MIT CSAIL program reverse engineers complex models into simpler parts for easier 3D printing

Jan.7, 2019 - An MIT team wrote a program that reverse engineers complex models into simpler parts that are easier to 3D print. More

MultiMechanics teams with Fortify to make 3D printing more predictable

Aug.1, 2018 - MultiMechanics, a developer of multiscale material modeling and simulation software, and Fortify, a Boston-based additive manufacturing company specialized in composite material systems, have announced a strategic partnership to improve the predictability of composite 3D printing.' More

3Doodler's new EDU Learning Pack Kits let kids design 3D objects in the classroom

May.1, 2018 - The 3Doodler brand is releasing a new set of kits for 3D design and printing education. The 3Doodler Start Learning Pack Kit and the 3Doodler Create + Learning Pack Kit are each aimed at different age groups, and they both feature 3Doodler 3D printing pens and educational resources, as does the Teacher Experience Kit trial version. More

Detailed 3D model of a snowflake helps NASA understand severe weather

Mar.30, 2018 - NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory has released a video depicting a 3D visualization of melting snowflakes in the atmosphere. The 3D model could lead to a better understanding of how snow melts and thus improved hazard prevention. More

Incredible 3D printed chairs by Zaha Hadid Architects & others to be showcased at Milan Design Week

Mar.25, 2018 - The upcoming Salone del Mobile in Milan will be a thriving hub for all types of 3D printed design. Not only will a 3D printed house be on display in the Italian city's Piazza Cesare Beccaria, but visitors will also get the chance to behold a series of innovative 3D printed chairs. More

FATHOM and Launch Forth organize new 3D design challenge for military MLVs

Mar.9, 2018 - FATHOM and Launch Forth have announced the launch of a 3D design and printing challenge: the MLV:Refined Challenge. The challenge's goal is to expand and refine concept designs of Modular Logistics Vehicles (MLVs) which were submitted in an earlier contest. More

Artist creates amazingly realistic tree sculpture using 3D printing pen & wood filament

Mar.5, 2018 - Artist Martin Binder has created a four-meter-long birch tree sculpture using a 3D printing pen and a wood-plastic composite filament. The piece, called 'Portrait of a Birch,' is currently on display in Berlin at the Super Bien! Greenhouse for Contemporary Art. More

Facebook now lets you share 3D models

Feb.21, 2018 - Facebook has introduced 3D posts, letting AR and VR developers (and even 3D printer users) share their 3D models with friends or fans. The 3D models can be viewed from all angles in the Facebook News Feed. More

Pioneer of 3D printed design Joris Laarman gets High Museum of Art exhibition in Atlanta

Feb.19, 2018 - A new exhibition at the High Museum of Art in Atlanta is highlighting the work of Joris Laarman, a Dutch designer known for his forward-thinking and experimental 3D printed pieces. The exhibition, entitled 'Joris Laarman Lab: Design in the Digital Age,' opened its doors yesterday. More

Has 3D imaging settled the Queen Nefertiti mystery?

Feb.8, 2018 - Travel Channel has used 3D imaging technology to reconstruct the face of King Tut's mother. The researchers say the woman, nicknamed the 'Younger Lady,' could actually be Queen Nefertiti, the Great Royal Wife of Egyptian Pharaoh Akhenaten. More

SpaceX Falcon Heavy launch inspires 3D printed carbon fiber lamp

Feb.6, 2018 - Andrew McCalip, founder of Cosine Additive, has 3D printed a lamp inspired by SpaceX's Falcon 9 rocket. The piece of home decor is the perfect commemoration for today's Falcon Heavy rocket launch. More

MakerBot's Thingiverse 3D printing library targeted in cryptocurrency mining attack

Jan.4, 2018 - January is hitting hard for Thingiverse, thanks to a recent attack by a group of malicious cryptocurrency miners that remains anonymous. Earlier today the massive 3D printing file repository and community made headlines as parent company MakerBot issued a statement detailing the attack, which targeted the Thingiverse's comments section. More

TU Delft's origami technique for creating 3D lattices could displace standard 3D printers

Dec.12, 2017 - Researchers from TU Delft have developed a new method for creating 3D lattice structures, which relies on complex folding techniques rather than 3D printing. The team says its innovative method could offer 3D lattice structures many more functionalities. More

CGTrader secures €2M investment to expand 3D model marketplace

Dec.12, 2017 - CGTrader, a 3D model marketplace based out of Lithuania, has announced it has successfully raised €2 million ($2.36M) in investments. The new funding will be put towards expanding the company's business and scaling up its 3D model offering. More

3D printed wind-up toys can be made automatically using new computational system

Nov.20, 2017 - A new computational system allows toy lovers to automatically generate intricate mechanical components for wind-up 3D printed toys. The system has been developed by researchers at University of Science and Technology of China, the Chinese University of Hong Kong, and University College London. More

Yeehaw Wand: new $99 AR tool for 3D printing lets designers sketch in thin air

Nov.20, 2017 - Startup Yeehaw 3D has launched a Kickstarter campaign for its 'Yeehaw Wand,' an augmented reality (AR) and 3D printing tool for 3D designers. Available from $99, the Yeehaw Wand is a kind of digital brush that can be used to 'create or recreate anything.' More

Wacom's $99 Pro Pen 3D optimized for tablet-based 3D modeling, ideal for AR & VR designers

Nov.7, 2017 - Japanese tech company Wacom has unveiled the Pro Pen 3D, a tablet stylus designed for 'professional designers and artists.' The three-button pen is compatible with 3D modeling apps like ZBrush and Autodesk Maya, and could therefore assist 3D printer users sketching new designs. More

Google launches Poly, a free 3D object library for AR and VR developers

Nov.2, 2017 - Google has launched Poly, an object library for augmented and virtual reality applications. The 3D objects are free, and should be compatible with AR/VR platforms like Google's ARCore and Apple's ARKit. More

German researchers reveal the 8 ways to 'remix' 3D printable models on Thingiverse

Aug.24, 2017 - A group of German researchers has conducted a study into the phenomenon of 'remixing' on Thingiverse. The study finds remixing to account for half of Thingiverse's models, and divides the practice of remixing into eight basic patterns. More

Build your own 3D printed walking or wheeled robot with new Carnegie Mellon design tool

May.31, 2017 - Tech wizards at Carnegie Mellon University's Robotics Institute have developed an interactive design tool that allows roboticists of any ability to build customized legged or wheeled robots using 3D printed components and off-the-shelf actuators. More

Giant bird nest made from 3D printed wood & natural fibers on display at UC Botanical Garden

May.24, 2017 - Visitors to the UC Botanical Garden will be able to see something truly remarkable: a large-scale reproduction of a weaver bird's nest. The intricate piece, which was realized by a team of students from UC Berkeley and professor Paz Gutierrez, was made using 3D scanning, 3D printing, and robotic weaving processes. More

Bartlett designers 3D print intricate 'Voxel Chair' using continuous line design software

May.18, 2017 - A team from the Bartlett School of Architecture in London has unveiled its latest creation: a robotically 3D printed chair, designed using an innovative 3D printing software that models structures using a continuous line. The so-called Voxel Chair was realized by members of Bartlett’s Design Computational Lab (DCL). More

Montreal hair salon installs stunning 11 x 5 ft 3D printed light fixture

May.17, 2017 - Sometimes, some of the most awesome 3D printing projects pop up in the unlikeliest of places. Recently, for instance, a hair salon in a suburb of Montreal was kitted out with a stunning (not to mention massive) 3D printed light fixture. More

OTHR showcases unique 3D printed vessels made by emerging designers at NY Collective Design Fair

May.3, 2017 - New York's annual Collective Design Fair opens today, and will feature a number of limited edition 3D printed design items from OTHR, one of our favorite 3D printing design studios and online marketplaces. More

Solidscape highlights best of 3D printed jewelry design at Baselworld 2017

Mar.27, 2017 - Wax 3D printer manufacturer Solidscape, Inc. has announced the winners of the Baselworld Solidscape Design Competition, which highlights the best and most innovative 3D printed designs in the fields of jewelry and fine arts. The event marked the seventh annual Baselworld Design Competition. More

