Tom Kluyskens of Made on Jupiter has designed and made a wedding Gift "Sweet As!", it is 3D printed tie and bracelet. 

The material was White, Strong & Flexible, Nylon 12, laser sintered. It is the strongest nylon material and has a good heat resistance. Same material as the world's first 3D printed bikini. Also there are two sterling silver pieces engraved with "Sweet As!" Letters. 

The pieces were modeled parametrically in Houdini (a high end digital film effects tool), and the resulting 3D model was sent to Shapeways for 3D printing. The connector pieces were 1mm thick, with a .1mm precision. The pegs fit snugly in the holes. 

Check out the post from Tom Kluyskens for more detailed process. Here is the video of how the parametric setup in Houdini:

Source: Made on Jupiter

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