While many invoke the vision of 3D printers in the home, the reality is that until now, the ability to design and print your own creations in 3D has required expert knowledge in 3D CAD software. 

Mark Danks and Sarah Stocker, game industry veterans and the founders of Kodama Studios, are changing that. Leveraging their unique experience in video game development and the latest browser technologies in HTML5.0 and WebGL, Kodama has put the joy of play into creating in 3D. Their solution utilizes the unique speed, affordability and multicolor printing capabilities of Z Corporation 3D printers. 

-- From Press Release of Z Corp

MyRobotNation.com is online yesterday. It's a joint venture between ZCorp, Kodama Studios and Offload Studios. Anyone can create their own unique robot online and My Robot Nation will deliver it to the door. This is an another consumer-friendly 3D printing company. They supply a set of simple web-based design tool so that anyone can create robots they want. And they have the databse of up to 9 billion of custom robot designs that you can combine with. To most people the design tools for 3D printed products are complex. 

According their webiste: 

My Robot Nation is the first and only browser-based creation platform that lets the everyday consumer easily combine their individual choices on base parts, color, attachments and stamps to create an utterly unique and customized object – and then press a button to have it made real and delivered to their door. We think that's pretty special, and just the beginning of the 3D creation revolution that we're putting into consumers' hands. 

 The standard robots size is 2~6 inches. It uses the materials which are environment-friendly and similiar to ceramic in feel. The lead time is around 5 days. The prices starting at $17.99 plus shipping and handling. The service is employing WebGL, according to MyRobotNation.com, "WebGL lets you see and interact with 3D objects natively in your browser. This means that the robot that you see on your screen is just like the one you will receive in the mail (only the one on the screen is virtual, of course!). Under the hood, we use WebGL and HTML5 combined with patent pending techniques to create My Robot Nation." 

MyRobotNation.com uses a robot as the beginning of their printing business, because it is easy to understand. This is a good way to reach the majority of customers. They probably will become one more strong competitor for 3D print service companies like Shapeways and Ponoko.  

(Credits: MRN)

Source: CNET News

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