3Doodler pens now shipping to Kickstarter backers 

Sep.30, 2013 -  3Doodler, the world's first 3D printing pen that you can hold in your hand, is now shipping on time to earlybird Kickstarter backers. 3Doodler allows people to create amazing 3D objects by simply drawing in the air. More 

Prusa Nozzle: All metal food safe RepRap hot-end

Sep.30, 2013 -   Prusa Mendel, a simplification of Mendel is one of the most used RepRap variant. One of the recent creation from Josef is the PrusaNozzle, a single piece stainless steel hot-end for a 3D printer. More

TinyBoy - $130 Open source 3D printer designed for students 

Sep.30, 2013 -  TinyBoy is an open source 3D printer designed to fit for regular computer desk in the school. The size of the TinyBoy is only 15 x 15 x 22cm, much smaller than most of the 3D printer on the market. More 

A new, user-driven 3D printing materials site 

Sep.30, 2013 -  Today the 3D Printing Materials Corporation (3DPMC) launches a new source for high quality, high performance 3D Printing materials options. 3DPMC uses a crowdsourcing model to find innovative new products. More 

Malevich Teapot 2.0 made using ceramic 3D printing 

Sep.30, 2013 -  Geometric Abstraction, a design studio has just launched a brand new reproduction called Malevich Teapot 2.0 manufactured with 3D-printing in ceramic via Shapeways.  More 

3D scanning turns a metro journey into an abstracted virtual trip 

Sep.30, 2013 -  Metro is Chris Coleman's every day commute on the Denver Light Rail. With a handheld 3D scanning device and a laptop, the artist rode the Denver Light Rail and recorded his experience. More 

NASA preparing to launch 3D printer into space in 2014 

Sep.29, 2013 -  NASA is preparing to launch a 3D printer into space next year, a toaster-sized game changer that greatly reduces the need for astronauts to load up with every tool, spare part or supply they might ever need. More 

GE Global Research: The Future of Additive Manufacturing (video)

Sep.29, 2013 -   GE Global Research hosted a Google+ Hangout on Friday to discuss about the latest in advanced material applications and innovative design capabilities made possible by additive manufacturing. More

Tesco: You will see 3D printing in supermarkets over the next few years 

Sep.28, 2013 -   Mike McNamara, the IT chief of supermarket giant Tesco said 3D printing could soon come to supermarkets, allowing shoppers to order certain basic items and have them printed out on-demand.  More 

Matter.io opening beta for MatterRemix, a browser-based 3D modeler 

Sep.28, 2013 -  Matter.io, a startup founded by Dylan Reid and his friends at MIT Media Lab is opening up Beta for MatterRemix, a new browser-based 3D modeler + editor and looking for beta testers.  More 

3D printed prosthetic made for band student (video)

Sep.28, 2013 -   Despite an accident that left her without her left hand, a 16-year-old Michigan girl is following her dream of playing the trumpet with the help of a 3-D-printed prosthetic device. More

Staples 3D Printing Challenge

Sep.28, 2013 -  CGTrader and Staples announced on Friday Staples 3D Printing Challenge, as the Office supply chain officially opened its 3D printing service in the Netherlands.  More 

GolemD DIY 3D printer with a unique box-frame design 

Sep.27, 2013 -  We introduce you today GolemD DIY 3D printer from Poland. Designed by Michael (yru) Liberda, the GolemD DIY 3d printer has a unique box-frame design. More 

40 Chinese students create a race car using 3D printed parts

Sep.27, 2013 -   Last year, 40 Chinese students from Changsha University of Science & Technology (CSUST) joined the Formula Student China (FSC) car racing with their first race car FNX-12 and they ended the race in 28th place. More

Own a slice of Norway created on a 3D printer 

Sep.27, 2013 -  What if you could create your own 3D-printed genuine gypsum heirloom mantelpiece display replica of your favorite part of Norway? More 

Personalize your chocolate bar with Piq Chocolates and 3D printing 

Sep.27, 2013 -  Customers can submit their idea and design to Piq Chocolates, and Lalla and Crowley will source the chocolate and create them on their 3D printers. More 

