A UK startup called MiniatureMoments has created a new concept for 3D printing service: allows you to turn a photo into an object using software and a 3D printer.

This service is protected by a patent pending registered to Phone Extrude Ltd.

You upload a photo of yours, and MiniatureMoments will create a CAD model of it and then print it using a 3D printer. The miniatures, as they are named, is approx. the size of a passport photo, with 5 grams weight. They are 3D-printed negatives and translucent, and only when you hold them to light then you can clearly seen.

The idea behind MiniatureMoments is to reserve the memory of a photo by creating a 3D objects.

Each miniature costs $40(30Euro). Check out the video below.

Source: MiniatureMoments

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