Help kids make sense of the U.S. elections with this 3D printed Electoral College Map

Oct.31, 2016 - Before this year's election becomes any messier, and in the short lead-up to the actual election on November 8, teachers and parents everywhere might want to consider 3D printing this tactile and customizable Electoral College Map to teach kids about the electoral process. More

SnapTank unveils realistic Walking Dead-style zombies you can 3D print at home

Oct.31, 2016 - 3D scanning and modeling company SnapTank has gone above and beyond with their 3D printable zombie models, using real actors, make-up artists, special effects and photogrammetric digital scanning to get the most realistic effect. More

3D printed DIY 'Dieselpunk' tanks merge WWII and sci-fi model-making

Oct.31, 2016 - Artist Noah Li has launched a Kickstarter campaign for a set of five 3D printed 'Dieselpunk' tank models, based on a combination of sci-fi machinery and WWII vehicles. Dieselpunk is a closely related, chronologically advanced cousin of the popular 'steampunk' genre. More

3D printed MakerSat, Idaho's first satellite, to launch into orbit in 2017

Oct.31, 2016 - A team of researchers from the Northwest Nazarene University in Idaho will soon see their 3D printed satellite launched into space. The satellite, called MakerSat, is Idaho's first, and is the result of two-and-a-half years of hard work on the part of students and professors from the university. More

LiDAR scanning and 3D printing used to create subsea part for abandoned well

Oct.31, 2016 - Fugro, a geo-intelligence company, and 3D at Depth, a subsea LiDAR systems provider, have 3D printed an accurate 1:1 model of a damaged well part located 110 meters under the sea in Australia. Data for the 3D printed model was collected using 3D at Depth's subsea laser scanning technologies. More

Hadrian X, Australia's bricklaying 3D printer robot, gets go-ahead from local council

Oct.31, 2016 - Fastbrick Robotics' innovative Hadrian X bricklaying 3D printer robot is moving ahead towards commercial readiness. A house built using the same materials used by the 3D printer was just approved by local government and council in Perth, Australia. More

Stanford uses 3D printing to develop microspine grippers for RoboSimian climbing robot

Oct.31, 2016 - A Stanford Robotics team has developed a way, with the help of 3D printing, for its RoboSimian rock climbing robot to grip onto over 50KG of weight with little effort at all. More

Introducing FEND: a foldable 3D printed bike helmet that is portable and stylish

Oct.31, 2016 - FEND, a 3D printed collapsible bike helmet that showcases a sleek and minimalist design, is currently seeking funds through a Kickstarter campaign. The innovative helmet was the brainchild of NY-based couple Sujene Kong and Christian Von Heifner. More

3D Veterans completes first educational 3D printing bootcamp, aims to train 400 vets per year

Oct.31, 2016 - With backing from America Makes, 3D Veterans have set up a bootcamp program to provide veterans with free courses on digital processing, CAD design and 3D printing, giving them a head start when looking for jobs in the technical sector. More

3D printed Vue smart glasses support gesture control, play Music, track activity

Oct.31, 2016 - A huge Kickstarter success in the making with the 3D printed Vue smart glasses, which are indistinguishable from an ordinary pair, compatible with prescription lenses and packed with smart sensors and communication tools. More

Custom 3D printed chess set pits famous US cities against one another

Oct.30, 2016 - A special range of 3D printed chess sets, created by Etsy designer AberuizDesign, lets you play the game as your favorite US city. The designer has created 3D printed sets for six US cities, with tiny replicas of famous buildings taking the place of the regular pieces. More

Nano-Racing scales down racing with 3D printed drones that fit in the palm of your hand

Oct.30, 2016 - French startup Nano-Racing has been using Sculpteo 3D printing services to create a very small line of drones that have all the functionality of professional-grade drones, and none of the drawbacks of large 3D printed ones. More

Fraunhofer ILT, GoetheLab to showcase $36k SLM 3D printer aimed at SMEs

Oct.29, 2016 - The Fraunhofer Institute for Laser Technology and Fachhochschule Aachen's GoetheLab will showcase a new 3D printer at next month's formnext 2016 trade show in Frankfurt, Germany. The collaboratively made selective laser melting (SLM) machine will cost around '30,000 ($36,000). More

German students 3D print human tissue on hacked Ultimaker using new bio-ink

Oct.29, 2016 - Students from the Technical University of Munich have hacked an Ultimaker 2+ 3D printer and developed a special 3D printable bio-ink called 'biotINK.' The students have entered their project into the iGEM challenge, an annual biology contest. More

Université Rennes students well on their way to 3D printing a functional code breaking Enigma Machine

Oct.29, 2016 - Code breaking has been used throughout history to keep secrets from enemy forces and this continues through to today. It's now possible to 3D print the most popular code breaking device of all time; the Enigma Machine. More

Smithsonian Museum to unveil 3D scan of the iconic Space Shuttle Discovery

Oct.29, 2016 - The Smithsonian Digital Team has undertaken their largest project yet: the 3D scanning of the iconic Space Shuttle Discovery. Soon, people all over the world will be able to virtually explore the spacecraft in detail, and even 3D print miniature models of it. More

NASA challenges students to design 3D printable medical tools for astronauts going to Mars

Oct.28, 2016 - NASA's Future Engineers program has just launched its fifth space innovation challenge: the Mars Medical Challenge. The challenge is asking students K-12 to come up with 3D designs for a medical or dental tool that could be used by astronauts on missions to Mars. More

Stunning 3D printed trees by Architect Se Yoon Park bring light and darkness to New York

Oct.28, 2016 - Korean Architect Se Yoon Park has produced a stunning art installation called 'Light, Darkness and the Tree' using 3D printed trees that explore the relationship between light and shadows. More

This 3D printed conductive Terminator head with blood-red LED eyes is ideal for Halloween

Oct.28, 2016 - Multi3D's cofounder Patrick Flowers has just shared a fantastic 3D printed Terminator head, whose eyes shine an eerie red thanks to a pair of LEDs and Multi3D's new highly conductive Electrifi copper filament. More

Tacoma's Ivan the gorilla immortalized as 3D printed bronze statue

Oct.28, 2016 - The western lowland gorillas Ivan, who became a local hero in Tacoma after living in a local mall for decades, has now been immortalized as a bronze statue realized through 3D printing by Form 3D Foundry, and will educate coming generations about animal welfare. More

Scientists have made a tiny model of the universe that you can 3D print at home

Oct.28, 2016 - While the universe can seem so big, it has never looked so small! A team of researchers from Imperial College London have 3D printed a super miniature scale version of our universe which you can actually hold in your hand. More

Metal 3D printing company Atlantic Precision Inc. bought by Precision Castparts Corp.

Oct.28, 2016 - Florida-based metal 3D printing company Atlantic Precision Inc. has been bought by Precision Castparts Corp., an Oregon-based diversified manufacturer of complex metal components and products. Previous owner Generation Growth Capital Inc. bought Atlantic Precision just two years ago. More

Bosch France buys 3D printers, recoups 10x investment costs in matter of weeks

Oct.28, 2016 - The French arm of global automotive component manufacturer Bosch has been using 3D printing to cut costs on items such as grippers and connector plugs. According to Frederic Boumaza, manager of the Bosch plant in Mondeville, investment in 3D printers was recouped tenfold in a matter of weeks. More

Moscow scientists pioneer 3D printed polymeric skull implants that are absorbed into the body

Oct.28, 2016 - Researchers from the National University of Science and Technology in Moscow have just unveiled a new 3D printed polymeric bone implant for skull injuries that is slowly absorbed into the body and replaced with natural bone tissue. More

High-precision 3D printed ultrasound transducer could aid complex eye surgery

Oct.28, 2016 - Researchers from the Nanyang Technological University in Singapore have 3D printed a transducer that can control high-pressure ultrasound to move, manipulate, or destroy tiny objects like particles, drops, or biological tissue. The 3D printed device could be used in surgery or advanced research. More

MakerBot co-founder Bre Pettis launches 3D printed heirloom startup Bre & Co.

