Campden BRI launches research project to evaluate how 3D printing could benefit food industry

Apr.22, 2019 - Campden BRI have begun a research project to evaluate how 3D printing could benefit the food industry. More

3D printed molds help to insulate NASA's supersize Space Launch System

Apr.18, 2019 - Thanks to 3D printing, engineers working on NASA's Space Launch System are creating custom molds that make insulating foam a perfect fit. More

GE Research uses 3D printing to design Ultra Performance Heat Exchanger

Apr.16, 2019 - GE Research is leading a $2.5 MM project through the Advanced Research Projects Agency's (ARPA-E) High Intensity Thermal Exchange through Materials and Manufacturing Processes program (HITEMMP) to develop a high temperature, high pressure and super-compact heat exchanger enabled by additive manufacturing technology. More

Tel Aviv University scientists 3D print a tiny live heart using patient's own cells

Apr.15, 2019 - Israeli scientists have created a vascularized human heart that combines human tissue taken from a patient, using a 3D printer. More

University of South Australia designs 3D printed feet that mimic diabetic foot wounds

Apr.15, 2019 - Researchers at the University of South Australia (UniSA) have developed a method for creating realistic foot ulcers involving 3D printed feet, icing sugar, chicken stock, and flexible resin. More

AREVO to manufacture 3D printed carbon fibre unibody frames for Emery ONE eBike

Apr.12, 2019 - Silicon Valley company AREVO has announced a partnership with boutique bike manufacturer Franco Bicycles to deliver the world's first 3D printed, continuous carbon fiber single-piece unibody frame for a new line of eBikes. More

Arabtec Construction signs MOU to establish 3D Concrete Printing hub at American University in Dubai

Apr.11, 2019 - UAE building giant Arabtec Construction has teamed up with Robert Bird Group, American University of Dubai (AUD) and local firm 3Dvincy Creations, to establish the AUD Center for 3D concrete printing & digital construction. More

New technique uses ultrasound to align living cells in 3D bioprinted tissues

Apr.11, 2019 - Researchers at North Carolina State University have developed a way to improve the characteristics of artificial tissues by using ultrasound to align living cells during the biofabrication process. More

Audi is increasingly using polymer 3D printing in automotive production

Apr.10, 2019 - German automobile manufacturer Audi AG is expanding the use of 3D printers in production. Custom-designed and locally printed auxiliary tools from the 3D printer help employees on the production lines. A separate department will be responsible for implementation at the Neckarsulm site in the future. More

Watch Yngwie Malmsteen try to break the world's first 3D printed, smash-proof guitar

Apr.10, 2019 - Swedish metal giant Sandvik has unveiled what was described as 'the world's first smash-proof 3D printed guitar.''To prove their resistance, Sandvik challenged rock legend Yngwie Malmsteen to smash it. More

COS and Arthur Mamou-Mani present 3D printed bioplastic Conifera pavilion in Milan

Apr.9, 2019 - Fashion brand COS has teamed up with French architect Arthur Mamou-Mani to present a large-scale 3D printed architectural installation made from renewable bioplastic bricks at this year's Milan design week. More

Samsung's Galaxy S10 fingerprint sensor tricked by 3D printed fingerprint

Apr.9, 2019 - An Imgur user named darkshark claims he used a 3D print of their fingerprint to trick the in-display fingerprint reader on a Galaxy S10. More

Virginia Tech researchers integrate sensors into personalised 3D printed prosthetics

Apr.8, 2019 - Researchers at Virginia Tech are integrating electronic sensors into personalized 3D printed prosthetics, a development that could lead to more affordable electric-powered prosthetics. More

Researchers 3D print metamaterials with unique microwave or optical properties

Apr.8, 2019 - A team of engineers at Tufts University has developed a series of 3D printed metamaterials with unique microwave or optical properties. More

3D printed rocket maker Relativity signs contract with Telesat for launching LEO constellation

Apr.5, 2019 - Relativity, the Los Angeles-based manufacturer fo 3D printed rockets, has signed its first public commercial contract with Telesat, the renowned global satellite operator, that allows Relativity to play a role in Telesat's innovative LEO satellite constellation. More

Open Bionics teams with Hanger Clinic to bring 3D printed 'Hero Arm' to US

Apr.5, 2019 - Open Bionics announced on Thursday that it has partnered with Hanger Clinic to bring the first-ever medically-certified 3D-printed bionic arm to the United States. More

Thyssenkrupp to launch Additive Manufacturing TechCenter Hub in Singapore

Apr.4, 2019 - German conglomerate thyssenkrupp will build an Additive Manufacturing TechCenter Hub in Singapore in 2019. The announcement was made at the Hannover Messe trade show on Wednesday (April 3). More

Researchers 3D print shrimp-inspired robot claw to produce underwater plasma

Apr.4, 2019 - A team has developed a 3D printed robot claw that mimics the pistol shrimp's basic behavior to generate plasma and, potentially a valuable tool for underwater science and industry. More

3D printed transparent skull lets scientists see how the brain works

Apr.3, 2019 - Researchers at the University of Minnesota have developed a unique 3D-printed transparent skull implant for mice as a way to view real-time activity on the brain surface. More

Qatar Airways to install Diehl Aviation's largest 3D printed passenger aircraft part

Apr.3, 2019 - The cabin and avionics specialist Diehl Aviation announced that it has delivered the largest, fully 3D-printed part for passenger aircraft to date for installation on a Qatar Airways Airbus A350 XWB. More

Auburn receives $5.2M NASA contract to develop 3D printing techniques to boost rocket performance

Apr.3, 2019 - Auburn University's Samuel Ginn College of Engineering announced that NASA has awarded a three-year, $5.2 million contract to develop additive manufacturing processes and techniques to boost liquid rocket engines performance. More

3D printed Glow Box, a window into an artificial mind

Apr.2, 2019 - Glow Box is a 3D printed hybrid object which imbues life into the object by displaying a real-time visualization of a neural network as it works to solve problems. More

NASA announces top 3 finalists for 3D printed Mars habitats challenge

Apr.2, 2019 - NASA has announced three finalists in an ongoing design competition, the latest stage of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration's (NASA's) 3D-printed Habitat Challenge. More

4D printed smart metamaterials can be stiff as wood or soft as sponge

Mar.29, 2019 - Rutgers University-New Brunswick engineers have created flexible, lightweight 4D printed materials with potential applications in morphing airplane or drone wings, soft robotics and tiny implantable biomedical devices. More

3D printed tissues could help heal athletes' damaged bone and cartilage

Mar.29, 2019 - Bioscientists are developing 3D printed artificial tissues that may help heal bone and cartilage typically damaged in sports-related injuries. More

Shapeways and EOS partner to venture into orthosis and prosthesis market

Mar.28, 2019 - New York-based 3D printing marketplace Shapeways is partnering with Industrial 3D printing specialist EOS to offer and supply market-ready orthosis and prosthesis to designers and businesses. More

MIT uses fine-scale 3D bioprinting to grow highly uniform cell cultures with desired properties

Mar.28, 2019 - Researchers from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) have used fine-scale 3D bioprinting to grow cells that are highly uniform in shape and size, and potentially with certain functions. More

Researchers use 3D printers to weave wearable electronics into clothing

Mar.27, 2019 - A team of Chinese researchers has developed a new technique to use 3D printers to bind the electronic materials to the clothing textiles and enable them to harvest biomechanical energy from human motion. More

MIT develops Aguahoja, programmable water-based biocomposites for digital fabrication

Mar.25, 2019 - Researchers at the Mediated Matter Group at MIT Media Lab have created Aguahoja, a collection of natural artifacts that were digitally designed and robotically fabricated from the molecular components found in trees, insect exoskeletons, apples and bones. More

Thales Alenia Space takes 3D printing into series production for satellites and spacecraft

Mar.22, 2019 - Thales Alenia Space is taking 3D printing into series production to make components for telecom satellites built on the company's new all-electric Spacebus Neo platform. More

Sushi Singularity to serve 3D printed sushi based on customer's saliva and urine

Mar.21, 2019 - By using 'biological samples' including 'saliva, urine, [and] stool,' Open Meals will create a 3D printed sushi based on individual requirements. Open Meals plans to open a restaurant called Sushi Singularity in Tokyo in 2020. More

Digital Artisan, JSR and Castem create 3D printed Formless generative heels

Mar.20, 2019 - Digital Artisan, a Japanese design lab has teamed up with chemicals company JSR Corporation, , Castem, a manufacturer of precision casting parts, to create 'Generative Heel ' Formless' high heel shoes using 3D printing technology. More

Biodegradable HyO-Cups are dried gourds grown inside 3D printed molds

Mar.18, 2019 - Jun Aizaki, the founder of New York-based design studio Cr'me Design, and his team created HyO, a completely organic, biodegradable cup made from a gourd grown inside a 3D printed mould to take their functional shape. More

MIT uses 3D printing to build 'origami' robot gripper that grasps objects 120 times its weight

Mar.15, 2019 - MIT researchers have developed a robot gripper that uses a 3D printed origami structure to lift up to 100 times its own weight. More

New research uses different wavelengths of light to 3D print with multiple materials

Mar.14, 2019 - Scientists at the University of Wisconsin-Madison have developed a novel 3D printer that uses patterns of visible and ultraviolet light to 3D print with more than one material. More

BU researchers 3D print 'acoustic metamaterial' that cancels sound without blocking airflow

Mar.13, 2019 - A team of mechanical engineers at Boston University say that it is possible to silence noise using an open, ringlike structure, created to mathematically perfect specifications, for cutting out sounds while maintaining airflow. More

ThisAbles: IKEA Israel launches free 3D printable furniture hacks for people with disabilities

Mar.13, 2019 - Ikea, the largest furniture manufacturer in the world, has teamed up with nonprofits Milbat and Access Israel, to develop ThisAbles, a line of 3D-printed add-ons for Ikea furniture. More

Bugatti unveils Baby II, a '30K EV with 3D printed Type 35 body

Mar.12, 2019 - For its 110th birthday, French car manufacturer Bugatti is digging up the Bugatti Type 35, the company's famous racing car also called the Bugatti Baby, and giving it a modern makeover. More

The 'ZENOS' 3D printed prosthetic arm is designed for cycling

Mar.11, 2019 - Industrial designer Chan Lee has developed 'ZENOS' 3D printed prosthetic arm for mountain bike riding and cycling. More

University of British Columbia researchers create 3D printed 'artificial nose' to detect gas

Mar.8, 2019 - Researchers at the University of British Columbia have 3D printed a microfluidic device capable of detecting various gasses. More

Swinburne University's Repairbot 3D prints replacement bracket on headlamp

Mar.8, 2019 - In a world-first, a joint industry-research 3D printing robot, Repairbot, has successfully 3D printed a replacement lug on an automotive headlamp assembly as part of a project underway at Swinburne University. More

RIT researcher creates 3D printed bio-polymer structure to help body heal itself

Mar.7, 2019 - Iris Rivero, an engineering professor at Rochester Institute of Technology, has found that compatible combinations of polymers and biomaterials can be successfully used to fabricate 'scaffolds,' 3D printed structures that can be used to grow new and healthy tissue. More

Czech university team develops first bionic 3D printed scooter

Mar.7, 2019 - Engineers from the Technical University of Ostrava (V'B -TUO) in the Czech Republic have created the first 3D printed scooter with a stainless steel bionic frame in collaboration with the UK-based manufacturer Renishaw. More

3Diligent produces 140 3D printed components for Seattle's second tallest tower

Mar.7, 2019 - Californian digital manufacturing service provider 3Diligent has 3D printed 140 unique exterior curtain wall nodes for the Rainier Square Tower which is currently under construction in Seattle. More

Sweden to serve 3D printed food to elderly in care homes

Mar.6, 2019 - Swedish municipalities are planning to serve 3D printed food at care homes for the elderly. The municipalities hope to stimulate residents' appetites by making the 3D printed food look like the real thing. More

LLNL researchers 3D print live cells that convert glucose to ethanol and CO2

Mar.6, 2019 - Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL) researchers have successfully 3D printed live cells that convert glucose to ethanol and carbon dioxide gas (CO2), a substance that resembles beer. More

TUM architects create 3D printed facade for Munich's Deutsches Museum

Mar.6, 2019 - Architects at the Technical University of Munich (TUM) have partnered with David Wolferstetter Architektur (DWA) in the development of a 3D printed fa'ade, which will serve as the new entrance of the Deutsches Museum in Munich, Germany. More

Scientists develop 3D printed plastic-composite sensor capable of detecting changes in water

Mar.5, 2019 - A Spanish-Israeli team of scientists led by Pilar Amo-Ochoa from the Autonomous University of Madrid (UAM) has developed a versatile 3D printed plastic-composite sensor capable of detecting tiny amounts of water. The 3D printable material is non-toxic and changes its color from purple to blue in wet conditions. More

US army works with air force-invented steel alloy to 3D print ultra-strong steel parts

Mar.5, 2019 - At the U.S. Army Combat Capabilities Development Command's Army Research Laboratory, materials manufacturing scientists are 3D printing intricate geometries with ultra-high-strength using air force-invented steel alloy. More

3D bioprinted, vascularized proximal tubules mimic human kidney functions

Mar.5, 2019 - Wyss Institute Core Faculty member Jennifer Lewis, Sc.D., in collaboration with the Roche Innovation Center Basel in Switzerland, created a 3D bioprinted vascularized proximal tubule model in which independently perfusable tubules and blood vessels are printed adjacent to one another within an engineered extracellular matrix. More

DFAB HOUSE, digitally-built by ETH Zurich using robots & 3D printers, opens in Switzerland

Mar.1, 2019 - DFAB HOUSE has officially opened on the NEST building of Empa and Eawag in D'bendorf in Switzerland. The project marks the world's first inhabited "house" that was not only digitally planned, but also built largely digitally with the help of robots and 3D printers. More

Aurora, UWA and RPH to 3D print titanium medical implants for humans

Feb.27, 2019 - 3D printing specialist Aurora Labs has signed a deal with the University of Western Australia and Royal Perth Hospital 'to explore use of 3D printing to create human medical implants. More

3D printed steel tool cuts through titanium, wins $15K innovation prize

Feb.27, 2019 - PhD candidate Jimmy Toton from RMIT University in Melbourne, Australia, has won the 2019 Young Defence Innovator Award and $15,000 prize at the Avalon International Airshow for the research of 3D printed steel tools that can cut titanium alloys. More

Ruth E. Carter & 3D printed Black Panther cape and crown win Oscar for Best Costume Design

Feb.27, 2019 - The 2019 Oscars ceremony took place on 24 February 2019 at the Dolby Theatre in Hollywood, Los Angeles. American costume designer Ruth E. Carter took home the award for best costume design for her work for Black Panther, one of 2018's highest-grossing films. More

Aircraft carrier USS George HW Bush maintenance includes 3D printing upgrade

Feb.26, 2019 - United States aircraft carrier USS George H.W. Bush will spend the next 28 months in dry dock at the Navy's public shipyard for a scheduled overhaul. More

Olli, a 3D printed autonomous shuttle debuts at Sacramento State University

Feb.26, 2019 - Local Motors of Chandler, Arizona, introduced its 3D-printed, autonomous, electric Olli shuttles to California State University, Sacramento is a public comprehensive university in Sacramento. More

ESA completes first hot-fire test of 3D printed BERTA rocket engine

Feb.25, 2019 - The European Space Agency (ESA) announced last week that its BERTA engine, a full scale, 3D printed rocket engine demonstrator has completed its first test run on 18 February 2019. More

Scientists find a way to predict formation of gas pockets that cause 3D printing defects

Feb.25, 2019 - Research teams from Carnegie Mellon University and the U.S. Department of Energy's (DOE) Argonne National Laboratory has identified gas pockets that cause 3D printing defects and created a methodology to predict the formation of the gas pockets. More

Nanoscale 3D printing helps reveal how firefly-inspired surface can boost LED efficiency

Feb.22, 2019 - Scientists from Penn State University have created a new type of light-emitting diode (LED) lightbulb that could change the way we light our homes. The design of the new LEDs mimics the structures used by fireflies in nature, and could improve efficiency while reducing power bills. More

DEEPTIME unveils Ionic Sound System, 3D printed speakers made from sand

Feb.21, 2019 - Following its introduction of the world's first speakers 3D printed from a wooden composite, Deeptime has 'unveiled the first commercially available audio system made from sand. More

EcoLogicStudio installs two 3D printed living sculptures exploring future forms of spatial intelligence

Feb.21, 2019 - London-based architectural and their research partners, the urban design practice ecoLogicStudio has installed two 3D printed living sculptures exploring the future forms of spatial intelligence in the exhibition 'La Fabrique du Vivant' (The Fabric of the living) at the Centre Pompidou in Paris between 20 February ' 15 April 2019. More

Researchers combine old-school logic gates with 3D printing to create 'sentient' materials

Feb.21, 2019 - By combining old-school logic gates with 3D printing, researchers at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory have created 'sentient' materials that can respond to changes in their surroundings, even in extreme environments that would destroy electronic components, such as high radiation, heat or pressure. More

Scientist uses quantum dots and 3D printed fluorescence box to track pollen grains

Feb.20, 2019 - Dr Corneile Minnaar, a pollination biologist from Stellenbosch University in South Africa has come up with a new idea of using quantum dots and 3D printed fluorescence box to track the fate of individual pollen grains. More

Elzelinde van Doleweerd is 3D printing snacks from food waste

Feb.20, 2019 - Elzelinde van Doleweerd, recent graduate of the University of Eindhoven, started Upprinting Food to reduce food waste with 3D printing. More

DSTA Singapore and thyssenkrupp to explore 3D printing for submarines

Feb.19, 2019 - Singapore's Defence Science and Technology Agency (DSTA) and thyssenkrupp Marine Systems signed a Memorandum of Understanding to collaborate on new technologies such as additive manufacturing and data analytics for naval applications. More

SFU researchers use cellulose material to 3D print wireless IoT sensors

Feb.19, 2019 - Simon Fraser University's Mechatronic System professor Woo Soo Kim and Swiss researchers are developing an eco-friendly, 3D printable solution for producing wireless Internet-of-Things (IoT) sensors. More

NASA awards $2M to team making tiny 3D printed sensors for planetary rovers

Feb.18, 2019 - Researchers funded by NASA will use 3D printing technology to print sensors and even a partial circuitry for wireless communication on a single board that measures just two-by-three-inches in size. More

