3D printed Octinion strawberry picking robot can pick one berry every three seconds

Nov.18, 2017 - A Belgian engineering company is looking to digitize the way we harvest produce, one strawberry at a time. Heverlee-based startup Octinion has developed a strawberry-picking robot equipped with machine vision and a 3D printed 'hand.' The prototype can determine when a strawberry is ready to be picked, then harvest damage-free produce at a rate similar to human workers. More

Framlab proposes 3D printed vertical housing modules to give shelter to New York's homeless

Nov.18, 2017 - A New York design agency is looking to tackle the city's homelessness crisis one 3D printed module at a time. Conceived as a series of 3D printed micro-neighbourhoods, the Homed project features an array of dense vertical units designed to attach to pre-existing buildings via a scaffold structure, thereby creating an active layer of living modules. More

Abu Dhabi Police unveils plans to create 3D printed patrol cars & police stations on Mars by 2057

Nov.17, 2017 - The Abu Dhabi police force in the UAE has outlined its vision of policing on Mars. The UAE plans to establish a colony on Mars by the year 2117, and the Abu Dhabi police sees itself driving 3D printed patrol cars around the planet to ensure order is maintained. More

Trumpf launches triple-laser TruPrint 5000 laser metal fusion (LMF) 3D printer

Nov.17, 2017 - Geman 3D printer manufacturer Trumpf is demonstrating its latest machine, the TruPrint 5000, at this year's Formnext expo. The medium-format TruPrint 5000 3D printer features a triple-laser system and increased automation, which will speed up printing in order to enable series production. More

Porous 3D printed ‘schwarzites’ are strong & lightweight, could form entire buildings

Nov.17, 2017 - Engineers at Rice University and Brazil's University of Campinas have created 3D printed schwarzites'mathematical structures named after their creator Hermann Schwarz'with complex curved geometries. The researchers envision buildings being made with the 3D printed structures. More

5% of all spare parts could be digitalized & 3D printed, reports VTT Finland & Aalto University

Nov.17, 2017 - Finland's VTT Technical Research Centre and Aalto University have released findings from their two-year industry research project that investigates how businesses can use digital, 3D printable spare parts to their advantage. The project is valued at around 1.4 million euros ($1.65M). More

Canada's Dalhousie University pioneers 3D printed devices to improve radiation therapy

Nov.17, 2017 - A team of medical professionals and students at Dalhousie University in Canada have created a set of 3D printed 'bolus' devices that will improve the treatment of cancer patients. They are specifically tailored to a patients anatomy, so they will fit more comfortably and optimize the radiation dosage that is adminstered. More

Singapore's LTA leverages 3D printing, robotics and VR to improve rail reliability

Nov.17, 2017 - Singapore's Land Transport Authority and private rail operators will soon be making use of 3D printing, as well as AR, VR and robotics, to improve the way the rail network functions. Maintenance, logistics and training of staff will all be made much faster and cheaper with the use of Industry 4.0 innovations. More

SpaceIL hopes lunar lander's 3D printed legs could help it scoop $20M Google Lunar XPRIZE

Nov.16, 2017 - Israeli nonprofit startup SpaceIL is using 3D printed legs on its unmanned space lander, a spacecraft competing for more than $20 million in prize money as part of the Google Lunar XPRIZE initiative. The 3D printed legs are being supplied by Zurich's RUAG Space. More

3D printed 'Family of the Future' debuts at formnext, the joint effort of Flam3D and 30 Flemish partners

Nov.16, 2017 - Some 30 3D printing companies have joined forces to create the 'Family of the Future,' a conceptual project featuring a 3D printed mother, father, and child. Just unveiled at formnext, the Family of the Future serves to demonstrate the power of collaboration and co-creation, as well as sparking the public's imagination as to what 3D printing can do. More

Cambridge's 3D printed nanoscale magnetic circuits could improve future electronic devices

Nov.16, 2017 - A team from the University of Cambridge has developed a nanoscale magnetic circuit using 3D nano-printing which is capable of moving information in three-dimensions. This innovation has the potential to increase the processing and storage capabilities of next-gen electronic devices. More

Fluorescent 3D printed microstructures could thwart counterfeit money

Nov.16, 2017 - Researchers at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology and optical company ZEISS are using fluorescent 3D printed microstructures to improve counterfeit protection. The innovation could prevent the forgery of bank notes, documents, and branded products. More

Watch how Dubai's Emirates is 3D printing aircraft cabin parts using SLS technology

Nov.16, 2017 - Emirates, the Dubai-based airline, is using selective laser sintering (SLS) 3D printing to make cabin parts for its aircraft. The 3D printed parts, printed by 3D Systems, include video monitor shrouds and cabin air vent grills. More

3D printed patient-specific vascular models help University of Mainz hospital take on complex surgeries

Nov.15, 2017 - Surgeons from the University of Mainz Cardiothoracic and Vascular Surgery Department in Germany have turned to 3D printing technology to help advance and improve surgical planning processes for complex vascular operations. More

Dubai's RTA announces plans for 3D printed bus stop, pedestrian bridge & marine transport station

Nov.15, 2017 - Dubai should be seeing a number of new 3D printed civil structures within the next few years. The Roads and Transport Authority recently announced plans for a 3D printed bus stop, pedestrian bridge, marine transport station, as well as the Hatta Gate which doubles as a public art project. More

3D printing helps surgeons separate conjoined twins at Rome's Bambino Gesu pediatric hospital

Nov.15, 2017 - 3D printed models have been used to help separate conjoined twins in Rome. The pair, who are of Algerian nationality, were separated during a 10-hour surgery in which surgeons made use of the 3D printed models. More

3D printing resurrects ancient Egyptian Tomb in Switzerland

Nov.15, 2017 - An ancient Egyptian tomb has been 'resurrected' in Switzerland thanks to advancements in 3D 'scanning and 3D printing technology. Once belonging to Pharaoh Seti I, one of the most important royals in Egypt's Valley of the Kings, the 3,300-year-old sarcophagus now sits in 3D printed form in the Antikenmuseum Basel in northwestern Switzerland. More

1,300 sq ft 'World of Warcraft' diorama featuring over 10,000 3D printed characters breaks Guinness World Record

Nov.15, 2017 - Video game developer Blizzard Entertainment has been awarded a Guinness World Record for the largest video game diorama ever produced. The massive diorama spans 1,300 square feet and includes over 10,000 miniature 3D printed characters. More

Swiss researchers develop innovative origami-inspired drone using 3D printing

Nov.13, 2017 - A team of researchers from a major Swiss university has made some serious advances in the field of drone technology. Its newest development is a drone with a lightweight, foldable cage that can wrap itself around a package. This means that the relatively small drone can safely dcarry up to 50 kg. More

How 3D printing helped create Hela's stunning headdress in 'Thor: Ragnarok'

Nov.13, 2017 - Fans of 'Thor: Ragnarok' will be excited to learn that Hela's menacing headdress (worn by actress Cate Blanchett) was made with the help of 3D printing. Ironhead Studio's Jose Fernandez dishes on how the prop was created for the Marvel franchise. More

3D printed skull model saves Australian baby whose nose was blocked with bone

Nov.13, 2017 - A 3D printed skull has helped an Australian infant survive a birth complication. Baby Sophia, from Perth, was born with bone fused over her nasal cavity, and could not breathe without a ventilator. Surgeons used a 3D printed model to get a better look at the skull before operating. More

German company Amtopus 3D prints packaging from apricot cores and other raw bio-materials

Nov.13, 2017 - Amtopus, a company based in Chemnitz, Germany, has recently won an environmental award for its pioneering 3D printing work. It makes use of raw bio-degradable materials, such as apricot cores or wood flour, and processes them into eco-friendly 3D printable materials for making packaging containers. More

Vietnamese Firm Bkav claims to have beaten iPhone X's Face ID using a $150 3D printed mask

Nov.13, 2017 - 3D printing has been used to bypass Apple's new Face ID security system on the iPhone X. Vietnamese security firm Bkav made a 3D printed mask with silicone features in order to trick Face ID into unlocking an iPhone. More

4 Fun DIY 3D Printing Projects - 3D printed portable rail-gun, duplicate keys, aquatic car tires, customized doors

Nov.12, 2017 - Here's another round-up of some fun DIY projects that have been shared around the hobbyist 3D printing world recently, hopefully giving you inspiration to get involved yourself, or at least providing some comfort in these turbulent times as summer curdles into the sour light of autumn. There's a set of 3D printed tires that let you drive on water, a 3D printed semi-automatic railgun, and more besides. More

Gabrielle Keaton, Miss Multiverse Australia to wear 3D printed dress to world finals

Nov.11, 2017 - 3D printed fashion has officially soared to national heights: fans of the Miss Multiverse Beauty Pageant and Modelling Competition will get to glimpse the first ever 3D printed national costume on Australian finalist Gabrielle Keaton this November in the Dominican Republic. More

Scientists develop a 3D printable fiber for clothes that can cool you down

Nov.10, 2017 - Researchers at the University of Maryland College Park have developed a new textile that could, one day, don as our own personal cooling unit, in place of air conditioning. Recently published in the journal ACS Nano, the study investigates the potential of 3D printing in manufacturing high-tech fabrics designed to keep you cool. More

Australia's TGA may amend regulations on personalized 3D printed medical devices

Nov.10, 2017 - Australia's Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) is looking at changing regulations on personalized 3D printed medical devices. A consultation was launched on Thursday, with some believing Australia could be off the pace in terms of 3D printing innovation. More

Open-source 3D printed kit transforms $500 wheelchair into $2500 electronic wheelchair

Nov.10, 2017 - A team of around 30 high school roboticists from Ra'anana in Israel has developed a 3D printed Electric Wheelchair Kit that transforms an ordinary wheelchair into a motorized one. The 3D printed tool could save wheelchair users around $2,000. More

3D printing presents cyber security risks for aircraft manufacturers, says Atlantic Council report

Nov.10, 2017 - The Atlantic Council, a Washington, D.C. think-tank has released a new report which outlines the benefits and risks of 3D printing within the aviation sector. The report is entitled 'Aviation Security: Finding Lift, Minimizing Drag.' More

Design students 3D print incredible pleated costumes for Beijing Opera performance

Nov.10, 2017 - At an upcoming performance of Farewell My Concubine by the Beijing Opera, the actors will be dressed in amazingly detailed 3D printed costumes designed by Mingjing Lin and Tsai-Chun Huang, two Fashion and Textile PhD students at the Royal College of Art, London. More

Singapore's Sembcorp Marine to develop use of 3D printing, drone to boost offshore & marine sector

Nov.9, 2017 - Sembcorp Marine, a Singapore-based marine and offshore engineering company, recently signed an MOU through which it will aim to collaboratively develop 3D printing, drone, and digital twin technologies which could impact the offshore and marine (O&M) industry More

3D printed self-balancing scooter is German students' attempt to 'think additively'

Nov.9, 2017 - Students from the University of Applied Sciences Ravensburg-Weingarten in Germany'have designed a first-of-its-kind 3D printed self-balancing scooter. The project is being supported by Stratasys, whose Fortus 900mc 3D printer was used for the larger components. More

UK researchers pioneer breakthrough method to 3D print fully functional electronic circuits

Nov.9, 2017 - Researchers at the UK's University of Nottingham have developed a way to 3D print functional electric circuits using inkjet printing and UV curing. The circuits contain both electrically conductive metallic inks and insulating polymeric inks. More

Amsterdam unveils two 3D printed sofas, each made up of 3,000 plastic bags

Nov.8, 2017 - The city of Amsterdam has unveiled two 3D printed sofas, each made up of 3,000 plastic bags, as part of its new 'Circulaire Expositie' ( 'Recycling Exhibition'). On display at the Stadhuis until October 26th, this exhibition serves to showcase Amsterdam's commitment towards building a sustainable city, and the role 3D printing plays in that effort. More

Dartmouth's WiPrint tech uses low-cost 3D printed reflectors to custom improve WiFi signals

Nov.8, 2017 - A team of researchers from Dartmouth College in New Hampshire has devised a remarkably simple and affordable way to improve WiFi signals within an indoor space and even strengthen wireless security: 3D printed structures covered in aluminum foil. More

Xuberance & Farsoon 3D print beautiful handbag collections from TPU

Nov.8, 2017 - Shanghai-based design studio Xuberance never ceases to impress us with its stunning 3D printed fashion pieces and accessories. Now, the studio has partnered with Chinese 3D printing company Farsoon to realize two collections of 3D printed handbags. More

Mulindi Japan One Love to bring 3D printed prosthetics to Rwanda

Nov.7, 2017 - Mulindi Japan One Love is a non-profit organization dedicated to bringing mobility and independence to East Africans with disabilities. Since 1996, the project has supplied prosthetic limbs and medical devices to more than 6,000 Rwandans and 2,000 Burundians free of charge. Now, the NGO is launcing a new program for 3D printed prosthetics. More

World's largest lens, 3D printed by Formlabs, coming to Times Square

Nov.7, 2017 - Starting February 1st, Times Square will be even more bedazzled thanks to a new public art installation by Aranda\Lasch and Marcelo Coehlo. 'Window to the Heart' will see the world's largest lens, 3D printed by Formlabs, installed at Father Duffy Square, between 46th and 47th Streets, in a glimmering celebration of love in Times Square. More

3D printed MakerSat-0 CubeSat to launch into space this Friday to assist in Made In Space material research

Nov.7, 2017 - A group of students from the Northwest Nazarene University (NNU) and the Caldwell High School in Idaho will have the chance to see a 3D printed satellite it made launched into space this month, thanks to a partnership with Made in Space. More

Pjotr introduces first solid gold 3D printed luxury fountain pen for €14K

Nov.7, 2017 - Rein van der Mast, the Dutch designer perhaps better known for his brand name Pjotr, has unveiled his latest 3D printed luxury writing instrument. Named Spica Virginis, the new and extra opulent pen is made from solid 18K gold. More

BAM, TU Clausthal and German Aerospace Center (DLR) participate in micro-gravity 3D printing tests

Nov.6, 2017 - In a major German research collaboration, several 3D printing experiments have been carried out in micro-gravity conditions on board a series of parabolic flights. Researchers successfully tested a suction system that can stabilize the powder bed used for 3D printing, in the absence of gravity. More

3D printed bioceramic stents inspired by lotus root structure improve vascularization and bone growth

Nov.6, 2017 - A team of researchers from the Shanghai Institute of Ceramics and the Chinese Academy of Sciences has developed a novel design for 3D printed stent made from a biomedical ceramic material and which has a structure inspired by the lotus root. More

Six 3D printed coral reefs installed on Monaco's ocean floor

Nov.6, 2017 - Last week, the Monaco government installed six 3D printed reef units, each measuring 1.2 x 2 metres and weighing 2,500 kilograms. Manufactured by Dutch maritime company Boskalis and supported by Monaco's Prince Albert II Foundation, the reefs could be an important step forward in mitigating marine destruction caused by climate change. More

Blizzident introduces 3D printed flossing device that lets users floss 'with just one bite'

Nov.6, 2017 - Blizzident, a dental 3D printing company, says it has developed a device that could revolutionize the task of flossing. Called the '3D-Flosser,' this new 3D printed device reportedly enables users to floss all their teeth 'with just one bite.' More

3D printed steering wheel helps Bloodhound supersonic car hit 210 mph in 8 seconds

Nov.6, 2017 - The Bloodhound SSC supersonic car has made its first public runs, hitting 210 mph in 8 seconds at Cornwall Airport Newquay in the UK. The car, which has a 3D printed steering wheel tailored to driver Andy Green's specifications, is targeting a world record land speed of 1,000 mph. More

Amsterdam's 3D printed steel bridge fitted with huge sensor network for real-time 'health' monitoring

Nov.6, 2017 - Researchers from the UK's Alan Turing Institute and Imperial College London are adding a large sensor network to MX3D's 3D printed steel bridge, currently under development in Amsterdam and set for 2018 completion. The sensors will monitor the 'health' of the 3D printed bridge in real time. More

3D printed prototype wearable brain scanner four times as sensitive as current MEG systems

Nov.5, 2017 - A team of researchers from the University of Nottingham and UCL are developing a more effective form of an advanced brain imaging technique. They have used a 3D printed protoype helmet in early tests of their new magnetoencephalography system, which could be at least four times as sensitive as current systems. More

3D printed wearable designed to prevent motorists falling asleep at the wheel

Nov.5, 2017 - An innovative French startup, Ellcie-Healthy, has developed a 3D printed mount that can be worn on the eyes to prevent motorists falling asleep at the wheel. It can be hooked up to a smartphone, and activates a buzzer or flashing LED when warning signs are detected. It will be distributed by eyewear company Optic 2000. More

UK grad student's 'Metamorphosis' project introduces tactile 3D printed tattoos

Nov.4, 2017 - Julien Nikolov, a graduate student from the University of Lincoln in the UK, is rethinking the concept of tattoos in his 'Metamorphosis' design project. Using 3D printing rather than ink and needles, the designer has created three-dimensional, tactile tattoos that wearers can easily wear and remove. More

With 90 3D printers at its 26 factories, Volkswagen counts on metal 3D printing for exclusive car series & replacement parts

Nov.3, 2017 - Volkswagen AG uses both polymer and metal-based 3D printing in its car manufacturing, but how does it see the current applications and future potentials for metal 3D printing in the industry? More

U.S. military's 3DMAC 3D prints custom assistive devices and prosthetics for war veterans

Nov.2, 2017 - 3D printing in the military is really taking off, but it's not all 3D printed drones and weaponry: the technology is also serving an important rehabilitative purpose for soldiers who are injured and lose limbs on the battlefield. More

Google AI sees 3D printed turtle as a rifle, MIT researchers explain why

Nov.2, 2017 - Researchers at MIT have carried out an investigation into 'adversarial examples,' objects that can fool AI vision into thinking an object is something completely different. The researchers made a 3D printed turtle that fooled Google's Inception-v3 into thinking it was a gun, even from multiple angles. More

Hoversurf Formula: a 3D printed flying car that costs under $100K

Nov.2, 2017 - Hoversurf, a futuristic vehicle company based in San Francisco and Moscow, has unveiled 'Formula,' a revolutionary flying car made with 3D printed carbon fiber and metal. The vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) vehicle seats five, and could be in the air by 2018. More

Westinghouse to install first 3D printed nuclear reactor fuel part by 2018

Nov.2, 2017 - Westinghouse is intending to install the first 3D printed fuel component in a nuclear reactor, and it should be done by Fall 2018. Supported by the Department of Energy, the company is currently researching various AM processes, as well as trying to speed up the standardization of materials so AM implementation can become more widespread. More

TU Delft researchers fabricate shape-shifting objects with hobbyist 3D printers and origami techniques

Nov.2, 2017 - A research team at TU Delft, which is responsible for the impressive 3D printed automated origami structures that could be used for medical implants and other applications, have made some updates to this process. Their new structures can incorporate sequential, time-delay folding, and this has been achieved with cheaper materials and equipment. More

Vancouver-based LifeTec to build homes faster with Framecad steel beam 3D printing tech

Nov.1, 2017 - LifeTec Construction Group Inc., a Vancouver-based construction firm is aiming to bring 3D printed housing structures to the Canadian city in an effort to provide a faster, more efficient home-building process. More

Sandia National Lab team 3D prints 20% more efficient solar power receivers

Nov.1, 2017 - A team from Sandia National Laboratories, one of three National Nuclear Security Administration research and development laboratories, says it has developed fractal-like concentrating solar power receivers that are more effective at absorbing sunlight that existing systems.' More

Architect Vincent Callebaut envisions rebuilding liberated Mosul with 3D printed 'farming bridges'

Nov.1, 2017 - Belgian architect Vincent Callebaut has won the Rifat Chadirji Prize for his proposal to build five farming bridges made from modular 3D printed housing units. The prize was awarded to the best idea for rebuilding the liberated and heavily destroyed parts of Mosul, Iraq. More

Stranger Things' monstrous Demogorgon came from a 3D printer, not the Upside Down

Nov.1, 2017 - The visual effects team behind Netflix sensation Stranger Things has revealed how it used 3D printing during the development of the show's monsters, including the nightmarish 'Demogorgon.' Studio models were 3D printed on a Formlabs SLA 3D printer. More

Researchers develop 3D printed orthopaedic casts with improved thermal comfort

Nov.1, 2017 - A team of researchers from TU Delft and Boston University have collaborated on development of new 3D printed orthopaedic casts. It's the first time that the thermal comfort of a patient's skin has been taken into account in the production of casts.The 3D printed structure incorporates air holes in specific places to optimize airflow. More

