Strengthening the connection between layers of FDM 3D printed objects with z-anchors

Mar.21, 2019 - Kai Parthy has now developed a method that could locally strengthen FFF 3D printed components with little material effort. The method results in the adhesion between layers being immensely increased; moreover, the strength of the entire object can be optimized locally. More

DTU and TU Delft researchers develop stress adapted orthotropic infill for 3D printing

Mar.19, 2019 - A team of researchers at the Technical University of Denmark (DTU) and Delft University of Technology (TU Delft) has developed a new method for generating stress adapted orthotropic infill for 3D printing. More

Innovate UK £2.25m funds particle beams in 3D printing innovation

Mar.18, 2019 - University of Huddersfield scientists have teamed with the Huddersfield company Reliance Precision for two successive 3D printing projects that have earned '2.25 million funding from Innovate UK. More

Nanofabrica announces commercial launch of micro-level 3D printing technology

Mar.15, 2019 - Nanofabrica, an Israel-based developer of precision additive manufacturing technologies, has announced the commercial launch of its micro-level resolution AM technology. More

Researchers integrate microfluidic system into DLW 3D printer for multimaterial nanoprinting

Feb.14, 2019 - German researchers designed a microfluidic system that enables multimaterial 3D nanoprinting with direct laser writing systems. More

Scientists use collagen and bovine bones to advance 3D bioprinting

Feb.11, 2019 - Scientists study collagen and two different types of hydroxyapatite to investigate their potential in 3D bioprinting bones scaffolds. More

Stefan at CNC Kitchen experimenting with Smart Infill for stronger 3D prints

Feb.8, 2019 - Stefan at CNC Kitchen demonstrates a free workflow for generating SmartInfill in 3D prints using Autodesk Fusion360 and Slic3r PE (Prusa Edition). More

UL publishes ANSI/CAN/UL 2904 standard for 3D printer emissions testing and evaluation

Feb.7, 2019 - UL Chemical Safety has announced the publication of ANSI/CAN/UL 2904, "Standard Method for Testing and Assessing Particle and Chemical Emissions from 3D Printers," which aims to mitigate indoor air pollution risks associated with 3D printer emissions. More

ASTM, Innovate UK, BSI & MTC to develop international additive manufacturing standards

Jan.9, 2019 - ASTM International is partnering with Innovate UK, BSI (British Standards Institution) and the Manufacturing Technology Centre (MTC) to create technical standards needed by the additive manufacturing industry. More

Using sugar as a bed adhesive for 3D printing

Jan.8, 2019 - Mysimplefix demonstrates how regular sugar makes for an ideal 3D printer bed adhesive. More

3DKToys awarded 'Pin and Void' patent for connecting 3D printed parts

Dec.14, 2018 - 3D-printable toy maker 3DKToys was awarded a patent for the 'Pin and Void' joining method used in their toys. More

Taiwan academics improve 3D printing speed and quality with ambient temperature sensors

Dec.6, 2018 - Chen Yuwen, dean of Da-Yeh's College of Engineering, designed a system that uses sensors to factor in the ambient temperature and humidity levels of the space near the 3D printer. More

Study on functional mechanical properties of 3D printed lattice structures

Dec.5, 2018 - Fast Radius and the University of Illinois publish study that demonstrates the functional mechanical properties of 3D printed lattice structures. More

Using plasma jets to promote bone integration with 3D printed implants

Dec.4, 2018 - Dr. Jochen Borris and Dr. Thomas Neubert at the Fraunhofer Institute for Surface Engineering and Thin Films have developed a method of 3D printing that uses plasma jets to promote bone integration with 3D printed implants. More

Dr. Adrian Bowyer demonstrates how hollow tubes make 3D prints stronger

Nov.30, 2018 - Dr. Adrian Bowyer demonstrates how adding angled, hollow cylinders throughout a model makes 3D prints stronger. More

NIST technique that precisely measures polymer processing will improve SLA 3D printing

Nov.22, 2018 - the National Institute of Standards and Technology demonstrated a new light-based atomic force microscopy (AFM) technique called sample-coupled-resonance photorheology (SCRPR) that measures how and where a material's properties change in real time. More

Virginia Tech team successfully 3D prints Kapton using direct ink writing

Nov.21, 2018 - Two research teams at Virginia Tech have developed a method of 3D printing Kapton, a material with excellent thermal properties. More

How to build a plunger-style paste extruder for ceramic 3D printer: the handy step-by-step DIY guide

Nov.21, 2018 - Takyeom Lee, Assistant Professor of Graphic Design of Department of Art at Appalachian State University developed a plunger-style clay extruder and shares step-by-step DIY guide online. More

Makefast Workshop releases source code for mid-air 3D printing of coils without supports

Nov.21, 2018 - Makefast Workshop duo Maura Atwater and Adam Kumpf release source code for mid-air 3D printing of coils without supports. More

TRUMPF debuts copper and precious metals 3D printing enabled by green laser

Nov.20, 2018 - Machine tool and laser technology leader TRUMPF demonstrated its latest 3D printer, TruPrint 5000, and green laser technology at the international Formnext trade fair in Frankfurt. More

MicroMaker3D unveils new Laminated Resin Printing tech for 3D printing tiny structures

Nov.14, 2018 - New Zealand's Callaghan Innovation unveiled Laminated Resin Printing (LRP), a new 3D printing technology that enables rapid prototyping of high-resolution microscale structures. More

New study details toxic particles spewed by 3D printers and hidden health risk

Nov.13, 2018 - Researchers have found that many desktop 3D printers generate a range of different-sized particles, including ultrafine particles (UFPs), which may pose a health concern since they are the size of nanoparticles and may be inhaled and penetrate deep into the human pulmonary system and impact respiratory health. More

EOS LaserProFusion polymer 3D printing technology claims to replace injection molding

Nov.9, 2018 - EOS announced that it will introduce a 'revolutionary technology for polymer additive manufacturing' at formnext 2018. The company claims that the new technology, called LaserProFusion, is the only additive manufacturing technology capable to replace injection molding. More

LIFT: University of Twente researchers 3D print pure gold 'micro jewels' using laser technique

Oct.30, 2018 - Dutch researchers at University of Twente has developed a new metal 3D printing technique which allows a laser apparatus to print metal structures drop by drop, including in pure gold, on the few micron scale. More

Apple granted patent for triangular tessellation 3D printing method

Oct.25, 2018 - One of Apple's newly granted patents covers their invention relating to techniques for 3D printing three dimensional (3D) objects. More particularly, Apple filed a patent for a new method to print 3D models efficiently using triangular tessellation. More

Mitsubishi Electric announces new Dot Forming AM technology for high-precision 3D metal shaping

Oct.24, 2018 - Mitsubishi Electric Corporation announced that it has developed a unique dot forming technology that realizes high-precision shaping by combining laser, computer numerical control (CNC) and computer aided manufacturing CAM technologies in 3D printers. More

Fraunhofer IKTS researchers use FFF 3D printing to make harder 3D metal prints

Oct.22, 2018 - Researchers at the Fraunhofer Institute for Ceramic Technologies and Systems (IKTS) have found a way to make much harder 3D prints in metal using Fused Filament Fabrication, which originates from the plastics processing industry. More

Digital Metal launches automated production concept for 3D metal printing

Oct.12, 2018 - Digital Metal, part of the metal powder-producing Höganäs Group in Sweden, has launched a fully automated production concept for 3D metal printing. More

Nuclear technique helps predict critical deposition heights for laser additive manufacturing

Oct.9, 2018 - Australian and Indian researchers have developd a new theoretical model that successfully predicts the residual stresses and critical deposition heights for laser additive manufacturing. More

3D bioprinting of living structures with built-in chemical sensors

Oct.2, 2018 - An international team of researchers led by Professor Michael K'hl at the Department of Biology, University of Copenhagen has developed a new 3D bioprinting method for monitoring complex tissue structures. More

Purdue researchers working on a multi-functional 3D printer for printing 'smart' objects

Sep.26, 2018 - Researchers at Purdue Polytechnic Institute and the College of Engineering faculty are working to develop a multi-functional 3D printer that could eventually let people print out 'smart' objects, including entire cellphones. More

ETH Zurich prints tough, lightweight structures using FDM 3D printers and liquid-crystal-polymers

Sep.18, 2018 - Researchers from the Complex Materials and Soft Materials team at ETH Zurich have developed a bioinspired approach to 3D print lightweight structures using cheap desktop FDM printers and liquid-crystal-polymers. For the first time, they were able to print objects from a single recyclable material with mechanical properties that surpass all other available printable polymers and can compete even with fibre-reinforced composites. More

LLNL uses machine learning to prevent defects in metal 3D printed parts in real time

Sep.18, 2018 - Engineers and scientists at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL), California, have developed convolutional neural networks (CNNs), a popular type of algorithm primarily used to process images and videos, to predict flaws in 3D printed parts and detect within milliseconds whether a build will be of satisfactory quality. More

New SCRIM 3D concrete printing uses mesh to produce lightweight structures

Sep.13, 2018 - Researchers at the Centre for Information Technology and Architecture (CITA) of the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts and at the Danish Technological Institute have developed a new hybrid construction concept called "Sparse Concrete Reinforcement In Meshworks" (SCRIM) that intersects robot-based 3D Concrete Printing and textile reinforcement meshes to produce lightweight elements. More

Yale researchers develop an easy way to 3D print with metal

Sep.6, 2018 - Researchers from Yale University working with a company called Desktop Metals think they've found a way to make 3D printing metal objects easier than ever before. Researchers demonstrated a new approach to 3D printing to fuse metallic filaments made from metallic glass into metallic objects. More

Nearly 3,800 3D printers were left exposed to attacks, warns SANS

Sep.5, 2018 - Nearly 3,800 3D printers are being left open without any access control or authentication requirements, according to a blog post by Xavier Mertens and Richard Porter, two security researchers from the SANS Internet Storm Center (ISC). More

Harvard researchers use soundwaves to assist 3D printing with viscous liquids

Sep.4, 2018 - Harvard researchers have developed a new 3D printing technique that uses sound waves to generate droplets from liquids with an unprecedented range of composition and viscosity. This technique could be used to synthesize biopharmaceuticals and cosmetics, as well as optical and conductive materials. More

Low-Level Control of 3D Printers from the Cloud could speed up 3D printing by up to 54%

Aug.21, 2018 - Chinedum Okwudire and U-M's Smart and Sustainable Automation Research Lab have been experimenting with a new way of controlling 3D printers, where stepper motor commands (and other low-level control commands) are generated in the Cloud, rather than on a microcontroller. More

CityU team develops world's first-ever 4D printing for ceramics

Aug.20, 2018 - A research team at City University of Hong Kong (CityU) has successfully developed the world's first-ever 4D printing method for ceramics, which are mechanically robust and can have complex shapes. More

KIT develops selectively erasable 3D printing ink for direct laser writing

Aug.16, 2018 - KIT researchers have developed 3D inks based on labile silane crosslinkers that can be selectively erased. This allows specific degradation and reassembly of highly precise structures on the micrometer and nanometer scales under mild conditions. More

New photosensitizers help overcome color limitations in SLS 3D printing

Aug.2, 2018 - Researchers at The Institute of Photonic Sciences (IFCO) in Spain have recently developed a faster and cost-effective 3D printing method that can print objects in all the colors. More

TU Wien develops method for high resolution 3D printing of tough photopolymers

Jul.9, 2018 - The Technical University of Vienna (TU Wien) in Austria has developed a new approach for high-resolution 3D printing of tailored, homogenously crosslinked, tough, methacrylate-based photopolymers. This new approach prepares tough 'photopolymers for uses in biomedicine applications, such as shape-memory polymers for tissue growth and dental fillings. More

Russian scientists 3D printing biological tissues with magnets in microgravity

Jun.28, 2018 - A Russian research team has developed a new method of bioprinting that allows to create 3D biological objects without the use of layer-by-layer approach and magnetic labels. The new method involves magnetic levitation research in conditions of microgravity. More

China pioneers ceramic 3D printing in microgravity using DLP technology

Jun.21, 2018 - Scientists at the Technology and Engineering Center for Space Utilization of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) has just successfully completed an experiment to 3D print ceramic parts containing lunar dust under microgravity. More

Prellis Biologics reaches record speed and resolution in 3D printing of human tissue with capillaries

Jun.20, 2018 - Prellis Biologics, a San Francisco-based 3D tissue printing company, announced that it has reached record speed and resolution in the quest to print human tissue with viable capillaries, bringing the goal of printing human replacement organs closer to reality. More

SAE International issues four aerospace additive manufacturing technical standards

Jun.14, 2018 - The Aerospace Material Specification committee on Additive Manufacturing (AMS-AM) at SAE International, a global engineering standards association in Warrendale, Pennsylvania, has released its first suite of Aerospace Material Specifications (AMS) additive manufacturing materials and process specifications. The four technical standards is mainly related to laser powder bed fusion (LPBF) powered additive manufacturing. More

Purdue researchers 3D print clay, cookie dough and solid rocket fuel

Jun.13, 2018 - Researchers at Purdue university's Zucrow Labs, the largest academic propulsion lab in the world, have developed a process which enables them to 3D print extremely viscous materials, with the consistency of clay or cookie dough with fine precision. This development may soon allow the creation of customized ceramics, solid rockets, pharmaceuticals, biomedical implants, foodstuffs, and more. More

Sandia's Alinstante modular robot cell conducts 3D printed part testing 'in an instant'

Jun.12, 2018 - Sandia National Laboratories has designed an automated 3D printed part testing robot. Called Alinstante, Spanish for "in an instant," the system is a six-sided work cell, similar to a circular desk, with a commercial robot at its center that conducts high-throughput testing to quickly determine the performance and properties of 3D printed part. More

Virginia Tech's microscale 3D printing creates multimaterial with programmed stiffness

Jun.12, 2018 - Virginia Tech researchers have developed a multimaterial programmable additive manufacturing method of microscale 3D printing that features in-situ resin mixing, delivery and exchange, and a robotic material cleansing system to allow switching between materials of different modulus without cross contamination between properties. More

Multimaterial Voxel-3D printing can print data sets as physical objects

Jun.7, 2018 - A team of researchers from the Wyss Institute at Harvard University and the MIT Media Lab has come up with a way to get 3D printers to print objects using physical manifestations of data sets rather than geometric representations.' More

Immensa Technology Labs files UAE's first 3D printing patent for construction moulds

Jun.6, 2018 - Immensa Technology Labs, a 3D printing company based in Dubai, said it has filed the UAE's first 3D printing patent for construction moulds. The patent is an Immensa proprietary method for the production of moulds for concrete and other building materials using 3D printing. More

WSU researchers develop one-step process to 3D print multimaterial structures

Jun.1, 2018 - A research team from Washington State University has used 3D printing in a one-step process to print structures made of two different materials. More

Synchrotron imaging reveals inside laser 3D printing process to reduce defects

May.4, 2018 - Researchers at the UK's Diamond Light Source facility have used its synchrotron imaging system to examine the mechanics of the laser 3D printing process. They built the LAMPR machine, which replicated the LAM process, and studied it in detail to see how printing defects can form. More

UoT develops handheld 3D skin printer for fast repair of deep wounds

May.3, 2018 - A team of researchers at the University of Toronto has developed a new handheld 3D bio-printer. Designed for the repair of deep skin wounds, the portable device is capable of forming tissue in situ, depositing it, and setting it in place, in under 2 minutes. More

Agnès Petit wins Isabelle Musy Award for concrete 3D printing startup Mobbot

May.2, 2018 - The 2018 Isabelle Musy Award has gone to the founder of a concrete 3D printing startup. The prize is given to outstanding female entrepreneurs in science and technology, and this year it went to Agnès Petit, whose company Mobbot uses robotics technology to improve the concrete 3D printing process. More

Medtronic announces new TiONIC titanium 3D printing platform for spinal implants

May.1, 2018 - Dublin-based medical technology company Medtronic recently launched a new 3D printing platform for spinal implants. The company's TiONIC technology enables titanium implants with complex geometries to be developed, for TLIF spinal surgeries. More

Vader Systems unveils three new Magnet-o-Jet liquid metal AM systems

Apr.30, 2018 - Vader Systems has unveiled three new 3D printing systems at this year's Rapid + TCT show. The company's new Polaris 3D printer offers high-speed metal printing, while the Magnet-o-Jet subsystems will enable the technology to be integrated into existing manufacturing systems, and the Ares system produces Vaderite metal microspheres for powder. More

Fluid gel discovery offers breakthrough in 3D bio-printing of softer human tissues

Apr.26, 2018 - A team of researchers at the UK's University of Huddersfield have developed a new fluid gel material that will help with the 3D bio-printing of soft tissue. Polymer bio-printing material can be suspended in this gel so that it will retain its shape and stability at the start of the printing process, and the gel can then be washed away once the bio-printed structure is complete. More

$500k awarded to Arkansas' Michelle Bernhardt-Barry to develop 3D printed soil for construction

Apr.26, 2018 - A researcher at the University of Arkansas has been awarded a major grant for her research on soil. She is exploring natural hierarchical structures and how they can be integrated in soil to optimize its strength, in order to eventually use it as an effective 3D printing material for construction projects. More

Minnesota researchers 3D print electronics and biological cells directly on skin

Apr.26, 2018 - A team of engineers at the University of Minnesota have succeeded in 3D printing electronics directly on to human skin for the first time. They made use of a desktop 3D printer, motion-sensing software, and a specialized ink, to print electronics on a subject's hand, and they were also able to print biological cells on a mouse's skin. More

German BAM institute 3D prints a metal tool for the first time in zero-gravity

Apr.25, 2018 - German researchers have succeeded in using metal 3D printing to produce a tool in zero-gravity. Following up on previous efforts with ceramics, the BAM institute was able to stabilize the powder bed in order to 3D print a metal wrench for the first time. More

South Korean researchers working on 3D printed food for personalized nutrition

Apr.25, 2018 - A team of researchers in South Korea have developed a 3D printing platform for creating customized food items. The technology can be precisely control the structure of food at a microscopic level, which could be used to optimize and personalize its nutritional properties. More

Platelet-rich bio-ink could boost healing of 3D printed tissue implants and skin grafts

Apr.24, 2018 - A team of researchers has carried out tests on a new bio-ink that is made with platelet-rich plasma. The bio-ink shows potential for hugely improved healing of wounds and other tissue damage, and was capable of being 3D printed into a number of different structures. More

Xijing Hospital repairs long bone defect using Xi'an Particle Cloud's 3D printed artificial bone

Apr.20, 2018 - Surgeons at the Xijing Hospital in China have declared a bone operation that made use of FFP 3D printing technology to be a success. The technique was used by surgeons at the hospital to repair a long segment bone defect, using biodegradable artificial bone provided by Xi’an Particle Cloud Biotechnology Co., Ltd. More

Swinburne uses tiny 'BioSphere' beads to grow stem cells for 3D bio-printed cartilage repair

Apr.20, 2018 - A group of researchers at Australia's Swinburne University is developing a new 3D bio-printing method. Their BioSphere project makes use of thousands of tiny polymer beads in order to more efficiently grow stem cells, which will then be used to repair tissue using a handheld 'Bio-pen'. More

Griffith uses 3D bio-printing to design personalized replacement bone for SLIL wrist injuries