Print the Future N.Y.C. pop-up shop showcases stunning 3D printed designer furniture

Mar.14, 2017 - If you are a Manhattanite or a visitor to the Big Apple, you might make a point to pass through Midtown Manhattan to see what's printing at the new Print the Future pop-up shop. Open until March 31, the Print the Future shop is displaying all sorts of 3D printed designer furniture. More

Stunning 3D printed Isoled lamp will light up your life

Mar.7, 2017 - Industrial designer Bert Simons has unveiled a new version of his paper Isoled lamp. Called the Isoled_V2, the new hanging lamp is made up of 3D printed parts, making it sturdier and more resilient than its earlier paper counterpart. More

3D printed 'Genius' book commemorates 100th anniversary of Einstein's theory of relativity

Feb.20, 2017 - To commemorate the 100th anniversary of Einstein's General Theory of Relativity, the Albert Einstein Foundation is launching a 3D printed book in the shape of the Nobel Prize's winner's recognizable face. The book, called "Genius: 100 Visions of the Future" was designed by renowned artist Ron Arad. More

Stunning 'Connect' chair made entirely with a 3Doodler 3D printing pen

Feb.13, 2017 - Korean designer Jungsub Shim has created an amazing, intricately structured chair using only a 3Doodler 3D printing pen. The small chair, which was inspired by the theme of connections, can support a person sitting on it. More

Incredible 3D printed ogre designed using Oculus Medium VR sculpting tool

Jan.20, 2017 - Giovanni Nakpil, a character artist who has worked for Valve and Industrial Light & Magic (ILM), has used the Oculus Medium VR sculpting and painting tool to create an incredibly detailed 3D ogre. The ogre was later 3D printed in full color using a Stratasys 3D printer. More

DAO-like Open3D Club lets you trade 3D printable content for bitcoins

Dec.30, 2016 - Open3D Club, a new platform for uploading 3D printable models, is hoping to transform the way that 3D content is created, shared, and used. The service, which uses bitcoins as currency, will be almost entirely decentralized, and will use an automatic payment system to provide royalties. More

3Dupndown's 3D printable model collection documents Korea's cultural heritage

Dec.20, 2016 - A division of the Korean government has announced an agreement with 3D content provider 3Dupndown to distribute 3D printable items relating to Korea's cultural heritage. The 3D printable models will include recognizably Korean historical artifacts such as celadon and white porcelain. More

UK furniture maker combines 3D printing with traditional craftsmanship for custom modern designs

Nov.25, 2016 - Pairing dark walnut wood and 3D printed Polyamide joints, UK furniture maker Jon Christie's pieces smartly combine time-honoured craftsmanship and design with innovative 3D printing tech. More

Biens Communs creates striking 3D printed homeware using extra-wide printer nozzles

Nov.15, 2016 - Biens Communs 3D, a 3D printed homeware startup based in Montreal, Canada, has launched a Kickstarter campaign for its first line of products. The startup uses wide-diameter printer nozzles and 0.5 + mm layer heights to rapidly print large objects like 3D printed lampshades and vases. More

Autodesk's generative design uses 3D printing and AI algorithms to maximize efficiencies in product design

Oct.18, 2016 - For much of human history the design phase of manufacturing is based on one or a few agreed upon options before manufacturing can commence. Autodesk's generative design approach automatically produces thousands of options with the lick of a button in hopes to revolutionize how we create products. More

Microsoft updates Paint app with 3D drawing tools

Oct.11, 2016 - Microsoft appears to have revamped its famous Paint app, which will be officially launched later this month. Judging by some leaked videos, it seems that users will now be able to draw in 3D using the art app. More

USU aerospace engineer creates MachUp, a free online tool to bring 3D aircraft design to everyone

Oct.11, 2016 - Doug Hunsaker, an assistant professor of mechanical and aerospace engineering at Utah State University (USU), has developed a free online program that generates aerodynamic information about 3D aircraft designs. The software, called MachUp, also features tutorials and how-to videos. More

Vectary raises $2.5M seed funding to grow online 3D modelling platform

Oct.10, 2016 - Vectary, a Slovakian startup has raised $2.5 million to turn its dream of an online 3D design platform for the masses into a reality. It's simple, it looks good, this one could be a winner. More

Industry expert warns that 3D printing cannot rely on Creative Commons and OSS legislation

Sep.9, 2016 - The Creative Commons and Open Source Software legislation is woefully insufficient and 3D printing as an industry is heading for a storm according to industry expert Michael Weinberg. More

Wacom unveils Intuos 3D, a versatile 3D design tablet with integrated ZBrushCore

Sep.6, 2016 - Wacom, a global manufacturer of advanced interactive pen tablets, has just introduced its latest product: the Intuos 3D tablet. The new product is specially geared towards facilitating 3D modeling and design for users, and works with ZBrushCore. More

Printr fights dual-color 3D printing issues with unique Donut Wipe Tower embedded in slicer

Sep.2, 2016 - Dutch 3D printing specialists from Printr have just embedded the unique Donut Wipe Tower into their Katana slicer software, which creates highly efficient donut-shaped wipe towers made from excess filament to ensure that dual-colored prints are as clean as possible. More

AI can design prosthetics in minutes and slash the cost of artificial limbs

Aug.30, 2016 - Using Artificial Intelligence, we could give prosthetics to the poor with automatic modeling that slashes the production time. Watch the TED Talk here. More

RML's stunning 3D printed BJP fantasy dolls can now be customized

Aug.29, 2016 - Japanese dollmaker RML has introduced a new system through which customers can design their own fantasy BJP doll's face with extreme precision and have it 3D printed for an amazing customized 3D printed doll. Clothes and accessories can also be 3D printed. More

Jump receives $10 million grant to expand its 3D Heart Library

Aug.2, 2016 - Jump Trading Simulation & Education Center, a medical research and innovation facility in Peoria, Illinois, has just announced that it has received a generous $10 million grant from its founder William Shepard which it will put towards expanding its 3D Heart Library. More

Airbus and Local Motors announce winners of Airbus Cargo Drone Challenge

Jul.25, 2016 - Airbus and Local Motors have announced the winners of the 'Airbus Cargo Drone Challenge,' a competition launched in April which encouraged budding UAV designers to create a new drone which could carry a' 3-5 kg payload. The winners will share over $100,000 in prize money. More

Disney Research brings custom 3D printing principles to knitting machines with new compiler

Jul.20, 2016 - Disney Research has just developed a new compiler that brings knitting machines into the 21rst century and lets them behave like 3D printers to easily produce customized objects. More

New 3D design tool turns flat 2D sheets of metal or plastic into complex 3D shapes

Jul.20, 2016 - Researchers at Carnegie Mellon and EPFL have devised a new computational design tool which turns a flat sheet of plastic or metal into a 3D shape using hexagonal slits. Using a combination of 3D printing and the new technique, the researchers were able to create a high-heel shoe and other objects. More

Early success of Pokémon Go bodes well for augmented reality developers

Jul.13, 2016 - Pokémon Go, released on July 6, is the most downloaded and most talked-about smartphone app of the week, with over 7.5 million downloads as of Monday. But could its augmented reality technology pave the way for a wider embrace of AR games and applications? More

See 3D printable models come to life in Treatstock's new '3D Glasses' mode

Jul.11, 2016 - Treatstock, an online 3D model marketplace, has introduced a new '3D view' for desktop, tablet, and mobile devices, enabling users to visualize 3D printable files in three different viewing modes: Colored, Metallic, and 3D Glasses. More

Febtop Tech brings 3D modeling to smartphones with FEBCAD AR augmented reality design app

Jul.11, 2016 - Swedish startup Febtop Tech is working on an augmented reality 3D design app called FEBCAD AR, which enables users to draw designs with basic shapes using an augmented reality environment and the objects around you. More

3D print your own flexible insoles with Gyrobot's new and free Gensole design tool

