 3D printer

Nov.16, 2016 - Stratasys has announced a formal partnership with Siemens. The collaboration seeks to integrate Stratasys' AM solutions with Siemens' Digital Factory solutions with the goal of fully integrating 3D printing into traditional manufacturing. Stratasys has also unveiled a new Fortus 900mc 3D printer. More

Circumventive Organs: artist Agi Haines explores 3D bioprinting human organs with animal cells

Nov.16, 2016 - Along with the potential to create human organs through 3D bioprinting, comes the potential to rethink and redesign those organs, or at least that is what designer Agi Haines has shown us with her provocative Circumventive Organs project. More

Catch the last of the supermoon with a 3D printed astrophotography camera

Nov.16, 2016 - Using 3D printing and a Raspberry Pi, tech tinkerer TJ Emsley has created an astrophotography device to capture the much-talked-about 'supermoon' that appeared 30% brighter and 14% larger on Monday. Another supermoon is due to appear in December. More

3D printed water pipes and medical equipment part of Oxfam's major Nepal earthquake relief effort

Nov.16, 2016 - More than a year after the earthquake in Nepal, Oxfam is beginning to explore new technology-focused disaster relief methods. These include using plastic bottles for home insulation and bringing in 3D printers for on-the-spot production of much-needed equipment. More

3D printing training program offered to 800 teachers across India to promote STEAM

Nov.15, 2016 - MakerBot AJP and the Veltech University in India have teamed up to offer 800 middle school and high school teachers a 3D printing training program. The program is aimed at equipping teachers with the tools they need to teach students about 3D printing technologies. More

The future of 3D printing? formnext 2016 showcases new tech from Nano Dimension, HP, others

Nov.15, 2016 - The annual formnext 3D printing trade show is taking place this week in Frankfurt, Germany. At the event, visitors are being given a chance to see new additive manufacturing technology from industry giants like Nano Dimension, HP, Arcam, and 3D Systems. More

WiFi and 3D scanning hack can trace your fingers and reveal your online passwords

Nov.15, 2016 - A new hack, dubbed WindTalker, uses a malicious WiFi hotspot and complex signal based 3D scanning to hack your phone and use the shadows of your fingers to find out your passwords. Fortunately, there is an easy fix. More

Sunconomy, Apis-Cor raising funds to build two 3D printed houses for charity

Nov.15, 2016 - Sunconomy and 3D printing construction company Apis-Cor are raising funds to build two fully 3D printed affordable housing units. The two houses will not only prove the viability of the Apis-Cor method, but will be donated to a veteran and to a job training program. More

Biens Communs creates striking 3D printed homeware using extra-wide printer nozzles

Nov.15, 2016 - Biens Communs 3D, a 3D printed homeware startup based in Montreal, Canada, has launched a Kickstarter campaign for its first line of products. The startup uses wide-diameter printer nozzles and 0.5 + mm layer heights to rapidly print large objects like 3D printed lampshades and vases. More

These 3D printed smart sensors show you to the nearest free parking spot

Nov.15, 2016 - Dutch startup PARKEAGLE has partnered with 3D printer software company Printr to help prototype its smart parking sensor enclosures. The innovative sensors are designed to communicate with drivers, letting them know where there is a free parking spot nearby. More

EnvisionTEC debuts affordable new industrial 3D printer Vector Hi-Res 3SP with 60 µm resolution

Nov.15, 2016 - 3D Printers and materials provider EnvisionTEC today debuts the Vector Hi-Res 3SP at Formnext. The Vector Hi-Res 3SP has a large build envelope of 300 x 175 x 200 mm (11.8 x 6.9 x 7.9 in.) and offers outstanding resolution of 0.002' or 60 µm in the X and Y planes. More

3D printed medical device market to reach $279.8M in 2016 with CAGR of 17.5% over 10 years

Nov.15, 2016 - According to a recent report put out by marketing research firm Future Market Insights, the global 3D printed medical device market is expected to reach $279.6 million in 2016 and grow at a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 17.5% over the next 10 years. More

Penn State, Lockheed Martin to pool 3D printing expertise after signing new Master Research contract

Nov.14, 2016 - Penn State University has signed a Master Research contract with defense manufacturer Lockheed Martin, signaling the continuation of research collaboration and an enhanced recruiting relationship. Lockheed Martin has previously supported Penn State students in various 3D printing projects. More