Handy technology: ESA uses 3D printing to test EVA glove

Sep.27, 2013 -   The European Space Agency (ESA) has successfully 3D printed a full scale and one-tenth scale replica of the glove worn by ESA astronaut Hans Schlegel while spacewalking. More

3D Printshow to give free 3D printers to UK schools 

Sep.26, 2013 -  3D Printshow announces this week its 3D printing education programme for schools. The programme will give 3,000 students from across the country a hands-on experience with the technology.  More 

Luis' first pancake made on a Delta 3D printer (video) 

Sep.26, 2013 -  Luis from Spain would like to share with everyone here his first digital recipe. Delta printer + peristaltic extruder = pancakes! More 

A fully automated 3D printer designed for schools

Sep.26, 2013 -   At the Nashville Mini Maker Faire last weekend, MIT student Mateo Pena Doll from the New Valence Robotics showed off their printer, a fully automated 3D printer designed for schools. More

Shapeways introducing 3D printing materials Polished Brass and Raw Brass 

Sep.26, 2013 -  Shapeways announces today two new 3D printing materials: Polished Brass and Raw Brass.  More 

Open source modular and modifiable workstation kits for your 3D printer 

Sep.26, 2013 -  Fredericksburg, VA based Cody Wilmer developed MultiMod Consoles, the totally modular and modifiable workstation kits that you use to build stands and workstations for your 3D printers.  More 

First 3D printing factory in the Netherlands set to open in October

Sep.26, 2013 -   Dutch start-up Additive Industries has the ambition to bring industrial additive manufacturing/3D printing for selected high tech markets from lab to fab. Next Month the first 3D printing factory in the Netherlands will open in Eindhoven. More

Startup developing Direct to Metal 3D printer for makers 

Sep.26, 2013 -  A new homebrewed 3D printer was demonstrated at the Maker Faire 2013 New York. It was a Liquid Metal Jet printer called the Vader printer created by father-and-son makers Scott and Zack Vader at Vader Systems.  More 

Stratasys collaborates with Aurora to tap into China's billion 3D printing market 

Sep.25, 2013 -  The Aurora Group today announced Aurora and 3D printing company Stratasys Ltd have entered into an agreement for the exclusive distribution of Stratasys Idea Series professional desktop 3D printers in China. More 

GE Global Research to host Google+ Hangout on the Future of Additive Manufacturing

Sep.25, 2013 -   GE Global Research will host a Google+ Hangout together with experts from industry and academia to discuss about the latest in advanced material applications and innovative design capabilities made possible by additive manufacturing. More

Mixee Labs launches new 3D printed molecular jewelry line

Sep.25, 2013 -  Mixee Labs launches today a new 3D printed molecular jewelry line. People can order from a list of molecule structures designed by Aaron Barnet, or search to print molecules of their choice using online molecular databases. More 

How to use 3D printing in lost-wax casting of custom lugs for a bicycle frame 

Sep.25, 2013 -  ideas2cycles is an interesting initiative that aims to develop new bike concepts and quickly bring them to market. The 3D printing technology turned out to be the simplest and most cost-efficient method to create custom lugs for a bicycle frame.More 

Rembrandt prints in 3D: for research on painting process

Sep.25, 2013 -   Scientists at Delft University of Technology in the Netherlands have created some lifelike reproduction of paintings by Rembrandt and Vincent van Gogh in full color using 3D printing for research. More

Airwolf 3D partners with MatterHackers to Offer an all-in-one 3D printing interface 

Sep.24, 2013 -  Airwolf 3D announced a new partnership with MatterHackers, Inc. that will see customers of Airwolf 3D's printers provided with a free, fully-supported, version of MatterControl Pro. More 

Deka lets you create your own, custom 3D printed Bluetooth headsets 

Sep.24, 2013 -  Orange County-based Deka launches fully customizable Bluetooth headsets on Indiegogo. The startup is raising $100,000 for this next generation of Bluetooth headsets where you can create & interchange between different custom faceplate designs.More 