Oct.27, 2016 - Bre Pettis, MakerBot co-founder, has just launched Bre & Co., a new startup that is dedicated to making 3D printed heirlooms and custom quality gifts. More

3D printed stylish LCD shutter top makes an impact in Shenzhen for SexyCyborg

Oct.27, 2016 - Chinese maker SexyCyborg is back in the news with a stylish wearable LCD shutter top that made a splash at the Shenzhen Maker Faire and made a point at the same time. More

Brazilian Airforce adopts 3D printing to test viability of new aircraft parts

Oct.27, 2016 - The Brazilian Air Force's Institute of Advanced Studies (IEAv) has recently adopted 3D printing technologies in its Aerothermodynamics and Experimental Hypersonic Division. Additive manufacturing has allowed researchers there to streamline the prototyping and testing processes for new parts. More

11-year-old Dane Jarvis 3D prints working violin, starts violin 3D printing business

Oct.27, 2016 - The eleven-year-old Dane Jarvis from Fenton, Michigan, has actually 3D printed a working violin at home, inspired by the 3D printable Hovalin instrument, and has now started his very own violin 3D printing business. More

Eindhoven plans to built Europe's first 3D printed concrete house

Oct.27, 2016 - After experimenting with their custom concrete 3D printer over the past year, TU Eindhoven researchers have now finally received permission from the municipality of Eindhoven to build the first 3D printed concrete home in the Netherlands. More

SpiderBot announces ABSolute 2 3D printer capable of printing at a blistering 500°C

Oct.27, 2016 - French based SpiderBot has recently announced a reverse delta 3D printer capable of producing large format ABS prints without risk of cracking or warping thanks to its 90'C heated chamber and impressive 500°C extruder. More

After SLM bid fails, GE buys Germany's Concept Laser for $599m, raises bid for Arcam

Oct.27, 2016 - Just days after GE's takeover plans for SLM Solutions failed, the company has agreed to buy German metal 3D printing specialist Concept Laser for 599 million dollars, while increasing their offer for Arcam. More

US Marines test Invent3D printer in the field

Oct.27, 2016 - The US Marines are testing 3D printing in the field and the potential is obvious, this is a factory they can take with them to the world's most hostile environments. More

GE, Local Motors to open first Fuse 'collaborative' microfactory in Chicago

Oct.27, 2016 - GE and Local Motors have announced Fuse, a new business model for manufacturing that combines open innovation with small batch manufacturing techniques like 3D printing. Fuse operations will take place in new micro-factories, the first of which will open in Chicago this December. More

RIT's $18m AMPrint Center a major boost for NY 3D printing industry

Oct.26, 2016 - New York has opened the new Additive Manufacturing and Multifunctional Printing (AMPrint) Center at the Rochester Institute of Technology. Equipped with Optomec and Stratasys 3D printers, the center will see university and corporate experts develop 3D printing technologies, materials, and devices. More

Simplify3D slicing & 3D printing software goes global with new multi-language support

Oct.26, 2016 - Simplify3D is upping its international appeal with the launch of its recent update for its V3.1 software. The update, which was announced earlier today, introduces multi-language support for 5 new languages, including Japanese, French, Italian, Spanish, and German. More

UAE 'Smart Buildability Index' to standardize 3D printed buildings and construction

Oct.26, 2016 - In the UAE, where arguably one of the most ambitious 3D printing construction plans is being put forth, officials have just announced that their standardization is moving swiftly forwards, and that a new Index is being put together for the standardization of 3D printed buildings. More

Microsoft Paint goes 3D, new app will let you 3D print from 'Minecraft'

Oct.26, 2016 - Microsoft has officially announced Paint 3D, a new and improved version of its classic drawing application that now features exciting new tools and capabilities like 3D drawing. More

Top 30 3D printed Halloween costumes, props, and decorations

Oct.26, 2016 - With October 31st fast approaching, makers everywhere are sure to be warming up their 3D printers to make some awesome costumes, props, and decorations. If you're still looking for inspiration, check out some of our top 3D printed Halloween ideas for 2016. More

Microlay unveils high resolution DLP based DentalFab 3D printer

Oct.26, 2016 - Of the industries that have embraced 3D printing over the years, dentistry is often lost in the mix. A newly announced DLP based bio-resin compatible printer called DentalFab hopes to leave its mark. More

Desktop 3D printers drive 14% global 3D printer market growth in first half of 2016

Oct.26, 2016 - The desktop 3D printer market isn't stagnating as much as many feared as IT market research specialist CONTEXT concluded the global 3D printer market grew by 14 percent over the first half of 2016, with desktop 3D printers pushing much of that growth. More

3D printed ZEI time tracker makes time management easier than ever

Oct.26, 2016 - Time tracking can be a pain: jotting down minutes and hours in a day can be exhausting, and forgetting to do it can be incredibly frustrating. Fortunately, a team of developers have created a remarkably simple solution that combines innovative object design and IoT: the ZEI. More

TU Wien: 3D printed magnets cheaper and more flexible than injection molded ones

Oct.25, 2016 - Researchers at TU Wien in Austria have devised a method of fabricating permanent magnets using a 3D printer. The method allows for the 3D printing of complex forms with precisely customized magnetic fields, useful for magnetic sensors and other devices. More

Formlabs reveals two new high-performance engineering resins and reformulated Tough resin

Oct.25, 2016 - Formlabs today announced a new line of high-performance functional resins for engineering applications: High Temp, Durable, and Tough. A new line of engineering resins means your Form 2 3D printer can simulate ABS, Polypropylene or even rubber, as well as make heat resistant molds in minutes. More

Bring Godzilla into your home with Bandai's $40K 3D printed human-sized statue

Oct.25, 2016 - Bandai has 3D printed a man-sized Godzilla statue that perfectly captures every detail of the iconic cinematic monster, the first in a line of human-scale monsters, and it is now available for a massive 40,000 dollars. More

SpiderFab: Spider robots may soon 3D print satellites in space

Oct.25, 2016 - Aerospace company Tethers Unlimited Inc (TUI) has teamed with commercial satellite firm Space Systems Loral (SSL) to develop 3D printing robots for use in space. The 'SpiderFab' project will see robots 3D printing large truss structures in space in order to support antennas and other constructs. More

Mihai Chiriac believes 3D printed aquaponic homes can bring ecosystems back to urban areas

Oct.25, 2016 - Mihai Chiriac from the University of Sheffield has given the world a glimpse of a sustainable future with Aquaponic Future Housing, 3D printed aquaponic homes that create miniature ecosystems in urban areas that can sustain vegetable and even fish life. More

Researchers find zebrafish want to hang out with moving 3D printed robotic models of themselves

Oct.25, 2016 - A team of researchers from the NYU Tandon School of Engineering have discovered that zebrafish actually engage more with 3D printed robotic models of themselves than they do with other types of stimuli. The finding reveals certain things about not only the fish's behavior but also of human disorders. More

LPW invests £20m to produce high quality metal powders for 3D printing, creates 120 new jobs

Oct.25, 2016 - 3D printable metal powder manufacturer LPW Technology is about to invest 20 million pounds in their manufacturing capacity and the Liverpool region, creating 120 new jobs in an attempt to boost the local innovation climate. More

Japanese artist Taketo Kobayashi uses 3D printing to bring ancient Shinto god to life

Oct.25, 2016 - Japanese artist Taketo Kobayashi has again combined traditional Japanese animistic religious expressions with modern technology while 3D printing a gorgeous statue of the ancient Shinto god Sarutahiko. More

Sterne Elastomere launches SiO-Shaping 1601 silicone 3D printer, targets medical device sector

Oct.25, 2016 - Sterne Elastomers, a silicone materials company based in Cavillon, France, has added a 3D silicone additive manufacturing product, SiO-Shaping 1601 silicone 3D printer, to its portfolio of niche technologies. The 3D printing technology uses silicone that can be 100 percent UV cured at low temperatures. More

3D printed organs on a chip could one day put an end to animal testing

Oct.24, 2016 - Harvard University has 3D printed 'organs on a chip' that could help change medical research and put an end to animal testing. More

3D printed metamaterial shrinks when heated, could boost atomic-force microscopes

Oct.24, 2016 - An additive manufacturing research group has developed a 3D printing material that shrinks, rather than expands, when heated. The lightweight thermal material, made up of microlattice structures, can be 'tuned' to shrink in three Cartesian directions over a large range of temperatures. More