A Togolese man has built a functioning 3D printer entirely from electronic waste

Nov.14, 2016 - Afate Gnikou, a Togolese inventor, has built a functioning 3D printer made entirely from electronic waste from nearby landfills. With his innovative 3D printer, Gnikou is hoping to produce custom prostheses for his local community and teach young generations about 3D printing. More

This 3D printed glove can trick fingerprint scanners

Nov.14, 2016 - Researchers from Michigan State University have developed a technique for 3D printing gloves that can successfully dupe a range of fingerprint scanners. Each glove is made from proprietary materials that can mimic real skin, including the exact texture of a fingerprint. More

Sainsbury's and James Corden get in the Christmas spirit with 3D printed animation

Nov.14, 2016 - British supermarket Sainsbury's has released its latest Christmas advert, "The Greatest Gift". The short animation features comedian James Corden's vocals, as well as a number of 3D printed puppets. More

Vormvrij's new LUTUM 3 ceramic 3D printer promises dual-material printing in all environments

Nov.14, 2016 - Netherlands-based ceramic 3D printing specialist Vormvrij has announced the release of the LUTUM 3, its latest clay-extruding 3D printer. Prices are not yet available, but the company is aiming for a March 2017 release date. More

Leaked photos suggest Xiaomi Inc. will soon release its first 3D printer

Nov.14, 2016 - Leaked photos of an unreleased desktop 3D printer seem to suggest that Chinese electronics manufacturer Xiaomi Inc. will soon be venturing into the 3D printing industry. The 3D printer would mark the company's first ever 3D printing product. More

WASPmedical is revolutionizing scoliosis treatment with 3D printing

Nov.14, 2016 - Italian doctor Lelio Leoncini is taking on orthopedic scoliosis with the help of a Delta WASP 4070 3D printer and a holistic approach that includes 3D scanning and modeling software. His custom made 3D printed devices could change the way we think about scoliosis treatment. More

Amherst researchers use 3D printed teeth to study evolution of earliest mammals

Nov.14, 2016 - Researchers from the University of Massachusetts Amherst have developed a set of 3D printed teeth that were used to test the damaging ability jaws of the earliest mammals, revealing that damage is a much more important evolutionary factor than energy expenditure. More

Russian research group successfully tests 3D printed bullets

Nov.13, 2016 - The Russian Fund for Perspective Research has performed tests on 3D printed bullets. According to the organization, the additive manufactured ammunition performed in a similar manner to traditionally made bullets. More

Open Bionics: 3D printed superhero prostheses make children feel empowered

Nov.13, 2016 - British 3D printed prosthetics specialist Open Bionics has explained the thinking behind its open-source, child-friendly 'superhero' prostheses. Founder Samantha Payne gave a talk about her company's 3D printed robotic hands at the WIRED Next Generation event on November 5. More

Lightest: the levitating lamp you can customize with 3D printing

Nov.12, 2016 - Barcelona-based startup Base Forge has launched Lightest, a color-changing levitating lamp on Kickstarter. Users are invited to design and 3D print their own lampshades for the Lightest lamp. More

Arctic explorer 3D prints custom sunglasses to protect himself from ozone intense environments

Nov.12, 2016 - As many can attest to, sunglasses that don't fit properly can lead to all sorts of discomfort (or worse). Materialise and SEIKO have developed a system of creating the perfect fit with the help of 3D printing. More

New 3D scanning app lets you digitize your home and convert scans to CAD

Nov.11, 2016 - Occipital, the startup that in 2013 launched the Structure Sensor, a portable 3D scanner iPad add-on, has now released Canvas, an iOS app that makes 3D scanning and measuring spaces easier than ever. The new app is geared towards interior designers, home remodellers, contractors, and designers. More

Futuristic 3D printed CellPod incubator can grow food in just one week

Nov.11, 2016 - Research scientists at the VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland have developed a 3D printed biotechnology tool that can grow herbs, berries, and plants in just a week. The scientists see the CellPod incubator as a new way for consumers to produce their own food at home. More

A teacher from Tasmania is making 3D printing filament from plastic marine rope waste

Nov.11, 2016 - Marcos Gogolin, a teacher from Tasmania has found a way to turn bits of old marine rope into 3D printing filament. Gogolin was inspired to develop the project after seeing how much plastic waste accumulates on the coast. More

Sisma sets sights on mass production 3D printing with large volume mysint300 metal 3D printer

Nov.11, 2016 - Italian 3D printer manufacturer Sisma is set to unveil the large volume mysint300 metal 3D printer at formnext, featuring a clever unpacking and recoating system to make production of small and medium-sized batches viable. More