3D bioprinted BioMask could quickly heal facial skin wounds

Feb.15, 2019 - Researchers at the Wake Forest Institute for Regenerative Medicine (WFIRM) 3D printed a skin cell-infused BioMask for treating facial wounds. More

3D bioprinted in vitro models could lead to improved anticancer drugs

Feb.13, 2019 - Researchers at the University of Minnesota use 3D bioprinting to create 3D environments that more accurately predict cellular behavior. More

Newcastle University researchers 3D bioprint artificial cornea with self-assembling 4D biomaterials

Feb.13, 2019 - Newcastle University researchers use 4D biomaterials to 3D bioprint a self-curving cornea. More

3D printed 'sutrode' stimulates nerves to improve biological functions

Feb.12, 2019 - The ARC Centre of Excellence for Electromaterials Science 3D printed a "sutrode" that stimulates nerves to improve biological functions. More

NASA installs Tethers Unlimited Refabricator on the ISS that recycles plastic for 3D prints

Feb.12, 2019 - NASA installs Tethers Unlimited Refabricator on the ISS that recycles plastic for 3D printing objects on long-term missions. More

Lamborghini uses Carbon 3D printing for production of auto parts at scale

Feb.12, 2019 - Lamborghini is the latest automotive company to adopt 3D printing technology for its production process. The company is working with Carbon to more efficiently produce lightweight end-use parts. More

Daniel Harari invented and 3D printed an Active Strain Relief device for filament

Feb.11, 2019 - Daniel Harari invented and 3D printed an Active Strain Relief device that relieves tension on 3D printing filament that's distant from the 3D printer. More

Naval Group and Centrale Nantes 3D print world's first hollow propeller blade

Feb.11, 2019 - Naval Group and Centrale Nantes 3D print world's first hollow propeller blade to reduce the environmental impact of container ships. More

University of Wollongong researchers use 3D printed visual aid to combat antibiotic resistance

Feb.8, 2019 - Researchers at University of Wollongong 3D printed a model of a protein to help them visualize its bonding behavior. More

Spaceflight company Orbex reveals new Prime rocket with 3D printed engine

Feb.8, 2019 - Orbex, a startup which plans to develop and launch UK' s first rocket has opened its headquarters in Forres, Moray. The firm has also unveiled a 3D printed rocket engine to propel cargo into space. More

AI SpaceFactory wins second in Phase 3 of NASA's 3D-Printed Habitat Challenge

Feb.7, 2019 - New York-based AI SpaceFactory wins second in Phase 3 of NASA's 3D-Printed Habitat Challenge using a "Martian polymer." More

Scientists develop 3D printed self-repairing rubber material

Feb.6, 2019 - Researchers at University of Southern California Viterbi School of Engineering have developed a 3D printed rubber materials that can repair itself all on its own if it becomes fractured or punctured. More

COS and Arthur Mamou-Mani 3D printing pavilion for 2019 milan design week

Feb.6, 2019 - London-based fashion brand COS has announced that the French architect Arthur Mamou-Mani will create a 3D printed bipplastic pavilion for its eight consecutive display during Milan Design Week 2019. More

Swiss researchers 3D print funicular flooring systems to reduce concrete use

Feb.5, 2019 - Swiss researchers collaborate to 3D print funicular floors to reduce the usage of concrete in construction. More

Clearing up space junk: 3D printed satellites will make space more equitable

Feb.5, 2019 - MIT's Danielle Wood explains how 3D printing satellites in orbit will bring more justice to space. More

You can 3D print your own model of asteroid Bennu now, thanks to NASA

Feb.4, 2019 - NASA released a new 3D printable shape model of the asteroid Bennu created from data collected by the OSIRIS-REx spacecraft. More

Danish chef Kenneth Toft-Hansen wins prestigious Bocuse d'Or competition with help of 3D printing

Feb.4, 2019 - Danish chef Kenneth Toft-Hansen came first at the Bocuse d'Or chefs world championship in Lyon with the use of 3D printed molds. More

Harvesting energy from wireless signals to power 3D printed IoT device

Feb.1, 2019 - KAUST researchers created a 3D printed cube that harvests energy from wireless and mobile signals. More

3D printed wing evolution to faster flight

Feb.1, 2019 - Researchers at NYU 3D printed 15 generations of "bred" wings to find the fastest wing. More

Scientists build 'Replicator' 3D printer that uses light to turn liquids into objects in minutes

Feb.1, 2019 - Researchers have unveiled a 3D printer, called 'Replicator', that uses light to transform gooey liquids into complex solid objects in only a matter of minutes. More

HP's FitStation platform uses 3D scanning & printing to make perfect shoe and insole

Jan.31, 2019 - HP's FitStation platform uses 3D scanning and 3D printing to make the perfect shoe and insole. The FitStation is now used by all 32 NFL teams to make customized footwear for each athlete. More

3D printing microstructures that can be moved with temperature or light

Jan.31, 2019 - Researchers from Karlsruher Institut für Technologie (KIT) have 3D printed movable microstructures that can be controlled with temperature or light. More

Google Arts and Culture, Stratasys team up on 3D printing historical artifacts

Jan.31, 2019 - Google Arts and Culture and Stratasys'are re-imagining some of the world's most cherished artifacts and historical monuments through additive manufacturing. More

Huntington Ingalls Industries delivers first 3D printed metal part for US Navy aircraft carrier installation

Jan.31, 2019 - Huntington Ingalls Industries' Newport News Shipbuilding division announced it has delivered the first 3D-printed metal part to the US Navy for installation on an aircraft carrier. More

Iwakuni Marines 3D print engine ship kit for repairing fighter jets

Jan.30, 2019 - Iwakuni Marines designed two 3D printed parts for servicing fighter jets and their weapons. More

Ford made history with largest metal 3D printed automotive part for Ken Block's Hoonitruck

Jan.30, 2019 - Ford is claiming a record for the largest 3D-printed metal part for a working vehicle in automotive history. That vehicle is Ken Block's "Hoonitruck" Ford pickup. More

World's first fully 3D printed concept car is a tribute to David Bowie

Jan.30, 2019 - Japanese designer Takumi Yamamoto makes tribute to David Bowie with the first fully 3D printed concept car. More

Engineers create 3D printed smart objects with 'embodied logic'

Jan.29, 2019 - Researchers at the University of Pennsylvania 3D print objects with "emboied logic," allowing them to move without motors or servos. More

Volvo installs 3D printed Living Seawall tiles in Sydney Harbour to combat ocean plastic pollution

Jan.29, 2019 - Volvo installed a 3D printed Living Seawall in Sydney Harbour comprised of tiles that mimic mangrove roots to combat ocean plastic pollution. More

UMD engineers create smallest-ever 3D printed fluidic circuit element

Jan.28, 2019 - A team of engineers at the University of Maryland have created the first 3D-printed fluid circuit element so tiny that 10 could rest on the width of a human hair. More

Nascar driver Brad Keselowski started a 3D printing company

Jan.28, 2019 - Nascar driver Brad Keselowski started a 3D printing company called Keselowski Advanced Manufacturing to serve aerospace, energy, and medical customers. More

Ica & Kostika launches luxury 3D printed Exobiology shoe collection

Jan.28, 2019 - A luxury footwear brand called Ica & Kostika have used 3D printing technology to create a range of shoes which it dubbed as its 'Exobiology' collection. Inspired from nature, the shoes are shaped and designed to 'comfortably fit the natural form of the foot'. More

3D printed magnetic mesh robots can reshape and grab objects while floating on water

Jan.25, 2019 - North Carolina State University researchers 3D print soft robots controlled by magnetic fields capable of grasping. More

Researchers uses multimaterial 3D printing to create first fast-response, stiffness-tunable soft actuator

Jan.25, 2019 - Researchers from Singapore and China used direct-ink writing and multi-material 3D printing to embed heating and cooling elements into the actuators, creating the first fast-response, stiffness-tunable (FRST) soft actuators. More

Color-changing cup 3D printed with gold nanoparticles

Jan.24, 2019 - Researchers at Wageningen University in the Netherlands 3D printed a modern "Lycurgus Cup" with dichroic color-changing properties. More

On anniversary, Vatican's Swiss Guard upgrades to 3D printed plastic helmets

Jan.24, 2019 - The Vatican's Swiss Guard donned their new 3D printed helmets on their 513th birthday. More

Thomas Sanladerer makes a Printrbot Play 3D printer portable

Jan.24, 2019 - YouTuber Thomas Sanladerer modified a Printrbot Play 3D printer to be battery powered. More

TU Delft researchers 3D print microstructure gradients

Jan.23, 2019 - TU Delft researchers have improved the process of 3D printing graded microstructures. More

University Hospital Basel enhances patient care with axial3D medical 3D printing platform

Jan.23, 2019 - University Hospital Basel, Switzerland, and UK medtech 3D printing company axial3D which specialises in providing 3D printing solutions for medical applications, have formed a new alliance to improve the efficiency of the delivery of patient care and enhanced process management at the hospitals' 3D print lab. More

Virginia Tech engineers develop process to 3D print piezoelectric materials

Jan.23, 2019 - Scientists at Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University (Virginia Tech) claim that the piezoelectric material will be able to be 3D printed in ways that will not restrict them by shape or size. More

HP says it will restrict its 3D printers' ability to make 'ghost guns'

Jan.22, 2019 - HP is taking steps to prevent "ghost guns" from being fabricated with their 3D printers. More

3D printed robot recreates the gait of 290 million year old animal

Jan.22, 2019 - Researchers in Germany 3D printed a robot to investigate the walk of a 290 million year old creature. More

Empa researcher 3D prints ear out of cellulose

Jan.21, 2019 - A researcher at the Swiss Federal Laboratories for Materials Science and Technology used cellulose to 3D print an ear. More

US Army researching 3D printed ceramic body armor

Jan.21, 2019 - Researchers are working on 3D printed ceramic body armor at the United States Army Research Laboratory. More

US Air Force installs first 3D printed titanium part on F-22 fighter aircraft

Jan.21, 2019 - The U.S. Air Force's 574th Aircraft Maintenance Squadron has installed for the first time a 3D-printed, titanium-based bracket onto an operational F-22 Raptor jet during depot maintenance operations at Hill Air Force Base in Utah, according to the Air Force. More

Relativity Space gets Air Force approval to launch 3D printed rockets from Cape Canaveral

Jan.18, 2019 - Relativity Space, a three-year-old start-up that aspires to build rockets using 3D printers, announced a contract Thursday with the U.S. Air Force to build and operate a launch facility at Cape Canaveral Air Force Station in Florida. More

Zero Waste Lab in Greece directly recycling waste plastic into 3D printed furniture

Jan.18, 2019 - THE NEW RAW opened the Zero Waste Lab in Greece to directly recycle waste plastic into 3D printed furniture. More

Researchers at Ghent University 3D print bridge with least amount of concrete

Jan.17, 2019 - Researchers at Ghent University used algorithms to determine the least amount of concrete required to 3D print a functional bridge. More

TAHOE Boats builds first hull with Thermwood 3D printed tooling

Jan.17, 2019 - Tahoe Boats has made its first hull mold using 3D printing. Thermwood's Large Scale Additive Manufacturing (LSAM) system was utilized to custom-print the tool used to manufacture T16's hull. More

Deloitte: 5G nets, 3D printing and smart speakers among top 2019 opportunities

Jan.17, 2019 - The technology, media and telecommunications (TMT) practice at Deloitte, the business advisory firm, has reveals its latest digital trends for 2019 in its annual UK technology, media and telecoms (TMT) report. 5G enters the mainstream in 2019; 3D printing: growth accelerates again, but remains niche. More

World's longest 3D printed concrete pedestrian bridge opens in Shanghai

Jan.16, 2019 - A 26-meter long 3D printed concrete pedestrian bridge opened in Wisdom Bay Innovation Park in Shanghai. More

Unlimited Tomorrow displays incredible AI-equipped 3D printed prosthetic arm at CES

Jan.16, 2019 - Unlimited Tomorrow showed off their AI-equipped 3D printed prosthetic arm at CES 2019. More

Europe's first concrete 3D printing facility opens in Eindhoven, Netherlands

Jan.16, 2019 - The first concrete 3D printing facility of Europe opens in Eindhoven, Netherlands. More

Shunji Yamanaka brings 'READY TO CRAWL' 3D printed bio-inspired robots to London's Japan House

Jan.16, 2019 - "Prototyping in Tokyo: Illustrating design-led innovation" is the latest exhibition coming to Japan House London in January 2019. The exhibition will showcase the innovative 3D printed designs created by professor Shunji Yamanaka, who leads the Yamanaka Laboratory at the University of Tokyo. More

China reveals plans to 3D print houses on the Moon's surface

Jan.15, 2019 - China wants to be the first country to establish a base on the moon and will be using 3D printing technology to build facilities, China National Space Administration (CNSA) said Monday, weeks after landing a rover on the far side of the moon. More

UCSD: 3D printed implant fuels nerve growth and helps heal spinal cord injuries

Jan.15, 2019 - Researchers at University of California San Diego School of Medicine and Institute of Engineering in Medicine have used rapid 3D printing technologies to create a spinal cord, before successfully implanted the scaffolding, loaded with neural stem cells, into sites of severe spinal cord injury in rats. More

Ayúdame3D provides free 3D printed prosthetics to people around the world

Jan.15, 2019 - Guillermo Martinez' Ayúdame3D provides free 3D printed prosthetics to people around the world. More

3D printed bridge opens in Shanghai after being built in 35 days

Jan.14, 2019 - After 35 days of printing, the bridge is finally complete.'The 15-metre-long S-shaped 3D printed pedestrian bridge opens to the public in Taopu Smart City Central Park in Shanghai last Friday. More

The VIBA Jane is a 3D printed variant of the Honda Monkey

Jan.14, 2019 - French designer Yann Bakonyi revealed the VIBA Jane motorcycle, a variant of the Honda Monkey with a 3D printed aluminum fuel tank. More

US Army engineers 3D print reinforced concrete footbridge at Camp Pendleton

Jan.11, 2019 - Researchers at the U.S. Army Engineer Research and Development Center (ERDC), led by mechanical engineer Megan Kreiger, recently 3D printed a 32-ft-long reinforced concrete footbridge'at Camp Pendleton in Southern California. More

3D printed sponge could absorb excess chemotherapy drugs and minimize side effects

Jan.11, 2019 - Researchers from UC San Francisco the University of California developed a 3D printed sponge that absorbs excess chemotherapy drugs in the bloodstream. More

Open Bionics raises £4.6m for 3D printed 'super hero' bionic arms for children

Jan.11, 2019 - Open Bionics, a UK-based developer of low-cost 3D printed prosthetic hands, has 'raised £4.6m from investors including Formula 1 team Williams. More

200 million years old sea monster skull reproduced with 3D printing

Jan.10, 2019 - Researchers from three UK universities worked together to CT scan and 3D print an ichthyosaur skull. More

SUTD researchers use 3D printed nanostructures to create anti-counterfeiting device

Jan.10, 2019 - Researchers from the Singapore University of Technology and Design (SUTD) have invented a new type of anti-counterfeiting technology called holographic colour prints for securing important documents such as identity cards, passports and banknotes. More

Betatype's 3D metal printing increases orthopaedic implants productivity by 2X

Jan.9, 2019 - Betatype demonstrates productivity gains using their metal AM solution in orthopaedic office. More

HSS, LimaCorporate to open 3D printing lab for custom orthopedic implants in New York

Jan.9, 2019 - Hospital for Special Surgery (HSS), the top-ranked orthopedic hospital in the U.S. and Italy-based medical device manufacturer LimaCorporate (Lima) announced the formation of the first provider-based additive manufacturing facility for custom complex implants. More

Dr. Scholl's partners with Wiivv to offer custom 3D printed insoles

Jan.8, 2019 - 112-year old Dr. Scholl's, the category leader in foot care, is partnering with start-up Wiivv to offer fully custom 3D printed insoles. Using a simple smartphone app, consumers can personalize their own design and order a Dr. Scholl's custom 3D printed insole mapped from 400 points on their feet. More

University of Pittsburgh and General Carbide research 3D printing with tungsten

Jan.8, 2019 - The University of Pittsburgh and General Carbide received a $57,000 grant to research 3D printing with tungsten carbide. More

ActivArmor teams with JOI to offer custom-fit 3D printed casts and splints

Jan.8, 2019 - ActivArmor, a Colorado based company specializing in custom-fit 3D printed casts and splints is partnering with Jacksonville Orthopaedic Institute, official Sport Medicine Provider for teams like the Armada, the Blue Wave, JU, the Jaguars, and the Sharks, to bring its novel medical casts and splints to the Jacksonville region. More

3D printing dew collectors that pull water out of desert air

Jan.7, 2019 - A research team at Ohio State University 3D printed various surface geometries to collect dew. More

BMW M850i Night Sky is a one-off customized with meteorites and 3D printed parts

Jan.4, 2019 - BMW unveiled a unique project created by its Individual Manufaktur customization division in Garching, Germany called M850i "Night Sky." More

Neutrogena MaskiD is using AI to 3D print personalized face masks

Jan.4, 2019 - Neutrogena will unveil a new personalized skincare product, the Neutrogena MaskiD at CES 2019. The Neutrogena MaskiD is a patent-pending, micro 3D-printed sheet mask that's customized in both shape and ingredients. More

IBM files patent for acoustic hologram 3D printing

Jan.4, 2019 - A patent filed by IBM covers "3D printing on the surface of an acoustic hologram." More

Spanish researchers 3D bioprint functional muscle tissues for soft robotics

Jan.3, 2019 - A team at the Institute for Bioengineering of Catalonia (IBEC) 3D bioprinted functional muscle fibers. More

MIT upgraded their glass 3D printer: G3DP2

Jan.3, 2019 - MIT researchers upgrade their glass 3D printer for industrial applications: the G3DP2. More

NASA engineer 3D prints impressive glitter bomb for package thieves

Jan.2, 2019 - Ex-NASA engineer Mark Rober designed and 3D printed a bait package that glitter bombs porch pirates. More

Saudi Arabia 3D prints a house in two days

Dec.31, 2018 - Dutch company CyBe 3D printed Saudi Arabia's first house over two days. More

3D printing food: lab creates 3D food printer that cooks its prints with a laser

Dec.31, 2018 - 3D printing food: Columbia University PhD researcher Jonathan Bluthinger developed a 3D food printer that uses a laser to cook its prints. More