Apr.19, 2018 - A new bio-printing project at Australia's Griffith University is intended to improve treatment of SLIL wrist injuries. It will make use of 3D printed scaffolds to re-grow ligament and bone tissue in the wrist, potentially saving the mobility of patients and preventing osteoarthritis. More

UNL Professor Prahalada Rao awarded $500k for new metal 3D printing process to eliminate flaws

Apr.18, 2018 - A researcher at Nebraska-Lincoln University has been awarded a major grant by the National Science Foundation. Prahalada Rao will be developing a new data-driven 3D printing process, that could eliminate flaws in metal parts. More

TU Chemnitz builds electrical motor using copper, ceramics and iron in a single 3D print

Apr.18, 2018 - A team of researchers at TU Chemnitz has succeeded in fabricating the first fully 3D printed electrical motor, after over two years of research. The motor was put together using an advanced 3D printing technique that uses viscous pastes, simultaneously printing ceramics and metallic materials. More

Aeroprobe's patented MELD is first-ever metal 3D printing technology without melting

Apr.13, 2018 - MELD Manufacturing Corporation, a subsidiary of Aeroprobe, has pioneered a new metal 3D printing technique. The patented MELD process uses pressure and friction instead of melting to create high-performance metal parts, without the need for lasers or a vacuum chamber. More

ORNL and MVP unveil first medium-to-large-scale thermoset 3D printer

Apr.13, 2018 - At Oak Ridge National Laboratory, the world's first commercially available medium/large-scale thermoset 3D printer has just been unveiled. It was produced in partnership between ORNL and Magnum Venus Products, and it will improve production of molds and other structures. More

Singapore researchers enhance ductility and toughness of metal 3D printed parts with creative SLM approach

Apr.12, 2018 - A team of researchers based in Singapore have studied the SLM 3D printing process in-depth, to find a creative way to improve its results. They were able to use in-process engineering of the micro-structure of metal parts, to increase their ductility and toughness. More

Be More 3D's concrete 3D printer can print bungalows in just 8 hours

Apr.11, 2018 - A Spanish start-up has developed a concrete 3D printer to put together buildings in a remarkably short time period. Be More 3D is currently working on a group of chalets, and its system is capable of building a one-storey house in just 8 hours More

Dutch chef Jan Smink teams with byflow to launch 3D printed food restaurant

Apr.9, 2018 - A top chef from the Netherlands will soon be opening a new restaurant, which will be the first permanent one in the country to have 3D printed food on the menu. Jan Smink hopes to use 3D printing technology to develop exciting new dishes, and the restaurant will also be used to demonstrate his collaborator byflow's Focus 3D printer. More

Singapore's NAMIC partners with Asian research institutes for medical 3D printing

Apr.4, 2018 - A major new collaboration has been announced that should see the development of 3D printing technology in the bio-technology sector in Asia. The Singaporean 3D printing initiative NAMIC will partner with a Chinese hospital and a Taiwanese applied research institute. More

3D printing on eggs: 50% infill, one shell?

Mar.30, 2018 - Joris van Tubergen, the Dutch industrial design engineer who created the Z-Unlimited add-on for Ultimaker 3D printers, has created a device for 3D printing on eggs. It's the perfect 3D printer accessory for Easter! More

3D printed lens technique could produce disease-detecting iPhone microscopes

Mar.28, 2018 - Researchers at Northwestern University have discovered a new method for speeding up the 3D printing of millimeter-sized imaging lenses. The technique could be used create customized contact lenses or to turn iPhones into disease-spotting microscopes. More

Liquid 3D printing: Berkeley Lab scientists create complex all-liquid 3D structures from water and oil

Mar.27, 2018 - Scientists from the Berkeley Lab have devised a 3D printing method for fabricating entirely liquid structures. The technique uses a special 3D printer to deposit 'threads of water' into a base of silicone oil and could be used for constructing liquid electronics and for chemical synthesis. More

4D printer combines four 3D printing technologies to make shapeshifting electronic components

Mar.22, 2018 - Researchers from the Georgia Institute of Technology have developed a 4D printer that can create hard and soft components at the same time and incorporate conductive wiring directly into shape-changing structures. More

NASA develops LWDC 3D printing process for rapid fabrication of rocket engine nozzles

Mar.21, 2018 - Engineers at NASA's Marshall Space Flight Center in Huntsville, Alabama have developed and tested a new additive manufacturing technique called Laser Wire Direct Closeout (LWDC). The 3D printing method can be used to make rocket engine nozzles at a reduced cost in a shorter time. More

Koala: incredible 3D printer 'climbs' its printed structures for unlimited Z-axis building

Mar.19, 2018 - Researchers at the University of Chile have developed two working prototypes of Koala 3D, a free-form 'climbing' 3D printer with an unlimited Z-axis. The unusual 3D printer can climb the object it is currently printing in the same way a koala climbs a tree. More

MIT's ColorMod process can 3D print color-changing objects

Mar.14, 2018 - Researchers at MIT's Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (CSAIL) have developed a process that enables 3D printed parts to change color after printing. The method, called ColorMod, relies on specialized and UV-responsive 3D printable inks. More

Open Meals 3D prints 8-bit sushi that you can eat

Mar.13, 2018 - Open Meals, a Japanese digital food startup, has brought 3D printed edible sushi to the table at SXSW this week. And not just 3D printed sushi, but teleported, 8-bit sushi. More

A 3D printed house for $4,000? Silicon Valley's New Story can build it

Mar.12, 2018 - New Story, a Silicon Valley-based nonprofit, says it has developed the 'Vulcan,' a construction 3D printer that can fabricate a four-room house in less than a day for just $4,000. The massive 3D printer is being demonstrated at SXSW. More

Fraunhofer ILT develops inline powder jet testing system for LMD 3D printing

Mar.9, 2018 - The Fraunhofer Institute for Laser Technology ILT has developed an inline system for testing, qualifying, and adjusting the focused powder jet of laser metal deposition nozzles. Laser Metal Deposition is an additive manufacturing process that uses the technology of laser cladding. More

Creator of ZYYX 3D printer developing sub-$12K metal additive manufacturing system

Mar.8, 2018 - Sweden's Magicfirm Europe AB, creator of the ZYYX 3D printer, says it is developing a metal 3D printer that will cost less than 10,000 euros ($12,400). The three-step binder 3D printing system should be ready for shipping in 2019. More

UBC's new 'direct laser' 3D bioprinting technique capable of ultra-fine resolution

Mar.7, 2018 - Researchers from the University of British Columbia in Canada are developing a new 3D bioprinting technique which could be used to produce 3D structures from living bio-tissues and which could be beneficial for treating those with severe burns, organ problems, and cancer. More

Swinburne establishing world-first Industry 4.0 Testlab for 3D printing carbon fiber composites

Mar.7, 2018 - Australia's Swinburne University of Technology is establishing the world's first operational Industry 4.0 Testlab for carbon composite manufacturing. The lab will contain a carbon fiber Multilayer 3D printing system from Austrian company Fill. More

California's 3D-Hybrid turns old CNC machines into cutting-edge 3D printers

Mar.6, 2018 - 3D-Hybrid Solutions, a hybrid manufacturing company based in Los Angeles, California, has developed tools for adding 3D printing capabilities to CNC machines. These augmentable 3D printing technologies include Wire-Arc Additive Manufacturing, Laser Metal Deposition, and Cold Spray. More

Queen Mary scientists study 3D printed cell structures with ink that mimics your body

Feb.16, 2018 - Researchers from the UK's Queen Mary University of London have used a 3D printing technique to create constructs that resemble biological structures. The structures are embedded in an ink that resembles natural environments. More

Cornell's RoMA robotic 3D printing system lets users design 3D objects with AR

Feb.15, 2018 - A team from Cornell University, including researcher Huaishu Peng, has developed a hybrid 3D printing system guided by AR. The system, called the Robotic Modeling Assistant or RoMA for short, lets users design 3D models in-situ using AR technology and have the model 3D printed simultaneously. More

The days of collapsing 3D printed concrete walls could be over

Feb.14, 2018 - A professor of Applied Mechanics at the Eindhoven University of Technology in the Netherlands has developed a model for determining the dimensions and printing speeds needed to keep 3D printed concrete walls stable. More

Caltech's Nanoscale metal 3D printing process could produce tiny circuits & aircraft parts

Feb.13, 2018 - Researchers from the California Institute of Technology'(Caltech) have developed a new process for the 3D printing of nanoscale metal structures. The process could be used to make tiny logic circuits, lightweight aircraft components, and more. More

Creases provide 4D printing breakthrough for Italian mathematician

Feb.11, 2018 - A professor of mathematics at the Politecnico di Milano in Italy has made a breakthrough in 4D printing, the 3D printing of objects that are programmed to change shape over time. The discovery involves controlling the nucleation of localized creases in soft solids. More

12 of the best 3D pens and 3D printing pens

Feb.5, 2018 - From mini Eiffel Towers drawn in 3D, to architectural models, to intricate and unique fashion pieces, 3D printing pens have been an integral part of the 3D printing industry, especially on its creative side. Check out the industry's favorite 3D pens here. More

Lux Research: 18 technologies most likely to transform the world over the next decade

Jan.31, 2018 - Lux Research used a combination of its expert analysts and proprietary data analysis platform to answer the question "What technologies have the greatest potential to transform the world over the next decade?" More

DOE scientists using X-rays to discover why metal 3D printing produces flaws

Jan.31, 2018 - The Department of Energy's SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory is investigating how to avoid flaws in metal 3D printed parts. Its X-ray observation processes could result in more reliable 3D printed parts. More

MIT's new ColorFab process recolors 3D printed objects after they've been printed

Jan.29, 2018 - A team of researchers at MIT's Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Lab (CSAIL) has developed a new kind of 3D printable ink that makes it possible to recolor 3D printed objects after printing. The process has been named 'ColorFab.' More

Rösler Benelux showcases RapidFinish, new surface finishing treatment for 3D printed parts

Jan.16, 2018 - This week, Rösler Benelux BV gave a peek at their RapidFinish solution. Announced as a new line of specially designed surface finishing machines, RapidFinish promises to remove those unsightly 3D printing lines by way of an advanced sanding and drumming process, and is aimed specifically at companies who 3D print in plastic and metal. More

BASF & CTIBiotech announce first results of 3D human sebaceous glands technology for skin care

Jan.12, 2018 - At NYSCC Cosmetic Congress, BASF Care Creations and the Cell Therapy Research Institute CTIBiotech have announced the initial results of their joint research on 3D tissue models for the development and testing of bio-actives for skin care applications. More

MIT researchers find that melting can prevent adhesion in metal 3D printing

Jan.9, 2018 - Researchers at MIT have developed a new way for getting sprayed metal coatings to adhere, in a study that could have big implications for metal 3D printing. The researchers used an ultra-fast camera to observe a spray coating process and discover the ideal conditions for metal bonding. More

ORNL exploring quality control processes for large-scale BAAM 3D printing

Jan.8, 2018 - A dedicated research team has been working closely with the Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) to advance quality control testing for parts using the large-scale BAAM 3D printing process. More

LLNL's two-photon lithography breakthrough produces nanoscale 3D printed parts with 10x higher X-ray attenuation

Jan.4, 2018 - Researchers at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL) have found a way to improve two-photon lithography (TPL), a nanoscale 3D printing technique. The research could help doctors carry out X-ray CT scans to analyze 3D printed implants within the human body. More

NDSU quality control imaging tech for error-checking 3D printed parts receives patent

Jan.4, 2018 - A professor of computer science at North Dakota State University has been granted a patent for his innovative imaging system which can help makers ensure that their 3D prints do not have any internal flaws caused by hardware issues or sabotage. More

Desktop Metal granted seminal Separable Supports patents for its metal 3D printing technology

Jan.3, 2018 - Desktop Metal announced today it has been granted seminal patents by the United States Patent and Trademark Office for its Separable Supports technology which enables 3D printing of large, complex parts through metal sintering and the removal of metal support structures by hand. More

CTC patents 3D printing concept that uses gaseous metals to build thin-walled parts

Dec.28, 2017 - Concurrent Technologies Corporation (CTC) announced it has been granted a patent for its 'Additive Manufacturing Using Metals from the Gaseous State' process. The Pennsylvania-based company says the innovative 3D printing concept could enable the manufacturing of thin-walled metal parts. More

Japanese engineers create tactile 3D printed surface patterns using clever technique

Dec.21, 2017 - Japanese engineers Haruki Takahashi and Homei Miyashita have devised a 3D printing technique that controls printing thickness by increasing and decreasing the amount of material extruded during printing. The technique enables the 3D printing of tactile surfaces on standard FDM 3D printers. More

GE at work on developing more powerful laser beams for faster 3D printing systems

Dec.20, 2017 - A team of researchers is currently in the process of developing more advanced, powerful lasers in order to speed up the 3D printing process. The increase in speed is becoming necessary as 3D printing applications are scaled up across the industry, and the team is experimenting with different laser patterns in order to cover a larger powder bed area. More

China unveiled ambitious Action Plan: annual 3D printing sales revenue to reach USD 3 billion by 2020

Dec.14, 2017 - The Chinese government has unveiled an ambitious new Action Plan for the rapid, healthy, and sustainable development of the Additive Manufacturing industry in China. By 2020, the nation expects to boast an annual sales revenue of over 20 billion yuan ($3 billion USD) in the 3D printing industry, with an average annual growth rate of at least 30%. More

Gartner Predicts 2018: 3D printing changes business models, 75% of aircraft will use 3D printed parts by 2021

Dec.13, 2017 - American research firm Gartner has forecast further adoption of 3D printing technologies amongst manufacturers of medical devices, aircraft, consumer goods, and elsewhere. As part of its Predicts 2018 report, the firm says 75 per cent of commercial aircraft will use 3D printed parts by 2021. More

New SLM 3D printing technique can produce strong, ductile stainless steel parts

Dec.11, 2017 - A joint research team from the UK, Sweden, and China has developed a new stainless steel SLM 3D printing technique that results in high levels of strength and ductility. The process could be used to make heavy-duty parts for the aerospace and automotive sectors. More

LLNL's holography-based volumetric 3D printing makes 3D objects in seconds, no layering required

Dec.11, 2017 - With the help of academic collaborators, researchers at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL) are using hologram-like 3D images projected into photosensitive resin to 3D print complex parts in a very short time. The volumetric 3D printing process prints objects all at once, rather than layer by layer. More

MIT 3D prints 'living tattoo' with programmed bacterial cells

Dec.6, 2017 - A team of MIT engineers have demonstrated the ability to 3D print what it calls a 'living tattoo' from a bioink consisting of living cells and hydrogel. When adhered to human skin and exposed to certain chemicals, the tree-shaped 'tattoo' lights up in response. More

Playdough-like particles could self-assemble into functional architectures, may change the face of 3D printing

Dec.5, 2017 - Chemists at New York University are reconfiguring the 'building blocks' of life with a new particle that combines Playdough and Lego traits. These so-called patchy particles are 1/200th the width of a human hair, and can self-assemble into an endless array of unique architectures. According to their creators, there's no limit on potential applications. More

4D printed hydrogel leaf brings University of Alberta researchers one step closer to bioprinting organs

Dec.4, 2017 - A team of scientists from the University of Alberta's Ingenuity Lab have used 4D printing to create a leaf structure made from natural proteins and a printable hydrogel material. The project marks a step towards creating an implantable 3D bioprinted organ. More

News Roundup: Medicrea spinal implant, Materialise and Simufact, Facilan filaments, 3D printed dental abutments

Nov.22, 2017 - In today's 3D printing roundup you'll find news French company Medicrea Group, as well as from Materialise and Simufact Engineering,'3D4Makers and Sweden-based Perstorp, and Canadian dental company Preferred Dental Technologies. More

Nanoscribe uses tiny 3D printed polymer masters for serial production of micro-components

Nov.22, 2017 - Germany's Nanoscribe, a company specializing in nano-, micro-, and meso-scale 3D printing, has combined its Photonic Professional GT, the 'world's highest-resolution 3D printer' for fabricating tiny plastic components, with conventional serial production technologies. More

ETH Zurich researchers develop 4D prints that can expand up to 200%

Nov.21, 2017 - Researchers at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich have published a new study that finds shape memory polymers to be an important catalyst in creating 4D prints with enhanced adaptability and control. According to the study, using these specialized polymers can enable 4D prints with area changes up to 200%. More

NXT Factory completes beam delivery system for NXF1 'Quantum Laser Sintering' 3D printer

Nov.13, 2017 - NXT Factory, the 3D printing company behind Quantum Laser Sintering (QLS), has completed the development of a beam delivery system that converts a single laser into several million micro lasers without power degradation. It will use the technology in its forthcoming NXF1 QLS 3D printer. More

Fraunhofer ILT, Rapid Shape develop support-free 'TwoCure' resin 3D printing process

Nov.3, 2017 - German 3D printing company Rapid Shape and the Fraunhofer Institute for Laser Technology ILT have developed 'TwoCure,' a new resin 3D printing process that is similar to DLP 3D printing but which requires no support structures. More

ACEO to debut multi-material silicone 3D printing technology at formnext 2017

Oct.24, 2017 - ACEO, a brand of German chemical company Wacker Chemie AG, has developed a 3D printing process for multi-material silicone printing. The silicone additive manufacturing technology will be demonstrated at the upcoming formnext 3D printing event in Frankfurt, Germany. More

University of Michigan professor doubles 3D printing speeds using vibration-mitigating algorithm

Oct.20, 2017 - The Smart and Sustainable Automation Research Laboratory of Chinedum Okwudire, an Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering at the University of Michigan, has developed a software algorithm called 'FBS Vibration Compensation' that effectively doubles 3D printing speeds. More

AIM3D's game-changing 'CEM'-based ExAM255 system cuts metal 3D printing costs by using granulate materials

Oct.13, 2017 - German startup AIM3D is aiming to revolutionize the 3D printer market with its innovative CEM technology. The startup is currently developing the ExAM255, a 3D printer which takes inspiration from injection molding processes to additively manufacture in both metal and plastic. More

Fraunhofer IFAM develops metallic FDM 3D printing process suitable for 'all sinterable metals'

Oct.13, 2017 - Germany's Fraunhofer Institute for Manufacturing Technology and Advanced Materials IFAM (Fraunhofer IFAM) has developed a metallic FDM/FFF 3D printing process. The two-step process involves both extrusion and sintering. More

HP planning low-cost metal additive manufacturing & full-color 3D printing in 2018

Oct.13, 2017 - HP is planning to release a metal 3D printing platform in 2018, as well as a full-color 3D printing solution. The company says it has developed a 'novel' approach to metal 3D printing, adding that its full-color 3D printing will offer 'mechanically robust' parts. More

Discovery of 'self-peeling' droplets at MIT could improve material adhesion in additive manufacturing

Oct.5, 2017 - Researchers at MIT have found a way to control the activity of freezing droplets hitting surfaces, allowing them to determine whether a droplet will stick, bounce, or 'self-peel.' The discovery could have an impact on future 3D printers and other technologies. More

voxeljet's new PPC2 plastic 3D printing promises higher resolution for investment casting

Oct.5, 2017 - German 3D printer manufacturer voxeljet AG has announced the imminent release of a new PMMA 3D printing process called PolyPor C2 (or PPC2). The new technique reportedly enables the production of high quality investment casting parts. More