Verus Art unveils 1st collection of 3D scanned and printed art re-creations

Nov.11, 2016 - 3D art re-creation company Verus Art has just announced that its latest collection of painting re-creations is now available for purchase. The collection, which was made in collaboration with the National Gallery of Canada located in Ottawa, features such iconic pieces as Vincent van Gogh's "Iris", Claude Monet's "Agit'e" and more. More

Avatar-style 3D printed sea monster too big for university 3D printer

Nov.11, 2016 - Using the i.materialise 3D printing service, Irish design student Amy Doran has created a large-scale, Avatar-style 3D printed sea monster that has already featured in a number of exhibitions. The student turned to the online service after finding out her school 3D printer was too small. More

German power plant saves millions thanks to 3D printed turbine components

Nov.11, 2016 - A heating power plant near Berlin, Germany is pioneering the use of 3D printed parts in its operations and has so far demonstrated promising results. More

3D printed heart helps develop lifesaving catheter

Nov.11, 2016 - Researchers from the Delft University of Technology are developing a new catheter for complex cardiac procedures. Materialise has partnered with the research team by producing a 3D printed heart which the catheter is being tested on. More

3D bioprinting market dominated by North America, expected to grow at CAGR of 35.9%

Nov.11, 2016 - According to a report from P&S Market Research, North America holds the largest share in the global 3D bioprinting market, which was valued at almost $100 million in 2015. The global market is expected grow at a CAGR of 35.9% between 2016 and 2022. More

New online service lets students create 3D printed tactile maps and teaching aids for visually impaired

Nov.10, 2016 - Joan Horvath and Rich Cameron, 3D printing experts and co-founders of consulting firm Nonscriptum LLC, have started a project to help teachers of visually impaired students receive 3D printed tactile maps and teaching aids from sighted students learning about 3D printing. More

Sub-$1000 MORPHEUS Delta LIPS resin 3D printer now available through kickstarter

Nov.10, 2016 - South Korea-based Team Owl Works has released a new, improved, and even cheaper model of its LIPS resin 3D printer. The new 3D printer, the MORPHEUS Delta, is currently being featured through a Kickstarter campaign. More

You'll be all smiles with these affordable 3D printed teeth aligners

Nov.10, 2016 - Startup SmileDirectClub is disrupting cosmetic dentistry with 3D printing. The company is offering its clients 3D printed custom-fitted teeth aligners that will straighten their smile for less than half the cost of traditional aligners. More

Kai Parthy makes construction 3D printing viable with scalable BMSF steel reinforcement inserts

Nov.10, 2016 - Kai Parthy, known as the filament wizard, has developed scalable bionic-mesh-steel-fiber reinforcement inserts that can be used to greatly streamline and automate the construction 3D printing process. More

Robot Factory combines 3D printing with 3D FORMING thermoformer for desktop mass production

Nov.10, 2016 - Italian desktop making innovators Robot Factory have just launched the 3D FORMING, a desktop thermoforming device that allows you to quickly transform any 3D printed object into a plastic mold. More

Israeli student uses 3D printing to breathe new life into 19th century lace bodice

Nov.10, 2016 - Israeli student Ganit Goldstein from the Bezalel Academy in Jerusalem shows that even historical outfits can be recreated using 3D printing, and has recreated a 19th century lace bodice using a desktop 3D printer. More

OR Laser brings metal 3D printing to SME with ORLAS Creator

Nov.10, 2016 - German laser developers OR Laser is working to bring metal 3D printing to designers and developers at small and medium-sized businesses using the desktop-sized ORLAS Creator metal 3D printer. More

UltiCast 3D printer add-on allows users to easy cast silicone for soft robotics

Nov.10, 2016 - Students from the Delft University of Technology have developed a 3D printer add-on that allows for silicone to be cast into a 3D printed shell during the printing process. The new method could have applications for the manufacturing of soft robotics. More

Katrien Herdewyn combines 3D printing with traditional craftsmanship to make stunning shoes

Nov.9, 2016 - Ever since she was a child, Katrien Herdewyn has been inspired to design and create footwear. Now, as a young and accomplished designer, she is breaking down footwear boundaries with the help of 3D printing technologies. More

Tell a loved one they matter with a 3D printed 'message ring' from Poesis

Nov.9, 2016 - Hong Kong-based company Poesis has launched a Kickstarter campaign for its customizable 3D printed message rings. The rings, which come in a variety of styles, can feature messaged from 10 to 30 characters long. More