TU Delft researchers pioneer self-folding medical implants using 3D printing and origami techniques

Oct.24, 2016 - Dutch research team affiliated with the Universities of Maastricht and Delft have successfully 3D printed smart implants with self-folding properties that encourage cell regeneration after implantation. More

3D printed portable smartphone laboratory by WSU researchers can detect cancer on the go

Oct.24, 2016 - Researchers from Washington State University are making it possible to diagnose cancers in every corner of the world with the low-cost portable laboratory Spectrometer smartphone accessory. More

GE refused to raise its price for metal 3D printing pioneer SLM after activist Elliott intervenes

Oct.24, 2016 - GE's tender offer deadline for the takeover of metal 3D printing pioneer SLM Solutions will be reached today, but GE is unwilling to extend the deadline or increase their offer after opposition from the second biggest shareholder. More

IFPEN unveils world's first 3D designed and printed chemical reactor

Oct.24, 2016 - A team of researchers from French energy company IFP Énergies Nouvelles (IFPEN) have developed an innovative method for 3D printing a metal chemical reactor using CFD. The 3D printed chemical reactor, the first of its kind, will be used in the production of clean fuels. More

Dubai Future Foundation partners with Autodesk to set up $100m 3D printing fund

Oct.24, 2016 - In an effort to make the Dubai 3D printing strategy a complete regional success, the Dubai Future Foundation has now teamed up with Autodesk to spark regional 3D printing innovation through a 100 million dollar investment fund. More

3D printed, Nintendo-inspired 'Harmonicartridge' plays a novelty song for Donkey Kong

Oct.23, 2016 - Two Canadian game-lovers have created a novelty musical instrument inspired by classic Nintendo cartridges. The Blotendo Harmonicartridge, a cross between a NES cartridge and a harmonica, was prototyped on a 3D printer and is currently available for $19 through Kickstarter. More

LLNL researchers use 3D printing to advance target production for material strength tests

Oct.23, 2016 - Researchers from the United States' Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory announced that they are exploring the use of 3D printing for the production of 'on-demand' targets for the testing of different material behaviors. More

Prolific Maker Christoph Laimer at it again with 3D printed LED focused gadgetry certain to impress

Oct.22, 2016 - Inspiration is sometimes difficult to sustain but Swiss Maker Christoph Laimer continues his streak with 3D printed brushless motors, generators, watches and LED driven wind power writers. More

Zesty Nimble: lightweight direct drive 3D printer extruder for under $85

Oct.22, 2016 - 3D printing startup Zesty Technology has launched a Kickstarter campaign for the Zesty Nimble, a light, strong, and easy-to-use extruder for Delta and Cartesian 3D printers. The flexible extruder comes with adapters to suit a variety of printers and applications. More

New 3devo desktop industrial extruders promise to slash 3d printing costs and environmental impact

Oct.21, 2016 - A new range of 3devo desktop extruders mean you can recycle your old prints on the spot, create new 3D printing filament from granulate, cut your costs and save the world. More

GE builds 3D printing factory in Prague, to 3D print engine parts for next-gen Cessna Denali

Oct.21, 2016 - GE and the Czech government just announced plans to build a new 3D printing factory near Prague, which will act as GE Aviation's first aircraft engine HQ and will be used to 3D print engine parts for the next-gen Cessna Denali. More

'Grow your own bone' 3D printing company EpiBone raises $560k from Plum Alley Investments

Oct.21, 2016 - Plum Alley Investments, a private membership that supports promising women entrepreneurs and gender-diverse teams, has announced the closing of a $560k syndicate in EpiBone, a 3D printing startup using stem cells to grow new bone.' More

Siemens to offer end-to-end additive manufacturing solution starting January 2017

Oct.21, 2016 - Global technology company Siemens has unveiled a new end-to-end additive manufacturing software package, covering design through simulation and production. The solution, offered by the company's product lifecycle management (PLM) arm, will begin rolling out in January 2017. More

Liquid Factory: Reebok uses liquid material 3D printing to bring sneaker creation back to US

Oct.21, 2016 - Footwear giant Reebok has adopted a new liquid material 3D printing process to develop part of the soles for a new limited run of Reebok Liquid Speed sneakers, with that part of production taking place in a new US factory. More

Largest European 3D bioprinting program kicks off at Maastricht University and Brightlands Materials Center

Oct.21, 2016 - Maastricht University and the Brightlands Materials Center have just kicked off Europe's largest 3D bioprinting research program, with the goal of bringing various 3D printed tissues, including bone and organ tissues, to clinical trials. More

Elliott says to reject GE offer for metal 3D printing giant SLM Solutions

Oct.21, 2016 - GE's attempt to take over metal 3D printing giants SLM and Arcam has encountered some obstacles, with SLM shareholders opposing the deal while the Arcam tendering process needed to be extended after insufficient interest. More

Fight moisture-related 3D printing issues with PrintDry filament dryer, now available on Kickstarter

Oct.21, 2016 - Canadian startup PrintDry has become a big Kickstarter hit with the PrintDry filament dryer, a low-cost solution for moisture-related 3D printing problems such as nozzle clogging, weak inter-layer bonding and grainy surface textures. More

Alcoa's spinoff Arconic developing 3D printable smart ink metal powders for aerospace applications

Oct.21, 2016 - Metal alloy developer Arconic, which is growing out of an Alcoa spin-off, has just announced that it will be developing what they call proprietary 'smart ink' metal powders that have been specifically optimized for the 3D printing of high performance components. More

Dr0wned: Researchers highlight security concerns with 3D printing by downing a drone

Oct.20, 2016 - Cybercriminals can hack in to a 3D printing process and put defects into the next plane, car or boat off the 'production line'. Now a team of researchers has proved it. More

WiGo: UAE's first 3D printed self-driving car unveiled at GITEX 2016

Oct.20, 2016 - UAE-based company DigiRobotics recently unveiled WiGo, the country's first 3D printed autonomous vehicle. The 3D printed self-driving car was presented at GITEX 2016 in Dubai. More

KillaJoule, the world's fastest electric motorcycle, breaks records with the help of 3D printing

Oct.20, 2016 - Swedish engineer Eva Håkansson has developed the world's fastest electric motorcycle, the KillaJoule, with the help of 3D printing. The impressive vehicle currently holds the world record for fastest electric motorcycle with an impressive speed of 248.746 mph (400.2 kph). More

Influence of 3D printed Lily light remains undimmed after 14 years

Oct.20, 2016 - In an interview with Dezeen, designer Janne Kyttanen looks back on the 3D printed Lily light, a flower-shaped lamp designed at Amsterdam's Freedom of Creation studio back in 2002. The laser-sintered lamp was an early example of 3D printing being used to create desirable, functional objects. More

MakerOS raises $530K, announces new features and services

Oct.20, 2016 - All-in-one 3D printing business management tool MakerOS has now been expanded with several new features, including production tracking, lead acquisition and business management options, that will enable users to stay focused on making. More

See paper in a new way with Nendo's 3D printed paper outline exhibition 'Un-Printed Material'

Oct.20, 2016 - Japanese design firm Nendo has unveiled its latest exhibition: Un-Printed Material. Hosted at Tokyo's Creation Gallery G8, the exhibition explores the medium of paper through 3D printed outlined objects. More

Top 35 3D printing software programs: 3D modeling & 3D slicing software tools

Oct.20, 2016 - Behind every great 3D print is a great maker. But, what would a 3D print actually be without the modeling tools at the maker's hands? We've put together a comprehensive (but not exhaustive) list of our top choices for 3D modeling and 3D printing software. More

MSU researchers use 3D printed hand replicas to fight fingerprint identity theft

Oct.20, 2016 - Researchers from Michigan State University have discovered that 3D printed hands and fingerprints can actually be used for identity theft, and have tested various fingerprint scanners to better protect against this type of crime. More

Redditor 3D prints incredibly cool Arduino powered UV triggered retractable sunglasses

Oct.20, 2016 - Sunglasses are incredibly useful in the sun but not so much when the glare disappears. A reddit user was inspired by Deux Ex to create a 3D printable pair of glasses that automatically retract based on incoming UV light. More

Educational 3D printed heart valve surgery simulator adopted at Maastricht University Hospital

