MakerBot and TOM challenge makers to design better 3D printed assistive technology devices for people with disabilities

Sep.30, 2015 - MakerBot made available several free 3D designs for assistive devices, and challenged Thingiverse makers to improve on them and contribute further designs that could improve the quality of life for people like Lathrop. More

MIT's 3D printed soft robot hand can pick up and identify just about anything

Sep.30, 2015 - A new generation of modular, 3D printed soft robot grippers can easily pick up over 70 everyday times of different weights and sizes, ranging of stuffed animals to eggs to a single sheet of paper, without damaging or dropping them. More

MIT's multi-material MultiFab 3D printer could be used by U.S. military manufacture missiles on battlefield

Sep.30, 2015 - The U.S. Department of Defense's official science blog released details of a powerful and versatile new 3D printer that can print up to 10 materials at once and embed electronics, circuits and sensors directly into the object, allowing it to create a finished products, from spare parts to war missiles, directly in the field. More

Cartesio and BOFA develop 3D PrintPRO Fume Extraction Systems specifically for 3D printers

Sep.30, 2015 - 3D printer manufacturers Cartesio and fume extraction and filtration system developer BOFA have already joined forces to develop the 3D PrintPro Fume Extraction System to make 3D printing healthier for all those involved. More

Aldric Negrier launches massive Vulcanus Max 30 and Vulcanus Max 40 3D printers

Sep.30, 2015 - An DIY professional 3D printer for under €300 known as the Vulcanus has been scaled-up 60%, 110%, and 160% to create the Vulcanus Max 30, Vulcanus Max 40 and upcoming Vulcanus MEGA MAX 3D printers, with build volumes of 32x32x32, 42x42x42 and 52x52x50 respectively. More

Handicapped kitten walks again thanks to 3D printed wheelchair built by two students

Sep.30, 2015 - Two 17 year olds students, Josh Messmer and Isaiah Walker from Walnut Grove Secondary School in British Columbia have created a 3D printed wheelchair for a handicapped kitten. More

ORD Solutions multipurpose dual extrusion RoVaPaste 3D Printer now available for pre-order

Sep.30, 2015 - The promising RoVaPaste 3D Printer by ORD Solutions, a multipurpose machine capable of extruding edible and non-edible pastes, has just been launched for pre-orders. More

Mexican 3D printer maker Colibri 3D raises $1 million in first round of capital investment

Sep.30, 2015 - Colibri 3D, a division of the Mexican company InterLatin, announced that with support from the Mexican Federal Government and other investors, it has closed its first round of initial outside capital investment, raising $1 million which will go towards expanding their market reach at a worldwide level. More

UTEP receives $2.1 million grant to develop multi-material 3D printer 'factory of the future'

Sep.30, 2015 - The University of Texas at El Paso, in conjunction with its renowned W.M. Keck Center for 3D Innovation, is developing an all-in-one 3D printer that will be capable of assembling metals, electronics and plastics and printing fully functional electronics and industry-quality parts. More

ColorFabb unveils sturdy corkFill wood-like 3D printer filament

Sep.30, 2015 - High quality 3D printer filament provider colorFabb has just announced the latest edition to their wood filaments: corkFill, that features all the durable and flexible characteristics of corks, including the lovely color. More

Shapeways opens ten 3D scanning booths for 3D printed selfies in The Netherlands

Sep.30, 2015 - Shapeways has just opened ten 3D scanning booths for 3D printed selfies at ten different locations spread out through The Netherlands, aiming to expand this very accessible form of 3D printing technology, which could potentially introduce a very large market to their services. More

3D printer acts as handyman for U.S. Coast Guard icebreaker boat

Sep.30, 2015 - For about three weeks in July, a MakerBot 3D printer was taken on a scientific mission aboard the Cutter Healy icebreaker, led by the Coast Guard Research and Development Center in New London. More

Graphene 3D files patent for low-cost, toxic-free process for producing high grade graphene for 3D printing

Sep.29, 2015 - Graphene 3D Lab has filed a non-provisionary patent pertaining to a new method for the preparation and separation of atomic layers of graphene nanoplatlets (GNP), which would dramatically increase the potential for large scale production of high grade graphene. More

Indiegogo campaign launched for impressive 3D printed PiKon astro-cam

Sep.29, 2015 - A more affordable 3D printed astro-cam has just appeared on Indiegogo: the British-made PiKon, that simply relies on a Raspberry Pi and some 3D printed parts to capture gorgeous images of space. More

Build your own X01 Project 3D printed drone, inspired by prize-winning Xombie Lunar Lander

Sep.29, 2015 - Three passionate engineers in Greece have combined two of the hottest technologies making headlines this year—3D printing and Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs)—by designing and creating a fully 3D printed drone called the X01. More

You can now buy the first ever 3D Printed Pope Figurine

Sep.29, 2015 - Berlin based 3D printing company Staramba, known for creating photorealistic 3D printed figurines, has just announced the release of a particularly divine new 3D model: the Pope. More

Gartner: 3D printer shipments to reach 496K in 2016, 3D print market set to keep doubling in size

Sep.29, 2015 - A new prediction made by Gartner has said that the worldwide shipment of 3D printers will reach 496,000 in 2016. And with this latest prediction, they are very positive about where the 3D printing market is heading. More

Smart3D to launch Kickstarter for portable 3D scanner Pixelio next month

Sep.29, 2015 - In the spirit of the future and innovation that October 21st, 2015 has come to represent, UK based company Smart3D, Ltd. are launching a kickstarter on that day to fund their new portable 3D scanner, Pixelio. More

3D printable smart toy Cannybot cars finds huge Kickstarter success almost immediately

Sep.29, 2015 - Called Cannybot, this is a British-made concept for smart racing cars for children that will help them understand the basics of programming and 3D modeling. It is also remarkably successful, having reached its crowdfunding goal of $40,000 almost immediately. More

Posture with Panache: TinkerCAD and Lumo Bodytech design 3D printed custom clasps for Lumo Lift

Sep.29, 2015 - The custom clasps by TinkerCAD can be 3D printed and then fitted with a magnet, covering the Lumo Lift without adding pinholes to your favorite shirts. The designs range from elegant crystal shapes to cheeky conversation starters. More

Talented maker builds 3D-printed ion thruster, shares files

Sep.29, 2015 - A talented creator named João Duarte HAS built a 3D-printed ion thruster, a type of electrical propulsion system used for spacecraft propulsion. An ion thruster Creates thrust by accelerating ions, using Either electrostatic or electromagnetic force. More

Materialise's Mimics 3D imaging software aids investigation into 430000-year-old murder

Sep.28, 2015 - The discovery of a 430,000 year old skull in Spain and use of 3D imaging technology has provided researchers with fascinating new insight into prehistoric murder. More

UC's innovative 3D printing adsorptive media project & two others receives $3 million MBIE funding

Sep.28, 2015 - MBIE has recently allotted funding to a select number of science innovation proposals through their Science for Technological Innovation National Science Challenge. Among the selected projects are three from the University of Canterbury (UC) in Christchurch, one of which focuses on the development and potentials of 3D printed adsorptive media. More

ICE HOUSE 3D printed Mars habitat made entirely from ice wins NASA Challenge grand prize of $25,000

Sep.28, 2015 - The ICE HOUSE 3D printed Mars habitat project has been awarded the first prize in the NASA and America Makes' 3D Printed Habitat Challenge. Their novel and highly advanced research in using 3D printing technology and the naturally-occuring ice found on Mars comes just in time. More

Atossa 3D printed high heels by Behrad Ghodsi bring comfort to consumer shoe market

Sep.28, 2015 - Tehran-based designer Behrad Ghodsi wanted to develop a range of concepts for 3D printable footwear that are at once stylish and comfortable, customizable and consumer-based, and to top it all off, made from sustainable materials. The result is Atossa, a 3D printed high heel for the consumer market. More

Argentinean researchers develop dual syringe 3D printer head for bioprinting polymers

Sep.28, 2015 - LIFIA, a research centre of the National University of La Plata in Argentina, has created a 3D printer head that can control two syringes simultaneously, allowing doctors to print biopolymers with specific geometric forms and combine them in novel ways. More