3D printing helps bring We DDD eyewear from design to market 'with incredible speed'

Nov.9, 2016 - Eyewear brand Aoyama Optical France has, in partnership with 3D printing software specialist Materialise, used additive manufacturing to produce its We DDD (pronounced 'we 3D') range of glasses. 3D printing has enabled the company to create products with few geometric restrictions. More

3D printed electronics leader Nano Dimension posts Q3 financial results, has $14m in assets

Nov.9, 2016 - Nano Dimension, the Israel-based 3D printer manufacturer and printed electronics specialist, has posted its financial results for the third quarter of 2016. The company ended the quarter with $14,243,000 in cash and cash equivalents, with total quarterly expenses of $1,727,000. More

Modular 3D printed 'Dtto' robot wins Hackaday Prize

Nov.9, 2016 - Dtto, a modular 3D printed robot designed by Alberto Molina Perez, has scooped the 2016 Hackaday Prize. Perez, who will receive a grand prize of $150,000, says the 3D printed robot could be used in search and rescue operations. More

Team behind world's first 3D printed jet engine to print aerospace parts for Safran

Nov.9, 2016 - Major European aerospace manufacturer Safran has just signed a collaborative partnership deal with Australia's Amaero Engineering and Monash University to start 3D printing space-bound components including gas turbines for jet engines. More

Xjet introduces ceramic 3D printing capacity of its NanoParticle Jetting tech

Nov.9, 2016 - While Xjet already stunned experts with the power of their NanoParticle Jetting metal 3D printing technology, the Israeli company has just revealed that the same tech can be used to 3D print industrial ceramic applications. More

This patient defied doctors and 3D printed his own heart

Nov.9, 2016 - After being diagnosed with Marfan syndrome, a disorder which affects the body's connective tissues, engineer Tal Golesworthy refused to undergo invasive and risky preemptive surgery. Instead, he recruited two doctors to 3D print a replica of his heart and make a special corrective device. More

Eliza Wrobel uses multi-tool 3D printer to craft beautiful rotating Ferris Wheel Bookshelf

Nov.9, 2016 - It's often the aesthetic and beauty behind a creation that drives its worth and 3D printing enthusiast Eliza Wrobel has shown this again with her intricately crafted ferris wheel inspired shelving unit. More

UCSD engineers develop self-healing magnetic ink for 3D printed batteries, circuits & sensors

Nov.8, 2016 - A group of engineers from the University of California San Diego (UCSD) have successfully developed a 3D printable magnetic ink that can be used to create self-healing batteries, electromechanical sensors, wearable, textile-based electrical circuits, and more. More

3D printed parts improve interiors of luxury helicopters

Nov.8, 2016 - Mecaer Aviation Group (MAG), a leader in customizing high-end helicopter interiors, is using industrial 3D printers from Roboze to create end-use parts for its designs. The company is using advanced materials like PEEK for parts that will be installed on forthcoming helicopters. More

3D printed satellite launcher wins Mouser space design challenge, will be printed aboard ISS

Nov.8, 2016 - Mouser Electronics, in partnership with Grant Imahara and astronaut Chris Hadfield, has announced the winner of its 3D printing ISS design challenge. The winner, Andy Filo, developed an innovative 3D printable femtosat launcher, which can be printed aboard the ISS and deployed in space. More

Is Sony developing a 3D printing system for the Playstation?

Nov.8, 2016 - Sony has filed a patent for a 3D printing system that would enable Playstation gamers to select in-game characters and objects for quick conversion into a 3D printable format. The application would periodically render the virtual environment of the game from multiple 'viewpoints' to collect 3D data. More

3D printed titanium skull implant helps Chinese osteoma patient live normal life

Nov.8, 2016 - Chinese doctors have successfully implanted a 3D printed titanium skull prosthesis for 22-year-old Liu Li, a patient who had been suffering from osteoma in her forehead since the age of six. More

Microsoft awarded patent for full-color 3D printing with mixed CMYKW materials

Nov.8, 2016 - Microsoft is dreaming about the next generation of multi-color 3D printers, and has just patented a new 3D printing technique that creates mixtures of 3D printable materials with CMYKW colors, allowing it to 3D print objects in any and full-color. More

3D scanners tested at Schiphol Airport in Amsterdam to make security checks more efficient

Nov.8, 2016 - The Dutch airport hub of Schiphol in Amsterdam is now testing two new luggage 3D scanning systems that will allow customers to keep electronics in their luggage, a change that could make security checks far more efficient. More