Oct.20, 2016 - Cardiovascular surgeons from the Maastricht University Hospital have developed an educational simulator that relies on custom 3D printed heart valves to allow surgeons-in-training to practice particularly complex mitral valve repair surgeries. More

Korean researchers develop new silk 3D printing system for bone fracture implants

Oct.19, 2016 - Korea's Rural Development Administration (RDA) has announced the development of a new silk 3D printing system for medical equipment that uses silk protein as a 3D printing material. The system was developed jointly by the RDA and Hallym University. More

3D scanning sheds light on mysteries of ancient Chinese 'Terracotta Army'

Oct.19, 2016 - Researchers at China's Northwest University are using 3D scanners to digitally preserve the skulls and bones of women found at burial pits around the Mausoleum of the First Qin Emperor, Qin Shi Huang. The necropolis is the site of the 'Terracotta Army,' a collection of thousands of military statues. More

Australian researchers develop 3D printable smart polymers with versatile functions

Oct.19, 2016 - A team of chemical engineers from the University of Melbourne has devised a method for 3D printing smart polymers'essentially plastics that can perform some sort of function'in a way that is both cheaper and more efficient than before. More

Drinkbot, a DIY 3D printed robotic cocktail dress is as stunning as it is thirst quenching

Oct.19, 2016 - Dutch fashion tech designer Anouk Wipprecht has unveiled her latest creation, Drinkbot: a 3D printed and leather robotic dress that can actually pour out cocktails. The innovative designer has posted a detailed tutorial on how you can make your own Drinkbot dress. More

Redditor 3D prints gargantuan Fallout T-60 power armor during 140 days of continuous 3D printing

Oct.19, 2016 - Redditor hirocreations built a truly inspiring T-60 power armor suit, inspired by the Fallout game franchise, during a mind-blowing 140-day continuous 3D printing marathon. More

VR3D uses 3D scanning to digitally preserve beautiful Ðình Ti?n L? monument in Vietnam

Oct.19, 2016 - Vietnamese 3D scanning service VR3D has 3D scanned a Dinh Tien Le monument in Vietnam, creating a completely interactive and very high quality digital model suitable for virtual tours, preservation projects and education. More

Nanoscale FEBID 3D printing technique produces pure gold nanostructures

Oct.19, 2016 - Researchers at Vienna University of Technology (TU Wien) have discovered a way to 3D print pure gold nanostructures using FEBID, a form of additive direct-write lithography. The work could offer a promising new way for manufacturers to create gold devices. More

Trumpf to unveil Truprint 3000, a new LMF metal 3D printer at Formnext 2016

Oct.19, 2016 - German laser manufacturer Trumpf has announced that it will be expanding its metal 3D printing product portfolio with a new LMF 3D printer, which it unveil at Formnext 2016. More

3D printable food friendly PA-12 material coming to HP's Jet Fusion 3D printer through Evonik

Oct.19, 2016 - HP is rapidly expanding the list of materials compatible with their Jet Fusion 3D printer, and is collaborating with German polymer specialist Evonik to release a food compatible, FDA-approved PA-12 powder for the 3D printing of utensils, cups, containers, plates and more. More

Could fast internet and 3D printing change life in the Australian outback?

Oct.19, 2016 - A brave plan to bring fast internet to the Australian wilderness with satellites could pave the way for an additive manufacturing revolution that can change lives. More

Titan Robotics: new pellet extrusion system makes 3D printing 90% cheaper, 3x faster

Oct.18, 2016 - 3D printer manufacturer Titan Robotics has partnered with filament provider Push Plastic to develop a high-speed, low-cost pellet extrusion system for the Atlas 3D printer. According to Titan Robotics, pellet extrusion can push plastic three times faster than high-volume filament extrusion. More

Ultimaker unveils professional-grade dual-extrusion desktop Ultimaker 3 3D printer

Oct.18, 2016 - Seeking to build on their earlier successes, Ultimaker is back with the dual-extrusion desktop Ultimaker 3 3D printer, featuring dual extrusion options, access to a wide range of materials and unlimited geometric possibilities. More

Retail giant Aurora and China Medical set up medical 3D printing joint venture

Oct.18, 2016 - Taiwanese partners Aurora and China Medical University Hospital have just moved into the medical 3D printing market as Changyang Biomedical International, with 3D printed dentures, surgical models and orthodontics first on the agenda. More

Maastricht's Moroni Lab pioneers 3D bioprinted scaffolds that control stem cell differentiation

Oct.18, 2016 - Researchers from the Moroni Lab at Maastricht University in the Netherlands have pioneered several 3D printable scaffold designs that display the gradients necessary to influence the differentiation of adult stem cells towards skeletal cells. More

Autodesk's generative design uses 3D printing and AI algorithms to maximize efficiencies in product design

Oct.18, 2016 - For much of human history the design phase of manufacturing is based on one or a few agreed upon options before manufacturing can commence. Autodesk's generative design approach automatically produces thousands of options with the lick of a button in hopes to revolutionize how we create products. More

Standard Products: 3D printed modular furniture that you can design

Oct.18, 2016 - Netherlands based designers Jesse Howard and Jesse Kirschner have just launched their latest collection of modular DIY 3D printed furniture through Kickstarter. The series is called "Standard Products" and will be featured at the upcoming Dutch Design Week in Eindhoven. More

Meet ONO, the smartphone-powered 3D printer that costs just $99

Oct.18, 2016 - Meet ONO, the smartphone-powered 3D printer that costs just $99. This photopolymer DLP printer works with the visible light from your smartphone and could open up the world of 3D printing to the masses. More

ColorPod 3D printer add-on can now 3D print full color edible candies

Oct.18, 2016 - ColorPod, the 3D printer add-on device capable of full color printing, can now be adapted to create full color 3D printed edibles. The device uses a combination of powder-based 3D printing technologies and color inkjet cartridges. More

Schuler introduces 3D printed hot stamping dies for more efficient cooling

Oct.17, 2016 - Schuler, the German-based company specializing in hydraulic press technology, has announced it will be integrating 3D orienting and 3D printing into its hot stamping process. The new technologies are expected to improve the process and help to boost material properties through the creation of 'conformal cooling channels in dies'. More

Amazon opens doors of top secret 'Prime Air' 3D printed drone lab in Cambridge UK

Oct.17, 2016 - Online retailer Amazon has invited schoolchildren and local media to its secret drone laboratory in Cambridge, UK. Inside the facility, which contains 3D printing equipment, researchers are developing drones which can deliver 2kg packages up to 15 miles in just half an hour. More

Type A Machines promises multicolor 3D printing via Mosaic Palette multi-filament accessory

Oct.17, 2016 - 3D printer manufacturer Type A Machines has teamed with 3D printing technology company Mosaic Manufacturing to integrate the Mosaic Palette, a multi-filament 3D printing accessory, with the Type A Machines Series 1 3D printer. The expected retail price for the Palette is $999. More

By 2017 all Dubai hospitals will be using 3D printing for pre-surgical models and more

Oct.17, 2016 - The Dubai Health Authority has announced that by the year 2017, all Dubai hospitals will have adopted 3D printing technologies for various applications. These include 3D printing artificial limbs, denture molds, fracture casts, and notably the 3D printing of artificial organs to be used in pre-surgical procedures. More

Ai Build unveils Daedalus Pavilion, 3D printed by robots using Artificial Intelligence

Oct.17, 2016 - London-based startup Ai Build is seeking to efficiently 3D print smart homes in the near future, and have just unveiled the 3D printed Daedalus Pavilion in Amsterdam to showcase the viability of their custom large scale 3D printing robot and learning algorithms. More

3D printed metal 'bones' allow Kengoro the humanoid robot to cool down by sweating

Oct.17, 2016 - Thanks to a 3D printed aluminum frame featuring porous surfaces, Japanese researchers have enabled their Kengoro robot to sweat de-ionized water and cool down his motors during use, significantly increasing his performance capacity. More

11-year-old Tilly tests 3D printed Deus Ex prosthetic arm after losing hands to meningitis

Oct.17, 2016 - After losing both of her hands to meningitis as a baby, the now 11-year-old Tilly has started working together with British prosthetics pioneer Open Bionics to test a 3D printed prosthetic arm inspired by Deus Ex. More

