The LulzBot TK-0 3D Printer under development

Sep.30, 2012 -   You might want to following the development of the LulzBot TK-0 3D Printer by Aleph Objects, it is announced to have 300mm x 300mm x 225mm build volume and 250mm/sec printing speed at 100 microns. More

Teenage Engineering lets you 3D print your own OP-1 synth replacement parts 

Sep.29, 2012 -  The OP-1, a battery powered pocket music synthesizer is an ambitious little project from Teenage Engineering. Teenage Engineering is a company who has always been doing things creative. More 

Richrap's "Maker Test" at TCT Liveshow 2012 

Sep.28, 2012 -  Richrap visited the TCT Liveshow at the NEC and made an interesting "Maker Test" report.More 

New UP! software v1.17 to be released in two days

Sep.28, 2012 -   PP3DP is going to release a new version UP! software, v1.17. This new firmware will reduce print layers from 200 microns (0.2mm) to 150 microns (0.15mm). More

New Matrix 300+ 3D printer is 3 times faster

Sep.28, 2012 -   Mcor Technologies Ltd, manufacturer of the paper 3D printers announced the launch of the Matrix 300+, lowest cost, high quality, most eco-friendly 3D printer that is now 3 times faster! More

NAMII opens doors and what it means for Youngstown 

Sep.27, 2012 -  The National Center for Defense Manufacturing and Machining (NCDMM) in Youngstown, Ohio, will open its doors today. NCDMM is hosting an open house and ribbon-cutting ceremony for the $70 million National Additive Manufacturing Innovation Institute (NAMII) facility.. More 

Over 75 Entries for 3D printing at Maker Faire New York 2012

Sep.27, 2012 -   This weekend, on Saturday, Sept. 29, and Sunday, Sept. 30, attendees at World Maker Faire, at the New York Hall of Science (NYSCI) in Queens, N.Y. will get a chance to feel the 3D printing enthusiasm. More

Formlabs announces Form 1 "prosumer" 3D printer  

Sep.26, 2012 -  After a year in development, Formlabs has officially unveiled the first "prosumer" desktop 3D printer. The Form 1 uses SLA (Stereolithography) technology which could achieve higher resolution and accuracy.More 

JP Morgen: New 3D printer from Formlabs could be a threat to low-end & high-end of the market 

Sep.26, 2012 -  Formlabs may reshape things, wrote Scott Kirsner on Today, Formlabs plans to unveil its low-cost 3D printer, the Form 1. In a report on 3D systems, JP morgen commented on its potential negative implications for 3D Systems.More 

Casting aluminum parts directly from 3D printed PLA parts

Sep.25, 2012 -   Jeshua needed some adjustable aluminum parts for his 150W CO2 cutting laser. His 3D printer can be used to print plastic parts, but Jeshua preferred aluminum parts. So he attempted to cast aluminum parts using lost wax method directly from 3D printed PLA parts. More

Test printing of new Laywood filament 

Sep.25, 2012 -  A new filament called "Laywood" can now be extruded through the nozzle of RepRap FDM 3D printer. This German-made Laywood, a mix of recycled wood fibers and polymer binders could create "tree rings", a nice gradient effects in color. More 

Lab-grown leather could be on sale within next five years 

Sep.25, 2012 -  Modern Meadow, a company developing and 3D bioprinting meat and leather products directly from real animal cells received a six-figure seed investment from PayPal cofounder Peter Thiel's Breakout Labs.More 

Manufacturing Shift: Made in USA, sold in China

Sep.24, 2012 -   Instead of competing with imports, Mr. Jack Abel's company, Brooklyn-based Watermark Designs, is manufacturing plumbing parts and shipping them to China. More

Turning 8-bit sprites into 3D models ready for 3D printing 

Sep.24, 2012 -  How to turn a collection of 2D images into a 3D model? One process is called "multiview stereo reconstruction" which has been using famous device "the Stanford spherical gantry" to take photos of an object from points on a spherical shell surrounding to build 3D model. More 

Is 3D Printing Safe? 