3D printed titanium hips will last longer with less pain thanks to porous implants that mimick real bone

Nov.8, 2016 - McGill University professor Damiano Pasini has developed 3D printed titanium femoral stem joints for hip replacement surgeries that, thanks to a very porous structure, extend the lifespan of hip replacements and decrease patient discomfort. More raises $2M for robot-operated 3D printing farm concept

Nov.8, 2016 - is streamlining the entire 3D printing farm concept with a versatile robot arm that can automatically operate a dozen or more 3D printers, laser cutters and other modern workshop tools, and has just raised 2 million dollars in seed money. More

New SketchUp Viewer for HoloLens lets users see full-scale 3D models in ARVR

Nov.8, 2016 - Trimble, developer of popular 3D modeling program SketchUp, has just released SketchUp Viewer, a new app that can be used with Microsoft's HoloLens that allows users to not only visualize their 3D models, but to see them within a real-world context and in full scale. More

Powder & Heat's stylish 3D printed sunglasses win German Design Award

Nov.7, 2016 - German eyewear brand Powder & Heat has been recognized for its innovative 3D printed glasses. The young brand recently took home the German Design Award 2017 for its 'The Flamboyant' sunglasses design. More

Incredible 3D printed gadget turns air into drinking water

Nov.7, 2016 - 22-year-old Jawwad Patel, an engineering student from Hyderabad, India, has developed a 3D printed self-filling water device that can turn humid air into around 1.8 liters of water in just one hour. Patel has been working on various inventions and electronics since the age of 10. More

3D printed vertebrae surgical guide helps Indian doctors treat ten-year-old scoliosis patient

Nov.7, 2016 - A surgical team from the Lilavati Hospital, located in Mumbai, India, recently teamed up with Anatomiz3D to create a patient-specific 3D printed surgical guide to help treat a young girl suffering from severe scoliosis. More

Kuhling&Kuhling to debut two FFF 3D printers at formnext 2016

Nov.7, 2016 - German 3D printing specialist K'hling&K'hling will showcase two new 3D printers at the formnext trade show, which takes place November 15-18 in Frankfurt, Germany. The VP75 Additive Manufacturing System is a large-scale production unit, and the HT500.2 3D Printer a smaller prototyping machine. More

Maker creates hilarious 3D printed 'pass the butter' robot from Rick & Morty

Nov.7, 2016 - A robotics blogger has used 3D printing to create the hapless 'Butter Robot' from animated sci-fi series Rick and Morty. The base of the robot consists of an 'I Spy Tank' RC car, with 3D printed parts added for the upper sections. More

Stylish 3D printed back brace brings fashionable look to female scoliosis patients

Nov.7, 2016 - Orthopedic specialist UNYQ is launching a very stylish 3D printed back brace for female scoliosis patients that not only looks very fashionable, but is also very lightweight, easier to wear and completely customizable. More

Two-year-old Everton fan Kobi receives 3D printed arm emblazoned with team logo

Nov.7, 2016 - The two-year-old Kobi from Liverpool in the UK has received a 3D printed arm emblazoned with the logo of his favorite soccer club Everton, and even went on a club tour after becoming a social media hit. More

Optimize 3D printed layer thicknesses with Autodesk's free VariSlice open workflow

Nov.7, 2016 - Autodesk has just launched the free open workflow VariSlice, which generates variable layer heights for each and every 3D printable object, allowing you to 3D print several different layer thicknesses throughout a single item. More

Tony the pinball wizard 3D prints complete pinball machine with 8.5 km of filament

Nov.7, 2016 - Tony the pinball wizard and 3D FilaPrint showcased a mesmerizing completely 3D printed pinball machine at TCT 2016 in Denver, made from more than 8,5 km of filament and eighty different materials. More

Maki Sugimoto 3D prints educational organ replicas with realistic textures using Bio-Texture Modeling

Nov.7, 2016 - Maki Sugimoto has developed the Bio-Texture Modeling platform, which creates 3D printable organs that are both anatomically correct and realistic in texture, mass, and other physical qualities, using water-retaining resins. More

This beautiful green guest house has all 3D printed light fixtures

Nov.6, 2016 - This stunning eco-friendly guest house designed by architect Steven Holl features all 3D printed fixtures in its interior. The house, named Ex of In House, was built by Holl on his property in Rhinebeck, New York, and is undoubtedly one of the most stunning pieces of architecture we've seen lately. More

Fleximatter makes large furniture 3D printable with high-speed color-blending 3D printing tech