KAIST & Harvard researchers 3D print shape-conformable batteries for wearables

Dec.28, 2018 - Researchers from KAIST and Harvard 3D printed several custom-shaped batteries that are safe and environmentally friendly for wearables. More

The 3D printed Christmas ornament that 3D prints Christmas ornaments

Dec.27, 2018 - Sean Hodgins designed a 3D printed Christmas ornament that 3D prints Christmas ornaments. More

Bulgarian patient receives first 3D printed rib implant

Dec.27, 2018 - A man was implanted with a 3D printed rib in Bulgaria. More

Watch Bugatti test world's first 3D printed titanium brake caliper

Dec.26, 2018 - Bugatti sets a brake disc on fire when bench testing a 3D printed titanium brake caliper. More

Micropores in 3D printed tissue allow the flow of oxygen and nutrients

Dec.24, 2018 - A research team at Penn State developed a method of 3D printing porous tissues that allow oxygen and nutrients to circulate through the tissue. More

Powering lights with 3D printed bricks

Dec.21, 2018 - London scientists invent electricity-generating 3D printed brick powered by differences in temperature. More

Korean researchers 3D print functional airway-on-a-chip

Dec.21, 2018 - Korean researchers 3D print an airway-on-a-chip that mimics a human airway. More

343 Industries and Limbitless partner for Halo-themed 3D printed prosthetic arm for kids

Dec.20, 2018 - Microsoft's 343 Industries and bionics non-profit Limbitless Solutions have announced a collaboration to provide Halo-themed, 3D printed prosthetic arm for kids. More

Indian researchers 3D bioprint load-bearing bones

Dec.20, 2018 - A team of Indian researchers 3D bioprinted a cartilage scaffold that grew into bone. More

Scientists develop 3D printed robotic hand that can play Jingle Bells on the piano

Dec.20, 2018 - Scientists at the University of Cambridge have developed a 3D printed robotic hand which can play simple tunes on the piano. The robotic hand plays simple musical phrases on the piano by just moving its wrist. More

Cytosurge 3D prints Kokichi Sugihara's 'impossible object' at the microscale

Dec.19, 2018 - Switzerland-based micrometer 3D printing company Cytosurge has 3D printed copper “impossble objects” the size of red blood cells. Impossible objects are a class of shapes that appear like different shapes when viewed from different angles. More

Researchers 3D print 'Digital Wood' with stunning internal structure

Dec.19, 2018 - Columbia University researchers 3D print the internal structure of wood using destructive tomographic imaging, stochastic dithering, and voxel printing. More

Designer Ganit Goldstein unveils new 3D printed woven shoes 'Between The Layers'

Dec.19, 2018 - Ganit Goldstein, a fashion design graduate from the Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design in Jerusalem, has collaborated with 3D printing manufacturer Stratasys to introduce a new series of unique 3D printed woven shoes collection called 'Between the Layers'. More

Ambionics: Father helps other kids after 3D printing hydraulic arm for two-year old son

Dec.18, 2018 - Ben Ryan started the prosthetics company Ambionics after designing a 3D printable, hydraulic arm for his two-year old son. More

The stiffest possible material is 3D printed by ETH Zurich

Dec.18, 2018 - ETH Zurich professor Dirk Mohr 3D prints a material with a plate-lattice structure that's as stiff as a material can be. More

Transparent lenses from an FDM 3D printer

Dec.17, 2018 - Tomer Gluck of FennecLabs 3D prints clear lenses with desktop FDM 3D printer. More

3D printed head can unlock top Android smartphones, iPhone X impenetrable

Dec.17, 2018 - Forbes reporter Thomas Brewster recently challenged a variety of smartphone face-recognition systems with a 3D printed head modeled after his own head. More

MIT scientists can now shrink 3D printed objects down to nanoscale versions

Dec.17, 2018 - MIT researchers shrink 3D printed hydrogel with embedded electronics down to the nanoscale with controlled dehydration. More

MIT researchers 3D print inexpensive microfluidics device for personalized cancer treatment

Dec.14, 2018 - Researchers from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) have 3D printed a novel microfluidic device that simulates cancer treatments on biopsied tumor tissue. The 3D printed device can help clinicians better examine how individual patients may respond to different therapeutics before administering a single dose. More

LSU student 3D prints first full 'human' for radiation therapy research

Dec.14, 2018 - Meagan Moore, a Biological and Agricultural Engineering student from Louisiana State University (LSU) has 3D printed a full-size "human body" for radiation therapy research. More

3D printed smart pill could release drugs via Bluetooth

Dec.14, 2018 - Researchers at MIT, Brigham and Women's Hospital, and Draper 3D print ingestible pills that can wirelessly relay information to a smartphone and deliver drugs. More

UCLA Scientists reconstruct 1,500-year-old Tiwanaku temple with 3D printing

Dec.13, 2018 - An ancient Incan city in Bolivia has been recreated using 3D printed models of fragments from a building. More

Doctor's Without Borders hospital in Jordan is 3D printing prosthetics for conflict victims

Dec.13, 2018 - A Doctor's Without Borders hospital in Amman, Jordan is 3D printing prosthetics for conflict victims. More

Researcher at Penn State demonstrates superiority of 3D printed superalloy

Dec.12, 2018 - Penn State researcher Allison Breese demonstrates that 3D printed superalloys aren't prone to dynamic strain aging like conventional superalloys. More

3D printing aides for those ailed with arthritis

Dec.12, 2018 - Joshua Pearce at Michigan Tech 3D prints assistive devices for arthritis that are 94% cheaper than those that are commercially available. More

Volkswagen toolmaking opens advanced 3D printing center, plans to mass produce parts in 2-3 years

Dec.11, 2018 - German automaker Volkswagen's toolmaking unit has just announced that it is opening an advanced 3D printing centre at the company's main production facility in Wolfsburg which will allow the production of complex vehicle parts. More

ORNL 3D printed neutron scattering collimators that are better and cheaper

Dec.11, 2018 - ORNL researchers Bianca Haberl and Amy Elliott 3D print collimators for neutron scattering instruments that are more detailed and cheaper than traditional collimators. More

Harvard's 3D printing workflow helps predict leaky heart valves

Dec.11, 2018 - Researchers at the Wyss Institute for Biologically Inspired Engineering at Harvard University have created a 3D printing workflow that allows cardiologists to predict the performance of artificial heart valves, and evaluate how different valve sizes will interact with each patient's unique anatomy. More

LLNL researchers invent 3D printed metamaterial that stiffens with magnetic field

Dec.10, 2018 - Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL) researchers invent 3D printed latticed metamaterial filled with ferrofluid that stiffens with magnetic field. More

Angel Trains, ESG and Stratasys partner to 3D print interior components for rail industry

Dec.10, 2018 - Angel Trains, one of Britain's leading train leasing specialists, has partnered with engineering consultancy ESG Rail, and 3D printing technology provider Stratasys, to produce four interior components using 3D printing. More

ESA leads development of 3D printed skin, bone and body parts for future astronauts

Dec.10, 2018 - Experts gather for an ESA ESTEC workshop in the Netherlands to discuss 3D bioprinting skin, bones, and organs in space. More

Purdue researchers use ultrasonic vibrations to improve 3D printing with viscous materials

Dec.7, 2018 - Purdue researchers at Next Offset Solutions Inc develop method of 3D printing viscous materials with ultrasonic vibrations. More

3D printed HeX earbuds not just for the hearing impaired

Dec.7, 2018 - Manchester Metropolitan University student Elen Parry creates concept 3D printed HeX earbuds to help hearing impaired and everyone else. More

Russian scientists 3D bioprint mouse's thyroid in zero gravity on ISS

Dec.6, 2018 - Russian scientists have managed to grow the thyroid gland of a mouse in zero gravity using a 3D bioprinter on board on the International Space Station (ISS). The unique 3D magnetic bioprinter, called Organ.Aut, was delivered to the ISS by a Soyuz MS-11 spacecraft on December 3. More

WSU researchers create 3D printed glucose biosensors for diabetes monitoring

Dec.6, 2018 - Researchers Arda Gozen and Yuehe Lin at WSU 3D print the first flexible glucose biosensors intended for a wearable glucose monitoring device for diabetes care. More

Ford unveils Advanced Manufacturing Center and 3D prints Shelby Mustang GT 500 parts

Dec.5, 2018 - Ford Motor is making a big bet on futuristic technologies to help speed manufacturing innovation. The company has spent $45-million on its Advanced Manufacturing Center in Redford Township, Michigan, just west of Detroit. More

Get a grip with ORIGIBOT2, a 3D printed telepresence robot

Dec.5, 2018 - Origin Robotics is crowdfunding ORIGIBOT2 on Indiegogo, a 3D printed telepresence robot with an articulating gripper. More

MIT Technology Review's Erin Winick 3D prints her dream wedding

Dec.4, 2018 - Erin Winick at MIT Technology Review 3D printed her wedding bouquets, among other things. More

UC San Diego's easy-to-use 3D bioprinting technique creates lifelike tissues from natural materials

Dec.3, 2018 - Bioengineers at the University of California San Diego have developed an easy-to-use 3D bioprinting technique to produce lifelike organ tissue models from natural materials. More

Genius: 100 Visions of the Future, world's first 3D book printed on space station

Dec.3, 2018 - Genius 100, a global community focusing on solution to major issues, have printed the world's first 3D book: Genius: 100 Visions of the Future. More

Update: world's first 3D printed plastic bridge completed after 35 days

Dec.3, 2018 - Update: Shanghai Construction Group completes world's first 3D printed plastic bridge after 35 days of printing. More

Clemson researchers develop ceramic laser 3D printing technique for energy storage

Nov.30, 2018 - Researchers at Clemson University are working on a new 3D printing technique involving rapid laser processing to create "protonic ceramic electrolyzer stacks" that convert electricity to hydrogen as a way of storing energy. More

Israeli startup Jet Eat testing 3D printed vegan steaks

Nov.30, 2018 - Isreali startup Jet Eat testing 3D printed vegan steaks to be launched in 2020. More

Youbionic adds 3D printed bionic arms to Boston Dynamics robot dog SpotMini

Nov.29, 2018 - Italian Youbionic has joined forces with the well-known robotics company Boston Dynamics to meld a pair of bionic arms with the adorable (or terrifying depending on your perspective) SpotMini. More

MIT's RePaint uses AI and 3D printing to accurately reproduce paintings for your home

Nov.29, 2018 - A team from MIT's Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (CSAIL) proposed a system called RePaint for reproduction of paintings, which uses a combination of 3D printing and deep learning to authentically recreate favorite paintings, regardless of different lighting conditions or placement. More

Michigan Tech Researchers invent 3D Printable Polymer Pelletizer Chopper

Nov.28, 2018 - Researchers at Michigan Technological University invent 3D Printable Polymer Pelletizer Chopper and it chops 3D printer filament into pellet-sized pieces that can be used in a fused granular fabrication (FGF) 3D printer or re-extruded as a new filament spool. More

Cardi B wears $3,400 custom 3D printed Balenciaga coat

Nov.28, 2018 - The 26-year-old rapper Cardi B posted a picture on her Instagram account yesterday, showing off a plaid two-piece Balenciaga dress-slash-coat that was made using a 3D printer. More

Carbon Performance 3D prints high-performance suspension upright for Lotus Elise

Nov.27, 2018 - UK-based Carbon Performance 3D prints high-performance suspension upright for Lotus Elise sports car. More

Lenco to Kickstart world's first 3D printed, modular record player: The Lenco-MD

Nov.27, 2018 - Lenco to Kickstart the first 3D printed modular record player with RepRapUniverse and The Qeske Community, the Lenco-MD. More

UA scientist gets $2M DoD grant to regrow long bone segments using 3D printing

Nov.27, 2018 - Dr. John A. Szivek has recently received a five-year, $2 million grant from the U.S. Department of Defense to launch a study to determine how to heal bone fractures using a combination of 3D printing and adult stem cells. More

Mercedes-Benz is 3D printing replacement parts for its classic cars

Nov.23, 2018 - Mercedes-Benz is continuously expanding its range of genuine replacement parts from the 3D printer. The brand has already been offering 3D printed replacement commercial vehicle parts since 2016, now Mercedes-Benz announced that further replacement parts have passed the strict quality assurance at Mercedes-Benz and are coming onto the market. More

3D Systems and OpHeart to 3D print pediatric heart models regardless of user's ability to pay

Nov.23, 2018 - 3D Systems has partnered with OpHeart, a nonprofit organization that work to provide medical treatment to children born with life-threatening heart defects, by providing pediatric heart surgeons with the 3D-printed tools needed to prepare and rehearse complex surgeries. More

BigRep's NERA: World's first fully 3D printed and functional electric motorcycle

Nov.22, 2018 - NOWLAB and 3D printer manufacturer, BigRep have developed the world's first fully 3D printed and functional e-motorcycle, the NERA. More

ESA and Lithoz 3D print fake moon dust into screws and gears for use on the moon

Nov.22, 2018 - The European Space Agency and Austrian company Lithoz 3D print hi-res ceramic parts from moon dust, or lunar regolith. More

Perfect Day is 3D printing dairy milk without the cow

Nov.20, 2018 - Perfect Day has partnered with Archer Daniels Midland to commercialize their animal-free dairy proteins produced with a 3D printer. More

FBI 3D prints replicas of decoy heads Alcatraz inmates used in famous 1962 escape

Nov.19, 2018 - Half a century after a famous prison escape from Alcatraz Island, the FBI has 3D printed replicas of decoy heads that inmates Frank Morris and John and Clarence Anglin constructed with soap, plaster and human hair to distract guards. More

Nova Meat is 3D printing steak made from peas and seaweed

Nov.19, 2018 - Researcher Giuseppe Scionti, through his Barcelona-based company Nova Meat, is 3D printing steak made from peas and rice that imitates the texture of meat. More

NASA, Autodesk use AI software and 3D printing to create spider-like interplanetary lander

Nov.16, 2018 - NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) and Autodesk have engaged in a multiyear collaborative research project to investigate new approaches for building interplanetary landers. More

Irish researchers win top prize for the design of a disposable 3D printed reactor

Nov.15, 2018 - A team from the I-Form advanced manufacturing research centre has been awarded first prize in a global competition for industrial 3D printing. The team ' comprising UCD-based researchers in I-Form, the SFI Research Centre for Advanced Manufacturing ' scooped a prize worth USD10,000 for the design and 3D printing of a disposable 3D printed reactor. More

HRE Wheels teams with GE Additive to create first 3D printed titanium wheel

Nov.15, 2018 - HRE collaborated with GE's Additive AddWorks team to produce the world's first 3D printed titanium wheel. More

Bionic mushrooms covered in 3D printed cyanobacteria produce bio-electricity

Nov.12, 2018 - Researchers at Stevens Institute of Technology have developed bionic mushrooms that uses graphene to produce electricity. More accurately, the researchers added 3D printed clusters of cyanobacteria to the mushroom's cap, which gave the fungi the ability to generate electricity. More

Hebrew U's Yissum unveils new tech to 3D print customized, shape-shifting drug capsules

Nov.8, 2018 - Researchers from Jerusalem's Hebrew University have developed a novel technology to create drug capsules using 3D printers, enabling a complex design of drug delivery systems currently unavailable in conventional pharmaceutical manufacturing techniques. More

Clean2Antartica to drive solar powered 3D printed plastic vehicle to the South Pole

Nov.6, 2018 - Liesbeth and Edwin ter Velde of Clean2Antarctica are preparing to drive the Solar Voyager, an electric vehicle built from upcycled, 3D-printed plastic components and powered entirely by solar power, all the way to the South Pole. More

GE Aviation receives FAA approval to install 3D printed bracket on GEnx commercial airline engines

Nov.5, 2018 - GE Additive and GE Aviation have announced that the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has given 'change in design' approval to replace a conventionally manufactured power door opening system (PDOS) bracket, used on GE Aviation's GEnx-2B commercial airline engines that power the Boeing 747-8, with an additively manufactured bracket. More

Study shows 3D printing could enhance design thinking and creativity in primary schools

Nov.1, 2018 - Researchers at Macquarie University in Sydney, Australia, have conducted a year-long study into the benefits of learning 3D printing and 3D design in primary school makerspaces. More

Uniti Sweden to set up first fully digitalized EV production site in the UK

Oct.31, 2018 - Swedish electric car company Uniti has announced plans to establish an electric vehicle 'pilot production plant' at Silverstone Park, UK, part of the famous grand prix circuit. Uniti is developing an all-new electric two-seater Uniti One, which will be first produced at a 'pilot production plant' by 2020. More

ETH Zurich scientist 3D prints artificial heart pump using Embedded magnet printing

Oct.29, 2018 - Kai von Petersdorff-Campen, a doctoral student in the Department of Mechanical and Process Engineering at ETH Z'rich, Switzerland, has developed a 3D printing technique to create products containing magnets. He demonstrated his method, called 'Embedded magnet printing,' by 3D printing an artificial heart pump prototype, and won the first prize for prototyping from the American Society for Artificial Internal Organs (ASAIO). More

Precise Bio launches Ophthalmology Business Unit to develop 3D printed corneas

Oct.29, 2018 - Precise Bio, a North Carolina based Regenerative Medicine company announced the launch of a dedicated ophthalmology business unit in its Winston-Salem facility. In addition to its scalable platform that enables mass-bio-fabrication of tissue and organ, Precise Bio aims to advance 3D bioprinting research for the eyes and bring them to market. More

3D printed graphene scaffold offers highest-ever capacitance for a supercapacitor

Oct.25, 2018 - The researchers fabricated electrodes using a printable graphene aerogel to build a porous three-dimensional scaffold loaded with pseudocapacitive gel, which is a kind of capacitor material that also behaves like a battery in some ways. In laboratory tests, the novel electrodes achieved the highest areal capacitance (electric charge stored per unit of electrode surface area) ever reported for a supercapacitor. More

MX3D releases stunning images of world's first 3D printed steel bridge

Oct.24, 2018 - World's first 3D printed steel bridge is completed and will be installed across a canal in Amsterdam next year. The bridge has already been on display during the Dutch Design Week that took place from October 20 to October 28, 2018. More

Novel 3D bioprinting tech could create artificial blood vessels, organ tissue

Oct.23, 2018 - CU Boulder engineers have developed a 3D printing technique that can recreate the complex geometry of blood vessels, and could one day be used to produce artificial arteries and organ tissue. More

Tonkin Liu develops trachea stent prototype using architectural Shell Lace Structure