Jul.6, 2016 - British 3D printing specialist Steve Wood of Gyrobot has just launched a free browser-based design tool called Gensole, which enables you to design and 3D print your own flexible and custom-fitting insoles. More

3D printing model-fixing software MakePrintable integrates with 3DHubs

Jun.21, 2016 - MakePrintable, Mixed Dimensions' cloud-based model-fixing software for 3D printing, has integrated with 3DHubs. The integration enables users to send their 3D printing project to their 3D Hubs account from within the MakePrintable interface. More

Sell customized 3D printed sunglasses through your shop or webstore with 'scope for design' 3D tools

Jun.14, 2016 - scope for design, a German 3D printing company, is giving online and high street retailers an easy way into 3D printing commerce through its 3D printed sunglasses app and other software solutions. Retailers can either add the software to their website or set up a shop floor design station. More

Boulanger giving away 3D printable spare parts for free via new 'Happy 3D' online platform

Jun.6, 2016 - Boulanger, a French supplier of home appliances and multimedia, has, in collaboration with Cults 3D, launched an online platform for 3D printable spare parts. The platform, called 'Happy 3D', currently lists spare parts for products made by two exclusive Boulanger brands, Listo and Essentiel B. More

DottyView brings augmented reality to its powerful cloud driven 3D model collaboration platform

Jun.1, 2016 - Augmented reality is getting a boost from 3D model cloud platform DottyView with the new DottyAR App. Compatible with VR sets and smartphones alike, it's collaboration like never before. More

Create a 3D avatar for Steven Spielberg’s ‘Ready Player One’

May.28, 2016 - It's your opportunity to submit your 3D printed art to be presented within an upcoming blockbuster ovie directed by Steven Spielberg. More

Autodesk Memento 3D mesh developer becomes official product as Autodesk ReMake

May.25, 2016 - Autodesk has just revealed that Memento, their 3D mesh developing beta program, has graduated and has become an official Autodesk product called ReMake, packed with automated tools for generating high resolution 3D images. More

First ever 3D printed video necklace, Memento, launches on Kickstarter

May.23, 2016 - Ohio-based fashion tech company Mode++ has just launched a Kickstarter campaign for their first product, a 3D printed customizable video jewelry piece. The product, fittingly called Memento, is meant to function as a video-keepsake that you can wear, or as a way to showcase your own designs to others. More

Sketchfab lets you explore 750,000 3D models using any VR headsets

May.17, 2016 - Sketchfab, the popular 3D model sharing platform, recently expanded its VR capabilities meaning that you can now view your 3D models using any VR headsets. The 3D model website announced the launch of a series of apps for VR which are compatible with the Oculus Rift, the HTC Vive, Gear VR, Cardboard, as well as its WebVR support. More

Tips to prevent your 3D printed models from falling apart or printing with gaps

May.12, 2016 - 3D design marketplace Gambody is offering makers some key tips to help successfully 3D print models without any problems such as gaps or holes. More

Preparing files for 3D printing: i.Materialise explains all

May.10, 2016 - i.materialise, the consumer 3D printing service and marketplace of Materialise, has published a guide to preparing files for 3D printing. The guide, coming in the form of a blog post, tackles file-fixing terminology and provides an essential model-fixing checklist. More

Thingiverse bot, Shiv Integer, stirs up controversy with its bizarre 3D models

May.3, 2016 - Shiv Integer is not your ordinary Thingiverse maker, as the profile is actually a bot which has been programmed to create strange 3D object models based off of existing Thingiverse designs. The bot, which has been active now for several months, has stirred up much controversy amongst the Thingiverse community. More

Japanese companies develop holographic 'Projection Mapping Table' for 3D printed models

Apr.4, 2016 - Japanese 3D VR company, FORUM8, has announced its newest innovation: a holographic projection mapping system for 3D printed objects. The 'Projection Mapping Table' could have a big impact on design simulation processes, especially in the automotive and home appliance industries. More

Open source 3D printer & tech platform Wevolver scoops 3-DIY prize at SXSW Interactive

Mar.25, 2016 - Wevolver, a webplatform for sharing and collaborating on open hardware projects, has won the "3-DIY" Interactive Innovation Award at the SXSW Interactive Festival in Austin, Texas. Since its inception, Wevolver has helped to bring a number of 3D printing and 3D scanning projects to life. More

LEGO-like model building system Arckit integrates 3D printing through new bespoke add-ons

Feb.21, 2016 - Arckit, the popular building block system created by and for architects, has recently announced the launch of Arckit Infiniti 3D, a series of bespoke 3D printed add-on components that will be available through 3D printing service Shapeways' website later this month. More

How to make stunning voronoi patterns with Autodesk Fusion 360 and Meshmixer

Feb.6, 2016 - Parametric designs based on the Voronoi pattern are popular in the 3D printing community and beyond. Adafruit has recently created a helpful video tutorial that lets you make your own using Autodesk Fusion 360 and Meshmixer. More

3YOURMIND launches free Vectorworks 2016 3D printing plugin for simplified 3D printing

Feb.5, 2016 - Berlin-based 3YOURMIND has launched a free plugin for 3D design software Vectorworks 2016 that allows professional architects and designers to directly check, analyze, repair and optimize their files for 3D printing. The plugin also connects to 3YOURMIND's online comparison tool, where users can compare the prices and materials of different 3D printing companies. More

3D printing marketplace, Kwambio, curates design objects just for you

Jan.27, 2016 - Recently re-launched online 3D printing marketplace, Kwambio, is offering made-to-order 3D printed works that are curated and created by a select number of notable designers. More

Learn about the human body with 3D printed anatomical model

Jan.26, 2016 - Industrial designer Jordan Pelovitz designed and 3D printed an accurate replica of the human digestive system and a partial bone system for educational purposes. More

The 10 Best Sites to Download Free STL Files for 3D Printing

Jan.25, 2016 - As 3D printing goes mainstream in 2016, more and more users will be looking for new and fun projects they can 3D print at home. To point them in the right direction, we've rounded up some of the best websites to download free STL files for 3D printing. More

MyMiniFactory introduces WeDesign.Live, first ever collaborative design 3D modeling platform

Jan.19, 2016 - MyMiniFactory is working on WeDesign.Live, a web-based open source collaborative 3D design platform where every step of the 3D printing experience can be shared, and is now ready to open the platform to alpha testers. More

3D marketplace Threeding scans & uploads hundreds of Ancient Greek artifacts for 3D printing

Jan.14, 2016 - 3D printing marketplace Threeding has used a set of Artec 3D scanners to scan a huge collection of Ancient Greek artifacts. The entire collection has been turned into 3D printable files, available to download via Threeding. More

TNO advances virtual material design in 3D printing with COMSOL Multiphysics

Dec.23, 2015 - The Netherlands Organization for Applied Scientific Research has been investigating the potentials of 3D material design properties using multiscale modeling and multiphysics software. More

Ultimaker joins 3MF Consortium as Founding Member to promote new 3D printing file format

Dec.9, 2015 - Ultimaker has just joined the 3FM Consortium at the Founding Member level in order to develop and promote their new, full-fidelity 3MF 3D printing file format. The next release of the Ultimaker's Cura 3D printing software will support the .3MF format. More

uMake receive $5.2 million in funding for mobile 3D design app

Dec.3, 2015 - uMake recently announced that it raised $5.2 million in funding for its mobile 3D sketching app, available on the App Store. The uMake app makes it easy for designers to create 3D designs and renderings on their mobile devices, such as the iPad. More

Dotty launches DottyView, DropBox for 3D printing community, for sharing and editing 3D models

Oct.29, 2015 - Australian online strategy firm Dotty has launched an online platform for sharing and editing 3D models online. DottyView, a kind of DropBox for the 3D printing community, bills itself as 'the first Cloud platform for viewing, presenting, and sharing all of your 3D models.' More

New 3D printable content platform Diorama could revolutionize how 3D designers create and share their work