Design 3D printable objects with MakeVR and handheld controllers

Sep.24, 2013 -   MakeVR is an impressive user-friendly computer aided design program that allows everyone to easily create, manipulate, and sculpt 3D objects. More

Rotational 3D printer under development for tailor-made medical products 

Sep.24, 2013 -   The 22-year-old - who is studying at Nottingham Trent University's School of Architecture, Design and the Built Environment - is undertaking research which will help shape the future of how tailor-made medical products are printed. More 

Meshmixer 2.0 is out, with new support material system for 3D printing 

Sep.24, 2013 -  Autodesk has released a new version of Meshmixer, a mesh editing program with a strong focus on 3D printing. Meshmixer is a free and powerful prototype design tool for working with 3D mesh files. More 

LumiFold: foldable and portable $400 resin based 3D printer on indiegogo

Sep.23, 2013 -   On Indiegogo there is a new Stereolithography printer in developement which is quite unique. More

Deltaprintr, a new sub-$500 3D printer soon on Kickstarter 

Sep.23, 2013 -  At Maker Faire 2013 NY last weekend, Shai Schechter of SUNY Purchase College presented Deltaprintr, a new low cost Delta 3D printer designed for everyone. More 

Skin-Frame structure could save up to 70% of 3D printing material 

Sep.23, 2013 -  Researchers at University of Science and Technology of China have designed an automatic and practical method to generate a skin-frame structure for a given 3D model for minimizing the material used in printing and the number of struts in the structure. More 

How to make a 3D printed digital camera at home

Sep.22, 2013 -   With the help of a 3D printer, a homemade digital camera is within your reach. You can not only build one yourself, but also fully customize the camera to your liking. More

Skanska uses 3D printed cladding on its £50m London building 

Sep.22, 2013 -  Skanska, a multinational construction and development company based in Sweden, is using 3D printing technology in the construction of its £50m Bevis Marks development in the City of London.More 

The Phoenix, another low cost 3D printer cracks $400 barrier 

Sep.22, 2013 -  3D printing is booming, with new printers appearing on the market every week. Today the Phoenix 3D Printer has just reached its $20,000 funding goal on Kickstarter.  More 

Consumers not ready for 3D printing wave (Reuters video)

Sep.22, 2013 -   There is skepticism about whether this is going to be a living room device anytime soon. Experts say there's no place for it next to our telephone, TV or even regular printer. More

Set up your own 3D printing store on your own domain with Kraftwürx 

Sep.21, 2013 -  Houston-based 3D Printing Company Kraftwurx unveiled today their Digital Factory program which allows anyone to start a 3D printing-based business on their own domain and sell their design without significant investment. More 

Peachy Printer - The world's first $100 3D Printer 

Sep.21, 2013 -  Unlike most low cost 3D printers on the market which focus on using cheap component but similiar 3D printer design, Saskatchewan, Canada based Rylan Grayson invented his own: the Peachy Printer, the world's first $100 3D printer. More 

MakerBot shows off Digitizer 3D Scanner, optimized for 3D Printing

Sep.21, 2013 -   MakerBot shows off Digitizer 3D Scanner at Digitizer's official press launch on Friday. "We've taken the time to get the software right and make it easy for people." More

Intel launches open source eBook for 3D printable 21st Century Robots  

Sep.20, 2013 -  In a recent interview by the Street, Intel Futurist Brian David Johnson talks "Jimmy", a 21st Century Robot made solely from 3D printing and it's not science-fiction. More 

Bow & Drape partners with Shapeways to launch custom 3D printed metal accessories 

Sep.20, 2013 -  Fashion brand and online retailer Bow & Drape is partnering with Shapeways to launch a line of 3D printed, jewelry-grade metal accessories for Fall 2013.More 

Ultimaker 2 3D printer announced

Sep.20, 2013 -   Ultimaker today launches Ultimaker 2, an open-source 3D printer for more accurate and faster results with simpler processing. More

Designer created sugar-based bowls and plates on a specially-designed 3D printer 

Sep.20, 2013 -  Canadian designer Philippe Malouin has created a variety of sugar-based plates and bowls using an analogue 3D printer built by himself. More 