Oct.19, 2018 - Stephen Lawrence Prize-winning architects Anna Liu and Mike Tonkin of London-based Tonkin Liu have developed an innovative medical device called the Shell Lace Stent for use in patients' windpipes. More

New method developed to 3D print lithium-ion batteries in nearly any shape

Oct.18, 2018 - Researchers, led by Christopher Reyes and Benjamin Wiley have developed a new method to 3D print lithium-ion batteries in virtually any shape. They report their results in ACS Applied Energy Materials. More

Icon 3D prints homes in 24 hours for $4,000, raises $9 million for expansion

Oct.18, 2018 - ICON has raised $9 million in seed funding to build custom 3D printed homes in less than 24 hours. In partnership with New Story, a San Francisco-based, Y-Combinator backed nonprofit, Icon wants to end homelessness by building sustainable communities using proprietary 3D printing robotics, software and advanced materials. More

Gillette launches Razor Maker concept for customizable 3D printed razor handles

Oct.17, 2018 - Gillette today launches Razor Maker, a new concept that leverages 3D printing technology to offer a series of customizable 3D printed handles for consumers who desire to have completely unique and personalized products. More

PrinTracker: Researchers discover ways to trace 3D printed guns using 3D printer's fingerprint

Oct.16, 2018 - Researchers at University at Buffalo report they've found the first accurate method to track the origin of 3D-printed guns and counterfeit products. The technology, called "PrinTracker," can precisely trace the physical object to its source 3D printer based on its fingerprint. More

Scientists invent high-efficient, 3D nanoprinted polymer lenses for X-ray microscopes

Oct.15, 2018 - Scientists at the Max Planck Institute for Intelligent Systems in Stuttgart have used 3D printing to manufacture X-ray lenses from polymeric materials with nanometer-sized features and excellent focusing capabilities. More

Jary the Hornbill gets 3D printed prosthetic casque after cancer

Oct.12, 2018 - Jary, 22-year-old male great pied hornbill, has been given a 3D-printed prosthetic casque after surgery to remove cancerous tissue. More

US Navy approves 1 year test of first metal 3D printed part for shipboard use

Oct.12, 2018 - US Navy has approved the first 3D printed metal component to be used onboard an aircraft carrier, the Naval Sea Systems Command announced in a press release on Thursday. More

Engineers develop process to 3D print cells to produce tendon and ligament tissue

Oct.11, 2018 - A team of University of Utah biomedical engineers have developed a method to 3D print cells to produce human tissue such as ligaments and tendons using a modified 3D printer and stem cells harvested from fat tissue. More

NUST MISIS scientists double the strength of 3D printed aluminum composites

Oct.11, 2018 - NUST MISIS scientists have proposed an advanced method for production of an ultrahigh-purity alumina (UHPA) that can double the strength of 3D printed aluminum composites, and advance the characteristics of these products to the quality of titanium alloys. The developed modifiers for 3D printing can be used in products for the aerospace industry. More

Researchers develop 3D printed objects that can track and store how people use them

Oct.10, 2018 - Researchers at the University of Washington have developed 3D printed assistive technology that can track and store how people use them without using batteries or electronics. More

Thermwood and Boeing 3D print 12-foot-long single-piece tool for 777X program

Oct.10, 2018 - Boeing has teamed up with Thermwood Corporation, an Indiana-based manufacturing specialist, to produce a large, 3D printed single-piece tool for Boeing's 777X program. The project demonstrates that additive manufacturing is ready to produce large production quality tooling parts for the aerospace industry. More

British scientists from The Big Bang Fair create 3D-printed school dinners

Oct.9, 2018 - Scientists from the annual Big Bang Fair, which promotes science, technology and maths (STEM) subjects, worked with St Helen's Primary School in Canning Town to create 3D printed meals such as geometric fish and chips, and hexagonal beans as part of the project. More

Unique 3D printed tactile map helps visually impaired students navigate USF campus

Oct.5, 2018 - Thanks to Howard Kaplan, a visualization specialist at the University of South Florida in Tampa, a unique 3D printed tactile version of these maps for some classrooms on campus may soon be available for the people who are visually impaired. More

Beetle inspired 3D printed cement paste gets stronger when it cracks

Oct.4, 2018 - Researchers at USA's Purdue University have 3D printed cement paste, an ingredient of the concrete and mortar used to build various infrastructure elements, that gets tougher under pressure. More

3D printed jellyfish robots created to monitor fragile coral reefs

Oct.3, 2018 - A team of scientists from Florida Atlantic University (FAU) and the U.S. Office of Naval Research have built 3D printed robot jellyfish that could one day be used to track and monitor endangered coral reefs in the world's oceans. More

Liberty Powder Metals granted '4.6M to develop powder materials for 3D printed car parts

Oct.1, 2018 - UK-based Liberty Powder Metals, owned by Liberty House, has received '4.6m investment to develop and manufacture speciality alloy metal powders for 3D printed car parts. More

Paul G. Allen's Stratolaunch space venture uses 3D printing to develop PGA rocket engine

Oct.1, 2018 - Stratolaunch revealed new details Sept. 27 about a rocket engine it is developing for use on future launch vehicles that will fly from it giant carrier aircraft. More

GE Transportation to produce up to 250 3D printed locomotive parts by 2025

Sep.28, 2018 - GE Transportation is in early trials of using additive manufacturing to produce locomotive components. If the trial proves to be successful, 3D printing could be used in the production of up to 250 locomotive components by 2025. More

Pitt grad student 3D prints a realistic phantom head for MR research

Sep.28, 2018 - Sossena Wood, a bioengineering PhD candidate at the University of Pittsburgh, has developed a 3D printed realistic phantom head for magnetic resonance research in the Swanson School of Engineering. More

3D printed Luneburg lens antenna startup Lunewave raises $5M in seed funding

Sep.27, 2018 - Lunewave, a startup with a presence in Boston that is building new sensors to power autonomous vehicles and 5G wireless networks, has raised $5 million in seed funding to develop radar and antenna technologies for self-driving cars. More

UTSC start-up Genecis converts food waste into bio-plastic for 3D printing

Sep.27, 2018 - UTSC start-up Genecis is using micro-organisms, microbial engineering and machine learning to turn restaurant food waste into biodegradable plastics (PHA) that can be used to make toys, flexible packaging, 3D printing filament and medical applications including surgical staples, sutures and stints. More

This awesome 3D printed robotic Rubik's Cube can solve itself

Sep.26, 2018 - A Japanese inventor who goes by the alias 'Human Controller' has created an amazing 3D-printed self-solving Rubik's cube. More

Nicole Hone designs Hydrophytes, interactive 4D printed aquatic plants for the future

Sep.25, 2018 - Wellington, New Zealand-based industrial designer Nicole Hone reveals 'hydrophytes', a series of futuristic aquatic plants created with multi-material 3D printing. The hydrophytes are then activated by pneumatic inflation in water and transform into dynamic organisms. The goal of her work is to explore the design and choreography of movement through 4D printing.' More

Sydney researcher 3D prints hypersonic aircraft models for low-speed wind tunnel testing

Sep.25, 2018 - Tamas Bykerk, a graduate student at the University of Sydney in Australia, has used 3D printing technology to create hypersonic aircraft models for low-speed wind tunnel testing. 3D printers have greatly reduced the time it takes to create a working prototype. More

Airbus Helicopters adopts 3D printing for serial production of A350 parts

Sep.24, 2018 - Airbus Helicopters is preparing serial production of latch shafts for the doors of A350 passenger aircraft through 3D printing process. More

Ontario researchers 3D print titanium skull cap for dog with cancer

Sep.24, 2018 - Researchers at an Ontario university have used 3D printing technology to replace the majority of a dog's cancer-ridden skull. The novel cancer treatment procedure is being heralded as a major advancement in veterinary medicine. More

Covestro uses 3 different 3D printing processes to produce shock absorbers

Sep.21, 2018 - A unique 3D printed shock absorber will make its debut at the Fakuma 2018 trade fair (October 16-20) Friedrichshafen. Printed in three materials using three different processes, this part also boasts a high degree of functionality. More

Kuwaiti authorities close 3D printed figurine shop for selling 'cult idols'

Sep.20, 2018 - A 3D printing shop in Kuwait has reportedly been shut down by authorities this week after being accused of selling 'cult idols.' More

3D printed tracheal splints restore the breathing of a 7-month-old baby

Sep.20, 2018 - Children's Healthcare of Atlanta used three 3D printed custom-made splints to assist the breathing of a 7-month-old patient battling life-threatening airway obstruction. More

MoSculp: MIT CSAIL uses AI to create 3D printed 'motion sculptures' from 2D videos

Sep.19, 2018 - Researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology's Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Lab, Google Research, and the University of California Berkley, have come up with an artificially intelligent (AI) system called MoSculp to create 3D printed 'motion sculptures' from 2D videos. More

Two Plymouth students create 3D printed PINK prosthetic breasts to help cancer survivors

Sep.19, 2018 - Rosie Brave and Sam Jackman, two design students at the University of Plymouth, have created 3D printed pink prosthetic breasts which is set to change the lives of cancer survivors. More

AMT launches PostPro3D automated surface smoothing machine for 3D printed parts

Sep.17, 2018 - UK-based Additive Manufacturing Technologies (AMT) announced today the launch of their patented PostPro3D machine which automatically smooths 3D printed elastomeric and nylon parts. More

Hailey Dawson, 8-year-old with 3D printed hand throws 1st pitch at all 30 MLB parks

Sep.17, 2018 - Hailey Dawson, a young girl with a 3D printed prosthetic arm threw out the first pitch at Angels Stadium on Sunday. She completed what her family is calling her Journey to 30, and with that, she became the first person to throw out the first pitch at all 30 Major League ballparks. More

Lockheed Martin teams With Deakin University to exploit FORTIS Exoskeleton

Sep.17, 2018 - Lockheed Martin Australia and Deakin University's Institute for Intelligent Systems Research and Innovation (IISRI) have partnered on a 12-month development program to extended the capability of Lockheed Martin's FORTIS Exoskeleton. More

Awesome 3D printed Millennium Falcon took 10 days to complete

Sep.15, 2018 - 3D Printing enthusiast Steve Ouklama created an amazing 3D printed Millennium Falcon on a self-built large-format printer. More

Moritz Simon Geist 3D prints sonic robots to play electrifying techno music

Sep.13, 2018 - Media artist and robotic engineer, Moritz Simon Geist, will soon release the world's first techno album played entirely by self-made robots. The album is produced by Mouse On Mars' Andi Thoma and scheduled for release next month. More

Volkswagen plan to use 3D metal printing for mass production

Sep.12, 2018 - Volkswagen is the first automotive manufacturer using the latest 3D printing technology: the 'HP Metal Jet' process simplifies and speeds up metallic 3D printing. The world's largest carmaker unveiled plans Tuesday to start using 3D printing to mass produce car parts, including gear knobs and custom tailgate lettering. More

IKEA is using 3D printing to design ergonomic chair, the Ubik, for gamers

Sep.11, 2018 - Swedish furniture chain IKEA recently announced that it is partnering with e-sports group Area Academy and US 3D printed prosthetics startup UNYQ to bring customizable chairs to gamers. They are using advanced body-scanning technology made for medical wearables and 3D printing technology to make customized 3D ergonomic and adjustable seats. More

Team Penske is using carbon fiber 3D printers for race car parts

Sep.11, 2018 - Team Penske is expanding use of additive manufacturing across design and production environments to gain competitive edge in the NASCAR, INDYCAR and IMSA circuits. Additive manufacturing is used to advance car testing, prototypes and production parts, supported by advanced materials such as Carbon Fiber-filled Nylon 12. More

SwRI, UTSA researchers develop 3D printed biodegradable implant for cancer treatment

Sep.10, 2018 - Researchers at the Southwest Research Institute (SwRI) and The University of Texas at San Antonio (UTSA) are developing a 3D printed minimally invasive medicinal implant that could deliver a controlled, personalized dose of medicine over several weeks for the treatment of infections as well as ailments such as arthritis, cancer and AIDS. More

Dutch railways (NS) to 3D print spare parts for trains

Sep.7, 2018 - Nederlandse Spoorwegen (NS, Dutch Railways) is taking advantage of 3D printing and will replace some broken train parts with 3D printed replacement parts. In fact, 20 3D printed spare parts are currently available and NS plans to produce more than 50 by the end of the year. More

3D printed impeller allows drone to operate for thousands of hours

Sep.7, 2018 - Southwest Research Institute (SwRI) engineers are developing a cooled, radial gas turbine for a small generator that provides thousands of hours of electricity to an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV). This development can improve upon current UAV turbines that can only operate a few hundred hours before wearing out. More

Hierarchical 3D printing of nanoporous gold may revolutionize chemical reactor design

Sep.6, 2018 - Lawrence Livermore Nationwide Laboratory (LLNL) researchers, together with their counterparts at Harvard College report on the hierarchical 3D printing of nanoporous gold, which they believe could revolutionize the design of chemical reactors. More

3D printed tool uses smartphone to detect disease-carrying mosquitoes, Wolbachia

Sep.5, 2018 - Researchers from the University of Texas at Austin developed a 3D printed diagnostic tool to easily identify disease-spreading Aedes aegypti mosquitoes and determine whether the bug has come into contact with a mosquito-control strategy known as Wolbachia. More

GKN Aerospace to 3D print rocket engine turbines for Ariane Prometheus engines

Sep.5, 2018 - ArianeGroup, the space-launchers joint-venture between Airbus and Safran and the team in charge of the Ariane 6 project, on Sept. 4 awarded a contract to its Swedish supplier GKN Aerospace for turbines of re-usable rocket engine demonstrator, part of Prometheus project.' More

Titomic & TAUV debut Australia's first metal 3D printed soldier-enabled drones

Sep.4, 2018 - Australian metal additive manufacturing company, Titomic, has announced its first defence agreement with TAUV, to produce a ruggedised soldier-enabled Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) in Titanium using the Titomic Kinetic Fusion technology. More

Metamolds: Creating ideal 3D printed silicone molds faster and cheaper

Sep.3, 2018 - Scientists have developed a new method that automatically finds the best way of designing the molds but also delivers templates for so-called metamolds: Rigid molds that are 3D-printed and that are used to fabricate the optimized silicone molds. More

PwC creates digital skills program to train employees on 3D printing, drone, blockchain

Sep.3, 2018 - 'Big four' auditing firm PriceWaterhouseCoopers (PwC) is launching a new "digital skills" training programs aimed at improving the expertise of its employees on blockchain and other innovative technologies like 3D printing. More

This $200, 3D printed PFIbox is a game-changer for antibiotics discovery

Aug.31, 2018 - The Printed Fluorescence Imaging Box (PFIbox) is a 3D printed box that is capable of collecting large amounts of data that is then analyzed by researchers. More

MIT researchers 3D print colloidal crystals through direct-write colloidal assembly

Aug.30, 2018 - Through this direct-write colloidal assembly process, a process combining the bottom‐up principle of colloidal self‐assembly with the versatility of direct‐write 3D printing, the researchers can build centimeter-scale, free-standing crystals, each made from billions of individual colloids. More

US Army Research Lab explore nanomaterials for futuristic armor using atom probe

Aug.30, 2018 - Material scientists from the U.S. Army Research Laboratory (ARL) are analyzing metal and ceramic specimens at the atomic level using state-of-the-art 3D imaging atom probe technology. More

U.S. Marines 3D print 500-square-foot concrete barrack in just 40 hours

Aug.30, 2018 - A team from the US Marine Corps' Systems Command (MCSC) and Naval Construction Battalion has used the world's largest concrete 3D printer to print a 500-square-foot barracks hut in just 40 hours. More

Studio 7.5 and XtreeE 3D print stunning woven concrete benches

Aug.29, 2018 - Berlin-based Studio 7.5 collaborated with France-based XtreeE to create a series of continuously 3D printed woven concrete benches. More

Scientists 3D print bionic eye prototype that could one day restore sight

Aug.29, 2018 - A team of researchers at the University of Minnesota have fully 3D printed an array of light receptors on a hemispherical surface which could pave the way for future bionic eyes. More

Bugatti's new €5M Divo Supercar features elegant 3D printed fin tail lights

Aug.28, 2018 - Bugatti Automobiles, a French high-performance luxury automobiles manufacturer and a subsidiary of Volkswagen AG, has unveiled its Divo hypercar. More

3D printed intelligent robotic fish helps underwater exploration

Aug.28, 2018 - A group of engineering researchers from the University of Firat in Turkey are using biomimetic design and 3D printing to construct an intelligent robotic fish for real-world exploration and survey missions. More

Researchers 3D bioprint tubular structures that mimic vessels and ducts

Aug.27, 2018 - Researchers at Brigham and Women's Hospital have developed a way to 3D bioprint tubular structures that better mimic native vessels and ducts in human body. The 3D bioprinting technique allows fine-tuning of the printed tissues' properties, such as number of layers and ability to transport nutrients. These more complex tissues offer potentially viable replacements for damaged tissue.' More

LLNL and Virginia Tech develop new process to 3D print graphene objects in far finer detail

Aug.24, 2018 - Researchers from the Virginia Tech College of Engineering and Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory have developed a novel process to 3D print graphene, one of the highest-performing materials used in aerospace, energy storage and insulation. More

Tattoo artist sentenced for carrying knuckle duster made on 3D printer

Aug.23, 2018 - A man has been given a suspended jail sentence in Wales after being caught with a knuckle duster made on a 3D printer. More

NYU researchers embed QR code 'clouds' into 3D printed parts to foil counterfeiters

Aug.23, 2018 - A team at NYU Tandon School of Engineering has found a way to prove the provenance of a part by embedding QR (Quick Response) codes into 3D printed products to do away with counterfeiting. More

Delicate robots made of 3D printed ink and paper can fold or flatten on command

Aug.23, 2018 - Researchers based at Carnegie Mellon University are back with a kind of paper robot made of conductive 3D printed material and paper that folds and unfolds itself when an electrical current is applied. More

US Army is recycling waste plastic bottles for 3D printing mission critical parts

Aug.22, 2018 - Now researchers from the U.S. Army Research Laboratory and the U.S. Marine Corps have found a way to fabricate these parts within hours using waste plastics, such as water bottles, cardboard and other recyclable materials found on base as starting materials for 3D printing. More

