Nov.16, 2011

You probably also have the same problem when you print large objects using a 3D printer like Makerbot or Reprap, that it warps when it is cooled down. The reason is that the thin layer of plastic is laid down one at a time. Before the second layer is laid down the first layer cools already down. So the second layer pulls the edges of part toward the center and the part is bowed. 

Jamie Mantzel wanted to make some 20cm+ long parts but he had also encountered this problem. After several experiments he found a solution. He changed his design so it causes less stress on the parts. First of all he added alternating voids to a layer between the raft and the actual parts. This release the stress from the first layer. Then he made holes in the main body of the part to avoid the edges of part to warp. He adviced that the holes was not necessarily as big as he did, just big enough to break up the layers.

Check out the video that he explains his own way of avoiding 3D printing large objects to warp.

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Sranta wrote at 11/10/2014 7:32:18 PM:

Add a 150W bulb inside the printer and block the sides to prevent drafts...I've not had any bowing since.

John Mundy wrote at 2/7/2012 4:37:55 PM:

excellent work, thanks for sharing



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