Nov.6, 2016 - Israeli startup Fleximatter could bring extrusion-based 3D printing to commercial manufacturing with a revolutionary high-speed color-blending 3D printing technology that can produce furniture in just a few hours. More

3D printed electronics on stickers could diversify IoT

Nov.5, 2016 - Researchers at Saudi Arabia's King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST) have developed a new method for 3D printing high-performance electronic decals for Internet of Things applications. The method involves printing complex CMOS circuits using advanced nanofabrication techniques. More

Say goodbye to whisk cleaning woes with new 3D printed Whisk Wiper, available on Kickstarter

Nov.5, 2016 - Inventor Matthew Michel has just launched his latest kitchen tool through a Kickstarter campaign. Called the Whisk Wiper, it is a handy 3D printed tool that makes cleaning a whisk easier than ever before. More

French government announces new 3D printing and IoT strategies for digital industry

Nov.4, 2016 - France has just announced two new action plans geared towards advancing digital technologies within the country. The announcement, made on November 3 by secretary of state for industry Christophe Sirugue, is specifically focused on the areas of additive manufacturing and Internet of Things (IoT). More

New Adidas sneaker made from ocean plastic and developed with 3D printing goes on sale this month

Nov.4, 2016 - Adidas, in partnership with Parley, has announced its innovative UltraBoost Uncaged Parley sneakers, made almost entirely from recycled ocean plastic and which owe much of their development to 3D printing technologies. More

WhiteClouds' 3DyourMAP service offers 3D printed maps generated from drone images

Nov.4, 2016 - WhiteClouds, a 3D printing cloud provider, is launching 3DyourMAP, a service for full-scale color 3D printed models produced from drone data. The service will be available through DroneDeploy's App Market, the first app store for the drone industry. More

$99 palm-sized PocketMaker 3D printer launches on Indiegogo

Nov.4, 2016 - A team of Chinese students has just launched a crowdfunding campaign for the palm-sized PocketMaker 3D printer, a portable and very accessible 99 dollar 3D printer that puts 3D printing at the fingertips of users of all ages. More

Aether to support Stanford 3D bioprinting efforts to make animal testing a thing of the past

Nov.4, 2016 - Aether has just entered a 3D bioprinting collaboration with researchers from Stanford University and will provide Aether 1 beta 3D printers to validate medical testing models and make animal testing a thing of the past. More

Dutch Hospital adopts novel system for 3D printing surgical models

Nov.4, 2016 - Surgeons from the Elisabeth-TweeSteden Hospital in Tilburg, the Netherlands, have adopted their own 3D printer for the systematic production of 3D printed surgical models that will make it easier to prepare surgical procedures. More

Ability3D brings metal 3D printing to your desktop with 888 3D printer and milling hybrid

Nov.4, 2016 - While most metal 3D printers in the world are room-filling industrial machines that cost as much as a house, Ability3D is working on a desktop alternative called the 888 3D printer, which combines welding and milling principles to 3D print accurate metal parts. More

3D printed fish backpack provides valuable tissue regeneration insights

Nov.4, 2016 - Researchers from the New Mexico State University have developed special 3D printed backpacks for long-tailed knife fish that allow them to study the fishes' unique electric tissue regeneration ability more closely. More

Redditor wins Halloween with fantastic 3D printed Daft Punk helmet

Nov.4, 2016 - Redditor CrazyElectrum made his Halloween unforgettable with a fantastic 3D printed Daft Punk helmet, featuring a massive pre-programmed and app-controlled 326 LEDs. More

ASU's 3D printed heart models featured in CBS's new medical drama 'Pure Genius'

Nov.3, 2016 - A 3D printed surgical model of a patient's heart has featured in CBS's new medical drama Pure Genius, manufactured using the methods pioneered by Arizona State University's Cardiac 3D Print Lab. More

XYZprinting invites youngsters to try out 3D printing at this weekend's Barnes & Noble Mini Maker Faire

Nov.3, 2016 - Desktop 3D printer manufacturer XYZprinting has teamed up with bookstore Barnes & Noble for the second annual Barnes & Noble Mini Maker Faire, taking place November 5-6. XYZprinting will demonstrate its da Vinci Jr. 1.0w 3D printer at the nationwide in-store event. More

3D printed 'Lego bricks' create sound holograms for better home audio, medical imaging, wireless charging

Nov.3, 2016 - Researchers have developed 3D printed Lego-like bricks that can create acoustic holograms for applications like entertainment, medicine, and wireless charging. The bricks are made using a conventional 3D printer and function as the pixels of the hologram. More