U.S. Marines 3D print F-35 part which will save $70,000 in costs per fighter jet

Aug.21, 2018 - A team of U.S. Marines in Maryland 3D printed landing gear component that attached to the door of the F-35 stealth fighter aircraft. The Marines were able to replicate it for 9 cents, and it will save $70,000 in costs per jet. More

Alexis Walsh's APEX SERIES combines traditional craft with 3D printing and simulation

Aug.20, 2018 - Alexis Walsh, who specializes in 3D printed fashion, has unveiled her latest collection: the APEX SERIES that marries handcrafted embellishment and generative digital form. More

Amphibio: Jun Kamei's 3D printed 'gills' could let humans breathe underwater

Aug.17, 2018 - Japanese designer Jun Kamei has created a 3D printed garment called Amphibio, 'a gill garment for our aquatic future,' which he is presenting as part of his graduation thesis from London's Royal College of Art (RCA). More

73 percent retail leaders say 3D printing could lead to greater customer satisfaction

Aug.17, 2018 - 73 percent of European retailers believe investments in 3D printing can directly lead to greater customer satisfaction. More

73% retail leaders say 3D printing could lead to greater customer satisfaction

Aug.17, 2018 - 73 percent of European retailers believe investments in 3D printing can directly lead to greater customer satisfaction. More

World's largest 3D printed reef installed at Summer Island Maldives

Aug.17, 2018 - World's largest 3D printed reef was installed at Summer Island in the Maldives, in what is hoped could be a new technology-driven method to help coral reefs survive a warming climate. More

Scientists 3D print placenta-on-a-chip to study nutrient transfer from mother to child

Aug.16, 2018 - Using a high-resolution 3D printing process, researchers from Vienna University of Technology (TU Vienna) in Austria have succeeded in 3D printing an artificial placental barrier on a chip, an advance that can be used to investigate important aspects of nutrient transport from the mother to the foetus. More

Researchers win A$1.1M grant for iFix 3D printing BioPen that corrects eye injuries

Aug.15, 2018 - The creators of BioPen, known as the iFix, which uses special ink to 'colour in' and treat eye wounds, has been given A$ 1.1 million funding from NSW Medical Devices Fund to progress commercialisation of the iFix pen. More

KIT 3D printed prosthetic hand adapts to various object shapes through intelligent mechanisms

Aug.14, 2018 - Researchers from the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) in Germany have developed an advanced five-finger 3D printed prosthetic that adapts to various object shapes through intelligent mechanisms. More

BMW wins 2018 Altair Enlighten Award for 3D-metal printed roof bracket for BMW i8 Roadster

Aug.14, 2018 - German automaker BMW Group has won the 2018 Altair Enlighten Award within the Module category for its 2018 BMW i8 Roadster metal 3D printed convertible roof bracket. This innovative component marks the first time a metal 3D-printed part has been used in a series production vehicle. More

Researchers develop machine learning method for 3D printing process monitoring

Aug.13, 2018 - Ugandhar Delli and Dr. Shing Chang from the Department of Industrial and Manufacturing Systems Engineering (IMSE) at Kansas State University have developed a new quality monitoring system for the 3D printing process. More

P-rouette is a 3D-printed ballet shoe that reduces the pain of dancers

Aug.13, 2018 - Hadar Neeman, a graduate from the Bezalel Academy of Art and Design in Jerusalem has created personalised ballet shoes using 3D printing technology to reduce dancer's pain. The model is called P-rouette. The 3D printed ballet shoe is adapted to fit the user's foot, and is more durable than traditional pointe shoes. More

Facebook bans sites hosting blueprints for 3D printed guns

Aug.10, 2018 - Facebook is banning sites that host digital blueprints to make 3D printed guns from its network and deleting content related to the creation of such weapons, a company spokesperson said on Thursday. More

New 3D printed neural scaffold could help treat spinal cord injuries

Aug.10, 2018 - Researchers from the University of Minnesota have developed a 3D printed guide device that could potentially help patients with long-term spinal cord injuries regain partial function of their bodies. More

Air New Zealand teams with Zenith Tecnica to 3D print metal aircraft parts

Aug.9, 2018 - Air New Zealand has teamed up with New Zealand company Zenith Tecnica to investigate 3D printed metal parts for aircraft and tools which it says can cut development time and costs. More

Siemens 3D prints low-emission pre-mixer for SGT-A05 gas turbine

Aug.9, 2018 - Global technology giant Siemens has successfully 3D-printed and engine tested a dry low emission (DLE) pre-mixer for the SGT-A05 aeroderivative gas turbine, with the impressive results showing a potential for significant reductions in CO emissions, according to a statement from Siemens. More

Pokras Lampas recreate lost Soviet-era 'Girl with an Oar' statue with 3D printing and graffiti

Aug.9, 2018 - A modern version of famous Soviet sculpture, Girl with an Oar, has been unveiled in Moscow's Gorky Park. The figure, which was restored through 3D printing, was assembled and decorated by talented 'calligraffiti' artist Pokras Lampas, from St. Petersburg, who covered with the body with quotes from modern Russian literature. More

3D printed 'Smart' machine components alert users to damage and wear

Aug.8, 2018 - Using advanced additive manufacturing technology, scientists at the United Technologies Research Center and UConn have created 'smart' machine components that alert users when they are worn or damaged with voltage reading. More

Scientists use crocodile cartilage and 3D printing to treat joint injuries, arthritis

Aug.7, 2018 - Scientists from Central Queensland University are making use of 3D bioprinting and crocodile cartilage for a new way of treating arthritis and joint injuries. More

Stanford team uses 3D printing to build custom cardiac-mapping catheters for heart surgery

Aug.7, 2018 - A team of Stanford researchers is investigating new ways to survey electricity in the heart, and are developing 3D printed cardiac surgical devices that could one day help patients who suffer from a common heart ailment, such as atrial fibrillation. More

3D printed ceramic implants help grow real bone

Aug.6, 2018 - Researchers from New York University have developed 3D-printed ceramic implants that successfully led to bone regrowth in lab animals. More

IDC: Worldwide 3D printing spending to reach $23B in 2022

Aug.6, 2018 - Worldwide 3D printing spending will reach $23B in 2022, according to a new update to the Worldwide Semiannual 3D Printing Spending Guide from International Data Corporation (IDC). More

3D printed artificial intelligence device identifies objects at the speed of light

Aug.3, 2018 - Using a 3D printer, a team of UCLA electrical and computer engineers has created an Artificial Intelligence (AI)-based device that can analyze large volumes of data and identify objects at the actual speed of light. More

3D printed soft robotic manipulators allow scientists to investigate delicate deep-sea organisms

Aug.3, 2018 - A team of engineers, marine biologists, and roboticists has developed an alternative sampling device that is soft, flexible, and customizable, allowing scientists to gently grab different types of organisms from the sea without harming them. Moreover, 3D printing of soft robotic manipulators enables real-time manufacturing and modification of tools in highly remote areas. More

MIT self-assembly lab uses rapid liquid printing to create lamps and vases within minutes

Aug.2, 2018 - MIT's self-assembly lab and Swiss designer Christophe Guberan has unveiled a collection of new lighting and household items at new york's patrick parrish gallery using innovative rapid liquid 3D printing technique. In this process, forms are 'drawn' in gel suspension by a robot, and then inflated to their proper sizes. More

U.S. judge blocks posting of blueprints for 3D printed guns

Aug.1, 2018 - A U.S. judge on Tuesday issued a temporary restraining order to stop the release of 3D printed gun blueprints hours before they were set to hit the internet. More

Lightweight 3D printed Trabeculae Pavilion built by WASP print farm

Jul.31, 2018 - Italian 3D printer company WASP announced today the completion of Trabeculae Pavilion, a stunning and highly experimental architecture that is particularly notable for its extreme lightness, and innovative combination of biomimetic research and 3D printing. More

New 3D printing method could make your smartphone battery last longer

Jul.31, 2018 - Engineers at the Carnegie Mellon University have developed a new method of 3D printing battery electrodes that creates a 3D microlattice structure with controlled porosity. Their 3D printing method could lead to vastly improved capacity and charge-discharge rates for lithium-ion batteries. More

ETH Zurich uses sand 3D printing to build 80m2 concrete Smart Slab for DFAB House

Jul.31, 2018 - Researchers at ETH Zurich have realized an 80 m' lightweight concrete slab at the DFAB House, making it the world's first full-scale architectural project to use 3D sand printing for its formwork. More

Allevi, Made in Space team up to develop first 3D bioprinter in space

Jul.30, 2018 - 3D bioprinting company Allevi has teamed up with California-based 3D printing and space technology firm Made In Space to develop the Allevi ZeroG ' the first 3D bioprinter capable of working in low-gravity conditions. More

Tiny, 3D bioprinted scaffolds to regenerate damaged peripheral nerves

Jul.30, 2018 - Scientists at the University of Saskatchewan in Canada have developed tiny 3D-printed scaffolds that can guide the regrowth of nerve cells, possibly restoring the sense of touch and movement control in patients with damaged peripheral nervous system. More

Materialise to 3D print life-size Mammoth skeleton, its largest SLA 3D printing project

Jul.27, 2018 - Materialise is currently realizing its largest SLA 3D printing project to date: a life-size, 3D-printed reconstruction of the first mammoth skeleton that was ever displayed in Western Europe.' More

Chinese researchers taking ice lithography to nano 3D printing

Jul.27, 2018 - Chinese researchers introduced its 3D nanofabrication method, based on electron-beam lithography, using ice resists (iEBL). This novel and simple electron beam lithography is expected to show potential for three-dimensional micro-nano processing. More

Evo 3D printed dental implants backed by BGF £4m investment

Jul.26, 2018 - London-headquartered Evo, a surgical and high-precision engineering company that provides bespoke one-day full jaw dental implant treatment has received a GBP4 million investment from BGF, the UK's most active investor in growing businesses. More

NASA awards AI spacefactory for MARSHA, a 3D-printed vertical Martian habitat

Jul.26, 2018 - New york-based architecture and technology company AI spacefactory released details of MARSHA (MARS HAbitat), a 3D-printed visionary verticle housing on mars. AI SpaceFactory is the second-place winner of Phase 3: Level 1 of NASA's 3D-Printed Habitat Challenge and was awarded a top prize of almost $21,000. More

Advanced materials and additive manufacturing alliance forms in Colorado

Jul.25, 2018 - Carbon fiber material recycling specialist Vartega and the Colorado Cleantech Industries Association on July 24 announced the formation of the Advanced Materials and Additive Manufacturing Infrastructure Development and Education (AMIDE) Alliance. The goal of the alliance is to provide critical resources for the development of thermoplastics for additive manufacturing. More

Workers may use RoboGloves to handle 3D printed parts at GM assembly plant

Jul.25, 2018 - General Motors is using various new technologies such as robotic arm and 3D printing at its assembly plants. At a General Motors' Assembly plant in Michigan, workers may gain grasp-assist from a wearable device called RoboGlove to handle 3D printed parts. More

Airbus and Singapore's DSTA to co-develop 3D printed spare parts for military aircraft

Jul.24, 2018 - Singapore's Defence Science and Technology Agency (DSTA) have signed agreement with Airbus to jointly develop 3D printed spare parts to enhance support for aircraft in operation with the Republic of Singapore Air Force (RSAF). More

Branch Technology builds 'world's largest 3D printed structure' in Tennessee

Jul.24, 2018 - Branch Technology officially unveiled a bandshell pavilion at Nashville's oneC1TY development that is billed as the world's largest 3D-printed structure. More

Michelin working on wood-based tires, wants to use 3D printing to retread tires

Jul.23, 2018 - Michelin wants to put wood in your tires, and the company believes wooden tires will be a reality in less than two years. More

Flying Iron Man 3D printed jet suit now on sale for '340,000 at Selfridges

Jul.23, 2018 - British inventor Richard Browning has created an Iron Man-esque jet suit, built with 3D printed parts, that is literally for sale right now in London's Selfridges department store with a cool price tag of '340,000 ($443,428). More

CECIMO: European Parliament resolution could stifle innovation in 3D printing

Jul.20, 2018 - The European Parliament has issued a non-binding resolution about 3D printing on 3 July, questioning the suitability of current EU regulations. CECIMO, the European Association of the Machine Tool Industries, has said that the resolution could stifle innovation in 3D printing and lead to increased regulation. More

3D printed surfboard fins help surfers optimize performance and catch extra waves

Jul.20, 2018 - UOW team of six surfers and three researchers did on a recent trip to the remote Mentawai Islands, located off West Sumatra in Indonesia, to surf test new shapes of 3D-printed surfboard fins designed and manufactured at the Australian National Fabrication Facility node at the UOW. More

U.S. Air Force will 3D print coffee cup handles to save $1,210 per mug

Jul.18, 2018 - The U.S. Air Force has started 3D printing replacement handles for broken coffee cups because otherwise it would cost $1,210 to replace a single one. More

Starting August 1, you can legally download blueprints for 3D printed guns

Jul.18, 2018 - Last week, Cody Wilson, founder of 3D gun printing advocate Defense Distributed, won a major ruling in his quest to freely publish online blueprints that could allow users to manufacture firearms. More

Spirit, Norsk Titanium start qualification of 3D printed titanium parts for 787

Jul.17, 2018 - Spirit AeroSystems and Norwegian additive manufacturing company Norsk Titanium have reached an agreement to initiate qualification of Spirit's first 3D printed, titanium structural component for the Boeing 787. More

Lockheed Martin, Arconic collaborate on metal 3D printing and lightweight aerospace materials

Jul.16, 2018 - Lockheed Martin and Arconic announced today a two-year Joint Development Agreement (JDA) to collaborate on the development of customized lightweight material systems and advanced manufacturing processes, such as metal 3D printing. More

AREVO launches battery-assisted, 3D printed carbon-fiber frame ebike

Jul.16, 2018 - AREVO announced last week the launch of its eBike, a battery-assisted bike using a 3D printed carbon fiber frame. The announcement comes on the heels of launching its first 3D printed all terrain city bike in May. More

U.S. Air Force's $10,000 toilet seat covers now 3D printed for $300

Jul.16, 2018 - The U.S. Air Force revealed last week that it is 3D printing toilet seat covers for its C-5 Galaxy, a Vietnam-era military cargo plane that is still in service instead of spending $10,000 to replace them. 3D printing now allows them to produce the seat cover for just $300. More

IDC forcasts European spending on 3D printing to grow to nearly $7.4 Billion in 2022

Jul.13, 2018 - According to a recent update to the International Data Corporation's (IDC) Worldwide Semiannual 3D Printing Spending Guide, European purchases of 3D printers, materials, software, and related services are expected to reach total $3.6 billion in 2017. More

Pitt professors awarded $1M to improve 3D printing for nuclear energy industry

Jul.13, 2018 - A team of researchers at the University of Pittsburgh's Swanson School of Engineering, Pennsylvania, USA, has been granted $1 million to advance design and manufacture of nuclear plant components via additive manufacturing. The award is part of the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) Office of Nuclear Energy's Nuclear Energy Enabling Technologies (NEET) program. More

Admedus successfully tests its 3D printed TAVR heart valve on sheep

Jul.13, 2018 - Queensland-based medical technologies company, Admedus, has announced new progress in the development of its patented Transcatheter Aortic Valve Replacement (TAVR) project. The company has commenced animal trials by completing the first successful live implantation of its unique single-piece aortic heart valve in a sheep. More

CUDA, world's first 3D printed underwater jetpack can propel users up to 8 miles per hour

Jul.12, 2018 - Archie O'Brien, a product design student in UK has designed a futuristic underwater jetpack that can propel a swimmer at speeds of up to eight miles per hour. Called CUDA, the jetpack was made entirely using 3D printed materials. More

Lockheed Martin tests giant 3D printed satellite fuel tank for space

Jul.12, 2018 - Lockheed Martin has completed the final rounds of quality testing on a titanium cylinder built using 3D printing technology this month, concluding a multi-year development program to create giant, high-pressure tanks that carry fuel on board satellites. More

72 3D printed dragons return to Kew Gardens pagoda after 230-year absence

Jul.11, 2018 - The Great Pagoda at Kew Gardens in London has been returned to its 18th-century splendour and will re-open this summer. Thanks to 3D Systems' selective laser sintering (SLS) technology, 72 large-scale, lightweight 3D printed dragons were restored to The Great Pagoda after more than 230-year absence. More

Low cost houses could be 3D printed from peat and oil shale ash-based material

Jul.11, 2018 - Scientists from the University of Tartu and the Estonian University of Life Sciences have created a construction material from peat and oil shale ash that could reduce the construction costs of a private house nearly tenfold. The aim was to create a self-supporting construction material based on local natural resources and waste that could be used to 3D print houses up to two-storeys high directly at the construction site. More

French family becomes the first to move into a 3D printed house

Jul.10, 2018 - A family in France has become the first in the world to move into a 3D printed house. The overall goal of the 3D printed house project is to demonstrate that 3D printing technologies can be used to not only construct liveable housing structures but affordable housing. More

Severance Hospital to commercialize Korea's first 3D printed artificial eye

Jul.10, 2018 - Severance Hospital of the Yonsei University Health System (YUHS) announced Monday that it is getting ready to commercialize Korea's first 3D printed artificial eye. More

3D printing trial will bring artificial limbs to patients in Madagascar, Togo

Jul.9, 2018 - Humanity & Inclusion (HI) has launched a new trial in Madagascar and Togo which utilizes 3D scanning and printing to provide affordable prosthetics. More

Global collaboration to develop 3D printed field test kit to combat disease

Jul.9, 2018 - In order to diagnose a deadly disease called Leishmaniasis, researchers from South Australia, Texas and Ethiopia are collaborating to develop 3D printed field test kit to find pesky parasites. More

Nano Sun launches Singapore's first 3D printing plant for water filtration membranes

Jul.6, 2018 - Nano Sun, a water technology start-up founded by a scientist from Nanyang Technological University, Singapore (NTU Singapore), has launched a 3D printing plant to manufacture a new type of water treatment membrane. According to the company, the membranes can filter waste water five times faster than traditionally used polymer and ceramic membranes. More

Singapore's Construction 3D Printing (AM.NUS) Program embarks on 3D printed toilet project

Jul.6, 2018 - Scientists at the National University of Singapore (NUS) has launched a new program, AM.NUS Construction 3D Printing Program to quicken the selection of 3D printing building technology in the construction industry. More

Man teased on Twitter for how he ate a Kit Kat bar proposes with 3D printed bar

Jul.5, 2018 - Weeks after he went viral for the way he ate a Kit Kat bar, a Washington man proposed to his girlfriend in the perfect way ' with the help of 3D printing. More

