Nov.14, 2011

1. 3D Printed guitar

Designer and engineer Amit Zoran has produced a unique guitar allowing musicians to customize their sound using a CAD/CAM process. Users have all the freedom to design their own guitar by assembling different sound cells. These sound cells are created in a 3D printer, can be customized in any shape and size. The idea is cool, and the shape of the instruments is cooler!

Bård S D, has recently made a 3D printed electric guitar named the Zoybar Tor. Zoybar is an open R&D Lab for academic, hobbyist, and commercial developers to easily create music instruments and applications.

2. 3D printed Flute

Designer Amit Zoran has also created another instrument: a working 3D printed flute. He used an Objet Connex 500 3D printer and created a flute in about 15 hours. Then he just added springs and assembled the flute, it works!

3. 3D printed bicycle

This 3D printed bicycle, is claimed to be the first complete bicycle made by 3D printing. It is as strong as steel, according to its designers Andy Hawkins and Chris Turner. It uses the technique of fusing 1/10th millimeter thick layers of nylon powder which is also used in satellite manufacture.

4. 3D Printed Food made of pure sugar from Candy Fab

5.  A lamp by Bathsheba Grossman

This lamp is a laser fused complex mathematical 3d form.

6. Rapid prototyping for Teknisk Ukeb from Watz

This is remarkable and extraordinary.

7. 3D printed lamp


8. 3D Laser Cut Chair

This stunning chair is made by Louise Campbell, it is cut from a paper model then cut full size by a 3d laser.

9. The Osteon Chair 

The Osteon Chair is the first chair using 3D tools and artificial intelligence. It is produced by EOS laser sintering, consisting of a cosmetic skin and intelligent internal structure.

10. 4D Polytope Projection Models by 3D Printing

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