Danish startup 3D Printhuset announces double expansion, including opening of second 3D printing store

Sep.28, 2015 - Now, in an effort to increase accessibility to the rest of the country and expand their reach, 3D Printhuset has announced the opening of a second location of their store in Aarhus, Denmark. More

3D printing for schools just got easier: 3DPrinterOS releases educational and premium licenses

Sep.28, 2015 - 3DPrinterOS has just announced that they will release two new custom licences: one for educational purposes, as well as a premium option featuring more and improves options. More

China successfully launches Pijiang-1 satellite featuring 3D printed parts into space

Sep.28, 2015 - Called the Pujiang-1, it is the Chinese first satellite to feature 3D printed parts and has just been successfully launched. The Pujiang-1 was one of four satellites that were carried into space on 25 September by the solid-fuel Long March-11 rocket. More

Singapore: Ultra Clean Asia Pacific opens largest 3D printing factory in Southeast Asia

Sep.28, 2015 - Ultra Clean Asia Pacific has just announced the launch of a gigantic 3D printing facility in Singapore. Called the UCT Additive Manufacturing Center Pte Ltd., this new center for commercial 3D printing will be the largest of its kind in the already bustling South-east Asia 3D printing market. More

Scientists announce a method for 3D printing objects out of living human cells

Sep.28, 2015 - Scientists at the University of Florida developed a way to print detailed soft structures from a 3D printer. The new 3D printer is able to print traditionally 'impossible' shapes, such as a thin tube tied in a knot. More

Nufood Robot 3D Food Printer creates 'flavour bombs' with customisable taste, colour and texture

Sep.27, 2015 - Nufood are a team of designers, scientists, engineers and makers who "love inventing new technologies that can enhance the dining experience", and they have created a unique food-making 3D printer. More

Build your own 3D-printed mini USB vacuum cleaner

Sep.27, 2015 - One frustrated maker, confronted with endless sawdust and plastic shavings on his desk, set himself the task of making a 3D-printed mini USB vacuum cleaner to clean up the mess. More

Ilika PLC awarded £466,000 grant for research in 3D printed self-healing alloys

Sep.27, 2015 - Ilika PLC, an accelerated materials innovation company, have received a £466,000 grant for research research in 3D printed self-healing alloys. Ilika's project in fact has two objectives. The first is to develop a new generation of self-healing alloys suitable for additive manufacturing processes. More

Tangible Instruments uses 3D printing to design Arpeggio monophonic synthesizer, set to launch on Kickstarter next week

Sep.26, 2015 - Los Angeles based company Tangible Instruments, LLC, will be launching a Kickstarter campaign for their versatile new electronic musical instrument, the Arpeggio. The instrument, which will ultimately be manufactured using an injection molding process, was developed using 3D printing technology. More

Unilever backs NoodVamp, a 3D printed spoon that lets you slurp without spills

Sep.26, 2015 - An amateur inventor from Sheffield, England, has 3D printed a detachable silicon spoon cover that he believes will change how we eat noodles forever. The NoodVamp, as he calls it, is being backed up by Unilever's Pot Noodle and is set to be manufactured and delivered over the next two months. More

EOS and ASS Maschinenbau 3D printed grippers dramatically reduce waste of plastic pharmaceutical components

Sep.26, 2015 - Theo Hillers, a plastic injection-moulding specialist based in Germany, realized that their existing robotic handling system was causing excessive waste. Rather than accepting the structure's flaw, they turned to 3D printing technology to re-invigorate the system. More

3DKitbash's Kickstarter turns 3D printing into an intergalactic battle game to save planet Earth

Sep.25, 2015 - 3DKitbash team has found a way to incorporate Kickstarter, social media, and 3D printers to get players directly involved in the next chapter of Quin's Saga like never before. More

Carima unveils super high-speed C-CAT 'Continuous Additive 3D printing tech' that can print up to 60cm/hour

Sep.25, 2015 - Korean 3D printer manufacturer Carima has developed a new technology called C-CAT (Carima-Continuous Additive 3D Printing Technology) that can print at speeds 60cm/hour on the Z-axis at a layer thickness of just 5 microns. More

Foster + Partners unveils designs for Mars settlement that could be 3D printed by robots

Sep.25, 2015 - Foster + Partners' vision is to build 93 square-meter habitats that could house up to four astronauts at a time, using 3D printing technology and regolith—the loose soil and rocks that make up the Red Planet—as the building material. More

Aleph Objects to unveil new Cura LulzBot Edition v17 Software at Maker Faire NY

Sep.25, 2015 - Aleph Objects, maker of the LulzBot open source desktop 3D printer line and the free open source software Libre Innovation, today announced that it will release its latest software, Cura LulzBot Edition v17, at this weekend's World Maker Faire in New York. More

Drive cats (or anyone) crazy with 3D printed remote-controlled laser pointer

Sep.25, 2015 - A new creation by JJRobots allows you to build a portable laser pointer robot with 3D printed parts that can be controlled from up to 60 meters away with your smartphone or tablet device, and provide hours of fun. More

Take beautiful night-sky photos with 3D printed telescope adapter and smartphone

Sep.25, 2015 - If you're camping, or out for a long drive, you can 3D print this handy tripod adapter, which allows you to mount the Celestron FirstScope to any camera tripod and take beautiful night-sky photos. More

Student Simon Philips creates impressive table design with 3D printed parts

Sep.25, 2015 - 21 year old interior and furniture design student from Belgium, Simon Philips, has garnered attention for his thesis project: a sleek table design which features 3d printed design elements. More

Caress of the Gaze 3D printed wearable reacts to the gaze of others

Sep.25, 2015 - Architect and interaction designer Behnaz Farahi has created a 3D printed wearable that provokes a sort of modern day mating ritual by detecting and then reacting to other people's gaze with organic, life-like movements. More

Make your workspace work for you with 3D printed Metaform Portfolio by Herman Miller

Sep.24, 2015 - Iconic modernist furniture designer Herman Miller has introduced the Metaform Portfolio, a wide-range of 3D printed hooks, shelves and tools that allow you to completely customize your workspace. More

Sandia Labs combining 3D printing with topology optimization to aid national security

Sep.24, 2015 - Sandia is currently up to its necks in additive manufacturing research, and is combining 3D printing with 'topology optimization' technology in order to produce better parts for national security systems and other projects. More

New dinosaur species Ugrunaaluk kuukpikensis reconstructed thanks to 3D printed bones

Sep.24, 2015 - With the help of Geomagic 3D scanners and software, a Professor of Geology in Alaska was able to reconstruct a skeletal model of a newly discovered dinosaur for the first time using 3D printing. More

Taiwan's XYZprinting launches Da Vinci Professional 3D printer for businesses

Sep.24, 2015 - 3D printer manufacturer XYZprinting announced it has created an da Vinci Professional, the company's first 3D printer aimed at businesses and larger networks. More

Autodesk acquires netfabb, invests in FIT Technology to expand take-up of industrial 3D printing

Sep.24, 2015 - Autodesk today announced that it has acquired German software startup netfabb, a provider of industrial 3D printing software and services. At the same time, it will make a strategic investment in netfabb's parent company FIT Technology Group. More

3D printed orthotics startup Andiamo selected as Richard Branson's 'One to Watch 2016'

Sep.24, 2015 - UK based Andiamo has been selected as one of Richard Branson's 'one to watch' companies. Founded by two parents, Naveed and Samiya Parvez, Andiamo started using 3D printing technology to create cost and time efficient orthotics. More

LED lights bring life to custom 3D printed Tinkerplay action figure

Sep.24, 2015 - In a new Instructable, Jason Cuenco shows you how to 3D print and build your own light-up action figure using Tinkerplay models, LED lights, and an Arduino-compatible Teensy board. More

Say Woof: 3D printed Pooch Selfie promises picture-perfect moments between you and your dog

Sep.24, 2015 - A 3D printed smartphone attachment, the Pooch Selfie is a simple device that attaches a brightly colored tennis ball above your phone's camera, grabbing your dog's attention so that you can get that perfect shot. More