Lagoa acquires 3DTin for better browser-based 3D applications 

Sep.20, 2013 -  Lagoa, a Montreal based 3D cloud platform startup, announced it has acquired 3DTin, a browser-based free 3D modeling tool.  More 

NIST awards $7.4 Million to fund Additive Manufacturing Research

Sep.19, 2013 -   The U.S. Department of Commerce's National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) announced the award of two grants totaling $7.4 million to fund research projects aimed at improving measurement and standards in additive manufacturing. More

Monstermatic Game App: Create and 3D print custom monsters 

Sep.19, 2013 -  Los Angeles, California based gaming startup Mico Studio has recently launched Monstermatic, the first free mobile game app that allows users to create and 3D print custom designed monsters. More 

Aussie scientists create first detailed 3D scan of the Tower of Pisa 

Sep.19, 2013 -  A team of Australian researchers have created the most detailed interior 3D map of Italy's iconic Leaning Tower of Pisa by using a breakthrough handheld scanner.  More 

French company launches first 3D print shop franchise - Bobbleshop

Sep.19, 2013 -   Digiteyezer announces today the launch of the first 3D print shop franchise in the world: The Bobbleshop. Digiteyezer is a French company specialized in developing 3D scanning applications for the consumer markets. More

Credit Suisse: 3D printing market will be much bigger than what industry consultants estimate 

Sep.18, 2013 -  On Tuesday Credit Suisse initiated coverage on three different 3D printing stocks and expressed bullish research notes about the 3D printing market. More 

European Commission seeks 'Capital of Innovation' to stimulate 3D printing and digital design 

Sep.18, 2013 -  The European Commission has started in September the search for the first European Capital of Innovation, or iCapital. The prize will reward the city which is building the best "innovation ecosystem".  More 

NASA funds research to create stronger materials using 3D printing

Sep.18, 2013 -   Aided by funding from NASA, researchers at Missouri University of Science and Technology are using 3D printing to create stronger, more durable materials for the space agency. More

Lionhead: All-in-one 3D printer-and-scanner on Kickstarter 

Sep.18, 2013 -  Fitchburg, WI based Radiant Fabrication has launched today the Lionhead, the consumer-level 3D printer to incorporate printing and 3D scanning into a single device on Kickstarter. More 

3D printer firm voxeljet files for a $100 million IPO 

Sep.18, 2013 -  voxeljet, a leading manufacturer of industrial 3D printing systems filed on Tuesday with the SEC to raise up to $100 million in an initial public offering. More 

Yahoo Japan unveils "Hands on Search" with 3D printing technology

Sep.18, 2013 -   Yahoo Japan has developed technology to produce solid plastic objects with 3D printers based on computer searches. More

3D print your gold iPhone 

Sep.17, 2013 -  Apple showed off its newest iPhone 5S and 5C last week, and for the first time, iPhone (5S) will be available in silver,'space grey' and GOLD. More 

Structure Sensor turns your iPad into a 3D Scanner 

Sep.17, 2013 -  San Francisco-based company focused on computer vision-based applications launches the first-ever 3D sensor for mobile devices on Kickstarter.  More 

GE unveils 10 finalists for its Jet Engine Bracket Design Challenge

Sep.17, 2013 -   GE today unveiled ten Phase I finalists from its Jet Engine Bracket Design Quest challenge to redesign a jet engine bracket, make it lighter, and print it on a 3D printer. More

3D Printing Hits the Catwalk in Latin America 

Sep.17, 2013 -  Camilo Alvarez, one of the leading fashion designers in Colombia, has produced his "Botanicracia" Spring/Summer 2014 collection using Stratasys 3D printing technology. The collection was just launched at Colombiamoda 2013 in Medellin, bringing 3D printing to Colombia's catwalk.  More 

MIT researchers creates the world's largest print with Form 1 3D Printer 

Sep.17, 2013 -  Hyperform is a design and research effort to identify computational and material folding strategies that will allow desktop 3D printers to create large-scale objects by efficiently using the full volume of the 3D printer.  More 

Disney researchers develop software to let you create and 3D print mechanical toys