3D printed small intestine helps Cornell scientists understand gut bacteria

Oct.31, 2017 - Biologists at Cornell University in New York have 3D printed a microscopic artificial small intestine. The synthetic gut could help researchers better understand bacteria and the human immune system. More

Breakthrough: LLNL's 3D printed marine grade stainless steel now three times stronger

Oct.31, 2017 - Researchers at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL) have made a breakthrough in 3D printing 316L, a 'marine grade' stainless steel. Marine grade steels, used in places like oil pipelines, engine parts, and kitchen equipment, typically have a low corrosiveness and high ductility. More

Ohio researchers use 3D printing to develop 'Hovering' millimeter wave antenna arrays with improved signal strength

Oct.31, 2017 - Researchers at Ohio State's ESL will be making use of 3D printing technology as part of a project to make antenna arrays. These arrays will use higher frequencies and innovative lenses, and can 'float' in the air, in order to improve signal strength and provide continuous bandwidth. More

MIT's new 3D printed nozzle device could make versatile nanofiber meshes at much lower cost

Oct.30, 2017 - Researchers at MIT have developed a 3D printed nozzle device for producing nanofiber meshes. The device, made with a DLP 3D printer, matches the speed and power of its MIT-made predecessor, but produces more uniform fiber diameters at a much lower cost. More

Kyushu University scientists successfully transplant 3D bioprinted liver buds into rats

Oct.30, 2017 - Scientists from the Kyushu University in Japan have recently demonstrated the ability to implant their 3D bioprinted liver tissue into rats. The breakthrough could mark a step in the right direction for the development of implantable 3D printed liver tissue in humans. More

$9.3M 'Just in time' 3D printed bone implant project in Australia set to transform tumour surgery

Oct.30, 2017 - A recent collaboration between the Australian government, Melbourne's RMIT University, the University of Technology Sydney (UTS), St. Vincent's Hospital Melbourne, and medical tech company Stryker is aiming to solidify the country's prominent place within the 3D printed implant industry. More

Industrial Digitalisation Review: UK can create $600bn & 175,000 manufacturing jobs via Industry 4.0, 3D printing

Oct.30, 2017 - The 'Industrial Digitalisation Review,' a UK government-commissioned review on industrial digitalization, has suggested that the UK could create '455 billion ($600 billion) and 175,000 new jobs by embracing Industry 4.0 technology like 3D printing. More

5 Fun DIY Projects - 3D printed Rubik’s cube robot, Art Deco speaker, stamp mold, LED eye, retro computer Raspberry Pi case

Oct.29, 2017 - Here's another fun round-up of fun DIY 3D printing projects from a bunch of fun people making their own way in the hobbyist world. This time we've got a 3D printed robot that can solve Rubik's Cubes, an ornate 3D printed speaker, and much more besides. More

Belgian artist Cédric Van Parys re-imagines Shanghai architecture in 25 3D printed models

Oct.28, 2017 - Cédric Van Parys' acclaimed 'Monuments for Progress' project, exhibited earlier this year at the Venice Biennale, pays homage to the stunning architectures that dot the Shanghai skyline, taking them to new heights in the form of 25 tiny 3D printed models, all created to scale. More

UK Brunel scientists develop flexible, wearable 3D printed battery

Oct.27, 2017 - A team of researchers at London's Brunel University have made a significant 3D printing breakthrough in the field of wearable electronics. They have used the technology to develop a wristband that can also recharge a battery. This is the first time a single, continuous extrusion-based 3D printing process has been used for this purpose. More

The US Marines have started 3D printing explosives

Oct.26, 2017 - A division of the US marines has officially begun to 3D print and test small explosives, a U.S. Defense Department blog reported yesterday. While only in its initial testing phase, the results have been successful so far. More

3D printed gas-absorbing MOF-plastic sensors could help fuel hydrogen-powered cars

Oct.26, 2017 - Scientists from the National Institute of Standards and Technology have found that 3D printed ABS plastic has the potential to integrate MOF substances that can store and detect gases in the environment. More

XON's 3D printed IoT ORBITREC bike available to buy soon

Oct.26, 2017 - ORBITREC, a customizable 3D printed bike with metal parts made using generative design and lattice structures, is almost ready for commercialization. XON's IoT-connected bicycle gathers data from its environment to improve performance, and was first seen at CES 2016. More

Saudi researchers propose 3D printed braces with LEDs and batteries for faster teeth alignment

Oct.25, 2017 - A team of researchers from the King Abdullah University of Science & Technology (KAUST) in Saudi Arabia are developing 'smart 3D printed braces' which could help straighten and align teeth faster thanks to embedded LED lights and non-toxic batteries. More

BASF & Poietis renew partnership to develop 3D bioprinted skin models for cosmetics testing

Oct.25, 2017 - German chemicals company BASF has signed an agreement with French biotech firm Poietis to continue developing services and products in the 3D bioprinting field. More

Volkswagen 3D prints $23.5K Kinazo ENDURO e1 electric bicycle in Slovakia

Oct.25, 2017 - Slovakian company Kinazo Design has 3D printed an electric bicycle with the help of Volskwagen. The vehicle, printed on a Concept Laser X Line 2000R 3D printer, is available to buy for €20,000 ($23,500). More

XRobots' James Bruton aims to break Guinness world record with 3.6 m tall 3D printed statue of himself

Oct.25, 2017 - UK-based maker James Bruton, known primarily for his XRobots Youtube 3D printing projects, recently unveiled a gigantic 3D printed sculpture of himself at the Winchester Discovery Centre in Hampshire, England. More

Air Force researchers examine 3D printing composites with National Synchrotron Light Source II beamline

Oct.25, 2017 - Air Force Research Laboratory researchers have joined forces with beamline scientists at the National Synchrotron Light Source II at Brookhaven National Laboratory, using extremely bright X-rays to examine 3D printing materials and processes. More

AMT-SPECAVIA builds Europe's first habitable 3D printed building

Oct.24, 2017 - AMT-SPECAVIA, a Moscow-based group of machining and 3D printing companies, says it has built Europe's first habitable 3D printed house. The residence, located in Yaroslavl and reportedly spanning almost 300 square meters, may also be Europe's largest 3D printed building. More

Meet the Welsh woman with the first 3D printed jaw in the world

Oct.24, 2017 - Retail worker Debbie Hawkins of Swansea is now the first person in the world with a 3D printed jaw. After developing a severe tumour in her lower jawbone, Hawkins turned to the surgical team at Morriston Hospital, who developed an ingenious method of reconstructing Hawkins' jaw with 3D printed titanium. More

First flexible 'wristband' supercapacitors 3D printed using single continuous extrusion method

Oct.24, 2017 - A team of researchers at London's Brunel University has made a 3D printing breakthrough in the field of wearable electronics, using the technology to develop a wristband that can also recharge a battery. It is the first time a single, continuous extrusion-based 3D printing process has been used for this purpose. More

Dutch architecture company Aectual to install incredible 3D printed flooring at Amsterdam's Schiphol airport

Oct.24, 2017 - Aectual, a sustainable architecture company based in Amsterdam, Netherlands, is showcasing its custom 3D printed floor designs at Dutch Design Week, October 21-29. A floor with terrazzo finish will be installed at Amsterdam's Schiphol airport in November. More

Microsoft HoloLens Mixed Reality headset helps Spanish doctors cut surgery time in half

Oct.23, 2017 - Spanish medical tech company Exovite has joined forces with Gregorio Mara''n Hospital in Madrid. The collaboration has resulted Microsoft Mixed Reality headsets being used by surgeons, allowing them to quickly see CT scan data, ultrasound data, and more through Microsoft HoloLens goggles. More

Italian jewelry designer Paola Valentini wins Franceclat award for bracelet 3D printed from gold powder

Oct.23, 2017 - Paola Valentini, an Italian jewelry designer based in Paris, has been awarded the top design prize for a 3D printed jewelry contest organized by the Comite Franceclat. Valentini received the distinction for a cuff bracelet 3D printed from rose gold. More

FAA's 8-year 'Additive Manufacturing Strategic Roadmap' lays groundwork for 3D printed aircraft development

Oct.23, 2017 - The U.S. Federal Aviation Administration is reviewing a draft version of its Additive Manufacturing Strategic Roadmap. The document explains how the FAA can regulate and certify 3D printed aircraft parts over the next seven to eight years. More

Virginia museum uses 3D printed tactile artefacts in 'touch tours' for visually impaired

Oct.23, 2017 - The Virginia Historical Society (VHS), a Richmond-based museum dedicated to Virginia's history, has recently embraced 3D scanning and 3D printing technologies to give their visually impaired visitors a more dynamic and thorough experience. More

Obayashi Corporation's 3D printed curved bridge first of its kind in Japan

Oct.22, 2017 - A 3D printing system created by Obayashi Corporation could increase the implementation of the technology in Japanese construction projects. It's the country's first concrete 3D printing system, and was tested out by building a curved bridge. More

UK startup Plumen wants to light your home with new 'Ruche' 3D printed lampshades

Oct.21, 2017 - Plumen, a UK-based lamp and lighting company, has teamed up with designer and engineer Hook Phanthasuporn to develop a series of 3D printed hanging lampshades. Called 'Ruche,' the 3D printed lampshade collection was inspired by forms and shapes found in nature. More

Thermwood & collaborators 3D print PSU helicopter mold using LSAM technology

Oct.20, 2017 - A joint team from Purdue University's Composites Manufacturing and Simulation Center, Thermwood Corporation, Applied Composite Engineering (ACE), and Techmer PM has produced a composite helicopter part using a mold that was 3D printed out of polysulfone (PSU). More

3D printed robotic lab allows Imperial College London scientists to examine multiple insects at once

Oct.20, 2017 - A 3D printed robotic device developed at the UK's Imperial College London'allows scientists to monitor many insects at once. The Raspberry Pi-powered device allows neuroscientists to closely examine fruit flies, which are surprisingly similar to humans in many ways. More

3D printed cell-opening mechanism opens new possibilities in camouflage, drug delivery

Oct.20, 2017 - Researchers at the University of New Hampshire have used 3D printing to design a unique sequential cell-opening mechanism that could be used for drug delivery and color-changing camouflage materials. More

New design for more efficient solar cells takes inspiration from black butterfly wings and 3D printing

Oct.19, 2017 - A team of researchers from Caltech and a German university have taken inspiration from butterflies and 3D printing for their latest project. They have developed a design for more efficient solar cells, based on the scaly structure of a black butterfly's wings. More

Zoo Knoxville turtle wears tiny 3D printed mask to protect face injury

Oct.19, 2017 - Patches, a small black-breasted leaf turtle and resident at Zoo Knoxville in Tennessee, has been fitted with a 3D printed mask to help protect a facial injury she obtained last year. More

Stargate 3D printer could help Relativity Space build rockets on Mars

Oct.19, 2017 - Orbital launch company Relativity Space plans to use 'Stargate,' which it says is the largest metal 3D printer in the world, to fabricate rockets on Mars. The 3D printer uses multiple print heads to process strong proprietary alloys. More

Cosmetics brand Lush to explore 3D printed molds and products at new $17M UK facility

Oct.19, 2017 - Cosmetics brand Lush will be investing in 3D printing technologies to manufacture molds for its products and perhaps even cosmetics, according to Mark Constantine, co-founder of the UK-based company. More

3D Printing News Roundup: 3D printed sternum, Ultimaker Cura 3.0, Safilo 3D printed sunglasses, 3D Lab

Oct.18, 2017 - To mark the halfway point of the 3D printing week, here's a roundup of some more additive tidbits: Ultimaker launches its Cura 3.0 slicing software, an Anatomics 3D printed sternum implant is successfully implanted into a patient, and more. More

Mantis Hacks' latest make is a giant 3D printed LEGO Forklift

Oct.18, 2017 - Matt Denton, a maker known on Youtube for his Mantis Hacks videos, has wowed us once again with his latest project: a giant 3D printed LEGO forklift. The make is a scaled up replica of LEGO's technic Forklift [Kit 850] from 1977. More

Cicada-inspired 3D printed PEKK implants could reduce bacterial infections without antibiotics

Oct.18, 2017 - A team of researchers from Northeastern University in Boston and the Wenzhou Medical University in China have taken inspiration from cicada wings to develop infection-resistant 3D printed orthopedic implants from PEKK plastic. More

World's first 3D printed bicycle bridge opens to cyclists in Netherlands

Oct.18, 2017 - Officials in the Netherlands have announced the opening of the world's first concrete 3D printed bridge for cyclists. The bridge, that will serve two-wheeled commuters in the southeastern town of Gemert, is eight meters long and crosses a water-filled ditch. More

Millie the greyhound becomes first dog in Australia to receive 3D printed prosthetic leg

Oct.18, 2017 - Millie, a Greyhound pup with a missing paw from Australia, has been fitted with a custom 3D printed prosthetic leg. The 3D printed prosthetic, designed by Millie’s owner, has allowed the dog to walk and even run normally again. More

DOE awards University of Pittsburgh's Minking Chyu $600K to improve gas turbines with 3D printing

Oct.17, 2017 - Dr. Minking Chyu, a Distinguished Professor in Mechanical Engineering and Materials Science at the University of Pittsburgh, has impressed the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) with his 3D printed turbine research, earning $600,000 in the process. More

Iowa State researchers develop ultra-quiet turbine blades using 3D printing, owl wings

Oct.17, 2017 - Researchers at Iowa State University are using 3D printing to develop propellor blades inspired by owl wings. The innovative designs could lead to quieter aircraft, wind turbines, and other machines. More

3D printable Necroplex terrain-building kit set to take over tabletops

Oct.16, 2017 - A Kickstarter for a new fantasy role-playing kit called Necroplex has been launched. The kit comes with a broad range of different 3D printable pieces for hobbyists and model makers, and is compatible with everyday terrain craft materials. More

Syqe Medical, Israeli developer of 3D printed marijuana inhaler, targeting US market

Oct.16, 2017 - Syqe Medical, a drug delivery company based in Israel, is continuing to enjoy huge success with its 3D printed cannabis inhaler, designed to allow those with chronic pain to inhale a precise dosage. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration will trial the device next year. More

Feetz & Project Runway designer Seth Aaron take $175 3D printed shoes to FashionNXT runway

Oct.16, 2017 - Fashion designer Seth Aaron has debuted his latest fashion collection at Portland fashion event FashionNXT. Inspired by Japanese looks from the 60s, the collection consists of minimalist dresses, tops, trousers, and, most notably, eye-grabbing 3D printed shoes. More

3D printed MOF monoliths help Missouri scientists capture CO2 for fire extinguishers, spacecraft

Oct.16, 2017 - Researchers at Missouri University of Science and Technology have 3D printed two types of metal-organic framework (MOF) monoliths, from MOF-74(Ni) and UTSA-16(Co). The 3D printed monoliths can be used to capture carbon dioxide, which can then be used in practical applications. More

5 fun DIY 3D printing projects - elephant shot dispenser, emergency button, cable 3D printer, LED lamp, water droplet automaton

Oct.15, 2017 - Here's a round-up of some recent DIY 3D printing projects, posted on various hobbyist and maker sites. They're all fun, cheap to make, and can be incredibly practical or at least enjoyable to make and use. More

Adafruit and Hackaday founders 'upgrade' $20 bill with 3D printed Harriet Tubman stamp

Oct.14, 2017 - Phillip Torrone and Limor Fried are taking currency into their own hands, stamping Harriet Tubman's face onto $20 bills. The makers were compelled to do the project after hearing the good news that the US Treasury would be putting the civil rights hero on the $20 bill, followed by the less-than-good news that the change would be postponed. More

Siemens uses Gefertec's 3DMP metal 3D printing technology in electric motor factory

Oct.13, 2017 - GTarc, the machining system that has been developed by Gefertec, has been put to use at Siemens' Additive Manufacturing Center. It is much more cost-effective and fast than conventional CNC milling methods, and complements Siemens' impressive Smart Factory set-up. More

Design In The Digital Age: Experimental Dutch designer Joris Laarman's 3D printed creations debut in NYC

Oct.13, 2017 - Joris Laarman has made his U.S. debut with a new 3D printed design exhibition and accompanying book. Featuring furniture generated by algorithms, a 3D printed steel bridge, and downloadable chairs, 'Joris Laarman Lab: Design in the Digital Age,' aims to bring a futurist perspective to the Smithsonian Design Museum's Cooper Hewitt space. More

Sinterit Lisa 3D printer used to create factory-ready AR 'data glasses'

Oct.12, 2017 - 3D printer company Sinterit and German AR researcher Rigo Herold have collaborated on a pair of SLS 3D printed 'data glasses.' The augmented reality eyewear, optimized for industrial engineering work, can also be used by deaf people. More

UC San Diego engineers developing smart & soft 3D printed gripper that can figure out what it's holding

Oct.11, 2017 - Engineers at the University of California San Diego have developed a partially 3D printed soft robotic gripper capable of 3D scanning the object it is gripping. 3D printing was used to make the gripper's actuators. More

98HT works with Chinese students to design convertible 3D printed high-heeled shoes

Oct.11, 2017 - Students from three Chinese universities have teamed up with footwear brand 98HT to rethink the architecture of the high-heeled shoe. By using 3D printing, the collaborative team is developing modular shoes with switchable heels of varying heights. More

3D printed parts help Airbus-built EUTELSAT 172B break electric orbit record

Oct.11, 2017 - The EUTELSAT 172B satellite, built by Airbus for French satellite operator Eutelsat, has reached geostationary orbit, breaking the record for the fastest satellite electric orbit raising. The satellite contains 3D printed parts. More

One-legged parrot named Pete is supported by 3D printed prosthetic foot

Oct.11, 2017 - A 34-year-old parrot named Pete can stand and waddle again thanks to a 3D printed prosthetic boot. The blue-crowned mealy Amazon parrot lost his left foot after being attacked in his cage by a fox. More

GE Aviation's 3D printed T901 engine increases Black Hawk helicopter range by 161%

Oct.11, 2017 - GE Aviation has completed testing on its T901-GE-900 turboshaft engine prototype, made for the US Army's Improved Turbine Engine Program (ITEP) for Apache and Black Hawk helicopters. 3D printing was used to make components of the T901-GE-900 with 'advanced aerodynamic shapes.' More

Check out this 3D printed electric Iron Man skateboard made by James Bruton of XRobots

Oct.11, 2017 - James Bruton of XRobots has created an Iron Man-inspired electric skateboard as a follow-up to his original electric skateboard made from large-scale 3D printed lego pieces. The skateboard was 3D printed over the course of two UK 3D printing events. More

Queensland State Library to 3D print replica of rare braille globe

Oct.11, 2017 - The State Library of Queensland and the Queensland Library Foundation are making a 3D printed replica of a rare 1950s braille globe. Created by "godfather of blind children" Richard Frank Tunley, the heritage globe will be restored, replicated, and placed on display in an upcoming Library exhibition, thanks to a $10,000 funding package. More

French surgeons use robot & 3D printed model to fix 6-year-old's spine in world-first surgery

Oct.10, 2017 - A team of surgeons from the Amiens-Picardie University Hospital in France has successfully performed a complex spinal surgery on a six-year-old boy with the help of a robot and a patient-specific 3D printed model. The procedure was the first of its kind. More

re:3D Gigabot 3D printer provides clever RFID tag solution for Texas firefighters

Oct.10, 2017 - Texas-based 3D printing company re:3D has installed a Gigabot 3D printer at the Fire Department of Magnolia, Texas. The 3D printer has been used to print some fire hydrant-shaped signage, as well as other functional bits and pieces. More

ASRC tests 3D printed propellant injector for RD-180 rocket engine successor

Oct.10, 2017 - The ASRC (Arctic Slope Regional Corporation) Federal Technical Services division, part of the ASRC Alaska Native Corporation, has test-fired a 3D printed subscale propellant injector that could be used on United Launch Alliance's replacement for the Russian-built RD-180 rocket engine. More

Wake Forest's 3D bioprinted 'body on a chip' shows how breakthrough cancer drugs affect our organs

Oct.9, 2017 - Scientists at Wake Forest Institute for Regenerative Medicine (WFIRM) in North Carolina have used 3D printing to develop a 'body-on-a-chip' drug testing system. The system consists of micro 'organoid' versions of the heart, lung, and liver. More