Racing teams from China announce 2 new car designs featuring 3D printed steering wheels

Sep.24, 2015 - Students from the Hefei University of Technology in China unveiled their two new Formula 1 car models. Excitingly, both cars have been fitted with 3D printed steering wheels, which have been designed to better fit the driver's hand, making driving and steering a more comfortable experience. More

Luxexcel teams with Trinckle 3D to release Lens Creator for custom 3D printed optics design

Sep.24, 2015 - Dutch company Luxexcel, the only 3D printing service in the world to print transparent objects and to specialize in 3D printed optics has recently teamed up with Berlin based 3D printing service and design marketplace Trinckle to launch a customizable lens creator for its users. More

Get ready to roll with 3D printed talking 20-sided dice

Sep.23, 2015 - If you're looking for a cool party prop and are up for a demanding, multi-day, electronics and 3D printing-loaded challenge, Phil Burgess from Adafruit Industries has uploaded instructions on how to make your very own jumbo 3D printed talking D20 with customizable audio files. More

Bloodhound Supersonic car steered by 3D printing

Sep.23, 2015 - The Bloodhound Supersonic car, which is attempting to become the fastest land vehicle ever, is to be unveiled this week. A significant number of its components, including its extremely tailored steering wheel and carbon fibre nose tip, have been produced using 3D printing techniques. More

MyMat Solutions releases Nylon 3D printing filaments with superior strength and mechanical properties

Sep.23, 2015 - Spanish company MyMat Solutions has released two new nylon-based 3D printer materials, Ultra Nylon and Soft Nylon, for durable, mechanically sound prototypes and end-use parts. More

Students at WIT design fully functional 3D printed hexacopter drones

Sep.23, 2015 - A group of students from Wentworth Institution of Technology (WIT) in Boston, MA have worked in teams to create 3D printed fully functional additively manufactured Hexacopter drones, so named for their hexagonal shape. More

Prodways partners with Farsoon to develop new range of SLS 3D printers

Sep.23, 2015 - Prodways today announced a major partnership with the Chinese company Hunan Farsoon High-Tech and will rapidly develop a full range of plastic and metal 3D printers known as 'Prodways powered by Farsoon.' More

ORNL unveils integrated 3D printed house and car that produce and share clean energy

Sep.23, 2015 - At today's EERE day, The Oak Ridge National Laboratory unveiled its Additve Manufactuing Integrated Energy (AMIE) project, a first-of-its-kind design that uses an integrated symbiotic energy system to share energy between a single-unit, 3D printed solar powered house and a 3D printed electric car. More

Argentinean student designs online 3D printing database for doctors

Sep.23, 2015 - An Argentinean industrial design student has designed an online database that will allow doctors from different locations and specialties to upload and share various clinical cases, including the extremely rare, and even 3D print models of patients' bones to better study them and improve diagnoses. More

Kanye West as a fashion designer is scared of 3D printing technology

Sep.23, 2015 - On the most recent episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians, this season's premiere in fact, Kanye West made a rare appearance and dished on some of his technological likes and dislikes. 'I like robots,' he explains, but he is scared of 3D printing! More

Scientists develop 3D printed 'Edge Detector' that sorts sound waves

Sep.23, 2015 - Scientists from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH), Zurich, have used 3D printing to develop a new method to differentiate very weak and short sound waves from longer ones. More

Trinity, truly portable 3D printed wind turbine passes $50,000 Kickstarter goal

Sep.23, 2015 - Minnesota-based company Janulus has just launched the Trinity 3D printed Portable Wind Turbine Power Station on Kickstarter, an incredibly powerful and portable system capable of producing power for everything from your smartphone to your entire house and car. More

3D printed scaffolds allow for precise release of biomolecules into the human body

Sep.22, 2015 - In the wake of this exciting breakthrough, is another progressive use for 3D printing within the medical world, as researchers have found a way to release biomolecules into the body through a 3D printed scaffold with more precision than ever before. More

Materialise opens metal 3D printing factory in Bremen, Germany

Sep.22, 2015 - Materialise announced today that they will be launching new metal 3D printing production services in Bremen aimed at industrial customers in the aerospace, automotive and industrial manufacturing industries. More

4D printing: Complex self-folding structures created with 3D printed shape memory polymers

Sep.22, 2015 - Scientists have found a way to 3D print smart shape memory polymers (SMPs) that can self-fold into precise, predetermined shapes when exposed to uniform heat. These structures could be rolled or flattened for shipment, and then self-assemble on-demand. More

Singapore launches national Additive Manufacturing Cluster (NAMIC) to help scale up use of 3D printing

Sep.22, 2015 - The Singapore government said on Tuesday (Sep 22) that they have formed a National Additive Manufacturing Innovation Cluster (NAMIC) to support the country's 3D printing infrastructure. More

Harvard researchers design multi-material 3D printheads that change materials on the fly

Sep.22, 2015 - Harvard researchers has invented a method for integrating disparate materials and properties—including flexible and rigid materials, and conductive and resistive inks—into a single 3D printed object, opening up new possibilities for entirely 3D printed wearable devices, soft robots and electronics. More

Formlabs launches Form 2: The most advanced desktop SLA 3D printer yet

Sep.22, 2015 - Formlabs, designer and manufacturer of the popular Form 1 and Form 1+ 3D printing systems, today announced the launch of its latest and most advanced desktop SLA 3D printer, the Form 2. More

Amazon launches business, industrial & scientific supplies store featuring 3D printers

Sep.22, 2015 - Amazon UK has today launched a European business, industrial and scientific supplies store featuring more than half a million products including Additive Manufacturing (3D printing) products from 3D Systems and XYZprinting. More

Advanced Paving Tech' 3D Asphalt Paver to launch on Kickstarter on October 15

Sep.22, 2015 - John Smith, the founder of Advanced Paving Technologies has designed a 3D asphalt paver which could potentially revolutionize the existing method of paving and repaving roads, making the process 'better, faster, cheaper and cleaner'. More

'A Leg That Fits': 3D modeling and 3D printing give prosthetics and fairings a personal touch

Sep.22, 2015 - A pioneering collaboration between 3D Systems, Thinking Robot Studios, Geomagic Freeform software, and Canadian art graduate Natasha Hope Simpson has led to an innovative, artistic, and affordable way to mass customize and locally produce prosthetics and prosthetic fairings using 3D printing. More

3D printed model used to help remove part of 6-month-old-baby's brain growing through her face

Sep.22, 2015 - Six-month-old baby Kyra Duschene was born nine week early with a front encephalocele—a rare condition in which a part of her brain was growing through her nasal area. To make the surgery as safe as possible, the medical team used a 3D printer to replicate Kyra's skull. More

14-year-old clockmaker Ahmed Mohamed, arrested for 'hoax bomb', receives 3D printer from Microsoft

Sep.21, 2015 - The multinational technology firm Microsoft expressed their support for Ahmed Mohamed, not through kind words, but by sending the young engineer a huge hamper of tech goodies, including a Cube 3D printer. More

Autodesk announces Ember 3D printer electronics and firmware now fully open source

Sep.21, 2015 - Autodesk announced today that they are taking the third step in sharing Ember by making its electronics and firmware open source and available to download, inspect, modify, and make improvements. More

Sciaky to highlight faster and scalable metal additive manufacturing system at Euromold

Sep.21, 2015 - Sciaky will unveil an extended lineup of EBAM 3D printing systems with new options for medium, large and extra-large part applications, making it the most widely scalable metal 3D printing solution on the market. More

United Nude teams with 3D Systems to 3D print high heels that look like an ice block

Sep.21, 2015 - United Nude partnered once again with 3D Systems to design and print the 21 cm (8") tall wedges, which would make any wearer feel like a veritable Ice Queen. Each shoe is 3D printed out of three individual pieces on a CubePro printer using PLA material, plus a stitched leather strap. More

Make your own adorable robotic pal with 3D printable MiniPlan V5.0

Sep.21, 2015 - 3D printing is making it easier to build customizable, open-source humanoid robots. One of the latest versions of these humanoids is the MiniPlan V5.0, a compact, bipedal, Arduino-powered robot designed and 3D printed by George Chiou. More