Sep.17, 2013 -   Research teams at Disney Research have created a pair of software packages that allow non-expert users to create animated mechanical characters. More

Results from 3D Printing survey 2013: adoption, 3D printers, 3D printing services 

Sep.17, 2013 -  Statistical Studies of Peer Production completed the second survey on the 3D printing community. This year they had 344 people respond to their survey (358 in 2012). In 2013 more people with Master Degrees participated the survey.More 

Digital Grotesque: 3D printed room with crazy patterns now complete 

Sep.16, 2013 -  Digital Grotesque is an elaborate, fully-enclosed room that is entirely 3D printed. The life-sized structure, conceived and created by architects Michael Hansmeyer and Benjamin Dillenburger, is a cathedral-like room that were 3D printed entirely out of sandstone. More 

Staples starts 3D printing service online

Sep.16, 2013 -   Office supply chain Staples officially opened its 3D printing service in the Netherlands on Monday (Sep.16). Users can upload their 3D designs, get them 3D printed at Staples using full color Iris 3D printers from MCOR Technologies. More

Tiny 3D-printed organs used to develop 'Body on a Chip' for drug testing 

Sep.16, 2013 -  Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center's Institute for Regenerative Medicine is leading a unique $24 million project funded by the U.S. Department of Defense to develop a "body on a chip" that will be used to develop these countermeasures.  More 

3D Notion, first New York-based 3D printing show, featuring one-of-a kind 3D-printed works 

Sep.16, 2013 -  On Sept.7th 3D Notion, the first New York-based show that confidently focuses on 3D printed art was held in New York City's BHQFU. Organized by mysterious art collective Bruce High Quality Foundation, 3D Notion featured 19 artists' 3D-printed works.  More 

Ultimaker² preview - what to expect from Ultimaker's newest 3D printer

Sep.16, 2013 -   Given all the rumours, and noises in the forums, it's almost certain that Ultimaker is going to launch Ultimaker², a faster, more accurate, more efficient, quieter 3D printer than the original. More

Build your own ceramic delta 3D printer 

Sep.15, 2013 -  Jonathan Keep decided to develop his own ceramic delta 3D printer. The aim of the design was to keep it simple, using basic DIY skills and parts available on the internet. More 

3D printed mechanical clock made with a Makerbot  

Sep.15, 2013 -  Andy Hudson-Smith at University College London posted a nice functional 3D printed weight powered clock this week. More 

V&A Museum acquires world's first 3D-printed gun

Sep.15, 2013 -   The first 3D printed gun will soon arrive in a museum! As part of London Design Festival which begins this weekend, London's V&A Museum has acquired two prototypes of the Liberator gun. More

Artec 3D scans the original battle field of Borodino 

Sep.14, 2013 -  At the request of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Artec 3D recently scanned a portion of the famous Borodino battlefield where Napoleon was stopped by Russian forces outside of Moscow in 1812. More 

3D print a set of 8-bit videogame drink coasters to protect your gaming desk 

Sep.14, 2013 -  If you like retro video games and also drinking things, here are something for you: a full set of 8 unique video game coasters comes with themed coaster holders for sets of either 4 or 8. More 

Students build and fly 3D-printed plane

Sep.14, 2013 -   Three student interns in the AFRL Discovery Lab program designed and created a custom 3D printed aircraft from a Makerbot Replicator 2X 3D printer. More

With $2.8M Series A-1 funding, 3-D Scanner Co. Matterport prepares for rollout 

Sep.13, 2013 -  Matterport, Inc., the developer for cloud-based 3D models of interior spaces, announced this week that it has raised a $2.8 million Series A-1 financing with participation from several renowned entrepreneurs. More 

RepRap Wally beta kit makes first moves 

Sep.13, 2013 -  Nicholas Seward brought us Delta printer Simpson back in June, and now he is coming up with another innovative 3D printer, Wally. Wally is a wall bot so everything is mounted on the wall.  More 

Intel to launch open source 3D printed robots next week

Sep.13, 2013 -   Intel is launching an open source robot initiative called Jimmy next week, offering up schematics and AI code so that people can 3D print their own. More