Japanese firm MSYS offering 3D printed fetus service to expecting parents

Oct.9, 2017 - Japanese tech company Marubeni Information Systems Co. (MSYS) has broken into the niche market of 3D printed fetus models in its most recent endeavour. The company is offering a service through which it will create 3D printed models based on people's unborn babies. More

Wearable & orbiting 3D printed antennae can improve India's military and space operations

Oct.9, 2017 - Two Indian research labs have developed new 3D printed antennae. One, developed at the Indian Space Research Organisation, has been sent to space; the other, made at the National Institute for Interdisciplinary Science and Technology, can be worn by soldiers on their military uniforms. More

Austrian manufacturer Overtec completes some of the first 3D printed concrete curves

Oct.6, 2017 - Austrian manufacturing company Overtec is breaking new ground 3D printing concrete in virtually any shape, even the most elaborate curves and twists. As companies such as Cazza Construction Technologies in Dubai increasingly invest in the possibilities of 3D printing houses ' and maybe entire cities one day ' Overtec is sending a clear message that it wants to play an important role in that forward-thinking vision. More

3D printed 'watt-r' cart uses solar power to make water collection easier

Oct.6, 2017 - A solar-powered cart called 'watt-r' could revolutionize the way people collect water in places like rural Africa. Made with 3D printed components, the low-cost transportation device uses solar energy to power a small motor, allowing users to carry water in a more effective way. More

iMedTech launches project to 3D print prostheses for 1000 breast cancer survivors

Oct.6, 2017 - Just in time for Breast Cancer Awareness Month, South African prosthetics company iMedTech has launched a new initiative for low-income breast cancer survivors. Spearheaded by iMedTech founder and acclaimed mechanical engineer Nneile Nkholise, the new project will 3D print 1000 prosthetic breasts for 1000 mastectomy patients in need. More

3D printed vertebrae helping Nottingham spinal surgeons practice 'very delicate' procedures

Oct.5, 2017 - Researchers at the UK's Nottingham Trent University are 3D printing replica human vertebrae to help train spinal surgeons. The 3D printed vertebrae look, behave, and feel like the real thing, and could aid surgeons looking to perform procedures such as laminectomies. More

Spain's FLM and Vodafone launch 3D printing training initiative for people with spinal injuries

Oct.5, 2017 - The Spanish foundation for medullary injury (FLM) has teamed up with the Vodafone Spain foundation to develop and launch an initiative which will offer people with spinal cord injuries technological training. The program will feature 3D design and 3D printing courses. More

Medical 3D Printing Roundup: Slovenia's Symbiolab develops open source Vitaprint bioprinter, two 3D printed spine implants approved

Oct.4, 2017 - Symbiolab, an open source biolab at the IRNAS Institute in Slovenia, has developed a new 3D bioprinter. The Vitaprint platform uses 2 extruders and sterile syringes to fabricate woodpile structures, scaffolds, and more. Elsewhere, the FDA has approved 2 new 3D printed spine implants. More

WASP's 3D printed set pieces ready to take center stage at 'Fra Diavolo' opera

Oct.4, 2017 - Italian 3D printing company WASP has been working hard over the past few months to help realize the set design for the upcoming performances of Fra Diavolo at the Opera Theater in Rome. With just days until opening night, the stunning 3D printed set pieces are ready for the spotlight. More

U.S. Marines test adaptable 3D printed SUAS drones

Oct.4, 2017 - Marines from the 2nd Marine Division are using 3D printing to manufacture small unmanned aerial systems (SUAS). This particular drone project is taking place at Camp Lejeune in North Carolina. More

3D printing, composite materials help GKN develop next-gen vehicles at new UK facility

Oct.4, 2017 - British automotive and aerospace company GKN has officially opened a new Innovation Centre in Oxfordshire. The facility will be dedicated to the development of next-gen technologies for the company's automotive business, including custom 3D printed parts, composite materials, and more. More

Think sharing phones is a bad call? 3D printed 3-in-1 'lending' smartphone could be the answer

Oct.4, 2017 - Researchers in Canada and New Hampshire have used 3D printing to develop a modular 3-in-1 smartphone, ideal for lending to strangers. The prototype consists of three smartphones in a 3D printed case, giving the owner total control over how much access the borrower is permitted. More

Safran Helicopter Engines' new Aneto engines contain 3D printed components

Oct.3, 2017 - Safran Helicopter Engines has launched Aneto, a new family of high-power engines. The Aneto-1K, which is being used in aerospace company Leonardo's AW189K helicopter, has 3D printed components in its combustion chamber, as well as 3D printed inlet guide vanes. More

European Federation of Chemical Engineering commends French company Air Liquide for 3D printed reactor

Oct.3, 2017 - The European Federation of Chemical Engineering (EFCE) has given awards to some innovative chemical engineering projects at the 10th World Congress of Chemical Engineering. One of the awards went to Air Liquide for a 3D printed reactor used to improve hydrogen production. More

3D bioprinted living retina project awarded $90K by National Eye Institute

Oct.3, 2017 - The National Eye Institute (NEI), part of the National Institutes of Health (NIH), has awarded $90,000 to a team from the University of Maryland for its proposal to develop a living model of a human retina with the help of 3D printing. More

SPoE: a full-color multi-surface printer made with 3D printed parts

Oct.2, 2017 - SPoE, a printer which 'Simply Prints on Everything,' has just launched a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter. The printer, which is being prototyped with 3D printing, is described as a 'free-standing printer' which can print (two-dimensionally) on virtually any surface. More

Army scientists could use urine to charge 3D printed drones that eat themselves

Oct.2, 2017 - Scientists at the U.S. Army Research Laboratory have discovered that a recently engineered aluminum nano-powder can rapidly produce hydrogen when mixed with urine. The powder could be used to make 3D printed robots that 'feed off their own structures' and self-destruct after missions. More

Australian university 3D prints scaled-up virus particles for tactile health education

Oct.2, 2017 - A team from the Central Queensland University in Australia is teaching students about micro-biology by 3D printing large-scale models of microscopic virus particles. The 3D printed learning aids offer a more dynamic and tactile way for students to learn about viruses. More

US Marines' 'Ripper Lab' used to manufacture 3D printed 'Nibbler' drones in Middle East

Oct.2, 2017 - A U.S. Marine Corps task force has set up a 3D printing lab on the ground in the Middle East, using it to 3D print quadcopter drones, tools, medical supplies, and more. Dubbed the 'Ripper Lab,' the facility is allowing the task force to print devices and replacement parts on-demand. More

Go Prosthetics: CU Boulder student develops $300 3D printed prosthetic limbs for amputees

Oct.2, 2017 - Peter 'Max' Armstrong, a mechanical engineering student at the University of Colorado Boulder, is developing functional and low-cost prosthetics made with the help of 3D printing technology. Each limb costs just $300 to fabricate. More

'Alien' arrangements: 3D printed art installation pairs unexplained satellite signals with choral accompaniment

Oct.1, 2017 - Ever wondered what extraterrestrial music sounds like? Wonder no more: visitors of the Los Angeles County Museum of Art got a taste of some 'alien' instrumentation last week, thanks to a sound installation by Berlin artists Kata Kov'cs and Tom O'Doherty that captures the unexplained signals emitted by the Lincoln Experimental Satellite. More

French woman suffering from gunshot wound receives 3D printed 'reverse shoulder prosthesis'

Sep.30, 2017 - One lucky patient in France has become one of the first to sport a 3D printed shoulder implant following an almost deadly accident. Nathalie Dufaut Danjon was shot with a hunting rifle a little over two years ago, a near-fatal accident that saw a bullet penetrate her shoulder joint through the front, and exit through the back of her shoulder blade. More

Modern Meadow reveals its pioneering 3D bio-printed leather, Zoa

Sep.29, 2017 - A New Jersey-based startup has produced a material that is almost indistinguishable from animal leather, using 3D bio-printing. Modern Meadow's technique vastly improves efficiency as well as environmental impact, and a prototype garment made from Zoa will soon be exhibited at MoMA. More

Formlabs prints 15-foot-wide FUSE Pavilion using Fuse 1 & Form 2 3D printers

Sep.29, 2017 - Massachusetts-based 3D printing company Formlabs has used its Fuse 1 SLS 3D printer and Form 2 SLA printer to fabricate the FUSE Pavilion, a nylon and fiberglass structure that spans 150 square feet and fits three people inside. More

3D printed heart valve models used in pre-surgical planning to improve TAVR surgery

Sep.29, 2017 - A joint team from the Piedmont Heart Institute and the Georgia Institute of Technology has created patient-specific 3D printed heart valve models to improve pre-surgical planning processes for transcatheter aortic valve replacement (TAVR) surgery. More

Origami inspires development of 3D printed TWISTER robots at Case Western Reserve

Sep.28, 2017 - A team of researchers at Case Western Reserve University has been working on a soft robotics project that takes inspiration from origami. The novel tower structure is made up of layers of 3D printed polygons fitted together, and can deform in useful ways. More

Australia’s MCRI takes on kidney research with Organovo 3D bioprinter

Sep.28, 2017 - Melbourne's Murdoch Children's Research Institute has just installed a new 3D bioprinter, which is the first of its kind in Australia. The institute will be partnering with bioprinting company Organovo to develop techniques that will further research into kidney problems. More

3D printed drugs on breath strips could be future of medicine, according to University of Michigan study

Sep.28, 2017 - Researchers at the University of Michigan have devised a vapor-jet 3D printing technique'for depositing drug doses onto a variety of surfaces, including dissolvable Listerine tabs. The process could be employed in pharmacies, hospitals, and other locations. More

EPFL's 3D printed 'Envirobot' is a modular robot that swims like an eel & detects water pollution

Sep.28, 2017 - Researchers from Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne in Switzerland have used 3D printing to develop 'Envirobot,' a modular, eel-like swimming robot that can collect environmental data and deliver it to scientists in real time. More

Open source 3D printed weather station could improve farming in developing regions

Sep.28, 2017 - The Science Museum of Virginia in Richmond is now home to a fully functioning 3D printed weather station. The weather measuring and monitoring device cost only $400 to make and could help improve farming in developing regions of the world. More

Are Belarus and Russia's Novosibirsk medical technopark collaborating on 3D printed implants?

Sep.27, 2017 - The Belarus government will reportedly begin working in collaboration with Russia's Novosibirsk medical technopark to develop 3D printed implants and other medical devices. The cooperation was hinted at during a visit to the medical technology center by Belarus' Prime Minister Andrei Kobyakov. More

Paul Kohlhaussen's panoramic 3D printed K-Pan camera can now be snapped up on Kickstarter

Sep.27, 2017 - London-based photographer and designer Paul Kohlhaussen has launched a Kickstarter campaign for a 3D printed medium-format panoramic camera. The K-Pan, which shoots five 6 x 14 cm frames per roll of 120 film, is available for £270 ($360) in kit form. More

Amazing 3D printed cafe by MX3D and BBA opens tomorrow at Miami's Perez Art Museum

Sep.27, 2017 - As of tomorrow, visitors of the Perez Art Museum Miami (PAMM) will be able to order their coffees and lunches from an actual 3D printed cafe. The new cafe, nestled on the Miami waterfront, is called Cucuyo. More

UAE's $137M Mars Science City will simulate life on Mars & contain a 3D printed space museum

Sep.27, 2017 - The United Arab Emirates will attempt to build a city that simulates living on Mars. The $137 million Mars Science City will span 1.9 million square feet, and will contain a space museum with walls 3D printed using sand from the desert. More

Powder & Heat makes 3D printed glasses easy on the eyes

Sep.26, 2017 - A German design label is keen to show the world that 3D printed eyewear is here to stay. Powder & Heat, the Munich-based company marketing its merchandise as the world's first high quality 3D printed glasses in a variety of colours, was recently awarded the German Design Award and the Red Dot Design Award 2017. More

3D printed blood vessels could be key to sustaining lab-grown tissue

Sep.25, 2017 - A Dutch scientist is researching how 3D printing could help sustain lab-grown tissue. Using advanced 3D printing techniques, University of Twente professor Jeroen Leijten can implement a network of blood vessels for releasing these nutrients into fresh skeletal tissue. According to him, it could ensure long-term survival, effectively changing how we engineer human tissue. More

MIO: Spiff up your dental care routine with luxury 3D printed metal toothbrush

Sep.25, 2017 - Italian manufacturer Zare has teamed up with Nussbaumer Design to design and manufacturing a stunning new dental tool: a 3D printed toothbrush made from either stainless steel or titanium. More

ESA targets 3D printed Moon Village by 2030, expects 'lunar children' shortly after

Sep.25, 2017 - The European Space Agency (ESA) has come up with a bold prediction regarding the future of the Moon, Earth's only natural satellite. It says a small number of settlers could start building a 3D printed village there by 2030, adding that there could be 1,000 moon citizens by 2050. More

Realistic 3D printed finger could make smartphone fingerprint scanners harder to hack

Sep.25, 2017 - A team of researchers from Michigan State University has developed a realistic fingerprint model with the help of 3D printing that will allow other researchers to test and improve fingerprint scanners. More

Woman fitted with 3D printed teeth by autonomous robot dentist

Sep.25, 2017 - A robot has carried out a dental operation all by itself. The one-hour surgery took place in Xi'an, Shaanxi province, China, and involved a robot following a pre-programmed set of commands to implant two 3D printed teeth into a woman's mouth. More

Michigan engineers design open source 3D printed rotating lab mixer

Sep.24, 2017 - Two Michigan researchers have developed a 3D printed an open source rotating mixer. Published in the academic journal Applied Sciences, the findings by Dhwani K. Trivedi and Joshua Pearce of Michigan Technical University, provide complete designs and instructions for 3D printing the state-of-the-art hardware at only a tenth of the regular cost. More

Conference in Tallinn addresses future effects of 3D printing on world of employment

Sep.24, 2017 - A group of politicians, business leaders, and E.U representatives recently gathered in Tallinn to discuss the future of the world of work. 3D printing and other digital technologies are revolutionizing the way industry operates, and social security measures will need to be adapted to maintain employment levels. More

3D-printed, remora-inspired robot can cling to shark skin underwater thanks to ultrastrong sucker

Sep.23, 2017 - A team of researchers has developed a new 3D printed robot that uses suction to cling tightly to surfaces underwater. Modelled after the Remora, the robot can withstand forces up to 340 times its own weight while clinging, and it could be used to track underwater animal behaviour. More

German scientists using ViscoTec print heads to 3D print multi-material electric motor parts

Sep.22, 2017 - Scientists from the Technical University of Chemnitz in Germany are using a novel multi-material additive manufacturing process to produce electric motors. The team has demonstrated how to manufacture ceramic and metal-based motor components that increase the overall efficiency of the device. More

3D printing a nova: scientists recreate binary star system explosion in 3D

Sep.22, 2017 - A group of scientists have used 3D modeling and 3D printing to physically recreate (on a tiny scale) the explosion pattern of a star located 25,000 light-years from Earth. More

3D Printing News Roundup: 3D printed wind turbine, SLM Solutions signs biggest contract, new stainless steel material by ExOne

Sep.21, 2017 - Time waits for no man, and neither does the 3D printing world. We're a little more patient at 3ders though, so here's another quick round-up of recent developments you might have missed. Stories include an award being granted for 3D printed wind turbine blades, SLM Solutions getting its biggest-ever contract, and more besides. More

Idaho National Lab's 'AMAFT' makes 3D printed nuclear fuel that reduces risk of meltdown

Sep.21, 2017 - Researchers at Idaho National Laboratory (INL) are using 3D printing in a new method for producing advanced nuclear fuels. Producing U3Si2'fuels with Additive Manufacturing as an Alternative Fabrication Technique (AMAFT) could improve both fuel cycle economics and safety. More

Low-cost 3D printed breast pump could improve breastfeeding for mothers in developing regions

Sep.21, 2017 - A team of students from Trinity College in Dublin, Ireland has designed a low-cost 3D printed breast pump device that could ease the breastfeeding process for malnourished mothers in developing regions of the world.' More

Project Invincible: McLaren uses 3D scanning, 3D printing & F1 materials to develop medical body shield

Sep.21, 2017 - McLaren Applied Technologies, a high-performance technology and design company and part of the famous McLaren Group, has used 3D scanning on 'Project Invincible,' a personalized healthcare solution'that uses the same materials going into next season's McLaren Formula 1 car. More

4 Kickstarter 3D printing projects to check out: 3D printed robots, RPG terrain, maker's vise

Sep.20, 2017 - In recent years, Kickstarter has played a key role in the rise of many a 3D printer startup. But it's also a great place to find fun little 3D printed toys and gadgets. Here are four 3D printing projects live on the crowdfunding platform right now, from educative robots to fantasy gaming terrain. More

MX3D says 3D printed steel bridge in Amsterdam 'one-third printed,' expects June 2018 finish

Sep.20, 2017 - MX3D, a robotic additive manufacturing company based in Amsterdam, has offered an update on its long-mooted 3D printed steel bridge. The bridge, designed by Joris Laarman and funded by Autodesk, is one-third complete, and should be finished around June next year. More

Columbia researchers develop 3D printed soft robotic muscles that are 3x stronger than yours

Sep.19, 2017 - Researchers at Columbia Engineering, the engineering department of New York's Columbia University, have developed a 3D printed synthetic soft muscle with an 'intrinsic expansion ability.' The incredible actuator, which paves the way for fully soft robots, can lift 1,000 times its own weight. More

NASA test-fires first 3D printed rocket engine igniter made from 2 metal alloys

Sep.19, 2017 - NASA has successfully tested a prototype for a 3D printed rocket engine component made from two different metal alloys. The 3D printed rocket part underwent thorough tests over the summer at NASA's Marshall Space Flight Center in Huntsville, Alabama. More

Finland's VTT developing 3D printed bandages that wirelessly send messages to doctors

Sep.19, 2017 - Researchers at VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland are developing 3D printing materials for wound care in hospitals. The materials use cellulose nanofibrils, and have been paired with printed electronics for next-level healthcare. More

Modeclix's customizable 3D printed garments hit the runway at Aarhus Walks on Water

Sep.18, 2017 - Modeclix, an innovative process for creating wearable 3D printed textiles, took the runway by storm at Aarhus Walks on Water, a fashion and tech event held in the Danish city of Aarhus this past weekend. More

Invisalign producer Align Technology enjoys billion dollar sales in 2017 thanks to 3D printed dental products

Sep.18, 2017 - Align Technology, creator of Invisalign dental technology, is heading toward $1.3 billion in 2017 sales thanks to its 3D scanning and 3D printing method of creating custom-made dental aligners. The company operates between 50 and 60 3D printers at its factory. More

MIT's 'SEAL' 3D printing technique produces single injections that deliver multiples vaccines over time

Sep.18, 2017 - Engineers at MIT have developed a 3D printing method that could allow doctors to deliver several drug or vaccine doses over a period of time with just a single injection. The 'SEAL' technique works by 3D printing cup-like microparticles that can store and seal the drug doses. More

Artist with dwarfism 3D scans and prints sculptures of herself to raise questions about difference

Sep.18, 2017 - Australian artist Debra Keenahan is subverting a number of things with her new 3D printed artwork. The artist, who was born with achondroplasia dwarfism, has created a series of life-size 3D printed sculptures of herself which are arranged so that they are looking down on viewers. More

Anouk Wipprecht & 'bionic pop artist' Viktoria Modesta teams up to create 3D printed interactive sonic wearables

Sep.17, 2017 - Self-described 'bionic pop artist' Viktoria Modesta is taking the art world by storm via a new project with Dutch designer Anouk Wipprecht. Sponsored by Autodesk, "Sonifica" the duo's new set of custom-made prosthetics that go beyond form and function, catapulting into the realm of musical performance. More

VRread project: Fraunhofer IPA develops innovative 3D printed reading aid for visually impaired people

Sep.16, 2017 - Fraunhofer IPA has developed an innovative 3D printed reading aid for visually impaired people. This new 3D printed device will allow people with visual impairments to read books, newspapers, and anything else that they can upload on their smartphone. It has a frame that is strapped to the user's head, with adjustable lenses and a positional sensor. More

McGill University engineers use 3D printing to make impenetrable 'fish scale' gloves

Sep.15, 2017 - A team of mechanical engineers at McGill University in Montreal are drawing inspiration from the animal kingdom in their development of new 3D printed armours. At first glance, conch shells, fish scales, and spider silk have little to do with bullet-proof vests, sports helmets, and protective gloves. But according to McGill engineer Francois Barthelat, there's more than meets the eye in these natural structures. More

Dental startup Candid will send you affordable 3D printed dental aligners in the mail