Rolls-Royce & AMAZE use light 10x brighter than the sun to improve 3D printed aircraft engine blades

Oct.3, 2017 - Rolls-Royce has teamed up with AMAZE, a collaboration of 26 European institutions from academia, research, and industry, to improve additive manufacturing processes using the Diamond Light Source synchrotron, which produces incredibly bright flashes of light. More

TU Wien physicists develop material analysis method for 3D printing at 'dust particle' scale

Oct.2, 2017 - Physicists at the Vienna University of Technology (TU Wien) have developed a new analysis method that could vastly improve the accuracy of resin 3D printing by identifying materials with suitable initiator molecules. The method uses ultra-short laser pulses and beam-splitting prisms. More

Finland's VTT adopts plasma tech for developing advanced metal 3D printing powders

Sep.29, 2017 - VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland, a state-owned research and technology company, has adopted a new plasma technology for producing metal 3D printing materials. The new equipment is enabling VTT to 'accelerate and streamline' its industrial production and product development processes. More

Fraunhofer ILT's new LaserTAB robot enables precise microjoining of 3D printed connectors for batteries

Sep.29, 2017 - The Fraunhofer Institute for Laser Technology ILT has developed a novel process for micro-welding battery cells and power electronics. The technology, which uses microjoining and can be used in combination with 3D printing, is known as Laser-Based Tape-Automated Bonding, or LaserTAB. More

First look at Cazza Construction's X1 3D printing robot that could rebuild homes destroyed by hurricanes

Sep.29, 2017 - Cazza Construction, the Silicon Valley startup that has promised to 'revolutionize' construction using additive manufacturing, has offered a first glimpse at its Cazza X1 3D printing robot. The company says the robot could rebuild homes in disaster zones like the areas hit by Hurricane Harvey. More

CMS and Fraunhofer IWU developing 'CMS Kreator' hybrid thermoplastic 3D printing system

Sep.21, 2017 - Italian machining specialist CMS has announced a new partnership with the Fraunhofer Institute for Machine Tools and Forming Technology (Fraunhofer IWU) through which they will jointly develop a hybrid system for 3D printing and machining thermoplastic composite parts. More

HRL Laboratories 3D prints high-strength aluminum, solves age-old welding problem with nanoparticles

Sep.21, 2017 - HRL Laboratories, a Boeing-owned corporate R&D lab located in Malibu, California, has developed a technique for successfully 3D printing high-strength aluminum alloys, including Al7075 and Al6061. The technique could have big implications for aerospace and automotive. More

Prellis Biologics raises $1.8M to develop microvasculature 3D printing tech for human organ printing

Sep.14, 2017 - Prellis Biologics, a San Francisco-based human tissue engineering company, says it has invented a new way to create viable human organs using 3D printing. The company has also raised $1.8 million in a seed funding round. More

Titomic's large-scale Kinetic Fusion 3D printing '10-100x faster' than fastest printers in world

Sep.12, 2017 - Australian 3D printing company Titomic is commercializing 'Titomic Kinetic Fusion,' a CSIRO-patented additive manufacturing process for titanium alloys. Based on traditional cold spray technologies, the new 3D printing process can print on a 9 x 3 x 1.5 meter scale. More

Fluid Morphology: translucent 3D printed building facades with tunable ventilation, insulation, shading

Sep.12, 2017 - Architects at the Technical University of Munich (TUM) have developed 3D printable translucent facade elements for architectural design. The 3D printed building envelope concept, called 'Fluid Morphology,' can provide ventilation, insulation, and shading. More

EVO-tech completes development of new metal 3D printing process, Filament Metal Printing (FMP)

Sep.11, 2017 - With support from BASF, Austrian 3D printing company EVO-tech has developed a new metal 3D printing process. Known as Filament Metal Printing (FLP), the technique involves a filament that is composed of metal powder and a binding agent. This filament can then be extruded, similar to in the FDM method. More

voxeljet unveils new 3D printing process: High Speed Sintering for production of end-use parts

Sep.8, 2017 - voxeljet AG, a provider of high-speed, large-format 3D printers and on-demand parts services today announced the release of its first 3D printing system based on its new High Speed Sintering (HSS) process. More

Research project led by Argonne National Laboratory investigates structural defects in 3D printed parts

Sep.7, 2017 - A team of researchers led by Argonne National Laboratory, part of the U.S Department of Energy, has been investigating how defects form in 3D printed parts. Making use of X-ray based recording equipment, they were able to study the 3D printing process in real-time, in order to develop models to improve its reliability, More

Harvard's Wyss Institute takes wearable electronics to next level with 'hybrid 3D printing'

Sep.6, 2017 - The Wyss Institute at Harvard University and the US Air Force Research Laboratory have collaborated on a new 'hybrid 3D printing' technique for soft electronics. The technique can be used to make wearable electronic devices. More

Canada's University of New Brunswick investing in AI 3D printing & other 'factories of the future' tech

Sep.6, 2017 - Researchers at the University of New Brunswick in Canada are developing artificial intelligence (AI) technologies for 3D printing that would allow printing systems to automatically generate and 3D print optimal designs within specified parameters. More

2018 launch for Refabricator, NASA's recycling system that turns plastic into 3D printing materials in space

Sep.5, 2017 - NASA says it will soon be sending its 'Refabricator' recycling machine up to space. The device, developed in partnership with Tethers Unlimited Inc. (TUI), can be used to transform plastic objects and parts into 3D printable raw materials aboard the ISS. More

DLP 4D printing process creates beautiful plastic flowers that 'bloom' after printing

Sep.3, 2017 - Engineers at Zhejiang University's National Key Laboratory of Chemical Engineering have demonstrated a '4D printing' process that requires a projector, light-curable resin, and paraffin. The technique has been used to create 3D models of flowers which appear to bloom after printing. More

Stem cell growth factor research from Swinburne brings us closer to 3D bioprinting implantable tissue

Aug.31, 2017 - A scientist from the Swinburne University of Technology in Australia is conducting research that could take us one step closer to 3D bioprinted human tissue for implantation. The project consists of developing a method to control how quickly growth factors are released. More

Fraunhofer ILT to develop game-changing green laser SLM 3D printer for printing pure copper

Aug.31, 2017 - Researchers at the Fraunhofer Institute for Laser Technology (Fraunhofer ILT) are developing a green laser SLM 3D printing system for printing pure copper and copper alloys. The project has been dubbed 'SLM in Green.' More

Swinburne University recognized for innovative geopolymer-based concrete 3D printing method

Aug.29, 2017 - The Centre for Sustainable Infrastructure at the Swinburne University of Technology in Australia has received the Excellence in Technology and Innovation award from the Concrete Institute of Australia (CIA). The prize was given for the center's cutting-edge concrete 3D printing process. More

New method for 'bone-like' shell & infill optimization results in stronger 3D printed parts

Aug.28, 2017 - Researchers from the Technical University of Delft and the Technical University of Denmark have developed a new way to create bone-like porous infill in 3D printed parts. The technique can be achieved on several kinds of 3D printer. More

3D printing could 'transform' construction industry along with 5D modeling, IoT, robotic assembly

Aug.23, 2017 - Management consulting firm McKinsey & Company has published a report that identifies 3D printing as a key area of 'construction's digital future.' The report also looks at 5D building information modeling, IoT, and other technologies. More

Rutgers and Georgia Tech researchers develop three-part approach for detecting 3D printer hacks

Aug.16, 2017 - As hacking becomes an increasingly significant threat, it is not just our passwords and financial information we have to protect. Researchers from the Rutgers University-New Brunswick and the Georgia Institute of Technology have devised three methods for fighting 3D printing hacks. More

Making fast and affordable 3D printed figurines with the ColorPod

Aug.9, 2017 - VDG Spitstechniek, the Netherlands-based company behind the ColorPod 3D printer accessory, has demonstrated how users can turn their 3D scans into full-color human busts using the ColorPod. More

Cikoni launches hybrid AdditiveCARBON technology for 3D printed carbon composites

Aug.8, 2017 - Cikoni, a Stuttgart-based engineering company, has developed hybrid production technology that adds carbon fiber to the 3D printing process. Cikoni's AdditiveCARBON can be used to make 3D printed structures with carbon fiber reinforcement. More

3D printing company TRUMPF to begin series production of EHLA laser metal coating system

Aug.7, 2017 - German additive manufacturing company TRUMPF has announced that the new EHLA laser metal coating process is ready for series production. EHLA, which stands for extreme high-speed laser deposition welding, was developed and patented by researchers from the Fraunhofer Institute for Laser Technology. More

'PhotonControl' uses Optical Coherence Tomography, Raman spectroscopy to test quality of bioprinted tissue

Aug.7, 2017 - Scientists from Würzburg and Lübeck in Germany are attempting to improve the quality control of 3D bioprinted tissue implants. Their 'PhotonControl' system uses both Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) and Raman spectroscopy (Raman) to test fabricated tissue. More

LLNL researchers: metal 3D printing 'spatter' caused by gas flow, not laser recoil pressure

Aug.2, 2017 - Researchers at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL) have used high-speed imaging and computer models to uncover the mechanisms behind material redistribution, a phenomenon that leads to defects in metal 3D printed parts. More

Is 3D Printing Safe? Study published into potential health risks associated with FDM 3D printing

Aug.2, 2017 - A recent study published by industrial hygienists pointed out some potential health risks with 3D printing technology. Commonly used filaments emit volatile organic compounds, which can lead to throat problems, headaches, nausea and other problems. More

New photoinitiator improves water-based DLP 3D printing, says Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Aug.1, 2017 - Researchers at the Center for Nanoscience and Nanotechnology at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem have developed a new kind of photoinitiator for 3D printing in water. The photoinitiators could be used to make bio-friendly 3D printed structures. More

EU's innovative drilling robot BADGER can navigate the urban underground and 3D print tunnels

Aug.1, 2017 - A new EU project referred to as the BADGER will enable more efficient creation of tunnel networks for construction projects. It makes use of a 3D printer module, which builds walls to support the tunnels created as it burrows its way underground. More

Scientists 3D print complex ceramic microsystems for organ-on-a-chip biomedical research

Jul.31, 2017 - A joint team of researchers from the Autonomous University of Madrid and ceramic 3D printing company Lithoz GmbH have developed complex 3D printed ceramic microsystems which could advance labs-on-chips and organs-on-chips. More

Ilios says its Thermal Masking 3D printing tech results in 90% cheaper SLA printing

Jul.31, 2017 - Cypriot 3D printer manufacturer Ilios has lifted the lid on its Thermal Masking technology, which can purportedly be used to 3D print SLA models at 1/10 the normal cost. The technology has been incorporated into the forthcoming €250 ($294) Ilios Nano SLA 3D printer. More

GE additive expert tells 3Ders about Syracuse University's multi-metal DMLM 3D printing breakthrough

Jul.31, 2017 - Mechanical and aerospace engineering students at Syracuse University have developed a DMLM powder deposition system for multi-material 3D printing. GE's Joseph Vinciquerra, who worked with the students on the project, explained to 3Ders what the metal 3D printing system is all about. More

University of Wollongong researchers use 3D printing to create brain-like tissue from stem cells

Jul.26, 2017 - Researchers at Australia's University of Wollongong have found a way to 3D print human induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSCs) using a special bioink. The technique could be used to print 'any type' of bodily tissue, including brain tissue. More

How liquids flow in microgravity? Toronto students to study effects of microgravity on 3D printing process

Jul.25, 2017 - A group of undergrads from the University of Toronto have been given the chance to carry out an experiment in low-gravity, on board a Falcon 20 aircraft. They will be hoping to find out more about the liquid coil effect, a phenomenon that describes how 3D printer filament behaves when extruded. More

Bodycote's new Powdermet technologies combine metal additive manufacturing with near net shape

Jul.21, 2017 - Bodycote, a British provider of heat treatment and specialist thermal processing services, has released Powdermet, a group of additive manufacturing processes for the production of complex components using powder metallurgy. More

Kirchhoff-Plateau Surfaces: 3D printing on fabric to create complex 3D structures

Jul.12, 2017 - A team of computer science researchers from Disney Research and the University Rey Juan Carlos in Madrid have developed a design tool software that makes it possible to 3D print smooth curved surfaces in a fast and cost-efficient manner. More

ORNL team combines 3D printing and casting to make stronger, damage-tolerant composite parts

Jul.10, 2017 - Researchers from the Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) and Rice University in Houston, Texas have developed a novel process for creating 'damage-tolerant components' made from multiple materials. The innovative process combines 3D printing with traditional casting methods. More

Australia's AML Technologies pockets half a million to develop WAM metal 3D printing process

Jul.10, 2017 - AML Technologies (Additive Metal Layering Technologies), a metal 3D printing startup based in Adelaide, Australia, has been awarded a 500,000 AUD ($380,000) grant from the Australian government to develop its Wire-Arc Additive Manufacturing (WAM) process. More

Autodesk patent seeks to improve flexural strength of 3D printed objects with support posts

Jul.7, 2017 - Autodesk has had a patent approved for a 'support posts' technique for improving the flexural strength of 3D printed objects. Originally filed in 2014, the newly approved patent gives Autodesk ownership of a different approach to support structures. More

Pioneering new NIR laser 3D printing technique uses gold nanorods to give more control over bio-printing

Jul.7, 2017 - A research project carried out at the National University of Singapore suggests that an innovative new approach to 3D bio-printing could soon be adopted. Instead of using a scaffold, lasers can be used to direct the growth of tissues, and this new research shows that a relatively low-powered laser can be used just as successfully. More

Hot nanotubes help strengthen 3D printed thermoplastics in novel welding process

Jul.6, 2017 - A team of researchers from Texas A&M University has developed a novel method for improving the strength of 3D printed thermoplastic parts. By coating filaments with multi-walled carbon nanotubes (MWCNTs) the team found that it was able to improve a printed part's strength by as much as 275%. More

Taiwan's Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI) creates 3D printed Chinese skin for cosmetics testing

Jul.6, 2017 - Researchers at Taiwan's Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI) have used 3D printing to create Chinese skin. The synthetic skin could be used to test cosmetics, drugs, and medical equipment for the Chinese market. More

Lockheed Martin gives $1M for aerospace 3D printing lab at Denver's MSU

Jul.5, 2017 - Lockheed Martin, the American global aerospace and defense company, will be investing $1 million to establish an additive manufacturing facility at the Metropolitan State University of Denver. The lab will be the first of its kind in Colorado. More

Germany's Neotech AMT improving 3D printed electronics with new plastic, ceramic AM projects

Jul.3, 2017 - German 3D printed electronics specialist Neotech AMT has announced two new projects: Hyb-Man, an 11-member German-Dutch project for developing hybrid 3D manufacturing methods for smart systems, and AMPECS, a German-Spanish project aiming to create ceramic substrates for 3D printed electronics. More

Carnegie Mellon research project combines 3D printing with embedded textiles

Jul.3, 2017 - Researchers from Carnegie Mellon University and the Rochester Institute of Technology have developed a set of techniques for combining 3D printing with embedded textiles. The techniques can create 'rigid objects with embedded flexibility' and 'soft materials imbued with additional functionality.' More

Cytosurge's Fluid FM technology enables metal 3D printing at an impossibly small scale

Jun.29, 2017 - Swiss company Cytosurge has pioneered a new form of microfluidics technology called Fluid FM. This allows for the incredibly precise control of flow rate through microscopic pipette apertures, and has been implemented into a unique metal 3D printer, the Fluid FM u3Dprinter. More

US Navy to shore up 3D printing security with blockchain

Jun.27, 2017 - The U.S. Navy's innovation arm says it plans to use blockchain technology, a kind of digital ledger used to govern bitcoin transactions, to bring added security to its additive manufacturing systems. The technology will be trialled across the Navy's 3D printing sites this summer. More

Latvia-based Neurotechnology developing new 3D printing process that uses ultrasonic waves

Jun.26, 2017 - Researchers from Neurotechnology, a Latvia-based software development company, are in the process of developing a new 3D printing process that uses ultrasonic manipulation to build up objects bit by bit. The technology, developed by the company's Ultrasound Research Group, is currently patent-pending. More

Laser 3D printing helps Rice, Tianjin researchers create atomically thin graphene

Jun.21, 2017 - Nanotechnologists from Rice University and China's Tianjin University have used laser 3D printing to fabricate centimeter-sized objects of atomically thin graphene. The research could help create industrial quantities of bulk graphene. More

Prodways' Rapid Additive Forging tech makes '50% cheaper' 3D printed titanium parts

Jun.16, 2017 - French 3D printing company Prodways has presented its new Rapid Additive Forging (RAF) 3D printing method for printing large titanium parts. The company says aerospace companies could save up to 50% on titanium part production by using the technology. More

European machine tool industry group CECIMO outlines steps to advance 3D printing in EU

Jun.13, 2017 - CECIMO, the European Association of the Machine Tool Industries, has published the 'European Additive Manufacturing Strategy,' which addresses a number of areas that Europe should focus on in order to optimize the benefits of 3D printing technology. More

Create it REAL combats 3D printing copyright issues with new FDM, SLA platform

Jun.12, 2017 - Create it REAL, a 3D printing company based in Aalborg, Denmark, says it has developed a platform that will allow companies and designers to more easily protect their 3D models from copyright infringement and ensure their quality and printability. More

European Plastics Converters Association launches 3D printing platform

Jun.9, 2017 - The European Plastics Converters Association (EuPC), which oversees the trading of plastic converters across Europe, has announced the launch of two new industry platforms: a 3D Printing Platform and a Composites Platform. More

3D printed silicone paste could have applications in biomedicine, soft robotics

Jun.8, 2017 - Using a pasty ink made up of water and both solid and liquid forms of silicone, researchers at North Carolina State University have been able to 3D print flexible and porous silicone rubber structures. The technique could be used in biomedicine and soft robotics. More

Self-replicating 3D printers could help build settlements on the Moon

Jun.7, 2017 - Researchers in Canada are trying to build a RepRap-like 3D printer that could completely 3D print itself. If the printer could utilize materials that are obtainable on the Moon, it would mean that lunar bases could be built with 3D printing, prior to any human involvement. More

Carnegie Mellon engineers sort metal 3D printing powders with 95% accuracy using new machine vision tech

Jun.7, 2017 - Researchers from Carnegie Mellon University's College of Engineering have developed machine vision technology that can autonomously identify and sort different kinds of metal 3D printing powders with an accuracy of more than 95 percent. The technology could be commonplace within five years. More

GKN Aerospace, ORNL to develop LMD-w 3D printing process for large-scale titanium parts

Jun.6, 2017 - GKN Aerospace, a British multinational aircraft and engine company, is partnering with the U.S. Department of Energy's Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) to develop an additive manufacturing process for the production of large-scale titanium aerospace parts. More

Joint 3D scanning-3D printing device officially receives US patent

Jun.2, 2017 - Separate systems for 3D scanning and 3D printing could soon be a thing of the past, according to a new report that's surfaced at Electronics Newsweekly. An inventor by the name of Hsin-Tsung Yeh has been issued a patent for a joint 3D scanning-printing device with dual functionality. More

Fraunhofer ILT researchers develop 100x faster 'extreme high-speed laser material deposition' process for coating metal parts