Sep.23, 2012 -  Is 3D printing safe? taulman, creator of 2BEIGH3 3D Printer, built a test apparatus to measure the safety of the material used in DIY 3D printers. All of the tests were done in a small enclosed area.More 

Try hacking MakerWare to support old Makerbots

Sep.22, 2012 -   Along with the new Replicator 2, MakerBot also announced new Makerware software for the new 3D printer. Makerware is designed to perform the same function as ReplicatorG, but with faster slicing, print bed management. More

Grand Opening of Deezmaker's 3D Printer Store and Hackerspace 

Sep.22, 2012 -  The new store/hackerspace will sell 3D printers (including Bukobot and other brands: Makerbot, ORDbot, Prusa Mendel and the Wallace) and filaments, electronics, tools like CNC routers, lathes, laser cutters etc.More 

Kickstarter prehistoric dinosaur back to life with 3D Scaning and 3D printing  

Sep.21, 2012 -  Award winning Paleoartist Tyler Keillor has been working with many palenotologists and museums preparing fossils, creating skeletal reconstructions, and sculpting flesh models of prehistoric life at the University of Chicago since 2001.More 

Is Makerbot going closed source?

Sep.21, 2012 -   Josef Prusa, creator of Prusa Mendel, probably the most wide spread 3D printer, raised the issue in his blog, "Makerbot turned closed source, or at least all the signals lead to it.". More

3D printer helping company to bring its products to market quicker 

Sep.20, 2012 -  Whale, Award-winning water pump and heating system manufacturer, today announced an increase in new business following the purchase of an Objet Connex multi-material 3D Printer for its headquarters in Bangor, Northern Ireland. More 

Hack and refill a Stratasys Dimension 3D printer 

Sep.20, 2012 -  Dan owns a Stratasys Dimension SST 768 3D printer. But the price of P400 ABS material cartridges for the 3D printer can cost up to $260 each. And one spools of ABS in the market costs less than $40-50 per kg.More 

Ancient sea creature reconstructed with CT Scan and 3D printer

Sep.20, 2012 -   Scientists in the U.S. and a specialist in Denmark have created a lifelike model of an ancient mollusk using a 3D printer. The mollusk is a oval-shaped sea creature what lived about 390 million years ago. More

Makerbot launched Replicator 2 fully assembled desktop 3D printer 

Sep.20, 2012 -  Today, MakerBot, the leader in Desktop 3D Printing, is holding a press conference announcing the launch of new Replicator 2 fully assembled desktop 3D printer.More 

LAYWOO-D3: New FDM filament can print wood with tree rings 

Sep.20, 2012 -  Inventor Kai Parthy has developed a new FDM filament that can print "wood" on RepRap 3D printers.More 

Conceptual footwear fuses classic design with 3D printed soles

Sep.19, 2012 -   The conceptual 3D printed shoes "A Wrong Mongrel" brought by designer Ross Barber are unlike the others we've seen, they are only partly 3D printed. More

Computer program automatically improves structural strength of 3D printable objects 

Sep.19, 2012 -  Researchers at Purdue and Adobe's Advanced Technology Labs have jointly developed a new piece of software that automatically scans 3D models and correct the problematic cases before they are printed.More 

3D printer startup countdown 

Sep.18, 2012 -  Cambridge-based Formlabs raised $500,000 in November last year, according to Angelist, Formlabs is working on developing an affordable high-resolution 3D printer.  More 

Shell makes complex structures with 3D printing

Sep.18, 2012 -   Shell Technology Centre Amsterdam (STCA), one of the three main research center of Shell worldwide, recently began working with a CONCEPTLaser M2 3D printer to make complex metal products. More

First 3D printed San Francisco 'Day & Night' cityscape watch

Sep.18, 2012 -   ONE Degree Watches, founded by long time watch producer and enthusiast Paul Youngblood, launched their first 3D cityscape watches on Kickstarter. The designs are brought to life using 3D printing technology to capture the inspirational feeling of major cities and bring them to life on a wristwatch. More

Turn Kinect into portable and wireless depth camera 

Sep.17, 2012 -  Microsoft's Kinect is often be used to make 3D scans. But researchers from the University of Bristol have developed a mobile, wireless depth camera based on the Kinect. More 

3D Systems listed in Fortune's Fastest-Growing Companies

Sep.17, 2012 -   Fortune Magazine's 2012 listed Top 100 fastest-growing companies in the world, 3D Systems ranked number 5 in tech, in the top 6 in profit growth and number 12 overall out of 100 companies listed. More