Sep.15, 2017 - Candid, a New York City-based dental startup, is offering FDA-approved, 3D printed aligners for those needing mild orthodontic work. The aligners cost $1,900 upfront, around a quarter the cost of popular dental solutions like Invisalign. More

Hinckley's new fully electric 'Dasher' yacht features titanium 3D printed hardware and detailing

Sep.15, 2017 - Hinckley, a Rhode Island-based yacht manufacturer, recently unveiled what it is calling the world's first 'fully electric luxury yacht.' Called Dasher, the eco-friendly and innovative boat also integrates some specially designed metal 3D printed components. More

3D printed 'Techno tortoises' could save endangered South African tortoise species

Sep.15, 2017 - Last week Autodesk and South African zoologists unveiled a bold new undertaking to save South Africa's endangered tortoise population by way of 3D printed replicas. The 'techno tortoise' project, featuring 3D printed, hand-painted shells, could act as decoys for predators, effectively giving these endangered baby tortoises another stab at life. More

Sogeclair uses voxeljet 3D printer to realize new lightweight aircraft door design

Sep.14, 2017 - French aviation supplier Sogeclair is the latest aerospace manufacturer to turn to 3D printing technology in order to reduce weight, as well as saving money and materials. It used voxeljet's VX1000 3D printer to produce a precision mold based on a new design, which was then smelted and cast with aluminium. More

Canadian researcher's 3D bioprinted stem cell patch could 'revolutionize' heart disease treatment

Sep.14, 2017 - A researcher from the University of Saskatchewan is gaining attention for the development of a 3D bioprinted heart patch that could be used to re-grow and repair damaged heart tissue. More

Model whose skull was rebuilt with 3D printer says additive tech like something from James Bond

Sep.14, 2017 - Francesca Burr, a British artist and model, has had part of her skull rebuilt with a 3D printer after suffering a horrific injury that left her with a hole in the head. The then 27-year-old suffered memory loss, even forgetting her own middle name. More

Airbus installs first 3D printed titanium part on series production A350 aircraft

Sep.14, 2017 - European aeronautics leader Airbus has made yet another breakthrough in the fields of 3D printing and aviation: it has successfully installed a titanium 3D printed bracket on an in-series production A350 XWB aircraft. More

MIT's 3D printed 'peel-and-go' structures can fold themselves

Sep.13, 2017 - MIT researchers have developed a technique for 3D printing expanding polymers that self-fold without heating or water. The technique could be used for printed electronics and, someday, to make 3D printed robots. More

3D printed 'Yhnova' social housing project breaks ground near Nantes, France

Sep.13, 2017 - This past April, an initiative was introduced to 3D print a 95-square-meter social housing building using a technique called BatiPrint3D. The ambitious project, called Yhnova, is now preparing to go into full swing, as the construction job broke ground yesterday. More

RAMLAB unveils 'world's first class-approved' 3D printed ship propeller for Damen tug boat

Sep.13, 2017 - RAMLAB has unveiled a prototype for 'the world's first class-approved 3D printed propeller.' Measuring 1,350 mm in diameter, the 3D printed ship propeller was realized in partnership with Autodesk, Damen Shipyards Group, Promarin, and Bureau Veritas. More

3D printed electronics helping MA engineering firm Draper embrace IoT market

Sep.13, 2017 - Draper, an engineering firm based in Cambridge, MA, is 3D printing with a conductive metal-based multi-material ink. The company has used the process to embed electronic devices into industrial components. More

Ceramic Constellation Pavilion: New Hong Kong pavilion incorporates over 2,000 3D printed bricks

Sep.12, 2017 - A massive architecture pavilion in Hong Kong is reaching new heights in the possibilities of 3D printing and robotics. Spearheaded by the University of Hong Kong's Faculty of Architecture and Sino Group property developers, the 'Ceramic Constellation Pavilion' is made up of over 3D printed 2,000 bricks, the first of its kind in the world. More

Ricoh to replace metal tools with Stratasys 3D printed customized, lightweight equivalents

Sep.12, 2017 - Japanese office electronics supplier Ricoh is the latest manufacturer to take advantage of Stratasys' impressive range of 3D printing solutions. It has replaced all its traditionally machined jigs and fixtures for its assembly line with 3D printed equivalents, improving efficiency and precision. More

3D Printing News Roundup: Solvay, Verbatim, Robo 3D, Siemens

Sep.12, 2017 - Today's 3D printing roundup includes news from Belgium, where chemicals company Solvay has announced plans to produce PEKK polymers for 3D printing in the US. Elsewhere, Germany's Verbatim has a new TPEE material, while Robo 3D is raising money for a 3D printer pre-order pipeline. More

3D printing companies in Chongqing, China now have to register with local police to curb illegal prints

Sep.12, 2017 - Chinese authorities have announced that 3D printing companies based in the city of Chongqing will now be required to register their business with local police. The registration process is aimed at monitoring 3D printed output to reduce the risk of illegal or dangerous 3D prints. More

3D printed Einstein book unveiled at commemorative gala in Montreal

Sep.12, 2017 - The world's first 3D printed book was recently unveiled at a commemorative gala in Montreal, Canada. The book, which readers may already know about, is called 'Genius: 100 Visions of the Future,' and was created to celebrate the 100th anniversary of Albert Einstein's relativity theory. More

Monash University and Amaero engineers 3D print and test-fire 'Project X' rocket engine in just 4 months

Sep.11, 2017 - Engineers from Amaero and Monash University in Australia have successfully designed, 3D printed, assembled, and test-fired a rocket engine in just four months. The rocket engine, called Project X, is based on an 'aerospike' design which inverts the structure of traditional rocket engines. More

Virginia student uses 3D printed models to demonstrate mathematical concept of topology

Sep.11, 2017 - Jonathan Gerhard, a student from James Madison University in Virginia, has 3D printed a series of objects that physically demonstrate the mathematical concepts of topology and homotopy. More

Chromatose: NZ designer writes & mutates ‘DNA' of synthetic 3D printed Venus flytrap

Sep.11, 2017 - Mark Wilson, a designer from Wellington in New Zealand, has 3D printed a synthetic Venus flytrap that responds to touch just like the real thing. The design, called 'Chromatose,' is a finalist at the Design Awards of the Designers Institute of New Zealand. More

PupilScreen: 3D printed smartphone tool could help football coaches diagnose concussions

Sep.11, 2017 - Researchers at the University of Washington have developed a 3D printed deep learning device called 'PupilScreen' that can determine whether a person requires medical attention for concussion or other traumatic brain injuries (TBIs). More

Dutch designer Rein van der Mast 3D prints bronze Pjotr fountain pen with an Ultimaker

Sep.10, 2017 - Dutch designer Rein van der Mast (also known as Pjotr) is at it again with a new 3D printed fountain pen, but this time he's taking the technology into his own hands. The new, exquisite writing instrument was printed using a bronze filament from ColorFabb, and posted just recently on van der Mast's website. More

3D printed concrete dome structure is officially opened in Aarhus Harbour, Denmark

Sep.9, 2017 - Denmark recently saw the unveiling of one of its first major 3D printed concrete structures, in Aarhus harbour. It's a large dome, used as urban furniture. The project was a collaborative effort aimed at investigating the possibilities of 3D printing in the construction industry. More

Thales Group launches new metal 3D printing research and development center in Morocco

Sep.8, 2017 - Thales Group has recently opened a new center in the capital of Morocco, Casablanca, to advance its metal 3D printing capabilities. The North African region is hoping to develop a strong innovative technological eco-system, with aerospace a particular focus, and this major new investment should help it on its way. More

MIT Printflatables project creates functional inflatable 3D objects by printing folds into fabric

Sep.8, 2017 - A new 3D printing-based system developed by a team at MIT has been developed, making use of inflatables. It uses a hot iron to seal specific folds into layers of fabric, which upon inflation transforms into a functional 3D object. More

7-year-old girl with 3D printed hand wants to make first pitch at every Major League Baseball park

Sep.8, 2017 - A seven-year-old girl is being invited by Major League Baseball teams from around the United States to give the first pitch using her specially made 3D printed prosthetic hand. More

World-first 3D printed shin transplant stops Australian man from losing leg

Sep.8, 2017 - Surgeons at Princess Alexandra Hospital in Brisbane have performed world-first surgery by implanting a 3D printed shinbone scaffold into the leg of Reuben Lichter, a patient suffering from a severe bone infection. More

Massive 3D printed bicycle bridge is delivered to Gemert, Netherlands by truck

Sep.7, 2017 - Exciting news for the people of Gemert in the Netherlands: the first part of a 3D printed bicycle bridge has been delivered to the Dutch town. The bike bridge is being constructed through a collaboration between Dutch construction firm BAM and the Technical University of Eindhoven. More

Korean researchers develop 3D printable hybrid bio-ink for treating ischemic vascular conditions

Sep.7, 2017 - A team of researchers in South Korea have successfully demonstrated the potential of a new hybrid 3D printable bio-ink they developed. It was used to create bio-blood vessels that were able to graft on to damaged vascular tissue as well as encourage the proliferation of cell growth in an otherwise hostile environment More

3D printed concrete office-hotel coming to Copenhagen

Sep.7, 2017 - Danish 3D printing company 3D Printhuset has embarked on the exciting new initiative of 3D printing a Building on Demand (BOD) in Copenhagen. Measuring up at just under 50 square metres, the small 'office hotel' is made of 3D printed concrete, and counts itself as one of the first 3D printed buildings in Europe that meets official regulations. More

HP announces launch of new FitStation platform for customized 3D printed footwear

Sep.7, 2017 - HP will be piloting a new hardware and software system known as FitStation in selected retail outlets. It makes use of 3D scanning and printing technology to create personalized insoles for customers, as well as gathering the data necessary for designing custom-made shoes or giving personalized product recommendations. More

3D scanning & printing used to make weird soft robotic masks that display your emotions in colorful bubbles

Sep.6, 2017 - Masters students at London's Bartlett School of Architecture have used 3D scanning and 3D printing to create weird soft robotic silicone masks that respond to facial expressions with bubbling colorful fluids. More

Lloyd's Register certifies first 3D printed part for oil and gas industry

Sep.6, 2017 - Global tech company Lloyd's Register has announced the certification of a 3D printed titanium gateway manifold for pipelines. The part is reportedly the first additively manufactured part to be certified by the company for the oil and gas industry. More

Lloyd's Register certifies first 3D printed part for oil and gas industry

Sep.6, 2017 - Global tech company Lloyd's Register has announced the certification of a 3D printed titanium gateway manifold for pipelines. The part is reportedly the first additively manufactured part to be certified by the company for the oil and gas industry. More

FabRx and UCL team produces personalised 3D printed pills for first time using SLS technique

Sep.5, 2017 - A collaboration between FabRx and the School of Pharmacy at UCL has successfully 3D printed paracetamol tablets using the SLS technique. Drugs have been made at UCL before using extrusion and stereolithography methods, but this is the first time that SLS has been tried. More

LimbForge improves 3D printed elbow prosthesis with natural arm swing

Sep.5, 2017 - LimbForge, an offshoot of 3D printed prosthetics community e-NABLE, has developed a 3D printed prosthetic elbow that incorporates features suggested by both patients and prosthetists. The nonprofit will now test the device on patients. More

WR Yuma makes recycled 3D printed sunglasses that are eco-friendly and stylish

Sep.5, 2017 - Belgian startup W.R. Yuma is using 3D printing to make sunglasses made from plastic waste. The stylish 3D printed sunglasses are made from car dashboards, soda bottles, and even refrigerators. More

Doctors in Gaza are 3D printing stethoscopes and other much-needed medical supplies

Sep.5, 2017 - A team of innovative and resourceful doctors in Gaza are using 3D printers to produce simple medical supplies, such as stethoscopes and tourniquets, which are not easily accessible and are in high demand in the war-torn region. More

3D printed 'Anchor' implant earns Dublin researcher $178,500 grant from European Research Council

Sep.5, 2017 - Professor Daniel Kelly, a researcher at Trinity College in Dublin, has received €150,000 ($178,500) in funding to develop a 3D printed implant for treating cartilage damage. The 'Anchor' implant could help those who have suffered sports-related injuries. More

3D printed prosthetic beak helps Karl the Abyssinian ground hornbill tuck into his lunch

Sep.4, 2017 - Karl, an Abyssinian ground hornbill at the Smithsonian's National Zoo in Washington D.C., has been fitted with a 3D printed prosthetic beak to help him eat. More

Artist Jack Elliott highlights human-nature relationship by 3D printing a tree out of paper

Sep.4, 2017 - Humans and trees have a connection that goes beyond our reliance on them for wood and paper. Artist Jack Elliott may have a stronger connection to trees than most, as many of his art pieces are based on the leafy giants. His recent project involves 3D scanning and printing. More

University of Illinois researchers 3D print origami-inspired crawling robot

Sep.4, 2017 - Researchers at the University of Illinois have 3D printed an origami-inspired crawling robot. While bio-inspired robots are nothing new, the U of Illinois gadget approaches this field from an entirely new vantage point: the team drew inspiration from often overlooked life-forms such as earthworms, bacteria, and Venus Flytraps. More

This magical 3D printed dish reveals an image when you pour soy sauce into it

Sep.2, 2017 - A Japanese programmer who goes by the Twitter handle 'nue' has created a 3D printed dish that reveals a stunning image when soy sauce is poured into it. More

3D printing poised to explode in wind turbine industry

Sep.1, 2017 - As the wind turbine industry picks up speed, one CEO is bracing himself for a bright future the likes of which we've never seen before. According to Philip Totaro of Totaro & Associates, the rapid advance of 3D printing technology means that hybrid-material wind turbines are no longer the stuff of imagination. More

UK scientist developing 3D printed optical fibers for better data transmission systems

Sep.1, 2017 - Angeles Camacho Rosales, a postgraduate research student at the University of Southampton's Optoelectronics Research Centre in the UK, is developing ways to 3D print glass for optical fibers that could lead to improved data transmission systems. More

China's Smartee Denti-Technology raises over $7M to make invisible 3D printed braces

Sep.1, 2017 - Smartee Denti-Technology, a Shanghai-based company that specializes in 3D printed orthodontic solutions, has successfully raised 50 million yuan (USD $7.6M) through a B round of financing. More

This tiny 3D printed robot can move through sand thanks to its rotating helical tail

Sep.1, 2017 - Researcher Baptiste Darbois Texier and his team from the University of Santiago in Chile have been developing a 3D printed robot that is suited for moving through sand and other granular materials. More

3D printing used to solve mystery of how the prehistoric Pleiosaur was able to swim with just flippers

Sep.1, 2017 - Researchers in the UK have used 3D printing technology to figure out how the prehistoric Pleiosaur swam. The large marine reptile's four-flipper system was replicated and attatched to a robot, and tests were conducted on a water tank to solve the mystery. More

Materialise teams with Tailored Fits to launch digital supply chain for custom-fit 3D printed ski boots

Aug.31, 2017 - Materialise has partnered with winter sports gear and tailored footwear specialist Tailored Fits to launch an end-to-end digital supply chain for custom-fit 3d printed ski boots. More

PEAK unveils first ever pair of 3D printed basketball shoes in collab with NBA star Dwight Howard

Aug.31, 2017 - Chinese sportswear brand PEAK has unveiled what could be the first ever pair of 3D printed basketball sneakers. The 3D printed sports shoes were presented just days ago at the 2017 PEAK China Tour and Dwight Howard III Press Conference. More

Mini uses 3D printing in production of its all-electric Mini concept

Aug.31, 2017 - British car icon Mini has unveiled its latest concept car, the Mini Electric Concept. It's a preview of the company's first all-electric production model, to be released in 2019. 3D printing technology was used extensively in the production of the car's wheels, whose design varies from the classic Mini Cooper's in a number of interesting ways. More

Siemens to assist Dubai's Roads and Transport Authority in 3D printing parts for metro system

Aug.30, 2017 - Industrial manufacturing company Siemens has signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with Dubai's Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) to develop 3D printed parts for the latter's transport subsystems. More

Plantoids: the smart 3D printed robots that will help keep your plants alive

Aug.30, 2017 - Citizen Scientific Workshop (CSW) has launched a Kickstarter campaign for Plantoids, 3D printable robots that put your plants on wheels. Each 3D printed device seeks out sunlight and fresh air to give its green passenger the best chance of good health. More

Expandable bone screw 3D printed in titanium could improve spinal surgery recovery

Aug.30, 2017 - Researchers from Curtin University in Australia have teamed up with surgeons from the Royal Perth Hospital and the St John of God Subiaco Hospital to develop a 3D printed bone screw. The device can help patients suffering from severe bone fractures or osteoporosis recover from spinal surgery. More

Local Motors' self-driving 'Olli' shuttle helped along by Makerbot 3D printers

Aug.30, 2017 - Local Motors offered a glimpse into its manufacturing facility to see how it has been using the Makerbot Replicator+, a $2,500 high-performance desktop 3D printer, to quickly and efficiently produce parts for the IBM Watson-powered 'Olli' vehicle. More

Printable Scenery launches Kickstarter for new Rampage Gothic 3D printable scenery-building systems

Aug.30, 2017 - After the success of various other crowdfunding campaigns in the past, New Zealand-based Printable Scenery has launched a Kickstarter for its new Rampage Gothic line. These 3D printable scenery models are inspired by gothic architecture and will be a great addition to any fantasy role-player's collection. More

BiliScreen: a 3D printed smartphone device that detects pancreatic cancer by looking at your eyes

Aug.29, 2017 - Researchers at the University of Washington have developed BiliScreen, a new smartphone app and 3D printed attachment that can detect jaundice in an adult's eye. This could in turn allow users to detect early signs of pancreatic cancer and other diseases. More

UW-Madison engineers get $2.1M to develop 3D printed heat exchangers for refrigerators

Aug.29, 2017 - Engineers from the University of Wisconsin-Madison have received $2.1 million in funding to continue their development of 3D printed heat exchangers. The project is being supported by the U.S. Department of Energy Advanced Research Projects Agency-Energy (ARPA-e). More

Foster + Partners, Branch Technology capture top prize in Phase 2 of NASA's 3D printing competition

Aug.29, 2017 - NASA has announced the winner of Phase 2: Level 3 of its 3D Printed Habitat Challenge, a multi-phase competition which is seeking to find new and innovative methods for building 3D printed habitats and livable structures in space. More

3D printing accident leads to discovery of bio-active 'tissue paper' for organ regeneration

Aug.29, 2017 - A new bio-active material has been discovered after an accidental spillage of ink used for 3D bio-printing. The material, which resembles tissue paper and has specific properties from the organ it is made from, can be used to stimulate the growth of tissues and hormone production More

UK's Royal Navy could develop mysterious 3D printed submarines that look like stingrays

Aug.28, 2017 - Engineers have proposed a number of futuristic concepts for new Royal Navy vehicles and weapons. Their designs include a 3D printed stingray-like submarine and swarms of fish-shaped torpedoes. More

How to cast metal parts directly using a 3D printed 'High Temp' resin mold

Aug.28, 2017 - 3D printing company Formlabs has introduced a new method for casting metal parts using 3D printed molds. Using its High Temp Resin material, makers can easily 3D print molds for direct pewter casting. More

Brazil's Embrapa lab adopts 3D bioprinting tech to advance agricultural research

Aug.28, 2017 - Embrapa Genetic Resources and Biotechnology's Laboratory of Nanobiotechnology (LNANO) in Brasilia, Brazil has announced the recent adoption of 3D bioprinting technologies. 3D bioprinting will enable them to create complex and realistic biological structures for agricultural research. More

Lobster shells inspire 'electrified' 3D printed body armor that could prevent sports injuries

Aug.28, 2017 - Engineers from the University of Southern California Viterbi School of Engineering are using 3D printed armor inspired by lobsters to prevent sports injuries. The lobster-like printed armor could be particularly useful for preventing chronic traumatic encephalopathy. More

This giant LEGO Go-Kart was made entirely with 3D printed building blocks

Aug.28, 2017 - YouTuber Matt Denton, known for his Mantis Hacks maker videos, has built a large-scale replica of the classic 1972 LEGO Go-Kart kit. Made from 3D printed building blocks, the LEGO Go-Kart is five times larger than the original and was made for under $130. More

Humble Velocipede, a 3D printed version of Theo Janssen's famous Strandbeest sculptures

Aug.27, 2017 - A guide published on Adafruit shows how to build the Humble Velocipede- a neat 3D printed walking toy. The design is based on the Strandbeest creations of Theo Janssen- machines designed to walk along beaches powered by the wind. More