Jun.1, 2017 - The Fraunhofer Institute for Laser Technology, a research institute based in Aachen, Germany, has developed something called 'extreme high-speed laser material deposition,' or EHLA, a new process for coating metal parts. More

South Korean researchers to develop 3D bioprinting ear reconstruction process

Jun.1, 2017 - Researchers from the Korea Institute of Machinery & Materials (KIMM) and the Chungnam National University Hospital have announced a partnership through which they will develop a 3D printing process for ear reconstruction, as well as a number of other projects. More

ESA and MTC establish 'Additive Manufacturing Benchmarking Centre' for space exploration

May.30, 2017 - The European Space Agency has partnered with the Manufacturing Technology Centre to establish a 'one-stop' 3D printing center for space-related applications. The Additive Manufacturing Benchmarking Centre will enable ESA and other space exploration firms to explore the potential of 3D printing. More

Canada's UNB opens $5M research facility for metal 3D printing in marine and defense

May.26, 2017 - Canada has launched its very first metal 3D printing research center geared towards the marine and defense industries. Dubbed the Marine Additive Manufacturing Centre of Excellence, the new facility is being established at the University of New Brunswick in Fredericton. More

LLNL researchers adapt NIF tech for 'faster-than-ever' DiAM metal 3D printing

May.25, 2017 - A team from the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory says it has developed a new and faster method for 3D printing metal objects. Called Diode-based Additive Manufacturing (DiAM), the process is reportedly capable of printing 'faster than ever' thanks to a technology originally developed for the National Ignition Facility. More

Canada's University of Waterloo building one of world's largest academic 3D printing facilities

May.25, 2017 - The University of Waterloo, a 'top innovation university' in Ontario, Canada, has been given 8.9 million CAD in federal funding to develop its additive manufacturing lab. The facility will focus on improving metal 3D printing with sensors, quality assurance software, and machine intelligence. More

3D cell-printing 'Biopen' successfully tested on sheep could be 'game changer' in preventing osteoarthritis

May.25, 2017 - A team from the Aikenhead Centre for Medical Discovery at St Vincent's Hospital in Melbourne, Australia has successfully tested its innovative 'Biopen.' The 3D bioprinting pen, which can be filled with stem cell hydrogel ink cartridges, was used to repair a sheep's knee. More

3D printing news ICYMI: ViscoTec expands AM department, Nano Dimension working with solar energy company, more

May.24, 2017 - With most additive manufacturing businesses using up their energy at RAPID + TCT earlier this month, this hasn't been the busiest week for 3D printing. Nonetheless, here are a few of the smaller announcements that caught our eye over the last few days. ViscoTec, Nano Dimension, and Onshape all feature. More

Intentional defects could save your 3D printing files from cyber theft, NYU researchers say

May.24, 2017 - A group of researchers at NYU's Tandon School of Engineering has found a way to prevent 3D printing hacks and cyber theft. By deliberately embedding flaws in CAD files, the researchers say they can combat intellectual property theft. More

UC Santa Barbara researcher awarded $3M to develop 3D printing tech for 'extreme-use' materials

May.24, 2017 - Tresa Pollock, a scientist at UC Santa Barbara, has been awarded a $3 million grant which will go towards funding her advanced materials research project. The project is seeking to develop a 3D printing platform that will enable the discovery of advanced materials for extreme conditions. More

3D Systems to integrate PTC ThingWorx platform for smart & connected 3D printers

May.23, 2017 - 3D printing giant 3D Systems has announced plans to integrate PTC's ThingWorx Platform into its 3D printing systems. The new tool will enable users to closely and smartly monitor their 3D printers, as well access remote service and maintenance. More

French startup TriDInnov 3D prints functional circuits using new 'Eoprom' solution

May.22, 2017 - TriDInnov, a 3D printing startup based in Metz, France, has developed a metallization solution called 'Eoprom' that can be used to turn plastics and composites, including 3D printed ones, into functional electronic devices. More

Made In Space reveals more info about Archinaut in-orbit robotic 3D printer

May.16, 2017 - Made In Space has released two new videos that demonstrate how its Archinaut additive manufacturing system will work. The project, which has been in development for some time now, is aimed at making in-space construction and maintenance possible with the help of 3D printing. More

Russian group claims to have developed an electron beam metal 3D printer that can print in space

May.15, 2017 - A group of Russian organizations that includes the Roscosmos-associated Energiya Rocket and Space Corporation and Tomsk-based electron beam specialist TETA has developed a prototype of an electron beam metal 3D printer. The group says the 3D printer could be used in space. More

Polaroid's professional 'Design 3D Pen' now available on Indiegogo for $130

May.11, 2017 - Polaroid has announced it is expanding its line of 3D printing products in the United States and Canada with the release of the Polaroid Design 3D Pen. Marketed as the company's 'most advanced 3D pen,' the new product is geared towards professional designers, artists, and engineers. More

3D printing news ICYMI: Stratasys and Desktop Metal partnership, new Ultimaker software, more

May.10, 2017 - RAPID + TCT dominates the 3D printing headlines this week, and there has been lots of additive activity both in Pittsburgh and elsewhere. Stratasys and Desktop Metal are collaborating, Ultimaker is releasing new print cluster management software, and Materialise has posted fresh financial results. More

ETH Zurich scientists create load-bearing and predictable 4D printed objects, take '4D printing' a step further

May.9, 2017 - While 4D printed materials such as shape memory alloy and electroactive polymers have been paving the way for some time, a group of scientists at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich (ETH Zurich) have been pushing the envelope even further. Professor Kristina Shea, head of the Engineering Design and Computing Lab at ETH Zurich, has begun developing flat components that can be folded into three-dimensional objects later on, as well as load-bearing 4D printed objects. More

NASA awards $100K to winners of 'Compression Test Competition' of 3D Printed Habitat Challenge

May.8, 2017 - NASA has named the top-scoring teams for Phase 2, Level 1 of its 3D Printed Habitat Challenge. The two top-scoring teams were Foster + Partners | Branch Technology, which was awarded $85,930, and the University of Alaska in Fairbanks, which received $14,070. More

Skanska's 6-axis 3D printing robot makes concrete cladding, attracts interest from UK companies

May.4, 2017 - Swedish construction company Skanska, alongside a group of partners that includes Foster + Partners, Tarmac, ABB, and Loughborough University, is using a six-axis robotic arm to 3D print concrete. It has received a grant from Innovate UK to industrialize the process. More

Luxexcel raises $10M to accelerate ophthalmic lens 3D printing platform

May.4, 2017 - Luxexcel, a Dutch company that specializes in manufacturing 3D printed ophthalmic lenses, has announced that it has raised a whopping $10 million in equity financing from a group of financial and strategic investors. More

Hexastorm: a transparent polygon laser scanner that could have a big impact on 3D printing

May.4, 2017 - Netherlands-based 3D printing expert Rik Starmans, a former researcher at the Netherlands Organisation for Applied Scientific Research (TNO), is launching a Kickstarter for Hexastorm, an open-hardware laser scanner that is optimized for 3D printing. More

AMRC with Boeing develop hybrid 3D printing process that enables built-in electronics

May.4, 2017 - The Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre with Boeing has unveiled a new 'game-changing' hybrid 3D printing process called THREAD. The AMRC says its new AM process allows for electrical, optical, and structural elements to be introduced into a 3D printed part while it is being built. More

Optomec improves copper ink performance for Aerosol Jet 3D printed electronics

May.3, 2017 - Optomec, an Albuquerque-based supplier of 3D printing systems for printed electronics and laser metal deposition, says it has significantly improved its process for printing and finishing copper and copper/nickel inks using its Aerosol Jet additive manufacturing systems. More

LLNL's new glass 3D printing technique incorporates different refractive indices in a single flat optic

May.3, 2017 - Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory scientists have developed a new technique for 3D printing transparent glass. They say the research could change the way lasers and other optical devices are built. More

3D printed beef can create 'more value' for farmers, says Meat & Livestock Australia

May.3, 2017 - Meat & Livestock Australia, a not-for-profit red meat research organization, has unveiled a selection of 3D printed beef products that it says could be the future of red meat. The organization used a byFlow 3D printer from the Netherlands to create its intricately shaped morsels. More

Researchers print self-folding 3D origami structures using projector and PowerPoint

May.2, 2017 - Scientists from Peking University in China and Georgia Tech have developed a novel way to 3D print complex self-folding origami-like structures using a conventional light projector and PowerPoint slides. The remarkably simple method could have applications in the making of microelectronics, soft actuators, and more. More

MIT & Neri Oxman's giant 3D printing construction robot fabricates 50-ft-diameter dome

Apr.27, 2017 - A group of researchers at MIT that includes members of Neri Oxman's Mediated Matter Group has developed a robotic system for 3D printing buildings and other large structures. The system's robotic arm can 3D print polyurethane foam molds which can then be filled with concrete. More

3D Systems and United Therapeutics team up to develop 3D bioprinted lung scaffolds

Apr.27, 2017 - 3D Systems has announced a new partnership with Maryland-based biotechnology company United Therapeutics Corporation. The partnership will seek to develop solid-organ scaffolds for human transplants through the combination of 3D printing technologies and regenerative medicine. More

DARPA asks Xerox company PARC to build new product design system for advanced manufacturing

Apr.25, 2017 - PARC, a Xerox company, has been chosen by DARPA to develop and deliver FIELDS, a 'new computational paradigm' for advanced manufacturing processes such as combined metal additive manufacturing and machining. More

'Rapid Liquid Printing' by MIT and Steelcase could change the face of 3D printing

Apr.25, 2017 - Researchers at MIT have teamed up with Michigan-based furniture manufacturer Steelcase to develop a new method of 3D printing. Rapid Liquid Printing, as it's been dubbed, allows for the quick production of large objects using materials already found in other industrial processes. Currently under development, the new 3D printing method could be a game-changer in the field of customizing office furniture. More

Ontario's new $5M ADEISS Centre could transform medical 3D printing in North America

Apr.24, 2017 - The London Medical Network (LMN), a healthcare specialist based in Ontario, Canada, has announced the 6.8 million CAD (5 million USD) formation of a new medical 3D printing center in partnership with Ontario's Western University and British engineering firm Renishaw PLC. More

Metal 3D printing supports 'eaten away' in electrochemical process developed at Arizona State

Apr.20, 2017 - Owen Hildreth, an assistant professor of 3D nanofabrication at Arizona State University (ASU), has devised an electrochemical process that could be used to 'eat away' the support structures used in metal 3D printing. More

German researchers use stereolithography to 3D print tiny glass structures at low temperatures

Apr.20, 2017 - Researchers in Germany have found a way to 3D print glass at relatively low temperatures. By mixing glass powder with a photosensitive polymer, the researchers were able to print detailed glass structures (including a glass pretzel) using an ordinary stereolithography (SLA) 3D printer. More

New 3D printing tech at Hong Kong PolyU prepares doctors for TAVI heart procedures

Apr.19, 2017 - After establishing a 620-square-meter 3D printing lab containing over 50 3D printers, the Hong Kong Polytechnic University (PolyU) has now invested in a Transcatheter Aortic Valve Implantation (TAVI) simulation system that could help doctors prepare for heart treatments. More

EOS, Daimler, Aerotec launch NextGenAM project to advance industrial metal 3D printing

Apr.19, 2017 - Industrial 3D printer company EOS has announced a new partnership with Premium Aerotec and automaker Daimler. Through the partnership, the companies will establish a production system for serial additive manufacturing. The metal 3D printing initiative, called the NextGenAM project, is set to launch in May 2017. More

Businesses not concerned enough about 3D printing IP risks, DMH Stallard study shows

Apr.18, 2017 - A study recently conducted by British law firm DMH Stallard found that while companies are excited about the potentials of 3D printing, they are perhaps not concerned enough about the risks the technology could pose for intellectual property. More

New 4D printing technique allows 3D prints to transform permanently when exposed to heat

Apr.13, 2017 - A joint team of international researchers has unveiled a 3D printing method that allows printed objects to permanently transform into different forms when exposed to heat. The new '4D printing' technique could have wide ranging applications in biomedicine, electronics, etc. More

New LIFTcell system from Coobx can connect, control & automate up to 12 resin 3D printers

Apr.12, 2017 - Coobx, a Liechtenstein-based additive manufacturing company, has announced the launch of its LIFTcell 3D printing production lines, available as three different units with different levels of automation. The largest, LIFTcell 12, handles up to six materials across 12 3D printers. More

$6.25M NIH grant supports 3D bioprinting research at new Center for Engineering Complex Tissues

Apr.11, 2017 - The National Institutes of Health (NIH) has pumped $6.25 million into the new Center for Engineering Complex Tissues (CECT), a tissue engineering and 3D bioprinting lab that will be run by Rice University, the University of Maryland, and Wake Forest University starting April 15. More

Experiments on miniature 3D printed lightweight lattice structures shed light on structural weaknesses

Apr.7, 2017 - Researchers at the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory have successfully tested theoretical models that predict the failure behaviour of miniaturized lattice structures. The 3D printed structures underwent compression tests and tomography to show how a lattice structure deforms, and the behaviour fitted well with the researcher's predictions. This is relevant information for how these structures can be deployed in future More

Researchers 3D print robust and elastic structures with simulated lunar and martian soil

Apr.7, 2017 - Research has been carried out on a new approach for creating robust, elastic, designer Lunar and Martian regolith simulant (LRS and MRS, respectively) architectures using ambient condition, extrusion-based 3D-printing of regolith simulant inks. The process is designed to be used for space exploration voyages, particularly to the Moon or Mars, where resources will be limited. More

Sodick's new 'Parallel Mode' for OPM metal 3D printer series could increase production rates

Apr.7, 2017 - Sodick, an American manufacturer of metal 3D printing systems, has announced its latest high-performance additive manufacturing technology: Parallel Mode. The new method, which upgrades Sodick's existing OPM250L metal 3D printing tech, could help to radically increase print speeds. More

3D printing helps Munich & INRS-EMT researchers develop printable resistive memory devices

Apr.5, 2017 - Researchers in Germany and Canada have used a form of 3D printing'to develop a new resistive memory (ReRAM) device. The device uses its state of resistance to represent binary information. More

New research project could make FDM 3D printing a whole lot faster

Apr.5, 2017 - As desktop FDM 3D printers become increasingly accessible, one aspect of the technology has remained somewhat prohibitive: printing speed. Fortunately, a joint team of researchers has pinpointed some existing obstructions in 3D printers that can be addressed to make the entire 3D printing process much faster. More

LASIMM: Consortium of 10 incl. BAE Systems & Autodesk to build hybrid manufacturing system

Apr.4, 2017 - Six companies, two universities, and two research institutes have joined forces for the LASIMM (Large Additive Subtractive Integrated Modular Machine) 3D printing project, which has received funding from the European Union to develop a hybrid additive/subtractive manufacturing system. More

On Site Robotics modernizes construction with large-scale 3D printing system and camera drones

Apr.4, 2017 - Barcelona's IAAC (Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia) has teamed with Basque technology company Tecnalia to develop On Site Robotics, a 3D printing construction project in which sustainable, low-cost buildings can be built with 100% natural materials. More

South Korean gov't to spend $37M on 3D printing industry in 2017

Apr.3, 2017 - The South Korean government has announced a plan to put 41.2 billion won (the equivalent of $37 million) towards the development and expansion of 3D printing technology this year. The funding will come from South Korea's Ministry of Science, ICT and Future Planning. More

Ministry of Supply debuts first in-store garment 3D printer at Boston flagship

Apr.3, 2017 - Boston-based brand Ministry of Supply has debuted its first in-store 3D robotic knitting machine at its Boston flagship location. The new technology will allow customers to customize and have blazers 3D printed on the spot. More

LLNL researchers developing game-changing Direct Metal Writing 3D printing tech

Mar.30, 2017 - A team of researchers from the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory is developing a metal 3D printing method called Direct Metal Writing which could help overcome existing limitations that exist with powder-based metal 3D printing techniques. More

3D printing news ICYMI: Stratasys partners with MTC, AM Ventures invests in Exmet, FATHOM's on-site 3D printing

Mar.30, 2017 - Here are a few of the shorter stories from the last week or so that we didn't cover in full: AM partners with Exmet AB, Massivit demonstrates its work at FESPA 2017, Stratasys partners with MTC, FATHOM launches specialized on-site 3D printing management services, more. More

Inside GE's Advanced Manufacturing & Engineering Center: 3D printing and AR help GE develop the Brilliant Factory

Mar.30, 2017 - GE's Advanced Manufacturing & Engineering Center, which opened two years ago in Waukesha, Wisconsin, is helping 70 GE factories from around the world get to grips with 3D printing, augmented reality, and robotics, all under the company's 'Brilliant Manufacturing' initiative. More

UK researchers trial new Diode Area Melting technique for high speed 3D printing

Mar.27, 2017 - A new 3D printing technique has been discovered by a team at the University of Sheffield, UK. Known as Diode Area Melting, it presents a faster, more energy efficient, and cheaper alternative to existing laser-based methods. It makes use of multiple, high wavelength lasers that function simultaneously to print a plastic or metal object More

NASA's new in situ 3D printing inspection tech uses IR & visual cameras to spot flaws

Mar.23, 2017 - Researchers at NASA Marshall Space Flight Center have developed a new method for interim, in situ dimensional inspection of 3D printed parts. The technique uses infrared and visual cameras to allow users to monitor the 3D printing process in real time and correct it as needed. More

Better than 3D bioprinting? Wisconsin researchers turn vanilla husks into biomedical implants

Mar.22, 2017 - A team of researchers from the University of Wisconsin-Madison has turned the decellularized husks of plants, such as parsley, vanilla, and orchids, into 3D scaffolds seeded with human stem cells. According to the researchers, the technique offers an alternative to 3D bioprinting biomedical implants. More

TU Delft researchers using 3D printed bacteria to make graphene-like materials

Mar.21, 2017 - Researchers at the Delft University of Technology in the Netherlands are using 3D printed bacteria to create bespoke, graphene-like materials. They say that bacteria 3D printed in precise lines can 'pull' oxygen atoms off graphene oxide, turning it into a material that is more like graphene. More

MakerBot's new 'Minfill' 3D printing mode dynamically adjusts infill, makes printing 30% faster

Mar.21, 2017 - MakerBot has introduced Minfill, a new Print Mode for its 3D printers that determines the absolute minimum amount of support needed for the inside of a 3D print. MakerBot says Minfill typically prints 30% faster using 30% less filament. More

+LAB wins JEC Innovation Award for continuous-fiber composite 3D printing

Mar.16, 2017 - JEC Group, Europe's largest composites industry organization, has announced the recipients of its JEC Innovation Awards. In the category of 3D printing, +LAB won for its 'Smart manufacturing of continuous-fiber composites' project. More

Les 3Dandies makes mouth-watering customized 3D printed chocolates

Mar.15, 2017 - Over recent years, 3D printing chocolate has transformed from a gimmicky technology to a fully marketable manufacturing process for high quality chocolates. And while Godiva might not be gift wrapping 3D printed edibles anytime soon, startups have popped up around the globe which are using 3D printing to make unique and mouth-watering chocolates. More

