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Innovation and practice are the ultimate driving forces of evolution and development, thus focuses on the growing field of 3D printing and the latest trends and technological developments. We are committed to the dissemination of innovative ideas, creative design, and valuable know-how that will benefit like-minded readers and 3D printing enthusiasts. We also strongly believe in supporting the products and developers that are changing people's lives and enhancing the DIY and maker community.

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The 3ders team is comprised of experienced and passionate writers. Through investigative journalism, extensive interviews, and a strong sense of accountability, we strive to provide the most diverse, insightful, and engaging articles on the web, keeping our worldwide audience informed and connected to the fast-paced world of 3D printing. 


Alec Buren

Alec Buren is a Dutch/British writer and translator currently based in Holland. Originally trained as a historian, he has a wide range of interests that all revolve around humanity, progress and technology. From a 15th century book printing press to a FDM 3D printer on your desktop, Alec is absolutely fascinated about the potential of individual and intellectual development. To him, 3D printing technology is therefore not so much about industrial production, but about the creative power it puts in the hands of the people. Email: alecburen[at]


Simon Cosimo

Simon Cosimo is trained as a user experience designer with a focus on digital fabrication techniques. He believes that aside from helping develop the next generation of futuristic products, additive manufacturing will also dramatically improve designing for impact in third-world countries. His favorite 3D printer is the Form 1 from Formlabs and his favorite desert is tiramisu. Email: scosimony[at]


Will F.

Will F. is an urban mushroom farming entrepreneur and freelance writer in Portland, Oregon. He has been fascinated by the developments in 3D printing technology ever since learning about it in 2010. He believes it will rapidly progress from here on out and that it will eventually uproot everyone's relationship to manufacturing, design, healthcare, and more.


Anja van West













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