ClearCaps uses 3D printers to produce 250 dental aligners in 24 hours

Jul.5, 2018 - ClearCaps, a clear aligner brand founded in Berlin, Germany, is using 3D printers to accelerate its large volume manufacturing operations. ClearCaps also uses state-of-the-art 3D software for planning and tracking of its cases. More

Zero Gravity bioprinter heads to ISS, plans to 3D print cardiac patch for damaged hearts

Jul.4, 2018 - A 3D BioFabrication Facility (BFF) developed by nScrypt and Techshot and designed to 3D print thick tissue and organs using adult stem cells will launch to the International Space Station (ISS) aboard the next SpaceX cargo resupply mission. More

Cintec uses 3D printing to help complete million-dollar restoration of Red House

Jul.3, 2018 - CINTEC, a structural masonry expert headquartered in Newport, Wales, has undertaken vital restoration work on one of the world's most prestigious Government buildings, The Red House, also known as the seat of Parliament for the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago. More

French artist Michel Paysant presents tiniest 3D-printed self-portrait

Jul.2, 2018 - In a collaboration with visual artist Michel Paysant, French company Microlight3D has created what it is calling the tiniest 3D printed self-portrait in the world. More

RMIT studies laser metal 3D printing for defence aircraft parts

Jun.29, 2018 - A team of researchers from Australia's RMIT University is using 'laser metal deposition' technology to build and repair steel and titanium parts for defence force aircraft under a two-year project. More

NOWLab@BigRep creates 'smart concrete wall' through 3D printing

Jun.29, 2018 - NOWlab, the innovation department of large-format 3D printer manufacturer BigRep, has created a 'smart concrete wall' with an adaptive surface enabled by embedded capacitive sensors. More

3D printed composite materials inspired by Mantis Shrimp's powerful club weapon

Jun.28, 2018 - Purdue University studied the mechanism behind just how mantis shrimp wields its powerful club without permanently damaging itself, and the design strategy, aiming to develop a new class of super-tough materials. More

BIOLIFE4D successfully 3D bioprints human heart tissue

Jun.27, 2018 - BIOLIFE4D, a Chicago-based medical tech firm specializing in 3D bioprinting and tissue engineering, announced it has successfully demonstrated its ability to 3D bioprint human cardiac tissue ' specifically, a human cardiac patch. More

UCSF and INTAMSYS to develop 3D printed PEEK implants for orthopedic surgery

Jun.27, 2018 - Professional 3D printer manufacturer INTAMSYS, headquartered in Shanghai, has announced a joint-research initiative to develop 3D printed PEEK implants for orthopedic surgery with the University of California, San Francisco (UCSF). More

General Motors saves $300,000 in tooling costs using 3D printing

Jun.26, 2018 - General Motors sees great value in 3D printing and is taking advantage. The company said most of GM's factories have 3D printers, and 3D printing has the ability to save GM millions of dollars in annual production costs. Dan Grieshaber, GM's director of global manufacturing integration, said use of the 3D printing technology has recently increased, leading GM to expand and better standardize operations. More

ETH Zurich students create intricate metal facade in 3D printed moulds

Jun.25, 2018 - Students from ETH Zurich created a beautiful and intricate metal facade using 3D printed molds. Called "Deep Facade", the sculpture-like structure is made of 26 articulated panels, is six metres high and four metres wide. More

Naval Group and Centrale Nantes 3D print first full-scale military propeller blade

Jun.25, 2018 - French naval defense specialist Naval Group and engineering school Centrale Nantes have successfully 3D printed their first full-scale propeller blade demonstrator for military applications using the Wire Arc Additive Manufacturing (WAAM) process. More

3D printable photochromic molecular materials for reversible information storage

Jun.19, 2018 - New University of Nottingham research proves that advanced materials containing molecules that switch states in response to environmental stimuli such as light can be fabricated using 3D printing. More

Britain is testing robots with 3D printers that can fill in potholes within a minute

Jun.15, 2018 - A fleet of autonomous road vehicles or drones will scan roads looking for cracks and fixing them before potholes develop. Upon spotting a crack in the road, a robot with an attached 3D printer will be able to spray asphalt into a crack in the road to repair it, all within a minute. More

WSU team 3D prints drug-delivering microneedle array for eye disease treatment

Jun.15, 2018 - Kuen-Ren 'Roland' Chen, an assistant professor in the School of Mechanical and Materials Engineering at Washington State University has received a U.S. Department of Defense grant to develop a more convenient, less expensive and less painful way to treat serious eye diseases. More

MIT's 3D printed shapeshifting robots crawl, jump, roll and play catch through magnets

Jun.14, 2018 - MIT researchers have designed and 3D printed an array of soft, mechanical critters whose movements can be controlled with a wave of a magnet, much like marionettes without the strings. More

Croatia presents Cloud Pergola Pavilion, 'world's largest 3D printed structure' in Venice Biennale

Jun.8, 2018 - The Croatian Pavilion has presented the world's largest and most complex 3D Printed installation at this year's Venice Architecture Biennale. Titled 'Cloud Pergola / The Architecture of Hospitality', the Pavilion reflects on spaces of hospitality, the environment, automated design, and architecture's role in the 21st century. More

ETH Zurich develops 3D printed paddling submarine that swims without an engine

Jun.6, 2018 - Researchers at ETH Zurich have teamed up with colleagues at the California Institute of Technology (Caltech) to develop a new propulsion concept for swimming robots. The robot exploits temperature fluctuations in the water for propulsion without the need for an engine, propellant, or power supply. More

Researchers create 3D printed smart hydrogel that walks underwater, moves objects

Jun.4, 2018 - Rutgers University-New Brunswick engineers have created a 3D-printed smart gel that walks underwater and grabs objects and moves them. More

Researchers developed highly stretchable hydrogels for high resolution multimaterial 3D printing

Jun.4, 2018 - Researchers from the Singapore University of Technology and Design (SUTD) Digital Manufacturing and Design (DManD) Centre and the Hebrew University of Jerusalem (HUJI) have developed a family of highly stretchable and UV curable hydrogels that can be stretched by up to 1300%, and are suitable for UV curing based 3D printing techniques. More

CMU researchers design EGO method to optimize soft material 3D printing

Jun.1, 2018 - Researchers in Carnegie Mellon University's College of Engineering have developed a novel approach to optimizing soft material 3D printing. The researchers' Expert-Guided Optimization (EGO) method uses an optimization algorithm that efficiently searches combinations of parameters relevant for 3D printing, enabling high-fidelity soft material products to be printed. More

Five habitable 3D printed concrete houses to be built in Eindhoven, the Netherlands

May.31, 2018 - The city of Eindhoven in the Netherlands will see the first 3D-printed concrete houses built next year in Bosrijk, Meerhoven, the municipality of Eindhoven, Eindhoven University of Technology and the four companies involved announced on Wednesday. More

You can get a 3D printed model of your brain in under an hour, thanks to bitmap-based 3D printing

May.31, 2018 - Researchers at Harvard University and MIT have come up with an easy way to 3D print highly detailed models of human brains in less than an hour - for a fraction of the cost and labor needed for a lower quality product.' More

DWK Life Sciences reveals first commercial labware product made by metal 3D printing

May.30, 2018 - DWK Life Sciences will reveal a new labware product at ACHEMA 2018 manufactured using metal 3D printing. More

First 3D printed human corneas created at Newcastle University

May.30, 2018 - Scientists at Newcastle University in the UK have successfully 3D printed the first human corneas. The technique could be used in the future to ensure an unlimited supply of corneas. More

Wipro3D, IIT Bombay Racing to 3D print key part for EVoX electric race car

May.29, 2018 - Wipro3D, the additive manufacturing (AM) business unit of Wipro Infrastructure Engineering, has signed an MoU with the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Bombay racing team to 3D print parts for Formula Student electric race car. More

EDG creates customizable 3D printed concrete molds to restore historic architecture

May.28, 2018 - EDG, a New York architecture and engineering firm has come up with a cost-effective way to bridge technology and craft: Modern Ornamental: a new form of digital sculpture. The key lies in 3D printing. More

Surgeons use 3D printing for two-year-old's life-saving, complex kidney transplant

May.18, 2018 - Surgeons at Guy's and St Thomas' NHS Foundation Trust, London, are using 3D printing technology to improve the success rates of life-saving, complex organ transplantation in young children. This is exemplified in the case of two-year-old Dexter Clark, who was born with severe kidney problem recently received a larger-than-average kidney from his father, Brendan Clark. More

OHSU, UCF's Limbitless Solutions launch first U.S. clinical trial of 3D printed prosthetics for children

May.17, 2018 - The team at Limbitless Solutions is partnering with researchers at Oregon Health & Science University (OHSU) on a clinical trial that will determine whether the devices will be covered by insurance. More

Nanfang Additive Manufacturing's EBM metal 3D printing used for oil and gas pipelines for the first time

May.16, 2018 - Nanfeng Co., Ltd announced that its subsidiary Nanfang Additive Manufacturing Technology Co,.Ltd reached an agreement with the Tubular Goods Research Institute of China National Petroleum Corporation (CNPC) for a development project for special fittings, which will make use of additive manufacturing. The two sides have signed a contract for joint technology development. More

GM using Autodesk software, 3D printing, AI and cloud computing for vehicle lightweighting

May.15, 2018 - General Motors is using generative design software, 3D printing, AI and cloud computing to introduce the next generation of vehicle lightweighting. General Motors has described "the technologies are key to developing efficient and lighter alternative propulsion and zero emission vehicles." More

SodaStream auctions water bottles with fancy 3D printed hats in honor of Prince Harry, Meghan Markle royal wedding

May.15, 2018 - In celebration of the Royal couple's dedication to the fight against single-use plastic bottles, Israeli sparkling water manufacturer Sodastream announced on Tuesday that it was launching a set of exclusive limited-edition bottles sporting miniature 'hats'. Each of the five original hat designs is inspired by an iconic look that was previously worn by female royals. More

Researchers develop 3D printer that can make complex body tissues

May.15, 2018 - Researchers at University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) have developed a technique that uses a specially adapted 3D printer to build therapeutic biomaterials from multiple materials. More

Coating 3D printed scaffolds with turmeric ingredient improves bone growth by up to 45 percent

May.4, 2018 - A recent WSU research project has shown that turmeric could be useful for stimulating bone growth. The team coated a 3D printed bone scaffold in the spice's main ingredient, curcumin compounds, and this improved bone growth by up to 45 percent. More

Moog teams with ST Aerospace, NCMS to create blockchain-based VeriPart for 3D printed parts tracking

May.3, 2018 - A new blockchain-based supply chain management system, VeriPart, has been developed by Moog. It will allow manufacturers to verify the parts they use and manage transactions more efficiently, and it has been adapted for tracking 3D printed parts, in collaboration with ST Aerospace and NCMS. More

GM teams with Autodesk to 3D print cheaper and lighter parts for alternative fuel vehicles

May.3, 2018 - General Motors has teamed up with Autodesk in order to develop 3D printed parts for a proposed range of alternative energy vehicles. The new cars will require more lightweight parts to maximize fuel efficiency, and 3D printing will help to achieve these designs in a more affordable way. More

3D printing is transforming treatment of congenital heart disease

May.2, 2018 - A recently published paper suggests that 3D technology could have a huge impact on the treatment of congenital heart disease. 3D printed models and virtual simulations are likely to improve the education process for cardiologists, as well as facilitating communication with patients and between surgeons. More

U.S. Marine Corps uses 3D printing to repair snowshoes for mountain training mission

May.1, 2018 - A recent training mission carried out by the U.S. Marine Corps made use of 3D printing technology to repair troops' snowshoes. The Marine Corps System Command's AM team quickly 3D printed replacement parts for use at the Mountain Warfare Training Center. More

Israeli initiative uses 3D printing to help 12 injured veterans regain pleasures of life

May.1, 2018 - An event being held in Tel Aviv this week will use 3D printing to develop solutions for problems faced by wounded war veterans. The Makers for Heroes program brings together expert volunteers from the tech, business, and medical communities to help out 12 injured soldiers. More

Engineer dad 3D prints prosthetics and $3 device to help disabled children skip, fish and play golf

May.1, 2018 - An engineer in Australia has recently made use of 3D printing in order to develop a new adapter accessory that will allow children without hands to use skipping ropes. Mat Bowtell has been 3D printing prosthetic hands and fingers for years now, helping out dozens of children, and this $3 device is his latest breakthrough. More

AZL Architects modernizes rural Chinese stone house with 3D printed pavilion

Apr.30, 2018 - Chinese architecture firm AZL Architects has used 3D printing as part of a new house built in a rural Chinese village. The LEI House in Shanyinwu has a main building built from stone using traditional methods, which contrasts with an outer pavilion that was put together from 400 3D printed plastic blocks. More

3D printed heart helps Rice students develop cutting-edge wireless pacemaker

Apr.30, 2018 - A team of engineers at Rice University has developed a design for a new pacemaker device, and used a 3D printed heart for a demonstration. Their device would embed tiny sensor chips within the heart, which communicate wirelessly with a base station and deliver energy when problems are detected. More

Lex 3D printed camera combines classic 35mm film with modern Sony lenses

Apr.30, 2018 - A new project by a Texas-based engineer has combined classic 35mm film photography with modern lenses. The 3D printed Lex camera body enables lenses from high-end digital cameras to be mounted on a camera that shoots on 35mm. More

Sandia's first 3D printed wind turbine blade mold wins national Technology Focus Award

Apr.27, 2018 - Sandia National Laboratories has won a Technology Focus Award for its first 3D printed wind turbine blade mold. Sandia teamed up with ORNL and TPI Composites to develop the new fabrication method, which uses 3D printing to create a mold and cuts total production time down by over a year. More

New design for 3D printed surgical needle inspired by honeybees' stingers

Apr.27, 2018 - Researchers at Temple University have developed a design for a new nature-inspired surgical needle, using 3D printing technology. The needle is based on the stinger of the honeybee, with barbs carved into it in order to minimize tissue damage. More

Nervous System creates impressive self-forming structures by 3D printing on pre-stretched fabric

Apr.27, 2018 - Innovative design studio Nervous System has experimented with 3D printing on fabric to create self-forming shapes. The project makes use of an algorithm to translate a 3D model into a flat pattern, and this is printed in plastic on to stretched fabric, which then curves itself into the desired 3D shape upon release. More

Arigin Medical gets Series A funding for personalized orthopedic 3D printing solutions

Apr.27, 2018 - Medical 3D printing company Arigin Medical has completed its series A funding round. The Shanghai-based firm uses 3D printing technology to create advanced surgical guides for orthopedics procedures, as well as personalized orthopedic implants. More

New study shows 3D printing helps avoid paravalvular leak from TAVR heart surgery

Apr.27, 2018 - A team of researchers have made use of 3D printing to reduce the risks involved with TAVR heart surgery. They took CT scans of patient's hearts, which were 3D printed and successfully used as guides to test out the size and fit of the replacement valves, in order to prevent paravalvular leak. More

Researchers develop 3D printed dentures filled with anti-fungal medication to treat infections

Apr.26, 2018 - A team of researchers from NY's University at Buffalo have made use of 3D printing to create an innovative set of dentures. They are implanted with an anti-fungal medication, which is gradually released over time to fight infections in the user's mouth. More

CMU scientists create self-folding materials using cheap desktop 3D printer

Apr.25, 2018 - A team of researchers at CMU have developed a technique known as Thermorph, which 3D prints self-folding objects. Taking advantage of post-printing warpage in thermoplastics, the team used cheap desktop 3D printers to speed up the printing process by programming folds into flat objects, which then assumed their final shape upon heating. More

Vietnamese pilot receives 3D printed bionic hand after aircraft crash

Apr.24, 2018 - A Vietnamese military pilot who suffered serious injuries in an air crash has recently received a 3D printed bionic hand. The hand was printed by 3D Master Company using a Zortrax M200 3D printer, and it is capable of being controlled by the pilot's own thoughts. More

Researchers combine 3D printing and microfluidics in cost-effective method for preparing bio-chips

Apr.24, 2018 - A team of researchers at CUNY have succeeded in developing an advanced new technique for creating bio-chips. Using beam-pen lithography and microfluidics, they were capable of using nano-printing to print multiple molecules on to the surface of the same bio-chip, making the process much more efficient and versatile. More

BioNEEK knee brace exploits INTAMSYS 3D printing and ultra-light PEEK material for improved endurance and mobility

Apr.23, 2018 - An advanced new medical device has been developed using INTAMSYS' PEEK materials and 3D printing technology. The BioNEEK knee brace provides support and protection to people with knee problems, and INTAMSYS' products have made it extra-lightweight as well as strong and durable. More

Ballistix Tactical Tracer RAM kit lets modding gamers 3D print their own LED light bar

Apr.20, 2018 - Ballistix, the gaming-oriented division of Micron Technology, has just released a new modifiable RAM kit. The Ballistix Tactical Tracer gaming RAM offers gamers the ability to 3D print their own light bar cover, with the design files being available for free online. More

Chinese surgeons create first-ever 3D printed facial implant for a child

Apr.20, 2018 - A team of surgeons in China made use of 3D printing to produce a titanium jaw implant for a 10 year-old boy. The operation has now been declared a success, and this is the first time a child's face has been successfully reconstructed using the technology. More

Windsor biologists 3D print robo-toads to help study real toads' unusual mating ritual

Apr.19, 2018 - A team of researchers at Canada's University of Windsor have 3D printed robotic toads to study unusual mating behaviour. The realistic replica toads are being placed amongst real ones to stimulate behaviour, in an effort to solve the mystery of brown toads in Costa Rica turning yellow for one day a year. More

BASF and Essentium create extra-strong 3D printed plastic/carbon fiber prosthetic leg

Apr.19, 2018 - The partnership between BASF and Essentium has recently developed an innovative new product for the prosthetics market. The 3D printed device consists of a leg and a foot and an extra-strong plastic/carbon fiber socket, made using BASF's Ultramid polyamide material, and it was produced through Essentium's TriFusion Devices subsidiary. More

3D Housing 05: EU's first 3D printed house debuts at Milan Design Week 2018

Apr.19, 2018 - Engineering company Arup and CLS Architects' much-anticipated '3D printed one-bedroom house' has been revealed at the Salone del Mobile design in Milan. The event, hosted from April 17 to 22, features the 3D printed home in Milan's central Piazza Cesare Beccaria, where guests can admire its 3D printed structure. More

Peak Sport releases first 3D printed volleyball shoes

Apr.19, 2018 - China's Peak Sport has released the first range of 3D printed shoes for volleyball. The shoes were developed by gathering data from a number of professional players and creating an advanced design for improved cushioning, which was then printed using SLS technology. More

Rice's 3D printed cervix models help teach cervical cancer screening

Apr.18, 2018 - A group of students at Rice University have developed a device that can assist in the treatment and diagnosis of cervical cancer. The 3D printed device has a number of cervix models which can be used for training, and it will be particularly helpful for medical professionals in areas with limited resources. More

U.S. Army 3D prints squid-like soft robots for improved stealth in combat

Apr.18, 2018 - A joint research project between the University of Minnesota and the U.S. Army has taken inspiration from nature for 3D printed soft robots. The robots' motion is based on that of invertebrates, as this allows for improved flexibility with less complex mechanisms and electronics, increasing the viability for battlefield use. More

Lockheed Martin, PADT, Stratasys to 3D print over 100 parts for NASA's Orion capsule

Apr.18, 2018 - More than 100 parts for U.S. space agency NASA's deep-space capsule Orion will be made by 3D printers, using technology that experts say will eventually become key to efforts to send humans to Mars. Lockheed Martin, PADT, Stratasys to 3D print over 100 parts for NASA's Orion capsule More

UW researchers 3D print innovative 'smart' device for ordering laundry detergent

Apr.17, 2018 - A group of students at the University of Washington has used 3D printing technology in order to make a useful household device. Their 'smart' device can be fitted to the cap of a bottle of laundry liquid, and it is capable of sending a message to a phone to order more detergent through the Amazon app, when the bottle is almost empty. More

Nike's 3D printed Zoom Vaporfly Elite Flyprint to boost Eliud Kipchoge's London Marathon 2018

Apr.17, 2018 - Marathon runner Eliud Kipchoge will run this year's London Marathon in a pair of Nike trainers that were developed using 3D printing technology. The company used its Flyprint system to individually print threads of the upper fabric, in an effort to reduce weight and help Kipchoge achieve the fastest-ever marathon run. More

VTT 3D prints 'smart' metal shaft in big step towards industrial A.I.