3D Printing News Roundup: GE Garages, SMS Group, Merck, DiManEx, byFlow

Aug.26, 2017 - Don't worry if you've been too busy to keep up with recent 3D printing developments, we've got another quick round-up to fill you in on what you might have missed. Stories include Merck setting up a technology innovation lab in Israel, Saudi students getting 3D printing training from GE Garages, and more besides. More

Kinematics study uses 3D printed wand markers to improve foot motion tracking

Aug.25, 2017 - Researchers from Belgium have developed an in-shoe foot analysis tool that uses 3D printed markers, consisting of a baseplate and a wand marker, to track foot motion. The kinematics system could improve future footwear designs. More

Meet 'Scout,' the US Marines' new 3D printed drone that costs just $613 to build

Aug.25, 2017 - Rhet McNeal, a 26 year-old Corporal from Griffin, Georgia, has designed a 3D printed drone called 'Scout' that can be built for just $613, around 200 times cheaper than current drones used by the Marines. More

US army 3D prints 512-sq-ft barracks using concrete AM tech developed in collaboration with NASA

Aug.24, 2017 - The U.S. Army Construction Engineering Research Laboratory (CERL) has constructed a 3D printed concrete barracks spanning an impressive 512 square-feet. The concrete structure was made possible by 3D printing technology developed by CERL in partnership with NASA. More

Researchers improve design of wine testing airlocks using Carbon 3D printing tech

Aug.23, 2017 - Winemakers are continually searching for new ways to improve the winemaking process in terms of cost and production time. Recently, a team from the University of Adelaide turned to 3D printing technologies for the creation of a redesigned airlock device for wine testing. More

MIT's Robogami lets you design custom 3D printed robots from standard, folding parts in minutes

Aug.23, 2017 - A group of researchers from MIT CSAIL has developed a new design system to make the building of simple robots more accessible to those without design expertise. Users put together a design using templates, which is 3D printed as flat two-dimensional faces connected by joints, before being folded to assemble the final 3D shape. More

17-year-old invents $35 3D printed device for diagnosing respiratory diseases

Aug.23, 2017 - 17-year-old Maya Varma, an engineering student and intern at Stanford University, has developed a low-cost 3D printed device that can analyze a patient's breath and help to diagnose pulmonary diseases. More

Ultra-rare 1954 Jaguar XK120 SE undergoes amazing restoration with help of 3D printing

Aug.23, 2017 - British auto shop Classic Motor Cars (CMC) has painstakingly restored and refurbished what is believed to be one of the rarest Jaguar models in existence, the one-of-a-kind Pininfarina-bodied 1954 Jaguar XK120 SE, with the help of 3D scanning and 3D printing. More

Airbus reduces 'mass, cost & time' of satellites with metal 3D printed radio frequency filters

Aug.23, 2017 - Airbus Defence and Space, a division of Airbus responsible for'defense'and'aerospace operations, has developed prototype 3D printed radio-frequency (RF) filters using metal 3D printing. RF waveguide filters are an important technology for space communications. More

NASA award spurs HRL's 3D printed ceramic research for rocket engine parts

Aug.22, 2017 - HRL Laboratories, a California-based research lab, has received an award from NASA's Space Technology Research, Development, Demonstration, and Infusion program. The funding will enable it to develop 3D printed rocket engine components made from ceramics. More

TetraShell 3D printing used to create four-meter-tall tree sculpture for Norwegian retirement home

Aug.22, 2017 - L+S, an artist duo from Germany and Noway, have created a four-meter-tall tree sculpture to commemorate Noway's most eco-friendly nursing home, Ullerntunet. The large-scale sculpture, which is made from bronze, was made using 3D scanning and 3D printing technologies. More

This functional 3D printed Warthog took a Halo fan 7 years to build

Aug.22, 2017 - It's been 10 years since Halo 3 was first released, and if you're like me, your memory of it may be a little bit foggy. Fortunately, maker Bryanthavercamp is here to jog our memory with this ultra impressive (and functional!) Warthog vehicle, made with the help of 3D printing. More

Lunewave's inexpensive 3D printed lenses could put Tesla-style 'autopilot' systems in everyday cars

Aug.22, 2017 - Researchers at the University of Arizona have developed inexpensive 3D printed Luneberg lenses that could be used in radar systems for the automotive industry. The researchers have formed a startup, Lunewave, that will commercialize the technology. More

MindKits awarded new Mercedes-Benz van to expand reach of its portable 3D printing workshops in New Zealand

Aug.22, 2017 - Based in New Zealand, MindKits is an educational company that has been offering 3D printing workshops in schools since 2008. It recently won Mercedes-Benz 'Hack My Van' competition, securing a new Vito van that it can use to expand its operations into less privileged areas of the country. More

New Congress-approved defense bill could mean more military contracts for 3D printing companies

Aug.21, 2017 - The U.S. Department of Defense Authorization Bill, which includes stipulations on 3D printing, has passed Congress. The bill requires that the Secretary of Defense brief the House Committee on Armed Services on its plans for additive manufacturing. More

Indian doctors implant 3D printed prosthetic ear made using CoEP's Osto3D modeling software

Aug.21, 2017 - A 32-year-old woman from India has received a prosthetic ear implant thanks in large part to 3D modeling software and 3D printing technologies. The procedure was enabled by the College of Engineering, Pune (CoEP) and the Armed Forces Medical College (AFMC). More

HUMM's 3D printed brain zapper gives video gamers competitive edge

Aug.21, 2017 - HUMM, a startup based in Perth, Australia, is developing a 3D printed headset that boosts brain performance by delivering electric shocks to wearers. The device uses four electrodes to measure brain waves, and stimulates the brain to improve short-term memory and mistake evasion. More

Coralise: 3D printed coral skeletons could save spectacular reefs from climate change

Aug.21, 2017 - Jessica Gregory, a 23-year-old nature lover from Newport, Wales, is attempting to save coral reefs by 3D printing replicas of coral skeletons. She hopes young corals will be encouraged to to grow around the 3D printed replicas. More

This beautiful 3D printed ceramic lamp is made from a single coil of clay

Aug.21, 2017 - Australian furniture designer Tom Fereday recently highlighted the interior design possibilities of 3D printing technologies with the unveiling of his classic yet eye-grabbing 3D printed Pelo light. The pendant light shade is made from a single coil of 3D printed clay. More

Chinese city of Nanjing gets first 3D printed bridge railings

Aug.21, 2017 - Dangerous bridge railings in Nanjing, China, were replaced by the country's first 3D printed railings. Nanjing Jia Yi Precision Instrument Manufacturing Company was in charge of the project, which was completed much more quickly and efficiently than with conventional techniques. More

3D print and assemble Anouk Wipprecht's illuminated High Tech Edelweiss necklace

Aug.20, 2017 - Dutch designer Anouk Wipprecht is hands down one of our favorite innovators within the fashion-tech field. Now, makers of all skills and ages have the chance to recreate one of the talented designer's 3D printed pieces: a 3D printed Edelweiss necklace. More

TinyLev: a 3D printed home acoustic levitator that is capable of holding liquid and insects in mid-air

Aug.20, 2017 - Engineers from the UK's University of Bristol have developed 'TinyLev,' a 3D printed acoustic levitator that can be used to suspend matter in mid-air. The device could be used for blood tests, inspection of insects, and more. More

Imagined Artefacts: Artist Anousha Payne uses 3D scanning and printing to appropriate artefacts

Aug.19, 2017 - London-based artist Anousha Payne has used 3D printing to create her latest art series 'Imagined Artefacts.' The project, which consists of a number of 3D printed abstract structures, explores several themes including replication and the significance of an artefact outside of its context. More

This easy-to-follow 3D printed chess set tutorial will have rookies printing rooks in no time

Aug.19, 2017 - Adafruit has published a tutorial for a 3D printed chess set with a 'Circuit Playground' theme. The detailed pieces are made from ColorFabb PLA-metal mix filaments, while the chess board can be printed in regular PLA. More

Belgian students create 3D printed robotic hand that interprets sign language for the deaf

Aug.18, 2017 - A group of engineers from the University of Antwerp in Belgium have put their skills towards good with the invention of a 3D printed humanoid robot that can translate speech into sign language. The inspirational bot is called 'Project Aslan.' More

Architecture firm Lorax Design Group uses 3D printed scale models for high-end landscape and pool design

Aug.18, 2017 - Kansas-based company Lorax Design Group has been making use of an Ultimaker 2 in order to create 3D models of its landscape designs. The team, led by Kurt Kraisinger, 3D prints models of swimming pools for clients so they can get a clearer picture of where their project is headed. More

3D printed pinhole projector shields bright eyes during total eclipse of the sun

Aug.18, 2017 - Many people across North America will be able to witness a solar eclipse on Monday, and 3D printed pinhole projectors are a cheap, safe way to view the phenomenon without damaging your eyes. More

UBC researcher's 3D printed bone grafts strike balance between porosity and strength

Aug.18, 2017 - A researcher from the University of British Columbia (UBC)'s Okanagan campus has been conducting tests to determine which 3D printable structure is best for creating artificial bone implants. Recently, he claimed to have found the most optimal design for both strength and bio integration. More

3D Printing News Roundup: Big Rep, Camber Spine Tech, Osseus, Shapeways, LPW, Sigma Labs

Aug.18, 2017 - The world of 3D printing technology continues to expand at a remarkable rate, but luckily we're here to keep you up to date on everything that's happening. Here's a round-up of recent events that might have passed you by, including some personnel changes at LPW and BigRep America, a 3D printed cervical implant getting FDA clearance, and more besides. More

Russian spacewalking cosmonauts release world's first 3D printed satellite from ISS

Aug.17, 2017 - The first satellite launch of the year by the Russian space program includes the country's first 3D printed device. A pair of cosmonauts will be manually launching the nano-satellites, all of which weigh less than 30kg, from the International Space Station More

Build your own coilgun with 3D printed winding rig

Aug.17, 2017 - Miros, a maker from Slovakia, has built a 3D printed coilgun 'without massive capacitors.' The weapon uses battery-powered coils, and is powerful enough to (slightly) dent a piece of wood using metal ammunition. More

3D printing could help North Korea develop WMDs, says Asia Times

Aug.17, 2017 - A report in the Asia Times, a Hong Kong-based publication, says North Korea could use 3D printing to make weapons of mass destruction. 3D printing could purportedly reduce development cycle times and reduce the number of workers required. More

Project Runway designer Seth Aaron to debut 3D printed shoe collection at Portland fashion week

Aug.17, 2017 - 3D printed shoes are set to take Portland's fashion week by storm this fall, with local designer Seth Aaron pairing runway fashion with 3D printed footwear from Feetz, a San Diego startup that specializes in custom 3D printed shoes. More

Made In Space wraps up testing on BEAM's 3D printed radiation shields

Aug.17, 2017 - Made In Space recently announced that it has completed the third and final stage of its 3D printed Radiation Enclosure Monitor (REM) shield testing for radiation aboard the Bigelow Expandable Activity Module (BEAM). More

Adaptive 3D printed facade system Spong3D could hugely improve thermal performance of offices and homes

Aug.17, 2017 - A team of researchers in the Netherlands have developed a new system that can both insulate a building and store heat. Spong3D incorporates a complex 3D printed structure, with both insulating pores and channels along which a heat-storing liquid can flow. More

3D printed Nintendo Switch adapters help one-handed gamers play Zelda: Breath of the Wild

Aug.16, 2017 - Mexican engineer Julio Vazquez has designed a pair of 3D printed Nintendo Switch accessories that allow one-handed gamers to play with both controllers at once. One adaptor puts the controllers side by side; the other puts them at right angles. More

Marine Corps says portable X-FAB additive manufacturing lab could produce 3D printed drones

Aug.16, 2017 - A Marine Corps battalion is conducting an evaluation of X-FAB (expeditionary fabrication), a self-contained, transportable additive manufacturing lab containing four 3D printers, a scanner, and CAD software for the fast fabrication of replacement parts. More

3D printed fossil helps ANU researchers make evolutionary link between humans and prehistoric fish

Aug.16, 2017 - 3D printing and 3D scanning have helped scientists from the Australian National University in Canberra uncover some new and interesting things about the human evolution process. The researchers have found links between a 400 million-year-old fish fossil and modern-day humans. More

IdiPAZ scientists hope to make 3D printed replacement corneas available within 5 years

Aug.16, 2017 - A team of researchers based in Madrid have been collaborating with experts at MIT and Harvard in order to develop the technology to 3D print corneas. Patients in need of transplants will no longer have to wait for a suitable donor, as these 3D bio-printed corneas will be tailored to be a biological match, using their own stem cells. More

'Droplet-based 3D printing' lets Oxford researchers create high-res living tissue structures

Aug.15, 2017 - Researchers at the University of Oxford have found a new way to 3D print living structures from lab-grown cells. The structures could be used as human tissue models, removing the need for animal testing. More

3D printed 'C-Turtle' robot could shuffle its way to Mars

Aug.15, 2017 - Researchers at the University of Arizona have 3D printed a modular robot that mimics the movement of a sea turtle and uses reinforcement learning to figure out its best strategy for movement. The researchers say the 3D printed 'C-Turtle' robot could be deployed on Mars. More

3D Systems, Airbus present first flight-ready satellite RF filter made using metal 3D printing

Aug.15, 2017 - 3D Systems and Airbus Defense and Space have unveiled their latest joint achievement: a validated 3D printed radio frequency (RF) filter for satellites. The 3D printed RF filter is the first of its kind to pass testing and be qualified for use in commercial telecommunications satellites. More

More 3D printed bikinis: 'Coral' collection from aRks 3d confuses and delights in equal measure

Aug.15, 2017 - aRks 3d, a Sicily-based design studio run by architects Samuel and Rosanna, has unveiled a collection of 3D printed bikinis. Described as 'ergonomic, ecological, unique, and tailored,' the 'Coral' swimwear collection is printed in PLA with cotton inserts. More

New Zealand researchers bioprinting 3D breast cancer tumors to explore different treatments

Aug.14, 2017 - A research project being undertaken at the University of Otago in Christchurch, New Zealand is investigating how 3D bioprinting can help to develop new and more precise treatments for breast cancer. More

UK chemicals specialist Johnson Matthey opens ceramic 3D printing lab in Hertfordshire

Aug.14, 2017 - Johnson Matthey, a British sustainable technology and chemicals company, has opened a new state-of-the-art ceramic 3D printing facility in Royston, UK. The lab contains a QiCPic image analysis sensor, a Freeman FT4 powder tester, and a PixDro inkjet printer. More

Real hermit crabs sport 3D printed 'house-shells' in Zoopla real estate ads

Aug.14, 2017 - If you haven't already come across a 'Crab World' advert for Zoopla, a British real estate website, we suggest you check it out. Even if you aren't looking to buy a UK property, the TV ad spot features some mighty cute hermit crabs living in some even more adorable 3D printed house-shells. More

KNTU researchers introduce new neural recording method with 3D printed μECoG device

Aug.14, 2017 - A team from the Khajeh Nasir Toosi University of Technology (KNTU) in Tehran, Iran has developed a new and minimally invasive neural recording device with the help of 3D printing. More

Doctors in China replace 5.5" of cancer patient's vertebrae with titanium 3D printed implants

Aug.14, 2017 - Doctors in China have completed a highly complex cervical vertebra replacement using 3D printed bones. The 28-year-old patient had been diagnosed with chondrosarcoma, a rare form of bone cancer. More

Most lifelike 3D printed bone implant ever passes for real thing in tests on mice

Aug.14, 2017 - A new form of bone implant has been created that was successfully accepted by the body of a mouse in laboratory tests. The implant was 3D printed from an artificial bone material, which was as strong as bone and also managed to 'trick' the host body into accepting it as real bone. More

See how a boxer engine works with this 3D printed replica of a Subaru WRX motor

Aug.13, 2017 - A Youtube channel called Engineering Explained recently posted a video explaining how the boxer engine for the Subaru WRX works. The video makes use of a 3D printed replica, which is color-coded and demonstrates the advantages a boxer setup has over other engines. More

Adafruit 3D prints incredible replica Guardian robots from Zelda: Breath of the Wild

Aug.12, 2017 - The team at Adafruit built an impressive 3D printed replica of the Guardian robots from the recent Zelda game, Breath of the Wild. They feature a moving head and an array of blue LEDs, including one that stands in for the robots's all-seeing eye. More

Chinese Space Lab uses 3D printing to successfully grow lettuce in micro-gravity environment

Aug.11, 2017 - Astronauts on the Tiangong-2 satellite's Space Lab successfully cultivated lettuce plants, using 3D printed equipment. The Chinese space program is testing out life support technologies in preparation for the eventual establishment of a permanently staffed Space Station in 2022. More

Hong Kong hospital makes 3D printed models of foetuses available to expectant parents

Aug.11, 2017 - A hospital in Hong Kong has become one of the first in the region to offer 3D printed replicas of unborn children. Parents can pay for a print of a 3D ultrasound scan, giving them the chance to touch their child before it is even born, which would be particularly advantageous for the partially sighted. More

Researchers produce smallest ever 3D printed microfluidic "lab on a chip" device

Aug.11, 2017 - A team of researchers have achieved a major milestone in 3D printed microfluidics. They designed a special high-resolution 3D printer and a custom resin for the task, succeeding for the first time in using 3D printing to produce devices that are effective at a scale below 100 micrometers. More

Made In Space successfully 3D prints first-ever extended structures in space-like environment

Aug.11, 2017 - NASA and its partner Made in Space recently achieved a major milestone in 3D printing. Its Archinaut project, which is fully autonomous robotic 3D printing technology designed for space exporation, was successfully tested in a vacuum environment for the first time. More

Shiro Studio's 3D printed ENEA walking stick is a wonder of form and function

Aug.11, 2017 - Shiro Studio, a London-based design practice, has created a 3D printed walking stick that overcomes various visual and practical problems with common mobility aids. The stylish 'ENEA' stick is porous, making it extremely lightweight, and has a three-pronged handle. More

3D printed TRI Analyzer transforms smartphone into low-cost diagnostic device

Aug.11, 2017 - Researchers from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign have built a 3D printed device that helps turn a smartphone into a portable lab capable of medical diagnostic tests. The device, called a spectral transmission-reflectance-intensity (TRI) Analyzer, costs only $550 to make. More

3D bioprinted vascularized liver tissue to increase accuracy of drug toxicity testing

Aug.11, 2017 - An international team of researchers has developed a method for 3D bioprinting vasularized liver tissue. The bioprinting breakthrough could have important applications for drug toxicity testing and drug screening. More

Narbon's 3D Memories transforms the ashes of the deceased into ceramic objects - from vases to jewelry

Aug.11, 2017 - A Spanish company called Narbon has recently taken advantage of the flexibility of 3D printing to steer ceramics in quite a morbid direction, with its 3D Memories service. This allows customers to purchase ceramic objects that are 3D printed using the ashes of their deceased loved ones. More

Low-temperature metal casting at home? All you need is a 3D printer, silicone & compressed air

Aug.10, 2017 - Maker Chris DePrisco has posted a YouTube guide to low-temperature metal casting using 3D printed parts, an air compressor, and a pressure vessel. The method uses silicone molds to cast metals with a low melting point, such as bismuth alloys. More

PrintMyRoute: show off your fitness levels with 3D printed models of your cycling & running routes

Aug.10, 2017 - 3D printing startup PrintMyRoute is encouraging cyclists, runners, and other athletes to turn their favorite routes into 3D printed models. The models can visualize elevation and other aspects of the route. More

ARMI researchers 3D bioprinting 'tumeroids' to advance cancer cell treatment

Aug.10, 2017 - Researchers working for the Advanced Regenerative Manufacturing Institute (ARMI) at the University of Florida have been busy with a number of different bioprinting projects, including 3D printing human cancer cells into micro-tissues in order to advance cancer treatment research. More

Pre-historic Joint Mitnor cave in England reopens with 3D printed replica fossils

Aug.10, 2017 - After a serious theft just over two years ago, a pre-historic cave located in the south of England had to be closed to visitors. 3D scanning and printing technology has now been used to replace the missing fossils, some of which belonged to animals that are now extinct, and the cave is due to reopen again. More

Ortho Baltic adopts Nikon Metrology scanning tech to qualify 3D printed medical implants

Aug.9, 2017 - Ortho Baltic, a Lithuanian manufacturer of bespoke 3D printed medical implants, recently made the decision to adopt a CT inspection system to improve the quality of its products. To do so, Ortho Baltic reached out to Nikon Metrology, an expert in measurement, inspection, and quality assurance. More

From buzz to baritone: WASP 3D prints opera scenography for Rome production of 'Fra Diavolo'

Aug.9, 2017 - WASP, the Italian 3D printing specialist behind the DeltaWASP line of 3D printers, has collaborated with Rome's Opera Theater to make 3D printed set design pieces for Fra Diavolo, an opera by Daniel Auber. The production will open on October 8, 2017. More

Japanese design firm id.arts 3D prints ultra-realistic mini kitchen model using FDM, SLA, SLS, more

Aug.9, 2017 - Japanese design and product development company id.arts (formerly idarts, Inc.) has unveiled its latest 3D printing endeavour: an ultra detailed and realistic miniature kitchen model. More

Naomi ‘SexyCyborg’ Wu braves the sun and water in her 3D printed bikini, will it stay on??