You can 3D print your own Homo naledi, new species of human ancestor recently discovered

Sep.21, 2015 - The Homo naledi's bones, hidden for so long in the cave, are now accessible to anyone, as the team of anthropologists and palaeontologists that discovered them have made digital copies of the bones allowing for them to be 3D printed by anyone with a 3D printer or access to a 3D Printing Hub. More

Solar Oxides, flexible photovoltaic solar cells created through 3D printing

Sep.21, 2015 - Spanish tech company Oxolutia has developed Solar Oxides, flexible photovoltaic solar cells that can be manufactured by 3D printing. Using conductive oxides, a non-toxic, stable, and low-cost material found abundantly in nature, the cells open up exciting new opportunities for generating low-cost solar energy. More

Texan maker Toby Lankford 3D prints cheap Raspberry Pi-based security camera for his farm

Sep.20, 2015 - This impressive Raspberry Pi Arduino-based security camera with a 3D printed container was designed by veteran Texan maker Toby Lankford, who actually uses it on his farm in Amarillo, Texas. More

PrintPut integrates simple touch and pressure sensors directly into 3D printed objects

Sep.20, 2015 - Researchers at Human Media Lab have developed resistive and capacitive input widgets for the creation of interactive 3D prints. The 3D-printed touch and pressure sensors were presented at the 'Alternative Input and Output' session of the INTERACT 2015 Conference (14-18 September) in Bamberg, Germany. More

Bend minds (not pencils) with the Pencil Puzzler 3D printed magic trick

Sep.20, 2015 - Pencil Puzzler is a 3D printed magic trick that lies in having two 'pencils' on hand. One in solid form, the other already cut into three even pieces. Of course the pencil is ever actually sliced up. More

Childhood fantasy come true: a 3D chocolate printer made from LEGO

Sep.19, 2015 - Dutch engineer Gosse Adema recently uploaded an Instructable for his fully functional, 3D Chocolate LEGO printer as an update to his previously-posted LEGO 3D printer, which won him the grand prize in a 3D printing contest. More

Custom-made Lindsey Wixson doll MODOLL is world's first 3D printed 'supermodel'

Sep.19, 2015 - A collaboration between photographers Santiago & Mauricio, the Society Management, AY Collective, and 3D technology studio Fauxgraph, among others, has led to the creation of a 20-inch 3D printed doll based off the real-life American supermodel Lindsey Wixson. More

Gareth Ladley's 3D printed bespoke kitchen tools for chefs to revolutionize idling kitchen technology

Sep.19, 2015 - Gareth Ladley, a master in Industrial Design from the Central Saint Martins University of the Arts London, has focused his work on the concept of idling technology and has potentially found a way to minimize technological obsolescence using 3D printing technology, at least for in the kitchen! More

Maker develops 3D-printed, Arduino-powered dog feeder

Sep.19, 2015 - Some pet owners simply aren't able to provide essential treats for their animal friends at the right time of the day, every day. Maker JonPaul Laskis has decided to combat this problem by designing a 3D-printed, over-engineered dog feeder, and the results look fantastic. More

Slicing technology from Materialise shaves kilograms off Toyota's 3D-printed car seat

Sep.18, 2015 - The Japanese motor giant Toytota is doing the 3D-printing themselves to create a special lightweight seat. Wanting to produce a lightweight car seat prototype with a minimal volume and an optimal heat capacity, Toyota contacted additive manufacturing firm Materialise about the possibility of collaboration. More

Six year-old girl's lung surgery assisted by 3D printed windpipe

Sep.18, 2015 - Doctors at the Great Ormond Street Hospital in London used a custom-made 3D printed windpipe to practice a delicate surgery, reducing the amount of time six year-old Katie Parke had to spend on the operation table and ensuring a safer procedure. More

First-of-its-kind, 3D printed guide helps regrow complex nerves after injury

Sep.18, 2015 - A national team of researchers has developed a first-of-its-kind, 3D-printed guide that helps regrow both the sensory and motor functions of complex nerves after injury. More

High-end, 3D printed fashion collection beautifully mimics sea creatures

Sep.18, 2015 - Three high-end and high-tech fashion pieces by Austrian architect and designer Julia Koerner used 3D printing materials and processes to turn the unique colors and textures of sea creatures into completely wearable designs. More

Biolinker: world's first biofilm 3D printer made entirely from K'nex

Sep.18, 2015 - A group of nine TU Delft students participating in the upcoming iGem Synthetic Biology Competition have built the first 3D printer capable of creating customizable and reproducible bacterial biofilm, and they've made it almost entirely out of the children's toy K'nex. More

Laura Thapthimkuna launches Kickstarter for fully 3D printed Vortex Dress design

Sep.18, 2015 - Fashion designer Laura Thapthimkuna has just today launched a Kickstarter campaign for her new conceptual fashion project to be realized. The Vortex Dress, an entirely 3D printed dress design, was inspired by Thapthimkuna's own fascination with the galaxy, space, and specifically black holes. More

3D printed wheels add superior drift to radio controlled LEGO car

Sep.18, 2015 - After some unsuccessful earlier attempts, an accomplished builder of LEGO R/C cars named Sariel has built a Nissan Skyline GT-R model equipped with bespoke 3D-printed wheels. More

Blokko launches XR-35 truck of new DIY 3D printed toy series 'Era of Drones'

Sep.18, 2015 - Blokko, the startup from Singapore whose mission it is to create 3D printed merchandise and toys based on stories and comics submitted to their online platform, have announced the launch of a new series of toys called "Era of Drones". More

American Wind turns wind-generated electricity on its head with 3D printed MicroCube

Sep.18, 2015 - In order to demonstrate how his 3D printed MicroCubes could revolutionize the way we generate renewable energy, Yost, the founder of American Wind, will drive across the United States in an electric vehicle powered by four MicroCubes without stopping even once to plug in the battery for a recharge. More

Beyond Vision 3D prints blind-friendly fixtures to accommodate visually impaired employees

Sep.17, 2015 - In a video released today by Graphics/Systems, social enterprise Beyond Vision shows how they are combining the 'poka-yoke' philosophy with 3D printing to assist their blind employees. More

PCB 3D printer manufacturer Nano Dimension approved to trade on OTCQX market

Sep.17, 2015 - Israel-based 3D printing technology group Nano Dimension will now be able to trade its American Depositary Receipts (ADRs) on the OTCQX market. Today's announcement, which came from Open, Transparent and Connected (OTC) financial markets, will help the company increase their trading with U.S. investors. More

LumiPocket LT resin 3D printer surpasses Kickstarter goal; adds interchangeable heads, new project guides

Sep.17, 2015 - Last month we wrote about the LumiPocket LT, an all-in-one resin-based 3D printer, laser engraver and PCB etching machine. Their campaign surpassed its €39,000 fundraising goal after just two weeks, and with 20 days to go, is well on its way to hitting the €50,000 mark and beyond. More

Newly discovered dinosaur species's skeleton completed with the help of 3D printing

Sep.17, 2015 - A new species of dinosaur has been discovered in the Judith River Formation in Montana by paleontologists from The Rocky Mountain Dinosaur Resource Center in Woodland Park. More

Tiertime, Chinese partner to Afinia, issues lawsuit against Stratasys distributor UCRobotics

Sep.17, 2015 - Beijing Tiertime Technology, manufacturers of the UP! series of 3D printer, filed two patent infringement lawsuits against Beijing UCRobotics Technology. More

Canadian maker Terry Thillmann designs fantastic 3D printed drill press

Sep.17, 2015 - Hardcore tinkerer Terry Thillmann designed and 3D printed a fantastic drill press, as we see in maker spaces all over the world, but impressively just about the complete load-bearing structure was made with a desktop 3D printer. More

Australian student 3D prints smart leg prosthetic limbU packed with medical sensors

Sep.17, 2015 - The limbU, a prosthetic smart leg developed by student Troy Baverstock is absolutely packed with sensors for personal activities and for medical rehabilitation. More

