Do you wish to have a copy of your face? Now it is possible, thanks for REAL-f. Japanese company REAL-f developed 3D modeling pictures technology to make "real mask". Now anyone can have a replica of their face, with every blemish, pore, hair, freckle, and scar. But, no teeth. ;-)

The price for making the REALFACE (real mask) is 300,000JPY ($4,000) (for Basic rate + the first product), 60,000JPY ($780) for the second product onward.

The price for the REALHEAD (head mannequin) is 450,000JPY ($5,870) JPY for Basic rate + the first product, 150,000 ($1,950) JPY for the second product onward.

The delivery time for "real face" is around 2 weeks. If you want to have the "read head", that may take 3 weeks.

Source: REAL-f

Image credit REAL-f

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