Aug.9, 2017 - 23-year-old maker and internet sensation Naomi Wu a.k.a. 'SexyCyborg' is making waves with her newest DIY project: a 3D printed bikini top. But don't let the simply titled YouTube video fool you: there's a lot more going on with this young Shenzen-based maker than meets the eye. More

Duke researchers detect diseases in 15 minutes with D4 assay & 3D printed smartphone device

Aug.8, 2017 - Biomedical engineers at North Carolina's Duke University have used 3D printing to create a diagnostic tool that can detect signs of disease from a single drop of blood. The 'D4 assay' consists of an inket-printed array of antibodies and a 3D printed smartphone attachment. More

What went wrong on the maiden launch of Rocket Lab's 3D printed rocket?

Aug.8, 2017 - On May 25, 2017, New Zealand aerospace company Rocket Lab launched its first 3D printed, battery-powered rocket into space, an event which gained much media attention across the globe. Now, however, details of the mission have come to light showing that something went wrong with the launch. More

Xian Chizi Digital Technology uses 3D printing to replicate Ancient Chinese art

Aug.8, 2017 - Xian Chizi Digital Technology is a 3D printing company in China that is taking the market by storm with its impressive artworks. The team has an artistic as well as a digital background, and it collaborates with sculptors to optimize traditional artistic practices, creating replicas and protoypes for original clay-molded objects. More

FAMU gets $4.9M CREST grant to support 3D printing and materials research

Aug.7, 2017 - Florida A&M University has received a $4.9M grant from the National Science Foundation. The prestigious grant will go towards supporting research in the fields of additive manufacturing, materials development, and micrometer-scale manufacturing. More

1D printing: ITU, MIT and Columbia develop 1D robots that can be printed to fit in any crevice

Aug.7, 2017 - A team of researchers has developed a new, incredibly simple way to produce robotics. Their '1D printer' is able to grip and bend aluminium wire into shapes and, with an embedded motor, this wire can carry out particular tasks. Once used, the robot can even be recycled by simply straightening out the wire. More

6-year-old boy gets 3D printed sternum implant to treat rare congenital heart condition

Aug.7, 2017 - A team of doctors from the Shanghai Children's Medical Center in China have successfully implanted a 3D printed sternum shell into a six-year-old boy with a rare congenital problem. The medical center is affiliated with the School of Medicine at the Shanghai Jiao Tong University. More

This flexible, expandable 3D printed dress adapts to your body's movement

Aug.6, 2017 - Houston designer Maria Alejandra Mora-Sanchez is paving the way for 3D printed textiles with a new fashion garment in partnership with Cosine Additive. Her expandable 3D printed dress Loom is making waves across the textile and additive manufacturing industries, recently securing her the coveted James Dyson Award and Red Dot Award. More

Levi's experimenting with 3D printed denim

Aug.6, 2017 - Levi's denim company is sharply redefining its 'tried and true' branding, with a new turn towards 3D printing technology. So far, Levi's has been focused primarily on experimenting with digital renderings, and exploring what a 3D printed denim jacket would actually look like. It's only a 'shell' of the real thing for now, but one that holds promise. More

This 3D printed dancing spring robot can really groove

Aug.5, 2017 - Maker Vladimir Mariano of Desktop Makes has combined 3D printing, robots, lights, and dancing in his latest project called 'Dancings Springs.' The best part? You can recreate the dancing robot yourself. More

Naval Research Lab wants to make CICADA microdrones easier to assemble with 3D printed fuselage

Aug.5, 2017 - The latest prototype of the CICADA, a miniature drone used by the U.S navy, was demonstrated recently. The fuselage for the tiny aircraft is 3D printed, which allows it to be produced very cheaply and in large quantities, and minimizes the amount of assembly required. More

Rural Tanzanians turning to 3D printed solar technology for energy solutions

Aug.4, 2017 - Created in 2014, Simusolar develops and implements localized, sustainable solutions for delivering solar energy to rural Tanzanians. Now, Simusolar is excited to announce that they've officially entered 3D printing territory, with the start of a new partnership with French additive manufacturing company Sculpteo. More

Researchers 3D print microfluidic blood-vessel model to investigate causes of arterial blood clots

Aug.4, 2017 - A team of researchers in the Netherlands and Belgium have shed some light on how blood clots form, with the help of 3D printing technology. Their 3D printed microfluidic devices model the geometry of arteries as well as the flow of blood through them. More

3D printed models of cardiac conduction system could help doctors tackle troublesome heart rhythms

Aug.4, 2017 - Scientists from a number of British and Danish universities have developed a new way to visualize the cardiac conduction system, the process that makes our hearts beat, in 3D. The study, which enables the 3D printing of heart models, could aid research into heart conditions. More

Artist Kristin Stransky has 3D printed dress, other works stolen from Colorado art exhibition

Aug.4, 2017 - Kristin Stransky, a Denver-based digital artist, has reported stolen a number of her 3D printed artworks, including an elaborate 3D printed dress. The pieces, which made up much of the artist's portfolio, were taken from an exhibition held at Colorado State University's Electronic Art Gallery. More

Eyeagnosis: 16-year-old uses 3D printing, AI to create diabetic retinopathy diagnosis device

Aug.4, 2017 - 16-year-old student Kavya Kopparapu has designed a 3D printed eye diagnosis device. 'Eyeagnosis' uses a camera to detect symptoms of diabetic retinopathy, a condition that affects one third of diabetes sufferers worldwide. More

UChicago physicists achieve breakthrough in vortex dynamics with 3D printing and red Sharpie

Aug.4, 2017 - Physicists from UChicago recently achieved a breakthrough in the field of experimental vortex dynamics. Using 3D printed hydrofoils to create thin-core vortices, and with the help of a red Sharpie marker, the team was able to capture measurements of total helicity for the first time. More

Gartner's 2017 3D printing Hype Cycle

Aug.4, 2017 - Gartner's annual Hype Cycle publication identifies the key trends in various technological fields, and how far advanced they are. 2017's 3D printing hype cycle classifies surgical implants and 3D printing in retail both as being at the peak level of potential, amongst others. More

Dr. Laurent Lantieri: 3D printing is revolutionizing facial plastic and reconstructive surgery

Aug.4, 2017 - A French plastic surgeon has been making use of 3D printing technology to completely transform the way his practice operates. He uses Materialise and Concept Laser's systems, which allows him to make specialized facial implants for patients who have undergone serious trauma. More

Match.com puts 3D printed bachelors on display at 'Model Males' London pop-up shop

Aug.3, 2017 - Match.com, the online dating service, has launched a new ad campaign in London that is seeking to show women the eligible guys on its platform seeking love. The campaign consists of a pop-up shop that will feature miniature 3D printed figurines of seven eligible Match bachelors. More

San Diego researchers cut operation times by 25% with 3D printed hip models

Aug.3, 2017 - Bioengineers from the University of California San Diego and physicians from Rady Children's Hospital are using 3D printed models to improve surgeries for slipped capital femoral epiphysis, the most common hip disorder found in children ages 9 to 16. Use of models cut surgery time by about 25%. More

UK researchers 3D print open source microscope prototype for only £30

Aug.3, 2017 - Just days ago we wrote about an open source 3D printed microscope that could be made for as little as '100. Now, another project, undertaken by researchers from the University of Bath, has even higher aspirations than that as it has made a prototype of a 3D printed microscope for only £30. More

Autodesk Pier 9 teams with Convivial Studio to 3D print gravity-defying skateboard tricks

Aug.3, 2017 - Autodesk's Pier 9 workshop has teamed up with London-based experimental design studio Convivial Studio to create a series of 3D printed skateboard sculptures. The Pier 9-Convivial collaboration is an innovative exploration of movement and technology: the two teams worked together to gather movement generated by skateboard tricks in real time. More

Mercedes-Benz produces its first-ever fully 3D printed metal replacement part

Aug.2, 2017 - A major milestone has been achieved by Mercedes-Benz, with its first ever metal spare part being produced using 3D printing technology. The company's Customer Services and Parts division can now provide a 3D printed replacement thermostat cover for owners of its trucks. More

Designer Jenny Wu unveils fully 3D printed steel 'Catena' necklace

Aug.2, 2017 - 3D printed jewelry designer Jenny Wu has made a breakthrough in the field of 3D printed accessories with one of the first fully 3D printed interlocking steel necklaces. The necklace, called Catena, was 3D printed from steel in collaboration with ExOne. More

Real-life Iron Man: UK tech startup Gravity Industries to 3D print jet engine flying suit

Aug.2, 2017 - If you thought Tony Stark was badass, just wait till you get a load of this real-life Iron Man. Richard Browning, the founder of UK-based tech startup Gravity Industries, has developed a 3D printed jet-engine suit which he can actually fly. More

Polish design studio UAU wants to solve everyday crisis with 3D printing

Aug.2, 2017 - A collective of makers from the Warsaw multidisciplinary design studio UAU has been making waves in the Polish design scene with a recent exhibition at the renowned Gdynia Design Days 2017. Titled RE:MAIN, UAU's newest initiative is a set of 3D printed objects for daily use and problem solving. More

3D scanning and printing play critical role in development of Arrinera Hussarya supercar

Aug.1, 2017 - Poland's first supercar, Arrinera Hussarya, has been a symbol of a rejuvenated and reborn automotive industry within Poland. As we've already seen, the supercar's development has been a rigorous process, largely enabled by the adoption of new manufacturing technologies such as 3D scanning and 3D printing. More

Sinterit teams up with Polish designer to 3D print exoskeleton arm for kids with SMA

Aug.1, 2017 - Polish 3D printing company Sinterit recently teamed up with 3D designer Bartlomiej Gaczorek to develop and 3D print an exoskeleton arm device for children suffering from Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA), a rare genetic neuromuscular condition. More

Three-storey 3D printed model of Dubai's 'The Tower' skyscraper erected in Dubai Mall

Aug.1, 2017 - A 3D printed replica of The Tower at Dubai Creek Harbour has been unveiled at Dubai Mall. The 3,000 kg model took more than 4,000 hours to make, and depicts Dubai's under-construction observation tower that is set to stand at a monstrous 928 m tall. More

Meet Surena Mini, Iran's new 3D printed humanoid robot that can dance and do karate

Aug.1, 2017 - A team of roboticists from the University of Tehran have released the Surena Mini, a smaller, more basic version of their impressive Surena III robot. The easy-to-control Surena Mini is only 50 centimeters tall but is capable of walking, dancing and all kinds of other impressive actions. More

3D printed safe-cracking robot steals show at DEF CON, taking just 30 mins to crack SentrySafe

Jul.31, 2017 - An open source 3D printed robot created by Nathan Seidle, founder of Colorado-based hardware company SparkFun, has wowed DEF CON attendees by cracking a SentrySafe safe in just half an hour. More

Disney Research animates 3D printed models with cable-driven mechanisms

Jul.31, 2017 - Disney Research has developed a technique for creating cable-driven mechanisms that could be used to animate 3D printed models of popular Disney characters. The mechanisms can also be used to make simple mechanical systems such as a gripper or robotic hand. More

The 'Better Call Saul' special effects team is using 3D printing to make incredible props

Jul.31, 2017 - Thanks to some inside info from 'Better Call Saul' special effects technicians Joseph Ulibarri and Jason Delap, we know exactly how 3D printing has played a part on the recent season of AMC's hit 'Breaking Bad' spinoff. More

Lizard-like telescoping 3D printed robots developed to help in search & rescue missions

Jul.31, 2017 - Researchers at Carnegie Mellon University have used 3D printing to create telescopic structures that can bend and twist. Their new technique was used to create collapsible robots shaped like lizards and octopuses. More

FlyPi: an open source 3D printed microscope that can be made for €100

Jul.30, 2017 - Thanks to a study done by researchers at the University of Tubingen in Germany and the University of Sussex in the U.K., we now know there's a way to make low-cost, DIY lab equipment using 3D printing and micro-computers. More

Microsoft and Shawn Hunt team up to create Transformation Mask, a 3D printed robotic HoloLens art piece

Jul.30, 2017 - Vancouver artist Shawn Hunt has collaborated with Microsoft develop an experiential sculpture at the crossroads of 3D printing, robotics, and holographs. 'Transformation Mask' functions both as an artistic expression of Hunt's identity, and an exciting new showcase of what's possible with Microsoft's wearable augmented reality device, the Hololens. More

IT'SUGAR 3D printed Trump gummies will Make America Sweet Again

Jul.29, 2017 - Popular candy retailer IT'SUGAR has released a line of Trump-based sweets,incredibly lifelike replicas of his iconic face in jelly form. They're orange in colour, much like the 45th President himself, and the company warns that they might 'leave a bad taste in the mouth.' More

3D printing brings 1940s Curta calculator back to life

Jul.28, 2017 - Maker Marcus Wu has built a 3D printed Curta calculator, a mechanical calculator that can make calculations with the turn of a handle. The device was originally developed by concentration camp survivor Curt Herzstark in the 1940s. More

Tech company HeyGears to open $148M 3D printing R&D facility in China

Jul.28, 2017 - Chinese tech company HeyGears will reportedly be spending one billion RMB (~$148M) to establish a new 3D printing research facility. The new 3D printing center, ultimately aimed at advancing China's national 3D printing industry, will be located in Foshan, a city in China's Guangdong province. More

Buy your own 3D printed garment online: Danit Peleg releases first custom 3D printed jacket

Jul.28, 2017 - A 3D printed jacket is currently available, made-to-order, on the website of pioneering fashion designer Danit Peleg. The jacket was produced with a special rubber-like filament made by Spanish company Filaflex, and only 100 garments will be produced. More

Cell3Ditor uses ceramics 3D printing to improve production of energy efficient solid oxide fuel cells

Jul.28, 2017 - A new project, Cell3Ditor, led by the Catalan Energy Research Institute is using 3D printing technology to produce energy-efficient fuel cells. The use of a multi-material 3D printer makes the whole process much faster and more cost effective, as well as producing an improved final product. More

China's first 3D Printing Cultural Museum opens in Baoshan, Shanghai

Jul.28, 2017 - China's first ever 3D Printing Cultural Museum opened earlier this week in Shanghai. Since opening festivities kicked off in the Wisdom Bay Industrial Park of Baoshan, Shanghai, the impressive cultural institute has already proved itself a force to be reckoned with. More

US Army's new 'R-FAB' system allows soldiers to 3D print stopgap solutions in the field

Jul.27, 2017 - Engineers at the U.S. Army Armament Research, Development and Engineering Center (ARDEC) have developed a 3D printing kit known as 'R-FAB' for making specialty tools, spare parts, and other components that would function as stopgaps solutions to part breakages. More

Disney Research develops new method for designing and 3D printing flexible, compliant mechanisms

Jul.27, 2017 - At the upcoming SIGGRAPH 2017 computer graphics and interactive techniques conference in Los Angeles, Disney researchers will presents their latest achievement: a computational design tool that enables the 3D printing of compliant mechanisms'or flexible, bendable mechanisms. More

An inside look at GE’s new 1,300-horsepower 3D printed ATP aircraft engine

Jul.27, 2017 - GE has provided an inside look at a 3D printed ATP turboprop engine with 13 3D printed components'one third of its total parts. The 1,300 shaft horsepower engine will power Textron Aviation's forthcoming 10-person business aircraft, the Cessna Denali. More

3D printing helped make the adorable Photon learning robot a reality

Jul.26, 2017 - A key part of inspiring kids to get engaged with STEM learning is providing them with fun and hands-on ways to learn the material. 3D printing technologies have played an important role in this, but so have a number of other unique projects, including Photon, an adorable robot from outer space. More

Low-cost 3D printed sensors can detect early signs of forest fires or chemical leaks

Jul.25, 2017 - Researchers from the King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST) in Saudi Arabia have demonstrated how 3D printing can be used to manufacture low-cost, disposable sensors that give early warnings for such hazards as forest fires or chemical leaks. More

Columbia researchers' AirCode system uses 3D printed air pockets for physical object tagging

Jul.25, 2017 - Columbia University researchers have developed 'AirCode,' a new way of embedding information within a 3D printed part. Patterned air pockets, which could form QR codes and such like, are printed under the surface of an object, and are readable using computational imaging methods. More

Insole maker Superfeet treads new ground with custom 3D printed ME3D insoles

Jul.25, 2017 - Insole manufacturer Superfeet is entering the custom 3D printing insole market with its new ME3D products. The printed insoles are personalized and manufactured using HP Inc.'s 3D scanning and Jet Fusion 3D printing technology. More

3D printing vegetables could lead to healthier children, new study suggests

Jul.25, 2017 - A team of researchers have experimented with 3D printing vegetables in order to make it more enticing to children. A mixture of nutritious but otherwise unappealing foods were mixed together in a 3D printer and printed into fun shapes. The use of 3D printing in food could lead to a generation of people having a much better relationship with what they eat. More

Life size 3D printed Corto Maltese statue to celebrate 50th anniversary of the Italian comics series

Jul.24, 2017 - Metropole, an event management and 3D printing company based in Paris, has 3D printed a life-size replica of Corto Maltese, the titular character of Hugo Pratt's Italian adventure comic Corto Maltese. The 3D printed sea captain was made to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the comic. More

Argentinian woman can talk, eat and breathe normally again thanks to 3D printed trachea implant

Jul.24, 2017 - An Argentinian woman has been given a new lease on life thanks to a 3D printed trachea implant. The woman, who could not speak or eat comfortably due to complications from peritonitis, says that she is now able to do these normal everyday activities with ease again. More

Tomsk-TPU-120: Russia's first 3D printed satellite to be deployed from ISS next month

Jul.24, 2017 - Russian astronauts aboard the International Space Station (ISS) are preparing to launch Russia's first 3D printed satellite into space. The Tomsk-TPU-120 satellite was sent to the ISS in March 2016, and will be deployed on August 17, 2017. More

Facebook's Building 8 files patent for a mysterious 3D printed modular smartphone

Jul.24, 2017 - Building 8, an innovative research lab operating under Facebook, recently published a patent application it filed for a 'modular electromechanical device.' In other words, a modular, multipurpose smartphone. The best part? It could feature a 3D printed chassis. More

How a fly trapped inside a 3D printer became the first 21st century fossil

Jul.23, 2017 - 3D printing has been called the way of the future, and the dawn of a new era in manufacturing ' but what about a time capsule of the present? Thanks to an unlikely incident with a common house fly, the Internet is now exploding with conjectures about the possibilities of 3D printing as a 21st century fossilization technique. More

London's massive new Elizabeth line (Crossrail) the first commercial building project to use 3D printing

Jul.23, 2017 - Already several years in the works, London's massive new Crossrail project (to be renamed the Elizabeth line) is the first full underground line to be constructed in over three decades, and Europe's largest construction project. Cross is also the first commercial building project to use 3D printing. More

3D printed gun files are selling for $12 on dark web, new report reveals

Jul.22, 2017 - A recent study of various secret marketplaces on the so-called 'dark web' suggests that 3D printing guns is growing in popularity. The instructions or CAD files for a 3D printed gun were the second most popular firearms purchase on the dark web, after firearms themselves. More

3D printed submarine built with ORNL's BAAM 3D printer suggests additive future for Navy

Jul.21, 2017 - Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) has partnered with the Navy's Disruptive Technology Lab to develop the military's first 3D printed submarine hull. The 30-foot carbon fiber demonstrator was 3D printed on ORNL's Big Area Additive Manufacturing (BAAM) 3D printer over the course of a few days. More