Micron3DP installs first batch of in-house glass 3D printers

Mar.15, 2017 - Israel-based 3D printer company Micron3DP has completed the first internal installations of its unique glass 3D printer. The 3D printer reportedly uses an FDM-style process to deposit 1000'C molten glass at layer thicknesses as fine as 100 microns. More

New 3D-CMF 3D printing finishing technique uses solvent-filled 'pen' to smooth surfaces

Mar.14, 2017 - Researchers at Waseda University in Japan have developed a new surface finishing process for 3D printed objects. The process, called 3D Chemical Melting Finishing, or 3D-CMF, involves using a pen-like device to selectively apply solvent to certain areas of the object. More

Cazza plans to build world's first 3D printed skyscraper using 'crane printing' technique

Mar.13, 2017 - Cazza Construction Technologies, an architectural 3D printing startup that is currently working with the Dubai Government, says it is planning to build the world's first 3D printed skyscraper. The company will purportedly use a new 3D printing technique called 'crane printing.' More

France fired up for 3D printed ceramics: 3Dceram teams with national research unit

Mar.10, 2017 - 3Dceram, a 3D printed ceramics specialist based in Limoges, France, has signed a three-year collaboration agreement with the Science of Ceramic Processes and Surface Treatments (SPCTS) research unit to develop ceramic 3D printing technologies. 3Dceram first worked with the SPCTS in 2010. More

Embedded 'Hotflex' element makes 3D printed objects bendable and adjustable after printing

Mar.7, 2017 - Researchers at Saarland University in Germany have developed Hotflex, a computer-controlled, 3D printable composite structure that allows 3D printed objects to be precisely bent and deformed after printing. More

Microdroplet 3D printing technique mimics natural phenomenon of 'desert roses'

Mar.7, 2017 - Researchers at Washington State University have developed a new 3D printing method for creating complex, bio-like materials. The method allows for control over the material's architecture from the nanoscale to centimeters. More

Ford tests Stratasys Infinite Build System for large-scale 3D printed auto parts

Mar.6, 2017 - Ford is testing whether 3D printing can be used for the production of large-scale, one-piece car parts, such as spoilers. It will be using the Stratasys Infinite Build 3D printer, making it the first automaker to pilot the large-scale additive manufacturing system. More

Formlabs tests Computational Hydrographic Printing technique for coloring 3D printed objects

Mar.1, 2017 - A refinement of immersion printing was developed back in 2015 that allows for much more precise, non-repeating patterns and textures to be printed on the surface of 3D objects. Formlabs performed a simulation of the method that had very promising results for the future of 3D printing. More

University of Tasmania prof granted $630K to advance 3D printing, portable analytical systems

Feb.28, 2017 - Professor Michael Breadmore, from the University of Tasmania, has received a $630K grant to conduct research on 3D printing and portable analytical systems. As part of the research, Breadmore and his team will work with Taiwanese 3D printer company Young Optics to develop a high-resolution, high-speed 3D printer. More

Fabrisonic granted 10th patent for ultrasonic additive manufacturing technology

Feb.23, 2017 - Ohio-based metal 3D printing company Fabrisonic LLC has been granted a U.S. patent (number 9,446,475) for a process to co-locate the additive and subtractive elements of its ultrasonic additive manufacturing equipment. More

Cubicure's new 'hot lithography' 3D printing process uses polymers with enhanced properties

Feb.22, 2017 - At the Vienna University of Technology, research in material properties has led to the development of a new way of 3D printing. Cubicure, the start-up created as a result of their work, has developed a new process using liquid photopolymers for 3D printing that have significantly enhanced properties. More

Students at UC Berkeley reduce 3D printing waste with new recycling scheme

Feb.16, 2017 - Two students at UC Berkeley have developed a new system for dealing with plastic waste from 3D printing on campus. The college has over 100 printers and produces 600 pounds of waste, which this new project intends to completely recycle for use in new projects. More

UK 3D printing specialist AMT receives £625K to develop post-processing machine

Feb.15, 2017 - Additive Manufacturing Technologies Ltd (AMT), a 3D printing company based in Sheffield, UK, has been awarded '625,000 ($778,000) by Innovate UK to develop an automated post-processing machine for 3D printed polymer parts. The development project will last two years. More

Sci-fi film 'Caleb' explores the future of 3D bioprinting clones

Feb.14, 2017 - Filmmakers Amanda Mesaikos and Susanne Aichele have written and directed a short film called Caleb, about a nine-year-old boy who 3D prints a clone of himself to have a friend. The short won Best Original Screenplay at the Boston Sci Fi Film Festival. More

French 3D printing startup XtreeE partners with VINCI Construction to advance 3D printed construction

Feb.9, 2017 - French large-scale 3D printing company XtreeE, which is gaining traction with its innovative concrete 3D printing technology, has announced an agreement with French construction company VINCI. In addition to the partnership, VINCI Construction has also acquired a stake in the 3D printing company. More

Nano Dimension to develop advanced 3D printed ceramics with funding from Israel Innovation Authority

Feb.6, 2017 - 3D printed electronics company Nano Dimension Ltd. announced today that its subsidiary, Nano Dimension Technologies Ltd., will be developing advanced ceramic materials that can be 3D printed using inkjet technology. The new project is being supported by the MEIMAD committee from the Israel Innovation Authority. More

$38 Filament Roller uses sensor to prevent 3D printer filament stoppages

Feb.3, 2017 - Independent inventor Chris Robertson has created a new filament monitor for preventing filament stoppages. Funded through Kickstarter, the new device uses a sensor to reduce friction, is highly customisable and easy to use, and retails at a much lower price than similar products on the market. More

Nano Dimension's new PCB 3D printing method improves reliability, eliminates soldering

Jan.30, 2017 - Printed circuit board (PCB) 3D printer manufacturer Nano Dimension has announced a successful proof of concept for a new inkjet PCB 3D printing method. The method improves PCB reliability, eliminates soldering, and supports the creation of thinner, better protected PCBs. More

HYROMAN: Add, Subtract, and Finish in the same Manufacturing Platform

Jan.27, 2017 - HYROMAN is a research driven innovation activity that intends to build a disruptive innovative manufacturing system that enables agile and cost-effective production of radically new multi-metal components (e.g. functionally graded material). More

Kuunda 3D takes 3D printing on the road to rural Tanzania

Jan.26, 2017 - Dar es Salaam-based 3D printing company Kuunda 3D recently took to the road to introduce 3D printing technologies to a rural village in Northeast Tanzania. The trip was a big success, and the company is now hoping to provide the village with a 3D printer of its own. More

Made In Space, Axiom Space deal could herald new era of 3D printing in space

Jan.19, 2017 - Made In Space and Axiom Space have joined forces for a new manufacturing partnership that could change outer space as we know it today. More

3D printed bio-displays could offer cheap, eco-friendly alternative to LCD screens

Jan.19, 2017 - A team of scientists is developing a new type of screen for mobile phones, computers, and TVs that is more cost effective and ecological than current color filter and LCD-based screens. The screen, made from a hybrid material that consists of luminescent proteins, is made with the help of 3D printing. More

New Adidas 'Speedfactories' will start making 3D printed shoes this year

Jan.17, 2017 - Adidas plans to have its new Speedfactories in Germany and the U.S. operational by mid-2017. The new factories will be equipped with advanced technologies such as 3D printing, computerized knitting, and robotic cutting. More

TWI and Lloyd's Register investigate 3D printing standardization in joint research projects

Jan.17, 2017 - TWI and global engineering, technical, and business services organization Lloyd's Register have teamed up to launch two new research projects geared towards exploring standards and regulatory compliances for additive manufacturing technologies. More

Stunning 3D printed furniture explores potential of 'discrete fabrication'

Jan.16, 2017 - London-based architect Gilles Retsin has been working with a team of students from UCL Bartlett to explore discrete or digital fabrication processes. The research has consisted of creating a number of stunning pieces of furniture, one of which was 3D printed. More

Local Motors' 3D printed autonomous bus heads to Germany

Jan.16, 2017 - German railway company Deutsche Bahn is planning to road-test Local Motors' 'Olli' minibus throughout 2017. A fleet of the 3D printed autonomous vehicles, which use AI software IBM Watson, could be introduced in either Berlin or the Bavarian municipality of Bad Birnbach. More

New 'living additive manufacturing' technique enables fusion, chemical alteration of 3D printed materials

Jan.13, 2017 - Chemists at MIT have developed a 3D printing technique that allows for the alteration of a printed object's chemical structure and the chemical joining of multiple 3D printed objects. They say the technique could greatly expand the complexity of objects that can be created with 3D printing. More

Australian e-waste center training workers to build 3D printers from old copiers

Jan.13, 2017 - Two new e-waste centers in Australia have been helping local populations get rid of their old tech in a more sustainable and environmentally conscious way. At the same time, the centers have been training their workers to repurpose the waste by building new 3D printers. More

3D printing could advance membrane engineering and lower carbon footprint, experts say

Jan.12, 2017 - Scientists at the University of Bath's Centre for Advanced Separations Engineering (CASE) are predicting a bright future for 3D printing and advanced membrane engineering. More

This 3D printed, three-mile-high, self-cleaning skyscraper could be the future of architecture

Jan.12, 2017 - Materials science company Arconic has a vision for the future that includes a 3-mile-high skyscraper made from 3D printed building materials and coated in a self-cleaning material. The impressive building concept is part of the company's "Jetsons" campaign. More

Ohio police identify victim with help of 3D printed facial reconstruction, two charged with murder

Jan.12, 2017 - The body of a woman found in Ohio whose face was reconstructed using 3D printing techniques has been identified. A DNA sample provided by the victim's family proved the woman to be Tiffany Dawn Chambers of Florida. A suspect is being charged with her murder. More

ASU opens Southwest's largest 3D printing research hub in partnership with Concept Laser, Honeywell, PADT

Jan.11, 2017 - The Polytechnic School at Arizona State University (ASU) is now home to the largest additive manufacturing research facility in the Southwest United States. The 3D printing research center, the 'Manufacturing Research and Innovation Hub,' was realized in partnership with 3D printing company Concept Laser, Honeywell Aerospace, and PADT, Inc. More

This 3D printed microscope can help prevent the spread of waterborne diseases

Jan.11, 2017 - Scientists from Cambridge University in the UK have developed a 3D printable microscope that can be used to test water. The device uses a Raspberry Pi and a tiny camera, and is currently being tested by British charity Oxfam, which could use it to speed up water testing in remote areas. More

Rocket Crafters' 3D printed fuel patent to make hybrid rockets safer, more affordable

Jan.11, 2017 - Rocket Crafters, Inc., a Florida-based aerospace tech developer, has just been granted a U.S. patent for its innovative method of designing and 3D printing safe, high-performance fuel grains for hybrid rocket engines. More

Astronauts will start 3D printing medical supplies aboard ISS this month

Jan.10, 2017 - Medical 3D printing company 3D4MD has put forward a plan that will allow astronauts to 3D print medical supplies on the fly, rather than wait for resupply missions to come through. The concept will be tested aboard the ISS this month. More

This Native American student has embraced 3D printing and hopes to become an astronaut

Jan.9, 2017 - 28-year-old Matilda Brooks, who has 3D printed an innovative knee brace, hopes to one day become the first federally recognized Native American woman to go into space. Brooks was just named as a semi-finalist in the Search for Hidden Figures contest. More

Deloitte: 3D printing market worth $20.5B by 2020, desktop 3D printing still important

Dec.22, 2016 - A new report from Deloitte Poland has consolidated a number of 3D printing projections and forecasts, producing an aggregate projection for the market through 2025. Deloitte puts the current global 3D printing market at $4.8 billion, and expects it to reach $20.5 billion by 2020. More

$7.3M SONAMI project promotes advanced manufacturing and 3D printing in Canada

Dec.21, 2016 - The Canadian manufacturing industry is about to get a boost thanks to a $7.3 million advanced manufacturing initiative. The project, called the Southern Ontario Network for Advanced Manufacturing and Innovation (SONAMI for short) is the result of a partnership between Niagara College, Mohawk College, Sheridan College, and McMaster University. More

3D printing news this week ICYMI: NASA tests 3D printed injector, Concept Laser ADAPTs, Nano Dimension delivers

Dec.17, 2016 - The week in 3D printing: NASA and Vector Space test a 3D printed engine injector, Best Buy to stock XYZprinting 3D printers, Nano Dimension supplies a Dragonfly 2020 PCB 3D printer to a leading defense company. More

How to 3D print tiny barcodes with Ember's Pattern Mode

Dec.16, 2016 - Autodesk's 'Pattern Mode' for its DLP SLA Ember 3D printer allows users to achieve very fine details on their prints. See how it can be used to 3D print tiny barcodes. More

MakerBot makes 3D printing easy with collection of post-processing guides

Dec.15, 2016 - New York 3D printer manufacturer MakerBot has published six new guides to post-processing, including how to sand, glue, and paint 3D printed items. We have filtered the guides down to their most important tips. More

Indian 3D printing company Divide By Zero: our patented Advanced Fusion Plastic Modeling should replace FDM

Dec.12, 2016 - Mumbai-based 3D printer startup Divide By Zero has introduced its patented Advanced Fusion Plastic Modeling 3D printing technology, a new additive manufacturing process capable of precisely controlling the temperature and flow of material. More

Wacker to introduce first 3D printed customizable chewing gum

Dec.8, 2016 - German chemical company Wacker has announced it will be unveiling two world firsts within the candy industry: 3D printed gum, and a CANDY2GUM technology for candy that turns into gum as you chew. More

Higher resolution DLP 3D printing of microstructures made possible by 'wobulation' technique

Dec.7, 2016 - A team of researchers in Korea have demonstrated how a novel 'wobulation' technique can actually enhance the resolution of nanostructures made through flow lithography. The technique uses Digital Light Processing (DLP) and could have many applications, including drug delivery, bioassays, cell carriers, and improving DLP 3D printing. More

$39 3D printer filament detector and cleaner module aims to drastically reduce failed prints

Nov.30, 2016 - There are so many reasons a 3D print can fail, and running out of filament mid-print is one of the most frustrating. The Sentinel filament detector, recently launched on Kickstarter, uses optical sensors to put those headaches behind us. More

Philips updates medical 3D printing, 3D rendering solutions with IntelliSpace Portal 9.0

Nov.29, 2016 - Philips has launched IntelliSpace Portal 9.0, a new visual analysis and quantification platform for physicians that provides 3D rendering and 3D printing features. The STL export feature allows clinicians to 3D print medical models with high levels of detail and resolution. More

DHL: 3D printing a 'complementary' manufacturing process, will not replace existing manufacturing methods

Nov.29, 2016 - DHL has just released its newest DHL Trend Report, entitled '3D Printing and the Future of Supply Chains.' The report suggests that additive manufacturing will not fully replace existing manufacturing methods, but will be used more as a complementary process. More

3D printing, robotics, ARVR to transform Australia's manufacturing industry

Nov.28, 2016 - CSIRO recently released 'The Advanced Manufacturing Roadmap,' a plan which will help the Australian manufacturing industry to better adapt to changing markets. The plan, written in partnership with industry, government, and researchers, places an emphasis on 3D printing technologies. More

3D printing could reduce global oil consumption, says top Nordea analyst

Nov.25, 2016 - Thina Margrethe Saltvedt, a Norwegian analyst for Swedish financial services group Nordea, believes that 3D printers and electric vehicles can help to reduce oil consumption'to a greater degree than has been predicted by the International Energy Agency (IEA). More

3D printing and smart technology could save US manufacturers $100 billion

Nov.25, 2016 - Adopting additive manufacturing, robotics, and other smart manufacturing practices could save the US manufacturing industry more than $100 billion a year, according to a new report from NIST. More

3D printed submachine guns discovered in Australian drug bust

Nov.23, 2016 - A 3D printing facility for fabricating machine guns has been discovered during a series of drug-related raids across Australia's Gold Coast. Police found a secret lab where computers, a 3D printer, and drill presses were being used to make automatic submachine guns. More

Northeastern prof uses 3D bioprinting to advance vascular disease research

Nov.17, 2016 - Guohao Dai, a faculty member at Northeastern University's Department of Bioengineering, is one of many innovative individuals working on the advancement of 3D bioprinting. Dai has been working on 3D bioprinting live tissues for exploring blood vessel regeneration and potentially treating vascular diseases. More

BigRep and TNO to develop 3D printing production process 10x faster than current solutions

Nov.17, 2016 - BigRep, a Berlin-based manufacturer of large-scale 3D printers, has signed a multi-million-euro cooperation agreement with TNO, the Netherlands Organization for Applied Scientific Research. The deal was signed at the formnext trade show in Frankfurt, Germany. More

3D printed skull gives young boy a second chance at life

Nov.16, 2016 - Having lost 50% of his skull following a heavy fall, Teddy Ward faced a bleak future. That was until doctors decided to use 3D printing to create a polymer skull implant that has given the youngster a new lease of life. More

3D printed medical device market to reach $279.8M in 2016 with CAGR of 17.5% over 10 years

Nov.15, 2016 - According to a recent report put out by marketing research firm Future Market Insights, the global 3D printed medical device market is expected to reach $279.6 million in 2016 and grow at a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 17.5% over the next 10 years. More

Penn State, Lockheed Martin to pool 3D printing expertise after signing new Master Research contract

Nov.14, 2016 - Penn State University has signed a Master Research contract with defense manufacturer Lockheed Martin, signaling the continuation of research collaboration and an enhanced recruiting relationship. Lockheed Martin has previously supported Penn State students in various 3D printing projects. More

3D bioprinting market dominated by North America, expected to grow at CAGR of 35.9%

Nov.11, 2016 - According to a report from P&S Market Research, North America holds the largest share in the global 3D bioprinting market, which was valued at almost $100 million in 2015. The global market is expected grow at a CAGR of 35.9% between 2016 and 2022. More

Robot Factory combines 3D printing with 3D FORMING thermoformer for desktop mass production

Nov.10, 2016 - Italian desktop making innovators Robot Factory have just launched the 3D FORMING, a desktop thermoforming device that allows you to quickly transform any 3D printed object into a plastic mold. More

Xjet introduces ceramic 3D printing capacity of its NanoParticle Jetting tech

Nov.9, 2016 - While Xjet already stunned experts with the power of their NanoParticle Jetting metal 3D printing technology, the Israeli company has just revealed that the same tech can be used to 3D print industrial ceramic applications. More

UCSD engineers develop self-healing magnetic ink for 3D printed batteries, circuits & sensors

Nov.8, 2016 - A group of engineers from the University of California San Diego (UCSD) have successfully developed a 3D printable magnetic ink that can be used to create self-healing batteries, electromechanical sensors, wearable, textile-based electrical circuits, and more. More

Optimize 3D printed layer thicknesses with Autodesk's free VariSlice open workflow

Nov.7, 2016 - Autodesk has just launched the free open workflow VariSlice, which generates variable layer heights for each and every 3D printable object, allowing you to 3D print several different layer thicknesses throughout a single item. More

Fleximatter makes large furniture 3D printable with high-speed color-blending 3D printing tech

Nov.6, 2016 - Israeli startup Fleximatter could bring extrusion-based 3D printing to commercial manufacturing with a revolutionary high-speed color-blending 3D printing technology that can produce furniture in just a few hours. More

French government announces new 3D printing and IoT strategies for digital industry