MIT's new system can convert MRI scans into 3D printed medical models in a few hours

Sep.17, 2015 - Researchers from MIT and Boston Children's Hospital have just announced the completion of an efficient system for transforming MRI scans into 3D printable medical models within a matter of hours. More

1st birthday celebrations for formerly conjoined twins saved by 3D printing

Sep.17, 2015 - Tyler and Tyson Proctor, a pair of formerly conjoined twins whose life-saving operation was helped by the use of 3D-printed models, have celebrated their 1st birthday in the hospital in which they were operated upon. More

Humble Bundle launches Total War Charity Bundle featuring Commander Leonidas Bust 3D printer files

Sep.16, 2015 - Total War, the popular war-themed computer strategy game series, has made available through Humble Bundle access to a wide range of its games, extra downloadable content, Total War themed e-books, and even a 3D printing file. More

Dobot: Arduino powered desktop robotic arm capable of 3D printing with plastic & food-based filaments

Sep.16, 2015 - Designed by a team of six ambitious industrial robot engineers, the Dobot can draw, write, text, move, grab things, and 3D print parts and food, all with a precision error margin of just 0.2mm. More

Industry giant HP bets on 3D printing to secure future growth

Sep.16, 2015 - Hewlett Packard has announced that as of November 1st, 2015, it will split into two publicly traded companies, HP Enterprise and HP Inc., with the latter vying to secure a leading position in the global 3D printing industry. More

Dutch startup Xilloc launches industrial 3D printing business unit with four new EOS machines

Sep.16, 2015 - Having just turned four years old, Xilloc, working with Brightlands Chemelot Campus and with the financial support of the Province of Limburg, has opened an industrial business unit that aims to provide high quality 3D printing services within the aerospace, automotive and tooling industries. More

Leading 3D artist Keith Brown transcends physical form with full-colour 3D printed sculptures

Sep.16, 2015 - Leading 3D artist Keith Brown's latest work utilizes the full-colour technology of Mcor 3D printers to create mind-bending 3D creations that go beyond what is possible in photographic or 2D forms. More

Finalists for NASA's 3D printed Mars Habitat Designs Competition revealed

Sep.16, 2015 - As part of that interpretation, NASA announced a big Mars Habitat design competition last May, with the stipulation that all structures had to be 3D printable – and they have just announced the competition finalists over on the 3DP Challenge Tumblr. More

CubeForme launches 3D printing subscription box to promote and support 3D printing designers

Sep.16, 2015 - In an effort to further widen the appeal of 3D printing, California based start-up CubeForme has recently launched a $5,000 Kickstarter campaign for their exciting new concept: the CubeForme, a 3D printing subscription box. More

Dutch Education Minister Bussemaker wears 3D printed shoes and handbag during annual budget unveiling

Sep.16, 2015 - In the Netherlands, the Minister for Education, Culture and Science Jet Bussemaker wore a special outfit completely designed with revolutionary making technologies (including 3D printed shoes) to Prinsjesdag, the annual and traditional unveiling of next year's budget. More

These cool & stylish 3D printed stackable battery holders are perfect for any home and workshop

Sep.16, 2015 - Just take a look at this fantastic and very stylish stackable battery holder developed by Massachusetts-based designer Adoniram Sides, which is a perfect addition to any garage, workshop or makerspace in which batteries always seem to be short in supply. More

China's Liqui Moly racing team utilize 3D printing to enhance their Formula car design

Sep.16, 2015 - Southeast University in China, home of the SEU Liqui Moly Racing Team, has once again turned to 3D printing technology to help develop and improve their designs for formula cars. More

Source3 secures $4M for licensing and distributing 3D printable content platform

Sep.16, 2015 - Source3, a platform developed with an eye on licensing and distributing 3D content, has just announced that it has raised $4 million in series seed funding with an eye on developing that platform. More

Loom Launcher 3D printed, multi-shot rubber band launcher exceeds 200% of Kickstarter goal

Sep.16, 2015 - Vancouver-based designer Adrian van Wijk has been busy inventing a completely original, 3D printed, mechanical, multi-shot, self-priming rubber-band launcher—a much more fun and infinitely less dangerous spin on the classic 19th century toy. More

Kickstarter launched for MONO, smart 7-inch touchscreen 3D printer

Sep.16, 2015 - Berlin-based 3D printing firm Mono Industries have launched a Kickstarter campaign to fund the production of their new touch-screen 3D printer. The Mono 3D printer, which took the team 8 months to develop, is a desktop printer which the German manufacturers claim is perfect for home use. More

Kickstarter underway for Print+'s 3D printed, customizable headphones

Sep.15, 2015 - Print+, a 3D printing design company founded by Patrick Schuur, that bases itself on the principle of DIY manufacturing, has recently launched a Kickstarter campaign for their first DIY 3D printed product: headphones. More

Maker develops 73% 3D printed RepRap 'Snappy', the most self-replicating RepRap yet

Sep.15, 2015 - A RepRapper going by the name of RevarBat has developed the 'Snappy', a 3D printer able to print 73% of its own components, making it possibly the most self-replicating RepRap machine yet. More

Ultimaker joins Perpetual Plastic Project to transform plastic waste into 3D printing filament ReFil

Sep.15, 2015 - Ultimaker and Better Future Factory (BFF) have worked together to sponsor the Perpetual Plastic Project, an interactive recycling installation where plastic waste is recycled on-the-spot into unique 3D printed products and a new brand of high quality 3D printing filament known as ReFil. More

ReconstructMe 3D real-time scanning system now available for free

Sep.15, 2015 - ReconstructMe's intuitive 3D scanning system allows you to create 3D scans of everything from your face to an entire room, and is now available entirely for free. More

Overworld Designs creates working, 3D printed Furiosa prosthetic for cosplaying amputee

Sep.15, 2015 - Michelle Sleeper from Overworld Designs has created a fully functional, 3D printed Furiosa prosthetic for cosplaying amputee. Her hours of dedication and hard work paid off: the prosthetic was ready just in time for Vaughn to wear it to Dragon Con. More

3D printed Tadpole Endoscope device can improve cancer diagnoses

Sep.15, 2015 - A team from the Institute of Precision Engineering at the Chinese University of Hong Kong as developed 3D printed tadpole-like devices that can improve diagnosis of various cancers by entering the patient's stomach and wirelessly transmitting images of what it sees. More

TNO's Hyproline could clean and polish 100 metal 3D printed parts simultaneously, makes mass production 3D printing realistic

Sep.15, 2015 - Dutch research institute TNO have now developed a very interesting machine called the Hyproline that efficiently takes care of post-print processing on up to a hundred metal 3D printed parts simultaneously. More

Adafruit shares designs for fantastic 3D printed Qi wireless charging stand for smartphones

Sep.15, 2015 - Adafruit's in-house geniuses the Ruiz Brothers have just shared their designs for a Qi wireless 3D printed charging stand. This creation is truly an amazing one, while it is remarkably simple. More

Intel and Chromat unveil Curie-powered 3D printed responsive sports bra that prevents excessive sweating

Sep.15, 2015 - At the New York Fashion Week, Chromat and Intel debuted their 3D printed smart sports bra, that is filled with enough Intel power to sense changes in temperature, breathing and perspiration and will even open or close tiny vents to prevent excessive sweating. More

Fire & Bone returns with 3rd set of amazing 3D printed and wax cast miniature animal skulls

Sep.15, 2015 - New York-based Fire & Bone, a company specializing in high quality metal cast 3D prints of amazing miniature animal skull replicas, fall in that latter category, as they have now returned for a third time with another amazing set. More

18th century Sikh warrior Garja Singh brought to life with help of 3D printing

Sep.15, 2015 - In order to re-engage youth with their heriage, UK-based 3D artist and proud member of the Sikh community Taranjit Singh has designed a handsome, fierce-looking statue of a famous Sikh warrior and has raised the funds to mass produce the models for buyers worldwide. More

Ira3D launches Poetry Infinity superfast 3D printer

Sep.14, 2015 - Italian 3D printer manufacturer Ira3D has recently launched a follow-up model to its Poetry2, which they are calling the Poetry Infinity. Just like its predecessor, the Poetry Infinity performs with accuracy, reliability, and a remarkably large build volumea (250x250x300mm). More