Oct.22, 2015 - Diorama is a collective digital asset management platform for 3D content that lets users organize, manage, edit and print 3D assets, with an embedded 3D modeller, and direct integration with 3D printing services and social networks. More

Design your own custom, fashionable 3D printed jewelry with Trove

Oct.8, 2015 - By taking advantage of the speed and low cost of rapid-prototyping and the customization and quality of 3D printed products, Trove may have finally brought beautiful 3D printed jewelry to the consumer market. More

Sebastiaan Deviaene designs 3D printable medical implants using video game development software

Oct.8, 2015 - Belgian industrial designer Sebastiaan Deviaene has not only created customized 3D printed implants, but does so using software and technology usually used for video game development. More

ShareStation3D marketplace offers free downloadable 3D printing projects with step-by-step instructions

Oct.8, 2015 - Graphene 3D Lab today launched ShareStation3D, a new web portal and free online marketplace for 3D printing enthusiasts of all levels that will allow users to download, share and print functional projects at no cost. More

Source3 secures $4M for licensing and distributing 3D printable content platform

Sep.16, 2015 - Source3, a platform developed with an eye on licensing and distributing 3D content, has just announced that it has raised $4 million in series seed funding with an eye on developing that platform. More

Fab Forms: MIT researchers develop system for customizable 3D printing designs

Sep.7, 2015 - Researchers at both MIT and the Interdisciplinary Center Herzliya in Israel have recently teamed up in order facilitate and potentially revolutionize the process of 3D printing design modifications through their program named Fab Forms. More

Japan's '3D Model Print Generator' freezes video frames to capture 3D models

Jul.22, 2015 - 3D Print Model Generator, a new 3D printing platform from Japan’s 3DWave, a 3D modeling company, wants to not only help users prepare a model for 3D printing, but also help users generate the 3D model itself. More

Simplify3D announces Version 3.0, the biggest update yet for their universal 3D printing software

Jun.24, 2015 - Ohio, USA-based company released version 3.0 of their popular 3D printing software which features more than 40 new features and is the company’s biggest release since the software’s launch in 2013. More

Autodesk announces new updates, and Spark & Ember integration with Fusion 360 CAD platform

Jun.24, 2015 - Finally - and perhaps what’s most exciting to users of 3D printers - is the introduction of Autodesk Print Studio. The new 3D printing prep tool from Autodesk is embedded directly within Fusion 360 and dramatically accelerates print prep time. More

Sketchfab & 3DPrinterOS partner to bring thousands of 3D models to users, adds Facebook Sharing feature

Jun.24, 2015 - Along with other new features, the partnership between 3DPrinterOS and Sketchfab will bring the Sketchfab to Facebook application in 3DPrinterOS and users will now be able to share their 3D models from directly within 3DPrinterOS to Facebook. More

3D Hubs teams with Autodesk Tinkerplay for customized 3D printed robot toys

Jun.22, 2015 - App-based design tool Autodesk Tinkerplay makes toy and robotic design easier and more fun than ever before. Most significantly, is a 3D Hubs options embedded in the app, to ensure that even 3D printerless users can enjoy Tinkerplay. More

NIH 3D Print Exchange partners with AstroPrint and NetFabb to improve user experience

Jun.9, 2015 - To make slicing, storing and managing 3D print files easier than ever on the cloud (and subsequently, available on all devices), the NIH 3D Print Exchange has teamed up with AstroPrint, the CloudOS for 3D printers. More

New Materialise and SketchUp partnership brings nearly 3 million 3D models to users

Apr.28, 2015 - Materialise has teamed up with Trimble (owners of SketchUp) to streamline a new cloud-based service that improves the accessibility and printability of 3D models that are currently available in Trimble’s 3D Warehouse. More

New software Platener speeds up prototyping process by swapping out 3D printing for laser cutting

Apr.27, 2015 - The research team from the Hasso Plattner Institute in Germany ended up with a new software offering that speeds up the prototyping process by extracting straight and curved plates from a 3D model and substituting them... More

Researchers develop D-Coil handheld wax extruder that makes 3D modeling easier than ever before

Apr.27, 2015 - Three researchers have just published a paper detailing a far easier option: a handheld wax extruder that makes wax shapes at high speeds and simultaneously created a 3D printable digital in Rhino software. More

Thingiverse features “Get This Printed” button to allow users to order 3D prints directly via 3D Hubs

Apr.21, 2015 - 3D Hubs and Thingiverse have just announced a partnership that will see an extra button appear alongside designs on Thingiverse that will enable users to immediately 3D print those files through a 3D hub near them. More

New startup Trove offers in-browser customized jewelry design for 3D printing

Mar.24, 2015 - A new company based out of New York City has recognized this and wants to make creating 3D content as easy as possible for a wide audience, and they’re starting with a custom jewelry design platform that they’re calling Trove. More

Artficial launches Art DNA online platform for streaming 3D printed artwork

Mar.12, 2015 - Through a series of collaborations with museums, art collectors and philanthropists, a team of 3D printing experts has established a database of 3D scan data - or “Art DNA” - that they hope will help open the door... More

Voovo launches budget 3D printing service platform where you can auction off print jobs

Mar.5, 2015 - The new online 3D printing platform Voovo is exactly for that market. For the people who would like to 3D print objects and parts every now and then, but are put off by the serious prices involved. More

Creators of 3Dponics indoor gardening system to launch Cloud-based 3D modeling app

Mar.4, 2015 - Created by 3Dponics Inc, is a next-generation 3D modeling tool that features a variety of functionalities for users to gain complete control over their digital 3D model files for 3D printing. More

'Cupcakes and Critters' developers launch design competition for 3D printable cupcake characters

Mar.3, 2015 - Do you think you’re a be fun and original 3D designer? Then prove it to everyone by entering the Cuppy 3D design competition, launched by indie game developer Initive Inc and Autodesk. More

YouMagine releases 3DLP open source license for 3D printed objects

Mar.3, 2015 - Today, Joris Peels announced that his work has finally paid off and along with YouMagine, has announced the launch of 3DPL, which is described as “a license for 3D Printed things that has been specially made... More

Body Labs releases BodyKit API for creating around 3D human models

Mar.3, 2015 - Aiming to solve this problem once and for all, Body Labs has announced today that are launching their BodyKit API for hardware and software developers who want to create wearables and other products that utilize data from... More

Threeding teams with Sculpteo to produce physical models from its 3D printing marketplace

Mar.2, 2015 - 3D printing marketplace and file-sharing website Threeding and Sculpteo, a 3D printing service company, announced their partnership for production of physical models from Threeding’s online catalogue. More

Facebook now allows you to embed interactive 3D files via Sketchfab

Feb.27, 2015 - Facebook has added Sketchfab media integration. 3D model sharing service Sketchfab announced today that Facebook now supports Sketchfab 3D embeds. More

Print-A-Part announces Retail Renderables 3D printable files on Amazon

Feb.19, 2015 - Al announced this week that Print-A-Part is the first company in history to successfully be listed as a “Retail Renderables” provider on the online e-commerce giant Amazon. More

Gambody launches a 3D printing marketplace for gamers

Feb.18, 2015 - While 3D printers can theoretically be used to make just about anything, the reality is that most of us are using to 3D print fun toys and tributes to awesome movies, series and games. More

3DShare aims to be similar to the App Store with 99-cent 3D files

Feb.17, 2015 - London-based startup 3DShare wants to change all that and has just launched a new 3D file sharing platform that enables content creators to charge a small amount of money ($.99) for users to be able to download their 3D printable files. More

Katy Perry’s lawyers demand removal of 3D printable Left Shark from Shapeways

Feb.6, 2015 - This Tuesday, representatives from Katy Perry’s Legal team issued a firm cease and desist letter to Shapeways, demanding that they remove a 3D model of the Internet-famous ‘Left Shark’. More

Japanese 3D printing marketplace Rinkak launches new partner program for idle 3D printers

Jan.27, 2015 - Japanese company Kabuku added their platform to the growing selection and are now offering a “Rinkak 3D Printing Partner Program” with the aim of creating a large network for international 3D printing orders. More