New Free-to-download CAD tool to bring 3D design to everyone 

Sep.13, 2013 -  Allied Electronics (Allied) and RS Components (RS), the trading brands of Electrocomponents plc has introduced DesignSpark Mechanical, a new 3D solid modelling and assembly tool that is available to all -- totally free of charge. More 

Inside Luxury: Bentley uses Stratasys 3D printing in car design 

Sep.12, 2013 -  3D printer maker Stratasys shared today a video showing how legendary Bentley Motors Ltd is dedicated to using 3D printing to produce small-scale car models as well as full-size parts, for assessment and testing prior to actual production.  More 

Soon you can 3D print health food at home with Algaerium Bioprinter

Sep.12, 2013 -   PhD researcher Marin Sawa is currently working on her 'Algaerium Bioprinter', a device where particular algae combinations can be printed according to nutritional needs. More

From CT Image to 3D Model: 3D Systems launches Bespoke Modeling

Sep.12, 2013 -  3D Systems introduces today Bespoke Modeling, a cloud-based service that allows medical professionals to quickly create, upload, view, share and 3D print full-color 3D anatomical models directly from any size CT, MRI scan or any DICOM data.  More 

Is this a real color 3D printer? BotObjects releases another video of ProDesk3D 

Sep.12, 2013 -  Since its launch people have raised suspicions about botObjects' printer and its full color printing ability. On Wednesday botObject released a new video of their prototype printer in action. More 

3D-printed Electronic smart pump keeps heart patients alive and active

Sep.12, 2013 -   Now a new custom-designed, 3D printed battery-operated pump for implanting into the body to support a failing heart is being developed to let people get back to their normal life. More

When will 3D printers print 3D printers? 

Sep.12, 2013 -  When will 3D printers print 3D printers? Dr. Kaku addresses the question of the possibility of a "von Neumann probe", one of the inventions that may be realized by advances in nanotechnology. More 

3D model your own iPhone 5C case with Matter.io's iPhone Remix 

Sep.11, 2013 -  Cambridge Startup Matter.io is building a whole new way to create, share and print 3D models right from your browser. "As easy as applying a photo filter," says the startup. More 

Meet the winners of IDSA 3d printed Race car challenge

Sep.11, 2013 -   Hosted by Inventables, "The Launch Day 2013 competition" invited designers from all over the world to design a 3D printed pinewood derby style car to launch down a ski-slope track at the conference in Chicago. More

So, what exactly do people search for on Yeggi

Sep.11, 2013 -   So what exactly do people search for on Yeggi? Karpp shared today their infografic "What People Search" showing their findings to the 3D printing community. More

Zeepro introduces dual head Zim 3D printer starting at $599 

Sep.11, 2013 -  Stamford, Connecticut based Zeepro Inc. introduces Zim, a personal 3D printer featuring a dual color printing head, Ethernet & WiFi connectivity, an onboard microcamera, smartphone and tablet control, and an exclusive refillable cartridge system.  More 

iGo3D, The first 3D printer store in Germany Grand Opening

Sep.10, 2013 -   Last Saturday, the first 3D print store in Germany 'iGo3D' was opened in Oldenburg. 50 invited guests were able to witness the opening ceremony in the City Center Oldenburg. More

3D printer maker Stratasys to raise over $400 million on Nasdaq 

Sep.10, 2013 -  3D printer maker Stratasys Inc. (Nasdaq: SSYS) announced on Monday that it intends to offer 4,000,000 of its ordinary shares in an underwritten public offering.  More 

Autodesk Infographic: how 3D printers are impacting small business 

Sep.10, 2013 -  How can 3D Printing save time and money for small businesses? A few years ago, a 3D printer would have costed you at least $10,000, but now you can buy a consumer 3D printer for less than $2,000. More 

3D Systems buys The Sugar Lab, maker of 3D-printed sugar confections

Sep.10, 2013 -   3D Systems announced today that it has acquired The Sugar Lab, a start-up micro-design firm dedicated to 3D printing customized, multi-dimensional, edible confections in real sugar. More

'3-Sweep' software can create 3D models from a single photo (video) 