Explosion caused by 3D printer and hairspray kills teenage boy

Nov.3, 2016 - A British 17-year-old named Tom Taylor was killed in an explosion after using hairspray to make objects stick to the bed of his 3D printer. An inquest found that the hairspray had left a cloud of propane in the air, which was then ignited by a spark from either the 3D printer or a power outlet. More

V-Moda introduces Forza in-ear headphones with luxury 3D printed custom caps

Nov.3, 2016 - Audio device manufacturing company V-Moda has just released its new Forza series of in-ear headphones. Excitingly, the new collection of high-res headphones offer the world's first 'jewel-grade' 3D printing customization for in-ear headphones. More

New Balance releases 40 pairs of new MS066 3D printed sneakers in collaboration with Concepts

Nov.3, 2016 - Sneaker brand New Balance is releasing a very limited edition run of its newest 3D printed shoe. The MS066, which features an innovative 3D printed midsole, will be available exclusively through Concepts in New York City and is retailing for $349.95. More

Foxconn to integrate 3D printing into R&D through CTC Electronic collaboration

Nov.3, 2016 - Despite previously referring to 3D printing as just a gimmick, electronics giant Foxconn has entered talks with Chinese 3D printing manufacturer Zhuhai CTC Electronic to incorporate 3D printing into their R&D processes. More

Adira unveils world's first Tiled Laser Melting metal 3D printer with biggest ever build volume

Nov.3, 2016 - Portuguese machine tool manufacturer Adira is overcoming size restrictions with the world's first large-scale Tiled Laser Melting metal 3D printer, a hybrid 3D printer that doubles as a metal sheet laser cutter. More

Large Format Reveal3D Printer able to make multiple parts at once launches on Kickstarter

Nov.3, 2016 - Crowdfunding has been responsible for launching several of the prominent 3D printer startups into bigger and better things. YNG LLC, a young 3D printer startup is hoping to continue that trend with their multi-material, large format Reveal3D Printer. More

3D printed Cyton Gamma 300 robotic arm successfully delivered to ISS

Nov.3, 2016 - A 3D printed Robai Cyton Gamma 300 robotic arm will be installed on the International Space Station after its carrier, Orbital ATK's Cygnus spacecraft, successfully berthed on the ISS last weekend. The Cygnus was also carrying several CubeSats and other equipment. More

Create unique tabletop dungeons with $25 3D printable TileScape terrain set

Nov.2, 2016 - A Kickstarter for the 3D printable TileScape Dungeons terrain set from Rocket Pig Games has eclipsed its $300 campaign goal in just three minutes. The modular building system for tabletop gamers consists of 3" x 3' 3D printable tiles which can be rearranged to create unique landscapes. More

Fraunhofer researchers are developing 3D printed bespoke insoles for diabetes patients

Nov.2, 2016 - A German collaborative research project called LAUF is seeking to demonstrate and advance the use of 3D printing to make custom insoles for diabetes patients. While still in development, the innovative system could be available in as soon as two years. More

Siemens partners with UAE organizations to bolster 3D printing and professional training

Nov.2, 2016 - Siemens had expanded its global partnerships with two new agreements with major UAE organizations: the Mubadala Development Company and the Ministry of Education. The two MoUs, are geared specifically towards advancing and promoting 3D printing and education. More

BASF accelerates development of 3D printing materials for HP Jet Fusion 3D printer

Nov.2, 2016 - German chemical company BASF has strengthened its collaboration with printer manufacturer HP to develop production-ready 3D printing materials for the HP Jet Fusion 3D printer. BASF claims to have the broadest product portfolio of 3D printable materials in the chemical industry. More

Cancer survivor gets world's first 3D printed face made using a smartphone

Nov.2, 2016 - Carlito Concei'ao, a 54-year-old cancer survivor from Brazil, has received a 3D printed face implant made using Autodesk's 123D Catch photogrammetry app. Doctors created a 3D printed mold using a mirror image of the healthy side of the patient's face, before creating the prosthesis from silicone. More

Innovative ADEPT system to simplify 3D printing of bespoke implants for facial injuries

Nov.2, 2016 - A collaborative effort between the Morriston Hospital in Swansea, Wales, the Cardfiff Metropolitan University, and UK-based 3D printing companies Renishaw and LPW Technology Ltd. has succeeded in facilitating the creation of patient-specific 3D printed maxillofacial implants. More

D3CRYPT3D launches accessible 3D printable file encryption to fight 3D asset theft