10 unique Valentine’s gifts to warm your heart (and your 3D printer)

Jan.26, 2015 - Inspired by their challenge and list of great 3D Printed Gifts for Her, 3Ders has put together our own compilation of some of the most unique and heart-warming 3D models on the market. More

Man accused of copyright infringement after 3D scanning a Michelangelo statue

Jan.22, 2015 - More recently, Jerry Fisher, a Sioux Falls, South Dakota, USA resident and 3D printing enthusiast, ran into some difficulties with a local liberal arts college after he had uploaded a 3D model of a statue... More

Smoothie 3D creates 3D textured models from photographs for free online

Jan.21, 2015 - The Smoothie 3D app, which is 100% free and online-based, is an extremely easy-to-use modeler that utilizes existing data from a photograph that a user traces in order to separate what they want to create a 3D model... More

Ancestros 3D app brings personal heritage to custom 3D printed jewelry

Jan.21, 2015 - The Ancestros 3D app, which allows users to tap into their ancestry, features a variety of pre-built templates for a user to customize per their liking. Among the models featured include jewelry and a series of accessories. More

Free 3D printing utility allows any image to be converted into 3D printable lithophane

Jan.19, 2015 - 3D printing enthusiast Mark Durbin coded an entire web application that would turn his daughter's 2D drawings into 3D printable lithophane STL files in an effort to spark her interest. More

Free Ringz app makes it easy to design your own 3D printable rings

Jan.16, 2015 - Ringz – the 3D ring designer does exactly what it says on the tin. While not exactly perfect to make a wedding ring with (it has to be 3D printed, after all), it will very easily allow you to design rings... More

Crayola's Color Alive! bring kids coloring to life with augmented reality & 3D printing

Jan.9, 2015 - The world-famous crayon company is extending that reach into 3D printing alongside 3D printer manufacturer 3D Systems to launch Color Alive, a system that utilizes mobile apps, photography, augmented reality and 3D printing. More

New Fahz Kickstarter project creates a 3D printed vase using a profile of your face

Jan.8, 2015 - More recently, Fahz wants to to take photographs of the profile of your face (or a loved one’s or both) and use the profile to craft a spline that is then generated around an axis to be used in the design of a 3D printed vase. More

Sculpteo launches FinalProof, most realistic 3D printing preview feature ever at CES 2015

Jan.8, 2015 - Sculpteo, the online 3D printing company based in San Francisco and Paris, has just launched their latest and most advanced 3D printing preview feature, which they hope will revolutionize 3D printing in 2015. More

Matter and Form launches Cashew 3D content sharing platform at CES 2015

Jan.7, 2015 - Alas, Adam Brandejs and Drew Cox have arrived at CES with more than just their scanner; the two have also announced that they are gearing up to release a new online sharing platform for 3D content. More

Print-A-Part 3D launches 3D printable parts marketplace for small businesses

Jan.2, 2015 - 3D printing marketplace Print-a-Part 3D seeks to provide professionals and dedicated hobbyists with all the ready-to-print components they need. Their marketplace has just launched to coincide with the new year. More

Morphi v2 new iOS 8 version, intuitive 3D modeling app for iPad, now available on iTunes

Dec.26, 2014 - NY start-up Inventery released Morphi, its intuitive 3D modeling and design app for the iPad and iPad mini back in May. And this week, Inventery announced Morphi Version 2 for iOS 8.0 including the following new features. More

Create Your Minis rasing funds for customized 3D printed figurines on Kickstarter

Dec.22, 2014 - Create Your Minis is a project that allows you to design your own 28/32mm (scale 1:56)miniatures. You are able to design your model by choosing stance, clothes and weapons etc and visualize your figurine in 3D. More

3D Racers introduces online car Editor, Kickstarter launching Q1 2015

Dec.20, 2014 - Rome, Italy based Marco D’Alia and Francesco Murru have created 3DRacers, a 3D printed, smart RC car acing game that allows you create fully-customized mini race cars online and 3D print them. More

Ancient mathematical technique applied to 3D printed stereographic lampshade

Dec.13, 2014 - Everything old is new again—even when it comes to 3D printing. Mathematician Jason Cole was inspired by a classic technique that goes as far back ancient Greece in order to create beautiful, personalized stereographic light displays. More

3D print your very own piece of natural history and hang it from your Christmas tree

Dec.12, 2014 - Put a 3D printed T-rex on your Christmas tree! Now you can have your very own Dire Wolf skull or Hagerman horse skull to hang on your Christmas tree. More

Makerbot launches 5 new beloved 3D printed Sesame Street characters

Dec.12, 2014 - Makerbot announced yesterday a new line of 3D printable Sesame Street characters are available on the MakerBot Digital Store and in MakerBot Retail Stores in Boston, New York and Greenwich, Connecticut. More

Kinematics creates natural flowing 3D printed dress

Dec.9, 2014 - Nervous System teamed up with Shapeways and have used their unique Kinematics Cloth 4D printing system to create a 3D printed dress that was acquired by the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) in New York City. More

New Emendo software automatically repairs errors in STL 3D printing files

Dec.4, 2014 - The Emendo Automated STL File Repair and Validation Software system promises to save you materials, money, and countless hours of frustration by analyzing the errors for you, and then automatically repairing the 3D STL file. More

3Discovered secures financing for its online exchange platform for 3D printable designs

Nov.21, 2014 - Chicago based start-up 3Discovered announced today that they have secured the company’s first external financing round from AITV and private investors. More

Change the look of your Ollie racing robot with Ollie Customizer app

Nov.21, 2014 - This week, Sphero have teamed up with Australian 3D design company Makers Empire to launch the Ollie Customizer app. The Ollie Customizer lets you change the look of your Ollie. More

MakerBot and Martha Stewart to collaborate on new filament and 3D printable designs

Nov.17, 2014 - 3D printer manufacturer MakerBot and Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia Inc. (MSLO), today announced an exclusive agreement to distribute 3D printing materials and jointly develop 3D printable designs. More

Sculpteo introduces a new tool that thickens thin 3D printable models

Nov.15, 2014 - 3D printing service company Sculpteo has been working on creating a new tool that offers a solution. Their new Thickening Tool recreates a new mesh that envelopes your design and automatically thickens the model. More

CGtrader Infographic: tips on maximizing your income from selling 3D models for 3D printing

Nov.11, 2014 - 3D model marketplace CGtrader has been analyzing data on what sells the most on their 3D model marketplace for 3D printing, and they shared the data here. More

Designer & former college professor turns his 3D printing hobby into a successful business

Nov.3, 2014 - Who hasn’t felt that entrepreneurial sensation when successfully 3D printing a design of your own creation? “Maybe I should start a business and sell these online!” Whatever it is, from a pencil case... More

'Draw in 3D' is just as easy as drawing on a piece of paper

Oct.31, 2014 - But it can be easier. A brand-new iOS application has just been released that takes intuitive functionality to a whole new level: Draw in 3D. Draw in 3d is, as the name implies, an intuitive 3d drawing app. More

MakerBot and Sanrio collaborate to bring Hello Kitty Into 3D printing world

Oct.30, 2014 - MakerBot, in partnership with Sanrio, is bringing 3D printable Hello Kitty collectibles and accessories to MakerBot Digital Store and the MakerBot PrintShop app. More

Sketchfab now lets you download and 3D print their 3D models

Oct.30, 2014 - 3D model sharing service Sketchfab announced today an important new feature: the option to download 3D models. Sketchfab is an online publishing platform which allows tinkerers and designers to upload and share their 3D scans. More

Why not use your 3D printer as a drawing device, rather than as a replicator?