New to 3D modeling and design? Have no fear, 3D Slash is here

Sep.14, 2015 - Released just this week, 3D Slash is a new software solution that is designed for specifically for non-designers of all ages and skill levels, in order to introduce 3D modeling concepts in a fun, easy-to-use, and game-like platform. More

WASP's Big Delta 3D printer has potential to build insect-repelling houses

Sep.14, 2015 - Currently the largest 3D printer in the world, WASP's Big Delta has huge potential for the 3D printed housing industry, particularly in poorer countries and during natural disasters and mass emergencies. More

NASA conducting tests on 3D-printed F-1 rocket engine parts against 1960's era part

Sep.14, 2015 - Now, engineers at NASA have been conducting tests on 3D-printed rocket engine parts, comparing their stability to equivalent parts made by traditional welding and forging. More

EOS founder invests in DyeMansion to bring color to laser sintered plastics parts

Sep.14, 2015 - Munich-based startup DyeMansion GmbH have confirmed that EOS founder Dr. Hans J. Langer has taken on a partnership in the firm as a business angel and shareholder. More

3D Printed chess game 'Throne of Kings: The Art of War' reaches Kickstarter goal of $5,000

Sep.14, 2015 - Throne of Kings: The Art of War, designed by Loveland, Colorado based company, Studioqubed, LLC, has taken the classic game pieces of chess and refashioned them in an intricate and exciting way using 3D printing technology. More

Polymaker and Covestro launch new polycarbonate-based 3D printer materials PC-Plus and PC-Max

Sep.14, 2015 - Shanghai-based company Polymaker has partnered up with Covestro, a world-leader in high-tech polymer materials manufacturing, to develop PC-Plus and PC-Max, a brand new line of Polycarbonate-based materials that are designed specifically for use with extrusion-based (FDM/FFF) desktop 3D printers. More

Brazilian surgeons use 3D printing in high risk surgery on 6-year-old suffering orbital hypertelorism

Sep.14, 2015 - A team of surgeons from Blumenau in Southern Brazil have used 3D printed surgical models to increase the likelihood of success of an operation on a tragic six-year-old girl suffering from orbital hypertelorism. More

First ever pectus excavatum correction surgery with 3D printed titanium plate completed in China

Sep.14, 2015 - Doctors in the TangDu Hospital of the fourth Military Medical University in Xi'an city, Shaanxi province, China, have recently and successfully completed a complex pectus excavatum procedure in which a 3D printed titanium alloy plate was implanted into a young girl's chest all. More

Developer creates 3D-printed 'Spider Robot' and shares 3D printing files online

Sep.14, 2015 - A 3D printing enthusiast going by the online handle of RegisHsu has developed an eerily lifelike 'Spider Robot' (with four legs), sharing its build instructions and 3D printing files via Instructables. More

Northype to take all-in-one 3D printer, laser cutter & scanner Adam to Kickstarter for just €899

Sep.14, 2015 - Called the Adam and developed by Italian startup Northype, this interesting machine not only combines 3D printing, laser cutting and 3D scanning into a single machine it is also open source to enable to design and integration of many more modular making heads. More

Wayfarer Tactics, fantastic 3D printed modular miniature wargaming system now on Kickstarter

Sep.14, 2015 - And with new gaming format Wayfarer Tactics (now on Kickstarter), Ill Gotten Games is betting everything on 3D printing; all you need is their rulebook, their free and downloadable scenery and miniature models and your imagination, and a whole new wargaming universe opens up to you. More

3D printed guerilla street art gives a voice to refugees

Sep.13, 2015 - A Netherlands-based art collective is using guerilla-style tactics and tiny 3D printed figurines to make a big statement about the ongoing refugee crisis. By shining a light on individuals from all over the world in an unexpected way, they hope to strengthen empathy and social cohesion within the Dutch community and abroad. More

3D printed sand castle tools 'made with math to play with math'

Sep.13, 2015 - Two separate Thingiverse users from the sunny Pacific North West came the same conclusion this summer, and decided to design 3D printable tools that will mathematically enhance your sand castle creations. More

3D printed portable toilet collects plaudits at China International Tourism Expo

Sep.12, 2015 - Shanghai Huajie Eco-environment Engineering Co.,Ltd's radical sanitary offering is a partially 3D-printed portable toilet made using unique modular assembly technology. To add an aesthetic touch, geometric modeling has been used to create a stylish surface for the toilet which resembles tree trunk lines in a forest. More

Free 3D Printable of the Week: Don Foley's 3D printed CSS Georgia steamship

Sep.12, 2015 - Built in Savannah, Georgia in 1862, the CSS Georgia was designed to be an ironclad warship. However Instead of being a mighty ironclad, it was relegated to being a gunship at anchor to protect Savannah. Fast-forward to the Summer of 2015. 3D print designer Don Foley decided to re-create what was known about this ironclad ship using 3D printing. More

Kickstarter Underway for 3D Printed Board Game 'Walls'

Sep.12, 2015 - Walls was conceptualized and developed by Dustin Fausett and his group of Boy Scouts in Springville, Utah. The grid is perforated with small holes at each corner in which the 3D printed small plastic walls can be placed. More

Relive ancient Japanese battles with Rinkak Decobobo 3D printed maps

Sep.11, 2015 - Rinkak Marketplace's new Deco Bobo 3D Maps offer history buffs, students, and tourism professionals the chance to recreate and customize realistic, tactile maps of eight famous battles, and to 3D print them in full-color sandstone. More

Hornucopian Dronepipe: 3D printed musical instrument unlike anything else

Sep.11, 2015 - The 'Hornucopian Dronepipe', a kind of 3D-printed didgeridoo, is part of 'MULTI', an entirely 3D-printed art installation at the 3D Print Design Show at the Javits Convention Center, New York. More

30,000 year-old Venus figurine 3D scanned and printed for art exhibit in Belgium

Sep.11, 2015 - In yet another groundbreaking collaboration between the worlds of 3D printing and high art, the Royal Museum of Fine Arts of Belgium has paired up with The Louvre, Fuel3D and Trideus to 3D scan and print a replica of the Venus de Galgenberg, one of the world's oldest figurines. More

French scientists develops SFERO, 3D printable houses that can be built on Mars

Sep.11, 2015 - Decades ago, both the idea of living in space and the concept of 3D printing seemed straight out of science fiction. Today, French scientists are developing a way to 3D print houses directly on Mars—and it's not as far-fetched as you'd think. More

MASSIVit installs first large-scale 1800 3D printer at communications expert ES Digital

Sep.11, 2015 - MASSIVit has announced that their first 1800 3D printer has been installed at Israeli communications provider ES Digital, proving that there are viable commercial uses for their XXL ambitions. More

Estonian startup brings its accessible & free 3D modelling app Creationist to iOS & Android

Sep.11, 2015 - 3D Creationist 3D modeling app is fun, fast and very easy to use, and the only option that supports iOS and Android on both phones and tables. 3D Creationist is actually of Estonian origin, having been developed by CEO Kristjan Järvan, CTO Eerik Kivistik and designer Jaak Kaevats. More

Next gen Strassell Guitar features 3D printed bridge pickup cartridges that can be swapped in seconds

Sep.11, 2015 - With the help of 3D printing, the Brooklyn-based Strassell Guitars have come up with a fantastic concept: 3D printed bridge pickup cartridges that are easily swapped in seconds, completely transforming the guitar. This fantastic concept has just launched on Indiegogo. More

Open source 3D printing has high rate of return on investment, Joshua Pearce says in new study

Sep.11, 2015 - A brand new study by Michigan Tech professor Joshua Pearce, offers a strong defense of open source 3D printing, arguing that it has a high rate of return on investment and that it will make science cheaper and more accessible. More

Cancer patient receives 3D-printed sternum and ribs in world-first surgery

Sep.11, 2015 - Australian 3D printing company and government-backed Lab 22 3D printed the world's first sternum and rib cage for a Spanish cancer patient. This remarkable implant was fully customized to replace the damage caused by a chest wall sarcoma. More