S'NEXT launches limited run of 3D printed titanium earphones for ultimate sound experience

Oct.17, 2016 - Japanese company S'NEXT is taking 3D printed earphones to the next level, with a limited run of 200 3D printed LAB II titanium earphones that should provide a vivid sound field and the ultimate audio experience. More

New 3D printer tool offers Z-stage positioning, bed alignment & humidity monitoring from $56

Oct.17, 2016 - A $100,000 Kickstarter campaign has been launched for alignG, a precision alignment tool for 3D printers and CNC machines. The wireless, portable, non-contact measurement instrument utilizes an innovative ultrasonic measurement technology for 3D printer and CNC machine maintenance. More

Biomedical engineer says 'yes' to 3D printed diamond engagement ring

Oct.16, 2016 - Husband-to-be Noah Keating surprised his fianc'e Nina Tandon, CEO of bone graft specialist EpiBone, with a 3D printed engagement ring inspired by the muscle fibers of the human heart. The 3D printed band was adorned with a lab-grown diamond. More

Aqua Shard hosts stunning 3D printed nature installation dedicated to Sir David Attenborough

Oct.16, 2016 - Aqua Shard, the restaurant in one of London's most iconic contemporary buildings, will be unveiling an installation dedicated to Sir David Attenborough next month. The installation features thousands of 3D printed leaves, each printed from recycled plastics. More

3D printing news roundup: Airbus and Stratasys strike deal, Nano Dimension expands into 3D bioprinting

Oct.15, 2016 - Everyone may be talking about Clinton vs Trump, but our 3D printing news roundup sees two graphene-based 3D printing filaments vying for your vote. In other news: Airbus and Stratasys strike a deal, Nano Dimension expands into 3D bioprinting, and the Boy Scouts of America get 3D printing. More

This DIY 3D printed UV Brush Cleaner keeps your makeup brushes dry and sterilized

Oct.15, 2016 - Adafruit's the Ruiz Brothers have come up with a clever design for a 3D printed UV Brush Cleaner tool. Essentially, the 3D printed box is equipped with a fan and UV LEDs which keep your makeup brushes dry and sterilized. More

HP Inc to cut 4000 jobs and refocus on 3D printing

Oct.14, 2016 - Home computers, laptops and inkjet printers are strugggling. So HP Inc will streamline its workforce and focus its efforts on 3D printing and scanning. More

Highly anticipated all-metal Trinus 3D printer/laser engraver ready for shipping

Oct.14, 2016 - Kodama's highly anticipated all-metal Trinus 3D printer, the first all-metal 3D printer to dip below the $500 price point and an insane Kickstarter success, is now ready for shipping with all deliveries scheduled before Christmas. More

MatterHackers stress tests its hybrid NylonX 3D printer filament with impressive results

Oct.14, 2016 - There are many 3D print materials on the market that claim to be the strongest of the bunch. MatterHackers hope that their carbon fibre infused nylon NylonX filament will become the one to beat. More

WaterScope uses 3D printed microscope to bring water testing to the developing world

Oct.14, 2016 - A group of academics from Cambridge University have developed the WaterScope, a 3D printed microscope kit that relies on a Raspberry Pi to quickly test local drinking water for harmful pathogens, and which could help millions in the developing world. More

New Panasonic smart mirror scans your blemishes and 3D prints customized makeup

Oct.14, 2016 - Japanese multinational electronics company Panasonic has unveiled a new prototype of its smart mirror. This last prototype can analyze the user's skin imperfections and 3D print customized makeup sheets to be applied. More

KCNSC 3D prints 25000th part, saving more than $45M in production costs in the process

Oct.14, 2016 - Researchers from the Kansas City National Security Campus, part of the NNSA, have just reached an important milestone by 3D printing their 25,000th part and having saved millions in production costs while developing those components. More

3D printing lets the blind touch and feel Gustav Klimt's 1908 masterpiece 'The Kiss'

Oct.14, 2016 - A 3D printed version of The Kiss (1908), a painting by Austrian Symbolist Gustav Klimt, is on display at the Belvedere Museum in Vienna, where the original work also resides. The all-white 3D printed version represents the original in relief, and can therefore be studied by blind museum-goers. More

3D printing and scanning give twins conjoined at the head a fighting chance

Oct.14, 2016 - Jadon and Anias MacDonald are cranially conjoined twins and now 3D scanning and 3D printed models have helped the surgeon prepare for the Herculean task of their separation. More

3D printed EXO 1 exoskeleton transforms DJI Phantom 4 into a search-and-rescue drone

Oct.14, 2016 - Frost Design has transformed the popular DJI Phantom 4 drone into a dedicated search-and-rescue tool with the EXO 1, a 3D printed exoskeleton frame that enables the inclusion of various cameras, lights and other reconnaissance tools. More

Hyatt Hotels ad campaign celebrates business travelers with 3D printed statuettes

Oct.13, 2016 - Hyatt hotels have launched the #WhySettle campaign to celebrate business travelers. As part of the campaign, they have launched a context through which people can nominate their favorite business traveler who will be entered to win a 3D printed statue of themselves. More

Ilios Beam 3D printer promises high-quality SLA printing for under $2,700

Oct.13, 2016 - Cypriot 3D printer manufacturer Ilios has launched the Ilios Beam SLA 3D printer, a more affordable version of the Ilios Ray. The 3D printer uses a laser drawing process, can be folded for easy transport, and is available now for €2,386 ($2,634). More

Sharebot to unveil fully 3D printed RCSIR-3D race car prototype at Maker Faire Rome

Oct.13, 2016 - At this year's Maker Faire Rome, Italian 3D printer company Sharebot will be showcasing its latest 3D printing project: RCSIR-3D, a fully 3D printed RC racing car. In addition to the 3D printed RC car, the company will also display a number of its 3D printer models. More

These genius 3D printed earrings catch your Apple Airpods when they fall out

Oct.13, 2016 - To address the issue of Apple's Airpods falling out, 3D printer company M3D has unveiled a pair of 3D printed earrings, the 'Twisty Earbud Catchers', which have been specially designed to catch the falling Airpods. They earrings are available for download on Thingiverse. More

Up to half of all plastic parts on HP's Jet Fusion 3D printers are 3D printed with same tech

Oct.13, 2016 - HP's 3D printing division has just revealed that up to half of all plastic parts on their Jet Fusion 3D printer have been manufactured using that same technology, and are actually cheaper because of it. More

TurtleBot 3: Open source robotics to truly stretch your 3D printing skills

Oct.13, 2016 - TurtleBot 3, a simpler version of the legendary TurtleBot hits the market next year and it could be the perfect platform for the 3D printing community to take robotics to the next level. More

Incredibly detailed 3D printed Overwatch gun comes ready to blast sound through its built-in speakers

Oct.13, 2016 - Cosplay and hobbyists around the world have been embracing 3D printing technology for years now. It seems every month bigger and more intricate ideas get realized and Simone Fontana's 3D printed Overwatch gun (speakers included) proves this once again. More

Twice as many 3D printers shipped over 2016, Gartner predicts

Oct.13, 2016 - A new Gartner report concludes that the 3D printing market has extensively grown over 2016, and that more than twice as many 3D printers will be shipped this year than in 2015. More

XYZprinting launches $249 da Vinci miniMaker 3D printer for schools

Oct.13, 2016 - Desktop 3D printers have now well and truly reached the sub 250 dollar range, as XYZprinting has just made the da Vinci miniMaker educational 3D printer available, which has been fully optimized for use in classrooms. More

3m statue of Polish soccer star Robert Lewandowski: 'The Tallest 3D Printed Person!'