Apr.17, 2018 - Finland's VTT research centre has developed a proof-of-concept for a 'smart' metal component. The 3D printed part is a metal shaft for a bearing, and it has embedded sensors that allow it to provide feedback on its own performance in real-time. More

BMW to open new $12 million Additive Manufacturing Campus in 2019

Apr.16, 2018 - BMW has announced that it will be opening a new Additive Manufacturing Campus sometime in 2019. Costing around $12 million, the facility will be located just north of Munich and will be focused on interdisciplinary training and developing the most cutting-edge solutions to manufacturing problems. More

Researchers 3d print robust, superelastic foam with tunable properties for footwear and car seating

Apr.16, 2018 - A group of researchers at Cleveland's Cape Western Reserve University have fabricated a new superelastic foam material. Using 3D printing, they modified the structure of polyurethane to have tunable properties as well as high levels of robustness and elasticity, and the foam could be useful for footwear, seating and other purposes. More

Youtuber James Bruton awarded Guinness World Record for tallest 3D printed sculpture of a human

Apr.16, 2018 - A maker based in the UK has been awarded the Guinness World Record for world's largest 3D printed human sculpture. The statue, which stands at 3.62m (11.8 ft), is modelled after its maker James Bruton and took over 500 hours to print. More

E&G and U.S. Navy use HP Jet Fusion technology to explore 3D printed explosives

Apr.16, 2018 - E&G Associates, a company formed by engineering grads from the University of Tennessee, is collaborating with the U.S. Navy on explosives research. The company will be making use of HP's Jet Fusion 3D printing technology to explore different shapes and material combinations, with tests carried out at the Missouri University of Science and Technology. More

Three fun DIY projects: 3D printed chess set, handheld self-propelling device, Nintendo Switch accessories

Apr.14, 2018 - Here's a round-up of three more exciting DIY 3D printing projects that have been posted online recently. The hobbyist community has been busy as ever, with a 3D printed chess set, a handheld self-propelling device, and Nintendo Switch accessories. More

SCI-Arc students re-imagine former LA prison with AI and 3D printing

Apr.13, 2018 - A group of architecture students at LA's Sci-Arc have used 3D printing and AI in their proposals for a re-development project. They captured images of Lincoln Heights, a disused LA jail complex, and came up with innovative ideas to adapt it using cutting-edge technologies More

17 year-old Alejandro Colli offers to 3D print free prosthetics for pets

Apr.13, 2018 - A young student from Argentina has announced his intention to 3D print prosthetics for dogs. 17 year-old Alejandro Colli will be offering the prosthetics free of charge, and his campaign has received over 70, 000 retweets on Twitter. More

3D printed octopus organs could have applications in biomedical devices, sensors, and stretchable electronics

Apr.13, 2018 - As members of the Cephalopod family, octopuses, squids, and cuttlefish all have an important survival mechanism in common: their remarkable ability to camouflage, instantaneously transforming colour to match their surroundings. Now, for the first time, humans are getting in on the action thanks to two engineers and multi-material 3D printing. More

3D printed metamaterials can be switched on and off remotely for sound and vibration control

Apr.12, 2018 - A group of researchers at USC Viterbi has made use of 3D printing in order to create a unique metamaterial. Like many metamaterials, its structure can be used to control sound waves, but this acoustic metamaterial's properties can also be controlled remotely using a magnetic field. More

CSIRO's Data61 seeks multi-material 3D printer for soft robotics

Apr.12, 2018 - Data61, a branch of Australian research organization CSIRO, is looking for a high-end, multi-material 3D printer. The machine will be used as part of various soft robotics projects and other environmental research, including the integration of bio-sensors into marine wildlife. More

Airbus installs first visible 3D printed part in Finnair A320 passenger cabin

Apr.12, 2018 - The first 3D printed part that will be visible to passengers has been debuted by Airbus in its A320 aircraft. People flying with Finnair will be able to see the spacer panel, which is the first 3D printed part that meets Airbus' aesthetic standards for passenger cabins. More

3D printing helps to map arteries and improve outcomes for oral surgery

Apr.11, 2018 - A start-up called Starfish Engineering has recently pioneered a technique to improve oral surgery. The Purdue University-affiliated company used a 3D printed phantom to test out its approach, which uses light in order to create a detailed 3D map of arteries and lesions inside a patient's mouth. More

Duke's new 3D printed metamaterial can perfectly redirect and reflect soundwaves

Apr.11, 2018 - A group of researchers at Duke University have designed a new metamaterial that enables them to control soundwaves efficiently. Fabricated using 3D printing, the metamaterial's structure allowed them to precisely control the reflection and transmission of sound. More

3D printing and machine learning turn smartphone cameras into microscopes

Apr.11, 2018 - A team of researchers at UCLA have made use of 3D printing and machine learning in order to improve accessibility to advanced microscopy. Their 3D printed devices enhanced smartphone photos to microscopic levels, and then deep-learning techniques were used to improve the quality even further, for laboratory analysis. More

NASA to launch Cornell lab's 2 3D printed CubeSats into space in 2019

Apr.10, 2018 - The ninth round of NASA's CubeSat Launch Initiative has just been announced, and two projects by Cornell students have been selected. The projects are called PAN and Alpha, and they will launch their nano-satellites, made using 3D printing, into space in 2019. More

Temple researchers 3D print personalized bandages for improved comfort and faster healing

Apr.10, 2018 - A group of researchers at Philadelphia's Temple University has made use of 3D printing in order to create improved bandages. Their method draws on the electro-spinning technique to make personalized 3D printed bandages made of soy protein, which offer improved fit as well as better tissue regeneration. More

Orbital ATK successfully tests 3D printed warhead for hypersonic weapons

Apr.10, 2018 - Orbital ATK has carried out a successful test on a new warhead, which was built primarily using 3D printing technology. The warhead is designed for use with hypersonic weapons, and 3D printing 3 out of its 5 main components allowed the production time to be cut down by over a month. More

Olaf Diegel 3D prints eye-catching Bling 3D aluminium bracelets

Apr.10, 2018 - A Swedish designer has 3D printed a range of impressive chain-link bracelets from an aluminium alloy. Olaf Diegel, who also 3D prints unique customized guitars, started out the project as an exercise before evenutally turning it into the Bling3D jewelery range. More

3D printed gloves give Australian para-triathlete a shot at Commonwealth gold

Apr.9, 2018 - An Australian para-triathlete will be competing soon in the Gold Coast Commonwealth Games, and should be performing better than ever thanks to 3D printing technology. Adelaide's ThincLab studio helped him out by 3D printing some special gloves, in order to better protect his hands as he races. More

Three fun DIY 3D printing projects: 3D printed weather station, car key and workbench light arch

Apr.8, 2018 - Here’s a round-up of three more exciting DIY 3D printing projects that have been posted online recently. The hobbyist community has been busy as ever, with a 3D printed car key, a weather station, and a workbench light arch. More

Festo's 3D printed, semi-autonomous robotic flying fox has a wingspan of more than 7 feet

Apr.7, 2018 - German electronics company Festo has made use of 3D printing technology to develop an impressive working replica of the flying fox. Made of printed components as well as carbon rods and elastane fabric, the robot flies just like the large bat, and has an integrated infrared camera. More

18 year-old Joaquin Vergara offers free 3D printed prosthetics on Twitter and Facebook

Apr.6, 2018 - A student in Argentina has posted a video on social media offering to 3D print prosthetics for those in need, and got a remarkable response. He received over 80, 000 retweets, and is now collaborating with a number of different people to provide them with the assistance they need. More

Digital Chaiselongue: Incremental3d and Philipp Aduatz 3D print innovative concrete chair

Apr.5, 2018 - A collaborative effort between startup Incremental3d and Philipp Aduatz, both based in Austria, has led to the creation of some impressive 3D printed concrete sculptures. A concrete 'Digital Chaiselongue' and other pieces will be on display at an exhibition at this year's Milan Design Week. More

US Navy boosts investment in metal 3D printing for battleships

Apr.4, 2018 - The United States Navy is now looking at employing 3D printing to manufacture metal parts for critical Naval applications, further bolstering fleet readiness. According to Concurrent Technologies Corporation (CTC), the Office of Naval Research has awarded the company a $2.6 million two-year contract to supply technology solutions that will ensure the manufacturability of quality metallic parts from additive manufacturing (AM) machines. More

MIT engineers use 3D printing to develop Kirigami-influenced adhesive bandages

Apr.3, 2018 - A team of engineers at MIT have made use of 3D printed molds to create special film bandages out of a rubber-like material. These films incorporate slits, similar to those used in the art of Kirigami, and this gives them special adhesive properties that are useful for medical applications. More

MX3D to install world's first 3D printed steel bridge over Amsterdam canal

Apr.3, 2018 - Dutch 3D printing company MX3D has recently finished production on the world's first fully 3D printed steel bridge. It has a unique design and advanced smart sensors, and should be installed over an Amsterdam canal sometime in the near future. More

CSAIL engineers capture underwater footage with SoFi, a 3D printed soft robotic fish

Apr.3, 2018 - A team of engineers at CSAIL has captured underwater footage using a soft robotic fish, known as SoFi. The head of the fish was 3D printed, and the whole design is simple and lightweight, allowing for improved movement and less disruption of the environment when compared to traditional underwater vehicles. More

CSAIL engineers capture underwater footage with SoFi, a 3D printed soft robotic fish

Apr.3, 2018 - A team of engineers at CSAIL has captured underwater footage using a soft robotic fish, known as SoFi. The head of the fish was 3D printed, and the whole design is simple and lightweight, allowing for improved movement and less disruption of the environment when compared to traditional underwater vehicles. More

Leaf-inspired 3D printed microstructure could clean oceans after oil spills

Mar.30, 2018 - Researchers from the University of Southern California have drawn inspiration from nature for the development of materials that could help clean up oil spills. The team has used 3D printing to recreate the microstructure composition of floating fern leaves for this purpose. More

Hero Arm: Open Bionics to roll out 'world's first' medically approved 3D printed bionic arm

Mar.30, 2018 - Open Bionics, a UK-based developer of low-cost 3D printed prosthetic hands, has received some exciting news from the NHS. The company's Hero Arm has become the first ever medically approved 3D printed bionic arm and will be available across the UK starting April 25. More

Manchester students 3D print robotic prosthetic hand for under $500

Mar.29, 2018 - A group of students from the University of Manchester is lending a helping hand by designing a low-cost 3D printed robotic hand. The 3D printed prosthetic can be made for as little as £307 ($430), and is capable of performing a range of functions. More

3D printed replicas of Wall Street's 'Fearless Girl' statue go on sale for $6,500

Mar.29, 2018 - You can now buy your very own miniature version of Wall Street's now famous 'Fearless Girl' sculpture for $6,500. Artist Kristen Visbal is creating a limited run of 1,000 replicas made with the help of 3D scanning and printing. More

This smart 3D printed Lawnmower Robot can be controlled with a Playstation joypad

Mar.29, 2018 - Maker [v.loschiavo] has developed an incredible 3D printed Lawnmower Robot for the 2018 Hackaday Prize. The robot is solar-powered, made from 3D printed ABS components, and can be controlled with a Playstation controller. More

Genesis Essentia concept car boasts 3D printed interior and transparent roof

Mar.29, 2018 - Genesis, Hyundai Motor Group's luxury vehicle brand, has got the auto world abuzz with its recently unveiled Essentia Concept car. The luxury car, a battery-powered electric vehicle with 3D printed components, was presented at the New York International Auto Show this week. More

3D bioprinted cell patches used to repair damaged diaphragms in groundbreaking study

Mar.28, 2018 - Researchers in Japan have used a 3D bioprinted cellular patch to repair damaged human diaphragms attached to rats, seeing 'complete tissue integration' of the printed grafts after a period of time. The exciting bioprinting research paves the way for a clinical trial. More

SLM 3D printer used to make fusion reactor part in China

Mar.28, 2018 - Scientists from the Institute of Nuclear Energy Safety Technology (INEST) and Chinese Academy of Sciences have built and tested a 3D printed wall of a test blanket module, a component of a fusion reactor, using CLAM steel. More

Volvo CE starts 3D printing spare parts, 'significantly reduces' lead times

Mar.27, 2018 - Volvo Construction Equipment, the construction equipment subsidiary of the Volvo Group, has introduced 3D printing in order to deliver spare parts to customers more quickly and efficiently. Parts 3D printed so far include plastic coverings and sections of air conditioning units. More

Materialise 3D prints Antwerp City Hall as part of huge municipal restoration effort

Mar.27, 2018 - 3D software company Materialise has put together a huge 3D printed model of Antwerp City Hall, a building from the 16th century. The company had to use its Mammoth Stereolithography 3D printers for the large-scale 3D printing project. More

France's 3D printed Yhnova house to welcome first residents this June

Mar.27, 2018 - Just outside of the French city of Nantes, the Yhnova 3D printed social housing project has been officially inaugurated. The 3D printed house is preparing to welcome its first residents in June. More

3D printed combustion chamber improves Zero 2 Infinity's balloon-assisted rocket

Mar.26, 2018 - Barcelona-based Zero 2 Infinity has received support from non-profit organization FADA in its effort to develop a new generation of rocket engines with 3D printed combustion chambers. 3D printing reduces the cost, weight, and environmental impact of the 'Bloostar' engine. More

Reebok's new Liquid Floatride Run sneakers use 3D printing to reduce weight by 20%

Mar.26, 2018 - Sportswear brand Reebok has unveiled its latest 3D printed sneaker: the Liquid Floatride Run. The shoe, which uses the company's Liquid Factory 3D printing technology, is reportedly 20% lighter than its non 3D printed counterpart. More

3D printed stomach monitor less painful than a catheter up the nose

Mar.26, 2018 - Researchers at the University of California at Berkeley and University of California at San Diego have developed a 3D printed stomach monitor that could help identify gastro-intestinal problems. The researchers say the 3D printed medical device could inspire a 'new kind of medicine.' More

Reddit user 3D prints prosthetic foot for one-legged Wyoming peacock

Mar.23, 2018 - Over the years, 3D printing has helped many an animal get back on its feet, from Polly the parrot, to Leo the chihuahua, to Bagpipes the adorable penguin. Most recently, a family in Wyoming turned to the technology to help out its pet peacock who lost a foot due to frostbite this winter. More

Europe's 'first 3D printed house' to take up residence in Milan's iconic Piazza Cesare Beccaria this April

Mar.23, 2018 - Engineering company Arup and CLS Architects have announced their plans to present what is being heralded as 'Europe's first 3D printed one-bedroom house' at the upcoming Salone del Mobile design showcase in Milan. More

Earwig wings inspire origami-like 3D printed foldable structures

Mar.23, 2018 - As someone who is terrified of earwigs, learning that they could fly was a bit traumatic. Fortunately, its not all bad news, as researchers from ETH Zurich and Purdue University have been recreating earwig wings using 3D printing to learn more about origami design principles. More

Biomedical incubator opens 3D printing facilities in Texas & California to boost innovation

Mar.22, 2018 - Watershed Idea Foundry, a biomedical incubator and accelerator in San Antonio, Texas, has opened its first additive manufacturing and R&D facilities, one in California, one in Texas. Its California facility is focused on titanium 6Al4V additive manufacturing. More

Four 3D printable RPG & tabletop gaming models on Kickstarter right now

Mar.22, 2018 - 3D printing has truly revolutionized role-playing games (RPGs) and tabletop games, enabling gamers to bring their fantasy and sci-fi worlds to life like never before. Check out some of the most current 3D printable RPG models and terrains available on Kickstarter now. More

MIT's 3D printed robotic 'SoFi' fish could be future of underwater observation

Mar.22, 2018 - MIT's prolific Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (CSAIL) recently revealed a new technology which could make it easier to capture video and photographic recordings of unknown or mysterious underwater creatures: a 3D printed robotic fish called SoFi. More

Texas motorcycle shop GT-Moto 3D prints production parts for custom bikes

Mar.21, 2018 - GT-Moto, a custom motorcycle shop in Plano, Texas, is leveraging 3D printing technologies to streamline the design and development process for new and innovative motorcycles. More

Livrea's 3D printed yacht relies on specialized LEHVOSS thermoplastics, OCORE technology