3D printing coming to Boeing 

Sep.16, 2012 -  3D printing technology has been around for about 25 years now, Large-scale companies like GE are using 3D printers for ultra sound applications, Pratt and Whitney for compressor blades and Honeywell for heat exchangers.More 

Eventorbot 3D printer is now on Kickstarter 

Sep.15, 2012 -  Eventorbot, this good-looking open source 3D printer is finally on Kickstarter! With the single solid steel frame it eliminates 40% of parts and cost that other 3d printers uses.More 

Open source home filament maker

Sep.14, 2012 -   Here we got Open Source Printing, a small group of people dedicate themselves to develop a low cost plastic extruder that is able to produce plastic filament for 3D printers. More

Scientists bring 3D printing into the lab 

Sep.14, 2012 -  The DIY movement has vaulted from the home to the research lab, and it's driven by the same motives: saving tons of money and getting precisely what you want. It's spawning a revolution. More 

BotQueue: an online platform for distributing print jobs to multiple 3D printers 

Sep.14, 2012 -  Makerbot co-founder Zach Hoeken Smith left Makerbot and started his own projects. His latest project is BotQueue designed specifically to control RepRaps (Marlin, Sprinter, GRBL, etc).More 

Nanoengineers can print 3D microstructures out of hydrogels in mere seconds

Sep.14, 2012 -   Nanoengineers at the University of California, San Diego have developed a novel technology that can fabricate, in mere seconds, microscale three dimensional (3D) structures out of soft, biocompatible hydrogels. More

Control 3D printer with your Raspberry Pi 

Sep.14, 2012 -  Walter Schreppers received his Raspberry Pi weeks ago. After a day of hacking and programming he set up his Raspberry Pi as a network node to control his Prusa 3D printer.More 

NASA awards funding for automated on-orbit construction with 3D printers 

Sep.13, 2012 -  NASA's Innovative Advanced Concepts (NIAC) program has selected a company called Tethers Unlimited to fabricate multifunctional spacecraft structures in orbit.More 

World's first tissue-engineered football

Sep.13, 2012 -   Today pig bladder has various applications in medicine or in cuisines, but historically, the pig bladder has many applications in sports. More

EZ 3D printer from Taiwan 

Sep.12, 2012 -  Industrial-grade EZ 3D printers are plug&play machines designed and manufactured by Shihjung YEH (aka Shihron) and his company in Taiwan. More 

ExOne released a faster 3D metal printer 

Sep.11, 2012 -  The Ex One Company (ExOne) released its latest 3D printer Monday at the International Manufacturing Technology Show taking place this week in Chicago. This 3D metal printer offers more than seven times the volume output of machines currently in use. More 

A list of DIY high resolution DLP 3D printers

Sep.11, 2012 -   Unlike the Fused Filament Fabrication (FFF) technology we usually see on Makerbots and repraps, new generation of hobbyist printer uses light-curing resin and a DLP projector to build 3D objects. More

Historians discover secret of famous painting using 3D scanners 

Sep.10, 2012 -  The portrait of Anthony van Dyck, a 17th century Flemish artist, is believed for centuries to be by his teacher, Peter Paul Rubens. Thanks to the latest image processing techniques. More 

O.update: manufacturing personal electronics with 3D printing 

Sep.10, 2012 -  In 2025, consumer electronics will no longer be the same as we know them today, said Peter Krige who is currently studying Innovation Design Engineering (IDE) at the Royal College of Art (RCA) in London.More 

Pre-assembled all-Metal HYREL 3D printer

Sep.9, 2012 -   A small group of designers and engineers based in Atlanta, USA launched their HYREL 3D printer project on Kickstarter. HYREL is fully assembled 3D printer and fully tested before delivery. More

The launch Of GE Garages Making Things Competition, $20k award 

Sep.8, 2012 -  GE is partnering with STORY, a Chelsea based 2,000 sq ft retail space which operates with the "point of view of a magazine, changes like a gallery, and sells things like a store", for its upcoming October issue: MAKING THINGS.More 

Sculpteo's new app lets you create your own 3D printed iPhone case 

Sep.8, 2012 -  French 3D-printing company Sculpteo developed an app that lets users design or customize their unique iPhone case. This app is called "3DPCase" and is free to download at Apple App Store. More 

Ultra-Bot 3D Printer on Kickstarter

Sep.7, 2012 -   If you are owner of a Makerbot Cupcake you can now upgrade it! William Steele launched his Ultra-Bot 3D Printer on Kickstarter which is inspired by the original Makerbot Cupcake. More