Nov.2, 2016 - In an attempt to fight the rampant theft of 3D printable designs and assets, new startup D3CRYPT3D has launched an accessible file encryption system that secures files without changing their file type or making them incompatible with their native software. More

ORNL's 3D printed incredibly powerful permanent magnets outperform conventional magnets

Nov.2, 2016 - Magnets have been used throughout history in a seemingly endless number of technological innovations. A new 3D printing process allows for the creation of permanent magnets to come out stronger than ever before. More

First ever 3D printed art created with HTC Vive VR headset to go on display at Royal Academy of Arts

Nov.2, 2016 - In January, three artists from the Royal Academy of Arts will be exhibiting a series of 3D printed artworks that have been fully designed using HTC Vive VR goggles, while visitors can simultaneously experience their VR design process as well. More

Prodways to develop new 3D printing powders with plastics company A. Schulman

Nov.2, 2016 - French 3D printer manufacturer Prodways has entered into a strategic partnership with Ohio plastics company A. Schulman to develop laser sintering powders for 3D printing. The pair will attempt to achieve greater and faster development of new industrial applications. More

XJet set to reveal world's first direct metal inkjet 3D printer

Nov.1, 2016 - XJet is set to demonstrate its breakthrough metal 3D printer next month at the formnext 2016 trade show in Frankfurt, Germany. The new system uses a direct metal inkjet system, a world first, and could cut the cost and time required for advanced metal printing. More

Pinshape invites makers to take part in 3D printed cosplay design challenge

Nov.1, 2016 - Online 3D printing marketplace and community Pinshape has teamed up with 3D printer manufacturer Ultimaker to present makers with a new design challenge geared towards costume and cosplay props. The contest is open until November 24, 2016. More

New 3D scanning pods from Wolfprint 3D could make 3D scanning for VR more accessible

Nov.1, 2016 - 3D scanning startup Wolfprint 3D is hoping to bring 3D scanning and customized virtual reality avatars to the masses with its innovative new 3D scanning booths. The company's goal is to have the new egg-shaped scanning devices installed in malls all over the world and used like photo booths. More

GE unveils 35% 3D printed ATP engine: 'more additive parts than any engine in aviation history'

Nov.1, 2016 - General Electric (GE) has tested a demonstrator engine with 35% additive manufactured printed parts. The engine was made to validate 3D printed parts for the clean-sheet design Advanced Turboprop (ATP) engine, which will power the new Cessna Denali single-engine turboprop aircraft. More

Japan's Daihen makes copper 3D printable using a M2 3D printer and 3D laminate shaping

Nov.1, 2016 - A team of Japanese researchers from the Daihen company and the National Institute of Technology Research Institute have come up with a new copper 3D printing technique called 3D laminate shaping, which maximizes the conductive properties of the 3D printed metal. More

Airwolf 3D releases 20" tall and rugged AXIOM 20 industrial desktop 3D printer

Nov.1, 2016 - Costa Mesa, CA based 3D printer manufacturer Airwolf 3D has just released its newest product, the AXIOM 20 industrial desktop 3D printer. Described by the company as 'ultra-tall' and 'rugged', the new additive manufacturing system is the latest member of Airwolf 3D's AXIOM 3D printer line. More

3D Hubs acquires Printivate to improve 3D file checking, repair & optimization

Nov.1, 2016 - 3D Hubs, one of largest networks of 3D printers, has just announced the acquisition of Printivate, a service dedicated to the optimization and repair of 3D models. More

Duoba Tech launches 2 meter tall carbon fiber 3D printer in sub-$30,000 range

Nov.1, 2016 - Called the DB-F01 3D printer, this two-meter tall machine by Beijing Douba Science and Technology 3D prints up to 4 kg of materials per hour and is perfectly suitable for the production of load-bearing, high quality functional objects. More

UPENN students 3D print Piccolissimo, world's smallest self-powered flying robot

Nov.1, 2016 - There's no question that making technological advancements in the world of the tiny is as important as the large. A team of researchers have come up with Piccolissimo, world's smallest 3D printed self-powered remote controlled flying droid that may one day take part in disaster relief exercises. More

OpenOrbiter satellite will test 3D printer in low Earth orbit

Nov.1, 2016 - Students at North Dakota State University and the University of North Dakota are building a CubeSat satellite that will test the capabilities of a 5 x 5 x 8 cm 3D printer in space. The students believe the project could contribute to the long-term goal of 3D printing spacecraft in space. More

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