Oct.13, 2016 - A collaborative project between five 3D printing and 3D scanning companies has produced what could be the world's tallest 3D printed person: a three-meter-tall statue of Polish soccer star Robert Lewandowski. FabLab Kielce, one of the companies involved, will apply for the official Guinness record. More

Get ready for Halloween with 3D printed pumpkins, spooky waving skeletons, and more

Oct.12, 2016 - Kitronic, a provider of 3D printing and electronics project kits, has released a range of 3D printing and laser cutting Halloween projects, including a 3D printable pumpkin with flickering LED candle. Two of the spooky projects make use of the pocket-sized, Arduino-like BBC micro:bit computer. More

Students get chance to 3D print items in space via new 'Print the Future' competition

Oct.12, 2016 - The Kepler Space Institute and Enterprise In Space (EIS) have partnered with Made In Space (MIS), Sketchfab, 3D Hubs, and Prairie Nanotechnology to launch the 'Print the Future' competition. Winners will have their 3D printed NewSpace experiment printed on the International Space Station (ISS). More

Northwestern researchers pioneer custom 3D printed biodegradable vascular stents

Oct.12, 2016 - A team of researchers from Northwestern University have pioneered flexible 3D printed biodegradable stents, which can easily be customized for each and every patient and provide life-saving support in the case of weak or clogged up arteries. More

3D printed Griptight Snowboard Binding to improve performance on the slopes

Oct.12, 2016 - Australian student and entrepreneur Robert Leen is working on a 3D printed snowboard binding system called the Griptight Snowboard Binding that will give users far more movement control. He believes that 3D printing can revolutionize snowboarding. More

Visionsforge makes SLA 3D printing accessible with $999 Forge 1 3D printer

Oct.12, 2016 - Swiss startup Visionsforge is about to launch a very appealing SLA 3D printer, the Forge 1, which features a price tag of only $999 and an exceptionally large build volume. More

Prince's ashes, encased in beautiful 3D printed Paisley Park urn, are now on display

Oct.12, 2016 - The ashes of the pop star prince, who died earlier this year, have been stored in a remarkable 3D printed Paisley Park urn made by Foreverence. The urn is actually on display in the studio and home of the artist, which has been transformed in a temporary museum. More

Does infill pattern change your 3D print's tensile strength? A new study has the answer

Oct.12, 2016 - The type of infill you choose for your 3D print can have a major impact on its tensile strength. Now a new study, a collaborative effort between two Universities in Valencia and the Universidad Politecnica Salesiana del Ecuador, has revealed more details. More

Harvard scientists 3D print 'living' kidney model, a step forward in building functional human tissues

Oct.12, 2016 - Scientists at Harvard have used a 3D bioprinter to 3D print a tubular renal architecture that mimics human kidney function. The research advances the collective goal of 3D printing functional human organs for drug screening, disease modeling, and regenerative medicine. More

3D printed Lego-inspired HelmetHair makes safe biking fun for kids

Oct.12, 2016 - Simon Higby and Clara Prior-Knock of DDB Copenhagen design agency have designed what could be the best helmet concept after H'vding's airbag for cyclists, and it is exactly what you may have guessed: a 3D printed helmet made to look like a head of hair. More

6m long 3D printed aluminum spar could be world's biggest metal 3D printed object

Oct.11, 2016 - British researchers from Cranfield University might have just set a new record for the biggest 3D printed object in the world, with a six meter long, 300kg double-sided 3D printed aluminum spar. More

WASP aims to solve global housing shortage with its Maker Economy Starter Kit

Oct.11, 2016 - Italian 3D printing company WASP has introduced the Maker Economy Starter Kit, a shipping container of 3D printing equipment for constructing houses. The kit includes six 3D printing systems, including the Big Delta'and DeltaWASP 3MT 3D printers, as well as tools and raw materials. More

MIT's Foundry design tool makes multi-material 3D printing easier and more precise than ever

Oct.11, 2016 - MIT's Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Lab (CSAIL) has made a huge step in the field of multi-material 3D printing through the development of Foundry, a 3D modeling tool geared specifically to multi-material printing. More

Microsoft updates Paint app with 3D drawing tools

Oct.11, 2016 - Microsoft appears to have revamped its famous Paint app, which will be officially launched later this month. Judging by some leaked videos, it seems that users will now be able to draw in 3D using the art app. More

SD3D unveils fully 3D printed skateboard, even down to its wheels

Oct.11, 2016 - In an attempt to test their material limitations, San Diego 3D printing service SD3D has just completed a fully 3D printed skateboard. Made from a variety of different materials, the skateboard was recently taken out for a test ride by Braille Skateboarding. More

$600 EpiPen price hike inspires DIY 3D printed EpiPencil that costs just $3

Oct.11, 2016 - In response to the unjustifiable 600 percent price hike that pharmaceutical manufacturer Mylan introduced for the EpiPen earlier this year, hackers have just shared a 3D printed EpiPencil alternative that can be built for just a few dollars. More

Awesome 3D printed gadgets: 3D printed smartwatch, Flux money pendulum, OpenRC Tractor

Oct.11, 2016 - For all makers and 3D printing enthusiasts out there, here is a roundup of some of the coolest 3D printed gadget projects we've seen this week. From a hacked Nokia 1100 cellphone, to a 3D printed OpenRC Tractor, to geometrically stunning 3D printed chocolates, we just can't enough of what's been happening in the world of 3D printing. More

3D printer manufacturer Keyence introduces silicone based 3D printing material

Oct.11, 2016 - While silicone-like materials have entered the 3D printing market in the past, German industrial 3D printer manufacturer Keyence has just revealed that they have made actual silicone 3D printable, with results comparable to silicone molding. More

This 3D printed Raspberry Pi Pokémon finder device could help you catch even the rarest Pokémon

Oct.11, 2016 - Adafruit's the Ruiz Brothers have released a 3D printing tutorial that is sure to get Pokémon Go users as excited as ever. In it, the innovative makers explain how one can easily build a Raspberry Pi based finder device which notifies players what types of Pokémon might be in their vicinity. More

Singapore researchers invented a 3D printed scaffold to grow bone for dental implants

Oct.11, 2016 - A team of Singapore researchers is making bone grafting obsolete with a 3D printed scaffold in which new bone material is grown for dental implants, and will be testing it on 132 patients over the coming years. More

USU aerospace engineer creates MachUp, a free online tool to bring 3D aircraft design to everyone

Oct.11, 2016 - Doug Hunsaker, an assistant professor of mechanical and aerospace engineering at Utah State University (USU), has developed a free online program that generates aerodynamic information about 3D aircraft designs. The software, called MachUp, also features tutorials and how-to videos. More

Vectary raises $2.5M seed funding to grow online 3D modeling platform

Oct.10, 2016 - Vectary, a Slovakian startup has raised $2.5 million to turn its dream of an online 3D design platform for the masses into a reality. It's simple, it looks good, this one could be a winner. More

MakeX returns with affordable M-Jewelry DLP 3D printer, ideal for dental & jewelry 3D printing

Oct.10, 2016 - Chinese startup MakeX will seek to relive their Kickstarter success with the M-Jewelry DLP 3D printer, a very high-resolution resin 3D printer that has been purposely designed for jewelry and dental model manufacturing and starts at just 1,999 dollars. More

Adira to launch world's first Tiled Laser Melting metal 3D printer with biggest ever build volume

Oct.10, 2016 - Portuguese machine tool manufacturer Adira is overcoming size restrictions with the world's first large-scale Tiled Laser Melting metal 3D printer, a hybrid 3D printer that doubles as a metal sheet laser cutter. More

Singapore roboticists 3D print cost-effective soft robots on consumer 3D printers

Oct.10, 2016 - Despite relying on nothing more than consumer-grade FDM 3D printing technology, a team of Singapore researchers has pioneered airtight and widely applicable soft pneumatic actuators that could make the entire field of soft robotics more cost-effective. More

BotFactory raises $1M to bring PCB 3D printer to your desktop

Oct.10, 2016 - BotFactory, the New York City-based manufacturer of the Squink Multilayer PCB Printer announced today that is has completed a $1M seed round of financing led by New York Angels. More

Dutch companies unite in RAMLAB to facilitate 3D printing progress, eyeing welding 3D printer

Oct.10, 2016 - Two dozen Dutch companies that could benefit from 3D printing, including Fokker and Heerema, have joined forces in the Rotterdam-based RAMLAB with the purpose of sharing hardware, knowledge and networks and facilitating cross-sectoral innovations. More

Stylish 3D printed Yuma sunglasses are made from bamboo and recycled materials

Oct.9, 2016 - Belgian startup Yuma is working on extremely stylish 3D printed sunglasses that are made from recycled bamboo, refrigerators and dashboards as part of a circular economy. More