Sep.10, 2013 -  With just a few mouse clicks, 3-Sweep software can extract an 3D object out of a photograph and turns it into a 3D, editable creation.  More 

NTU in Singapore building $30 million 3D printing research centre 

Sep.10, 2013 -  The Nanyang Technological University (NTU) announces today it is building a new $30 million research centre at NTU.  More 

STRUdittle: a precise and low-cost filament extruder on Kickstarter

Sep.10, 2013 -   Fishler's latest filament extrusion device, STRUdittle is an ultra-compact device and can make ABS filaments with extrusion rates of 12-24"/minute at only 5V out of the rated 12V motor. More

OPM & 3D printed skull implant featured on HardWired with YouTube star iJustine 

Sep.9, 2013 -  YouTube star iJustine visits with Scott Defelice, founder and CEO of Oxford Performance Materials. More 

Another personal fabricator: ZMorph 3D printer & milling machine 

Sep.9, 2013 -  ZMorph is a unique 3D printer based on RepRap Prusa Mendel machine. It has a large working area, 235x230x165mm.  More 

A 3D printed large format pinhole camera

Sep.9, 2013 -   Maker Todd Schlemmer over on Thingiverse has created a pinhole camera with a 3D printer. More

Open source foldable and portable Tobeca 3D printer 

Sep.9, 2013 -  The Tobeca is an open source printer developed and manufactured in France. It is a compact and foldable mobile RepRap 3D printer.  More 

$199 Rubicon 3D scanner on indiegogo 

Sep.8, 2013 -  Robert from Riga, Latvia has just launched his new invention on indiegogo: Rubicon, a simple and cost-effective 3D scanner.More 

3D printed open source Jack the Ripper Robot

Sep.8, 2013 -   With a new 3D printer he just acquired, Andy set to work on designing a fully automated DVD ripping with a 3D-printable open-source robot, he called it Jack the Ripper. More

Motorola introducing MAKEwithX to get Moto X more customized with 3D printing 

Sep.7, 2013 -  The truck crew have designed a set of delightful co-creation experiences for Moto X owners to create personal, one-of-a-kind accessories for their Moto X smartphones using Motorola group's 3D printers. More 

3-D Printing: The $3B Job-Creating Industry 

Sep.7, 2013 -  3D printing has been around since the 1980s and it's set to be a $3 billion business by 2016.  More 

Verlan 3D printed dress built with Replicator 2 and new MakerBot Flexible Filament

Sep.6, 2013 -   The Verlan Dress is built with two MakerBot Replicator 2 Desktop 3D Printers. It is the first creation to ever use MakerBot Flexible Filament, a new adaptable filament material made out of polyester. More

Immunization Beads wins top prize in "3D Printers for Peace" Contest 

Sep.6, 2013 -  A brightly colored innovation to help families and doctors keep track of childhood vaccine records in the developing world has won the 3D Printers for Peace Contest. More 

Elon Musk to build rocket ship parts with hand movements through the air, and 3D printing 

Sep.6, 2013 -  Elon Musk, SpaceX CEO and the most inspiring entrepreneur in the world posted a video showing off how his team builds new rocket ship parts hand gestures through the air and a high-grade 3D laser metal printer. More 

LIVE NÓIZE: 3D printed chairs made from noise, in real-time

Sep.5, 2013 -   Using 3D printing with some computer alteration, Brazilian designers from Estudio Guto Requena have recreated the 3D chair models using audio recorded on the streets of São Paulo. More

Making advanced prosthetic hands for under $1000 using 3D printing 

Sep.5, 2013 -  Launched by Bristol, UK based Joel Gibbard, the Dextrus hand is a 3D printed robotic hand that offers much of the functionality of a human hand in a very low cost. More 

Chinese doctors now able to replace patient's skull with 3D-printed implant 

Sep.5, 2013 -  Doctors have already replaced a patient's jaw with a 3D-printed titanium implant, and now doctors in China have also used 3D printing technology to repair a man's damaged skull.More 

Fully assembled 3D printable wrench

Sep.5, 2013 -   After watching this video Daniel Norée decided to make one on his own printer, a Makerbot Replicator. More

