I certainly love things like this, so beautiful to watch. The creator is printedCat, user of Shapways. 

This model is 15.9 w x 10.2 d x 6.9 h cm in dimentions, and needs some post production assemble.

If you choose the material from white, strong & flexible, the price is $38.

It is Replica of Wooden splinter bird of Happiness.

Bird of Happiness is the traditional North Russian wooden toy, carved in the shape of a bird. It was invented by Pomors, the inhabitants of the coasts of the White and Barents Seas. The Bird of Happiness is made without glue or other fasteners, by carving thin petals for the bird’s wings and tail and then using a special method of spreading and curving them, also found in other products of the North Russian handicraft. The amulet is usually made of pine, fir, spruce, or Siberian cedar. It is suspended inside a house, guarding the family hearth and well-being.

Source: Wikipedia 

Source: Shapeways

You can also watch the video here.

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