• Fluid Forms - Fluid Form produce objects according to user's virtual design, using computer-controlled processes and their craftsmen. Lead tims is 14 days. 


  • i.Materialise - Belgian 3D printing pioneer, 3D print service focusing on individual and personal applications


  • Impression-3D - 3D print service based in Paris, 10 years’ specialist experience in printing for architects, at the cutting-edge of fast prototyping, 3D printing and CAD technologies
  • Sculpteo - Sculpteo offers a fast 3D printing service which is open to all. They start from your 3D design to manufacture a specific object: interior decoration, figurines, robots, miniatures, scale models.


  • ProTocuBe - The company started in 2006. It is currently has its main offices in Turin and is also hosted by the University Business Incubator of Vercelli. ProTocuBe offers specific expertise and consulting services throughout the work-process, from the idea to the presentation of the project to a third party. It starts from design and digital modeling, manages engineering, creates prototypes or scale models and can follow the development of the product/project and its communication.


New Zealand

  • Ponoko - Based in New Zealand, has office in Germany, Italy, United Kingdom, United States. Ponoko is an online marketplace for everyone to click to make real things. They have very easy making system. 


  • 3D Creation Lab UK - Supply service to individuals, not for business.
  • Digital Forming - Digital Forming Ltd. was established in November 2008 by 4 partners from science. Today, Digital Forming has developed an extensive platform to link designers, brands, and their customers to Additive Manufacturing. Their technology is available through a SaaS licensing model.
  • ImpossibleCreations - Impossible Creations Ltd. offers a ground-breaking custom design and modelling service made possible by the UK's next generation of rapid prototyping 3D printers.
  • Inition - Formed in 2001, Inition specialises in experiential 3D production, 3D technology sales and creative services including 3D filming, 3D printing and 3D scanning. 
  • QuickForgeQuickForge use the HP Designjet 3D Color printer system, which has a maximum build area of 200x200x150mm.The Designjet 3D printer can produce detailed, structural parts from a strong ABS plastic.The Designjet 3D Color can print single-colour models in the following colours: Ivory, Grey, Blue, Olive Green, Yellow, Orange, Red and Black.
  • Stephanie Wood Design - Stephanie Wood design is a UK agent for ZCorp 3D printers. In addition to their sales of ZCorp 3D printers and scanners, they also offer a 3D printing bureau service, 3D scanning, 3D design, 2D laser cutting and marking.
  • Within Technologies - Within is a young design consultancy, based in London. It is able to custom design an optimised lattice structure and surface skin to meet customer's exact specifications. The product is then manufactured using one of many additive layer manufacturing machines (plastics or metals) with the optimised lattice within.


  • 3D ProParts - Owned by 3D Systems, one of the world's largest and most comprehensive overnight parts provider. You can get the latest SLA®, SLS®, SLM, 3D Printing, CNC, plastic and metal casting parts powered by 3D Systems. High precision and quality.
  • ExOne and MetalTec Innovations - With 50 years of experience and technical know-how, Ex One specializes in breakthrough additive manufacturing innovations and advanced micromachining for a vast network of global partners.
  • getitmade - getitmade is a marketplace where anyone with a product idea can test the market and use social networking to generate pre-sales and get the product made. Using getitmade allows Innovators (designers, inventors, companies and ordinary people) to take their product ideas to the production stage by pre-selling on getitmade to raise the money.
  • GXSC - Graphics Systems Corporation assists companies in implementing new engineering technologies to streamline product development and design better products. In business for over 20 years, Graphics Systems also offers solutions for Product Data Management (PDM), Design Simulation (FEA), Engineering Automation, Product Documentation, and Rapid Prototyping. Headquartered in Milwaukee, WI Graphics Systems has offices in Chicago, IL, Freeport, IL, Madison, WI, and Green Bay, WI.
  • Moddler - Located in San Francisco, Moddler is a 3d printing company specializing in turning your digital models into incredibly detailed physical models to be used as prototypes for design validation, high-end swag for clients or team members, or physical props. They now offer 3d scanning services with scanning resolution down to .1mm.
  • Offload Studies - Offload Studios Inc. specializes in creating custom 3D output from digital models. 
  • PartSnap - Services offered by PartSnap include 3D printing, laser scanning and urethane casting. PartSnap uses Objet PolyJet (TM) technology to produce 3D plastic models suitable for testing, design validation, or for producing artistic, architectural or medical models.
  • PrintTo3D - Print To 3D is a small home business based in North Eastern Pennsylvania (NEPA). Their printing services are available to anyone within the United States. It was founded by Bradley Rigdon in 2007.  
  • RedEye On Demand - RedEye by Stratasys provides rapid prototyping and direct digital manufacturing services to a wide variety of industries. RedEye is a business unit of Stratasys, serve the industries include: aerospace, architecture, automotive, business machines, consumer products, electronics, medical devices, entertainment, interior design, toys etc.
  • Shapeways - Shapeways has a vast library of objects and large selection of print materials

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