Oct.30, 2014 - As part of the Vessel-project, David Lobser has tried to go to the heart of FDM 3D printing technology in an attempt to rethink 3D printing. And there he found that your typical FDM 3D printer can also be a paintbrush. More

Makerbot brings Sesame Street's Cookie Monster, Grover and Frazzle to its digital store

Oct.30, 2014 - MakerBot announced the release of 3D printable models of favorite Sesame Street characters including Cookie Monster, Grover and Frazzle, available for purchase and download on the MakerBot Digital Store. More

Hi-Res model of Andrew Carnegie's 1903 Mansion available for free downloads & 3D printing

Oct.11, 2014 - Andrew Carnegie was a Scottish American industrialist who led the enormous expansion of the American steel industry in the late 19th century. His sixty-four-room mansion, located at 2 East 91st Street.. More

Try a different way to design and fabricate 3D objects with FlatFab software

Oct.6, 2014 - And recently, another one was launched in the shape of FlatFab: an intriguing 3D design software that can develop intricate 3D constructions with life-like dimensions. More

VRClay uses Oculus Rift and motion control for easy 3D sculpting

Oct.1, 2014 - For a team of developers is currently working on a very interesting combination of the Oculus Rift and Razer’s handheld Hydra motion controllers: the VRClay. More

Bhold teams up with Ultimaker to crowdsource 3D printable design

Sep.30, 2014 - Ultimaker and 3D printing and design house Bhold announced today a new partnership that allows anyone around the world with a 3D printer to print prototypes of the next Bhold x Ultimaker product at home. More

New SOLIDWORKS 2015 features direct 3D printing

Sep.16, 2014 - In addition to many exciting enhancements in this release, the new version of Solidworks brings in a brand new feature: 3D printing. More

Leopoly introduces community-based 3D creation platform with new coloring & customization features

Sep.3, 2014 - Hungarian startup Leonar3Do will bring its new community-based modeling site with easy-to-use coloring and customization features to 3D Printshow London this week. More

MakerBot teams up with Fraemes to launch new app for 3D printed iPhone cases

Aug.20, 2014 - MakerBot announced Wednesday that it has added a new MakerBot-Ready App, Fraemes to its developer program. Fraemes is an interchangeable and personalizable iPhone case that is ready to print on your MakerBot Replicator 3D printer. More

XYZ Workshop & Ultimaker launch 3D printable Fashion Suite, available for free download

Aug.19, 2014 - When leading 3D Printer manufacturer Ultimaker teams up with design studio XYZ Workshop, the result is a revolutionary 3D printable Fashion Suite. More

YouMagine announces Share3D, invites 3D community to contribute to Open Source License and their ToS

Aug.19, 2014 - Youmagine, a 3D printing communities where people can find, share and contribute to 3D designs, has announced the launch of Share3D: an open source license aimed at supporting its current community. More

Threeding adds 3D Preview & 3D Printability Check to their 3D printing marketplace

Aug.18, 2014 - 3D printing marketplace Threeding continues to improve the platform's functionality with new features. Today the company introduces two new features: 3D preview and an online 3D printability check. More

MIT’s Fab By Example lets you quickly create, 3D print thousands of complicated designs

Aug.13, 2014 - 3D printing could one day help democratize manufacturing, but it is still a long way to go before consumers really understand how the technology works and what they can benefit from it. More

Autodesk offers free 3D design software for ANZ schools

Aug.13, 2014 - Autodesk is offering schools and universities in Australia and New Zealand free access to its suite of design software and creativity apps, in an education program that it claims is valued at more than AU$25 million. More

Yobi3D is Google for all 3D printable models

Aug.9, 2014 - Anyone who works with digital animation and 3D arts knows it is a time consuming process to find the right ready-made 3D models online. A large number of websites are offering many free 3D models. More

Comparison test of four pre-print check tools

Jul.15, 2014 - 3D printing transforms your design into physical objects, but before you send 3D files to the printer, you have to make sure every design can successfully be 3D Printed. More

Amazon teams up with Mixee Labs to let customers create their own products

Jul.2, 2014 - Amazon is venturing more into 3D printing. Amazon just started to embed Mixee Labs' customizers on their product pages to enable customers to not just buy, but to create their own products. More

Don Foley recreates Ellis Island Customs House with a 3D printer [3D model free for 4th of July]

Jul.2, 2014 - With the 4th of July approaching 3D designer Don Foley wanted to 3D print an historic building. He had covered the Ellis Island Customs House for the National Park Service, so this seemed like a natural topic. More

MakerBot's PrintShop iPad App makes it easy to create 3D printed jewelry, signs

Jun.28, 2014 - Makerbot has officially launched its MakerBot PrintShop app, a free iOS tool that is designed for people with no experience in 3D printing and no design experience. More

Pine Cone, a collection of naturally spiraled 3D printed housewares by Isaac Budmen

Jun.26, 2014 - Pine Cone is a collection of desktop delights cleverly capturing the beautiful spiraling seeds of trees by Isaac Budmen. The idea behind is to translate the loveliness of nature into our everyday objects. More

Pinshape to sells 3D prints on Amazon, lauches Kids’ Toys Design Challenge

Jun.25, 2014 - 3D printing community marketplace Pinshape announces today that it has teamed with Amazon so everyone can browse through a selection of cool designs from Pinshape's designers on Amazon. More

US government launches public library for sharing 3D printable medical data

Jun.19, 2014 - Now the National Institutes of Health has launched the NIH 3D Print Exchange, a public website that enables users to share, download and edit 3D print files. More

MXD3D acquires three marketplaces for building, sharing and printing 3D models

Jun.13, 2014 - Jordanian startup Mixed Dimensions (MXD3D) announced today the acquisition of three specialized 3D Printing marketplaces from uFathom Inc., a Calgary, Canada based company. More

Maker's Empire's new 3D design tablet app turns everyone into 3D modellers

Jun.3, 2014 - Australian technology company Maker’s Empire will launch today a 3D design tablet app at EduTECH Australia 2014. The 3D design app, called Maker’s Empire, is designed specifically for tablets. More

ToyFabb, a secure 3D printing marketplace for 3d printable toy files

May.26, 2014 - To make 3D printed toys more accessible, Toyfab team announces today the launch of the first specialized online marketplace for 3 printable toy files. Founded by Jochen Hanselmann and Alex Schmid. More

MakerBot brings 3D printable Mr. Snuffy from Sesame Street to Digital Store

May.15, 2014 - Wednesday Makerbot announced Sesame Street as its first global licensed brand will bring 3D printable Sesame Street licensed content to the MakerBot Digital Store. More

Sculpteo’s 3D printing now offers 'Hollowing' and a redesigned 'Cutaway View' features

May.7, 2014 - 3D printing service provider Sculpteo is now offering no cost hollowing and a redesigned cutaway view to their customers. More

MakerBot offers Jurassic T-Rex Skeleton and T-Rex Skull models for 3D printing

May.6, 2014 - Makerbot released two new 3D printable models today for adventurous 3D print fans: a T-Rex Skeleton and a T-Rex Skull. More

New book: Printing Things: Visions and Essentials for 3D Printing

May.2, 2014 - A new book from German publisher Gestalten, titled 'Printing Things: Visions and Essentials for 3D Printing' is an inspirational exploration of the creative potential of 3D printing. More

3D printing marketplace Threeding re-launches with fresh new look

May.2, 2014 - Threeding, 3D printing marketplace and file sharing website, announced a redesign of yesterday with an entirely new look, structure and user-friendly navigation. More

Uformit's app lets you personalize 3D design by Joshua Harker

Apr.30, 2014 - Uformit is a unique online ecosystem that allows designers and creators to directly share interactive designs that can be modified, personalized, and distributed. More

Authentise & Guardtime form partnership to enable secure 3D Printing IP

Apr.28, 2014 - Authentise, the leading provider of authentication services for 3D Printing, announced today that it has formed partnership with Singapore-based Guardtime, the inventor of Keyless Signature Infrastructure (KSI). More

Autodesk updates Meshmixer with add/edit custom 3D printer option

Apr.26, 2014 - Last week MeshMixer released a new update that lets you add your own 3D printer so you can layout and arrange a print job for your specific machine. More

MakerBot and The Foundry form partnership

Apr.25, 2014 - Desktop 3D printer manufacturer, MakerBot and creative software provider The Foundry have announced a unique partnership. More