Eyewear Of The Future: 3D-printed complete pairs of eyeglasses 

Sep.4, 2013 -  While companies like Protos Eyewear are attempting to make made-to-order 3D-printed frames, Dutch company LUXeXceL wants to print you fully 3D printed functional eyewear using its "Printoptical Technology." More 

UK company TTP unveils multi-material 3D printing breakthrough 

Sep.4, 2013 -  Cambridge-based TTP has today announced its ground breaking Vista 3D, a new 3D print head that is capable of printing with more than one material.More 

World's first All-In-One 3D copy machine "ZEUS" launched on Kickstarter

Sep.4, 2013 -   Startup AIO Robotics launches today its All-In-One 3D copy machine "ZEUS" on Kickstarter. More

3D Food printer concept creates food in any flavor and shape you want 

Sep.4, 2013 -  The Atomium, a new 3D-printing concept designed by Luiza Berté from Brazil is such a delightful device that allows anybody to create healthy and imaginative meals.More 

Now you can 3D print your own invisibility cloak 

Sep.4, 2013 -  Invisibility cloaks made of plastic can now be created at home using 3D printers. Duke University engineer Yaroslav Urzhumov Urzhumov shared this work of art online allowing everyone to try themselves.  More 

Introducing Lionhead: integrated desktop 3D printer & scanner

Sep.3, 2013 -   Radiant Fabrication today announced Lionhead, a consumer-level 3D printer to incorporate printing and 3D scanning into a single device packaged with powerful 3D modeling software 'Radiant Li'. More

3D Systems is No.5 on Fortune's 2013 list of Fastest-Growing Companies

Sep.3, 2013 -   3D Systems announced today that for the second year in a row, the company has made Fortune Magazine's 2013 list of the fastest-growing companies. More

3D-printed case turns your smartphone into a wearable virtual reality 

Sep.3, 2013 -  Called vrAse, and developed by Edinburgh, Scotland-based Louise Bankhead, this device is a 3D-printed headset that enables you enjoy movies in a huge 3D-Perfect screen.More 

FabSecure, secure 3D streaming for 3D printers goes live

Sep.3, 2013 -   Fabulonia is the inventor of patent-pending secure 3D streaming technology "FabSecure" that encrypts and stores your data with a method that makes the files inaccessible to outsiders. More

Stratasys is expanding in Eden Prairie, Minnesota 

Sep.2, 2013 -  Stratasys has added 126 jobs in the Minneapolis suburb, a 33 percent jump to just over 500 people. And it expects to hire another 30 to 40 people before the end of the year.More 

New 3D printer test kit to measure your 3D printer's abilities 

Sep.2, 2013 -  Natalie Mathis and Quincy Robinson have created a new 3D printer test kit "Graphica" featuring 12 Unreleased Test Chips focusing on Mechanical Components and Artistic Flair. More 

Ubisoft fans are invited to win 3D printed model of their 3D character creation

Sep.2, 2013 -   Global games giant Ubisoft announced it has partnered with new content studio Drifter to build a 3D character creator tool for its fans. More

iRapid launches new desktop model BLACK 3D printer

Sep.2, 2013 -   iRapid, the German manufacturer of fully-assembled 3D printers introduces its new desktop model BLACK to the market. More

AIO Robotics' cool teaser for the up-coming "All-in-one" machine ZEUS 

Sep.1, 2013 -  Startup AIO Robotics announced in August it is developing a new and innovative All-In-One 3D copy machine. This weekend AIO Robotics provides a sneak preview of what's to come. More 

DIMBODY 3D desktop scanner

Sep.1, 2013 -   Alessandro Grossi, a creative mechanical engineer based in Italy, designed and developed DIMBODY 3d scanner, a digitalizer tha allows you to make a digital copy of physical objects on your computer. More

3D printed Monster Cat 'Creature' collectible figurine 

Aug.31, 2013 -  In a special collaboration between TINKR, a 3D printing creative studio based in Singapore, and a Singaporean alternative rock band, MONSTER CAT, a highly collectible 3D printed figurine was born. More 

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