This 3D printed open source robot can crack a safe in as little as 15 minutes

Jul.21, 2017 - Nathan Seidle, the founder of Colorado-based open source hardware supplier SparkFun, has demonstrated how a 3D printed robot he built and programmed was able to crack a safe in just 15 minutes. The DIY safe-cracking robot only cost about $200 to make. More

Singapore launches $13M 3D printing center with focus on medical research

Jul.21, 2017 - A new 3D printing center with a focus on healthcare research was inaugurated in Singapore this morning. Called the National University of Singapore Centre for Additive Manufacturing (AM.NUS), the new facility is being funded by NUS, NAMIC, and the EDB. More

3D printed Skeletor microphone by Olaf Diegel borrows Ozzy Osbourne aesthetic

Jul.21, 2017 - Olaf Diegel is the brains behind Olaf Diegal Designs (ODD), a pet project that's grown into a full-blown design venture for the Lund University professor. Among the most eye-catching items is the Skeletor 3D printed Microphone, a sneering, skull-shaped piece that's possibly the ultimate microphone for Ozzy Osbourne, Diegel reckons. More

Renishaw uses 3D printing & conformal cooling to blast away Karcher's pressure washer bottleneck

Jul.21, 2017 - 3D printed cooling cores made by British engineering firm Renishaw have helped jet washer manufacturer K'rcher cut the cooling time of its molding process by 55 percent. K'rcher can now produce more pressure washer casings in a shorter space of time. More

DIY 3D printed toys are taking $60 million a year from major manufacturers, according to recent study

Jul.20, 2017 - A study carried out by Michigan Tech and MyMiniFactory suggests that consumers are 3D printing their own toys at home and costing the industry millions of dollars a year. The availability of online designs and cheap 3D printers means that major companies will need to adapt fast to stay competitive in the toy industry. More

Solar cells could soon be 3D printed for a fraction of the price, says AFRL team

Jul.20, 2017 - Researchers at the Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL) are taking a 3D printing-inspired approach in making solar cells more cost efficient, according to a new study published in the scientific journal Advanced Energy Materials. Along the way, they've found a wealth of untapped application potential, says lead author Dr. Santanu Bag. More

Microwave welding could make inter-layer bonds in 3D printed parts stronger, say Texas A&M researchers

Jul.20, 2017 - Researchers at Texas A&M University say they have discovered a way to make 3D printed parts stronger and more useful for real-world applications. The method involves bonding layers of a 3D printed part in a microwave using carbon nanotube-polymer composites. More

Mars colonies could benefit from bacteria that turn CO2 into 3D printable biopolymers

Jul.20, 2017 - An ongoing synthetic biology project at Harvard Medical School is using bacteria to transform carbon dioxide (CO2) into more useful compounds, such as plastic. The process could one day be used to create building materials on Mars, which could in turn be 3D printed into structures. More

3D printing and generative design get Team ROK's lifesaving X VEIN drone up in the air

Jul.20, 2017 - Japanese duo Yuki Ogasawara and Ryo Kumeda, aka team ROK, have used generative design and 3D printing to build X VEIN, a drone made for disaster conditions and search-and-rescue missions. The drone has a lattice structure that resembles dragonfly wings. More

Italian eyewear brand Safilo introduces ultra-modern, 3D printed OXYDO sunglasses collection

Jul.20, 2017 - Italian eyewear giant Safilo Group has taken a leap into the future of eyewear-making with its new OXYDO SS 2017 sunglasses collection. Manufactured in partnership with 3D printing company Materialise, the collection features a number of avant-garde 3D printed frames. More

3D printed 'earable' sensor can measure and track your body's core temperature

Jul.19, 2017 - Researchers from the University of California, Berkeley have created a 3D printed device that is worn on the ear and which can measure the user's core body temperature with infrared sensors. The small 'earable' gadget can provide real-time detection of core body temperature changes. More

UBC researchers say 3D printed water testing sensor can reduce risk of unsafe drinking water

Jul.19, 2017 - A research team from the University of British Columbia's Okanagan campus has developed a 3D printed quality sensor device that is capable of monitoring drinking water. The small device, which gives feedback in real time, was designed to reduce the risk of waterborne illnesses. More

Bridge over river Shanghai: Tongji University unveils China's 1st 3D printed pedestrian bridges

Jul.19, 2017 - The School of Architecture and Urban Planning at Shanghai's Tongji University has unveiled China's first 3D printed pedestrian bridges. The two bridges are made of plastic, and measure four meters and 11 meters, respectively. More

L.A. startup introduces Mira Prism, a $99 augmented reality headset

Jul.19, 2017 - Los Angeles startup Mira has launched a pair of easy-to-use and affordable augmented reality glasses. Dubbed Mira Prism, the AR glasses are now available for pre-order for the low cost of $99. More

Light-driven bacteria propel 3D printed micromotors in Sapienza University study

Jul.18, 2017 - Physicists from the Sapienza University of Rome have used free-swimming, light-driven E. coli bacteria to propel tiny 3D printed micromotors in a process that resembles how running water rotates a watermill. More

Australia's Griffith University invests millions in 3D printing with Advanced Design and Manufacturing Institute

Jul.18, 2017 - Australia's Griffith University is planning to build a multimillion-dollar Advanced Design and Manufacturing Institute (AdAM). The facility will be used to for several 3D printing purposes, and could be built as early as 2019. More

Kitten with mobility problems gets 3D printed wheelchair made by 8th grade students

Jul.18, 2017 - A group of dedicated eighth-grade students from New Hampshire has 3D printed a wheelchair for a kitten with mobility problems. The 6-month-old cat, a Maine coon named Ray, was born with eyes too small to see and a spinal condition that makes it impossible for him to move his hind legs. More

Singapore researchers create 3D printed flower that blooms when exposed to light

Jul.18, 2017 - A team of researchers from the Nanyang Technological University in Singapore has created a 3D printed flower that actually blooms when it is exposed to light. The 3D printed structure integrates a shape memory composite and photoresponsive substances which enable this reaction. More

DUS Architects teams with De Meeuw to develop recyclable 3D printed building façade

Jul.18, 2017 - Tackling the problem of difficult-to-refurbish building façade, Dutch construction company De Meeuw has teamed up with DUS Architects to develop a 3D printed fa'ade that is 100% sustainable and entirely recyclable. Grinding the fa'ade (itself made of recycled plastic like shampoo bottles) to plastic pellets makes way for a new fa'ade to be 3D printed. More

First-time maker 3D prints working replica of Aperture Science sentry turret from Portal games

Jul.18, 2017 - A hobbyist has posted an Instructables page describing his first 3D printing/ Arduino project. He decided to produce a functional replica of the Aperture Science Sentry Turrets, from Valve's Portal game franchise. Just like in the game, it has moving arms and a proximity sensor. More

Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency releases first images taken by 3D printed 'Int-Ball' robot camera on ISS

Jul.17, 2017 - The ISS is now home to an adorable 3D printed camera robot. Called the JEM Internal Ball Camera (or Int-Ball), the bot was developed and sent to the ISS by the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency. Excitingly, JAXA has just released its camera-bot's first images and videos from the ISS. More

Pinarello's 3D printed bicycle cockpits propel Froome & Thomas in Tour de France time trials

Jul.17, 2017 - Italian bicycle company Pinarello has used 3D printed cockpits on some of its latest bikes. The titanium 3D printed components were used by riders Chris Froome and Geraint Thomas during the opening stage of this year's Tour de France in Dusseldorf, Germany. More

High-schoolers set Guinness record for biggest 3D printed sculpture display with 35 sq m model of Hong Kong harbor

Jul.17, 2017 - A team of students from Hong Kong has broken the world record for the biggest 3D printed sculpture display. The sculpture, which depicts Hong Kong's harborside in miniature, comprises 1,214 3D printed parts, and spans an impressive 35 square meters. More

New CSIRO project explores 3D printing food with customized nutrition

Jul.17, 2017 - A CSIRO food structure team led by Dr. Amy Logan has just launched a three-year study into the personalized fabrication of smart food systems. Smart food is here defined as food that is 3D printed and which contains nutritional contents customized to the eater. More

Benjamin Harrison Presidential Site will let you 3D print artifacts for free

Jul.17, 2017 - A museum in Indianapolis is changing the digitization game: the Benjamin Harrison Presidential Site, home of the 23rd U.S. president, is now allowing visitors to 3D print replicas of its artifacts for free. The unique service is part of the museum's New Century eCollection project, which will oversee the digitization of the Site's 10,000-piece collection. More

4 coolest 3D printing projects this week: 3D printed espresso cup, Iron Man suit, handheld PC, V for Vendetta masks

Jul.16, 2017 - We all know 3D printing is cool, so why not take a little time to appreciate some of the more fun projects that have been going on in this past week. Here are some of the coolest things we've seen, including a stylish 3D printed espresso cup and a 3D printed Iron Man suit. More

Naval architect says 3D printing entire superyachts will be a reality by 2030

Jul.14, 2017 - A leading naval architect recently gave some predictions for the future of 3D printing in the yacht manufacturing industry. The technology stands to hugely improve efficiency in the manufacturing process, an industrial-grade printer should be ready by the end of this year, and 3D printing entire yachts will be possible by 2030 More

3D printed water treatment system can produce 35 liters of clean water per day

Jul.14, 2017 - Researchers at the University of Bath are developing a 3D printed household water treatment (HWT) system to produce safe drinking water. The $6.50 PLA device could produce up to 35 liters of clean drinking water a day. More

Linglong Tire successfully tests China's first 3D printed TPU tire

Jul.14, 2017 - Shandong Linglong Tire, a China-based manufacturer of automotive tires, has teamed up with the Beijing University of Chemical Technology to develop 3D printed tires made from thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) rather than rubber. More

XRobots' James Bruton rides electric skateboard made from giant 3D printed LEGO pieces

Jul.14, 2017 - James Bruton of XRobots never ceases to impress with his 3D printing projects, which include one of the most realistic 3D printed BB-8 Droids we've come across. His latest venture, an electric skateboard made from giant 3D printed Lego bricks, has us pretty darn excited as well. More

Self-healing 3D printing gel means your broken phone screen could soon fix itself

Jul.13, 2017 - A team of researchers in Melbourne have created a new 3D printable material that will allow objects to fix themselves. The self-healing gel can dynamically reform its chemical bonds, allowing it to change shape, structure, and color over time. More

3D printing helps ETH Zurich scientists create beating silicone heart

Jul.13, 2017 - Functional Materials Laboratory researchers at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich (ETH Zurich) have used 3D printing to create a silicone heart that beats almost like the real thing. The artificial heart can last for around 3,000 beats, or 30 to 45 minutes. More

Surfer Fabio Secci gets custom 3D printed leg prosthesis from Porzio, WASP

Jul.13, 2017 - Using a DeltaWASP 4070 3D printer, Italian orthopedic company Porzio has created a 3D printed leg prosthesis for championship surfer Fabio Secci. The multidisciplinary athlete recently completed a triathlon using the 3D printed prosthesis. More

3D printed brain model helps surgeons save 60-year-old woman with cerebral aneurysm

Jul.13, 2017 - A 60-year-old woman has been treated for a life threatening cerebral aneurysm thanks in large part to a 3D printed model of her brain. The patient-specific 3D printed model enabled a team of surgeons from the Rashid Hospital in Dubai to carefully map out and plan the complex surgical operation. More

UK hospital appoints first 'biomedical 3D technician' to improve medical 3D printing

Jul.13, 2017 - A hospital in the Welsh city of Swansea has created a position for a 'biomedical 3D technician.' The role at Morriston Hospital involves designing and 3D printing surgical models, implants, and cutting guides, and is the first job of its kind within the British National Health Service (NHS). More

Burger King's latest promo raises money for Argentine 3D printed prosthetics maker Atomic Lab

Jul.13, 2017 - Global food chain Burger King recently teamed up with ad agency David to step outside of its fast food comfort zone. Through its recent Stacker Day 'All Hands on Flavor' campaign, Burger King teamed with free prosthetics organization Atomic Lab to give 3D printed mechanical hands to people across Argentina. More

New Empa 3D printed sensor device lets you control drones with the wave of a hand

Jul.13, 2017 - Researchers at the Swiss Federal Laboratories for Materials Science and Technology (Empa) have developed a device that lets you control drones with simple hand gestures. The innovation works through 3D printing and original sensor technology: a wave to the left, the drove moves to the left; a wave to the right, the drone moves to the right. More

GH Induction uses EBM 3D printing to make 99.99% pure copper induction coils

Jul.12, 2017 - GH Induction, a global induction heating company, is using additive manufacturing to create 3D printed copper coils for its induction systems. The so-called '3DPCoils' are made using an Electron Beam Melting (EBM) 3D printer. More

Lyon-based design studio Notaroberto-Boldrini unveils 3D printed Watch.step timepieces

Jul.12, 2017 - Notaroberto-Boldrini, a design studio based in Lyon, France, is bringing some color back into timekeeping with its new line of 3D printed watches. The collection, called Watch.step, features a number of wonderfully colorful watches made using a combination of 3D printing and crafting techniques. More

Could 3D printed aluminum wheels put Russian industries back on track?

Jul.12, 2017 - Denis Manturov, Russia's Minister of Industry and Trade, says the Russian government will support the production of 3D printed aluminum wheels for the automotive industry. The move could boost the national aluminum industry. More

DNA-based 3D printed portraits of Chelsea Manning to be displayed at NYC gallery

Jul.12, 2017 - The Fridman Gallery in NYC will soon be hosting 'A Becoming Resemblance,' an exhibit that consists of roughly thirty 3D printed portraits of Chelsea Manning, the transgender U.S. Army soldier who was imprisoned for leaking classified data in 2013. More

NASA gives $100K to WVU researchers to develop 3D printed titanium dioxide foams for ISS

Jul.11, 2017 - Researchers at West Virginia University (WVU) have received a $100,000 grant from NASA to develop 3D printed foams for the International Space Station (ISS). The foams could be used in solar cells and batteries, as well as for radiation shielding. More

Dutch hospital reduces sternal fixation surgery time using 3D printed models

Jul.11, 2017 - The St. Antonius Hospital in Utrecht has found a way to improve cardiac surgery using 3D printed models. By 3D printing a model of a patient's breastbone, surgeons were able to more precisely secure the sternum after surgery with metal plates, all while reducing operation times. More

Battle of the titanium osseointegrated implants: EBM takes on DMLS in North Carolina 3D printing study

Jul.11, 2017 - Researchers at the University of North Carolina and North Carolina State University have conducted a study to evaluate two 3D printing methods, electron beam melting (EBM) and direct metal laser sintering (DMLS), for manufacturing titanium osseointegrated implants. More

Houston researchers grow functioning capillaries, move one step closer to 3D bioprinting organs

Jul.11, 2017 - A joint research team from Houston's Rice University and Baylor College of Medicine says it is one step closer to creating implantable tissues with functioning capillaries, a crucial step in the direction of 3D printing transplantable tissues and organs. More

Hanover engineers make 3D printed bone drill with internal cooling system

Jul.11, 2017 - Researchers at the Institute of Production Engineering and Machine Tools (IFW) at Germany's Leibniz University of Hannover have created a metal 3D printed bone drill that can cut bone without causing thermal-induced osteonecrosis. More

Ikea announces its first ever 3D printed object collection: OMEDELBAR Line by Bea Åkerlund

Jul.11, 2017 - Ikea has just announced the launch of its first ever 3D printed collection, 'OMEDELBAR', with plans to hit stores sometime next year. Consisting mainly of decorative pieces so far, the first 3D printed object in the collection is a mesh-inspired stylized hand that can be hung on the wall or used as a decorative hanger for jewellery. More

New apartment building in Denmark to make use of 3D printed concrete elements

Jul.11, 2017 - There are plans to use 3D printing techniques in the construction of a new apartment building in Nyborg, Denmark. The project is a collaboration between the Nyborg municipality, a Danish architect, and a Dutch university. Concrete elements for the walls and ceilings will be made exclusively using 3D printing methods. More

Future Marine Corps trucks could fix themselves with 3D printing & smart diagnostics

Jul.10, 2017 - Lt. Gen. Michael Dana, the Marine Corps' deputy commandant for Installations and Logistics (I&L), says the next generation of Marine Corps trucks could use smart diagnostics to identify worn-out parts and automatically place orders for 3D printed replacements. More

NASA announces winners for latest round of 3D Printed Habitat challenge, over $200k prize money awarded

Jul.10, 2017 - The 3D Printed Habitat Challenge started back in 2015, and is being run by NASA to encourage development of 3D printing technologies that could be used for deep space exploration. Winners were just announced for the latest round, which challenged competitors to 3D print a beam for bend testing. More

3D printed rEvolve strap for HTC Vive improves comfort & vision for $95

Jul.10, 2017 - Tech company SynergyWiz has used 3D printing to develop rEvolve, a $95 strap for the HTC Vive VR headset. The 3D printed rEvolve makes the Vive more comfortable, increases its field of view, and allows the wearer to 'flip up' the headset without removing it completely. More

3D printed heart models help UAE surgeons save infant lives

Jul.10, 2017 - 3D printing has helped to save the lives of at least seven infants in the UAE. According to a local news source, the technology has been used by UAE doctors to prepare for congenital heart disease surgery on newborns. More

Hydro Dipping- an easy method to add graphics and patterns to your 3D printed object

Jul.10, 2017 - Adafruit has published a guide to Hydro Dipping, one of the easiest and most effective post-processing methods for 3D printed objects. It involves submerging your print in hot water so that a soluble film floating on the surface, with a 2D printed image or pattern, will gradually wrap around your object and dissolve, leaving the ink behind. More

This award-winning 3D printed motorized orrery is totally mind-blowing

Jul.9, 2017 - A maker by the name of WidgetWizard has 3D printed an astoundingly intricate motorized orrery complete with 8 planets and their respective moons. While these apparatuses have been used throughout modern history to illustrate the relative motion, size, and orbit of the planets ' both in relation to each other, and to the sun ' it's exceedingly rare to see one in 3D printed form. More

These colorful 3D printed pollen lamps won't trigger hay fever

Jul.8, 2017 - Students from the Zurich University of the Arts in Switzerland were inspired by pollen particles to create a series of stunning 3D printed lamps. They say their pollen lamps are meant to raise awareness about hay fever. More

5-minute 3D printed bioreactor offers better way to make drugs, booze

Jul.7, 2017 - Alshakim Nelson and fellow chemists at Seattle's University of Washington have developed a 3D printed, yeast-based bioreactor that can keep on fermenting for months at a time. Nelson's team built a 3D printer specifically for the purpose of fabricating such bioreactors. More

Proposed U.S. military budget for 2018 suggests increased use of 3D printing tech

Jul.7, 2017 - The U.S. military budget for 2018, the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), has been proposed, and included in its $639.1 billion budget is an increased spending on 3D printing technologies. More

Custom 3D printed insole maker Wiivv launches employee wellness program for workers on their feet

Jul.6, 2017 - Wiivv Wearables Inc., the company behind the hugely successful 3D printed Wiivv insoles and (more recently) sandals, has launched an Employee Wellness program that seeks to improve comfort and conditions for workers who are are on their feet for long hours. More

Fingervision's 3D printed grippers and silicone skin give robots a sense of touch

Jul.6, 2017 - Fingervision, a partially 3D printed robotic sensing system, uses a medley of affordable off-the-shelf parts to create an artificial sense of touch. This touching ability could allow a larger robotic system to perform complex manual tasks such as peeling a banana. More

Hampton Creek plans to offer lab-grown, 3D printed clean meat products by 2018

Jul.6, 2017 - Hampton Creek, a plant-based food startup, recently announced that it will be moving into the lab-grown meat industry, and plans to have its clean meat products on shelves as soon as 2018. According to ABC.es, Hampton Creek is planning on using 3D printing to realize this goal. More

Recyclable 'Dolphin Board of Awesome' shows that sustainable 3D printing can make waves in surfing

Jul.6, 2017 - Billed as the world's first recyclable, compostable, 3D printed surfboard, the Dolphin Board of Awesome is partially made from algae. Its creator, Zachary Ostroff, thinks the surfboard could be a springboard towards more sustainable construction in the sport. More

3D printing helps Tokai University researchers understand flying fish behavior for tandem aircraft design

Jul.6, 2017 - A team of researchers from the Tokai University in Japan are using 3D printing to investigate the physiology of the ribbon halfbeak, a species of fish that can fly above the ocean's surface despite lacking the 'hind wing fins' that other flying fish species possess. More