Ancient Egyptian Faience techniques could be used in 3D printing of ceramics 

Sep.7, 2012 -  A 7,000 year old technique, known as Egyptian faience, or Egyptian Paste, could offer a potential process and material for use in the latest 3D printing techniques of ceramics, according to researchers at UWE Bristol.More 

3D printed car model DrivAer as a key to vehicle air circulation 

Sep.7, 2012 -  Together with the vehicle manufacturers Audi and BMW, Technical University Munich's Institute of Aerodynamics and Fluid Mechanics developed test model "DrivAer". It aims on determining a standard geometry both for wind tunnel and numerical experiments.More 

Visual versioning for 3D printable models on CubeHero

Sep.6, 2012 -   Would you find version control for 3D models useful? A new tool developed by Wil Chung allows users to view a 3D printable model, see what changed about the design over time. More

Pandabot 3D printer soon on Kickstarter 

Sep.6, 2012 -  Seattle and Toronto-based Panda Robotics is introducing their Pandabot, an elegant-looking 3D printer. It's billed to be affordable, self-calibrating, robust and stable. More 

3D printed Sugru fixing robot: Fixbot 

Sep.6, 2012 -  Sugru has an amazing technology that helps people fix and make things. Fixbot is a cute red robotic arm made by Sugru recently. More 

Shapeways brand film highlights extraordinary 3D printing & surrounding creative community

Sep.6, 2012 -   Harvest Films' new director Stephan Malik turned his keen eye and talent to the extraordinary realm of 3D printing in a film for Shapeways. The film is a look into the Shapeways vision, community and 3D printing magic. More

Create garden tools using a 3D printer 

Sep.5, 2012 -  If you like gardening and enjoy working with plants, you will like these garden accessories created using a 3D printer.More 

Visualize your 3D models in real size with Augment 

Sep.5, 2012 -  Wanna know what your 3D models look like for real before printing? You might want to have a look at Augment, it is a program which uses augmented reality technology to allow users to visualize 3D models on your Android, iPad and iPhone. More 

3D printers help developing tentacle-like active soft robotics

Sep.4, 2012 -   Peter Walters and David McGoran from the 3D Printing Laboratory Centre for Fine Print Research at the University of West England, Bristol has been working on designing and fabricating a working tentacle-like active structure with 3D printing. More

How 3D printer could help biological research at UCSF 

Sep.4, 2012 -  At the University of California San Francisco's DeRisi Lab, Joseph DeRisi and his team has been working on investigating viruses such as SARS, Avian Flu and fighting against disearses.More 

World first 3D printed sports wheelchair seat used by Paralympics games 

Sep.4, 2012 -  For the first time innovative tailor-made seats will be used by Paralympics GB for the wheelchair basketball events this summer (2012). More 

InVivo plans to use 46 3D printers to make spinal scaffolds

Sep.3, 2012 -   Spinal cord injuries (SCI) is an insult to the spinal cord caused from motor vehicle accidents, falls, sports injuries etc and can result in a change in its normal motor, sensory, or autonomic function. More

SHAPES iN PLAY: shaping objects by using rapid prototyping 

Sep.3, 2012 -  In 2011 product designer Johanna Spath and Johannes Tsopanides established design studio SHAPES iN PLAY. Rapid Prototyping technology allows them to add more emotional value to their products design.More 

Create and 3D print custom records for Fisher Price's Toy Record Player 

Sep.2, 2012 -  A while ago Instructables user fred27 made a tutorial on how to create your own custom discs that works with the Fisher Price toy record player. If you grew up in the mid-70s or 80s you will recognize this toy. More 

Weekend project: 3D print a Pocket-Tactics board game

Sep.2, 2012 -   A board game can be very fun because it is often based on strategy with a goal to achieve. The team at Ill Gotten Games is introducing their first fully-realized board game Pocket-Tactics to the board game fans. More

Disney's new 3D printing princesses experience 

Sep.1, 2012 -  Starting August 26, D-Tech Me is offering a very new and very cool experience for all the girls ages 3-12 to fulfill their princesses dream. At the World of Disney in Downtown Disney Marketplace, guests can get their face on a three-dimensional 7-inch Disney Princess figurine.More 

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