See how Gaudi's Sagrada Familia was recreated with a 3D printing pen

Oct.9, 2016 - After four months of hard work, Cornelia Kuglmeier has completed a miniature scale replica of Gaudi's famous Sagrada Familia church made entirely using a 3D printing pen. More

3D printing news roundup: Graphene 3D's conductive flexible TPU filament, Toys R Us to stock XYZprinting 3D printers

Oct.8, 2016 - The first week of October was a busy one for 3D printing, with Stratasys and Future Engineers delivering 3D printing contest news, Graphene 3D and Airwolf 3D dropping filament news, and Toys R Us announcing it will stock family-friendly XYZprinting 3D printers. Here's the weekly roundup. More

Oskar van Deventer's 3D printed geared whiplash is the coolest desk toy ever

Oct.8, 2016 - Dutch puzzle maker Oskar van Deventer has just unveiled what might be his coolest creation to date: a 3D printed geared whiplash. The kinetic toy is currently available for purchase through van Deventer's Shapeways store. More

Dan Sultan's new music video features his singing 3D printed head

Oct.8, 2016 - Much to the excitement of his fans, Australian alt-rock artist Dan Sultan has just released his latest single, Magnetic, along with an accompanying music video which features some very cool 3D printed visual effects.' More

Disney Research uses math and metal balls to balance 3D printed models any way you want

Oct.7, 2016 - A new system of cavities and ball bearings inside your 3D printed figurines could change the way you print your models in the not too distant future. More

Bull of Nimrod, Palmyra temple reborn in Rome after ISIS destruction, thanks to 3D printing

Oct.7, 2016 - A team of Italian archeologists and historians have used 3D printing to recreate three iconic artefacts from Iraq and Syria that were destroyed by ISIS, including the Assyrian Bull of Nimrod, the Hall of Archives from Ebla and the Temple of Bel from Palmyra. More

Ghent University team fights water scarcity with 3D printed Dewpal water collector

Oct.7, 2016 - A team of researchers from the University of Gent are developing Dewpal, a 3D printed water collector that integrates synthetic biology, to help combat water scarcity. They are currently raising funds to bring their project to the International Genetically Engineered Machine competition. More

Educational 3D printing is a key part of Manufacturing Day 2016

Oct.7, 2016 - 3D printing is a more visible part of Manufacturing Day than ever before, with numerous educational 3D printing initiatives kicking off across the U.S. today including a 3D Veterans Bootcamp. More

Phase 2 of NASA's 3D Printed Habitat Challenge launches with $1.1M in prize money

Oct.7, 2016 - The second phase of NASA's 3D Printed Habitat Challenge has just been launched, with a 1.1 million dollar prize money pool made available for those entries that develop viable techniques for the 3D printing of habitats using recyclable and locally available materials. More

Five universities join forces in €4.6M PRosPERoS project to develop 3D printed joint implants

Oct.7, 2016 - Led by Dutch university Maastricht UMC, medical experts from five universities are joining forces in the PRosPERoS research project to develop the next generation of joint-replacing implants through 3D printing. More

3M Japan fights warping and 3D print removal problems with special polyester print bed sheet

Oct.7, 2016 - 3M Japan might have found the solution for warping and 3D print removal headaches with the 3099AB polyester platform sheet that ensures that ABS and PLA properly adhere to the surface, but can still be removed without any problems at all. More

Iowa State students build a lighter, faster race car for Formula SAE with 3D printing

Oct.7, 2016 - Cyclone Racing, an automotive racing team from Iowa State University (ISU), has used 3D printing to build an open-wheel race car for Formula SAE, an international car design competition. The team used a Stratasys Fortus 450mc 3D printer and ULTEM 1010 3D printing material. More

Dubai plans to 3D print fully residential building, officially launches Future Accelerators program

Oct.7, 2016 - Dubai announces plans to build its first 3D printed fully residential building. At the same time, the city's Future Accelerators program has officially been launched. More

Mobile 3D printing with a phone and a 3Doodler pen? Yes, we really can

Oct.6, 2016 - A team of researchers has proved we can have basic mobile 3D printing with a mobile phone app and a modified 3Doodler pen. This could be the start of a mobile 3D printing revolution. More

Got a 3D printer? Help make a giant Rosie the Riveter statue!

Oct.6, 2016 - Just as Rosie the Riveter helped to build up and sustain America during its hard time, makers can now help to build up Rosie the Riveter through We the Builders fourth crowdsourced project. More

FDA approves 70% porous 3D printed titanium spinal implants from K2M

Oct.6, 2016 - K2M, a medical device company headquartered in Leesburg, Virginia, has received 510(k) clearance from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to expand its CASCADIA Lateral Interbody System. The system uses titanium 3D printed parts, and provides less invasive access to the spine. More

ExOne Innovent 3D printer now printing with sub-10-micron industrial grade metal & ceramic powders

Oct.6, 2016 - ExOne, a 3D printing company based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, is introducing modifications to its Innovent 3D printer that will enable the machine to process metal and ceramic powders at less than 10 microns. A modification package is available for existing Innovent users. More

SLM Solutions 3D prints 12 inch titanium spacecraft valve body in just 6.5 days

Oct.6, 2016 - SLM Solutions' unusually large SLM280HL 3D printer was used to 3D print a very large titanium spacecraft valve in just six and a half days, paving the way for a much larger variety of aerospace 3D printing projects. More

LudusScope, 3D printed smartphone microscope brings the basics of microbiology to kids

Oct.6, 2016 - Researchers from Stanford combined 3D printing with smartphones in the LudusScope, a 3D printed microscope that playfully introduces the basics of microbiology to kids of all ages. More

Romanian startup Symme 3D unveils the country's first 3D bioprinter

Oct.6, 2016 - Timisoara, Romania-based tech startup Symme 3D has introduced the country's first ever 3D bioprinter. The new bioprinter was recently installed at Romania's Center for Gene and Cellular Therapies in the Treatment of Cancer (OncoGen). More

This 3D-printed pavilion will break ORNL's Guinness record for largest 3D printed object

Oct.6, 2016 - The Oak Ridge National Laboratory could be breaking its own record for largest single-piece 3D printed object later this year by 3D printing two pavilions called 'Flotsam and Jetsam' by SHoP Architects. More

VRC Shun'X full-body 3D scanning turns you into a 3D model in 4 seconds, for only $10

Oct.6, 2016 - Japanese startup VRC has introduced the Shun'X, a full-body 3D scanner that can scan a person in just four seconds. The scanner uses eight Nikon DSLRs and eight ASUS Xtion Pro Live depth cameras to capture its subject. More

Great Dane stands tall and beats cancer with 3D printed, 35cm-long bionic leg implant

Oct.6, 2016 - A 175lb Great Dane is running and playing again after almost losing his leg and his life to a malignant tumor. A 3D printed, 35cm-long bone titanium implant has put the spring back in his step. More

These weapon-inspired 3D printed stiletto boots are killer

Oct.5, 2016 - New York-based fashion tech designer Anna Karpman has created a pair of truly stunning and lethal looking stiletto thigh high boots using 3D modeling and printing technologies. 3D printing has allowed the designer to explore new possibilities in her work. More

Makers of 3D printed 'Fish Call' device wow judges on ABC's Shark Tank, raise $150k

Oct.5, 2016 - Father-and-son entrepreneurs Jeff and Jack Danos are expecting $2 million in sales for their 3D printed Fish Call attractor after appearing on ABC's Shark Tank last week. Their 'TactiBite' startup received $150,000 in funding from businessman Robert Herjavec in exchange for a 10% equity stake. More

Organovo begins development of 3D bioprinted human liver for direct transplant

Oct.5, 2016 - 3D bioprinting company Organovo has just announced that it will be developing 3D printed human liver tissue that can be directly transplanted into patients. If successful, the transplantable liver tissue could be a game changer for the medical field, as it could be the first 'robust alternative' to a liver transplant. More

3D printed smart wing by Virginia Tech wins first America Makes Innovation Sprint

Oct.5, 2016 - Virginia Tech's DREAMS Lab has just been named the winner of the inaugural America Makes Innovation Sprint, with their entry featuring a 3D printed smart wing with integrated sensing and actuation features that will allow aircraft to autonomously adapt to flying conditions. More