Create unique 3D printed heart with

Apr.10, 2014 - French company Dassault Systèmes and Sculpteo are co-launching a new product called, a new web application that lets you create unique customized jewelry to share with your loved one. More

Autodesk to integrate 3D Hubs API into 123D apps

Apr.9, 2014 - 3D Hubs today announced the introduction of a new enterprise-grade API that connects creators and users of 3D content to its global network. More

Sketchfab releases new platform, aiming to be YouTube for 3D files

Apr.9, 2014 - Sketchfab, a web service that allows you to publish and embed 3D files online, just released an updated version of its platform website with a suite of social features. More

Design your own 3D printed jewelry online with Jweel

Apr.8, 2014 - With the new Jweel apps from French startup Skimlab you can now create and customize unique 3D pieces of jewellery. More

Artists create 3D printed '10 Circles of Life' sculpture

Apr.7, 2014 - Since the inception of 3D printing, digital artist David Katz has been fascinated with the art form and began experimenting with and creating 3D sculptures and art pieces. More

Designer offers code of 3D printables to build 'factory in the cloud'

Apr.6, 2014 - Francis Bitonti Studio, based in Brooklyn, N.Y., has launched customizable Cloud Collection aiming to create the world's first "factory in the cloud." More

Authentise launches streaming service for 3D print files

Apr.4, 2014 - This week Authentise launched what it is claimed as the world's first API to stream 3D print files at DEMO Enterprise 2014. More

Bulgarian 3D model Marketplace partners with Regional Museum

Apr.3, 2014 - Bulgaria-based 3D printing marketplace Threeding announced it has signed a cooperation agreement with one of the largest museums in Easter Europe – the Regional Historical Museum of the Black Sea city Varna. More

3D-Pioneer Systems announces Appaloza cloud 3D printing marketplace

Apr.1, 2014 - 3D-Pioneer Systems plans to launch the alpha build of "Appaloza", an E-Commerce Cloud Marketplace created to provide designers and customers with a secure repository to store, edit, buy and sell original 3D designs. More

Intel-backed 3D marketplace CGTrader now accepting Bitcoin

Mar.20, 2014 - Peer-to-peer online 3D model marketplace, CGTrader, announced they will now accept Bitcoin for purchases on their site. More

Amazon launches pilot program selling 3D printed items, teams with 3DLT

Mar.6, 2014 - Seattle-based e-commerce giant Amazon has launched a new pilot program selling 3D printed consumer goods. 3DLT, a platform for 3D Printing As-a-Service, is one of five companies selected to participate in the program. More

3D sculpting & 3D printing with Meta augmented reality 3D glasses

Feb.27, 2014 - For the last several months wearables start-up Meta has been developing augmented reality 3D glasses that combine the power of a laptop and smartphone in a pair of aviator-style 3D glass and a small pocket computer. More

CGTrader community supports Ukraine with free 3D printable badges

Feb.20, 2014 - CGTrader, a 3D model marketplace for computer graphics and 3D printing, decided to create 3D printable badges in order to raise awareness and show support to Ukraine. More

Autodesk Meshmixer releases all-in-one 3D printing updates

Feb.19, 2014 - Autodesk Meshmixer updated on Tuesday with a nice all-in-one suite for 3D printing with new features. More

Turn your photo into 3D printed jewelry with Autodesk Charmr

Feb.13, 2014 - To kick off this month of love, Autodesk is introducing Charmr, a new customizer and a latest addition to 123D. Charmr on lets you turn a photo into a one-of-a-kind customized, 3D-printable piece. More

Intel Capital invests in two 3D printing companies

Feb.11, 2014 - Intel Capital today announced two investments in the fast growing world of 3-D printing. More

Intel invests in 3D model marketplace CGTrader

Feb.11, 2014 - 3D model marketplace CGTrader announced today that it has closed a funding round with Intel Capital, Intel's global investment and M&A organization and existing investor Practica Capital. More

Yeggi's 3D printing online survey: the results! [infographic]

Feb.6, 2014 - German-based Yeggi, a search engine for 3D printable models, published today an interesting infographic of its users. More

3D printing marketplace 3DaGoGo releases Communites feature

Feb.5, 2014 - Californian-based 3D printing marketplace, 3DaGoGo, has added a new ‘Communities’ feature to its platform to help 3D printing designers network, engage, and create communal storefronts for their designs. More

Lincoln 3D Scans lets you 3D print your own museum

Feb.2, 2014 - For a project called "Lincoln 3D Scans," artist Oliver Laric worked with the Collection Museum and Usher Gallery in Lincoln, UK, to make some of their pieces available in 3D so people could 3D print the objects themselves. More

Objectifiers to offer custom 3D designs that everyone can use

Jan.30, 2014 -   Two entrepreneurs based in a Tel Aviv University accelerator called TheHive have just launched a new 3D printing marketplace "Objectifier" that aims to let average consumers have objects that match their needs. More

Primary school develops 3D technology skills and enthusiasm 

jan.21, 2014 -  A great example comes from a primary school in Třinec in the Czech Republic where children are involved in a unique 3D modeling project: they are creating a 3D model of a steel factory in nearby Ostrava.  More 

Custom 3d printed Bobble Heads with Mixee Labs 

jan.21, 2014 -  3D printing shop Mixee Labs launches today a new 3D printing service "Mixee Bobbler" that will let you create your fully 3d printed custom Bobble Head.  More 

First French 3D model marketplace - Cults

Jan.16, 2014 -   Cults is the first French marketplace that connects 3D designers and people who look for 3D models for 3D printing. More

Nikon put you in a video game at CES 2014 

Jan.10, 2014 -  Nikon teamed up with Alexx Henry Studios to create a xxArray camera system that lets you create a perfectly detailed 3D model of a person or yourself. More 

Craft digital forms across physical bodies

Jan.8, 2014 -   Madeline Gannon created a Reverberating Across the Divide project aiming to reconnect digital and physical contexts through a custom chronomorphologic modeling environment. More

3D Systems reveals consumer haptic 3D mouse and 3DMe photobooth

Jan.7, 2014 -   3D Systems expands 3DPRINTING 2.0 at CES 2014 with a dozen new consumer product reveals. Two months after releasing company's first 3D scanner "Sense", 3D Systems is offering another tool for creating 3D models. More

Intel announces 3D cameras for laptops and partnership with 3D Systems

Jan.7, 2014 -   Intel announced that laptops featuring 3D-camera technology will go on sale before the end of 2014. More

OpenBuilds is the new site to share your machine designs

Jan.5, 2014 -   OpenBuilds is a community driven machine/project sharing site that allows people who like to build things to get together and share ideas and the machine designs with everyone. More

Block-based Blokify, free and easy 3D modeling app for kids 

Jan.3, 2014 -  As a fresh start for 2014, Jenny Kortina and Brett Cupta launched Blokify on Apple Store. The app is now available for iPhone & iPad for free, and Android version is coming soon. More 

Visualizing active sound waves with 3D printing & augmented reality 

Dec, 30, 2013 -  Led by interaction designer Lukasz Karluk, HoloDecks is an umbrella title given to a number of projects which focus on transforming sound through different mediums.  More 

Control 3D printers remotely & protect your designs with Secured3D

Dec, 29, 2013 -   Estonia startup Secured3D says that they have developed a proprietary, patents pending, encrypted 3D printing streaming technology that allows anyone to control 3D printers remotely, queue print jobs for multiple users. More

3D print your own Venus de Milo and Winged Victory of Samothrace 

Dec.29, 2013 -  3D printing to the rescue once again thanks to California artist Cosmo Wenman, who has just published the first ever printable 3D surveys of the two famous examples of Hellenic art: The Venus de Milo and Winged Victory. More 

ShapeDo 3D model Repository lets you edit and share design for 3D printing

Dec.19, 2013 -   Israeli Startup ShapeDo announces today its official launch of, an online repository of 3D objects. More

Porsche wants you to 3D print & customize your own Cayman

Dec.11, 2013 -   Porsche has just released 3D printing data for the Cayman S for free. If you have access to a 3D printer, you can now create, print and colorize your personal Cayman S. More