3D printed, GPS-enabled Camera Restricta prevents generic photos at popular sights

Sep.10, 2015 - To prevent any more of these yawn-worthy shots, a new camera device, assembled with a 3D printed body, uses invisible metadata to determine if too many photos have been taken in a particular spot, and if so, physically restricts the user from taking anymore. More

Croatian cancer patient receives world's first 3D printed acrylic vertebrae

Sep.10, 2015 - Croatian doctors at the Neurosurgical Clinic in Rijeka have inserted a custom, 3D printed acrylic vertebrae into a 77-year-old patient, marking the first such surgery in history. More

Sarah Graham turns to 3D printing for unique, highly-detailed jewelry

Sep.10, 2015 - Sarah Graham's trademark, detailed yet delicate and inspired by nature designs, have remained popular throughout her career. In recent years her process has undergone a change, however, as she has begun to incorporate 3D printing into her jewelry making. More

Creator Kits launches 3D printed knife kit on Kickstarter, planning a series of 3D printable model kits

Sep.10, 2015 - The goal of Creator Kits is to launch a series of model kits containing a few components, 3D printable files and a tutorial that makes the hobby far more accessible and understandable, and they have just launched the first set on Kickstarter: a knife kit with a 3D printed handle. More

Staples & Sculpteo launch online 3D printing platform for small businesses and consumers

Sep.10, 2015 - Today, office supply chain store Staples has announced a new online 3D printing platform that will allow small business and individual consumers to upload their own 3D designs or to choose from a pre-determined selection of 3D models. More

FASTRAX's 3D printing attachment transforms CNC mills into 3D printers, now on Kickstarter

Sep.10, 2015 - FASTRAX has developed a 3D printing attachment that can be added to many CNC mills, without sacrificing the milling function itself. What's more, they say that the quality is amazing. More

Fantastic Garibaldi Denim Watches debut on Indiegogo with the help of 3D printing

Sep.10, 2015 - Making its appearance on Indiegogo just a few days ago, the fantastic Garibaldi Japanese Selvedge Denim Watches – which have been developed with 3D printers – are a perfect addition to any stylish, modern and urban individual. More

Affordable and open source Eleven 3D printer by ISG3D to launch on Kickstarter this month

Sep.10, 2015 - Called the Eleven 3D printer, this very promising machine seems to be the real deal, but for an affordable price and with an open source character. It is expected to launch on Kickstarter later this month. More

Leaked photo of TSA's Master Luggage Keys leads to 3D printed copies of them

Sep.10, 2015 - After the Washington Post clumsily published a photo of the TSA's master luggage key in an exposé on airport security and flyers' luggage, some makers took it upon themselves to design and release CAD files of the master keys based off the photo. More

3D printed traps from UC Riverside could save thousands of bug-infested trees in Southern California

Sep.10, 2015 - The flying beetle is responsible for infecting and killing more than 200 species of trees in Southern California region. Researchers from the University of California Riverside have created a 3D printed trap to track the bug and understand its behaviour so that a permanent solution can be found. More

Sinterit Lisa desktop SLS 3D printer set to launch at Euromold 2015, starting at $5,000

Sep.9, 2015 - SinterIt, the company that announced the release of an affordable Selective Laser Sintering (SLS) 3D printer in April 2015, officially launches the Sinterit Lisa later this month at the 2015 edition of the Euromold trade fair in Düsseldorf, Germany. More

How a mustachioed Duchamp chess set is opening the dialogue on 3D printing and copyright laws

Sep.9, 2015 - Scott Kildall and Bryan Cera are back with a new 3D design project titled 'Chess with Mustaches,' a playful, bold, and very well-thought out answer to the Duchamp Estate, which they hope will get people talking about the lines between intellectual property, artwork, and where 3D printing and Internet remixes fit into the debate. More

MIT lab's FitSocket measures human limb tissue to 3D print better-fitting prosthetics

Sep.9, 2015 - Researchers at MIT's biomechatronics group are developing a non-invasive tool that can sense the soft-tissue properties in human limbs, measuring which areas are softer or harder due to bones, muscles or nerves. This data can then be used to 3D print custom sockets for prosthetic-wearers. More

'Precious' 3D printed gold aims to revolutionize UK jewellery industry

Sep.9, 2015 - Five UK companies have teamed up for the project Precious, including software provider Delcam, precious metal supplier Cooksongold, and Dean's own studio FutureFactories. The first collection of 3D printed 18 carat gold pieces has been unveiled at the Birmingham City University's School of Jewellery. More

Chinese researchers treat Scoliosis with country's first customized 3D printed back brace

Sep.9, 2015 - With the help of a collaboration with orthopedic surgeon Dr. Hans-Rudolf Weiss (from Gensingen, Germany), the Chinese team of researchers developed their country's first customized back brace specifically for the treatment of Scoliosis. More

Lewis Grand Hotel teams with Andrey Rudenko to develop world's first 3D printed hotel, planning construction of homes

Sep.9, 2015 - The innovation-minded Lewis Grand Hotel in the Philippines, owned by entrepreneur Lewis Yakich, has begun work on a massive 3D printed expansion of the hotel. What's more, they are already planning to follow this up with a series of 3D printed commercial homes. More

3D printed fantastic and fun Skittle Sorting Machine sorts each Skittle by color

Sep.9, 2015 - One Hackaday user has created the ultimate machine for all those picky Skittle eaters out there. Called the 3D printed Skittle Sorting Machine, it has been designed by Nathan Peterson with the express purpose of dividing each Skittle based on color. More

Printhese, Roel Deden's reimagined 3D printed arm prosthesis wins Dutch James Dyson Award

Sep.9, 2015 - Dutch designer Roel Deden is forcing us to rethink those prosthetic shapes with a brand new and 3D printed arm prosthesis called Printhese, for which he has rightly won the Dutch James Dyson Award 2015. More

Fake 3D printed security seals used to mask pharmaceutical heist

Sep.8, 2015 - A report this week coming out of Europe has revealed that cargo thieves have found a way to clone security seals using 3D printing technology, and have used the method to successfully hijack cargo from a pharmaceutical shipment. More

Dutch company Scanologics releases new mobile 3D scanner: the ScanLounge v2.1

Sep.8, 2015 - Scanologics has announced the launch of their new ScanLounge: the ScanLounge v2.1. Unlike the original model, the ScanLounge v2.1 is entirely mobile, facilitating its use for events such as conferences, exhibitions etc. More

Make a 3D printed camera slider for just $20

Sep.8, 2015 - While the majority of sliders are motorized, and some are expensive and heavy to carry around, Dan from the new series DIY Dudes has released a free guide to making your very own camera slider from aluminum and 3D printed parts, all for under $20. More

Maison 203 presents a nature-inspired clutch made entirely by 3D printing

Sep.8, 2015 - The Italian design house Maison 203, which specializes in creating contemporary 3D printed jewelry, has recently released its first entirely 3D printed clutch, known as Armure. More

Ballantine's designs 3D printed 'space glass' for drinking Whiskey in zero gravity

Sep.8, 2015 - Scottish whiskey distiller Ballantine's has successfully commissioned a stylish 3D printed whiskey glass made for the microgravity conditions of space. The Space Glass' prototype was tested and further developed in microgravity at Germany's ZARM drop tower. More

Finnish friends use miniFactory 3D printer to complete cool Ghostbusters outfit for summer festival

Sep.8, 2015 - A team of guys recently attended a huge summer festival Provinssirock in their native country, and used their MiniFactory 3D printers to complete an immensely cool Ghostbusters outfit to complete the experience. More

More revealed about 3D printed Acetabular Cup formally approved for hip surgery in China

Sep.8, 2015 - New reports are coming in about how remarkable these 3D printed titanium acetabular cups, that have been formally approved for use in China. Among others, they will be more affordable, easier to manufacture, will last longer and reduce the risk of subsequent complications. More

Haier unveils new standing 3D printed air conditioner with gorgeous pattern inspired by fish scales