Nov.4, 2016 - France has just announced two new action plans geared towards advancing digital technologies within the country. The announcement, made on November 3 by secretary of state for industry Christophe Sirugue, is specifically focused on the areas of additive manufacturing and Internet of Things (IoT). More

ASU's 3D printed heart models featured in CBS's new medical drama 'Pure Genius'

Nov.3, 2016 - A 3D printed surgical model of a patient's heart has featured in CBS's new medical drama Pure Genius, manufactured using the methods pioneered by Arizona State University's Cardiac 3D Print Lab. More

3D printed 'Lego bricks' create sound holograms for better home audio, medical imaging, wireless charging

Nov.3, 2016 - Researchers have developed 3D printed Lego-like bricks that can create acoustic holograms for applications like entertainment, medicine, and wireless charging. The bricks are made using a conventional 3D printer and function as the pixels of the hologram. More

Cancer survivor gets world’s first 3D printed face made using a smartphone

Nov.2, 2016 - Carlito Concei'ao, a 54-year-old cancer survivor from Brazil, has received a 3D printed face implant made using Autodesk's 123D Catch photogrammetry app. Doctors created a 3D printed mold using a mirror image of the healthy side of the patient's face, before creating the prosthesis from silicone. More

Japan's Daihen makes copper 3D printable using an M2 3D printer and 3D laminate shaping

Nov.1, 2016 - A team of Japanese researchers from the Daihen company and the National Institute of Technology Research Institute have come up with a new copper 3D printing technique called 3D laminate shaping, which maximizes the conductive properties of the 3D printed metal. More

3D printed MakerSat, Idaho's first satellite, to launch into orbit in 2017

Oct.31, 2016 - A team of researchers from the Northwest Nazarene University in Idaho will soon see their 3D printed satellite launched into space. The satellite, called MakerSat, is Idaho's first, and is the result of two-and-a-half years of hard work on the part of students and professors from the university. More

LiDAR scanning and 3D printing used to create subsea part for abandoned well

Oct.31, 2016 - Fugro, a geo-intelligence company, and 3D at Depth, a subsea LiDAR systems provider, have 3D printed an accurate 1:1 model of a damaged well part located 110 meters under the sea in Australia. Data for the 3D printed model was collected using 3D at Depth's subsea laser scanning technologies. More

RIT's $18m AMPrint Center a major boost for NY 3D printing industry

Oct.26, 2016 - New York has opened the new Additive Manufacturing and Multifunctional Printing (AMPrint) Center at the Rochester Institute of Technology. Equipped with Optomec and Stratasys 3D printers, the center will see university and corporate experts develop 3D printing technologies, materials, and devices. More

Liquid Factory: Reebok uses liquid material 3D printing to bring sneaker creation back to US

Oct.21, 2016 - Footwear giant Reebok has adopted a new liquid material 3D printing process to develop part of the soles for a new limited run of Reebok Liquid Speed sneakers, with that part of production taking place in a new US factory. More

Largest European 3D bioprinting program kicks off at Maastricht University and Brightlands Materials Center

Oct.21, 2016 - Maastricht University and the Brightlands Materials Center have just kicked off Europe's largest 3D bioprinting research program, with the goal of bringing various 3D printed tissues, including bone and organ tissues, to clinical trials. More

Korean researchers develop new silk 3D printing system for bone fracture implants

Oct.19, 2016 - Korea's Rural Development Administration (RDA) has announced the development of a new silk 3D printing system for medical equipment that uses silk protein as a 3D printing material. The system was developed jointly by the RDA and Hallym University. More

Nanoscale FEBID 3D printing technique produces pure gold nanostructures

Oct.19, 2016 - Researchers at Vienna University of Technology (TU Wien) have discovered a way to 3D print pure gold nanostructures using FEBID, a form of additive direct-write lithography. The work could offer a promising new way for manufacturers to create gold devices. More

Maastricht's Moroni Lab pioneers 3D bioprinted scaffolds that control stem cell differentiation

Oct.18, 2016 - Researchers from the Moroni Lab at Maastricht University in the Netherlands have pioneered several 3D printable scaffold designs that display the gradients necessary to influence the differentiation of adult stem cells towards skeletal cells. More

MIT's Foundry design tool makes multi-material 3D printing easier and more precise than ever

Oct.11, 2016 - MIT's Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Lab (CSAIL) has made a huge step in the field of multi-material 3D printing through the development of Foundry, a 3D modeling tool geared specifically to multi-material printing. More

Disney Research uses math and metal balls to balance 3D printed models any way you want

Oct.7, 2016 - A new system of cavities and ball bearings inside your 3D printed figurines could change the way you print your models in the not too distant future. More

UMC Utrecht and regenHU develop new technology to improve 3D bioprinting accuracy

Oct.4, 2016 - A collaboration between UMC Utrecht's Biofabrication Facility and Swiss company regenHU has resulted in a custom melt electrospinning device, which builds highly accurate scaffolding for 3D bioprinted inks packed with cells. More

Prodways and CEA Tech develop a 5X faster metal 3D printing technology

Oct.4, 2016 - French developers Prodways, a subsidiary of Groupe Gorg', has just unveiled the first results of their new indirect metal 3D printing platform, which is up to five times faster than competing technology and is compatible with all types of metal. More

3D printed ceramics without sharp edges or pores realized with BAM's new powder 3D printing tech

Sep.30, 2016 - Researchers from the German Bundesanstalt für Materialforschung und -prüfung (BAM) institute have come up with a revolutionary ceramic powder 3D printing technique that 3D prints perfect geometries, without miniscule pores or sharp edges. More

European industrial 3D printing in its infancy and needs extensive collaboration, new EU report says

Sep.28, 2016 - In a new report on the state of industrial 3D printing within Europe, the European Union has concluded that extensive collaborative, research and material initiatives will be needed to make industrial-scale 3D printing manufacturing a reality. More

Nano-scale 3D printing used to enhance atomic force microscopes

Sep.26, 2016 - Researchers from 'cole Polytechnique F'd'rale de Lausanne (EPFL) have 3D printed nanometric-scale sensors for improving the performance of atomic force microscopes. The sensors can enhance the sensitivity and detection speed of the microscopes when their detection components are miniaturized. More

An interview with Rize: removing the shackles of post-processing from 3D printing

Sep.26, 2016 - Rize, developer of the forthcoming Rize One 3D printer, has answered some of our questions about Augmented Polymer Deposition 3D printing, cutting out post-processing from the 3D printing workflow, and the company's plans for the future. More

+LAB's Atropos robotic arm offers silkworm-style 3D printing that could change the industry

Sep.23, 2016 - New +LAB's Atropos robotic six-axis arm that uses fibers impregnated with resin could offer a world of new 3D printing solutions to the commercial world. More

Makefast Workshop encapsulates liquids, sand and metal in 3D prints with fantastic hacks

Sep.22, 2016 - Hacker and veteran maker Adam kumpf of Makefast has encapsulated liquids, sand and metal components into 3D printed objects, unlocking their attractive properties and reminding the world that 3D printing does not need to accept material limitations. More

New modular AM 'smart factory' from Concept Laser decouples pre-production and production

Sep.15, 2016 - German metal 3D printing specialist Concept Laser has unveiled its new 'smart factory' approach to additive manufacturing. The idea behind the Industry 4.0 'smart factory' is to decouple process stages, allowing tasks to be carried out in parallel and physically separate from one another. More

3D printing news for Sep 4-10, 2016 - ICYMI: Nano Dimension's new facility, China plants 3D printed flowers, & more

Sep.10, 2016 - The past week was a busy one for additive manufacturing. Here are some more stories, in bitesize form, that you might have missed, including updates from Nano Dimension, Promolding, and Fuel3D. More

Hong Kong guru creates 3D printed sugar that looks like glass

Sep.9, 2016 - Engineering guru Victor Leung teaches kids how to build a sugar 3D printer and then use them to create ornate sculptures More

CAS researchers build 3D printed self-driving mini vehicle with deforming liquid metal wheels

Aug.31, 2016 - A team of researchers from the Chinese Academy of Sciences and Tsinghua University have realized a major liquid metal breakthrough that causes metal blobs to start moving autonomously, and have harnessed that effect in a self-driven miniature 3D printed vehicle. More

South African government launches new 3D printing strategy to compete in global market

Aug.29, 2016 - Recently, South Africa joined in on the 3D printing bandwagon with the launch of its Additive Manufacturing (AM) strategy. The strategy, which was introduced by South Africa's Department of Science and Technology (DST), is part of the country's effort to introduce and capitalize on new manufacturing technologies. More

NextGen spaceframe by EDAG - trends in the technology of laser melting of metals in automotive manufacturing

Aug.25, 2016 - NextGen spaceframe: EDAG, BLM, LZN and Concept Laser in an interview with experts on the topic of lightweight design and greater flexibility in automotive manufacturing. More

UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon: 'digital technologies like 3D printing have the potential for massive destruction'

Aug.25, 2016 - During a speech on the global proliferation of weapons, UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon listed 3D printing alongside a number of technologies that can be used by terrorists and that facilitate the production of weapons of mass destruction. More

LLNL researchers demo 3D printed, shape-shifting structures fabricated from conductive smart materials

Aug.24, 2016 - A team of researchers from the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL) have made a significant advancement in the field of 4D printing recently, having demonstrated their ability to create additively manufactured structures that can change shape, fold and unfold when they are heated or exposed to electricity. More

New Russian patent-pending glass 3D printing solution makes glass walls and buildings a reality

Aug.19, 2016 - Russian PhD candidates Anuar Kulmagambetov and Vladimir Bodyakin have filed a remarkable patent application for glass 3D printing in the construction industry, in which a glass furnace would act as 3D printhead and everything from walls to floors and ceilings is made from glass. More

A closer look at the 12 biggest 3D printing tech innovations of the first half of 2016

Aug.17, 2016 - When looking at the first six months of 2016, it is clear that the 3D printing revolution is only just getting started. looks at twelve of the biggest technological breakthroughs of 2016 that are about to transform manufacturing forever. More

Autodesk offers grayscale trick for DLP 3D printing at sub-pixel resolution

Aug.15, 2016 - Autodesk has explained how users can achieve sub-pixel resolution for DLP 3D printing using the company's open-source Ember 3D printer. The technique uses grayscale anti-aliasing to effectively smooth out a print along its edges. More

KIT researchers develop method for 3D printing specialized nanoscale AFM probes

Aug.9, 2016 - A research team from the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) in Germany has developed a novel method for creating specialized Atomic force microscopy (AFM) probes using 3D direct laser writing and two-photon polymerization. More

First Dutch 3D bioprinting lab opens in Utrecht with eye on 3D printed organs

Aug.8, 2016 - The UMC Utrecht, the Hogeschool Utrecht and the ProtoSpace Foundation have just joined forces in Utrecht3DMedical, the first lab in the Netherlands that has been completely dedicated to 3D bioprinting, and are aiming to develop transplantable 3D printed organs. More

Metal 3D printing now fastest-growing segment of AM industry, report finds

Aug.5, 2016 - According to a market research report from IDTechX, metal 3D printing is the fastest-growing segment of the additive manufacturing industry, with printer sales growing at 48% and material sales growing at 32%. Data for the report was gathered over the course of several years. More

Functional 3D prints with circuits now possible with Continuous Composites’ multi-material CSM 3D printer, print speed up to 1200 ipm

Aug.4, 2016 - Continuous Composites is working on a paradigm-shifting 3D printing tech called Continuous Scaled Manufacturing, which rapidly 3D prints and cures various fibers, metals and plastics simultaneously to form complete, functional parts complete with conductive circuits. More

Berok Khoshnevis wants to 3D print houses with Contour Crafting on earth and on the moon

Aug.2, 2016 - Behrokh Khoshnevis, a professor of engineering from the University of Southern California, is developing a method for 3D printing structures called Contour Crafting that could be the solution for both creating low-cost and liveable housing for low-income regions and for efficiently creating housing in space. More

Mesh Mould: 3D printing complex metal mesh structures for construction sites

Jul.29, 2016 - Mesh Mould, a project launched by Gramazio Kohler Research and scientists at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, has entered its second phase which consists of the development of 3D printed complex mesh structures made out of metal. They will be used as formworks and reinforcements for construction sites. More

South Korean government to offer significant tax exemptions for 3D printing R&D

Jul.29, 2016 - The South Korean government has stated it is planning to expand tax benefits for R&D within a number of tech industries, including 3D printing, robotics and more. The tax benefit plan is hoping to encourage innovation within the country, boost employment, and make South Korea a stronger competitor on the global market. More

This new online guide lays out the legal dos and don'ts of 3D printing

Jul.27, 2016 - A team from the University of Melbourne has just launched a website to help guide new 3D printing users and aspiring makers through the rights and responsibilities that surround the additive manufacturing technologies. More

Chinese science develop first ever 3D printing, casting and forging all-in-one technique

Jul.22, 2016 - A team of scientists in China has developed a metal 3D printing technology called 'smart micro forging and casting.' The technology combines 3D printing and forging, uses metal wire '1/10 the cost' of AM powders, and could be used in the aerospace, automotive, and molding industries. More

LLNL researchers' new metal 3D printing techniques could revolutionize laser design

Jul.20, 2016 - Researchers at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory are using metal 3D printing to create strong and lightweight structures for advanced laser systems, potentially altering the future of laser design. The research will involve trialling a new 'feed-forward' approach to testing and certification. More

ARK Invest Management launches first ever 3D Printing ETF fund

Jul.19, 2016 - New York based investment advisor firm ARK Investment Management LLC has just launched the very first and to date the only exchange-traded fund (ETF) for 3D printing. The new 3D printing ETF is listed as PRNT on BATS, the United States' leading ETF marketplace. More

Robots and 3D printing could threaten millions of Southeast Asian jobs in next two decades

Jul.18, 2016 - A new study from the International Labour Organization has shown that more than half of workers in South East Asia may be at risk of losing their jobs within the next two decades primarily because of the rise of 3D printing technologies, wearable technologies, nanotechnologies, and robotic automation. More

Fuji Xerox & Keio University develop new FAV 3D printing data format that retains object's colors, materials & internal structures

Jul.15, 2016 - Japanese researchers from Fuji Xerox and the Keio Research Institute have developed a completely new 3D printing data format called FAV, which stores 3D printing data on a voxel level and makes complex multi-material and multi-color 3D printing much easier. More

Metal 3D printing more potent than ever with soluble metal support structure breakthrough

Jul.14, 2016 - A huge breakthrough in the field of metal 3D printing has just been unveiled, as a team of researchers have realized a proof-of-concept for soluble metal support structures that can remove the need for post-print machining and which could make much more complex geometries a reality. More

ORNL: atomic-scale additive manufacturing techniques could create stronger, lighter, smarter materials

Jul.13, 2016 - Researchers at Oak Ridge National Laboratory have predicted that atomic-scale 3D printing techniques could be used to create stronger, lighter, and smarter materials. Focused electron- and ion-based methods could be used to develop quantum computers, efficient solar cells, and other technology. More

Hackers could place internal defects into 3D prints, say NYU cybersecurity researchers

Jul.12, 2016 - Researchers at the NYU Tandon School of Engineering have published a report highlighting two potential cybersecurity risks associated with 3D printing. The researchers noted that printing orientation and insertion of fine defects could represent 'possible foci for attacks.' More

3DTOPO makes cool copper Bearded Yell statue with new 3D printed lost shell sand casting

Jul.4, 2016 - The Idaho-based makers from 3DTOPO have completed a fantastic copper Bearded Yell statue, using a 3D printed mold and the 3D printed lost shell sand casting technique. More

Cow cartilage used in 3D bioprinting bid to make ‘patches’ for worn out joints in future

Jun.27, 2016 - Researchers from Penn State University have developed a new 3D bioprinting technique that makes hydrogel scaffolding obsolete and produces 3D printed cartilage with far more desirable mechanical properties. More

Mitsubishi's '5D printed' parts 3-5x stronger than 3D printed counterparts

Jun.23, 2016 - Mitsubishi Electric Research Laboratories (MERL) is using five-axis additive manufacturing'what some call '5D printing''to make components that are three to five times stronger than their regular 3D printed counterparts. More

Computer program creates 3D printed artwork (after 2.5 million attempts)

Jun.22, 2016 - Computers scientists from the IT University of Copenhagen and the University of Wyoming have developed an AI 'artist', capable of creating 3D printed artworks. The program uses deep learning and innovation engines to create 3D artifacts without human input. More

What you sculpt is what you 3D print with new clay production technique by BYU team

Jun.22, 2016 - A team of Brigham Young University researchers are seeking to tackle the steep learning curve of 3D printing with a clay-based hand modeling technique that relies on 3D markers and 3D scanning to create 3D printable models at a moment's notice. More

The DIY Dudes are at it again with this partially 3D printed DIY Rift CNC machine

Jun.21, 2016 - The DIY Dudes have just shown how easy it is to add a new dimension to any building project by using 3D printed parts and off-the-shelf components. This time, the pair have constructed the impressive Rift DIY CNC machine. More

How to make a PCB prototype on your 3D printer

Jun.21, 2016 - Learn how to manufacture printed circuit boards on your home 3D printer by fitting your printer with a diode laser and using only a few materials. This method is effective for using at home or in small office laboratories. More

First heart structure 3D printed in zero gravity using human stem cells

Jun.20, 2016 - A consortium led by longtime NASA contractor Techshot has just succeed to 3D print the first cardiac and vascular structures in a zero gravity environment, and aims to start 3D printing organs in space for patients on earth. More

San Draw's innovative FAM Technology enables 3D printing silicone in full-color and adjustable-hardness

Jun.17, 2016 - San Draw, Inc., a 3D printing solutions company, is hoping to further 3D printing's capability to help medical education through its innovative new silicone 3D printing system, FAM. The printer is capable of full-color, adjustable hardness, and multi-material 3D printing. More

Amorphous metals successfully 3D printed for the first time by Heraeus and Exmet

Jun.16, 2016 - German metals developer Heraeus and Swedish startup Exmet AB have succeeded to 3D print amorphous metals for the first time, paving the way for a lot more metal 3D printing options. More

University of Pittsburgh and Ansys develop algorithm to tackle laser 3D printing deformities

Jun.15, 2016 - The University of Pittsburgh's Swanson School of Engineering has announced a collaboration with software developers Ansys to set up a new 3D printing lab and develop a new algorithm to accommodate and compensate for deformities caused by laser 3D printing. More

Space Station's AMF 3D printer completes its first tool in space

Jun.15, 2016 - Made In Space's Additive Manufacturing Facility, the second zero-gravity 3D printer in space, is now open to third party clients and has already produced a wrench as its first creation. More

Researchers in Abu Dhabi files patent for 3D printing lightweight ‘architectured foam’ structures

Jun.13, 2016 - Researchers from the Masdar Institute in Abu Dhabi have just filed a patent for their remarkable 'architectured foam' structure 3D printing platform, which can create extremely lightweight and high-strength metal and plastic structures for aerospace and automotive applications. More

Dutch government invests additional €134 million in 3D printing and innovation

Jun.13, 2016 - The Dutch government and industry partners have invested an additional $134 million in innovation and 3D printing, and a portion of those funds will go to PrintValley 2020, a 3D printing knowledge center that seeks to realize new medical-grade 3D printing platforms. More