3D model sharing service Sketchfab raises $2 Million 

Dec.9, 2013 -  The 18-month-old 3D model sharing service Sketchfab has raised $2m in a fundraising round led by Balderton Capital. More 

Easily make complex 3D printable objects with Autodesk Project Shapeshifter and Miller 

Nov.23, 2013 -  Project Shapeshifter a web-based topological modeling tool for anyone that wants to create 3D printable objects in a simple way. More 

3Dagogo, new 3D-printing marketplace features proven-to-print 3D designs 

Nov.23, 2013 -  3Dagogo is a Californian-based startup aiming to create a marketplace of 3D designs that are not only unique and creative, but more importantly tested and proven to be printable. More 

Etsy: 3D printed items are 'Handmade In Spirit' 

Nov.18, 2013 -  Etsy gives a wider definition of "handmade" - now, 3D-printed objects that you create yourself is considered to be as handmade as ceramic pots or sterling-silver jewelry. More 

CGTrader lets you 3D print models straight after buying them 

Nov.12, 2013 -  CGTrader, a 3D model sales marketplace, added a new feature which gives clients a possibility to 3D print models straight after buying them. More 

Draw, color, capture & 3D print your own custom inkimals designer toys 

Nov.11, 2013 -  An innovative, interactive 3-D printing design tool and platform is just launched on Kickstarter.  More 

MakerBot Thingiverse launches first IOS App 

Oct.17, 2013 -  3D printer company MakerBot launches today Thingiverse IOS app, the first mobile app for MakerBot Thingiverse. More 

Makerbot announces new Verified Prints feature on Thingiverse 

Oct.16, 2013 -  Makerbot announces today a Verified Prints program for its 3D model repositories Thingiverse. More 

Lagoa acquires 3DTin for better browser-based 3D applications 

Sep.20, 2013 -  Lagoa, a Montreal based 3D cloud platform startup, announced it has acquired 3DTin, a browser-based free 3D modeling tool.  More 

3D model your own iPhone 5C case with's iPhone Remix 

Sep.11, 2013 -  Cambridge Startup is building a whole new way to create, share and print 3D models right from your browser. "As easy as applying a photo filter," says the startup. More 

Meet the winners of IDSA 3d printed Race car challenge

Sep.11, 2013 -   Hosted by Inventables, "The Launch Day 2013 competition" invited designers from all over the world to design a 3D printed pinewood derby style car to launch down a ski-slope track at the conference in Chicago. More

So, what exactly do people search for on Yeggi

Sep.11, 2013 -   So what exactly do people search for on Yeggi? Karpp shared today their infografic "What People Search" showing their findings to the 3D printing community. More

New database of 3D fossils lets you explore and 3D print 

Aug.28, 2013 -  A new database of fossils launched by British Geological Service could help you find the necessary 3D models of a particular fossil. You can then download and print the images for your own research. More 

Italian startup Makoo materializes your emotions with 3D printing 

Jul.14, 2013 -  How to make your words last forever? Italian start-up Makoo created an online platform that allows you to materialize emotions and words to create a unique and exclusive jewel. More 

Anne Zellien launches customizable jewelry app on Twikit 

Jul.14, 2013 -  Antwerp-based jewelry designer Anne Zellien launches a new personalized jewelry app which allows everyone to add a personal message in 3D printed necklace. More 

3D printing marketplace MakerShop offers customizable shops to designers 

Jul.10, 2013 -  3D printing design marketplace MakerShop offers designers flexibility with new subscription plans that let 3D printer designers customize shops with embedded HTML. More 

A look at digital sculpting for DC Collectibles (video)

Jun.28, 2013 -   DC Comics has posted a new timelapse video showing behind the scenes look at the process of digital sculpting for DC Collectibles. More

Cuboyo: a new 3D model repositories 

Jun.21, 2013 -  Three 3D Printing enthusiasts in Switzerland, with backgrounds in industrial engineering and software have launched, an online marketplace. More 

3D printing tool: Pelican camera creates 3D model from video 

Jun.19, 2013 -  Mountain View, Calif. based Pelican Imaging is working on releasing "a smart camera for your Smartphone". This incredible smartphone technology uses a 16 lens array camera. More 

Pininfarina to use 3D modeling to design new concept car 

Jun.13, 2013 -  Leading Italian design house Pininfarina has also unveiled that it is using digital tools to design its new concept car, the Sergio, in honor of its honorary chairman, Sergio Pininfarina. More 

Create unique 3D printable objects with new Mixee Labs platform 

Jun.12, 2013 -  Mixee Me, has just launched a web app platform Mixee Labs where designers can create interactive models of their products for consumers to customize. More 

More than 100,000 things now on Thingiverse

Jun.10, 2013 -   Makerbot's 3D files sharing website Thingiverse just got its 100,000th thing being published last weekend. More

Forme It UK launches high resolution 3D models library 

May.4, 2013 -  K-based Forme It has created a digital design library to give 3D modellers an easy and affordable access to high resolution 3D models.  More 

Largest survey finds UK 3D design jobs taking off 

Apr.26, 2013 - Fast 50, the world's largest online jobs survey, released its survey result today.  More 

Cool sites let you share and sell your 3D design for 3D printing 

Feb.28, 2013 -  Charlotte, NC based SpiveyWorks Corporation launched today MakerShop, an online 3D printer design shop community. More 

Enhance your design process with a 3D mouse 

Dec.28, 2012 -  At this year's Euromold, 3Dconnexion, provider of 3D mice for design professionals, presented their innovative 3D input devices.  More 

Free Sketchfab service allows you to upload and showcase 3D models online 

Aug.17, 2012 -  Show your 3d models directly on Sketchfab. Formerly known as ShowWebGL, Sketchfab is an online platform for publishing and sharing 3D models and it allows you to view 3d models directly in your browser. More 

3D Systems launches Cubify lego-like 3D-printed robots

Aug.1, 2012 -   3D Systems announced the release of Cubify Robots. Again, these LEGO-like 3D printed robots would help 3D Systems to take over the consumer 3D printing market. More

Teach or learn 3D design and 3D printing on Skillshare 

Apr.26, 2012 -  Skillshare is a community marketplace that provides valuable tools and information to help career development or expand technical skills, and it enables users to learn anything from anyone.More 

Anarkik3D launches Cloud9 - a 3D modeling platform with 3D touch feedback

Apr.13, 2012 -   Inspired by increasing availability of digital technology and 3D printing, Ann Marie Shillito – an internationally recognised contemporary jeweller, and CEO and founder of Anarkik3D, creates Cloud9, a 3D modeling platform specifically for studio artists and designers. More

Join the first 3DTin Challenge to win a Makerbot 3D printer 

Feb.25, 2012 -  If you haven't heard of 3DTin, here is a brief explanation what it is. 3DTin is a a clever and useful 3D modeling tool that runs in a browser. It is the simplest way of designing 3D Models.  More 

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Big chance to win prizes in ceramic 3D printing design competition

Feb.24, 2012 -   Grabcad and Figulo are awarding a large number of designers with cash prizes of $50 and $100 for a contest of designing home decor ceramic pieces using ceramic 3D printing technology. More

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Autodesk 123D gallery created and designed for 3D models sharing

Feb.23, 2012 -   If you are a 123D user you are probably already familiar with the Gallery. Autodesk recently created the 123D Gallery, an online community where you can share your design or download an existing model. More

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the pirate bay logo The Pirate Bay goes 3D digital designs sharing

Jan.24, 2012 -   File sharing site the Pirate Bay(TPB) announced Monday that they are adding a new category for users to download 3D files for recreating physical objects. More

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When mathematics meets 3D printing 

Dec.14, 2011 -  George Hart, a geometric Sculptor, scholar and engineer, has been turning math into arts using 3D printer. George Hart uses computer technology and solid freeform fabrication designing and fabricating geometric sculpture and is world well-known for its mathematical depth and creative use of materials. More 

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