Sep.8, 2015 - Haier Group unveiled their second 3D printed air conditioner at the German IFA exhibition last week, a standing machine with a gorgeous pattern inspired by fish scales. More

3D4MD turns solar powered suitcase 3D printer into medical tool for saving lives in third world and on Mars

Sep.8, 2015 - Called 3DMD and led by dr. Julielynn Wong, this fantastic initiative uses multipurpose solar-powered suitcase 3D printers that can be used to manufacture all sorts of medical tools in the remote corners of the world and even in space by astronauts. More

Fab Forms: MIT researchers develop system for customizable 3D printing designs

Sep.7, 2015 - Researchers at both MIT and the Interdisciplinary Center Herzliya in Israel have recently teamed up in order facilitate and potentially revolutionize the process of 3D printing design modifications through their program named Fab Forms. More

Dutch maker designs stunningly realistic AER9 Laser Rifle from Fallout franchise

Sep.7, 2015 - Dutch maker dragonator has created a remarkable 3D printed replica of the iconic AER9 Laser Rife from Fallout franchise. Fortunately, with the help of an excellent tutorial, you can now 3D print your own. More

SMU team develops promising new laser-based LBDMD metal 3D printing technology

Sep.7, 2015 - BDMD (short for laser-based direct metal deposition) 3D printing has been developed by researchers from the Southern Methodist University. This promising metal 3D printing solution seems to combine FDM principles with laser technology and is perfect for manufacturing high quality metal parts. More

Portable, open source Fusion 3D Printer now available for $249, Kickstarter forthcoming

Sep.7, 2015 - The Fusion 3D printer is a very promising machine designed through RepRap principles to be portable, open source, excellent in performance and affordable. While a Kickstarter campaign for this interesting machine is forthcoming, you can already order this 3D printer as a kit for just $249. More

WASP unveils house printer BigDelta: world's largest delta 3D printer at 12 meters tall

Sep.7, 2015 - At a multipurpose three day event in Massa Lombarda, Italy (18-20 September), WASP will unveil the BigDelta 3D printer: the world's largest delta 3D printer, standing at 12 meters in height and capable of 3D printing entire homes. More

Foldie 3D FFF Printer can be easily carried around in just a 19 inch laptop bag

Sep.6, 2015 - Belgian 3D printer service company, 3D Printers VDB, has recently been developing a 3D printer named the Foldie 3D FFF Printer, which possesses some rather unique properties. Namely, that it can be folded down and easily carried around in just a standard 19 inch laptop bag. More

Make professional-quality footage using 3D printed OpenSAM camera stabilizer

Sep.4, 2015 - The 3D printed OpenSAM camera stabilizer was developed by engineering students Oliver Topp, Henning Si Høj and Mathias Grelck Johnsen. The concept is simple: a mechanical creation that holds your camera and compensates or negates any shaking caused by movement. More

Former SpaceX exec uses 3D printing to reinvent comfortable high heels

Sep.4, 2015 - Dolly Singh, one California-based designer, is embracing 3D printing technology as the solution to relieve women of a torture device that has been commonly worn in society for about two centuries: the high heel. More

Yogo the Dog receives successful 3D printed leg prosthesis

Sep.3, 2015 - Excited and happy, Yogo was like all the other dogs, playing and running around, save for one thing: his customized 3D printed prosthetic leg. Yogo, only a year old, suffers from a congenital atrophy in his right front leg and before being fitted for a leg prosthetic was unable to walk properly. More

Japan's Mutoh Industries announces large scale Value 3D Resinoid MR-5000 resin-based FDM 3D printer

Sep.3, 2015 - Developed by Mutoh Industries, the just-announced Value 3D Resinoid MR-5000 resin 3D printer is essentially a powered up FDM 3D printer capable of very accurately 3D printing resin on a large scale. More

Local Motors partners with UNLV on autonomous, self-driving 3D printed cars

Sep.3, 2015 - Local Motors announced a partnership with the University of Nevada – Las Vegas (UNLV) with the express purpose of creating autonomously driving 3D printed cars. More

Free and open source online 3D modeling tool CraftML launches beta version

Sep.3, 2015 - A brand new, free and open source online 3D modeling tool has just launched a beta version; called CraftML, it is especially interesting for being accessible through common web technologies including html, css and Javascript. More

Silk-based bio-ink can be 3D printed at room temperature, could help advance tissue engineering

Sep.3, 2015 - While most existing bio-inks are very limited in their usage, a team of scientists from Tufts University has now developed a silk-based bio-ink that is far more flexible and use and can even be 3D printed at room temperature. More

3D printed bird repellent to save rice farmers' harvest

Sep.2, 2015 - An improved and updated version of 3D printed bird repellent, which was previously used to keep birds away from electrical and power stations, is now being adapted to be used in rice fields to help farmers protect their crops from sparrows. More

Researchers design 'MAZE Hairbrush': an easy to clean, 3D printed hairbrush

Sep.2, 2015 - The design of the 3D printed hairbrush, what Scott Shim has named the MAZE hairbrush, resembles exactly that as the bristles of the brush are attached to a series of mazelike rows that make up the back of the brush paddle. More

German RepRap releases 2nd version of X1000 large format 3D printer

Sep.2, 2015 - From the Feldkirchen, Munich based company that introduced the successful X400 professional 3D printer, German RepRap has just released a new version of its large format printer the X1000. More

3D Hubs releases insightful September's 3D printing trend report 2015

Sep.2, 2015 - The Amsterdam-based 3D Hubs has been releasing monthly trend reports for some time now, and have just released the report for September 2015. 3D Hubs reports that the Prusa Steel and the Rapide Lite 200 are holding on to the top two positions in the list of highest rated desktop 3D printers. More

Fully functional scale model of Boeing 787 Jet Engine made on household 3D printer

Sep.2, 2015 - An impressive feat for household makers everywhere, a member of the RC Groups forum (a Radio Control model community) that goes by the name of Harcoreta, managed to successfully design and additively manufacture a fully functional scale model of a Boeing 787's GE manufactured turbofan jet engine. More

Peugeot Fractal concept car, packed with 3D printed interior, to debut at Frankfurt Auto Show

Sep.2, 2015 - New design concept of the Peugeot Fractal, which is set to debut later this month at the Frankfurt Auto Show in Germany, is absolutely packed with futuristic technology and 3D printed parts, including more than 80 percent of all trim surfaces of the interior. More

Tumblr blogger crafts 70lbs resume from 3D printed model for game designer job

Sep.1, 2015 - Tumblr user Mr. Deep Immersion recently pushed the limits of creative and standout resumes when he crafted one to resemble a medieval stone tablet. More

German pensioner 3D prints amazing functional planes with up to 2m wingspan

Sep.1, 2015 - Few flying projects we've seen so far have been more impressive than the 3D printed, fully functional and very cool plane series (with a wingspan up to an impressive 3 meters) developed by Cults3D user Michael Christou, which is all the more special because he is actually a pensioner. More

Scientists unveil DNA-guided 3D printing of human tissue for use in drug screening, cancer research

Sep.1, 2015 - A team of San Francisco scientists have just shared a breakthrough technique to 3D print tiny models of human tissue for use in drug screening, cancer research and eventually even complete transplantable organs. More

3D printing used to prove Bronze Age Irish spear butt is actually musical instrument

Sep.1, 2015 - PhD student and archaeologist Billy Ó Foghlú from the University of Canberra has used 3D printing to recreate a replica of what people thought was a Bronze Age Irish spear butt. And it turned out to be part of a musical instrument. More

3D printed hip prosthesis formally approved by China's Food and Drug Administration

Sep.1, 2015 - China's Food and Drug Administration announced that China's self-developed 3D printed hip replacement (joint) has been commercially certified by the required state departments, and is set to be put to large-scale clinical use. More

Eurocompositi's 3D printed PLA bike frame - made from plants - wins Eurobike Gold award

Sep.1, 2015 - The Padua-based design studio Eurocompositi has developed an amazing 3D printed PLA 'Aenimal Bhulk' mountain bike frame capable of being ridden, and have on the Eurobike Gold award for their efforts. More

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