Billionaire Li Ka-shing eyes 3D printed cars and artificial intelligence

Oct.5, 2016 - The foundation of Hong Kong billionaire Li Ka-shing, who has a reputation for backing highly disruptive and potent technology, has just revealed that 3D printed cars and artificial intelligence are among Li's prime targets. More

New 3D printed titanium satellite inserts by Atos and Materialise are up to 70% lighter

Oct.5, 2016 - Belgian 3D printing giant Materialise and digital services specialist Atos have just unveiled spectacular 3D printed titanium satellite inserts that are 70 percent lighter than existing parts and will become huge cost-saving opportunities. More

Huge 3D scanning project lets you walk around a large Pompeii house before the volcano

Oct.5, 2016 - A group of researchers from Lund University in Sweden has used 3D scanning technology to reconstruct a house from the ancient Roman town of Pompeii. The generated 3D model shows what the house would have looked like before it was destroyed by the eruption of Mount Vesuvius in AD 79. More

4ekolka, an impressive 3D printed electric city car debuts on a Prague driveway

Oct.5, 2016 - Czech designer Petr Chládek has just unveiled the 4ekolka, his very own 3D printed two-seater electric car that is perfect for use in the tiny streets of Prague thanks to its efficient design and highly powerful battery. More

Experience the Tokyo cityscape with the 3D printed 'ONE HUNDRED TOKYO' mega-map

Oct.4, 2016 - iJet Inc., a 3D printing solutions company from Tokyo, has launched a Kickstarter campaign for ONE HUNDRED TOKYO, a 3D printed replica of the Tokyo cityscape. The complete set consists of 100 pieces (each 100 x 100 x ~3 mm), but individual neighborhoods can be ordered separately. More

Polar 3D heating up: 100k 3D prints on Polar Cloud, $2m financing round, new staff

Oct.4, 2016 - Polar 3D, the Cincinnati-based educational 3D printing specialist, has announced that its Polar Cloud 3D printing platform has reached 100,000 print jobs. The company has also closed a $2 million financing round and added new staff to its executive team. More

BigRep introduces BigRep Pro HT, a high-temperature 3D printing filament and low-warpage ABS alternative

Oct.4, 2016 - BigRep, a Berlin-based provider of large-scale 3D printing solutions and filament, has introduced BigRep Pro HT, a high-temperature 3D printing filament and ABS alternative. The filament costs €129.95 ($145) for a 2.5 kg spool. More

Markforged introduces powerful Mark X 3D printer for strong carbon fiber reinforced parts

Oct.4, 2016 - Massachusetts-based 3D printer manufacturer Markforged has just unveiled its latest product: the Mark X 3D printer. The newly launched printer is being marketed as the industry's 'most powerful fiber composite 3D printer' and will retail for the price of $69,000. More

UMC Utrecht and regenHU develop new technology to improve 3D bioprinting accuracy

Oct.4, 2016 - A collaboration between UMC Utrecht's Biofabrication Facility and Swiss company regenHU has resulted in a custom melt electrospinning device, which builds highly accurate scaffolding for 3D bioprinted inks packed with cells. More

Prodways and CEA Tech develop a 5X faster metal 3D printing technology

Oct.4, 2016 - French developers Prodways, a subsidiary of Groupe Gorg', has just unveiled the first results of their new indirect metal 3D printing platform, which is up to five times faster than competing technology and is compatible with all types of metal. More

3D printing helps shed a new light on revolutionary Aurora Bright Bikes

Oct.4, 2016 - An innovative new bike called Aurora Bright Bikes has surfaced on Kickstarter. The frame lights up in hundreds of ways and can even link to a heart rate monitor, but it wouldn't have happened without a 3D printer. More

Kabuku and Honda realize first 3D printed Japanese car for confectionery delivery service

Oct.4, 2016 - Japanese car giant Honda has teamed up with local 3D printing specialist Kabuku to 3D print a miniscule, one-seater delivery car for the Toshimaya confectionery delivery service. More

Bespoke 3D printed Formy handlebar grips for bikes launch on Kickstarter

Oct.4, 2016 - Startup FormyGrips by Sky Van Iderstine has just launched a crowdfunding campaign for the Formy 3D printed bar grips, a new type of affordable and customizable 3D printed bike grips with the perfect balance between durability and comfort. More

A new 3D printed, shock-absorbing material from MIT could protect robots and drones

Oct.3, 2016 - Researchers at MIT's Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (CSAIL) have developed a new method for 3D printing soft materials with precisely controlled shock-aborbing properties. The 3D printed materials could improve the durability of drones, phones, shoes, and more. More

Skylanders Imaginators will let you design and 3D print your own Skylander heroes

Oct.3, 2016 - Using a new mobile app, players of the Skylanders toys-to-life video game series will be able to create their own 3D printed, fully playable characters for the forthcoming Skylanders Imaginators game. Players can also use the app to create personalized trading cards and T-shirts. More

The 3D printed GRIPsher Multi-Tool could be the keychain tool you've been waiting for

Oct.3, 2016 - All-in-one 3D printed GRIPsher multi-tool provides unprecedented functionality for almost any application, from stripping and cutting wires, to opening paint cans, to screwing in any size of screw, and more. The handy tool was developed by Christian Reed, a military veteran. More

Futurist Christopher Barnatt's review: The TCT Show 2016 (w/video)

Oct.3, 2016 - On 28 and 29 September, the 2016 TCT Show + Personalize was held in Birmingham in the UK. TCT very successfully brings together both industrial and consumer 3D printing. More

3D Printing in Fashion and Art: Burning Man headpieces, 3D printed lipstick, Iron Age jewelry

Oct.3, 2016 - With so much happening in the world of 3D printing, it's hard to keep up sometimes, even for us! To help keep our fashion and art loving readers up to date, we've put together a list of some notable 3D printing projects that we heard about this week, from 3D printed Burning Man headpieces, to Iron Age 3D printed jewelry, to 3D printed makeup. More

3D printed fish fossil uncovers clues about the evolution of human teeth

Oct.3, 2016 - Researchers from the Australian National University have just applied 3D printing and 3D scanning to an Buchanosteus fish fossil and have found valuable clues about the evolutionary process of jaws and teeth in vertebrates, including humans. More

Watch: Gwendoline Christie of 'Game of Thrones' trapped in a shifting 3D printed dress

Oct.3, 2016 - Actress Gwendoline Christie from Game of Thrones and Dutch fashion designer Iris van Herpen have collaborated with filmmaker Barnaby Roper to create 'The Dress', a short film about a shape-shifting and transforming 3D printed dress which envelops and consumes Christie. More

Metallic barrel liner strengthens newly developed 3D printed gun Songbird

Oct.2, 2016 - 3D printed guns have come a long way since Cody Wilson first released his Liberator in 2013. A newly released pistol called the Songbird uses a metallic barrel liner to provide increased accuracy and reliability. More

Light up your cosplay with this 3D printed glowing mace prop

Oct.2, 2016 - The Ruiz Brothers have come up with yet another awesome 3D printed project to help you bring your cosplay game to the next level: a 3D printed glowing mace prop. The piece, made up 28 3D printed parts and some simple electronics, is sure to wow your friends. More

Fantastic 3D printed Black Panther action figure realized by ImprimaLab

Oct.2, 2016 - Argentinian designer Sebastian Dominguez has enlisted the help of Brazilian 3D printing service ImprimaLab to 3D print a Black Panther action figure, with the final model perfectly capturing the Marvel character's spirit. More

3D printing news roundup: Aurora Labs files patent, Proto Labs to open 3D printing hub, DoE invests $1.2M in national lab

Oct.1, 2016 - During the final week of September, metal 3D printing specialist Sintavia acquired a Concept Laser 3D printer, Materialise added products to its Magics 3D Print Suite, and ASTM International introduced a new standard for 3D printed stainless steel alloys. Here are the stories you might have missed. More

An algorithm and 3D printing ensure 'Rio' furniture remains unique and timeless

Oct.1, 2016 - Studio INTEGRATE and Morgan Studio have joined forces to create RIO, a set of partially 3D printed tables and chairs which use mathematical algorithms to ensure that each piece is unique. The collection combines traditional furniture craft with cutting-edge additive manufacturing techniques. More

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