In our earlier video clip we have watched the 3D printed bikinis. I am wondering if such products made of Nylon can be comfortably wearable. 

Mary Huang and Jenna Fizel are the creators of world's first 3D printed bikini. They run a company called Continuum Fashion, which is a New York-based duo that they use digital technologies to create distinctive bespoke design. One of their impressive products is 3D printed bikini. 

Mary Catherine O'Connor had an interview with them. They talked about N12 Bikini, which is named from the material it is printed in, Nylon 12. Nylon 12 is a solid plastic, but it can be printed as thin as 7mm, and it can make springs that bend and stretch. 

Jenna Fizel wrote the code behind the pattern, she is more technical half of Continuum Fashion. The material is comprised of many small dots, interlocked using springs, which gives it more flexibility. 

Continuum Fashion has developed another product, D.dress. It is actually a piece of software. The D.dress app lets you draw a dress, turns it into a 3D model, and exports a cutting pattern to make the real dress, sized to your measurements. Up to now it is still a prototype now. 

Furthermore they talked about they cooperation with Shapeways, who is very supportive in their development of N12. The two designers expect to work more on new projects to do with jewelry, footwear, textiles and clothing modification. 

Read here the full interview. 

In their online shop you can order their N12 bikini. A 3D printed bikini top in 4 pieces (Pieces hook together for ease of wear and versatile sizing) costs around $250 — $300. A 3D printed bikini bottom(Each side has 3 hooks for ease of wear. Lined) costs around $350.

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