Mar.21, 2018 - Would you take to the seas in a 3D printed boat? Italian boat manufacturer Livrea Yacht is betting some people will, and is currently developing the world’s first 3D printed sailboat in partnership with German chemicals company LEHVOSS Group (and its parent company, Lehmann & Voss). More

Chanel to produce up to 1 million 3D printed mascara brushes a month

Mar.21, 2018 - Chanel Parfums Beaute has turned to 3D printing for the production of an unlikely item: a mascara brush. In partnership with France-based Erpro 3D Factory, Chanel says it will begin manufacturing mascara brushes on an industrial scale using 3D printing. More

Amsterdam drug dealers caught stashing cocaine in 3D printed Nintendo cartridges

Mar.20, 2018 - Dutch police have arrested four people on suspicion of drug dealing. The accused, who had supposedly been running a dark web operation, had a network of three 3D printers for printing fake Nintendo cartridges and ink cartridges, which they would stuff with cocaine, MDMA, and other drugs. More

Footwear brand ECCO explores custom 3D printed shoes in QUANT-U pilot project

Mar.20, 2018 - Popular Danish footwear brand ECCO is taking its shoe design to new technological heights with its new pilot project, QUANT-U. The project brings together 3D scanning and 3D printing for customized footwear. More

DIY home decor: 3D print this glowing pinecone lamp

Mar.19, 2018 - Netherlands-based maker [Streetfire_Industries] has designed a cool 3D printable lamp shaped like a pinecone. The lamp, which was designed in Solidworks and which can be downloaded from Thingiverse, has a standard E14 bulb connection. More

Reinforce your tabletop army with 3D printed Sci-Fi Tanks

Mar.19, 2018 - 3D printed wargame specialist Duncan 'Shadow' Louca has launched a Kickstarter for his latest 3D printable wargame models: Sci-Fi Tanks. Backers can receive all the 3D printed tanks for a pledge of around $77. More

Dutch trauma center 3D prints bone fracture models for better treatment

Mar.18, 2018 - A trauma center in the Netherlands is using 3D printing technologies to improve the treatment of trauma patients, especially those who are admitted with bone fractures. The technology is being explored at the Elisabeth-TweeSteden Ziekenhuis (ETZ) trauma center. More

Stars Mandy Moore and Milo Ventimiglia 3D print SAG award replicas for young co-stars

Mar.18, 2018 - It seems even the stars are seeing the benefits of 3D printing these days. Actors Mandy Moore and Milo Ventimiglia from popular NBC show This is Us used 3D printing to replicate their SAG Awards for Best TV Ensemble to give to the rest of the show's cast. More

Prices revealed for 3D printed Star Trek Online starships

Mar.16, 2018 - About a month ago, we heard that free-to-play MMORPG Star Trek Online would be letting gamers 3D print their starships courtesy of a collaboration with 3D printing company Mixed Dimensions. Prices have now been revealed for those 3D printed models, and they're pretty steep. More

UK father 3D prints prosthetic arms for three-year-old son

Mar.16, 2018 - In another heartwarming 3D printing story, a father from Barnsley in England has used additive manufacturing to create a number of prosthetic arms for his three-year-old son. More

This 3D printed lithophane lamp makes your photographs 3D

Mar.15, 2018 - Instructables user [geekrex] has created a tutorial for 3D printing your photographs and turning them into a lithophane lamp. The cool technique requires a 3D printer, some LED lights, and a few other bits and pieces. More

Loop's 3D printed earplugs prevent tinnitus with style

Mar.15, 2018 - Loop, a Belgian startup specializing in ear protection technology, has developed a pair of 3D printed earplugs that can help fight tinnitus and ringing ears. Loop says its 3D printed devices can prevent hearing loss without looking 'dorky.' More

Artists in Canada's North are learning to integrate 3D printing and other tech into their work

Mar.14, 2018 - Artists from the Canadian town of Inuvik have been given the chance to learn digital technologies such as 3D printing for the purpose of integrating tech elements into their art. The initiative is part of a 10-week course organized by the Inuvialuit Community Economic Development Organization. More

Treat yourself to a gold-plated 3D printed fetus

Mar.14, 2018 - Russian company Embryo 3D is offering parents-to-be the chance to 3D print their unborn child. Not as a substitute for live birth, of course, but as a synthetic keepsake of their future son or daughter. The weirdest thing? Embryo 3D is just one of several companies doing this. More

XEV says its 3D printed electric car is ready for mass production

Mar.14, 2018 - Italian company X Electrical Vehicle (XEV) says its 3D printed electric car, the LSEV, will be ready for mass production by the end of the year. The first 3D printed LSEV car is currently being demonstrated at Shanghai's China 3D Printing Cultural Museum. More

Future of 3D printed soft robots depends on 'new innovation' in 3DP, soft lithography, RP

Mar.13, 2018 - Researchers at South Korea's Jeju National University have carried out research into the viability of 3D printed soft robots. They suggest that many obstacles remain before 3D printing is fully capable of making soft robots at scale. More

Is Emerging Objects' Cabin of Curiosities the most beautiful 3D printed building ever?

Mar.13, 2018 - Bay Area 3D printing startup Emerging Objects has created a 3D printed 'Cabin of Curiosities,' a proof of concept for demonstrating the architectural possibilities of additive manufacturing. The 3D printed cabin demonstrates how technology can be used to solve 21st-century housing issues. More

Japanese high schoolers 3D print Buddhist statues to prevent theft from temples

Mar.13, 2018 - High school students in Japan are learning how to use 3D scanning and 3D printing technologies to help preserve traditional culture through the replication of statues from Buddhist temples. More

UK biotech firm FabRx turns to SLS 3D printing for 'Printlet' drug tablets

Mar.13, 2018 - FabRx, a biotech company based in London, is using additive manufacturing to develop 3D printed medicine tablets called 'Printlets.' The company is relying on selective laser sintering technology developed by Swiss additive company Sintratec. More

These 3D printed Bose AR sunglasses look much cooler than Google Glass

Mar.12, 2018 - High-end audio equipment company Bose is developing augmented reality (AR) sunglasses. The company has demonstrated a 3D printed prototype that can provide audio information about local points of interest, and expects to launch the Bose AR product this summer. More

CT & MRI scans combined for hybrid 3D printed lung cancer models

Mar.12, 2018 - Yet another example of how 3D printing is impacting the medical field has come out of Spain, where experts from the Hospital Cruz Roja in Cordoba have 3D printed lung cancer models for the purpose of surgical planning. More

Cheshire 3D Print Hub: 40,000 sq ft 3D printing facility set to boost UK AM

Mar.12, 2018 - Manchester Metropolitan University and property company Tatton Estate have agreed to build Cheshire 3D Print Hub (C3D), a multi-million-pound, 40,000-square-foot 3D printing facility in Cheshire, UK. More

Lumecluster's Melissa Ng 3D prints amazing Hela Headdress from Marvel's Thor: Ragnarok

Mar.9, 2018 - Artist and cosplay specialist Melissa Ng of Lumecluster has once again collaborated with Marvel Studios to recreate one of its iconic costumes using 3D printing. This time Melissa has turned to one of its more villainous characters: the irreproachable Hela from Thor: Ragnarok. More

Singapore wants elementary schoolers learning 3D printing, robotics, more

Mar.9, 2018 - Singapore's Applied Learning Programme (ALP), which aims to deliver hands-on learning programs to primary schoolers, is being expanded. All schools will implement the program, which includes STEM activities like robotics, coding, and 3D printing, by the year 2023. More

3D printed Periscope Case makes smartphone photography way more versatile

Mar.8, 2018 - Portland startup Detox has launched a crowdfunding campaign for a 3D printed smartphone camera accessory that is ideal for 'active photography.' The accessory, called the Periscope Case, consists of a mirror and 3D printed frame that fits over your smartphone. More

How fake blood and 3D printed aortas help Ohio doctors treat patients

Mar.8, 2018 - Physicians and biomedical engineers at Ohio State University have been 3D printing patient aortas in flexible materials using CT scan data. These 3D printed aorta models can be tested in heart simulators to determine the best course of treatment for a patient. More

3D printed smartphone case measures your blood pressure — but is it accurate enough?

Mar.8, 2018 - A 3D printed smartphone case could be used to measure blood pressure. The device uses a button-like sensor that users can push with their finger, but some experts have warned the device might not be accurate enough. More

Stryker's 'Tritanium' 3D printed lumbar cage gets FDA approval

Mar.8, 2018 - Stryker, a medical technology company headquartered in Michigan, has received 510(k) clearance from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration for its 3D printed Tritanium TL Curved Posterior Lumbar Cage. It will become available in Q2 2018. More

Bottoms up! James Boag updates beer bottle with 3D printing

Mar.8, 2018 - When you crack open a cold one, it's not likely your first though will be about 3D printed design. But if James Boag’s Premium Lager happens to be your drink of choice, you’ll be sipping directly from some 3D printing-enabled innovation. More

3D printed accessory transforms 35 mm cameras into hybrid digital cameras

Mar.7, 2018 - Samuel Mello Medeiros, an Italy-based designer, has created 'I'm Back,' a 3D printed accessory for converting old analog cameras into digital ones. The $279 device is now on Kickstarter, and works with vintage cameras including those made by Nikon, Canon, Pentax, and Leica. More

Goodyear's Oxygene 3D printed concept tire uses live plants to clean the air

Mar.7, 2018 - It's that time of year again: time for Goodyear to unveil its latest concept tire. This year's design, called the Oxygene Tire, brings together organic life, 3D printing, and AI for what could very well be the most innovative and eco-friendly concept tire we've seen to date. More

Materialise simplifies shoulder surgery with TRUMATCH virtual system, 3D printed guides

Mar.7, 2018 - Materialise has launched its TRUMATCH Personalized Solutions Shoulder System, which will help orthopedic surgeons prepare for shoulder arthroplasty surgery using 3D printed guides and a virtual pre-planning environment. More

Armless statue Venus de Milo fitted with 3D printed prosthetics in Paris

Mar.7, 2018 - One of the art world's most famous amputees was fitted with two 3D printed prosthetic arms yesterday to promote the proliferation and accessibility of 3D printed prosthetics. The awareness stunt exhibited a replica of Venus de Milo with two prosthetic arms strapped to her. More

10 years on, the first 3D printed hip is still going strong

Mar.6, 2018 - A decade ago, an Italian surgeon named Dr. Guido Grappiolo used a titanium 3D printed implant on a patient requiring a hip replacement. That patient remains healthy to this day, which bodes well for the medical 3D printing world. More

Balenciaga uses 3D printing to create dramatic silhouettes in AW 2018 fashion collection

Mar.6, 2018 - Balenciaga is the latest fashion house to turn to high-tech processes for its haute couture garments. The brand's designer Demna Gvasalia used 3D printing to create a series of exaggerated contour jackets for Balenciaga's Autumn/Winter 2018 collection. More

3D printed glove helps Parkinson's patients complete daily tasks

Mar.6, 2018 - Students from Western University in Canada have designed a specialized glove that helps suppress tremors caused by Parkinson's disease. The glove, still in its prototyping stage, was realized with the help of 3D printing technologies. More

Solar-powered 3D printer helps in Solomon Islands relief efforts

Mar.6, 2018 - Armed with just a 3D printer, laptop, and plastic waste, a team of researchers has demonstrated how to 3D print a pipe replacement part during a cyclone in the Solomon Islands. They hope to introduce 3D printing technology to locals on the island for future disaster relief efforts. More

3D printing used to make spare parts in AMADEE-18 Mars simulation mission

Mar.5, 2018 - A student from Texas A&M has demonstrated how 3D printing can be used to help future settlers on Mars. The demonstration was part of the recent AMADEE-18 simulation mission organized by the Austrian Space Forum and the Oman National Steering Committee. More

The future of healthcare: 3D printing and VR 'video games' for doctors

Mar.5, 2018 - GE Healthcare has identified 3D printing and immersive VR 'video games' as some of the technological advancements that are changing modern healthcare. Doctors can now use VR headsets like the Oculus Rift to get 'inside' a patient's body parts. More

Moti Digital 3D prints 12-foot-tall skeleton for Mexican Festival of Light

Mar.4, 2018 - Moti Digital, a 3D printing service in Mexico, has used Massivit's large-format additive manufacturing technologies to create a giant skeleton installation for the Mexican Festival of Light in the city of Guadalajara. More

Manchester scientists 3D bioprinting brain structures for neurodegenerative disease treatments

Mar.4, 2018 - Scientists from the University of Manchester are exploring the use of 3D bioprinting to aid in the treatment of neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer's. 3D bioprinting technology could be used to produce models and structures that closely mimic the neurovascular unit (NVU). More

Boom! Australia commits $2M to 3D printed explosives research

Mar.4, 2018 - Defence Science and Technology (DST) Group, a public-funded Australian R&D organization specializing in energetics materials, is researching the viability of 3D printed explosives, propellants, and pyrotechnics. The research could lead to the production of 'advanced weapons systems.' More

NASA test-fires partially 3D printed RS-25 engines to highest power level yet

Mar.2, 2018 - NASA has tested its Space Launch System (SLS) engines up to 113 percent thrust level, the highest RS-25 power level achieved to date. The hot fire featured a test of an RS-25 flight controller, as well as a 3D printed engine component. More

'Neon Nom Noms' are the 3D printed cakes you wish you were eating

Mar.2, 2018 - Chef Steph Keefe is doing some pretty magical things with 3D printing in the kitchen. As Head Chef of Budmen Industries' Techno Test Kitchen, Keefe and her team have been using 3D printing to make a stunning selection of digitally designed cakes. More

CIMON: Airbus & IBM build giant 3D printed 'flying brain' to help astronauts solve problems

Mar.2, 2018 - Airbus and IBM are developing CIMON (Crew Interactive MObile CompanioN), an AI-based assistant for astronauts for the DLR Space Administration. The ball-shaped robot with the friendly face is 3D printed in plastic and metal. More

3D printed 'retroreflectors' help researchers wirelessly charge a smartphone using lasers

Mar.1, 2018 - Engineers at the University of Washington have used 3D printing to create a wireless smartphone charging system. The system uses a narrow, invisible laser beam, and can potentially charge a smartphone as quickly as a standard USB cable. More

Amazing 3D printed hyperspectral imagers can be mounted on drones

Mar.1, 2018 - A team of researchers in Norway has developed a low-cost, 3D printed hyperspectral imager device which could be installed on drones to give them advanced imaging capabilities. The drone-mounted device can be made for as little as $700. More

New Zealand students 3D print titanium engine for recyclable, eco-friendly car

Mar.1, 2018 - A team of students from New Zealand's University of Canterbury has designed and 3D printed a titanium engine for an eco-friendly car. The AM engineering feat is reportedly a world first. More

Harvard researchers' 3D printed soft robots can sense movement, pressure, temperature

Feb.28, 2018 - Researchers at Harvard University have developed a platform for creating 3D printed soft robots with embedded'sensors'that can sense movement, pressure, touch, and temperature. The researchers are calling it a 'foundational advance' in soft robotics. More

Massive 'Plastic Madonna' being 3D printed from 100,000 plastic bottles in the Netherlands

Feb.28, 2018 - Klean, a Dutch organization dedicated to reducing and reusing plastic pollution, is recreating one of the most iconic female figures in art history, the Madonna, using plastic waste and 3D printers. More

Smart OWA Speaker with customizable 3D printed casing on Kickstarter

Feb.28, 2018 - A French startup has designed a customizable 3D printed smart speaker. The product, called the OWA Speaker, is currently being featured in a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign. More

Can't afford the Sony AIBO? 3D print a robotic cat

Feb.27, 2018 - Programming expert Rongzhong Li has designed a complex 3D printable robotic cat equipped with artificial intelligence and numerous cool features. The fake feline, which contains an Arduino Pro Mini and a Raspberry Pi 3 Model B, has a 'Super Hard' classification on More

Printin' in the wind: 3D printed harmonica microphone produces great sound

Feb.27, 2018 - US harmonica specialist BlowsMeAway Productions has developed RackIt!, a handsfree 3D printed harmonica microphone that can be plugged directly into an amp. It sound has been described as retro and modern at the same time. More

Dolce & Gabbana shocks audiences by sending purse-carrying drones down the runway

Feb.27, 2018 - Italy's Dolce & Gabbana is the latest fashion house to use tech in its runway display. At the recent D&G Fall/Winter 2018/19 Women's Fashion Show in Milan, the models were left a bit empty-handed as drones were tasked with showing off the brand's latest handbags. More

Saskatoon's 3D printed camper complete, breaks record for largest indoor 3D print

Feb.26, 2018 - A 3D printing cafe in Saskatoon, Canada has not only completed the first ever 3D printed camper, but has also captured the title for largest indoor 3D print to date. More

Indian space agency plans to 3D print igloo-like outposts on the moon

Feb.26, 2018 - The Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) is reportedly exploring the possibility of creating 3D printed lunar habitats on the moon. The space agency joins NASA, the European Space Agency (ESA), and Russia in the race to settle on the Earth's only permanent natural satellite. More

Shocking news! 3D bioprinted 'electric eel' hits 110 volts, could power your pacemaker

Feb.25, 2018 - Researchers from the University of Fribourg (Switzerland), University of Michigan, and UC San Diego have 3D bioprinted an electric eel-inspired device that produces 110 volts from hydrogels. They are presenting their findings this week in California. More

Johnson & Johnson to research 3D bioprinted organs in Ireland

Feb.25, 2018 - Medical and pharmaceutical giant Johnson & Johnson is opening a dedicated 3D bioprinting lab at Ireland's Trinity College Dublin. The lab will occupy a 100-square-meter space at the university's Biomedical Sciences Institute building. More

3D printed robotic flowers could save bee populations

Feb.25, 2018 - An Australian artist has come up with a novel idea for saving declining bee populations. The conceptual project, called 'Synthetic Polleniser,' relies on 3D printed robotic flowers and artificial pollination to encourage bees to breed. More

Gucci's latest fashion accessory: 3D printed heads?

Feb.24, 2018 - Fashion house Gucci sure turned heads at its Fall 2018 runway show in Milan this week...but not in the way you'd expect. More

Fathers and sons are 3D printing arms for each other

Feb.23, 2018 - In Missouri, a teenager has 3D printed a custom prosthetic arm for his veteran amputee father, while across the pond in the UK, a father has 3D printed a prosthesis for his 10-year-old son, born without a left hand. It's a lovely snapshot of 3D printing in 2018. More