Service King fixes up bumpers doomed for scrapheap with help of 3D printing

Jul.5, 2017 - Auto repair company Service King has been implementing 3D printing to fix bumpers after collisions. Instead of having to scrap and replace the whole bumper, a replacement tab can be 3D printed. The company has patented an extruder, 3D printing software, and a design for a general replacement tab. More

3D printed Third Thumb gives wearers added carrying, squeezing, guitar-playing abilities

Jul.5, 2017 - Dani Clode, a graduate student at London's Royal College of Art (RCA), has used 3D printing to create a wearable prosthetic thumb. The prosthesis helps wearers grip, squeeze, and even perform complex tasks like playing the guitar. More

Robotel Turkiye provides custom 3D printed hand prosthetics to children in Turkey

Jul.5, 2017 - All around the world, 3D printing is helping to give people, especially children, access to affordable and customizable prosthetic devices. Following that trend is Robotel Turkiye, a 3D printed prosthetics initiative that is helping to change young lives in Turkey. More

3D printing brings Peru's 1,700-year-old Lady of Cao back to life

Jul.5, 2017 - Scientists in Peru have used 3D printing to reconstruct the face of the Lady of Cao, an ancient female leader who died 1,700 years ago. The woman's remains were found at a ruined pyramid near Trujillo in 2006. More

Nick Ervinck, Stratasys 3D print fluid race car trophy for this year's Goodwood hill climb race

Jul.5, 2017 - Every summer in West Sussex, England, the Goodwood Festival of Speed brings together some of the most renowned and historic racing vehicles for a hill climb race. A this year's event it was hardly a surprise that 3D printing took center stage. More

This 3D printed hexapod robot can handle all types of uneven terrain

Jul.5, 2017 - A Norwegian engineer by the name of Kåre Halvorsen (also known by his alias 'Zenta'), is pioneering a 3D printed hexapod robot that can crawl over remarkably uneven ground. Featuring a unique spider-inspired design, the MX-Phoenix relies on 6 legs and a whopping 18 different motors. More

This 3D printed hologram models Microsoft Cortana assistant after iconic Halo character

Jul.5, 2017 - A clever Florida-based developer has gotten inventive with his Microsoft Cortana AI assistant. Jarem Archer, clearly a huge fan of the Halo video game franchise, has built a holographic AI avatar modelled after the Halo character Cortana, the synthetic intelligence character voiced by Jen Taylor. More

Designer creates eye-catching metallic Egyptian figurines using simple 3D printed plastic molds

Jul.4, 2017 - A designer has managed to achieve an impressively metallic look and feel for a set of objects made using FDM 3D printing technology. Her Egyptian figurines were produced using 3D printed molds and a Metal Fluid, made of metallic grit and a binding resin. More

Georgia Tech's 3D printed heart valve models could help cardiologists perform valve replacements

Jul.4, 2017 - Researchers at Georgia Institute of Technology and the Piedmont Heart Institute are using patient-specific 3D printed heart valve models to improve the success rate of transcatheter aortic valve replacement (TAVR) procedures. Their aim is to avoid the problem of paravalvular leakage. More

Singapore's Tag Team uses drones & 3D printed weapons to give laser tag a radical update

Jul.4, 2017 - Singapore-based startup Tag Team Inc. is using using AI, 3D printing, and drones to create what could be the most futuristic version of laser tag ever made. The company's unique laser tag experience includes a drone shooting challenge and an interactive Mixed Reality (MR) game. More

Henry Seegerman 3D prints elaborate sculptures with weird symmetries as a way to visualize the 4th dimension

Jul.4, 2017 - A paper published by Henry Seegerman, a mathematician from Oklahoma State University discusses the quaternion group of symmetries. He uses 3D printed objects to show how this extra-dimensional geometry can be conceptualized in a physical form. More

Metal 3D printing helps engineer create tiny 'iStill' distillery

Jul.3, 2017 - Olaf Diegel, a design engineer and professor of product development at Sweden's Lund University, has designed a miniature metal 3D printed 'still,' a kind of alcohol distilling apparatus. The 'iStill' trinket was designed for Lasertech, a Swedish 3D printing company. More

14-year-old invents SLIDEMAP cancer detection device with help of 3D printing

Jul.3, 2017 - A 14-year-old from Boca Raton in Florida is developing a device that could help improve cancer research and diagnoses. Called SLIDEMAP, the innovative machine combines 3D printing technology and computer programming to make cancer detection simpler than ever for pathologists. More

New Belgian construction project hopes to build fully 3D printed house within 3 years

Jul.3, 2017 - A collaboration between representatives of various different sectors in Belgium has led to a new 3D printing building project. Based at the Kamp C innovation center in Antwerp, the project has over a million euros investment and is hoping for the construction of a fully 3D printed house within 3 years. More

DIY 3D printed RopeBot can climb trees and cut down ropes

Jul.2, 2017 - A hobbyist has used 3D printing and robotics to tackle an everyday problem he was having with trees in his garden. His creation, RopeBot, was able to climb up the ropes that were embedded in his trees and cut them down. The robot was made from scavenged electronics and 3D printed components. More

Royal Caribbean's 3D printed SeaSeeker mask transforms snapchat spectacles into underwater goggles

Jul.1, 2017 - The popular cruise ship line Royal Caribbean has developed a 3D printed diving mask using Snapchat Spectacles. Although the SeaSeeker mask is only in its prototype stage, the concept is already taking off: users will be able to snap their underwater adventures, granting their followers an enviable glimpse of life under the sea. More

German hobbyist wows Elon Musk with his 3D printed replica Space X rockets

Jun.30, 2017 - A German animator has established a workshop 3D printing replica Space X rockets, after he gave 3D printing technology a try for the first time just 9 months ago. The results of his work were so impressive that Space X employees eventually heard about his project and requested their own. More

University of Twente reveals Stormram 4, the smallest MRI-compatible 3D printed biopsy robot to battle breast cancer

Jun.30, 2017 - A robot developed by a team of Dutch researchers has recently won an award for its potential contribution to the diagnosis and treatment of breast cancer. 3D printed from plastic, the Stormram 4 robot is capable of functioning in the strong magnetic field of an MRI scanner, and can accurately navigate a needle tip to find and treat a lesion. More

Quebec to establish $2.31M medical 3D printing center

Jun.30, 2017 - The provincial government of Quebec has announced its plans to invest nearly 3 million CAD ($2.31M) for the establishment of a medical 3D printing center. The facility, to be located in Quebec's capital city, Quebec City, will be the first of its kind in the Canadian province. More

Asteroid Day: ESA uses 3D printed models, NASA runs supercomputer impact simulator

Jun.30, 2017 - June 30 is Asteroid Day, an annual global event that aims to raise awareness about asteroids and their potential impact on Earth. To mark the occasion, the European Space Agency (ESA) and the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) have gone 3D. More

ArianeGroup (Airbus Safran Launchers) developing 10x cheaper 3D printed Prometheus engine for ESA

Jun.30, 2017 - Airbus Safran Launchers, which will tomorrow become known as ArianeGroup, has signed a first contract with the European Space Agency (ESA) to develop the Prometheus demonstrator, a partially 3D printed reusable engine demonstrator that runs on liquid oxygen (LOx) and methane. More

ETH Zurich team builds digitally fabricated DFAB House with 3D printing, robots

Jun.30, 2017 - A team from ETH Zurich university in Switzerland is developing what could be the first house in the world to be designed, planned, and built using using mostly digital processes. The project, called DFAB House, will be realized through a combination of 3D printing, robots, and ingenuity. More

Argentina's Atomic Lab provides 3D printed superhero prosthetics to kids in need

Jun.29, 2017 - Atomic Lab, a Buenos Aires-based startup founded by maker Gino Tubaro, has provided hundreds of children in Argentina with low-cost 3D printed prosthetic hands that have enabled them to play sports, draw, and perform a number of other valuable activities. More

University of Pittsburgh awarded $1.275M DoE grant for research into 3D printed nuclear sensors

Jun.29, 2017 - A Department of Energy program has funded a new $1.275 million collaborative research project between the University of Pittsburgh and other institutions. The project hopes to develop advanced 3D printed sensors for nuclear reactors. More

Humanscope's 3D printed Aumi nightlight alerts you of messages, retweets, WiFi connectivity, and more

Jun.29, 2017 - There is now a smart 3D printed nightlight perfect for those among us who have fully embraced the tech takeover of our lives. Called the Aumi Mini, the plug-in device can connect to your network and can alert you whenever you have a new message, when your WiFi is down, and more. More

3D printing, UAVs, and dark web could give terrorists access to WMDs, says UN official

Jun.29, 2017 - In a recent address to the United Nations Security Council, UN High Representative for Disarmament Affairs Izumi Nakamitsu spoke about the potential threats that new technologies, such as 3D printing, UAVs, and the dark web, could have in enabling terrorists to access and obtain weapons of mass destruction. More

3D printing helps Eviation Aircraft develop one of world's first all-electric commuter planes

Jun.29, 2017 - Eviation Aircraft is developing one of the world's first all-electric commuter aircrafts. The Israeli company is developing its innovative plane with the help of 3D printing technologies, specifically Stratasys' 3D printing solutions. More

Digital Smile Design uses 3D printing and scanning to help patients choose their ideal set of teeth

Jun.29, 2017 - A pioneering new dentistry technique known as Digital Smile Design is changing the way cosmetic dental surgery works. Using 3D printing and scanning methods, dentists can give patients a preview of what their new smile will look like, improving communication and allowing them to make any necessary modifications. More

3D printed ball-milling jars help Leuven researchers improve mechanochemistry experiments

Jun.28, 2017 - Researchers from the Institute of Condensed Matter and Nanosciences at Belgium's Université catholique de Louvain have created a number of 3D printed jars for ball-milling experiments. The low-cost jars are optimized for reduced background/absorption and higher angular resolution. More

The curve of 3D printing: Austrian researchers pioneering self-actuating objects

Jun.28, 2017 - A group of Austrian computer scientists associated with of the Institute of Science and Technology Austria (IST) are pioneering the development of self-actuating free-form objects known as CurveUps: flat 2D templates that, upon release, transform themselves into a 3D version solely through material forces. More

Jay Leno takes Divergent Microfactories' 3D printed Blade supercar for a spin

Jun.27, 2017 - Television star Jay Leno has driven Divergent Microfactories' 3D printed Blade supercar in an episode of Jay Leno's Garage. The 1,400 lb car can purportedly go from 0-60 mph in just 2.5 seconds. More

KLIO Design 3D prints an incredibly lightweight 'Smart Mobility' car design

Jun.27, 2017 - At the recent Smart Mobility conference and exhibition in Seoul, KLIO Design demonstrated a new project. The team has 3D printed an incredibly lightweight car design, with huge scope for customization. This could be a huge step forward for 3D printing in the automotive industry. More

Operation to save dog’s leg shows 3D printed scaffolds could help regrow bone for landmine victims

Jun.26, 2017 - Experts at Scotland's University of Glasgow have used a naturally occurring protein called BMP-2 to save the leg of a dog. The procedure, funded by Sir Bobby Charlton's landmine charity Find A Better Way, could be replicated on humans with the help of biodegradable 3D printed scaffolds. More

3D printed two-seat electric vehicle impresses at Taiwanese trade show

Jun.26, 2017 - Taiwan has just made some serious leeway in the 3D printed automotive race, this time in the form of a two-seat electric vehicle. Last week, the tech world caught wind of this exciting development from Taiwan Automotive Research Consortium, which is quickly proving to be a game-changer in the colliding fields of 3D printing and electric cars. More

3D printed blood vessels in teeth a viable alternative to root canal procedures

Jun.26, 2017 - Dental researchers at the Oregon Health and Science University (OHSU) in Portland have developed a method of engineering artificial blood vessels in teeth. Published in the journal Scientific Reports earlier today, the OHSU technique could provide an effective alternative to root canals by using a 3D printing-inspired approach. ' More

These 3D printed honeycomb-inspired garments are un-bee-lievable

Jun.25, 2017 - Designer Jamela Law has created a fashion collection inspired by one of nature's strongest shapes, the honeycomb. The project, called Beeing Human, brings together various fabrication technologies and techniques, such as 3D printing, silicone casting, and hand sewing. More

Jacket fitted with multi-color LEDs displays status of 3D printers

Jun.25, 2017 - An Instructables page shows how to make a customized jacket with a unique LED display. Each LED corresponds to the status of one of the 3D printers at the Duke Innovation Co-Lab Studio, with green for available, red for offline, and blue for in-use. More

This 3D-printed plastic contraption turns a laser pointer into a trippy customized light show

Jun.24, 2017 - A Los Angeles-based maker has created the ultimate life hack for producing your own projected light show from the comfort of your own home. Aptly deemed 'The Mechanical Laser Show,' this fun little Thingiverse project turns a basic laser pointer into a trippy customized light show. Produce a five-point star, the Batman Logo, or a custom shape. More

3D printing and VR key to meeting UK government's 2025 construction strategy targets

Jun.23, 2017 - A new research report by Arup Associates for the British Council of Offices has suggested that technologies such as 3D printing and virtual reality could help to make the office construction industry'and construction industry at large'more efficient. According to the report, 3D printing and VR could help to cut back on waste and costs. More

3D printed device 'gamifies' airway clearing exercises for young cystic fibrosis patients

Jun.23, 2017 - Physiotherapists from University College London'(UCL) in the UK are working with Microsoft to develop partially 3D printed tools for children with cystic fibrosis (CF). The tools form part of a computer-game-style strategy help young CF sufferers increase their breathing capacity. More

3D printing news roundup: Under Armour drops 3D printed sneaker, Additive Orthopaedics cleared for bunion treatment, more

Jun.22, 2017 - A day after the summer solstice, 3D printing companies are still working from dusk 'til dawn to bring you new products and services. Today sees Additive Orthopaedics getting FDA clearance for a 3D printed bunion treatment, Under Armour releasing its 3D printed ArchiTech Futurist shoe, and more. More

MBARI and FATHOM say 3D printed video device could help solve mystery of White Shark Cafe

Jun.22, 2017 - FATHOM recently put its 3D printing chops towards a bitingly fascinating project. In collaboration with the Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute (MBARI), the FATHOM team has been using 3D printing to try and uncover the mystery of the 'White Shark Cafe.' More

3D printing in aerospace still poses challenges, says Premium Aerotec at Paris Air Show

Jun.22, 2017 - At this year's Paris Air Show, German aerospace company Premium Aerotec took a look at the state of 3D printing in aerospace, addressing the opportunities and challenges of such technology in the field. More

25 best (and free) fidget spinner toys to 3D print

Jun.22, 2017 - Fidget spinners have been all the rage in 2017, entertaining and relieving stress for both children and adults alike. Why not take the DIY approach and 3D print one of these awesome and creative fidget spinners, brought to you by the maker community. More

How Volkswagen Autoeuropa is using 3D printing to cut back on costs and lead times

Jun.21, 2017 - Volkswagen Autoeuropa has seen the benefits of using Ultimaker 3D printers for the production of custom tools and parts. The desktop 3D printers have enabled the Volkswagen-owned facility to manufacture custom parts more quickly and at a lower cost compared with traditional manufacturing methods. More

3D printing news roundup: Oerlikon signs MoU with GE, Print The Future to file for IPO, more

Jun.21, 2017 - We're at the halfway point in the week, and today is all about the business side of 3D printing: Oerlikon has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with GE, Print The Future says it will be filing for a Regulation A+ IPO with the SEC, and Additive Industries has news that will fuel your imagination. More

Amsterdam's OLVG hospital successfully implants Netherlands' first 3D printed hip bone

Jun.21, 2017 - A hospital in Amsterdam is making headlines today for being the first institution in the Netherlands to successfully implant a 3D printed hip bone in a patient. Orthopedic surgeon Melinda Witbreuk oversaw the tricky procedure at the OLVG hospital, which facilitated the implant of a 3D printed titanium plate. More

Stratasys 3D printer used to build working prototype of TransRoPorter for German Space Exploration Mission to Mars

Jun.21, 2017 - The German Aerospace Center has used a Stratasys 3D printer to make a prototype of its space exploration robot, the TransRoPorter. This robot will be launched on an unmanned mission to Mars in under five years' time, and extensive testing of the 3D printed prototype is necessary to ensure functionality More

3D printed 'Timekeeper' machine predicts the soundtrack of your future using Spotify data

Jun.21, 2017 - Domestic Data Streamers, Spotify, and Sónar+D have joined forces to create a 3D printed, Minority Report-esque machine that tells you what song you'll listen to at a future moment of your life. 'The Timekeeper' was trialled at last year's Sónar+D technology event in Barcelona, part of the Sónar festival. More

NTU Singapore joins forces with Thai petrochemical giant PTTGC to develop new materials for 3D printing cars

Jun.20, 2017 - Nanyang Technological University, Singapore and Thai petrochemical giant PTT Global Chemical have joined forces to develop advanced 3D printing materials for next-generation vehicles. Their goals include improving fuel efficiency, reducing carbon dioxide emissions, and fostering sustainable growth. More

Is aerospace additive manufacturing ready for takeoff? Examining FAA attitudes towards 3D printing

Jun.20, 2017 - 3D printed aircraft components are regularly in the news, but a recent article in the Wall Street Journal suggests that additive manufacturing is being involuntarily grounded by a cautious Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). So is 3D printing in the aerospace industry ready for takeoff or not? More

Antenna producer Optisys redesigns 100-piece antenna as single 3D printed part

Jun.20, 2017 - Antenna producer Optisys has shown the benefits of 3D printed metal antennas compared to those made by traditional manufacturing. Using additive manufacturing, a previously complex, clunky antenna with a hundred components was re-designed into a single, integrated assembly. More

AbilityMate 3D prints shoes for kids with cerebral palsy

Jun.20, 2017 - AbilityMate is a Sydney-based entrepreneurial group of designers, engineers, and allied health professionals who specialize in 3D printing custom posture and mobility equipment. Locals know the company best for its 3D printed shoes for kids with cerebral palsy, dubbed 'Magic Shoes.' More

3D printing news roundup: Dassault Systèmes working with Airbus on AM production, Parker opens 3D printing facility, more

Jun.20, 2017 - Today's 3D printing news roundup includes the latest from Dassault Systèmes, which is working with Airbus APWorks on additive manufacturing for serial production, as well as news from PyroGenesis, Norsk Titanium, AddUp, and others. More

3D printing news roundup: Norsk Titanium tests part for Thales Alenia Space, NanoSteel introduces steel AM powder, more

Jun.19, 2017 - It's been a busy start to the week in 3D printing, with Norsk Titanium completing testing of a 3D printed component for Thales Alenia Space, NanoSteel launching a 3D printable tool steel powder, and SLM Solutions agreeing a long-term cooperation agreement with a high-profile Italian customer. More

Dutch cyclists to enjoy benefits of 3D printed concrete bridge following TU Eindhoven, BAM collaboration

Jun.19, 2017 - The Technical University in Eindhoven in the Netherlands has started 3D printing an 8 m bicycle bridge in Gemert, near the city of Eindhoven. The university is carrying out the first-of-its-kind concrete 3D printing project with the Royal BAM Group, a Dutch construction company founded in 1869. More

Spanish scientists make advances in 3D printing bone and cartilage tissue

Jun.19, 2017 - A team of researchers from a university in Madrid, working together with the CSIC, has successfully synthesized bone and cartilage tissue for the first time. The bio-printing process makes use of a 3D printed grid, in which human cells are implanted to organically regenerate tissue. More

Gender fluidity meets 3D printing with ingenious motorized bathroom sign

Jun.18, 2017 - A 3D printing hobbyist has posted an Instructable showing how he made a gender-neutral motorized bathroom sign. The sign oscillates every 15 seconds between displaying the traditional Gentlemen and Ladies symbols, hopefully raising awareness of trans issues and the absurdity of gender binaries More

Get your daily cat animation fill with this 3D printed Zoetrope Fidget Spinner

Jun.17, 2017 - The increasingly trendy fidget spinner just got a serious upgrade: San Francisco-based designer and maker Jonathan Odom has created a 3D printed fidget spinner that also doubles as a zoetrope. Users need only peer through the spinning circular toy to glimpse a tiny black cat running at full speed. More

Brazilian architect Guto Requena 3D prints '53 Love Stories Collected' as exquisite mandalas

Jun.17, 2017 - Created specially for the 2014 São Paulo Design Weekend, 'The Love Project' consists of hooking up exhibition visitors to sensors measuring the changes in their heartbeats, brainwaves, and vocal inflections, as they tell a great love story from their own lives. The resulting data is then visualized as 3D printed manda