India's 3D printing market expected to reach $62 million by 2022

Jun.9, 2016 - According to market intelligence solutions firm 6Wresearch, India's 3D printing prototyping and materials market is expected to reach $62 million by the year 2022. Like everywhere else, 3D printing is offering a diverse range of Indian industries an accessible and efficient manufacturing process. More

Meatless meat, AR/VR and 3D printed buildings among Alphabet’s top interests

Jun.9, 2016 - During a shareholders meeting, the CEO of Google's parent company Alphabet highlighted the technologies that they believed will drive change over the coming years, and listed meatless meat, AR/VR and 3D printed buildings among them. More

NASA funded project RAMA could transform asteroids into mining spaceships with 3D printing by 2030

Jun.8, 2016 - NASA has just awarded an investigative NIAC Phase 1 grant to Made In Space for the RAMA project, which seeks to turn asteroids into autonomous mining spaceships by robotically 3D printing harvested materials and building mechanical propulsion systems. More

Stratasys infographic shows how professionals are using 3D printing technologies

Jun.7, 2016 - 3D printing company Stratasys Direct Manufacturing recently partnered with an external research firm to gather information from professionals on how they are using and integrating 3D printing technologies into their businesses. More

Nervous System 3D prints stunning porcelain cups using Tethon 3D's Porcelite ceramic resin

Jun.2, 2016 - Innovative design studio Nervous System, which our readers may remember from its stunning 3D printed kinematics dresses, has recently ventured into the realm of 3D printed ceramics by experimenting with Tethon 3D's new material called Porcelite. More

Star Wars Propshop selling limited edition 3D printed prop replicas, including Darth Vader’s melted helmet for $3,500

Jun.2, 2016 - Disney and Propshop have just unveiled a gorgeous and limited range of gorgeous 3D printed prop replicas from Star Wars: The Force Awakens. The collection includes a number of stunning prop replicas, including Darth Vader's melted helmet. More

Bagpipes the penguin stands tall with new 3D printed prosthetic foot

Jun.1, 2016 - Today we have learnt the true meaning of happy feet, as Bagpipes the one-legged penguin was fitted with a custom designed 3D printed prosthetic foot. The penguin lives at the International Antarctic Centre in Christchurch, New Zealand. More

Reproducing robots: world’s first 3D printed robot baby is born

Jun.1, 2016 - Researchers from the Vrije Universiteit in Amsterdam have realized the world's first 3D printed robot baby, which was autonomously developed by two robot parents who combined their robot DNA to form a completely new 3D printed child. More

TNO and TUe launch 3D printing research centre for smart electronics, medical devices and more

May.31, 2016 - The TNO and Eindhoven Technological University are opening a 3D printing research center to develop smart and personalized 3D printed electronics, medical devices, pills, and other marketable products. More

3D concrete printing market worth $56.4M by 2021

May.30, 2016 - According to a report published by MarketsandMarkets, the 3D concrete printing market could grow from $24.5m in 2015 to $56.4m by 2021, at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 15.02%. The report suggests that concrete printing can be cheaper and faster than other construction methods. More

KPMG manufacturing report: 25% already invested in 3D printing, 31% 'definitely will' over next 2 years

May.30, 2016 - According to KPMG International's 2016 Global Manufacturing Outlook (GMO), a quarter of manufacturers have invested in 3D printing, with a further 31% certain to invest over the next two years. The report showed that manufacturers are generally adopting aggressive strategies to achieve growth. More

Lawrence Livermore researchers discover what causes tiny flaws in metal 3D printing

May.27, 2016 - Researchers from the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory have discovered that microscopic flaws in metal parts made with laser powder-bed fusion 3D printing are caused by a denudation process caused by the laser's movement and heat. More

European Parliament calls for common and competitive 3D printing strategy

May.27, 2016 - The European Parliament met this week for the second Additive Manufacturing and 3D Printing European Conference, where it highlighted the pressing need for a common 3D printing strategy. More

3D printed titanium suffers from porosity that can cause breakage, CMU study reveals

May.26, 2016 - A new study from Carnegie Mellon University has revealed that 3D printed titanium alloy parts suffer from porosity that decreases a part's strength and cannot be avoided by changing the 3D printer's settings. More

Dubai Electricity and Water Authority launches tender for $136M 3D printed laboratories to test drones

May.23, 2016 - Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (DEWA) has released a tender for the construction of new 3D printed laboratories at the Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum Solar Park. The 3D printed laboratories, which would require $136M USD investment, would be used to research drones and 3D printing technology. More

Maker invents a clever ultrasonic approach to smoothing ABS based 3D prints

May.22, 2016 - Acetone vapor based 3D print smoothing has been around for a while. A lack of control and fear of working with dangerous solvents has prevents most 3D print enthusiasts from giving it a shot. This clever approach may change that. More

New Harvard laser 3D printer prints metal structures in mid-air by lasering nanoparticles

May.17, 2016 - Harvard researchers have just published a paper detailing a revolutionary new laser-DIW metal 3D printing technique, which allows the creation of complex microscopic and conductive free-form metal structures in mid-air. More

MIT researchers 3D print programmable 50 micron Cilllia hair that can act as sensors

May.16, 2016 - A team of researchers from the MIT Media Lab have just showcased their Cilllia 3D printing platform, which enables the creation of functional and programmable hair structures that can act as sensors and actuators. More

3D printing listed as a top at-risk emerging technology in CERT report

May.13, 2016 - The Computer Emergency Readiness Team (CERT) has recently published a study that lays out the top 10 at-risk emerging technologies. The report includes 3D printing, augmented reality, smart medical devices, and autonomous machines among others. More

New 3D printed shock-absorbing bio-glass could be used for cartilage implants

May.12, 2016 - Researchers from the Imperial College London have discovered a new 3D printed shock-absorbing bio-glass that could be a fantastic alternative for cartilage implants. More

3D printing industry to reach $21 billion by 2020, UPS and CTA report shows

May.9, 2016 - UPS recently teamed up with the Consumer Technology Association (CTA) to release a report detailing how the 3D printing industry is expected to grow over the next four years. The report has found that in 2016 the 3D printing industry will reach $7.3 billion, and by 2020 it is expected to grow to $21 billion. More

Researchers use titanium-tantalum alloy to improve stress absorption of 3D printed implants

May.9, 2016 - By mixing titanium and tantalum powders together, Singapore researchers have developed a new biocompatible alloy that is perfect for 3D printing stress-resistant implants. More

Eat Cambridge food festival to serve five-course 3D printed meal with Nufood 3D food printer

May.6, 2016 - It isn't surprising that 3D printed foods are popping up at more and more gastronomic festivals, as there are even conferences dedicated to 3D printed food. With Eat Cambridge, a local food and drink festival in the UK, starting this week, more 3D printed edibles will be showcased as design studio Dovetailed will be there with the Nufood 3D food printer. More

New A$3.7M 3D bioprinting center to open doors in Australia

May.6, 2016 - The Australian government has just announced that they will set up the $3.7 million ARC Training Centre in Additive Biomanufacturing for the development and practical application of new 3D bioprinting innovations. More

3D printing breakthrough makes low-cost flexible carbon nanotube sensors for wearables possible

May.4, 2016 - At a tech convention at Hebrew University last week, Israeli researchers showcased a new inkjet-based 3D printing technique that enables the production of low-cost flexible carbon nanotube sensors, which can be integrated into hybrid machine elements and wearable biosensors. More

Reflow turns plastic waste into 3D print filament to lift waste pickers out of poverty

May.4, 2016 - Dutch startup Reflow has launched a Kickstarter campaign for its first batch of recycled PET filament. The filament was sourced from plastic waste in Tanzania and is providing local waste pickers with a living wage. More

3D Food Printing: VTT Finland to explore 3D printed snacks packed with nutrients

May.4, 2016 - Researchers from the VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland have just announced that they are exploring the development of custom 3D printed snacks with appealing textures that are packed with nutrients. More

Full color 3D models made faster and cheaper with computational thermoforming

May.3, 2016 - ETH Zurich has developed Computational Thermoforming, a method for producing complex, full color 3D models faster and cheaper than color 3D printing. More

3D printed buildings can improve the planet, says Google's Eric Schmidt

May.3, 2016 - During the Milken 2016 Global Conference in Beverly Hills, CEO of Google's parent company Alphabet Eric Schmidt listed 3D printed buildings as one of six moonshot initiatives that could potentially change the world. More

United Sciences’ 3D printed Aware earbuds huge hit on Kickstarter

May.3, 2016 - 3D scanning specialists United Sciences have found immense Kickstarter success for their 3D printed Aware earbuds, which not only fit perfectly but are also packed with brain-scanning sensor technology. More

How to address safety concerns with metal 3D printing

May.1, 2016 - With AM being increasingly integrated into manufacturing sectors, many questions of safety have arisen. To address these questions surrounding metal 3D printing, Ed Tackett, the director of education programs at the UL Additive Manufacturing Competency Center, has laid out some guidelines which could reduce certain risks posed by the technology. More

Optimizing structural integrity of load-bearing 3D printed parts with ribs and gussets

Apr.30, 2016 - In a very informative blog post, Fictiv's Sean Thomas shares some tips for optimizing the structural integrity of load-bearing 3D printed components through the clever placement of ribs and gussets. More

Dresden names itself the 3D printing capital of Europe

Apr.29, 2016 - The German city of Dresden has claimed the title of "3D Printing Capital of Europe" due to its ongoing commitment to research and development in the field of additive manufacturing materials, processes and industrial production. More

New ORNL study: A full overview of metal 3D printing technologies and their bright future

Apr.29, 2016 - In a new comprehensive study of the state of metal 3D printing, researchers from the ORNL provide a full overview of the different metal 3D printing technologies and discuss their very bright future. More

BotFactory announces Squink upgrade that lets you 3D print multi-layer PCBs

Apr.27, 2016 - PCB 3D printing experts BotFactory have just announced an upgrade kit for their Squink PCB minifactory, that lets you 3D print multi-layered PCBs for more complex electronics. More

Newly released patents attempt to clarify Orange Maker's Heliolithography 3D printing process

Apr.27, 2016 - With every generation of 3D printing technology comes improvements in speed, volume, materials or all of the above. 3D printing startup Orange Maker just released patents describing how exactly they feel their Heliolithography 3D printing technology will make a permanent mark on the industry. More

Disney files patent for super-fast and support-free resin 3D printing

Apr.26, 2016 - Disney Research has filed a patent application for a near-instantaneous 3D printing process that circumvents the layer-by-layer approach and eliminates the need for support structures. More

71% of US manufacturers optimistic about competitive advantage brought about by 3D printing

Apr.25, 2016 - A recent study released by PricewaterhouseCooper lays out, in percentages, how the expectations of 3D printing applications for manufacturers have shifted in the past two years. More

Cobbler Technologies closes an equity financing round to help bring 3D printing of functional multi-material to shoemaking

Apr.22, 2016 - Maine-based footwear 3D printing specialist Cobbler Technologies has unveiled its new Atomized Particle Deposition (3DAPD) 3D printing process. 3DAPD is able to functionally grade multiple materials in real time, enabling 'on-the-fly material mixing'. More

Fictiv develops tolerance calculator along with tips to ensure your 3D prints find a snug fit

Apr.20, 2016 - As any product developer can attest to, finding the correct tolerances for 3D printing is often a mix between research with a dash of luck. Fictiv has released an easy to follow guide and tolerance calculator to help you along your way. More

Researchers develop 3D laser writing technique for high quality micro-optics

Apr.20, 2016 - A team of researchers based at the University of Stuttgart in Germany have recently published a study that demonstrates their capability to 3D print micron-scale optics with more precision and reproducibility than ever before. The recent breakthrough could have a big impact on the manufacturing of micro-scale integrated optical elements More

KU Leuven researcher developing 3D printed candy made with pectin gel

Apr.18, 2016 - KU Leuven PhD student Val'rie Vancauwenberghe recently presented the prototype for a food 3D printer that uses pectin gel to additively manufacture candy. The innovative project was introduced at this year's 3D Food Printing Conference held in Venlo, The Netherlands. More

Stereolithography (SLA) viable for making 3D printed pills, recent study shows

Apr.18, 2016 - A recent study conducted by researchers from the University College London has shown the possibility and even viability of using stereolithography 3D printing technology to manufacture drug-loaded tablets using a Form 1+ 3D printer. More

What risk professionals need to know about 3D printing

Apr.15, 2016 - Technology consultant Scott Klososky weighs in on three key risk factors associated with 3D printing that those in the insurance and risk management industries must be aware of. More

University of Miami researchers optimize 4D polymer printing with photochemical microreactor

Apr.15, 2016 - A team of researchers at the University of Miami has developed a 4D printing system using a massively parallel flow-through photochemical microreactor. The extra 'dimension' comes from the 3D printer's ability to precisely control the monomer composition of each feature in a brush polymer array. More

CONPrint3D, conceptual system for 3D printing concrete structures, recognized at Bauma 2016

Apr.14, 2016 - A research team from the Dresden University of Technology has conceived of CONPrint3D, a technology that could allow for effectively 3D printing concrete on a large scale. The project was recently awarded the Innovation Award at Bauma 2016. More

Missouri S&T and Honeywell embark on five-year metal 3D printing research project

Apr.13, 2016 - A team of researchers from the Missouri University of Science and Technology are collaborating with Kansas-based Honeywell Federal Manufacturing & Technologies. Together, the institutions will work on a five-year project aimed at performing material analysis for selective laser melting (SLM) processes. More

3D Cocooner spins nature-inspired fiberglass stuctures in mid air

Apr.8, 2016 - The 3D Cocooner by Festo is a innovative 3D printing system inspired directly by caterpillars and web-weaving insects. Using a robotic spinneret and vertical tripod, the 3D Cocooner 'spins' fiberglass resin into free-standing lattice structures. More

Norsk Titanium to expand aerospace metal 3D printing in U.S. and beyond

Apr.8, 2016 - Norsk Titanium has entered into a strategic partnership with Connecticut-based Precision Holdings to support the worldwide production of Norsk's Rapid Plasma Deposition, a proprietary metal 3D printing process for aerospace-ready parts. More

University of Pennsylvania engineers 3D printed transistors made from nanocrystal inks

Apr.8, 2016 - A team of researchers from the University of Pennsylvania, led by Cherie Kagan, recently published a study detailing a new technique for 3D printing transistors made from nanocrystal inks. The breakthrough could have important implications for 3D printed wearables. More

USC Selective Separation Sintering technology could help NASA 3D print on Mars

Apr.8, 2016 - Researchers from the University of Southern California have won first prize in NASA In-Situ Materials Challenge with their Selective Separation Sintering 3D printing, which can make in-space and planetary 3D printing viable. More

Germany's Fraunhofer Institute 3D prints potentially life saving miniature drug dispensaries

Apr.8, 2016 - Germany based Fraunhofer institute has been developing a 3D printing method which allows for microreactors and other medical tools to be created in any design. The technology could provide a new and innovative approach to dispensing life-saving drugs. More

Airbus Group to establish 3D printing Aerospace Factory in Germany

Apr.7, 2016 - Airbus will be establishing a new 3D printing center in Munich, Germany, dubbed the 'Aerospace Factory.' Bringing together leading industrial partners, the facility will research and develop materials and processes for 3D printed propulsion systems. More

Wohlers Report 2016 reveals $1 billion growth in 3D printing industry

Apr.5, 2016 - The Wohlers Report 2016 has revealed that for the second year in a row, the global 3D printing industry has grown by $1 billion to a total of $5,165 billion. In particular, metal additive manufacturing and desktop 3D printers continue to show strong growth. More

Scientists 3D print chemically active structures that could help fight pollution

Apr.4, 2016 - A team of researchers from the American University in Washington D.C. have successfully managed to 3D print chemically active structures using a commercial 3D printer, a development which could have a big impact on mitigating pollution. More

MatterControl Touch T10 device enables 3D printing without a computer

Mar.31, 2016 - MatterHackers has unveiled the MatterControl Touch T10, a 10.6' touchscreen 3D printing 'brain' which enables user to control their 3D printer without a computer. The device comes bundled with free access to MatterControl Cloud Sync's wireless capabilities. More

NASA researchers pioneer plasma 3D nanoprinting technique for use on flexible surfaces

Mar.31, 2016 - A team of researchers from NASA and the SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory have just revealed a new plasma-based 3D nanoprinting technique that could open the way for a wide range of flexible 3D print applications, such as wearable sensors. More

MIT patent for 3D printed part qualification and removal issued by US patent office

Mar.29, 2016 - The US patent office has just issued an MIT patent for automated part qualification and several automated 3D printed part removal systems, including one featuring a pneumatic blade that pushes successful prints off the print bed. More

3D printed 'Pixelstones' are laying the foundations for future construction techniques

Mar.29, 2016 - Dutch startup Pixelstone has developed a 3D printer prototype capable of printing intricately designed facades made of small cubic ceramic bricks called 'Pixelstones'. The startup is aiming to bring a new form of craftsmanship to the interconnected worlds of architecture and construction. More

Allforge seeks to create first true desktop factory with plastic and metal 3D molding machines

Mar.21, 2016 - Allforge has launched a campaign for its upcoming super-fast, super versatile 3D molding machines, which allow for the automated production of metal, plastic, and candy 3D printed parts within seconds, right from your desktop. More

3D printing significant growth sector for CAD software businesses, Business Advantage survey reveals

Mar.21, 2016 - A new survey report by the Business Advantage Group has revealed that the 3D printing sector has significant growth potential for CAD software developers, and should play an important role in their business models. More

ES-Cage technique lets you 3D print big and strong objects in no time at all

Mar.17, 2016 - 3D printing large objects that can withstand any sort of weight can be a lengthy process. 3D Print veteran and founder of Amsterdam's 3D Print Shop Erik Es has developed a technique that lets you produce large, structurally sound items in short time with the help of bridging. More

America Makes and ANSI join forces to set concrete standards for Additive Manufacturing industry

Mar.15, 2016 - America Makes and the American National Standards Institute today announced the launch of the America Makes & ANSI Additive Manufacturing Standardization Collaborative, an initiative that will serve to coordinate and advance the development of additive manufacturing standards across the industry. More

Disney reveals anti-copying 3D printing tech involving embedded ID in authorized 3D prints

Mar.14, 2016 - In an attempt to stop unlimited and unauthorized copying, Disney has just revealed a new solution in which IDs are embedded in authorized 3D prints, turning your desktop 3D printer into a legitimate part of the Disney manufacturing system. More

Autodesk's Project Escher connects multiple 3D printers for faster, scalable large-format 3D printing

Mar.10, 2016 - In an exciting ongoing project, Autodesk is exploring what could be the future of large scale 3D printing. Called Project Escher, it's a software configuration that can run multiple collaborating 3D printers and toolpaths on a huge build platform to make large and quick and production possible. More

Four tips for finding the right wall thickness to turn your 3D model into a 3D print

Mar.10, 2016 - If you've ever not been able to print your 3D model because its walls were too thin, you're certainly not alone. Fortunately, French 3D printing service Sculpteo has published a number of useful tips that can help make your model ready-to-print. More

Harvard bioengineers scale up vascularized tissue engineering with 3D bioprinting

Mar.8, 2016 - In a new publication, a team of Harvard researchers has revealed a paradigm shifting 3D bioprinting technique that can greatly scale up vascularized tissue engineering and can produce thick constructs complete with stem cells, extracellular matrix and circulatory channels. More

Disney receives patent for replicating reflective properties on 3D printed surfaces

Mar.7, 2016 - Another of Disney's 3D printing patent filings has just been approved by the US patent office, this time for a technique to replicate reflective properties on 3D printed surfaces by optimizing geometry and 3D printing an additional layer of reflective ink. More

15 Ideas to start your own 3D printing business

Mar.4, 2016 - From small business to individuals to giant corporations, 3D printing can be an extremely lucrative profession to take up. Here are some creative 3D printing business ideas for launching a successful new career. More

Sounds emitted by 3D printers could put Intellectual Property at risk

Mar.2, 2016 - Researchers from the University of California, Irvine, have revealed that the sounds emitted by a 3D printer can be used to reverse-engineer and re-create 3D printed objects, presenting a new security threat to Intellectual Property and 3D printing designs. More

German Fraunhofer IFAM institute reveals new high quality metal 3D screen printing technology

Feb.26, 2016 - An exciting new metal 3D printing technique called 3D screen printing is coming out of the lab of German Fraunhofer IFAM, and could be the solution to commercial metal manufacturing. More

K-State scientists develop new technique for 3D printing graphene aerogels

Feb.25, 2016 - Researchers from Kansas State University have developed a new technique for 3D printing graphene aerogels with complex microstructures. The technique combines drop-on-demand 3D printing with freeze casting. More

TNO's EU-backed Hyproline mass production 3D printing project successfully completed

Feb.25, 2016 - TNO's EU-backed research project for developing the Hyproline 3D printing mass production line has successfully been completed, and its developers say it could add a new boost to Europe's small and medium-sized businesses. More

Boeing patents incredible 'levitating' 3D printing process for aircraft part production

Feb.24, 2016 - Aerospace giant Boeing has patented an additive manufacturing process for 3D printing objects while floating in space. Using multiple 3D printers and diamagnetic printing materials, the system would be able to rotate a levitating print about every axis and deposit layers from all directions. More

Spending in Middle Eastern and African 3D printing market to reach $1.3 billion by 2019, IDC predicts

Feb.24, 2016 - According to a new report by IDC, the African and Middle Eastern 3D printing market will be the biggest grower in the world over the coming years, with the amount of spending on 3D printing set to almost triple over the coming three to four years. More

Mosaic’s Palette primed to bring multi-color 3D printing to the masses

Feb.23, 2016 - With the Kickstarter units about to ship, new patents secured, and a brand new system set to be announced, Mosaic Manufacturing is rolling forward unchallenged with their single-extruder multi-filament Palette technology, which can turn any desktop 3D printer into a multicolour machine. visited their Toronto factory to find out more. More

Watch this 'Epic Science' video compilation of 3D bioprinting in action

Feb.21, 2016 - Video producer Hashem Al-Ghaili, known for creating entertaining and educational science films, has compiled five minutes of footage revealing some of the most groundbreaking medical and scientific advancements, including several examples of 3D bioprinting and 3D bioprinted organs, tissue and more. More

New 3D printing technique for high entropy metal alloy pioneered by Hitachi, Tohoku University researchers

Feb.17, 2016 - Researchers from Hitachi and Tohoku University have pioneered a new 3D printing technique for HiPEACE, a new high entropy alloy, and have successfully created complex shapes with excellent tensile strength and corrosion resistance properties. More

3D printed houses/furniture/food, trips to Space and underwater cities 'just a century away', scientists say

Feb.15, 2016 - A new report by Samsung-owned SmartThings is truly optimistic about the scientific innovations that can be expected over the next century. From 3D printed megastructures and high quality meals to the colonization of space and the oceans, the world around us is set to change rapidly. More

Carnegie Mellon professor predicts 5 key advances in metal 3D printing

Feb.12, 2016 - Jack Beuth, Professor of Mechanical Engineering at Carnegie Mellon University's College of Engineering and Director of the Nextmanufacturing Center, has predicted what he thinks will be the five key advances in metal additive manufacturing over the next five years. More

Mechanical engineer receives $500K NSF grant to develop 'electrospray' 3D printing technique

Feb.11, 2016 - Paul Chiarot, an assistant professor of mechanical engineering at the University of Binghamton, New York, has received a $500,000 grant from the National Science Foundation to develop his electrospray 3D printing method. More

'Shape Optimization' 3D printing method produces unlikely, but not impossible, 3D printed objects

Feb.11, 2016 - A team of researchers from the Technical University of Vienna, Austria, has developed a new method for 3D printing that, using mathematical optimization, produces objects with seemingly impossible geometric properties. More

Warwick engineers develop micro-SLA 3D printing process for functional piezoceramic materials

Feb.8, 2016 - A team of engineers from the University of Warwick have just developed a new microstereolithography technique for 3D printing functional piezoceramic materials that can be used for the production of sensors and scanners. More

Cell Applications & Cyfuse bring scaffold-free 'Kenzan Method' of 3D bioprinting to North America

Feb.3, 2016 - Cell Applications, Inc. and Cyfuse Biomedical K.K., both based in Japan, today announced the introduction of the 'Kenzan Method', a unique scaffold-free bioprinting technique which uses a needle array to precisely arrange cell aggregates into organic tissue, to the North American market. More

Chinese Academy of Sciences achieves breakthrough in high-speed continuous DLP 3D printing, building at 1cm/minute

Feb.3, 2016 - Researchers from the Chinese Academy of Sciences have developed a continuous growth 3D printing process using that builds on DLP and CLIP 3D printing techniques by adding a semi-permeable transparent window to the bottom of the resin vat, allowing for continuous 3D printing speeds up to 1 cm per minute. More

New study shows health hazards of 3D printing, suggests PLA could be your safest bet

Feb.1, 2016 - While it's no secret that small particles are emitted into the air during 3D printing, a new study reveals that 3D printing in confined, unventilated spaces can be bad for your health, as especially ABS, PCTPE, and HIPS filaments release toxic emissions. More

Danish competitive position threated by lack of interest in 3D printing, experts say

Jan.29, 2016 - Though industrial 3D printing for prototyping and small-scale production is becoming more popular, a new report by the Danish Technological Institute reveals that Danish companies are very slow to adopt the technology and are damaging their own competitive position. More

Bruil develops high resolution concrete 3D printing technique and white or colored concrete

Jan.28, 2016 - While most concrete 3D printer can do little more than quickly build basic grey wall sections, a new 3D printing technique by Dutch construction specialist Bruil is now capable of creating high resolution, colored concrete shapes with actual architectural value. More

'Sound wave tweezers' can transfer single cells round for 3D bioprinting

Jan.26, 2016 - A team of researchers from Penn State have just revealed that they have developed a pair of 3D acoustic tweezers that essentially act as a 3D bioprinter, capable of noninvasively picking up single, live cells and depositing them elsewhere to form custom structures. More

Harvard Scientists unveil 4D printed structure that change shape when placed in water

Jan.25, 2016 - 4D Printing is the combination of 3D Printed items transforming into something completely different with the help of external stimuli and time. Harvard scientists have unveiled 4D-printed hydrogel composite structures that change shape when immersed in water. More

IDC predicts global spending on 3D printing to grow at CAGR of 27% to $26.7 billion in 2019

Jan.21, 2016 - The IDC have released their Semiannual 3D Printing Spending Guide which predicts a 27% compound annual growth rate for global spending on 3D printing technologies. In other words, the 3D printing industry will grow from nearly $11 billion in 2015 to $26.7 billion in 2019. More

Amalgamma develops new 3D printing concrete technique for large-scale structures

Jan.21, 2016 - Amalgamma, a group of Masters students from the Bartlett School of Architecture, has developed a new method for 3D printing concrete that combines extrusion and powder bed 3D printing to create large, structurally sound architectural elements. More

Frost & Sullivan: 3D printing will generate $4.3 billion in the auto industry by 2025

Jan.21, 2016 - Though most predictions on the future of 3D printing are optimistic, a new report by Frost & Sullivan is especially positive about its impact in the auto industry, and especially in the aftermarket. They argue that 3D printing could generate up to $4.3 billion in the auto industry by 2025. More

ETH Zurich and Cytosurge develop FluidFM: micro 3D printing process for tiny, complex metal objects

Jan.20, 2016 - Researchers at ETH Zurich have been developing a technique for Micro 3D Printing for years now. Spin-off company Cytosurge has recently developed a method to overcome previous overhang and automation hurdles. More

Swedish research trio establishes national arena for metal 3D printing

Jan.20, 2016 - Chalmers University of Technology, University College West and research group Swerea have together established a national arena for metal 3D printing, intended to accelerate the pace of 3D printing research, education and information throughout the Swedish metal and engineering industries. More

Scientists develop a new form of 3D printing that uses ultrasound to 3D print composite materials

Jan.19, 2016 - A team of engineers from the University of Bristol, United Kingdom, has developed a novel method for 3D printing composite materials. The method uses ultrasonic waves to manipulate tiny fibers within a resin, and can be used on off-the-shelf 3D printers. More

Delcam to research metal 3D printing with new ABB robot arm and PowerMILL Robot interface

Jan.19, 2016 - CAD/CAM software supplier Delcam has acquired a new ABB robot fitted with a Fronius CMT Advanced welding head. The unit will be used to research the programming of robots for metal 3D printing using Delcam's PowerMILL Robot interface. More

3D printing, AI robots, machine learning and nanotech to lead to 5 mln less jobs by 2020

Jan.18, 2016 - The World Economic Forum has released a report indicating that the Fourth and Current Industrial Revolution, characterized by an increase 3D printing technology, robotics, nanotechnology, artificial intelligence and machine learning, will lead to the loss of more than 7 million jobs by 2020, with only 2 million new skilled jobs being created. More

Livermore Labs applies physics-based research to improve metal 3D printing once and for all

Jan.14, 2016 - Researchers from Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory have launched a strategic research-based project known as the Accelerated Certification of Additively Manufactured Metals Initiative (ACAMM), which seeks to improve metal 3D printing and encourage its widespread adoption across various industries. More

Irish government announces €28.8M investment in next-gen sciences including nano 3D printing

Jan.13, 2016 - In order to create more jobs and to give scientists the funds to get the right equipment and facilities, the Irish government has announced it will invest €28.8M in 21 different next-generation sciences, including nano 3D printing with an eye on medical applications. More

A faster and cheaper way to 3D print with metal powders and even rust

Jan.12, 2016 - A team of Northwestern Engineers has developed a new method for 3D printing metal that uses liquid inks and a simple syringe-extrusion technique, much like a regular 3D printer, yet with the ability to create complex and more uniform architectures than previously possible in metal 3D printing, all while using a wider variety of metals, alloys and metal oxides. More

Lloyd's Register launches global 3D printing certification framework

Jan.8, 2016 - Lloyd's Register has launched a set of goal-based additive manufacturing guidance notes to industry. The certification framework aims to give operators and manufacturers in the energy and marine industries confidence in 3D printed metal components. More

CTA report: IoT drives industry growth, 3D printing industry 'Tech Sector to Watch' in 2016

Jan.6, 2016 - A Sales & Forecasts report from the Consumer Technology Association (CTA) has predicted a record-setting $287 billion in 2016 retail revenues for the U.S. consumer technology industry. The 3D printing industry, predicted total revenues of $152 million, has been listed as a 'Tech Sector to Watch'. More

Taiwan's MIRDC and Tohoku University of Japan join R&D forces to advance metal 3D printing

Jan.5, 2016 - Taiwan's Metal Industries Research & Development Centre (MIRDC) has signed a cooperative agreement with the Institute for Materials Research (IMR) of Tohoku University of Japan in order to develop and advance metal 3D printing technology and related metallic 3D printing materials. More

2016 will be year 3D printing goes mainstream, says Bing search engine

Jan.4, 2016 - While most experts are quite optimistic about what the new year will bring for the 3D printing industry, Windows' Bing search engine revealed 2016 will see 3D printing going mainstream while virtual reality technology, fitness trackers and personal digital assistants will become the biggest technology trends. More

‘Sewing machine’ uses maths to create intricate 3D printed patterns from molten glass

Jan.2, 2016 - Mediated Matter and the MIT Glass Lab have collaborated with Dr. Brun, a renowned mathematician, to produce a mathematically precise 'molten glass sewing machine'. The machine combines 3D printing of glass with maths to form intricate 3D printed glass objects. More

3D Printing Year in Review: The Biggest 3D Printing News Stories of 2015

Dec.30, 2015 - With the New Year fast approaching, it's time to look back on the biggest 3D printing news stories of 2015, and reflect on what they might mean for the year to come. More

Gartner places 3D printing among the top 10 strategic technology trends for 2016

Dec.24, 2015 - With the end of the year rapidly approaching, experts are already looking at what the next year could bring. And according to Gartner, we can expect a lot from the 3D printing industry over the coming years, as they have listed the technology among the top ten strategic technology trends for 2016. More

German engineering team pioneers LaserStacker machine to '3D print' acrylic objects

Dec.23, 2015 - In an excellent attempt to combine the best of CAD design, the speed of laser cutting and the material properties of acrylic, a team of German engineers from the Hasso Plattner Institute have built the LaserStacker: an efficient tool that '3D prints' 3D objects made from acrylic. More

TU Delft students develop method for 3D printing flexible materials

Dec.20, 2015 - Ben Kromhout and Lukas Lambrichts, two students on the Technologies for Concept Design (TfCD) course at the Delft University of Technology, Netherlands, have come up with a novel method for 3D printing flexible materials, using a simple geometric pattern. More

Fabrisonic using sound waves to produce 3D metal objects

Dec.19, 2015 - Since 2011, Ohio based 3D printing specialist Fabrisonic has pioneered the unique 3D printing process of Ultrasonic Additive Manufacturing (UAM), which involves the merging of layers of metal foil using sound waves. More

Get a unique 3D nanoprinted selfie only visible under a microscope through µPeek

Dec.17, 2015 - A team of Swiss 3D nanoprinting experts now offer a unique opportunity through their Kickstarter campaign for the 'Peek mini microscope: a 3D printed nano selfie the size of a grain of salt that is only visible under a microscope. More

Lumi Industries announces LumiFold Z-axis mechanism that makes 3D printers extremely compact

Dec.17, 2015 - While most 3D printing innovations focus on printed quality, Lumi Industries has just announced a revolutionary new Z-axis 3D printing mechanism that makes FDM, SLA, and DLP 3D printers compacter and more efficient than ever before. More

Samsung deems 3D printing unprofitable on the short term, shifts focus to IoT and drones

Dec.16, 2015 - While the 3D printing revolution is picking up speed, unverified reports on Samsung policy suggest that it hasn't quite matured as a consumer technology yet. The electronics giant was considering it as one of its new priorities, but deemed the technology unprofitable on the short term. More

China and Israel sign multi-million dollar research deal on 3D printing, nanotech, and more

Dec.14, 2015 - The science ministers of Israel and China have today signed a multi-million dollar joint research declaration to advance research in areas including 3D printing technology, bio-medicine, nano-technology, renewable energy, aging populations and more. More

3D printer emissions study to determine impact on air quality and health

Dec.8, 2015 - Safety organization Underwriters Laboratories has partnered with Georgia Tech and Emory University to conduct indoor air quality research on 3D printing technology, and assess the potential hazards to human health. More

Add dazzle and shine to 3D printed jewelry with new internal reflection technique

Dec.8, 2015 - London-based inventor and designer Otto Souta has developed a new 3D printing technique that utilizes Total Internal Reflection to emulate the dazzle and shine of diamonds in your own 3D printed accessories. More

ITRI develops new laser tech for regulating hardness of metal parts during 3D printing

Dec.4, 2015 - While metal 3D printing is limited by the fact that all parts feature the same hardness, strength and toughness throughout the part, a new laser engine by Taiwan research institute ITRI can regulate these characteristics during 3D printing, making it suitable for a far wider range of applications. More

Revolutionary 'ReForm' hybrid clay design process combines 3D printing with manual sculpting

Nov.24, 2015 - Computer scientists from Lancaster University have developed a hybrid design process which allows creators to make clay objects using both 3D printing and manual sculpting techniques. The 'ReForm' process was the subject of an academic paper presented earlier this month. More

China to invest $313 million in 3D Printing R&D

Nov.18, 2015 - In a push to modernize the Chinese economy, the Chinese Ministry of Science and Technology among other state authorities will see 2 billion RMB, roughly 313 million USD, invested in 3D printing technology over a three-year period. More

Arevo Labs' 6-axis Robotic Additive Manufacturing Platform enhances 3D printing of composite parts

Nov.16, 2015 - Arevo Labs' Robotic Additive Manufacturing Platform is a novel solution that enables the 3D Printing of complex composite parts made from high-performance carbon fiber-reinforced thermoplastic filaments. More

3D printing is innovation-driven development tool, says Chinese president Xi JinPing at G20 summit

Nov.16, 2015 - At the G20 summit in Turkey, which concludes today, the Chinese president Xi Jinping has given as speech that called for transforming the Chinese economy into a smart manufacturing economy with the help of 3D printing and Internet+. More

WIPO report: Japan and US lead in patent filings in 3D printing, nanotechnology & robotics

Nov.12, 2015 - The new WIPO report, which looks at original mapping of patents in the fields of 3D printing, nanotechnology and robotics has shown that since 1995 more than 75 percent of the patent filings in these areas have been made by a small group of developed nations. More

3D printing on a nano-scale opens the doors for medical breakthroughs

Nov.11, 2015 - Researchers at London's Imperial Hamlyn Centre have found a way to use micro-scale 3D printing technology to make breakthroughs in various medical applications. More

New Capricate platform enables users to embed sensors during 3D printing

Nov.10, 2015 - Developed by a team of German researchers from the Technische Universit't Darmstadt, Capricate is an exciting design platform that enables users to embed sensors into the surface of objects during 3D printing on regular desktop machines, with the help of carbon-filled ABS filament. More

New 'RevoMaker' creates functioning products straight from 3D printer

Nov.6, 2015 - Researchers at Purdue University, Indiana have developed a new system for 3D printing functioning products with electronic and motorised components enclosed within. The system, dubbed 'RevoMaker', allows users to print on a rotational axis rather than a standard printing bed. More

Solve your 3D printing woes with Simplify 3D's Print Quality Troubleshooting Guide

Oct.27, 2015 - 3D software developers Simplify3D have launched an extremely user-friendly troubleshooting guide that not only identifies common 3D printing issues, but offers explanations and multiple solutions. More

Swiss engineers create game-changing Mesh Mould 3D printing and In-Situ Fabricator for construction sites

Oct.22, 2015 - Developed by Swiss researchers, the use of Mesh Mould 3D printing to create complex, custom formwork moulds on construction sites could allow for non-standard designs and more time and resource efficient construction methods. More

LLNL's Large Area Projection Micro Stereolithography (LAPµSL) 3D printing device wins tech-transfer award

Oct.2, 2015 - Bryan Moran, a Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL) optical engineer, has won the 2015 Federal Laboratory Consortium (FLC) Far West Region Award for his Large Area Projection Micro Stereolithography (LAPµSL) 3D printing technology. More